How to Beat a TSA Body Scanner [and Flush a Billion Dollars Down the Toilet] (*Video*)

by | Mar 7, 2012 | Alex Jones, Headline News | 121 comments

Our government has spent billions on homeland security and stripped Americans of their natural rights to be secure in their homes and their persons all in the name of safety and maintaining the perception of control.

In a demonstration that has no doubt led to a public relations nightmare for DHS and is sure to lead to calls of aiding and abetting terrorists, engineer Jon Corbett of TSA Out of Our Pants takes aim directly at TSA backscatter body scanners that are supposed to be the last line of defense for maintaining the safety and security of our public transportation systems.

To date the government has spent some $1 billion dollars to implement this technology across the United States – all of it now rendered useless by an extremist alternative news blog.

Via Info Wars:

The video shows Corbett carrying a metal case through the scanner, away from his body in his side pocket. Corbett explains that because metallic objects appear as black on the image the scanners produce, the machines do not pick up such objects if they are obscured by the background, which is also black.

“The scanners are now effectively worthless, as anyone can beat them with virtually no effort.” Corbett writes on his blog. “The TSA has been provided this video in advance of it being made public to give them an opportunity to turn off the scanners and revert to the metal detectors. I personally believe they now have no choice but to turn them off.” he adds.

Within hours of the video being uploaded, blogs and news sites, including Yahoo News and the Mail Online had begun to pick up an the video, saying it was sure to go viral.

Now, despite the fact that the video contains no nudity, violence, abuse or other explicit content, YouTube has placed it behind an age restriction wall, meaning anyone who wants to view it on YouTube has to login or sign up for an account and verify their age.


Youtube: “This video has been age-restricted based on our Community Guidelines

Can’t access via Youtube? Watch at Disclose TV

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    1. salvadordaly

      I love it when people say the TSA makes them feel safer. Amazed how quick they give up their rights to be safer!

      • rainyday

        If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
        James Madison

        The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.
        James Madison

        It is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or pretended, from abroad.
        James Madison

        No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.
        James Madison

        did this guy have a friggin crystal ball or what

        • RICH99

          I rode the USS James Madison.

          • robert

            Bitch99, Why don’t you ride a dirty toilet plunger that is stuck up your butt….

        • daofktr

          I am yummy, sweet, and fattening.
          Dolly Madison

          I am all that America wants.
          Dolly Madison

          We want safety; will settle for a creamy filling.
          Dolly Madison

        • John Q. Public

          May God bless and protect Jon Corbett!

      • QuantumBubbler

        But don’t you care about being First?

      • Lin S

        You know I have seen exactly what you’re talking about at the OKC airport. People in line behind me thanking screeners with phrases like, “thank you for keeping us safe.” They were serious.

        Are the rank of file of America SO stupid? It certainly seems that way.

        • Lin S

          Meant to say “rank and file.” Doh!

        • NetRanger

          So stupid?


          So incredibly stupid.

          • Up in the great white north


            Think about just how stupid the average person is.

            Now, realize that 50% of the population are even dumber than that.

            AND THEY GET TO VOTE… Frightening isn’t it?

        • AJ

          Yes. Americans really are that friggin’ stupid. Didn’t you see the results of the Super Tuesday primaries/caucuses?

          • Beefcake

            I often wonder if those numbers aren’t doctored a little by the lame steam media to influence the rest of the herd. Heaven forbid a politician gets favored that will come take everyone’s swag away: without free swag being doled out all those advertisers on the news channels won’t have any more sheeple with cash burnin’ a hole in their pockets to sell shit to.

        • High Roller

          Dumber than a bag of rocks! Americans by and large have been reduced to a type of Pavlovian cretin who has lost the ability to question and challenge authority and to think critically outside the box. A far cry from the men and women who founded this great republic.

          • Walt Kowalski

            All I can say is, watch the movie “Idiocracy” and you’ll understand.

          • squirt

            What do you expect when most Americans are obsessed with TV and the STUPID reality shows? Seriously some of those shows are sooooo dumb and annoying, it makes me think “WTF… do people really watch this? And don’t they know those stupid, ignorant reality shows are a form of theater? The more the yelling, fighting, chaos, turmoil the better the ratings. Talk about sending out negative messages.

            Of course, this is part of dumbing the public down. It’s part of a process to keep people preoccupied with non-important stuff and they miss the big picture. Like how the gov. is screwing them and our country. Oh well, time for Snooky or Dancing with the Stars. Give me a break!!!

        • ButterKnifeBrigade

          Seriously ? You haven’t figured out the majority are literally to stupid to live.. seriously ?

          • Ah!!! So!!!

            Ice Road Truckers, Loggers, Dog the Bounty Hunter, The Kardashians, Americas Next Top Model, Alaskan Crabmen or what ever it’s called, and many many more reality shows seen world wide. America seems to be giving the rest of the world quite an eye full into how Americans live and work day to day. Not a good look really.
            I still can’t figure out if yelling and screaming at each other with threats and taunts is how all Americans treat each other when communicating or maybe TV producers don’t see a monetary value in showing articulate well spoken people communicating as adults should.
            Why do Americans yell, scream, rant and rave like they do? Can someone tell me why they behave this way?? Is it a class thing and only present in lower socioeconomic groups? Or belonging to certain ethnestisities?
            it really looks like a scary place to bring up children especially with all the violence, guns and drugs.
            Surely, I must be mistaken? And it’s only how Americans seem to be portrayed on TV and in the Movies ..?

            It looks like a violent, angry social

      • Paul

        Hahaha way to go dude……….TSA owned! Chalk one big win up for the good guys!

      • H. Nelson

        I wonder if the jews felt safe when they were being herded into railway cars..?

        • Beefcake

          Well I bet some of them did thank the guards for sending them to work camps instead of straight to the gas chambers.

          • Zen Monk

            They were told they are going to the showers (not gas chambers) and even given a small piece of soap each.
            Can you say deception?

        • POA

          In 21st century Amerikwa, billionaire jews herd you into railway cars and [FEMA] concentration camps. That’s what you get for letting authoritarian new world order sheenies convince you that multiculturalism and globalism is the only moral social structure.

      • DCW

        Not to “be” safer, to “feel” safer.
        Pathetic, isn’t it?

      • JayJay’s all about the ‘change’..
        Come Help A Nitwit Get Elected!!!
        C H A N G E

      • Slim

        With a rubber hose?

      • GGINOR

        slavery is freedom- orwell

      • bowlan

        now they will claim your helping the TER
        good video but not a good idea to tell the world.

      • Jeffafa

        Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither”

    2. rainyday

      Lol, every time they try to use technology to combat terrorism or whatever they try to do with it, someone will inevitably come up with a way to beat it rendering it ineffective. If the TSA used profiling instead of technology only, they would be far more effective and they wouldn’t have to feel granny up. I know its not “politically correct” and it would require common sense and some actual intelligence (something that govt. agencies are void of) but i think they could dig up a few intelligent people that could handle the task.

      • NetRanger

        Their methods betray them. Their true intentions have nothing to do with safety. But, ordinary Americans (aka, the stupid majority) only listen to what they’re told and never really think about it.

        Much like gun control. They’re told that more restrictions on guns will make us safer, make a place safer. So, what happens? Some guy comes in with any type of gun and he’s unopposed. Call the cops! They get there for their usual job: cleanup. But, oh! We need more gun control.

        Next time there is an incident on a plane, they’ll clamp down even more and then you’ll be getting the anal probe to make sure you didn’t stick anything up there.

        The average American is an absolute moron. If they weren’t, they’d never have let what has happened in the last 140 years happen.

        Recently we had an 8 car pile up on a road nearby. What I found out was a guy fell asleep and crossed the center line, hitting another car. 2 down, 6 to go. Several people stopped to help, turning on their flashers. 3 more impacts occured with various vehicles that were stopped with flashers on. Broad daylight, clear day, and it was sunny.

        The whole idea is control and theft. Safety is how they sell it but in reality they couldn’t care less about safety.

        Its why they’ve fooled us (well, some of us) into believing that acts, codes and statutes that regulate the behaviour of your fictional person created by your birth certificate trust applies to you, a natural person.

        “Under common law, I do not consent and I waive the benefits. Continued scanning or intrusions without probable cause or a search warrant will initiate the filing of a lawsuit for violating The Constitution of The united States and The Constitution of the state in which this airport is located. Sir, the law is the law. If I am under arrest, please state your evidence for probably cause, otherwise I will assume I am free to go. If I am not free to go, am I under arrest? If I am not under arrest and I am not free to go, shall I consider this assault or harrassment?”

        Say it with a strong steady voice. Look them straight in the eye.

        I would love to see how they handle that statement. They don’t often find ANYONE with either balls or brains. Just sheople. Wooly, bleeting sheople hoping to get to their destination with a minimum delays and frisking.

        • arco

          There’s one error in that. The TSA has no authority to arrest you. They can only “detain” you until the “real” police show up.

          • NetRanger

            EXCELLENT point. …for now. They are talking about giving them arrest powers.

            Uh, well, actually, you’re incorrect. In reality, we all have powers to arrest. We are all “law enforcement”. What most people don’t realize is that what they call “law” is actually codes, statutes and acts. Technically its “color of law” in that it looks a lot like law enough to feel the stupid majority.

            But, regardless, you are correct: they do not have the power to arrest you for code, statute and act violations, however, like any living, breathing human, for real crimes, also known as crimes with a victim, that come under true law, you, I, they, anyone, even a child, has powers of arrest under common law. Under the current de-facto system of [color of] law, these would be called “felonies”. Hehe. Felonies. Another piece of word magic.

            Anyway, that is an excellent point. They do not have powers to arrest you for code violations. But, I do wonder, what they would do if you would stare them down with the above statement.

            If they don’t have power to arrest you, they don’t have power to “detain” you. Detain is arrest. Its pretty much the same. I don’t know the lawful definitions but as far as I know if you can’t arrest, you can’t detain. Anybody know any different?

            Regardless, they don’t have to worry about me. I don’t go places I can’t carry a firearm. I make an exception for work as long as I have the job. Besides! There’s a cop that sits right outside my office. If they down him, I’ll be able to grab his Glock 40 and actually protect myself and others. (…the cops won’t. Understand, that gun they carry is for *THEIR* protection, not yours!)

            If I fly, I’ll be in the pilots seat or paying for a charter.

        • cshellz

          It doesn’t really have much to do with terrorism per se. It more like, these same people lining up with their kids to walk thru machines that invade their right to privacy are teaching their kids to walk thru machine that may have gas showers on the other end one day. It’s a teaching formula vs any true defense system.

        • asil

          NetRanger: Citizens arrest? Please,continue:)

          • NetRanger

            Citizen arrest, as I understand it (and I don’t very well) is what I was talking about, I think. But, I’m on thin ice here not studying much about it.

        • Zen Monk

          NetRanger, have you tried it yourself?
          I am curious to know if TSA employee would even understand what you just said.
          A few years ago I wouldn’t, but today I do.

          • NetRanger

            I have not tried it. The diatribe to the TSA/Cops is original, in that I formulated it myself to put forth and inform of natural rights. What should happen and what would happen may be quite different.

            At best they would just say, “Sir, we do understand. May we scan you or may we frisk you?”, “No.”, “OK, sir, you may proceed.”

            At worst you hear the rattle of the handcuffs and the snap-snap-snap of a cops tazer and you end up face down in a nearby dogpen.

            While I would love to know what they do, were I to choose to fly I would probably also choose to comply. It is always within your rights to allow your rights to be violated. It is, however, so incredibly disgusting that Americans don’t even know their basic rights that are violated. Since its done pretty much on a daily basis, even many of the violators don’t have a clue.

            Just remember that the spelling of “POLICE” and “POLICY” are very close because they are related. They are not LAW ENFORCEMENT, they are POLICY enforcement. A policy should never be misconstrued as being a law.

      • squirt

        In other counties they actually do profiling which they do with great success. Unfortunately in our country, it is politically in-correct therefore we have body scanners. Personally I think they need to leave the blue-haired old ladies alone. I think people have thrown common sense out the door. Which leads us back to people being stupid.

    3. Jim

      Ultimately the people always win. They should be happy a freedom loving American figured it out and not some suicide bombing radical Islamist.

    4. Gods Creation

      If you expect a human or intelligent reaction from the TSA, you will be disappointed.

      • squirt

        @Gods Creation, that’s because they are Aliens. Wait, that’s a put down to Aliens. Umm, how about they are just empty shells of nothingness. Yep, with nothingness, one will never be disappointed.

    5. hammerhead

      and obama said american ingenuity was dead…
      the body scanners are not there for security they are there so you get used to being herded around like cattle and taking orders from misfit molesters.
      just an other huge pile of money being spent to bankrupt america and open the door to a more controled police state , just a little at a time.
      i aint no slave to the .gov , and i wont fly.

    6. Sweed

      Can we get some skinny models with dual serial #’s?

      • Shirley

        I always wear my skinny jeans and halter top when I fly.

        • durango kidd

          Shirly: WE don’t believe you. Lets see the photo graphic evidence! Forward those pictures to:

          [email protected]

          Please do not fold, spindle, or photo shop. Thank you! 🙂

          • Your'e a Pig

            I see Daisy is not around and now you are picking your next victim to stalk. A sphincter says what?

          • SmokyMtnLady

            ROFLOL!! I thought that was funny, DK!! Some people have NO sense of humor!!! 🙂

          • durango kidd

            You’re A Pig: I don’t have to stalk Daisy she emails me just about every day! 🙂

          • DPS

            Your’e a pig,

            I guess we now know who is stalking who. A guilty dog barks first bud. Little miss Daisy also e-mails me almost everyday, She is just a sweet lady that doesn’t need bullshit from anybody. I suggest that if you feel the need to talk shit then you pick on 1 of the many men on this site.


        • ScoutMotto

          Shirley, you can’t be serious.

          • Shirley

            I never walk through the scatter ray and my name is Shirley. I always wear cotton and comfortable shoes because polyester melts and sneakers make me fast. I carry my own TSA approved smoke hood and sit up front or by an exit window. My best friend is a co-pilot and she always let me use her guest pass. Always ask for a blanket and know that the cockpit has a exit hatch with rope also. Sitting jump seat facing backwards up front is the safest seat on take offs and landings and I’m jealous.

        • kevin

          Shirley, keep doing that. I have had to fly frequently last couple of years, I have NEVER gone through the scanners, although I have gotten many backrubs and handjobs from tsa. ANYHOW, keep doing that, because If there is a scantly dressed woman in line, I get right behind her because she will get picked for the “random” security “pat down” before I do, and picked for the scanner. The bulldyke ones REALLY hate women like you, because they hate themselves so much. Just saying

    7. In God I trust

      Call me crazy but, IMHO, flying is for the birds. I flew my last flight when the guy sitting next to me smelled so bad that I felt like throwing up…and I did. Never again will I set foot in anything that I can’t stop and get out of.

      Now that I recall, the tsa agent smelled pretty bad to.

      • robert

        That’s because both of them stuck their fingers up each others butts the TSA man was sucking his bag.

      • Beefcake

        I wonder if that is what the Secret Service Agents have to endure being trapped with that POS zero on Air Force One.

    8. Scott

      I feel more like Oliver Douglas every day….

    9. your all living a propaganda fascist lie

      …from the day the guy tried to roast his weinie with the help of the american cia on his way too detroit… it was only about profit , nwo.cfr cia fbi fear CONTROL AND MANIPULATION OF THE SHEEPLE!

      and considering it was the us fed gov i.e. dick cheney running the complete attack, georgie bush’s backing and fbi, cia, israeli mossad who attacked and blew up the twin towers on 9/11…

      the tsa is only an empty excuse to bring amerika under the jack boot heel of the nwo.cfr…

      from day one the scanners were obsolete.

      Al-CIA-Duh isn’t the enemy… they actually work for ALL of you, the american tax payer! For Killery hilary Clinton and the rothschilds Controlled CIA!



      ya buncha silly rabbits…

      arm up stock up prepare for AMERICAN CIVIL REVOLUTIONARY WAR!


      • Bill

        Don’t I know you from somewhere……?

        • your all living a propaganda fascist lie

          @bill … if your last name is prez clinton … i guarded you with a secret service detail in 1996 as your us air force sec forc press room guard for two weeks! you shook my hand and i saluted you… a couple times!

          if your last name is not prez clinton then no… since you live in michigan with your obviously jewish wife! your probly just another zionist jew troll trolling this site for the AIPAC SPLC zionists and the cfr.nwo banker globalists!

          making you my sworn blood enemy…

          bugger off zionist fed gov troll…

          go back to israel…

          or else…

          suffer for your betrayal of the FREE republic of AMERICA!

          • Buddy

            I was there in 96, and I remember lifting my leg on some loser and peeing on it. That must have been you. I would not have done it if I knew it would scar you bad enough to turn you into a traitor! Don’t worry though, the next knock you hear at your door will be some kind gentlemen coming to help you.

          • kevin

            I hope you washed your hands after that hand shake, you never know where those hands have been. Off topic. Thats strange, glenn beck has never told me I am a debt slave to the bankers and the irs,he even has comercials for tax advisers on his show, and geithner has said they are going after the tax cheaters. Glenn beck would have told me I’m considered an animal by the chosen people but I did not find a jewish bible at walden books, so I have to listen to him and my priest. He(gb) says we should protect isreal,spill blood for them, make sure they know how to make susi, because hell, we don’t need food here. He even says isreal first evertime he speaks. Glenn beck what a great american(or is that hannity). WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!

          • Bill

            Wife is not jewish but a Christian visiting the Holy Land. I’m not a zionist jew either and the only thing I troll for is walleye.

            Wrong on all accounts.

        • Claymation

          Nina, Are you an advocate for insurrection. You are no better then TPTP. I am not sure your idea of freedom and mine are even close after reading months of your drivel. Woman /man or kid in the basement up and quit hiding behind other avatars. That’s a dare!

          • DomesticTerrorist

            Nina’s just nucking futs.

            We love her rants!

    10. Jack Burton

      Its all pretty pointless for someone who doesn’t care for flying. They can put Third Reich Nazi bastards along with Sleazy Wifebeaters for security and we still would buy overpriced plane tickets for outdated aircraft that if you’re lucky, won’t fall out of the sky or crash into a building. Not to mention shitty food, cattle car seating, disgruntled flight attendents, Hyper-inflated prices on everything, layovers, and no smoking.
      Why would anyone want to subject themselves, let alone PAY for this torture. “Excuse me, Satan? I know I’ve been good, but if I slip you a hundred, do think I can go to hell?”
      If you want to stop the TSA, stop flying.
      They will spend another few billion on new scanners, what then? Airfares will increase, and sure as shit you’ll pay for it. Because driving takes too long.

      • Comenius

        There are people who have to fly overseas for work , family stuff, etc.

        • JayJay

          Did someone steal the ocean??

    11. Icarus

      Will those same people thanking the airport security, be thanking them as they’re be stripped searched?
      “Oh, I feel so much safer now I’ve been violated by airport security. Thank you.”

    12. Bill

      My wife just flew from northern Michigan to Chicago to New York to Israel and back. Her comment about the TSA “agents” was that they all looked like they came from the lower end of the gene pool.

      • squirt

        Kinda like the workers at Burger King?

    13. ScoutMotto

      I have no expectations that this video will threaten the TSA’s existence. If anything, they will modify how people are scanned in the machine, and move forward with their invasive procedures.

    14. lonelonmum

      My Gran used to say “There’s nought so rare as common sense”. She was right.

      • Franko

        And Will Rogers said “people have so much common sense — because they ain’t used any!”

      • Highspeedloafer

        My gandpa used to say “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

        • Beefcake

          My grandpa used to say, “Get the fuck off my lawn you damn kids!”

          • lonelonmum

            “gerrof my land” was my Grand Dad’s fave phrase.

            His Mum kept a flock of geese on the small holding – those things are FAR more effective than any guard dog,given they can come at you from air and land, bite HARD and taste good at Xmas : ) Miss my Great-Gran.

    15. eric

      i know it works too that way on the side of the bags, I friend of mine and forgot that he had a big buck knife but on the side parallel pocket and they missed it. He made an honest mistake but its true what they are saying or the TSA is not looking that hard for some of us. I dont know

    16. High Roller

      People don’t seem to understand that they have the right to refuse a body scan. They’ll go through the metal detector and get a pat down instead, but TSA cannot force you to go through the scanner. They’ll use threats, coercion, intimidation, and embarrassment to try to get you into the scanner, but they cannot force you to do it. It’s time folks remember that they don’t stop being adult citizens when they enter the airport terminal. Just say no! No way am I exposing myself to Terra Hertz Wave radiation from those scan machines.

      • SlickWillie

        Always opt out. If the subject of humiliation is raised, reply “I am not the one who feels other men’s nuts for a living”.

        • High Roller

          Excellent point SlickWillie!

    17. kevin

      This guy being a frequent flyer is a brave human being. Every tsa agent will know his face, he is going to get groped and body cavity searched every time he flies from now on, THATS HOW TYRANY WORKS!!! He is a hero, and a brave man.

    18. kevin Remember this?? Why in gods name would those people cheer obama saying this?? “we need a civilian……… strong as military”.

    19. SWIFT

      TSA at the lower end of the gene pool? Who said they were human?

      • REB

        …no one said they were lower end “human” genes… 🙂

        • Zen Monk

          Lizard, lizard 😀

    20. JustMe

      The scanners were likely only intended to catch really stupid people trying to smuggle things, but mainly to get people used to being herded around. Can you say “Human Cattle?”

      It is fascinating that someone figured out a way to beat them, there are probably other ways yet to be found.

    21. JoeRepublic

      Very nice demonstration of exposing the fraudulent “Touch Some Ass” (TSA). Anyone with half a brain knew these scanners were a scam from day one, hence why I call them “Full Booty Scammers”. The mentally deficient jackass that was used as the reason for implementing them was trying to light PETN with a fucking match. GENIUS!

      A 10 second search on the web leads you to realize you cannot light PETN with a match and the aircraft was never in any danger. Then you find out he got on the damned plane without a passport. That the moron was led onto the aircraft by a “sharp dressed man”, bypassing security altogether. That he should never have gotten as far as Amsterdam, let alone New York. PA-LEASE.

      So, maybe it’s time everyone send this video to Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court and The White House en masse. We do this by hard copy DVD, email links and what the hell, even VHS tape and USB drives. Flood these bastards and get rid of these pixel-porno Full Booty Scammers damn it.

    22. PDiddy

      The question was asked “are the American People so stupid…”? The answer is simply Yes! Courtesy of the National Education Association and those that have propagated the lies they have taught our kids and the intentional misrepresentation of our history. AND the fact that you could NOT find any high school seniors that could quote ANY of our founding fathers. Especially the appropriate quotes on here from James Madison. God help us all!

      • squirt

        You can thank our wonderful education system for that. Which leads us back to the main topic of the gov. dumbing the people down. Thank god for sites like this. We will always be prepared and on alert. To hell with the dumbasses in gov.

    23. lonelonmum

      Hopefully the drones will be rendered useless by a 5 year old playing with their remote control car and some blue tac ; )

      The ptb are so clever they cut themselves sometimes with their shiny new tech toys of oppression. Simple, simple things are what’s needed to bring em down.

      Grow your own tomatoes instead of eating frankenstein foods.
      Build your own small scale business instead of working for the corp.
      Buy silver/gold and keep at home rather than funding a 401k
      Have a pot luck bbq with your neighbours instead of “keeping up with the Jones”.
      Take responsibility for your kid’s education

      Small scale simple stuff is the only way to defeat them.

      BTW – wtf happened with the Primaries. Idaho?

    24. Orville Wright

      Yes Comenius, there are people who have to fly. Do those people make up the majority of air travellers, say flying to Vegas over the weekend? Or a Florida vacation. You are only led to believe we have to fly. You need to realize we’ve been getting along just fine without any of these tecnological advances within the past century. Once you become aware of this, you see how useless most of this progress has become. Its more of an infection.

    25. Silveready1

      Ya, gee the scanners are now completely worthless……or… they could just make everyone turn sideways.

    26. Up in the great white north

      If we follow the money…

      Who got rich selling all those nudie scanners to the TSA?

      And, who are they “related to” in Big Govt?

    27. JRS

      Good for Mr. Corbett. The corrupt gov corp is being outed more and more these days. And thumbs up to the Supreme Court for throwing out the FBI warrantless GPS trackers. We need more of this shit!

    28. Mr. Blutarsky

      Good Lord. This discovery will probably lead to either:

      A. Additional expensive equipment
      B. Us having to walk totally nude through the body scanners – with dozens of snickering TSA/bully agents

      • Fed Up

        Mr. Blutarsky, there were men and women who have worn bikinis and speedos to the airport and they were still required to submit to pat downs and the like. The TSA idiots have been snickering at the scan for a long time and sending folks back through for no good reason. The government will always find a way to spend money for “upgrade” at the taxpayers expense.

        It is a twisted system, and I opted out of the convienience of flying as soon as the bs started -I will not consent to some stranger feeling my body or any member of my family’s body. I’d rather drive, and if I am really desperate to fly for some unforeseen reason, I’ll see about chatting with some folks who own planes.

        • Big Cheese

          I couldnt agree more. Flying commercial is a choice. Not a requirement of survival.

    29. wally

      i dont reccomend trying to smuggle anything by the TSA
      its a good way to get stripped searched.

      • NetRanger

        “Under common law, I do not consent and I waive the benefits.”

        Remind them like this:

        “Sir, please follow the law. The forth amendment says that you cannot search me without either warrant or probably cause. If you have a warrant, please present it. If you have probable cause, you may continue, but, bear in mind, a violation of the forth amendment is a felony. If you violate it, you will be punished. Am I free to go? No? Am I under arrest? No? Sir, if I ask if I am under arrest and you say that I am not, that means I am free to go. Am I under arrest? Your last answer was no. Oh, you won’t answer me now? That means I am free to go. Thank you.”

        They will detain you by force. UNLAWFUL in the extreme, but, how far you take this is YOUR CHOICE. A corporate enforcement jackboot will be called. Pray you get a smart one! The dumb ones are the worst.

        To the police officer:

        “No, sir! He told me I was free to go.”

        “No, he didn’t have to say the words. I asked him if I was under arrest and he said ‘no’. Is not the alternative to ‘under arrest’ ‘free to go’?”

        “Sir, am I under arrest? No, I do not under stand your authority. Am I under arrest? No. Thank you for your time officer.”

        If you think you can get away with this and board your plane with no repercussions, you’re probably wrong. But, if enough people would push the issue. They cannot lawfully arrest a natural person for this bullshit. They’ll try to charge you with everything under the sun and then try to get you to plea. Plea is a corporate term for asking the courts mercy. Don’t plea. If you plea, you instantly contract with the court and fall under its authority. Ask them what unlawful thing you have done. They’ll tell you some kind of bullshit to which you answer, “Thats not law, thats code and statute for persons. I am a natural person, living and breathing. What law have have I violated, as a natural person, to give you authority to require me to be in this court room?” They’ll repeat their bullshit. To which you reply, “Your Honor, if you cannot charge me with a violation of a law, as a natural person, the court is then unlawfully holding me and must now set me free. Am I free to go?”

        Basically, what I’m saying here is, “Poop or get off the pot!” Which is to say if you’re gonna violate my fourth amendment rights, do it so I can start the lawsuit, otherwise, STFU and let me on the plane.

        The bottom line is this: They simply make you wade this bullshit so you’ll just say, “Oh, screw it I’ll just [_________].” fill in the blank with “submit to the scan”, “submit to the strip search”, “pay the taxes”, “comply with the code enforcement jackboot”, “go ahead and get the license”.

        The *CHOICE* is yours. But, MAKE A CHOICE and realize that IT IS A CHOICE. I’ll never disrespect anyone that chooses to comply. I will disrespect everyone that just goes through like cattle. They used to call them the “moral majority” or the “silent majority”. They’re not. They’re the “sheople majority” and when push comes to shove, they’ll be slaughtered like any other meat bearing animal to feed the dogs of government.

        • MikeyMike

          Dude—shit the fuck up with your Bullshit. At the start of this post you are saying ” If I have to fly, I will comply” but you spout your BULLSHIT wasting everyone ELSE to stand up and shout your useless fucking bullshit.

          do it YOURSELF, tough guy.

    30. Joerocker

      only a true SCUMBAG could be a TSA agent.
      Feeling up “pat down” every Man Woman and Child and or forcing them into Naked Porno X-Ray Full Body Scanners is sexual assault!

      This crap keeps no one “safe”

      CONgress has done this to America. Treason!

    31. your all living a propaganda fascist PIE!!!!!!!!!

      Don’t eat bagels, jewish rye bread, or kosher meat.

      It will make you an AIPAC SPLC zionists cfr.nwo banker globalists zionist fed gov cia fbi Al-CIA-Duh israeli mossad Killery hilary Clinton and the rothschilds sworn blood enemy CONTROLED AND MANIPULATED SHEEPLE tsa fake pastor iranian child killer bugger troll.

      They are also very high in calories and may cause heart disease if not part of a daily balanced diet.

    32. Sweed

      REALLY stinky shoes/socks that can be tossed after clearing the fed cattle chute and a previous double entr’ee of black beans, smoked octopus, & sauerkraut.

    33. Anonymous

      I find it amusing about the lady that won the lotto and is still collecting state food assistance. The state collects 50% up front and the Fed collects over 50% afterwards which leaves the individual with less than 25%. Who is robbing who and paying out in fiat? And, some politician wants to create another law?

      • KY Mom

        Here is the video link…

        lottery winner on food stamps

        • Anonymous

          The politician wants this lady to play by the rules. Now he wants to change the rules. Who is stealing more? Does he really care…. He just wants to make a name for himself and promote the new law with his name on the bill.

    34. Rocket Man

      We’re still here!

    35. Charles S.

      Early in the video you assert that “No one has boarded a plane in the United States carrying any explosives in nearly forty years.” Actually, you have no way of knowing that. More precisely, if they have, they have not detonated it.

      Nevertheless, you are correct about our civil liberties being violated. Security measures should be implemented by the airlines. That would leave the passenger the option of flying “At Your Own Risk” airlines, “We Strip Search Everyone Airlines” or any option in between.

    36. VRF

      These back scatter machines arent going anywhere..they know they dont work as proposed..thats not their point..
      its not about security or if they even really work or not..
      its about contolling the masses, and the fact that the general flying population has allowed them to do this, shows they won this one too ,, is just one more step in the direction of walking thru these Bullshit machines at every transit station in the usa..these machines were built by a contractor that was owned by a person in our government..all to line the greedy pockets..not a dam thing about our safety..The TSA is a “works” programm..these people are not even qualified for security you think for one second if the shit hit the fan in an airport..that these blue shirted losers would be there to control the situation?..hell no. they would be runing you over to get to the door

      as it is, I have seen them congregate in masses in areas of the facilities they work in..I was taught never to mass as a commanding officer said it made you a bigger target, and an easy one to be able to take out a troop of 5 to 10 guys easy with one grenade..these punks have absolutly no real world defensive training..its a massive joke..I bet one combat trained individual would be able to take every one of them down in a hand to hand combat in seconds. half of them are overweight, the other half that isnt overweight look like they have an IQ of 5..

      • lonelonmum

        Every street kid knows you spilt up and spread out. The inner cities gangs aren’t totally daft.

    37. peter parker

      Off topic, but I’ve noticed more and more comments from new blog readers
      about preppin. I’d like to encourage all of you to start preppin/continue
      preppin. My intent is to allay your fear of being too late or that it is too
      much to contemplate. “Just do it!” We have posters ranging from DK who has a
      $500 million gold mine stake to London Mum who hopes to have a few pounds
      left over each month to buy a few tins of corned beef (highly recommended by
      the way) and a piece of silver. Even a little preppin will give you a sense
      of being prepared (protected to a degree). The possible scenario durations
      range from short, medium, and long term. I’ll admit to you up front that a
      long term scenario is depressing to me as I am not prepared mentally,
      physically (age), or materially to live well off grid (no power) while
      completely sustaining myself and family off the land (and I live in a
      temperate climate). There is a reason that just a century or two ago our
      ancestors worked from sunup to sundown and generally died in their forties.
      It was hard living. But there are many other less intense scenarios where
      preppin will be very useful. So let’s start with this rule of three advice:
      In any extreme situation you cannot survive for more than: 3 minutes without
      air – 3 hours without shelter – 3 days without water – 3 weeks without food.
      AIR: this is first in the list, but not the first prep I would make. This is
      because I classify poisoned air as a lower potential problem. Gas masks for
      each family member, radiation pills (to protect your thyroid, especially
      important for children), plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal your living
      quarters from the outside air are reasonably priced answers to this preppin
      solution. SHELTER: If it’s freezing outside you’ll need a source of heat.
      From a small propane heater to a wood/coal stove. Tradeoffs are price and
      longevity. Shelter is also a part of the bugin/bugout decision. For many
      people I believe bugin will be the decision. This affects your preps. “Yes,
      there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there’s still time
      to change the road you’re on.” There are many things you can do to upgrade
      the security and survivability of your shelter. It is not my intent to list
      these, but to urge you to read about and consider the most cost effective
      measures you can begin to implement now. WATER: Critical resource. This also
      has second and third order effects. If you can’t secure water in a bugin
      situation, you will be forced to bugout. Simple start: start stacking the 24
      packs of plastic bottled water. Next, if you have access to open source
      water supplies: filters. I like Berkey for bugin and Katadyn for bugout.
      This affects food choices as you’ll see. FOOD: Canned food is the easiest to
      stock up on rather quickly, and affordable in small quantities, look for
      BOGO sales. Your shelter also affects your canned choices. I can eat a tin
      of cold beans. A tin of soup doesn’t taste up to par unless it’s heated. So
      make your choices based on if you’ll have cooking heat available. I have a
      reliable source of water so I prefer freeze dried food. It also has a 20
      year shelf life (I read of one prepper who has two freezers: one for regular
      freezer items and one to store his freeze dried #10 cans…LOL). Next main
      topic after your basic needs/necessities are taken care of is defense. OKAY,
      flame suit on (nothing stirs the bowels of preppin bloggers then GUNS).
      First: 12 gauge shotgun, cheapest pump action you can find, several boxes 2
      3/4 buckshot shells and some slugs also. This is arguably the best home
      defense weapon. Many a burglar has testified he fled the intended victims
      home when he heard a shot shell being racked into the chamber. They can be
      noisy, which can be a plus or negative, PLEASE, ALL, I can’t cover all
      situations in this short missive to beginners. I know, he shouldn’t have
      been able to get into the house in the first place. Got it! Slugs can be
      used for larger game animals, buckshot is a little large for birds, probably
      work on wild turkeys. Okay, when you can add a box of #7 shotshells. Next
      purchase for me is a handgun, more portable and concealable. Please read all
      the available opinions on the best handgun. I would urge you to try shooting
      the gun first (many gun stores that have an indoor range have loaners to
      shoot for potential customers). Buy what you like and can afford to continue
      to shoot and train with. I cannot emphasize that enough. Next is a .22
      caliber rifle, bolt action w/scope. Brick of copper plated 22’s (500
      bullets) is less than $20 bucks. Again it’s all about affordability. You
      might want your handgun to be a .22LR, the same as your rifle. I know, I
      used to be a if it isn’t .40 bore or larger it can’t do the job. The data
      says the .22 has killed more people than any other caliber. It is the
      cheapest ammo and you could share it with your handgun. Next would be a
      battle rifle/long range rifle, again read the blogs and talk to people at
      the range. Finally, precious metals. I think silver is the poor man’s gold.
      Try to buy pre 1965 American coinage, it’s 90% silver. It’s very affordable
      in dimes and quarters and 50 cent pieces in small quantities. I wouldn’t
      worry about the spot price, just dollar cost average into it each week/month
      and pretty soon you’ll have a nice jar of silver. The purpose of silver is
      to have something to barter with to get what you need. Gold is too pricy for
      bartering, IMHO. Gold is a store of wealth option, IMHO. And if you got
      enough money to buy gold, this missive is not really intended for you. I’m
      trying to urge people with limited funds to get started with preppin, trying
      to get the greatest gains for the least amount of money. Remember: in the
      land of the blind, the one eyed man is King.
      God Bless.

      • toomanyfakeconservatives

        Just about every prepping cliche and one liner covered… please tell me that was a cut and paste.

    38. Jim

      Ok I read some of the blogs that made sense and more of the BS about how to get out of being scanned. Sorry If I offend anyone. The fact is you wouldn’t be allowed to carry any metal objects through a scanner and if you tried you’d be sent back to put all your metal objects in the plastic tubs. If you have a case that can’t be seen through, you would be required to open that case for a total inspection. Especially since you just alerted them that they can’t see into it.
      For those who think they can talk their way into passing the TSA get ready for a in their holding pens a trip to jail and a lot of money being spent explaining your point of view to no avail. No I don’t work for TSA I do depositions and it ain’t pretty.

    39. Jane Moore

      Thanks you so much
      next video you make PLEASE do not speak so quickly
      it creates muking up of words and people have to listen to it 2 or 3 times to get the whole message
      provide a word document of the speach
      Thanks Jane

    40. GrayFoxGreen

      When I see how O.B. lets “auntie janet” and her minions waste our time and $$$ I almost feel that it won’t matter who get to be our “king for a day” next.If O.B. were to FIRE Ms.Janet N and disband the TSA,he could win even if the “Red Clown Party” cheated on a massive scale(It happened with George(the non recovering angry drunk)W. twice).
      If not,”Little Hate Filled Ricky” might just cheat his was in.I have severe doubts that “I lie about every thing I believe in including God just a itsy,bitsy,bit Mitttsy boy” making it in the final rush.EITHER would be a disaster worse than their predecessor.Much worse.You really want TEOTWAWKI?Be careful,God has a sense of humor and might be ready to show you firsthand HIS version!
      Such are the times that give us this site and a good reason to “set aside something” just in case.Some folks here do go a little far,but can’t be faulted for trying to preserve some semblance of what we’re all losing in this America of ours.

      Best to All
      Hope you can be warm and well fed tonight!

    41. Big N Beefy

      It’s guys like this that give you hope for the young ones. Brilliant, freedom loving and balls out public stance. A model for most of us Boomers could usefully emulate.

    42. mark

      This sounds easy to fix if this actually is as easy to fool the scanners as they say. The solution is to scan twice, once face and back, the second having the passenger turn 90 degrees to scan both sides too. Of course you get twice the radiation and takes more time to get through security, but you can’t hide the sides when they face the scanner. Was TSA smart enough to implement this…uh apparently not yet. Coming soon to an airport near you, you have my word on it!

    43. Big Cheese

      SIMPLE FIX. You are right. What a disgrace. Totally expected in this age of wasteful spending and govt corruption. Not to mention the abuse of our rights, violations of our privacy and desecration of our constitution. But this loophole with these devices can be easily eliminated. Body scanners simply need to circle the subject being scanned. Better yet, place a rotating platform inside the scanner for the subject to stand on. Similar to the one your food cooks on in your microwave only larger. Problem solved. One less thing for everyone to freak out over. But I am down with your additude and frustration. 911 was an inside job. The full repercussions of Bush and Chennys actions have yet to be seen. Its ironic that 99.9% of the greedy pricks that spend their days desecrating our constitution, do so while wearing a fancy, shortend, sometimes colorful, portable version of a hangmans noose around their necks. What are we waiting for? How much worse does it have to get?

    44. anti piracy

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