How Viral Pandemic Benefits The Globalist Agenda

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market. 

    The world today suffers from highly fragile economic and geopolitical conditions.  This is not news to most people in the liberty movement that have been tracking the downward spiral for years, but it is news to a majority of average Americans who rarely venture to get in-depth information on any issue.  The fact of the matter is, even though there are millions of us who are aware of the danger, we are still in a minority.

    This creates a serious set of frustrations.  When the common citizen is oblivious to the existence of a threat, trying to explain to them the source of that threat becomes a waste of time.  How can they see the root of the problem if they don’t even know the problem is there?

    Yes, the world is on the verge of a violent sea-change, but this is not the most important issue.  The most important issue is that this precarious situation is not the product of random chance, simple greed, base human frailty or an “overly complex” system as mainstream experts will predictably claim; it is a deliberately engineered chaos box designed to serve the interests of a select few.

    The globalist agenda is complicated in design but simple in its goals:  Order out of chaos.  Create or exploit every crisis to manipulate the public into consenting.  But consent for what?

    As Richard N. Gardner, former deputy assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations under Kennedy and Johnson, and a member of the Trilateral Commission, wrote in the April 1974 issue of the Council on Foreign Relation’s (CFR) journal Foreign Affairs (pg. 558) in an article titled ‘The Hard Road To World Order’:

    In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion,’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end-run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”

    A global pandemic, whether a natural event or deliberately engineered, actually serves the purposes of the globalist establishment in a number of ways. First and foremost, it is a superb distraction. The general public, overcome with fears of an invisible force of nature that can possibly kill them at any moment, will probably forget all about the much bigger threat to their life, liberty and future – the subsequent collapse of the massive ‘Everything Bubble’ and the globalist “solution” that a pandemic can trigger.

    The coronavirus is only a moderate threat in comparison to an economic crisis. That said, I want to confront a few issues concerning the virus itself before we get to the economic question.

    Virus Disinformation

    I have seen a lot of delusional assumptions and outright disinformation being spread by people in regards to this potential pandemic. First, the notion that it was caused by Chinese citizens “eating bats” or being exposed to a live animal market is rather ridiculous. We’ve seen NO hard evidence whatsoever that this is true, and I believe the narrative is a cover for the fact that the city of Wuhan where the virus outbreak began is the home of not one but TWO level 4 biohazard labs.

    I have a hard time ignoring the strange “coincidence” of the high-level biohazard labs in Wuhan in favor of the idea that the virus was launched by chance due to the odd diets of central Chinese people. Given the evidence, it appears that the coronavirus was gestated in a lab, not in someone’s bat and snake soup.  In 2017, scientists outside of China warned that these labs were not secure and that a virus might escape one of the facilities.

    I would use the term “escape” loosely, as there is a possibility that this event was created intentionally. The virus itself has certain hallmarks of being engineered (including its long-dormant period without visible symptoms) and the current strain is probably derived from the one the Chinese stole a year ago from a lab in Winnipeg, Canada.

    But it gets even weirder.

    Only three months ago, John Hopkins, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum (a hive of self-professed globalists) ran a “pandemic simulation” called “Event 201” specifically focused on Coronavirus.  Not Ebola, or Swine Flu or even Avian Flu – but CORONAVIRUS.  The simulation features the spread of coronavirus in South America, blamed on an animal to human transmission (pigs).  The conclusion of the exercise was that national governments were nowhere near ready, scoring 40 out of 100 on their preparedness scale.  The simulation projected over 65 million deaths worldwide.

    Event 201 played out almost exactly as it has been in China today.  Some very disingenuous or perhaps rather stupid people have been arguing that this kind of thing is “normal”, claiming that we are “lucky” that the elites have been running simulations in advance in order to “save us” from a coronavirus outbreak.  I assert that Event 201 was not a simulation but a war-game to study the possible outcomes of an event the globalists already knew was coming.  Set aside the fact that before almost every major crisis event and terrorist attack for the past few decades authorities were running simulations for that exact event right before it happened; does anyone really believe that Event 201 is pure coincidence?

    Another false assumption that needs to be addressed is the idea that a viral threat will not strike the West, or at least, not the US. This odd bias is one that I don’t think most cultures except Americans suffer from; the belief that they are untouchable and that the system will always avert a crisis. From the responses I have been seeing lately, many Americans are living in a fantasy world.  Even now, the investment world is placing full stock and hope in the prediction that the Federal Reserve will step in to disrupt any economic downturn related to the pandemic.

    Even if the Fed intended to intervene, why would anyone be naive enough to believe the central bank can do anything about how a viral outbreak damages the economy?  Central banks can do nothing but create debt, and debt will not beat back the coronavirus.

    In terms of delusional optimism on the pandemic itself, the arguments range from “screening of travelers is too comprehensive to allow the virus to spread here” and “as long as the virus destroys China, who cares…?” This is a narrow view of the situation.

    The screening process is terrible, and usually involves basic questions which can be evaded with lies.  But beyond that, the virus is already here. It was circulating through China for at least a few weeks before it was ever addressed by government authorities or the CDC. It also is reported to be asymptomatic, which means it remains dormant, yet also contagious, for up to two weeks before symptoms become visible. This is a far worse scenario than the ebola scare in 2014, in that the coronavirus is able to hide effectively. The only thing that can be done to slow the spread is to shut down ALL international travel, which the CDC and the WHO have no intention of doing right now, not that it matters anymore with over 110 suspected cases in the US already.

    So, let’s be realistic. If the virus is as communicable as the CDC and independent scientists claim, then we will see the effects here in America.

    Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste…

    But what do globalists have to gain directly from a coronavirus pandemic beyond simple chaos that can be exploited?

    Interestingly, a representative from Johnson and Johnson, one of the companies that may end up designing a “vaccine” for the Coronavirus, suggested during Event 201 that a “centralized” global economic authority in charge of funding and procuring vaccines for various nations in crisis was an option for solving the pandemic.

    Gee, that sounds strangely similar to what globalists have been demanding for many years now, and the pandemic just happens to offer a perfect excuse for the creation of such a one-world financial authority.  They might claim that such a system would be temporary according to the life of the pandemic, but this will be a lie.

    In terms of the economic effects, even if the virus were to stay primarily in China, the Chinese economy is, in basic terms, the largest in the world; it is the biggest exporter/importer and it is central to the now interdependent global economy. If China’s economy goes down, even for a short time, this will send shockwaves through all other national economies and supply lines.

    In May of last year, I published an article titled ‘Globalists Only Need One More Major Event To Finish Sabotaging The Economy’. To summarize the situation:

    The globalist establishment has created the largest financial bubble in modern history through central bank stimulus, inflating a highly unstable artificial rally in markets while also creating new highs in national debt, corporate debt, and consumer debt. The economic fundamentals have been sending alarms for the past two years, and the ‘Everything Bubble’ is showing signs of implosion. It is only a matter of time before the farce collapses by itself. The globalists need scapegoats, but they also need an event or wave of events so distracting that people will not be able to discern what really happened.

    The reason why globalists want a collapse is simple – They need a crisis in order to manipulate the masses into accepting total centralization, a global monetary system, and global governance. They are also rabid believers in eugenics and population reduction. At the very least, a global pandemic is a useful happenstance for them; but the timing of the coronavirus event and their highly accurate “simulation” only three months ago also suggests their potential involvement, as it comes right as the implosion of the Everything Bubble was accelerating.

    Consider this: Even if a pandemic does not kill a large number of people, it still disrupts international travel, it disrupts exports and imports, it disrupts consumer behavior and retail sales, and it disrupts domestic trade. If it does kill a large number of people, and if the Chinese government’s response is any indication, it could result in global martial law. With many economies including the US economy already in a precarious balancing act of historic debt vs. crashing demand and useless central bank repo market intervention, there is little chance that the system can withstand such a tsunami.

    Make no mistake, the crash has already begun, whether the virus hits the US hard or not. The only question is, will this be the trigger event that accelerates the collapse process that is already in motion?

    I took my time in publishing this article because I believed it was important to first watch the Chinese, CDC and WHO response to the virus. If they dealt with the situation quickly then there was a chance that it would have only minor influence on the financial system. They did not deal with the situation quickly or decisively. In fact, over 5 million people left the Hubei region of China before active quarantine and treatment procedures began. The situation has spiraled out of control in China and it is clear that the government is now lying through its teeth about the number of sick and dead.

    I would not be surprised if we discover in the next two weeks that the death tally is in the thousands, and the sickness rate is actually in the hundreds of thousands. The fact that China has now quarantined over 50 million people in 16 cities suggests the danger is much higher than they have admitted.  If this is the case, then at the very least, the Chinese economy is about to take a massive hit. If the virus doesn’t spread, the economic damage will.

    Pandemic Smokescreen, Economic Collapse And “Climate Change”

    Look at it this way – The US and China are still currently in the middle of a trade war. The Phase 1 deal was always a joke because it demands that China quadruple its purchases from the US within the next 1-2 years. This was never going to happen, but the false hope (along with corporate stock buybacks) lifted global stocks out of reversal. Now, there is no chance that China will meet the requirements of the Phase 1 deal and that will soon become evident, as China’s economy will grind down under the weight of the pandemic.

    If Trump continues tariffs against a nation in the state of a viral emergency he will look like a monster (which I believe is his job as a globalist puppet pretending to be a conservative nationalist). In the meantime, global trade becomes muddled and the last structural supports of the system snap in half.

    With global supply lines frozen and travel eventually restricted, trade will stall.  There is no way around this.  This is not just about China, it is about all nations.  And, ultimately, this is not even about the coronavirus, it is about the financial time bomb that the globalist establishment created.  It is about our economic interdependency and the house of cards we have become.  In the wake of calamity, the globalists will call for even MORE interdependency.  They will claim tragedy struck because we were not “centralized enough”.

    Another advantage of the viral crisis is that the establishment will undoubtedly blame the “climate change” and “global warming” hoax for its impetus.  Even though there is absolutely no concrete evidence linking human carbon emissions to climate change or viral outbreaks, given enough public fear globalists will attempt to link the three things together as if it is a proven fact.  Not only will they have a rationale for an economic collapse THEY created, but they can also present a virus engineered by humans in a lab as an “act of nature”, and use it as a rationale for implementing carbon controls


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      1. Great article. Bounced around a lot though.

        Just to talk about a few points; The Chinese do eat all manner of disgusting under cooked foods, including rare to raw animals both wild and farmed, prepared in a manner of different ways. The wild bats do carry various strains associated with this supposed pandemic outbreak strain. The notion of pre planned release has merit but associations with model testing results for this particular specific strain should not be elevated to conspiracy theory without additional information on how many other models of other virus and such may have been ran in similar time periods. Think tanks have a way of assimilating then disbanding, getting the majority of their simulation modeling done in a brief period for efficiency’s sake. For economics, carpetbaggers seek to capitalize on any crisis, created or organically occurring. The better question is to research who invested in these corporations benefiting ahead of time and who may have shorted corporations whom are crushed by the weight of this event. Who sat on those modeling boards?

        Another poster on this blog mentioned the proliferance of environmental toxins in China, at unprecedented levels, being a causal factor contributing to high transmission rates and death ratios. Something to that regard. I’m inclined to agree. China, where unrestricted pollution is legal because it is literally the law to put company profits before environmental and peoples health. People do not understand how dire the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership was and thank god that deal is dead, at least for now.

        Hygiene. Sensible calm approaches. Lessons learned from previous events to stay reasonably stocked up. Hedge purchase what you need regardless of the climate, always have several months if not years worth of supply. It’s cheaper to buy on sale and many items even if perishable have reasonable shelf lifes much further beyond any stated expiration date, especially canned and herbal in many forms. I just drank an old 15 year old expired tea box the other day, went back until I used every bag, still was delicious and fresh all those years later even in less than stellar storage conditions. Don’t forget about the incredible life span of pure non adulterated peanut butter, honey, and herbal teas. And when rice goes bad, it happens in a closed ecosystem inside the bag. It would not be that bad to consume some bugs in there because the energy balance is still preserved and the bugs have effectively assimilated the organics into a more condensed protein form for you, and they’re tiny.

        Take heart, don’t panic, place your bets, and don’t relinquish liberty for any reason what so ever under any circumstances dire or not. Audit the FED!

        I’m inclined to whole heartedly agree with the author on the notion that powers that be are gaming the informational release and subsequent governmental responses with their primary motivation being to get ahead of corporate competition, using the chaos to create a new order. What’s new? This particular virus strain and branding of the news story I suppose. Step back and play mad libs with the specifics, we’ve heard all of this before.

        Have a good one and thank you for providing one of the best go to sites in times of trouble on the internet. I panicked, I stopped panicking. I read news, I ignored news. The remarkable thing here is the increased volume of disinformation through mainstream sites and blatant redirection of search engines to liberal industrial medial complex stories. That tells me all that I need to know. If only it could all be over tomorrow and the giant societal reset button would be pressed. We’re not that lucky, not yet. Don’t panic.

      2. first off, it’s reasonably easy to trace where a virus comes from. Scientists have the genome and have the live virus in their labs as we speak. Just as you can trace human DNA and see who is related and where their ancestors came from, so can you do with viruses.
        At least 3 countries have now confirmed where the virus originated.
        Second. Coronavirus is only from animals. Period. Any virus from something other than an animal is not a Carina virus.
        K-State in Kansas also has a level 4 lab that studies these viruses. The construction company I work for built it.
        The economy, though, I agree completely. It’s is going to take a big hit. Already seeing it in numerous businesses across the world.

        • No one can tell you where a virus originated if it was engineered and planted. You also naively assume that the CDC and other labs will be honest about where the virus came from if they could tell. Plus, Coronavirus is confirmed to be passed human to human, and this strain was most likely created in a lab in Canada. Wake up…

      3. Where the virus originated,the city had two bio labs. Perhaps the virus came /escaped from there. The chinese have been eating animals for centuries and now there is a problem?

        • Pardon my skepticism and I do realize it’s near midnight in Wuhan but..
          I’m seeing five guys tying rebar

          Three supervisors standing around with their finger up their *ss

          And ten guys screeding (6 of them just went on break)

          Hardly an all out git-er-done blitz.

      4. Whether the virus came from a lab or a bowl of bat meat does not matter: it will spread fast because the conditions in China are ripe for it to spread.

        Chinese cities are packed tight. They are heavily polluted and full of toxins. Most days the sky is just thick with coal smoke. As for the markets, like in all third world countries they are filthy, wretched places by Western standards.

        Hygiene in China, as in all third world countries, is sketchy. Those are all ripe and opportunistic conditions for rapid spread.

        If you are a visitor to the country you will notice the only demographic who take care with hygiene and personal appearance are women between 16 and 30. They have the most to gain from looking hot and ready for all opportunities. As for older people, they spit, don’t wash their butts, rarely brush their teeth, rarely wash their hands.

        • If it was engineered by the elites to create a collapse then yes, it does matter…

      5. This pandemic will rove to be a solution to the US homeless problem. The virus will run thru those tent cities like wildfire.

        • I agree. It is going to touch down in San Francisco and sweep through the homeless population. All those free poopers will be dead in the next few weeks.

          San Francisco is full of Asians who are the best carriers for the virus.

          Populations who will get cleaned out will be as follows: the homeless, drug users, the ill, the old, Asian men. On the plus side the cost savings to the economy will be enormous with these groups gone.

      6. There is a desire on the part of the global elites to greatly reduce populations all over the world. (That said, coronavirus is not part of this.) The “elites” believe high populations will sooner or later become ungovernable and unmanageable, thereby negating the ability of “elites” to implement all their future long-term plans.
        The “elites” want to reduce populations to eliminate social chaos, poverty, injustice, threats of war, environmental problems, and so on. This is pure BS, and we all know it. Reduction of population would apply across all ethnicities, but special emphasis is placed on populations with Christian based cultures, and those with majority European racial heritage. These are the greatest enemy because of a heritage and culture of freedoms, the concept of individualism, and capitalism, and all that these bring. The rest of the globe, is for the most part poorly educated, and is accustomed to only statist and/or socialist authoritarian gov’t, with little to to no personal rights, and therefore relatively easy to control.
        As far as China is concerned, the rest of the world in reality is more concerned about the virus than they. The Chinese gov’t and party view the individual as literally nothing, actually less than nothing. One reason is because they believe the individual absorbs resources in a way that is not conducive to the collective, creating a net loss of limited resources caused by a state-planned economy. A second reason has nothing to do with communism, it is because the Chinese culture going back thousands of years has always stressed absolute uniformity. Presently, millions there, are sick due to hideous air and water pollution and general environmental degradation. Urgency to address the monumental environmental problems fall mostly on deaf ears, it is only cosmetically addressed for international public relations.
        I personally am not concerned much with all these reports of contagion. I believe it will likely run its course, just as several other recent hyped contagious diseases have in the past 10 years.

      7. The global elite don’t benefit from the deaths of millions, nor will they ever intentionally crash the system or start a nuclear war.

        The global elite benefit from growth. Mac, you just can’t get it through your thick head.

        The boogerman you ought to be attacking are the moochers. The 5 billion people on the planet that don’t work at all, everywhere from Africa to the American inner cities, they eat and live freely off the the good 2 billion that work and pay the taxes that fund the entitlement assholes.

        It is not the upper 1% that is killing the working middle class…. IT IS THE BOTTOM 50% THAT MOOCH OFF THE WORKING TAXPAYER.


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