How To Freak Out Anti-Gunners: Build Your Own Untraceable AK-47! *Video*

by | May 26, 2013 | Headline News | 306 comments

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    Build Your Own AK-47As local, state and federal governments look to enact legislation to restrict the ownership, transfer and sale of semi-automatic weapons and accessories, pro-second amendment supporters are coming up with new and innovative ways to skirt a system hellbent on destroying their ability to protect themselves and their families.

    In the following video, produced by liberal-leaning internet mouthpiece Mother Jones, reporter Brian Schatz goes inside (and deep undercover) to a southern California “build party” to expose how – gasp – anyone with the desire to do so can produce their own full functioning, untraceable semi-automatic AK-47.

    In his opening statement, Schatz implies that the rifle itself is single handedly responsible for the violence and murder happening all over the world, leaving no question in his mind that the activities of gun build party goers are and have contributed to the abhorrent actions of psychopathic dictators, terrorists and criminals throughout history.

    AK-47’s are the most widely distributed guns on the planet and the general weapon of choice in most genocides, proxy wars, uprisings, mass shootings and other varieties of violence.

    And now, you too can own one by simply purchasing a “parts kit” available online, at gun shows, or from private sales.

    Who needs 3-D guns when you can have the real thing?

    The AK-47, perhaps the world’s best-known gun, is so easy to make and so hard to break that the Soviet-designed original has spawned countless variants, updated and modified versions churned out by factories all over the globe.

    Although US customs laws ban importing the weapons, parts kits—which include most original components of a Kalashnikov variant—are legal. So is reassembling them, as long as no more than 10 foreign-made components are used and they are mounted on a new receiver, the box-shaped central frame that holds the gun’s key mechanics.

    There are no fussy irritations like, say, passing a background check to buy a kit. And because we’re assembling the guns for our own “personal use,” whatever that may entail, we’re not required to stamp in serial numbers.

    These rifles are totally untraceable, and even under California’s stringent assault weapons ban, that’s perfectly within the law.

    Watch how you can build your own AK-47 (or other semi-automatic self defense rifle) without the government ever knowing you did it:

    (Video via BeforeItsNews; Watch at Youtube)

    As restrictive gun legislation, such as banning accessories or requiring registration of ammunition, is attempted across the nation, more Americans will turn to “underground” methods of making sure they have the means necessary to defend themselves from personal harm and the ever-looming possibility of a tyrannical overthrow of our country.

    They can push.

    But liberty minded Americans, many of whom still believe the right to bear arms is a fundamental tenet that no government can ever take away, will continue to push back.


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      1. The end of the video was a bummer!

        • Another S. Kalifornia pussy… I’ll bet his boyfriends gave him a big hug for cutting it in half though…

          • I’ll bet they gave him more than a few hugs….anal style!

            • SInce we are being ginned up for another World War and a fight for our lives and freedom at home, it is worth refreshing our historical memories.

              The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, Part 1 by Thomas Dalton

              Click here to read

              • JQP,when something begins to ROT,it must be cut off right away OR IT SPREADS,and gets worse,MOTHER JONES is a good example,THE MEN(what few there still are)have been drinking beer and asleep to the whole country ROTTING and not done anything to stop it,NOW YOUR FACING A WAR,THAT COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED,the blood will run in the streets of america now,AND THE ROTTEN GOVERNMENT WANTS TO DISARM YOU,they realize at some point in time,you would be in pain,and realize surgery will be needed,NOW YOU HAVE NO CHOICE,the foreign armies are arriving at every military base in america,GET READY,OR BE CAUGHT WITH YOUR PANTS DOWN,your out of time,the bombs and missiles will be raining down anyday NOW…..get ready………….

                • LOL. It isn’t foreign armies you need to worry about you idiot. Your problems (and ours too speaking on behalf of the wider world) are US domestic enemies..

              • Let’s not forget last year’s news about how well-armed they are:

                Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons on German-Built Submarines

          • What kind of “Stab a brother in the Back” BS is this fug’d up comment that,s received 60’ish likes. As a cowboy boot wearing southern boy – I say kudo’s to him for making the video – from which others may now have this info. Just think – someone may one day save one of your sorry asses with a riffle this guy caused/helped someone else to build. Not that I know this kid – but I didn,t note the gay tendacies that are evident in some of the comments!!! Wouldn,t call him a “puss” either. Most of you “Accusatory Puss’s” wouldn,t even have made the video. To you Azzholes I say – Eat Sh*T and Die – on his behalf!!!

            • Are you stupid or what? Damn right I wouldn’t have made the video. If I did I sure as hell wouldn’t have cut it in half. If you need a video to know that you can build a rifle like this then you shouldn’t have one. I believe in OPSEC. I sure as hell would put my face on a youtube video showing how I make my guns. Fucking moron!

              • I’m glad HE made the video!now lets have some build parties and start building trenches….

            • @ MagenD

              I doubt any 2nd amendment loving citizen would consider Brian Schatz to be a brother.

              His obvious intention is to expose what he considers a “loophole” in gun laws and wants to close that loophole ASAP before the streets are running with blood (like they do in Chicago).

              He speaks of AK47s as a plague on humanity and goes so far as to destroy a perfectly good weapon at the end.

              His very biased opinion matches that of many of the mindless slave class subjects of Kalifornia.

              This inspires the abundant disgust and contempt for this obvious enemy of the US Constitution.

          • LOOK to Colorado and what there doing something like 100 plus recall drives for the slime balls that voted in Colorado’s toughest gun laws!!

            we all need to think like them and Vote out the cancers in D.C

            or else we will have to remove them by force come next election time.

            this might be one of the times when it will pay to be a sheeple LOL

          • Technically he did not properly cut the receiver to BATF specs… It needs to be cut into three parts.

            Also the Bullet Button wasn’t installed properly so he was violating California law as well…
            You can see this at 1:27

            Technically he should be awaiting trial.

        • Got rounds?

          • Print it..Build it…Fire it…Sell it…Doesn’t matter you still need ammo…
            And on that note…Looking to the future of ammo…All eggs come out of a chickens @ss…However, not all eggs fit back into the same chicken…Keep that one in mind while you are worried sick over the wrong thing…I keep telling ya’ll the Govt could care less if you own a gun…The gun is not the pull pin…Never has been…

            Fed Guy 20002

            • You can buy bullet makers. You don’t have to buy ammo

              • But you have to have BUY components…. boxer brass ( most 7.62×39 isn’t really reload stuff…..steel cases, berdan primed ), and you have to have powder and you have to have primers….bullets you can cast, but they won’t be FMJ…

                Been shopping for components lately ? Nearly as scarce and expensive as loaded ammo.

                • Invest in gold. Speculate with silver. Hoard your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes.

                  • You need a new copy and paste also. Or are you following the BIg E’s Style.

                  • THE WORD IS,obama is going to attemp to take the country by FORCE,you are going to have to fight, LIKE IT OR NOT,remember,those who opposed your freedom,will be supporting the enemy,LEARN WHO THEY ARE NOW,every war in history HAD SNICHES,they will be the enemy,AS much so as the russians or any invading army,FIND OUT WHO THEY ARE NOW,OR BE REALLY SORRY LATER……………………

                • Components are hard to find, at least bullets are, casting stuff is slow to ship too now,
                  Sierra, hornady, and rem or win bullets are all almost non existent, can get some oddball stuff from a few manufacturers but all the good or preferred stuff is out.
                  Primers are here n there, same with powder, cases are hard to come by, loaded ammo is being rationed
                  At least thats whats going on in my neck of the woods,
                  Gun stores have guns but not much in the way of ammo so the guns sell slow usually,
                  Good luck
                  If you didnt stock up a year ago you most likely arent going to at this point.

                  • No shortage on ammo in Canada ! Great prices too!

                  • Those without ammo might want to look around for Berdan primers and decapping tools for same. Try Brownell’s or MidwayUSA–even Gunbroker and Gunsamerica. They’re more expensive, and a pain, but probably more reliably available at the moment. Many 7.62×39 cases of European origin are brass. Watch for cases at the range, where others may leave them because they believe them to be un-reloadable…

            • They do want people to posses firearms so after they make them “illegal” to posses they have a “legal” basis to arrest you and put you in a FEMA camp. They don’t want you to have the bullets to shoot the firearms while they do their confiscation and arresting.

            • Don’t tell people to sell it, it’s illegal (federal laws prohibit it) without a serial number.

              • since when,DO PEOPLE WHO swore TO UPHOLD YOUR RIGHTS, MAKE laws taking them away,ALL THESE ANIMALS ARE COMMIES AND YOU GUYS had better wake up,THE WHOLE SYSTEM is rotting,wait a little longer and you might as well just give your children to OBAMA to do as he pleases with them,THE POLICE GANGS DON’T WORK FOR YOU,or haven’t YOU figured this OUT YET?they are the enforcement arm of the NWO,and they fully intend to kill your dumb ass,LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE DOING,does that LOOK like they are your friends,OR WOULD YOU RATHER SEE YOUR CHILDREN DEAD IN THE FRONT YARD,after they been shot?

            • Men with machines and skills make all these things, and where there is a market, there will be men making these things. As a man with the machinery and skills to make everything including the bullets from scratch I promise you Mr Fed that it is so. A decent metal workshop including a stamp press and a hydraulic press and a small foundry can soon produce all the hardware and everything from propellant to the bigga badda booms can be made for bullets, to missiles. Got the chemistry and background for that too. Done it, and it isn’t harder than making drugs like millions of people do already in their kitchens. You think bullets won’t be made as easily the day they’re wanted as much? Freedom once it is missed enough will resurface in the same underground which supplies all forbidden fruits. Oh and of course I would not be so stupid as to make a video showing how to do any of this.

          • bamabummer and thugs has 2 billion hollowpoints we paid 4 to use on uknow theyre not leagle on any battlefield

        • At some point Schatz’s is going to slap himself. Could be when he figures out that all Mother Jones’s teats produce is Kool Aid.

          • Safe bet he’s been slapping himself for years–soon, he’ll need bifocals…

          • SCHATZ’s is part of the ROT,that has been growing unchecked for years,NOW its time for surgery and its almost to late,when a government starts rottening,IT HAS TO BE REMOVED and its way to late,because now your LOOKING AT DEATH,a long recovery period,AFTER YOU TAKE ALL THE COMMIES DOWN,obama ain’t leaving office without a fight,HES GUILTY OF HIGH TREASON,thats life in prison or summary excution,HE HAS CHOSEN WAR,AMERICA IS ABOUT TO BE ATTACKED,and you better be READY OR YOUR GOING TO BE “CAPTURED” AND DIE IN A FEMA DEATH CAMP….millions will be captured……………

        • so this commie piece of crap couldn’t even think for him self ??

          ” mother Jones decided that this ak 47 should be destroyed ”

          wow talk about true liberal BS

          • Actually he is covering himself legally from prosecution…smart guy.

            • He can weld the gun back together in a couple of minutes.He did not ruin his gun. He covered his butt legally.

        • Probably can’t tell if he’s burping or farting

      2. Even better still, to be able to assemble your own AK47 without extensive machining. The appearance of a weapon is not as important as the functionality, but this method gives you both. I predict it will not be long before we are required to either have an FFL or have a background check to even buy gun PARTS.

        Look for the coming legislation—MJ didn’t do this ‘investigation’ just for grins.

        • The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate and vote. Create a freedom cell where you live. In your spare time, build a weapon, make a bullet.

          The crude attempt at gun control by the gun grabbers was the best thing to happen to America since 1776. It has exposed the NWO for the Communists that they are.

          Remember in November.

          • Agreed, D.K., they turned up the heat too fast and frogs have been jumping out of the pot. They must have been very desperate to have been in such a hurry.

        • They can “legislate” all they want. Codes and statutes aren’t laws. Since the Act of 1871, not a single law has been passed by the US Government. They’re all “Acts” or “Code”. Those only apply to US Citizens. US Citizens, get it? Are you one? I’m not. I was not born in the USA and I’ll bet you weren’t either! If you look at THE LAW, you find the USA (or US) is a very limited area. You, however, are a sovereign individual that has been duped into believing you are a US Citizen.

          Don’t worry, I’m not on a high horse. I was too.

          What you find are that all these laws are called “laws” but they are not. They are “color of law”. Look like law. Smell like law. They attempt to enforce them like law. But, when you put them on the grill and try to eat them, they just taste like the shit that they are.

          Get a clue: It all hinges on The Act of 1871.

          99% of the “laws” you follow are corporate rules that, unfortuntely, you signed yourself up to obey but didn’t have to. You can revoke your optional (and fraudulently coerced) obedience in this system.

          Oh! Here they come! Its the scoffers! I love them! They are such good entertainment.

          • Oh, and btw, which Constitution do you like? Yes, there *ARE* two:

            The original one:

            The Constitution for The United States

            The perverted one:

            The Constitution of The United States.

            BTW, the original one, the one that applies to you as an American national and citizen of your state, that one doesn’t have a 14th amendment like the one you’re used to reading. It does, however, have a 13th amendment that keeps lawyers and other “Esquires” (people with titles of nobility) from holding office. This was the reason for the new constitution: so that baristers and other charlatan liars could become “public servants”. Hahaha! The fraud is so deep and so wide, its comical!

      3. No AK’s were harmed in the making of this film.

      4. Interesting,

        Quetion: How Do you SPELL ‘Schatz’? Easy “I D I O T”.

        Really, as said before, If they TRULY believe that THEY have the ‘RIGHT of it’, the ABIDING Conviction of that AS TRUTH, then I’m willing to allow them the leeway to PROVE it – Gun Control – through the classic, empirical method of Science…Let all those who BELEIVE that – or that PUSH that agenda (Especially THOSE!) – be RELOCATED – forcibly – to either A) Chicago or B) Detroit …along with thier FAMILES of course…since they MUST be ‘right’ yes?…Surely, thier sense of Righteouness will lead tthem to Nobly volanteer in the full knowledge that they – and thier Chidren willl be safe from any HARM, Indeed!

        Then after a short period to validate thier assertions of Oh, say 20 years, then I’ll HAPPILY give up my firearms…WHEN not one of those has been Assaulted, Raped or KILLED in the specified period….but not until. There now, doesn’t that seem ‘Fair’ to Y’all?

        The fools of Mr Schatz ilk will only and contiuously get any others who adhere to the idiot principles they espouse, KILLED…’nuff said here…I think!

        JOG *Mystified at Human stupidity*

        • Im not any longer mystified by human stupidity, i just cant believe how many stupid people there are!

          • Kula

            Stupid and cowardly

            The meek shall inherit the world
            for lack of competition.
            They already have majority rule.

            • OutWest,

              It’s a common misconception but meek is not the same thing as cowardly.

              The primary definition of meek is to endure injury with patience and without resentment. It is strength under control.

              Meekness is the opposite of all that is hard or bitter or sharp.

              Meekness is a great virtue. 🙂

              • Outlier—I will have to respectfully disagree

                Meekness is also defined as deficient in spirit
                and courage.
                Cowardly is defined as lacking courage or showing
                shameful fear or timidity.
                I really don’t see where you could construe
                strength OR virtue with either definition.
                At least I can’t anyway. My choice of wording
                still stands.

                • I think we’re confusing the english definition of “meek” as opposed to the Biblical definition.

                  Though I don’t have my “Big Books” (Hebrew and Greek translations) with me (they’re at church) so I can’t look up the actual word in the original scroll and tell you what the writer really meant, it is my understand that meekness, in that passage that says they will inherit the earth, indicates that they realize that is not all about them. Maybe the word might be more like “unselfish” or “Not Excessively Arrogant”. But, I could be wrong. Anyways, I agree with OutWest’s wording. The world will eat you if you are meek, in the english definition. Though I’m not a Bible scholar, the meekness of the Bible makes you stronger because you realize that your talents and your strengths do not come from you, alone, they are gifts from the creator. …and how do you get more “gifts” if you don’t know where they come from?

                  Ha! That was like a Bible study lesson!

              • J Paul Getty once sad: “The Meek May inherit the earth, But they will never get the mineral rights.” Mankind didn’t get to the top of the food chain by being meek, and he won’t stay there.

              • Yeah, let’s take a long hard objective look of what the last 60 years of being “meek” has done for Western Civilization…

                • JustMe & Paranoid—Thank you Gentlemen

                  From the hoots and hollars I was getting,
                  one would think I was leaning to the right
                  of Genghis Khan or Attila the Hun.

            • Christ was meek, it certainly doesn’t mean cowardly. It signifies standing your ground without unjust force. Jesus asked Peter to sell his cloak if necessary, to buy a sword. The sword stayed the mob, and allowed Jesus to graciously surrender.

              • BS, Meek people don’t drive people away with a whip.

            • When the phrase, “The Meek shall inherit the world” was first uttered, the word “meek” was used to describe polite or considerate persons. Such people are totally opposite to those who grab for power and political position, particularly those who are sociopaths.

      5. Where’s the strings? And the tuning keys? You can’t even play ‘Foggy Mountain Breakdown’ on this thing! I give up…

      6. Building defensive weapons is an easy skill. That’s what they don’t want you to know.

        With plan shop tools I can make almost anything that will defend my family.

        And there is nothing illegal about knowing how. So I just keep them in my head til I need them.

        • Legalize full autos now. Learn to love the gun.

          • Until May 15, 1986…After having an approved ATF form 1, it was LEGAL for a civilian to make a select fire weapon in most states..Today, one needs to find a “Grandfathered One” and transfer it to himself on a form 4…


            • May 19th.

            • THE DICK ACT OF 1902,forbids ,any and all gun laws “FORVER” many government officals(commies) would tell you it was changed,BUT thats a lie,this law can’t be changed and can’t be repealed,and goes on forever,AND ANYONE WHO VIOLATES IT IS “GUILTY OF TREASON” thats a summary excutionable offence,YOU WANT YOUR COUNTRY BACK,start putting a bullet in the head of any commie you catch VIOLATING YOUR RIGHTS,or just move to a FEMA DEATH CAMP and hand them your children like a good little coward would do…..cause really we don’t need you in OUR COUNTRY anymore,you make us sick……………

          • My father was a weapons instructor during WWII; he didn’t like auto weapons, except properly implaced ground guns. (I suppose that’s one of the reasons I bought a Semi-auto 1919 ground gun.) His comment was: “You can miss at any rate of fire, and with any amount of ammo. You hit with one good shot. Anyone that has to buy or carry their own ammo, without some helicopter to bring him more shouldn’t have one.” Not sure I Completely agree considering if one shot in 100,000 in Nam had hit something There wouldn’t have been a Viet Cong left he had a point.

            • Howdy Paranoid!

              I’m WITH you on that point. All it ever takes is ONE well-placed shot…one round, no more. The general public’s fascination with ‘Full Auto’ is indicative of NOT knowing what the firearm’s true function actually is…your Father was utterly correct.

              In a post-SHTF reality, the WAY I’ll know what I am up against might well be the simple ubservation of whether any gruop assualting me and mine is actually using ‘full auto’ …IF they are, I’m not going to be excessively worried about that group. If on the other hand, those conming are deliberately, methodically sniping everything that is raising it’s head up fractionally, THEN I’ll conisder a ‘tactical withdrawal’…

              Remember with respect to ‘F-A’,…”A dog that SHITS Fast, don’t SHIT long…” Barrel life goes in the toilet as well…how are you going to replace THOSE after civilization is toast?


              • There is a time and place for full auto. It’s called breaking contact. If you’re naïve enough to think you’ll never have too, you’ve never been in combat, period. As my friend who is still in the Army SF likes to say, “It’s not retreating, it’s rapidly relocating to a more advantageous position.”

                • Today’s important though overlooked role for full auto is in anti-air defense. The likelihood of shooting down a drone using single shots approaches zero, while full auto, particularly with alternating tracer ammo logarithymically increases your chances of bagging one of these birds.
                  By the time you could perfect leading one using single shots you would likely be the one in the bag.

              • If you can’t get a well aimed, single shot away, at least Double Tap. Firing auto is a waste of ammo. And if youre on auto, you’re probably shooting from the hip and have shit show of hitting anything anyway.
                Aim, exhale, hold, double tap, repeat. And preferablly do it from cover

          • Autos are all full. Semi autos are not. Legalize full autos shows eisen is a stupid fuck. Eisen doesn’t know his guns. If he did he would have said to legalize “all autos”.

            • to: Grippentrog

              Incorrect. Automatic refers, originally, to what is now known as semi-auto.

              My 1911 shoots .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) ammo. I own an automatic Saiga-12 shotgun. Automatic is interchangeable with semi-auto but not with full-auto.

              Automatic is the description of a gun that when shot automatically reloads.

              Fully-Automatic is a gun that not only automatically reloads but also automatically fires its self.

          • When I read “autos” in your comment, I tended to agree that a single person driving an auto (a car) can do a lot of damage.

            • Hey you. Most autos are auto and some are stick. Very dangerous indeed.

        • Oh yes there is! ObaMao is going to arrest you and re-educate you BECAUSE of what you know! The ObaMao thought police are out in force looking for Patriots everyday & arresting them….making them disappear.

        • I could use a copy of those plans! I don’t have a machine shop but have pretty good hand tools and access to machine shop to build my own. Have a good TIG welder so can “make-do” with a lot. Love to have any plans to help my family be ready!

      7. Or you could move out of a state that is like europe. The ONLY problem with any weapon you make yourself is being able to use it. With these whacked out laws on the books of some states, you make a weapon that is classified as a terrorist device and you use it, they could nail you on it. If you save it until SHTF with the grandest of them all, this is practical. Make what the anti-gunners have put on the books as a machine gun, even if it is not of course, and you use it to protect yourself while the law system is still around, watch out. They will call you a terrorist and the criminal’s family will be able to sue you for wrongful death.

        I know this is a buzz-kill, but these suffocating laws put out by pro-BO groups are meant to control and take away your rights to defend yourself. Just look at what happened to that Doomsday Prepper on the National Geographic show because he showed on TV all the weapons he had to protect himself. The feds found out and of course the ATF came down on him like locust. If you found a way to build a disruptor like the science fiction shows, they would say you were making a weapon of mass destruction and send you to some high security federal prison or disappear you, EVEN IF YOU TOOK OUT A PATENT ON IT. They would cage up Gatling (Gatling Gun) back then if the same constrictive laws were on the book back in the 1860’s.

        I am just saying that you have to be so careful now, because the laws are meant to take away from the people, not to give to the people.

        • I think what I was trying to say above is, if you build something like an AK-47, keep your mouth shut about it. Be very careful about use until the collapse. Just like your supplies you don’t want anyone knowing, loose lips sink ships

          • Never Never Never Never

            Take a Home made weapon across any state line . Even if it is legal in both states.. Crossing state line make it a federal issue and then you are screwed.

            • Not true. As personal property, you can take your home-made gun anywhere you want, so long as it’s legal where you take it.

              If you make even one with the intent to sell it or give it away, and you actually DO sell it or give it away, that’s a whole ‘nother story. Even if you don’t move it across a state line, you are a Federal felon.

              • Building/making your own firearm is fraught with legal problems. Here’s a quote I found that sums it up well:

                You can build it so long as it’s legal. First you need to check state laws because if you are in a state like mine there are many restrictions on what you can have IE the Assault Weapon Ban :barf:. Next you need to be sure that what you are building doesn’t violate the Nation Firearms Act (NFA). This means that you can’t build things like Machine Guns, Suppressors, Short Barreled Rifles / Shotguns, Destructive Devices, and Any Other Weapon (AOW) (a smooth bore pistol is considered an AOW). You actually can but you need to get your tax stamp first (BTW you can’t get one anymore for a Machine Gun). Also you need to be careful if you are using imported parts since building an “Assault Weapon” using imported parts is illegal as well.

                Basically, if you make a firearm assume you’re breaking a federal, state, NFA or BATFE law or regulation unless you are very, very careful. If you get caught with one it’s a big deal (10+ years in prison). Giving one away or selling one is also a huge deal.

                There’s also “constructive possession.” That’s where you have the the parts all sitting around but not assembled. They can nail you for that.

                For example, let’s say you purchase a suppressor (AKA silencer) and you jump through the BATFE hoops and get a tax stamp. You store it in your safe. Your wife knows where you keep the combination to the safe. That’s constructive possession and you can be charged with a felony because she has access to it.

                There’s also all kinds of crazy laws that make no sense. For example, if you put a vertical grip on a pistol you broke a federal law. Think 5.56 pistol with rails. I believe you can put a sloped grip but not a vertical one.

                I’m not saying it can’t be done but you have to be very knowledgeable and a tiny, little mistake can have huge consequences.

            • Not under current laws. If you build a weapon that is legal both under federal & state law(s) then crossing state lines has nothing to do with changing the legality of the weapon. If the rifle has a serialized receiver that was purchased through an FFL (form 4473) then it can be sold privately (in most states) to another law abiding citizen without breaking any laws. If the firearm receiver is manufactured by the INDIVIDUAL who built said firearm it can NEVER be legally transferred to another person. That is current federal & state (most states) law.

            • Unless you are stupid, go to any gun show look at AK’s and put a number on it. Any number, anyone asks, you bought it at a gun show. No idea where it came from.

          • The “Collapse”? Surely, you don’t think that the federal system will collapse, giving way to nullification and secession? Do you?

            • Just the fact that we can write those words: Nullifcation. Secession.

              Makes me smile!


        • Exactly. I’d go one further and bury it. Imagine if you will the cops or fire department ahve to come to your house for ANY reason whatsoever and they take the liberty of pulling a Boston on you.

          I think I’d go even one FURTHER and get the required parts, build it, test it, TAKE IT APART AGAIN, and bury the parts separately.

          • Put a serial number on it. ANY NUMBER that will at least confuse the issue

          • The mechanism that enables full-auto (FA) fire out on an AK is simple. If you are building an AK from an 80% receiver you already have what you need to make it FA.

            The parts kit usually includes the auto-sear and the hammer with the sear catch. The bolt will need the sear trip, if it is without the sear trip one can be ground into it. A slot in the rail will need to be ground for the auto sear. The pin hole for the auto sear will also need to be drilled. Then you notch the FA selection on the receiver and you have a select fire machine gun 🙂 Just saying.

      8. Ray Charles can see it; they’re going after ammo.

      9. Pussies don’t deserve to own a gun. Hand ’em over.

      10. The naivete of people like this is amazing. No mention made of government’s–including our own–chemical and biological warfare weapons, enhanced tactical (theater) nuclear weapons, expanding drone use or the total surveillance state. Government weapons are one madman’s trigger pull away from killing millions at a time.

        But the problem is build parties for AK-47s. Sure, Bryan. That’s really what the problem with the world is.

        Why don’t you STFU.

        • …and remaining true to MJ’s leftist nature—they sawed it in half like the idiots that they are! Nothing a decent welder couldn’t fix in about 30 minutes tops.

          • I wonder if he’ll regret doing that someday…nah, he’s a fool…

            • If SHTF, he’ll be on someones dinner table long before he realizes the mistake(s) he made.

              BTW, who needs a welder? I’m thinking fitting it back together with the proper clearance, bracing it with a couple flat pieces of steel on the outside slathered with JB Weld.

              It wouldn’t win any beauty contests, but, then again, its an AK, its made to shoot, not model.

              • I suppose you could restore that receiver, with a great deal of effort…you really couldn’t ever trust it.
                I’d be more inclined to use it as a club…
                To beat some sense into such a fool…
                Metaphorically of course… 🙂

        • Will his Next mother jones article expose and decribe how the “soviets” he blames for the ak-47 invention are actually zionists and bolsheviks of which he is likly a tribe member of? All of these types who bitch about firearms are simply Deflecting atten and Projecting their own guilt for so many wars-revolutions-genocides-mass killings-and-the invention of Communisim itself. Away from Them and unto an inanimate object the gun.

          When a majority of folks are so concerned with anti gun issues, it leaves little time left to ponder on and learn about all of the Evils His tribe has wrought upon the worlds civilizations for at least since the french revolt and most if not all,wars & revolutions ever since that era.

          • Forget about it!

            Guys like that are programmed to follow an agenda. All that thinking stuff, thats for stupid patriots.

            …you know, those nutcases.


          • @ Them Guys…..And I agree,…mother jones don’t know her ass from a hole in th GROUND !! thanx…..M. = mm~

      11. Today I am back in Greece on business. My buddy here, a “Greek-American”, has the typical European atitude on guns (anti-gun). But for fun, thought I would try to turn his head around on this – explaining the whole reason behind the second amendment. I explained to him that in Europe, this continent has a 2000 year history of monarchs and elites ruling the few, and they plan to keep it that way – a reason why the EU today is in such a state of utter economic destruction. I simply asked him, if your populace were armed, would these assholes have gotten away with what they have done to your country?

        He had to think about it. But then he agreed, surprisingly so. Nobody in Greece likes the government, nobody. But most everyone feels pretty helpless about doing anything about it.

        In the USA, we don’t feel so helpless. To some extent, the government still fears the people – the reason why they are stepping up the domestic drone program, buying ammo, trying to federalize local police forces, trying to make criminals of those of us who support the Constitution.

        The difference is that in the USA, there is big pushback. The government always greatly underestimates the American people. We are only quiet for so long, and it is our silence that they mistake. Fact is, most of us our liberty minded by nature – and that’s where we differ from the cowered Europeans. One look at the ammo and gun buying frenzy of late is clear evidence that we are not lay downs.

        Everybody in my family knows how to shoot, my wife, daughter and sons, and they are good, too. The globalists can try to beat the crap out of us by destryoing our economic system – which they are doing a first class job of, but when the smoke settles, there will still be a bunch of us unbowed, and we’ll make life hell for them.

        So keep prepping. It’s up to us to preserve our God-given liberty for future generations. I lost many family members in WWII, and I’ll be damned if I’ll let their sacrifice be wasted on these NWO assholes.

        • Amen and well said!!!

          • I’LL SECOND that MOTION 🙂

            Well Said ralphieboy…Well Said INDEED! 🙂


            • …and a third!

              Every day I find more and more awake. Very well said. that one’s going in my notes!

        • Seems to me that even with all the firearms drifting around over here they bend us over on a regular basis. All I hear are a bunch of loudmouths that will crap their pants once the SHTF for real. Once amnesty is rammed through and the turd worlders who will then vote outnumber the rest of us we are toast.

      12. We gun cranks have been building our own for years and years. I kinda wish things like this wouldn’t get blasted all over the Intarweb and into the popular media. High visibility will stir up the Orcs, and the next thing you know they will be passing bills to make it illegal. Not that that would stop anybody, of course.

        • I somewhat agree with ya but this also informs others that had no idea they CAN build their own….

          Lock and Load!

          • That’s me. I had almost given up in obtaining one of these beautiful killing machine. I’ll have to look into this.

            Thanks Mother Jones!

        • TOC, I agree with what you are saying, but there is a counter theory: if you get enough people doing it and liking it, you have support. The problem is *THAT* only works when you have representation. We do not. If every single American national was building AKs and selling them, and we all spoke out against legislation, it wouldn’t make one damned bit of difference. In the end, the congress, the senate, they’re all about lobbyists and NWO handlers. They’d outlaw it in a Yew Nork minute if it served their purpose. Much like with ObamaCare (The Unaffordable Care Act of 2009), there is no representation. They’re all slapping each other on the back down at the boozer after they get off of CSPAN trying to figure out the next days fake show of “representation” for the subjects, er, uh, constituents.

          So, I subscribe to your original statement: keep this stuff quiet unless someone really wants to do it. This disengenuous bastard will probably be peeing is pants when the grid goes down. Probably doesn’t even own a flashlight. If he’s not a smoker, he probably doesn’t own a lighter. …and having a multitool in your pocket is probably dangerous to him. He and other wimps are never going to look this stuff up. He got orders from the top. The build party should have shunned him. I bet they’re pretty pissed that they showed him how to do it then he chopped the dang thing. What a dweeb!

          Anyways, I agree. Keep this stuff silent. Don’t advertise how easy it is to buy, sell, make or modify gun or ammo. If someone is interested (or desperate) enough, they’ll get it done.

      13. Oh. Thanks.

        So fucking very much.

        Thank fucking you.

        Guess what they’re going to ban NOW?


      14. Why do we need stupid laws that tell us how many gun components must be made here or there?

        Support Rand Pauls new 4th Amendment strengthening bill.

        • Eisen. Lets do a march? This is an important issue that calls for a march.

        • Hey eisen. It’s Veterans Day. Why don’t you throw out your usual bull shit and start putting the mouth on vets? Why say silly shit when you can call old people stupid and say vets shouldn’t have fought wars? Have at it you boy man.

      15. Hey Mother Jones (Mother F#$&ker). Thanks for the video. Thinks I will have a big gun build party on my hill and use this and other videos as instruction and modivation. This is way better than the tuperware parties, ( though not quite as good as the Lingerie parteis)… hey.. I could combine them… AWESOME!
        Liberails and progressives never stop amazing me with tere stupidity.

        • @man o t inside—Sounds good to me, (gun build)that reminds me of the last time I had a big party at my house. before I knew it the house was full people ,mostly women,everyone was talking,laughing, having a great time! So I stood up and hollered “Let’s ALL GET NAKED!!”…….you could’ve heard a PIN drop!! I am now FORBIDDEN to have anymore ‘TUPPERWARE’ partys at my house!! But the home build is a good ideal. Wonder if you could order other kits,like a Puff (th magic dragon)HMmmm or a …….. mm~ Be Alert!!

          • Mountain Man… YOUR AWESOME…. and funny to…. (lets get naked… I would have paid to see the look on there faces…)

        • We need gather a group to have a Build party and build 3-D printer type Bankster and traitor dolls. Maybe a one piece tree trunk with attached branch jutting out the side, with a fed wall street bankster type Traitor attached by Rope and Noose.

          We can include a 3-piece set of Declaration of indep-BOR-US Const. And sell it on TV sale ad commercials!

          “Yes folks the first 5000 callers get Not one! But TWO sets of printed materials! and if You act Fast! We will pay the 3rd paymnt, of $19.99 for you! but Wait! thats Not all!…If you buy TWO, “Hangin Bankster Doll’s” within the Next 10 days…We will knock off the 3rd paymnt, include an extra set of written docs, AND include a 3rd Hangin Bankster Doll FREE! Amaze yer neighbors! Give their small 5yr old the Free doll as a Gift! Buy the Entire collection as a set!…Ok hurry to the phones and CALL NOW! That number is..1-800-zio-bank. Patriots are On Duty 24/7 to accept Your Calls! That number to call is 1-800-zio-bank.”

          • @ Them Guys….. Now that’s FUNNY, LOL….watch out Smokin O. might be pissed ,you horning in on his territory !! p.s. ya might add ” And to the next 10 callers , we’ll throw in a AUTOGRAPHED PICTURE of your ‘OLE PALS’ at the WHITEHOUSE !! …….mm~

      16. I think this guy did the right thing. He definateley isn’t old or mature enough to own a real gun

      17. i love the comments …

        bfgmovies 1 day ago


        The FBI has released data up to 2011 on, and we can see the homicide rates here. A GRAND TOTAL of 323 people were murdered with rifles (only a fraction of those would be ‘assault weapons’ as they are expensive and not as common)

        1694 people were killed with knives and sharp objects. guess we should ban your kitchen knives now

        496 were killed with blunt objects. Ban hammers.

        728 were killed with hands/fists/feet. Time to chop off your hands! They are dangerous!
        · 32

        Werewolf10212 1 day ago

        Just so you know, you violated the CA Assault weapons law (a felony) @ 2:20. Your video stated during that time that you were still in CA (Jawbone Canyon). Your bullet button was not covering the magazine release enough during this time that you could fit your finger behind the mag release and release the magazine without a tool..

        Yes, that was a felony. Punishable by up to six years in prison.

        And, yes, California laws create accidental felons for the unwary. Hope you lawyer up.
        · 22

        * obviously this kid is a nwo zog anti gun schill .

        eventually in time as he and those around him are victimized by human predators as life unfolds he’ll learn … guns are a good thing .

        * guns are useless hunks of metal easily demonized till you actually need one in your hand to protect yourself from assault , murder , animal attack , a ILLEGAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL NWO ZOG RED COMMIE FEDGOV or kill to eat .

        * taking away guns only empowers the corrupt and criminal predators of society . its really that simple .

        N.O. ;0p

          • Video: Monsanto + Google + Bilderberg = End of Humanity

            May 27, 2013 by horse237

            The Bilderberg Society is holding its annual meeting this June in Watford just north of London. The theme this year is Google which is the tip of the modern Surveillance State. The video below discusses an earlier meeting in 2005 which was followed by a select meeting at which it was decided that Monsanto genetic manipulation of plants and animals was to be followed by gene spicing of animals and then humans. The video emphasizes that they plan to make it impossible for you to live and to reproduce without accepting genetic manipulation of our genes by Monsanto. This is the End of Humanity.


            • College Conspiracy (Full Length)

              May 26, 2011

              College Conspiracy is the most comprehensive documentary ever produced about higher education in the U.S. The film exposes the facts and truth about America’s college education system. ‘College Conspiracy’ was produced over a six-month period by NIA’s team of expert Austrian economists with the help of thousands of NIA members who contributed their ideas and personal stories for the film. NIA believes the U.S. college education system is a scam that turns vulnerable young Americans into debt slaves for life


            • That’s Watford & London ENGLAND. In Ontario Canada Watford is West of London. LOL.

      18. My far-left sister tried to push a “Mother Jones” subscription on me. All I can say is that the magazine was not even useful as toilet paper (not absorbent enough). Needless to say, I canceled it.

        I guess commie rags are protected under the first amendment …. but I can’t help but wonder why. These people are far too freakin’ stupid to be allowed to procreate.

      19. Why would anyone ever ask/check where you got the rifle you are shooting? Just another one of the millions of AK’s in the US. Legal in most states.

        I don’t remember. I don’t recall. Why does that mater?

      20. Gardening advice for people who will never plant a seed, survival advice for people who have never spent a night outdoors, body armor for people who will never get in a firefight, and now this…

      21. Bring it on! I’ve got the glue and duct tape,gonna build me a fine weapon!

      22. Know my rules?

        1) The man or woman shooting besides me at the enemy is my friend;

        2) The man or woman shooting AT me (or helping others shoot at me) is my enemy; and

        3) Anyone not in groups 1 or 2 (unless they are feeding me information/materiel/other logistics support) is, at best, a high security risk.

        Keep the FAITH

      23. The schoolyard rules are all one needs to know. As long as the bully can continue to extort and take w/o consequences, the extortion and taking will continue. Submit or fight, it’s that simple. Timing on either is up to each free American.

        Keep the FAITH

      24. Receiver blanks are cheap…get em while you can…On the other hand i something truly bad goes down in the country there may be weapons available for the picking up…

      25. Did some ar’s from and turned out awesome. Bought the fixture and tooling from them and when all done had about 700.00 in each including buying upper. At the time that was more than just buying one. But now look at there price! whoa! I have access to a Bridgeport so that made it nice but heard tell that some just used a drill press to do there’s.

        • Can use a plunge router with carbide cutter, make a jig and guide that uses bushings then take light passes, finish will be perfect if your careful,

      26. Ok, are there Gun-making clubs in Massachusetts? Are the self-made guns legal in that state as well?

        Any thoughts folks?

      27. Today is memorial day.
        Did you remember? Really remember?

        Rest in Peace my brothers and sisters.

        Lest we forget.


      28. The ‘Quakers’ of Colonial times – as a group – had a single Fatal flaw in thier organization…a strict adherence to Celibacy…said flaw directly led to thier extinction in less than two generations when the recruiting of even a sufficient number of new members into the organization to simply maintain the ranks thereof proved ‘difficult’….

        Any group – or individual -who espouses prinicples which intrinsically serve to REDUCE thier ability to survive – let alone THRIVE – will do NIETHER. That is to say, that “Stupidity” leads to DEATH…or in the case of a group, EXTICNTION. The selection of a basic, guiding ‘ethos’ is therefor a CRITICAL article among any whose intent is to survive…Clearly.

        Thus, today, we see about us in the World a variety of attitudes which though superfically may APPEAR to be be ‘ressoned and considered’ are – in fact – the path to Oblivion. “Crony Captialism” is just onesuch as this, and will, in relatively short order, hereafter be the genesis of it’s own demise…by virtue of principles INCONSISTENT with it’s own, continued propagation. It is NOT neccesary to have the intellect of Einstein to grasp that there is in Nature a balance in all things that are seen to sustain themselves in the long march of time, and so too it is seen here as well. The overarching dictum of !MOAR! leads directly to the circumstance that the basic dignity of one’s fellows is thereby placed under DIRECT assault …and so – at some point thereafter – comes the CONSEQUENCE…..Retribution and subsequently, Redistribution. That is what is NOW serving to drive what everyone ‘feels’ daily to it’s FINAL conclusion…the Extinction of those element’s of the species which are so ‘NEEDY’…both at the ‘Top’, AND the ‘Bottom’.

        It IS heartening to know that all those who reject the most basic tenet of Survival embodied as the Right to Self Defence, WILL soon follow the Dinosaurs, the Dodo and the Giant Moa into the anihilation which always follows BAD REASONING…that is ‘reasoning which does NOT adhere to the ‘basics’. Humanity has LONG history of ‘Idealism’ …it is seldom SEEN to work to thier advantage. More often – in EFFECT – it is instead seen to act on groups as does a virulent pathogen, say, like the Plagues of Medieval Europe…

        Thus it is a COMFORT to me to KNOW that ‘mine’ will not have to suffer the FOOLS that WE did in my day…Once the ‘Great Reset’ enrouts has come and gone, THOSE will be taken with it – wither it goes – to no longer trouble the descendants of those not POSSESED by an ‘Inability to REASON’…

        So it would APPEAR that, in fact, “Stupidity is it’s OWN ‘Reward’.” Gee, I’m looking forward to a World absent of the likes of Cuomo, BLOOMBERG, Schatz, Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boehner, et al…Indeed….a MULTITUDE of such will no longer EXIST to trouble thier fellows and LIFE WILL Improve for all those remaining.
        “Teach you rChidren Well…”

        Such a NICE thought, Eh? 🙂


        • Most people will never get your underlying message.

          The parasites have spent decades cultivating self-annihilation among Western Civilization.

          Parasites like the one who made the MJ vid, will always be protected, will always have means of defense, even if they promote you not having any. They don’t want to ban guns, they just want to shorten the list of who can have them, and you aren’t on it. And, to make matters worse, they will always have idiots who are not of their tribe, who are willing to protect them first, at the expense of their own.

          Most of those who perish in the coming unpleasentness, will be of Western extraction, those who have been conditioned into cowardice, and docility. Sad.

          • Howdy JustMe!

            “Most people will never get your underlying message.”

            Ahhh, yes…likely so…but that is ALL a part of the ‘Seperating the Wheat from the Chaff’ which is the job of someone HIGHER than my ‘pay-grade’. I’m CONTENT that that will work out ‘Just Fine’…in the End. 😉

            As you note though, yes…’Sad’…Indeed.


            • Howdy JustMe..again,

              A HORRIBLE thought occured to me a bit ago; IF someone came here with the ‘handle’ JustYou can you IMAGINE the difficulty in having a dialogue with that one…

              OMG…it would be ‘Abbot and Costello’s, ‘Who’s on Firt’ all over again!!! (Just a little humor on the side there…I got to thinking about ‘JustOneGuy’ and ‘JustMe’ having a conversation and it just POPPED up…)

              Adios Muchcho’s, Andele! Andele!!!

              JOG * 😉 *

        • Hey, JOG
          Do you mean perhaps the Shakers? They were the celibate ones, who had to rely on recruitment to maintain their numbers. The last surviving Shaker died not so many years ago.

          • Eeeekkk!

            Dagnabit, ya got me, Shakers it WAS…Good Job Brother.

            Shakers, Quakers, ‘Shake and Bake’, I DO get it mixed up sometimes… 😉


            • @ JOG……UH…..hey man ,I think GOP4EVER is a CHICK….(I could be wrong ?)……

              • Ummm, Oh KWAP!!

                If So I’ll be practising serious ninja ‘FACE-Palm’ kendo the remainder of this evening…Tum timez ist sto hawd to tael!!!

                GOP4EVER…I am Not PRYING HERE, were ‘Error’ commiitted above – as assumption – then I beg your Pardon, explicitly, here….just sayin here. 😉


        • You must have the Quakers confused with the Shaker sect. The Shakers did not believe in sex and gradually disappeared probably from boredom or DSB.The Quakers would on the other hand screw the crack of dawn if they could.

      29. Stupidity is its own reward but has a habit of taking others down with it.

        • All too True Friend…FREQUENTLY so,

          …The moral to that story is; “Don’t ‘hang’ with DUMB-ASSED People”…EH?

          Have a good week Brother…enjoy them all, while they last.


      30. Today is memorial day.
        Did you remember?
        Really remember?

        RIP my brothers and sisters.

        Lest we forget.


        • Memorial Day 2013

          Memorial Day has taken on a new meaning to me. Now I stop to remember the men in uniform who sacrificed for a once great nation that no longer exists. How we the people allowed the betrayal of what they gave us. How we sit idly by and watch the destruction of the country they loved. And we sit idly by because there is nothing we can do about it. We are a nation of helpless spectator citizens. Truth hurts, but you know it is true. That is why we prep.

          The United States today is a greedy corporate entity spinning wildly out of control. The might of the military makes it like a mob enforcer. Any illegal alien from the four corners of the earth willing to invade, occupy, and conquer on behalf of the power hungry maniacs running this show are promised US citizenship. The US Military is not what it used to be. Not anymore than the US is still a great nation. Land of the Free. Home of the brave. Bullshit. Just because my eyes are open doesn’t make me any less a patriot. But the country we loved no longer exists.

          Today, the United States of America is the great whore!

          Memorial Day 2013 — We should all mourn for what we have lost.

          • Older Veterans simply don’t get it. They were conned to fight wars that would ultimately turn the US into a 3rd world police state.

            • I agree they were connect, but it was always more about making money for the mega-corporations. The militarized police and warlike culture is just a predictable aftereffect.

            • The older veterans get it. Some were conned, and some were coerced (drafted). It is the young people now in the military who truly do not get it.

          • Every war post WWII had dollar bills written all over it.

            Read “War Is A Racket”, by Major General Smedley Butler

      31. @ JustOneGuy. Something strange happened today, something I have never seen before. There was an earthquake on the southern Mid Atlantic Ridge in which there has never been a record of one before. There was just one about 150 miles away back in 2011. This one though showed nothing. It is about 46 1/2 south by 14 and 1/2 west. I did some calculations and this energy is directed right at Greece all the way over to the northern Australian plate, or what they consider the Indian plate. This is on the east of it. To the west it shows that the South American plate moving at a sharp angle to the Nazca plate that forces pressure directly in a counterclockwise motion towards Peru right up to Columbia, which in turn, literally, forces to pressure towards Costa Rica to southern Mexico. Like a cue ball in the break in pool, lots of combinations with this one.

        There was also one in Yemen that has showed ONLY 7 out of 10 times major quakes to follow. Eastern Russia, probably this time something to do with the 8.3 mega deep focus quake last week. Alaska, Indonesa to Vanuatu, Ethopia, southern Mexico, Greece, and Taiwan. This one occurred at the triple junction of African, Australian, and Arabian plates.

        This one I am not concerned about, it is the one that has no previous record on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. It is a point that dips down like a V and the quake occurred at the bottom portion of the V. This shows some major league compression going on, even at only 4.8 in magnitude. There has been 25 out of 28 times indicating that Cemtral America and/or South America is going to get wallopped. This shows to me, like the quote in that first Ghostbusters movie, “this looks extraordinarily bad”.

        • @BI: Just got an e-mail from my P E buddy. Look out on the southern Caribbean Plate; strange things are going on there, Venezuela out into the Islands. Just passing that on to you, may mean nothing.

          Keep the FAITH

        • Howdy BI!

          Hmmm, lets see here…

          Earthquaks where we are NOT accustomed to seeing them…

          DEEP Focus Earthquakes in number and at depths where we have never seen them….

          Errant Solar Behaviour, immediately after the largest GRB’s ever recorded…

          INCREASING Insanity on the part of Humanking broadly, almost as if – somehow – we are all subliminally picking up on this…

          The Wolrd financial state continues to deteriorate daily…possibly related to the notation immediately here-above…

          Um-hmmm…did I MISS anything there?

          Yup… “This shows to me, like the quote in that first Ghostbusters movie, “this looks extraordinarily bad”.”….COULD be Friend. 13 days and counting for me.


          • Hey bud whats with the 13 days?

            • Howdy Kula-Bro!

              You ARE aware of my impending departure..Yes?

              Roughly on or about the 9th of June I LEAVE. You abide in the glory of His handiwork in the Islands…I AM going in the other direction…above 53 degree’s North. I have seen ALL that I need to see to be be finally convinced that “Civilization’ is on a count-down timer. I DO NOT intend to be around when that ticks to ZERO.

              I am only sorry that I am leaving the many here – and elsewhere – whom I have grown to cherish; to respect, to admire even, for being ‘What they are’. I will not be able to commune with any here – or elsewhere – after that date, the region I am going to is VAST and Wild. Frankly, I fully do not expect to have electricity there…at least in the first two years…amd I am DELIGHTED at the notion…to return to something simpler, a simpler time…a simpler LIFE.

              “Delight in ALL the Days you are Given…for they ARE Numbered, and the passing of each and every leaves you lessened. Rejoice in Life, and Love and FAITHFULNESS as well…for it is ALL that you are truely given to enjoy here….all else is but shadow and illusion.”

              Have a good week Brother! 🙂


              • Good luck bud, I gotta admit im a little jealous!
                Every form of refuge has its price eh.
                Northern Idaho, north west montana is where i want to go,
                Its beautiful here but is just a couple steps behind kalifornia as a liberal paradise,

                • Kula & JOG….

                  Kula, 53N means Alaska.

                  But Idaho is great. Great spots for true Americans are Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Not leaving other states out, but those 3 are great areas to live.

                  I live in Eastern Idaho, not too far from Wyoming, Montana, Utah, or Nevada.

                  For Liberals I advize to bugout in either East Los Angeles or maybe even Seattle, near the Space Needle.

                  JOG, all I can say is good luck. Keep in touch via short-wave or this internet….

                  Kula, good luck too.

                  Preppers and Americans, keep going.

                  • Problem is they are small population states and will be easy to take over by overwhelming the electorate by immigration. It took thirty years to do the same in Ca. because it was so big. Once the third world is the majority them the rest of you will be outvoted.

              • We are going to miss you terribly JOG, your contributions have been some of the best.

              • JOG,

                Damn, well I guess we need to come up with some way of getting information to you. Is that a possibility – should we just keep posting here???

                Either way, y’all take good care and we’ll send a joke now and then.

                Y’all Beware! Keep Smilin’. Here are a few…..

                ‘There’s no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you’.
                Will Rogers

                ‘Politicians make strange bedfellows, but they all share the same bunk.’

                ‘Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges, even where there are no rivers’.
                Nikita Kruschchev.’

                ‘Artificial hearts are nothing new. Politicians have had them for years.’
                Mack McGinnis

                Don’t vote. You’ll only encourage them.

                ‘Although he is regularly asked to do so, God does not take sides in American politics.’
                George Mitchell.

                A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. Mark Twain

                When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators. PJ O’Rourke

                • T’anks T’all!

                  Humor is what is intended to keep US SANE, therefor my THANKS!! Fare Well Friend…


            • Kula,

              maybe his bank note is due in 14 days?

      32. Too bad the military today has nothing to do with protecting freedom.

        • Except todays military are all volunteering inspite of the wars. They are joining to make something of themselves, instead of becoming some street cretin begging for a handout from the government or worse.
          In case you missed it jobs are hard to get, and they need to feed their families or learn a skill so they can be productive. The ones that are dying today are some of the best our society has.
          How about just one day out of the year you get off the soapbox and stop trying to make some stupid remark that isn’t needed or wanted.
          Apparently you have no idea about the real meaning behind this day.

          I served twenty years in the army and lost some friends. But last June 7th PFC Brandon D. Goodine was KIA google and look at his FB memorial page. After you read all the comments look at his 2 year old daughters picture. And come back on here maybe then your comments will be relevent for today.
          Brandon was my sons best friend and was like my son. When we buried him we weren’t thinking about freedom either.
          So for one day try to remember the true meaaning of today.

          • As you said, He volunteered for the JOB.

            Guess he should have applied at Wal-Mart.

            Pays the same.

          • WTF type of “skill” was he learning when he got KIA?

          • Unfortunately, I have known two men in the last year who have signed up for the military because they could not find work. In each case, they had a wife who also worked and children and they still could not make ends meet. Each of them made every effort to find a job but never succeeded. I think they could have found other options but I respect their decision to care for their families.

            • I know, I have two friends in the same boat. One of them is selling crack and the other is burglarizing homes. Shame what people are forced to do to get by these days.

          • Ed says:

            “instead of becoming some street cretin begging for a handout from the government or worse.”

            Say What???

            That’s just what a military man IS!!

            “some street cretin begging for a handout from the government.”

            Paid Killers for the FedGov. aka, The Empire.

            F**K THE MILITARY.

      33. Although I like the idea of the video, I think the article is sort of misleading. We are on the offensive (as far as gun control goes) right now. States like Maine have constitutional carry bills going through the legislature.

        We need to keep fighting for our rights, knock their lap dogs out of office and keep on the offensive.

        The sky is not yet falling.

        • “The sky is not yet falling.”

          Unless, of course, you are a LIBERAL…then I suspect it “DON’T LOOK GOOD for the Home team”.

          Ahh…all this foolishness over little toy, pop-guns. I’ll give all of mine up…everyone of them, yep! Silly little things that GO BANG…come and get ’em Y’all (liberals, that is…everyone else DOES NOT want to come to THAT party)

          There IS a price of my CHOOSING, that WILL be paid ere any such thing occurs…

          Care to Guess what that will be? In your world that would be qualified as a ‘liquid asset’…hint, hint.
          Just sayin’ here…


          • Amazing things can be done with a crossbow. Arrows are easy to modify and enhance.

      34. Great!!! One less weapon in the hands of maggot liberals, we don’t want them firing back.

      35. Looks like you’d have to have machining and special tools to build AK…….bummer

      36. The end of the video was just pure insanity, destroying a perfectly good weapon. I’m surprised he didn’t shoot himself in the foot when he was test firing it. JOG, good morning, and I have to agree wholeheartedly with both of your posts. The stupidity and insanity of the left will definitely be their undoing. When foreign troops appear on our streets, the lead will start flying and it won’t take long for all kinds of weapons to become available. there won’t be any law and order and courts won’t be in session, either. It will be “anything goes, no holds barred”, and survival will be all that matters. braveheart

      37. ANOTHER word of warning concerning the New Madrid fault

        Another major earthquake on New Madrid is inevitable, geologists say it’s only a matter of time

        a good doomer porn read concerning a modern day New Madrid earthquake is THE RIFT by Walter Williams

        an earthquake in that region today is gonna be a whole lot worse than it was in the 1800’s
        you’ve got nuclear power plants,chemical plants,natural gas pipelines etc etc etc
        not to mention a MUCH greater population density

        • @ Satori. Watch to the south of the New Madrid and the Mid Atalntic Ridge between 14 and 20 degrees north. Weeks ago there was some real action there and for the past week the New Madrid region has been swarming with earthquakes. People have to remember also that it won’t just be one quake, but likely two or more just like 1812. Earthquakes, huge ones especially, have a tendency to repeat what they did before. That one today down on the south Mid Atlantic Ridge is very likely a harbinger of some thing huge coming.

          • Guess i better go refill my empty fuel drums.

        • New England would be scrounging for heating oil, the list goes on and on. A big shaker on the NMF would affect most of CONUS.

      38. I don’t see the revelance of this article. Yes it is nice to be able to build your own untraceable weapons it is unnecessary in my neck of the woods. Arkansas doesn’t require a registration of guns and my thought of the matter is I can say I got broke and sold them while my arms rest six feet under in sealed 6 inch sewer pipes with dessicant.

        • This article is relevant to those who do not live where you do, and need to know this can be done. BTW, saying you “sold/lost”, or whatever else, your guns will not save you…

      39. If he made the lower receiver without the proper license and paperwork then he ILLEGALLY MANUFACTURED A FIREARM! Yeah, it can be done, but it makes him a felon!

        • You need to review the rules for personal arms manufacture. What he did, did NOT “make him a felon”, unless he did not abide by the rules.

      40. Kokesh, Schatz, Slavo, Weinstein, what do they all have in common? Why not question it? Am I anti-something for thinking it? Why are they always at the forefront of destruction and death? Why them?

        • Watch it, Indio

          Questioning anything on this site today can get you
          deeply Red Thumbed. I think the SHTF Plan is holding
          a religious revival or something. Any pertinent info
          regarding the state of the State seems to get turned
          into a biblical allegory. Be warned.

          • Said conditioning runs deep.

        • @ Indio-

          Exactly! Why?

          We KNOW why.

      41. Just so you know, you violated the CA Assault weapons law (a felony) @ 2:20. Your video stated during that time that you were still in CA (Jawbone Canyon). Your bullet button was not covering the magazine release enough during this time that you could fit your finger behind the mag release and release the magazine without a tool..


        I think we should call him in. As concerned liberal citizens, you know. For showing all the evil gun people what to do, and for committing a felony.

        This could be a lot of fun…

        • He’s on the anti -gun team. He will be ” David Gregory’d”. In other words, the law will be suspended for him because he is on the ” right” team. You or me, no mercy.

      42. There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven–a time to throw stones and a time to gather stones; Eccl 3:5 NASB. You are going to have a really bad time of it if your timing is wrong. The only thing worse than being wrong; is being right too soon. Now is the time to gather stones together. It will be readily evident when the time comes to cast them.

        Keep the FAITH

      43. Thanks for tuning in. On today’s program, we’ll show you how to construct an unlicensed, untraceable, leftist rag of a magazine. All the parts can be ordered on-line, or purchased at your local print shop.
        Step 1- take this stack of blank paper. Fold it in half like this…then staple in the middle. Now you have your blank magazine.
        Step 2- on the inside pages, scrawl as much commie nonsense as you can think of. If you run out of idea…just turn on the tv.
        Step 3- on the outside, here, is our cover. Take your crayons and draw a pretty picture of something. Maybe a hammer and sickle. Or a nice rainbow or something.
        Step 4- At the top of the cover page, give your magazine a name. Let’s call it Mother Jones. But since that name is trademarked, we’ll give ours a middle initial. How about F?
        There you have it! Mother F Jones! This magazine is perfectly legal. And completely untraceable! Of course, it’s also dangerous! And since we don’t want this commie nonsense to fall into the wrong hands, we’ll take this hacksaw and cut it in half. Presto! Wasn’t that easy?

        *Editor’s note: The city of Seattle is having a magazine Buy Back Program next Tuesday. You can get these dangerous magazines off the streets, and receive a nice Wal-Mart gift card in exchange!

        • At least you didn’t call it a “clip”.

        • I don’t know about an AK-47 but an AR-15 receiver is indeed serialized and must be purchased though a FFA source. The rest of the gun can be assembled from whatever but not the receiver.

          • You can make an AR-15 receiver as well. When you buy the 80% AR receiver it is a block of metal with some more difficult work already done, like the mag-well and the indexed threads for the buffer tube. You then chuck it into a drill press and if you have the guides make ~3 different depth passes and you have a legally unregistered gun.

      44. I would like to wish all of my fellow veterans from the past, and present. And a special shout out to my FELLOW countrymen for if it wasnt for your support, WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE OUR JOB! Have a happy and safe Memorial day !

      45. Indio, I don’t know about the other people, but I DO know that Mac Slavo has NOTHING TO DO WITH DEATH OR DESTRUCTION! He provides an excellent website where like-minded people in the prepper community can gather and to exchange useful information on how to survive adverse situations. wake up and join the real world and get out of whatever fantasyland you’ve been in.

        • Thanks Braveheart! !t’s been my goal to AVOID death and destruction as much as possible!

          If we want to get into the discussion of death and destruction, we should focus our energies on those in this world who are actively building WMD’s, armed drones, stocking billions of rounds of ammo, and sending men to die for the cause of money, power, and resource control…

          • Oh Yeah!

            You da MAN Mac…Tell’em ALL about it, Tell it ‘LIKE IT IS!’… 🙂



        • @ braveheart. I more than second that one.

          @ Watchman. It is very important to pass on information we hear, that way we can at least get a little bit of advanced warning. Do you regard your friend as getting this information from a reliable source/ A lot of times the government will purposely lie to people to spread disinformation. I think though this is probebly accurate as a personally see a tremenodus amount of energy flowing into this region and Mexico. Watch and waiting it so difficult when you see these energy signatures all over the planet, especially after the largest deep focus quake ever recorded. I don’t even want to mention the Middle East and that terrible virus that is at least partially contagious.

          • @BI: I do feel he is in the know because he goes back and forth from that area in his work, using everything he can to fine new energy fields. He has 25+ yrs doing that.

            News out of the Mid-East looks like the heat is up some more degree’ over there (not good). It will happen soon I feel.

            Keep the FITH

      46. Mac Slavo is the dude! But I’d still suck it up and buy a Arsenal Inc. Rifle instead of fooling around with this bullshit. Those Bulgarian AK’s are a firearms work of art.

        • @buzz: I have a Bul 74 and also a VZ 58 both are very fine rifles.

          Keep the FAITH

      47. Put my face against the stock, eye behind that homemade receiver, an pull the trigger on a 7.62×39. I don’t know, have to think about that.

      48. Anybody got a line on a parts kit for a Mark 86, 6 megaton thermo nuke device? Need 6 or 8. Just askin.

        • Awww shucks Paranoid,

          YOU JUST missed the sale on those LAST week…I think they’re ‘out-of-stock, NOT back-orderable” durn the luck,

          …However, a ‘good buddy’ of mine whose uncle has a daughter who knows a guy who works for DOD says that WHEN the Feds go BANKRUPT this Summer 😉 they’ll be having a ‘Fire Sale’ on old W35 ‘neutron bombs’…Hope that Helps!!


      49. Russia raises Strategic Air Force combat readiness

        DEBKAfile May 27, 2013, 1:24 PM (GMT+02:00)
        Monday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said he had raised the readiness level of the Aerospace Defense (ASD), Strategic Air Force, and military transport aviation to test the combat readiness of the Russian army. Practical missile launches on Ashuluk range in the Astrakhan Region will be discussed in the process, including flight tests of the Angara space rocket complex.

        Keep the FAITH

      50. This is something that the MSM is way under the radar screen, but very alarming.

        This is like the U.S. going from Defcon 4 to 3, or 3 to 2. This shows that their strategic airforce (which means nuclear long range bombers) are getting ready for possible combat. Astrakhan is about 50 miles from the Caspain Sea and right where Iran and the main future battles would take place. Russia is dead serious about not being further encircled, they won’t allow it. They will nuke the U.S. and NATO before this happens, and why they are raising their nuclear forces’ readiness.

        • @BI,

          I’m watching Debka closely too. My sister is going to Israel & Palestine with a church group in a few days. I doubt that the leaders of her group are paying attention to alternative news. I understand that they will travel based on State Dept advisories. While I am very concerned, if I bring up politics, prepping, guns, etc., she changes the subject. I hate to give up, but I hesitate to point her to Debka and “rain on her parade”.

          @all…thank you for this community!

          • @ OhioReader. Not to alarm you, but I could trust the state department as much as a could throw a 500 pound boulder. Like Bengazi, everything is safe, the country is secure. I wonder if the ambassador to Libya and the other three that died were thinking this right before they were attacked, without any real protection. Remember this is not alternative news, this is coming from Israeli newspapers and news sources over there that are far more reliable then CNN (crap numbskull news). Hope they stay in the U.S., that area is extremely dangerous to say the least.

            • @BI, I agree with your comments and I’m not alarmed! I’ve read Debka for years and shouldn’t have called it “alternative”.

              It amazes me that a large group of intelligent people would go there right now – I didn’t say “informed”. If they go, I hope they all return home safely.

              Thank you!

              • @ OhioReader

                First off! Go Buckeyes! 1975 Graduate!

                My wife was in Israel a month ago. I was worried all the time. As it turned out, everything was good. She saw a few people with some nice weapons but for the most part, the group she was with had a great time and at no part of her trip did she feel she was in danger. Tourism is a huge part of their income so she was treated well and had a fantastic visit.

                • Thanks, Bill, that’s reassuring. I’m glad your wife had a good trip. It’s silly to put one’s life on hold out of fear, so I hope they will have as good a time as your wife did.

                  I’m a Texan transplanted to Ohio, but I love living here. I’ve been here long enough to say “Go Buckeyes”!

                  • Bet you’d rather be in Texas. I left there 37 years ago. Prayers for you’re wife.

                • @JOG and BI,
                  right now, there’s an article on Before It’s News (right-hand column) about a tsunami watch through June 5 in the Atlantic, affecting the east coast (81% chance). The scientist being interviewed stated that increased solar activity can lead to earthquakes and tsunamis. He was interviewed on a Fox news station, but I haven’t seen any other warnings. Do you think he is credible?

                  • Howdy OR…again!

                    Without meaning to ‘dis’ anyone specifically, “BIN” treats with a WHOLE lot of ‘subject nmatter’…some of which is of the more ‘fanciful’ sorts…

                    That SAID, the Solar aspect plays into the tectonic picture rather directly..I have treated this subject many several times here in forum previously. We have had some Solar activity lately, but NOTHING of the Gargantuan sort, such as was seen in the 1850’s when the Carrington Event occured…or either anything like unto the Quebec event in 1989 during which the entire East Coast electrical grid was blown out by the passage of the most poweful RECORDED wave of protons ever measured emanating from Ol Sol.

                    In priciple, the Earth is just a VERY large bar magnet like we all played with as children…and when that is near to a large current or another magnet it WILL deflect accordingly. By current wisdom, the 800 mile-wide Nickel-Iron core of the Earth spins rather rapidly…much more rapidly than the surface under our own feet which only spins only per 24 hours. Imagine that: a spnning ball of 5000 degree ‘hyper-fluid ‘Iron-Nickel’ spinning…then FORCED to change it’s spin axis – ever so slightly – via the action of an externally impressed magnetic field. As you might imagine this has a lot of potential to alter the matter around it, via the flows of material thereat and around, Eh? Any CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) is a mass of HOT gas, moving at FEROCIOUS speed (Ummm, mass of the Pacific Ocean, moving at upwards of 2000 kilometers per SECOND…Yes, PER SECOND…) then this is a CURRENT, the passage of which produces a magnetic field (all moving charges do this, see Maxwells’ eqautions) and so V’iola…a net force is tranferred there-through to the Earth itself…

                    Thay said the interpretation of WHAT might happen is – as you are already intuiting – a FORMIDABLE problem to attempt to ‘solve’ in any analytic sense. We HAVE had some Solar activity lately…but nothing HUGE and so any possibility arising therefrom would likely be of the smaller sort. Still, we HAVE seen some anomalous ‘deep focus’ tectonic activity of late…which you might have ‘seen’ BI and I discussing here recently, still the implications are ‘veiled’…to say the least. I AM however – sure – that BI will stop in later with the more ‘seismic slant – thereon he is usually VERY good about stopping to answer qustions here posed…

                    To be sure, we ALL wish we KNEW more, but some things are not – as yet – the subject of Scientific exploration as many such problems are simply BEYOND our current understanding…or rather our ability to express them Mathematically in any precise way. Strangley, therefor “We KNOW MUCH…and LITTLE” simultaneously. I wish I had a better answer for you Friend, but that will have to suffice here, today.


      51. howdy, Mac, you’re most welcome. It’s bad enough we have a new troll coming on here, but he screwed up royally attacking you personally. I’m so sick of these trolls coming in trying to stink up our wonderful community and I couldn’t let this go unchallenged. I was civil with Indio compared to what I could’ve been. you’re right about needing to focus on this evil government prepping to go to war against us. that will prove to be their undoing. Like DK always says, 100,000,000 gunowners can save this country. I don’t know how many out of that figure are willing to try, but I know damned well that I will. braveheart

      52. Howdy, Out West, I more than second your motion. he crossed a red line when he attacked Mac and I won’t let that go unchallenged. Indio was making Eisen look good. Anyone noticed Eisen didn’t insult anyone or use caps today? He actually made 2 valid points without being Eisen. Wonder if he’s running a fever?

        • Thanks braveheart

          I’ve ran into a real shitstorm of negativity today.
          But if I can take it, I know Mac can also.
          Neither one of us need body armor—Thick Skinned.

        • He has some good stuff to say just that he has no people/social skills.

      53. Howdy, BI. You make an excellent point concerning passing on information we hear. Whenever I look for other articles on subjects that Mac covers, I’m very selective about what articles I choose to post links for on this site. Unfortunately, the alternative media does have some very unreliable sources mixed in with the legitimate sites. you really have to research and choose your sources very, very carefully and that takes a lot of time. I wouldn’t let that attack on mac go unchallenged. another troll; that’s all we need. except for ncjoker, trolls are fair game to me. braveheart

      54. SmokinOkie, I almost fell out of my chair with your latest batch of humor. Keep it coming. With ou in charge of the comedy dept., BI’s reports on seismic activity, JOG’s reports on solar activity, and the occasional troll I can pounce on, it’s never a dull moment here at THIS PLACE IS MY HOME! braveheart

        • Howdy bh!

          You were SUPPOSED to append that (at the end) with,

          “..And I think to myself…What a wonderful World!”

          Old Louis Armstrong….never BORING here, is it?


      55. Instead of Gun owners cowering in fear about having guns and traveling with them. Anyone who wants to restrict gun ownership and the ability to own them should be afraid to stick their heads up.

        • Actually, the reason they don’t worry about sticking their heads up, is they are already up something else, so they don’t show up

      56. Anyone heard from Copperhead or Manos?

        • Or Bert the Brit?

      57. Howdy, Nina0, I have a copy of “War Is A Racket”. General Butler was right on target with everything he said and that was BEFORE we ever had a military-industrial complex. braveheart

        • @braveheart … Respect !

          i’m becoming very saddened as of late

          the more i learn the more i’m realizing how futile it all is

          the less i want to delve deeper into Learning the Truth the pile of zionist red commie fascist dog doo zog ameriKa has become

          very simply put …

          AmeriCa is a Lie

          its a UnConstitutional banker corporate run lawless country with Two separate Criminal Justice systems serving two seperate classes of citizens

          the Have’S 1% -VS- the Have Not’s 99%

          guess who we are ???

          USMC Gen. SMEDLEY BUTLER ‘ The Fighting Quaker ‘ , tried to do right by AmeriCa by exposing the PRESCOTT (the george bush’s father / grandfather) BUSH FAMILY TREASON AND COUP ATTEMPT AGAINST AMERICA only to fail in the end as they were not prosecuted and still succeeded in taking over AmeriCa by ways of slow deception and political party hijackings and none were the wiser .

          Smedley Butler was so inflamed by himself being ignored betrayed for having the courage to expose the Very Real Treason and Illegal Coup Attempt against the Presidency of AmeriCa , that he did tours after , across AmeriCa at the time telling folks the truth of what had just happened

          and no one listened …

          WAR IS A RACKET

          and Still no one listened to him .

          its All simply very saddening to me … to learn so late in my life


          ‘ AMERICA IS A LIE ‘

          N.O. ;0p

      58. i’m glad they posted this, it had good information. i didn’t know about gun building parties…thank you. sounds like a source for more info…thank you again. part kits are legal, no paper or serial numbers, did not know…thank you again. don’t have to register or even say i have it…thank you again. if liberals want to continue to share such good information in their self-righteousness let them and i’ll continue to be thankful.

      59. Grippentrog, let’s ease up on Eisen this time. He didn’t insult anyone or use caps this time.

      60. OutWest, I’m thick-skinned also. it’s all the body armor people like us ever need.

      61. What does it COST?

        A doughnut cost a dollar or more today..

        A hamburger cost 5 or more dollars…

        A good rifle cost 800 dollara…

        A new car cost more than it’s worth to me in these days and times…

        What does BLOOD cost?

        In 225 years MANY have paid in BLOOD. The Red Cross used to PAY about 75 dollara a pint to any junkie who needed a score…What about those who GAVE it freely, without reservation…because they were ASKED to?

        Very many have given ‘That Last Full measure of devotion”…., that spoke of by Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg address, which is always PAID only in BLOOD. Those who live today, do so by vurtue of those accounts ‘Paid-in-Full’…

        Did these – who have so paid – get thier ‘Money’s worth’? I do NOT think so…if they could see what has become of what they laid down thier lives for, I beleive that they would be ASHAMED of what we see in this place, this country today; that they would feel as if it was all just a WASTE…

        What was the cost…to THEM; Simple…”EVERYTHING”.

        JOG…I WEEP for what this country has become…but I WILL NOT Mourn it’s passing….Look to the DAWN, it IS NEAR to Hand!, though some Night yet remains…

      62. Note to fascist Brian Schatz, of the fascist Mother Jones excuse for a magazine: Methinks thou dost protest too much. As a matter of fact, it **precisely** leftist fascists like you, scions of the National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party (aka the Nazis) who not only supported socialists like Hitler (read the founding planks of the Nazi party, adopted in Feb. 1920, in Munich – reads like something right out of a Nancy Pelosi playbook), the fact of the matter is that YOU VILE, DISGUSTING LEFTISTS at Mother Jones, ad nauseam, ****murdered between 100 million (Stephane Courtois, Black Book of Communism) and 160 FREAKING MILLION people (Dr. R.J. Rummel, Univ. of Hawaii) last century. Then you have the arrogant, ignorant, vile, stupidity to talk about rifles killing people. IT IS PRECISELY LEFTISTS LIKE YOU, BOZO, THAT HAVE KILLED MORE PEOPLE THAN THE PLAGUE, ISLAMIC CONQUESTS, PNEUMONIA, RABIES AND DIAHARREA AND A HOST OF OTHER ILLS. Ok, maybe a bit of hyperbole, but murdering 100 to 160 MILLION in one century is enough. YOU LEFTISTS are literally the biggest murderers EVER to exist on the planet. So, STFU and go away

        • Anonymous,

          I have to DISAGREE with your rant, above profusely. Why, you may ask? Because your numbers are way off and you didn’t include the deaths of the people in the previous century. I’m accusing you of being a Centurist! Yes! YOU!

          Hey! People in the 19th century are important too.

          Add another century and bump your number to 280 million and I’ll be quiet.

          …otherwise you can just laugh at me, which, if you didn’t get it, I just meant to say:


          It really is amazing, isn’t it? The lower ranks of the leftists are kept stupid and unthinking while the upper ranks laugh at them for enabling the very thing they think they’re preventing.

          They make it sound like getting rid of AK47s would be a good thing. Trouble is, the good people of the Earth wouldn’t feel right if they kept theirs and would turn them in. The bad guys would keep theirs.

          We have to change our thinking. We’ve been brainwashed to think that if you carry a gun in a gun free zone, you’re a bad guy. If they confiscate guns, and you hide a few, you’re a bad guy. THIS IS NOT TRUE! What it means is that you may get to be the hero in the first instance. In the second instance, you get to be “alive”.

          Screw you gun banners and limiters! You enable evil over the surfce of the earth. I’m carrying mine.

          Now today I heard that a judge in some state said that because of the 14th amendment ALL STATES have to allow gay marriage.

          If thats the case, and I’m not saying its not, then ALL STATES have to treat guns like Arizona does!

          Lets Rock!

      63. These kits are cheaper than buying one off the shelf, generally speaking. I just finished building one of my own. The ammo (762×39) is easier to find than other common calibers. Thankfully, I live a pro gun state.

        • Howdy Jeff,

          “Thankfully, I live a pro gun state.”

          Gee…it’s NICE to NOT live with “Fools”…ain’t it?
          Incidentally, Yes…kits ARE good, it really doesn’t take any significant mechanical skill to assemble one! And truthfullly, there are STILL places web-wide where those can be gotten for any of the populat patterns…including AR, of all sorts… 🙂


      64. Yo Bi,

        I’ve been a little preoccuppied for the last 24 houes of so…I JUST got over to the USGS and saw a 4.5 had occured (later yesterday) up near Craig, Alaska. We were just talking about the eery absence of anything in that stretch for some time…I wonder if the ‘other shoe’ is about to drop? How does THAT figure in to your estimations Friend…or is this just a simple reflex, in the wake of the activity in the Sea of Othotsk previously?


        • @ JustOneGuy. The earthquake in Craig, Alaska is only an aftershock to the 7.5 eariler in the year. Technically aftershocks from large earthquakes can last for years, until the fault repositions itself, then it would be a new earthquake. There was an idea out there was very absurd, that the New Madrid earthquakes now were aftershocks to the 1811-12 quake. The faults would have longed ago been in the position for any quake to be new for the next cycle. Craig earthquakes can however continue like this for at least a couple of years, then anything else would likely be movement for a new series of quakes.

      65. JOG and BI,
        there’s a comment to both of you, but it’s in the wrong place – up above about 17 places.

      66. Gotcha OR,

        Incidentally, we do like to greet those who choose to step-forward…some don’t expicitly state that and as such, we often allow them to re-submerge without to much ado. Thus said, then “Be Welcome here…and Well-Met Friend!” Many come to this place and it is always a matter of BOTH Recieiving AND Giving, for none knows it ALL, but TOGETHER we ARE a Mighty Factor in the ‘Great Equation of Life’….tis GOOD to remember, again ‘Welcome!’


        • @JOG, I can’t reply to your long answer (reply grayed out). Thank you for your description – it’s easier to visualize now. I spent my career in life science and dabbled in the physical sciences, so the concepts make sense. However, it’s very difficult to grasp the magnitude of a large CME.

          Yes, BIN is a mix of news and “entertainment”. The article about the tsunami watch seemed credible, but very unusual. This is the first time he has predicted a tsunami based on solar activity. The scientist (and CEO of AFCW) is credible (www dot afcw dot com). You and BI might fit right in to their business of making predictions and consulting!

      67. waste of a perfectly good ak

      68. john q public you are a dip shit. nothing you ever say will I read,

        • You read his name

      69. Obama Threatening Internet Truth Tellers- HYPOCRITICALLY INSANE_ Unplug The Matrix

        ‘ A RAGIN REDNECK showing No Fear !’

        ‘ gotta love em’ !’


      70. @ OhioReader. I wish they would get off that Canary Islands kick, a rouge wave is always possible with any impact of a mass into a water body, but this would only be one spot. When they talk about a tsunami Atlantic wide, with 160 foot waves, this is insultive. This article did not go into it, but many have. The article about the El Hierro/ Canary Islands myth explains this well. I also have another excellent article about the physics into this if you are interested. It would basically take something larger than the dinosaur killer asteroid to hit the Atlantic Ocean to cause such an Atlantic ocean wide tsunami, because of the velocity behind it. The collapse of the entire island would likely never reach more than 100 mph, while an asteroid impact in the ocean is about 11 miles per second, or almost 40000 mph.

        The one event that could cause a large tsunami that I have been waiting for big time is the collapse of the eastern and maybe northern portion of the Caribbean plate. This could reach close to a 9, or over 9 if both the northern and eastern section go together. The last time a really intense collapse of the northern part of the Caribbean plate occurred was 1787 and nailed Puerto Rico. The last time the eastern section of the Caribbean plate went was about 600 years ago. This is not the quickest of plate like the Cocos plate to the west or the fastest plate that there is, the Australian plate, but 600 years is a long time.

        The Caribbean plate, most people don’t realize is very similar to the Juan de Fuca plate (Cascadia fault), and the Japanese plate that launched the largest recorded Japanese earthquake. Those records just keep being borken don’t they. I have been very upset that there is not an Atlantic seaboard early warning tsunami system set up to tie into the storm and hurricane warning.

        This plate WHEN it goes is capable of wallopping the east coast with up to 40 foot tsunamis, this is not an exaggeration. The shallow coastline in spots helps to magnify the tsunami waves. Many places in the Caribbean when very large earthquakes have occurred have experienced 50 footers or higher because of the shallow coastlines, the continental shelves are death traps for tsunamis. What is sad is that people are clueless about tsunamis on the Atlantic and would NOT run like bats out of hell when the water started to recede out of a beach or bay. To them they would go investigate the interesting now dry beach and die when the water came rushing back in at speeds of those of flash floods in mountain areas.

        I have watched earthquake after earthquake hit the western Nazca plate and many others for the past 7 weeks, and nothing has come from it. This is a terrible sign. When you have 100% past hit rates on these precursor plate boundaries and this time nothing, again and again. That is extraordinarily bad like I said above. Something awful lurks ready to unleash a very violent shaker. Not any of the end of the world type event, but something that is horrible. The quake today that has no past record of activity from the Mid Atlantic Ridge was directed at Peru up to Columbia and Central America/ Caribbean zone. It was only a 4.8, but it shows movement that has no record in the past on the Mid Atlantic Ridge that has activity up and down it from the Antarctica to Greenland. This could be the African plate also, as this aims it right at Greece to India.

        This method of predicting earthquakes has proven to be extremely accurate, but this lack of a big one from Chile to Mexico has shown it to be a strange quark to it. The most logical assumption is that the plates are extremely locked up and are readying themselves for a huge release of tension. The Cocos plate should have had at least a 7 by now, and nothing. This quick little plate cannot continue to be in a locked state like this for much longer. Too many indications of something ready to let loose. Yes this person could be correct, or it could be a large Pacific wide tsunami like the one in 1960, in which Kulafarmer in Hawaii would be affected. There is real danger to the south of us, real danger.

      71. @ Watchman. Do you realize that we both sent the same information on the stragetic upgrade of the Russian forces within one minute of each other. That was freaken weird. I mean if I had not proof read what I sent it would have been the exact same time. Talk about the people’s minds being linked here or something. I think we are all sensing something very horrid on the way and I am glad we can all talk about this and try to ready ourselves.

        • BI….

          From the Bible, Russia, China, and Iran have big roles in the last days.

          As we know, many countries are trying to leave the petro-dollar and get away from the USA strong-hold on the world reserves.

          Read Hal Lindseys, ‘The Late Great Planet Earth’ where he discusses some of those issues in the 1970s.

          Russia and China are not going to let their pipeline become disrupted because of Iran and USA. We are walking on thin ice.

        • @BI: Yes I saw that. For some the pieces are coming together, but for alot they are not. The BEAST is out there; and HELL is coming with him very soon.

          Keep the FAITH (Audents Fortuna Iuvat)

      72. @ JustOneGuy. I am someone that desperately must know what is going to happen, why I become so obsessed with predicting earthquakes, and what finally lead me to a system of doing just that. I must know, out of shear inquisitiveness, why June 9 did you choose to get out of Dodge? This is about 15 days after the 8.3 mega deep focus earthquake and at the next new moon when all hell could break loose in the Middle East. Why at this time? Do you have a deep feeling that you can’t explain, and/or have you some information that I and others would throughly deeply appreciate knowing about?

        13 days from now you will no longer be able to communicate with us, unless you use some library internet site or something. I truly want to know if you feel that the rest of us won’t be able to communicate with anything either. Please go into why that 13 days is countdown to doomsday, or just a countdown to you being able to start preparing for what is coming. I think all of us are on serious edge here, and any warning you think in regards to a time frame would help us all.

        TO EVERYONE OUT THERE. While NOAA was saying there was a high chance of another X-flare, JustOneGuy told all of us that it was not going to happen. Guess whom was right, not the so called experts. Whatever you tell us, we will take quite seriously, at least I sure will. Anything you see may be quite relevant to all of our survival. Please elaborate on what you feel we all need to look for in the next 13 days, if that 13 day time window is important for all of us. Thank you a lot.

        • BI and all shtf; You know that if JOG new something was coming on a certain date we would be the first to know! I admire his taking the anishitive to to get out in front of the herd. We will all miss his foresight and wisdom but we all know its coming and we best get out as soon as possible or be trampled by the rest. Its hard going back, and to be independent on ourselves,but isn,t that what true freedom is all about? Give me the fresh air, the wind in the trees, and living free. They can have the debt slave,8 to 5 work till you die matrix. i won’t participate any longer.And this is coming to an end! We are all hanging by a thread,who know when that final event will snap it?
          Good luck to JOG and may you all find your own peace!!


          • Thank You Thinker,

            The vote of Faith is touching, truly. What you have spoken in your missive is the best, clearest truth I can imagine…none could have spoken it better…and none should try! So many Good People here…I will mis everyone SO MUCH. What I do now, I must…a Greater Judge sits above me, to whom I WILL be held answerable…I fear that very much…as well should ALL. I will miss EVERYONE here more than words can convey.

            I can say no more here tonight…I am having problems seeing my keyboard for some reason…perhaps I will go and wash my eyes out a bit…Live Long, All of you… and THRIVE, but more than anything else IS the First Step…one of MANY.


          • What the fuck is antishitive? Maybe you mean initiative?lol…..

        • Howdy BI,

          Friend, ’tis NOT so serious as that! 😉 That said, “I KNOW Thee, Yea, I KNOW thee!!”

          In the fullness of time each ‘sees’ what they must do…and then does so. As we all note here – daily – things in the greater World are becoming less propituous moment-to-moment, day-by-day. Many of the conjectures we posit here are actually all too likely to be expressed in the Real World in times to come; War, horrible War…Famine, thereafter Plague, by virtue of any of several genitive reasons. As such, then as I am RESPONSIBLE for myself and other’s as well then I AM ACCOUTABLE for how I choose to proceed in all things – for my own safety, but MORESO, those that depend on me…

          The ever growing population of Humankind on this planet will SOON begin exerting immensely strong pressures on All who depend on it, as resouces become increaingly scarce…there WILL come a time when any easy ‘exit’ from the morass which Civilizatrion has become will grow very, very difficult…inevitably, imposssible.

          Forseeing this, I CHOOSE to go forth soon, NOW, so as to be able to prepare – IN the place chosen – for me and mine, before Interregnum is at hand. Obviously, I am of the opinion now that such as THAT is is only a matter of ‘How Long Until…’, not IF, IMHO…

          Have you truly dwelt on what it would take to ‘restart’ EVERYTHING…Humanity, Civilization, the Rule of Law. I have…to the utmost of what my Mind can assay. As I have said Friend, the place to which I go…and mine as well, IS ‘Remote’ in extremis; rest assured THAT is my intention. In isolation there WILL be safety, but amongst or near to Humankind, I think not. This thing at hand now, is long planned for, long prepared for….much thought has been expended thereon…BELIEVE ME. I have never feared Nature; it’s rules are explicit and few, so long as one is mindful thereof there is little chance of mishap or calamity. Remember also, “Chance favors the prepared Mind”, Yes?

          The World….Ahhh, what a pity Friend. At one time it APPEARED that Humanity would be able to transition from a reliance on ‘Rule by Power’, which in all it’s various forms dominated all Human history before the time of the Founders, to ‘Rule of Law’, alas the proceess was Corrupted and thereafter the reversion to ‘Rule by Power’…by the Elite’s was fully resumed. This particular state of affairs will – and CAN ONLY – have a single outcome the ‘Have’s’ will find themselves facing a maddened multitude – billions – of ‘Have-Not’s’and given the current generation of military armamentaria available the results will be – in a word – ‘Horrifying’.
          But make no mistake…the PTB have over-reached themselves…badly, and that will ‘Seal thier Fates’ as well….not one of those will survive what they themselves have ‘engineered’.

          To BEGIN again one must needs take materiel’s, tools, knowledge, skill’s as well as Faith to a place beyond the reach of such – a GOOD PLACE, wherein the required resources are in abundance; that I have endeavored to discern…I beleive that I have succeeded in locating a proper ‘Haven’, and THAT is entirely ’nuff said’ on that point…

          Humankinbd might YET choosse the path which leads to a Species-level ‘Maturity’, but the odds that it WILL do so grow smaller by the day….soon those odds will be vanishingly small. I WILL NOT sit idly by to allow MINE to come to harm. Life IS precious, yes, but is there NOTHING you love so much that you would NOT lay down the life you were given to defend that thing? As I said here but a few days ago, if NOT then you are no longer ‘Amongst the Living’ and THAT is the question which will soon COME to abide with many in the depths of thier Souls as conditions worsen in ‘Civilization’. Already we SEE, daily, the “weft and woof” of which that is constructed FRAYING broadly (think of Chisago, Detroit, Camden NJ)…how long will it be until comes the day that the entire tapestry disintegates….I do not know, I do NOT wish to SEE it happen. Humanity may do as it pleases …without me, or mine. There WILL be a new beginning Friend…even if it arises from out of only a few. Those who so remain after ‘IT’ is finally GONE will be given a new schema by which to think, to judge the worth of things. From that, a ‘New Law’ will arise to be made so that ALL can undertand it – NO LAWYERS REQUIRED – in that People will attend thier affairs in Peace and relative Harmony. This thing too, is ALREADY prepared and awaits those who will see the Light of the coming Dawn with thier own eyes.

          Thou knoweth my MIND Friend, you have ‘seen it’, here, many times….I would NOT say such a thing unless I beleived. LEST any here think this ‘arrogance’, I say to you, it IS NOT! I am ‘Just One Guy’ and I am the LEAST of my Fathers Chidren…Thank God! Those who hold themselves HIGH in thier own estimation will later be seen to have been the causes of the ‘End of the World’ I pray I am NOT onesuch! What is here is instead something different, something that MANY have forgotten: The Awakened LIVING MIND, expressed to fullness. All ARE so capable…though there is EFFORT in doing so! Trust to yourselves, your instincts, Trust what is ABOVE as well…try to ‘listen’ as best you can….He speaks VERY ‘Softly’…

          I will be here among you all yet a for a small time, but near to the date I specified, the last details having been attended, we will be shutting it all down in preparation to leave…until then though, I will abide.

          I WILL miss our discussions here Friend…as you might already have intuited I do but seldom have the chance to do so…I am also SURE that you are likely in much the same circumstance….few can, or will, understand that,
          as you likely know…

          Ahh, but it IS late, there is much to do tomorrow Friend, I therefor bid you ‘Adeiu’ for this eve….


          • Best wishes, fair wind.

            • And the same in return Friend…Fare Theee well.


      73. BI….

        I wouldn’t get too nervous yet. JOG has said for quite awhile that he was leaving, thus maybe he has sold his place and has bought another 53N and therefore he is moving in 13 days. He has closed on his home and is now just moving to his new spot. Thus, the 13 days.

        He said when he moves it becomes OPSEC, thus no more communications.

        To properly get-ready a person needs to be ready well in advance. That is why bugging-out is ridiculous. A person must know that location very well in advance, and maybe even live there. You must know the area.

        But I agree. Does JOG think something major that we don’t know?

      74. Americans and Preppers:

        I have a confession.

        I don’t know shit.

        If you placed me and family in mountain with tent and 72 hour survival kit, we would perish in 22 hours–thus 50 hours leftover for someone else to grab.

        How do you prepare for evil?

        • Bend over, place head firmly between legs, and kiss your @$$ goodbye…

        • Ugly, what are you saying. I got Lastmanstanding protecting to the North and Paranoid covering my flank to the East and I was counting on you to cover things to the West, and now you make it sound like your getting weak. So say it ain’t So. Trekker Out.

          • Trekker….

            The ‘evil’ question was more rhetorical than a comment. I am basically saying I still have a long ways to go to be ready. I know that I am still woefully short. And its not about me, it is about the others (loved ones).

            I know full and well 2013 is the last year that prepping will be somewhat easy. After that, it will get more and more difficult.

            Trekker, by now you should know that it is the ‘tough’ sounding guys that falter first. The ones that express their weakness are usually the ones that will surprise you.

            I have a friend in Wyoming, and you have one in Idaho. Keep prepping and keep helping others with your advice and wisdom. Thanks.

            • How do things stack up for 2013?

              If you are already prepping, that is good. Those who have not started or refuse to do anything, well they are in for a shock.
              I will tell you that the window of opportunity to prepare is closing. Either by the availability of what we need to purchase or the extreme prices of preps.
              It will become Pure Economics. What can you afford to purchase. As we progress and others awake to the problem the buying of self defense weapons will be out of reach for many. Even if they do manage to get a weapon the shortage of ammo to defend, not to mention to become effective with the weapon in its use, is on the minimal side. Perception of how much is enough plays into it as many before the price increases of guns and ammo considered only a handgun and a 50 count box of ammo to be sufficient. Now an AK is over a $1000 that was $250. an SKS was $69 now reaching $700. Ammo of 7.62×39 was 6 cents a round and .223 was a dime a round now somewhere around a dollar a round if you can find it. We consider a 1000 rounds per weapon?
              So as the economy slows who can afford the things they need. Our threat level decreases with time. Less people with guns and less ammo to mount an offensive engagement against us. As far as gangs with guns. They have weapons but not enough ammo.
              What will be their priority? ;0)

            • 2 in Idaho

          • They aren’t going to get past Casper without a serious discussion of the 2ed amendment..

        • You prepare for evil , by getting mean..really really mean, bordering on you also being evil.
          And when you end the ride for the evil you rejoyce, than regroup and have at it again and again, you dont quit, and you dont say “if i have a 72 hour survival kit i would perish in 22 hours” you say “I’ll push way beyond that 72 hours and find ways to contiue beyond that”

          Train, excercize, train, develop the spirit to kick some ass, if you dont make it at least you tried, keep your head in sure as hell dont give up before the shit starts

          • “and you dont say “if i have a 72 hour survival kit i would perish in 22 hours”

            I agree with MT above. Instead, you say, “I’ll chew on bark, I’ll eat bugs, worms, leaves, catch rainwater, WHATEVER it takes to live another day.” Eventually, you’ll live enough days to plan ahead.

            • Oops, I meant agree with VRF ahead.

        • Howdy Ug!

          “If you placed me and family in mountain with tent and 72 hour survival kit, we would perish in 22 hours–thus 50 hours leftover for someone else to grab.”

          Oh Ug…That’s SOME FUNNY ‘stuff’ Man…Hhahahaaaa. I can SEE that we’ve got another one of Smokin’s lineage here! 😉


          • JOG….

            As I have said before, sarcasm is one of my genetic traits. I believe it is located on chromosome #2. If Smokin has a hackey-sack in his BOBs, then we probably are related. Although I think Smokins sarcasm gene is quite stronger than mine.

            I wish you luck, now in 12 days. Hopefully things go well for you. Sounds like you have planned it out well–congrats. Take care.

        • @ug … GOT SHOVEL ?




          if your in the wilderness no mater where you are ‘JUST DIG’ for your survival .

          your survival exists 3 feet under ground beneath the permafrost or extreme sun heat , dig a chamber in a high dry hillside with 3 feet of earth between you and the outside elements , support the roof with grass thatch and wood beams made from young saplings .

          worst case scenario bury your body in a trench cover with dirt for insulation from both cold and sun .

          dig for water by the water source 5 feet from waters edge prefer sandy soil , 3 FEET DEEP BELOW WATER LEVEL OF SOURCE STONE-IN WALLS OF HOLE so the ground filters out contaminants , keep hole covered protected by poncho or tarp .

          dig for water in lowest point of valley ravines and at lowest base point of stone cliffs look for greenest vegetation groupings patches dig there .

          you can eat most fresh roots , dig and eat roots . smash the roots with rock , soak the roots over night in water cook in sun at midday 12 noon till sun down then eat them – repeat . you can also eat fresh green shoot grasses / under bark of trees , eat what the deer and birds eat .

          place a plastic garbage bag around a whole leafed tree branch like a bubble wait for 24 hrs … water will collect in the bag – drink and repeat – change where bag is daily to not kill the tree branch or foliage .

          this is how you survive … AND YOU WILL SURVIVE DOING THIS !!!


          N.O. ;0p

      75. @ JustOneGuy. I think that the chance of species level maturity of people is tens of thousands of years away, IF ever. There has been absolutely no growth of most people, it is the same reaction to events that are more complex now, that happened thousands of years ago. These ass monkeys keep letting history repeat itself over and over again. Now with even less time to forget what errors they made before. Just look at the imbeciles jumping into the stock market using borrowed money just like they did 5 years ago. Stupid has no boundary, it just has a deep core that is very difficult to dislodge.

        It is an absolute miracle that WW3 has not started by now. Perhaps God or some higher being as a plan, because these leaders are right now itching for a fight. It is now thought that nuclear war is not only winnable, but also totally acceptable numbers of deaths and collateral damage that are thought to be fully recoverable. WW3 is now no longer feared, and that much more likely to happen because of the lack of fear of MAD, mutaul assured destruction.

        The planet itself is an entirely different situation as we know nothing about the cycles that bring utter destruction to what is civilization. It only takes a samll climatic shift, an solar EMP, a deadly virus, plates to go into domino effect, supervolcano, etc, etc, etc. to end society. There are signs of this from the records that continue to be broken, that stable is not so stable.

        I think you are correct about getting out of frying pan as soon as possible. I just wanted to know if you knew something that you might considered not too provable that you didn’t think that we should yet know. Specualtion is as important as facts, because many times it leads to answers by many minds trying to put together the pieces. In any case, your comments will be most missed, especially your warning about what could end human civilization as we know it, the SUN.


        “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time,” warned Valerie Jarrett.

        Mr. Obama’s longtime ‘PERSONAL SSRI DRUG DEALER’ , ‘PERSONAL PSYCHIATRIST’ and BARRY THE FAIRY pillow biter EX-druggy gay prostitute barry soetoro a.k.a. barack obama ZOG CIA ILLEGAL ALIEN KENYAN BORN UNCONSTITUTIONAL PUPPET PREZ Manchurian Candidate senior POLITICAL adviser.

        ‘whew’ … ;0p


        valerie jarret quote:

        “Everyone not with us is against us, and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay.”

        Obama’s Cheka seems ready for the consequences of the 4th of July, Question is, is the American Population ready?

        “There is going to be hell to pay.” Interesting political correct choice of words.

        ~Mike Rivero – whatreallyhappened (dot) com


        PREPARE !!!

        N.O. ;0p

          • what really happened

            remember vince foster


            hilary ‘lucifer’ clinton had him ‘breitbarted’ killed in wash d.c. when he tried to walk away from the clinton mafia cia drug smuggling trafficking family by the SS Secret Service after being her Lawyer and LOVER for 10 years …

            N.O. ;0p

      77. Publishing this does one no favors exept to the goverment that points out to the hole for them to close , i agree on something , cutting the gun in half at the end shows this wimps will defend no one under a tiranical goverment , they will yield to genocide tirany or slavery verry easy , if they dont have the gutts to keep it neither they will have the guts to preserve their freedoms .. and thats the main point the gun has nothing to do with it .

      78. Look out for all the well-meaning neighbors (who take the government- hook, line, and sinker); unless we are willing to go to war with these people and this is the ‘war’ in a nutshell. Yes, I am ready to fight them, and who the hell else that is helping to defend the shit coming out of DC and the Dark Lord’s mouth? This coming war is going to be neighbor against neighbor, a war between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters- there is no way around it. Unless we are willing to fight those people for the Constitution, the country and our American Way- and I will include God in this as well- then we are not ready to fight any kind of revolution to get this country back where it belongs. A commie is a commie; my enemy does not become my friend just because we shake hands and pretend to be neighborly.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Problem is, we shouldnt be fighting each other when we know who the real problem is..that will just feed into what TPAB want.
          Unity is lacking no doubt, but those of us who know who the real problem is should not lose sight of that.
          Are there problem people in the citizen ranks? Oh yes no doubt about it, should they be delt with? definetly and swiftly..but we should never lose sight of who our real problem is.

          • @VFR: I agree. But so many out here are brain dead to the truth and we will have to deal with them also. This is TRUELY SAD, but we all know it is true.
            Just prepare for what we will have to do.

            Keep the FAITH

      79. Russian arms sales to Syria
        Jerusalem Post:

        Steinitz: S-300 can be used by Syria to hit civilian planes

        Defense Minister Ya’alon: S-300 hasn’t yet been delivered to Syria, “but if it is, God forbid, we will know what to do”; Russian official defends sale, saying anti-aircraft system will deter “hotheads” from intervening in Syria.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Someone please tell me why Assad is worse as a leader in Syria than any of the Al queida rebels that will replace him? Why in the hell do we care who is ruling Syria. Don’t we have enough on our own plate as it is? Anyone that joins the US forces at this point is not exercising good judgment. Has anyone seen how our US govt treats the wounded US veterans. The new US military leadership sucks to the nth degree (Ft Hood anyone?). I will do all in my power to keep my kids from joining until major attitude and policy changes take place in this new military.

          • Because Assad isn’t Al Queda, and Obama is, that’s why the State Dept., and therefor the whole Aparat cares.

            And yes, like Stalin before him, Obama is purging the officer corps to get a military that will obey him like a well-trained lap dog. It’s what dictators do.

      80. check Puerto Rico guns laws they are the experiment , the united states is the aplication … crime here runs rampant , only criminals or the rich have guns , and the poor sit in the middle of the crossfire …

        dont let this happen to your states , as you will fart blood when shit hits the fan .. no one will come to protect you ..

      81. This article is just a propaganda piece to scare all the wussy gun-controllers. The commentary says that they actually pressed or formed the lower receiver from a piece of metal. What a load of crap!!!
        These people did not “make” that lower receiver. The receiver cannot be obtained without a trail of paperwork.

        • You don’t know what you’re talking about. You can buy blanks online easily. Do some reading-it’s easy to find sites with all the info you need and blanks/80% complete receivers and tool kits for sale. It’s so easy, even an American could do it.

      82. Digital Currency Firms’ Sites Have Been Shut Down.

        “Around the world, half a dozen cybercurrency sites were shut down last week. The URL addresses of the sites have been changed. All attempts to get into them by investors have been blocked. The site addresses have been re-routed.

        The new site address owner is refusing to say what is going on. It is obvious what is going on. The United States government has shut them all down. People who used these services cannot access their money.”

        Tea Party Economist dot com

      83. Sounds like he learned something about guns. Maybe even enjoyed it. Who thinks he built 2, destroying 1 to maintain his image?

      84. Mother Jones is just another homo loving, commie inhabited bitch for freak Obama. They are all dumber than a bag full of Bidens.

      85. Argentina and Chile order evacuation of Copahue volcano

        “The authorities in both countries issued a red alert – the highest possible – saying the Chilean volcano could erupt imminently.

        The 2,965m (nearly 10,000ft) volcano – which sits in the Andes cordillera – has so far only spewed gas.

        Thousands of minor earth tremors have been registered in the area.”

        bbc dot co dot uk

      86. Ok this is O/T, (just so another person on here doesnt get thier panties in a bunch)

        I cant pass up posting this..chalk this one up for the smart guys

        A fast food employee is being lauded by police for his fast thinking after foiling a robbery at a Burger King in Stockton, Calif.

        As two hamburlgars stormed the restaurant brandishing guns and demanding cash, an employee snuck out a back door, according to KOVR-TV in Sacramento.

        The employee found the thieves’ idling getaway vehicle in the parking lot, hopped in and drove off, stashing the car around the block.

        “I haven’t heard of any employee actually leaving a business, getting inside the suspect vehicle and trying to hide it,” Stockton officer Joe Silva told reporters.

        When the thieves realized their car had been taken, then took off on foot and hid in a nearby field.

        Police soon found the two suspects, Gabriel Gonzalez and Jeremy Lovitt, and arrested them. They’ve been charged with armed robbery.

        • Shortly thereafter they were released, and he was arrested on car theft and fired? That’s the Ca I Know.

          • No Kidding

      87. To quote Einstein:
        “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

        Keep the FAITH

      88. Another song that has a whole lot of meaning for me in the near future; Blood, Sweat, and Tears’
        “When I Die”

        Keep the FAITH

      89. Sabot Experiment.
        -1 Masonry nail (no, not a ‘regular’ nail. These nails are extremely hard and dense for sinking into concrete.)

        With grinder or saw, remove the head of the nail, such that the length of the shaft is slightly longer than the length of desired bullet.

        Take a lead bullet, of a size 9mm or larger. Mount in a drill press securely, drill a hole, (slightly larger than the nail) down through the lead and out the tip.

        Use a spot of glue or epoxy on the side of the nail and insert into bullet such that pointy tip extends out the front. There should be sufficient glue to seal the edges into one smooth point.
        This is known as a ‘Sabot’ round.

        Use bullet to reload cartridge, slightly ‘hot’.

        Test on various items to determine increased penetration power…


        • PS:
          You may need to construct a ‘chuck’ for the bullet. Just drill a hole of the proper O.D. and depth of the bullet, in a board(hard wood!). Using the drill press to keep it perfectly perpendicular. Then drill a smaller pilot hole all the way through. Then you can just push each one out from the other end.

        • The nail will blow right out the front, usually leaving the rest of the bullet in the barrel. Next round goes boom as your gun blows up.

      90. hey mother Jones, whats your point about putting this on line , is for that schmuck schumer in the senate to write another bill to outlaw it, how about we outlaw you for puting this trash on line , you freaking idiots.

        • Yes, that was exactly the idea.

      91. “Anti-racists” say there’s a RACE problem. They say it’ll be solved when non-Whites pour into ALL & ONLY White nations and “assimilate” to get a brown mixture.

        They say only White nations have this RACE problem; they say non-White nations are fine.

        If I object to my own genocide these “anti-racists” say I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

        They say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

        Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

      92. I love how these douche bags act like it’s such a shock to legally purchase parts, legally go to where they are legally shown how to assemble their legally purchased parts (probably a good thing since this sissy doesn’t understand firearms enough to be considered a safe gun owner.) and then stand in awe of the freshly assembled, LEGAL, AK-47! What a maroon!

      93. Order by violence or self-restraint; what’s it gonna be? Its going to be a very intolerant system; lots of preemptive striking. No wonder Jesus questioned whether or not he’d find faith on the earth when he returns.

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