How To Stamp Out Cultural Marxism In A Single Generation

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Headline News | 111 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt Market.


    There are very few legitimate cultural divisions in the world. Most of them are arbitrarily created, not only by political and financial elites, but also by the useful idiots and mindless acolytes infesting the sullied halls of academia.

    It is perhaps no mistake that cultural Marxists in the form of “social justice warriors”, PC busybodies and feminists tend to create artificial divisions between people and “classes” while attacking and homogenizing very real and natural divisions between individuals based on biological reality and inherent genetic and psychological ability. This is what cultural Marxists do: divide and conquer or homogenize and conquer, whatever the situation happens to call for.

    They do this most commonly by designated arbitrary “victim status” to various classes, thus dividing them from each other based on how “oppressed” they supposedly are.  The less statistically prominent a particular group is (less represented in a job field, media, education, population, etc.) in any western society based on their color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, etc., generally the more victim group status is afforded to them by social justice gatekeepers.  Whites and males (straight males) are of course far at the bottom of their list of people who have reason to complain and we are repeatedly targeted by SJW organizations and web mobs as purveyors of some absurd theory called “the patriarchy”.

    Although cultural marxism does indeed target every individual and harm every individual in the long run, my list of personal solutions outlined in this article will be directed in large part at the categories of people most attacked by the social justice cult today.

    I do not write often about PC cultism and social justice because the movement is only a symptom of a greater problem, namely the problem of collectivism. The only true and concrete social (group) division is the division between collectivists and individualists: between those who believe the individual should be subservient to the group mind and those who believe the group is meaningless without the individual mind.

    I have already spoken on the root dangers and logical inconsistencies of the social justice cult in articles such as ‘The Twisted Motives Behind Political Correctness’ and ‘The Future Costs Of Politically Correct Cultism.’

    There are many intelligent commentators on the Web who have consistently demolished the PC mob with reason and logic, and I leave that battle to them. In this article I would like to continue my examination but with the goal of presenting some real and tangible solutions. And like most solutions to most problems, it is the individual who is required to draw the line in the sand and change the way he approaches the realm of cultural Marxism. It is not up to groups, organizations or governments.

    First, let’s be clear, cultural Marxism has already done most of the damage it can possibly do to our way of life. And by damage, I mean the end of long-standing foundational pillars of society that provide stability and prosperity, including traditional marriage (not government-licensed marriage), family, gender “roles,” etc. (which cultural Marxists openly boast about tearing down).

    In Western nations male suicide rates are way up. Women’s proclaimed levels of happiness and contentment are way down, despite the fact that they have had wage equality for decades (yes, the wage gap is a perpetually pontificated Lochness monster-sized myth that was debunked years ago by economists like Thomas Sowell), despite the fact that they have surpassed men in educational participation and despite the fact that they have total control over family planning.

    Marriage rates are at historic lows since the 1970s and the rise of social justice activism. Of course, the argument is often presented that economic decline has more to do with this than cultural Marxism. However, setting aside the rising tide of men who fear being bled dry through divorce settlements based on double standards, the West’s economic decline (and thus marriage decline) can be correlated to the increase in overt debt spending. And debt spending is driven directly by socialist legislation, entitlement programs and social welfare addiction, more so even than it can be correlated to military spending.

    Therefore, cultural Marxism and its vicious attempts to forcefully “harmonize” wealth through taxation and welfare have indeed caused the very economic conditions by which marriage is made untenable and families are made unstable.

    While women become more and more unhappy, men and masculinity are essentially demonized by cultural Marxists (mainly feminists) as “toxic.” This propaganda campaign has been so successful that men in many first world nations are beginning to pursue, for all intents and purposes, an asexual lifestyle safer from collectivist intrusions and judgments.

    As if the psychological browbeating were not enough, the chemistry of the male body is also being warped by estrogen-imitating chemicals present in industrial products, plastics and soy-based foods. A decline in normal levels of male testosterone and an ever increasing hormonal feminization of younger generations of men and boys is becoming prevalent.

    Indirect chemical influences aren’t the only threat. Direct drugging of boys (with far greater frequency than girls) with psychotropics in order to subdue their natural tendencies towards physicality and frenetic activity is epidemic in public schools, all with the goal of making boys behave more like girls.

    Finally, the erasure of free speech and thought is always the holy grail of cultural Marxists; but this is not always done through government power — at least not right away. Social justice cultists rely more on collective pressure and public shaming tactics to engineer an environment in which people feel compelled to self-censor rather than deal with the hailstorm of witch hunters and wagging fingers.

    Cultural Marxists do use government force to police what they consider thought crimes, but usually in an incremental manner. One day, it’s the use of government to demand associations, as with a Christian-owned cake business being forced to work for another party that feels entitled to a gay wedding cake. Another day, it might be a public school being forced to allow boys dressed as girls in the girls’ bathroom or locker room. Another day, it might be the implementation of lowered standards and quotas to force businesses to hire people with victim-group status, even if they are unqualified for the job.

    All of these actions impede upon the individual freedoms and privacy rights of others, all under the guise of “equality.” And because cultural Marxists need to constantly observe ever greater modes of oppression and inequality in order to justify their existence, the impositions on individual liberty will never end. Today, people may argue that such violations are “minor” and not to be concerned over. It is happening to strangers or distant neighbors, not to them; so why should they care? Liberty movement champions know full well why this thinking is idiotic; the trampling of one person’s individual liberties is the trampling of ALL people’s individual liberties. Totalitarianism is a virus that feeds on one person to the next until everyone is on the menu.

    It is not enough anymore to simply continue pointing out the insanity of political correctness; we must also take useful steps toward reversing the destruction already wrought.

    And so, here are my solutions, which must be enacted by individuals in their daily lives regardless of the potential backlash. Do you have leftist leaning friends or family members? It doesn’t matter. Are you employed in a workplace crawling with social justice ideologues? Stop seeing them as part of the equation because they do not matter. Worried about losing a relationship if you make a stand? Say good riddance. This is what must be done by free thinkers if they are to counter and reverse the collectivist nightmare of cultural Marxism.

    Feel no shame: Social justice relies on shaming tactics, usually by slandering an opponent with a label that does not really apply to him, in order to control his arguments and behavior. If you don’t care about being called a bigot, a racist, a sexist, a misogynist, a homophobe, etc., then there is not really much that they can do to you.

    Do not self-censor: This does not mean you should go out of your way to be antagonistic or act like an ass, but the thought police have power only if you give power to them. Say what you want to say when you want to say it, and do it with a smile. Let the PC police froth and scream until they have an aneurism. Cultural Marxists are generally weaklings. They avoid physical confrontation like they avoid logic, so why fear them?

    Realize there is no such thing as white privilege or male privilege: In reality, there is only institutionalized “privilege” for victim-status groups. There is no privilege for whites, males, white males or straight white males. When confronted with such claims, demand to see proof of such privilege. Invariably, you will get a long list of first world problems and complaints backed by nothing but easily debunked talking points and misrepresented statistics. People should not feel guilty for being born the way they are, and this includes us “white male devils.”

    Demand facts to back claims: Cultural Marxists tend to argue on the basis of opinion rather than fact. Present facts to counter their claims, and demand facts and evidence in return. Opinions are irrelevant if the person is not willing to present supporting facts when asked.

    Do not play the game of “unconscious bias”: If social justice cultists can’t counter your position with facts or logic, they will invariably turn to the old standby that you are limited in your insight because you have not lived in the shoes of a – (insert victim group here).  I agree.  In fact, I would point out that this reality of limited perception also applies to THEM as well.  They have not lived in my shoes, therefore they are in no position to claim I enjoy “privilege” while they do not.  This is why facts and evidence are so important, and why anecdotal evidence and personal feelings are irrelevant where cultural Marxism is concerned.

    Let cultural Marxists know their fears and feelings do not matter: No one is entitled to have their feelings addressed by others. And, a person’s fears are ultimately unimportant. Whether the issue is the nonexistent “rape culture” or the contempt cultural Marxists feel over private gun ownership, their irrational fears are not our concern. Why should any individual relinquish his liberties in the name of placating frightened nobodies?

    Demand that society respect your inherent individual rights: Collectivism’s ultimate propaganda message is that there is no such thing as inherent rights or liberties and that all rights are arbitrary and subject to the whims of the group or the state. This is false. I have written extensively in the past on inherent rights, inborn psychological contents and natural law, referencing diverse luminaries, scientists and thinkers, including Thomas Aquinas, Carl Gustave Jung, Steven Pinker, etc., and I welcome readers to study my many articles on individualism.  Freedom is an inborn conception with universally understood aspects. Period. No group or collective is more important than individual liberty. No artificial society has preeminence over the individuals within that society. As long as a person is not directly impeding the life, liberty, prosperity and privacy of another person, he should be left alone.

    Maintain your rights; they do not hurt other people: PC cultists will invariably argue that every person, whether he knows it or not, is indirectly harming others with his attitude, his beliefs, his refusal to associate, even his very breathing.  “We live in a society”, they say, “and everything we do affects everyone else…”.  Don’t take such accusations seriously; these people do not understand how freedom works.

    Say, for instance, hypothetically, that I refuse to bake a gay wedding cake for a couple and I am accused of violating their rights in the name of preserving my own. I would immediately point out that no one is entitled to a gay wedding cake, baked by me or anyone else and I have every right to choose my associations based on whatever criteria I see fit. Now, a corrupt government entity may claim I do not have that right. But the fact is I do, and no one — not even government — can force me to bake a cake if I don’t want to. Also, I would point out that the gay couple in question has every right in a free society to bake their OWN damn cake or open their own cake shop to compete with mine. This is how freedom works. It is not based on collective entitlement; it is based on personal responsibility.

    Refuse to deny the scientific fact of biological gender: Gender is first and foremost a genetic imperative. Society does not determine gender roles; nature does. A man who chops up his body and takes hormone pills to look like a woman is not and will never be a woman. A woman who tapes down her breasts and gets a short haircut will never be a man. There is no such thing as “transgendered” people. No amount of social justice or wishful thinking will ever allow them to reverse their genetic proclivities. Their psychological and sexual leanings do not change their inborn biological reality.

    By extension, we should refuse to play along with this nonsense. I will never refer to a man in a wig and dress as a “woman.” I will never refer to a woman with identity issues as “transgendered.” They are what nature made them, and we should not police our pronouns just to falsely reassure them that they can deny nature.

    Deny the illusion of Utopian equality: There is no such thing as pure equality.  Society is not a homogeneous entity, it is an abstraction built around a group of unique individuals.  Individuals can be naturally gifted, or naturally challenged.  But there will always be some people who are more apt towards success than others.

    I have no problem whatsoever with the idea of equality of opportunity, which is exactly what we have in this country (except in the world of elitist finance which is purely driven by nepotism).  I do have a problem with the lie of universal equality through engineered means.

    Standards of success should not be lowered in order to accommodate the least skilled people to facilitate artificial parity.  For example, I constantly hear the argument that more people with victim group status should be given greater representation in positions of influence and regard within our culture, from science and engineering, to media, to business CEO’s, to politics, etc.  The key word here is “given”, rather than “earned”.  There is nothing wrong with one group of people excelling in a field more than another group, and there is nothing wrong with inequality when it comes to individual achievement.  We must begin refusing to reward people for mediocrity and punishing success simply because the winners are not part of a designated victim group.

    If you are a man, embrace your role: I am a man and cannot claim to know what specific solutions women should take to counter cultural Marxism. I would love to read an article written on the subject by a woman in the Liberty Movement.  I will say that men in particular have a considerable task ahead in terms of their personal endeavors if they hope to repair the destruction of social justice.

    For thousands of years, men have been the primary industrial force behind human progress. Today, they are relegated to cubicles and customer service, to video games and Web fantasies, to drug addictions and a lack of responsibility. If we have any chance of undoing the damage of cultural Marxism, modern men must take on their original roles as producers, inventors, entrepreneurs, protectors, builders and warriors once again. They should do this for their own benefit, and not for the validation of others.

    You don’t have to prove to anyone you do “manly things”, just go out and do them. Most importantly, become dangerous. Men are meant to be dangerous beings. That does not mean we are meant to be indiscriminately violent (just as women aren’t meant to be indiscriminately violent), but we are supposed to be threatening to those who would threaten us. Modern society has NOT removed the need for masculinity and I believe people will begin realizing this the more our culture sinks into economic despair. Train in martial arts, learn tactical firearms handling, go hunting and don’t take lip from people. In my opinion, every man should know how to kill things, even if he never plans on using those abilities.

    Home-school your children: It’s simple, if you don’t want your kids propagandized, if you truly want them to be free from collectivist conditioning, then you will make the sacrifice and extract them from public schooling. With the introduction of Common Core into U.S. schools in particular, there is no other recourse but home schooling to prevent the brainwashing of cultural Marxism. If you do not do this, you are relying on the hope that your children will escape with their critical thinking abilities intact. Some do, and some don’t. Others turn into mindless social justice zombies. You can give them an advantage by removing them from a poisonous environment, and that is what matters.

    The insane lie that cultural Marxists seem to have conned themselves and others into believing is that their “activism” is somehow anti-establishment. In fact, social justice is constantly coddled and supported by the establishment. From politicians to judges to media pundits to the blogosphere, the overwhelming majority of people in positions of traditional power (even in supposedly conservative circles) have been more than happy to become the enforcers of the social justice warrior agenda, an agenda representing a minuscule portion of the public. There is no establishment for the PC army to fight; the establishment bias works vastly more in favor of their ideology than any other. Cultural Marxists ARE the establishment.


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      1. I say that Bruce Jenner..yeah how criminally anti-pc..should face the music for vehicular manslaughter. Then he can really feel more like a bitch in his cell with Bubba. I love being as anti-pc as possible in every setting. Especially when speaking to braindead lefties when wearing my Hillery for Prison shirt. Also I love mentioning her to them as Hitlery.

        • America could use some good De-Jennerizing

          • This is the best Article Brandon Smith has ever written (that I’ve read).

            My two personal favorites:

            “Why should any individual relinquish his liberties in the name of placating frightened nobodies?”


            “There is no such thing as “transgendered” people.” —- I’ve made this argument many times, much to the chagrin of yahoo news commenters. You can put a dress and heels on it, you can modify it, you can pump chemicals and hormones into it, but it still is. what it is, and always will be.

            I am constantly called names by other commenters, because I’m part Russian AND don’t buy into the propaganda when the evidence I see does not support it. I was once called a “coal burner” because I didn’t jump on the bandwagon with a racist slur, with no truth in it but hate.

            I get called all kinds of things when I point out that “you can change your JEANS, but you cannot change your GENES.” Bruce Jenner is a MAN in a dress and makeup, shoving his tally-whacker between his thighs to hide it.

            I’ve learned that hatred can be infectious, if you don’t shore up your own beliefs. I’ve learned to either take a strong stand, or stay seated — otherwise, you just get caught bent over halfway in between.

            Thanks Brandon, for a piece worth reading.

            • Six pack, I also enjoyed the article and printed a copy of it. You know I’m not afraid to speak my mind. PC has to be destroyed. When the trolls come around here, I already know it’s “bash brace heart day” again, but I know how to handle it. Remember the article on the Walmart shooting earlier this year? That day was my biggest beating yet, but I was right back here the next day not missing a lick. I’m just like the energizer bunny, just keep going, going, going……

              • PUTIN FOR US PRESIDENT
                •born in Hawaii
                •has the birth certificate to prove it

                make it viral

              • Yeah braveheart, but you owe mac in large part for censoring a lot of replies made to you by people. You have no idea what real bashing is, and you have Mac to thank for it.

                • Yes, the kosher thought police are patrolling with their truncheons.

                • Major, how would you know if Mac was a censor? To the best of my knowledge, he’s not. I’ll have you know I DO know what REAL bashing is, having been at various MSM sites like huffpost, salon, the onion, jezebel, etc. Especially huffpost; they’ll kick you out in a heartbeat these days. That was BEFORE I found this site back in 2012 and fell in love with it. Go to any MSM site you want and you’ll get some real bashing from the braindead, PC-brainwashed people there. What I get here can’t compare to those commie bastards and bitches.

                  • Braveheart, you say to the best your knowledge Mac isn’t censoring replies to you. Why not we find out for certain? Go ahead and ask him here on the board if he doesn’t, then we’ll know for sure.

            • I am somewhat new to these sites having been visiting for a year or so. I’ve noticed an anti-Brandon attitude around here and reserved my own right to judge him on my own.

              For the most part, I must have missed the articles that got everyone hating on him—this article is excellence. I have been espousing the threat of cultural Marxism and the war against masculinity for a while.

              Bravo Brandon–well said.

              PS: I favorite the links for when I have more time to read your insights on a person’s inherent rights and individualism vs collectivism ( whether I agree or not, they sound thought provoking.)

              • Javlin, spot on. Brandon smith is one of my favorite writers. On individualism vs. collectivism, I support individualism. collectivism is communism; not the way to go.

            • Putting lipstick on a pig

          • You kill all the marxist trash dead. No more problems.

          • If he doesn’t destroy us he owes Soddom and Gomorah an apology .

        • “There are many intelligent commentators on the Web who have consistently demolished the PC mob with reason and logic, and I leave that battle to them.”

          And that would be a mistake Brandon. In this your are in your element. Well done. 🙂

          • I agree DK. The ONLY way we will ever put PC in it’s place, is to push back…decisively. As long as we remain silent, they run the place while we watch in disgust. Then, when others read through the comments, they get the impression that PC is the prevailing posture, because there is only nominal push back…so it must the correct, because it’s “prevalent.”

            When dealing with the PC crowd, I call them out. I say what I want to say in the most direct terms. I don’t cut corners or fudge the edges.

            We ALL, IMO, need to hit the mainstream comment sections with a high dose of truth and reality. They need to know that they do not run anything but their mouths.

            …or we can just sit aside and let them keep convincing people that they way is the only right way.

            I prefer to fight back. The worst they can do is delete my comments and/or block me from their comment sections.

        • One thing I will never go for is prison rape.

          Rape is so horrible… unless it’s to men. When someone puts them in prison for not obeying the PC brigade.

          Then it’s just funny.


          Barbarism at it’s finest. Any rape happens in prison, the guards and administrators should be brought up on criminal charges, similarly to how embezzling CEO’s are.

          • Like “embezzling CEOs” they are slapped on the wrists and sent back to work…

        • WV Solonomizer, welcome aboard, and I agree. Except I say “Hildabeast Should Be Pushing Up Daisies”.

        • A man wanting to cut off his dick and become a woman is a psychiatric mental illness called Gender Dysphoria.

          This shows how screwed up our society had become. To make a political hero out of Bruce Jenner when he is mentally ill is totally retarded.

          America is going to crash and burn hard.

          • Did he do it for money?

        • I think most people posting here. Should remember what Alexander Solchenitzen said about regretting being taken alive. He said most in the gulags believed it would have been better to die fighting . Then die starving.

      2. Men have always been bled dry by divorce settlements, this is not new, it’s been happening since marriage began. Once upon a time you had to go to someplace like Reno to get one, so yes, this kept the divorce rate down due to getting one being a major pain in the ass. But it makes you wonder back when that was the case did it lead to an increase in spousal murder instead? The point is if somebody really wants out of a marriage bad enough, they’ll do it. The laws were eventually changed when the government finally realized they couldn’t legislate making married couples stay together if one of the parties involved wanted out, not needing the consent of both people. Naturally, men were forced to pay through the nose for the opportunity to get out but it didn’t stop them from getting divorced either. Let’s be honest, it’s a Hell of a lot smarter to just live together for men than marriage, as long as you end it before 7 years due to the common law marriage laws on the books. I know this may sound cold and mean to some but I’m just saying what the truth is without the added embroidery, you can’t force people to stay married when they don’t want to be in one. I know I’ll hear about how marriages worked better back in the day, but my question is did they really? I’ll bet people have been cheating on their spouses forever and decided to stay together for the sake of small children until they became adults as there was no longer any need to pretend. Sorry about the long winded rant, but the author makes it sound like being bled dry in a divorce is a recent thing that began in the last 20 years or so but that’s not the case.

        • No but what MAY be the case is the “lifestyle one is accustomed to” thing.

          Either Welfare provides an acceptable standard of living, or it doesn’t.

          Just because someone was married to a millionaire (and did exactly nothing… see Paul McCartney’s ex)… that entitles them to MILLIONS?


          It’s Welfare or you admit that Welfare is useless.

          Now… ok if there was a contribution? Brokered business deals and it’s provable? Put in half for the house out of personal funds? Hey sure man, that’s fair.

          • If you are stupid enough to marry one of these bimbos you get what you deserve

        • Yumpin Yiminy, welcome and you make some valid points. I lost my wife to a drunk driver after only 6 years of what I can honestly say was a wonderful marriage. I never found anyone else worth having for a 2nd wife. The biggest problem between men and women these days is feminism. It’s a shame what feminism has done to the minds of so many women. They’ve been brainwashed with so much anti-male propaganda and hysteria that they’ll never look at men in a positive light. And you’re right about it being much smarter for a man and woman to just ‘shack up’ instead of tying the knot. And even then, you better learn all you can about that woman before even doing that. Knowing what I know now, no more marriage for me, period.

      3. I also send my children to school armed with reason, logic, and facts while encouraging them to engage in debate with their moron teachers. One of my boys even converted one of his teachers from a braindead PCtard to someone finally awake to the weaponized propaganda that they teach. Simply pick a point that the individual is geared toward and forcefeed them truth and fact and unless the fluoride has worked too well they will come around.

        • WVS, kudos to you. I had a combination of homeschooling and the public school brainwashing myself. Never converted any teachers, but I did convert a certain percentage of other students. My nickname in school was “Oddball” and it came from the PRINCIPAL no less. I wore it like a badge of honor.

      4. I claim no priveledge white or otherwise. the only priveldge I claim is having lived and prospered in the United States. I’m not rich,I’m not lazy,generous to others and play by the rules. I’ve respected all others regardless of race or religion and politics. So anybody that says otherwise will have to prove otherwise and kiss my old ass. I bow to no one!

        • Jim, you sound like a carbon copy of me. I wear that description with pride.

          • Braveheart; we should multiply……more of us needed.

            • Jim, you ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie about that.

      5. Kill 2/3 of the population and put the rest to work for “the company store” a-la 1875?

        … joking of course.

        Good luck is what I’m saying, in other words.

      6. By the way, Antonio Gramsci would be so proud.

        His corpse must have a massive hardon.

        • I doubt if Gramsci would give a crap as the link between Gramsci is a meaningless one created by right wing commentators and their reference to members of the ‘Institute for Social Research’ that came from Germany to the US in the 30’s. The original idea of Cultural Marxism came from the Frankfurt School in the 60s. The idea of ‘Cultral Marxism’ as a conspiracy theory was developed by the right wing (William Lind, Pat Buchanan, Paul Weyrich, etc) in the US to explain away (blame) all the failings of so called ‘Western Culture’.

          • Good job using cultural Marxism to deny the existence of cultural Marxism.

            • Go do some research…it’s in my comment – Frankfurt School, Institute of Social Research, origins of the Teaparty the oirgins of what is a deceit…lookup the rantings of Buchanan, etc.

              • Right, we get it, cultural Marxism is a right-wing concept, Islamic terrorists are run by Mossad, global cooling is caused by global warming, Hillary’s problems are caused by a vast right wing conspiracy, people don’t kill people, guns do it all, the failures of the left are all caused by the right, whites are racists but no other race is, lies are truth, thanks for clearing all that up for us.

                • Carl Marxes real name was mordicia levy . The son of a Jewish rabi . Bolshevik Jews. As that carpenter called them . The children of satan.

      7. At last the subject is being dealt with outside of “fringe” MRA groups. It’s about goddamned time.

        I also heard AVFM is busy self-destructing due to its leader being a flaming lunatic asshole, which really does not help the cause at all. As I am pissed at Muslims that do not denounce the radicals in their midst, I’m going to go right ahead and denounce good old what’s-his-name from AVFM right here and now.

      8. There was very much so a ‘White Privilege’ societal structure in America before the Civil Rights bill was passed in ’64. You demand proof, and that is a good thing, so here it comes. I was raised in South Georgia, racism was just a norm of society. It was not up for discussion, if you were white then you were right. If you weren’t white then you were wrong. There was an old saying back then used by the entire Justice System, “Ni^^er is just another word for guilty”. I remember well in those days when black men of all ages would step off the sidewalk to allow my mother, or any other white woman to pass by. They knew if they made eye to eye contact, or in any way flirted with a white woman that there was about a 100% chance they would be hanged before the next sunrise. Also, nobody hired black people to do anything other than menial work. They could work in the kitchens, but they couldn’t be seen touching the food. There were no black truck drivers in South Georgia, no black secretaries, no black employees in the local hardware store etc. They shined shoes, cleaned the buses, swept the floors, washed the windows, and worked in the fields. None of them from that generation ever had the chance for a better day. None! That day did come in ’64, but it was only the beginning and it took many more years for them to get equal footing. I do not condone nor approve of what black people do today in places like Ferguson and Baltimore. I sincerely wish they had taken the opportunities afforded to them during the last 51 years and made better for themselves. But most didn’t, as you can see by the black lives matters movement, embracing idiots such Jackson, Sharpton, and Farrakahn, black on black crime, drug use, and black single mothers. We’ll just have to wait and see where it takes us from here. Probably to the bottom, but oh well. thanks for your time.

        • I think you just eloquently pointed out everything that is wrong with the idea of “racism” today


          “Ni^^er is just another word for guilty” —THAT is racism, while taking lunch in a brown paper bag IS NOT racism.

          “They knew if they made eye to eye contact, or in any way flirted with a white woman that there was about a 100% chance they would be hanged before the next sunrise.” —THAT is racism, while expecting the govt to stop illegal immigration is not racism.

          “They could work in the kitchens, but they couldn’t be seen touching the food’ —THAT is racism, but naming your team “Washington Redskins” is not racist.

          Thanks for that.

          • Is there one country on this planet controlled by the so called minorities that isn’t a third world crap hole. How dare you minorities want any control over anything. You are the garbage of this planet. Regardless of your excuses .We are not stupid enough to believe them .you are.

        • Taxedn2poverty, you must be close to my age. I grew up in the last years of segregation myself. I also remember the reasons for segregation and they were legitimate. even in those days, blacks were under an evil influence. Most of the crime back then was in the segregated black neighborhoods and cops did their best to keep it there. Blacks were harming their own people much more than they did to any white people, same as today. Even in their own separate school system, a lot of blacks refused to try to learn anything. they weren’t impressive as people back then anymore than today. Drug abuse among our young people didn’t really start happening until after integration started. white communities before integration were the most stable and prosperous in the nation. There were some of the best reasons for segregation. Blacks are next to impossible to trust. never know for sure what to expect from them.

      9. Don’t argue the first half of the article, but the ‘change’ part seems a little weak to get anything done. Being a ‘manly man’ and fighting the PC crowd is sure to get you and your family called every name under the sun. If you want to pay that price, it can be pretty steep, especially with the PC crowd, the cops, and the courts against you.

        • Sometimes you just have to hold up your skirt, and wade in anyway…

          • Eve did that…pulled up her skirt and waded in…we never have gotten the smell out of the fish unto this very day. lol and God bless.

        • wwHaaaa. Your choice A) MAN B) SHEEPE

      10. Cultural Marxism is fed to the ignorant Zombie masses by money pig Corportist fascists for a nice diversion from the collapsing FEUDAL SYSTEM of America, so arrest the treasonous genocidal psychopathic Corporatist fascist monsters controlling our country and you solve the cultural Marxism issue.

        • Best comment here as you clearly call out who the real manipulators are. People like William Lind, Pat Buchanan, Paul Weyrich, etc.

        • Great idea. But how do we get criminals to arrest themselves?

      11. As the best firearm salesman in history is President Obama with second best Bill Clinton. With this in mind the greatest recruiter for communism are capitalists like Frick in the steel industry in the late 190s into the new century. When you treat people like dogs you get what dogs do; they bite.

        We need both a Henry Ford and a Walter Reuther.

      12. Contrary to a well documented typo, G-d did NOT create all men equal. Sorry, wrong interpretation. G-d created all men (members of the species, not the gender) in the same universe with equal opportunities, challenges, and tasks.
        Common sense, common morality, ethics, and logic level the playing field.
        Effort, initiative, and intelligence help us create any advantage we attain (and, therefore, deserve).
        Collectivists attempt to use a twisted/devious/false version of common sense, common morality, ethics, and logic against you.
        You truly need to be informed and prepared to be prepared to defend reality; and, don’t be intimidated by the crap artists.

        You see society has been lulled into thinking that people aren’t responsible for their actions. More specifically, that there will be no accountability for their misdeeds. We hear a lot these days about “accountability”. Be it a judge that lets a child molester off, a police farce that won’t punish the violent offenders in their midst, the politicians, judges and businessmen that sell us out.
        The increase in conversation about “accountability” leads me to take heart. Because, after accountability comes punishment.
        In days not so long gone, the majority of Americans were familiar with the use of tar & feathers, giving someone a ride on a fence rail, and making a hemp necktie. Polish-up on those skills.

        In the meantime, be prepared to change a few minds. Point out the stupidity of their PC BS. Take no prisoners in this type of verbal joust.

        The bastards have it coming—-unfortunately, so do the willfully stupid.

      13. The battle is lost. You can see it getting worse with each generation. The current generation of young adults is incredibly ignorant. They also believe a lot of things that aren’t true. Like man made global warming.

        Marxists also encourage immorality because it breaks down a society. We’re seeing that with the kind of movies and TV shows that are being produced today.

        I’m shocked to see how marriage is dying in this country. I work with the public. I see a significant number of lesbian couples. I swear that 90% of the couples under 30 just live together. They aren’t married. They have kids that they will take through relationship after relationship as they grow up. Each one lasting for less time that the previous one. It used to be unheard of for a white woman to have 3 kids by 3 different men by the time she’s 30. It’s becoming more common now. I sometimes see women with 3 children where the middle one is black too.

        • Barncat, I see the same things in my area all the time. It is tragic.

        • Exactly. Society is degenerating.

          Also the amount of drugs people consume between big pharma and street narcotics is astronomical.

          We are witnessing the dumbing down and takeover.

        • Yes and 96% of the media is owned by a certain group.they are the ones responsible for this.

      14. The only ones who truly care are age 50+, they are the only one with the guts to take it to them, but we need a national leader to step up to the plate and say follow me. Alas we have none that I see with the BRASS SET. Sad so sad.

        • “a national leader”? Don’t you mean “human shield”? That’s the only purpose a “leader” serves in our case, is to get the attention of the elites and give them their first, single identified target.

          There are times when a head-on clash, isn’t the most productive thing to do.

          • SP: Then what do we do, pray tell????

            • I wish I knew.

              • We get ready.

      15. I generally agree with this article, not so much about the baker refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple. How is this infringing on the bakers right to refuse even if he is against homosexuality? Business cannot decide who they can discriminate against publicly. Can they put a sign outside the store saying no homo’s allowed? When they went into business that was to accept every customers money for services rendered. Leave your personal beliefs and feelings at home. All people deserve that much dignity. More people, more same sex people in relationships. This is not the reason for America’s downfall, just a convenient scapegoat. Same sex couples don’t breed, a big plus.

        • “Business cannot decide who they can discriminate against publicly. Can they put a sign outside the store saying no homo’s allowed?”

          Yes, they absolutely do have that right. Just as a gay person should have every right to refuse baking a cake for a straight person. Your personal beliefs are NOT subject to government control or approval just because you open a business. When a business does this they run the risk of losing customers, but at least it will be the free market deciding instead of government overreach.

          Freedom of association is a far greater principle than any arbitrary bureaucratic law. The second you start allowing violations of that freedom for one group, you open the door for violations of every group.

          • As well; the order when taken and/or the receipt when issued (if they include a date) are a contract.
            No one can be forced to enter into a contract.

            That, alone, is enough for the denial.

          • The Supreme Court, which the majority consists of conservatives, would disagree with you. Are you suggesting we break the law?

            • The Supreme Court is not always right and many of them are conservative in name only, not in action or policy, so yes, on occasion breaking or ignoring the “laws” of men is necessary in order to do what is right. It’s called nullification, buddy. Learn it well…

        • “No shoes, No shirt, No service” sound familiar? There are many places, where I’ve seen different “We have the right to refuse service to anyone…”

          Those bakers just used the wrong tact, that’s all. IMO, they could’ve easily just baked the usual cake and decorated it, but of course if they did not stock the the top decoration that they wanted, the couple would be free to top it with anything they wanted.

          THAT WOULD HAVE JUST BEEN BAKING A CAKE FOR A CUSTOMER. What they don’t say, is that those bakers took a stand on GAY MARRIAGE, using their business as a tool to push their agenda. Their business is baking cakes, not telling the people what to do in their own personal lives. Unless they wanted naked men or some other ridiculous decorations, it was just a cake. But they took issue with the couple buying it, which is their personal right, but a stupid thing to do business-wise.

          The bakers were stupid and that whole scene probably could’ve been avoided — unless it was a set up to begin with, by militant gays looking for their first opportunity to force their will on somebody…

          • Wonder why muslim businesses aren’t being targeted by homosexuals?

            • Maybe because they kinda like their heads right where they’re at — on their shoulders.

        • Landlords with less then three units are not under control of the “Fair Housing Act” so yes you can have to no homos policy. The homosexuals wanting the cake knew that the bakers are Christian. What of Christian Rights? Can you force a moslem to bake a C4 / bacon cake? Just follow the money to homos in this case wanted cash Not the cake

      16. ” In my opinion, every man should know how to kill things, even if he never plans on using those abilities.”
        I formulate a plan to kill everything I meet. I have never killed anyone, but I always know how I would try to do it. I have lots of friends, so don’t take my comment wrong. It is just survival and keeping aware of your situation.

      17. A Baker was forced to shut down and was fined hundreds of thousands $$ who did not cater to a gay wedding cake. The family lost everything including their home.

        Easier said to defy PC, than done.

        People get fired for being not PC. These are things Brandon does not prepare you for, and you may be fined a half million $$ to boot. If you stand up against PC, be prepared to sacrifice something. You saw what happened to Trump with his businesses, but being a billionaire he can afford to lose some. Freedom of speech is no longer free.

        • Freedom of speech has never been free, none of our freedoms have been or ever will be free. There is always some group that want to take it away. It is our responsibility to stop it.

        • To me, having a non-PC business reminds me of having a picnic next to a steep cliff, with a sign that says “CAUTION DROP-OFF AHEAD”.

          If I like the people approaching, I point to the sign, smile and say “be careful and have a nice day.”

          If I see someone approaching that I don’t like, I make sure my blanket covers the sign and smile and say “Better hurry up, I see some rain clouds right behind you! AND THEN I say “Have a nice day.”

          …and nobody knows what happened but me…

        • Woogie; We need to stand up as a group to fight PC. If enough do it the other side will buckle. There was an article about a school system that banned anyone from entering a football game if they wore red,whit or blue because it offended someone. Everyone coming to the game should all wear red,white or blue and see what happens. Its about control and money! Its about making the majority feeling guilty about patriotism or whatever. Time to get back in the systems face.

      18. Put all potential Marxists in condo with a home owners association, and then force them to live off whatever they can produce in their ‘green’ space.

        Won’t be enough of ’em alive in a few years to talk about.

      19. It will soon be too late, we will have a dozen of ISIS invaders running the controls at each Nuclear plant, hired because of laws encouraging and sometimes requiring the hiring of minorities, regardless of their low intellectual level and hatred of all cultures and people that aren’t ISIS. Allowing immigration of stupid unskilled idiots is like shitting where you eat.

      20. It would be helpful if we had capitalism verses communism but instead we have crony capitalism verses communism.

        When people see the Financial Sector / Wall Street thrive, when Main Street struggles and their hardship is often caused by the actions of bankers and globalist business, it makes it a lot easier to sell the concept of, “share the wealth”.

        • That would be okay, except that by “share the wealth”, they don’t mean the wealth off the RICH, they mean from the average, already struggling middle class.

          • That makes them in it together .

      21. I guess my comment didn’t jive with what you wanted to hear.

      22. Stop censoring (I don’t care what you call it “moderation”) my posts.

        You can get into all kinds of trouble for saying something that somebody doesn’t like. Stop giving financial aid to your oppressors. Don’t. The power comes from their money.

      23. In a way “Red Dawn” happened the day Barry got elected. The Commies have had almost 100 years to figure out how to destroy a culture/country from the inside, and they are very-very good at it.

        I know that I keep posting this, but either us white/conservative/ American’s either grow a set and swarm DC “sporting goods” in hand, or be prepared to be buried by a Tyrannical Central Government and Islamic law.

        I’m so tried of the bitching on “Talk Radio” yet nobody will make a call to arms. Sometimes, no matter how unpleasant it might be, YOU JUST HAVE TO STAND AND FIGHT!

        Watch out fur dem hogs!

        • Listen to Michael Savage…. he says fight and don’t listen to his competitors who have given up.

      24. Once again, Brandon, you prove to be wise beyond your years.

      25. You have your PCness and others have theirs. It is just a question of whose PCness you accept. Naturally, you think yours is the correct PCness, but it is no more valid than others, Others may be PC Marxist, but you are PC fascists.

        • Well, since it’s all relative, as you state, then you’re just as full of crap as anyone else on this forum, aren’t you?

          • Full of crap. Most here are trying to understand how some of the greatest minds on this planet have lead us to disaster. One trillion seconds is 32,000 years an unplayable debt? Why did they do that . Do they have a plan? Are they insane? Or barough as much money as you can then WW3 your creditors? Maybe that’s the way? Win win situation. Kind of seems a little unfair but if it works what the hell.

      26. It’s not Marxism. It’s Levyism . Carl Marx real name is Mordicia levy ..He was the son of a Jewish Rabia . Ounce again . The children of satan. As that carpenter called them. Trotskis real name was Bronstien. Ounce again . The children of satan. Stalins real last name translated means. Son of a Jew. Ounce again. And it goes on and on.

      27. United we stand divided we fall. In unity we stand in deversity we fall.

      28. You Jew-Dayo-Christians can’t criticize Cultural Marxism without being total hypocrites, because you worship the ones who created it.

        • In the Talmud . (The Jewish new bible). Cristian’s are the Jews worst enemy. They say Mary was a whore.Who had a child of a Roman soldier named Pantera. According to the Jewish Talmud book Jesus it boiling in a vat of sewage. Jews are not our friends.And according to George Washington they are a worse enemy than any foreign army.

      29. Great article Brandon, The part about being dangerous because were men terrifies the libtards, I have recently started a kravmcgaw class and have for most of my adult life carried a firearm. I am currently able to have some influence on some young men and am impressing upon them not to be metrosexuals but to be warriors and dragon slayers. John Mosby of Mountain Guerrilla has impressed upon me the importance of the clan and the tribe and building frith amongst those within your clan and tribe to deal with the Post American world that we have entered. Great article Brandon. KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY!

      30. What we need is a great big melting pot

        Big enough to take the world and all its got

        And keep it stirring for a hundred years or more

        And turning out coffee colored people by the score.

        • They will try to mix the seed of man but it will not grow. In unity we stand In diversity we fall

      31. I saw an article yesterday that was titled: ’51 percent of college students are opposed to freedom of speech’.

        I didn’t bother to read the article, but the headline clearly shows how insidious and successful the Cultural Marxist Communists have been since they were allowed to take over academia in America.

      32. Control freaks everywhere.
        You’d have to leave the planet to get away from them.

        Like the picture used for the topic, wonder if it best depicts us or them!?

      33. Good piece on how men are being turned into sissies. I would offer a few observations on where this is heading:

        1) As American men are feminized and weakened (both chemically and psychologically) and are withdrawing from traditional social interactions with women that at one time would lead to marriage, they will fall prey to aggressive Muslim men. Look for a dramatic rise in male rape as aggressive Muslim men – who do not give a damn where they stick it as long as they get their daily sex – will do to American men what they already do to Muslim boys and men in their home countries. If you do not believe me, ask US troops who have served in these countries.

        2) Aggressive women serving in ‘male’ roles – senior management, CEOs, doctors etc. – will also prey on younger women and engage in lesbian sexual harassment and assault. You can see these cases already feeding into the court system.

        One of the big frauds behind the drive for ‘equality’ is its ever-shifting terrain. It works like this: they will look around and say ‘well, why aren’t there more blacks as police chiefs, business owners, professors, doctors etc.’ and ignore the educational and wealth-creating means required to attain these positions in society. They will then move on to say ‘why aren’t there more Muslims, Somalis, Arabs etc. etc.’ ignoring that many of these groups have only just arrived in the country. In their ideal world, within 5 years of the next ‘minority’ group arriving in a Western country, they should hold positions of power and success across all of society, and if they do not, then that is ‘institutional racism’.

      34. It’s a fact that being a man and white I’m under attack I get it everyday I’ve been treated like scum of the earth and uncivilized even a dummy. I act like an idiot when I’m treated this way because I don’t give two shits what people think of me they don’t pay my bills assholes. Most of the so called men’s clothes look like they are for gays to me. I fucking hate society and hope this experiment fails. Women are cruel and think they deserve everything. The workplace is where you see this the most. Workers are treated like second class citizens but the management and customers too.

      35. Transgendered is a PC term to me they are weirdo freaks that cut their pickle and like to wear women’s clothes. Homosexuals are not born that way they choose the lifestyle. Race is what you are born with being white or black. What lies there will never be equality ever it cannot be forced on people. Cling to your guns and bibles and realize you will have to defend your moral lifestyle someday. Are you prepared to fight the devil.

        • Give him headbutts Asshat.

          KO the forker.

      36. Well women can start by speaking out against misguided notions that we can do it all and just “lean in” and still be happy . Women who have done this and feminists, but I repeat myself are the most miserable batch of bitties I’ve ever come across. other intelligent minded women who don’t buy into that crap are going to be the only ones to shut that voice up and it’s high time we started. I’ve chosen to be a stay at home mom and my working straight white husband should not be harassed or told I’m being oppressed. He works his butt off to provide for me plus soon to be 5 We can start respecting men as heads of their households and learn to appreciate the biological differences instead of try and tweak them which just causes confusion hence androgynous females and pussified males. we should lead by example in our own homes a wife and mother with no morals self respect or decency has no business being either. Think I’m wrong take a good look at the woman down the street with 4 unruly kids 4 different dads and a revolving door of boyfriends. Works great right !!moms the breadwinner off the backs of taxpayers and look what the kids are learning. It’s a vicious cycle brought to you by self indulgence, victim mentality, and self entitled complete lack of propriety. Education needs to begin at home. liberty minded women must educate their children, otherwise their heads get stuffed with nonsense and instead of turning out liberty minded individuals we get self entitled gender confused morons.

        • Brave and well said! The best environment for a child is a mother and father with the mother able to contribute more time to creating a safe, stable home environment. This has worked for centuries. The idea that a lone woman, working all hours, is able to raise her children well, is a nonsense. Those who I know all take significant money from the government to cover their household costs. In short, making others work and pay taxes so they can live without a man. In Britain right now, the government is feebly trying to roll back the money given to these women, but is facing a huge political battle. We need more people like you; willing to stand up fro good values and to state the truth: it is never possible to live a chaotic life with no values and somehow your children will do well.

      37. It seems to be well known . That minorities and single mothers voted this man? In power. So we all know exactly who has to leave. Regardless if it’s your mommy or your sister or your wife . Or your best friend. It’s too late to pick and choose. It’s about sacrifice . Them or us. Hard choices. Be politicly correct and die. Nobody wants it this way .we are in a corner. Name one country run by these people that is not a third world crap hole and I will shut up. There will be blood. And lots of it. They are selfish greedy animals that will not change. Get ready there is a fight coming .

      38. They must destroy the family structure . The government is your family. It’s your daddy . What kind of world do they want.? And why? Will they get more rich from this? Will they gain more security.? What do they want? If we give it to them will they leave us alone ? Or will they just want more? Are they suicidal? Are they leaving us no other choice? Do they want a fight? Is this all for depopulation ? If so let’s get started.

      39. Sorry to much vodka.

      40. GREAT ARTICLE…..the best you’ve done.!!!!
        Nothing to add.

      41. Excellent article! To fully engage in combat with the borg collective don’t use their lexicon because if you do they won be changing the language. i.e. 1) It is sex not gender. Sex is your God giving natural plumbing whereas gender is how you “feel”. 2) Gay Marriage, not such animal.. homosexual associates.
        Also see

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