How I Reached My Breaking Point Ten Years Ago

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Do you LOVE America?


    Exactly ten years ago to the day, I was in the Kuwaiti desert waiting for George W. Bush to ‘make his decision’.

    You may remember the circumstances. Ever since labeling Iraq, Iran, and North Korea the ‘Axis of Evil’ in January 2002, the President had been gradually advocating war with Iraq based on the threat of nuclear weapons.

    We knew it was going to happen. At the time, I was a rising intelligence officer, my head still filled with ideals of national duty from my time at West Point.

    One of the generals that I served under gathered together his officers in early 2002 and said, “We’re going to war. It’s not a question of IF, but WHEN.”

    By late summer of that year, my unit was ordered to Kuwait to pre-position assets and begin gathering boots on the ground intelligence. So every time Mr. Bush would say “I haven’t made a decision yet,” I winced from the heavy stench of his BS.

    But still, I held out hope.

    It all came crashing down ten years ago today. On February 5, 2003 Colin Powell, four-star general turned US Secretary of State, made a case to the United Nations that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

    Now, I won’t bother delving into the inaccuracies of the intelligence he presented. In Powell’s own words, making that presentation to the UN was “the lowest point in [his] life” and a “lasting blot on his record.”

    For me, it was pivotal. At that instant, I knew without doubt that my government had reprehensibly lied through its teeth. And if they were lying about this… what else were they lying about?

    Everything, it turned out.

    The event set me down a path on which I never looked back. The fraud of the Iraq War soon led to the frauds of previous wars, our monetary system, taxes, the global banking system, the national balance sheet, the police state, etc.

    It all unraveled so quickly, and I soon realized that I was not living in a free country… that all the loud, bombastic nonsense and pledges of allegiance were illusions masking modern day serfdom.

    The subsequent ten years have only reinforced this trend. The political and banking elite have given us more war, inflation, and epic financial crises. They’ve turned Western civilization into a giant police state. And they’ve managed to brainwash the great masses so effectively that the people are crying out for more.

    And yet, there are solutions.

    After an emotional, gut-wrenching awakening, I traveled to more than 100 countries looking for freedom and opportunity. I learned that awareness, prudent planning, and global thinking can rebuild much of our stolen liberty.

    Quite simply, you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. History shows that when governments enter a period of terminal decline, they try to control EVERYTHING– wages, prices, borders, money supply, foreign exchange, private property, etc.

    Of course, these tactics never work and only hasten the decline, as everyone from Emperor Diocletian of ancient Rome to Argentina’s modern day President Cristina Fernandez [will] have learned.

    As destructive as these politicians are, though, they’re easy to defeat. Individuals who take action early have plenty of options to buy precious metals, move a portion of their savings abroad to a stable banking jurisdiction, and scout out locations overseas in case they ever need to get out of dodge.

    These steps make sense no matter what. It’s hard to imagine that you’ll be worse off for shipping a few physical ounces of gold abroad, having some savings stashed away in a healthy foreign bank, or taking control of your retirement account.

    However if it’s a bumpy road ahead– gold criminalization, capital controls, pension fund confiscation, etc.– you’ll be well ahead of the crowd.

    I had to reach my breaking point before taking these steps. Fortunately I was early. Most people either ignore the writing on the wall… or they won’t do anything until it’s too late and there are no more options. I’m willing to bet that you’re different.

    (emphasis added)

    Contributed by Sovereign Man


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      1. What do you think of converting gold holdings to platinum, so as not to be confiscated? Thanx!

        • GOP, personally, I think it is a good strategy to hold platinum as well. However, I would not hold it exclusively (that’s just me). I think in terms of diversifying your precious metals holding, all four of the big boys — gold, silver, platinum and palladium should be in your basket.

          Again, that’s just me.

          Ideally, as Simon points out, those with the ability to do so should be considering at least some international diversification to protect against out of control government taxes, confiscation and whatever else may come our way.

          • what about copper ?

            • Bulky, but certainly a great prep item for someone who has the room. Not that I would ever do such a thing, but should someone want to make a high quality alcohol still, copper is a fine metal to use 🙂

              • Mac,

                Only got a couple of pounds of copper so if you find any plans for a miniature still point the owner in my direction lol.

                Take care

                • My good friend Terry built mine… i am not sure if he has actual plans available, but his web site is . He makes some pretty sweet units 🙂

                  It’s illegal to distill alcohol in the states, so I would never use it for something like that 🙂 but it’s a lovely furniture piece made of 100% copper.

                  • Cheers…I mean thank you……hic

                    Take care

                  • Mac,
                    Quibble, is it illegal to distill for home use, or for sale without paying THE TAX…

                  • I haven’t looked at this in a really long time but is it useful for making biodiesel? I don’t think so, that’s something entirely different process-wise but my memory fails me. I think you’re going to need lye and lots of it for that.

                    How about this question… does it work for water? Say seawater.

                    What’s the power source?

                  • actually it is not illegal to distill small amounts of alcohol..for personal use…it is very ilegal to be caught selling it.

                  • Check your state regs…YES is it illegal in many states to distill the first ounce of spirits…even for personal use.

                    TPTB don’t want us messing with their golden goose.

                • Did you know you can buy a working still on EBAY as a novelty item ? Ole’ Popcorn lives ! By golly that’s good ( Jim Tom).. Hey Tickle for President !

              • you dog…’) howling at the moon on a crisp evening…
                I prefer stainless 😉

              • Hard apple cider is a good start for the beginner. A few yards of copper tubing and you can come up with some potent stuff. I tried this when I was a teenager and made some highly flammable liquid out of a gallon of cider that was going to be thrown out. Pennsylvanians have a long biofuel history…see the Whiskey Rebellion and George Washington.

              • Wait, did you both know nickels contain 75% copper and 25% nickel, and are about to be replaced next year? I read an article on that recently, so stock up on your nickels. Also, I thought Uncle Sam taxed on overseas accounts. Could you enlighten me as to how to go about doing that? Which countries are best?

              • It would be far more valuable in wire form 12 and 14 gauge. When things go to hell somthing like that will be priceless. 500 feet of Romex put away may be a very wise move.

            • Listen to Mac,
              Value per pound.
              Unless you’re a moonshiner…;)

            • I save all my 82 and older pennies as theyre good grade copper and will have some value in trade.

              • Pre 82 penny is not pure copper. You will figure that out the first time you melt them down into ingots. I know you won’t do that because it’s illegal. Just sayin….

                • Sure…but 82 and back are 95% copper and only 5% zinc compared to after 82 when they went to like 97% zinc and 3% copper…and I wasnt talking about melt value..just a simple measure of exchangable value in a tough time when paper has lost 100% of its value…I mean Id rather sell you some taters for 500 copper pennies than take your five dollar FRN…rather have the pennies than the equivelent dollar amount in paper…in a SHTF scenario metal of most any kind would have some value,maybe not much but certainly more than any amount of paper…thats all Im saying!Oh and as to melting them down for ingots?…they dont call me REB for nothin… 😉 Thanks! “Live free or die tryin”

            • Copper is the the preferred metal of Chinese pig farmers. Just saying.

              • DK, I have been considering some copper rounds, strictly as a possible bartering tool later on post any collapse. As gold gets more expensive and silver follows it, copper and nickle may be the only semi-PM that a person on a budget could afford. Where I use to buy Morgans and Peace dollars by the roll,these days I am stuck buying rolls of 90% dimes for what I got the rolls of silver dollars for in the late 90’s. I am also picking up nickles at the bank by the rolls. Oh well it all adds up. Just curious for your thoughts and advice. Peace Clay

                • Claymation: Invest in gold, speculate in silver, and hoard your lead, they won’t be making any more of it after the changes.

                  I have been giving that advice here for three years now.

                  In an economic crash, cash is king and no debt is your salvation. While the leveraged middle class will experience the destruction of their wealth and the subsequent financial serfdom, those individuals and corporations with lots of cash and little or no debt will profit handsomely. Thus, Mushroom’s advice to fill #10 cans with $10 bills was a sound one.

                  If you cannot afford gold, buy some silver. If you cannot afford to buy silver (after your food preps and ammo) save your change. In a crash, cash is king: even your change.

                  Copper rounds? Only if you intend to manufacture your own ammo. NOMI

          • Mac, just a quibble:

            Platinum & Palladium in bars, rounds or coinage may have authenticity, but the average person cannot tell them from white gold or chromium/rhodium plate. So, it would depend on what scenario one is using.

            Will the metals be exchanged for whatever currency is in circulation sometime after a societal restoration? If so, go for it. However, if the plan is to be able to exchange in an inflationary environment for whatever fiat is available in order to live, pay taxes, etc, you do have to know whether or not your trade partner has any idea of what these metals are.

            I have also seen periods when platinum closely tracked gold and palladium lagged both. Being industrial metals, they can decline in a Depression or during times of chaos.

            In chaotic times, there not only may not be any official metals markets, there may regulations limiting their exchange or taxing them. I know I can be a PITA, these days, usually pointing out downsides, but this time the economic uncertainty IS different in that it appears to be global and perhaps even globally co-ordinated. Even the Caymans and Bahamas are outing foreign accounts to the US Treasury. Will Americans be able to travel to those foreign safeholds and, once there, will they be able to access their assets and also exchange them for…again: whatever? Or will they be held up for bribes and taxes and then, outted anyway?

            I have been watching the AU$ for a couple of years. It outperforms the CA$, but seems more volatile. Oz seems to be having its own economic problems, these days. Canada seems more stable, at the moment, but they are closely tied to the US, and their currency tracks our ours closely.

            I wouldn’t touch Euros at the moment and who knows the truth about Renimbi/Yuan? The GBP remains strong compared to other Western fiat, but they are also borrowing and have other economic and cultural issues.

            So that leaves…what, exactly? The Real? They are hard left down there at the moment and pretty much on the same page as Obama on many issues.

            I am a geezer, so I remember the 1980s. I also know people who made out very well playing the Peso devaluation in the 70s. But, you need to really know what you are doing, have inside information and lead time and only commit excess funds that have no other place in your present and future plans to this sort of PM and currency diversification.

            • Create an offshore corporation in a good domicile like Panama where there is a first class global city, transfer some cash to it; fully reporting your interest in the company to Uncle Sam.

              Then buy whatever you want through the foreign corporation without having to report what you have purchased with those funds; even diversifying to other countries.

              Its a good way to buy metals if you want them in a way that cannot be touched if you are concerned about confiscation. It is also a good way to hold your PmB as the movement in that currency will continue to rise.

              Palladium and should out perform the other PGM’s in an upturn as the Russian stockpile has been exhausted, but gold is the metal that will bounce soon, while the stock market tanks when Israel hits Iran in the next few months. Time is getting short for that event.


              • The NYSE has closed over 14000 and is hovering around there. The banksters are probably thinking about another culling.

                • Yeah, word is that Buffet and other smart money people are selling into the rally.

              • Hey DK and Mac have you seen this article on palladium.

            • I dont know about ya’all on this board talking about the economic situation after the coming demise of this one, but in my mind I give it a 99.9% chance it is the mark of the beast from revelation that rises. This is why i only have a bit of metals as they will mostly be illegal and to try to use them will probably get one beheaded. So being I am not selling my soul for this world, the alternatives are not looking very promising other than eternity. As you were….

        • In 2005 I sold my 401k, IRA, paid the tax and penalty, and went all in on gold coins…
          My family, thought I was ‘crazy’.
          Now, they are asking what “gold is up to”…

          who’s ya daddy now?

          This is on top of the many POUNDS of junk silver coins I call my coin collection…
          Junk silver has the advantage of being RECOGNIZABLE by any idiot with two brain cells to rub together… also, it has a better chance of passing confiscation efforts by being a ‘collectible’.

          Gold and especially Silver is already in shortage, and will probably go into permanent backwardation along or before gold. When that happens, its Katey bar the door.
          Get some.

          • I went all in on PMs and haven’t been sorry one bit. All the naysayers thought I was crazy but now they are sucking hind tit watching their 401k bite the dust.
            Obamanure is coming for retirement accounts to be re-distributed amongst the neer-do-wells so I think you did the right thing. Confiscation??? You can have it along with my guns!!

            • Yes Warface,
              They can have all my pm’s, especially my copper coated lead… one unit of measure at a time.
              PS: I bought in at $425. Looked at that tax and penalty in the mirror a few years ago…
              They won’t confiscate, not worth it. Just like guns, they’ll make it a terrible exercise of red tape to buy or sell. We must maintain appearances…
              (At least until the war, and the velvet glove comes off.)

        • Most everyone can recognize junk silver coins and will easily trade for this commodity.

          Gold coins because of their value can be counterfeit and I do not feel comfortable when trading gold coins without scales.

          Except for coin dealers, who do you think you can spot platinum for what it is?

          Stick with the 4G’s – God, groceries, gold, and guns.

          • Where are you going to get junk silver coins at face value? I have seen two silver coins in the last few years where I received them as change both dimes. You will have to pay a premium for any junk coins if you can find any.

        • GOP4EVER

          Don’t even need to read what you write to know you are a programmed anti-American loser.

          • The GOP needs to get George W. Bush back in the game somehow! How does the GOP let their grandest spokesman and leader just ride off into the great state of nothingness?

        • Who said platinum cannot be confiscated? I don’t expect that either metal will be confiscated because WE know that while commodities like metal have value,

          fiat is real money. 🙂

          • it is until it isn’t dk.

            • I know eeder, those bubble gum baseball cards and old comics might be more valuable than my mother thought when she threw them out!

              • they are more valuable in fiat terms. its all relative my friend. I think you know this. Again, the greenback is the main mode of exchange, for now, until the day it isn’t. There will be no advanced warning. Other than this. I think you know all of this and are playing coy though.

                • eeder: I am surprised that I didn’t get a bite out of Walt on this comment. He must have fallen asleep in the barkalounger again. 🙂

              • Yours too? Glad to know Im not the only one…Moms the greatest but I wish she hadnt done that.

        • If it’s worth something, sooner or later .gov will try to confiscate it.

      2. I belive sadam had a golg AK 47 is that not a weapon of mass destruction according to the curent regime?

        • GOLD!

        • Mr.Black, my breaking point was the Clinton presidency, because of all the gates and deaths surrounding them and how the msm didn’t do their jobs. Took awhile to start prepping because of my wife at the time wasn’t on board. First thing I learned, is to be successful at prepping requires team work.
          I say all this to say welcome to the team and thanks for your input. Thank you for your service (from a vet) and isn’t it grand when one’s eyes are opened to the truth?

          • LOL! If Clinton could have killed anyone, it would have been Lewinsky.

            • Have you seen the picture of obummer and clinton talking in the hall after
              Hilary fell and got a concussion?
              Obummer to bill… How is Hilary’s head ?
              Bill to Obummer… Not as good as Monica’s.

      3. MANY people just don’t want to know

        “with great knowledge comes great sorrow”

        “WASHINGTON—The less people know about important complex issues such as the economy, energy consumption and the environment, the more they want to avoid becoming well-informed, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association.

        And the more urgent the issue, the more people want to remain unaware, according to a paper published online in APA’s Journal of Personality and Social Psychology®”

        and what do you do
        when you realize that much of what you
        have believed most of your life is a bunch of
        lies,crap and propaganda ???

        suddenly the floor falls out from under you
        and you are in freefall
        that is a very terrifying place to be

        you have to form a new belief system
        new values etc

        the experience is so painful and threatening
        that most people just can’t do it

        I want to know the TRUTH
        no matter how painful
        living a lie is just not acceptable

        • Satori,
          A fellow truth seeker?

          The Unified Field… for your comments or debate, lies within my site by clicking on my name.

          And you are so right… reality is nothing but a cave of illusions filled with shadows and echos.

        • A Men to that! Been there done that and it wasn’t fun, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I took the red pill and have never looked back.

          DEFCON1 out
          Lock and Load and Check you Six!

        • My floor didn’t go anywhere, I’ve doubted the government since about 1968—I was 8 at the time.

      4. Simon, many of us are feeling the same way now. I believed 911, but now I know there was more to it than what we were told.

        I didn’t start sensing US troubles until 2008, so I was late to the game. Now I know it is here and I have lost trust in what our Leaders are telling us.

        Thus, got to get prepared. Not sure if other countries will take millions of Americans. Also, it is hard to go somewhere and then leave your family and friends behind. May have to just stay and depend this great Country.

        All I can say is I wish our military was in the USA instead of over there.

        • Ugly

          I thought of running to a different country the first year I opened my eyes to what is. The more I looked the more I understood that even with our current plights in the US, we still have more freedoms that almost any place in the world I would consider living in.

          I also realized exactly what you pointed out… I can afford to leave but I can’t afford to take my friends and family. So I have decided for better or worse to throw my lot in right here at home. I will stay for my family and friends. I will stay because I love the ideals that made this country at one time the greatest country on earth.

          Why should we, the ones who are patriots, the ones who have taken the moral high ground, who love this country as it was, why should we leave?

          I plan on being here when the wheels come off the wagon. To either help restore this country to its former greatness, or die in the attempt taking as many traitors with me. Either way it will be to the benefit of my family and friends.

          Keep faith brother.


          • All…check out Joel Skousens “Strategic Relocation”

            The US has always been the place to be. We have given millions of people a leg up…on the other hand millions of birthright citizens have shit on the rest of us and this great country.

            some areas of the US will be far better than others.

            I say a prayer for those who have done God and this country proud…the rest will get what they deserve.

            God bless the good and to hell with the evil.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

      5. For me, it was when the government of the US made Rhodesia, South Africa, Southwest Africa go communist beginning in 1979. The US made more African countries go commie than did Russia and China combined. This, after we fought commies in Korea and Viet Nam. Then it dawned on me, the US government was already lost to communism. Coup d’Etat, anyone?

        • But none of those countries are communist.

        • I dont get the big isue alot of u have with the “commies” its stil part of the cold war brainwash. Yes communisim can be bat but get over it. Rhodesia now Zimbabwe is a dictatorship (Robert mugabe) South africa is a democracy (I can explain a lot SA problems as this is my home country but for that I need to wright a book but all this does not include communism) and South west africa(Now Namibia) is doing prety good they have a low population and the country is mostly desert

          • Get over it? 100 million dead at the hands of their own communist governments. Did they get over it? South Africa is governed by communists. Things are not so good there since they took over. Have you considered going back to your beloved country? Pleae do.

            • going back? I am currently living in South africa we have internet to(Thanks for the great site Mac) still no communist here. as for the 100 million dead its very sad that their evil leaders did that to their own people. I still stand by my prevouis piont

      6. I did all that he said above First thing

      7. I”m sorry I believe we are way past fixing much, look at 10-15 years ago; looking at the problems then from our perspective, the changes needed were minor. But we could not make them. Now changes 10 times as big are needed; can anyone believe we will make them? It takes over a mile to stop a loaded train, two miles to stop a large ship, We are not going to stop this country from going down. I don’t speak French; but there is an old Battle Cry which means: “All is Lost; save yourself”. (Anyone know what it was?) I am not a believer but, Prayer can’t hurt: as long as it doesn’t interrupt working. Save what and who you can.

        • 2nd that. the times to fix things was 10 years ago at least. the fiscal train wreck is already off the tracks, just a matter of how much damage it does now.

          • They are going to bury us with the latest amnesty and open borders. say bye to the country we grew up in.

        • This train wreck started to accelerate before it went off the tracks. TPTB know that a change of biblical proportions is coming and they want to be on top when it happens. The signs in the sky …earth changes…low sun spot activity when it should be increasing…yea I know that’s happened before…
          This time I’m not so sure…Are any of you…

          • Wow…4 negative …someone’s in denial…
            It’s OK… we will protect you if we can.

        • Tout est perdu, sauvez vous!

          • Well…someone has to say it…no?

      8. chances of “getting out of dodge” are slim if they know you have been setting it up for a time..they know if you been taking money out and have it in another country.
        They also can easily stop you from ever leaving here if they deem you a “flight risk” or put you on a “list”
        your pass port will become a tool to pick you up as you think your leaving to go on “vacation”

        this too will be a slow progression, to make it un-noteable as possible..chip away at the stone kind of mantality.

        If bugging out involves a plane ride..especially a commercial plane ride you can bet in due time that form of travel will be limited to those who are clueless about whats going down in this country.
        and taking any amount of weath out of here will also become a bigger and bigger gamble

      9. Karl Marx wrote, “For the bureaucrat, the world is a mere object to be manipulated by him.”

      10. Reached my breaking point election day 2012.

        If the people that do care about the future didn’t care enough to get off their butts and go to the polls in the same numbers they did in 2008, which would’ve won the election and given the US a chance to turn back from where we can see it is going now on a daily basis, then I am no longer wasting my time on trying to turn back the tide.

        Family, veterans, the church and me get my max efforts; everyone else be damned.

        • I guess you didnt get the memo that voting is and has been a joke in this country since the mid to late 60’s

          so it wouldnt matter who got off what butt to go vote, when the machines are rigged anyways

          • yes, voting is a joke in many cases; but i think if the people stand and say theyre not going to take it; i think there’s possibility for change.

            if youre willing to accept whatever you are given, might as well start sleeping with the family dog; because you’ll be given the same treatment. be a good boy and you get a treat; else you get a muzzle and sleep outside.

            • leeholsen,
              I agree with you but I’m angry with conservatives who were speaking out strongly before the election and have now become silent. We need to get louder, not quieter. When you voice your strong opinion publicly, it encourages others to also voice their opinion publicly. We need to support each other and not bow down just because the sheep managed to swing the 2012 election in their favor yet again. We need to let them know our opinion HAS NOT CHANGED OR DEGRADED.

        • It’s pretty sad when the freeloading obama types out number us and the best the repugs can come up with is romney.

        • Bullshit—the votes were counted by machines in Spain??
          No record county by county??
          Puh–leeze tell me you understand those votes by manipulated, compromised machines are as easily changed as a cell ringtone.
          I was one of those that sat at home and refused to take part in a it has been for years.

          {{{If no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else? – Ronald Reagan}}}

        • I respectfully think you have it wrong. The people who cared did vote. It’s just that the people in the big cities outnumber everyone else. Their the ones on welfare who voted for their wallets, food stamps, and were stupid enough to believe. They outnumber the big citiers and rural right. He was going to win no matter what the votes were anyways. His chicago mafia set him up to win by cheating.

        • Just purchased this Satori. Thanks for the link!

      11. I was In the Red Square in Moscow in 1991, during a peaceful revolution.
        Well… it later turned out that it had been peaceful. But when I was there, I was terrified.
        Basically, the soldiers just refused to carry out criminal orders from the criminal government, and as far as I remember, that marked the end o the Soviet empire.

        In 1993, the two most elite Russian special forces groups – Alpha and Vympel – refused orders to attack and assassinate defenders of the Russian “White House”. instead, they evacuated the survivors (the building had been shot at, many times, from tanks), and the opposition who were in the building, were not murdered.
        The groups were punished (administratively) for their disobedience, and many officers left the groups, but that was about it: no real retaliation from the criminal government. [Because… yeah.. I’d love to see them fuck with the country’s best of the best trained killers…]

        That was how revolutions were done in Russia in 1990’s.

        Their consequences, and the disgusting regime that seized (some might say: “kept”) the control over the country, is a separate topic.

        There was also a slightly different revolution, in the same era, in another Eastern European, Communist country: Romania.
        Over there, the criminal head of the government and his wife were dragged out into the street, shot dead, and left in the dirt.
        That seems like a different outcome… but it’s only different for the .GOV, not for We The People.

        My point is:
        Americans! (And I am an American, too)
        Let’s stop freaking out about what MAY happen.

        Just because the .GOV is preparing to, and CAN kill us, does not mean that it actually WILL be able to.

        The recent letter signed by 1,100 Green Berets, almost erased my fear completely.
        And, believe me, I have lived in fear since my “awakening” almost 2 years ago.
        I mean: seriously, 1,100 highly trained people who are the best of the best in our country who SPECIALIZE in training insurgents all over the world…
        HOLY SHIT, folks, this means, on average, 22 of them per state… which means, most likely, there is one of them living close to me.
        And that’s only the number from a single letter!!!…
        How many more will resist if shit hits the fan?..

        And, just as important, has everyone heard about “4th generation warfare”?
        Look it up… But in a nutshell:
        We do NOT so much need to train to fight a bunch of Marines. Well, some of us will face those impossible odds, but only a few.
        Nowadays, insurgents are not fighting the OppFor in the field, where THEY have tanks and helicopters and whatnot, but WE don’t.
        The modern-day resistance targets high-ranking officers, and more importantly, political leaders.

        Let’s hope for the best, and keep prepping for the worst.

        Our best bet today is trying to wake up as many people as possible, because TPTB cannot defeat the entire (or almost the entire) population.

        And increase the frequency, intensity and versatility of your physical training, including (but not limited to) training with firearms.
        I did.
        You know… just in case.

        • Chris Kyle was also one of the “best of the best”.

          • Angry Citizen: I mostly agree on all you wrote of. But I do think since you mentioned you just awoke two yrs ago, that if you keep learning more and especially more from Past Historic events. And especially if you read enough info on the Russian revolt events that Began back in 1917-18 era. I do think you may agree then that todays america is facing a Far more likly scenario akin to Older russia of 1918.

            The 1990 era russian events you wrote of do not compare in case you aint aware of that. We now know the same type bolsheviks kommies that did that to russia back then(killed off 100 million white and christian folks) Are the very same ilk who have snared america by the hair on its head ever since 1913 fed res act era.

            So all things considered, I do hope Your version is correct….But I do believe what we wil be facing will be far more likly a senario equal to, if not Worse than Russia 1918 was. And it took 3/4 of a century to finally shake off bolshevik kommie rule and deaths by the hundreds of millions before them bolsheviks got Booted out.

            Unfortunatly along with the already large group of bolsheviks in usa since 1880’s and their bank-takeovers and Rise to power in 1913, we now have added to that mix, many if not Most of them bolshevik kommies booted out of russia from the era you spoke of, the 1990 events.

            Being just two yrs into the truths etc if you do not yet know much of what I wrote of here, fell free to ask and I or others can and will provide many links to which provide the Facts and Truths you won’t be able to find from usual MSM or Progressive(kommie) Professors etc.

      12. I got a funny call yesterday from my brother. It seems he has finally awakened and is asking questions right and left. I have tried to open his eyes for over 2 years to no avail. But he wouldn’t hear a word of it till he heard Rush yesterday. Now he is angry with me for not getting his attention sooner. I wonder how many are just waking up this week with the msn finally talking a little about Obama’s drones.

        • Rush Limbaugh = Paid right wing shill!!
          He is part of the establishment, hence a loser.
          Follow at him your own RISK!!

          • Learn to read SD. Did I say I follow him anywhere in the post? No I said my brother listened to him and woke up a little bit. Get over yourself.

          • I listen to Rush occasionally. Usually, he just says what I had been thinking before I heard him. I worship no man but am glad there are voices out there to spell it out for people who just don’t get it and confirm it for those who do.

        • I have 2 people at work that thought I was off my rocker at work, and now are scared and want to know what to buy and how much. I will help the sheep as much as I can, but time is soooo short.

          My kids are all in on Obozo and think I am nuts. I don’t tell them anything anymore and say I have no Pm’S. God watch over them please.

          Not One More Inch!

          “When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty”
          Thomas Jefferson

      13. For me it was a long process that started in 1992 when all of this critical information was handed to me on a silver platter. Yet, I continued to live in denial for the next seven years, slowly coming to terms with it. In 1999 I was handed the damning piece of evidence that changed my life. The documents I had received were copies of Congressional records from 1912 to 1913 discussion the Federal Reserve Act. I also was handed a copy of the corporation papers filed in Puerto Rico, which made the filing off shore and Jurisdictional to the incorporated territory of the District of Columbia.

        To those with an ounce of sense, you will ultimately pursue the truth. We all take a different road, but the destination is always the same.

      14. I know a lot of people here have read this before
        but just in case you didn’t
        absolutely classic article

        “This is an example of Normalcy Bias, a survival mechanism our brains are equipped with that can place us in grave danger when we’re faced with something traumatic. Simply put, it causes our brains to insist that all is okay. Everything will return to normal. For most of us who have never faced true peril, Normalcy Bias tells us that nothing bad will ever happen”

        normalcy bias
        it’ll get you dead

      15. For me, the S fully HTF during George H.W. Bush’s reign, and was solidified under Clinton’s regime with, among other things, the full repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act and the institution of the trade agreements (eg, NAFTA) that spelled the beginning of the end of manufacturing in America. Granted, these were only additional moves in a chess game begun decades earlier, but they were sea changes in that it was then that the NWO made its plans blatant. It showed that they were secure enough not to care about public outcry or awareness, and it showed that they fully had the MSM in their pockets.

        It showed that governments and the elite no longer feared the people. And what scared me the most is that the people seemed to acquiesce. That’s when something inside me broke, and I knew that all too soon we’d come to where we are today, with Big Brother controlling its “human assets,” and with individual liberty being deliberately systematically destroyed.

        • I Wanted to understand the financial collapse in 08. That road lead to much opening of the eyes.

      16. We as a people can only take what our “Leaders” actions dictate. We are all collectively intelligent, at least to some point to determine fact or fiction. You and I must decide which path to take for ours and the future of the USA, Planet. Keep vilagence and NEVER take someone’s elses word for it, take the time (5-15) minutes to research and make an educated decision based on your requirements for self sustainment.

        Prep, prep more, keep prepping>>>>

        • Dont know about you Tx, but a big part of my prepping is analyzing and studying the crap out of history and current events. If/when the system goes down, they will quickly correct this “mistake” they made with the Internet and I want as much of this stuff on my biological hard drive as possible before they do. Drives the wife crazy sometimes, but hopefully she will thank me later.

      17. I read a report the other day about the massive run on firearms and ammo. Buyers were surveyed as they left a gun store. They said they weren’t buying to beat a possible gun ban. They were buying to be prepared for the coming war. Oops. More people know what’s going on than we were lead to believe.

      18. More people know somthings up then alot of people realize…they may not know what they are seeing but they can sense it…we are heading to a more awake nation slowly but surely!

      19. GW BUSH was an idiot nazi.
        His grandfather was a real Nazi, Preston Bush, caught doing business with the bastards.

        I gave up on the game in 2005, like I said above. But, our efforts at turning inward and running away will just give the field to the bastards.

        People should all see by now, that the ideologies of socialism and fascism, left and right, are being combined into a new ideology; Globalism.
        This is ultimate Nazi, this is the combination of business and government into one thing, a practical ideology of ultimate control.

        Those who still think the US Constitution is fixable by voting are idiots, they get to almost everybody that goes to Washington. Those who hold out, become the class clown, ridiculed as outsiders. Ron Paul any clue? Sarah Palin? Anybody who stands up to The Machine is ostracized. Even Fox news is becoming one of them…(to keep their broadcast license?) Federalism and representation is the evil, centralization of power begets centralization of evil, power attracts evil like a moth to the flame.

        This is all evil, Obamacare was evil. Taking guns away, is taking the right of self defense, and is the ultimate malevolence. Universal background checks are universal registration = eventual confiscation = ultimate extermination.

        The Elite know something you don’t, in order for them and their progeny to live like kings in perpetuity, most of you… must… die. I know this, it is not conjecture. I have known some of these inbred masonic scumbags, and they have a plan to end up Boss on the company plantation. They tried to gently recruit me as a specialist, then I rejected them over the issue of guns.

        The only way to fight an economic evil, is to become the hands of Justice. Justice Enhanced by Direct Intervention; JEDI… The Holy Joke stands up to the Dark Conspiracy of humor. The Elect of the elect, against The Elite of the elite. Only for those with ‘eyes that see’.

        The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice. He saw that there was no one, He was appalled that there was no one to intervene. (Isaiah 59:15-16)

        Blessed are they who maintain justice . . . . (Psalm 106:3)

        May the Force be with you.

        • Well said.

        • Piper Micheal, i like the way you think. I will be checking out your blog and look around for more wisdom.

      20. Went Postal when they raised the price of a stamp to 5 cents. Went Drone when they stopped Saturday delivery. The race to virtual fiat before the system comes down.

      21. My breaking point was 1860.

        Deo Vindice!

        • Aye…I remember it well 😉

        • Same here!

          Deo Vindice!

      22. Can’t remember exactly when my eyes started opening, but I’m glad that they have…..most times. Now, convincing the others I hold dear, that is a challenge.

        • It was Ruby Ridge for me.

      23. I attribute 9/11 for making me reach my breaking point. It astounds me how foolish I had been all those years prior.

      24. Dang, I found the Progressives and NeoCons oath they take.

        “By the Lord before whom this sanctuary is holy, I will to _________ be true and faithful, and love all which he loves and shun all which he shuns, according to the laws of God and the order of the world. Nor will I ever with will or action, through word or deed, do anything which is unpleasing to him, on condition that he will hold to me as I shall deserve it, and that he will perform everything as it was in our agreement when I submitted myself to him and chose his will.”

      25. DRD5508, my breaking point came when I saw Mt. Carmel/Waco burning on TV courtesy of FBI/military/Janet Reno DOJ. I made my decision right there to resist federal tyranny. Satori, everything you said is correct. Most Americans today wouldn’t recognize truth if it bit them on their asses nor do they want to know. In the intial post-SHTF period it’s going to really cost them; ignorance DOES have a price tag on it and the cost will be more than they can bear. just refer back to BI’s article of 5-12-12, “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonprepper?” That article really says it all. When I first read that article, I made copies for co-workers to read hoping to wake up some, if not all of them. They all looked at me like I just came from Mars. They didn’t “get it” then and still don’t want to “get it”. So I just quit talking to them about it, period. All I know for sure is, when TSHTF, they better not come to my place looking for anything or their day will be ruined PERMANENTLY! Braveheart

        • Damn, I was really stupid. I didn’t catch on till 9/11.
          And not the actual attack; only after all the whistleblowers started publishing what they knew.
          I’m veeewwwy awake now.

          • After reading down this far, I realize that I actually awoke just a little farther on almost all of the aforementioned instances. My “awakening” was not simply one fell swoop, but a ladder of smaller steps to where I am today. Waco, 9/11 (X2), the repeal oh Glass-Stegall and NAFTA, Nixon, JFK assassination, RFK assassination, the discovery of FEMA camps, Seal team 6, the Chris Stevens killed, Chris Kyle killed — all these things (and more) ensure that I’m WIDE AWAKE and wired for sound. There is no going back to sleep, ever.

        • For me, it was the Massacre at Ruby Ridge. Unbelievable that most Americans still don’t know that the federal government had to pay out millions to the Weaver family. A lot of people still think Randy Weaver was just some radical, militia kook who had to be stopped by law enforcement. I realized then that our government could get it really wrong, just pay $ and never be held truly accountable for murder of American citizens.

      26. Alex Jones movies that I FOUND woke me up. But none of that would have made senses if I didn’t read the Good Book.

      27. 9-11 proved it to me.

      28. The Commie Feds want a War


        The Traitor Commie Feds are going to learn real fast what happens when they turn Traitor on their own Citizens.

        Just a brief reference – as in planted 5 FEET DEEP alive in the desert , sleeping with the fishes , taking a dirt nap , given a pair of cement shoes , fed to the pigs or dogs , used for live .50 cal target practice and fed into a wood chipper alive feet first .

        Just a few of American Patriots favorite things to do to Traitors of America .

        The Commie Feds want a Civil UpRising War , I say lets give em’ one and No Holds Barred – NO QUARTER NO MERCY !

        It’s time to put the women and children to bed Boys , and go looking for Diner .


        • Are you going to lead the charge. Or just sit back and call names of all that will stand up. Probably just change your name and run to the woods. Don’t forget your 45-70 now. Wouldn’t want a scary bear to eat your ass.

          • f book, even I have to admit, that is hilarious!

        • the women and the children are capable of tucking themselves in nina.

        • did you have a traumatizing moment as a child? when did you consider yourself a man?

      29. My breaking point was in 1964, when the Country failed to elect George Wallace for President. We’ve only had one good one since then,that would be Reagan, and he allowed illegals to become residents. The 1960’s was definately a turn point in the world in many respects. Trekker Out.

        • If Reagan allowed illegals to become residents, had the Iran/Contra scandal on his watch, the S&L bailout on his watch, the largest increase in government spending to that point in the history of the country, and countless scandals among members of his staff/party during his administration, how in the Hell is he a good one???? The programming runs DEEP within the unwashed masses.

        • o you mean mr star wars program reagan?

        • MT.Treker: Yep, I was 11 yrs old in 1964 and lived in detroit projects for about my 1st year there. When I saw wallace on tv say “The Only solution to forced integrations and bussings is to Keep Us and Them seperate…Us and Them Seperate.”

          I didn’t know anything about politics at age 11, but I learned very fast what wallace meant on integrations and school forced bussings!…I knew then he was correct. Still is.

          Picture what would have occured if hobammy got the same treatment wallace got!…Think hobammy supporters would remain civil like wallace folks did then?!!!!! No way!

          Today people would still be dousing fires begun in 2008 if such occured to hobammy.

      30. Mr Black must have gotten quite the government pension to be able to jet set around to “over 100 countries”. Something I will never be able to afford to do. I will make my stand here at home. The central banks already control the world economy. When it all shakes out, there will be no safe place…especially if you are looked on as the gringo with money.If I had to choose where to settle it would probably be Brazil or an Eastern European country. Those girls make THE best porn.

        • 2nd that.

          when the global debt bubble bursts, no where will be safe. anyone thinking where they are will be immuned from the US and europe imploding over their debts isnt realistic.

          living in a large city might not be the best idea amongst everyone else living paycheck to paycheck, but unless youre used to living on what you can grow or catch, its going to be a rough ride.

      31. Precious metals? Wish I had a nickel for every time some idiot recommended precious metals as a “safe” investment.

        It’s VERY clear that the entire point of this article was self-serving for the author.

        Checked out soverignmann website. Capitalist extraordinaire, claims the same shit everybody that hawks “metal” claims, special knowledge, “investment opportunities”, ad naseum. All for the low price of just $345.

        Yeah, right. You’ve got the answers. That’s why you’ve come back here and tried to hawk your wares to us. Just another scam artist.

        There are a million websites out there just like this, prying loose $$ for “metal”.

        Why do you post this shit?

        • PM’s are not an ‘investment’, even though it has been for me, thank you very much. How’s your paper crap done over the last 10 YEARS?
          PM’s, are INSURANCE against STUPID governments. The first thing to have is God, then Ground, Grub and Guns. If you have any EXCESS cash, turn it into PM’s and stash it on your property.

          I know… Don’t feed the trolls… couldn’t resist.

        • I agree, I think people are thinking too temporarily about what is coming.

          We are talking about a systemic collapse and therefore a collapse and end to all high energy content resources.

          These precious metals will have no value as there will not be the energy to melt them down and turn them back into usable items.

          Granted there may still be some value in them as I have heard of some anti-septic properties of silver from others on this site, but as for industrial uses, forget about it. If that is all that makes the metals valuable then they will have no value.

          Industry will be gone as we know it. There will be some MINOR smelting going on in places where they can use wood furnaces and not destroy their forests.

          • Timothy….those are some good points. If the collapse is that bad and we have been taken by another country, then the last thing a person would want to do is try to cash in on their PMs. They would just take it.

            The silver I am buying is a hedge only. By that I mean that I feel the dollar will lose value faster than silver before the big collapse occurs. When the dollar becomes worthless or hyperinflates, silver will hold its own.

            I have zero plans of cashing in the silver. My hopes is to give it to my kids on a better day. If that day does not arrive, then yes everything is worthless except food, water, heat, and shelter. and defense of course.

            • The collapse will be global. There will be no countries taking over other countries unless it is a border war (Like China/Tibet or India/Kashmir, etc.

              There will not be enough energy to move armies and maintain supply lines. Again, people are not thinking big or long term enough.

          • Please Pull your head out of Al Gores Ass. USA=More than 1/2 worlds energy resources. Like all the eliets amass such massive fortunes just to collapse it all and then do what?…Live like its 600ad again only be very rich pesants this time?…Fool belief in peak oil MYTHS eh Tim.

            I bet you voted for gore.

            • Peak oil is not a myth. America is NOT sitting on more than half the worlds energy. Learn about EROEI and you will begin to understand this. The USA peaked in 1971.

              What is left is low energy dense garbage shale that takes much more energy to process and refine and provides a much less energy dense end product.

              For someone who claims to be aware, you certainly lack a basic understanding of fossil energy and its properties.

              • Timothy has it right Angelo,
                EROEI, Energy Return On Energy Invested.
                Peak oil is not about ‘running out’, it is about the constantly rising price of getting at what’s left.
                Fracking is a fantasy, those wells deplete way fast, the amount of finance and steel need to drill up the Dakota’s would be way beyond what can be returned on investment.

                Don’t listen to Wall street… they just want you to invest…

      32. I don’t know if invading Iraq was the right thing to do but it bugs me when people don’t look at both sides.

        Where did Syria get their chemical weapons that the world acknowledges and is worried about?

        How else would have people (both inside Iraq and outside) been taken down for seriously abusing and stealing from the oil for food program.

        Why do we sympathize with Arab spring protestors (Egypt, Libya, Syria) wanting democracy but we didn’t sympathize with Iraqi’s who wanted democracy even when they were mass executed for even threatening Saddam? We seemed to be happy for Libyans when Gaddafi was killed outside a court of law, but we didn’t seem happy for the Iraqi’s when Saddam was sentenced within a court of law.

        How about the UN not giving a shit about Saddam violating the 23rd parallel?

        Its all BS spewed by the media influenced by politicians and corporate lobbyists.

        • I knew invading Iraq was the right thing after John McCain went on Letterman and said Iraq was behind the anthrax letters.

          • What dod you think After it was proved that such high grade anthrax was ONLY made and avail at a US army base in Kansas(?)…Or when it was proven the sadam got whatever chemical shit he had or gave away(?) from the CIA and US army?

            Or did you keep believing John McStain?

            I wonder how much campaign cash McStain gets from AIPAC and MOSSAD for eacy tv show johnyboy appears on?

            • He was being sarcastic about McCain letterman.

        • Nonsense. Iraq did not give wmd to syria. Even Bush didnt claim this. The Iraq war was horrible for the iraqis and americans. There are no two sides here. war supporters were wrong and thousands of americans died for nothing.

      33. Hah! For me it was in the mid-1980’s while I went to public school. I realized all but the kids in honors classes were being taken for a ride. I realized the USA was not about the American Dream for all; but, false hope and false reality. Add in that one Sept 11 everyone in the company’s team of about 30-40 people gathered into a conference room to watch what had happened after a plane hit a WTC. Then a second plane hit. I went back to my desk to work. Only a fool would believe that was anything but Hollywood/setup. Even back then the goblemint already had email tracking and everything else. I knew then that the country had been overtaken.
        On the other hand, I still think we can win locally. If everyone in prison riots, they can break out. Same for a concentration camp I think. Surely same for Americans I hope.

        BTW, “traveled 200 countries”: which was the most free? I went to Belize several years back and it was definitely more free than USA; but limited jobs and I’m not rich. I’d had a message to leave my country just as Abraham did. I never did and am here like the rest of us. But Russia is surely amazing me. At this point, mostly living paycheck to paycheck thanks to the cost of health problems and Cobra; so, maybe that move to Belize or Ecuador would have been better. We don’t know the future and should do what we are messaged… but we are human and try to do it our own way. I wonder if rather than prepping certain groups should be fleeing? Many Jews fled Germany. Apparently Old Believers fled USSR. Will we be targetted here in the USA in five years? Our children?

        • Should have been a kid in the fifties and sixties. What a great place the US was then. Too bad it’s gone now. Yeah I know there were still problems in the South so get over it.

          • I grew up in 50s and 60s. Went to college in 64. Great period in American life. Now all I do is prep and worry about my grandchildren. The wife and I talk about what kind of life the grandkids face.

      34. Good points here guys/gals but this is all just “preaching to the choir”. We are all on the same page or close to it. Get the word out elsewhere where people are not yet clued into this truth. That will help more that these general postings will.

        • Even if we here aren’t on the same page–we’re holding the same book.

          • unfortunately even tho we hold the same book, some of us are just rereading the first two chapters over and over and not moving on to the rest of the book.

      35. First tiime poster yet following for while; Excellent article and comments, thankfull to have a “community” of sorts with like minds, can’t say enough about the flow of infromation…Me in 2012 while researching how to manage retirement funds, “preping” is essencial to sucess in any endevour. Though for a former seventh day adventist kid my wakeup was circuitous begining with reading Tolkien and Herbert…My wife says there are 2 kinds of people, the observers and the experiencers(doers…). I am the latter and she the former so I learn much slower than most yet the lessons sink into my soul and have profound effect. Currently re-reading Ascension Factor (Herbert) and the comment by Spider Nevi’s character on why he kills vs why his fellow Zentz does seemed applicable and relavent to theese times…nevi considers himself a sculptor and the populace his stone while zentz kills by someone else’s plan, “to eat”…

        Thank you so much for yalls contributions, take it easy. egg

        • Hello Egg,
          welcome. It took me ages to post for the first time, well done.

          Take care

          • @Burt the Brit….Good to hear from you on the site….I missed you… and congrats on selling the house, (and finding the one that is right for you and yours)

            How has your winter been? Hoping things have dried up around you (: take care, CC

      36. Let me be the skunk at the garden party. It’s fine to bitch and moan about the Iraq War and say it was a mistake.

        But to claim that the Bush Administration knowingly lied about the major facts and rationale for invading Iraq is revisionist history. It’s simply lazy thinking.

        Why did we think Saddam had weapons of mass destruction? The biggest reason is because he wanted us to think he did. He wanted us to think he did for a variety of completely obvious reasons. Indeed, many of his high ranking generals thought they had them. Don’t believe me? Check the statements and testimony of these people after the war. It’s all out there if you aren’t too lazy to look.

        What was the main rationale for taking out his regime? The lesson we supposedly learned from the World Wars about leaving a dangerous, humiliated and wounded enemy intact. You know! Germany! Trying to avoid a much larger conflict before the pariah nation became too powerful.

        You may not agree with that lesson in history, but that is the truth about what many reasonable people were thinking. It wasn’t a conspiracy. It was applying a lesson from history. Maybe it was applied wrongly, maybe not.

        Can any of you out there say for sure that the consequences wouldn’t have been far worse if Saddam was left alone and allowed to stay in power and thumb his nose at the cease fire agreement and other agreements he signed and rebuild his military.

        Too many people on this blog pick and choose the facts they want to make themselves feel smarter than all those losers out there. Actually, you’re just lazy.

        • Why did we take out Saddam, but leave Khadafi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt?

          Why have we not saved the people of Syria?

          Oil. Black gold. Texas tea.

        • Saddam was in the process of upsetting the dollar applecart by accepting Euros for Oil…
          The rest is bullshit. No matter what he had, he knew, we would turn his country into a parking lot if he used it.
          Case closed.

        • Careful my friend, you are appealing to logic, reason and verifiable facts. Three things rarely practiced on this site

        • Hang on to the programming, it’s hard to let go. Maybe the next time around you’ll be able to break free. Good luck.

        • You talk about picking facts but you bought the lies of the Bush admin They knowingly lied because there is no way they are that stupid saddam never posed a threat. colin powell made a fool of himself at the UN Pathetic that there are still dead enders that still believe the propaganda

      37. The situation in the Middle East is vastly different now. Egypt is now being controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Hezbollah is armed to the teeth with probably over 300,000 rockets and missiles. Syria is now a chess piece with Russia and Israel and the U.S. Russia is much, much stronger. Iran is firmly the country that is the most of a problem in the region. China is now a huge player with Iran and other oil producing nations. The whole arab world is turned upside down. TRUE weapons of mass destruction are spread out over much of the future battlefield on the Middle East. Iran probably has a couple, maybe up to 5 crude nukes. In other words 2013 looks more like 1967 or 1973, and 2002 or 2003 looked more like 1991 that was in way more control.

        The Middle East looks like the days in which you could expect to hear air raids over in the U.S. as hundreds of ICBM’s and SLBM’s started entering U.S. airspace from WW3 starting. It is real ugly over there right now. Until Feb.15 when the moon is probably too bright for an Israeli attack on Iran, each day about this time 4-8PM eastern time we all could be suddenly shocked at the breaking news coming out of the Middle East that Iran has just been bombed. 4-8PM is the time when we would hear about it, IF Israel decides that this month is the month.


      39. Be informed, I don’t think it will get too ugly until the sun goes into Pisces, around the 21 of Feb. I’ve noticed for some time that when uranus and pluto square each other there is a lot of tension, death, scary stuff happening. (Uranus is in still in Pisces, I believe, and Pluto in Sagitarrius). Uranus means sudden, quick explosions, and Pluto is slower but more powerful. (Think: plutonium bomb). Anyhow, these squares occur when the sun is in Pisces and again when the sun is in Gemini (around June/July). Gemini squares both signs.

        • Don’t let the thumb downers get you… down Cindy. Most of them are steeped in their ‘good’ mystery and poo poo anybody elses ‘bad’ mystery. Mystery is the enemy of man, the name of the Mother of Harlots… but most do not have eyes to see because they love The Mystery…;)

          There is much empirical evidence for astrology, in fact, the Unified Field gives the mechanism for the influences. Its all about the Aether. This is why people don’t want to know, and would rather keep themselves in the safe zone of a particle based Universe. To have an electromagnetic Universe open’s up the need for a creator, and, the necessity of Oneness.

          I was thinking of writing an article on the Gnosis of astrology in the Unified Field, but, don’t know enough about it except that many people I know, fit their astrological profile to a tee, myself included (Capricorn).

          May the Force be with you.

          • agreed, don’t let these morons get to you cindy. They are scared of their own shadows mostly.

          • RE: Mystery

            The Bible never says there isn’t power in the dark arts. In fact it gives some examples.

            It DOES say to stay away from it.


            PS. I’ve been awake since JFK. Even a 17 year old could tell the kill shot came from the right front. In the Zapruder film you could also see Jackie picking up a part of JFK’s skull off the trunk of the limo.

            • Christ warns us to NOT delve into astrology etc as all that stuf is witchcraft. So I guess you can choose Pipers newager mixed with “certain” biblical verses and cindys ouigee board stuff…OR take Christs word for it…Since He IS the “Word” and the “Truth” I will go with He.(Christ).

              • New ager?
                You are a mathematical savant, and cannot recognize a completely new thing.
                You are the MYSTERY… you believe in the Christ, but it is the CHURCH that made you stupid with their mystery doctrine.
                That; “No one can understand the mystery of God.”
                Bull Angelo, this is the same thing as saying;
                “If man were meant to fly, he would have been born with wings.”

                Same stuff, different day.
                The Mother of Harlots, named MYSTERY, the Churches and their doctrines of devils, that divide the people.

      40. I’ve been awake since Ruby Ridge. American citizens, a boy n his mother murdered. Gov. Gets worse every day. Prep!

        • And the Fedcoats all got away with it…
          Never forget that part.

      41. I didn’t become aware until 2007, but at least I woke up. I’ve been prepping ever since!

      42. I believe in a SHTF scenario when people are using off the books trading it will be the same methods of payment that have been around for thousands of years. Copper coin for small purchases. Silver for slightly more expensive and gold for larger values. Average citizens are very unfamiliar with platinum and palladium and will steer clear imo.

      43. Sheeple: Another Look At A Sad Breed

        “At the end of the day, sheeple are sheeple not because they have to be, but because they want to be…

        It is the greatest and most exploitable weakness of man; our willingness to sacrifice anything in order to avoid admitting we know nothing. This is the philosophical slum of the common “sheeple”

        ***** ya gotta read this ********

        • Amen Satori.
          This is because of FEAR. Because the Universe is a MYSTERY full of lies and illusions.
          At least, it was…

        • I look forward to that article coming here….so fitting.

          “Sheeple make oligarchy and dictatorship possible.” Brandon Smith

      44. Of course the government lies. But guess what, so do you.

        • @joeinnc, for one of the first times, i agree with you.

      45. You are allowed to make distilled liquor for home use only. There is not tax for home made beer, wine or liquor! Just cannot be sold!!

      46. I don’t look at it as a breaking point but rather an awakening. Using that language it was after reading Best Evidence about JFK two decades ago. From there the more you question the more you look and the cycle then seems to open up another place to investigate. President Eisenhower’s warning about the MIC after becoming self educated made a lot of sense especially after looking at the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. The book, The Creature From Jekyll Island, was an eye opener in a different area of far greater power that came closer to the core.

        Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Unfortunately the most ambitious that assume leadership are unfortunately GENERALLY the most corruptible. Religions are formed around the far and few leaders that don’t succumb to that temptation.

        The reality is the US population has generally benefitted from a lot of very bad things done not intentionally in their favor. The US population fell out of interest for the power elite post Cold War. Your no longer needed and only enough political stability need remain to keep the war machine alive to enforce global rule. The body politic supported the system until they perceived the system did not work for them. NAFTA and China Free Trade with the resulting industrial evisceration did far more to awaken the people than sending their children willingly almost gleefully into the MIC meat grinder. Morality was not an issue, personal economics was the driving force.

        • Kevin2: A New JFK expose’ in depth book over 1000 pgs long is recently avail it is written by if I recall correct Prof. Kevin McDonald, or it may be Michael Hoffman(?) Try McDonald first as I think its his work.

          He delves into every facet and then some and I believe his conclusions and Proof solid is JFK got whacked by Mossad/isreali conspiricys along with their pals/cousins the banksters.

          I didnt read it, but so far hes gotten rave reviews and his new book is said by many to be the best proof ever and basically closes all former doubts or controversy as to such Lone shooter(oswald the Patsy) and the “Magic-Bullet” scenarios.

          • It’s not who did it but rather who or what had the power to cover it up. That points to an inside job, real inside.

      47. My breaking point was Bernie Maddoff. I wonder how much money my mutual funds lost because of this fuck. Now.. I cashed out of them all. I’m in God’s money. Gold and silver.

        Fuck interest and dividends. The way I see it.. I’ll sell it to a private local for cash and the IRS can suck my dick. Please get a visual on that one. You’ll feel better.
        Or better yet… all of America lines up to give the IRA a 15″ strap on with no lube.
        Don’t delete this Mac…we’ve all been slaves to these guys long enough…just a ran. But a well placed one. ha.

      48. My breaking point was in the 1975 oil embargo, when an entire nation stood in line for gasoline, and we didn’t just take the oil fields from the Arabs like we should have done. Slimey little bastards have been crippling western civilization ever since, and that was the root cause of what ails us today, trillions and trillions of dollars spent on oil when we should have spent it here, instead.

        • Smokey

          That was pre planned as part of the oil peg after we went off the gold standard in 1971. By the way it was 1973 for the first oil shock. OPEC did not come up with that. Believe little to none at all of the official reasons for what happens.

        • Slimey little bastards? So it’s there fault that WE built a civilization dependent on a finite resource that they happened to have a lot of?

          Wow. talk about grade school bully thinking.

      49. My awakening started around 1985 when I learned about the new age movement which included globalism. It accelerated when we got the internet and information became more accessible. By the time 9-11 came around, I knew enough to be skeptical about the official story, especially when they brought down building 7 and gave no explanation for it. By 1985 I knew there would be an economic collapse or some sort of huge crisis soon.

      50. Being that I grew up in a dysfunctional family and was thrown into the ‘system’ at a young age, I have always been anti-establishment and always had a feeling that something was seriously wrong with the way things ran.

        I was attracted to communistic/socialist ideas at a young age because it seemed more like a system where everyone was part of a bigger family and all working together for the ‘greater cause’.

        As I grew older and read more about history and the atrocities of governments and dictators, I began to value freedom and the Constitution. While I see capitalism as a necessary evil, it is the lesser evil of the possibilities as far as I am concerned.

        What gives capitalism a bad name is not necessarily its function, but rather the non-capitalistic actions done in its name.

        Now I am one hundred percent an individualist. And many people from both sides of the political spectrum will argue against that idealism, but that is there problem, not mine. It becomes my problem when they want to take advantage of my efforts and hard work.

        I think we are in for a serious reawakening and those that are not capable of surviving on their own, either by growing food or harvesting wild food are not going to survive. Even on websites that focus on the coming crisis, several seem to think the solutions will be brought about by a global action plan that is carried out by international cooperation or something of that nature.

        They are still missing the ramifications of global collapse and are thinking in terms of system solutions when it is the system itself that is going away.

        I can’t say there is a time when I became ‘aware’, but I became seriously concerned in 2005 when it was clear that our primary source of energy was in permanent decline.

      51. Greetings folks!
        THE CHANGE is coming…
        Do you have your lifeboat seat or life-jacket ready?
        It MAY take decades to finish out,but it’s gathering speed with each passing day.
        Much which now stands as seemingly “rock solid institutions” will end up so much rubble before it’s over.Billions will die in the chaos ahead.Our Republic will fracture and divide(perhaps for the better for everyone concerned).The current collection of empires(the U.S. included!)are about to seriously fail in a most spectacular and fearful fashion.The Bible says something about it being “in one hour” as the rate of really bad things happening.The vision of St.John may very well be far more accurate than we give credence to.
        I hope for the best,but plan for the worst.
        Good night to All and hope your at least somewhat ready for “it”.

      52. Solar ‘superstorm’ coming — and we’ll only get 30-minute warning

        “Solar superstorms are estimated to occur once every 100 or 200 years, with the last one hitting the Earth in 1859.

        Although none has occurred in the space age, we are far more vulnerable now than a century ago because of the ubiquity of modern electronics, they said.”

        Posted on Drudge Report

        • Hi Mom, Thanks for the heads up on the article. I am always on the lookout for any solar info. The article says we may only have 30 mins. It only takes 8 minutes for light to reach earth, so in theory we may have a lot less time then they say. A surprise, highly energized CME may hit with zero warning and in record time.
          I always wondered what a person could do if they learned they had 30mins till impact of a CME or flare? I have a small faraday cage. I would probably pull the main on my breaker box and start pulling plugs out of the wall. Not so much to save equipment but to prevent fires as much as possible. None of it may do any good, but at least I will have tried. peace Clay

      53. Intelligence eh?

        I think not.

        I despise this ‘plan’. How about Mr. Intelligence runs for his life RFN to his chosen land of freedom and opportunity? Yeah, take those p.m.s and savings along too, and turn them over into the safe hands of a ‘stable banking jurisdiction’! Really?

        I’m disappointed they published that shit.

      54. Been awake since the rooster crowed again. I read in ’07 of the coming collapse of the market and real estate – on one of these websites – and took steps to get out to the country debt free. When Lehman Bros went down and the ” greatest financial minds in charge of this country” acted like they Had no idea …. I knew the whole thing is BS. Can we all agree the decline is accelerating since the ‘election’ ? Step up the Preps friends. Peace

      55. “…and scout out locations overseas in case they ever need to get out of dodge.”

        I’m not running away. That would be an insult to those who sacrificed so much for this country.

        If our would-be masters want a fight, they’ll have it.

      56. Thanx Burt the Brit…If it was you who moved to country from city then bravo, is difficult to transition if not accostomed to country folk. Just started reading a book on boundarys (spirtitual self help type) and occured to me that (if not already stated on this site impplied or implicit) our whole pridicament on multiple levels is a boundary issue. Liberalism to extreem w/o dicernment or realization of concequences, national boundarys…Thats one thing I love about real country folk, the clear (generally) expression of boundary in a healthy community way. Can be in others bussiness but in a tight community thats how to some degree. And the self reliance is also a joy when compaired to (in general) city folk. Boundarys are every where in nature from the wall (valleys and mountains) type to the more fluid type (ocean/land interface).

        Also enjoyed the article on “sheeple”, though its a generalization its pretty accurate for the most part. yosta be somewhat like that with out the inability to listen to others and consider thier view. That must be what helped me wake up…

        In any event get and stay strong, balanced, and ready!

      57. Bush never claimed Iraq had Nuclear Weapons………..


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