How To Help Your Friends and Family See The Truth

by | Dec 12, 2010 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    One of my favorite movies is the Matrix. I remember when it came out over 11-years ago, my best friend went to go see it. He called me immediately afterward and said, “I just saw the Matrix. You need to stop whatever you’re doing and come see this movie with me right now.”

    Sure enough, the movie was spectacular… and if you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. The action sequences and special effects were mind-blowing for that era of filmmaking, but what really made this movie timelessly brilliant was its philosophy.

    In the movie, the main character ‘Neo’ recognizes that the world he’s living in is based on lies and misdirection. He know’s that something is wrong, but he’s not exactly sure what, or why.

    Neo is given a choice. On one hand, he can find out the truth, nomatter how ugly it may be– this is represented by a red pill. On the other hand, he can go back to blissful ignorance, which is represented by a blue pill.

    He chooses the red pill… and the true nature of the real world isn’t like anything he had imagined.

    Seeking out the truth is a scary proposition for most people; finding out that many of our core institutions and beliefs are built on a mountain of lies is unsettling, and it goes against basic human instincts like acceptance and security.

    Choosing to ignore the truth, however, is like going up against a force of nature. You might be able to sustain a city under sea level or at the foot of a rumbling volcano for a while… but at some point, mother nature is going to wash everything away with one awesome display of power.

    Similarly, the truth can kept at bay for a very long time. Politicians and institutions can pass off their lies and corruption as reality for decades, centuries if necessary. But like a great storm, the truth will eventually surface and wash away their fraud.

    People who maintain an open mind and choose to seek out the truth early can get ahead of the storm. People who refuse to acknowledge the obvious facts around them will get caught up in the tidal wave.

    I say ‘obvious facts’ because there are so many clear signs that our political establishment and financial system are based on fraud… from the ponzi scheme debt levels of western governments to their farcical elections to the mindless distractions that continually dribble out of the mainstream media.

    Many people are waking up to this reality every day, but so many more refuse to see the truth; they’d rather carry on in their blissfully ignorant world instead of prepare to survive and thrive in a bold new future.

    I’ve run into this myself many, many times… and I’ll bet you have too; talking to friends and family about the important issues that will change our future can be like talking to a potted plant.

    My friend Porter Stansberry has spent a lot of time and energy putting together a comprehensive video that really spells out the truth in its simplest terms– that the western world is in massive decline, and that the consequences of being unprepared are drastic.

    Hell, I’d say Porter breaks it down like baby food, and I think it’s the perfect video for anyone looking for a very well-grounded analysis of the economic problems facing the world.

    The video is long– about an hour– and it’s controversial. But I encourage you to check it out. Click here to see it.

    More importantly, I encourage you to forward this email to your friends and family in the hopes that they too might watch the video and see the truth for themselves. Besides, it just might make those upcoming holiday dinner discussions a bit more interesting…

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      1. Sales pitch…

      2. The truth is what you believe it to be, so long as you are willing to stand up and defend it. 

      3. I have listened to this twice, and of course, at the end, WHAT’S THE MAGICAL INVESTMENT EVERYONE HAS TO GET???

        So please, whoever went ahead and bought the report, please let us know because I’m not going to order it.  I already have PM’s and my suspicion is that whatever this magical investment will be something beyond my means anyway since it’s made for “investors” and not the common folk just trying to get along, and not lose all our money we worked for.

      4. I have listened/watched the video twice also.  I believe he is right in what is going to happen. But if you are going to lead us to the door but not open it unless we buy your service don’t wonder why a lot don’t buy. If you want people to buy give up the “secret” then sell your newsletter/service/program……just my opinion

      5. google “porter stansberry” and “agora”

      6. a crummy commercial??

        /Be sure to drink your Ovaltine. Ovaltine? A crummy commercial? Son of a bitch!

      7. Comments…..I bought the program and there was no magical investment, only lots of emails

      8. I gotta get A Christmas Story this year!  Totally forgot that part!


      9. Comments….Finally “Mushroom” got one right.  Please take his advice.    The article itself has its merits. 
             Many readers of Mac Slavo’s articles have  testified on numerous occasions their  attempts to inform and assist both family members and friends.  Their efforts, regarding what is coming done the road for America’s citizens, have largely gone  ingnored or ridiculed.  
             In addition, going “ex-pat” for most if not all here is not practical or even possible. 
            Finally, I want to say:  We have seen this government these last twelve months, hell the last two weeks, passing more  blatant onerous laws on its citizens than ever  before. Each one of us have left a calling card on this site.  Let it be said, we stood up for liberty for all those who believe in it.   Be Well All

      10. “…and I’ll bet you have too; talking to friends and family about the important issues that will change our future can be like talking to a potted plant.”

        I’d sooner talk to the potted plant.  At least it doesn’t get angry with me.

      11. If my friends dont know, or cant see it for themselfs, nothing I say will change that.. you either are wise enough to smell it in the air, or dumbed down by the propaganda..
        it will come down to every man for himself, and those that point and laugh when you talk about it, deserve to find out the hard way..we cant all be prepped..there will be a shit load of collateral damage.
        besides Most people view our types as kooks anyways, why give them more to go on?
        stay low, stay silent, stay alive.
        your on your own

      12. I’ve also been through the trials of opening the eyes of those around me.  But after the laughs and jokes, I’ve realized that they will be the one’s I laugh at when they open their eyes by force.  It’ll be sad for them when I eat like a king while they wait in government lines for bread!  People are smart when it comes to irrelevant things, learning the past to see the future takes courage which most don’t want or have!

      13. The world’s most valuable asset…CLEAN WATER!  Without it, you die, sometimes painfully.  The most wealthy individuals in the world own…LAND. 

        Boys and girls, the time is now.  Buy yourselves beans, bullets, and bandaids.  Stock up for 6-12 months.  Stop buying  sh*t and buy what you are going to need to survive now!

      14. Websites that promote these infomercials reduce their credibility.  Just say it is an advertisement.  I am new to but have lost respect and value less the editorial opinion.  Same thing happened to Off The Grid News and World Net Daily…just billboards for scare mongering ads. 

      15. Comments…..What bullshit. Oh yeah, and send him that worthless fiat currency instead of your silver rounds. Even Celente who screams about the worthless dollar needs to accumulate those worthless dollars so he can buy his expensive scarfs to wear on his interviews on Russia Today, that commie propaganda machine that Celente loves so much.

      16. Tom, well said about Off The Grid News.  It was an informative site at first, but I had to unsubscribe due to the daily “news” articles that really just promoted their products.  Their “radio” podcast was especially bad in this regard… an hour-long mp3 that contains three or four 5-minute long “breaks” to promote their products.

        I hope such articles & videos such as this one remain the exception at SHTFPlan rather than the rule.  If I have to subscribe to somebody else’s site just to get “the rest of the story”, please don’t post it.

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