How To Spot an American Terrorist *DHS Video*

by | Jul 21, 2011 | Headline News | 122 comments

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    A new promotional video released by the Department of Homeland Security characterizes white middle class Americans as the most likely terrorists, as Big Sis continues its relentless drive to cement the myth that mad bombers are hiding around every corner, when in reality Americans are just as likely to be killed by lightning strikes or peanut allergies.

    The video is part of Homeland Security’s $10 million dollar “See Something, Say Something” program that encourages Americans to report “suspicious activity,” which in every case throughout history has been a trait of oppressive, dictatorial regimes.

    In the course of the 10 minute clip, a myriad of different behaviors are characterized as terrorism, including opposing surveillance, using a video camera, talking to police officers, wearing hoodies, driving vans, writing on a piece of paper, and using a cell phone recording application.

    Despite encouraging viewers not to pay attention to a person’s race in determining whether or not they may be a terrorist, almost all of the scenarios in the clip proceed to portray white people as the most likely terrorists. Bizarrely, nearly every single one of the “patriotic” Americans who reports on their fellow citizen is either black, Asian or Arab. Imagine if the video had portrayed every terrorist as an Arab and every patriotic snoop as white, there’d be an outcry and rightly so, but this strange reversal must have been deliberate on the part of the DHS, but why? Is this merely political correctness taken to the extreme or is something deeper at work?

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    Hat tip Mr. Blutarsky


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      1. VRF says:
        July 21, 2011 at 1:13 pm Im white, kinda middle class,(at least for now) and if they want to hang a title of terrorist on ME because THEY fucked up..bring it on.

        again ,, the elite showing fear..lets keep pushing them back into the fox hole. I truely smell fear.

        yep all us white dudes are coming to fuck your greedy world up..along with all the retired military, and the vets, and the …. you just cover all your bases..because as i see it any true American is sick and tired of your shit!

        Im going to go out and buy that 1911 now..I wasnt going to do it, but now that you have hung a label on me , I might as well sing along..

        • I’ve been planning a research project to research the differences in representation of white boys/girls, black boys/girls, hispanic….etc. in media directed at children

          I believe close analysis of children’s media will prove that white boys are generally represented as less capable, less intelligent, less popular than black and hispanic boys. White girls will generally be represented as proponents of interracial interaction with hispanic and especially black boys. I would call this fictitious repetitious thought engineering (brainwashing in short).

          Im not a racist, I lived with a black guy for 2.5 years. I am a blond/blue white guy who sees trends and what appears to me to be an attempt to undermine, remove, and breed-out white men – especially blond/blue white men.

          Couple these observations with the lack of immigration control and apparent desire to increase the historically non-traditional population bases in the US and I must question the motives. The country was founded by a bunch of white guys and is being taken over by a bunch of non-white guys, or white guys catering to the non-white guys. At the same time its going downhill fast. Correlation?

          • Admittedly the police state we are developing is probably 98% run by a bunch of white guys!

            • More like zionist ashkenazi satan worshipers!

          • Last Chance. I believe you are right. I’ve noticed the same thing. The white guy is the buffon, the nerd, the moron, the one being “educated” or whatever by the woman or the minority.

            I wish you luck with your study. Hopefully you can get some actual publicity for it but don’t count on the govt or the main stream media for support

            • THE BUFFOON” : Homer Simpson, Family guy,usually white guys on commercials and the list goes on…

            • “Everybody Loves Ramond” is another one. The fact is 99% of terrorism is done by Arabs and/or black people of the muslim faith. Love it or hate it, its fact.

              See something/Say something has nothing to do with terrorism. Its a softening up of the public to start interacting with the state to assist in monitoring the public.

              A couple guys did a gun trade at a Wal-Mart near me a few months ago. Cops swarmed on them, cuffed them, then let them go. All that bullshit because someone saw a gun. “OH! MY! GOD! IS THAT AN ASSAULT RIFLE!!!! CALL THE COPS!”…Ugh. People are so fucking stupid.

            • @NetRanger

              Actually – only 6% of terrorist activity in the United States is caused by muslims. Thats a compilation of US Justice Department instances of terrorism going from the 70s to today (about 40 years of data). The obvious corollary is that 94% of terrorism is non-muslim related. Interestingly, Jewish extremists account for 7% of violent terrorism in the US – one percent more than muslim. The largest percentage of violent terrorism in the US is from Latinos at around 42%.

              Here’s a source that compiles the Justice Dept. data and gives a link to the raw data. They also link a RAND corp. study finding that muslims are not joining radical jihad in the U.S. in any significant numbers.

              The crux of the matter is this: terrorism is a non-event in the United States. The only significant terrorism is committed by the government – both out in the open (TSA, DHS, law enforcement fusion centers teaching cops that white men are all potential timothy mcveighs, etc) and hidden (US intelligence forcing State Dept to issue an immigration Visa to the underpants bomber, to Muhammed Atta, and so on – these are only partially hidden of course, as they are public record).

          • The media has been nothing but a Jewish propaganda machine for decades and decades. You act like miscegenation JUST started being pushed by the media recently. No, it goes back 30+ years.

            You are right though. White men are always portrayed as either evil or stupid/incompetent. Minority men are always always portrayed as brilliant/athletic/popular with the ladies. And the push for miscegenation between white women and anything other than white men has been known for decades.

            I stopped watching TV over 12 years ago. I’m so disconnected from main stream American life, which revolves around television, that I can barely connect with my fellow Americans (at least those that are still brainwashed by the propaganda box on a nightly basis). Their world views are shaped by television and mine is shaped by knowledge of history and philosophy, and critical thinking skills – none of which are common in America these days.

            • NetRanger

              You are correct except it is not stupity it is training and schooling for many years. The education system is winning and working.

        • I frequently use my Springfield Armory 1911A1 Mil-Spec (not GI), love it. It’s the first 1911 I have owned that needed absolutly 0 tuning out of the box, and was a lot less expensive than the Kimbers, Colts, Para-Ords, etc.It’s a great gun, but I prefer my XD45 service model. I like to share!

        • How in hell can anyone see something and say something when their head is so implanted, up their ass?
          CBS, dollar bill, illuminaughty and their “all seeing (brown) eye”.

      2. Bend over and grab your cheeks folks.
        I aint white but I do kinda look white.

        Oh SH*T! runaway.


      3. Im reporting suspicious activity..within the beltway.
        seems our own government is really the terrorist.time to cut it loose

      4. Its the psyche reversal thing.. seen it a million times..
        if anyone falls for this they have less then 2 brain cells to rub together

        • That describes at least 1/2 of the electorate!

        • Purely psychological manipulation attempt, albeit juvenile, even down to the music which is meant to make you tense, nervous and afraid. It’s “divide and conquer” – turn the common people against each other and you win. Media has been doing it for them for decades. This is just more obvious and direct. “See? Could be the last person you’d suspect. You better just watch out.” They want unpaid, civilian spies as a tool only. What they’re really after is the paranoia that will result. Get ready for the two-minutes hate – oh, wait, that’s already here. It’s the evening news and runs a little longer.

      5. This is so obvious to me

        this is Class, Race, and political party war fare wrapped all up in one package..ready to divide us further..

        feed into it..your part of thier game..denounce it, and your one of interest for them..

      6. Oh my gosh!! I saw that video on FB and was absolutely livid!!! Who blow up the Twin Towers…who shot all the people at Ft Hood…who TRIED to blow up the jet on Christmas Day…who shot the 2 men outside a recruiting office in Arkansas…who was planning an attack on Ft.Dix?? ALL MUSLIM men…and who is portrayed as terrorists in this video…WHITE MEN…can you believe it???
        So what does this tell you? Report ALL Caucasian men…and maybe a few women…a couple of white haired grandma’s, and let’s not forget the “oh so dangerous 5 yr olds…you know the one’s I’m talking about? Their the one’s who are getting patted down by the TSA!! Our country is so backwards at this point it’s no wonder we are going in reverse in regards to jobs, the economy, etc!!!

        *Admin Update: This comment has been mirrored from another post*

        • you’re fogetting timothy mcveigh. the pilot who crashed into the IRS building. the white supremicist who shot up the holocaust memorial. all the sovereign citizens who have shot up cops and laundramats recently. the hutaree militia. the alaska nationalists who plotted to murder a bunch of people, etc. the bombing of the 1992 atlanta olympics and all the abortion clinic violence. all the earth liberation front violence.

          i’m less familiar with 1960’s and 1970’s radical violence, but the weather underground bombed the shit out of a number of different military recruiting offices and other places, too.

          your whining about race with regard to this video is hilarious and myopic. really, there is nothing more funny than white folks complaining about being discriminated against.

          • You’re forgettin Mcveigh worked for the US military and was a Patsy, and that almost all terrorism in this country is conducted by Cia Plants and the US themselves, you shill.

          • I knew someone was gonna briing ol Timmy McVeigh up. Was McVeigh involved in blowing up the Federal Building in OKC?

            Yup, he was.

            Were there any other people and possibly governments involved? Any muslims involved?

            You betchya, ya know.

            The real question is why did the FBI refuse to investigate or pursue anyone other than McVeigh & Nichols?

            Want answers? Try “The Third Terrorist” by Jayna Davis.

            • I remember early reports of two middle-eastern-looking guys running away from the scene. That lead was quickly glossed over.

          • All total you are talking about less than 500 people with a problem. Less than 50 that have acted.

            There were more than that on the streets of Peoria a couple of weeks ago.

          • “your whining about race with regard to this video is hilarious and myopic. really, there is nothing more funny than white folks complaining about being discriminated against”

            A buddy of mine recently started a job with a railroad in the U.S. At orientation, an African American woman came in and started going over some ground rules of the company. During her presentation, she openly stated that company policy was to give promotions to black people over white people where all other things were equal. This supposedly was “straight from the CEO” which of course would mirror government policy in this fascist country.

            The ONLY significant discrimination left in the U.S. is now official government and corporate policy, and it is discrimination against whites. This video is yet another operating example of government discrimination, in a much more immediate and dangerous form. You can shove your white folks complainin nonsense where the sun don’t shine.

            I’ll assume for now that you are straight out of the Goebbels school of government propaganda – your ridiculous comment is divorced entirely from reality.

        • The government blew up the twin towers there is overwhelming evidence to this effect. Hitler did the same thing with the reistagh I think I spelled that right) and blamed it on his enemies, did has been done by governments for centuries. The patriot act was hatched way before the twin towers fell, waco, ruby ridge,Oklahoma city, mena Arkansas with bill Clinton yeah its all there

          • This has been geared against the American people, the nation has been hijacked! Wide awake folks, wide awake!

            • You are so right!!!

          • Mena! You know about Mena? How about Kevin Ives & Don Henry?

            Terry Reed wrote a book about Mena, Iran Contra, Old Bush, Barry Seals and Olly North.

            Can’t remember the title right now.

            Did you read it?

            • Plain old American: got the video called the mena connection, barry seals flying the Fat lady full of cocaine, even roger Clinton stating I’ve got to get some for my brother bill hes got a nose like a vaccum cleaner. If you can find also the Clinton Chronicles you’ll see what trash the Clintons really are!

        • When things really turn to do-do it always goes tribal, just like in the Balkens. Some ethnic groups will not like how their little corner of North America looks after the slpit.

        • Smokey Lady

          You forgot Oaklama City Bombing. Timothy Mc Veigh and his partner were drafted by Saddom Hussein’s military stationed here.

      7. Amerika under its half-caste messiah will not rest until Whitey is utterly broken and destroyed. The seething hatred of “our” government for us is palpable.

        As an aside, is it really a surprise that a simian-visaged connoisseur of the female anatomy like Janet Napolitano considers clean-cut, straight White males a “threat?”

        • Bull dyke just like Janet reno ,imagine that!

      8. I tried to watch the video but found it so boring and just plain stupid I couldn’t bear it anymore.

      9. This video wasn’t really helpful. It didn’t tell me how to report terrorist acts being committed by our own Government. Is there some other hotline I am not aware of for this?

      10. Homeland Security was always meant for the american people, you can look it up and see the documents. No matter who is President, they are all on the same team, you dont have a choice, you just think you do. None are so hopelessly enslaved, as those who believe they are free. TSA is Set up for American Slaves to learn how to submit to anything, US is Following Nazi Germany Step by Step!

      11. Major False Flags coming this Winter to Cement the Police State!

      12. Thanks for the Hat Tip. I was just on the right site at the right time.

        Boy is this disturbing news. This is more like Chinese government behavior.

        • And kudos to you guys for getting the news out so fast. Very quick turn around!

        • exactly!!! can’t have good, god-fearing white people accused of doing somethign that they seem to do several times per year.

          • A mind is a terrible thing to waste. You should go over to zerohedge and see how long that group puts up with you.

            • i read that site everyday. nearly all the racist comments are junked. the community polices itself over there.

          • sambo,
            It’s pretty obvious that you don’t agree with the general consensus here, and that’s ok. We don’t always agree here. The question I have to ask is:

            Do you have a legitimate purpose for your pathetic existence or are you just here to instigate unrest? I bet if that video was portraying YOUR entire race as being a bunch of terrorists, you’d be up-in-arms too! Am I right? Of course I am.

            To the rest of you, I apologize for the outburst. Sometimes…… Agh!

            • i don’t agree with all the racism and homophobia. i do agree that a police state is coming. too bad you dummies don’t see that minorities are in the same boat as all good and decent whities.

              seems that a bit of differing opinion about whether or not to hate people who are as powerless as you are, is a basis for being called out like i am.

              why must i agree with you shit heels again in order to read and post?

              for the record dummy, i’m white. bet you didn’t see that coming, didja?

            • @ sam

              But you do agree with all the racism – so long as its racism against whitey don’t you?

              Disgraceful. If you oppose racism you need to oppose it in all forms not just those the government and its social engineers tell you are taboo. Your comments wholly ignore severe and significant racism against whites and white males particularly. No doubt you buy the propaganda that its somehow justified.

              Don’t be duped by hyped circumstantial exceptions to a justified principle. It is a hallmark of a weak and undiscerning mind.

          • Here are all of the words to Green Eggs and Ham sam.

            a am and anywhere are be boat box car could dark do eat eggs fox goat good green ham here house I if in let like may me mouse not on or rain Sam say see so thank that the them there they train tree try will with would you

            • you are are a whacked Tom Turkey Tomato.
              please use real words not in a dyslexic fashion. preferably words of facts to contradict the words of sam if you can.
              he does have a point.

          • You have obviously had “dicersity training”. I am unsure of what they train you to accomplish in those sessions.

      13. WTSHTF the DHS and Obama’s minions will be lucky if they can get the telephones answered,

      14. Something tells me People like sam just do Not know the Reality of US Policing:

        “…What is notable and disturbing is that so many major deadly incidents in the US (ones that have changed the course of American history and often resulted in a diminution of freedom) are the subject of great controversy…”

        • Ignore Sam & the racial chip on his shoulder. He’s just an internet troll trying to stir up racial discord.

          • fuck you.

            you and many others here are rabid racists. i don’t think that being a prepper, or being a patriot, includes being a hater as a condition of membership.

            i call people out for being haters. you are a bigot. apparently, you lack the courage to just admit it, even in an anonymous environment like the comment section of a stupid blog.

            • I am a bigot also Sam. BTW, I do not desire sex with you either.

            • “Racists racist everywhere….hiding behind the trees, the lamp posts and parked cars. Oh my all of the bigotry and the haters…oh my, oh my….(flips the mini blinds furtively) …these people aren’t sorry for being white…what to do? Oh my!”

              Adult male voice: Go away Sammy.

            • Sam,

              The country was founded by Anglo-Saxon caucasions, there’s no disputing or need to dispute what has already taken place “In order to form a more perfect union,” and while we are the land of the free, I have my doubts about us being brave given our pathetic leadership.

              This country was founded and based upon the principles of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Anyone born within this country with parents who are either natural-born or legally citizenized are born with certain, inalienable rights which are intangible and UNTOUCHABLE!

              I respect your right to express your concerns/opinion just as much as I respect Mr. Blutarsky’s and Ben Dover’s right. What needs to be understood here is that WHITE people established the fundamental structure and fabric of today’s society…there’s absolutely nothing you nor I can do to change that.

              Now, that being said, today’s white race IS being discriminated against, in all facets of our lives. We (us whities, (sic) ) have been far too superior for far too long, at least that’s how the current administration and many levels of local & state gov’t sees it.

              This is complete bullshit and has been the driving force of why I’ve decided to enlist/volunteer with my local State militia. I can’t imagine the day when or if we’ll be needed but I remain on high alert, fully prepared to survive and prosper in a new, radical republic.

              White folks listen up!! The time has come for us to be together as one! Never has there ever existed any type of social support organization/coalition for the advancement of Caucasians Anglo-Christian/Judo/Catholic/Protestant/Mormon/etc…(sorry for not including all variations of us white folk) like there is for all those “minorities” whose principles include hatred for the white race. Take a stand white man, take shit and die or throw it right back into the face of tyranny then laugh as you stomp it’s little, politically correct, white woman wanting ass!

              I’m ready, how about you? Whities, join your local state militia and if anything, you’ll have fun on the bi-monthly field training exercises where you learn things like emergency medical care, individual responsibility, team building, leadership, compassion, survival, sustainability, and disaster preparedness, all in exchange for a few hours of your time.

              This is our duty to our forefathers and I will not relinquish my obligation to my country to protect our Constitution and our Bill of Rights and neither should you!

              Stay white!


          • We’ve mapped the entire human genome. There is no genetic marker for race. They are pleiotropic genes and polygenic traits – we all have them all, they are only mixed and matched and expressed differently based on millenia of environmental variances. The only true one-way-or-the-other gene is for ear wax (either yellow or gray) and is a 50/50 toss-up, meaning your own child could carry “that other gene”. Scientifically, race does not exist. It was an myth born of ignorance – unfortunately, an ignorance so many seem to desperately cling to. Besides, character never came in any specific color anyway. You have to look a little deeper to find that. Sadly, Sam is showing his and trying to dictate yours based on his own needs. Love you, Sam. Welcome. Join the “human” race. It may not be as easy, but at least, it’s real.

            • nicely put, a little nerdy at the beginning but very impactful, nonetheless!



      15. The primary tool of governement control is through fear. This is nothing new. When I was a kid we all had to watch movies about “duck and cover” because the commies had nukes. -and when we ran out of commies to be afraid of, all of a sudden we had “terrorists.” -and when people started to forget about them, we had “pandemics,” (remember SARS & bird flu, then came the great Swine Flu epidemic). Now, all of a sudden, we have “terrorists” again.

        Seriously, I think they’re running out of bad guys to parade in front of us. My bet is on “aliens” next.

        Be afraid, be very afraid (and then, give up your liberties some more).

      16. As Robert Gellately of Florida State University has highlighted, Germans under Hitler denounced their neighbors and friends not because they genuinely believed them to be a security threat, but because they expected to selfishly benefit from doing so, both financially, socially and psychologically via a pavlovian need to be rewarded by their masters for their obedience.

        At the height of its influence around one in seven of the East German population was an informant for the Stasi. As in Nazi Germany, the creation of an informant system was wholly centered around identifying political dissidents and those with grievances against the state, and had little or nothing to do with genuine security concerns

      17. white men have committed more terrorist acts than any subgroup in this country. deal with reality. denounce your brothers instead of pretending that shits patriotic. quit acting like a crazy ex boyfriend who’s going to love America to death whether they want it or not.

        • awww, jilted a little maybe?

        • Who has killed more American citizens in the last 10 years? White men, black men, asian men or middle eastern men?

          Please put them in order for us. And don’t forget that statistically, more than 50% of men in the USA are white.

          So, hypothetically, if white men killed 400 and black men killed 400, statistically, this is not an apples to apples comparison.

          • so, by your logic, muslims ought to be justified in their violence toward the west because of the hundreds of thousands of muslims that have been killed over the last 20 years by western militaries?

            you suffer from an “we are justified, and they aren’t” bias that is lacking in any defensible logic.

            • so,that’s it…u are Muslim! I knew it…your boat is waiting, please excuse yourself from our society!

        • Oh God, Janes back under an alias!

          • ROFL ROFL

        • Hi Jane, thanks for introducing us to another one of your personalities

          • ROFLOL!! My goodness! You guys are killing me here!!! LOL!!

        • you, are coo-koo, coo-koo, time to put the bong away, “Jill” no white gal would ever make such a false claim against their own race, fool…check urself in already!

      18. same old, same old. Land of the fee, home of the slave!

      19. The beginning made me think of something they would do on South Park, where at the end someone would say “OHHH MYY GOODD” in a real serious tone.

        Should I call them and report suspicious activity on the US Border of Mexicans Illegally entering our country? Or maybe call when ATF brings guns into Mexico.

      20. just more posturing to get us to go crazy and kill eachother as soon as the lights go out.

        I’m so sick of this sh!t.

        The human race is the stupidest organism on the planet and deserves its own extinction-

        we keep rehashing the same rediculous games generation after generation simply resulting in new and exciting ways to kill eachother whilst coming up with new entertainment somas while the killing happens off camera

      21. The Enemy, no. The Terrorist, are us. It won’t be long before Lakisha and Mohammed are collecting a reward or bounty on us.

        I never thought I would live in an America like this. God help us all.

        • No Patriot One, join a Militia!

      22. This is no more than a ploy to turn neighbor upon neighbor. Its to get us to be looking at and xto be suspicious of each other. Its to keep us so focused on the possibility of external threat that we are occupied with that like a child is with a new toy. In the hopes that we will all be distracted until its too late and we truly will have lost the republic.

        By keeping us suspicious of all those around us we can never join together and stop them in their tracks.

        A house divided against itself can not stand – Abraham Lincoln

      23. edit:

        Yes I am aware of the true content of Lincolns house divided speech.

        But the quote it self has much broader implications, and fits this situation rather well IMO.

      24. you do know that per the fbi uniformed crime reports that whites have been responsible for the majority (roughly 87%) of all terrorist attacks in the USA over the last 20 years…so it apparently reflects the data

        • More importantly – terrorist attacks are an extremely minor fraction of violent crime in the U.S.

          Said differently – terrorism is a NON-EVENT; a boogeyman to keep us in fear of what might hide in our closets and under our beds. Statistically we will each live thousands of lives and die thousands of deaths before being confronted by a bona fide muslim terrorist.

          The real “terrorists” are in government, and their crimes are not being counted in those statistics.

        • I trust nothing of what this government or any of it’s agencies produce as factual statistics, your a fool if you do! Read, Behold A Pale Horse by William Cooper retired USAF Major.

      25. what color was the guy who flew his plane into the irs building in austin tx last year?

        • hear, hear!!!

          atlanta olympics bombing

          holocaust memorial shootings

          pittsburgh police shoot out

          sovereign citizen shoot outs

          live bomb placed at parade route for MLK parade in washington state.

          abortion clinic bombings and shootings

          weather underground

          neo-nazi violence

          IRS plane into building attack

          earth liberation front




          these sissies can’t handle the truth. these pansies lack the ability for self-reflection. these idiots can’t seem to figure out that they are as much a part of the problem as anyone else.

      26. The way I see it…….the middle class white man is the one that will have to take this country back…they are the bravest, smartest, and the only ones with enough balls to get the job done…….if it wasn’t for the “middle class” white man, the rest of you terds would still be living in mud huts!!!

        • Umm. My ancestors lived in teepees. We were healthy and happy. But, that was before the genocides, germ warfare, isolations, and relocations. Given what we’re facing now, a teepee sounds really, really nice. A good dog and some buffalo to hunt wouldn’t be bad either. What happened to all that? Oh, yeah….

      27. I notice that all the narcs or whistle blowers were black people or minorities. Interesting isnt it though, is that the future trend that they want……..

      28. Congressional Terrorism on the American People.
        They want We the American People to lock and load, so they “TPTB/W”
        can roll out marshall law.

        Naked X-ray porno body scanners and or Feeling up Wife and Kids.
        Hey, if it will keep us safe

        They invited 50 million illegal criminal aliens in and stole our tax money and showered freebes of all kinds on them

        Outsourcing all our American Jobs to commie China. ( over 400,000 new unemployment claims a WEEK!, for the last 2 years

        14 trillion federal reserve notes in the red and they want MORE or no SS checks.
        were did the trillions go? looted from our Treasury?

        these creatons are pushin there finger into our chest…

        Hey whitie, Your a Terrorist. I don’t think so. I am an American!

        is it 3 or 4 illegal wars now? but hey, it’s just good business

      29. Lets see…. white(check), gunowner(check), prepper (check), Hates rotweiller-headed bulldike DHS secretary(double check), hates 99% of current politicians(check)…………..had to refresh the Jack (oh yeah), yep, I’m sure of it….must be a terrorist. Now that we got that cleared up, I guess that means I don’t need to pay anymore taxes cause you surely don’t need a terrorist funding the federal and a state government. Whats that…..YOU fund terrorists? Libyans, Yemen, Pakistan, Muslim brotherhood…..Keep your monopoly money. C’mon and kiss my white rebel a$$.

      30. look at how you all act when you can no longer control the country funny look at whites like you like a beta max ie “they still make you?” lmao have fun being the new down trodden minorities.

        • Thats fine…..I have no problem being the minority…..but just watch how shitty things become….and when you need everthing fixed, go jump in another fox hole…

        • “you all”? Do you mean U Haul?

      31. oh, and by the way, who the hell hits up the homeland security youtube channel in their evening computer time? NOBODY!!!

        you crackers better dose up on your blood pressure meds or else you’re all gonna have strokes.

        • I thought you said you were white.

          • me being white doesn’t change you being a cracker. they aren’t mutually exclusive, moron.

            • Damn, being called a cracker is so offensive. I’m going to the corner to cry a spell.
              And after all the time of growing up being called an asshole. I just can’t handle all this abuse.
              I thought “honky” was very cute, too.

            • you calling some one else a moron is……….well it is just kind of weird in a strange way

        • Sam, your front porch is calling you.

          • just admit it that you’re a bigot. be man enough to just admit it. rise above the so-called political correctness and just be honest.

            seriously, be a man. tell the truth.

            • Sam, I’ve never had a problem calling a spade, a spade. I never will.


      32. You are a shady sadist sad sac of saturday shit sam.

        • You stink too!

        • it’s true, i take a bit of pleasure watching you idiots squirm when confronted with your own boorish behavior.

          racist, sexist, homophobic white people hate nothing more than to have their superiority questioned. never mind that you’re all in the same boat as the other unwashed masses and are being played like tribalistic pawns in the bigger game.

          it’s too bad you dummies can’t read the chess board more than one move ahead…

          • Too bad you can’t even purchase and eat a hamburger without destroying the resaurant.

          • why don’t you sit down and tell us a little bit about your child hood Sam? Where did you grow up? Were the kids in school nice to you? Did mommy play favorites? Was daddy …………..?

          • Every promise broken.

            Every plan failed.

      33. The purpoes of this is to get cops to stop profiling non-whites and make the cops feel better around non-whites.
        And if you convescate property from the whites, the Gov’t will have more real assets to distribute to the non-whites, as they see fit, and thus fulfill the sharing of the wealth. Change that we can believe in, under the gise of redistribution/social justice: communism.

      34. good example of a terrorist that is funded by our own government is that Canton Ohio Cop…

        stop looking at the average citizen and start looking into who you have working in high profile positions

        COPS.. know the list

        oh and while your at it Holder needs to be included as an agressive terrorist..when is he going to prison?

      35. I knew that soccer mom next door looked suspicious! I’ll make a note to pat her down later.

        • Your suspicions would be correct ONLY if she is a white male. Otherwise, you would be way off base.

          Honestly, how truly sick is this video? How truly sick are those psychos who posted here that this video is anything but anti-white male? I counted one “person of color” among dozens of “bad guys.” All the rest were white males. I counted maybe one or two “good guys” tattling on his, or their, neighbor(s). The rest of the “good guys” were “people of color” and, in many cases, female. This thing is sick, sick, sick. And anyone who does not call this spade a spade is just as sick.

          By the way–nice ruling from the 6th Circuit regarding the UofM admissions policies. More institutionalized racism that effectively works against white Americans. I don’t quite understand how this nation can continue to promote anti-white racist policies and the people not speak the truth about it. How has this happened?

      36. If successful in getting minorities to rat on whites, the resulting race war would do nothing but provide fodder for implementing Marshal Law. You wouldn’t think that would be their real purpose, would you?

      37. Obama’s war on the white race continues unabated. And the high tech surveillance based police state is ramping up month by month.

        Not long boys and girls, not long. Hope you can hide (but since most of you are visiting this site from your home ISP connection, you can’t).

        See you in the FEMA camps. Well, actually I won’t, because I’ll go down fighting.

        Can’t destroy the constitution and rob America of its sovereignty without destroying the middle class (most of which is white) and its will to be free. Welcome to the New World Order.

        • DAMN RIGHT! Most people are talk and when they come for the guns I feel most will actually comply. Fuck that. I’m taking bullets in the chest and head first!

      38. check out MSNBC article on the bombing terrorist in Oslo Norway……I smell serious Bullshit!!!!
        And I can clearly see how there is no coincidence on the timing of this video and the bombing in Norway and how he is being painted…..if even one shred of the story is even true!
        I see how all this is taking shape, I can even see the book of Revelations shaping up on the Christian persecution in the end times

        • BJ, I think you are rite.
          Here’s some facts surrounding the events not being reported.

          1. The bombing occurs right after Oslo Norway declares a pro-Palestinian position.

          2. The massacre takes places immediately following a Labour Youth League Summer Camp finishing a pro-Palestinian rally.

          • Tic toc tic toc

      39. They must think we are stupid, the wearing the hoody is CIA! Thats who we are looking for. Google operation North Woods!

      40. Anyone recall those afn commercials exhorting you to keep your barracks room locked…and the thief was always portrayed by a white male? This was on the 80’s and 90’s so I can only imagine how PC those psa’s by the armed forces network are now!

      41. Perhaps funny, if not so sad, is the plethora of television and print commercials depicting the stupid white guy being schooled, one way or another, by a female or “person of color.” I have watched five or six straight commercials with this theme–I keep thinking that, at some point, there will be a commercial where the white guy is not stupid.

      42. You heard it here first….now remember this
        You’ll be seeing the name RAND a lot in the not too far off future. What Ravenwood was in Jericho, RAND will be to us

      43. I noted with interest the use of the words “precursor activity”. Identical to the drug war, where they have placed all kinds of chemicals on “restricted sell” because they may be used to make illegal drug.

        The theory is, if you can use something to do something, you must have it in your possession to do the worst possible thing with it so you must be reported.

        In Minority Report, they charged people with crimes they MAY have committed in the future. They do the same thing here and now. Once a call is made to the terrorists about “suspicious activity”, you are already guilty to the corp.

        But, as I have learned recently, the law does still apply and even the most abusive bureaucrats can be thwarted BEFORE any harm is done. I will tell of my experience when a little more time has passed.

      44. We’re truly finishes here in ameriKa, aren’t we ???

        THe world truly has turned upside down.

        Mr. Lenin once said ( by paraphrasing )

        ” Once the industrail contries ( England, Germany, the US ) become truly currupted by big moeny and power, the entire apparatus of the government becomes thier diaper boys and enforcers. That’s why the entire apparatus of the currput government must be replaced.”

        We’re going to have an outright revolt here in the US one day, I gauge there’s a lot or really tired and pissed off people here lately who are tired of being treated as if they are just slaves or subjects.

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