How’s The Economy Doing? New Yorkers Respond.

by | Sep 28, 2009 | Headline News | 2 comments


Yahoo Tech Ticker interviewed a wide range of people on the street in New York and asked them their thoughts on the economy:

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    1. Rick Blaine

      1.  The “Dust in the Wind” bit was great.

      2.  For once I kind of agree with Michael Moore…in the sense that the recent gains in the market don’t mean a darn thing to the average person.  However, I’ll add that if (or when?) the market crashes again, it will show/remind us of just how bad things really are.

    2. admin

      yeah, no one really cares about the stock market until it crashes and nukes their retirement plans.

      With a currency crisis looming we may see massive gains in the Dow as the dollar drops to new lows… and people on the street will be dancing and smiling and cheering and hugging… then, they’ll go to fill up a tank of gas and realize it is $8 a gallon and wonder what the eff happened….

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