How The Elite Dominate The World – Part 4: They Buy Politicians, And Incumbents Almost Always Win

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse


    Once we wake up to how the game is being played, then we will have a real shot at changing things. For decades, the elite have been pulling the strings behind the scenes in both major political parties. That is why nothing has ever seemed to change very much no matter which party has been in power. The agenda of the elite has always seemed to march forward, and ordinary people like us have always been frustrated that we can’t seem to make a difference. But now a shift seems to be taking place. Donald Trump took on the establishment in both major parties, and he miraculously won the presidency. Down in Alabama, the elite spent more than 30 million dollars to defeat Roy Moore, and he still defeated Luther Strange.  A political awakening is taking place, and I can’t wait to see what happens during the mid-term elections in 2018.

    In Part I and Part II of this series, I talked about how the elite use debt as a tool of enslavement.  In Part III, I went over how the elite use the colossal media corporations they own to control what we think. Today, I want to talk about their influence in the realm of politics.

    In Washington D.C., it is well understood that the game of politics is all about the money. If I win my election, and online polling suggests that there is a ton of enthusiasm for my campaign, I will be expected to spend most of my time on the phone raising money. As a freshman member of Congress, at orientation it will be explained to me that I am supposed to spend approximately four hours a day doing fundraising, and that is why the House and Senate floors are so empty most of the time.

    By law, members of Congress cannot make fundraising calls from their offices, and so both parties have huge call centers just across from the Capitol. Especially around lunch and dinner times (because those are some of the best times to reach people), those call centers are packed as members of the House and Senate run through lists of potential donors.

    And it isn’t just about raising money for their own campaigns. As a freshman member of Congress I would be expected to raise at least $200,000 for the NRCC (the National Republican Congressional Committee). If I don’t pay my dues, I would get into big trouble with party leadership.

    But you know what? I have already pledged that I am not going to participate in this very corrupt system. If I am sent to Congress, I am going to spend my time doing the job that the people of Idaho sent me there to do.

    So will Paul Ryan and the others in leadership get very upset with me for not “paying my dues”?

    Of course.

    But it is time for some of us to take a stand and do what is right. Congress has become a cesspool of filth and corruption, and it is time to flush the toilet.

    Because if we don’t fight this corrupt system, the influence of money in politics will just get worse and worse. Today, the elite pour millions upon millions of dollars even into small campaigns, and in 2016 it took an average of more than 10 million dollars to win a U.S. Senate seat

    While the White House may not have gone to the biggest spender, an awful lot of House and Senate seats did — as usual. And it was pricier than ever to win them.

    This election cycle, an average winning Senate candidate had spent $10.4 million through Oct. 19 (reflecting the latest reports filed with the Federal Election Commission). That’s a $1.8 million increase over the same period in the 2014 cycle. By the end of last cycle, the number rose to $10.6 million, and a similar uptick is expected this time once post-election and year-end reports are filed.

    Once you win, the pressure to raise money for your next campaign never ends.

    The elite know this, and they use this pressure to influence votes. Prior to a big vote, lobbyists will make it abundantly clear how they want certain members of Congress to vote, and if they vote the “right way” those members of Congress will be rewarded.

    Just across from the U.S. Capitol there are clubs where fancy receptions are regularly held. If you vote the “right way” on a particular bill, you may be invited to one of these receptions, and there will be big, fat donation checks waiting there for you.

    Of course most members of Congress have learned how to play the game, and this is why it is nearly impossible to defeat incumbents.  Over the past six decades, the re-election rate for members of the House of Representatives has consistently been well over 80 percent, and according to the UVA Center for Politics incumbents actually did far better than that in 2016…

    This election cycle, 393 of 435 House representatives, 29 of 34 senators, and five of 12 governors sought reelection (several of the governors were prohibited from seeking another term). Of those, 380 of 393 House members (97%), 27 of 29 senators (93%), and four of five governors (80%) won another term. These members of Congress and governors not only won renomination, but also won in November.

    Since World War II, the overall success rate for Senate incumbents has been 84 percent, and the overall success rate for House incumbents has been 94 percent.

    Incumbents are almost always armed with huge war chests and most of them have tremendous name recognition, and so toppling them is not easy.

    Fortunately, there is no incumbent in my race because Raul Labrador is running for governor. So the race is completely wide open, and right now my campaign has the most enthusiasm by far. If you would like to help me flush the toilet in Washington, I would encourage you to visit

    If we don’t fight back, we will never break the stranglehold that the elite have on our political system.

    Every generation of Americans has had to stand up and fight for liberty and freedom, and now it is our turn. This particular battle will not be fought with guns and bullets, but rather with ideas, values and principles.

    We are part of a movement that is sweeping the nation. Good men and women are rising up to run in federal, state and local races all across the country, and it is absolutely imperative that we all get behind them and support them.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

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      1. Michael?????? WTF??? I thought you were going to be one of those politicians by running for Senate in the MOST VILE, MOST EVIL, MOST DISGUSTING, MOST CRIMINAL, MOST TREASONOUS, MOST GENOCIDAL, MOST MURDEROUS United States Corporation Government from the inner bowels of the pits of hell in Washington DC-the damned and doomed criminal treasonous government from hell that is about to be arrested and put on trial in Citizen Tribunals for these psychopath monsters destroying our children’s health, freedoms, and future.

        • “This particular battle will not be fought with guns and bullets, but rather with ideas, values and principles.”

          Are you kidding me? We tried that oh maybe 10 MILLION TIMES. Get a clue Snyder….

      2. 2 kinds of people get representation in this country. People that can bring in lots of votes and people that can bring in lots of money. Period. Representative government is dead.

        • …. and it’s certainly going to come to guns and bullets to be won. The evil people and the sheep outnumber us dramatically.

          • Their numbers are meaningless when you have the Creator and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on your side…RAK CHAZAK AMATS…It is so awesome to have the moral high ground over the criminal treasonous psychopath controlled United States Corporation Government from hell…the air is so refreshing up here with the Creator and our Lord and Savior.

          • Menzo, it’s sad but true. My ‘liberty tools’ are on standby.

        • Because congressional support through the lobby is surreptitious at best and treasonous at its worst. Constitutional offenders are not tried for treason, they are paid for it. Screw your stinking Oath it screams to me. Who polices the oath breakers as the treason that it really is? We do not because the spark is gone leaving us with a rotten corpse of a Republic replaced by a Capitol of capital. No spark, no fire.

        • Just remember, you can’t buy from someone who isn’t selling.

        • Him: absolutely agree, the site: has an article Oct 26: Americans need to focus on survival not the restoration of the republic, tells it like it is. We have passed the point of restoring anything. We are close to a take down as the elite are pushed to release bio weapons and/or an emp (one radio interview Dave had this week, UN troops positioned, etc. Voting is utterly useless at this point in time. Congress has been bought even on local levels, I know because I know a lady on the state school bd. Others have sold out that used to be anti common core.

      3. Gov’t is overall a joke and I have no faith nor respect for these monkeys in clown suits period!!

        • It is the white shoe boys running those receptions that must be targeted. Attacking the graft side of the iron triangle will reveal the corrosion within.

        • Amen,
          I always love that when people tell you to be respectful when addressing polititians,,, especially when they show such disdain for me, heres my respect ??

          • Nailbanger, agreed. I’ve never had any respect for politicians so why should I start now? They all deserve bullets.

            • B’heart: former sen. Sessions (Ala) (attny gen. now) finally sold out to globalism. I have zero respect for all politicians, boycotted the polls since Reagan. Plus they haven’t passed laws against hacking, none of the Equifax bozos will serve time for insider trading, (like M. Stewart) refusing to install updated software allowing the hack (inside job?) probably got bought off, Lg. Corp. are immune from crimes.

              • Laura Ann, my biggest problem with Sessions is his support for civil asset forfeiture and total disregard for the Bill Of Rights, just like his predecessors. My problem with John Kelly is when he was running DHS he had a chance to remove the muslim trash from the senior positions there installed by Obama and failed to do so. He also failed to shut down the muslim training camps all over the country that were set up under Bush Jr. Ever since 9/11 we’ve been told that we’re in a ‘war on terror’. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a war against we the people and we will have to rise up and challenge TPTB. They can’t withstand 100,000,000 gun owners in this country.

      4. Floridas two senators suck, Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson. Constant emails begging donations. I never signed up for those beggars drivel.

      5. I really hate professional polititians, most of them are so full of shit it makes sewers blush

        • So true (deau)!

        • Nailbanger, LMAO! Good one! The politicians are an insult to the sewers.

          • also makes suers blush

      6. Snyder – your heart’s in the right place; but, you said in the above article “… This particular battle will not be fought with guns and bullets, but rather with ideas, values and principles….”. I totally disagree. The latter you mention will never come first this go-round. The former unfortunately are the only 2 methods that will allow for those latter 3. Sorry, this time, you’re just flat wrong.

        • Heartless, sad but true. It WILL be fought with guns and bullets. There is NO other way.

      7. When you look at most things, they are nothing more than Ponzi schemes. Politics is a Ponzi. If you want to get into party politics you have to do the equivalent of selling Girl Guide cookies door-to-door. Raise enough money that way for the party and they will let you stand for some small office. Do some more fundraising and they might let you run for a bigger position. The money always has to be passed upstairs. Get good at this and you will be invited to a meeting with a Big Dude or Gal: a mayor or a governor. They will smile and offer you a coffee. They then lean back in their chair and fold their hands. “Well, where do you see yourself in, say, two years?” “I ask because I see big things for you, big things. But I want to make a few things clear: you are going nowhere unless you help me, feel me? So, let me paint you a picture of the next five years: you help get me re-elected next year – I will need $5 million to get that done. Do that for me, and I will call Nancy Pelosi for a nice lunch in DC. We will then talk about your move to DC. How does that sound?”

        “Wow! I mean wow! DC?!! Nancy Pelosi!!!!!!!!! Yes, of course, of course!!!!!!!”

        “Great, now I got to go – Johnny there will see you out. But remember: $5 million. I will need that in six months. And another point: you are very beautiful, I hope you don’t mind me saying. Politics is a mean business and the camera is very cruel. You have a very pretty face, and those eyes!! But you need to lose some pounds. I run. And that pant suit has to go. You need a skirt that is tight, a blouse that cuts just below here. We can go over this, say, Friday for dinner? At La Garden?”

        “La Garden!!! That’s way too fancy for me!”

        “Don’t sweat it: get that skirt and you will knock em dead. Let’s say 7pm: we will have a long night ahead of us. Good to get some wine and drinky poos in first. See you Friday!!”

      8. That was Trump’s theme, “Vote in a billionaire and I’ll only appoint billionaires who don’t need or want your money”, (as the crowds cheered) which we now know doesn’t matter. He created a false sense of security/trust, where if he and his Cabinet are already very wealthy they won’t take/extort from us. An illusion we fell for.

        Any billionaire (or millionaire for that matter) who loves money more than people is so greedy they never feel that they have enough. No matter how much they have it is NEVER enough and that is regardless of their actual wealth, and applies even for those who don’t have a lot of money, if they love money. They still want more, including yours.

        People who love money ALWAYS want more no matter how much they already have.

        You don’t have to be a millionaire or billionaire to love and worship money. Some middle-class people also love and worship money. The point is Trump knew we would feel safer with him and his billionaire friends in the White House so he played on that, when he’s just like the rest of the greedy bastards, including the Elite. Trump is no different than the Elites, as it turns out they all have the same ‘love of money’ sinful, disordered mindset.

        They know that we the voters think ‘they already have enough money, so they won’t raise taxes, raid funds, or steal from us because they already made their money so why would the extremely wealthy want ours.’ But that’s not true for those who love and worship money.

        They know that’s how we (mistakenly) think and they played us like a fiddle. Trump included. So much for his billionaire cabinet members all of whom are in-fighting. He has turned the White House into a child daycare with all the juvenile name-calling, dysfunctional back-stabbing, and never ending in-fighting.

        “Money is not the root of all evil, but rather the love of money is.”

        People who love and worship money never feel that they have enough even if they’re a millionaire or billionaire. So much for “I am a billionaire and I will only appoint other billionaires.” Yep, we were duped. As far as Hillary and Trump, she’s awful, but as we’re now seeing he’s not much better.

        • “Money is not the root of all evil, but rather the love of money is.”

          The love of UNEARNED money is the root of all evil. . .

      9. “Almost always win.” Until they don’t. And it’s America’s job to see that that happens, thru education and information dissemination, even going into the arts.

        “Almost always win?” That was also true of Hitler. How did that one work out. But as they say about horseshoes and handgrenades, almost doesn’t count.

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