How To Recognize When Your Society Is Suffering A Dramatic Decline

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Headline News | 110 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at

    When historians and analysts look at the factors surrounding the collapse of a society, they often focus on the larger events and indicators — the moments of infamy. However, I think it’s important to consider the reality that large scale societal decline is built upon a mixture of elements, prominent as well as small. Collapse is a process, not a singular event. It happens over time, not overnight. It is a spectrum of moments and terrible choices, set in motion in most cases by people in positions of power, but helped along by useful idiots among the masses. The decline of a nation or civilization requires the complicity of a host of saboteurs.

    So, instead of focusing on the top down approach, which is rather common, let’s start from the foundations of our culture to better understand why there is clear and definable destabilization.

    Declining Moral Compass

    There is always a conflict between personal gain and personal conscience — this is the nature of being human. But in a stable society, these two things tend to balance out. Not so during societal decline, as personal gain (and even personal comfort and gratification) tends to greatly outweigh the checks and balances of moral principles.

    People often mistake the term “morality” to be a religious creation, but this is not what I am necessarily referring to. The concepts of “good” and “evil” are archetypal — that is to say they are psychologically inherent in most human beings from the moment of birth. This is not a matter of faith, but a matter of fact, observed by those in the field of psychology and anthropology over the course of a century of study. How we relate to these concepts can be affected by our environment and upbringing, but for the most part, our moral compass is psychologically ingrained. It is up to us to either follow it or not follow it.

    Watching how people handle this choice is a bit of hobby of mine, and I do take notes. You can learn a lot about the state of your environment by observing what people around you tend to do when faced with the conflict of personal gain versus personal conscience. It is saddening to admit that even though I live in rural America, where you are more likely to find self-reliance and cultural stability, I can still see a faltering nation bleeding through.

    I have seen supposedly good people act dishonestly in business agreements. I have seen local institutions scam hardworking citizens. I have seen a court system rife with bias and a “good old boy” attitude of favoritism. I have seen local companies pretend to be benevolent contributors to the community while at the same time running constant frauds and rackets. I have even seen a few people within the liberty movement itself put the movement at risk with their own avarice, gluttony, narcissism and sociopathy.

    Again, it is important to make a note of such people and institutions, for as the system continues its downward spiral it is these people that will present the greatest threat to the innocent.

    As Carl Jung notes in his book The Undiscovered Self, there is always a contingent of latent sociopaths and psychopaths within any culture; usually about 10% of the population. In normal times, they, at least most of them, are forced into moral acclimation by the rest of the populace. But in times of decline, they seem to leak out of the woodwork like a slimy fungus. During heightened collapse, they no longer have to pretend to be upstanding and they show their true colors.

    Most dangerous is when latent sociopaths or full blown sociopaths assume roles of leadership or power during the worst of times. With everyone distracted by their own plight, these people can become a cancer, infecting everything with their narcissistic pursuits and causing destruction in their wake.

    Disinterest In Rewarding Conscience

    During wider cultural collapse, it can become “fashionable” to see acts of principle as something to be scoffed at or ridiculed or to even see them as threats to the status quo. The concept of “going along to get along” takes precedence over doing what is right even when it is hard; this attitude is not relegated to the less honest people within society.

    As a system collapses, a fog of apathy can result. Good people can become passive, scrambling to their individual corner of the world and hoping evil times will simply pass them by. The phrase “I just want to put all this behind me” is spoken regularly; but as we ignore the trespasses of terrible men and women, we also enable them. How? Because by doing nothing we allow them to continue their criminality, and we subject future persons and generations to victimization.

    When doing the right thing is treated as laughable or “crazy” by what seems like a majority in the midst of widespread corruption, you are truly in the middle of a great decline.

    In Christian circles, the idea of “the remnant” is sometimes spoken of. In Christian terms, this usually represents a minority of true believers surviving a tumultuous and immoral era. I see “the remnant” not so much as a contingent of Christians alone, but as a contingent of people that continue to maintain their principles and conscience when faced with unprecedented adversity. In the worst of times, these people remain stalwart, even if they are ridiculed for it.

    Disinterest In Independent Effort

    It is said that in this world there are two kinds of people — leaders and followers. I’m not so sure about that, but I can see why this philosophy is promoted; it helps evil people in power stay in power by encouraging passive acceptance.

    I would say that there are in fact two kinds of people in this world — people who want to control others and the people that just want to be left alone. In life sometimes we are both leaders and followers; we just have to be sure that when we lead we lead by example and not by force, and when we follow, we follow someone worth a damn.

    In any case, passivity is not a solution to determining our roles in society. In most situations, independent action is required by every person to make the world a better place. Yet, in an era of systemic crisis, it is usually independent effort that is the first thing to go out the window. Millions upon millions of people wait around for someone, anyone, to tell them what they should be doing and how they should be doing it. In this way, society finds itself in stasis, frozen in a position of inaction. Poisonous collectivism wins through mass aggression, but also through mass passivity.

    In fact, when individualists do take action they can be admonished for it during times of societal breakdown, even if their actions have the potential to solve a problem. The idea that one man or woman (or a small group of people) could do anything about anything is sneered at as “fantasy” or “delusion.” But mass movements of citizens working towards a practical goal are rare, and even more rare is when these movements are not controlled or manipulated to benefit the established order. It is not mass movements that change the world for the better, but individual people and small organizations of the dedicated, acting without permission and without administration.

    It is these individuals and small groups that, over time and through relentless effort, inspire a majority to do what is necessary and right. It is these people that inspire others to finally take leadership in their own lives.

    Individual Self-Isolation

    I write often on the plight of the individual and individual rights within society, and I continue to see the factor of the individual as the most important element in any culture. A culture based on protecting and nurturing individualism and voluntarism is the only culture, in my view, that will ever be successful at avoiding full spectrum collapse. That said, the downside to overt individualism is the danger of self isolation. That is to say, when true individuals only concern themselves with their personal circumstances and ignore the circumstances of the rest of the world, they eventually set themselves up to be crushed by that world.

    Organization on a voluntary basis is not only healthy but vital in the longevity of a society. The more people turn in on themselves and only care about their own general conditions, the easier it is for evil people to do evil things unnoticed. Also, self isolation in the wake of collapse sets individuals up for failure, as no one is capable of surviving without at least some help from a wider pool of knowledge and talents.

    In a system based on corruption, the establishment will encourage self isolation as a means to control the populace. Or, they will offer a false choice, between self isolation versus mindless collectivism. The truth is there is always a middle ground. Voluntary organization and individualism are not mutually exclusive. I call this the “difference between community and collectivism.” A community does not supplant the individual, while a collective requires the complete erasure of individual pursuits and thought.

    If you find yourself surrounded by people who refuse any organization, even practical and voluntary organization in the face of instability, then your society may be in the latter stages of a collapse.

    Disaster Denial

    Even as a crisis or collapse unfolds, if a society actually reels or reacts to it and takes note of the problem, there is hope for that society. If, however, that society willfully ignores the danger and denies it exists when presented with overwhelming evidence, then that society will likely suffer complete disintegration and will probably have to start all over from scratch — hopefully with a set of principles and ideals based on conscience and honor.

    The strength of a culture can be measured by its willingness to self reflect. Its survival can be determined by its willingness to accept its flaws when they arise and its willingness to repair the damage done. Self-aware societies are difficult to corrupt or control. Only in denial can people be easily manipulated and enslaved.

    If you cannot accept the reality of the abyss, you cannot move to avoid it or prepare yourself to survive the fall. I see this issue as perhaps the single most important element in the fight to save the portions of our society worth saving. Educating people on the blatant facts behind our own national decline can dissolve the wall of denial, and perhaps we will find when disaster strikes that there are far more awake and aware individuals ready to act than we originally thought.

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      1. Brandon – finally. An essay I happen to agree with almost in total. My last couple of posts here have attempted in a poor way to express the same points. We’ve lost sight of what it means to be a nation, a group of people who believe in one another. Who have common goals, dreams, visions for the future. We need to begin by accepting the very words we use – common definitions for all of us. That ‘disposable’ for example does not mean ‘good’. That ‘diversity’ within a society as a whole is not intrinsically a benefit – it can bring division, suspicion, lack of understanding. That ‘illegal’ means to act contrary to the accepted rule of law we all support. ‘Immigration’ requires a willing host country; not just, wanting entrants. That being ‘responsible’ is far-reaching and a matter for all of us to attend to; not just, some government’s job or what is regulated externally. So many words we bandy about not listening to what we are saying.

        • “As Carl Jung notes in his book The Undiscovered Self, there is always a contingent of latent sociopaths and psychopaths within any culture; usually about 10% of the population.”

          FYI The commies on the left compose about a third of the electorate in America, so that in comparison should be a sign of the times.

          And they want the other two thirds to subsidize their DNA. 🙁

          • Brandon will certainly oppose any remnant of Christians who believe Jesus in Luke 6:32-36.

            Brandon thinks that “whatever the market will bear” is part of the “morality” he espouses.

            “And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath the faithful with the unbeliever?” 2 Corinthians 6:15

            Christians have no concord with Brandon or his ilk.

            judaism DOT is/usury.html

            • Smith also says that the real Americans- White Nationalists- are at the top of his hit list. So he hates the Founders and the ones who built this country.

              He slams “racism” and sounds like a far left social justice warrior- which he may be].

              • He will wax poetically about freedom and then drop a thinly veiled threat about what he will do to those who oppose his “anything goes” libertarian economics.

                While he uses his favorite “zealot” epithet against those who have principles opposed to his, he is hypocritically oblivious to his own zealotry.

                How quaint.

        • Anybody who has read The Shadow Over Innsmouth and The Horror at Red Hook can see the parallel.

          America has slipped far down the ladder of cultural degeneracy.

          I stay in most nights.

          • Eisen;
            Glad to see HP Lovecraft not forgotten.

          • All you got to do is take a walk through Wal Mart and look at the average WalMartians to see that our country is diseased and dying from the inside out.

            America is suffering from cultural rot. Our white culture is infected by low class pathetic mentality diseased society with purple hair, body tatoos, facial and body piercings, ear lobe holes, and other willing and intentional degredations that clearly show our decline, worse than what infected London 2-3 decades ago.

            And worse than that, see white women with black males, pushing strollers with halfniglets, contaminating the DNA of our culture.

            Once Great America is fucked. I’ve about given up all hope for seeing America made great again.

            • Just hope you had a good life and are older so you won’t have to put up with this constantly worsening shit.

            • Strollers with Zebras? You must live in Wisconsin or Minnesota?
              Mudsharkery is epidemic up there. I think they teach it in elementary schools.

            • “worse than what infected London 2-3 decades ago.”

              I can’t speak for what sort of moral decay existed in London 2-3 decades ago, but I think a much better example of the current state of cultural and moral rot that exists in America would be to compare it to the degeneracy of the Weimar Republic period in post WW I Germany.

              Rush Limbaugh spent the first 40 minutes or so of the second hour of his show on 4/5/18 talking about how the “left” have been pushing the most sickening moral and sexual degeneracy imaginable – and since the “left” controls our public schools and colleges – they are brainwashing and indoctrinating our kids with these poisonous notions. Even going so far as to teach our little elementary school kids about anal sex, homosexual perversion, and now transgender perversion.

              Clearly, the “left” is waging a war on White traditional culture and morality and these evil liberals are deliberately trying to screw up young White children so as to demoralize them and corrupt their little brains with so much abnormal garbage that they will be screwed up for life.

              The curious thing about the incredible similarities between America today and Weimar Republic Germany – at least for those of us who are aware of precisely ‘who’ were the primary architects of the degeneracy of the Weimar Republic era – is that the grand children of those very same culture poisoners are who are behind the degeneracy and cultural rot of modern day America.

              Anybody remember the speech Joe Biden gave to a room full of these poisoners a few years ago, where he went down a checklist and cited all of the culturally destructive and subversive agendas that these folks were responsible for injecting into traditional American society – and then, this idiot thanked them for all of their destructive influence on our society?

              • Tucker, since you first drew attention to the original list of perpetrators, you may appreciate the updated list here:

                judaism DOT is/disarming-goyim.html

            • Illinois Town Bypasses Constitution, US Citizens Given 60 Days To Turn In Guns Or Become Criminals

              “Residents of a town in Illinois were just handed down an unconstitutional decree from their local government, they now have 60 days to give up their guns or be fined up to $1000 per day…”

              ht tps://

        • Brandon, one of your best ever. Heartless, agree totally with your post. Stick a fork in us cause we’re done.

          • You cannot contradict Christ and be a Christian.

            Hence, you cannot be a “free-market, whatever-the-market-will-bear” libertarian and also be a Chirstian.

            Read and understand your Bible.

            judaism DOT is/usury.html

            • Historian,
              I challenge you to find me the places in the bible where it argues against free market capitalism. I know for sure in Genesis that God throws Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden and says that “man shall eat by the sweat of his brow”. In other words, no worky, no eaty. God/Christ were NOT communists. The command was to work for what you want, but be charitable and generous to those less fortunate.

              • Are you dyslexic??? …or just careless???

                I already cited Luke 6:32-36 against usury and I cited a webpage with many more biblical references against usury.

                Your “challenge” was anticipated and already defeated.

                I made no claim against simple capitalism, only the anti-Christian “whatever-the-market-will-bear” version.

              • I’ll add this—I am amused that you infer that profiting on a loan of money (usury) is “work” “sweat from the brow.” That was really funny!

                Better men than you and I have condemned usury precisely because of the lack of work involved. I mean, really, how much “work” is fraud?

                Dante placed usurers in the same circle of hell as sodomites, explaining their similarity in the infertility of their acts. In a Christian society, money is a medium of exchange; Infertile in itself. in a decent society, money does not beget money. Even the pagan Romans and Greeks damned usurers.

                • How can you prove the buybull is true? Who wrote it? Any witnesses? The story of rumplestiltskin is as provable as the buybull. Religion is the most basic form of govt. Written and dictated by man for control over the flock, my brand is real… no my brand is…. no no no MY brand of slavery is! The pope said there is no hell… hmmmm I said that way before that pedofreak. Maybe I should make up a religion?

                  • I will call it…

                    Don’t be a dumbassism! It will incorporate the law of nature only. Natural law hmmm, has a nice ring to it (but it has always been so I didn’t invent it at all just promoting it.) But theres that pesky people are free thing again.. can’t have that can we?

                    • the lord heps those who hep them sevs, you know!

                    • A real genius would not confuse natural law with the Law of the Jungle.

                  • A real genius would know of the unbroken historical chain of testimony from the Apostles who walked with Jesus to those who mock Him today.

                    What is your beef with Christianity? Is it the radical kindness and decency that Jesus preached? Is it His radical opposition to usury? Is it His radical opposition to the worship of money? Is it His radical opposition to worship of self? What exactly did Jesus and His Apostles preach that steps on your personal problem?

                    • Because none of it has any proof. And man has rewritten, edited, deleted and all manner of manipulation to the buybul.

                    • A real genius would know that the earliest original manuscripts can be compared to the vernacular, so that faithful translations may be distinguished from the man-made frauds.

                      A real genius would know that the Dead Sea Scrolls confirm the Vulgate and discredit the Masoretic “Hebrew Bible” and its derivatives.

      2. You can certainly see Western countries at some point on the continuum of collapse. America’s love of free speech and self initiative is still there but under siege. Canada, however, is a country where all its citizens have subsumed themselves to the government. As their pansy prime minister flounces around the world stage, the population of homeless continues to increase, all while basic government functions such as paying people for work done is breaking down. There is little free speech left in Canada and the media is mostly under government or corporate control. Canada also has a heavily censored internet that means it is difficult to do basic research because resources are just not flagged up in search.

        Canada also places greater store in the foreigner if they have money than in their own citizens if they do not.

        The UK is a mixed bag: still having a history of great volunteerism and public good but this is being washed over by political correctness which sees color, gender and religion ahead of humanity.

        Switzerland is probably the closest in the West to a society not in collapse. The Swiss respect personal autonomy and responsibility, they work hard, speak freely, know how to fight, while doing everything to a high standard.

        • “There is little free speech left in Canada and the media is mostly under government or corporate control. ”

          Not surprising when Toronto public schools are teaching 4th graders about ANAL SEX in the classroom. As I recall my fourth grade experience; it had everything to do with multiplication and division, but nothing to do with sex and perversion. Another sign of the times.

          The next step for Canada is to lower the Age of Consent to 12 years old. 🙁

        • switzerland? the rape capitol of the world? i hear they got a middle-yeast problem over there?

      3. See it when you walk into a grocery store in middle America and the isles are full of illegal mexicans and other central American trash speaking spanish and also muslim garbage with their too obvious attire. There is only one solution. To kill all these fuckers and burn all the bodies day and night until they are ashes and not let anymore foul our soil again.

      4. And its still being a denialist when you waste time trying to change folks negative core concepts. folks will always take the easy way when given a choice. They enable the parasitic rather than work on a difficult task. Im as guilty as anyone else. I put up with being robbed by the electric coop. They charge a $19 service availability fee. $19 for nothing and then theres sales tax on the $19 and the rest of the light bill. Now I could go off grid. Use solar and wind power. But that is work and it requires constant attention. So I go along to get along. Its easier to let them extort The $19 every month. We are a nation in decline in a world that’s in decline. There hasn’t been isn’t now and most likely never will be any viable political or ballot box solution. Just as well face the fact that the Numbers of taking parasites will continue to increase and the numbers of Producing Makers will shrink. That lopsided condition will eventually result in a society of a few uber wealthy and a majority of Serfs & slaves. And then eventually the revolt will happen. Folks will disengage and go John Galt. Or rise up and attack whoever they are jealous of or blame for their plight. You see it in Africa right now the Blacks are jealous and blame the Whites for their situation. So they are killing the Whites. Eventually that will happen in the USA.

        • Old Guy: I have to pretty much agree with you my friend. I think the U.S. is in a very Serious and alarming condition for so many different reasons. And South Africa for example, is an extremely dangerous place for White folks – the average black is just plum lazy, has a very low I.Q. and would rather slaughter every whitey they come across. If I was white and was unfortunately anywhere in Africa, I would get the F&*% out and do it like yesterday! I also truly believe things could literally “pop-off” within the U.S. at any given second of any average day and I do feel this is coming much sooner than later. I am very concerned about my country – these United States. . . . .

          • I and concerned about my country. But im more concerned about my Grandchildren and great grandchildren. We just got a new great grand daughter. What kind of life will this little girl have?

            • Old Guy:


              Don’t worry about that child. If your grandchildren are not in prison or on crack, the kid should be just fine. Personally, I think we as a Country have hit rock bottom and are rebounding morally, spiritually, and intellectually. Again, Congratulations.


              • Train them to defend themselves and to be fit. A good education also will help.

            • All i know from my research is that when the kids get 12 yrs old they must have a Guardasil/HPV shot which has killed some children and others bedridden from awful auto immune problems from the vaccine. I believe this vaccine is very dangerous. I would be worried about it if i had grand children or great grand children.

        • I think you are missing the point on the $19. SOMEONE is out there doing the WORK to keep the grid going. The linemen, the people at the generating stations, the people that keep the fuel flowing, etc. These people are doing that work so you don’t have to do anything but fill out a check each month to have all the electricity you need. Wake up! Look at the big picture instead of only your own pissing little short sighted irritations!

      5. I’ve looked at a lot of rental housing in the suburbs of Chicago lately. The prices are ridiculous and the quality is deteriorating. Management companies run most of the buildings and they’re pretty close to slum lords. The people in the buildings are not the same people of 30 years ago. Section 8 and other types of subsidized housing programs have cause rents to be higher than normal. Much higher. It almost forces regular people out of the market. Unless they qualify for assistance. But isn’t that the agenda, after all? Force everyone into a government program. Total control of the housing market. I called a place in Arkansas that was advertising cheap rent on a brand new building. A real good price. They told me I made too much money. There were government income restrictions on the property. You had to be under a certain income in order to rent the apartment. What a country.

        • I knew some people who lived in the city and were total white trash kind of people. I only knew them thro a friend and went there a few times to help their dog as it was sick with terrible mange. These people do crack, smoke weed, have Hud housing, get money from the government. Their 20yr old daughter just had a baby a yr ago and gets money from the government. The mother is crazy. She argues with all the neighbors and they end up moving once a yr or less! I live out in the country. Last wk i bumped into this woman at a store here and she told me that she/they just moved out HERE to the country very near where i am. I was sick to my stomach knowing that these liberals now live out in the rural area. She said they got a whole house – on HUD too. I hope i never bump into her again!

      6. Frank stated Canada also places greater store in the foreigner if they have money than in their own citizens if they do not. Haw Haw!!! In the USA they place greater store in a criminal illegal invader who doesn’t have a dime than in a property owning tax paying citizen. Now that’s insane. And Im labeled a Racist because I don’t agree with that insane policy.

      7. Every little town in Arkansas has those government Housing Projects. The rent is very low and is based on income. They attract what I term Low Lifes. What rankles me is because I have accumulated a bit of property. The fair share thinking folks are always trying to find new ways to extract money from folks like me. They punish industry and thrift and Reward sloth and laziness.

        • Old guy: You are right!! Things are so god damned ridiculously backwards!! You can’t be honest about things or you get penalized for actually doing the right thing and saving money or making investments – this “f-ed” in the rear-end Gov’t is such a complete FAILURE and a cluster. I wish everything would just crash by close of business today and just get it on already! Tired of waiting for it…

        • Old guy
          Thats why i stopped producing,
          Who is John Galt

          • NB: Same here. I refuse to feed the beast. I am starving it. I don’t give a damn if those fat slobs suffer or have to live in a tent or under a tarp. Not my problem.

            • ???

            • Me too. I reduced my cattle herd down to two milk cows. I only bail enough hay and grow enough corn to feed my own livestock. just cut enough wood for our own use. Any extra garden produce not preserved gets fed to animals or composted. I refuse to engage in commerece if I can avoid it. I try and pay as little tax as possible. You can buy a used item at a estate auction and there isn’t any sales tax. the same used item at a flea market or business there is over 10% sales tax.Feed is tax exempt. so if you buy feed and raise a meat animal or produce eggs or milk. Even if it cost the same for me to produce the item as what it does at the supermarket. You know what the feed was and have a superior product and no parasite middle men received a penny in tax revenue. The same with fire wood. even if I could buy propane for the same price as it cost to cut my wood. there are no parasite getting a penny tax.

              • I guess the hay is good feed, but if you have chickens or ducks then the corn feed is GMO. I don’t like that, but don’t know where to get non GMO corn. I sometimes feed the birds and they will eat the corn, but they leave the other grain and the other grain is not GMO. I don’t know why they prefer the corn over the other grain.

      8. Why has shtf stifled Jeremiah Johnson’s inciteful articles on this site? More censorship I suppose by the powers that be to usefull info. Never thought I would see Mac cave!

        • We haven’t censored him. He’s working on other projects.

        • Scott, I also enjoy JJ’s articles. Like Mac said, 1. He doesn’t do censorship and, 2. JJ has something else going on right now. It shouldn’t be long before another JJ article comes up.

      9. In all honesty, there is A LOT of this going on in many, many different parts of the United States, especially The Moral Decay of Society – that I believe is a Huge issue all over the country. And if that issue is in the toilet, well, nothing else really matters. I have noticed a whole lot of this “condition” going on for many years now and that is a big problem and should be alarming to folks. It seems to me that the progressives/liberals/demonRATS definitely subscribl to this “mentality”…Overall, the U.S. is truly sick in many ways and in many locations.

        • The moral decay in the U.S. is the PLAN. I believe it’s Communism. In time it will bring down this country. It appears to be working. Kids in school talking about having sex? A friend told me that ten yrs ago he was waiting at the bus stop and two little kids were talking, a boy and a girl. They looked to be ten yrs old. They were talking about having sex! My friend who was born in the early 1940’s was totally appalled.

        • Boyo:

          Thanks for sharing video. Best essay I’ve read in years with an economy of words, and at 73, that’s saying a lot.
          Also very good video.

      10. There is destruction all around us. Internationally and domestically. The struggle is immense. You will be left with the following: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” This is simple but from a movie/book Prisoner of Askaban. Keep moving forward!!@!

      11. It seems that they keep finding new ways to vilify and robb the better off citizens. For example the expand the city limits. so the lower the speed limit and hire more cops to ticket folks. and they run their speed trap when the working folks are driving to and from work. then They pun the city water and sewer lines to the newly annexed land. Pass a well head protection area ordanance. And force everyone to pay for city sewer and water even if you do not hook up. then they add garbage pick up fees to the water biil. and anything they wish like mosquito control or a fee to support the indoor water park. It never ends they punish the best folks.

        • It is true. Two major road ways leading into the city from the country here used to be 55mph and now are 45 all the way. Takes forever to get back home.

      12. Good points Brandon.
        My concern lies in the cooperation within the community, locally it always seems like a good idea to work together, inevitibly a few people end up dictating to the rest what they will be required to do, i just look at our little community association and the way they have done things in the past and cant help but think that when things come unglued they will start dictating how my produce will be divvied up, theres a few folks i wont mind working with and trading with but the vast majority of the so called leaders bring nothing to the table, nothing, so therein lies my concern, i really have no interest in being told what im going to be doing by some ponytailed libtard who thinks they are in charge,,,, the worst part is they also hold sway over all the ither brailess libtards in the neighborhood who all seem to get a pass when its anything that requires work,,,,
        Its hoing to be interesting,

        • Nail,
          You could have saved yourself a lot of typing by simply
          typing “the problem with America is Democrats”.

          • Judging by my awful typing i should take your advice,,,,
            They really are a special kinda stupid

          • Rellik
            Its amazing really, here in our neighborhood, they are the very ones yelling about everybody working together, but they dont even smile nor wave when passing on the road, dont wave when they walk by and am in the yard,,, and dont allow room on the road when you meet them even though they know its barely one lane, they just fly by in their BMW or Tesla or whatever, and yet, somehow, im supposed to be concerned about their wellbeing, like with the neighborhood watch program etc,,,,, i can hardly wait for some huge event that shuts off the power and pplugs up the system, its going to be fun

            • Nail,
              I live in old Hawaii.
              We still show Aloha here.
              But I’m in a small town.
              They wave as they drive by in
              worn out old trucks.
              Some do have $60,000 Diesel
              crew cab 4WD dualies, but they
              are working trucks and usually have
              a cow or horse trailer connected to them.
              Most the people I know
              have beaters.
              My truck is 14 years old.
              My off road farm truck is 25.
              I don’t think I have ever
              seen a Tesla here.
              As for power two of my close neighbors
              (I’m on good terms with them)
              have really big solar systems, I’m pretty
              sure I can keep my freezers cold
              when my generator dies from lack of fuel.
              I am presently negotiating the freight cost for
              8.5 kW of solar panels and 10.2 kW of
              LiFePo batteries so I will not ever have
              to worry about Grid down.

              • Hey Relik! Former neighbor is in Hawaii right now with HS kids on spring break. I have no idea how they are paying for it. Four adults: couple, sister, mother and two kids. I am guessing they rented a house but is renting a house in Hawaii cheap? I doubt it. Neighbor was telling me how her 17-year old wants a job but doesn’t want to get dirty. (I wish I was joking). Both high schoolers have cars which means mommy and daddy are paying for four cars, plus gas, plus insurance, plus four phones. Oh and the kid that wants a job where he doesn’t get dirty wants to be in a band! Before that he was going to build robots. Before that he was going to do stop-action cinematography. Oh and supposedly playing Minecraft was going to make the kid an amazing programmer!

                The parents are decent people, former Catholics, but absolutely lost in the modern world. Sad situation. Husband just retired from 20 years in the Army and is trying to sell real estate now. This entire area is infested with liberals. The son is gay. I knew that four years ago. The father is a combat engineer, Hispanic, and not happy about having a gay son.

                They didn’t homeschool. They thought about it but ended up sending the kids to public school. Not a good idea.

                • They are DOOMED!

                  • Gen
                    I just had a store give my wife seed potatoes for free and a promise to buy or trade for beef all I produce. You can make it in Hawaii,
                    but you have to know people and that takes years.
                    Now I have to clear some more land for planting.

                    • You just reminded me of seed potatoes. Supposed to plant in the spring when it’s cool and not too warm, but here in Western NY state the weather has been very cold due to all the weather tampering and now we can’t even plant any potatoes. I was just gonna do a few. I gave up on the garden a few yrs ago as i just can’t keep up with the weeds, but i like a few potatoes, garlic and onions. Don’t even know when we can plant potatoes here. It’s way too cold here like freezing at 30 and below. In fact i had some regular store potatoes and forgot about them and started to sprout, and i was thinking of planting them, but don’t know when now. They are in a paper bag. I hope i don’t forget about them!

                  • It is sad to watch. The couple are very nice but as I said, lost.

                    I don’t get people thinking they have to buy their kid a car and pay for it. Sure, if you have the cash and the budget, but this couple doesn’t. I am guessing they will get equity out of their house for the kids to go to college. The younger daughter will probably graduate (she wants to be a teacher which makes me gag because public schools don’t teach they indoctrinate) and the son will probably go somewhere for a year, drop out, and move back home because being in the real world is hard.

                    If this is how the kids of fairly decent people are turning out, imagine how the kids of those who are clueless are ending up? Scary thought experiment I would rather not visit!

                    Homeschool. There are cheap programs K-12 online that anyone can afford if they want their child to have a mind and not be an indoctrinated drone.

                • Phil,
                  Depends on where you choose to live. Renting is not cheap. Buying is not cheap. Lots of people live together in a single dwelling with multi generations and share expenses.
                  Car tabs are outrageous. Fuel is expensive. Food can be expensive.
                  Taxes are outrageous,the government SUX , and schools are bad.
                  Things you are used to doing simply do not exist.
                  Most people get what we call “rock fever” and they leave.

                  Don’t move here! You have to have a special attitude,
                  to live on a small island. I miss being able to drive
                  ten hours and go out and kill rock chucks with my cousin.
                  But living here in Hawaii is better than living on most the mainland.

                  • ???
                    Yea, like when were in flip flops and shorts in the middle if February and the entire US is freezing

                    • working customer service/tech support, i talk to people in hawaii from time to time. the sum of what they have told me:

                      once you get off oahu (island that has honolulu, is basically suburbia), the rest of the islands are really small town. consider the big island, which per wiki, has a population of 185,000

                      you’re on that same island with the same people ALL the time. just like a small town in the dakotas. except you can drive somewhere else from the dakotas. on any island, you are simply there. never mind the mainland usa; just flying to honolulu is an undertaking, and not a cheap one either.

                      and while the lifestyle is healthy and pleasant, it’s not a cure all either. if you’re an unhappy person in vermont, or georgia, or idaho, you’ll be an unhappy person in hawaii unless you make pointed effort to take advantage of your surroundings change yourself inside.

                      the trouble with the islands is that everything is imported, including happiness.

                  • Eliminate all the damn Democrats then it might be a pretty nice place to live.

      13. A lot of this is cultural and spiritual but some is related to people’s diet and lifestyle. Some of this can be reversed if people eat a better diet and get proper rest and exercise. I’m not saying that this will solve all of the problem but it would help. Getting off of drugs and alcohol would help as well.

        • Basic life skills regarding diet, exercise and proper rest used to be taught both in the home and at school. Other stuff such as the 52 varieties of gender (or whatever the number–can’t keep up) appears to be more important to be taught in school than essential lifestyle and hygiene. Not sure what, if anything, is taught in most homes. Lots of people don’t even know what to do about a loose button so the garment is tossed; what a waste.

      14. Welcome to the slide.

      15. “Sometimes the good must be organized along the lines of the Mafia.” — Kurt Vonnegut, American writer and humorist.

      16. When any nation has a lack of people acting with integrity, that nation is on it’s way out. Integrity and the lack of it shows up in many ways. Run a red light, lying about conditions. Accepting too much change in a transaction, lying about interface. Lying to your spouse, your children, your boss, anyone, for any reason, lack of integrity. I found one of the best ways to lie is to not say anything. Lies of omission and lies by silence. Don’t worry about the collapse, one day you will laugh if any one mentions it, and say, “Collapse? WHAT collapse?” because you’ll know you’re in up to your armpits in collapse. Like bankruptcy, a little at a time, slowly ,in stages, then suddenly, all at once.

      17. Bomb their homes and cities on their turf, treating them like dogs until they hate us. Then invite them over.

        Meanwhile, create a culture here that neuters the alpha male.

        Do the math.

      18. Headline on Rolling Stone fagazine, HOW RUSSIA INFILTRATED THE NRA. Hahahaha

        • 2018, someone can look in my ass and see if any Russians are in it. [SARCASM]

        • Back in the 50s, people worried and/or joked about the (Russian) communist under the bed. Currently…well, you can guess.

          • people worried and/or joked about the (((Russian))) communist

            and (((they))) were running the show then as they do today

            I see as usual that the REAL problem- the paper money hegemon- goes undiscussed

      19. This whole article could have been reduced down to
        “the problem with America is Democrats”.

      20. Is the USA an empire in decline?
        Well, duh; isn’t that what we all have been complaining about here on this site day in and day out.

        The fact that it happens repeatedly does not make it a naturally occurring phenomenon.

        Until I read the book by Eustace Mullins on “Parisitism And The Decline Of Cizilizations” (subject not title), I had no idea what caused the decadence and decline of civilization.


      21. This is what I’m seeing.

        1. Abortion – wiped out multiple generations of what would have been natural born Americans
        2. Divorce – The total breakdown of the once powerful US nuclear family.
        3. Gays – The sodomites have run rampant from coast to coast. Their numbers grow daily and destroy and breakdown everything in their path.
        4. Laziness – Americans can’t even mow their own yards or change their own oil. This service economy has made a majority of men dependent on someone else to do their own work.
        5. Drugs – Destroys all minds and bodies who succumb to this garbage.
        6. Preachers/Churches – Every single church I’ve ever been to is liberal, they only teach the least offensive things in the Bible. The pews are filled with active adulterers looking for their next bed to lay in.
        7. Spanking/discipline – Parents are so incredibly weak, they are now incapable of instilling fear and the understanding of right and wrong in their children.

        There are of course many more problems that created this mess we are in today over the past 60 years.

        People are quick to blame the government, however they should first examine their own lives.

        The government is a reflection of THE PEOPLE they represent, and who voted them in.

        That’s the real problem. If America was moral, then moral leaders would be raised and developed and a moral people would vote them in.

        The problem is the numbers of moral people has shrunk to a point where this is now an impossibility.

        • The government is a reflection of (((THE PEOPLE))) [bankers]

          voting is so the rubes will think the government is voluntary

        • The problem is that we are not even allowed to “spank” kids any more. They will snitch on us, or their friends will, or the friends parents, the cops come, put us in jail., cps comes and takes the kids away. So we have NO rights at all on how to discipline the children. If we hit or even holler at them it is called “abuse”. They grow up to be little demons and get away with everything under the sun.

      22. Don’t think for a second that republicans have ethics either. We have one party, the corrupt party with two wings.

        • K2
          First get rid of Democrats
          Second get rid of GOPe
          Third restore the Constitution and
          ONLY the bill of rights, the
          first 10 admendments.
          Then we’ll be OK.

        • Ditto that, Kevin2. I’m a hard core alt righter, which means that I lean heavily towards conservative values – but, I haven’t seen any Republicans lift a finger to defend any of the values that I define as worth conserving.

          I’ve got a RINO slab of liberal garbage as my district congressman and this guy is an ex-military dude who the voters in his district thought would be a dependable conservative and support Trump’s 2016 promised agenda – but, instead, this sorry slab of worthless scum has repeatedly worked to block Trump’s efforts to advance his agenda. And, this loser is a big tranny pervert toe kisser and opposes Trump’s decision to ban these mentally deranged sexual freaks from joining the military.

          Also, let us all remember that there was a Republicrat sitting in the White House when the 9-11 false flag attack took place – which was the PNAC neocon’s ‘New Pearl Harbor’ event that these evil rats openly declared they would need in order to snooker the gullible, nose picking, embarrassingly stupid American public into going along with their evil plans to start wars all over the Middle East that Israel demanded we fight against any nation that they hated and wanted us to destroy for them.

          Democrats are evil, that is for certain. But, these RINOs and neocons who infest the GOP are just as evil.

      23. Brandon Good job.

        The USA is no different that Rome, Greece or any other Empire. One day she won’t be. That is just the way it is. This doesn’t mean we can’t keep trying to make it better, because we should try to work hard and make it better. The problem is there are people out there that love tearing things down, because they believe they are owed something and want something for nothing.

        The give me state. Then you have the ones that make the give me state. These are our Politian’s, and they are in it for the money, the root of all evil. These are also the ones that believe they know better than all of the people. When they don’t know CRAP!!!

        I grew up when the USA was the best by 1,000,000% over any other country in the world. It hurts to see her slowly slipping into the dung heap.


      24. Sooner or later those on the far left will have to be rounded up and sent to camps to protect the rest of us. We have a right to self protection.

        • goofy,
          While I agree with you, the Germans very efficiently murdered 6 million of their own people. They were a disarmed people.
          We’d have to eliminate 25 or so million people, that have access to arms even as they profess to despise guns, I suspect they will get and use them. After all, most all our recent shootings were done by Liberal nut cases.
          I would cut electricity to large cities. That would do the job you suggest. I’m sure I’m not the only guy who has considered that.
          My usual disclaimer – I would never violate any constitutional Federal, state, or local law.

      25. Here’s another snoop and snitch company. It’s called Retail Equasion. This company moniters and reports customer returns for many retail businesses. This third party company can decide who can and cannot return items to stores that employ their services. Ha. They can forget about me because I buy the least amount of new retail JUNK as possible.

      26. One way of knowing your society is in decline is that you get phone calls from obnoxious people you don’t know, usually with heavy foreign accents. They cause phony numbers to appear in the caller id. IRS scam. Microsoft virus scam. Back brace scam. When the society can’t stop them, you know your society is in decline.

      27. Nothing unreal exists.

        If people had stopped blathering on about ‘spostas all through my childhood I would have tried my damndest to become an investment banker.

        Can it change? Fuck if I know, I was just post-Nixon so it was already fucked at that point and all I heard about is “it’s not supposed to be like this”. Well guess what. Going on 50 years now and it’s always been like this. I begin to wonder if it wasn’t ALWAYS just like this and the rest is just fairy tales they told to keep people lining up to be canon fodder.

        I know this, it won’t change in my lifetime so what’s the difference to me.

      28. How To Recognize When Your Society Is Suffering A Dramatic Decline

        When the cost of a blow job goes form $20 to $40.

        • Do you pay your wife?

      29. I see folks blaming Dimocraps and Republithugs. When we don’t acknowledge & address the real problem. Its not a race or religion problem. Its real simple We have too many Taking Parasites and Too few Producing Makers. No matter what happens or who is elected or what anyone does. Until the Parasites are greatly culled the decline will continue.

      30. We are all professional strugglers. Competing with each other for crumbs. It’s no wonder people are screwing others over. Everyday life is a survival situation.

      31. Old Guy

        Lets assume for conversation sake that everyone was productive and worked. The streets would be spotless, likely improved infrastructure and no doubt a few other pleasantries to see. No more cars would be built, nor TVs, nor computers, tons of steel, aircraft, refrigerators, washers, dryers…………see where I’m going with this? Industrial manufacturing, wealth creation, has fled to labor making far less than US minimum wage.

        • They (both party’s) eviscerated (gutted) US wealth creation for the benefit of the globalist few at the expense of the nationalist many.

      32. For those who want to know why these things are happening, this is the answer.
        We are now close to the end of times. For those who believe in what is written:

        “Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom . . . All these things are a beginning of pangs of distress.”
        Matthew 24:7, 8“Many false prophets will arise and mislead many; and because of the increasing of lawlessness, the love of the greater number will grow cold.”
        Matthew 24:11, 12“When you hear of wars and reports of wars, do not be alarmed; these things must take place, but the end is not yet.”
        Mark 13:7“There will be great earthquakes, and in one place after another food shortages and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and from heaven great signs.”
        Luke 21:11“In the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, having an appearance of godliness but proving false to its power.”2 Timothy 3:1-5 

        Sound familiar?
        This is happening now and there will be no way man can stop this.
        It will be stopped at Armageddon, which in the book Revelation states that It will be God’s war, not mans. We have no control of it no matter what. He does.
        The only thing you can do is hope your are doing what the good book says you should be doing and how you should be living.
        The choice has always been good verses evil. Many people do not think this is real at all, but it is.
        Time is short now. If you do not believe this, just wait and you will see. It is coming.

      33. Thought provoking article. Can an individual ever hope to reverse or minimize a decline? Or is it in our nature and psyche to destroy what we have built from time to time? If so, is it immoral to go along to get along to prolong the bottom of out decline beyond our lifetime? This decline approaches rapidly, we should prepare.

      34. One sign of decline is when the police admit gangs control the streets as is the case in London. The British failed to control who came to their country and now it has a large gang presence. Gangs thrive when there are open spaces where the law is not enforced or where ghettos form.

        • The British failed to control who came to their country? The problem is they did control who came to their country. They got who the politicians wanted.

      35. It will get so bad then it will turn around. Unfortunately it takes decades. So a large group of people will live in hellish conditions for many years of their lives. Frustration and angst will prevail for a good while.

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