How to Make Your Own Penicillin… Just in Case

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    This article was originally published by Isabelle Z. at Natural News

    The discovery of penicillin is considered a landmark moment in modern medicine. Although antibiotic overuse is a very serious problem, there is no denying that there are situations where antibiotics like penicillin can save your life. But what happens when you don’t have the luxury of heading to a hospital to get it?

    You may be surprised to learn that it is completely possible to make your own penicillin. It’s definitely not the recommended course of action, especially if you have access to a doctor or hospital, but if there’s a collapse situation and you’re facing an infection, it just may be worth a try. Learn how to make it now just in case and ensure you have everything on hand, but keep in mind that it can take some weeks for the mold to start growing, so this isn’t the best solution for a fast-moving infection.

    You can use old bread or a citrus peel as a starter to grow mold. Put it in a dark place in a container that is closed but not airtight; a temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. You might add a few drops of water to encourage the mold to grow.

    When your fruit or bread starts to develop a gray mold, you’re on the right track, but you need to wait until it turns a bluish-green shade to turn it to penicillin. When it gets to this point, you’ll then need to incubate it in a sterilized flask for about a week.

    The next step is separating the penicillin from the rest of the fungus. You’ll need to take 500 milliliters of cold tap water and dissolve the following ingredients in it in consecutive order: 44 grams of lactose monohydrate, 25 grams of cornstarch, 3 grams of sodium nitrate, 0.25 grams magnesium sulfate, 0.5 grams potassium monophosphate, 2.75 grams glucose monohydrate, 0.044 grams zinc sulfate, and 0.044 grams manganese sulfate; it will be useful to have a scale capable of measuring milligrams for this experiment.

    The power of the elements: Discover Colloidal Silver Mouthwash with quality, natural ingredients like Sangre de Drago sap, black walnut hulls, menthol crystals and more. Zero artificial sweeteners, colors or alcohol. Learn more at the Health Ranger Store and help support this news site.

    Once the contents have dissolved, add another 400 ml of cold water or however much water is needed to end up with a full liter of the solution. Then, dip litmus paper into the solution to ensure it’s at the right pH; add as many drops of hydrochloric acid as needed to get it in the range of 5.5 to 6.

    Next, add your mold to this solution and seal it up. Seven days later, you should see the separated penicillin floating on the top; skim this off with filter paper and save it in a dry container until needed.

    Make sure everything you use is sterile, and keep in mind that this advice is for emergencies only in survival situations. This article should not be interpreted as any sort of official medical advice. It’s extremely risky to make your own antibiotics without the right equipment and training, and it’s even more challenging to diagnose yourself without using hospital-grade equipment. Think of this as an absolute last resort, and keep in mind that you may have grown other dangerous mold or bacteria in addition to the penicillin.

    Natural antibiotics are a safer bet

    To be on the safe side, you might want to consider stocking up on natural alternatives to antibiotics. When medical help isn’t available, you can try solutions like oregano oil, a natural antibiotic that works well for bacterial, fungal and parasite problems. It’s particularly valuable in fighting upper respiratory infections.

    Garlic is another good choice; the allicin compound it contains is a broad-spectrum antibiotic with antimicrobial properties. For skin infections and burns, manuka honey is a great choice to apply topically. It’s best to consider natural antibiotics before taking the risk with homemade penicillin.

    Read for more articles.

    Sources for this article include:


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      1. This post is crazy! Nobody in their right mind is going to do this.
        I have a rather complete first aide kit, that is going the have to do as that is at my skill level.
        When you start dealing with drugs, you’d better know what you are doing as you can cause more harm than good.

      2. All liberals should try this, but instead they should take a simple shortcut, skip all the steps up to the pH adjustments and just simply drink the hydrochloric acid straight. So much easier and guaranteed to kill the disease.

        • ???

        • 4 thumbs up!

      3. Just stockpile fish antibiotics. Easy peasy. This involved process will be done by precisely no one

      4. Raw garlic is one of the BEST all natural antibiotics in the world.. and its anti parasitic, anti viral and anti fungal as well… And you can chop it up and eat it within 20 minutes.. not having to wait WEEKS to try to create it.. Google the health benefits of raw garlic.. Plague doctors used it to ward of the plague!

        • …but the issue is fresh garlic juice stings when applied to a wound. This is a classic case where if you have an infected toothache, you bite down on a garlic clove and it will sting like you bit a hornet. However then you get immediate relief as it kills the infection thus reducing the inflammation.

          I know it works because this did in the field when there was no way to get to a dentist. Just cowboy up.

      5. It’s way easier to just get fish antibiotics for your “fish”.

        If you get influenza right now, there’s a 90% x,chance it is H1N1 type A. Antibiotics do nothing against viruses. If you live in Arizona, the main strain is H3N2. The former can make you feel horrible but your fever should be lower than 103 and your mucus clear. Either can cause meningitis with the latter possibly affectig 20% of children with neurological effects.

        If you have a 103+ fever and yellow mucus that progresses to green, these are telltale signs of bacterial infections. If it smell bad, you should hurry to the doctor. (Smokers can have yellowish mucus all the time.) The color change is due to various progression in white blood cells attempting to fight off the infection and dying in the process amd that is partially what creates the odor.

        The standard antibiotic for children is often amoxicillin with calvulanic acid (beta lactam) for respiratory bacterial infections.

        The standard antibiotic for urinary tract infections is Cipro. But if the patient is pregnant then nitrofurantoin, sulfisoxazole or cephalexin.

        I’m sure Mac has had an article for rapid assessment for choosing antibiotics. Preppers often have cheat sheets with truth tables based on symptoms, age, pregnancy, concurrent conditions, contraindications and interactions,plus allergic reactions.

        • Mara,
          “Preppers often have cheat sheets with truth tables based on symptoms, age, pregnancy, concurrent conditions, contraindications and interactions,plus allergic reactions.”

          Never seen it, I’d get one if I could.

          Meanwhile one of my neighbors is a retired Gastroenterologist.
          I’d talk with him first.

          • There are tons of them used for med school students. Actually there are basic ones preppers use but all with assumptions like the medic KNOWS exactly what the illness is caused by which is total BS. You are stumbling in the dark and going point by point based on symptoms, then age and gender, then comorbidity, then previous medical history, then concurrent medicines, then drug allergies. So it’s very complicated.

            BUT there are typically economic constraints for preppers so five recommended for the most common typical issues plus the most effective.

            In medicine, as the saying goes, you are guessing horses not zebras as zebras are rare. But goofy students in medicine guess rare conditions all the time.

            That’s why I wrote about some very basic ones. If any ladies are living on your homestead, you never know if your daughter and her boyfriend/husband got pregnant, or if your wife is pregnant, or your sister bugged out halfway across the country but her husband is missing…but she might be potentially pregnant. Thus PREGNANCY is always the primary concern because lots of ladies when terrified by a SHTF might miss their periods and you just don’t know for sure if she is carrying.

            • Links?

              I am too old to have to worry about caring for pregnant women and their medications problems.
              My only concerns would be pneumonia, and sepsis.
              Beyond that I would not have a clue.

              • With sepsis, you are basically SOL because the bacteria has gone systemic and so all through the bloodstream and thus affecting all organs. This means you honestly need an IV. I mean that is life threatening so try azithromycin, then Cipro, then vancomycin. The azithromycin should take care of it. Cipro has many issues. Vancomycin has few issues but is poorly absorbed by often a miracle cure.

                With pneumonia, azithromycin should do it.

                • For a young child, amoxicillin clavulanate for pneumonia, ear infection, respiratory infection (trying to nip it in the bud before pneumonia), and ear infections.

          • google is your friend. theres lots of antibiotic cross references for docs (like ht tp:// ) with some research you can put together your own.

        • yep just call the teledoc, describe an upper respiratory infection, green snot, stuffiness, hacking, low grade fever… receive rx for antibiotics. repeat every 2-3 months with a different infection. collect the complete set and rotate yearly 🙂

          Finally, a decent use for teledoc services….

      6. The big artillery is Vancomycin as that kills everything but there are contraindications. It’s an antibiotic of last resort when you can’t mess around as it’s an emergency. It’s considered generally safe in pregnancy and won’t pass into breastmilk but docs are reticient to prescribe it as most bacteria has no resistence to it. So they are stingy with it.

      7. ht tps://
        Here is a list of five antibiotics and their uses. Vancomycin would be in the sixth places as a weapon of last resort as it works poorly when taken orally but still works on various bacteria inflaming the gut (colitis). However, off label it is known to kill a long list of bacteria in many cases like meningitis, penetrating wounds, respiratory,bone infections, etc. Ideally it would be administered IV which is all but impossible for a prepper.

        You shoud always consider an STD to be a potential event in a SHTF situation particularly in an attack. This link includes that possibility.

        They list amoxicillin but amoxicillin with clavulanlic acid is generally better.

      8. I need a LOT of penicillin.

        Don’t want to have itchy dick in a SHTF.

        • You probably would take ampicillin.

          • I think he meant Peniscillin.

      9. You only take penicillin if it’s syphilis.
        ht tps://

        The thing is, under collapse conditions and with limited resources, then you don’t know what it is and yet as a prepper you have no one but yourself and tribe to figure it out.

        I realize you’re joking around, but this is a teachable moment. This is why you need books like Where There is No Doctor or The Merck Manual. You need to have some training. You need troubleshooting skills. You need basic equipment and those 6 antibiotics, likely fish antibiotics. You likely are gathering wild medicinals all year and preparing teas and tinctures so that you have them when you need them.

        Is someone going to make penicillin? Most likely not. Might a tribe gather the different elements and make it? Most assuredly after first trying to source antibiotics. This might be 3 years post-collapse not the week after.

        Even highly trained med students after clinical rotations and lots of coaching, still are puzzled by conflicting data and symptoms as some people are asymptomatic. You first guess is almost always wrong with a bacterial infection UNLESS it’s going around which gives a statistical chance based on data from other patients. The first antibiotic then might not help and so the patient gets worse. A patient getting worse in post-collapse dirty conditions with few supplies and no diagnostics…might perish.

      10. WOW …….just keep up on the garlic and Vit C …..ya probably will scare off any of that nasty alien crap.

      11. It’s insane drivel like this that make “preppers” look like the fools so many apparently are. Only a TIER ONE MORON would attempt to make AND USE an antibiotic without the MASSIVE amount of high tech tools and QUALITY ASSURANCE PROCESSES necessary to insure the product was both safe and effective. And posting bullsh*t like this is proof that the people running these websites have the collective IQ of a bag of popcorn.

        • Dan this isn’t drivel it’s science, unlike useless religion and fearporn. I’d raher read interesting articles like this instead of fearmongering Snyder blab. I like to learn things. Learn something new everyday.

      12. As the president of the international kernel association I take great offense at your remark sir. Many of our members (and we have quite a number) possess some very admirable qualities. Their golden hue, their excellent expansion ratio, and, yes, their innate intelligence when measured on an IQ point per gram basis.

      13. It’s not drivel, but people can’t handle the truth.

        In reality, there are several real world problems with trying to cope with medical treatment in a post-collapse world.

        First, how long is the collapse? Is it weather related situation of relatively brief duration? Is it wartime? Is it a term of years? Is it due to shortages and then will abate? Is it THEOTWAWKI? Whatever the answer, a prepper has to be realistic about what they can reasonably handle in medical matters?

        Does the prepper have the knowledge to diagnose? To do so successfully requires book learnin’ and practical hands-on skills. Many have neither ie never taken any basic courses, never attended any university classes or graduate school, never done any field work as a firefighter, EMT, RN, physician, medic in the military, etc.

        They will not have the primary diagnostic tools to determine the root cause in a disaster. You won’t have basic blood panels, xrays, CAT, MRI, PET scans. You won’t have a microlab. You won’t have med techs. You cannot consult with the RN and physicians to arrive at a medical team answer about the likely cause.

        They will not have previous medical history ie no records, no database ie medical informatics. Most will not have refernec books and or ebooks.

        They will not have choices of supplies or medications. They will not have alternative treatments that would be standard based on outlined protocols.

        Honestly they will be SOL. They willbe stumbling in the dark and either “harvesting” found supplies and actual medicine, or have these at home and doing the best with what they have, or using herbs and wild medicinals as physicians on the western frontier did before there actually was a pharmaceutical program in America.

        They will not have 95% of the resources that physicians and RNs take for granted. In all honesty, 95% of these trained professionals are going to be befuddled themselves as they rely upon them versus having to make due.

        Years later after a major collapse, while you think this is drivel, the ONLY way to get antibiotics would be to make them. I realize that most people can’t handle that,but that’s reality.

        There are thousands of medical texts on diagnosis and treatment BUT 95% of these options won’t be able to confirm or rule out the initial diagnosis and treatment.

        Preppers want rapid assessment tools and some exist but largely based on confirmation of diagnosis. The latter is impossible.

        No brief article or comment can replace a nursing degree or medical school or decades of experience.

      14. What would be a good strategy if you had very little to fight infection?

        The first goal is always cleaning as best as you can without damaging the affected tissue. Most bacteria can’t survive salt exposure. You would irrigate the wound or exposed area and this won’t hurt and might help. You would boil some water, mix in some salt, and let it cool, then apply it. Having it pressurized means it jets away some dirt and debris.

        Many chemicals do clean but are harsh and damage tissue. Plus, you will run out of things like hydrogen peroxide or phenol or iodine. You have to use it sparingly.

        This is the principle for irrigation via a netti pot but since you don’t know the quality of the water, especially in a collapse, you boil it and treat it if it was an iffy situation. This and salt rinses out one side and drains out the other nostril. This means the nasal passage was gently cleansed of bacteria, fungus, and virus.

        If you had a wound, the same applies. This goes for a wounded tooth or a cut on your hand or a worse laceration or puncture. Generally you will be short on soap in a collapse situation and it takes fat and ashes to make more. But if you have soap, by all means wash the site.

        Plantago major ie Common plantain grows in most meadows and a child can identify it. Soldiers through history found it both kills germs and accelerates healing.

        If you had garlic, onions, or ginger, you could make a strong solution, and rinse with that as these are natural antibiotics.

        For thousands of years, people would heat honey and then when warm, apply it and this killed germs and made a natural seal. Similarly trappers would find pine resin and heat it to melt it and apply that. Again this kills germs and makes a seal.

        A homemade cloth bandage must be routinely checked and inspected and replaced often and should not smell. You will run out of bandages. To make more, boils some water, add some salt, immerse the cloth you wish to use, let this air dry, and this will be your bandage material.

        A foot wound is the hardest to keep clean as work needs to get done but won’t heal unless you stay off it but massage the blood flow in your feet and legs due to pooling and gravity. The leg veins are notoriously weak especially as you age and during pregnancy as you have vastly more blood volume.

        Ever got a splinter and failed to take it out? There was enough bacteria on it and it was under your skin long enough that white blood cells flocked to it and then they attack the bacteria and then die. That is how pus forms.

        Any penetrating wound will have debris in it and that must be cleaned out as best you can or it will fill with pus. If its a firarm injury, some cloth may pass into the wound as well as dirt and bacteria plus the ammunition. If improperly cleaned then a terrible supperating wound will form…and that is very serious.

        Ordinarily you don’t want to do this, but that is an emergency situation and a solution of clean boiled water and comfrey leaves can often miraculously heal a terrible penetrating wound. This is why confrey was commonly grown in gardens and often used on very bad wounds on livestock or people.

        Comfrey root was called “boneknit” and used when bones were broken to accelerate bone remodeling.

        • Yarrow is another herb (weed, to a lot of folks) that is invaluable for any wound, particularly those which bleed profusely. It is a coagulant, antibacterial and antiviral. Civil war surgeons used it as wound-packing material to stop bleeding and prevent infection. I use it in place kf gauze whenever I’m bandaging cuts, especially those severe enough to warrant several stitches. The speed of healing is phenomenal: the last cut I treated was 1.5″ long, 3/16″ deep and had spread to 3/16″ wide. Within 24 hours of binding with yarrow, the wound had closed and healed down to 1″ long with no infection! Note that the injury happened on a job site and treatment didn’t occur until we got home 6 hours later, as I could not find any yarrow in anyone’s yard or the park where we were in the city.

          • Excellent post!

      15. Thanks for the recipe, but in a real-world shtf scenario, who is going to have all those exotic ingredients lying around? If there aren’t any doctors or hospitals nearby, there also probably aren’t any labs nearby where those ingredients could be acquired. I think I’ll just stay stocked up on turmeric etc. 😉

      16. This post is absolutely absurd. Almost certain sepsis or septicemia. I’d rather take veterinary antibiotics than this and they are much cheaper and less dangerous. What a buffoon…This is just too far.

      17. I agree. Persimmon’s inner bark and the root was utilized as a “styptic” during the Civil War to control the bleeding.

        Any recipe using chemcals means you have enough security and where-with all to both acquire or harvest them plus the equipment and vacuum and heat sources, and may even require ventilation.

        Historically during the Crimean War and even WW1, what people made was Dakin’s Solution as an antiseptic. You shoud easily find both historical recipes since it was extensively used but also preppers make articles and videos about it. It is made from common ingredients you already stock.

        Pay attention to how medical missionaries do field trip nursing and medical treatment because much of it stretches resources and you just get by in the absence of enough supplies.

        If you are referring to medical reference books and you don’t have those supplies, then what use is it? Old frontier docs during the homestead period had to make everything and so gardening and foraging for medicinals was how their supplies. That is a year long process so that when these plants can be harvested and prepared, it might be six months later or more that you need them. It is all about anticipating what would be useful.

        That’s why flowers are okay but not useful unless there is a medicinal reason. Plant what is useful so you don’t have to waste time looking for a meadow that has it.

        If you have herbal references and the SHTF, you might harvest packaged herbs while others have no idea of their use. Thus they still be available.

        • k6_Iitf8orA
          Making Dakin’s Solution part 1

          • mCgAFYKSCaA
            Making Dakin’s Solution part 2

            You need practical prepper medicine. Obviously most doctors and RNs have no idea about practical medicine as they only were taught allopathic medicine so know enough to use the right supplies and medicine and only if they have diagnostic testing equipment and results.

            Now many osteopathic medicine practioners learned some practical medicine because historically they were located in frontier areas.

            Find free references to be frugal but they should be authoritative and trustworthy.

            • Pikeville, Kentucky has an osteopathic medical school. Many states have them and Maine only has an osteopathic med school. They can presribe pharmaceuticals and do everything a MD can do but also know nutrition and a form of massage.

              In a SHTF situation, then the area around such a med school would have trained personnel who could do frontier pragmatic medicine.

              Look up your state to see if you have these folks. They tend to be good caring sorts willing to work with the impoverished (often for free out if compassion) and fine physicians. I know that is the case in Eastern KY.

      18. …and her 2nd story here on SHTF is, how to circumcise for profits

      19. I suggest that people learn to live, independently, well before liberal incompetence causes teotwaki. (But, crossing my fingers for ebt riots on the 30th.)

        Chemicals are in old-timey books, where people make deli meats, metal, leather, shoe polish, etc.

        I find myself surprised at the chemical byproducts. A bulk of the worskmanship seems to be cleaning it.

      20. i believe in learning how to make my own medicines when possible. i make cannabis medicine for cancer, chronic pain, herbal salves, tinctures, oil,d blends and more. its just smart. one of THE best items ive found over the years is MMS. please check it out. ive seen it do some amazing things curing chronic health problems and am convinced its an extremely valuable tool for the home med kit. extremely successful in dealing with both internal and external infections. the stuff works. we have used it for colds, flu, sinus infection., lung infection that lasted for 8 months other antibiotics never helped, spray on for tooth infection, and more. it is not expensive and is easy to stock up on. pay attention to how to use it properly, watch the videos, read the book. we use the ‘water bottle’ method. basically make up the daily doses in a water bottle and drink on it all day. i get mine from Genesis2church, and No i am not being paid to say this. just need to lean how to mix and use it properly. it is Simple, cheap and works. it is worth trying.

      21. The latest research shows a flu vaccine injection has a 50% effective rate IF it matched and the inhaled version has a 25% effective rate IF it matched.

        Would you pay a mechanic if they gave you a guarantee that their work would fix your car 25% of the time BUT at a risk of side effects?

        • By the way, CIDRP looked at the Jan. 7th research paper and concluded the inhaled version of the vaccine might have as low as a 20% effective rate! What nonsense and then those patients taking it (often mass administered by firefighters/EMTs) have a totally false sense of protection.

      22. In American history, far before there were stores selling prepared solutions, people mixed chemicals to make things like insecticide or whtewash using a “formula book”. Any good library will have one you can photocopy from and then if you can source the chemicals, you can make all kinds of things.

        You avoid be able to fine an old formula book at an archive site.

        It was not uncommon but fairly normal to go to some larger town that was a trade hub, say in 1820, then haul these back to the homestead. Money was tight and there were basic chemicals one needed.

        The Peace Corps wrote thousands of articles on how to make these chemicals from locally harvested material for engineering projects.

        • dang autcorrect. You “should” be able to find an old formula book…

      23. The state legislature of Massachusetts is considering a mandatory influenza vaccination with the rationale that many immunocompromised students attend public school. No timeline yet as it’s in the planning stages.

      24. CIDRAP update.

        ht tp://
        Multiple new suspected Ebola sites.

        “The outbreak now stands at 625 cases, of which 577 are confirmed and 48 are probable. A total of 377 deaths have been recorded, and 101 suspected cases are still under investigation.”

        The reason President Trump sent 80 troops to Gabon was an attemted coup and since it borders the DRC. Allegedly they have another mission to extract Americans in case of issues due to angry mobs who are upset with the presidential election, the vaccination against Ebola (57,000 so far.mostly critcal infrastructure folks like politicians, soldierw, nrses, physcians, etc), and angry about the infections and death from Ebola.

        That’s what would happen in the USA if there was ever mass contagion in order to maintain continuity of government and rule of law. COG tier one gets first priority.

        Those under investigation is where you can get sudden increases in the tally as people were exposed to some contagion but no one caught the fact that it was serious. Then who knows how many are infected as many may have been in contact or been around their fomites like using the same handtowels.

        • Priorities of Continuity of Government and Critical Infrastructure during crises of long duration.
          htt ps://
          htt ps://

          These are the folks who would get working vaccinations, almost certainly injections not inhaled, and with proven efficacy.

          Everyone else would not until such time more vaccine was made and based upon what work these other people would do, like as a labor force ie FEMA labor camps.

      25. Islamic rebels attacked Beni in the DRC which is right smack dab in the center of the Ebola contagion. With all of the other mess, that alone would make treating the disease very difficult, but if there are more Islamic attacks, then this risks the international healthcare workers, obscures Ebola cases, and could mean even US troops must enter the country. And that after dealing with the coup attempt in Gabon.

        If one of the Islamic rebels catches it and flees across the border, then it will spread across many neighboring countries as it did in 2014 to at least five.

        Cordon sanitaire only works when the residents fear the military.

      26. NOT useful. It’s irresponsible to publish such an article. Reckless and foolish is the person that attempts to homebrew penicillin. Not only that, but you’ll be dead of septic shock from the infection long before your homebrewed poison is ready to kill you.

      27. Interesting historical information: During the European plague, many Jews lived in ghettos and were impoverished and because of lack of money, they bought day old bread. Since there were no preservatives in the bread, it grew mold. The mold got ingested by the Jews and they were, for a large part, immune to the plague, and consequently were thought to be in league with the devil. As time went on and the population dwindled, the survivors were the recipients of more resources, jobs and money. As the Jewish people became more prosperous, they started buying fresh bread and started dying like everyone else.

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