How To Think Like a SEAL: Training Exercises to Toughen Your Mind

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    This article was originally published by Tess Pennington at Tess is the author of the widely popular Prepper’s Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide To Survive Any Disaster

    In our fast paced hustle in life, we rarely have time to sit down and really spend time doing something just for us. For many of you, prepping has either been an ongoing part of your life, or you have just joined the tribe and are voraciously reading every type of prepper material you can get your hands on.

    In our haste to get our homes ready, mental preparation is usually pushed far back on the list of priorities.  Following a disaster, people experience a variety of reactions, but two emotions they experience the most are fear and panic. Without being mentally prepared for a disaster, many succumb to the traumatic event due to their emotional responses. Inevitably, if you do not mentally prepare your mind for the disaster, fear, distress, shock, indecision, panic will set in and eventually you will give up altogether. I won’t lie to you, this is something that could make or break you in a true disaster and takes lots of training. Folks, mentally preparing yourselves for disasters needs to be a priority.

    It’s All Mental, Baby!

    First things first, here’s the secret to survival – it’s all mental. You want to be the person who is well prepared, understands the situation and is able to react fluidly to the changes that occur. You DON’T want to be the person who mentally breakdown, stresses and emotionally reacts – this is a dangerous person to be.

    Be in control of your mind, don’t let your mind control you. 

    If you can understand how your mind reacts to disasters, you can learn to quiet it, slow the thinking down and learn to make more rational decisions. This puts you in a more adaptable position to survive and get through the disaster.

    SEALs training focuses on this very issue. This video explains the brain’s reaction to fear and panic and how to overcome these natural reactions.

     Conquering Fear and Panic with Mental Exercises

    Here’s the thing, we all want to avoid getting injured, looted, attacked and left exposed in a dire emergency. These are all fear-based thoughts and although they are a stark reality that some may face, they are also situations that many want to try to avoid thinking about altogether. Stress, fear and anxiety are all considered to be negative and destructive emotions. However, they can be channeled to your advantage and are the very situations we need to think about!

    We forget how healthy a little dose of fear is. From a physiological standpoint, fear gives us an edge and is designed to alert your mind and body to the fact that danger may be imminent and then is triggered the sympathetic and parasympathetic response, which is the fight or flight mechanism of your nervous system.  It physiologically has to do with epinephrine and norepinephrine produced in your body, as well as your adrenal system. If you do not have control over your mind, fear can break one’s resolve and cause indecision. Remember, it’s all in your attitude!

    In order to overcome the fear, you need to gradually/incrementally condition yourself to facing it. Your key to success lies in the way you condition your mind. Don’t let your fear dictate how you live your life. Expose yourself to these fears in a controlled and safe environment. This helps you to overcome them faster. You can read more on how to face your fears to gain empowerment.

    4 Ways to Push the Boundaries and Train Your Brain Like a Navy SEAL

    1. Bring structure to chaos – Making preparedness lists, breaking down emergencies and setting small achievable goals trains the mind and keeps you moving.
    2. Mental rehearsal – Visualize and practice in your mind what the stressful situation is and how you will survive. That way, when you physically face it, you will have less reaction.
    3. Self Talk – The way you talk to yourself holds a lot of power in how successful your survival will be. Positive self talk can override the fear signal and likely to overcome the situation.
    4. Arousal Control – Controlling your breath offsets panic and gets more oxygen to the brain to perform better.

    As well, a community or group of like-minded people will help you keep your head in the game, teach you vital skills and help carry the load. A prepper group are more likely to thrive than the “lone wolf” doing things themselves.

    Remember your mental self talk. When you start feeling mentally frazzled and more inclined to think negatively, try taking these steps to center yourself. Depending on your schedule you will want to explore ways to meditate and times to conduct your sessions.  This will enable you to train yourself to be able to go into “relaxation” mode on command, when you so decide.

    As writer, Jeremiah Johnson once wrote, “We can’t win every battle and come out on top; however, we can reduce the amount of the pain and suffering by toughening ourselves mentally.  This is one of the ways the human race has survived…as individuals and as a group.  We must use that most powerful tool that we have…our mind…and couple it with our hearts and the resolve to win. ”

    Ultimately, you need to give yourself time and patience to practice mental preparedness. The time involved is the very reason why so many people put it off. Our minds should constantly be stimulated and exercised. If they are not, in a crisis you could panic and make rash decisions. This is definitely not what we want for you. Over the years, the writing team at Ready Nutrition have written countless articles on how to prepare your mind to be mentally tough for a shtf event.

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.


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      1. Tess, good article! Fear=good Panic=bad. Fear should take you into thinking mode not running around freaking out. Many will freak out.

        • Im digging a well and installing a roof mounted cistern. The sand should actually function well as a first filter. Charcoal will remove some additional impurities.

          • Is the rainwater in Haiti dirty?

            • “OH SNAP!!!!!!! LMAO ツ

            • Genius, ROTFLMAO! Good one!

              • DK, in your assessment of the situation, you are entirely right with the one exception that the money flows from the Rothschild family. Soros is only an agent, one of the evil bastards that are destroying the country but an agent of the Rothschild’s nevertheless! We must begin, once again, to use the ancient axiom Nation is Race, Race is Nation! We, Americans and Europeans, are White Nations because we are White Races. Never let it stray far from your mind that it is the head of that evil tribe that is destroying both America and Europe, The Rothschild family, that is responsible for the madness that we witness everyday in Europe and America!

        • To create confusion, King Leopold named his philanthropic body the International African Association, his colonial government the Association of the Congo, his private mercenary army the Force Publique, and his private corporation the International Congo Association.

          Eventually he was found out after some years, but he successfully colonized a country without arousing the knowledge, suspicions or ire of his subjects or the other European powers, and he made huge profits. Basically as a measure of subterfuge it was wildly successful.

      2. Good stuff to know. I’ve said time and time again…Don’t Panic
        Stay quiet Be smart

        • So I’ve been watching a new tv show called “Hunted”. My wife told me about it so I watched a couple episodes. It’s got some good stuff to learn from if you’re a city dweller. What gets me is the huge advantage the hunters actually get. There are I think 28 investigators and 9 teams of 2 fugitives. Not all teams of fugitives are active at the same time and they get 500 bucks to live on for the time on the run, but they can only withdraw 100 at a time. The investigators have every conceivable resource at their disposal. All social media, bank and phone records blah blah blah. I thought it was funny how pissed off they get when someone outsmarts them. I would love to do that show. I’ll bet you though, you will never see them do this show in an area where country boys do for themselves and don’t rely on all this technology people think they need to live. If you ever watch that show, then you’ll know why I always end my posts………..
          Stay quiet Be smart

      3. I think, therefore I am. Our thougts determine our actions and our actions prove who we are. Our thoughts and self discipline are te first obstials in life that we mhst conqor. Once done everythi g else will fall into place.

      4. with so many weak and weakened minds in this country .. I’d venture to guess that 95% or more wont make it .. purely due to their inability to “deal with it”

        already seeing a lot of them spinning out already , and the shit hasent even hit yet

        • Yep very true E o S

          i am in observation mode & continuing my preps

          at some point the lunatic left is going get out of hand & we best be ready for that

          • Enemy of the State,Da Yooper,
            YUP, that is ONE reason drugs are so prevalent, LOTS of people cannot handle everday life, let alone something big and nasty!!
            the article holds allot of truth, fear can save or kill you, it is the PANIC that does it, IF you control the PANIC, you’ll be OK, fearis NOt a bad thing, unless you let panic win!

            • Apache 54

              Have you ever been scared stiff. Happened to me when I was a small child.

              • Happens to me everytime I see Hitlery’s picture in the ad above 😮

                • HEADS UP, Went to sportsmans warehouse today and they had US made tapco 30rd. AK mags for 9.97 each! That’s a steal. I got all they had lol.

                  • So,you bought em out and left none for others,why brag?!Seriously though,test each one a few times,I have some and hate em/feed issues ect.,perhaps they have newer model out.I am sticking with me eastern euro metal while looking at trying a few of the new pmags ak version.I get some new ones will literally give you the tapco for use/parts what have you.

                    • These are the intrafuse type. Seem well made and I need us made as they count as 3 parts. I have a top of the line ak and don’t want a homemade unit. Simulated full auto will attract too much attention.

                    • Are pmags made in US?

                    • AR 60 Rnd SureFire mags Rock. PMags rock.

                  • Tapco mags are crap.

                    Get Magpul or surplus steel or Bulgarian.

                    Seriously….are you going to trust your life to a magazine that may very well malfunction when you need it most? Might as well buy a junk pistol.

                    • I know the older ones were crap, I have to have USA mags and these are the new tapco interfuse type. I have a bunch of import steel mags but they will go into deep storage to avoid trouble. Magpul is too fookin stupid to print made in usa on their stuff, fook them.

                    • In fact I have NEVER had any ammo or mags not work well in my tool. That’s why I 100X prefer an ak over an AR all day long. Perhaps you are talking about AR mags? AR’s are finiky and jam a lot with stuff they don’t like.

                  • Genius, where was this sportsmans warehouse? Just curious.

                    • If I told ya I’d have ta shoot ya!

                  • Jeenyus, shoot me? You couldn’t catch me. There’s a show close by me. Just wondering tapco sucks. Of course, you get what you pay for.

                    • LOL, I don’t know if all stores have that sale. But I want parts that say USA on them. If need be I’m sure I can do some filing to make it work.

              • anon,
                it happened a couple of times early on when first engaged in a live fire fight and then it goes away, i know for some it never goes away, it is something you really don’t know about until it happens to you. i never experienced until was in a live fire fight for the first time, only lasted a couple of seconds for me, was scary as H–L. i think it is related to the panic, as long as you don’t let your fear turn into panic, then your OK,IF the panic takes hold you’ll do stupid things and may not survive. I am lucky in that aspect. now sometimes after it all goes down, you will have a harder time,but that is OK, too. I hope this is what you wished to know.

                • apache54

                  I encountered a ghost. Don’t laugh. Slightly transfixed on it, I turned to run and the more I tried to move the more my muscles tightened up. Fell to the ground. A few seconds later, I stood up and I could have run the Boston Marathon in one minute flat. Incredible adrenalin rush.

                  • Genius,pmags are Magpul,made in Tennessee now,they were made in Colorado till they passed a bunch of dumb laws a few years back,picked up and moved shop to protest dumb gun laws!I really like their AR mags(gen 2’s),work very well and so far for me and friends never a hiccup.The Tapco have used,eh,now,have not yet used pmag for a AR but a friend is getting some and will give a report.I will say Tapco may have upped their game/just had a bad run in the past but have seen online others not liking em,so,was not just us!Does the stock not count,made in us?Fuck all these dumb laws!

                    • WD,Those laws only apply if you are modifying a weapon. If it is a stock import it’s ok. Tapco dot com at the bottom of the page has a list of the parts under 922r. Rediculous I know!

                  • Anon,
                    wouldn’t laugh at you, some people can see spirits and some cannot, sometimes some people see them AFTER a seed has been planted in there mind, but for most what they see is real. It would take too long to tell my story, about the spirit i saw and did not know it was a spirit for a month or more, until school started and i met some of the new kids where we moved to in the summer. they told me the man i would see outside there house was not there Dad, he had died many years before and still lived there. I saw hime for off and on for many years outside there house, but never any where else. he went away years later, and that is a story in itself of how that happened, BUT as far as I know i have not seen another spirit. since then. i was 13 at the time

                • It’s the fear from the first one that you remember the most. Not to say that any after that aren’t as scary but almost every moment of the first you just never forget. I see a lot of commenters talkin about what they’re gonna do if certain situations arise. The only question I have for them is have you ever been shot at? I’d bet the answer is no for most of them.
                  Stay quiet Be smart

        • Looking at your blog name, “Enemy of the State”, why is it that Federal Government Agencies list

          o Christians
          o Preppers

          as potential Enemies of the State, but not Leftists and Muslims?

          That seems like asinine bull crap to me.

          • You can’t wrap your mind around what is really occurring.
            There is a literal war going on. Has been going on since the Garden of Eden.
            Things are coming to a Final Battle.

            Evil is very real. The Forces that control the “Leftist” mindset are Evil.
            They worship Evil. Evil is “normal” to a NWO-communist. Hillary-Bill Clinton are involved with voodoo and “spirit cooking.” Bill associates with billionaire pedophiles. He has never come out to denounce that association to my knowledge?

            Read the History of Communism. The Genocide-Death on a huge scale.
            The NWO-UN communism will be no different.
            NWO Plan: Crash economy. Take away the guns. Electronic control grid. Mental and Emotional control of population. Then Genocide.

            Anyone able to defend themselves are considered enemies.
            Leftist are mentally ill people. I really believe that. They have no reality common sense. They really can’t think properly. Seems like drugs-booze are a part of many leftist “normal”. Maybe that is why they seem so childish and ignorant of real life?

            Buy Ammo. Buy Food. Store Water.
            Have multiple locations of food-ammo storage. Fall back positions.

            Get in good physical shape. Loose weight and get fit. Get skills.
            Remove yourself from any city.
            Getting outside of USA is probably a good choice.
            Nuclear war will occur in your lifetime. Being well away from prime targets and being aware of prevailing winds. That is only way to survive a Nuclear action.

            Pray to the God of Jesus Christ. Ask for forgiveness and strength.
            We are all in for a rough ride. About to get sporty.
            “Order out of chaos” is their motto. Bilderbergs are a real problem.

            • Steve, When I first wrapped my mind around what was really happening years ago I was in shock for like a week! It is overwhelming when you first put the pieces together and see it for what it really is.

              • While I had a lot of suspicions Waco was my “Kennedy moment”,realized then what I had always suspected was true and scary part was the feds now going to do it in the open.

                • AK with a slide fire,hmmmm……….I believe a poster here has one,in fact, recently mentioned said rifle,a poster here going to be the cleanup crew at a protest?!

                  • If the protest is in the middle of nowhere in the mountains lol.

                    • Nice! gonna have to look into one.

                    • k-var dot com had the best price I found. If you have an import rifle you may want to change out the required parts too for 922 compliance to avoid trouble. Tapco makes grips and handguards and mags all US parts and they are STAMPED USA unlike magpul and are cheaper. For info go to tapco dot com and scroll to the bottom and click on 922r.

                    • There will be no argument from stupid cops or agents with tapco parts. The magazines are stamped usa on the floorplate, follower, and mag body (counts as 3 parts for compliance.

              • I agree. The situation is overwhelming if you have no higher power to give you strength. Combat is very similar. The noise, chaos. death, smells, fear, dread, close calls, fallen men around you, can overwhelm if you are taking it all in.

                So you don’t take it in. You Detach. Unplug your humanity.

                You also PRAY. You pray to God to calm and ease the present.
                You might be an agnostic or atheist in the world. I have seldom seen one under heavy fire. Belief in God is quite normal under heavy fire..

                You also FOCUS on the TASK at hand. Nothing else. Drop the enemy. Silence their fire. Focus.

                You put yourself forward to another place of those you love, care for, cherish.
                That is the WHY you will continue forward. Love.

                I would add that a sense of humor is also what keeps you sane. Humor is necessary.

                These traits are what keep you alive in combat.
                These traits are what will keep you from being overwhelmed.

                I would also add that in combat accepting yourself as already dead removes some of the fear of death. Then hopefully you don’t die. Not sure if that makes sense? But what i saw.

                Unplug Detach-Prayer to God-Focus on Task before you-Love-Humor

                Christians believe that Jesus Christ wins in the end. So the present is not all that important. If you watch a pre recorded football game that is close in score. Or your team is way behind. Then it is less important if you already know the Final score prior to the recorded viewing. For Christians the present is like that. We know the score. Jesus comes back. God wins.

                So don’t be overwhelmed. Jesus Returns. God Wins.
                That is the Final Score.

          • It’s because the bureaucrats in D.C. are leftists and Muslims themselves.

            Hopefully….Trump will drain the swamp of these vermin.

          • Yup

        • Any idiot who would cary around a sign that says not my president and cary on like some sort of spoild child will be in a bad way when something bad really does happen, all these hoodied youth who are throwing rocks etc are in fore a rude awakening when they get shot up en masse by a guy who is pissed and opens up with an AK with a slide fire,,, shits gonna get real

      5. Fear is the mind-killer.
        Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.


        • Good one.

      6. I read somewhere that there is a lot that can be accomplished if your are not afraid to die. Makes sense to me. The question that arises in the back of ones mind is whom am I willing to die for? Family for most of course.
        As in what you see happening today, it’s better to belong to gang that thinks just like you do, therefore someone, or an ideology to die for. For they would do the same. Right? What else can I say. That’s why they must divide before they conquer. What they have successfully done in is divide one group of people (you know what they look like) that used to stand together under one flag into a bunch of little camps, while on the other side bringing groups together and have them work together like a swarm of termites.
        After 3 generations of teaching soft heads that the Founding Fathers, if they even know who they are, were nothing more than rich white slave owners, and also teaching the soft heads that the Civil War, if they even know what that was, was about slavery and therefore every white Southerner is a racist, what could you expect? And now you don’t even have to be a Southerner or from the US. How’s that for an accomplishment. Everyone white person in the world is now born with the original sin of racism and therefore a target on their back.
        I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Did I go a little off topic? Ooops. Not really. You have to feel who the enemy is to prepare yourself.

        • “I read somewhere that there is a lot that can be accomplished if your are not afraid to die.”

          • That’s what was what I was talking about. It frees you up some from fear, but hopefully not common sense. You found the piece that defined it.
            You would also would have to make yourself forget that it might not matter to those that come after that you gave your life for a just cause. That’s worse than death to me. That’s what’s going on today. There is no respect for the people whom gave their lives for a perceived righteous cause. And the cause must be righteous. Or else, as I believe Alexander Haig said, the soldiers are just pawns in our game,… to be used as in a game of chess.

        • Yeah, Right, If I were tbtb Trump would be well… my trump card. Division at it’s finest. Install someone who promises and tries to deliver what the patriots want while using policies to create a gigantic police state and war. The patriots cheering for policies while they are stabbed in the back at the same time. Know your enemy and learn to think like him or else…

          • Genius your correct. It seems I was the only one here who protested when Trump made the first step towards establishing a national Language. Just you wait a step toward a national religion is in the wings. both will divide the populace a bit more. Im more worried about the overly religious bible thumpers that reside in my area than the Russians or the Mudslimes.

          • only the faces change, the game is the same

      7. There is no Fear in this Dojo, there is no Pain in this Dojo, defeat does not exist in this dojo, pain is for the weak………..and sweep the leg……

      8. Two of the top reasons for 8 weeks or more of boot camp was to 1) can you follow orders, and 2) can you do so under pressure?

        I still remember going on 23 hours of no sleep from a coast to coast flight, being rudely awakened by trash cans flying into the room, and a dozen company commanders and drill sergeants with batons, descending upon us like crazed lunatics. They routed us out the racks put us into formation and the rest was a blur, (most likely went into shutdown mode to keep the motherboard from blowing). I do remember there were a lot of big boys crying like babies!

        That first week we went from 120 to about 80. Finally graduated with about 60. So about half of them couldn’t take it, (and most likely they’re still out there). The interesting thing was the 60 that remained weren’t necessarily Hollywood material. You know, muscle bound meat heads leading the charge. In fact, they were more even keeled, would often joke and not easy to trigger.

        I worked with team members, including the divers. The most level headed, honest men you’d ever meet. They were tight and treated each other like family. A few asked me to consider going through BUDs. I declined, (being on my second tour was enough).

        More than half of all casualties results from “friendly fire” or a member of the team not doing his or her job. Not being able to think under pressure, or going off the reservation.

        Watch the John Wayne’s and Rambo’s on the block get all tech’d out, trying to go actual and get a quick indoctrination on live fire. Let them understand the difference between cover and concealment and maybe it’s best we band together and know about strength by numbers?

        My advice is that sometimes you have to reduce the situation to a joke or find the humor in it. “Oh, that just figures! I’d better get hazardous duty pay for this!”, or “Who the hell set up this fiasco without consulting me first!”, etc.

        The thing is, there’s no point in stating the obvious and dwelling on it. All that adrenaline has a penalty. This has the potential to be a cluster in epic proportions. Who knows, it might include Lizards in flying saucers with microwave brain zappers. “Oh look! Aliens! Ok. Why not!”

        Until then. Pass on the Tuna Salad, and find a comfy place up where the goats live. Oh! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

        • Faux Liberté says:
          Watch the John Wayne’s and Rambo’s on the block get all tech’d out, trying to go actual and get a quick indoctrination on live fire. Let them understand the difference between cover and concealment and maybe it’s best we band together and know about strength by numbers?

          So true. Any initial, major situation that requires force security and recon from average, non military people will result in the movie character wanna-be’s to manifest everywhere. Depending on the actual scenario, it may be required to stay in concealment, or deal with the even more dangerous “movie stars”.

      9. Tess
        Thanks for this article. It made me think back to my Sniper Training back in 1990. Those Guys from the FBI worked on all of the above with us.

        It is good to go back over it again and to refresh my old brain.

        Again thanks.

        • Sgt.,
          Speaking of takes me back, I’m a certified diver with three certs. While I was getting my first cert there was a small plane crash just off the coast. All the local dive schools organized searches to hopefully recover the bodies.

          Nasty weather really separated the men from the boys.

          I became interested in search and recovery. Much of the training was about survival, and taking the cold. The freaking cold, always the freaking cold. I learned to deal with it. I’m not sure I could have ever handled seal training, but I wasn’t half bad. I had a friend who was totally into it. We’d go on night dives, go to the bottom, turn off the lights. First guy to freak and turn on his light was the loser. You sit in the dark conserving air. Amazing at some point your eyes get used to it and can see by the light of critters that glow in the dark?

          Teaching my nephew to swim in the Delaware river. With him on my back I swam the width of the river with just hands, return trip with just feet, about a third of a mile each way. I’ve taught these survival techniques to my children and nieces and nephews. Moral of the story, swimming is an important skill.

          Brings back memories is an understatement.

          • Hot tip, Nalgene bottles can hold a bunch of ammo and keep it absolutely dry.

      10. A sniper too!! It was the 80s so we were heavy into Russian theories of controlling the shot and how to control your mind through your breathing. Since those days, I have been in many highly dangerous environments. Civil unrest, war, economic breakdown, riots, etc. All are survivable but you need to stay calm and think through the solutions.

        Seal training is very good and you should study their body shapes. That is what a person looks like who has a high cardio and high strength ratio. Having a thick neck, a pot belly, and two chins is not what a soldier should look like. Unfortunately, most ‘tough guys’ I see look like the later than the former. Take a look in the mirror while wearing your underwear. Be brutal and face up to your body shape and true fitness level. And then check out the amazing resources on fitness they have at the DOD websites. You can reshape yourself to look like a real man with the right program and discipline.

      11. I was taught as far back as I can remember about situations that might come up that I may have to deal with. My mother related a situation that came up when she was a very young woman. I was 19 years old when getting off work at a hospital at 11 o’clock at night, when I was accosted by two men. Someone had parked their car so close to mine that I could not get into my car on the driver’s side. I entered my car on the passenger’s side, only to be followed by the two men getting in behind me. The one sitting closest to me pulled a knife and told me to drive off. I was given this order several times and I refused to do it each time. If I was going to be assaulted it was going to be there and not some out of the way country road. I guess they decided I was too much trouble and left. Another time I was attacked by two pitbull dogs. I had no weapon and was too far from the door of my house, and I knew not to run. I had to think quickly to protect myself. I knew I did not want to end up on the ground. I jumped into the middle of a thorn bush and kept switching the limbs of the bush from side to side to hold them at bay. A neighbor called 911. I suffered a bite to my left hand and a bite to my right thigh. I thank my parents for teaching me to think on my feet and be ready for any situation that might come up. Yes, I’m a woman who did not panic. If you come into my house I will shoot you without hesitation. If you accost me outside I am ready for you. My father, the Master Sergeant, taught me how to defend myself. And I have taught my children how to defend themselves. Most people have the attitude that something like that will not happen to them. Always be prepared.

        • Nice job,

        • Thanks Wait. Always interesting the stories people have here on this site. Nothing better than getting stories from the front line. Where the heck were you with the dogs? Out in the country?

          • I live in town with a wooded area running behind the house. The dogs belonged to neighbors two doors down. we have a problem with people who think their dogs should run loose. My number 4 son has already shot and killed another neighbor’s pitbull when it came after him, this was two years ago, and the fool tried to file animal cruelty charges on him, thankfully we have cameras up. I might have made the two men story seem like it was my mother, but it was me.

      12. Oh crap Frank…I need a new mirror!

        • ^^^^^ see what happens when ya get old ^^^ (joking).

          • Yup poor OJ Simpson was a old guy with arthritis and bad joints. I find it amazing what I can pull out of the rabbit hat when I need to.

            I’m the guy my neighbor called when he needed the 350# safe moved. Getting old, yeah!

      13. Training overcomes Panic. Anger and Hate overcome Fear.

        Fear is when you encounter a rabid fox.
        Panic is when you drop your pants for a #2 and then hear a rattlesnake.

        • Darn good analogy!

      14. The US military has not won a war in 71 years. Just stating the facts.

        • According to the protocols of the elders of zion, they don’t fight to take land anymore.

          • Right, the US fights for oil and drugs.

        • There hasn’t been a war in 71 years- only police actions.

          WW2 was won by the protocols.

        • Correct Diane. Coincidently the same time the Zionists hijacked our foreign policy 70 yrs ago and put Israel First instead of America, we lost every war. Its all by design as planned.

        • Hah, Regan kicked ass in Granada!

      15. Fear is your friend.

        Fear tells you, “get your hands off this plate, it’s hot”. Oh wait, that’s not fear, that’s pain! ?


        • The best method for overcoming fear, in my opinion, is to confront it.

          When my children were babies, I put them in water and let them swim. Babies take to water like fish. I allowed them the freedom to explore the environment. I believe these early life experiences give them confidence which manifests later in life.

          A parent with a lot of fear, passes it on to the children in genes but also in his attitude which is infectious. Get your kids away from fear based people, angry people, apathetic people who have given up and adopted an attitude of defeatism, which is the worst of all. Also, keep them away from hateful, jealous, deceitful snakes who resent you but are afraid to face-off, but will sabotage.


          • B from CA

            You named half the nation.

        • Boyo,the petition has passed 100 thou mark,will still sign and not sure if will do any good excepting making our voices at least heard!

      16. I’ve worked with a few UDT- SEALs. Some tried to interest me into their group that would read sections of the bible then take written tests on what they read. I’ve read that some survival instructors say the single most mind set for survival is the belief that God will help you. So you won’t lose hope and give up. Cristian soldiers whiping the money changers out of the temple?Telling the Pharisees were to go even though it will mean agonizing death? Ultra brave? We get something better than 72 black eyed virgins?Hard to believe? How many things were ounce believed impossible ?

        • Yes true believers get something better than 72 Virgins. You get everlasting life which is the same phony result as 72 Virgins. Not happening. Show me in person over 150 yrs old. Lmfao!!

          • If you are wrong you will not be laughing your fing ass off as Satan is having your ass for entertainment ? He needs more souls for entertainment. Pick a side . And live for eternity with the consequences .

            • So either you are with us or with the enemy? That’s a very dangerous ideology!

      17. I live not to be surprised at anything that occurs.

        Problem is too many people live in a bubble.

        I am prepared that everything I’ve been taught about the world, this or that could/is be a deception and not to be disappointed.

        I believe our world is on the verge(edge) of change not only physically but revelations of things hidden that will be revealed shake everything you and I believe.

        But then again that is scriptural. That everything that can be shaken will be shaken. That includes your faith.

      18. Only time will tell who runs and who Guns…. Most preppers will die needlessly protecting their preps……stuck in a protracted fight …..for what? Look at what goes on in Aleppo ……Syria
        The opposing force is not try to kill for food,ammo…..they kill because they are free from the burden of possessions & because they hate the living shit out of their enemy….
        Mind over matter…. I don’t mind cause it don’t matter…
        And remember …fighting for peace is like f*cking for viginity……Never works out……

        • Really good point: you should be fighting to survive the bug out not to defend your gold bars and MREs from the zombie hordes. As you point out, a civil war quickly breaks down into a purely futile battle for block after block, brick after brick. The skirmishes, in the grand scheme of things, are completely non-entities. Nobody will remember or care about your heroics fighting to protect your monster home or your crappy apartment. Your only legacy worth anything is to get your butt out of the danger and get to somewhere safe where you then need to find the prettiest gal you can and make babies.

          • Good one Frank. One small thing…I don’t need to be having any new young’uns. I did my duty and retired. I much would rather enjoy a fine filet mignon, salad and glass of fine wine or whiskey.

          • Frank comments: Nobody will remember or care about your heroics fighting to protect your monster home or your crappy apartment.

            Beg to differ. Plz remember that I do not advocate violence and will conduct myself as a follower of Christ. My choice to do so.

            That said, am now reading a book that records the details of the lives of women and how they lived as far back as prior to the Revolutionary War.

            These ladies and their daring do ARE remembered in good detail from an era, such as when they made their husbands clothes from fields of their own cotton.

            Their “legacy” is remembered.

            Pioneer Women of the West by Elizabeth Fries Ellet
            Available on Amazon or free on the Web

            Also: The Holy Bible
            Available (for now) anywhere and free on the Web. Some “legacy” in that book, too. 🙂

            • Sorry, but you are a sitting duck if you stay in your current place. To be frank, the highest levels of the US government and security establishment were infiltrated long ago by radical Muslims. Having access to the ‘control files’ the government has on everyone, and the geospatial location data, the jihadis can easily find you and your hot wife. Don’t think they haven’t had plenty of time to test their ways in the ME. There are malevolent Muslims in strategic positions right across the West. And they will give away people’s positions to the wrong guys.

              Your best survival strategy is to bug out and regroup somewhere. Be fleet of foot because the situation is complex and the quantity of traitors vast. Some will wear the badge of patriotism, the flag, while having their IT support and servers run by radical Muslims. So you cannot be naive and take things at face value. Just like a SEAL, you must learn to think in a complex way.

              • legacy and daring do 🙂

        • Makes sense regarding fleeing to fight another day and many will die.

          On the other hand, the people you mentioned are carrying out a holy Jihad and believing they are dying for a holy cause and will be highly rewarded in paradise.

          Materials and possessions mean nothing to them.

        • Mindcrime

          “Stuck in a protracted fight”.

          That is a very important thought. Taking into consideration that one side has been preparing FOR YEARS while the other side has been FLAPPING THEIR GUMS causing disorder. A breakout of a CIVIL war could be short depending how much and for how long, the prepared side wants to dish out severe punishment. There are many here that want swift judgment and will no longer stand for the stupid antics. Crush the other side completely.

          Want to get a look at what can happen? Look at what is happening in Brazil. They are calling it a Purge.

      19. Understand that combat is not only a physical thing;but it is also a spiritual thing.

        Fear and self-doubt are the antithesis.

        To defeat an enemy, one must understand the enemy.

        Combat is nothing but the manipulation of circumstances to your advantage.

        If this sounds absurd, then perhaps you should re-examine your plans for survival.

        • Really good points: all battles are won or lost BEFORE anyone walks onto the battlefield. The best way to defeat any enemy is not by getting him/her in a headlock and pounding the hell out of them, but psychologically defeating them before the fight.

          Basically, you have two ways to go: grind your enemy down and so overwhelm them, they can’t win. Or, you mislead them into believing they are the ones grinding you down and thus they walk into a trap.

          The US lost in Vietnam because they were led into the latter trap. Mistakenly believing the Viet Cong were a bunch of dumb ‘gooks’ wearing pyjamas and sandals, the Americans threw at them the most advanced weapons of the time and the best trained, and best armed military humanity had ever seen. And the Vietnamese ground them down and kicked them out in the most embarrassing retreat ever done by a military power live on TV.

          Having experienced this humiliating defeat, America tried to never make that mistake again. And thus they came with ‘shock and awe’: an overwhelming obliteration of the enemy after having spent over a decade grinding the Iraqis down. Nice plan and it worked at first. But Saddam Hussein was one step ahead. He knew and understood this was what America would do. And so he decided to do what the Vietnamese did: let America storm in, throw vast sums of money and the best armed military at the problem, and then, live on TV, grind them down and kick them out.

          Now, look at things geopolitically: China is on the rise and most of the world either hates or fears America. They know America still has the technological advantage and the money. So, what do they do: they let America grow its bases around the world: 500 then 600 then 700 then 1000 and then more. Stretch, stretch, stretch, all the while America itself crumbles into decay and race war. America believes it now has the ‘Viet Cong’ surrounded and can now crush them with its superiority. But, but: who has the upper hand really?

          When will be the next ‘Tet Offensive’? The next thunder run to ‘Saigon’ and the helios having to lift people off of buildings again? Hmmmmmmmmm?

          • Frank Thoughts; Well thought out observations! Thank you.

      20. How do you run and hide from lslam? They will follow you anywhere? If we don’t hang together, We will hang alone?

        • Take as many of them as you can, when you think your time is up and they have not killed you yet, pull the pin when they are close enough!!

      21. Talk to yourself like. “Lets do this” & “Git-er’ Done”

      22. Mind Set is crucial to your survival…it’s not what you have or don’t have, it’s what you do with it !
        Some people look at the apple…. And think … I see apple pie. Don’t think the tptb will engage in battle right out … Thy will wait till the hunger games have thinned the herds… By that point two sides will now be one. Know thy enemy…. Now for the real kick in the nads… As you well know
        Why fight the herd, when you can target a select and focused group. THOSE LEFT STANDING !
        MAKE EVERY SHOT COUNT… Those sinister tech weapons will go HOT…GAME OVER !!!
        This is the real truth… My Father worked designing weapons for the M.I.C.
        Love thy neighbor, till its time to EAT THEM…..

      23. Good thinking P.O.P….

      24. I am meeting with the scientists this weekend to get confirmation from what just went down. I was not going to post anything but you all need to go on right now to see that link and video of a prepper on the run from cabalist agents after him to silence him. A massive 2 kilometer asteroid, according to him broke off from Nibiru that was about to strike earth that was going to hit earth, triggering and SHTF EVENT , ALMOST WIPED OUR ASSESS OF THE be the judge, because I have been posting on this topic and is will ask my sceintist buddy about the Intel on this.. This may be why he keeps telling me that war is the distraction and that the international soldiers are not just here to kill us but to capture women and girls for the elites, kill us that get in the way. While they capture the women all over the major cities, because of the up coming mass extinction of women on the planet.. So you all think this is some type of joke, so keep laughing.. Real preppers. Keep prepping and this is why I am securing my BOL.. My friend told me last year that I will have to get th fuck out of Houston if to want to survive to avoid the violence and breathe cleaner air from the rotting and Decaying
        stinking dead bodies all over the city.



      25. Mac. You may need to do a Nubiru..thread to increase the fear bar.. Something is up and we might as well hear opinion, since the trolls will be busy all day today, I can imagine the bad time and work hrs involved as they have a shift meeting about HCKS is at it again. They are about to have a bad work day from excess over time, trying to silence us. Of course trolls have asked that I forward the name of my friend, and his job location and residence so that they can check the ligitimacy of his sources and I have to fucking laugh.


        • HCKS,
          Just keep doing what you’re doing. Keep posting. Keep sending that info out. Don’t worry about others, just keep doing it.

        • Im very interested in Nibiru. I would prefer it to what will ventually happen. However its like the Moon landing there isn’t any proof that its real or not. At least Ive not seen any irrefutable proof. I tend to believe they never went to the moon. I tend to believe something is up with the planet. I am skeptical

      26. Oh. I’m sorry. I thought it said “Drink like a Seal”.

        • That was how I read it the first time too … went something like this.

          How To Drink Like a SEAL: Drinking Exercises to Toughen Your Mind

          Guess I had drinking on the mind … in which … I evidently ended up doing a little bit of last night. ツ

          In other news … and disturbing.

          The Trump Administration’s Iran Obsession and Yemen

          By Daniel Larison • February 9, 2017, 10:56 AM

          Philip Giraldi does an excellent job of summarizing Flynn’s warped worldview and its role in encouraging the Trump administration’s Iran obsession:

          But the situation is actually much more dangerous than the usual Washington groupthink: Flynn and Ledeen have constructed a narrative in which the world is at war with a great evil and Iran is the central player on the enemy side. It is a viewpoint that is, unfortunately, shared at least in part by the new secretaries of defense and state and endorsed by many in Congress. This has consequently developed into a new sensibility about U.S. national security that is apparently driving the Trump administration’s responses to Iranian behavior.

          FULL STORY:

        • Arkarkark,,ark
          Oh not those ones, shoots

      27. I have taken something useful, from what is probably, one of the least-practical courses in all of our compulsory, socialist school system – English Lit:
        Society goes through stages, like that pendulum of history, which swings to far and opposite extremes. We go through an industrial era and crave nature. We go through a war and become mystics. We go through a comfortable era and become morbid. Fear and death are natural.

        Our subsidized, plastic world is full of reckless drivers, people who are dangerous around power tools, dogs, horses, and nature hikes, who are pretty fearless.

        If you are afraid of going hungry, thirsty, burning in the sun, and frostbite, these are healthy, objective fears, and should be taken literally. It is learned helplessness, which paralyzes and makes a person neurotic.

        I am bigger and physically-stronger than most of the people, here, and I can be mortified. I have taken risks and paid the price, in all different environments. There are good reasons to be afraid, and that is why we prepare.

        • Eloquently put.

      28. Donald Trump briefed on Nibiru.?

        Vatican threstens Trump at the white house about Nibiru.something. Big is going on, because of this. I am having a meeting and now it just got canceled till next week, damn..

        If you think that video was anything. See the first one that the preppers posted, when the vita can confronted Trump at the white house about Nibiru…Mac, you need to post a header on this one, is am getting some Intel on it asap..


        • Speaking of Nibiru, do you think Corey Booker is a shape-shifting reptilian?

        • You do have something to say.

          I would advise the reader/bloggers who come here that recently in Arizona and Pakistan large earth cracks have appeared and the one in Arizona is spreading in length.

          Two or three years ago, again near the west coast of Mexico, another earth crack nearly a mile long appeared near the new Mexico border.

          May I suggest

          The big

          Oh yes, Steve is reporting an extreme increase in volcanic activity throughout the planet

          yes you have something to say.

          • Ive watched all the U tube videos. I visit the Extinction Protocol website. So far From what I have gleaned Nibiru will cause the right coast to disappear. Death valley will be a inland sea. The east coast will be under water. The great lakes pour into the Mississippi river. The Entire delta to liquefy and much of it slide off into the Gulf. Leaving a 200 mile wide swamp that divides the remaining dry land. They clain initially the sea level will rise to 425ft. and eventually reach 625 feet. Sounds like a winner to me get rid of the Left and right coast. Where in at the elevation at the valley bottom is over 700 feet. I would love to travel a short distance to the east to the edge of the rock and look at the water & swampland. The is a US navy future map that shows where the water will be. Now Im not certain Im very skeptical. I hope it happens during my lifetime. It would be quite the adventure.

            • Yeah, but I bet the fishings’ great.

              • I’m buying a surfboard 🙂

      29. Interesting reading today on Castro, for those of you interested, from This newsletter was formerly entitled The Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, founded by Dr. Fred Schwarz MD, a Messianic (Christian) Jew, later run by Dr. David Noebel, and now part of Summit Ministries, in Colorado Springs area, that has GREAT seminars for high school and university aged kids – see (I’ve been there, and know Dr. Noebel personally, so I think they are great!).

        Anyhow a few notes from today, if anyone interested, from

        Fidel Castro and Che Guevara beat ISIS to the game by over half a century. As early as January 1959 they were filming their murders for the media-shock value. Fidel Castro also came closest of anyone in history to (wantonly) starting a worldwide nuclear war. In the above process Fidel Castro converted a highly-civilized nation with a higher standard of living than much of Europe and swamped with immigrants into a slum/sewer ravaged by tropical diseases and with the highest suicide rate in the Western hemisphere. Over TWENTY TIMES as many people (and counting) have died trying to escape Castro’s Cuba as died trying to escape East Germany. Yet prior to Castroism Cuba received more immigrants per-capita than almost any nation on earth—more than the US did including the Ellis Island years, in fact. Fidel Castro helped train and fund practically every terror group on earth, from the Weathermen to Puerto Rico’s Macheteros, from Argentina’s Montoneros, to Colombia’s FARC, from the Black Panthers to the IRA, and from the PLO to AL Fatah….

        Another article states “From the day he seized power on January 1, 1959, execution, torture, and slavery became the norms of the day. Half a million Cubans have passed through Cuba’s Gulag Archipelago, giving the regime the distinction of having the highest political incarceration rate per capita on earth, even higher than Stalin’s and Hitler’s. There have been more than fifteen thousand executions by firing squad.”

        What these nutbars in Berzerkely don’t realize is that if the communists come to power, THEY will be the first ones marched off to be liquidated, and disappear like Trotsky from a May Day picture, or like the popular General Arnaldo Ochoa did under Fidel.

      30. Speaking of my little tilting-at-windmills non-violent effort to educate folks, the competing worldviews around this globe are helpfully summarized here by Summit

        Just FYI

        • Thank you Test. Have passed that interesting one along.

      31. Off Topic:

        Putin to deliver Edward Snowden to Donald Trump for Valentines Day. Trump said he would execute Snowden.

        Are you crazy President Trump. Many of us who support you view Snowden as a hero.

        You are being tricked. This move will destroy your foundation. Leave it alone. Or put Snowden into witness protection. I would pardon him. Trust me, we love Snowden.

        ? this is no present, it is Pandora’s Box !!


        • I told you about trumps police state mindset….

          • Genius:

            This will cost him a second term. Robert Kennedy’s son is running for Governor of Illinois. The rumor is he will run for President in 2020.


            • And like all other savior presidents, the song will remain the same. There is NO political solution to all of this.

              • Led Zep. This song remains the same.

            • Robert Kennedy can beat Trump with both hands tied behind his back. We all knew Trump is a loose cannon. But he is still better than Hellery. Once Kennedy wins the Governor office and then announces that he is a presidential candidate. At that moment Trump becomes a lame duck with his wings clipped.

      32. Frank, I gotta hand it to you. You hit the nail on its head. People don’t get it.. I have time to get my BOL and close on my land, I am spending it 5-6k.. For a fee acreas. Well worth it.. I am building a sand bag dwelling, see YouTube to see they are built.. Tottal cost is under 3 L.. Fuck it. I am gettign my own BOl.. I got problems now. It’s called you have a women who is relying on you for protection.. Since I let m dick do some of my thinking. Now I have to take’s either that of of Jack off for the rest of my life,
        how ever long ever last. 1,2,3 years via SHTF..? Any way me the get the hell off line before I get caught on this site before she gets out of the shower. I can’t meet my scientist friend till two weeks from today, damn. Hammer told me and I taught it was this weekend.. I will get some intel on what’s fixing to go down this year with Nubiru, and more info on the current regime situations.


        • Hicks if your BOL is in texas and below 425 ft. Nibiru will drown you out.

      33. How to think and act like a Seal?
        Gov: “Go over there and kill those people”.
        Seal: “OK”

        End of chat.

        Nuke em Duke
        All soldiers are not automatically heroes.
        East Coast, Fantasia.

      34. So How Much do we have to fear? If you have done what you needed to do. Then you can move fear down a notch to Being Concerned. Still you can gage your fear by who shows up at your property.

        High Fear
        ARMY or NAVY special forces.
        Regular Military. Active.
        National Guard.
        FBI. NSA. Secret Service.
        Game Warden.=== Lots of Power.
        Home Town Police. SWAT
        Paramilitary Group or Biker Gangs.
        Local neighborhood Gang members.
        Political Protestors.
        Low Fear.

        Depending on what kind of equipment, how much or how many people show up at your door can contribute to your angst. Firebombing or shooting up your home is pretty intense.

        In preps I want the “Visitors” to say when they show up.

        What the hell is that?
        What the hell WAS that?
        I’m getting the Hell out of here.

        • Anon,to cover that base you may need Godzilla hanging out in your garage!

          • WD

            It is kind of like watching the “Ghost Adventure’s”.

            • Or do like Gene Hackman did in enemy of the state when they decended on his faraday hideout….

        • Talk about toothpicks holding your eyelids open.
          With that mix it would be impossible to get any sleep.
          Put claymores all around the house.

        • You cannot defend any structure that will burn. the Branch Davidians learned that lesson the hard way. I may be forced to leave my place. If I do I will burn it as I leave. And everyone needs a trap door and a excape tunnel.

          • Agree’d. Concrete block, fiber cement board, metal roof, brick are options.

      35. Old Guy.

        There are too many variables on what can happen. Add in limitations and you have to get along with what you have to work with. Pick or choose a couple of strategies that works for you and fine tune them to maximize he hurt you can expend on the enemy with the least amount of exertion.

        I do not think many will come at us with Level 4 body armor. Many will not even have a Battle Load Out or a carrier vest.

        One thing to remember is to not allow them to advance along the Learning Curve of Battle. Don’t want them coming back with new ideas. ;0)

        • anon,
          BIG YUP!! you hit the nail on the head! great advice.

      36. Old guy, your right. It’s actually 625 ft below, until you get to Austin into the mountainous areas of the upper state. I may have to use the BOL as and area to move so I can gain access further north.. You have to be as far as Austin. And the water will still get there.. I was told that the outcome is undetermined as in the actual effects once the passing of the art occurs. That it’s the asteroids that pose the greatest threats. I can tell you ve been researching.. I am check ing with the scientists to see if I substantiate the evicdence that the preppers posted on YouTube to see if he is full of shit or Trump was told what’s up. My sources is not in the white house because if it was I would have already been dead. Mine is from CIA sources they now my CIA source and so far my source has proven to be trust worthy. And I can’t tell what I have learned because it’s some really serous stuff. The extra terrestrial stuff I have been talking about is really taking place..




        • I am at about 5800 feet and inland quite a ways so I think I’m ok. If not, the retreat is 7000 and I know it’s ok.

          • Or plan C is at about 8200 feet, if that don’t work I’m screwed 😮

            • Errrr wait, I have a buncha 55 gallon drums I can make an ark! I have a ton of lumber too (actually more like 2 tons)! A new summer project (like I need one)! Me, the wife, dog, 2 cats, 2 rabbits set sail with all our preps (well the ammo might sink it hmmm)! Ok set sail with whatever ammo we can carry! Pirates of the USA sea! Arrrr matey time to make more rum 😛

      37. My kids believe I live in a constant state of fear because I think things through including the worst case scenario. We went hiking with my son and I decided against rock climbing at the end of the trail where there was no cell service. I am a 56 year old woman and was just recovering from a head cold and have no experience rock climbing. I also considered that my dog would try and come after me and potentially fall and injure himself. I didn’t think carrying an 80 lb injured dog down a steep trail would be viable for me. To me this all sounds reasonable. When I worked at a financial institution I also went through scenarios of earthquake and armed intruder. I wasn’t afraid. I pretty much knew what I would do in each of those cases if I was physically able. I tell them – hey you buy insurance right. Do you live in fear of a fire, accident?

      38. According to Kay Griggs,the way to think like a Navy Seal is to engage in homosexuality.You also have to murder a random person and rob their home as part of your graduation.

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