How Globalists Plan To Use Technology And Poverty To Enslave The Masses

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at

    Tyranny is often seen as a sudden and inexplicable development in a society; the product of a singular despot that rockets to power for a limited window of time due to public fear or stupidity. This is one of the great lies of the modern era.

    The truth is that for at least the past century almost every historically despised “tyrant” was merely a puppet of a larger managerial cabal, and the construction of each totalitarian state was accomplished slowly and quietly over the course of decades by those same financial elitists. From the Bolsheviks, to Hitler and the Third Reich, to Mao Zedong, to most tin-pot dictators across the Middle East and Africa, there has always been an organized group of money men and think tanks fueling the careers of the worst politicians and military juntas of the epoch.

    The rise of a tyrannical system takes extensive time, planning and staging. Human beings do not simply jump right into the arms of a dystopian nightmare regime impulsively at a moment’s notice. We have been told by popular media that this is how it works; that during hard economic or social conditions men with charismatic personalities and evil intentions suddenly rise to the surface and take power by promising a better world in exchange for public fealty. But where did those economic and social crises come from to begin with? Were they a natural consequence of the era, or were they deliberately engineered?

    The reality is that people must be psychologically conditioned to trade freedom for the illusion of safety. Sometimes this takes generations. Every attempt at a totalitarian framework inevitably elicits a rebellion. Therefore, the most successful tyranny would be one that the public DEMANDS. They have to think it is their idea, otherwise they will eventually fight it.

    Globalist financiers and power addicts need something more than mere military might or bureaucratic force to obtain their ideal slave society. They need 4th Generation warfare tactics. They need to con the masses into accepting their own servitude.

    There are two tools that make this outcome possible: The first is controlled economic decline, the second is the integration of a technological gulag into every aspect of public life.

    Economic Weapons Of Mass Distraction

    It is no coincidence that dictatorial governments gain prominence as the global economy suffers; it is extremely difficult for people to remain vigilant to tyranny when they are completely distracted by their own survival. This is why my focus as an analyst has always been primarily on economics and solutions to fiscal disaster; it all begins and ends with the economy. If the public can be prepped to develop their own alternative economic systems before a crisis occurs, then they will be less distracted by the chaos and more apt to notice when the globalists offer tyranny as a fix-all.

    Without alternative markets at the local level there is no redundancy, no protection from a crash. With most people dependent on the existing system for their livelihoods, the economy becomes a very useful weapon for the globalists.

    Holding the economy hostage creates numerous advantages. Through deflationary pressure wages can be kept low while higher paying jobs disappear. Manufacturing can be phased out or outsourced overseas, as in the U.S. Small business ownership becomes difficult as taxes generally rise while financial conditions decline.

    Through inflationary or stagflationary pressures, low wages and the inadequate job market are combined with exploding prices. This makes survival for many people untenable without government aid.

    In this environment, the working public becomes reliant on the service sector, which provides no useful skill sets. Soon, you have entire generations of people with no production abilities whatsoever. They become drones working in meaningless office and retail jobs squandering away their days knowing that they are accomplishing nothing beyond a meager paycheck.

    The lack of a greater purpose or mission in life and the nagging realization that the average person has no productive capacity creates a palpable atmosphere of desperation. They do not own their own work, and they have nothing much to show for their labor; nothing to point at and say, “I built that.” The public gets to the point that they may even welcome an economic collapse simply to escape the drudgery.

    This is where movements to support totalitarianism come from — the subset of citizens that are fed up with fighting against the economy and have no sense of independence. These people do not know how to solve their own problems, they are always looking for someone else to do it for them. The globalists are happy to suggest their own predetermined solutions to the public once the financial structure hits a point of maximum pain.

    However, after the economy is repaired in exchange for the submission of the citizenry, people might still decide one day that the trade was unfair. Thus, a deterrent is needed to keep them in line.

    The Technological Fish Tank

    It is important to understand that there is no major country in the western OR eastern world that is not building a digital control grid, and this helps to support my position that eastern nations are just as subservient to globalist demands as western nations. All the geopolitical drama surrounding events like the trade war, the Syrian war or various elections, etc.; none of this matters in the end. When determining if the strings of a particular government are being pulled by the globalist cabal, all you have to do is look at how quickly they are implementing oppressive systems that serve globalist interests.

    For example, India’s government has been hitting the news feeds lately as their supreme court recently ruled that the controversial Aadhaar biometric program is legal. In a nation of 1.3 billion people, around 1 billion have already been biometrically profiled in a national database. This data can include fingerprints, iris scans and face scans.

    I have heard it argued that India is a rather odd place to experiment with such a database, considering 60% of the population is under the poverty line and most people barely have basic amenities. But I would point out that this is why it is a PERFECT place for the globalists to start cataloging the world population on larger scale.

    Again, financial desperation and a lack of productions skills tends to produce subservience. Hundreds of millions of poverty stricken people in India’s sprawling urban sewers are voluntarily giving up their biometric data in exchange for government aid programs.

    For the people not anchored down by the poor economy India has instituted other measures, including requiring anyone accessing government services, opening a bank account or signing up for a mobile phone service also give up their biometrics to the government.  In nations not yet impoverished at India’s level, more subversive measures have been instituted for surveillance of the population. Data is simply taken rather than traded.

    In Russia, Vladimir Putin has put the Yarovaya laws he signed in 2016 into effect. All digital data from phone conversations to emails is now recorded and stored by telecoms for government access for a minimum of six months, this includes Facebook and Twitter posts. The 2014 bloggers law also requires any blogger with over 3,000 followers be put on government file and they cannot remain anonymous. Any business operating a public Wi-Fi network is required by law to identify users by ID, which is also stored for at least six months.

    Russia’s FISA-style surveillance grid is vast, yet, many people in the liberty movement seem to ignore this reality with misplaced Putin-worship. As I have noted in numerous articles, Russia is heavily influenced by international financiers.

    Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are the largest investment banks in the country. Their central bank works closely with the IMF and the BIS. The Kremlin has in the past called for a global currency controlled by the IMF. And Putin even admits in his own biography First Person that he has been friends with New World Order salesman Henry Kissinger since before he became president of Russia. In a latest show of how globalist Russia really is, the Russian Foreign Minister recently criticized the U.S. in a speech to the U.N. general assembly over its “attacks” on the “international order,” including undermining the World Trade Organization and global climate change agreements.

    With the above in mind, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Russia is playing right along with globalist efforts to identify and track every single living person. It should also come as no surprise that Donald Trump, surrounded by globalists within his own cabinet, is continuing and expanding FISA surveillance under his administration.

    At the beginning of 2018 Trump signed a bill renewing the National Security Agency’s warrantless FISA mass surveillance of the American population. Leading Democrats happily supported the action. Despite all of Trump’s rhetoric against FISA recently, it was Trump that made FISA’s continuation possible.

    Major social media companies are cooperating wholeheartedly with mass surveillance efforts as they share personal data with governments around the world regularly. Facebook alone saw an increase in government requests for data of over 33% in 2017, and the nature of most of this data sharing is not open to public scrutiny.

    This is one reason why I’m rather bewildered by the recent conservative fury over social media discrimination – it’s as if personal liberty activists are being tricked with reverse psychology to DEMAND unhindered participation in media sites that spy on them. Why does anyone still want to sign up for these websites?

    But where is this all going? How does the combination of poverty and digital surveillance translate to tyranny? I believe China’s “social credit” program is the answer. The system is based on the idea of “maintaining trust”, but whose trust? Well, the government’s trust, of course. Trust is measured using a social credit score that is tracked over a citizen’s life. Punished behaviors include anything from smoking in a no smoking area to publishing internet content that the powers-that-be disapprove of.

    China is representative of the end game for the globalist ideal for civilization. With mass economic struggle leading to dependency on government welfare programs and employment opportunities, few citizens can afford to be “blacklisted.” China’s social credit system creates an environment in which any and every action on the part of citizens is tracked and then “rated” for acceptance or consequence. This includes how people express attitudes toward the government itself. Obviously, this is the ultimate control mechanism, very similar to the Cheka established by Lenin and Stalin in Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution, but on a massive digital scale.

    This is why mass surveillance is evil, regardless of whether someone is breaking the laws or not. It gives government the power to dictate and mold behavior by inspiring self-censorship rather than holding people directly at gun point. It is tyranny enforced in a less obvious way; a prison in which the prisoners maintain the locks and the chains and the bars. Individuals do not dare do anything outside of collective norms for fear that it could be interpreted as socially negative. Punishment might include loss of access to the economy itself, and when most people are living from paycheck to paycheck, this could mean death.


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      1. “The reality is that people must be psychologically conditioned to trade freedom for the illusion of safety.”
        Reminds of a quote from a 18th Century Womanizer,
        “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
        Benjamin Franklin

        • All Mass Media is OWNED by foriegners.
          Media is a false Narrative LIE.

          Your “food” is deplete of nutrition because of agribusiness mono culture practices. Pesticides are in ALL of your food.
          Most fast food is not even really food. It is fillers.
          “Do you really think you can buy a hamburger for $1 and it’s beef?”
          Lack of proper nutrition makes people sick, diseased, Easier to Control.

          You go to a hospital or Doctor because the poor nutrition makes you sick. Then the Doctor gives you pills that make you sicker or kill you. Hospitals pile on procedures until you are either broke or DEAD. That is a hospitals real purpose. NOT TO HEAL YOU. To rob you and cull the human herd is the objective of Hospitals.

          Flu shots are filled with disease causing virus to cull the naive that take them. Flu shots give cancer.

          The politicians then legalise DANGEROUS gateway drugs like marijuana. The politicians make money and stoners won’t care how the politicians rob, steal, lie, take away freedoms. Stoners only care about being stoned. Stoners are easy to control for politicians.

          And it just goes on and on……

          Your city water supply has flouride to make you docile and easy to control. Also full of lead to dumb you down.

          And now the elite will unleash AI and Robots to watch, snitch, snoop, surviel you, control you. You let them put up all the damned cameras, “for safety”. Now comes AI and Robots.

          This is a Bad Sci Fi movie come to real life. They used 1984 as a bluprint. Was supposed to have been a warning.

          Food is a WEAPON. read that again. FOOD IS A WEAPON of control. Always has been.
          You will give up your weapons for food.
          Food will control the masses.

          ALL TECHNOLOGY IS PART OF THE CONTROL GRID Matrix. Anything built past 1995 should be HIGHLY suspect.

          I warned all of you here LONG ago. No one listens. Except maybe the nut job that used to post from Katy/Houston. He has gone dark. Arrested? Or did he listen and relises all posts here are fed tracked.

          • Anything built past 1895 should be HIGHLY suspect.

          • I ordered something online from Best Buy, Got the order. And I opted out of any solicitations or sharing of my info. A few hours later I get this email that my information is going to be shared for solicitation including my cell phone number.

            I immediately went back on best buys website to opt out in the privacy section. Then I get this email that says OK, but it will take 10 days for this to take effect. LIKE WTF, so within the next 10 days all of my personal info including credit card and probably credit score will be shared with all their 3rd party affiliates, and once my info is out, they got me. Like WTF?

            Most websites when you receive a solicitation you can click the bottom of the add Unsubscribe. Best Buy does not have that instant unsubscribe, you have to go to their wen site, and by the time you get there they now have your IP address for going to their website as their web traffic logs everything, time day, when and how often. We are Screwed people. Anyway you try to protect yourself, they will get ya and share and sell all your data with everybody else.

        • Relik, well done. Ben Franklin was a brilliant Founding Father. He earned a Ph.D., invented the lightning rod, documented the discovery of electricity, published POOR RICHARDS ALMANAC, retired in his 40s, served this fledgling nation as a diplomat to foreign nations, and he loved the ladies.

        • The dummy down indoctrination system in our schools has been in place for at the very least the last 50-60 years has managed to turn people into arrogant, selfish, raving, violent lunatics. Just look at the dangerous and vicious mental melt down we are seeing from the so called “tolerant” liberal progressives. And the attachment to their phones and cameras is frightening. We see people needing help and instead of helping, other people stand and use their phones to video the “event” and to post it online ! We see parents remember to take their phone with them but leaving babies to die in hot cars and societies answer is to tell them to put something “important” in with the baby so they will remember ! And the really pathetic thing is they aren’t trading for safety they are trading to be able to kill babies, even after birth and for getting everything they want for free ! We are seeing the modern version of the ignorant pitch fork and torch carrying peasants out to destroy the monster that is in their way to “getting all their desires”, free stuff ! We are seeing a war of cultures that will live us open to NWO to take control and we are then lost.

      2. A full stomach, significant bank account and little to no debt gives you options. They don’t want you to have options.

        • K2,
          Well stated!
          You forgot a stable income

      3. “We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing…The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end.”
        -1984 George Orwell

        • George, I read your books. Great Stuff…

          However, the Nazis had no illusions about the near eternal nature of their deal. After all, they called it “The 1000 Year Reich” (probably stole that from Jesus 🙂 )

          The Commies looked like they believed their system was for the long haul too…


          • Actually the Nazis and the Soviets were both pro-family. Their policies were pro-white and all about the families. Judge a society from its outcomes. The Germans did not have a society of single mommies, angry LGBT folks, and uppity “minorities” and “trans”. Neither did the Soviets. They did, however, have lots of blonde families with children, husband with a job and wife in the kitchen making struddel.

            • FACT: The Nazis and the Commies slaughtered millions of innocent people. FACT: Both were funded from the very beginning by the bankster conglomerates, too.

              You stormfront clowns need to stop trying to rewrite history. You’re not smart enough to get away with it. Brown people aren’t the problem, the bankers are the problem.

      4. John Lennon was ahead of the game and spoke and sang about the absurdity of the system. He had a huge growing worldwide following so he had to be killed by the mind controlled Chapman. Even Yoko sang “we’re born in a prison, we live in a prison, we go to a prison called school.” These ain’t the good old days, quite the opposite the pure evil days.

        • In many ways, we are just “another brick in the wall.” (Pink Floyd)

      5. “One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.”

      6. Outstanding article! In some cases it is almost as if once a society reaches a certain height there comes a rift in the oligarchy as certain factions struggle for more power based on the greed to enrich themselves. Of course banksters creating the phony currency fund all sides and the TPTB control all resources of the economy and have their standing armies whilst the populace is stuck in the middle.

      7. So strange to see these politcians behaving without logic or reason as it pertains to law. And it is not their constituencies who necessarily desire the behavior as paid agitators take to the streets attempting to create the illusion of a solidarity amongst the ranks.

      8. Good article.


      9. I don’t understand why only the Communist
        liberals run the news, Tv, Hollyweird, and most
        computer sites. Where are the Conservatives?
        Why are most all banks, IMF’s, Hollyweird, and jewelry,
        controlled and or run by J6Ws?
        Why are most Quick Stops, Gas stations, Oil Companies
        Casinos, run by Middle East interests?
        Why is China involved in producing our food sources?
        I know why but ((((They)))) won’t let me write about it!!!!

        • j$wish sacred literature, such as talmud, claims everything on Earth is j$wish property. every person belongs to (((them))).
          they own banking infrastructure so then can print up as much $$$ as they want, making EZ to control virtually everything. . .

        • Wish you could tell us Kay123 its awful they have shut down your free speech

      10. When the “free” beg to keep their chains and systems that actually enslave them, then you know the entire CIA plan to get people to 100% accept their deception as reality, has been successful. Well, surprise. YOU ARE THERE, and have no desire to fight back.

      11. Since we are talking about “economic weapons of mass disorientation” it’s important to point out that it is a Friday, and US 10-year treasury rates just jumped to another fresh 7-year high of 3.212-percent after unemployment rate fell to its lowest in 49 years — 3.9-percent.

        Anybody reading SHTF knows the BLS unemployment rate is not 3.7-percent; not with almost 95-million working age Americans having dropped out of the labor market.

        Todays’ (October 5, 2018) BLS numbers don’t reflect the quality of the two to three jobs most Americans are working in this gig economy.

        So, why the increase in treasury yields? Because the FED has no choice, because of a bond collapse, and because with China, Russia, and other countries dumping treasuries, the US is now the largest purchaser of US debt.

        This does not end well.

        • Here’s a link to the BLS chart that includes U-1 through U-6.
          ht tps://

          See this to see the U-3 (official rate) for the past decade:
          ht tps://

          And here’s 23 pages of charts illustrating various statistics for the past 20+ years. The last page shows U-1 through U-6 from 1994 to present.
          ht tps://

          What does U-1 through U-6 mean?

          * U-1: persons unemployed 15 weeks or longer, as a percent of the civilian labor force
          * U-2: job losers and persons who completed temporary jobs, as a percent of the civilian labor force
          * U-3: total unemployed, as a percent of the civilian labor force (this is the definition used for the official unemployment rate)
          * U-4: total unemployed plus discouraged workers, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus discouraged workers
          * U-5: total unemployed, plus discouraged workers, plus all other marginally attached workers, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all marginally attached workers
          * U-6: total unemployed, plus all marginally attached workers, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all marginally attached workers

          U-6 is the one that is seldom mentioned but covers more than U-3.

          I did find a chart dated May 2017 that details the types of jobs held. It’s not pretty. Low wage jobs rank the highest.

          ht tps://

      12. They have to get rid of the White people of European desent first. As a Rule White folks do not make very good slaves ,Peons or Serfs. The early settelers in the Americas tried to make slaves of the Indians. It didn’t work out. they where dangerious, poor workers and died. So they imported a race of folks who where genetically predisposed to be good slaves. There is a war being waged against the white race. Its has many fronts. Race mixing to dilute the white genetics. The exportation of middle class jobs. The Brainwashing done at public schools. The promotion of the fast food fed public to destroy the health. The really off the charts anti white bias at colleges. affirmative action. Its present in the media and everyplace. There is a agenda to villanize anyone who is white. I don’t like it. Nuthing I can do to stop it. I actually wish NIBIRU was real. Or a EMP would kill the grid. Or something would set of SHTF WROL. Anything would be preferred to the direction things are heading. As soon as the baby boomers are gone it,s over for the white race.

        • Add in the offensive against white men especially if married.

          And factory food of any sort to get those who don’t indulge in fast food. Even if you grow your own, you must exercise caution on what you plant and how it’s raised.

          Lastly, big pharma who finds a cure for almost everything so nearly everyone has a “disease” that can only be managed with the “cure” they sell plus something for those pesky side-effects.

          • The one image they absolutely hate is a straight-backed white man with a nice haircut and suit, a pretty wife and beautiful blonde children. That is the equivalent of waving a swastika to the ruling elite. They want instead to see a fat woman with tattoos all over her body, a long string of ‘baby fathers’ who ‘bred’ her and two coffee-coloured retarded children wearing jeans halfway down their butts.

        • aren’t you leaving something out?

          elephant in the room, et cetera.. .

        • Most white people do not understand this simple fact: we are a fast-shrinking minority group on this planet. And if we do not link up with other whites (Europe) and get ‘woke’, then we will end being stuck under the boot of Communist China and over-run by Africa and its low IQ population run-off.

          By design, they have been shipping jobs overseas, while importing third world citizens to force down wages. As statistics show, there has not been an increase in middle class wealth since the 1970s, when all of this started.

          As revealed, the Chinese have chips in all electronic devices and receive info in real time back in China. The New World Order is the Chinese as bosses and whites lumped in with Africans as low-wage slaves and breeders (to help lift Africans a few IQ points so they can keep up with technological change).

      13. Once again, another good article by you Brandon Smith

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