Huge Solar Storm Blasted Earth 2,600 Years Ago Could Strike Again, Researchers Warn

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    The most significant known geomagnetic storm to blast Earth occurred in 660 B.C., researchers say, based on traces of the storm’s particles preserved in both ice cores and tree rings. Though it had no impact on the pre-industrial and pre-technological world, such an event today would trigger widespread power outages and collapse communication and navigation systems. In short, modern society would come to a screeching halt.

    The study, titled Multiradionuclide evidence for an extreme solar proton event around 2,610 B.P. (∼660 BC), was published online March 11 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    Lead author Raimund Muscheler, a professor of Quaternary Sciences at Lund University in Sweden, said a burst of solar energy from the sun could overwhelm power grids, air travel, and disrupt satellite communications if this were to happen.

    “Today, we have a lot of infrastructures that could be badly damaged, and we travel in air and space where we are much more exposed to high-energy radiation,” Muscheler told LiveScience.

    Researchers analyzed ice cores from Greenland to uncover the mystery of Earth’s most powerful solar storms. One ice core, in particular, dated back more than 100,000 years and contained radioactive isotopes that showed a massive solar storm struck the planet around 2,700 years ago.

    “If that solar storm had occurred today, it could have had severe effects on our high-tech society,” said Muscheler, a geologist at Lund University in Sweden.

    One example of a documented severe geomagnetic storm was known as ‘the Carrington Event,’ occurred in 1859 and knocked out telegraph circuits around the world, starting fires and causing massive auroras as far south as Hawaii.

    Another example was a solar storm that knocked out power stations across Quebec, Canada, in 1989 and Malmö, Sweden, in 2003.

    The Daily Telegraph said more recently, a blast of plasma from the sun, narrowly missed Earth during London’s 2012 Olympic Games, which at the time, the London region was Earth-facing, could have crippled communication networks and caused widespread panic.

    Earth’s magnetic field protects the plant from the sun’s harmful blasts of energy, but sometimes the sun overpowers the planet’s defenses.

    In April 2017, we reported that San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, simultaneously experienced a power grid failure. 

    It was convenient at the time for many to blame the Russians; however, our report showed readers how the broad power outage was likely caused by a geomagnetic storm. 

    The report ends by warning that the next severe solar storm could be imminent and “threaten modern society.”


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      1. It might be a blessing?

        • In severe EMP
          Famine would be the killer.
          90% USA population gone within three years.
          NWO masters would be very happy.

          How about you disappoint them?
          Get squared away NOW.

          Preperation Planning Practice

          • Well you sure don’t want to be living under an airport flight path when this goes down, and all these planes scrambling back to the airports at the same time, trying to land, dropping like flies around the airports for 20 miles. I prefer to be barricaded and safe at my country remote BOL, with my solar, guns gold and ammo, and if my Solar System crashes, so what. My system’s electronics are in a metal box. Got Cast Iron skillets and a Dutch oven and 2 years of canned food? Plenty of fire wood here and just resupplied on a few extra propane tanks. I also have 2x new 100 Lb tanks I bought that need to be filled yet, but working on that.

            Get your popcorn folks and get ready to watch the Grid Down Show, Live and in your face, very soon.

            • EMP will not make any airplanes “fall out of the sky”. Might – I said might – interfere with Navaids but that won’t make them crash.

              • Stuart
                are you sure about that?
                In the past control surfaces controlled by
                cables and pully
                Wires to activate analog type tech
                hyraulics on large aircraft

                today an airbus for example is all computer controlled, electronic signals.
                Recent crashes of Boeing have been attributed to computer management/sensor issues. American and Soouthwest have grounded that airframe type. That was just ONE system malfunctuion. What happens when poorly trained third world airline pilots who rely on technology of the Airbus to fly, then all computrers fried by emp. Maybe limited basic flight controls available? But could that type of pilot still navigate, land safely, without aid of technology? Pacific ocean very big. No gps or other navaide tech would max out skill level of those type of pilots. EMP would be horrific terrible beyond comprehension. I live in a city that can’t even sweep the streets of fix road way potholes during good times. A emp would “bring down the house”. And a Russia-China-North Korea, would likely air burst for emp effect at first strike.

                Not to mention Sun activity could cause, will cause, at some time in future. We all may be on borrowed time?

                Military aircraft are emp hardened, so even though the newest military planes are all “fly by wire/computer” they might be ok?

                Civilian comercial aircraft are not, as far as i know?

                One hell of a potential mess.

                May God protect us.

        • Personally, I think this is just what is needed for the world today. I am as ready as I am ever going to be for it.

        • I’m with you. This, or the “dinosaur killer” asteroid repeat. We need SOMETHING to shock society out of this downward spiral. People getting stressed about their phone’s internet running slow. Focusing on gender identity and other identity politics. These aren’t issues! We’ve had it too good for too long and people are losing their minds. I think we don’t have enough to occupy ourselves any longer now that life is so relatively easy. No fight for survival, etc.

      2. Will this happen before ? during ? or after WW3 which is coming.

      3. Every peppers dream. Until it happens.

        • Truer words were never spoken.

      4. DUH!
        We live, thanks to an uncontrolled Fusion reaction, that acts as
        it darn well pleases. Somehow we are more “special” than Venus or Mars.
        Our Sun is more than capable of destroying the Earth, indeed it will at a very future date.
        Nobody gets out of here alive.
        Work at things you can control, admit there are things you can’t, and be wise enough to differentiate between the two. Not my words but a re-phrase of an old quote.

        • good advice, rellik.
          About your previous question…things have been back to normal for over a year now. Repairs are still being made to rural roads but all in all, no complaints.
          But the power generation is giving us about 109-110 volts most of the time, so the toaster won’t work, nor the oven, which is propane but the electronics to start the igniter need 115v.
          So we use the solar when we need it.
          (We were without electricity for 4&1/2 months so this is nothing.)
          Have plenty of water available, one way or another, because you can never have too much. More than one good filter, too.
          Plus all the stuff on buttcrackofdoom’s list! 🙂

        • Testify Brother!

      5. I’d be more worried about the thugs in Washington DC blasting the Earth with 5,000 nukes.

      6. I assume that the most damage, or undesirable effects, will occur on the side of the earth facing the sun when it “farts”. If this is true and significant then it’s probable for Europe to the Pacific or the Western Hemisphere to be isolatedly effected. Of course it could be most of the US to Western Europe or Eastern Europe through Asia. For many parties concerned, including the US there may be a temptation to “solve international differences” once and for all. I can imagine a Dr Strangelove type George C Scott character like the general in the LeMay mold advocating such an action. I think likewise there can be a similar type with a difficult to pronounce name on the other side of the world advocating the same thing.

        It would be in the madness of men to take a natural tragedy and compound it.

        • Kevin2:
          Unfortunately not for a Carrington style event. Charged particles from a CME have mass and are affected by gravity. The particles will gravitate toward earth’s mass and envelop the planet. No satellite, or power plant, will be safe.
          That being said, affects aren’t distributed 100% evenly. Some computerized cars(post ’82, right?) may still operate.
          Regardless, you would still be in a “One Second After” type situation all over the planet.
          Take care,

          • Charles Martel

            Thanks for clearing that up. The upside is that the entire plant is in the same boat. The downside is the entire planet is in the same boat.

            • Planet not plant

      7. If it would happen? Can you say 1875?

        • SGT. It was 1859

        • it would be worse than the 1800’s, I think.

          There was infrastructure in place back then to help the world along.

          We won’t have it this time around.

          We will be cavemen.

          those of us who are left.

      8. We have always been and will always be at the mercy of mother nature, and she can be a cruel bitch. The good news is mankind will survive, even if you don’t.

        2600 years ago is roughly post biblical flood. Prior to the flood the world had a permanent cover that caused a mist with no need for rain which would have provided solar radiation protection. The flood removed that causing water to come up from the deep seperating the continents and causing rains. Lack of solar radiation would have also extended life, hence the biblical record of longer life before the flood. I have read from Christian scientists that all of this could have been caused by simply knocking the earth from a perfect circular orbit into its current oval orbit. Secular science makes assumptions based on the earth being the same for eons. The flood changes everything.

      10. The next solar flare “could be imminent”. That’s not really helpful information since virtually everyone with an IQ over 80 already knows that. If it happens it happens. I will be just fine. It’s the masses of unprepared morons that do idiotic things in response to a power outage that I worry about.

      11. Ahem…

        Just a minor carp…

        2610 BP is a fairly useless, PC (anti-Christ) date convention that is just plain silly.

        What happens if you read the article 10 years, 100 years from now ?

        At least the BCE, CE designation used to avoid the current BC, AD convention is tied down and not relative…


      12. BS….the Solar observation platform (SOHO) would give us plenty of advance warning that we would be hit by an SME flare. In which case, all the interconnecting breakers and protective relays on the grid system would be tripped and set to isolate the grid system into smaller (local) sub-system grids. We would then have about 12-24 hrs of a grid down situation. Hardly a disaster. An inconvenience to all the snowflakes that cant be without their smart phones for 2 minutes.!!!!!

        • Hahahahahaha… That’s a very nice theory. Would is replaced with could. Now that’s nearly impossible to coordinate too. I work in the electrical world, utilities today couldn’t manage a fucking lemonade stand successfully. They won’t do what you’re saying above. And that is assuming they actually got the memo of said incoming burst. You/we are on our own, the end.

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