How the Coming Global State is Being Reached

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Headline News | 72 comments

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    It is important to review concepts I detailed in previous articles in order to present the topic in this one. A Global State will be almost identical to Orwell’s “1984” when it is realized (“metastasized” is a more appropriate term for the cancer of globalism), in these details:

    1. The entire surface of the globe cannot be conquered by a single entity/nation, but spheres of influence can be established that will “offset” one another: “Super-states”
    2. The Super-states will be almost identical to “1984’s” of Oceania (America, England, and the English-speaking nations), Eurasia (Russia and Europe), and Eastasia (the Orient).
    3. The impossibility of global conquest by one nation-grouping is due to the need for a region ruled to be comprised of ethnically “homogenous” peoples with a leader of that genotype. This serves to “congeal” groups of people while isolating them from the other spheres and creating “enemies” needed by the State to maintain a continuous threat, war production, and a population with one accord.
    4. Each nation-group/Super-state will have a totalitarian system in place that parallels the other states and is mutually supportive either through cooperation or through their existences providing “enemies” to maintain a directed, driven population as outlined in #3.
    5. A contested area of the globe with natural resources changing hands constantly (the Middle East, Africa, and the Polar regions), with populations relegated to slavery or servitude by whichever Super-state is in charge at the moment.

    The UN has been a “paper tiger” for many years, but it is such only from a military perspective. In terms of finances, it has been corralling in the world’s financiers (such as the BIS, the Bank of International Settlements), and establishing a world court (in the Hague) slowly but effectively. From a “dogmatic” perspective, the UN is fostering its phony narratives throughout the world: illegal aliens are termed “refugees,” and Al Gore’s nonsense about climate change has been incorporated into “biodiversity projects” such as Agenda 21 and others that not even the “REMF” (look it up) Senator’s son could foresee.

    The UN is globalism, and more: the UN is the vehicle…the convening body of approval, the face, and the administrative apparatus of the coming global state.

    These plans have been in existence for more than a century. From the moment the United States was formed, the efforts have been unrelenting both domestically and internationally to control the banking and return administration of the “province” to England, a European power we fought against twice and subsequently rescued twice from two world wars.

    Oligarchs in all nations have sold their countries out in favor of an “Elysium” style society on earth, a “1984,” where laws are inflicted upon the peoples as their leaders violate every one of them. A global society where the only words for a citizen are conformity, obedience, and productivity: a planetary “Gulag” broken down into several regions for administrative purposes and where each region is mutually self-supportive.

    The concept of the United States as a sovereign nation is a mirage: the reality is a miasma resulting from the stench of decades of controlled dysfunction and destabilization to bring the nation to the brink of collapse while giving the taxpayers the illusion they’re still free and that their votes in the rigged elections still count. All throughout the United States the quality of life – employment, family structure, faith, and true communities of neighborhoods and neighbors that help one another when needed and still mind their own business…these qualities have almost completely vanished.col

    The votes are only to provide the color of authenticity and approval of the citizenry as the politicians ply their trades: the business of government to enrich them personally while they pillage the nation’s assets, selling them off to other nations and destroying the country. They care not for their “constituency,” and their only honor is to themselves for self-aggrandizement. Their only loyalties are toward power, wealth, and exemptions from the laws that govern other men.

    Such is the point that we have reached, and where we are. The illusion is maintained: “We’re strong, united, and defending the Homeland.” All of it obfuscates the true actions and objective:

    The United States is being turned into a total surveillance state in preparation for a “collapse,” the complete enslavement of its citizens (Socialism into Communism, complete with gulags), and its dissolution and subsequent “absorption” into the system of global governance.

    The NY Post published an article by Rich Lowry on 7/30/18 entitled Like it or not, America is now seriously debating socialism.” It details the methanous-reemergence of Bernie Sanders in the forefront and his “Medicare For All” plank, a platform estimated by the Mercatus Center (a conservative firm) to cost around $33 trillion for the first 10 years if it’s emplaced.

    Really? Socialism? Lenin himself said that socialism is the final step before communism: and these morons are going to eat it right out of the hand of Bernie Sanders.

    It is not so far-fetched as you may think: Olympia Snow (R, ME) brought Obamacare to the floor of the Senate, and within a small matter of time it became law…a law that is still bleeding us even after the President knocked the individual mandate out of the picture.

    The stultified masses will “bite” on it hook, line, and sinker as another entitlement, and it has the surest method of funding: taxes. The unstoppable, SWAT team and LEO-enforced taxes raised by the politicians upon their serfs, the public. The media has never ceased their barrages against the President.

    The globalist vehicle to ensure complete accountability of the citizens from a legal perspective is mandatory health care…and one that cripples the country in the exact same plan that Cloward and Piven introduced to President Johnson that took effect: the creation of a welfare state to implode the system.

    A Time Magazine article posted on 6/11/18 by Alex Fitzpatrick has a title that summarizes the fostered complacency and resignation that the Media and globalists are using to mold the people. The title isDrones are here to stay. Get used to it.” The article mentions there are 1.1 million drones registered by the FAA (don’t you just love that one? More revenue and ad valorem…the “registered drone” business). Of this total amount, 918,000 are listed as “hobbyists,” and 194,000 as “commercial” drones.

    This article does not mention the number of drones used by the Federal government, by law enforcement, and by government agencies.

    The drones have GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities. They have cameras. Ta-dah! The cameras can be linked, and the images captured and used by the government. The happy Hallmark family in the park doesn’t realize their happy Saturday drone flight’s recordings and images can be snatched up by law enforcement and the fusion centers.

    That Petraeus and his “Internet of things” statement is coming to fruition: all of the computers, cell phones, devices in the home, CCTV cameras, data recorders in the cars, trash recycling firms (sifting your trash), satellites, drones…all of it is caging us in. The other countries are leading the pack: China is breaking new ground that will find its way into the U.S.  England (especially London) is a complete surveillance labyrinth.

    They’re collecting biometric data from us in the airports, with the CCTV cameras, and with the cellular telephones. The Android model is taking biometrics of pulse, voice recognition, and transmitting user location with composition (others in the room with you). All for no reason, right? Just to foster loving togetherness and a feeling of belonging to a social group…a remake of “teaching the world to sing,” but this time without Coca-cola.

    Wrong. The cage has to be emplaced, and laws made: laws to try and wrest our remaining freedoms from us. They want the guns, they want to adulterate the vote (allowing illegal aliens to vote) and destroy the fabric of society. They want to destroy the United States, and they’re succeeding, on a daily basis. Edward Snowden was only able to reveal a small fraction of what is happening, and that information is astounding. Think what they’re doing now, and look what they’re doing, right before our eyes.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Because most men today have become or have always been fucking cowards.

        • Just another battleship mouth with a rowboat ass – you talk too much and lack any sort of action dummy.

          • We’ll see no name nobody.

            • Menzo, MY FRIEND,

              Don’t rise to the bait.
              Do Not make overt, person threats.
              Your internet address is readily discoverable by the authorities.
              Nothing is anonymous.
              You are of no use if you are taken out first.

              I know you are frustrated.
              All of us are.

              LET IT GO

              • Thanks.

                • A basic 4 wing rotor Drone can be easily removed from the sky above, with 12g #5 shot, and choked barrel if you got it, for longer range. Just one BB pellet hitting a rotor blade will send the drone to the ground. So keep a 12g shot gun handy with long barrel, and stock up on #5 shot. And BTW/ anybody flying one of these over your property to spy on you, is open game to shoot down. And if they complain, then see if they had it registered with the FAA, and nail their A$$e$ into the dirt, and sue them for everything they got.

                  All Airspace below 500FT or less is the public safe zone per FAA, and illegal for aircraft of any kind to fly under, in a populated area. Know the rules folks, and be prepared.

                  • There are exceptions to the elevation floor rule for law enforcement

                    • So how are we to know a drone flying under 500 ft. is law enforcement when we shoot it down? Could have been anybody.

          • And once again Anonymous wins the day with insults while contributing nothing to the discussion or the community.

            • Must be antifa?

            • Just so you know. There are two anonymous posters here. One is a troll, the other (me) is a contributor.

        • Look up the UN’s Agenda 2030, their new plan for global socialism and equality.

        • INFO WARS taken down, now one by one, sites that allow free speech, and/or publish controversial articles will disappear. And, people will hunker down, and be mopped up, one at a time…

      2. The news media is burying this crime. It bears some attention, not because it is insane, not because it is sensational; but because it reflects how news lies by omission. All we hear about are injustices and crimes where the offender is white. We are allowed to know about black on black crime, but not back on white.


        • Conservative News

          In Louisiana black woman maces mother who is white, kidnaps six month old, burns him to death.


          • Damn ni gger

          • She will suffer the same fate except eternally

        • Check out. New Nation

        • ” Immigrants and young American Marxists pushing globalism”

          They’re the useful idiots. Its the global financial elite pulling the globalist strings furthering the agenda. They’re hardly marxist being fascist in ideology. They employ communists to fulfill the human resource role. The public focusing on the left v right dynamic works to their benefit taking eyes off of them like a dog chasing its tail.

          • All of the international business and banking supported and still supports the “Free Trade” agenda industrializing the developing world at the expense of the developed which for us was the USA.

      3. This started when the Rothschild Family really got together with the Illuminati, Templars, and Masons and formed the One World Order.

        Around 1850 it all came together.

        With this group, and the advent of Central Banks (privately owned) around the world, and the destruction of the Kings and Queens who had an allegiances to their people, the Democracy gave these rich families the ultimate way to control us.

        This was all planned centuries ago.

        • ^^^^^ He’s right you know….

        • “Democracy” is in essence mob rule led by the person with a loudest bull horn on the highest steeple. The power elite own the bullhorn and steeple and incrementally silence the opposing loud yells. The masses then largely and quite predictably behave like domestic farm animals.

      4. Well, right away the thesis of the article is wrong. The author has not been paying attention to the migrant crisis. If, as the author claims, the goal of the globalists is the creation of “ethnically ‘homogenous’ peoples” — unless the NWO is mainly Muslim and Hispanic.

        • the blame-e

          Thats the homogenization of culture, race and religion.

          • Well geez.

            All those white American women making black babies need to take break. There are about 10-million illegal Hispanics just waiting to be homogenized. And there are all these British foreign nationals here in the US who have over-stayed there tourist or student visas (a euphemism for being here illegally, too). I know a lot of people from Eurasia that need to get out of Oceania or they are going to really mess things up.

            Don’t you have to stop the migration in order to begin the homogenization and de-racification?

            And as far as a homogenized religion goes, I would love to see the American Jews submit to Mussification. Not so worried about the Catholics. They rolled over for the Inquisition and the Protestants. They’ll do it again.

        • Replace the word “homogenization” with the word “mongrelization”, because that is what globalists are doing. With the exception of Isreal, all races, cultures, and religions are being blended into a single human uncultured mass with no understanding of history and the achievements of their ancestors; in preparation for global slavery.


          • We are becoming a homo-gene-nation.

            • “Please clap!” Jeb Bush

          • The “One World Government” agenda was exposed in the 1950s by the John Birch Society. Their members were called crazy, lunatics, conspiracy theory nuts. Lyndon LaRouche (vacillating between left & right) acknowledged this NWO goal also. One had to desire to be intentionally oblivious or willful ignorant not to see it; now its mainstream. The goal is to merge everyone into compliant dependency.

        • In Europe, they are experiencing “The Kalergi Plan”. Here it is part of “Cloward-Piven”. These are part of the coming White Genocide, one of the main end-goals of the people who want to own the Earth. Most White people refuse to comprehend this. South Africa is the White race’s future…

          • This makes the “Skinheads”, “White Supremacist”, and the “KKK” not look so bad after all,huh?

        • I don’t think those two groups will really mix. They may use each other for a common purpose such as illegal immigration but otherwise one has no use for the other. I’ve seen this on a local scale.

      5. Arctic Blue Ocean Event Consequences: Air and Ocean Circulation Changes // Jul 28, 2018

        It is becoming common knowledge that we are rapidly heading to complete loss of Arctic sea-ice. Without a course reversal, one eventually gets where one is headed. What will the consequences be, to the Arctic and to the rest of the planet?

        Using my three cats as willing(?) helpers, I attempt to explain how the Beaufort Gyre and TransArctic Drift will reverse, monsoonal torrential rains will attack permafrost on land along Arctic coastlines, with severe increases in methane and carbon dioxide releases from this big thaw.

        Our world will rapidly change for the worse as Arctic feedbacks accelerate and the jet streams stall out. We will have to relearn how to grow food in new ways and regions as existing farmland becomes subject to droughts and/or switches to torrential rains. Buckle your seatbelts.

        • Bull-shit

        • Let the culling begin! I may build a large aquaponics setup. From what I hear there is no more north polar cap. I blame it on nagger farts. Get rid of them pesky critters. Catfish are tough, I recommend them in aquaponics.

          • I recommend the lemon drop and the peach.

        • BULL SNOT. Another lefty line of poop. What we were told 15 years ago the east coast would be gone by 2020, its still there or does it only have 1 1/2 years left???LOL


        • Lots of info that the Arctic sea ice has been growing exponentially since about 2015.

          Look up Grand Solar Minimum using your favorite search engine and digest some of that.

          I suspect climate history (tied to the sun) is repeating itself.


      6. (Paul

      7. Demographics highly favor a move to elect socialists sometime in the future. But there won’t be many options if you want to leave the country because the rest of the world is pretty messed up too. Still a few years to prep for it – get land in a low tax state, learn a skill that can feed you, get any guns you think you will need, and put your savings into something the government cannot locate or seize or tax. And most important – keep you head down and your fingers off social media!

        • Dat iz guud advize nyaaaaaah!

      8. Just as before ,the media will seduce and pay the crowd to yell, Crisify Him.

      9. If 20 years ago we were told Cristian’s would be having their heads chopped off , we would laugh? Even as written. Not many are laughing now. Expecialy the chopes? And the King of the north and King of the east with I heard a 200 million man army?allied with Persia ( Iran ). Just a coincidence? The last persecution of the Cristian’s. And that non compromising one world religion? And as barbera learner Spector said, the children of satan will be responsible ? Revaluation 2:9 ,3:9 John 8:44.

        • Very well written, TH. Are you a newspaper editor?

          • I’m nobody, just a traitor hater.

      10. In 1950 whites were 25% of world population ? Now we are 8. Do the math? if not now when?

      11. Since 9-11 full bore fascism has kicked into hyper gear. The loss of America’s industry was the earlier catapult that fattened the greedy pigs into a capital feeding frenzy of ripoffs. Like Jim Willy said “treason is the calling card to make it in US politics” or something similar to that. How much will this government destroy in the attempt to save themselves? That the American people have been fully sold out is becoming clearer by each passing day. Gold and silver will back the coming world financial reset, the US being reduced to third world status is underway. Strange that no account of US held gold is ever given yet reports of other nations tonnage are widespread. Treason is happening right now before our eyes. There seems nothing can be done to reverse the course as the people are easily distracted by frivolous BS like supposed uniparty differences. 100% of msm are lying sacks of shit.

      12. Well,in a 12 hour period apple/ggoy/fecesbook ect. all dropped Alex Jones,seems lately a purge of those “who don’t agree”,expect this to ramp up as mid terms come into play,this site may soon be next along with many others.

        Control the narrative you can win the game,look for alts for info. now and alt comms. the net ect. goes down.

        • They have really been after Alex Jones, and are dropping the axe. I guess this proves there is really truth in what he’s been saying. They want to shut him up before he influences too many people to the truth. I think there are more people than we know who are enlightened to the truth, but are not broadcasting it. Prepare for the “PUNCH”.

      13. Well,in a 12 hour period apple/ggoy/fecesbook ect. all dropped Alex Jones,seems lately a purge of those “who don’t agree”,expect this to ramp up as mid terms come into play,this site may soon be next along with many others.

        Control the narrative you can win the game,look for alts for info. now and alt comms. the net ect. goes down.

      14. Most Americans do not know that Obama handed over control of the Internet to the Chinese in 2014. This purging is just the beginning. The Chinese will reshape the Internet in their image. They have already started with Hollywood, which they now control.

        Most free speech will be labelled ‘hate speech’ and then purged from the public sphere.

        As for the US, it is finished as a project because it does not work. Human beings were never meant to live with that level of racial, cultural and ethnic diversity and get along.

        • Obama was NEVER a US President, he was a presidential impersonator. Why was he not a US President? Because we have three (3) qualifications that ALL (that means every single person) MUST meet in order to even run.

          Yes, I did bring that out when he was “running”, while he was “in office”, etc. Nothing that he or the treasonous scum – who was serving within all three branches of OUR government, plus within each state’s government at that time at EVERY level, that not one thing they did was Lawful and binding on this nation, binding on the American people.

          In order to be able to represent the American people, this nation, one MUST meet all requirements for the position in government found within the US Constitution. When those listed in writing conditions are NOT MET, they are NOT allowed to use the authority/power of the governmental position being occupied.

          At this moment we are in illegal, unLawful wars of aggression that are forbidden. They are not declared by those who serve within the Congress as is REQUIRED in writing. Our nation was not invaded. Etc. All who currently serve within the “US military” must NOT follow any orders until we replace the DOMESTIC ENEMIES AND TRAITORS

          • They should be following the US Constitution as they are Oath bound to the document first and foremost before the orders of “superiors” and before the duties of the position they occupy. They are REQUIRED to “SUPPORT AND DEFEND” the US Constitution against domestic enemies, not just foreign ones.

        • Traitors will get their due punishment in the end. He was not a legal president, but a traitor, yes.

        • For once I can agree with everything you just said, Frank.

      15. Local news guy ran a story about a riding lawn mower race somewhere one of the three women on the news panel says do you mow the lawn he says no she says how about home improvements he says no. Then all three women giggle. It’s not funny that this guy is a wimp. Real men mow lawns and swing hammers these women should be having pity on this guy or is it they like seeing him emasculated and their power as women elevated. I found it sad he was perfectly fine with being a bitch.

      16. The tree of liberty fell on our watch. And not one shot was fired by people who call themselves ‘Patriots’. They are fake Patriots. Hell, to this old coot, most of them are too young to even remember what we have lost.

        The Republican’s (Globalist’s #1 Diversion) NDAA (H.R. 1540 (112th) signed New Year’s Eve 2011 (although Bush’s Patriot Act laid the foundation on October 26, 2001) was America’s death knell. With the stroke of a pen, We the People became mere subjects. That event was our generation’s Declaration of Independence but patriots never showed up. All talk, and no guts to put actual skin in the game.

        So-called ‘Patriots’ may have hundreds of millions of guns and metric tons of ammo but have nothing they are willing fight for.

        • It not the time – patience

        • Another traitor who will reap what he sowed.

      17. The ultimate goal is to have a 90% culling of the world population.
        With the advent of AI and robots – we will not be needed. We are and will become just a drain on the world resources for the elite.

        What will be the straw that the elite will use?
        Global financialcollapse?
        A biological man made Pandemic (elite have the vacine cure)
        Middle east eexplodes and triggers WWIII – I doubt too much destruction for the eletes

      18. Just a reservation blanket head on the surface. bury your war paint while you can get it One lone man gets no where but a tribe does. OPSEC is the number one thing. Not even all your family can be trusted when it comes to it. Both Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse were killed by indian police. Red Cloud turned coffee cooler in the end he saw the writing on the wall. During the peace conference when having whiskey with the reporters after the daily talks he would laugh at the idiot whites who believed what he said during the talks. he said whites were easy to kill and to loot. But there were too many of them so he gave up and sat on the reservation cooling his coffee by the fire. Expect those who become the indian police who are among you and watch your OPSEC

        • They will put federal police uniforms on the Muslims and illegals, and pay them like the Bolsheviks did to take down the believed unbeatable Russian military. Who knows how much military supplies have been stashed by obamas men. And that often called fake ,by our fake news monopoly, quote by Ben Franklin ,about what would happen if we didn’t exclude the Jews forever , Is happening?

      19. Is Jerusalems Lat. and long. Really 666? Is it true in the Talmud : Libbre David 37?, and Rev.3:9 is that not plain enough? This waiting game is getting old . But Matthew 25 is pretty clear, Have extra supplies and be ready at a moments notice. He’s been delayed, In other words he should of been here by now? But something must have gone wrong?

      20. I forgot ,the Talmud: Zohar Shemath ? And a lot more.

      21. Time to get rid of google, facebook, twitter, pinterest, apple and other NAZIS tech global surveillance, censorship and propaganda networks.

        These so called ‘social” media have been funded (CIA sponsored as weel) and created to one purpose only: To enslave you..

        And keep your kids in chain from their early years.

      22. I worked in Saudi Arabia with a Cia Operative (1980). He told me a lot of things which I didn’t believe (at the time). One was that the Democratic and Republican parties were on the verge of an agreement to alternate the presidency at two term intervals. I have won money on every election beginning with Clinton!

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