How Will You Deal With $10 a Gallon Gas?

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    This article has been contributed by Eric Peters. Follow Eric’s regular musings and commentary at his political blog.

    The Dear Leader has Decided to pause – briefly – for a perfunctory congressional approval before triggering what could be TEOTWAWKI – the end of the world as we know it – by lobbing bombs at Syria. Which will likely result in Syria (and perhaps Iran, allied with Syria) lobbing bombs at Israel, the proxy poodle (or is it thObama $10 gas picturee reverse?) of the United State (“s” left off in the interests of accuracy). Whereupon the entire region – then the world – may well go up in flames. At least, until it runs out of oil.

    It is shit statue-carving crazy.

    Yet, “we” – meaning, they – Dear Leader and his relative handful of minions who control the missiles, the ships and “the troops” – appear determined to pursue this course nonetheless. Despite the obvious implications – and in spite of the equally obvious horn o’ plenty of reasons not to do it. Wait. Check that. There is a reason – several of them, actually. Just not the ones publicly stated. No one but a madman could entertain the idea of deliberately batting at a hornet’s nest that one could just as easily walk around. What goes on inside Syria may be tragic, but it’s not our tragedy. We – that is, the Dear Leader, et al, – are neither wanted nor requested – and have about as much right to lob bombs at the Syrian government over its alleged abuse of its people as Syria has to lob bombs at America over its government’s abuses of its people – none of them mere assertions based on iffy “intel” but admitted to, openly, by its government. For instance, rendition. And torture as state policy. Indefinite detention. And that’s only the recent stuff.  Let’s not forget who helped “Saddam” gas Iranians back in the ’80s. Or helped violently depose the “democratically” elected leader of Iran – ushering in the Shah and his Savak. “We” are in no position to lecture anyone about “human rights.” Much less bomb them over it.shit staue crazy 2

    Besides which, it would serve no purpose other than to cause the people over there – aka, the “evildoers” – to hate us even more. Not because of “our freedoms” (those being long gone) but for the simple, obvious reason that this country is an arrogant, know-nothing bully with big biceps and a very, very small brain.

    Unless the shit statue-carving madmen in charge aren’t nuts – and have a different purpose in mind.

    Perhaps that purpose is $10 gas.

    They know perfectly well this is the likely result of “intervening” in Syria. And what it would mean. A catastrophe, economic and human.A political debacle, too – assuming they will ever have to account to the electorate, whom they clearly hold in increasingly obvious contempt.

    Yet, they champ at the bit.

    One cannot make sense of it – unless one views it from their perspective.

    Because it would achieve, at a stroke, everything they have been trying to implement, piecemeal, and with only mixed results, for decades (if not longer). It would render 95 percent of the population destitute, dependent, freaked-out scared – and most of all, immobile – within a matter of days.The populace would be ready, then. One must never forget the advice of that latter-day Machiavelli, Rahm Emanuel: You never want to let a crisis got to waste.

    Try to imagine what it would be like. Almost overnight, the cost of food and other necessary staples would triple. Transport would shut down. People in cold areas would face freezing to death in their homes. People in hot areas could no longer afford to run the AC – or the refrigerator.

    It would take three times as many dollars to fill up your vehicle. But your income would not triple.economic collapse picture

    You and I  – and millions of others – would be wiped out, 1929 style. Only the uber-elites who run the show – who hurled the bombs or cheered the ones who did – would remain unaffected. The Dear Leader’s limousine will not be idled; his four-engined 747 won’t be grounded.

    There is always fuel for Dear Leaders.

    Meanwhile, most of us will not be going anywhere – which is just how Dear Leaders have always wanted it. They have tried to herd us into “public” (that is, government-run) mass transportation but we – most of us – have successfully resisted. Chiefly because we have been able to afford our privately owned forms of transportation. $10 gas would end that far more efficiently than any law or regulation precisely because the Dear Leaders could feign sympathy, Jimmah Carter-style – while lecturing the hoi polloi about the necessity to “conserve.” Perhaps Obama will wear a sweater as he sits before the Tele-Prompter.

    If nahhnlevven was sufficient to get most Americans to accept a government that accepts virtually no limits on its authoritay, just imagine – if you can – what $10 a gallon gas would accomplish. Our world – as we have known it – would come to an end. But a new world – the world being readied for us – will be there to take its place.

    Better get ready. Better enjoy being able to go for a drive just for the hell of it while you still can. And, better stock up. There have been all-too-many false alarms; too much in the way of glib doomsaying. But this one’s potentially the real deal. Whatever’s truly going on behind the scenes, you can rest assured it’s not being done with your interests or mine in mind. It is not being done by crazy – or incompetent – people, either. They know very well what they are doing – and why.collapse picture

    Since none of us can do a damn thing about it – in terms of stopping the machinery that’s been set in motion – the most we can do is prepare ourselves for the likely outcomes. This includes psychologically preparing ourselves for what may happen over the coming weeks and months.

    Don’t think it can’t happen – because it can.

    Its happening may in fact be a foregone conclusion.

    Eric Peters is an automotive columnist and author who has written for the Detroit News and Free PressInvestors Business DailyThe American SpectatorNational Review, The Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal. His books include Road Hogs (2011) and  Automotive Atrocities (2004). His next book, “The Politics of Driving,” is scheduled for release in 2012. Visit his web site at Eric Peters Autos.


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      1. Scary thought…

        • People could personally deal with $10 per gallon gas, barely. People CANNOT deal with the cost of everything else like food, mentioned in the article above, that would explode in cost. 2 and a half times the cost of fuel would send prices into to stratosphere. Martial law would probably be issued soon after this because the country just would not function, and this would be the prefect excuse for a police state.

          Here is what is even more of a frightening thought. When prices reach so high for fuel, they tend to NOT plateau out, just keep going higher and higher not to even reflect the cost of oil. Oil goes to $200 a barrel you could expect about $7 per gallopn of gas. About a 30 to 1 ratio is a good ballpark figure to go by. So $300 a barrel oil would be $10 gas. This however might be $15 to $20 gas because of the simple LACK of what is needed to refine it, plus speculation. Try $400 or $500 a barrel oil and gas going at $30-$50 a gallon.

          When all the mechanisms of manufacturing fuel, refining it, the chemicals to put into, delivery, and the price gouging, $10 a gallon gas might be the best deal anyone ever heard of in the future. Might not be a bad idea to safety store gas, diesel, for generators and automobile use. Of course you might not be driving anywhere in an almost Mad Max type of world after this happened.

          • I think it is time for some laughter to this dark cloud hanging over everyone’s head. Check this out:

            I bet all of you out there are so sick and tired of hearing these politicians Horse-Shi&&ing everything that comes out of their mouths about Syria and the world and hiding their true agendas through false flags, that the economy is in full recovery, how dangerous firearms are and how they need to change or abolish the 2nd Amendment, toxic political correctness, and so much more worthless gibberish.

            Visualize this Cockatoo bird sitting on BO, Frankenstein Kerry, Medusa feinsteinless, senile Mccain, or most of these other politicians’ shoulders when they started to spout off about meaningless patronizing crap to satisify the cameras. This bird would tell them for what it is and what the American people still awake and aware of what is REALLY happening think of these “leaders”. I think their rhetoric could drive the best natured animal in to a rage. Even to superimpose this bird’s video on to a video of almost any of these politicians’ shoulder during their “speeches” to the public would be classic.


            • I think with all the opposition to an intervention in Syria the strike will be put on hold until a later date. This will give us more time to prepare for an explosion in oil prices. There will have to be a much larger trigger to sway public opinion in favor of a strike on Syria. Perhaps a false flag attack on America. When it comes it will happen fast! There will be no authorization from congress. So store your fuel now before its too late!!

            • Be Informed,

              I was saving this tid bit of humor for later to lighten the mood, but this is as good a time as any. Just a little humor from Florida 🙂

              Little Johnny has been really excited during show and tell. Finally, the teacher calls on him. Johnny runs up to the front of the class and begins to excitedly tell his story. “Last night my dog got off the leash and he ran out in the road and a car ran over his ass!”

              Teacher said, “Johnny, “ass” isn’t a very nice word. You should say “rectum”.

              Johnny replied, “Rectum??!! Hell yes it rectum, it damn near KILLED ’em!”

            • Be Informed,

              I was saving this bit of raunchy humor to lighten the mood later, but now is as good a time as any.

              Little Johnny has been really excited during show and tell. Finally, the teacher calls on him. Johnny runs up to the front of the class and begins to excitedly tell his story. “Last night my dog got off the leash and he ran out in the road and a car ran over his ass!”

              Teacher said, “Johnny, “ass” isn’t a very nice word. You should say “rectum”.

              Johnny replied, “Rectum??!! Hell yes it rectum, it damn near KILLED ’em!”

              • To get back to the question of how will I deal with $19 gas; easy, a $15 dollar silver dime.

          • Today, everything is connected, one way or another, to the “cost” of fuel. At some point in this potential scenario, the “cost of fuel” will be overcome and diminished by the “cost of surviving” as a direct result.

            Storing fuel is fine if possible. Driving to an empty store, or equally critical, a store where $1000 will purchase a day or two of food/water…that will be the immediate “kill shot” and actual aftermath.

            Anything is possible with OUR nonleadership group of psychos.

            • I will deal with $10 gasoline the same way others are dealing with $3.50 a gallon now because my motorcycle gets 60 MPG. It doesn’t hurt that my salary is indexed for inflation. When a couple day’s food costs $1,000 I’ll be paid $10,000 a day.

              • interesting theory. for how long could you be paid when there is nobody paying into the system? okay- so let’s say they just print ever-more to make up for the lack of incoming tax receipts. that just pushes hyper-inflation ever higher. there’s is NO way in that scenario to get ahead of the inflationary curve. at best, you might escape the brunt of the first few weeks. at best. the death spiral cannot be avoided by anybody, except those who already have enough supplies to weather the manufactured storm…such as the ones getting ready to pull the trigger.

              • Well, if you’re a “government guy”, I assume your indexed salary is paid with tax dollars. What are you going to do when the rest of us run out of money to pay you?

                • He is delusional. Feds have not even received a pay raise in three years. They may get one percent this year but then again they may also all lose their health benefits. I want some of what this is smoking.

              • Do a Google search for schoolteachers being paid in vodka as USSR imploded. My FIL has been paid in rubber tires more than once. Your “salary indexed to inflation” and pension “written into law” won’t mean squat during a real crisis.

              • HAHAHAHA wudda BS’er

          • If Obama is able to push the U.S. into war in Syria, we can EXPECT gas prices to increase. As noted, the prices of most everything else will rise too – count on everything in the store to go up.

            Maybe it is all part of the plan to ‘Overwhelm the System’. If we go to war, it will push things along faster.

            The coming months will be challenging as is, with many facing increased taxes as states, counties, etc. try to bring in more revenue to balance their budgets. In addition, due to Obamacare, many face steep increases in health insurance costs and are also seeing hours and/or salaries cut.

            The almanac predicts a very cold winter. The EPA is forcing many coal fired electric facilities to close in the next two years. That factor ALONE will result in large increases in electric bills for individuals and businesses. Those costs will be passed on to consumers.

            Stay strong. Keep praying and prepping!
            KY Mom

            • He told us what he planned to do…

              Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket
              Barack Obama: “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” (January 2008)

              Electrical Grid At Breaking Point…what to do

              You will soon see a spike in your electric costs due to four things:
              1. An aging infrastructure
              2. Digitization of the grid has exposed it
              3. Coal goes idle
              4. LNG exports

              “Coal, which accounts for 1/3 of our electrical generation, can’t be relied in the next 18 months. The EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) is moving much of that cheap coal offline in 2015. 93% of factories don’t have the processes in place to clean the air to meet EPA standards.”

              Take a took at the “capacity that will be pulled offline in the next 3 years.” (chart in article)


              • Obama et al, like all tyrants, made no secret of their intentions. Like always, the sheep only heard that they might get something for nothing.

            • My dream is to see all the Obama supporters sitting in the cold and dark on Christmas morning looking at their scraggly tree with no lights, no gifts under it and their old ladies out hooking trying to make enough for a meal. That would be justice..

              • You’re a mean one, Mr Grinch… But I agree! Muhahahaha!

              • Their old ladies are already out hooking.

            • Invest in matches (not kidding).

              • Its easier to stay warm when its cold than it is to stay cool in the heat.

          • “””Only the uber-elites who run the show – who hurled the bombs or cheered the ones who did – would remain unaffected.”””

            They will be unaffected only if they take my guns first, and those of 100 million others. They are playing with fire until they disarm us and they know it.

            However, they also know they can not disarm using “laws”, so it may just be an act of desperation by destroying everything but our guns.

            They may think a civil war will break out, the people vs the people. I think the war will be some of the people vs some of the people, with the rest of the truly awakened unified in attacking the source.

            Imagine if half of the confederate army fought the union army, and the other half individually had no intention of doing anything but killing Lincoln. That is the likely outcome of a modern day civil war. The bunkers will not be deep enough to stop us all.

            I will not waste my bullets shooting other victims when there are so many criminals worth hunting down.

            • With all of the energy reserves recently discovered in the US the last 8 years if gas is manipulated to any where’s near $10 there is only one thing to blame,
              The Government!!!!
              That is what should and will be held responsible, no matter what the usual loud mouths say in their news conferences. They NEED to fear us!!

              • I think TPTB have us all “conserving” energy not for environmental BS, but so they can use the nation’s resources as collateral to pay off debt. If that happens, you can bet TPTB will use deadly force against US citizens to drive people off their land so China can drill for oil, etc. It happens in 3rd world countries all the time.

              • retail gasoline sales about half of what they were in 2008

                so why isn’t the price half of what it was in 2008 ?

                Using the standard 42 gallon barrel , that means that roughly 650,000 barrels a day are needed for gasoline.

                So where is the rest of all this imported oil going too ?

            • Absolutely! We only need to take out a few thousand of these traitors.

              Am I happy with the men who are becoming one world shock troops? No. But it’s easier to target the corrupt leadership.

              Disclaimer. Only in the event of a totalitarian take over should you shoot any Bureaucrat, Judge, Politician, LEO, who has become part of a Dictatorship.

            • Lock and load.

            • Well that would be suicidal of them.

              If some kind of civil war broke out, the ensuing chaos and impossibilty to attend to external enemies would positively insure an invasion of some kind.

              • You mean like the one that has been coming across our Southern border for the past thirty years? I would bet that the conquering army is already here, they just have to be given arms and orders.

            • God’s Creation: The international elite have been calling the shots for some time, hence all the wars we’ve fought for control of natural resources under the guise of protecting and spreading democracy. Funny how we never seem to get much call to “liberate” oppressed countries with little or no resources. Must just a coincidence. Anyhow, the elite’s endgame is to severely buckle, not break, our economic strength so that we will have to restructure our economy and its huge debt under the IMF and the World Bank. If all goes according to plan the elites will then be able to most if not all of the G-20 under one currency (backed by gold) and governing body (member nations). It’s not a coincidence that the IMF and World Bank are both in Washington D.C. and the U.N. is just up the road in NYC. The elites are taking a big gamble in the hopes of crippling us badly enough that Americans will just lay down and accept their rule and become a docile as the rest of the so-called civilized/western world. But there are millions of Americans who are cut from a different cloth and won’t just lay down, hence the various moves in gun and ammo control and total spectrum spying by the NSA. But the elites also have a backup plan if things don’t work out their way and I believe that they will fail in their primary mission of world (economic) conquest.

              • Two of my favorite quotes from internet comments for today:

                Uncle Sam is saying; “If we don’t break the law, how will we know that YOU are breaking the law?”…..492 thumbs up
                Our government has turned into a crackhead thief searching through our house looking for anything of value while we are sleeping in the next room…..325 thumbs up

            • GC:
              I agree
              Hunt down and kill the bastards who keep 2$ a gallon gas from us by not using our own oil supply

            • GC,
              Again you are correct, the peeps should focus their energy on those who have put them in this untenable position. The problem with the peeps? The peeps focus their energy on what is carefully placed in front of them. Is it the repubs or the dcrats who are the problem,or is it the peeps on welfare, or is it the towel-heads, or the is it the illegals? There is always someone conveniently placed in front of the peeps so they don’t have to think, they only have to react to what is in front of them. Tis a shame we can’t see beyond the obvious.

              • They need to look in a mirror and see the real enemy. Stupidity and just don’t give a damn.

          • BI, I am saving gas for later, after things settle down a bit, to use in a garden tiller and such. I have a question for whomever may know. Can I store a 30 gallon container under ground without ventilation?

            • @ Highspeedloafer. Just like any vapor that becomes contained there is always a chance that a spark, static electricity could set it off. This is one reason that they recommend that you turn off your automobile when you are filling up the tank. It is rare, but people have opened their car doors and somehow there was some type of metal on metal and boom. Also the car’s ignition and the battery can cause this when the car is running. Vapors from gas tend to collect on very still nights, fog especially, at this is when these freakish accidents have happened.

              I imagine that storing gas underground COULD be a problem because of static electricity and vapors. Even in a totally sealed plastic container with a plastic type storage facility that is buried, which would be the safest, could still run into some sort of ignition source. I have had neighbors for example have ground wires fried from lightning strikes that were 100 yards away. The electricity travelled through the ground that far. I suppose a type of wine cellar type of place with a concrete floor like a garage would be safer for storage of gas.

              I know people store gas in large 55 gallon metal drum, but I would never try this because of conductivity of metal. I would always use plastic. I also have heard that you don’t want to fill up the gas beyond the line marked on the container. People that fill it all the way to the top have expansion of fumes with temperature changes and why they mark this as being filled up a few inches below the actually top.

              Some areas, mostly totally anti-gun states have some of the most suffocating laws that there is is for the amount of gas that can be stored. In New York City for example it is 2 and 1/2 gallons. Like that is going to run a generator for about 8 hours if you are lucky. This is yet another reason to stay away from NYC. If someone stored much more gasoline that the state allowed and it did ignite, someone’s home owner’s insurance policy may not cover the cost of the explosion. This is something everyone should check into as to protect themselves.

              One thing that someone can do with whacked out laws like this is buy a few of those 5-7 gallon plastic gas containers and keep them empty, and when it looks like SHTF, go and fill them up. IF nothing happens use them to supply your vechicle with fuel. Plastic gas containers are also wonderful water containers as long as they have never had gas or any other fuel in them.

              • Best to keep a supply at home that you cycle through.

                • For the past thirty years I’ve kept several five gallon cans completely sealed without stabilizer and rotate them out once a year. That way I have the most during the winter to refill the Jeep a few times which will keep the fridge cold and recharge small appliances for thirty days between tankfuls.

                  I start using it in the Spring for mowing, the rotor tiller, and the generator at the retreat then whatever is left over gets poured into the Jeep with a bottle of injector cleaner and the cycle starts all over again.

                  I imagine I will get several comments how this is impossible and will tear up my equipment, but my generator for example is twenty years old and still fires easily every year because I turn off the fuel and let it run out of gas when I won’t be using it for a while.

                  • Same here PP…

                • Good idea unless you happen to be afflicted with CRS disease which many of us have. Uh what were we discussing?

              • Real NATO Jerry Cans can be had from the likes of Lexington Container and others. They’re not those Black and Decker EPA-crippled craps that actually spill your gas all over the place when you try to pour it (Another FINE job by big gubbmint. Keep a little vapor from escaping but create an oil spill that Captain Joseph Hazelwood would be proud of!).

                • Is Lexington Container still open? Not long ago it was rumored they were closing.

                  When I was there, they mentioned they planned to stock food storage items soon.
                  If they are open, does anyone know if they now stock long term food storage as well as containers?

                  • Stop by at least twice a month. Going strong and getting bigger

                  • They are starting a canning co-op. Dehydrated food in #10 cans. I guess they want to do something like the LDS canneries.
                    lexingtoncontainercompany dot com.

                • Get galvanized if you can find them and afford them. I don’t trust plastic for safety reasons.

                • !! I thought it was just ME ! The damn gas just poured all over from the spout of the ” new” container . I fished my faded old red one out of the trash and put the new one in its place . Nice to know it wasn’t a blonde moment . Lol

                • Gas can vent caps on E Bay are for replacement in old cans only.

              • A conductive container is an absolute MUST for gasoline storage. BI that is some of the most ridiculous (and dangerous) advice I’ve seen in years. Plastic gas jugs are formulated to be conductive for this very reason. As are the fiberglass underground storage tanks at your local gas station. c Just pouring gas from a non-conductive container can generate enough static charge to create a spark. This is why glass or non-conductive plastic containers are prohibited for gasoline by every fire code in the country.

                Hold and squeeze

                • @ The Old Coach. Let me get this straight. Those plastic gas container that are sold at Home Depot, walmart, and other hardware stores are not safe. I have been keeping these gas containers for many years and rotate the gas every 6 months, never had a problem. I would only purchase gas containers that were meant to store gasoline. Many people use these jerry rig type of containers that can defintitely cause a spark, I would never recommend this to anyone. I know there are larger containers that can be bought that are suppose to be safe on the internet and at survival stores. Again, are those plastic 5-7 gallon gas containers that are sold as such, actually dangerous that you purchase in hardware stores to store gas?

                • @ The Old Coach. I re-read what I wrote and I could see where it sounded like I could have been viewed as suggesting a dangerous container to store gas. This is in no way the case, I of course meant to only store gas in a safe container that would never generate a spark or any static electricity. The best recommedation I can give to anyone is to check with your local fire station or some fire marshall on what is the safest container to store gas in. Firemen are usually the most friendly and helpful about this that you can talk to. I don’t want to put anyone out there in danger ever with advice that is in anyway incorrect.

              • Sorry BI. Your post is opinion, not fact. Take a drive in the country, farmers have to keep fuel storage to code. Steel or convaults (concrete with a steel liner) is the prefered storage as underground requires leak detection and cert testing. Plastic is OK for 5 gallon containers and is used on some vehicles. You put gas in the wrong type of plastic container and it will melt over time. Service stations now use a composite material with leak detection equipment and many are double walled.

                • @ Dave In Id. Gasoline has the explosive power of a gallon it to 14 sticks of dynamite. Safe gas storage is something everyone should know. Those Home Depot and K-Mart 5-7 gallon plastic containers I thought were always safe for storage. I had one container for close to 20 years and it has not melted. If you know something else about the dangers of these plastic containers that are sold all the time, I and others need to know about this. As I said and Prepared Pastor above, been rotating the gas in those pastic containers for years and had no problems.

                  • Maybe it’s just the thinner ones, like milk jugs, that are at real risk of rupturing.

                    Personally, I’ve put gas in all kinds of containers for a few minutes at a time, but never for long-term storage.

                    When my old Renault had a fuel tank problem, I once got it home by rerouting the fuel line to a 40oz beer bottle. Don’t laugh, that car was our favorite for jumping gullies with, out in the back fields.

                    We used to pour it into cardboard milk cartons for cleaning car parts, then throw the whole thing in the burn barrel when we were done.

                    It’s not so much the gas itself you have to worry about—it’s the FUMES that ignites.

                  • @ be Informed.. re read my post. I said plastic is ok..OK. Metal is better. Why do you think they require you to put the plastic gas container on the GROUND when you fill it at the gas station? Static electricity. I use plastic 5 gallon gas cans, but my large tank is above ground steel. Vapors in still nights and fog. Bull shit. Heat makes gas expand and increase vapors. Dont know where you got your info from, but I suggest you get on a web site and do some research.

                  • @ Dave in Id. I have taken many classes in physical science in college dealing with expansion of gases and that heat of course along with pressure changes causes this. As usual I get way ahead of myself in my writing these comments. I was referring to below ground type of storage in which heat is very little the factor, and I was referring to the collection of vapors in the night air, in the open, that is very still and something igniting it like someone tossing a cigarette or something. Had this happen with a propane leak that someone had many years ago about 10 miles away on a very still night where the fumes collected in the basis where the module home sat. Some spark, something ignited it.

                    What I truly need to do is to carefully re read my own comments and make much more clearly what I mean. My mind is already on another subject by the time I write something down. To tell the truth when I wrote this, which was late last night, I was thinking a lot about the places where the Russians and Chinese will target and whether or not certain area will be spared. I wanted to try to answer highspeedloafer or anyone else the best I can to a question asked. I hope you are having a good day today, mine started out bad and has continued on course this way.

                  • You can safely store gas (we call it petrol in Australia) in plastic containers ONLY if they are certified for petroleum products. They are made with the same blend of plastic the majority of car fuel tanks are made from now and there is an international standard – look for the sticker of the container. Some are certified for diesel and not gas so get the right ones. Also, when filling put the container on the ground to avoid the possibility of s atatic spark. Metal “army style” jerry cans are also fine for storing gas. Do not under any circumstances store gas in milk containers or soft drink bottles – put a cup of gas in a plastic coke bottle and see what happens – it goes gard and brittle. I store gas in both types and always have a minimum of 60 gallons stored (legally where I am) which is continually rotated so my stored gas is never more than 3 months old. I dont stabilise my stored gas, it works fine in my cars at this age but I do have stabiliser on hand to treat it if TSHTF.


            • i have a 80 gal aluminum boat tank hid in a shady place ,im going to bite the bullet and pay the extra money and fill it with non ethanol gas ,wont get the high amounts of condensation and wont need to use stabelizer (which dont work worth a damn)

              • If they see what you are doing they will not even sell gas if you have a non approved container. Of course you can always get the car filled and put a gallon or so in a non safe container while doing that. If you are an idiot or it is a real emergency which an unsafe container could make happen.

            • HS, you need to vent any tank that is placed underground, especially if you plan on utilizing any type of pump, electric or manual(hand crank).

          • Be Informed

            Actually there is excess refining capacity. Speculation from a legal casino stock market thanks to deregulation internationally will be the main driver of these prices.

          • Right on BI. There are 10 calories of fossil fuel embedded in each calorie of food that makes it to your table.

        • $10 a gallon?
          Gas thievery will become a new national sport.

          • Ten dollar a gallon gas will NOT happen. Last year Americans bought 14.8 million new cars and trucks with substantially higher MPG replacing older models.

            This year vehicle sales are on track to reach 16 million. So while they actually bought 1% more gasoline last year, american drivers are driving many ore miles on that gallon of gas.

            Telsa is taking California by storm. They cannot produce cars fast enough. Ford is introducing an F-150 that runs on natural gas. Every manufacturer will be introducing more hybrids in their 2014 line up due out in October.

            The shift is on and at the same time, the US is increasing its oil output. It is now up to 7.2 million barrels a day. We are awash in oil and gas. $10 gas? Not gonna happen. Fear mongering pure and simple.

            Eric is an idiot. 🙂

            • That does not include the transition of America’s trucking fleet to natural gas which is also underway, but will take a few years for anyone to notice.

              Eric needs a new career; or a vacation. If he is living in Detroit, he is,of course, going to be depressed and his outlook negative.

              The numbers don’t lie. 🙂

              • DK

                Many times I agree with you

                Many times I do not

                That is the human condition..and odds as well

                This time I’ll stick my neck out and agree with you once more..

                Gas will not go to 10 a gallon due to the current situations geo politically nor financially.. for now least here in the states..

                There’s too much interest at stake for the central banks and their subsidiaries to collapse the system at this juncture..way too much money to lose in the venture..

                They’ll probably await a while til all the cards are in the house’s favor..then..and only them..will it start to unravel..

                Then again..just my opinion..



                • The last two holiday weekends here in the Rockies saw absolutely no rise in fuel prices.

                  Not one penny.

                  Never happened before, always a 6-8 cent fucking…or more.

                  Something is definitely up.

                  I am waiting patiently.

                • US production total liquids = 11 million bbl/day

                  US consumption total liquids = 18 million bbl/day

                  We still import over 30% total liquids from the rest of the world.

                  If the price doesn’t continue to rise the “fracked” oil stays in the ground. Expensive to extract and high decline rate of the wells.

                  The easy and cheap oil is gone. This is not some theory but the truth. Stop getting all your info from Business Insider and the Financial Times. They are tools of Wall Street and the banks.

                  • JRS

                    Fracked oil is coming to two east coast refineries in Delaware and Pennsylvania and the cost is $65 a bbl. Its not fracking but the lack of infrastructure that is increasing the cost. Its being transported by rail car at 750 bbls per car. This Bakken Oil is being blended with heavy crude to refine it. Its so light that existing refineries designed for much heavier crude flash it into light ends when run straight.

                  • Kevin is exactly correct. I live in a gas producing area, and see that they are building pipelines like mad, because the wells are already producing more than can be transported. This has also been written up in our local papers. Drilling rates are actually being curtailed because of the lack of pipelines.

                    Hold and squeeze

                  • Total produced liquids includes condensate gasses also. Most of the major oil plays focus on these condensate gases.
                    The eroei is going down for all produced hydrocarbons.
                    In New Mexico, it cost 10 to 12 million to drill and complete some of the Wells I worked on.
                    South Texas eagleford Wells I have worked, we drilled 18 to 20 thousand feet, and finished up with a 20 stage frac process.
                    It’s definitely not just poking a hole in the ground anymore. All the easy oil is gone.
                    On a side note; a couple of weeks ago, I consulted for a major company out of China, drilling here in Texas.

                  • The Durango Kidd says:

                    “The numbers don’t lie.”

                    Of course not, who could doubt the numbers?

                    Everyone knows government numbers don’t lie!

                    Only “domestic terrorists” doubt the numbers!

                • DK.. Natural gas is difficult to compress. The size of tank is about 3 times larger than propane. It has to be heavy constructed, usually out of fiberglass and expoxy composite. Look at hte city busses that run natural gas. That roof top enclosure is one huge fuel tank and has less range than the standard size diesel. The truck industry still runs diesel, but they now have a extra tank for a special additive for the Lib states that is injected into the fuel system. They also run regenerative catalitic converters.

                  • DK.. there are 600 Compressed NG stations in the USA, and 33 Liquified NG. LNG would make the tank size acceptable. LNG has good range, CLG doesnt, unless you have lots of large tanks.

              • Durango,
                Your writing places you out of touch with the common people in this country. You appear insulated from the harsh realities faced by many of the working class today.

                I bet the average American isn’t buying these fuel efficient cars. They can’t afford them. Many of the people I know can only afford used cars. It will take a long time for those shiny new testimonials to wealth to trickle down to everyone else. And those working class and middle class people will be the ones to suffer when gas prices increase. They need a car to get to work here- there is essentially no public transportation- and every gas hike causes more difficulties for every day survival.

                I have not yet seen a single Tesla in Kansas so they are definitely not taking the Heartland by storm. Or maybe it’s because I spend my days with the common folk and not those dripping with cash.

                • Absolutly right Merree. My friend is a PA, he can’t afford a new car either. Neither can I, not that I would buy one in this economy.

                  That “map” from yesterdays article was pure garbage. I bought that mans first book, I want my money back from that, AND my time wasted on thurs! He’s a complete idiot.
                  Standing ready in Daytona

                • Tesla is taking gov money by the storm. Also Price one. 100k

                  • If gas prices go up high enough, we’ll all have to buy a new fuel efficient car in order to keep on driving—you know, one of those new computerized cars that they can remotely control…Michael Hastings, anyone?

                    No thanks. I’ll rather have an old Pinto…at least I know I’M the one who is in control of the piece of shit…

                • Merree: Thank you for believing that I am uncommon. I have never wanted to be “average”; but I am much more common than you think.

                  51% of all Americans make less than $30k a year before taxes and O’Bummer Care costs ($20k a year for a family of four). New car and truck buyers for the past two years represent less than 20% of the population.

                  Though life is much better now, my life has been far from insulated from the harsh realities of life. I can remember a time when a ketchup sandwich was a luxury that broke the monotony of fried potatoes, day in and day out. I just don’t piss and moan and whine and complain like others do. I did something about my conditions.

                  The fault dear Brutus in not in the stars, but in ourselves. 🙂

                • heck ,they don’t even sell fuel efficient cars here, Ford makes diesels that get 60 to 80 mpg and exportthem because its against the law to sell them here lol.
                  Might interfere too much with the collection of that there gas tax

              • DK- you’re talking a few YEARS down the road, we’re talking a few WEEKS or MONTHS. Shut down the Suez AND the Strait of Hormuz and BAM! it could happen THAT fast. $10/gal.? Heh. when it goes on sale.

              • Keep telling yourself that. If this event happened next week and continued for a month ten dollar gas would happen just to control use.

            • DK, you would be right except for one thing. The price of oil is rigged and not subject to the laws of supply and demand. All they need is an excuse to put out on the propaganda networks to justify charging anything they want.

              • GC: And the propaganda networks would want you to believe that much higher gasoline prices are necessary while at the same time production continues to rise month after month. Ask yourself: “Who does this guy work for?”

                I haven’t heard so much bullshit since the last public pronouncements of Schiff and Sprott earlier in the week.

                The sky is not falling, My Peeps. It might be on fire but it is not falling. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. (To coin a phrase.) 🙂

                • DK…indeed you do have a valid point and I certainly hope you are right.

                • This time I have to go with some of what DK said. I have friends who are also not doing well fanatically…. bot they are finding cheep used cars that get reasonable MPG (civic, neon, corolla, accord, focus… ect). They still have to get to their two part time jobs (thanks Obama care). We will not see $10 very soon… the problem is we WILL see $5 to $6 soon if we go into Syria. The folks that make this stuff know that we are still one of the biggest markets for it on the planet. There is a point when it gets too expensive the “diminished returns” equation sets in. $10 would kill off the folks buying this stuff and unlike Hong Kong, London, Japan and so on the U.S. has not near enough mass transit to kick in to overcome millions of folks not able to drive. But five to six bucks… Well… we would muddle through. That is the real number and it would be very painful to most for all of the reasons mentioned in the article. Taxies, Truckers, Municipalities, Airlines, and Trains… would all really feel it. And yes folks are getting newer cars just due to the fact what they are driving is wearing out. Many cars that are 10 years old can get 28-35 MPG just due to the smaller more efficient engines. I am seeing this where I live. Folks in Australia and Europe pay more. Now as you look at these numbers bear in mind that the average wage per day for the U.S. is $100 (please don’t beat me up over this number… this is an AVERAGE after removing the top 10% of earners). In the Philippines it is $17. So right now we have it better than most and these other countries seem to get by. If we could get the EPA to let car makers make some of the cares they build overseas… here… say the Subaru legacy diesel (city MPG 39, freeway 50 MPG) things could be even better. Here are the current prices around the world in industrialized counties:
                  USA: $3.61 per gallon
                  Canada $5.56 per gallon
                  France $8.29 per gallon
                  Turkey $9.96 per gallon
                  Japan $6.62 per gallon
                  Australia $5.41 per gallon
                  Brazil $5.98 per gallon
                  China $4.54 per gallon
                  Germany $8.04 per gallon
                  Ireland $8.05 per gallon
                  Israel $7.67 per gallon
                  Switzerland $7.19 per gallon
                  Spain $7.06 per gallon
                  South Korea $6.77 per gallon
                  New Zeeland $6.73 per gallon
                  Russia $3.47 per gallon
                  England $5.50 per gallon
                  Philippines $5.00 per gallon

                  • Don’t know where you got that list but here in England we are paying over $9 per gallon and have been for several years

            • I hope you are right. “All predictions” in this historically volatile “global chess/checker game” are gambling…unless done by the “Pitt Bosses” of the NWO.

            • All that is true, but 98% of us still drive gasoline-powered cars, and will continue to do so until alternative-fuel vehicles cost half as much as they do now, and come on the used-vehicle market.

              $10 a gallon gas is going to destroy the economy. $4 a gallon gas has pretty much wreaked havoc already.

              • Smokey: Gasoline will never get to $10 a gallon and that is my point. alt fuel vehicles will continue to expand their market share.

                As production numbers for alt vehicles increase through consumer acceptance, prices will drop; and innovations within that technology, like better storage and cheaper batteries will also mitigate prices. That research is on the table now.

                Once the technology for full electric cars improve to a sustainable level and price, homeowners will buy one and install a wind turbine in their backyard for free fuel.

                Americans love their cars and trucks. But so far, manufacturers have not inserted this new technology into their normal car lines and models. That is changing now,too.

                When commercial trucks and government fleets start running on natural gas in larger and larger numbers the amount of gasoline used in the USA will drop precipitously.

                The USA is awash in natural gas. AWASH. That transition is happening now and gasoline will never see $10 a gallon.

                How can you destroy an economy, the means of production of which, has been shipped offshore?

                The economy is toast because the Gangster Banksters and PTB want it that way so the global investors can make obscene profits from cheap labor and manipulated currencies; not because the price of gasoline is too high.

                In fact, recent studies show that some manufacturing is beginning to return to the the US for cheaper energy prices. Go figure. $10 gasoline will NEVER happen. To say so is fear mongering. 🙂

                • I have been hearing that the next innovation will make electric cars commonplace since I was in Kindergarten. I place it as slightly more probable than flying cars at this stage. I will believe it when I see it.

                • Will the real DK please stand up???

                  How does one advocate both what was just posted and NIBIRU?

                  Is it an inside joke between yourself?

                  With absolute certainty you speak of never seeing $10 gas and yet we need to be on the lookout for a rogue planetary object inhabited by the annuaki that will alter the face of the planet while you cite Hopi, sumerian and edgar cayce prophecy.

                  • Wolf: It Nibiru shows up there will not be any gasoline available at any price but electric cars will still run if you have a charger and a wind turbine.

                    Also new is an electric motorcycle. Look for it. 🙂

                  • haha my neighbor built an electric motorcycle; 18 feet long.

                  • Sixpack,
                    I am so not expecting the flying cars to the Heartland by storm. (Maybe by barnstorm?) With a $279,000 price tag, I suppose folks will have to wait for the used flying car market to afford one. And I have nightmares of all the crazy drivers, like the ones who text and drive, finding a way to do their crazy driving in 3 dimensions. It would certainly keep the emergency rooms busy if it were ever to become commonplace.

                  • Another Jay: I cannot address your neighbor’s engineering capabilities, but the new electric motorcycles look just like a normal ‘bike’.

                • $10 PG of gasoline would make CNG much more attractive even with the conversion cost.

                  • DK,

                    I hear ya on the influx and refinement of new energy technologies making it more affordable over time.

                    My point being is the ease you dismiss $10 gas as a fairy tale yet look for an unproven space object inhabited by space aliens you derive from prophecy to pass the earth and wreak havoc.

                    What’s more likely?????

                  • Wolf: Nibiru is fact. When it gets here is open to debate. debate requires information. It has been photographed in the infrared and while originally discovered by American scientists, that info has dried up on MSM.

                    Try alt media.

                    While cheap alt vehicles are years away, so is $10 gallon gasoline. The economy would come to a grinding halt long before then if higher prices were the norm.

                    The Principle of Substitution always applies. 🙂

                • DK let me try a crack at this. Who Makes all the Batteries for these Electric cars? Where do the rare Earth come from for the Hybrids? China. They really don’t want war and have sided with Syria and Russia they may cut us off of many things they supply. I run all my trucks and cars off LPG so I know about NG as well. Yes there are more and more things running off these. It is very costly to change over. New NG cars coast five to seven grand more. Electric cars such as Tesla start out at 100,000 I’m sure most Americas can afford that.
                  And sure we are producing more oil and gas. That is all in Shale oil that cost a lot to produce, break even for the oil company’s is around 70 to 80 a barrel oil in North Dakota. Why would be going after tight oil? why is Buffet buying (half a billion dollars worth) stock in Oil sand company’s in Canada? (Suncorp) they have a high break even price on a barrel of oil at 77 dollar! Why do fracking? If it costs so much? And you talk about how much oil right USA is producing right now. Ever look at how fast the depletion rate is on a Shale oil wells in North Dakota? Well it’s 4 to 5 times faster then the wells years ago in Texas. Sorry to say that oil doesn’t rain for the sky and the world is about half out of the Texas tea. Yes I think the real target for the US is Iran thur Syria. They want this oil and Nat Gas and so does Russia and China. Yes gas prices will only go so high 10$ gas won’t happen because the world economies will halt at 6 dollar gas and demand will crash and so will oil and gas prices. look at 2007 2008 crude price chart. And look at a chart of the Dow over the same time. So you will be right that gas will not hit 10 but you are wrong about things are going to fine. One last thing 40% of all corn grown in the US goes to ethanol as they try to water down our gas now. If we didn’t have ethanol blended gas we would be right at 5 dollars a gallon now. God forbid we ever have a crop failure.

                  • @ Weather… Corn for fuel while the world starves.

                  • Ethanol in our gas is one of the stupidest things anyone ever came up with. It doesn’t help the environment like they claim, but it damn sure ruins small engines, etc. stop putting ethanol in the gas and you’ll start seeing better mileage and performance out of your engine. Corn was never intended to be used for any type of fuel. Corn was intended to be a food product. i’ll take my corn on the cob, with butter. braveheart

                  • Good job Weatherman…it’s time to wake the people up about the resource bottleneck the world faces and not the cornucopian utopia that Wall Street is selling.

                  • Very good post!

                  • Braveheart. You are spot on. Burning corn up as fuel is a big problem and a bad idea The thing is not only is a ton of corn used up but also water and Nat gas. Why not just burn the Natural gas instead? And now the Feds have moved up the mandate from 10% to 15% This is largely due to the ever increasing price of oil. And what happens when Natural gas prices rise? Going to put up prices even more.

                • I think we’re missing the big picture. First electricity is not a fuel source. Secondly how many components go into the average car? Each of those parts are made in factories which buy parts from other factories which procure the raw materials from other factories. They all have to be shipped from one place to the next. All of these factories have machines which are made at other factories which get the raw materials from other factories. It’s an interconnected house of cards. Everything that goes into a car is shipped via truck or train. Electric cars will change nothing because when oil goes up the already expensive cars will be so expensive they will be out of reach for those that need them most or a more likely scenario is that companies producing them will simply just go under. Apply the same principle to the generation of electricity. $200 a barrel oil is the endgame.

                  I’ve been looking long and hard about relocating to Uruguay or Argentina. Southern hemisphere will be much less irradiated when the nuclear power plants start popping from going broke. There is cleaner food that is almost entirely locally grown, purer water. lower taxes and best of all no US GUBMENT.

                • @Dk with all due respect, heartily disagree.

                  First, gas goes up as dollar loses value, In 1960, a gallon of gas was $0.20. Today it is $3.50. The silver value of those dimes is about $1.72 each, hence those two silver dimes are worth $3.44 today. Gas is no more expensive today, but the dollar has simply lost value thanks to Fed printing.

                  Re natural gas: One can’t simply snap the fingers and install a nationwide automotive distribution system for natural gas. As an oil industry professional of 30 plus years. No oil company is going to make such a massive investment in infrastructure unless the price of gas offers a sufficient margin. Besides, present infrastructure for liquid fuels is already paid for.

                  Right now, alt fuel vehicles are going nowhere, I mean, NOWHERE!

                  How to overcome high gas prices? Motorbike for me most of the time…..

                • I don’t know if it will reach $10 or won’t reach $10. So many unlikely events have occurred under this benighted administration that I wouldn’t even venture a guess. The woman whose job I’m taking next month left the work force because neither she nor husband thought it was cost-effective to work two part-time jobs. They are planning to live on social security and guess what? Social security no longer indexes gasoline or food for the purpose of COLA. We will continue to work at however many part-time jobs we can find, assuming we can afford to reach them. Our government is truly evil and their personal gain must be truly impressive from them to relish causing us this much pain. Assad may, or may not, be killing his citizens, but Obama is certainly ramping it up. Hope having a black president makes it more palatable for you.

                • I’ll agree it won’t hit $10 if it doesn’t hit $10 next week when we hit Syria.

                  But don’t be naïve, there are green movements out there that are demanding we spend exactly that much on a gallon of gas, to satisfy their egos. And politicians that want to tax it to another level to pay for their spending habits.

                  • Smokey: Gasoline won’t hit $10/gal when we hit Syria. storage is overflowing and tankers are stacked up full of oil owned by speculators.

                    The Green Movement is a jobs program for lawyers that cannot cut it in the first tier law firms. 🙂

            • Try to follow this —

              IF there were many alternative vehicles that use other than gas – The price would be dropping already.

              Gasoline is distilled from oil. A Barrel of oil yields GAS, DIESEL, KEROSENE etc, etc, etc. — You cant take a barrel of oil and say – lets make gas out of this barrel – OR – lets make diesel out of this barrel. It doesnt work that way !

              SO – as long as planes fly, ships transport, etc. etc. – oil will be distilled into ALL products, including gasoline.

              IF half of all cars sold were electric, there would be a tremendous glut of gasoline on the market. The price of gas would drop and less electric cars would sell.

              Alternative fuels are an attempt to govern the use of distilled products to keep an equilibrium. Gasoline was dumped in rivers, years ago, as it was a useless by product before cars became big. It wasnt worth trying to store.

              • Quick: Right you are, but as consumers shift from gasoline to hybrid and full electric vehicles, the slack will be taken up by an ever expanding global aviation industry using a bigger and bigger share of that barrel of oil.

                Once fully electric cars prove their worth, consumers will demand this change and generate fuel from wind turbines in their backyard. That is where this technology is going and should be fully recognized in five years.

                Put a collar around your wind turbine and increase the windspeed flowing through your turbine by a factor of three. 🙂

                • DK, uh, sorry, but the electric car is not going to fly. The concept is flawed and has too much working against it. The hybrids won’t make it. there’s been too many issues with them. Look at GM’s experience with the Chevy Volt. people haven’t been breaking down dealership doors to buy them. the biggest issue has been the batteries for those cars. they can catch on fire without warning and the car doesn’t even have to be moving. It’s a concept with the deck stacked totally against it. Fossil fuels are the only way to go. braveheart

                  • i agree BH,ive been hearing of electric cars all my life ,even expermented with them myself back in the late 70’s when wind mills were the big thing (oh you young guys didnt know we already had a big wind power push before)as far as working out the bugs in the electric cars ,i like to use charles krauthamers quote “some problems just dont have an answer” you said that fossil fuel is the only way ,theres another , and that maybe where we’re going ,”horse and buggy”

                  • But…I can guarantee if the fed gov got out of the way and people were free to innovate we would have solved this mess by now…as it is govicorps have no answers and wont allow anyone who does to market them…we are kept in the dark ages by govicorps we’d be on the planets and mining the moon by now…but noooo,govicorp has to control and monopolize everything….just sayin 🙁

                • DK – If the aviation industry expands – Unless that expansion consumes gasoline – there will be more barrels of oil to distill fuel for the planes – a by product of that, will be more gasoline.

                  The price is not governed by supply and demand. Price is used, as are hybrids, to keep the equilibrium among products.

                  • Quick: Hybrid electric FLYING cars use regular 87 octane gasoline. Absent Nibiru, there will be lots of gasoline for OUR hybrid electric cars.

                    I think consumers will eventually prefer electric and hybrids because they will be able to control the fuel cost. 🙂

                  • “The price is not governed by supply and demand. Price is used, as are hybrids, to keep the equilibrium among products.”

                    Not much competition in that “free market”, huh? Price manipulating keeps the OIL BARRENS, like the Rockefellers and the Sheiks in Saudi Arabia rich. They don’t care about what we can afford, unless the cash slows down from pouring in.

                • Sorry, wind turbines are unlikely. Most places do not have enough wind to disperse a fart. Consider Solar Panels.

                  There are so many breakthrough on Solar panels. Cost is coming down, efficiencies are going up. Heck, they even have some low grade Photovoltaic they are printing on the standard desktop printer.

                  I DO see home brew electric vehicles taking off when people are generating 3 kilowatts off their own roof. I predicted this years ago. A phone app where people can trade Kilowatt hours amongst themselves.

                  • Sierra Dave: Put a collar around that wind turbine and it will magnify a three mph breeze to nine mph. It only takes 7 mph to turn a giant turbine.

                    Smaller ones will work well for homes most anywhere. 🙂

                  • Great idea till govicorp finds out theres money being made/saved then they’ll tax/regulate and outlaw anything they want to in order to gain control…like a mileage tax when gas sales fall off…I agree theres a way out in home electric generation its just that govicorp, unless neutered, will intervene…

                • Where I live in the southwest, there’s no possible way you could travel. There are no “charging stations” in the desert, and it’s doubtful the poorest state in the nation will be able to afford the infrastructure to provide such a service–and certainly, it wouldn’t be free. Electric cars don’t handle steep grades well–they use up their charge more quickly. Electric cars are an excellent option only when traveling in a vacuum, or a laboratory. In a nation where the new norm is a 29 hour/week job, practically no one will be able to afford these wondrous $50-70k vehicles…

                  • I wouldn’t mind having one to check my mail with, provided it doesn’t get swamped in the pot holes…

                  • Not to mention, if you live in the Northern States or the Mid-west, In the Winter you”ll not have a Dead Battery, but A Dead Car!..You wanna drive a Toaster go for It, I’ll Drive my MC or 4cyl Car….

                    Semper Fi

              • The infrastructure with technology is not remotely there yet for any of this to make a difference unless for the rich who can afford it.

                For this energy source to be sustainable and effecient for the majority of this country the service and maintenance industry has to revolutionalize as well.
                Until you see you’re towns local everyday mom and pop mechanic offering battery repair, wind turbine repair and are experts in nat gas technologies then this will never materialze except for a select few who have cash to do so.

            • Telsa is cars for the uber rich. Saw an article on Faux news that they start around 80K. $10 a gallon gas wont cause these people one second of harm. The harm is directed at the working stiff. Once again in the shorts.

              • Granny; Give that market segment 5 years and you will be willing to pay a little bit more for a car with few moving parts (other than the wheels) and lock your fuel in for life with a wind turbine in the backyard.

                Its a beautiful world. 🙂

                • Dearranged Kid:

                  Give this government five more years and your little bit more money ($80,000) might buy you a loaf of bread. Glad to know it is a kid posting this crap.

                • Yep. And that turbine will be taxed for every watt. Theres already a push here in Washington to tax hybrids MUCH higher because they aren’t paying enough FUEL tax. Spain has taxed private solar panels so high that solar is nearly dead there. Dream on…

                  • Exactly. Come up with a new money-saving concept and the government will figure out how to tax you for it…guaranteed.

                  • The utilities here are already squawking about having to purchase the excess power some folks produce at home. Seems they feel the little power they do consume from the grid isn’t enough to pay for the cost of the grid coming to their house, or so they say. Top that with having to pay for the excess power they may produce, they say they are losing money.

                    Cry me a river.

                • DK where is the lithium going to come from for all your electric cars? And what do we do with the wasted dead batts?
                  Do a search and see where the most lithium comes from in the world and educate yourself. Yes wind power for charging is a great idea. You think the oil company’s and the powers that be are going to let people have a wind generator in their back yard to charge their car batts? Oh and how are the feds going to get their road tax without the gas tax? Ha You Don’t know how the big boys play ball do you?

                  • WL: I have done my research and lithium batteries are NOT the future of batteries. YOU do the research. I have. 🙂

                  • WL: Most rare earths, including lithium, presently come from China but the USA, Canada, and Greenland have lots of rare earth metals.

                    Still, the future of battery technology is not Lithium. 🙂

              • Howdy, Granny. the electric car will never fly. the concept has too much working against it. Look at GM’s experience with the Chevy Volt. that turned out to be a real flop. braveheart

                • Howdy Braveheart:

                  How do we convince the de-arranged kid that his optimistic ideas are mostly all wind?

                  Be sure to read OutWests post about how to get rid of the trolls on this site.

                  That was the best laugh I have had all year.

                  Hope all is as well as can be for you. Granny

                  • Howdy, Granny. DK means well, but he’s definitely dreaming. BTW, I did see OutWest’s post about how to get rid of trolls. I’ll keep it in mind. braveheart

                • Braveheart: The Government Motors volt is a joke. Telsa is for real. Yes the price is too high right now for average Americans.

                  So was the Model T when it first rolled off the assembly line. 🙂

                  • Braveheart: BTW electric planes are under development. Also
                    electric flying cars and helicopters. Only $279,000. Some of you Naysayers need to keep up with technology it will continue to transform our world whether you believe it or not. 🙂

                    Granny: Airplane rides were once only for the rich and famous. Now air travel is ubiquitous. Go figure. 🙂

                  • DK…a helluva lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck.

                    The technology may go forward but most will be left behind…the choice between eating or driving.

                    You seem to forget that Mr. Ford RAISED his employee’s wages so they could afford his products.

                    Do you seriously believe that will happen? Will we all be driving 80k Teslas and charging them from our rooftop solar arrays? Only the 1% can afford them.

                  • DK. I know you mean well and I always enjoy your posts, but we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one subject. Besides, the way things are shaping up, I’m not sure we’ll have a country left before the new technology could take off. braveheart

                  • JRS: If only 20% of the people can afford them, they will become ubiquitous.

              • You know what they, Chevrolet Ford Nissan, as far as I haven’t heard, what the actual cost per mile is on their electric vehicles is.
                I haven’t done any research on it but I think there some hidden costs involved. Like, I’ve read about a $5000 home charging unit. I’ve read something about it back when the Volts first came out and haven’t heard anything since. These chargers are powered with 220 volt single phase. The Volt has a 12 hour charging time to full charge. I haven’t heard a peep about what happens to your electric bill or how much $ per charge. Cost per mile at anything. They haven’t said anything about the eventual cost per hour at a remote charging site, you know the little GE mushroom chargers. I’m sure if it was so wonderful Chevrolet would be singing its praises on any commercial, wouldn’t you think?

                • Hammerun: the Volt is a piece of shit which is why GM recently dropped the price some. No one is buying them. Look to Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes, BMW for quality hybrids. As they put this technology throughout their model lineup demand will increase.

                  The shift is here. Nothing but SHTF happens overnight. 🙂

                • I looked at having a charging setup put in at the house when I redid the panel for generator backup. Cost to wire up the 220 was $1200, and no guarantee it would fit the charging units on the vehicles that were coming. A brand-specific package was $1800 installed. So I ran a blank 220 line for $46, to an outlet, it’s sitting there waiting if the next homeowner wants to complete it. Anyone who can’t do the wire running themselves is going to be ripped off by the electricians.

                  By the way, you can charge at 110v, 220v, or 440v, depending on how long you want to wait for a full charge. Cost of a charge is by kilowatt hours. The local chargers installed here at the mall are $20 for a charge hookup, no matter how much power is used. That’s about 6 times what the power actually costs.

                  • Smokey: The major manufacturers have recently agreed upon an industry standard for charger technology; a necessary step for mass market.

                    The shift is on. 🙂

                  • Yeah, this was two years ago, so I’ll take a look at it again in a while.

                    I’m really kind of waiting for a conversion kit setup, just pull your gas engine, transmission, etc., and drop in a battery setup and torque converters, etc., on the axles. Most of us who don’t drive 100 miles a day or more would like to just keep our SUV or large truck and convert to electric. Those electric sports cars are the most useless things on the road.

            • and the sheep are buying it.

              • I was looking at truckpaper dot com checking out various deisel trucks, new and used. They have in the last year listed brand new full size peterbilt semi trucks with 500+ HP diesiel engines by cummins and Cat etc, that are set up to run entirely on Natural Gas.

                I was looking at the Mid size semi truck cabs with a Cat C7 or 7.2 liter diesiel engine that is set up to run on Only Nat gas and brand new the price was only a few thousand more. But thats on a normal price of $75-80 Thousand per truck cab. So on reg pick up trucks maybe conversions at factory to run on nat gas wont add as much to final price.

                Also that same truck website had alot of Used Govnt owned smaller sized trucks like a ford F-450-F 550 pick ups that ran on nat gas for sale. Cheep priced too.

                These were mainly former owned by Counties or States govnt’s. Many were very Low mileage diesiel trucks that run on nat gas. If they last as long as diesel fuel run, and run the same as with diesiel fuel, and if nat gas prices are low enough I’d buy one for a hauler truck for the 5th wheel trailer I plan to buy and live in full time.

                I want the Peterbilt or Kenworth mid size truck, but I cannot buy a new truck for $75 thousand! Maybe $30-40 thousand used is okay. Lots of nice low mileage mid size like that avail now. Such a truck is good for my daily driver and a hauler both. On diesiel fuel it gets avg 10-12 MPG hauling 20,000 lbs trailer. Alone no trailer hauled truck will get an avg of 12-24 MPG from what several truck owners I spoke with said.

                Cannot seem to find MPG info on use of Nat gas in them trucks. They are too new and nobody has one yet probobly.

                • My brother-in-law in the Czech Republic converted his gasoline passenger car to LNG for $3000 and said it was well worth the difference between the two fuel prices in Europe.

                • We had (@ city of stockton)Nat gas pickups and some muni buses. Where are you going to find a NG pumping plant….it has to be compressed. Look at the MPG and the RANGE that the truck will go before pumping up the tank again. Thats why muni’s are the only ones that use them.

            • The “shift” is on?

              Ok… simple use of a calendar here… how long would it take to develop ALL of our natgas fields to FULL capacity… AND to switch over ALL cars on the road to the new higher mileage variety?

              Ok, got that number yet? Hirsch report says 20 years as a hint.



              Pretty sure it’s not 20 years from now…

            • The durango kidd says:

              “Ten dollar a gallon gas will NOT happen.”

              That’s exactly what they said not too long ago about $4/gallon gas: it will “NOT happen.”

              “Eric is an idiot.”

              “Idiot???” That’s pretty funny coming from a “Moron.”

              Hey moron, do you still believe the Russians will let your masters in DC roll on Syria without any resistance?

              • YMWW, I recognize DK may be mistaken about certain things, but that doesn’t make him a moron. You’re just another troll.

                • Mistaken??? Never!!! 🙂

                • anonymous says:

                  “YMWW, I recognize DK may be mistaken about certain things, but that doesn’t make him a moron. You’re just another troll.”

                  Hey Braveheart… The “anonymous” tag is transparent.

              • YMWW, what is your problem today? DK may be mistaken about certain things but that doesn’t make him a moron.

              • Yo Mama: Absolutely. The Russians will sell Syria anything but they are not going to get involved militarily against their American “Partners”.

                Of course, the longer O’bummer and Israel wait, the longer they give ASSad, Iran, and Russia time to think of something new.

                China and Russia sit this one out! 🙂

                • The Durango Kidd says:

                  “American “Partners”.”

                  So Putin and “O’bummer” are “Partners?”


                  Hey DK, if I lived down the street from you, and one day, I came up the street towards you, and told you, “You’re gonna blow me or else,” how would you react?

                  I’d bet you’d show me that “Gatling Gun,” and in a hurry!

                  Wouldn’t ya???

                  But oh no, you think Russians are different, don’t ya.


                  Strike that… F**KIN Moron.

                  • Yo Mama: “American Partners” is the term Putin used, not me. And more than once. Wrong again! 🙂

            • Good way to make umurkins poorer and willing to work cheaper. Economic activity wouldn’t stop, but the notion of “disposable income” would be a memory. Oil is still available, just not CHEAP oil.

          • OutWest, I agree gas thievery will become something extremely serious, but primarily on any vehicles whose tanks can be reached easily. the thieves will have time working against them so they’ll only target vehicles with enough ground clearance where they can reach the tank easily. The gas tanks on EVERYTHING these days are made of PLASTIC. A cordless drill or a good quality fixed-blade knife can make a big enough hole in the tank and with a 5-gal. can placed underneath [multiple empty cans would be needed] someone’s gas tank can be emptied in a matter of minutes. the you’re looking at replacing that tank and depending on the make of vehicle, expect on spending $500 to $1000 for it, counting labor costs and sales tax. I have a full-size truck so mine can be nailed fairly easily. If I can catch the POS red-handed, he will be “ventilated”. the REAL braveheart

            • so are you saying we need to bag our vehicle’s so when we aint in them we can put them right on the pavement

        • Please watch this all the videos here and even though it helps to understand a bit better , It leaves out how this all could lead to the full scale implementation of agenda 21. I think this is what the tyrants want to happen to escape there eventual demise. We citizens are screwed if the USA pisses off Russia.

        • $10 per gallon maybe the least of our worries. I’ve heard others say the price of oil could go as high as $20 or $30 per gallon and that’s if you can find it, if they were to close down the Suez canal shipping lanes.

          • I am quite sure that came from the propaganda experts trying to ready the people for corp price gouging should Syria and Iran protect themselves when they are attacked.

            It will not be NObamas fault. It’s those pesky Syrians and Iranians doing all this damage to America.

            They should have stopped Saudi Arabia from getting those chemical weapons into the rebels hands and then none of this would have happened and the Syrian government would not have been blamed. It’s all their fault.

            Yeah, right.

        • Hi old friends, almost done with my busy season have been keeping up with the articles but not much commenting lately! Had a quick ? Has anyone heard anything of Manos lately? Hope all is well with all my old shtf friends!

          • Welcome back Diesel Dan.
            Good to hear from you.

          • Howdy, DieselDan and welcome back. I’ve been wondering about manos myself. Be Informed, any word on Manos?

            • braveheart,,diesel al

              Manos is fine..heard from him last week..been rough but now painting for his creative outlet and working again

              I’ll ask him to do a quick post should he have time.

              Daisy and Burt have been absent for quite some time but they both have resettled to new locations recently.


              • Possee, thanks for that update on Manos, Daisy, and Burt the Brit.

                • Ya glad to hear theyre all well 🙂

        • what stays out of the news is there is always a oil pipeline that someone wants to cross a country and when they say NO we attack, Syria told Quatar that they would not allow the pipe across and they have been in civil war ever since, check it out FACT

        • I liked the article and agree with most of it, but,it made me feel a little schizophrenic while reading.

        • Tick… tick… tick… Time moves slowly in moderation limbo.

          Complete rubbish “as usual,” Tenet.

          FIRST: There is not “one sentence,” but nearly 100 verses in which Jesus spoke of the defections of the Pharisees, hence, not in the covenant lineage of Abraham and also are “accused” by Moses. Not just the New Testament, but an overwhelming portion of the Old Testament, testifies to the defections of the Israelites too. I will post references below, so as to avoid moderation limbo. Hopefully Mac will allow the references.

          SECOND: As the rabbis freely stipulate, Judaism is a POST-Christian religion that “first” (according to the rabbis, not me) sprang from the Pharisees, the defectors “accused” by Moses, NOT from “the Hebrew Bible.”

          THIRD: Christianity sprang from Mosaic Law, NOT from those who had defected from Mosaic Law, Pharisaism, rabbinical, or talmudic Judaism. Christianity then has “no concord with Belial or unbelievers” (2 Corinthians 6:15)

          FOURTH: Jesus was a Galilean, NOT a Judean as you claimed. He practiced true Mosaic Judaism, NOT Pharisaism. Jesus was a Jew by an honest religious, but not geographic, definition of Jew, but he was definitely NOT a “Jew” as the word has been carefully corrupted in contemporary usage. If you carefully read the Gospel of John in particular, you will see that his use of “Jew” changes.

          FIFTH: The preponderance of genetic research (most of it conducted by “Jews” obsessed with race) indicates that MOST self-identified “Jews” are NOT semitic at all, but European, from the region of modern day Georgia (the region of ancient Khazaria). No big deal either way because there is no racial back door to Heaven and no racial chute to Hell. It is not race, but belief, baptism, and behavior in accord with Jesus’ teachings that afford salvation.

          SIXTH: I am a practicing Roman Catholic, imperfect and a sinner, but not “Christian Identity.” What I have presented in these matters is exactly what the Catholic Church has taught for nearly 2,000 years (but has been pushed aside, even denied by heretics, since the Judaizing of Vatican II).

          So, Tenet, you are in error on almost every claim you made.

          You are only correct in noting the “detriment” of Judeo-Zionism.

        • As I read the article and follow up replies I kept looking for the real “Scary” follow up that WILL happen when and if gas hits anywhere around $10 and the resulting 2 to 3 times increase in everything from food to footwear, not to mention fast food joint prices spiking just to stay alive.

          To me the real catalyst for all hell breaking lose under these circumstances is the loss of purchasing power of the EBT and social security supported freeloaders. (I am not speaking of the elderly or truly infirm but those who are sucking the last breath of life out of this country.) The EBTs will still have the same amount of cash put on them on the 1st, or whenever, but within a week they will be empty along with their pantries and with three weeks to go with nothing to eat or drink, well, then TPTB will have the explosion they’ve been setting us up for so they can begin implementation of their plan on a grand scale. What to do? As always, pray for discernment to know what to do and when, prep as much as you are able and protect with all your strength as God permits you to. dj

          • Tripling the price of gasoline will not triple the cost of everything else because the price of other inputs will not triple. The fuel cost for a $2.50 loaf of bread, for example is 50 cents. If 50 cents became a $1.50 that would increase it to $3.50. Labor is a big input, but wages are stagnant so allow another 50 cents of price increase for other inputs that are equally affected and a loaf of bread would cost $4.00.

            According to The Simple Dollar, the average American spends 10% of their income on food. If that increased 60% as explained above that would climb to 16%, but bigger parts of the American budget like a fixed-rate mortgage payment and car payment would stay the same. This is a simplistic explanation, of course, but the point is still valid.

            We have tailored our life so that we can walk to work and the grocery store, and the park and only really need a vehicle to get to the retreat. We could walk it in a few days if necessary. Poorer people would be the most affected and some families would split up on paper so the one with the kids could get public assistance to make up the difference.

        • One alternative is steam power. Steam engines are fairly simple but kind of expensive. Do a search on them, you can get kits or already built ones. Run anything from a generator to a truck. Good old wood and water, if I had the paper satans to do it I wood 😛 If your thinking gasifiers better read the comments on it. It’s dirty fuel and needs the living crap filtered out of it. Hmmm, steam, why didn’t you think of that? LOL

          • Well if you think about it a modern nuclear reactor power station is nothing but a glorified steam generator…except instead of coal or wood/gas to boil the water they use uranium…have some experience with steam and it is viable in most cases… 🙂

        • A project I have long thought about but never had the ferns to build it is a solar powered golf cart. Get a 48 volt golf cart (club car brand) attach a charge controller and mount a 48 volt solar panel to the canopy. I could also mount an inverter to have mobile power wherever I went. Also tap into the battery bank at the 12 volt point to run 12 volt stuff. Golf carts are easily modified with lift kits and off road tires etc. A hell of a lot cheaper than an electric car and can be modified to be street legal.

        • 5987: POLICE GANGS accross the NATION have been training for RIOTS BY PARENTS AT THEIR SCHOOLS,now the first thing you might want to ask is WHY?,whats going to bring parents to the schools ,WHO are pissed off?…RIOTS? the LORD says their going to kiddnap the children and call the parents AND TELL THEM.”WE HAVE YOUR CHILDREN”..and if you want them back ,bring your guns and ammo and we’ll trade,..BUT THE LORD says they have no intention of giving back the children,and WILL ARREST the parents and take them to a fema death camp and KILL THEM……..OBAMA HAS SOLD ALL THE CHILDREN TO CHINA,now I know this ain’t easy to swollow,BUT WAIT TILL it happens then see if CRYING ABOUT IT HELPS,..IF THE POLICE GANGS want to help OBAMA kiddnap your children,WELL SO BE IT,go to the schools with all your friends and take them back,and then deal with EVERYONE INVOLVED,remember they were going to KEEP THE CHILDREN,deal with them on the same level you would any rapest,child molester,kiddnaper,OR terrorists who would do harm to your family,cause thats THE PLAN…

          • ….woe to them who say “thus says the Lord” when the Lord has not said thus…better be careful where you tread…angels fear that place…

        • I’m not too worried about it because I live in a small city which has a refinery and is surrounded by an oil field.

        • What is the motive for a government to intentionally put its people in a position like this? What hurts us financially would seem to hurt the government financially, too, since we could not work and pay the kinds of taxes we pay now. So the government would be getting far less money. How is that in their favor? Why would they want such a scenario?

      2. A little something for the Wine-o’s!
        Subject: Discount wine at Wal-mart

        Wal-Mart announced that they will soon be offering customers a new
        discount item: Wal-Mart’s own brand of wine. The world’s largest
        retail chain is teaming up with E&J Gallo Winery of California to
        produce the spirits at an affordable price, in the $2-$5 range. Wine
        connoisseurs may not be inclined to throw a bottle of Wal-Mart brand
        into their shopping carts, but “there is a market for cheap wine”,
        said Kathy Micken, VP of Marketing. She said, “But the right name is
        important.” Customer surveys were conducted to determine the most
        attractive name for the Wal-Mart brand. The top surveyed names in
        order of popularity are:

        10. Chateau Traileur Parc
        9. White Trashfindel
        8. Big Red Gulp
        7. World Championship Riesling
        6. NASCARbernet
        5. Chef Boyardeaux
        4. Peanut Noir
        3. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Vinegar!
        2. Grape Expectations
        And the Number One name for Wal-Mart wine:
        1. Nasti Spumante
        The beauty of Wal-Mart wine is that it can be served with either
        white meat (Possum) or red meat (Squirrel).

        • 1. Nasti Spumante. I knew her in high school.

          • Wasnt her nickname Spunki?

            • peanut butter legs — easy spreadin’

              • Skippy…

                • Yall baddddd…

              • “The Word Is Legs” spread the word

              • Without the nuts……ya need to make sure these days.

                • PO’D — Guffaw!!

          • Lucky You, Yental

        • Eppe, keep that comedy coming. I fell out of my chair earlier. braveheart

          • Good god brave. Google old jokes and you will fall out of your chair a lot. How’s your tummy?

      3. there sure appears to be a more sinister reason the WH is pushing so hard to start world war 3 ! I guess we will know shortly!

        • A big kill off with nukes while they hide in there caves till the smoke clears or radiation I mean. They will force world war 3 while we scream no.This is not looking good for none of us and unless you live outside of the US you will be screwed when the nukes fall.

          • We need to make those bunkers into concrete coffins—even if it’s the last thing we do.

        • Not saying this is a theory. But the idea popped into my head that maybe the chemical weapons are from Iraq. And O is pushing the war to eliminate the evidence. The left would hate to see George Bush vindicated. And they would have so much egg on their faces too.

          • Bush is one of them. He is in NO danger.

      4. I guess I’d have to stay on the farm. Doing farm would suck. Guess I’ll have to get me a horse.

        • Oxen!
          Ya can milk them too and eat them,
          But still get the horse.
          Ive been thinking about this too but am small enough i can just do stuff by hand and get by

          • From my experience when you do things by hand you work a bit harder…then you get a horse to help you and your workload…GOES UP BY A FACTOR OF TEN…that horse will make what took you a hour by hand into an all day job…ya there may be exceptions but I aint seen em yet…the extra work Id have to do could be put into making moonshine to power a small tractor that would make my workload easier for real(most times)thank God he created the internal combustion engine and gave us the plans…never going to farm with a critter again… 🙂

      5. This just showed up on ZeroHedge

        We Have Officially Jumped The Shark: Al-Arabiya Reports Another “Gas Attack” By Syrian Regime

        Apparently there was another gas attack

        Ya wanted another push, here it is, now wait for the war mongers to run with it!

        • I saw it on zerohedge but nowhere else. Damn this idiot we have in charge could have us in ww3 by morning. Then we really could have10 dollar gas by noon.

          • I know, was trying to find out more, figured i would post so if anyone could find more info they could pass it on, may not even be real but would definitely fit the bill for the war mongers.

            • I found another article about this on before its news web site. But still nothing else on any other sites. Its being called a clorine gas attack . But how would anybody know this so fast, unless they actually did the attack. Who knows what the hell is really going on over there. I say if there was another chemical attack it was another false flag..


          • My search reveals NO New Gas Attack in Syria. Does state there is New evidence of the Past attack.

            • Nothing on Russian times or Al Jazerra At this time.

              • I couldn’t find anything further either.

        • Someone stop the world, please? I wanna get off.

          **sighs** I really hate this.

          And I need to invest in a Vespa. 70 miles to the gallon. (Only, they’re completely useless in the snow.)

          • Ya know what i really hate?
            Its the lies that we are free,
            We are just slaves to the government, more and more with taxes, obamacare, forms and files and regulations.
            Freedom! Is bullshit.

            • Our freedom was lost long ago. The criminals just brain washed us very tactfully using their corporate media and CEO’s (AKA presidents) and they did heck of a job.

              Looking back at savings a loans theft in the 80’s, “.com” after that…. many ordinary folks were screwed and the criminal masterminds made fortune. Then it came the 2008 housing burst and again many ordinary folks “excluding the idiots who borrowed $ without income” lost their life savings while the current technicians of WARS made fortune via their masters in Wall Street.

              Now since the printing of $ must be stopped due to its final degradation guess what: LET’s kill innocent via hired cannibals paid by your friendly allies in the middle east. Also the current CEO really has fucked it up this time since although he is a good speaker but the whole world experienced his BS%$$## trying to justify a new WAR without evidence. Oh sorry…there is evidence but it shows his hired cannibals did it.

        • Slingshot, I went looking, too. I found a news post from three hours ago mentioning that Bloomberg News had reported that Al Arabiya had posted that info on its Facebook page, but I didn’t see anything on the Bloomberg News site just now.

          • Jenn and all….Al Arabiya, Al Gazira and the rest of these MiddleEastern CNN, Fox, MSNBC all are being paid by one of the puppet master named the Saudis…. I won’t be surprise if they come up with such news as a new false flag being done by their hired killers who eat human hearts to justify the attack. Just my 2 cents which worse nothing these days.

            • I like to get my news from Reuters and the Associated Press (AP). This is where the least amount of watering down and spin occurs. Once it’s scooped up by mainstream network news, it gets a coating of manure from whichever mogul owns that station.

        • I saw that too and I’ve been trying to see if I could find anything on the news but nothing yet on the MSM including Fox or Fox business.

      6. $10 a gallon I can handle. Gas would need to hit $100 per gallon before I’d really need to change my ways…one of the benefits of living WAY below my means. I’m glad for the food storage to offset some of the price increases that would come.

        • @leslieann
          you must be living in a grass hut on a deserted island. 10 dollar gas would cost 75 dollars just to cut my grass.
          @KULA do oxen eat grass? Lol can you eat other parts of them besides the tail.

          • Like in Tibet, they have Yaks,
            Yak stew, Yak milk, Yak butter, yakidy yak yak,
            But man they can put them to good use!
            Im just sayin! Sorta makes you think.

          • Mowing grass would be the last thing I would do if gas gets to $10. I will be planting a garden, or at least edible weeds and ornamentals, in my front yard if I can’t afford to mow it.

            • Or plant edible goats to mow the lawn. (They double as lawn ornaments! Way cuter and far more useful than garden gnomes.)

          • No, I’m not fortunate enough to live in a grass hut on a deserted island. You know how people buy homes that are something like triple their yearly income? Instead, I bought an el cheapo itty bitty lil’ grandma house that was only seven months of my income. I bought it last year and have less than two years until it’s paid-in-full because of hefty extra “apply to principal” payments. I did an online budget calculator and after paying my bills, I have 73% of my take home pay leftover as discretionary money which I could use for gasoline and higher prices, but I will admit, that’s no fun…but it can be done.

            • Good thinking
              “…itty bitty lil’ grandma house…”
              Take a look at most of the grandma houses that were built in the 50’s. They were small one story boxes that were more utilitarian than show. People hated much debt back then. And they lived within their means. Sounds like you did the right thing.

              • My home was built in 1944 and is just as you describe it. One story box with a basement and a walk up attic. It looks like those square cartons of milk they give out at school 🙂

                • I wouldn’t buy one of the newer houses if you paid me. I have a 1970’s cinder block home. No toilet-paper/cat-litter boards to be found in it. I watched the area around my humble abode explode with those two story wood and press board wonders, when the boom was in full swing. If a house can be built in DAYS it isn’t worth crap. Much less the 300k they all paid for them.( unless it’s on of those poured concrete/rebar types that I’ve only seen ONE person build here in Hurricane nation. Because those type houses
                  are super, super cool.)

        • I call bullshit!!!

        • i’m with you leslis.

          i can handle it too as i see the future and i’m expecting costs to skyrocket as some point; so i have cut mine to the bone and i can handle it.

          but the 80-90% of the US that isnt prepared is going to throw the US into a severe depression. the US alreay has so many just barely making it that any trip up will have them at the mercy of the govt; thats when its over.

          if the attack of syria goes very wrong, its going to effect the entire country.

          i dont know if obama has any idea what his red line has put the country up against, but i would suggest if you have been putting off a vacation; to take it now; no one is going on vacation if airfare to miami beach is $1,9999 one way.

          • People live within their means or over their means. Then when something they didn’t sufficiently plan for or expect pays them a visit, their lives often crumble. I choose to live WAY BELOW my means so I have a huge cushion against this very sort of thing. I also do the food storage, etc. I have a variety of different cushions set up…which I’m able to afford to set up because of living way below my means.

            • My only luxury is phone/internet of less than $40 mo. All of my other utilities are included in my rent. The rest is prepping $$$.

              • Way to go! Preps come first, other stuff comes later.

        • In isolation, $10/gallon is not a big deal (some in Europe pay close to that already), it’s the non-linear effect on the rest of the economy and society (both addicted to cheap gasoline) that will be devastating (think about disruption of just in time delivery, that alone will become hell-like).

        • YOU could handle it but everyone around you couldn’t. Are you cool with Night of the Living Dead?

      7. Awesome article!

      8. The $10 gas would kill our economy. What are they thinking?

        • $5 gas will kill it first.

          • In my neck of the woods, gas is considered to be cheap at $1.33 (Canadian) a litre. With our currencies being close enough to in par, it translates to about $5.20 a gallon. There are parts of Canada where gas is almost $6 a gallon. And that isn’t in some shithole village in the far north whose name I won’t even try to pronounce, it’s in Vancouver.

            So economies can still run effectively on $5 per gallon gas. To my family and I it mostly means maximizing the use of our trips.

            • So…There are 8 million Canadians.

              There are about 330 million Americans of which over half couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the directions were on the heel without somekind of govt aid, assistance or entitlement.

              You pussies gave up years ago and now you make a comment like this.

              Without Canada’s proximity to the US, you would be done already…by the way, how many of those 8 mil are foreigners?

              • Try 33 million Canadians. And how about go fuck yourself if you’re going to be this ignorant?

                • ouch…the truth hurts doesn’t it?

                  You quit…if 33 million of us stood together the whole fucking world would be free.

                  That day is coming.

                  • And how did we quit exactly? We chose not to get bogged down in the second Iraq war? We maintain ties with our origins as a British colony?

                    And I don’t buy your position about banding together. How many Americans are opposed to the Obama regime? Smart money says a whole lot more than 33 million and yet he still sits in the Oval Office trying to run what is left of the US into the ground.

                    Oh, and how many of the 330 million Americans are anything other than American-born white folks, and how many more will become “Americans” thanks to the immigration bills your lawmakers are pushing through?

                    So before you open your mouth, take at least a few seconds to think. Like my mother used to say, better be quiet and thought the fucking moron than open your mouth and prove it to the world.

                  • And as a side note, care to remember what happened in 1812 and 1837 when US troops tried to forcibly enter Canada? Here’s a hint, Washington D.C. was sacked, the White House was burnt down and the US Army was sent packing, mostly by locally recruited militia with only a small core of British regulars.

                    Also, who turned the tide of WW1 at Vimy Ridge? Sure wasn’t the US that hadn’t even joined the war yet. Who was it that bled in the Battle of Britain and the Battle of the Atlantic before Pearl Harbour? That’s right, Canadians. What corps fought its way through most of Italy, and most notably Monte Casino? Canadians again. Who had the only units that achieved all of their goals on D-Day and even started going further but stopped due to outrunning the ammo resupply? Canadians again. And more recently, who punched harder than their weight class, doing more with 2500 troops than over 25000 NATO troops, including the US in Kandahar Province? You guessed it, Canadians.

                    So you can take your American supremacist bullshit and fuck yourself with it.

        • Ugly–that IS what they are thinking!

      9. Well in that case I would get a motorcycle for short trips. If it got much higher than that maybe consider a still for alcohol and mixing it with your gas. Or maybe a biodiesel making outfit. OK now for your prep tip of the day… This is a list of components to make your own long range remote controlled video surviellance system (little brother is watching too 😉 )
        1: charge controller 2: Solar panel 3: Battery 4: Remote switch 5: Camera 6: Video transmitter/reciever 7: Video monitor . Hook up the mini solar system to the battery and use the remote switch to turn on and off the camera and transmitter. Always have power to the remote switch. This system works 1/2 mile away with line of sight. To record any activity use this..
        To know when activity is present at the location use this..
        If you want to monitor the dakota alert you can also use a scanner with vhf band instead of the walkie talkie it comes with.
        For a great set of radio comms that you can easily add a repeater too try this…
        All of the video equipment is 12 volts so it’s easy to get power off grid. Just get more transmitters and cameras for more locations. Set it up on a hill to watch over your locality.
        Another cheap 12 volt motion sensor switch is here..
        This is an affordable solution to folks that don’t have the manpower to have guards 24/7 and want to be alerted and able to see whats coming. Also remote fireworks can be attached (use your imagination). Ok now get on it! LOL

        • Oh 1 more thing, keep the components protected in a plastic ammocan. The camera is fine outside. If you want to hide the bulk of the components or have the camera a distance from the rest of the stuff ebay also sells long cables that have all in one (power, video) up to 100 feet long. I wouldn’t use this system in below 0 weather without burying the components in the ground in a can. They also make antenna extention cables etc. just suit it to your needs.

        • You can also hide the whole thing in a birdhouse in a tree 😉 Just make sure the antennas have a fairly decent shot at your monitoring location. Paint the camera camo to match the location. Also you can make portable monitors with a battery and a reciever and monitor in a small plastic ammocan. Wire some cams around your house directly to the monitor with extention vid/power cables. To save battery power take the camera housing apart and disconnect the infrared led’s. They also make a 4 channel monitor for under a hundred fed notes or get a multi-channel av switch if you want more than 2 vid channels. Or for more covert cams get a small spy cam also available cheap on ebay. For long range video get a zoom camera (30x zoom is about 100 paper satans). No end to the system you can create with this stuff!

      10. Obama on TV Tuesday to sell the sheeple on the war. FF the following day – Wednesday, 9/11 – Something on an American target and big enuf to show really good on TV.

        That ought to do it. WW3 and 10 gas really quick.

        • Maybe he’ll be giving away free gas cards Tuesday to ramp up support for the war…

          • It could be time for impeachment callings. If not, the world will go thru a very big backlash.




            • Ugly…impeachment is out.

            • With a 91% DISapproval rating?

              91 percent.

              Think about that.

              A week in if gas hits $10, or even $5… that means pretty much the ENTIRE country is mad at this guy beyond belief.

              I mean… yeah if he’s attempting to… huh. I wouldn’t want to be him let’s say.

            • I say Armageddon, TPTB have already picked the next clown.

              That sounds so negative, I know, but maybe Armageddon is the only way to truly fix the broken process.

              Also, Christ proceeds Armageddon, so that’s huge plus also.

          • Funny Mac. Well….not really. I hope he doesn’t read your site.

            • And if he does, well it won’t end well for him! I’m so mighty and tuff I’ll just take him on myself, yeah!! Weak heart

              • Beat it, troll
                I would pay the 10 dollars just
                to douse you with a gallon.

                • OutWest, I appreciate the thought, but I’m willing to try out my new 12-ga. on him. the REAL braveheart

                  • You tell em braveheart, theres nothing like launching an electronic threat to someone,……fucken douchbag !

                  • I’ll supply the shells, braveheart

                    Can I watch?

                • No shit…what an ass-kisser.

                • Thanks, OutWest, you gave me my best laugh of the day!

              • To the one posting as Braveheart, who the f#$% are you? Just another troll and definitely NOT ME! everyone who reads my posts knows I NEVER capitalize my name. this troll needs to move on. the REAL braveheart

                • Yea, try out your new 12 gauge on me….right! You’re the biggest blow hard on this site. Folks, be forewarned Internet tough guys such as “brave heart” will get you and your group killed in a post collapse situation. I read a very informative article authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market awhile back which classified all the more common personality traits amongst survivalist/preppers types. From what I gathered from the article and from life experiences the “brave heart” wanna be’s with all the false bravado self glorification should be avoided at all cost. True warriors lay low and are silent professionals thus never boasting about what they can and will do.

                  • Elliot

                    There is always room for braveheart
                    in my fox hole when the SHTF.

                    If no one spoke up on this site,
                    there would be no reason for it’s
                    very existence.

                  • Yeh Braveheart can spot any time on my tactical team.
                    He’s got his shit together and has the right determination and attitude to survive this.

                    OSOK ALL TROLLS

                    Semper Fi 8541

                  • Elliott, come to my place with any bad intentions toward me and you’ll find out the hard way what I’m REALLY ALL ABOUT, @HOLE! I’m someone who wants to survive the hell that is coming to this nation soon. I’ve been a prepper since the 70s. I’ve survived more natural disasters and personal SHTF situations than you could ever imagine. Plus, I’m not even in a group and don’t plan on joining one UNLESS I can find like-minded people to link up with. Also, I don’t glorify myself. I’m just another human and I know my own limitations and weaknesses. There’s nothing FALSE ABOUT ME, MF, so move along, troll!

                  • Elliot, Braveheart is one badass mofo! You don’t believe me? Just ask him yourself then.

                  • Had a lady friend who is a psychologist come over one evening, just for fun we looked at a couple of blog boards like these….she was picking out the sociopaths, paranoics, and nutcases. Lots of folks are just insecure or angry at the system, that’s harmless, but some are truly possessed of defective mental health and will be people to avoid.

                  • Smokey.

                    She must of had a field day with all of us.
                    Crazy when I got here, but I’m all right now! ;0)

                  • I married a clinical psychologist because it was cheaper than paying by the session.

                  • We didn’t visit this site, but it would have been a lot of fun!

      11. $10 a gallon of Gas? Try more like $20. If the Middle East destabilizes to the point of all the canals shutting down, exports having to take insanely long ways around to deliver oil, or if they stop delivering all together to the US. The American people would have no choice but to burn down the EPA, open OUR reserves, and bring us back to the MAIN exporters of the world. Now this would be a bumpy road, I’d say about 10 years of recovery to the economy. However, IF and I repeat IF, this scenario played out like I describe. America could regain a dominance unlike any before it!

        • Actually to clarify my last remark, if we would only open OUR pipeline you could just give the middle finger to the middle east and return our economy back to normal. However the EPA in all its idiotic wisdom has let this country rot away in their idiotic “standards”! Speaking of the EPA, it was just reported that ARMED EPA raided a town in Alaska. Now how they can justify the arming the frickin tree hugging EPA is beyond me!

          • Oh yes, little itty bitty chicken, Alaska. What you see there in the picture is most of the town. Tiny place, people there have been trying to make it a nice place. They have been training some of the locals as EMT’s, working along side the Tok Ambulance Service. Lots of nice people there in Chicken. What a crock… let’s see didn’t I see Senator Begich’s name on that list of senators who have not voted to attack Syria. I think so.

            • Been up there…nice area…I disappointed the locals didn’t bury the epa boys in shallow holes for the bears…

      12. The main problem with the Middle East conflict is NOT the price of gas. The problem is availability. Government officials get first dibs, followed by the military. Emergency services are next in line. If there’s any left over it goes to food production and distribution. If there’s any more it goes to industrial production and distribution. Where does that leave readers of SHTFplan? I think I know the answer.

      13. There are many possible reasons why this manufactured outrage by Obama seems destined to result in yet another war.
        His cadre of lickspittles (especially Skull and Bones alumni Kerry) are pushing to the hilt for this war.
        I suspect these are only the surface creatures, the ones presented to the world while the real “movers and shakers” lurk in the background, spinning their webs and weaving their schemes.
        I won’t venture to say exactly what they’re up to because I’m not sure the exact reason matters anymore.
        The system we live in is completely compromised and locked down.
        In some ways I hope this does result in the long awaited collapse.
        This drip, drip, drip, of malfunction, greed, psychopaths, idiocy, and disease can make one long to just get it all over with.
        I’ve lived six decades and I’ve seen enough of this crap to last several lifetimes.
        If there is an afterlife and if given a choice, I’m going to put as much distance between myself and this stinkhole as possible.

      14. Putin was quoted as saying that personal discussion between him and chimpy was ” meaty and fruitful.” I’ll give ya odds who the ” fruitful” one is. It’s also been hilarious watching Bill O” Reilly trying to bang the drum for supporting a strike in Syria. His hands are tied because he knows 90% of us are dead set against doing anything in Syria, but he wants it so bad he’s resorted to pointing out the next boogeyman if we don’t strike Syria. He told the viewers last night if we don’t stop the ” bad guys” from using chemical weapons, we for sure WILL be attacked shortly with biological weapons. Somebody should tell the poor bastard that living on Long Island he’s much more likely to suffer a biological attack from Plum Island than the imagined ” bad guys” he’s always pointing at.

        • Hedge, I saw that . This “Bill O” is a true POS. About a year ago he actually recommended the Government to confiscate all guns in time of national crisis. This SOB make over $17M at the Fox Whore House fro doing nothing. I wonder if he is dating Rachel Madow or Chris Matthews ( you never know with these sort of scums”.

          • Hedge:

            O’Reilly, “always lookin out for da folks”. That is a true statement, TPTB, them folks.

            He gets worse every year with his smug attitude.

            You know how he has his word of the day……

            After watching one of his shows he set me off so I e-mailed him that my grandma had a saying “you are as full of metabolic waste as a yuletide fowl”. Told him to look that up in his damn dictionary.

            Translation: You are as full of shit as a Christmas turkey.

            I never made it onto his primetime e-mails. hmmmmm!

            • O’Rilley at FOX, like Hannity, has Traded in his Balls for a new set of Motzoh Balls, from his masters and handlers.

          • Tactical, it’s difficult to say exactly what makes that guy tick. There are times I’m completely amazed at his ability to see the world as good guys with white hats vs bad guys with black hats as young kid would. I understand the kid thinking that way, I think we all think like that when we’re kids. But a man of his years and experience should have SOME comprehension that seldom are issues all black and white. As we grow older and more experienced, we realize most things are different shades of gray. I really believe he does think like that, listening to him talk sometimes he still thinks it’s the early 60’s and we can find another Kennedy and turn America back into it’s former self. But he does turn a blind eye to the dirty government dealings and lies, claiming that we need to wait for proof positive that our government fucks us over, instead of relying on our own God given common sense. Yeah, right Billy, ole’ uncle sam will come right out and admit everything they’ve ever done. That’s why I like watching him, he’s great comic relief.

        • Lemme ‘splain something to O-Stimpy.

          I would be opposed even if they were using tactical nukes on each other. I’m so completely done with this shtuff.

          And if a bioweapon attack shows up here… I and a non-trivial number of people are going to assume it didn’t come from the Middle East if you know what I mean.

      15. Black sweats and a long hose?

        • “Risky business”, especially around my “neck-of-the-woods”!

          That said, when the price of a gallon of fuel exceeds the price of an ounce of gold, loaf of bread, potable water, firewood, medical supplies/concerns, toilet paper (no, I don’t mean crisp $10 dollar bills), and any other ESSENTIALS(luxury will cease to exist in the potential coming vernacular) of life…who knows!?!

          Note to self: get some black sweats and a long “rubber hose”. Not to be confused with the “L O N G anatomical hose” already “gifted”. If I have to “imply” my physical attributes…yeah, I am probably full of….

          • Damn I miss ole mushroom. 🙁

      16. I pray it would be a wake-up call for the uninformed dumbed-down Sheeple. Maybe then they would wake up out of their Disney land mentality. Lets go fo 25.00 dollars a gallon. Maybe that will make them arise from their slumber!

      17. Think of products that are made from oil_tires,car parts,pvc plumbing pipe,,medical syringes,i.v.lines,5 gal plastic buckets,etc.very scary times

        • Think of amount of joules from the fossil fuels, necessary to convert oil into tires, pvc, pipe etc?

          “Recycling” – is one of the most cruel jokes on humanity, it is extremely power hungry.

          • “joules”

            I could make a stupid joke, but you have hit the most important metric for hydrocarbon usage there is. C+C is what they crow about ,but a lot of the new production numbers are low energy liquids that can never equal light sweet conventional crude.

      18. But it’s all right.
        In fact it’s a gas.
        Cause it’s all right.
        Jumping Jack Flash.

        “Is Ten Dollar Gas!”

      19. How about turpentine as a fuel. Southeast is full of pine trees.

        • Hey I know! Let’s get the Chinese mad at us! Great idea! Why, they only hold 25% of our treasuries (well them and Russia)… and you know that partnership for thorium reactors? You know ^^… the one that actually WOULD make us energy independent for… oh… 20,000 YEARS…

          Yeah that. You can forget about that…

      20. Dooo de dooodedooodooodeee dee daaaa
        Dont wory be happy
        Weee deee deee doo de doooo
        Dont worry be happy

      21. The interconnected Syria-oil ties, and the price of a barrel

        “In a report last week entitled, “Syria sets oil on fire,” the US investment bank predicts that the most likely reaction by crude markets to Western military strikes within Syrian territory would be a short-lived spike in North Sea Brent crude prices to $120-130/b., assuming a NATO-led contained military strike that lasts only a few days. Moreover, a prolonged conflict, although deemed less likely, could send the price of Brent crude initially soaring to $160 before falling back to a range of $125 to 140/ barrels and sticking there for about a month.”

      22. If you like today’s events–

        hug a democrat. They are your NWO buddy….

      23. I’ve made posts in reference to this before, 10$ gas is not the issue it’s the level of crime that will come as a wave behind it that will be the problem.

        As I live in an open carry state, I will open carry when gas reaches 6$ a gallon because car jacking’s, and prowling will have already started, the difference for me at this point is only gun on hip opposed to by my driver’s seat but as anyone knows that’s a short few feet in the world of deterrence.

        As many have already stated food costs will “necessarily skyrocket” pushing overall crime, burglary and home invasions to levels never seen before, businesses will begin to fire/lay people off in order to offset losses. This of course will cause people prepared to dipping into their preps which will reduce preparedness when TSHTF for real.

        So all in all it has the potential to become a very bad beginning to the end.

        Keep your powder dry, and don’t throw your tomahawk till you see the whites of their eyes!

        • Good evening, Y99. On the gas issue, don’t be surprised if there’s an outbreak of gas tanks, especially on full-size vehicles, getting punctured by gas thieves. The gas tanks on all newer vehicles, regardless of the make and model, are made of PLASTIC. A cordless drill fully charged or a good, strong fixed-blade hunting knife can put a sufficient hole in a plastic gas tank and it can be drained into a can underneath the hole in just a matter of minutes. I drive a GMC Sierra so some POS can easily get underneath to do that. If I can catch him in the act, he’ll be a candidate for “ventilation”. 00 buck should do VERY nicely. the REAL braveheart

          • Thats what they do over here, cordless drill with a spade bit,

          • Hey don’t forget to remind everybody on here how “brave” you are lol. And by the way, just because someone calls you out on your BS doesn’t make them a troll.

            • Elliott, just what the f#$% do you think you know about me? I post under that name as a cover and no, it’s not my real name. everyone else here uses a cover name they prefer for one reason or other to avoid using their real name. I’ll bet Elliott isn’t your real name, isn’t it? Also, what kind of BS do you think I have to be called out on? I’ve been through more SHTF situations in my life than you’ll ever experience. I’m a survivor. I live in the real world. I don’t drink the Kool-Aid coming from the federal government or any of their propaganda organs aka the mainstream media. I know how to think for myself. Nobody tells me what to think or say about any subject matter, period! Ihatge what TPTB have done to my country and I hope they all rot in hell. if I ever come across any of them, I’ll send them on their way. just like everyone else here, I’ve worked and paid taxes into this evil system for my whole adult life. Look at all the things the government does with our tax dollars that none of us approve of. Oh, your tax dollars are included in that, @hole! The POS traitors in DC and on Wall St. are killing off this nation. After the balloon goes up, AND IT WILL, I hope to do my part to try to take this country back. that’s the only thing I live for, to try to save this nation and I know that’s what everyone else here wants also. What about YOU, @hole?

              • To everyone: this “Elliott” sounds like another troll and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one who made comment #2189297 under my name. whoever that was gave himself away as my name is NOT CAPITALIZED WHEN I POST A COMMENT ON HERE. braveheart

                • Gee brave heart. That will fool them. Now the person isn’t going to cap your name. You would make a good government spy

      24. Back in the day…the “BUY AS MUCH REAL ESTATE AS YOU CAN AFFORD” real estate scammer bitch could not figure out why we wanted to buy a double.

        Simple… The NWO jews are winning. That means they will destroy the middle class along with the currency. The guy upstairs just paid the rent. That bought groceries this week. So despite the rising prices… Somebody else feeds us.

        Mean while…all the fucks who used to laugh at our small apt, while they lived in their McMansions….they are all losing their homes now. Bizinga.

        Mac….why don’t you do a real good article about these banking scum.
        The Anti Def. league has all the whites paranoid.
        Look at these jews for what they are. Debt Slavers.

        I have faith and confidence in the American people to never turn in their guns.
        One day we might need them.
        This is the only thing keeping these commie fuckers in check.
        Fear of millions of armed people.

        A positive thing about Obama in office… Everyone ran out and armed up.

        Think about it.

        • You should have seen the reaction of my realtor and lender when I bought my home. Instead of buying some house I “qualified” for at three times my annual salary, I instead choose an itty bitty lil’ grandma house that only cost seven months worth of salary 🙂 They just could not comprehend why that was my choice.

          • Leslie:

            And how is that new WalMart wine?

            • Sorry, Granny, I don’t know.

          • leslie, you and i are on the same path.

            i am in the process sellng my house and buying a place that is 1/2 the price of it. i expect by the end of this year to have cut my costs so much that i could retire immediately based on my monthly spending and with obamacare about to screw up the entire country, i may have to do that.

            • That really is the way to go, leeholsen. Life is so much easier when your housing expense is way under budget.

              • There is a lady where I work who was buying a home at the same time I was. I tried to talk her into buying a cheap little house like I did, but she wanted a “nice house” and bought the maximum house she could. She’s asked several times to borrow money (of course I said no) because she needed a repair done or was low on food, gas, etc. This last payday after she paid her bills she told me she had 64 cents left to last her the next two weeks until payday comes again. I can’t imagine living like that. Worse yet, she has a kid, so it’s not just her life she’s screwed up all because of a “nice house”.

                • For many folks it becomes the case of the house owns them not they the house…applies to the many things people feel they just gotta have…I did what you did only I bought raw land when I was 17 and built a cabin on it out of indigenous and recycled stuff…got a nice paid for place and no debt…raise most of what I eat and build/fabricate things I need…its a good life… 🙂

          • Leslie,
            back before the great collapse of 2008 I used to work at a Architectural Firm as a designer after I left the Marines in 1994 . The trend in the early 2000’s was smaller well built and thought out homes smaller than a 1500 s.f. Footprint McMansions were already on their way out due to the cost of land and taxes increasing in the very crowded state I live in. The firm I worked at specialized in this type of residence with high efficiency appliances and thermal insulation.
            Everything was built in like what you would see in a high end yacht lots natural wood and easily cared for materials.

            Before the collapse alternative energy solutions were being incorporated into our designs , I was the lead designer in the office. When the Real estate market collapse hit that was the death knell for a lot of smaller firms , the developers and builders could not get funds to build which I turn effected our industry , fortunately I have a civil engineering background and I managed to work for a few months longer unti this industry collapsed also.

            Luckily my previous military experience allowed me to obtain a position with the FED GOV in a private military contractor position ( PMC) after being out of work for 12 months .
            I am currently assigned to DHS , so much for my previous career ! I really do not see this coming back in the near future. In the end being a “Jar Head ” was all it mattered. This was the first time in my life I had been without work I had always been able to find work , that was the moment I woke up to what is happening to this country. Believe me there are a lot of us in Gov’t service that do not back or will allow the regime to do horrible things to the American people , TPTB are in for a rude awakening if they go in this direction.

            So if people make fun of your small house just laugh you are on the cutting edge of the future.



            Semper Fi 8541

          • Leslie–they led you to the McMansion because of commission.

            • True. They led me to the water, but I refused to drink it 🙂

              • They tried that with me, too. Sorry, no $450k houses for me, thank you.

      25. Please forward this video after you watch it. This is the unfortuanate truth about our once great country.



      26. God bless all who prep for themselves, their families, their friends, and all those who matter to you! when the SHTF you are all you and THEY have, keep prepping and stay vigilant you all are a few steps ahead than the PTB would like. Aim to keep it that way and be well!


        • I prep for myself, my daughters, my father. My mom already preps and we’ve now got my brother on board. The rest of the world is on it’s own. I can only do so much.

          • As for “What will you say to the mom with three hungry kids at your doorstep?” Easy…even now, I only answer my door when I am expecting company and have looked to see if it’s the company knocking so it’s a non-issue…the door won’t be answered.

      27. Anybody know how many MPG can be wrung out of a 66 VW? Or which VW engine and carb combo is best for fuel economy?

        • 27 mpg is probably your best. That was my best back in the day when I drove mine. When my buddies were gazing at Playboy, I was gazing at the JC Whitney magazine ordering stuff to trick my Bug out. I owned several through the years. The ’66 and the ’70 I had were the best. The Bus (van) not so much. Use to freeze in the winter time due to the poor heating capabilities. I did own a VW rabbit with a diesel engine and it got 53 mpg in the summer and 49mpg in the winter. Wish I still had it. If memory serves me right, the ’66 had a single barrel carb, a 36 hp engine and was the last year that the Bugs came with a six volt battery.

        • My ’67 beetle never got better than 32 mpg on the flat country, cruising speed.

          Put a cruise control on it, you’ll do a lot better.

          They changed to 12v battery in 1967.

          My ’74 beetle was about as efficient as the ’67.

          Cost $5 to fill the tank, got change back.

          I once was stopped at a station to air up the tires on the ’67 beetle. Opened the front hood to get to the spare tire, and the guy next to me asks ‘where’s the engine?’ So I just aired up the spare tire, told him, ‘Doesn’t have one, it runs on compressed air’, shut the hood and drove off. The look on his face was priceless.

      28. We gotta change the view.

      29. First of…

        Seeing that were all preppers.. start salting the daily food with the stockpile.
        Zero eating out.
        Car pool.
        No more steak for a while and it’s fried baloney.
        Just passed on $6.29 a lbs bacon in protest about an hour ago. I was going to buy 3 lbs.
        Fuck em. Plant more fucking corn to feed the hogs.
        Derail the dead wood at work, get them fired off and just run with the premo crew.
        Raise the fucking rents.
        Cut back on everything across the board. No movies.
        Fire up the garden and greenhouse.
        Do some cash only work.
        Cheat more on my taxes.
        Steal lunches at work. ha.
        Buy grain in bulk and grind my own grain and bake my own bread.

        You either need to make more or spend less or a combo of both.
        Eat more eggs, potatoes and ghetto food.

        Use the N word at work and get fired, threaten a lawsuit for many things and outright lies and then go get a $30k severance check..then next week call my buddy for a job he has waiting for me.

        Pimp the wife out.

        Steal the kids newspaper money

        Start a dog fighting ring.

        Grow and sell weed.

        Brew homemade beer for sale.

        Start a still

        Sleep with women and photograph it and shake them down for anti publication cash..

        I’m so joking about all this..but you know some folks will do this shit.

        My favorites..

        Quit life and go on welfare, start a crack house, steal dogs for dog fighting bait.


        Raise many skunks…. have human skunk traps..
        Then blanked the neighborhoods with business fliers the night I release the skunks
        in the area. Catch, rinse repeat.

        Or.. Start new empire where I’m dictator and engineer final solution but with exit payout clause
        for those with the cash.

        ha ha

        Anything where I create the problem and then sell people the solution.
        Generate crazy fear then sell the solution.

        Currently at work I create apps that get my employer hooked on my services and they are my bitches.
        Just got a $12k raise. Just by threatening to leave.

        Move to a foreign country.. fake medical certificate for being a Dr. and set up shop.

        Create a device where I can drive down the road and steal manhole cover, parking meter and anything metal for the metals man.
        Rip up remote railroad tracks for scrap metal.

        One guy I hear of…
        He’s got a GPS machine…
        He’s a hiker and he hikes the woods and has a route…he plants just a few weed plants here and there… to small to be noticed by the cops and the helis. He makes about $5k a month.

        Start a hot dog delivery business in the hood. Late night.
        Carry a shot gun and anyone who holds me up….make them take me back to their crib and rob them blind.

        I’m so fucking with you all…. beeeeeeer night. ha

      30. To everyone: considering the above scenario is all too plausible. I have been putting my primary emphasis lately on extra food, water, medical supplies, blankets, clothing etc. BEFORE the scenario can take place. especially with the food and water before prices on those get out of hand. everyone else should do the same. Batten down the hatches. it’s not going to be nice. braveheart

      31. It is not by accident that we are kept balanced on a knife edge rather than biting the economic bullet now. The longer we wait the worse it will be. I compare the manipulation of the economy by the FED to boiling a frog slowly – we hardly recognize that we are heading into disaster but wonder why our suffering gradually increases. There are only two futures left for us; vote out all that will not listen to the hard working majority (while there is still a majority) or hunker down to avoid being in the ninety percent of our population that will perishing in the most horrible ways.

      32. Back during ww1 and ww2 Americans used gasifiers to power their vehicles because of the gasoline being rationed for the war effort. You can search the word gasifier on u tube to get a good idea of how they work. They also have utube video of a pickup being powered by a gasifier. The gasifier burns wood and separates the methane gas from the smoke to be used as fuel to power an engine. Mac also advertises a portable stove on website that is a miniature gasifier. Just FYI idea for you folks who are handy and can use tools. I have planned to try and build one to run a generator but haven’t got her done yet.

        • An it takes up the entire bed of his pickup with the gasifier and the firewood he has to tote with it.

        • Maybe a better idea is steam power. Wood gasification produces filthy fuel for burning and needs the shit filtered out of it. Steam engines are simple (but expensive) and can power about anything. And no constant filter cleaning. Steam can be produced from a variety of fuels too. Steam, hmmm, why didn’t you think of that! LOL

          • Can you say…auhlkeehaul… Potato squeezins. white lightning… all you need is a still.

      33. Just listened to Ground Zero.
        Clyde played a series of radio
        sounds from Russia. Then a Russian
        was speaking numbers after the
        warning sounds. This was activating
        their missile shields.
        Clyde said Russia has not done
        this in 40 years.
        Also on the show, Clyde said
        that Iran threatened to rape Obamas
        The saber rattling and vicious threats
        are something I have not seen or heard
        before in my lifetime.

        • At least obama’s daughters won’t be “punished with a baby” should they become pregnant from it.

          • I hate barrys guts but that stupid threat from those pigs just fries me…no one deserves that kind of treatment…grrr! sorry…end rant…

      34. Wonder how that million muzlim march is coming for next weds in Dc?
        Im rooting for the 2 million biker ride planned for the same day.

        • Kula,
          I would stay very far far away from that , I have a really bad feeing about this march and the MSM is not mentioning it. This has all the hallmarks of a ‘False Flag” event. The potential for mischief is very high on this one. I find it ironic that the fearless leader is speaking to the country the night before the 9-11 march. Use this weekend wisely gather your most critical preps.


          you did not hear this from me get the “drift”


          Semper Fi 8541

      35. Good evening all, been a while! $10 a gallon gas will be the least of our worries if Fukushima gets any worse. I’m simply amazed at the break neck speed all the shit seems to piling on with lately too. I’m trimming the excess fat in life and prepping at a rate that is equivalent to all the shit going down. Stay frosty friends, we are on the precipice of something major, at least that’s what my gut tells me. We are Iiving in age for the history books! What a wonderful time to be alive eh?!?! God speed and God bless friends!

        • What history books?

          OH you mean those things the radioactive mutants will grunt to each other! Right yeah those…

      36. Read the VERSAILLES PEACE TREATY, so-called “The Covenant of the League of Nations.” The high contracting parties (or nations), in order to promote international cooperation and to achieve international PEACE and SECURITY.

        The stormy politics of the 20th century, which resulted in two wars (WWI, WW2) 🙁

        When the NWO wants something, or their interest are not being served, they have their militants orchestrate large protests around the world.


        In contrast to the masses, the citizens seem quiet and don’t know what to do.




      37. Gotta fess up here. The reason I haven’t built the gasifier yet is because I haven’t been able to get the wife out there to engineer the project. I got out of line when the good lord was passing out brains. At least I married a woman who can read directions and understand plans. When I look at that stuff my eyes start crossing and it makes me wanna go take a nap.

        • I’m married to your brother Okie.

          • JayJay:

            You gave me the second good laugh of the day. Thanks!

            Did you receive your “The Prize” book yet. Let me know what you think.

      38. What do you mean when gass is $10 a gallon? Figure your previous operating cost per mile to operate your vehicle. I’m self – employed and have to do this in order to figure out taxs. Gass was say $3 a gallon. Now figure increase in cost of insurance…oil changes…parts for vehicle…labor costs. Now competition has lowered labor in many industries.Polution controls in smog sensitive areas (California) A generic catalyc converter costs $80 in 59 states In Ca. dealer only $800. Sorry but when other cost variances are included gass IS $10 a gallon.
        O.K. it’s going to heck. Remember when John Denver was attacked by the media for hoarding gass in the 80s ? Ya got to be sneaky (1) Your job with insurance about to end ? Increase prescription doses if you can to stokepile medications. Mine would cost over $15 a day. Dishonest ? Tell that to your asmatic kid whose inhaler costs $159.00 High blood pressure and diabetic medications cost a fortune.Why? because many of these medications patended . (2) Every trade / job allows you discounts on certain items. Not theft, just discounts. Even most simple blue collar jobs may give you training in repair of something. You are trying to learn, not just brain dead. Repair for money. Get throw aways , fix , and sell at garage sale / flea markets, giving you money while you learn a skill. (3) Since I’m on the road a lot of meals at drive thru. The “meal” contains unhealthy fries and suger laiden drinks. Freeze tap water at home and skip fries.Do the math and be surprised at $ left over at end of week. (4) Look at credit cards as bill’ not money available. It’s going to hurt but pay cash. Pay off as much of credit as possible. Don’t strease make a game of it. (5)I’m one of the worst offenders however stop smoking. Yeah Yeah ?Right got a lung infection from ? and spent 5 days in hospital. Last time I dropped could not talk of walk. If that doesn’t cure you of smoking nothing will. Save more $$$ and you will not have a $40,000 medical bill. (6) Get ride of excess. How does that help? It will help make your life more simple and heah.. who knows someone may give you good $ at you garage sale !! Yes my spelling is terable. Yes I’m long winded. But try some of this and $10 a litre for gass won’t hurt as bad. Thank You God Bless
        Can I say God Bless on this blog as not politically correct?

      39. @ Be Informed ~ 6.5 in Guateamala today, Friday,
        Sept. 7th.

        • @ Emily. This earthquake was a result of the Prince Edward Islands earthquake on the African plate moving. Like back in late May and June of this year the same area got hit and a 6.5 south of this location in Nicaragua. This earthquake in Guatemala is believe it or not is along that arc from the July 15 7.3 South Sandwich Islands earthquake. By now I would have thought the threat would be dimished, evidentally not. By the way did you see the foul speaking bird on the video I linked above? After listening to these politicians and their garbage and deception to the truth, I think what this bird says over and over again is all too appropriate for these polititicans like BO and Frankenstein Kerry, “shut the f%^& up”.

          • @ Hi Be Informed, Thank you for your reply and information. I have not yet seen your link re: the
            foul speaking bird, but I will go check it out. 🙂

      40. US presence in Africa: broader than one might imagine.

        While all the media headlines have been hit by Syria, Washington’s military policy in Africa remains in the shadow.
        0However, America’s strategic interests in the continent are motivating an increase in Pentagon presence in Africa.
        0In 2008, the United States Africa Command was formed to provide the Pentagon with a consistent military focus on the continent. The Bush administration sought to place AFRICOM’s headquarters on African soil, but the proposal attracted such opposition that no African state would provide its territory.
        0The Obama administration has continued AFRICOM and increased its funding and operational capability.
        0In December of 2012, the White House announced that it was deploying 3,500 Special Forces and military trainers to at least 35 states in Africa. The US established a drone base in the uranium-rich nation of Niger, and the Pentagon aided France in Mali by transporting troops and military equipment into the West African state.
        0Now the US troops are to different extents involved in projects and ops almost all across Africa.
        0“From north to south, east to west, the Horn of Africa to the Sahel, the heart of the continent to the islands off its coasts, the US military is at work,” journalist and analyst Nick Turse writes in his article The Startling Size of the US Military Operations in Africa.
        0“Base construction, security cooperation engagements, training exercises, advisory deployments, special operations missions, and a growing logistics network, all undeniable evidence of expansion,” he adds.
        Read more:

        • Once again:

          Look up the dark side of the:

          World Wildlife Fund (Scan thru till you see articles on the truth about this fund)

          Black Nobility

          Club of the Isles (Scan thru till you see the Coming Fall of the House of Windsor)

          You will then know what is happening there and why. We have been and are being so deceived. Heaven help us.

      41. US West Coast to be hard-hit by Fukushima radiation
        An ocean current called the North Pacific Gyre is bringing Japanese radiation to the West Coast of the US. While many people assume that the ocean will dilute the Fukushima radiation, a previously-secret US government report revelas that the ocean may not adequately dilute radiation from nuclear accidents, and there could be “pockets” and “streams” of highly-concentrated radiation.
        Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory and 3 scientists from the GEOMAR Research Center for Marine Geosciences show that radiation on US West Coast could end up being 10 times higher than in Japan.
        According to the study, after 10 years the concentrations become nearly homogeneous over the whole Pacific, with higher values in the east, extending along the North American coast with a maximum (~1 × 10−4) off Baja California.
        With caution given to the various idealizations (unknown actual oceanic state during release, unknown release area, no biological effects included), the following conclusions may be drawn.
        Dilution due to swift horizontal and vertical dispersion in the vicinity of the energetic Kuroshio regime leads to a rapid decrease of radioactivity levels during the first 2 years, with a decline of near-surface peak concentrations.
        The magnitude of additional peak radioactivity should drop to values comparable to the pre-Fukushima levels after 6–9 years (i.e. total peak concentrations would then have declined below twice pre-Fukushima levels).
        By then the tracer cloud will span almost the entire North Pacific, with peak concentrations off the North American coast an order-of-magnitude higher than in the western Pacific.

        Indeed, another team of top Chinese scientists have just published a study in the Science China Earth Sciences journal showing that Fukushima nuclear pollution is becoming more concentrated as it approaches the West Coast of the United States, that the plume crosses the ocean in a nearly straight line toward North America, and that it appears to stay together with little dispersion.
        The time scale of the nuclear pollutants reaching the west coast of America is 3.2 years if it is estimated using the surface drifting buoys and 3.9 years if it is estimated using the nuclear pollutant particulate tracers.
        Read more:

      42. The price of gas will only come down when the Bureau of Weights and Measurements drops a gallon to three quarts.

        Just like they do in the grocery.

      43. GM/Ford/Chrysler Aug2013 Autos Sold? 662,669
        Tesla Aug2013 Autos Sold? 1,666

        Nations with highest gas price per gallon:
        Norway $10.48
        Turkey $9.43
        Netherlands $9.18
        Italy $9.13
        Greece $8.63
        France $8.53

        Eric and Mac are attempting to counteract MSM fear mongering when they discuss hypothetical scenarios. They are powerless in comparison to the television, radio, and print media cartels which all function in lockstep.

        The cartels that own the MSM want wars. They want conflict driven scarcity. The more you keep buying their plug in hybrid airplanes and wind cars with sails on top, the more they like it.

        Look at the internet. Over half of the internet is now tablets and smart phones. These devices can only passively view the small tightly controlled subset of the internet the gatekeepers allow them to view. These devices lack the subversive potential to add content outside the control of media cartels.

        These same conglomerates that own the TV stations, newspapers, and cable channels, also own your favorite websites now as well. You want to watch a YouTube video? First you’ll have to view a 15 sec ad warning you to “Click it or ticket.”

        With a few strategic phone calls, the price of gas in the US will rise as high as They want it to, Syria cover story or not. The retailers and wholesalers will still make a profit, why will they worry what the price per gallon is, they don’t worry about Norway or Turkey.

      44. Hey guys, I would suggest calling your and other Congressmen. is a site with a phone number on each congressman. You will either get a recording or a staffer. I have called 10 random so far that I felt prob were for going to war (by judging subjective factors). I was nice, but frank. Each staffer was very nice. I read somewhere that 99% of calls into Congress were opposed to a new war front. This is all I know to do.

        • Gonetoolong: They do keep track of public opinion because it is the one thing they fear.

          Let your Barnhardt out! 🙂

      45. So… waste the lot and Dear Leader’s Hessians.

        Problem solved.

      46. Simple! Just get your gas from Government vehicles!

        • Nam Marine:

          Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

      47. I bought a Prius 8 years ago for my little business (we drive a lot)the price of gas was around $4/gallon even then. The car is paid off now and the good folks at Toyota have been kind enough to replace the battery pack last year at no cost to me and I have had absolutely no other real problems with the car. If the price of gas goes to $10/gallon with what I have saved over the last eight years I figure I will still be ahead even if I have to pay for a new battery pack myself in a few years time. Not bragging, God blessed me in advance. I figure He allowed me a bit of paranoia so that I may have seen the signs on the horizon, I guess time will tell.

        Although things did not go as I expected as quick as I expected. We may be about to turn that corner now. The point here is, as much as any of us can: PREPARE! Even if gas stays the same, my car is paying for itself now. God willing it will help pay for a more stable future for me and mine. Granted it’s not a lot of money but it is at least something. If I do a lot of little somthings they add up and it is never too late to start.

        • you better put lowjack on that thing if gas goes to $10. i suspect stolen prius’s will be a top story of drudge if gas prices go crazy. whats to keep some “undocumented” immigrant from using it for the family car.

          • I’ve even suggested bringing in the 11 gas tanks from the shed to the garage.
            Going 30 miles that day? Then only put in 2 gallons of gas.
            Sad situation, but gotta protect yourselves from theft.
            As far as safety with the gasoline in the garage–I have more dangerous stuff out there than gas.:-(

          • I don’t think anybody will be driving their auto at $10.00 a gal gas. You make yourself an instant target, people will figure you have money or better.

      48. What in the wide, wide world of sports is “nahnnlevven”?

        • 9/11

      49. In 2006 I bought a Yamaha TW200. I commute about 30 miles a day to work and I wanted a cheap, fuel efficienIt way to get to work and back. It cost me $3400 new off the showroom floor, taxes, licenses, new helmet, etc.

        Before I bought it I researched it and it was rated at 70 miles per gallon and had everything I wanted. I’ve put 28,000 miles on in the past 7 years. 90% of it going to and from work. Rode it all last week and all this week. The last $5 bill I put in the tank (it only holds 1.4 gal) took me 115 miles. I buy the most expensive gas I can find. 93 or 94 octane runs better in air cooled engines.

        Over the last 7 years I’ve experimented and researched and found that most people was a huge amount of fuel and vehicle. I learned a process called “Hypermiling” where you try to get the maximum mileage out of your vehicle. It usually amounts to getting 25% more mileage out of your vehicle than the highway rated mileage. While you can do it, its a major pain to get that much.

        I practice what I call “Hypermile Lite”. Using full Hypermiling I was able to consistently get 106 MPG on my bike after a few modifications. With hypermile lite, I average 96 on hot days and 92 on cool days.

        My other gas expenditures are mostly optional. I have a massive rack on the back of the bike. Since I’m in town a lot, I sometimes mount big cooler on it and often haul the croceries home. I carry lots of bungies with me and a few ratchet straps. I once hauled home an entertainment center with the aid of a 4ft 2×4. It was surprisingly stable at speeds under 30mph. Utility and efficiency and financially sound.

        Buy yourself a small bike.

        …right now, I’ma about to hop on it and head out to some yard sales. $10 gas will kill the economy but will only superficially affect my life directly.

      50. Can anyone out there get the recordings of BO calling Putin a jackass and a dick at the G20 that is being reported by alternative news sites?

        • I saw that, I think it was a “tongue in cheek” joke story.

        • BI, I checked into this, because that would have been crazy! turns out this was a satirical article published by the New Yorker — but it seems to be gaining steam. There is no video — totally made up.

          • @ Mac. It would be too funny if BO went on some rant like this. Putin did call Kerry a liar, and supposely wrote the American people a letter that I don’t know is true or not either.

            I did read something that I don’t know has validity or not, as I am not Catholic and know very little about this religion. The Pope put Pietro Parolin as the second to the Pope, as the Vatican Secretary of Stae. This they say is Peter of Roman the sign of the end times. Again I know very little about Catholics. Is there actually anything to this.


            • BI, you’re one of the best posters on here. I usually Control+F to find what you have to post to sift through the hundreds of shit posts. Keep up the good work.

          • Borowitz is a satiral columnist like Dave Barry.

            From Wikipedia:

            Andy Borowitz is an American comedian and New York Times-bestselling author who won the first National Press Club award for humor.

            He is known for creating the satirical column “The Borowitz Report”, which has an audience in the millions and was acquired by The New Yorker.

            Previous Borowitz Article:

            Amazon founder Jeff Bezos reveals he clicked on the Washington Post by mistake while online shopping.

            Mr. Bezos told me has been on the phone with the Post’s customer service for the better part of the day trying to unwind his mistaken purchase, but so far “they’ve really been giving me the runaround.”

            “I keep telling them, I don’t know how it got in my cart. I don’t want it. I don’t even read the Washington Post. It’s like they’re making it impossible to return it,” he complained.

      51. We’d survive $10 gas because we don’t drive trucks and we have short commutes. Our total round trip daily driving distance is 21 miles. It’s stupid how many people drive trucks or SUV’s and they’re not work vehicles. Trucks are expensive and the gas mileage is terrible. To me, nothing says “stupid” like a guy driving a truck the size of a locomotive. You combine that high purchase price with terrible gas mileage and it’s a recipe for financial disaster.

        • My diesel f350 only gets 22mpg. But when you need a truck, there is no substitute.

          • Biodisel will be easier to make when you can’t get fuel anymore

        • Trucks go where stupid little cars can not.

          It is all a trade off.

          • My old diesel 4WD cost $1,500. The difference between that and what some people are paying for newer little cars will buy a lot of $12 diesel, since I set it up to run on used cooking or motor oil I might just use that.

            Best of all people with 2WD cars cannot get within earshot of my retreat. Those monster trucks most of America makes fun of are not just for show.

        • I hauled 5200lbs of cinder blocks home on my stupid large 1989 f450. I only got 14mpg. That would be about 10 trips in a stupid little car….does your car get 140mpg?

      52. Well go pick up 3-4 30 gal barrels, fill up now.

        at least then youll be a ble to mke it from home to your bug out or wherever….even at 8mpg, those 3-4 barrels will get you at least 700-800 miles

        why 30 gal barrels? ever try to move a 55 full? ever try to stick a 55 in back of a SUV? or anything other then a truck bed?

      53. Saw a funny picture on the Renew America site.

        It was a young Hippie type chick, glassy blue eyes, blond ringlet hair, big smile.

        The caption read: “I used to hate war, but now that Obama is starting them, I think they’re cool!”.

      54. The oil industry are the biggest theives on the planet, bar none. Their is no shortage of oil, only greedy bastards who think they control the world. Yeah they do. They collude with auto maufactuers to keep mpg low by suppressing technology that by now should get 100 mpg. The Bushes, Cheney made billions off oil and Obama is invested heavily also. These disgusting examples of human excrement don’t deserve to be alive.

      55. You won’t have to imagine it, you’ll be living it soon. That will totally wipe out any commuter driving, which in turn will lead to people losing their jobs. Everyone’s pretty new rides will be sitting in their drive-ways, and eventually put on the repo list. Maybe work where you live will make a come-back?

      56. Everyone is frozen; public surreality; a Presidential disregard for you and I, for congress, for the constitution and for life in general. Almost as if to sarcastically slap at us and ask if we’re conscious. We’re the boiled frog – slowly desensitized to the extent that when we cross the event horizon, the redline in our conscience, there is no outcry, no resistance to the powers that we consented to. It’s the astonishment that everything that’s been talked about is an actual reality. Civil disobedience is the only repentance and effective means in dealing with the President, Congress, and bankers.

      57. We do not get the bulk of our oil from the mideast. Most of our oil comes from Canada, Mexico, South America and Africa. Only 23% comes from the mideast. We are one of the leading exporters of gasoline. If oil was to reach $150.00 a barrel, exporters of oil from outside the mideast would ramp up production in order to get some of the 150.00 a barrel cash. We will be paying 5 or 6 dollars a gallon on a temporary basis but not 10. I would expect rationing and price controls to take place first. With the military, emergency and commercial transportation having priority. I can see the expansion of bus service and ride sharing. Maybe some 15 and 20% ethanol fuel blends. Temporarily halting of the exportation of gasoline with the US government buying it up and distributing it where needed in order to keep the supply chain going. In other words, there’s lots of things that can be done while production is being ramped up. Yes it will hurt this fragile economy, it may be the death nail that drives us into depression and internal strife and ushers in the final phase of the grand plan of “Hope and Change”, “Forward” my fellow Mao comrades, be happy in your work.

        • It doesn’t matter where we get our gas from. A mid-east war was cause WORLD prices to rise. If the world price is $200 a barrel you can expect Canada to sell us oil at that price.

      58. California poised to implement first electronic license plates
        Cops, license plate readers are obsolete. You can no

        “Not surprisingly, though, privacy concerns abound. After all, if the state’s authorities can send and receive data to your digital license plate, then they have to know where you are. That would make the use of the increasingly ubiquitous license plate readers completely irrelevant—law enforcement likely would be able to either directly access location data in real-time and/or get historical travel data.”

        tracking possible 24/7
        welcome to 1984

      59. The real problem is the price of future diesel for semi tractors, trains and farmers. FLOTUS wants you all to walk a lot more anyway!

        On a positive note my little okies are still producing daily north of the border while over six foot tall. I snuck (to sneek) out to the garden the other night with my six D flash lite and I could see them growing. They got me on over time just picking them twice a day…

        DK, Ford offers the Pro Pain conversion on the F-250 or larger model already for the larger 6.X engine.

        • Now working on a medium sized dairy farm at the other end of the world to most on this board. $10 gas would kill most large scale agriculture and begin a cascading die-off of biblical proportions.

          How does one man feed out a dozen big round bales in 3 hours? By burning liquid hydrocarbon fuel in a big ass tractor. Take away the fuel and that same task would take two men at least a twelve hour day.

          As an aside, for that massive gain in productivity the farmer gets paid less than he did when small square bales were all that you could get!

          • The biggest round bale only had 7 and 1/2 square bales in it. that’s 84 square bales. im a old guy and I could feed 84 square bales by my self in two hours. I could use draft animals to drag large round bales to a slope and unroll then in very little time. Without fuel nobody will be making square or round bales. Hay will be cut with a beast of burden drawn mower. raked by animal drawn equipt and loaded unto wagons with a pitchfork. Better yet on my farm I only stock at the rate of one animal unit for every ten acres. Plenty of forage We only feed hay when the ground is covered in deep snow.

        • He doesnt want propane,he wants Natural Gas.

          • Dave, I can see your lips moving. CNG

        • Awesome! Thanks for sharing 🙂

      60. Exactly As I Warned, “Cyprusization” Goes Mainstream! Ireland On Tap, Next Up For Citizen Fund Confiscation (Again)

        Ireland “step up to the plate” and take your fleecing
        by the government and the banksters

        and just in case anyone missed this story

        this is BIG news

        Poland Confiscates Half Of Private Pension Funds To “Cut” Sovereign Debt Load

      61. Half as well as dealing with $5 gallon gasoline.

      62. How will I deal with $10 a gallon gas?


        And that will deal with the need for exercise as a side benefit.

        And there’s some wild fruits on the way to the store.

        Heck, I just tried to go to the store to get some food but I filled my bags before I even got there with stuff growing along the roadside!

        The Universe is Perfect

        • Gees, thankxs… one thumbs up.

          Anyway, recently, since there’s so many lies in all media I had to go back to the Dark Ages (like we’re going into) and see what the real scoop was…

          The real scoop was wild plants like amaranth. They are so prolific a turkey wouldn’t starve, much less a human.

          Get amaranth seeds. Plant them once. The birds will plant them afterwards. Know what the little seedlings look like and weed around them, don’t weed them.

          Flour from the edible seeds, leaves edible. Such weed-like grains were removed from agriculture just to create the modern market.

          • Amaranth is considered a noxious weed in many places. It can be used for grain and it is very nutritious but once it is planted, it will try to take over. This I know from personal experience, experimenting with alternative cereal grains. I moved from that house fifteen years ago but the current owner still has to battle the invasive amaranth. At least they may finally come to appreciate it WTSHTF.

      63. Lets think about this. The US GOV, in itself, is a very small populace of the “most powerful” men and women in the country. “They” are NOT going to fight any wars themselves, not on foreign soil and certainly not here. However, we have given them the power to move the strongest card in the deck, The US Military, which is the only thing standing between the US GOV and us, The People (and I don’t care who you are, no one is going to convince me that our military is not mostly comprised of patriots, and good men and women who would, at a moments notice, rape their arms rooms and go home to their families and ultimately, would be at war against the US GOV for turning on The People).
        Lets now look at what has been going on behind the scenes, slowly, subtly, for many years; the creation of a militarized civilian force, which is FEMA, the police, ATF, NSA, CIA, FBI, TSA. The list goes on. This group has been indoctrinated, since creation for some of these agencies, to feel above, and in control of, The People. I know that many of you feel that there are good policemen out there, as do I. However, we must face the fact that our police forces, as a majority, have been federalized, militarized, and indoctrinated with such sovereignty. A majority of the police treat this as an oligarchic relationship rather than servitude. This is all for a purpose. Now, lets be real, even all of those agencies together could NOT take on the power of the US Military to get to the people, not to mention that millions and millions of Americans such as you and I, are NOT going to go quietly, but rather take up arms against our oppressors, just like our forefathers did.
        Now, lets add everything up. The US GOV wants complete control over The People, but right now, the US Military stands in the way. The US GOV needs a way to eliminate that barrier. What better way, than WAR. Once the US Military is gone and out of the way, the federalized US Civilian force can step in a attempt to take control by force. There is still a problem though. They have the embers of war glowing red, but they have NO support, ANYWHERE for this war in Syria. Over 90% of The People have said “hell no”, brass in the US Military have expressed serious concern and China and Russia are both strapping up and posturing against us. Everything is saying stay the hell away, but the US GOV continues to push so hard for it, despite the known possible outcome of world war with all the major players. All the makings of a war, but one thing is still needed, a catalyst (a Pearl Harbor/WTC mass casualty event) in order to gain the anger and support of The People. This is where my theory on their plan gets scary. There was an article last week on this site about nukes that were moved out of FL up the east coast with no signatures and no paper trail. I could see the US GOV doing the worst thing possible. A false flag event (det of one of these devices) somewhere along the east coast, and somehow linked to the events in Syria, would gain enough support from the people, to throw all the resources (soldiers) of the US Military off of US soil and into a BS war over nothing thousands of miles away, simultaneously collapsing our economy through fuel prices, allowing them to declare martial law, and send in their Civilian Military Force to attempt to take control of The People. I believe this is what they want. I believe this is what will happen. It is a scary thought, but all we can do is prepare and fight it on a personal level wherever and whenever we can.

        Sua Sponte

        • 91% of the people think this is a royally bad idea.

          If they were to nuke-false-flag Charleston, it’s a safe bet right now that over 25% of that 91% wouldn’t think it was Syria or Iran that did it. Not anymore. Not after all the lying and spying and military drills inside major metropolitan areas.

          And with a nuke?? a huge proportion of that 25% would try to put the hurt on the culprits they suspect.

          While it’s true these people would lose, and lose badly… the point is that this is stupid because while the .gov is busy attempting to contain that huge number of people… someone foregin would REALLY waltz on in and take advantage of the situation.

          I’d recommend against this course of action unless losing and losing big time is on the .gov’s wish list.

          • What if that is their plan? What if those foreign troops, Chinese and Russian, were already here on US soil? I’ve read reports that they are already here, and I would bet they are ready to strap on that UN peacekeeper badge. After all, we are talking one world GOV, one world currency as the end goal for these filthy nut-jobs, right?. All the major players could be in on it, all they have to do is make the dollar worthless, collapsing not only our own economy, but many other countries’ economies as well.

            • All of the players play on the global central bank cabal’s playing board but there are factions, some less crazy than the others. There’s probably a lot of behind the scenes manipulations and the outcome for humanity should never have been allowed to be so ‘iffy’. Perhaps if we make it we should make it a war crime for a leader to threaten the international community with war and include a ceremony where we lob a cruise missile into Kim Un’s privates to show what we mean.

      64. I have only three words regarding this Syria situation :

        Expedient Fallout Shelter

        • I like that name =wormdirt

      65. Just FYI. The beginning of the end and this is just the start. So the net you spend 50% of your life making profit for a multinational Corp. and this is what you get at the age that you need it the most.
        International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) plans to move about 110,000 retirees off its company-sponsored health plan and instead give them a payment to buy coverage on a health-insurance exchange, in a sign that even big, well-capitalized employers aren’t likely to keep providing the once-common benefits as medical costs continue to rise.
        The move, which will affect all IBM retirees once they become eligible for Medicare, will relieve the technology company of the responsibility of managing retirement health-care benefits. IBM said the growing cost of care makes its current plan unsustainable without big premium increases.
        IBM’s shift is an indication that health-insurance marketplaces, similar to the public exchanges proposed under President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul, will play a bigger role as companies move coverage down the path taken by many pensions, paying employees and retirees a fixed sum to manage their own care.

        • UPS-Delivery services Last week said they will NO Longer continue health care coverages for married employees Spouses! That was spoken of on the afternoon report at msnbc stock market channel news. They said that UPS co. managers said it was due to Obamma care new rules/laws!

          Before long even most dem libs are going to realize what a total Farce it was in electing a Kenyen Monkyboy to fundementally Change the usa into “BRA”(Black Run America).

          One would think that after 1/2 century, 50+ yrs now of seeing litterally Every major, and even many medium sized, cities total Disasterous “changes” once African Blacks overtook all of those cities, elected only African Blacks as Mayors-Police Chiefs-Fire Chiefs-City Councils-etc etc, in order to “prove” their Liberal Theory that “African Blacks Are Equal in every way when compared to White Folk”…Has Drastically backfired!

          Therefore how could Any sane person, even libs actually believe that after 50 yrs of seeing such a vast miscalculation based on False “equalitys”, and not just seeing it develop with their Own syes as it all unfolded.

          But also to have Lived through city after city falling into vast jungle madness, that Now the best solution is to Place the exact Same type Jungle-Buny-minded-African Black into the very Top Key position of Power and Control?

          Whats next? Libs will Demand that to Prove equality of african blacks after 8 yrs wrecking the entire nation of usa, Bammy next should be allowed to become the first ever modern day NWO-Prez?!!!

          This is what you get when dealing with idiot liberal minded fools who instead of simply Admiting to their Many Vast Failures over the last 100 yrs, they rather keep doing the same stupid agendas again and again, hopeing that just maybe after 500 attemtps the odds will smile upon their assinine endevors, and one time it will succeed as intended. Meanwhile all folks with 1/2 of a brain figured out how foolsih and wrong headed every lib plans has been, after the 2nd or 3rd attempt.

          Bull Headed stuborn liberals will never admit they are wrong. Even if they were allowed 1000 trys to get things right. For Proof…Look how many libs and african blacks Still claim of so many greatness changes by their favorite African Monky boy Wonder.

          No wonder so Many folks today have such an Itchy Trigger finger eh. Who can blame them? When all else Fails, use Rule.308

          America is at that awkward stage…It is too Late to work within the system…Yet still too soon to begin shooting the Bastards!…Claire Wolfe, 2000

          • UPS-Delivery services Last week said they will NO Longer continue health care coverages for married employees Spouses!

            Yeah our CEO brought that very thing up at a meeting.

            He said “expect spouses and dependent children not to be covered, expect to see a lot of part time work weeks in trades jobs. Don’t think I’M the one doing this to you. You want to see who’s doing this to you, get a mirror.”

      66. Just back digressing a bit…..

        Wonder what the TESLA in Tesla car manufacturing stands for.

        Maybe, The Elite SOB’s Limousine of America?

        Cause they’re the only ones who will be driving one.

        • If you were better educated you wouldn’t have to wonder. You would know Nikola Tesla was an inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.

          • Government Guy, everything you said about Nikola Tesla is true, but there’s no need to insult Granny with your “education” remark. You’ll make Pissed Off Granny even more pissed off.

            • Yep, Braveheart….So true.

              Leave it to a gooberment guy not to understand that I was just having a little fun.

              My guess from his opening remark he fits somewhere between Hilary and Anthony (the Oscar Meyer boy) Weiner. Maybe tho, he works for the IRS. Who knows, I still would like OutWests help with the gas.

              Good to hear from you Braveheart……

          • Really Government Guy. Do you really think I didn’t have the ability to know what it stands for. If you were better educated you would not have posted your stupid remark!

            • Outwest:

              Now I need a gallon of gasoline.

        • TESLA
          Tragically Elitist Sanctimonious Liberal Ass-h*le

      67. Comfortable shoes.

        • The first rule of war plans is that everything goes to shit in the first 5 minutes.

          How the hell does he know what it will be?

          It’ll be whatever it is 5 minutes after the first missile explodes.

      68. Hey jay jay. Glad you are blessed with a good husband. God blessed me and my brother with smart wives. I am very fortunate to have a wife that supports me in my preppin. It takes both of us to pull the wagon. Whatever the govmn’t or life throws at us, we will do our very best to overcome and stay above ground

      69. I may die from starvation, a nuclear or EMP blast, or a zombie horde after this is all said and done, but I do have comfort knowing — that the Lord God Almighty will soon judge and destroy all evil and i have the assurance of resurrection. And someday, I’ll live forever *in peace* with the Lord Jesus Christ.

        Go ahead Dear Leader. Bring it on! Remember though, someday you’ll be held accountable. You and all your cronies.

      70. If this war breaks out so will the war here at home. People will not accept $10 gas or there kids getting drafted into the military. Events of that nature will prove people still have a spark within.

      71. Just in case you didn’t know and it’s not being spoken of in the news. The reason they want to regime change in syria is the saudi’s want to put a natural gas pipeline in that goes to turkey and on to europe which is why the russian’s are so against it,since they export so much the natural gas market to europe. there you go, it’s all about money and this helps keep the dollar system going.

        • adk: The reason they want regime change in Syria is NOT economic. This civil war, like the Arab Spring, is designed to destroy Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Iran’s influence in Syria and Lebanon, to eliminate the massive missile threat to Israel.

          Iron Dome cannot address that many missiles.

          The Plan is to neutralize that threat and then engage Iran before they deploy nuclear warheads. Time is running out for Israel on that strategy, due to Obama’s reluctance to engage.

          Engage your enemies or be destroyed by them. 🙂

      72. On the plus side 10 dollar a gallon gas , will let you meet a whole slew of new folks in your community. All of them will need a ride someplace )


      74. I dnk what ill do, but I sure as heck wont be buying a hybrid id rather die.

      75. I know how to make my old Chrysler run on 5 cents a gallon, let me share here with the rest of you folks. First you want to take your thing amajig and saw it down. Then you want to take your other thingy thing and place it on your other thingy. This will make it so that your car will think it’s filled with gas, even though your only running on fumes. This is what my old mechanic who is now dead since way back in 1971 told me. He did it for me and I have been using my old car to go to the grocery store and back home and to church. Anyway I have been getting about 5 cents per mile on it. Only thing is you can’t drive it for more than 4 miles continuously is what my old mechanic told me. Anyway it’s the best way to keep an old car going and going as long as you don’t run it very long. Oh yeah and once a year i put a bottle of that 69 cent alcohol from the grocery store in the tank. Works for me.

      76. $10 / gallon not likely; however, look who stands to profit from pushing
        the current geopolitical situations to the brink. The entire M.E., Mexico, Russia, Venezuela, Canada, any and all oil producing countries and the Financial Complex.

        This would be a synthetic engineered quasi potential disaster. There is little to no natural physical causation for $10 / gallon gas.

        Let us take a look at possible scenario.

        1) An earth quake in the ocean produces a tsunami that significantly damages one or more major oil trade ports.

        2) News of such event is disseminated to most of the world.

        3) Joe and Jane react by fueling up their minivan and suv just in case. At half a tank apiece that may be approximately 22 gallons. Multiplied by x million. Now there is an abnormal demand in the inelastic supply for distillate hydrocarbons.

        4) Market reaction to the anomaly increases prices.

        5) The abnormal increase in prices produces further demand so to price in the change before even larger increases

        6) Supply’s are abnormally depleted, creating more apprehensive demand and higher price increases.

        A negative feed back loop is created. Look at those who profits from this scenario.

        Now, since earth quakes are rather difficult to produce on demand, regardless of what the HARP advocates theorize, a temperamental military ‘exchange’ is much more theoretically possible.

        Can you RingTheBell?

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