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    This article was originally published by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

    In March 2017, Bitcoin was ALREADY GAINING MOMENTUM, so we knew that more was coming. Earlier in that month, we profiled a cryptocurrency called Ethereum, then COMPLETELY UNKNOWN, for the price of $12/coin. We saw how its price reached over $1,000 by SEPTEMBER, an 8,000% return in six months. That same March (2017), we also profiled Dash, Litecoin, Monero, and Steem, all of which returned AT LEAST 2,000%.

    In December 2017, we profiled XRP at $0.27. Two hours afterward, Bloomberg added it to its terminal and the price EXPLODED to $3.00 IN ONE MONTH!

    We knew that it was a SENSATIONAL BUBBLE so we began to publish warning alerts at Bitcoin $15,000, when a bartender, who served me at a restaurant, told me he was leaving school to trade cryptocurrency. Sure enough, we weren’t wrong by much and the bubble popped a month afterwards.

    When an asset class enters the mania stage, you hear about it EVERYWHERE and it gets uncomfortable. This is like MARCH 2017 for millennials and the stock market action that’s going on. Some companies will go into parabolic trading and the Internet IS PLASTERED with day traders selling ONLINE COURSES.

    We are in a bubble and it is fueled by the notion that the government and central banks aren’t going to let the economy implode since THEY CAN’T abandon the baby that they decided to protect.

    That is a DANGEROUS AND CARELESS thesis and I don’t believe that either the President of the United States or the Chairman of the Federal Reserve will bail out stocks that are in a bubble, just because retail traders have crowded in them.

    We will see them collapse and we will not get a bailout!


    Options trading and day trading WORK only in the bubble mania; the rest of the time, there is ZERO EVIDENCE that any day trader has ever made a lasting fortune with them, and we are all familiar with the statistics regarding options, which EXPIRE WORTHLESS 88% of the time.

    The most DEVIOUS AND CORRUPTED way that Jerome Powell can SPARK THIS FIRE even more and get this to erupt like the Mount Vesuvius did would be by announcing yield curve control.

    Investors are already HOOKED ON the theory that the stimulus will ALWAYS THERE, but yield curve control, which basically pins down bond rates, will VALIDATE AND CEMENT this in the minds of an entire generation of traders.

    Borrowing by companies would accelerate and I’m convinced that it will bring us WITHIN SPITTING DISTANCE of a global economic reset. Right now, 36% of the world’s largest governments originate bonds with a negative yield!

    Yield curve control will be Jerome Powell’s excuse for MAKING SURE that rates don’t go negative in the United States.


    Overall, the way we look at markets right now is that they’re SUSPENDED IN AIR. The valuations of many businesses are OUT OF TOUCH, but what we’ve learned is that this could be THE NEW NORMAL until inflation enters the picture.

    This is the REAL REASON why I own gold. When inflation goes above the FED’s 2% target, they won’t be able to raise rates by much, and just like we have DISINFLATION now, we will have CONSTANT INFLATION then.

    Companies will suffer, bonds will crater, and commodities will soar.

    In the meantime, we’re enjoying both worlds: gold and traditional. That’s the missing link for most people – they are 100% tied to conventional assets.

    For the first time since 1929, all of the developed and developing economies have entered a recession. At the same time, 80% of trading has transitioned from manual to algorithmic and the government is considering issuing TRAVEL CREDIT to Americans, deducting up to 50% of their domestic expenses – the whole thing is UPSIDE DOWN!

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      1. bubba wallace is ranked 21st. he is a lousy driver. his crying victim just shows how weak he is. if he wants to shut down so called racist good ole boys then be a winner and win races. earn respect. winning at being a victim is the only way he can win anything. so sad

      2. Millennials and GenZ will inherit an altogether incomprehensible public debt (fed., state, local). As it is already beyond the ability to repay or even manage now, when their time comes, THEY WIILL DEFAULT ON IT, and rightfully so. This will be their chance to restore sanity to the managing of money, currency, and the nations public finances.
        You can bet even then there will be powerful entities that will work to maintain the present status quo of financial and political power. The kind of power where a cabal of nameless and faceless individuals dictate national policy and officialdom obeys.
        With change of course there are entities that resist change to their status quo. The more they have to lose, the greater the by-product of economic, financial, social, and political upheaval.
        I prefer to do it now and get it over with because of the intentional social conditioning, inculcation, and propagandizing of the youth today, they may not have the wherewithal or will to deal with it then. Besides, I’d rather see them expend their energy on building up a better system than to be dissipated dealing with chaos.
        This is not a guess or a theory, it is something that will play out because its natural and logical sequence based on what is already in motion.
        Bitcoin and other digital “currencies” are an attractive alternative, and they may take on incredible value, but that being the case, TPTB simply will not allow a currency and financial system they cannot tax, control, audit, or confiscate. They will not allow wealth to exist in a way they cannot have access to. They will not allow money, or the private use of money to exist outside of their ability to exert control for long.
        All this being said, precious metals is what will fills the void for many. In times of turmoil, PMs soar in value and impart individual power. TPTB will once again want to confiscate all privately held PMs, eventually to only end up in their possession If you own PMs teach your young to know better.

      3. “new normal”
        You are ALL out of your minds.
        – Fake Media False Narrative. Lies and more lies.
        – Fake “emergency” PlannedDemic.
        – Fake Stockmarket. House of cards. No fundamental value.
        – Fake stocks. Bankrupt companies like Hertz “selling” bankrupt stock.
        – Fake liar power grabbing communist dirtbag AntiAmerikkan politicians. Power grabbers that lie, enrich themselves, they hate America and they hate YOU. Liar scum media/politicians.
        – Fake “protests”, nothing but excuse for looters-burners-thieves.
        Fake “social” media idiocy. Communist disguised as “protestors”. Politicians allowing US cities to be burned.
        – Fake dollars. Federal Reserve Notes printed out of thin air.
        – Fake prosperity of a Nation 26 TRILLION in debt.

        This your “new normal”? This your “change” that Obama and his antiAmerican commie globalist UN boot licker dirtbag politicians spoke of? Are you enjoying your “new normal.”?

        You people are out of your minds.

        Do Not Comply. Ignore them all.

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