How To Survive a Mass Shooting… Flee, Hide, Bite, Spit, Cover, Shoot Back, Play Dead And More

by | Nov 15, 2015 | Headline News | 176 comments

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    This guide was originally published by Health Ranger Mike Adams at Natural News.


    As a concealed carry permit holder trained in handgun combat, I’ve learned more than a few things about surviving an encounter with armed shooters. In this two-part audio series, I share valuable, practical advice on how you can survive active shooting scenarios, with or without your own firearm.

    These two special reports, linked below, cover concepts like:

    • Fleeing the scene
    • Fighting back with firearms
    • Fighting back without firearms
    • Closing with attackers to neutralize rifles: grappling range
    • Unarmed attack methods: eye gouges, biting, spitting, hair pulling, groin shots, using expedient weapons like forks and chairs
    • The concepts of “cover” vs. “concealment”
    • The physics of gunfire… don’t believe the Hollywood myths
    • Why vehicles do not provide cover from gunfire
    • Playing dead and using other bodies as concealment and cover
    • The importance of being armed (where legal to do so)
    • Why gunmen never expect people to fight back
    • Why waiting for the police to arrive and save you is a horrible mistake

    Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is the founding editor of, the internet’s No. 1 natural health news website, now reaching 7 million unique readers a month.

    For more news, commentary and videos like these visit Natural News.


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      1. Take the fuckers out by what ever means available or at least die honourably attempting to.

        We need to protect our women and children.

        • How to Survive a Mass Shooting: stay away from crowds

        • OR…. You can get behind the incredibly obese black woman and use her as a human shield.

          Just be careful not to be under her when she goes down.

          • I DID watch most of it. Tough to watch. I pray that our leaders don’t do this to us.

          • Acid… thanks for the video. Appreciate your posts. I just watched it. Very disturbing.

            Unfortunately, at some future point, I can see it happening here in the U.S. Initially, it will most likely be limited to isolated pockets throughout the U.S., and then expand from there. I think they are giving it a bit more time, waiting to see how it continues to play out over there, how long it takes for people to cave-in and acquiesce before rolling it out here in the States.

            Sure hope I am wrong on that prediction.

            BTW, I shared this with a friend who is a long-standing member of ATS (a site I won’t go near) and he said he was banned from there for posting this video. Although he isn’t sure if it was the video or the one-liner comment in the post, he thinks it was more than likely the video.

            Anyway, there will be a deep freeze in hell before the mainstream media plays this video on the news.

        • AS, I’m with you on that one.




          FALSE FLAG?



          • Is it the same passport they found in the World Trade Center rubble? You know, the one that survived an airplane explosion AND a building implosion?

            • ❤❤❤



      2. Starting off by bragging about having a permission slip from the government to carry a firearm is not good. Here’s the fact; if you ain’t killed initially, you kill the motherfuckers that are trying to kill you and yours. Carry a weapon.

        • Some people still lend some credence to being “legal”, are usually the same people who do not understand our Constitution. Instead, all they can use as a guide is what “the law” says. If Mike had not said it, there would’ve been a troll-fest about what “qualifies” HIM to speak.

          It’s the world we live in.

          • I do understand, but it makes me sick anyway.

      3. Interesting show. If at all possible, DON’T get caught up in one of those scenarios if you can avoid it. If I were in one, I’ll do anything and everything I can think of to survive it and I won’t care if my actions are legal. I don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense. Following such policies will get someone killed. I carry certain self-defense items with me everywhere that may be illegal but I don’t care. all I care about is staying alive and that’s all that matters to me. Anyone who attacks me had better be ready to pay a price for it.

        • Ten French France military jets have just dropped a shit load of bombs on ISIS.
          Sacre fuckin’ bleu!
          Viva la France.

          • You mean they just bombed northern Paris?

            • They probably could do just that for a week and not hit a single Frenchman.

              Would be a shame about the Parisian architecture, though.

          • You mean they bommed our troops?

            • No, but you can assume they probably were aiming for the Syrian Army.

        • While ISIS (America’s CIA + British MI6 + Israel’s Mossad + France’s DGSE) was very busy carrying out the false flag operation in Paris on 11/13, the same day the IMF ─International Monetary Fund and not “Impossible Missions Force,” since the gullible and ignorant masses in America are totally unaware about the existence of this institution─ announced that the fund’s executive board will decide on November 30th whether to add the Chinese currency (the Renminbi, commonly known as the Yuan) to the Special Drawing Rights basket.

          IMF head Christine Lagarde said that she personally supported that move. Yuan joining basket of currencies comprising IMF’s lending instrument likely to boost demand for Chinese assets and the effects will be felt in the pockets of ordinary Americans (the loss of purchasing power using US Dollars).

        • Its usually hard to avoid. But the likely hood is also nill too.
          My grandfather was rounded up by the Nazies along with a 11 others in his town and taken out to the country side. They were told it was a work party and they would be paid. The job was to dig a ditch to bury some rotting cows.
          They were done digging and were told to turn around and face the ditch. This was when he realized something was wrong. Then the guns opened up and the guy next to him was hit and fell on top of him into the ditch. He laid motionless for 3 hours while the solders were eating and then most left. The ones left started shooting again at the guys in the ditch then bayoneted some of them. One of the bayonets creased his jaw and neck. Then they quickly threw some dirt on top of them and left too. He said he didnt know hoe long he was there but when he got out it was dark and they had started right after breakfast. He escaped and got lots and lots of retribution during the war. When he told the story onetime my brother told him he was smart to play dead. My grandfather said “Play dead? I thought i was dead”….

          • Good story, Ed.

            Before you know it, a few of our hardcore -ew baiters will come along and say that it wasn’t the Germans that did that, it was all staged and actually done by fake -ews, posing as German Nazis. Sad.

            • Not fun getting shot at.

              Now that France is bombing ISIS, how does one evade that???

              Zero Hedge.

          • Ed

            Interestingly I asked my friends wife who is from Belarus if she lost any family in WWII. The took on her face was one of surprise. She said, “Of course” and started naming Grandparents, great uncles and the like, many civilians. She is not Jewish either. We in the US have been spared a lot of horror.

            • Yes.
              It sent long after this when they came for my grandfathers brothers family. He shot two of the 3 nazis and held off the ones that came later while other family members escaped. He couldnt go because he had polio and couldnt walk. The family said that they could hear him laughing and counting the nazis he shot one by one.

            • We won’t just hear about this one on Facebook.

          • I feel that if the current Gustapo would come to my home now, i would fight it out right there.

            The problem in the lead up to WWII is that nobody knew it was happening. With all the social media now, news would travel fast and people would know what was happening.

            • JS
              might want to rethink that one as well, why do you think they now have a switch to turn OFF the internet, word will still be faster than in the old days BUT it will be curtailed alott, while the bastards are killing us

              • In the 90’s there was a wireless internet available that couldnt be shut down. You just bought the router and installed a second hard drive for the use of the network. It was very interesting and worked well. However it was expensive and the gov shut down the frequency it was used on. But it wouldnt be hard to implement something like that again.

            • If Facebook, Twitter, and the internet go down, assume the worst.

        • Boycott fucking goddamn Disney.

          Those soulless fucks fired Americans after they had used them to train their foreign replacements.

          Motherfucking 1%. People are more important than a new Lamborghini you fucking pieces of shit.


        • Why is it that everybody else in the world can speak 3 or more languages and Amerikans cant even speak proper English?

          Do you old bastards ever bother to study anything? Do you see any beauty in language and culture?

          • Acid Etch

            Most of the world has a foreign country that speaks a different language in a couple of hours drive.

            I agree with Disney. What they did shouldn’t be legal.

            • With any kind of lick, some soon-to-be-fired IT person left a software time bomb buried in the system to fuck up the works after they had left. Hope they used their boss’es login to do the job. Kara’s a bitch.

              • No sheet mo fo, you wanna sum egg foo yung beetch? How about I serve you from dees exploding trash can 🙂 Made inna china of course. You razy amerikan bastads!

          • A rung e yung o ung kung i dung dung i nung gung? I kung nung o wung sung e vung e rung a lung!

            ancay ouyay igurefey isthey outway?

            Was is dis shiez? is ein shiezgaziested?

            tu ares una granda bendejo amigo.

            OK Acid, translate all the above lol 🙂

            • Genius, LMFAO. Good one.

              • Ha ha ya Brave, I want to see if he can do it lol

                • In fact the top language is great if you need to talk in front of others to an individual privately. Also good for coding radio comms 🙂

                  • Genius, you just gave me an idea. I’ll start using that language on the trolls. It’ll drive them batty.

            • ok tired of waiting, who here can decipher this?

              • Sorry it’s taking so long but not everybody is a sorry loser posting at 3.14 Am in the morning, some of us have lives.

                • Ok loser, post away 🙂

            • Notta badda talla. I gotta alla dem butta da wonna boutta da “rung a bung” one. Whatta da hella dat one?

              But hey: Ima Wop.

          • I can speak 2 languages other than English, and I can pick out enough to get the jist of 2 more. It’s kinda like this for me: If one can speak French and Spanish, then Portuguese starts to make sense, because it borrows from both.

            For everything else, you can either wave a dollar at them, or use European sign language (Duck and Cover)…

            • Ya six but it’s cheaper to just wave a gun in their face lol. Not all countries want to accept dollars anymore 🙂

              • I mean hell, thats what our govt, does 🙂

                • You’re right.

          • I am fluent in three languages
            1. English
            2. Sarcasm
            3. Profanity
            Interchangeable as required.

        • I’m sick and tired of these pussy articles that talk about carrying “if it’s legal to do so in your area”.

          Fuck you, motherfucker.




          • That’s what i like about Texas. The law says that if you are carrying a gun illegally and justifiably shoot someone, you can not be prosecuted for illegally carrying a gun.

            Also, the lessons all these Black radicals in the Black Lives Matter movement have taught us is to DRIVE OFF.

            Shoot someone, then leave, do not call the police. If George Zimmerman just killed Trevon Martin then drove off, nobody would ever have known it was him. Instead the Liberals persecuted him for doing his civic duty.

            Shoot, shovel and shut up.

            • Spoken like a true Hawaiian!

          • Acid Etch


            While that is an interesting concept in principal its not that easy in practice. Get caught violating the incredibly complicated and confusing NJ firearms laws and your likely to go to prison. Kiss your job good by. Bank on $10,000+ in legal fees and a like amount of fines. I was born there and fled over two decades ago. Hate to even go there to visit family. I’ll put on my tombstone a variation of the WC Fields quote, “Better here than in NJ”.

            • JUST WALK AWAY


              • Two days ago, I saw a vehicle that’d haul that tanker. You wanna get outta here, you talk to me.

          • Acid. show me you can decipher what I posted lol

          • Ummm Acid, Are you refering to Marbury VS. Madison? If so you need to know that since the bankruptcy in 1933 the courts no longer have to allow supreme court rulings before that time. Just lettin ya know 🙂

          • It must be a short film. French always surrender within the first 5 minutes.

            • JS, the French surrender faster than any other people in the whole world.

              • The French are lovers, not fighters.

              • That may be.

                But they are civilized and cultured people.

                Do you want an Islamic France?

                Europe’s problem is America’s problem.

                Why? Because It’s a loss of territory for the whites.

                Yes dickheads, this really is a race war we face.

                • I have also worked with crews from france and I can say, the germans are 10x tougher! Both mentally and physically. The germans will take matters into theyre own hands, the french, not so much.

      4. Ladies it’s time to get your nails sharpened and maybe even your teeth!!!!!!!…….

        • Hatpins could come back.

          • Nobody likes a little prick…especially women.

        • Screw that – Smith & Wesson.

      5. Best of all: Stay out of target rich environment areas, and leave as fast as you can if you have to enter one.

        Learned that in Vietnam.

      6. You got one right: Shoot back: and preferably first!

        • Strike first strike hard no mercy Sir!!!!!!!!!

      7. I couldn’t agree more. We live in an entirely different world today and you really have to assess where you are all the time. When we go out, it always to an out of the way place, not likely to be a target of a terrorist attack or anything. We live about a two hour drive from Americas most popular theme parks in Florida and have never gone to any of them. When I go someplace, I first assess the risk and then ask myself if I am willing to risk my family’s lives to be here. I also do not go anywhere I can not carry my weapon. If you must be somewhere risky, find the exits. Sit as close as you can to one of them and watch the people around you at all times. Situational awareness is the key to survival. Like you, I will not stand by and hope they don’t kill me. I will fight with everything I can get my hands on until I am dead or unconscious.

        • Paranoid much? Come on man I hear you with situational awareness and all but limiting where you take your familly because your afraid of a random shooting is limiting quality of life. We don’t live in Somolia, you shouldn’t live in constant fear. If you do the terrorist already won.

          • Paranoid much? I don’t think all those French people who died or are possibly maimed for life were either. I agree fear can be debilitating but we live in perilous times. I repeat perilous times.

          • I’ll quit being “paranoid” when my govt stops targeting ME instead of the TERRORISTS.

            • The govt. IS the terrists!

        • Situational awareness is key. All attacks have occurred in places where there is a substantial Muslim population (France etc.). That is your first clue. Stay away from these places. Be careful of venturing into these areas. Stick to places (and spend your money) where you know the population is substantially non-Muslim. It is money that fuels these terrorist networks: their restaurants, airlines etc. Try to only buy fuel from Norway, Canada.

          • Tell us which gas stations sell Norwegian and Canadian fuel.

            • Gas stations in Norway and Canada.

            • The ones without “Allah Akbar” posted above the door are usually not muslim… just saying.

          • Tesoro is Venezuelan gas, so skip that.

            A lot of the west coast fuel is Alaskan origin.

            If you’re buying Chinese goods, you’re buying Middle East oil.

            US imports are lower than they used to be.

          • Same thing with predominately black areas. They’re pretty much the same.

            • The world is a big place and it is possible to hit them in the pocket book. Avoid heavily populated areas in countries with large Muslim populations. These are:

              In Europe


              All of Africa and the Middle East

              But this leaves the safe zones of the Pacific and Latin America and many other places

              Don’t use their businesses, don’t buy anything made with their oil and gas (demand that gas stations and manufacturers tell you where they get their oil and gas from: tell them you do not buy terrorist-funding oil/gas), don’t fly on their airlines (Emirates etc.). Just as we had a successful campaign with ‘Blood Diamonds’, do the same with Islamic terrorism.

      8. I noticed on several occasions the mention of having a defensive weapon ‘when it’s legal to do so.’

        Due to the nature of laws regarding carrying of guns in public, he has no choice but to urge people to carry “legally.” In actual practice though, any attacker is carrying without a “permit” so why shouldn’t a poor, helpless victim have a similar chance? If it’s concealed, there should be no problem carrying whatever you might need. I carried for years without a permit. I stopped only when my arthritic hands made it all but impossible to draw and fire accurately. I’m willing to bet good money that a significant number of those reading this are also carrying “illegally.”

        Remember, we have the “RIGHT” to keep and bear arms, not ‘permission.’

      9. I just heard that President Kennedy passed Executive Order 11110 which would have dissolved the privately owned bank of the Rothchild-Rockefeller-Morgan’s known erroneously as the Fed but is not the Fed. The name is an attempt to fool people into believing that it is American but it isn’t. Six months later Kennedy was killed in an open car during a parade in Texas. Lyndon Johnson overturned Executive Order 11110.

        The lesson here is don’t ride in an open car in a parade in Texas.

        • B from CA, the the message they were putting out was don’t fight the NWO, but I’m fighting it anyway.

          • BfromCA, That order has never been recinded either. I believe that was the biggest reason he was killed. Everyone that goes against the bankers gets whacked. They tried to kill Jefferson and he beat the shit out of the assasin lol 🙂

            • Not Jefferson, Jackson and Roosevelt 1.

              • Yes Jackson, I stand corrected 🙂

                • I thought it was ‘Ol Hickory, too. Putting his picture on a FRN is a posthumous slap in the face.

                • President Jackson was asked what he was most proud of. On his death bed, he answered, “I got the banks”. He had put a serious stop to some of the Banksters shinanigans. The founding fathers were some real men.

                  • Ya BC but the men of the time weren’t any smarter evidently.

      10. JAS, that’s the right strategy. I generally avoid malls and other places where huge crowds normally gather. There are only certain stores I go to for my prep supplies and they are usually not very crowded. I only spend the amount of time I have to in those stores to get what I need and get out of there. I’m not the type to go ‘hang out’ anywhere. What I do reduces my risk of getting caught up in one of those scenarios Adams mentioned. On Black Friday I stay out of all stores, period. 1. I don’t want to deal with any of that madness for any alleged ‘bargains’ and 2., in the aftermath of Paris, let’s not be surprised if something like that takes place in any of our malls or stores over here. Imagine if one of more suicide bombers went into some walmarts and blew themselves up on Black Friday. Think of the psychological value that would have, especially with the kinds of crowds that are in those stores on that particular day. It would give a whole new meaning to Black Friday.

        • Bravefart. How much life to do avoid? Go out and get back as soon as possible. Avoid public places as much as you can. It sounds like you are already dead. Prepping is great but you take it too far. Your life is like a cockroaches life. Sad and pathetic. Your only outlet seems to be prepping and hitting this site all day. You are in a self induced prison and need to get help.

          • Tunkcuf, let me add some clarification to my earlier remarks. while there are still some things in life I enjoy, there are a lot of other things that just don’t hold any appeal for me. I avoid vertain types of places NOT because of any potential acts of terrorism, but because I’m not interested in certain things. My life still beats the hell out of a cockroach’s life. I don’t have the ‘follow the herd’ or ‘groupthink’ mentality. I have other outlets, I just get to them when I can. I have to work a lot to maintain my standard of living which IS above average. And I don’t need any help. the cure would most likely be WORSE than the disease.

          • I have no desire to be a blurb on the news because I wanted a great deal on a new TV. Do you want your kids to grow up knowing mom died trying to get a screaming deal on a TV?

            • Brave, On your way out of town be sure to drive down the sidewalk in a 68 pontiac bonneville and mow down some land whales lol!

              • Genius, LOL. Funny you’d mention a Pontiac Bonneville. I had a 64 model once and ran over a german shepherd with it.

                • Ha ha I did have a 68 and man was that a tank! That thing had to weigh 3 tons and got about 5mpg. If I had to have a car to plow through shit that would be my choice!

      11. I don’t worry about it. Concerned maybe. The world is so crazy you can die from driving down the road. Sink holes, mudslides, hurricanes, slip and fall, drown and tornado’s. Know your surroundings and look for exits. Don’t get the Turkey Neck, stick it way out and say, “What was that?”

        Which way do you run when you see other people running?

        • Ello sling.

          I’d like to think… Towards the threat.

        • Slingshot, I’ll be running back to my truck to GOOD [get out of dodge]. I don’t give a rat’s ass what the other people do. Just looking out for No. 1; ME!

          • I want to say we have good people here. Lots of opinions and good solutions. The solution to the problem of terrorism is beyond what most people can comprehend.

            We can talk about escape and evade, but I want you all to remember when it becomes ghastly, who made it possible for the enemy to come to our homes. Who provided the means and support. Who provided the transportation to within our boarders. Who twisted the laws to speed the process to kill your loved one’s.

            And God Forbid, but it will happen for those who are suppose to protect us, only care about being paid to bring them here and those that pay them, votes to bring tyranny to this nation.
            It is beginning to look higher than our President.

            Who are the Real Terrorist behind the Curtain?
            Soros and others like him?

            • Sling, EVERYONE who had a hand in bringing these people to our land need to be held accountable and pay the ultimate price for it. The politicians and bureaucrats better hide the best they can when the balloon goes up.

            • The fastest way to stop terrorism is to STOP FUNDING, ARMING, TRAINING AND EMPLOYING TERRORISTS.

              • Ya six, thats the amerikan dream. Too bad you have to be asleep to believe it 🙁

      12. When we go into town to shop, we always go as a pair, both carrying G26’s. We usually go early morning, before the stores get a crowd in them and never-never eat out in a restaurant. When we go to the movies, we will always catch the earliest show, around noon.

        Most of all, I keep a sharp eye out fur dem hogs!

        • I always watch out for trolls.

          • Not certain what your point is?

            Maybe you should find someone else’s leg to hump, O.K.?

            • Braveheart humps dale’s leg? sounds about right since Be Informed left.

              • Anon, I got something you can hump. [SARCASM]

              • Be Informed was a gay-bashing piece of shit.

                Tell me how normal straight people are while Europe has a negative fucking fertility rate from all the xenoestrogens in the fucking food.

                • Acid, WHOA THERE! Be Informed was one of the brightest lights in this house and knew more about earthquakes than anyone else here. Think you can do any better? I doubt it!

                  • Hey Brave, At least he is giving out free obama dolls. They are floating around in his toilet..

                    • Genius, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! LMFAO! Man that is COLD!

            • He’s just a troll.

              • Anon, did I just read your post right? You’re confessing that you’re a troll? This is unbelievable!

                • More than one poster is listed as Anonymous.

                  Anyone posting without a name is listed that way.

                  Use some common sense.

                  • Or use a name, that will solve the problem derrrr…

            • Them Hogs, I was just having a moment of humor when I made that post. Not aimed at anyone. Watch out for them hogs.

      13. My wife and I were just talking about what happened in Paris. One of the things I told her was always have situational awareness. Look at what is going on around you, watch people.

        I see people everyday walking with there face burried in the smartphone. They have no clue as to whats around them.

        Neither of us like large crowds or events where there are a lot of people. We always sit with our back to the wall facing the door when in a resturant. Not that I think some towel head id going to run in and start shooting, but you never know and should just be cognizant of your surroundings.

        • Locally, two people were killed by a train, in separate incidents last couple of years. Both of them were idiots walking on the tracks playing with their stupid phones. Didn’t even look up for the train horn.

          • Maybe Darwin wasn’t completely wrong…

            • Good riddance I say!

      14. I would go to any synagogue since with ISIS sob’s these are safe houses and never gets hit. No one would punch his / her cousins.

      15. Don’t go where crowds are and your good. These savages attack here there are large amounts of people to kill. The crowd is a herd for the killing. Malls and stores that draw a lot of people are the best spots for evil to strike. the terrorists striking on Black Friday would put a hurt on the economy. The value of this to the enemy could help destabilize the peace. It’s not hard to see that your safety depends on your street smarts. The gov hasn’t even admitted we have a problem. It’s the Wild West folks do what you want just don’t get caught.

      16. If we check into a multi story hotel I count the doorways to the stair case and note if the closests one is to our right or left. In the event of a fire you’ll be crawling on the floor. Several fire fighting schools I went to taught us this.

        Regardless where you are know the best way out of there.

        Don’t think about this statistical anomaly and have your mind wander when driving or walking near moving automobiles.

      17. Just read an article on drudge regarding a refugee assistance resistance .The head legislator from new York was interviewed (hes from buffalo) .He’s said dhs told him there were already an estimated 4000 ISIS militants in US. WTF. Michigan is suspending program .I hope Bobby Jindal does more than question Fed gov .He needs to send the 10000 back to where they came from .Some folks are starting to get it, just not the full picture. I don’t think folks understand we, WE the people are going to be the ones fighting these ragheaded bastards on US soil. Not the military and not the cops .We need to close the borders now .

        • Another governor just told the feds not to settle any more in his state. Alabama, I believe.

          In Sweden, the gov’t is keeping new shelter addresses a secret. Too many of them are being burned down.

        • The unorganized militia with 300,000,000 firearms and billions of rounds of ammo, each an army of one.

          Don’t need no chain of command, just shoot the goat f ‘ers.

      18. Absolutely no rules in a SHTF event or for that matter of a fact in any situation that could cost you or your love ones life. We are facing a very ugly time soon, so prepare like there is no tomorrow, there just may not be one. Take it to your opponent first or you will die.

        • And DO NOT CALL THE COPS! Unless you absolutely have too.

          • Genius,
            Just watched the link that Acid posted earlier on mass immigration.
            Even the pigs will end up fighting against the muslim scum army to save their own bacon.
            There’s some proper heavy shit going on behind the scenes.
            Not good for us that’s for sure.

            • Ha ha ha, BLT anyone?

        • ATLS, once the balloon goes up, all the rules we live by at this time will go straight out the window. It will be ‘no holds barred’ and ‘anything goes’.

      19. And afterward, make certain you remember that the entire event was made possible by the treasonous filth in your government that imported the murderous garbage, and set them loose to murder people.

        The traitors are a bigger problem, because after the goat raping barbarians are put down, the traitors will be hard at work, trying to bring new ones in to do the same thing. Over, and over, and over.

          • Is Israel going to become multicultural? The tribe has been expelled from 109 locations since 50 A.D. They are troublemakers. Always have been.

            • Truth is they just want to be left alone.

              Judaism isn’t evangelical, in fact it is quite difficult to become a Jew through conversion since they really don’t want to convert anyone.

              FWIW, they’re probably the oldest continuing cohesive culture, certainly the longest existing one that has gone for several thousand years with no homeland to separate itself from others.

          • Fish n chips:

            Do they still burn witches?? Evil eyes qualifies. I have matches, flint, charcoal and plenty of dry twigs.

            • I have wood posts and rope too 🙂

          • That bitch from the tribe had better start watching her six.

      20. We are witnessing the death of Europe. Non-violent response will not work against this enemy. For non-violence to work, the enemy has to have conscience and empathy. Our enemy has neither.

      21. Checked into a hotel in Greensboro for a 2 day stay. I was given a room on the top floor at the end of the hall. I did not think much of it at the time, but later I gave it a little thought. If anything happened, I was going to be the last one out. I might be a bit more vocal next time.

        • I always ask for a room with no view, far from the elevator, close to the staircase. That’s just me.

      22. Profile the living hell out of people. Call me racist, call me an a**hole, but I will never trust a Muslim. Time to start carrying everywhere. It’s obvious they’re manifesto isn’t just meaningless script. They said they would attack soft targets. The French need to grow a pair and arm citizens. And when you kill a terrorist don’t offer them burial or cremation. Impale them on a stake or hang them in a town center as a warning for the rest. After this, I’m sure not many French would mind.

      23. I can advise you from experience, the best time to call 911 is after you’ve taken care of the problem yourself. It’s a lot safer that way. I personally have known of 2 instances where people called 911 for help, and ending up getting shot & killed by the responding cops.
        BE PREPARED.

      24. The author’s purported “training and qualifications” hardly make him qualified to speak authoritatively on a subject such as this.

      25. Remember revolvers don’t leave shell casings behind folks. Semi autos leave brass everywhere to be found. Better learn to reload a revolver fast and stay in the fight jacket pockets make a nice dump pouch. Cops will be killing these savages too. I’m glad the French are crushing these fucks their pres has more brains and balls than Obummer the coward. Obama is fucking a muzzie and wants to leave the terrorists to destroy us. It’s not hard to see he is a sympathizer and traitor. I’m surprised people aren’t rioting out in the streets. People have really been dumbed down with all the weed they smoke and media brainwashing. This is all totally outrageous why haven’t they closed the borders they have no intention of stopping the coming clash of cultures that is sure to be bloody. It’s gonna come to your door before anyone does a thing about it. You are in your own folks.

        • In a fight, the last thing to be concerned about is dumping your brass into a pocket. Empty it and reload.

        • Got speedloaders?

      26. Buy more ammo, and more magazines for your weapons.

        Can’t go wrong stacking it deep.

      27. We went over this years ago with the flash mobs, knock out game and the overall pack mentality of young blacks in this country. We concluded it just wasn’t practical to to heavy up to an offensive capacity we defined as more then 120 rounds in magazines. In winter, for most it’s easier, more clothes, more pockets, but for us in Florida that doesn’t work. My comfort max load is a G17 with 2 extra magazines, but it’s rare I go out like that unless I’m going to be in a crowd, in the city. At home, at the office I pretty much have GTW capabilities.

        Being realistic though if I’m just going out for lunch, dinner or a quick trip to the store I usually only have a G43 or DB9 in my pocket and no extra mags. I think that’s true for most of us. The good news is there are a lot of us out there now.

        • Carry a messenger bag. Nobody will realize what you are doing. And if they do they wont say anything. Trust me I did this for years in FL.

          • Messenger bag, fanny pack, back pack you can do all that, but it’s still about the weight. I can look at a bag or pack and usually tell if it’s heavy by the way it hangs. I could just carry around my go bag which is always with me just not on my person, but again it’s about comfort and weight.

        • If we have to be concerned about 50-round firefights when we go out with our pistolas to the local diner, we need to be wearing body armor, helmets, and carrying long guns with a mag vest.

          • Whats that another 26-28 lbs.? I have a life and like living it. What ever I have on me at that point in time will have to do!

      28. Hey Genius, I see that you are posting more sensible stuff recently, welcome to the board, you have been removed from the agency ass clown list.

        Hey AgentSkinhead just spoke on Mt behalf.. if I was ever in a public place and a false flag of that magnitude hit I would literally piss my pants. I would try to get the hell out because I do t want just get shot and killed that easy, I would exist the back of the restaurant, clear the area hall ass to get my car for my 590A1. Come back and kill out the the isis rat bastards.. easier said than done, I may even get my ass killed in the process but you have do something to stop the phuckers from killing more people..when phucks like that kill peoplea, children, women in front me, I will be frightened and will get Gad damn pissed off, to be honest with you I am not too certain how I would handle it but I do know that if such a thing happened in my area, patriots rain dow on the area and take out the isis phucks…the pope and. his UN Muslim buddies that did thus false flag know what they are doing they won’t Dare try that crap in Texas. Then again they might.. if isis walked into Katy and did that stunt publicly, the boys out by Mason Rd would literally implement a militaristic response..the bodies of the isis jihadist would be Public display after being taxidermed.



        Don’t got to Katy, it’s not safe for you isis jihadist, ..our citizens do not follow the Geneva convention..

        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        • Well thanks I guess lol. I would like to know what things I posted in the past that were less sensible. I do joke around but I feel my posts are sensible. Was I ever wrong about anything?

          • Jackson.

          • Genius, your posts are ALWAYS sensible and I always enjoy them. Don’t worry about HCKS.

            • Brave, I don’t worry about anyone lol. Anon is right, I was wrong about Jackson but I corrected it asap. Ok now I can say I was wrong 1 time lol 🙂

      29. Funny how the gas stations that usually have Muslims in them are absent the last couple days!….

      30. Am I missing something here…is it truly PATHETIC that we even have to be concerned with type of thing? If, indeed, we do have to be concerned at the INDIVIDUAL level, that seems to send out a BIG MESSAGE that our GOV is entirely USELESS.

        So…am I missing something here?

      31. Anon, maybe the ones that you go to have a lot red necks pumping Gas at them and it’s making the jihadist employees at the station feel uneasy since if they pulled that jihadist crap in public, the Muslim at the station may not like the fact that he is and easy target, since most veterans and red necks carry AR’s with them all the time.. then again it may just be coincidence..who knows..



      32. Most people have no clue about modern weapons and have all their knowledge from watching Hollywood and TV. This means they are filled with misinformation and fantasy. This absence of knowledge of modern weapons and military-style violence means they have a brain freeze when confronted with a mass shooter scenario.

        1) High velocity bullets are not stopped by planks of wood, car doors, hardback books, false wood pillers etc. Most people will, out of fear, reach for these things thinking the bullets will be stopped or deflected. They won’t.
        2) Military-grade weapons fired in closed spaces are extremely loud and cause a violent echo effect that is very disorienting and confusing. Confronted with a real weapon fired in a room (and not in a video game) most people will just freak because it is so otherworldly.
        3) Do not put your hope in the police saving you, or, like the Calvary, riding in and saving everyone. Most police forces still follow the standard operating procedure of waiting out a shooter until they have command and control and directions from a higher authority. A lot of police forces are populated by officers, who, to put it politely, are fat, out of shape, desk jockey slobs. Such people do not function well in this type of crisis.
        4) Seek escape as your first option. Best defence is getting out of there, fast. This is why being in good shape and having strong arms is critical: it can literally save your life if you can run like a mo-fo and climb over a high wall. Get fit now: it will save your life.

        If fleeing is not an option (closed exits, fire, roof of building, exit blocked by multiple shooters etc.) then you need to start the fight back. If it is dark or nighttime, all of us have one option: the mobile phone. Flashing that into the eyes of a shooter will buy you time as it will disorient them. Fire extinguishers are good weapons. Throwing sharp objects, heavy metal, chairs, just get very violent and aim to kill. All weapons need to be reloaded: don’t waste that time. Launch an attack at that moment. Fire is a good weapon if you have an accelerant and ignitor to hand, but be careful you do not set on fire your only exit. All shooters have eyes so aim caustic chemicals at them. Electrical wires, have many uses: if they are live, try and electrocute the shooter. A favorite trick we used to do in the special forces was a simple one: if you have them moving through a room or building, running or walking quickly, then think about this: they will be looking around for targets: their eyes darting about: focused forward. They will not be looking down at their feet. Get some wire across from the hallway, enough to trip them. Door prizes also are effective: if they are moving, room to room, executing people, then set up a surprise when they bust your door down: be creative.

        • In other words, hide behind the nearest land whale in a rascal scooter. That should provide protection up to .50 cal 🙂

          • I like your wicked sense of humour 🙂

            Yes, in a pinch just find a highly obese American to hide behind. The French aren’t fat like Americans so they didn’t have that option. They had to run.


        Looks like we have a new agency ass clown muslim troll posting on shtf. Braveheart1776. f….k you stinking muslim piece of sh…t lowlife. How dare you post on this site, Mac, please filter out this piece of crap from you site. The idiot thinks that by nameing himself one of ours, with 1776 following his post get him in to discredit David Hodges and advising others not to listen to HCKS…well troll, i have been around here for quite some time and i aint leaving. So Piss off troll.



        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        • HCKS, f#$% you to hell and back! I’m the same Braveheart who’s been coming here since 2012, mofo. I only recently made a little change in my moniker. BTW, when Hodges wrote that the citizens of Sweden made a “racist” attack on a muslim refugee center in their country, that sent up a red flag in my mind. “Racist” is used all the time by the MSM and the tribe. What those people were doing was fighting the invaders that came to hurt them and Hodges is going to call them “racist” for that? Sounds like anything from CNN, MSNBC, etc. Are any of us “racist’ because we care about our country and are standing up for it? You need to lay down the crackpipe NOW. I’m not going anywhere unless Mac decides I should leave. You don’t have any standing here so go f#$% yourself!

      34. Don’t forget! You can always shoot back!

        Or did somebody already say that?

      35. Ooo. Ooo. From the snappy comeback department:

        I be gonna hittem wit me yoga mat.

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