How To Defeat The Globalist System: “The Elites Hope To Streamline Tyranny… They Need Crisis And Calamity”

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith of Alt Market and first appeared at Personal Liberty.


    How To Defeat The Globalist System
    By Brandon Smith

    In my last two articles, ‘How Globalists Predict Your Behavior’ and ‘How To Predict The Behavior Of Globalists’, I explained the base fundamentals behind a concept with which most people are unfamiliar. They are so unfamiliar with it, in fact, that I didn’t bother to name it. In this article I hope to explain it, but I highly recommend people read the previous articles in this series before moving forward.

    What I outlined, essentially, was a beginners course on 4th Generation Warfare. This methodology is difficult to summarize, but here I will list what I believe are some of its core tenets.

    Fourth Gen warfare is based on a primary lesson within Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War. Sun Tzu argues in the classical military tome that the greatest strategists win wars by NOT fighting, or at least, by not fighting their opponents openly and directly. That is to say, they win by convincing their opponents that fighting back is futile and that surrender is preferable, or, they convince their opponents to destroy themselves through internal conflict and psychological sabotage. Sun Tzu felt this method was far superior to engaging in direct combat in a real world battle space.

    While this might sound bizarre to some, it is becoming more and more apparent (in my view) that 4th Gen warfare is now the go-to weapon for globalists. Defeating the system established by the globalists, a system prevalent for decades, is an impossible task unless 4th Gen warfare is understood.

    A classic example of a tried and true form of 4th Gen attack is to initiate a civil war within a target population, and in most cases, control the leadership on both sides of that conflict. Another method is to conjure an enemy, an outside threat which may be legitimate or entirely fabricated, and use that enemy to push a target population to unify under a particular banner that benefits the globalist cabal in the long run. Fourth Gen requires patience above all else.

    In fact, I would say 4th Gen is the weaponization of patience.

    A 4th Gen attack is not carried out over days, or months, but years. To find a comparable experience is difficult, but I would suggest people who have the tenacity set out to learn how military snipers operate. Can you train for years mastering long distance marksmanship, crawl for hours from an insertion point to an observation point, then sit in a hole in the ground (if you are lucky enough to have a hole in the ground) for days waiting to take just one shot, perhaps the only important shot you will ever take in combat, at a vital target, and do it with certainty that you will not miss?

    The amount of planning, intense precision and foresight that goes into a sniper operation is much like the kind of effort and calm needed to complete a 4th Gen psy-ops mission. This kind of warfare is dominated by the “think tanks”, and anyone hoping to counter such tactics look into the history of one particular think tank — RAND Corporation, and their premier psy-ops tool — rational choice theory.

    Whenever I hear someone argue that a conspiracy of globalists could not exist because “such plans would be too elaborate and require too much power to carry out in real life,” I have to laugh and bring up RAND, which has had almost limitless funding from globalist foundations like the Ford Foundation and was built specifically to develop not only next gen weapons, but 4th Gen psychological warfare schemes. RAND’s influence is everywhere, from politics, to the social sciences, to military applications and even in Hollywood. After studying their efforts for many years now I can say that these people are indeed smart. Some of them may not be aware of the greater consequences as they war game ideas for dominating the public, and some of them are undoubtedly morally bankrupt, but they are still smart, and should not be underestimated.

    Another reference point I would suggest to researchers would be a document called From Psyop To Mindwar: The Psychology Of Victory written by Michael Aquino and Paul Vallely for the Pentagon. In it, they make it clear that the methods of 4th Generation warfare are not limited to foreign enemies. In fact, they are recommended for use by governments against their own populations. Again, the thrust of the methodology was to manipulate a target population into subduing itself, so that force was not necessary. Aquino and Vallely note that this would be a better outcome for everyone involved, because it would help to avoid the bloodshed of insurgency and counterinsurgency.

    I am skeptical that these people care at all about bloodshed or collateral damage, but I do think they would very much like the process of totalitarian centralization to be less tedious. The elites hope to streamline tyranny by convincing the public that globalization must be embraced for “the greater good of the greater number.” But, in order to accomplish this vast change in society and the collective unconscious, they need crisis and calamity. They see themselves as creators, but for them, creation is about destruction. In other words, the old world must be destroyed so that they can use the leftover building blocks to make something new.

    If we do not embrace their solution of global centralization rising from the ashes, they believe they have a response for that problem too. Read my article ‘When Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It’; more specifically, the section on Max Boot from the Council On Foreign Relations. Boot is the CFR’s resident “insurgency expert,” and while I question his ability to apply academic models to real word conflicts as if theory is akin to practice in war, it is enough to know the mindset of these elitists.

    Boot’s work focuses on a particular model of quarantining insurgencies from the non-combative population, based on the methods the British used against communist guerrillas in Malaysia. In fact, Max seems to revel in the British efforts to catalog Malaysian citizens and relocate them into large cities that amounted to concentration camps. This made recruitment difficult for the insurgents and stopped them from hiding among civilian centers. It also focused food production into highly managed areas and gave the British leverage over the population. With this separation, it was much easier for the authorities to “educate” the locals on the threats of the insurgency and gain their support.

    So, the question is, if this array of tactics is going to be aimed at liberty proponents and free peoples within the U.S. in particular, with an increasing potential for things to become far worse in the near term, how do we fight back?

    Firstly, I need to point out a disturbing trend within the liberty movement, which is the propensity for activists to show far more interest talking about the problem than talking about solutions. Over the years I have noticed a consistent lower readership on articles having to do with specific solutions and strategies; not just my own articles, but many other analysts as well. It is much more popular to write on the reality of looming crisis rather than to write about what individuals can do to blunt the edge of the event. I would not be surprised if this article receives only half of the readership my other articles receive.

    The first step in fighting back in a 4th Gen war is to acknowledge that there is no easy way out. There is no way to change the corrupt system from within. There is no way to use politics and government to our advantage. Despite all the hopes activists have, Trump is not going to save you, or America. The Republican controlled House and Senate is not going to save us. There is nothing they could do even if they wanted to.

    I will write in more detail on this in my next article, but actions such as shutting down the Fed alone are half measures that will actually exacerbate a crisis in the short term, rather than defuse one. A debt jubilee (another commonly mentioned false solution) is meaningless when the value of your world reserve currency on the global market is still destroyed in the process and your treasury bonds are no longer desirable.  Pushing corporations to create a few thousand manufacturing jobs here and there is a drop in the bucket when considering the 95 million people no longer counted in the U.S. labor force on top of the millions still officially considered unemployed. There is no stopping the ongoing economic collapse from running its course.  We will be required to take our medicine eventually, and this will happen sooner rather than later.

    Here is what can be done, though, to mitigate the damage and fight back against the establishment…

    Separation From The System

    People are always looking for grand and cinematic solutions to fighting the globalists, but the real solutions are far less romantic. Defeating the “new world order” requires individuals to take smaller actions in their day-to-day lives. Becoming more self sufficient, the ability to provide one’s own necessities, the ability to defend one’s self and family, the move away from grid dependence, homeschooling your children, a healthy skepticism of web tied technologies and the “internet of things,” etc.

    This does not mean you have to go build a cabin in the woods and start typing up a manifesto, but it does mean that you will have to sacrifice certain modern comforts and amenities and manage your life in a way that might feel strange at first. To put it simply, it means you will have to learn to start doing most things for yourself and perhaps learn to live with less “things” and less mainstream stimulation.

    I know many people that have undertaken this effort while still living what you might call “normal lives.” The bottom line is, if you are dependent on the system, you will never be able to fight the system.

    Separation From Invasive Technologies

    Remove active surveillance from your life. Stop carrying a cell phone around with you everywhere you go, or at least pull the battery until you need it. Cover or remove computer cameras. Deactivate microphones when not in use. Refuse to purchase appliances with built-in web connectivity. Refuse to participate in smart grid programs. Remove GPS modules from your vehicles. Stop posting photos constantly to Facebook and sharing your entire life on social media. Give the enemy less information to work with.

    Build Real Community

    Stop trying to build hollow friendships with people on the other side of the country through a cold medium like the internet and start building relationships with the people that live right in your own neighborhood or town. The one thing the elites fear more than anything else is people organizing groups that are outside of their influence. The more community groups there are, big and small, the more effort, money and resources are required to keep tabs on them all. With localized groups populated by members that know each other and have lived in one place for a long time, infiltration is a strenuous prospect and co-option is nearly impossible.

    Establish Alternative Communications

    Make sure your group or community has at least one ham radio expert. Resistance to tyranny requires independent communications. Without this ability you will have no access to information in the event of a crisis and thus, you will have nothing. Ham radio can be used to spread information across the country and can even reach out to other parts of the world. In the event of a breakdown in civility, ham can be used to send digital mail and files, and these files can be encrypted.

    The founding fathers had the midnight ride, we have ham radio.

    Refuse To Participate In Resource Management

    In the event of a greater collapse, resource management will be the name of the game. For the elites to gain a stranglehold on a population, they need to isolate the insurgency (freedom loving people) from the regular (subdued) citizenry, and then they need to confiscate as many resources as possible to supply “loyalists” while starving out undesirables.

    I believe a successful rebellion would require rural communities to maintain complete control over their resources and refuse to allow government to dictate how these resources are dispersed. Ultimately, in order to break an establishment stranglehold over the population through Max Boot’s method of “friendly” concentration camps, the tactic would have to be reversed. Resources may need to be cut off to these places entirely. This would remove the leverage governments would have in terms of necessities, leaving no reason for anyone to want to stay in these sorts of green zones again.

    Vigilante Justice

    I am not condoning OR criticizing this kind of development, but I am pointing out that it is inevitable. If top globalists continue to engage in the use of economics as a nuclear option against the public, along with their many other crimes, then individuals with the right skill-sets will likely seek them out with the intention of ventilating them. I think the danger of lone-wolf vigilantes acting without group contact and without warning is terrifying to the globalists.

    They are used to being able to co-opt enemy groups or exploit informants to infiltrate and relay information. With a lone wolf, there is no trail to follow and individuals are decidedly harder to predict in their behavior and plans than groups are. I would not be surprised to see prominent globalists living in the U.S. suddenly leave the country en masse just as social unrest becomes heightened.  And, I would not be surprised to see some globalists killed anyway by fed up citizens who suddenly snap and take matters into their own hands.

    Our Window Of Time Is Short

    Keep in mind that the millennial generation is about 10 years away from becoming the dominant cultural force in this country, and those precious snowflakes are like another species. The majority of them long for collectivism, and they work diligently to stifle dissent in colleges and public schools. The great danger is that in ten to fifteen years many of the people within conservative movements might be too old to effectively fight back, and while we deal with economic disaster it will be millennials steeped in cultural Marxism that are elevated as part of the globalist solution.

    Whatever we end up doing, I believe we have about 10 years before hitting the point of no return (with ample crisis and struggle from now until then). After this, we will either have the globalists in prison or in the ground, or, we will have a massive economic reset and a new world order. The choice is up to us, even though some people don’t want to accept it.

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      1. One thing the Globalists cannot contain, is the “Army of 1”, the lone wolf acting upon his own, for justice.

        • ” the methods of 4th Generation warfare are not limited to foreign enemies. In fact, they are recommended for use by governments against their own populations.”

          Silly me. And I thought the government was by the people and for the people.

          • lol. You were misled.

        • MGTOW.COM Feminism is our biggest threat to freedom.

        • Or for the what the hell of it!

          • The Government was Hijacked, and the Tribe infiltrated, and took over the media as well. Thus the CIA and their Feminazi Agent Gloria Steinem plant, decided to make Women’s Lib a Family unit break up plot, to destroy the American family. And when both parents are working they can brainwash the children in public schools to accept their slavery. It take a full generation of dumbed down sheep to destroy a Nation. Well, NOT ON MY WATCH OF GENERATION. We know who’s fault it is, AND YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED. Boycott that!! Lets watch this all unfold in the next year or two. Take charge of your Life, Debt Free and Off their Grid. Starve the Beast!!

            • There are too many white fools IMO for any real change. They cannot be bothered to not rush out and watch the latest star wars (anti-white, anti-Christian), or be inconvenienced by homeschooling their children. Fools en mass. Brainwashed lemmings. You know who you are. Shame on you, mainly for not homeschooling. Just FYI, your kids will work for my kids whom are being properly educated outside the public brainwashing system.

      2. Keep it local,work local govt. while trimming it,support were one can local economies,especially food/try to use less and create more/as in perhaps garden/try and supply if feasible some of your own energy needs ect.

        I do agree the lone wolfs(rabid weasels what have you!)will at some point snap and will be vilified in msm even if right and just,but,folks keep getting pushed it will happen and is hard to plan for excepting 24/7 security and even then no guarantees of safety.

        • “I would not be surprised if this article receives only half of the readership my other articles receive.”

          I would agree with that statement because as a RULE your articles are very long and very verbose with so many adjectives and adverbs that the meaning is lost in delivery; with too many ideas jumbled together to be useful.

          This article is shorter matching my attention span. 🙂

          Personally, I don’t like long articles, long comments, or long videos. My time is at a premium and if an author or video producer cannot tell his story and make his or her point in less than ten minutes, I move along.

          There are three rules to effective communication: say what you are going to say, say it, and tell the reader what you just said: reinforcing a SINGLE idea and saying it succinctly. IE: A picture is worth a thousand words and an effective message can be conveyed in a couple hundred, or just a few.

          But that’s just me. 🙂

          • DK, we’re on the same page when it comes to communication.

          • Lol! All your comments are long and boring as hell, Durango! Hypocrisy much?

            Smith’s writing is excellent. I could read a ten page article and not get bored.

          • Durango might be the biggest joke on these forums. I rarely see him post on anything without glorifying himself, and then he goes on to shovel so much manure it makes the whole board stink. Don’t give advice you can’t follow yourself, kid. The narcissism is strong with this one.

            • Don’t applaud. Just throw money !!! 🙂

            • +100000000, been saying it for years, dk is biggest ahole troll on here, he argues for one side then turns around and argues for the other! He just likes to hear himself spew bullshit and pretend being intelligent. Have any of you seen his dating page profile with pics? LMAO, I will try to find the link

              • Ww: Be specific. Point to aspecific example. You can’t. I am CONSISTENT in my beliefs !!! 🙂

          • Durangokidd:

            Excellent post.


            • Very succinct !!! I like that. 🙂

          • It was’nt that hard, DK.

        • One possibility for a citizen lead reset that I read about maybe 2-3 years ago (couldn’t say where) is for starting over politically now.

          This would entail one person talks to their neighbors, and expand to several streets or a small neighborhood. This small movement could help another get started. Each neighborhood can vote on a representative to meet with others. This could be expanded to where each city has a single representative etc..

          Instead of thinking change comes from the top down, individuals recreate the ladder of governance from the ground up.

          Huh? Who would have ever thought talking to a neighbor could be a good thing?

          • “This would entail one person talks to their neighbors, and expand to several streets or a small neighborhood. This small movement could help another get started. Each neighborhood can vote on a representative to meet with others. This could be expanded to where each city has a single representative etc..”

            GREAT IDEA !!!

            But it already exists. Its called the Tea Party. Join your local neighborhood Tea Party or start an affiliate. 🙂

            • The Tea Party was taken over by neocons. Definitely don’t join the tea party. Just start your own groups.

              • Maybe where you live. Or maybe your are referring to a couple of on-line splinter groups trying to build a political base to control.

                In the areas of Arizona that I frequent, Tea Party People are local Joes and Janes, Patriots to the core, who want an American government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

                They are the backbone of TRUMP’S victory. 🙂

              • The TEA Party was a Hack Political Party, mostly Run by the War Mongering Neocons. DK’s Brain is mostly run by 69 YO NEO-Moron-Cons. Join the Tea party. What a dope. Fast forward 10 years slowpoke.

                DK Says: The (Tea NeoCons) are the backbone of TRUMP’S victory.

                Uh, this last election TeaParty Neocons Hated Trump and wanted Jeb Bush.

                • This comment shows your complete ignorance. The Tea Party was and IS a populist, grass roots movement against the NWO NEO CONS aa(and NEO LIBERALS) in both Parties; REPUDIATING the Republican Status Quo.

                  The Tea Party did not support Jeb! Wake up you moron, no one did except the NWO NEOCON ESTABLISHMENT, which is why he disappeared rather quickly.

                  The Tea Party is ANT-ESTABLISHMENT with strong Libertarian values. You don’t have a fucking clue. 🙂

          • I don’t know about the rest of you, but for the most part, I find my neighbors to be impervious to reason. As long as they have their TV sports, MTV and benefits, they are perfectly happy and don’t want anyone giving them a headache by forcing them to actually think.

            Most of them are like the useful idiots that occupied the mall in D.C. following the inauguration of Trump.

            Maybe we can build from the ashes….but I think the whole thing is going to burn first.

            • Agreed. Batten down the hatches. Brandon is spot on, but few will listen. Plan for the worst, and hope for the best.

      3. Ever notice how libs demonize their favorite conservative by comparing them to Hitler? Who did they compare Hitler to? Ever wonder about that?

        If every conservative is Hitler, then I think the libs need to get a newer and more evil metaphor. This one is getting old.


        • @wonder woman… hitler was considered the devil reincarnated… you do make a very good and accuate point.

      4. The only way to defeat these elites is a mass killing of them and their families in a worldwide movement including there armed protectors under whatever names……

      5. They Need Crisis And Calamity!

        The left is on the verge of starting a civil war in this country. If you don’t believe me just look at the marches in the last week, what they are saying, How they are acting.

        Right now they are just burning garbage cans and cars. Wait till they start to burn down Stores, and homes. They don’t care who they hurt or kill. They very soon will kill some innocent person or kids and they, the father or mother, or a group like the one I’m in will strike back and then the civil war will start. We are so DAMN close right now It makes me start working on things on DOUBLE TIME! God I hope I’m wrong. But my gut tells me its closer that we think!


        • Sgt.,

          “They don’t care who they hurt or kill. They very soon will kill some innocent person or kids and they, the father or mother…”

          CNN will spin that as Trump supporters tortured and killed a snowflake or family of snowflakes.

        • We don’t have those problems out here in the country. Neighbors get together and party. I raked some leaves today, Burned some trash, picked up some branches for fire wood, rain tonight, Grilling a pork loin and veggies tomorrow, Ho hummm. Still living in the Cities?? you’ve been plenty forewarned many times here. Shame on you!! Greed, afraid to quit your job. Greed will get ya every time. And housing values are about to crash again at least by a third to half. And you will forever be stuck in the cities bailing out their Debt with High property taxes. Dumb!!

        • Sgt.
          Let them start it.
          Let us end it.

      6. The youth are the future. Instead of insulting the “snowflakes” we need to realize that they are the way they are because we failed to get them brought up properly. Now we have to fix the problem quickly.

        It is easier to raise a child correctly than to reform one once off track. So, first stop the bleeding. Get the youngest ones away from the mental psychological contamination. Home school, yes. But you must homeschool effectively. Get television completely out of your house. Don’t rent movies or go to the cinema. The little good is undone by wrongs you won’t spot. Besides the money goes into the hands of five families who hate you.

        Occasionally there are videos worth watching but you need to have control.

        The arts, music, and dance either elevate or pervert and undermine your efforts. Allowing children to access music on their own without your approval is not right. The lyrics of this modern music is degenerate and promotes promiscuity. Don’t give in to the producers of this trash. Keep this filth out of your child’s reach. Even if he comes across it sometime in his life, the fact of not having it playing constantly will make it more likely that he’ll recognize it as trash on his own.

        In place of listening to crap, give your children a musical instrument and teach them. Classical music helps the brain to function. It increases IQ.


        • Is it insulting, or is it just the truth? There’s nothing wrong with a little tough love when dealing with the snowflakes. Coddling them is how we got in this position in the first place.

          • Prepperplus, you make a valid point about the snowflakes but your attack on DK was unjustified.

            • I’d say Durango’s endless attacks on articles at this site are mostly unjustified and usually poorly argued. That guy is full of it, and a hypocrite. All he ever does is glorify himself. I was perfectly justified.

              • The Comments Section at SHTF Plan is about providing an alternative point of view. I post when I have one and my comments are right on the money. If you have a specific point to make about a specific point I made, I would be happy to “debate’ you on that issue.

                Otherwise, without specific points, your opinion is much like an asshole, which everyone has; or in your case, they are a complete asshole, with shit for brains.

                Evidence for my opinions are in the archives. Check it out. Have a great day !!! 🙂

                • Hey everybody, this should shut DK up. Remember this exchange. Zeus was right and proved it to everyone and DK wimpered away never admitting defeat. Pay up biotch!!

                  Durango kidd
                   I have a Franklin that says China will NEVER back its currency with gold, unless the rest of the world does also; which is a potential possibility, but HIGHLY UNLIKELY. To do so would expose Chinese Gold to a run on its reserves; just as France did to the USA before Nixon pulled the plug.
                  Anyone who believe that the Global PTB will back their currencies with gold ever again, is living in La La Land and simple hasn’t grasp the control the elite have over fiat and commerce.
                   Zeus says:
                  Comment ID: 3645653
                  December 23, 2016 at 5:48 am
                  DK, you are Soooo Wrong, SHFU and read some facts will ya. Here are some Links to articles I suggest you read to catch you up to speed on currencies and economics.
                  This Is It: Chinese Are Ready to Launch A Gold-Backed Yuan! – Jim Willie Posted on September 4, 2016 by The Doc
                  Jim Willie Issues A Crucial Market Update: A Systemic Lehman Event is IN PROGRESS, the Chinese are Ready to Launch a Gold-Backed Yuan, and The Bond Market Is About to BLOW. We’re About to See A Run On Treasury Bonds…
                  Does China plan to use gold to internationalize the yuan?
                  Dhara Ranasinghe | @DharaCNBC
                  Wednesday, 12 Feb 2014 | 8:12 PM ET
                  “The massive flow of gold into the country does make it seem plausible that they [China’s authorities] could be moving in the direction of using gold in the effort to internationalize the currency and escape what is seen as a domineering dollar,” Lombard economist Freya Beamish said in a note published late Wednesday.
                  ALSO DK THE YUAN IS “NOT”, I REPEAT “NOT” PEGGED TO THE US DOLLAR. You see there is this market called “Foreign Exchange,” where each Countries currency’s value is compared to other Counties currencies. And each currency goes up and down in value, None of them are Pegged. If the Yuan was pegged to the US Dollar the exchange rate would always be the same which it is not, there for you are massively incorrect and reflect you have little knowledge of Currencies or economics. I suggest you go take some EC classes, because it is a disservice to the readers here, to come on daily and spread your BS Nonsense.
                   Zeus says:
                  Comment ID: 3645654
                  December 23, 2016 at 5:50 am
                  BTW/ DK, Send Mac the $100 Franklin, he can put it to use in his favorite charity. I don’t need your money.

                  • ZEUS: The Yuan is NOT backed by gold. If it were it would be the strongest currency in the world, by far. Any country backing their currency in gold, including China would see a run on its gold reserves.

                    Considering that China printed TEN TIMES the number of Yuan in the same time period that the FED “printed” dollars; I would say that China’s Reserves of gold, even if those reserves are already 20,000 tonnes, would disappear very quickly.

                    Jim Willie ??? LMFAO !!!

                    The PTB will never allow gold or silver to back money ever again, if they can help it. The OWC will be digital money in quantum deposits that they completely control.

                    You are demented. Under ALL of your monikers. 🙂

                  • “ALSO DK THE YUAN IS “NOT”, I REPEAT “NOT” PEGGED TO THE US DOLLAR. You see there is this market called “Foreign Exchange,” where each Countries currency’s value is compared to other Counties currencies.”

                    You magnify your stupidity for all to see every time you post this drivel.

                    The Yuan is PEGGED to the dollar by the People’s Bank of China. (Read Chinese FED) and adjusted nearly every day. The Yuan is NOT allowed by China to freely float on the FX exchange like other currencies, in response to market supply and demand.

                    This failure of China to allow the Yuan to float freely is a violation of IMF Rules. Eventually China will have to allow the Yuan to float; but I suspect that TRUMP will use the structural weakness of the Yuan to crush China, prior to war in the South China Sea.

                    China is between a rock and a hard place. It will get ugly. 🙂

      7. Sarge, I have the same feeling. There are ways to make that crisis and calamity BACKFIRE on them. I feel we’re getting real close to it also. Let some libturd scum strike at me and I will just take them out. It will be GAME ON. I can only WISH it was a game that would NEVER take place. I knew I was right to keep all my options open.

        • I’ve got a gun show this week end. Going to pick up more mags for some of my guns, and more 22LR.

          Working on some 22 LRs. 10/22 Chiappa’s and now a Ruger Charger. Been working on rate of fire in semi auto. Found that a 22Lr at 100 yards will work better that a 223 or 308 on a man side target shooting them as fast as you can. Getting 100% hits (not all deadly) but on target. Only about 85% on the 223. 80% with the 308.
          The 223 using 55 grain slug, the 22Lr. using a 40 grain slug, Only 15 grains isn’t a hell of a lot, but the 165 Gr. out of the 308 that 125 grains more that the 22Lr. 308 would do a lot more damage. Working with this INFO I am working on tactics using the rate of fire on multiple targets.

          • The .223 with much more power(powder) can cause for lack of better word bodily hydrolic lockup and will tumble around causing much more damage,love th e.22 but if choice in tough times excepting small game hunting would rather the .223 every time.

          • Sarge, you must’ve been reading my mind, LOL! I conducted the same experiment with my 10/22 during my last trip at the BOL. The 25-round mags work well enough for me. I tried a 32-round mag once and had some feeding issues. I wish someone was making a bumpfire stock for a 10/22. Now THAT would really be fun!

            • DB
              Just saw a youtube video with a 10/22 using a bumpfire stock.
              Slide Fire or Bumpenator. (not sure on the spelling).

              Go to you tube and you will find many examples.

          • Shoot someone with a .22 at a hundred yards and you’re liable to make them mad and have them come kick your ass.

      8. No time to slack off…..prep like Hillary won.

        • Hiliary DID win. We just got lucky, this time.

          But yes, to your point, this is not time for pause, a storm is coming.

      9. By keeping it local and confined to small intimate groups and tight lipped prevents infiltration by the enemy. Try to maintain cordial relations with neighbors and ethic groups so as to not create suspicion and or race intimidation. Continue to prepare in every way, and remember to not fall for the propaganda. Trust in God to see you through whatever may come, and strive for what is right. Remember governments are run by Satan and our real hope is in God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

      10. Jim,if billary won and obama passed even more eo’s knowing they would last me guess is we would be using our preps at this very moment in a very serious manner.

        • 10-4 Warchild… doubt!

      11. Where I recently moved, there is only one huge expressway which runs from the outer fringes of town into the heart of town. There is no way into town except this highway, even though there are numerous communities, malls, etc. which branch out from the sides of the highway: the perfect set up for the globalists. (“Papers, please!!”)

        Also, there is a military base nearby and you’re always hearing helicopters, etc. above you. And there are surveillance cameras all over the place and signs saying you are being observed/listened to…

        There is all this tremendous amount of natural resources– national forests, mountains and farm land all over the place. And the restrictions here (ridiculous amount of red tape!) that is bazaar/ unreasonable!! And the prices in the stores is extremely high and yet the price for housing is surprisingly low…

        Anyhow, it seems I should have stayed back home– seems like Gestapo territory here!!

      12. HOWEVER, the people here (in this Gestapo territory) are surprisingly friendly and EVERYONE HATES THE GOVERNMENT!!! Half the people live outside in the forests/mountain people– and there is a Veterans Quarters nearby with all these veterans all over the place!

        • I like to read, great article. Elaborating on the crises we did not but we can bet they are coming. Snowflakes and msm are pushing Trump Nasty no matter how big a lie it takes. Global warming will be put front and center soon I imagine. The Donald is putting some kabosh on it but it has been ingrained and indoctrinated into school curriculum for decades. These uneducated children still have rights they think and have no clue how their rights have been undone by little “o”. They have no clue how much worse it would have been under little “h”! They do not see the hypocrisy of msm lies. “h” is a criminal and they don’t even comprehend the smallest detail of it , or how fast impeachment might have come had she stolen the election. Jill stein’s recount exposed the voting fraud in michigan for Hillary,(37% of the districts had more votes than voters I read) Jill Stein’s recount went silent. Monsanto’s patents are for crops that grow through heavy metals. The trees and the creeks don’t stand much chance. Snowflakes want to care about the environment and the downtrodden and remain clueless as to what the true environmentalist have done to ensure there is a future for their children. I read if you get the real parents aware of this “pizzagate thing there should be war. If we don’t hit these Little Snowflakes about the trouble ahead it will be Satan or the guillotine. No Athiest’s allowed!! Swords sharp powder dry.

      13. Essentially, Smith is outlining a modern version of what Antonio Gramsci, the vile Frankfurt School, and the even more vile Saul Alinksy discussed in previous generations.

        If you have time, google the above. You want to defeat evil, you better first know who and what it is.

        And this is why, while the 2nd Amendment is critical to keep and I support every single part of the Constitution 100%, the real battle is one of non-violence, of education, information dissemination, using our brains, engaging the culture, etc.

        The truth is, their ideas SUCK, and have never worked, ever (try Robespierre’s socialism. Did it work then? In Argentina? USSR? Zimbabwe? Cambodia? Mao’s China? Venezuela today? N. Korea?) We win if we simply expose the truth. We lose if we allow them to suppress or co-opt it. Smith is a colonel in this war. I am just a buck private… but pleased to be one. I’d rather clean latrines in this battle than feast on caviar with the corrupt elite.

        And yes, there IS a God, who will judge evil, long or short.

      14. Should we start our own trolling campaign??

      15. Civil war/race war benefits the enemy “elite” ((we need a better word than ‘elite’)).

        The only way violence could possibly work (this is by no means suggesting or advocating violence), violence as lone wolf assassins. That would have to be aimed only at the right enemy. Who they are has never been established. The guys standing behind George Bush, the Bobovitch or something, are they it??? Got to know before killing the wrong enemy, again.


      16. I am so happy with Trump today: he is finally starting to stop the flood of Muslims into the US. It never made sense to let in the very people we are defending ourselves against into the country and to spread across the West. It was, to be frank, offensive to the brave men and women we send out there to risk their lives to know that back home there is some obnoxious Muslims marching about (often living on welfare) and declaring their right to wear a burkha etc.

        I have not seen an area where they dominate that is a pleasant place to live. In Europe, these areas are a drag and depressing places to live in and visit. Women do not feel comfortable there and can’t be themselves.

        So many innocent lives have been taken because of Obama’s placating of Islamic radicalism. He thought, wrongly, by giving them a free pass into the West they would moderate their views and become like us. But this has not happened and is just a dangerous experiment we are made to live through.

        The fact is this: there are 55 plus countries in the world that are Islamic. They occupy substantial parts of this planet and have vast sums of wealth from oil and gas sales. They can easily absorb the displaced world Muslim population. It should be their responsibility to house and feed their fellow religious cohorts.

      17. Women who are mothers of children.

        Stop working outside the home and letting daycare develop YOUR children in those first 5 precious years.

        Your #! job is to stay home with them, protect them from indoctrination in all it’s forms.

        Definitely homeschool.

        Teach them delayed gratification, respect, mold their character.

        We mamas can take back this country for the future generation, your children!

        Who do you think will do it if you don’t???

        Our Window Of Time Is Short=your child from birth to 18yrs old.
        That’s not a very long time, but time enough to raise them right.

      18. I enjoyed this article and the awareness necessary to turn the tables on the criminals controlling the entire show. It seems near impossible to even make a dent in the globalist plans. The overall brainwashing of the population is a steep mountain to climb when seeking major change. Everybody goes along with the warmongering to the point that barely a whisper of antiwar protest exists. That is just stupidness, or fear.

        • It is stupidness. Who the fuck would be stupid enough to join a military and fight wars if they were smart enough to know it was a a HUGE LIE and 100% bullshit to enrich the masters of this country and others and didn’t do a fuckin thing for US! Thanks for your service….

          • I must have been a moron in a previous life. Reincarnated as a smarter person to see and endure what stupidity foists on others. Perhaps at one point in time I was born an elite and considered the moronic peasants a nuisance or slaves. Whatever my past lives have been I am learning a most undesireable lesson. The 3rd dimention is a shithole controlled by psycopaths and fed by idiots. It draws me away from my love of earth and spirituality and drains my faith in humanity. I hope my next life is in a place ruled by intelligence and free from ignorance. A beautiful place that is in harmony with nature, not a gluttonous shithole with psycopaths and morons….

      19. Snowflakes are – literally – fascist Brownshirts.

        Mussolini, the founder of fascism, defined it as the merger of the socialist state with co-opted crony big biz, BTW.

        • Agree: all totalitarian movements have had their shock troops. Their mindless little street thugs who chase people down. It was the brown shirts in Nazi Germany, Mao had them, so did the Kmer Rouge in Cambodia. These days we have the ‘black bloc’ anarchists led by Naomi Klein, we have the social justice warriors, we have the Muslim crazy hordes who protest screaming for sharia law.

          The reality is your reasonable, hard-working, law-abiding person holds the following views that are very un-PC but are very much the majority view:

          – border controls are needed, especially against illegals, Muslims and black gangs
          – the black population has a serious cultural problem with their families and the worshipping of gangster culture.
          – Islam is not showing an ability to calm down and live in the 21st century peacefully. Because of that, Islam should remain within the borders of those countries who wish to live that way and not export itself into other countries

          • To support the article’s premise. ..Using our love of libert, practice of religion, as our archiles heel, infusion of jihadist proxies to sow fear, distrust through random terror attacks. One nation benefits from our decline…..China..

          • To support the article’s premise. ..Using our love of liberty,freedom of religion as our archiles heel. The infusion of jihadist proxies to sow fear, distrust through random terror attacks. Only one nation benefits from our low risk 4th Gen warfare.

            • I feel people my age have to speak up urgently now. We have far too many millennials and younger who have no idea what it was like before the hordes started coming in. The horrific terrorist attacks that we are told by Obama etc. to just shrug off and accept never occurred in the period before 9/11. Watch documentaries and videos of the time before the late 1990s and you will see a very different world in the West. There used to be a code of honour: the idea that we could be indifferent about somebody slaughtering young people enjoying a night in a club, would never have been accepted in the past. Yet, you notice Obama pretty quickly stopped talking about what happened in Florida, and in Paris. It is a callousness but also cowardliness: a fear of upsetting the large and wealthy Muslim block that now pushes and pulls the strings of mainstream politicians.

              We need to bring back honour and honourable behaviour.

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