How Next Generation Blockchain Technology Is Revolutionizing Marijuana: “The Black Market In This Industry Taints A Lot Of Product”

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Headline News | 56 comments

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    When people talk about blockchain they often do so within the context of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But the blockchain revolution isn’t just about people being able to easily transfer money back and forth to each other without interference from banks or governments. The technology is advancing so rapidly that it is quickly being adopted by major corporations like Google and Amazon into a wide array of industries.

    And, as Robert Galarza, CEO of publicly traded BLOCKStrain Technology (DNAX.V) explains in a recent interview with SGT Report, it is also being used for advanced medical applications related to genetics verification. In the case of Galarza’s company, blockchain tech is focused on newly regulated marijuana markets in the United States and Canada, where systems to track and verify the genome of specific plants create total trust, protection and legitimacy for breeders, growers, and distributors in a market that has long operated in the shadows.

    And with President Trump now considering lifting the Federal ban on marijuana and leaving States to create their own regulations, technology that protects consumers can’t come soon enough.

    With BLOCKStrain, users of marijuana, whether for medical or recreational reasons, will now have a way to ensure that the product they’re consuming is exactly what it’s supposed to be:

    (Watch At Youtube)

    There are no standards and that’s a scary proposition when you’re looking at the biochemical and chemistry effects that this plant has when literally two batches of the same product from the same mothering plant can yield two separate products with different THC and CBD levels…

    The problem there is if you’re taking it medically for example,  sometimes there are people with heart conditions that get on a high level Sativa with high level THC and they can go into respiratory failures…

    There are a lot of factors that go into needing to make sure that you have… even from a legal source.. an understanding of what you’re putting in your body.

    The black market in this industry taints a lot of product… That’s a scary thing and that’s why it’s so important that we have a safe and legal inventory that’s clean and tested going from the producers to the consumers.

    With marijuana sales expected to bring in billions of dollars on a yearly basis from millions of consumers in North America, standardization is critical for consumer safety.

    And that’s where BLOCKStrain comes into play. To be clear, BLOCKStrain isn’t issuing their own cryptocurrency, token or Initial Coin Offering. Rather, they are using the immutable nature of blockchain technology to ensure that the distribution systems cannot be compromised by bad actors:

    We’re a data company and we’re building a framework that can empower and bolster the industry…. and it can support secondary systems for visibility and supply chain management across the board.

    Companies like Google and the Amazon’s of the world are built upon intelligent information… and there are billions of data points when you’re looking at the cannabis industry…

    We look at the most genesis starting point of the product… the most finite portion, which is the genetic framework of this agricultural good.

    As Galarza notes, his company and those now positioning themselves within the legal Cannabis marketplace are at the very tip of the iceberg of an industry that is just getting of the ground.

    Click here to learn more about BLOCKstrain Technology Corp.

    For more interviews like this one visit SGT Report


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      1. There are so many emerging applications for “trustless” and secure blockchain technology. It’s not just about trading cryptos in the hopes of making large profits.

        This technology will be everywhere soon – banks, hospitals, energy, military, etc.

        Decentralized (AND PRIVATE) internet surfing is one of the most promising aspects as well.







        • Puff puff pass. Just stick with MC and Visa.

          Finally, the owner manufactures of Oxycotton are being sued as the drug is addictive.

          • It’s “Oxycontin” not oxycotten brother.

        • They don’t care about keeping white families together when it comes to divorce, now, do they?

      2. It’s only scary if you’re a dopehead.

        • rrrr,

          I respectfully disagree.

          First, “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” – Matthew 7:2 NIV.

          Second, for someone who is enduring a long-term painful illness/condition, there are very few pain management options: NSAIDs, opiates, and marijuana. There are other conditions for which marijuana or its derivatives have legitimate uses (e.g., treating seizures).

          Will there be those who abuse it? Of course but what in the world has not been abused?


          • 1. The Bible is a primitive document, containing beliefs and values that have been improved during the past few thousand years. If you will try to find better values and beliefs, they are not hard to find.

            2. I said nothing about medical uses. I spoke only of dopeheads.

            3. What has not been abused? Well, perhaps sobriety has also been abused, but it has been abused a lot less than marijuana.

            Everyone who uses Marijuana thinks there is no harm. The facts might surprise you. Elected people in positions of power sooner or later do whatever will get themselves re-elected. All that is needed to make murder legal is a few more decades and a majority of legislators being lobbied in that direction. Marijuana is no different. The fact that it’s legal doesn’t make it harmless. Neither does the fact that a lot of people use it. Even ignorance itself is often very popular. And there is no shortage of delusions by which millions of people live the lives.

            • Marijuana is a natural plant, a product of Creation; alcohol is made by man, which one is more dangerous?

              Your body uses cannabinoids as part of your immune system, alcohol is harmful in any amount.

              Your using an argument that sound much like the ones used by the Hogg kid to subvert the 2nd Amendment. Basically along the lines of “I don’t need this, so no one else should either.” lol

            • Oh my the Fraudulant Bible Thumpers are out of their cage, spreading their phony morality as they worship a jealous god who loves to destroy cultures and kill those who don’t believe exactly like they do. Stuff it rrrrr. You Chump!!

      3. God, now these control freak bastards want to regulate a harmless little plant that humans have been using for millennia? LEAVE US ALONE ALREADY!!! Don’t you have enough power? Obsessive scum.

        • You are free to do whatever you want with your mind and body. It’s not that I don’t care what you do. It’s that it is useless to direct some people in a more healthy direction. Yes, you are free to use whatever you like, as far as I am concerned. But I also have rights, and one of my rights is that I don’t have to shut up about it.

          • rr, sounds like you will be one of the very disappointed salad eaters when you die. Going to happen to all of us, salad or dope.

      4. Just fully legalize cannabis and allow people to grow their own if they so desire. The health benefits are immense and long hidden but present research is revealing the healing properties of this miraculous natural plant. The only crimes that are committed are by those interests who oppose natural health remedies because they work unlike the poisons that they produce in their death cult for humans and insatiable greed backed by a pure evil government and corporations who only exist to pillage and sicken citizens for profit.

        • It would be better to decriminalize it than legalize it, because legalization gives government another revenue source.

        • Why not just get rid of society altogether, let everyone do whatever they want to do? It’s hell, that’s why. If you made everything legal, the first thing some people would do is kill marijuana users. Something similar to that happened recently in the Philippines. Weren’t you paying attention? Oh, right. Of course not. You were on dope the whole time.

          • 100 million armed Americans; the majority are neither crazed leftists, nor Rambo wannabees. An armed society is a polite one.

            We are NOT the Philippines; even dopers recognize that! By the way, in your Reality, does everyone who drinks get blind drunk every time? Just wondering if you apply your “reasoning” equally……..

          • rrrr: Sounds like that’s what you want to do.

      5. Hate to break up the party but if you look around and develop a little situational awareness, you may realize that pot and blockchain is the least of your worries. This just a distraction. It all broke in 08. I wish you all well and good health.

        • 2008 was just a small taste of what the Great Correction will do for us.

      6. Never met a pot head I could trust with anything important or dangerous, and probably never will. You got pain and need it? By all means, have your fill, and G*d be with you. I booted every alcoholic and pot head out of the Army that came within my purview. You can’t give a belt-fed machine gun, or the laterals of a tank or APC to one of them and expect good results. Things that are more technical than that are out of the question. This country is headed for hell, and millions are yearning for their pot? Sounds about right. Just remember, all you geniuses who have made all those logical arguments about how harmless it is, you are going to reap the whirlwind. The stuff you want is still mostly in the hands of the drug cartels, and they’re not going to turn it loose just yet, and when it’s legal everywhere, these little demons will be right there, giving it a little dusting of this or that, to make sure you’ll be back for more. And your kids too. Drunk drivers kill around 20,000 people a year. Wonder how many, pot, does, or will kill.

        • The people that I drove around after getting high said I drove better high than straight.
          Somehow I managed to maintain a clean MVR for over 40 years, 20 of which I was frequently high during.
          High drivers don’t suffer from drunkenness.

          • The people you drove around after getting high were probably lying to you. Dope kind of does that to people, like, they are not going to say anything to upset you. In fact marijuana use does negatively influence driving and performance of some other tasks.

        • 10,497 were killed in 2016, too many, 1,600,000 accidents caused by people on the phone. The phone accidents are why I quit driving drunk, on the phone, hit me, and I become a DUI statistic thru no fault of my own (other than drinking of course).

        • Come on Sean, potheads can kill just as effective as you psychopaths who joined the military to commit genocide for a paycheck.

          Just look out for the weak sissys who can’t throw a hand granade.

        • Come on Sean, potheads can kill just as effective as you psychopaths who joined the military to commit genocide for a paycheck.
          Just look out for the weak sissys who can’t throw a hand granade.

        • I make the dies that cast your bullets and I smoke grass! It is all in the person that uses it similar to alcohol. There is a time and place for everything if you are the type to be intoxicated around the clock then of course it’s gonna get ugly.

      7. The problem with Mary Jane is that it makes you lazy and docile. Your ruling class loves this. By keeping people high and calmed down the masses are less likely to revolt. It takes stress and anger to motivate a people to throw off their chains.

        Blockchain is still chains. And it is a one world currency designed to enslave.

        By silver and gold coins. We can trade with each other. We don’t need a big brother to lead us by the nose. We are all adults. Let’s start acting like it and keep Trade inside the USA and local.


        • You obviously do not understand what blockchain is, which gives you something in common with those who don’t understand economics at all.

          • Blockchain may be safe from ordinary criminals, but it’s not safe from the federal government.

            • Legalize Pot and grow your own. You save money and it cuts off the feeding and funding the foreign drug cartels. We save America and peace breaks out all over the world.

        • Pot doesn’t make me lazy. I am more productive. In fact I worked in a machine shop when I was a youngster. I busted ass stoned and always got top raises. Id be running several machine lathes at a time and worked within about 2 to 3 thousands of an inch in tollerances. Never had any problems. Worked all day and partied all night. I like bike riding stoned 25 mi. I get into exercise and stretching more when intuned to my body. Its a heightened awareness. Alcohole on the otherhand will kill ya.

        • When drugs were being tested on the military, I distinctly heard them say, they lost their sense of urgency.

          I think, they want nervous energy, with no outlet and no contemplation.

          Rather than selling it with sex, many commercials now resort to irritation or false (harmless) kinds of rebellion, which, so far as I can tell, triggers that same, limbic part of the brain.

          I believe that’s also how dialectics works.

          What if people were less responsive to futile, framed debates, solely for the purpose generating nervous energy.

          Would they be less suggestible.

      8. Anyone that can understand double entry bookkeeping that doesn’t understand blockchain doesn’t really understand double entry bookkeeping.

      9. So explain this to us Mr. Wizard. Otherwise, go away.

      10. If you are so pathetic you need to smoke dope or other drugs, then die, you useless loser.

      11. Dear Mr. Dumb:

        I am no dummy. Noting all the errors in your message and your basic failure in logic, I would say that my IQ is just about double yours.

        My grandma would say that you’re eat up with the dumbass.

        • Arch,
          “My grandma would say that you’re eat up with the dumbass”.
          I think that is “ate up with the dumbass”.
          But I show my age.
          I haven’t read or heard that in years.
          Pretty apt and funny comment!

          • I’ve heard it said both ways.

            It’s still funny when I hear someone else say it.

      12. If anyone is not sure what marijuana will do to your mind, just listen to a few Cheech & Chong albums.

        • They reportedly watched what they ate and (maybe, some time around the ‘Corsigan Twins’) Cheech Marin felt guilty about demoralization. He apparently ruined the dumb guy act with culture and a court drama.

        • Archivist, Cheech and Chong are ACTORS. Have you never heard of “Hollywood”?

      13. “With BLOCKStrain, users of marijuana, whether for medical or recreational reasons, will now have a way to ensure that the product they’re consuming is exactly what it’s supposed to be”
        What that means is controlled effectiveness. Nobody gets high anymore. Nobody is allowed to grow for personal consumption. Nobody is allowed to share, etc etc etc.
        Don’t trust the the controllers.

      14. a halucinagenic drug pairing up with phantom money-perfect!!!

      15. The only reason it is not legal is the alcohol companies and the big pharma don’t want it legal.

      16. Latest studies are that cannabis will effectively treat and improve alzheimers and dementia patients. You that denigrate users actually know little about its healing properties for many failing bodily functions. Try reading the latest real science behind the cannabis plants ability to heal beyond big pharmacy chemical solutions without serious side effects. 80 years of lies and you’re still buying into the BS of reefer madness. Cannabis usage removes the brainwashing of the masses and increases respect for all living things.

        • Cannibis kills brain cells. Anyone who thinks that is good for the brain has smoked too much of it.

          • Agreed have you ever talked to a person who has used dope for years. They have the mind of a child. It really dumbs them down so the gov propaganda campaign is very effective.

          • Stress kills brain cells.

            But, many of the same, chemical factors, responsible for inflammation, also trigger growth. When plant and animal tissues are subjected to anti-inflammatories, at a critical stage, they are malformed, or vital signals fail to function, for instance, resulting in deafness and heart attacks.

            There is a healthy balance, in which you are using your faculties, but not in overdrive.

      17. AJ…..
        I would like to agree with you….but….I know some “pot heads”…
        and over years of use they definitely lose the ability to
        make good decisions. They would rather sit around and
        sing “gumbyahh”… than work to elevate themselves out of poverty.

        They lie, to everyone. They refuse to live in reality. They enjoy
        their stupers. They lose everything then become parasites for
        others to support.

        Of couse, this is the liberal…and deep-state wet dream. For that
        reason alone we should ..”disappear”… the ones responsible.

        I agree with the other poster who said, when MJ becomes
        less profitable….they will dope it up with more chemicals
        to make it more potent. They may already do it!
        At any rate….I don’t want to see children strung out all over
        the playgrounds……heaving their insides out…. because the
        supposedly responsible adults in this country are $hittt-for-brains

      18. Aljamo. These uninformed anti-pot shills are the typical brainwashed, moral controllers who get news from the Lie TV/ MSM outlets that are dryg pushung opioids commercials. 75% of all TV advertising revenue comes from drug commercials and another 10% of revenue from political advertising. So what king if BS propaganda do you think they push? Got to keep the Prisons full at Max occupancy and drug co’s flush with cash. Its all a lie.

      19. Wow just wow lol
        I’ve been smoking pot for 35 years now I’m the smartest guy I know lol. Canada is legalizing right away however the dispenseries are open for business.
        I bought some and I must say the quality was better well labeled and half the street price and when it is fully in play we Canadians can grow up to 4 plants per household.making it even cheaper. As for the uninformed ( RRR) give it a rest with your reefer madness.

      20. Cannabis never killed anybody. It also has anti cancer properties and has healed cancer patients where no other treatment has worked, chemotherapy kills the bodies natural defenses. Cannabis is natures gift to mankind, big pharmacy has none of those.

        • Cancer is just uncontrolled growth.

          Then, how does cannabis fix that.

      21. Angry beaver….. You are the smartest person you know???
        Does that mean that you have no friends because you are
        a freekin pothead?
        The old saying “you don’t know, what you don’t know” because
        you don’t know how untolerable you are to other people.

        Sorry, I don’t buy your logic. Seems your train has already left the
        station……and you missed yours.

      22. If you are on the bandwagon to ” MJ is good for you”,
        you are working for the same people who put
        FLORIDE in our water making people believe it is good
        for you. It is a POISON….compliments of any (government?)
        who wants you drugged into a docile non-combative man
        who wants you to be prettier than his sister.

        Floride was used by Nazi Germans during WW2 against the
        enemy.. It has NO HEALTH QUALITIES!!!

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