How Do You Know When Your Society Is In The Midst Of Collapse?

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt Market.

    system-is-dying2 system-is-dying

    As economic turmoil worldwide becomes increasingly apparent, I have been receiving messages from readers expressing some concerns on the public “perception” of collapse. That is to say, there are questions on the average person’s concept of collapse versus the reality of collapse. This is a vital issue that I have discussed briefly in the past, but it deserves a more in-depth analysis.

    What is collapse? How do we define it? And, are some of the notions of collapse in the public consciousness completely wrong?

    It’s funny, because skeptics opposed to the idea of a U.S. collapse in particular will most often retort with a question they think I cannot or will not answer – “So, Mr. Smith, when specifically is this supposed collapse going to take place? What day and time?”

    My response has always been – “We’re in the middle of a collapse right now; you really can’t see it right in front of your sneering face?”

    The reason these people are incapable of grasping this kind of answer is in large part due to the popular mainstream conceptions of systemic collapse. These are conceptions that are for the most part delusional and not in line with the facts. The public idea of collapse comes predominantly from Hollywood, and not from personal experience. For the masses (and some preppers, unfortunately), a collapse is an “event” that happens visibly and usually swiftly. You wake up one morning and behold; the television and phones don’t work anymore and zombies are at your doorstep! Yes, it’s childish and cartoonish, but anything less than a Walking Dead/Mad Max scenario and many people act as if all other threats are benign.

    This is the driving reason why many Americans are absolutely oblivious to the economic instability that is rampant and blatant within our system the past few months. They might see the same signals that alternative analysts see, but these signals do not register in their brains as dangers.

    Look at it this way; say you told a person their whole life that a tiger is a 10-foot tall behemoth with four heads that breath fire while urinating flesh-rending acid. Say you make movies and TV shows about it and they never have any experience to the contrary. When they finally come across a real tiger, they might try to pet the damn thing instead of running in terror or searching for a means of defense.

    To use another vicious animal analogy, when I encounter skeptics with false assumptions of what a collapse actually is, I am often reminded of that woman in Anchorage, Alaska who jumped an enclosure fence at the zoo to get a closer picture of Binky the polar bear. These people have been made so inept when it comes to identifying threats that they will continue arguing with you as the animal takes a football-sized bite out of their meaty thigh.

    So what is the root of the problem beyond Hollywood fantasies? Well, the problem is that social and economic collapse is not a singular event, it is a PROCESS. Collapse is a series of events that sometimes span years. Each event increases in volatility over the last event, but as time goes on these events tend to condition the masses. The public develops a normalcy bias towards crisis (like the old “frog in a boiling pot” analogy). They lose all sense of what a healthy system looks like.

    It is not uncommon for a society to wade through almost a decade or more of violent decline before finally acknowledging the system is imploding on a fundamental level. It is also not uncommon for societies to endure years of abuse by corrupt governments before either organizing effectively to rebel, or caving in and submitting to totalitarianism.

    But how does one recognize a failing system? How does a person know if they are in the middle of a collapse rather than on the “verge” of collapse? Here are some signals I have derived from research of various breakdowns in modern nations and why they indicate we are experiencing collapse right now…

    The Criminals Openly Admit To Their Crimes

    The surest way to know if your society is in the midst of disintegration is to see if the criminals who created the instability in the first place are openly discussing a collapse scenario or warning that one is imminent.

    A year ago, central bankers presented little more than a chorus of recovery propaganda. Today, not so much. The Royal Bank of Scotland is now warning investors to “sell everything” ahead of a “cataclysmic” year in markets.

    The Federal Reserve’s Richard Fisher has admitted that the Fed “frontloaded” (manipulated) stock markets into a bubble and that payment is about to come due in the form of severe economic volatility (up to 20% crash in equities).

    The Bank for International Settlements, the central bank of central banks, has a track record of warning the public about collapse conditions – right before they happen, leaving little or no time for people to prepare. They have followed their habit by warning in September and December that a Fed rate hike would “shatter” the uneasy calm in markets.

    The former Chief Economist of the BIS now says the economy is in worse shape than it was in 2008 and is headed for a larger fall.

    What happened between last year and this year and why are these internationalists suddenly so forthcoming about our economic reality? The fact that central bankers are the cause of our current collapse leads me to believe that such admissions are designed to deflect guilt. If they put out a few warnings now, they can then later claim they are prognosticators rather than culprits, and that they were trying to “help us.” Beyond that, the reality is that our situation was just as dire in 2014/2015 as it is today; the difference is that now we are about to enter a new phase in the ongoing collapse, a much more detrimental phase, but still a phase of a breakdown that has been progressing since at least 2008.

    The Fundamentals Break Through The Manipulation Barrier

    Governments and central banks do not have the capacity to artificially create demand for goods or a supply of well-paying jobs in a crashing economy. What they can do, though, is hide the visible problems in supply and demand with false numbers.

    I examined such false economic statistics in great detail last year in a six-part series titled “One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes.” I will not cover them all again here. I would only point out that recently the fundamentals of supply and demand have begun to break through the deceit of manipulated numbers, and this is a sign that the collapse is about to move from one stage to the next.

    With global shipping and trucking freight in steep decline, with retail inventories in stasis and current oil consumption falling to levels not seen since 1997 despite a larger population, the mainstream can no longer deny that consumer demand is crumbling. If demand is falling dramatically, then the financial system is in the middle of falling dramatically; there is simply no way around this truth.

    Stocks And Commodities Become Violently Erratic

    Let’s be clear, if stock markets represent anything at all, they are merely lagging indicators of economic instability.  Stock markets are NOT predictive indicators of anything useful.  Therefore, any person who does nothing but track equities each day is going to be completely oblivious to the bigger picture behind the economy until it is too late.  They will be so mesmerized by the green numbers and red numbers and lines on minute-to-minute graphs that they will lose all sense of reality.

    Violent swings in stocks are a sign of a financial system that is at the middle or end of the collapse process, not the beginning.

    It is also important to note that extreme shifts in stocks and commodity values to the upside are just as much a signal of instability as shifts to the downside.  For instance, if you witnessed the recent 9% explosion in oil markets and thought to yourself “Ah, the markets are being stabilized again and nothing is different this time…”, then you are an idiot.

    Of course, the next day oil markets lost almost all of the gains they made the day before.  And this is how markets behave when they are about to die; they expand and implode chaotically each day on nothing more that meaningless news headlines rather than hard data.  This heart attack in equities inevitably trends downwards as the weeks and months pass.  Keep in mind, equities are down nearly 10% from their recent highs, and oil is down approximately 50% in the past six months.  Every time there is a dead cat bounce in stocks skeptics come out of the woodwork to call alternative analysts “doomers”, yet they are nowhere to be found when markets come crashing back down.  They are not looking at the overall trend because their short attention spans hinder them.  Again, extreme swings in markets, whether up or down, are a sign of progressing collapse.

    Deterioration Of Cultural Values, Heritage And Identity

    I have written extensively over the years about the Cloward-Piven strategy; a strategy used by collectivists to destabilize social systems by dumping overt numbers of foreign immigrants into the population without demand for integration. This process has been obvious in the U.S. and Europe for quite some time, but only now is it peaking to the point that collapse is seen as an inevitable result by the public. Europe is worse off than the U.S. in this regard as millions upon millions of Muslim immigrants are injected into the EU’s already dying body; immigrants that intend to transplant their culture from their own failed societies rather than adopting the values and principles of the societies that have invited them in.

    Natural-born Americans and legal immigrants with aspiration of integration appear to be fighting back against the Cloward-Piven strategy with some success by holding onto traditional American values despite being labeled “barbarians” and “racists.” Illegal immigration, though, is still completely unchecked.

    In the EU, the long campaign of cultural Marxism has made natural-born Europeans perhaps the most self-hating people on the planet as well as the most passive and weak. Organized opposition to massive immigration programs in the EU should have taken place years ago. Now it is far too late, and the European system is finishing a social implosion which should have already been obvious to average citizens.

    Open Discussion Of Totalitarian Measures

    When corrupt leadership moves from quiet totalitarianism to more open totalitarianism, your society is in the FINAL stages of collapse, not the beginning of a collapse. The U.S. in particular has been slowly strangled with subversive legal directives and political policies ever since the so called “War on Terror” began. However, there are now multiple signals of a much deeper and open tyranny in the works.

    A few recent examples stand out, including Barack Obama’s insistence that the office of the president has the legal authority to issues executive orders that affect constitutional protections such as the 2nd Amendment. As many liberty movement activists are aware, there is absolutely no constitutional precedent for the use of executive orders and such powers are not mentioned anywhere in the document. They were simply created out of thin air to be used by the federal government and sometimes state governments to supersede normal checks and balances.

    While numerous presidents have issued executive orders, including some that were outright tyrannical, like Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s unconstitutional internment of Japanese Americans into concentration camps, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have been the most subversive in their bypassing of the Constitution. Obama, in particular, has tried to hide the number of executive actions he has taken by issuing hundreds of “presidential memorandums,” which are basically the same dirty play by another name.

    These actions have been progressively setting the stage for the removal of checks and balances entirely in the name of crisis management. They are so broad in their nature and vague in their definitions and applications that they could be interpreted by federal authorities to mean just about anything in any given situation.

    If executive actions are not scary enough, corrupt politicians are now becoming blunt in their demands for dominance. Two Republican Senators, Mitch McConnel and Lindsay Graham, are calling for unlimited AUMF-style (authorization of use of military force) war powers to be given to the president. Such powers would allow the president to project U.S. military forces anywhere in the world for any reason without review or time limits. This includes the use of military forces on U.S. soil.

    The rationale for this is, of course, the threat of ISIS. The same group of terrorists the U.S. government helped to create.

    And finally, if you want perhaps the most nonchalant admission of future tyranny in recent days, check out former General Wesley Clark’s call for “disloyal” Americans to be placed in internment camps through the duration of the war on terror, a war that could ostensibly go on forever.

    One could argue that all of these measures are meant only to deter “Islamic extremism.” I would point out that government officials could have stemmed that tide at any time by enforcing existing immigration laws, or, by stopping all immigration for a period of years until the problem is handled. Instead, they have allowed open borders to remain, and have even imported potential terrorists while focusing Department of Homeland Security efforts more on evil white guys with guns.

    If we accept the violation of the constitutional rights of any group of citizens, if we allow the concept of “thought crime” to become commonplace, then we leave the door open to the violation of our own rights someday. And that is how tyrants trick populations through incremental collapse; by applying despotism to a claimed dangerous minority, then expanding it to everyone else.

    America is sitting near the end of the spectrum in terms of economic collapse and in the middle of the spectrum in terms of social collapse.  While more violent events are certainly gestating and are likely to be triggered in the near term, we should not overlook the reality that collapse is happening in stages all around us.  This process gives us at least some time.  All is not lost yet, and the steps we take to organize and prepare today will affect how the collapse process unfolds tomorrow. People who continue to ignore the outright evidence of collapse based on false assumptions of what collapse should look like are only preventing themselves from taking proper action until it is too late. Make no mistake, our system is dying. We cannot allow our false perceptions of this death to cloud the reality of it, or our response to it.

    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt Market.

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      1. I read this article a few days ago on Zerhohedge. I don’t like using the comment system there so thanks for posting this article here, Mac!

        This guy is correct. We are in the middle of a collapse right now. Many people have not recovered from the collapse in 2008. Many are being thrown under the bus by Obamacare because they cannot get a full-time job. Which means they have to work two part-time jobs. Or be an independent contractor.

        Look at Canada. The Canadian dollar was on par (equal) to the US dollar not that long ago. Now? Canadian dollar only cost .70 with a USD. Go around the world. Currencies priced in dollars are cheap. Until the USD falters and everyone runs for the nearest exit. When will that happen? No idea. Snowflakes stacked on top of each other create avalanches. When is there gonna be an avalanche? Sooner rather than later.

        • Has not fallen apart for me yet. Just bought 30 rolls of TP and 12 rolls op PT on sale. One issue, poll above asks about mental health exam for people buying guns; I say NO just WHO grades the exams and decides who is and isn’t; Plus I ask Have ANY of the candidates for President had them Hummmm?

          • on the issue of background checks any infringement is wrong just for instance people who used to giet arrested with a gun and went to prison the gun went to prison with them and when they paid there debts all rights were restored and they were given the gun back as they left prison.I think and i know its true if they comet a crime worth death excute them instantly after trial every time and people will quit doing wrong for the most part.what else does paying your debt mean if any other way its the same as double jepordy

          • Paraniod dude,
            Why would you care if any politico would take a mental health exam? That would be a way to measure or judge their state of mind. Judge not, Paranoid one.

          • You are right about mental health exams before gun purchases.

            If you start putting qualifiers on constitutional rights, then you have none.

            • Exactly right. @J.Stiner.

              • Sara,
                what is really interesting is that how do they determine what is NORMAL and what is AB normal and THAT is ALL based upon the majority, so in my opinion most of it (psychology) is B.S.

          • Mental health exams and commitments to asylums were standard practice in the former USSR. It was a way to punish dissidents and those that spoke out. In case some of you had any doubts about the communists being in charge of things here in the good ol USSA.

          • Wasting your time with the TP..takes a lot of space and have to keep dry. Get a pump up garden bug sprayer…washing is cleaner then whipping after your canned preps give you the runs…..

            • I would suggest a peri bottle(women get them post partum). It is basically a hand held bidet, and then some cotton flannel family cloth. Will make your TP go farther and they are reusable and smaller to store.

        • The collapse
          Yea, read it earlier at Alt-Market. It caught my attention because most people are just as Smith has explained.

          In fact; most people are far worse off than what meets the eye.
          Yes, swimming in a sea of debt, and working longer for less is pretty obvious for most folks, but; there is a far greater problem going on in the world.
          The problem stems from a collapse of the moral and spiritual fabric.

          Obviously, here in USA, the problems have worsened because of the acceptance of a liberal, hedonistic agenda and the so-called legislation/stamp of law, by the the court.
          “We the People” are allowed to murder the unborn at the rate of 4000 per day average, and follow the Follywood/media’s perspective of glamorizing abominable/sadistic acts of homosexual behavior. Sex and nudity is given a pass to the latest generation of kids sitting in the front row daily. Yet, nearly 70% claim to be Christian.
          That figure, not too many years ago was at 80%.

          Not having the real figures of “true” Christians, (Yahweh does), I can only surmise that the percentage is closer to 20.

          Most go to a building on Sunday mornings and hear a supportive message of prosperity and congregational blessings from adding to the collection plates. Usually, before the engine of their vehicle cools down from the drive home, they are back into the entrapment’s and ideologies, of a sinful world, and are angry at almost everything and everyone.

          The evidence is everywhere, but none so apparent as the frenzied pace of motorists and horn honking at anyone in front or beside their vehicle. The scowls at anyone causing them to feel as though their progression has been impeded, is becoming more and more hateful and bordering on road rage.

          If people have such anger behind the wheel, imagine what goes on in their homes and at work. There is something bigger going on here and it is getting worse as the months tick by. People are feeling trapped and pressured by their elected officials, to give and do more. As each new bill comes in the mail, they see the increases in insurance, medical, and the ever growing tax burden. They see all their expenses go to make many of the pencil pushers get richer, as their budgets tighten like a noose around their necks. They can’t change their world because they have fallen for the lie of indebtedness as a way to make them feel like they have achieved something through buying nice looking overpriced stuff. Others that have worked,saved, and paid off everything sees their retirement dollars going down the drains, just to maintain a moderate lifestyle, of which isn’t as grand as they had anticipated. Most are locked into caring for grandchildren, because their own children can’t afford daycare.

          All this hasn’t happened overnight, but it has become real in a short period of time. The powers of the NWO, have systemically put all these actions and policies in place to eliminate the middle class of society. It is real and it is real evident to most adults, at this critical moment in time.

          The actions of the voters to allow liberalism and evil to rule the day, is now coming back around to bite most of them in the ass. Even if they are self-proclaimed Christians, but living for the world; their outlook seems pretty grim because there is no divine intervention in their lives as they were led to believe. it could be there, “if”………

          Yes, the collapse, is all around us Mr. Smith, and the sheeple have dug their heels in and believed it will all turn around with a new potus, or a new year, or a new positive uptick stock market report.

          The collapse, in most situations has been self imposed and will not go away unless people get the right spiritual and mental attitude first. Then they must let political correctness and corporate mind twisting through advertising, leave their thoughts and lives. They have to accept the bottom line that life is much easier without fancy homes and cars and etc. etc. etc.

          • I just look around whenever i leave my home cave and am astounded at how lewd and dirty most people look, people just dont have any class anymore, sure, theres “normal” folks out there too, but so many of the younger generations covered in tats, stuff hangin out no matter how fat, sloppy clothes, and thats just the visual, then like you mention about the roadways,,,
            I dropped real low gears in my jeep because, well, what difference does it make if it makes it slow, fastest speed limits in areas i drive are 45, butgeeze,,, people fly by like they are headed to a fire, in the 45 zones and lower, it sucks,
            Its going to be interesting, most are oblivious to anything beyond their nose

            • I agree: what is it with looking like a dirtbag? The tattoos do not make a person look respectable or trustworthy. I see so many young adults who do not even seem to own a belt or a pair of trousers. They just slob about all day in a track suit, with their ass hanging out the back. And a personal beef is with hiding behind a hoodie all the time: that just says you are a criminal low-life who is afraid of being tracked by the security cameras.

              So many have lost personal dignity and just wallow in filth and failure. It shows in how they dress, behave and what physical shape they are in. It costs nothing to do some push-ups every day.

              • Or just walk!
                What was that, 7 sins,,,,

                • I agree guys. I find tattoos disgusting. Pants under the ass stupid. These are not necessarily bad people. They are trying to find themselves and looking to “belong” to their peer group. They have chosen the wrong group. Or they are emulating a sports hero or rock star covered in tattoos.

                  These people can be very good people and often are. It makes it more difficult for me to look past the stereotypes and find the spirit of god within them, but when tested, I find the humanity in them is as generous and loving as with many without the distractions on their bodies.

                  Good article Brandon, but “collapse” is an ambiguous term with many different meanings depending upon who is using it: not unlike the myriad tattoos you can find on a single person.

                  I tend to perceive “collapse” as a teotwawki event: EMP, Pole Shift, massive earth changes, and/or nuclear war. I agree that fundamental changes are on the horizon, but the world has seen fundamental change many times before.

                  The present financial system will continue for some time. 🙂

                  • As we have had different opinions in the past, DK; I am almost entirely agreed with your statements in this comment.

                    Tats are an extension of ones self and speaks of a yearning to be recognized. In most cases this yearning is nothing more than craving attention and trying to put on a feeling of being “cool” and “with it”, as in the world.
                    Biblical speaking, it is wrong because it signifies piercing of the skin and blood letting. Morally, it is degrading and makes people look trashy and dirty.

                    I can’t say what is in a person’s heart, because of the way they look and dress. That is the Creator’s position to judge, but; I can discern not to like being served by a tat covered person at a restaurant. A woman/girl in sleeves is about as trashy as one with hip huggers and her thong riding up on her back. I don’t want someone serving me that may have been handling a shit stained piece of cloth before handling my plate and glass, nor having a filthy hand or arm because they could not see the dirt for all their tats. Just my right to exercise where i go to eat.

                    The word collapse has several different possibilities and layers. In the very last days, when the economic collapse is in full swing, there is coming a massive Pole Shift, due to a asteroid event that will take out Mystery Babylon (NY City/UN/NWO headquarters). I believe we may be spared the EMP event but, it sure is possible.

                    Why can no man predict the “day or hour” of Christ’s return?
                    Simple. The earth will be reeling to and fro like a drunkard, and the sun will be all over the place. it may be dark thirty for several hours, then daylight several hours and then dark again. A 24 hour clock will have no significance in those last days. Even if it did, the time zones would prevent an exact hour or day around the world. This period is possibly in the last months or weeks.

                    The event that signals the final countdown, will be the Gog/Magog war, and the two witnesses preaching in the streets of Jerusalem. If a man/being, is here on earth claiming to be Christ returned, and we are still in flesh bodies, then it is Antichrist/Satan. I can guarantee without a doubt it will not be Obama, as one woman swears it will be, on her blog called Believeacts2. She also says we are in the Great Tribulation now. False teachings are a bad, bad thing to be involved in.

                    There are two Tribulations. The first is a 3 and 1/2 year period of great distress and perplexity, but not the actual Great tribulation. The following time period has been shortened by Jesus Christ himself, and that is the days in which Satan is fulilling the office of Antichrist and his ten generals are ring leading the One World system. At the same time, 7000 of the Nephilim are making whoopie with all the women that do not have the covering of Christ, and the seal of truth in their hearts of who those fallen ones are. Like in the days of Noe. That last 3 1/2 year period is still relevant as the demonic spirts are working overtime on the earth. The antichrst/Satan will not have a full 3 1/2 years as he was originally given back in Daniels days. Satan’s “time” of playing his final role is what has been shortened.

                    The Great Tribulation is the time when God pours out His wrath on all nonbelievers and that time is relatively short. I believe it is the final events just before Christ returns and is directly linked to the two witnesses. It could be the three day period in which they lie dead in the streets, or all in one day after that.

                    There will be no giants/gebborh, born in that time, since they are only given a five month period of testing men and women. They love the weak men and boys as much as women, and will be sexing up the rear of many. Acid, you getting all this? The fallen angels have body mass and unless you can slice them with a knife, you would never know the difference. They have no blood, but they aren’t walking around like Casper the friendly ghost either. In other words, they will blend in as young adults, and even wearing modern clothes. Deceiving even the learned, if they are not careful.

                    Anyways, that is many years away, i believe, from what I have been shown. A decade at least, but not two.

                    It will be a slow burn until that time and many times will be difficult for those not prepped. I believe also that the financial system will continue in some form before the complete transfer to the digital age. In fact if there is enough opposition, the current system of cash could go right up till the final seven years, and possibly till Antichrist, since he is so convincing that the whole world will whore after him and his system. There is no way on God’s Green Earth that obummer can pull that off, but many seem to believe the lie that Satan will manifest himself into the body of a flesh man…I don’t believe it, because it is not biblical.

                    Time will tell, and I surely don’t claim to have all the answers. This is just as I have been given the understandings via the Holy Spirit.

                    Everyone has to sail their own ship. it does not bother me if people disagree, but i don’t appreciate the offensive and degrading comments. Just disagree if you like and keep the negativity to yourself….juneybug and fecal.

                    • I have tattoos. I am not disgusting or a dirtbag. I am a hard working man. But that is ok. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and thought. Talk about judging a book by it’s cover…

                    • PITW: I agree. I saw kids getting tattoos back in the 1990s and the only reason they did it is because other people were doing it. I cook at home because I don’t want to be served food by someone that has tattoos. I view them as unclean as well. If you love your body, and respect your body as a temple of God, why would defile it with such markings? I agree, I don’t eat out very often because I think the standards are too low. I don’t want eat food, or be served, by someone that has tattoos and thinks they are cool. They are not.

                    • Passinwiththewind,
                      I appreciate your deep thoughts regarding this matter.
                      I have decided that my part is to NOT take part in the behavior I see today. Just that gets me a pile of grief from gross folks. I keep moving forward the best I can without fritz in much. I know right from wrong and I don’t idolize other people. Another thing that gets me some grief! I love some people and try for kindness for others. If that does not work, I do my best to disengage.

                      Surely God is okay with gardening, loving my family, and trying to get our Constitution back. If not, I am in serious trouble! It is a simple life.

                    • Passing,keep negativity to self?!You say god will unleash wrath for those who don’t follow,and thats not negative?!Saying god is a bloodthirsty/tyrant/asshole seems pretty negative to me!

                    • PWTW,
                      I guarantee the days are being shortened now.

                    • JESUS FUCKING CHRIST PASSIN! Do you ever STFU with your long winded bullshit posts? I thought you left you moron. What happened? Other sites got tired of your BS? Kill yourself and go to heaven for fucks sake already. Spare your soul from the bullshit happening ok. Prove to me your bullshit is more real than anyone elses religious bullshit. God damn I swear!!!

                    • HOLY FUCK! 16 paragraphs of bullshit! Damn passin, thats a record!

                    • Apparently WD hasn’t learned to read yet. The negativity is casting degrading comments at me “personally”, and not about just being negative in general.
                      And, btw…no hateful word towards our Heavenly Father goes unnoticed nor unpunished. He is in for a shit load of shaking.
                      Oh yea, Steve D. you need to learn how to read as well. I never said i was making a judgment about the tat/pierced people when it comes to their soul. Wake up.

                    • Phil, Kula, PWTW, All,

                      Great article, great comments. On the issue of tattoos, a lot of my compatriots have tattoos covering their bodies. It has been popularized and accepted. Oftentimes there is a good story behind each tattoo. These are hard working, taxpaying fellow citizens. I have learned not to judge people by their appearances. I have been wrong countless times when I did. We have some of the finest dining in the world prepared and served by tattooed men and women. Time to get over it!

                  • DK, uuuh, I have found everyone of those types I MEAN 100% OF THEM to be stupid as fuck! I work with a plethora of these freaks and everyone of them is RETARDED! They don’t have a fookin clue what is going on or much less give a shit. Maybe those are the kind you hang out with but I have much higher level friends. If you think those types are ok then you either have extremely bad taste or you too are a moron….

                    • Genius: I find tats personally repulsive. I understand that people with tats don’t feel or believe as I do. Yes, I would agree that there are a lot of people out there with tats that are retarded.

                      Particularly young people.

                      No, for the most part they don’t know what is going on and yes, for the most part they don’t care. There are a lot of people with and without tats, just trying to get through the day, day by day, doing the best they can with what they have to work with.

                      Some people have more to work with than others.

                      As a genius yourself, surely you can understand their condition and sympathize with their plight: God having given you so much. 🙂

                    • Genius, I see you are still up to your usual rant and atheistic banter. You need to take a chill pill and find another line of work. The genius philosopher thing ain’t goin’ to well for you here where people are way more smarter than yourself.

                      You are not a living legend and never will be except in your own little mind. It is people like you that make us true Christians want to see this world over with, so we don’t have to listen to your worthless shit in the next life.

                      I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. It is all written in the WORD, that you evidently have no use for. You can’t rid the world of Christians. You and the muzzies will try, but the God that lives within us is greater than the worldly shits like you and them. Go to the middle east and see how much smoke you can blow up their sand shittin asses, you retard.

                    • “Genius, I see you are still up to your usual rant and atheistic banter. You need to take a chill pill and find another line of work. The genius philosopher thing ain’t goin’ to well for you here where people are way more smarter than yourself.”

                      And I see you are back with your religious ranting and truth denying lol. I’m not the smartest guy there is just a lot smarter than you!

                      “I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. It is all written in the WORD, that you evidently have no use for. You can’t rid the world of Christians. You and the muzzies will try, but the God that lives within us is greater than the worldly shits like you and them. Go to the middle east and see how much smoke you can blow up their sand shittin asses, you retard.”

                      Who’s word? Can you verify this so called word? Written 300 years after jesus? Or do you just take them for their word? I don’t believe in ANY religion but I do believe in universal intelligence and creation. Go to the middle east? Isn’t that where jesus was born? Maybe YOU should go there as I have no use for those freaks. Retard? ha ha ha, better look in the mirror bud.

                    • Genius, I don’t necessarily agree with your view of people with tattoos, but PWTW is not acting like a Christian from what I can see here. A Christian does not wish harm on another just because opinions can differ. (PWTW quote to Genius: ” It is people like you that make us true Christians want to see this world over with, so we don’t have to listen to your worthless shit in the next life.”)

                      PWTW – we all have more work to do to become better Christians. You might want to think on that and remember when we declare publicly that we are servants of Christ we bear a responsibility to mirror his actions and character. You can come off as rather caustic. Instead of berating others, try praying for them instead. Just a thought…..

                    • MI Vidalia
                      novel concept 😉

            • Kula, I agree. I was shocked when I saw this woman at my local grocery store in her bathrobe. Too many people look like they wear pajamas out in public now and think it is okay. The tattoos and the weird piercings are another thing. It looks bad enough on men but the women that have tattoos are probably the worst. Do they realize what those tattoos will look like when they are 60 years old? Those tattoos will be a smeary, ugly mess!

              I had an incredible grandmother. She said that soap and water are cheap. Same for a needle and thread. She used to say that people will judge you by what you are wearing and the manner of your speech. Going out in public dirty, with torn clothes was the ultimate sin. This was a woman that grew up using an outhouse and cooking on wood stove. For her there was no excuse for not taking a shower or wearing dirty or ripped clothes. Ever.

              • Tatoos are for morons with identity crisises. Derr who am I? Uhhh I guess I better get some tats so I will be cool (drooling). I need to fit in with the cool crowd huh huh huh. I’m such a fart smeller yupper. I’m a manly man cause I gots ink on me yuk yuk, makes me luuk tuff and sheet. I can’t think fer muhself or have any coomon sence I jus wanna fit in and luuk kool fer my buddies. I caint git them off so I jus write over theem weeth a sharpie to cross out muh las girlfriends name he he he. Yup, I’m with the sheep and I’m so cool too lol 😛

                • Yes. Sad but true.

                • a tattoo is a warning to scare off potential suitors, in MY book…my ex has a wolf on her back…they SAY it used to be a chihuahua!

          • Exactly. Or as Charleton Heston once wrote:

            “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”

            Welcome to the fascist world of the Fabian socialists, Frankfurt School, Saul Alinksy and other vile leftists

            • Nailed it!

              • No. TEST did not “nail it.”

                TEST’s most common trick is the right-left game. He pretends that the right wing neo-cons are no danger to us… as if the über-capitalists and banksters have not committed crimes against humanity… as if the right wingers haven’t foisted NDAA and Patriot Acts on us… as if Reagan and Bush didn’t give us gun control (Brady Act and the import ban respectively)… etc.

                No. TEST does not “nail it.”

                • Thank you, BNRW. As a matter of fact, I *do* think the neo-cons are a danger, as are the banksters, and have made no bones about that. The NDAA is patently un-American, and downright scary. I do not know what an “uber capitalist” is, but I do believe the private sector is better than socialism. And if you recall, Reagan was in power during a Congress dominated by Democrats. He couldn’t win every battle, nor was he perfect.

                  As noted, you have grossly misinterpreted/misunderstood even the basics of what I have written, other than yes, I do believe there is a giant difference between Bernie and Hilary vis-a-vis a Cruz, Paul or Carson. Is the difference big enough? Maybe not, but I live in a world where sometimes perfection is not possible in the political arena, and realize that I simply must deal with it. I will also submit that there is a massive difference, e.g., between a Lisa Murkowski vs. Joe Miller in the Alaska senate race a few years ago.

                  However, I would politely ask that you don’t try to speak for me, particularly where, as noted above, relative to banksters, the NDAA, the neo-con expansion, etc. you have an utter misapprehension of what I think, and even have written. As the Swedes would say, du har fel.

                  • Your verbose patronizing posts go on and on about leftists. Your supposed critique of the right, if it exists at all, must be written in invisible ink.

                    Reagan lobbied for the Brady Act*** giving pivotal cover to the “right” for their support of the Brady Act. The AW import ban was hatched during Reagan’s lame duck months and was enacted initially by Executive Order of George H.W. Bush. The “right” supported NDAA, the Patriot Acts, tyrannical Executive Orders, trillions to the banksters and financiers (übercapitalists) who looted us, and most of what we suffer.

                    So much for the “massive difference” between the chains, lashes, and prisons of the right and left. You properly rave about Communism, but your “right” politicians support planks from the Communist Manifesto (e.g., progressive income tax, government-controlled education, a central bank, etc.).

                    Your left-right deceit is at least as old and diabolical as the “conflict” between Shammai and Hillel, the play of chesed and gevurah, thesis and antithesis, problem and reaction.

                    *** e.g., “Why I’m for the Brady Bill” by Ronald Reagan, The New York Times, March 29, 1991

                    • Berightnotwrong,
                      The D/R corporate machine is one.

                    • Agreed, Rebecca. The morally RIGHT are not the same as the political “right.” Those with eyes that see observe that the same WRONG accomplices of Satan, murderers, thieves, tyrants, and perverts, control the political right and the left.

                    • Berightnotwrong ,
                      I hear ya. 1984 Thinkspeak going on in this country, and the political right is using the “righteous” buzzwords while being wrong. The left uses “touchy feely” buzzwords while being wrong. We need to get 50% of voters into a new party.

          • pwtw, at least people have one good thing to look forward to and that is Jesus Christ is forgiving and not the sanctimonious prick that you are. It must be really difficult for you being so perfect and having to dictate instructions to the entire world on live with, but maybe you’ll be lucky and can be the only one in Heaven by yourself. Then you won’t have to be bothered with the entire world who isn’t as pious as yourself. Your crown of thorns must indeed weigh heavy on you having been chosen to be perfect in a sea of imperfection. Yes, the entire world should bow before you in awe of your self chosen role as door keeper to God and the afterlife.

            • Nailed it!

              • Addendum. “Sanctimonious prick.”

                Quod erat demonstrandum about psychological projection, in your very own words.

                I submit this site is probably not for you if people cannot express their opinions without you taking it personally.

                • The Swedes say, “Du är en hycklare.”

              • You piece of shit.

                • TP, Who?

                  • You fell for that one ketchup lol.

                    • Wiped clean!??

                    • yeah, my bad, but in my defense it was 6 minutes before 8 PM on a Saturday night and I didn’t have to work next morning, and I had a drink or two, and a glass of wine, and, and..oh, what defense..

            • JB, this is a site for people to express opinions. PWTW just did his. Perhaps this site is not for you. Sure sounds like you are engaged in psychological projection, and anyone who does not meet YOUR standards is found wanting.

              • Test and pwtw,

                I’ll address both of you on this post. Test, you need to rephrase your comment to ” This is a site for people to express opinions, but ONLY those that ” I ” agree with”. Sure sounds like you are engaged in censorship of opinions you don’t like, if I may indulge myself in psychological projection about your commentary. Or perhaps it’s just simpler then that, maybe your just a simple hypocrite. Either way is of no importance to me.


                I would do well to ” be a little less judgmental and more forgiving of others”. Priceless, coming from you. Maybe you should read your posts again, here you are the pot calling the kettle black. I’ve never read anybody on this website who sits on high and doles out criticism of everybody more then you. I agree these are indeed dark times for humanity but what is not needed are people to preach to anyone else like they’re ” below” you and this is precisely how you come across. Durango Kid is right on the money, you judge a book on it’s cover alone, if you don’t like they way they look, maybe a tattoo, or some clothing, you automatically presume someone is a ” dirtbag”. I would hope that anybody who has lived to be past 60 would have gained some amount of intelligence to be able to understand that kids { and I mean young adults here} go through phases where they do and act stupidly because they try to be part of their peer group. Doesn’t everybody? It seems you want to forget your own youthful mistakes but are all too happy to hold the current generation more then responsible for theirs. These young people will grow into older adults and yeah, some of them will turn out bad, but some will turn out to be great human beings. Judging by your attitude toward people in general, after 60 plus years of being alive you’ve learned nothing about tolerance at all, people who wanted and bought a large home or a new car when times were good are ” guilty” in your eyes of some kind of greed” sin and need to be punished somehow.

                So, for somebody who’s supposed to be such a ” good” Christian you certainly don’t show much of a ” forgiving spirit”, so that’s why I say it’s a good thing for everybody else that Jesus Christ does. People with your attitude are more harmful to Christianity then helpful. Maybe it would be better for you to actually do something helpful for people instead of making your daily list of grievances about them, this too can lead to being in a ” dark place”.

                • You don’t have a clue about what I have done or do…for people.
                  You make some broad statements about me as if you have insight to where i am and what i do all day.

                  I guess you are part of the snooping establishment and know everything about everybody. You are the one that came out of the darkness throwing your negative comments about me, because you don’t like me bring up the Father and the only begotten Son.
                  Maybe you need to find some help.

                  I have never classified all of youth as the problem, in fact I blame all of us that have been alive since the truth of what kind of Conspiracy has been going around in this wretched world. Evidently you have not read my posts. You just enjoy riding the old…”let’s bash passin’ the preacher” train.

                  It is in the archives dumbass, where I have referred to “we the people” many times, as those that are at fault. The only reason i point out certain groups and mention their shortcomings, is because sometimes, someone will actually take a look at themselves in the mirror and make a change in their spirit life.

                  Now, the resident homo…acid, always blames the boomers. he almost had a change of heart, but it is not evident by his latest posts.

                  Maybe you and genius can hold hands and bitch about me while you slurp up the ways of the world, but nothing is going to change what is coming. it is written and the world is on God’s time clock now. Since i am outspoken for the sake of the lost sinners, I expect the kind of feedback I get from losers and world lovers, because i bear the rope/truth in the word, that makes them realize that it is about all over with in a dozen, and change… more years.

                  My message is simple. Hope and safety for the believers and a shit storm ahead for the naysayers, world lovers, and the lost.

                  And btw, my forgiving spirit only works for those that make an attempt at asking for such. Where none is asked…none is given. Think about it.

                  • people, go easy on passin’, he’s got the infection known as religious illness.
                    If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit, right, passin’?
                    If you took my advice and read a single book book by Joel Goldsmith you’d realize how incredibly wrong you really are.
                    God doesn’t have a damn timeclock and he isn’t about to throw hellfire and brimstone at those you point your finger at.
                    You should go back to playing with snakes and drinking strychnine.

                  • Pissing in the wind – I thought you had left forever because someone had been nasty to you (boo boo). Not only are you demented, you’re an untruthful SOB by coming back and posting here.

                    Looks like you’re no better than a junky as you keep coming back your hit! Or maybe a masochist? Yeah, that would fit in with your weird rantings. The latter day Church of Masochistic Pissing in The wind. Has a kind of ring to it.

                • “but ONLY those that ” I ” agree with”

                  I dunno JB, I’m a Russian woman and my views don’t click with some people, most of the time. Yet I get along just fine here, because we allow each other the privilege of ranting as we feel it necessary…yet the regular people here don’t take offense.

                  If there is anybody who can rub people wrong, it’s ME. The difference is the PERSONAL ATTACKS. Making it personal or taking it personal is not conducive to an adult conversation.

                  YEsli Vy ne mozhete pobezhat’ s bol’shimi sobakami, prebyvaniye na pod”ezde

                  If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.

                  • At least he has the balls to say his piece without waiting 2 days to make sure the ” coast” is clear before commenting.

                    • I have other things to do besides sit here and wait for replies to my comments. I’ll get back when I get back to it. Deal with it.

                    • Yeah, You ” get back to it at 4.30 am after the guy has moved on from the discussion, it’s called being a coward, you and test both fit the bill.

            • Wow. Somebody’s overcompensating for something deep down. Why so much hatred, Junie? PITW nails it on virtually every post he makes. I felt no judgement from what he said at all. He’s a most welcome addition to this comment board. Maybe you should take a look at why you feel the need to attack him so severely.


              • Spot on Grunty.

              • Grunty,

                I also find plan twice ‘ s commentary on the mark. He is very thoughtful and I have not read any arrogance in what he says. He is definitely smarter than the average bear, but gifts his knowledge to everyone who can listen. What on earth is wrong with that?

                • Ya a few good things and the rest is filler crap REB. He has the right to post whatever long winded shit he wants and so do you and I. I just try and make my posts truthful, funny, and of substance lol. Trust me, he aint that smart 🙂

                  • No one likes a smartass!

            • I call it as I see it, and never have made myself out to be a saint.

              I was saved by the grace of God and the blood of Jesus Christ and the Cross, at nine years old in a little country Church.
              That day, actually a night service, I became a believer and a Sinner at the same time.

              Having become saved, I then the realized the sin in my life thereafter, and knew that as a believer, I then had to acknowledge i was never perfect, nor without sin. To this very day, some 50 years later, I pray for forgiveness regularly for my shortcomings.

              It would do you well to be a little less judgmental and more forgiving of others. You have a confrontational spirit about you, and that may lead you down a dark path, of which there may be no return. Same for fecal matters. You better learn and accept that this is the end of days and without the Hand of Christ to lead you, you are lost in a sea of darkness without a life raft.

              • WOW, Being out at sea in the pitch of night in a small boat is frightening enough.
                Being in the drink all alone without a lifebelt would be like… Totally shitifying.

                • Don’t be skeered! You will move on.

              • Well said, PWTW

            • Wow, JB, the only one that sounds sanctimonious here is you.

          • “We the People” are allowed to murder the unborn at the rate of 4000 per day average

            Most of them were black, so it is o.k.

            By the way, Trump is very pro-choice, so the murders will continue under his reign too.

            • JS: YOU LIE.

            • Do you want a million more black lives to pay for? You bitch about taxes and bum’s but yet you want a shitload more? Abortion is a great thing for this overpopulated planet of useless eaters. I just wish there was a post birth abortion plan for these troglodites! Take that and shove it in your hypocritical windpipe!

              • Retrospective abortions for all!

              • And you call that posting something…” truthful, funny, and of substance?”

                You are so full of shit you see brown all day. The majority of folks here had you figured out from day one that you started spewing all your search and paste crap. You ain’t fooling anyone except yourself…mr.genius.

                And btw, I have been a regular on here since ’09, and have contributed a heck of a lot more than you and the likes of Juneybug put together. I used to read and post almost everyday.

                I took a little sabbatical and never said i wasn’t coming back here. I am not here everyday, nor every week, and I see that trend continuing as i have other more important projects going on.
                Maybe, I soon leave for good, maybe i don’t…so wtf is it to you asswipe? You need to drink more koolaid with all that moonshine you claim you put away. Sounds like you been getting a lot of lead in that shine.

                • What was not true about my post? Something a lot of people never consider, having to pay for all the unaborted, unwanted ones. By the way, who wrote the buybull and how many times has it been edited and do you have some proof it is true?

                  • I actually could care less what someone looks like or what jewelery they wear or if they have tattoos. Now If they have to go around with their so called pet bulldogs everyplace. That irritates me. Its mostly lowlifes who keep potentally vicious & dangerious dogs. A old woman in Arkansas fell in her kitchen. Bloodied her nose. Her pet bulldog who was the sweetest thing and would never hurt a fly. Chewed her face off and killed her. actually I believe the dog belonged to her grown up mooching children who lived with her.

              • I’ve got some ideas about who’d be the first myself.

                • all righty then, the lines are drawn….let’s git to it!

        • The Dollar is likely to be the last currency standing in a real collapse were it to happen today. Why? Sovereign Wealth Funds. Many nations hold a considerable amount of US Dollars in these funds and would go broke if the Dollar were to suddenly go away. The more likely scenario is a gradual lessening of the Dollar’s influence so that an orderly transition to a new global benchmark could be made. This was actually proposed by George Soros (yeah, I hate him too!) a few years back. While I don’t really trust him, it may give insight into what the global elite are thinking and planning. It’s also a logical plan of action that would make sense.

          The only other scenario I “like” is total global financial meltdown. In this scenario, the entire economic system of the world collapses at once, bringing about the impetus to replace it. Debts between nations are largely repudiated (in exchange for giving up national sovereignty) and all of the world’s banks, etc. are scrapped for a single world system. This would be the Beast financial system of Revelation. As we live in a very connected, digital world now, the new currency would also be digital. It would make crime more difficult and taxation and transactions more efficient, which will be it’s main selling points to a skeptical public. Since cell service is now available almost everywhere, private transactions would be carried out by cell phone and authentication by a RFID implant that could be read by most cell phones produced in the last 2-3 years that have NFC. The logistics of universal implantation would probably take about 3-4 years to put completely into place, which jives well with my memory of the Christian eschatological timeline in which the mark would be voluntary for 3.5 years and mandatory afterwards. Until that time, payments would be able to be done using just a phone but with a possibly more cumbersome system that will drive adoption of the implant. Again, just a theory (and one I really don’t like).

          • Possibly replaced by the SDR. Cf Jim Rickards on this.

            666 on the forehead, anyone?

          • Most people forget that the US dollar is the strongest currency in the world.

            That means that all the other currencies are REALLY shitty. The Dollar is just at the top of the shit iceberg.

            • Like the frozen tip of the shithouse pile lol. Like a pyramid sticking you in the ass lol.

          • WS: it has nothing to do with soveriegn wealth funds and everything to do with the US dollar being the world reserve currency and the medium of exchange with regard to oil which is also why the dollar is called the petro dollar. Foreign countries do purchase US treasuries and bonds. When they stop buying them and there is a bond collapse the US will be added to the long list of failed reserve currencies. When will this happen? I don’t know. Sooner rather than later I expect.

            • Hence why the dollar is held in sovereign wealth funds. It is it’s ties to the petroleum trade that keep it alive. The attempt to gradually move away from it as the sole currency for that trade is actually currently happening, with oil being settled in Euros, Rubles and Yuan now, as well as dollars. It may not work out the way that they hope, which is why I gave two possible scenarios.

              • And perhaps SDRs in the future, Winston is my thought, which Jim Rickards has talked about. Would be inflationary for dollar holders, but whom would the public blame? The IMF is unelected…

                • SDR is certainly possible. It is currently in limited use, and has existed for a fairly long time. I don’t think it would be a stretch to extend it’s utility to the oil trade, but that wouldn’t kill the Dollar, as it is a major component of the SDR. I do think a loss of some economic influence for the US Dollar is unavoidable at this point. The US does not export enough goods to the world to keep it’s position, and I’m sorry but our expertise in design and engineering is faltering because we have lost our first hand knowledge of how to produce products. The future of design will go to the nations that manufacture products. The Chinese people (and people form any other nation, for that matter) are no less intelligent than Americans and are fully capable of doing what we do given the right education.

                  It’s only a matter of time before we come to what I call “The Great Rebalancing” if trends continue as they have. What is ‘The Great Rebalancing”? It’s the point at which the average working American and the average working person in rapidly developing nations like China achieve lifestyle and income parity. Americans will lose buying power and people of other nations will gain it until the cheap labor arbitrage goes away, as well as most of the American middle class.

        • If you’re looking for more benchmarks of collapse and further extraction of wealth from the U.S., look no farther than the student loan debt crisis.

          What is going to happen is that the government is going to put forth a program that will allow students to transfer their debt to their parent’s (if they have assets such as a house, etc.).

          The thinking is that the student’s are now freed up financially and can now begin to get loans, buy things, etc. In other words, take part in the economy in a meaningful way.

          But the Power That Be’s real goal is to transfer the debt from a somewhat unsecured status (kids student loans) to debts that are secured by real assets such as property, 401K’s etc.

          Then, when defaults occur, the banks will take the property and further erosion of the right to own property as guaranteed under the constitution will occur.

          And people will do this. The guilt factor will make it all happen. Parent’s will have the choice of seeing their kids burdened by unsurmountable debt for the rest of their lives or getting a fresh start and living an illusionary life of freedom.

          Let the games begin.

          • The student loan problem is a self created problem.

            Because the US now funds the loans the schools can charge what ever they want and the student loans will pay for it.

            If the student loan industry wanted to get control of the problem they would only fund student loans at 50%.

            Real quick universities would become reasonable in costs as students would have to work their way or pay 1/2 of the student fees.

            What ever happened to working hard?

            • JS, working your way through doesn’t make you a debt slave, pretty simple.

        • Brandon you are a legend in your own mind.

          • And you are a bore in mine.

          • Brandon may not be the smartest man in the room when it comes to economics and finance, because he does not have any formal education or industry experience, but he is a Patriot; much, much, much, smarter than the average militia man; and I, as an ex-Marine and Vietnam Vet would let him take my six in a firefight without a second thought.

            Patriots must hang together today as much as ever before, or we will hang separately. United under God and devoted to Freedom, we are invincible. 🙂

            • Durango is a little nervous because he’s spent so many hours on this site making claims (based on faulty knowledge and mainstream academic conditioning from reading too many pointless Keynesian economics textbooks) that the U.S. will be the last economy standing, and his argument falls apart more and more each day as our system continues breaking down exponentially. The fact that he rarely ever produces actual facts and evidence to back his opinions only reinforces his problem with bias. He’s not knowledgeable on economics, just loud and overconfident, which some people misinterpret as “expertise”.

              He doesn’t seem to understand that there will be NO economies standing after all this is over, at least not economies the way that we view them today.

              Beyond that, there is no such thing as an “average militiaman”, so I could never claim to be smarter than one or all. I do agree that we need to work together and organize for mutual aid and defense. Durango just suffers from the delusion that we have less to worry about in America. I say the evidence I and other analysts have cataloged shows we have more to worry about.

              • “Durango is a little nervous because he’s spent so many hours on this site making claims (based on faulty knowledge and mainstream academic conditioning from reading too many pointless Keynesian economics textbooks) that the U.S. will be the last economy standing, and his argument falls apart more and more each day as our system continues breaking down exponentially.

                The fact that he rarely ever produces actual facts and evidence to back his opinions only reinforces his problem with bias. He’s not knowledgeable on economics, just loud and overconfident, which some people misinterpret as “expertise”.

                Nervous ??? LMAO !!! Check the archives Brandon.

                I called SHTF for 2015 in 2012. I called the last three market corrections, with nearly the exact timing, well in advance. The correction in October 2014 I chose the 15th to 22 for the downturn; exactly. I said China and Europe were the problem not the USA, two years ago. I called the bottom for gold at $1200 when it was at $1700+.

                You are more than welcome to search the archives Brandon and refute any specific point or argument that I have made over the past five years that I have been posting here. I would be happy to debate it with you.

                Have at it. 🙂

                • You always say “Check the archives”, yet you are never able to produce a single link or example of when you have been right about the economy in any way. In fact, the only statements you have made that were correct were “after the fact”; after an event that had already occurred.

                  • Brandon: Maybe you missed it. There is a “Find It Here” search the site box in the upper left hand corner of the page. I know what I said, I don’t have to search for it.

                    You are encouraged to do so. Use your own search words. 🙂

                    BTW, I also predicted that PENSIONS would be the next big government theft program. I predicted that here for this community a number of times, years ago, before either LSM or Alt Media ever mentioned it so much in passing. Now Obola wants US to have a Government IRA.

                    It’s all in the archives. “Search For It Here”. 🙂

          • I never claimed to be a legend in anyone’s mind, including my own, but who the hell are you and what have you ever done?

            • Thanks for the articles, Brandon. And thanks for standing up for yourself. I have to do it on a daily basis.

              Truth, in this day and age, is not welcomed by the worldly living people. They only want more stuff, and pie in the sky lives.

              The truth of the matter is this, in America, to use a quote from Don Henly;…. “there is a fine line between living the American Dream and the American Nightmare.”

              And just to add…I believe we have more to worry about here in America than in other parts of the world, and even Canada.
              The rest of the world have basically already given up their bibles and guns, or are too poor to own either.

        • You know we are on the verge of collapse when every word out of our so called leaders are lies, islamic savages are portrayed as peace loving puppies, immorality is taught to our children, the military is being feminized and gayed up, what’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right, and a ton of other shit.

        • Stuck with ObunglerUnCare?

          Google “health sharing plans.” COBRA for my wife and me was $1000/mo. Under our plan with Liberty Health Share, it is $300/mo for perhaps BETTER coverage.

          If you don’t smoke, do drunks, drink moderately, and are a church goer, you can save beaucoup bucks.

          I slept thru jr. high math class. But even ***I*** can do the math on this one. There are a number of health share companies, but we found Liberty, based out of Ohio, the best.

          Don’t be a victim of the Fabian socialists.

          • Do DRUGS I meant

          • Do Drunks????

            I guess I could plow a few skanky bitches for a good health care plan, as long as the penicillin is cheap……

            • JS: Talking about yourself or to yourself? Not surprised.

              • Phil. Really?? Don’t go grade school on us.

        • I really like the ZeroHedge articles he either writes, or finds to post there from other providers and I agree with your assessment of those who post comments.

          It seems all you get are morons who choose to leave snarky one liner attempts at joking. Rarely do you seen informative comments by people who are engaged on the subject. Most times I come here, I skip to the comments because I most likely know of the subject, or have read it before.

          People here are mostly informed and will be able to add to the subject with their own personal experience or insight.

        • “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”

          ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

          I think Huxley was wrong in a LOT of areas, but not on this one

          • “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”


            • Gorra be a Doctor Marten’s boot to keep on stomping for that long for sure!

          • So , Mr Huxley would support Donald Trump .
            Trump is as totalitarian as it gets , and i am not sure he even realizes it , lol

            • Hammerhead,
              CEO of your on little regime is not good training for democracy.

              • Democracy is BULLSHIT! No freedom loving person would EVER want DEMOCRACY! People have voted themselves into slavery ever since voting was invented! WHY THE FOOK would I want the majority of retards telling me WHAT TO DO?

                • Exactly
                  That’s why we are were were at today

              • The US is not a democracy,
                Supposed to be a constitutional republic

                • I know Kula, but we sure spread democracy at gunpoint. We are supposed to be a lot of things but what we have become is a Global facsist dictatorship.

          • Every nation that the US has helped rebuild after war, all ban their citizens from having guns.

            In all the nations with their new constitutions, not one preserves the natural rights of those citizens. The US has created wonderful totalitarian states where no one is free.

            • Plan Twice, the US was not about creating democratic republics abroad, or at home. Darn.

          • what a twat.

        • In recent years, a New York CONgressman said: “The government should have a monopoly on the legitimate use of force”.

          Of course, ANY government use of force is deemed by them to be legitimate.

      2. one thing that the lame stream media is ignoring on the whole gun thing is the money

        think about the millions that the US govt will make from all the FFLs they will issue ( if they issue them )

        correct me if i am wrong but isn’t it something like $ 300.00 per year for a FFL license ?

        all just to sell a couple of guns really ?


        how much do you all want to bet that it never gets rescinded if we get a republican in the white house.

        money is one thing both sides have a serious addiction too. and its always our money they crave.

        skittle shittin unicorn

        • Republican/democrat,,,,,
          Same thing now,
          Just lable them what they are
          Or more appropriately
          Greedy psychopathic control freaks

          • Great. There are a lot of RINOs, I agree. But some are not. And NONE will be perfect, or meet your standards. So if you vacate the political arena completely, you WILL be overrun and probably destroyed. That’s fine to label them. But I must disagree with you Kula, in that – and I say this respectfully, as you always write perceptive things – you leave the field to the enemy, and often articulate a politics of cynicism and solipsism. As Plato wrote, those who refuse to engage in politics are doomed to be ruled by their inferiors.

            We’ll never get Heaven this side of Heaven. But if the Founding Fathers were as cynical as this post you wrote appears to be, we would still be living as serfs, not citizens. And because good people like you are checking out of the process, the Mordor like evil of the left and PC types grows daily.

            Say what you will, but I am sending money to Ted Cruz today (and cut with the retorts, as I know exactly what you “retortists” are going to say.) And if you have the time to come here and comment, then become a precinct committeeman and have a political impact. They are CRYING for precinct committeemen, and in fact, that is one way Obungler did an end run around Hilary.

            This is now 1933. If we all here to not get involved, our version of the Reichstag fire will be in the fall. The evil of the left won’t stop, and meanwhile the good people are arguing over the precise tune to play.

            I’ll be honest. Again, this won’t be enough for the purists here, but I voted for Romney last time. Why? ***Because we might have been able to recover from a Romney presidency** With Obama, that recovery is almost impossible.

            Yes, yes, yes… I know. Half of you say let it collapse, get it over with. I’m sure a lot of Russians said the same in 1918. And by 1991, when they opened the Soviet archives, it was officially state that there were 61 or 62 (I forget the exact #) “excess deaths.” That would be people like a lot of posters here. It would be innocent people, mentally handicapped people, etc. etc. All condemned to die because only the perfect candidate was acceptable. Yes, I get it, there are times the choice is between Hitler and Mussolini, and you must sit it out. But I submit there IS a very palpable difference between President Hitlery and most of the others running.

            • Well bud, i hope your money goes for something good, in some political areas a vote may make a difference, here in the islands, not so much, its solid blue and that will never change and the electoral college makes sure the states vote is always blue.
              I still vote, is just usually the lesser of the evils,
              I do feel nothing short of a huge cataclysmic event will turn things around, just too much dead weight and too much corruption

            • Why not just vote for the mossad party TEST? Skip the middle man and get it on bro!

            • Cruz is a POS just like the rest of them. He renounced his Canadian citizenship less than two years ago. He is no more eligible to be president than obutthole.

          • They’re everywhere.
            Just leave us alone.
            Leave us be!

        • The government won’t issue any FFLs.

          This will be no different than the IRS targeting conservative groups wanting a 503c tax number. The government will receive the FFL application then sit on it for years before rejecting it for some bullshit reason, like written in blue ink not black.

          If you have to ask the government permission, the answer is always going to be NO.

          • My point exactly

            they will do nothing BUT put a few in jail for not having the new FFL BS

            wake up people and figure it out this will be about total control
            obozo could not get his way by passing laws banning mags etc
            so now he is going to tie up everyone’s hands by making them fill out paper work

            also check your local laws re gun stores

            in some cities you can NOT have a gun store within a mile from a school or day care

            and god help you if you live in an HOA most wont allow a home based business

      3. Many people realize that we are in bad economic times. Few people actually realize that our country and way of life is in the middle of collapse. They believe that things will eventually improve.
        People just don’t understand that trillions of dollars are owed by they themselves. That just don’t understand what will happen when they actually have to pay that bill.
        They feel for some reason that government money is different from there own personal finances. They don’t understand that government money is there personal finance and there pay check.

        • I think few people realize that their standard of living can really drop.

          I have been to 9 different countries and see true poverty. Not the fake poverty in the US like HUS, SNAP and EBT. But people living in mud huts with no shoes and no education.

          People can’t comprehend a lower standard of living than what they have now.

          • JS, and those people are stupid as fuck. Inbred retards that screw their sisters and cousins and get the results in drooling, extemely low iq, masses of idiots that can’t think their way out of a wet paper bag. They die by the millions because they are so dumb they can’t better themselves and rely on stoneage tech or handouts. They can’t develop ant technology because they are so stupid and when people try and teach them stuff they fuck it up beyond belief! The stupid will perish (I hope) and the survivors will not inbreed causing mass retardation. The stupid will ALWAYS destroy themselves because they are stupid. Pretty simple math…

            • Now send your 19.95 a month to feed a stupid child so it can breed 20 more stupid children. Now don’t you feel soooo good inside making it even worse?

              • You fit the criteria of the personality disordered.

                • Truth is a disorder? Wow man why don’t you tell us how that is NOT true?

                  • Somebody mocking the suffering of others and the slaughter of the innocent as you have done is a nut case.

                    • Call his thinking what it is. Psychopathy.

                    • Oh really? They didn’t bring it on themselves? What I said is exactly true! Truth is for nutcases? I hope your stupid ass goes to some planet that has totally out of control population and you eat the shit sandwich that you WILL be served oh dim one…

              • In most of Africa: Save the ‘children’ today so there’s even more of them to save tomorrow. Ignore the fact that while we were filming the commercial (if we didn’t use stock footage and editing), we didn’t even offer any of them a sandwich. Just give us money and we promise to not use it for salaries and ‘administrative’ costs. If you don’t give, you’re raysis.

      4. We are still in the 2008 collapse slowed visually by our assets being eaten up.
        As for shipping down and food disappearing from shelves, I made a large purchase of seeds adapted to my area for dryland gardening. No irrigation. I have already switched over piece by piece, but that order jumps full in. If the water system goes down, I will only need water for personal use. A huge drop from 50-100 gallons per day that I have been wondering how I could possibly provide.
        I am making progress on sustainability.

        • Are you set yo grow a minimum indoors? Crops in the open are vulnerable, especially if there are hungry people out and about, and they tend to rip up and kill what they don’t eat, for reasons I’ll never understand.

          • Hi Ian,
            I have food storage indoors of course, and am working on an indoor growing room for fresh herbs all winter, seed starting, sprouts, and microgreens. I am building raised beds outside that keep rabbits and voles out and make traditional vegetable gardening easier as I get older. 24 inch high hugelkultur beds are nice, but take at least a year to get going well, but utilize what I have to enrich my soil instead of hauling in compost materials. I have 5 acres of forest where I plant native edibles not recognized by people. Those are also designed to bring more wildlife in as a meat source, that is working already. I have wildflower beds around my house that have wild edibles and medicinals mixed in. I just ordered landrace seeds for reducing my garden water needs, I want my vegetable garden off irrigation as much as possible. I can, dry, and freeze food for storage.

            My goal is food security. Even though I still buy things like sugar I now have sugar beet seeds and can turn them into sugar. I am trying to address these issues with action not just stacking. I just realized that one of my natives has high protein and oil in the seeds. This spring I will plant seeds on my property. I can hand process them for oil to eventually replace that imported olive oil that I have stacked and that will run out if SHTF in a serious way. Making this shift is a long term project. But the asparagus I planted 3 years ago should be harvest size this spring. My blueberries gave me 3 weeks of berries last year, I hope to get enough to store this year.
            I admit I have spent energy more on long term items than immediate gratification but they take so long to get established and may be unavailable at some point.
            There are a million things to do! I am enjoying the process, if it weren’t for the economic stress…

            It is a new garden so my fruit trees aren’t in production yet.

            I am working on it all.

            • I’m impressed Rebecca. Nice work.

              • Thanks Freeslave. This is how a botanist raised by naturalists approaches the problem. A little unconventional. I am a Freeslave too.

                • Me me me me me me me so good me me me me me shits skittles out of my unicorn butt.

              • I must second that. It’s uplifting to see people making such responsible choices… doing, not just collecting supplies and talking about action. I tip my hat to you.

                I moved to a small community where one can be sustainable if willing to work hard. I’ve taken similar approaches, and am sufficient with the exception (and it’s a big one) of owning my own land. I know the wild edibles of our area, where they grow and how to help them thrive. I’ve built up some small areas with seed, collected an abundance of wild seed to expand our natural food supply this spring. I’ve yet to build a full forest garden.

                What you have done, others can do. But it takes drive and ambition. So many wait for collapse to occur before doing. Why? Isn’t freedom good enough to work at it today, and every day? I certainly think so.

                • Ishk,
                  I am glad you are looking at this too. It takes time. It doesn’t need to wait for bad times, it is great for now. I made my melon seed order today, looking for short season varieties and hope I can landrace them.

              • Yes, this is a great post. Thank you.

            • That’s awesome
              Do you have a way to protect it?

            • That’s awesome
              Do you have a way to protect it?

              • Check this out


              • Enemy of the State,
                I consider that it is hidden in plain sight. I got the idea from so many encounters with city people who could not recognize a nut or fruit tree even with the fruit on it. The forest itself isn’t as obvious as that since I am going for wild fruit. Mostly from slow seed because it is the only way to get the plants. This part is not mainstream. The raised beds are new and cannot be seen from the street. The general agreement of what I think are preppers in the area is that it is too harsh to grow flowers or vegetables here. Not possible even with supplemental water. I don’t have a big water bill, which would get me an inspector. The indoor garden helps me have fresh greens through my 7 month winter. Greenhouses regularly get flattened or destroyed by flying debris here. Everyone knows that. I want a greenhouse but may use translucent panels on the roof of a two car garage and use half of it as a greenhouse. Might get DEA interest, though. No one in the valley could see the roof. A few of my fruit trees are planted up hill. May be a cave up there.
                As for force, one 61 year old lady who is a good shot could not defend much of anything against a band of marauders. Being on a hill with poor access is more fensible than farmland. When I bought this place for a song, I was advance for my son and family, and his BIL and family. I would be head of food. They are both strong men. Still, I will have to feed 10 people. I believe I can do that. Now my son is pulling more money, he and BIL might buy land for a family compound on the west coast, he asked me how many acres I need. I need time mostly, depending on what wild plants are already in place. I

              • Eos: of course not. Reb is a pacifist and flaming lib and thinks the skittles shooting out her ass don’t stink.

            • Do some calcs on quantity you consume vs quantity you grow, it will be informative

              • Kula, wasting your time talking to her. She knows everything about plants, supposedly. Based on her comments I don’t think she knows jack about growing anything. This is a person that said if you can grow tropical house plants why can’t you grow vegetables inside? This is from someone that was raised by botanists? Raised by hippies is more like it. Tropical house plants can grow inside because those plants grow under a canopy in the tropics and do well in low light. As for growing flats of vegetables inside her house under grow lights I call BS. You can grow sprouts inside. If you want a fully grown vegetable you have to plant it outside in dirt under the sun. Period. But if you are rich and a snotty liberal you can shoot ideas out of your ass and fake it, like Reb does. I am suprised at how many people buy her BS.

              • Kulafarmer,

                I am pretty casual about calculating quantities. I notice what I am buying and whether I can grow it. Like I bought Bolita beans, a local landrace variety. I planted them and filled s3 gallon jars. I want to always have a gallon on hand to cover a bad year. Today I have one gallon for seed stock and one gallon for food. About right. I want about 4 gallons for next year, but it will last closer to 2 years. I am also planting Tepary beans with no irrigation. Just buying one packet, so I will keep 1 cup back and have the rest for food. I will plant lentils this year, also without irrigation. They are my favorite for sprouts. Radishes are my favorite for microgreens, but I have a wild mustard I like a lot. I don’t buy greens anymore so I am good there. I have wild violets that are my favorite salad green. They are doing well inside and dormant outside. I need to up the potato patch. Add moreasparagus. Never enough tomatoes! More blackberries and blueberries. You know what

            • Rebecca, with 5 acres of forrest you might have “sweet trees” for sugaring, like making maple syrup. All in all, sounds like you are on the correct path for self-sufficiency. I’d best get cracking’ here! and something destroyed all my blueberry bushes here this winter, probably deer. Think they’ll come back?


              • I don’t. Pinyons and Junipers. I could use pine nut for oil but they are such a delicacy I could not make myself do it. They only drop nuts every 3 to 7 years. My wild squash will give me high oil nuts every year with no maintenance.

                • Rebecca, look up ‘Eat the weeds’

                  Good site on wild edibles…

                  • Thanks eppe. I will do that. Weeds are nutrient accumulators and very healthy. My favorite weed so far is wild violets. I’ll go on there and see what I might be missing. I just found out this week that my wild squash has edible seeds. Haven’t tried them yet but no one will mess with them.

                    • Rebecca

                      If you have five acres of Forrest then I have a suggestion. Look into American Guinea Hogs. They are very easy to take care of. They are gentle. They eat almost anything. They don’t get as large as normal hogs. They also have more marbling in the meat. I have about a quarter acre with a solar electric fence. I have one strand of electric rope about a foot off the ground.
                      I feel that could help with your food security a great deal. Regarding water consider rain barrels, a pool, hot tub, ect. If you have a well then get a hand pump. Look for cheap hot tubs on Craig’s list. Also the water from your washing machine placed in holding tanks that you can find on Craig’s list. Do you know where the closest creek or river is? Being on a hill I assume it is not on your property. Some of this post on water may not be feasible but maybe it will give you ideas. I find that brain storming with friends brings up much that I have not thought of. Make sure you have a way to purify the water in the tanks or tubs. Berkeley water filters, water purification tablets, or you can look into building your own sand filters.
                      I hope this is helpful to you and all. It is a great feeling to know that you help at least one person on here.
                      Wouldn’t it be great if all on here knew that they had saved a life because of one of there post. On the other hand it would be horrible if you found out someone did not make it because you did not at least try to help.

                    • Mike in VA,

                      Thanks for the info. I would like small hogs, love pork. I think I would need something more than a wire to keep the porkers in. I have black bear regularly. I had a Puma come right up to my bedroom window in early January and walked around my home. Haven’t seen any sign since. Also wolf and coyote.

                      I wrote down your suggestions on water, I will keep an eye open. I don’t have open water close, a run off pond. There is a place uphill that would make a good water catchment. Of course the.military choppers fly overhead regularly. Right now just chickens.

                      We all need to get ready for long term.

              • DJ… I forgot, I got a free tiny red maple with my National Arbor Day Foundation order. It was still alive last time I saw it before the big snow. It might give a little maple syrup when I am 110! Anyone who has sugar maples is in heaven.

                • Evidently you have never lived close to where a sugar maple grows. In the summer they attract red gnats/no seeums, and the little irritating bastards get fat and then they become blood suckers. Maybe you have the skin composition/chemistry that they don’t like. Gnats and mosquitoes love my skin and blood.

                  My brother has a large sugar maple at his yard near the deck. When the sun starts setting, they come off that tree by the thousands and if i am wearing shorts…they eat me alive. I have gotten eaten so bad that i have had red itchy welps covering 90% of my bare legs. Calamine lotion and a day or two later they are gone.

                  And, btw, i have never heard of anyone tapping red maples. We have silver maples in our yard for shade and show. Even they have a lot of sap at certain times, like poplar trees.
                  Don’t park your vehicles under them in summer for very long or your windshield will have tiny sticky spots all over it.

                  • Passinwiththewind,
                    Nope, I have never lived far enough east to have sugar maples. Eat a couple pickles before you go out, mosquitoes don’t like the smell. Alaska was the worst for those bugs that I had to deal with. Texas, on the other hand has roaches the size of rats. I have a prairie rattler that comes after birds in my front yard, and black bear, puma, coyotes. The neighbors mostly have horses and horse flies are a plague. Still… Maple syrup is a delight that I will never have, so enjoy what you get. I do have prickly pear fruits…. mmmmm.

                    • Rebecca, Kula,

                      If you want sugar, we have plenty here in Sugarland. Many folks grow sugarcane here in southern Louisiana. It may not be maple syrup but you can make your own brown sugar and cane syrup. Two years and you are ready to harvest.

                      Someone with your skills and knowledge could turn a 10 acre plot into a little paradise of sustainable food sources. Rice fields into crawfish ponds, catfish and talapia ponds; different fruit that grow well down here include citrus, persimmons, some varieties of grapes (have to watch out for the skeletonizers, for real!), peaches, to name a few. Kula could even grow a taro patch! Local gardens grow every kind of vegetable imaginable. We get wonderful Creole tomatoes. Water is never in short supply.

                      We have not turned on the heaters yet in that it has been a relatively mild winter so far. We often leave our windows and doors wide open when we are at home. Mosquitos, gnats, no seeum, are a nuisance but citronella works well.

                      The Zombie hordes are worrisome but we will have to deal with them when the time comes. Building communities of like minded folks will be the key. The good thing is that most of us common folks down here already live a prepper lifestyle and are armed to the teeth, more so now, thanks to the Gun-grabber-in-Chief. Our women can hunt and fish with the best of them. As Louis L’amour use to say, our women are ‘women to go down the river with’!

                      Louisiana Eagle

                    • LAeagle,
                      I believe you that Louisiana is an incredibly fertile location to garden. Aaah to grow Japanese persimmons again. I know my mountain is not! I am here because this is the last place my career took me. And I found 5 acres word of mouth for very little money. Do you worry about being overrun? I thought gardening is common in Louisiana???? Do you think northern part is easier? Southern would be cane country. I know just about nothing about over there other than it has some paradise gardens.

                    • LAEAGLE,

                      Sugarland Texas? I didn’t find Sugarland Louisiana.

                    • Rebecca,

                      Good to see your reply. We refer to our sugarcane growing area as ‘sugarland’ but it is not an incorporated area like in Texas. The soil is fertile here and many families have kitchen gardens. I am sure if it became necessary, folks would upgrade/upregulate and become even more serious gardeners. Most of us are quite content to get our fresh vegetables from the local grocery stores or farmers market/roadside fruit and vegetable stands. I don’t know northern Louisiana as well but I do believe it is a little cooler near the coastal region in the summer and warmer during the winter months.

                      Goodluck with your farming and attempts at developing an edible forest.

                      Louisiana Eagle

                  • Oh my gosh. I hate noseeums. I am a mosquito magnet and hive up like crazy whether it is mosquitos or noseeums. Anyone have good home made repellents ?

                    • Nopitypartyhere, try eating a pickle or two before you go out. They don’t like the smell.

            • Rebecca, with 5 acres of forrest you might have “sweet trees” for sugaring, like making maple syrup. All in all, sounds like you are on the correct path for self-sufficiency. I’d best get crackin’ here! and something destroyed all my blueberry bushes here this winter, probably deer. Think they’ll come back?


              • Wow. Don’t know how this posted twice….

                • DJ,
                  In the wild, blueberries get nibbled by deer all the time and grow back. They don’t produce as much fruit the following year. Tie some little bells like are everywhere around Christmas on the bushes. It is the best deterrent for deer that I have seen, they usually start back and run. It also alerts the guard dogs and they come out bellowing. Cheaper than 10 foot fences.

                  • Also, suspend some junk CDs or DVDs from fishline and let them spin and bob around in the breeze…. the reflected light bouncing around tends to make wild animals skittish. I have some hanging near my wild blueberries, so that the discs are about five to seven feet off the ground. You want them higher than a deer’s head because something overhead has a threatening element to animals. I dunno if the discs actually help, but they cost nothing and I figure they can’t hurt…

                    • Karl V.
                      I like the CD idea. Just wrote it down for my fruit trees, especially. My mule deer much favor shrubs for their dinner.

              • I have had my blueberries mowed over and branches broken off by ATVs and snowmobile trespassers and they do come back with a nudge of Miracid as long as the main stems and some branches are left.

                I have some variety of sweet trees and they don’t all have to be maple. They can be white birch, black birch, box elder, hickory, walnut and basswood trees for syrup or a sweet drink. The sugar maple has the most sugar content of all trees, but the others I mentioned can do the trick but more liquid has to be taken from them to equal maple trees.

                • Nice. I haven’t tried tapping trees. My son’s neighbor has a massive maple on his undeveloped acreage. Boy I would have liked to tap that hummer.

                  • You gaping to tap the neighbor? rebecca.

                  • Birch can be tapped too, BTW. Not as much production, but just FYI

            • Sugar is no good without some yeast lol. Grow that good stuff in yer buckets and harvest it when the yeasties quit. 500lbs. of sugar and 10 lbs. of distillers yeast is about right lol 😛

              • Genius, you got me hooked on winemaking. On my 3rd batch. Cranberry. I racked the pear today.

            • Rebecca ~ If you are not already writing a blog or a series of articles somewhere, I urge you to consider it. Many of us would be very interested to learn more about the topics that you mention. I would love to know which species are best for dryland farming; how to make sugar out of beets; how to make your own vegetable oil; which sprouts and greens are most nutritious; etc.

              I consider it a waste of time to go online and get into shouting matches over differences in philosophy, politics, religion, etc. People get all riled up, nobody ever changes anyone’s mind, nothing is accomplished, and it all seems so futile.

              I am here to LEARN as much as possible about practical, low-tech, energy-conserving methods of surviving with optimum health and minimal interaction with corporate supply lines.

              You have a wealth of knowledge to offer and I for one would like to hear more.

              • Karl V.
                I have a blog about my 5 acres in the mountains and refer sometimes to my 14 acres in Texas or backyard gardens in Dallas and Seattle. It is treeseeddreaming dot com. This week I am focusing on my spring garden plans, using as many landrace species as I can find or create. You might be able to click on my name here because my blog gets referrals from this and other blogs. This blog devolves into name calling a lot, but some people contribute helpful information, and Mac delivers more news than CNN. Thank you. You can email me on my blog if you have questions. It is not particularly political, I bash Monsanto now and again. It is about working toward self-sufficiency.

                • Cool! Will check it out!

                • “You can email me on my blog if you have questions”

                  I couldn’t find any way to communicate on the blog site except to post a public message. Can you please elucidate on a communication method? Thanks!

                  • Hi Karl V.
                    My email is rebecca.treeseed at google.

                    • Tried twice and got failure notices both times….

                    • Karl V.
                      Gmail dot com

            • Very impressive indeed, Rebecca! I wish I had such resources. I DID – sort of, but it’s mostly gone now. There’s just been too much in the way for me these past few years, including back operations #7 (Dx: “massive nerve damage, Chronic Intractable Pain”). I’m on 1/4 acre, but in an 80 y/o house I can’t afford to do anything with, and in a small town housing area. Too many buildings to watch alone, too. Income is SSDI and a pittance from the V.A. If I can get my old 4WD pickup going well, I have a small 5th Wheel, and I may just head for the mountains. My wife and kids left some time ago, and I can’t blame them. I had some brain damage in that last operation – O2 shortage or anesthetic reaction, not sure which. I’m okay now if I don’t allow myself to get exhausted. Trouble is, I checked with a stepson who seemed to be doing well and, after a few months asked for help. His “help” was to bring in every junkie in town, the local cops loved having them all in one place (in MY shop out back) and made it impossible for me to get them out and off the property, and they stole everything not nailed down. And I mean EVERYTHING – including food. My normal weight of 190 lbs is now 143, and I can’t seem to regain the weight. Two firearms stolen, etc. My buckets of dried food were opened and left that way for the mice – what didn’t end up on the floor or thrown out because they had no idea what it was. My stepson is now afraid to set foot on this property. I’ve had better years…

              What can I say? It’s been a tough few years.

              • Ian, once you recover a bit, you can pretty well feed yourself on a quarter acre. Health first. If you can, get some hay, leaves, or something mulching on top of a bed.

                • Ian, I call that composting in place and it is the easiest way to enrich and soften your soil. This will start a no dig bed. If you get that far I will walk you through an easy garden.

        • Sure. As a delusional old hag.

          • didn’t you say, Philosopher, you’re female?
            Why that attack?
            what brought that on?
            And how old are YOU? Hmmm?

            • He was just feeling transgender for a day….Don’t hate on him….HAHAHAHA

              • JS: I think it is funny that people thought they could determine my gender based on my comments and manner of speech.

                Assumptions can fail and make you look like an ass. Your problem, not mine.

                • Philosopher

                  She tries to help people with her post or add value. I suggest you do the same no matter what gender you are.

                  • Mike, I disagree. I called her on spouting lies here and acting like she knew what she was talking about. If you want to believe what a liar is saying, go ahead. It may cost you your life, but by all means, don’t let me stop you from sharing her delusional thinking.

                    • Philosopher

                      At least she is talking about prepping instead of insults. That is my problem with you doing what you are doing.

            • So what? She is an old liberal hag.

              • And you are a no contributing idiot lol.

            • NUNYA.

      5. WHO measures food imports and exports as water imports and exports. In a collapse, countries stop being willing to export their “water” to others. Worldwide most of a country’s water is diverted to corporate agriculture, the biggest waste of fresh water on the planet… growing inappropriate food types in most locations. That can hold true for water moving from state to state. Our acquifers are depleted for corn and wheat exports, and 12 million acres are already shifted to dryland farming that has much lower yield per acre. It still ignores to some extent the native edibles that grow naturally on the land.

        • That native plants thing is a huge contributor to the issues in the plains and mid west with soils etc,,,the native grasses grew well in the climate etc, have mostly been replaced, the imported grasses dont grow as well and actually damage the soil structure long term,
          Whole lot on this if you do some googling, ATTRA also has lots of info on this stuff.
          Basicly “modern agriculture” is the biggest culprit when it comes to damaging the food web,
          Profits, thats all, im just as guilty, not so much for profit, but just to make ends meet rather than constantly battling to be warm and fuzzy with all the buzz word techniques,,,warm and fuzzy dont pay the bills but production does,
          I get ag from both sides, the wholistic as well as the production, if im going to struggle, i would just as soon not struggle while feeding others, ill struggle and at least get myself fed, the others can find it elsewhere!
          I know lots of commercial guys, this has been a tough year, myself included, i finally just said screw it, and been doing other stuff, at a certain point struggling to keep crops growing is just a wate of energy, and money, there are things going on with regards to regulation that will have everybody eating much higher priced foods weather they like it or not, and will reduce the available choices, big ag is going to win, so people better just get used to that, it will either be the subsistence guys who survive, or the monsters who dominate because of sheer volume economics. The rest will slowly disappear,

          • Kulafarmer,
            You are right. Corporate monoculture is one of the worst problems… it is unnatural and cannot exist without endless poisons. Fertilizer is the biggest cause of acid rain in the eastern US. It gets in the ocean and feeds the plankton that excrete acid. I had quite acres in Texas and hay exemption. I had 15 species and increased to 300. If you make a natural prairie, you can run cattle without so many supplements and vet bills. I also started encouraging wild fruit trees along my fence line then added pecans. I added a big pond for fish and ducks. If you look up your plants on Plants for a Future, you will find that many are edible. Prairie can have as many as 220 edible plants through the year, they come through in waves. The grass family all have edible seeds. Try Botany in a Day by Thomas Elspeth for easy plant identification.

            • More envirowacko delusional BS. Not surprised that you keep spewing nonsense. Over and over and over again.

              • Are you a philosopher of anology? Philosophy isn’t anything special it’s just some asshole spewing his opinion lol. Were all philosopher’s it’s just that some of us have truth to our statements.

              • Your 50 shades of green are quite obviously slowing your ability to share your wisdom and philosophy on helping us pions “get ready,” Jump in. Inquiring minds want to know.

          • You are right on. GMO crops near neighborhoods pollinate heirloom plants and produce hybrid GMO’s. Can’t escape it unless you check for miles what everyone is planting and plant something different.

            • Woogie, I hear ya. I try not to grow anything that farmers around me do. One thing about not farmland in the mountains… no GMO crops around!

          • Kulafarmer,
            Maui on the Hana Highway is about ideal for a tropical food forest. A diversity of foods will feed your family (a huge expense in Hawaii). What might work for you is subscription farming. $ X per month for a group of people. A friend did that in Tulsa on a quarter acre and pulls about $2000 a month for 9 months. She feeds her family too. She does a once a week pickup. Just a thought.

      6. This was a very good piece and insightful: thank you!

        I would agree we are in decay which is just collapse in slow motion. And it is true, people are too warped by Hollywood and too gormless to understand that the President is never going to come on the TV and say “My fellow Americans, we have collapsed.” Instead, he/she will lie and grab more power, while covering up and ignoring the places that have collapsed, such as Detroit etc.

        In decay, you notice men who once were physically fit, wore chinos, had honor, served their community and country, now, are fat, dress like slobs, have no honor, have never served anything but themselves. That’s decay. Or that women, who once were skinny in a mini are now obese heifers wearing Walmart elasticated jeans. Or that children, who once were tanned and sunburnt and skinny from playing all day outside, now have little pot bellies and are pale as a ghost. Decay.

        It is decay that is all around us. Drive around LA: it looks and feels like the Third World; in fact, and I have been to many third world countries, it looks worse and is less modern.

        I fear Hillary is just Angela Merkel Mark 2: a bloviating female politician who will wear the badge of being for women, but will actually unleash rape and mayhem on real women and girls, as Angela Merkel has done.

        The best way to protect women and girls is to uphold law and order, not destroy it and flood countries with illegal migrants. Street gangs, hoods, thugs, paedos, criminals – all these people love it when law and order is destroyed. That is the real feminist issue.

        • You nailed it on Hillary. I read somewhere that Hillary will[wants to] emulate Merkel

        • Good analysis
          Agree too on the third world point you made
          I have been to many different countries in my life
          Strange when you feel more freedom in a foreign country than you do when your home
          Silly comparison I ran across when down in Peru
          I felt more free for just this 1 small simple thing
          I could walk into a store , buy a beer and walk down the street drinking it
          At the market , anywhere
          Sure as hell cant do that here , mr tuff guy with a badge will choke the life out of you put a bullet in your head and continue on as if nothing is wrong

          We better all collectively get a handle on this crap soon
          Or all out chaos is going to be at all our doors

        • Right you are, Frank. I have a theory that this decay really got started when everyone was persuaded that women should be removed from the home and sent out into the working world, and that the traditional roles of both men and women could be thrown out. In place of these centuries-old family functions we have: day care, where paid strangers are in charge of raising generations of kids; Daddy not available or even known, so can’t serve as all-important protector and role model; gangs taking the place of Dad; fast food as the norm in many families where adults are too tired to cook real food and pass cooking skills and all kinds of practical skills on to offspring; teachers and police forced to serve as totally inadequate parental substitutes. Kids can’t play and roam as they used to, cause most homes and entire neighborhoods are empty of adults during the day to supervise and provide home base; elders sent to nursing homes or care facilities cause no one at home thinks they have the time or energy to cope with them, (which means all the elders’ income and assets get swallowed up by gov’t or private entity instead of eventually going to heirs). As they grow the kids don’t get read to or become readers themselves, so brains and attention spans, critical thinking skills don’t develop fully. Many seem to me to be shaky in the areas of spiritual life, courtesy and empathy, and even ability to build or repair things by hand.
          So this is how come so many younger people see nothing wrong with marking themselves up with tattoos etc., becoming extremely out of shape, addicted to electronics, lacking a decent attention span or what used to be called a “moral compass”. Traditional roles for moms and dads which are the foundation of everything about us were made fun of and disregarded and now we have several generations of Americans who will fall for anything.
          Best to all!

          • Carol, thank you for the excellent analysis. That describes what happened to America quite accurately.

      7. Most people couldn’t point out a wild edible to save themselves. I know SOME, mostly medicinal herbs, but not a lot a lot of foods. I know a lot of mushrooms and have reference material (I was a member of the Oregon Mycological Society for a decade or so, and a Hospital ER resource in possible mushroom poisoning cases). I’ll need to work on all that again. Mushrooms are only Spring and Fall, though.

        I’m NOT looking forward to this. It still amazes me that it’s impossible to get any legal resources together and call this illegitimate government on all the unconstitutional legislation.

        • Ian, my three x-wives died from eating poison mushrooms. My fourth wife died from a skull fracture, I couldn’t get her to eat the mushrooms!

          • I loved Foster Brooks…

            • Yep.

              • Well,excepting large shrooms for stuffed shrooms from supermarket Warchild only familiar with one in the wild,fresh the stem turns bluish when snapped!Yep,a nice shroom!

                I can identify Aminita Muscaria(spelling,I know),in theory poisonous but me ancestors in theory anyhow ate em,sometimes before battle,will pass on them.They are also known as the “fly mushroom”

                • I’ve got to remind myself to not eat the psychedelic shrooms anymore. They make me act weird.

                • War, flashback to early 80’s.
                  Shrooms, REM, 40 watt club, Athens Jawja.
                  Tripping balls with friends.
                  Had laughed so much I hurt for a day.
                  Anything natural cannot be bad.

                  Thanks, Mac for a place to vent.

                  How things have changed in 30+ years…

                  • Your not kidding bud,,,30 years and now im just not sure,,,,

                    • Amen Kula.
                      80’s was a decade that I saw as a breakthru to where I am today.
                      Ran with bad boys, did too many things I should have died from.
                      Survived it all, miraculous since I was born with a bad kidney.
                      Always wondered what if I had done everything different.

                      Deal with what you got now, and make the best of what you got to work with…

                      Be well all, it is your best asset…

                  • 80’s. Man where does the time go. My hay day. I am lucky to survive it as well. lol

                    • Time seems to fly by in a wink of an eye.

                      Make the best of what you got….

                • Warchild Dammit!w – Fly agaric I think. Yeah – they come in several colors, too: I’ve seen red, yellow and orange. I understand that some shamen knows ways to use them, but I’d have to learn from one of them. Otherwise, not a good idea to eat them. Others, like Amanita Phalloides taste good, I’m told, but they look like some other, edible ones, and you can’t ask the same person twice… Here in Oregon the ‘shroom harvest is generally great, and on the coast it’s almost year-round! Maybe I should trundle on over some weekend and stock up again…

          • ha haaah, funny.

          • Do you sell the mushrooms?????? LOL

            • Someday I will share my most memorable mushyroom story but right now Im tired and buzzed 🙂

          • Not kind! Possibly justified, but not kind…

            Mushrooms are something to be VERY careful with. Even “experts” screw up now and then, and some of those errors are beyond correcting once you swallow… Ran into a woman on the Oregon coast “teaching” her son: “Just touch it to your lips or tongue, and if it doesn’t burn it’s good to eat!” she told him! I told HER that was a great way to get rid of a child, but if she meant for him to survive it was DEAD WRONG. And THAT was a foray with the Oregon Mycological Society!!

            Sometimes I have to wonder how this many human beings survived long enough for the population to become what it is…

        • Ian, most people can’t identify food in a garden. Unless it is bright red or blue most people would walk past many common vegetable varieties and not even know there was food under their feet.

      8. Off the subject.

        Has anyone seen the news GEORGIA BILL HB 731

        You need to see it on a empty stomach, if not I am sure you are going to throw up.


        START A CIVIL WAR ???????

        WHAT KIND OF CRACK PIPES ARE YOU ON ??????????????

        Because you do not have the people’s interest at heart much less our COUNTRY. 🙁

        • Eagle, it is a shame where this is leading to.
          Scares me that this is in action.

          Makes me wonder…

          • I cannot believe how they try so hard to change the one amendment that says ” Will not be infringed “

        • require seizure of such by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation

          Yes, your screwed.

      9. Geez administrative failure on every level. Micro management is an indicator of not having enough resources IMO. Letting illegals in with no education when there is a shortage of jobs as it is. Letting criminals out of jail. no real solutions to problems. Attacking gun rights IMO means they are failing and wanna get guns away from the public before the collapse. I still look back to Katrina and the problems New Orleans had. I will never forget the cops taking down an old lady because she had a revolver in her home. They treated her as she was a threat a frail old lady that just wanted to be left alone. Then the police came out and said nobody would be armed. Tptb really fears the public. They will use mental illness diagnosis from doctors to disarm folks. High schools and colleges brain washing kids to believe in the utopian dream. The biggest indicator is everybody being subsidized by gov. Useless eaters teaching a life of gov dependency to the nex generation. Feminizing and weakening men. Destruction of the family. An outright attack on white men who had nothing to do with past injustices. The lie of white privelege. Scammed students out of tuition because of the utopian dream lie telling them they can be what they want. They end up with loan debt and are garnished out of earnings. Women having children with multiple men knowing they can get child support out of all of them. High cost of living. Forced medical insurance through Obummer care. The list goes on and on. We are fucked on every level.

        • Asshat…Bingo,we are being hammered at every turn and with our hands tied behind our backs. Most people are low on funds,can’t buy or repair anything which speeds up the process of collapse. Retailers are imploding,we are neither exporting nor importing goods and truckers are being laid off with nothing to deliver. everybody and everything is affected and includes the whole planet. War is usually the result.

          • You can only screw over the white man and get away with it for so long.
            They’re ignoring history at their own peril.
            Take heed you smug bastards.

      10. Ian, I know only a couple mushrooms. I need to at least get a book. A million things to do…

        • Get Natures Garden by Samuel Thayer. I own 20 plus books on wild edibles and if I had to own just one of them Natures Garden would be it. His book is more geared to somebody living in the north united states. Even with this in mind it still is the best. Most of the other books I own seem to be copies of each others books.

          • Thanks LO.

        • Rebecca, doing the mushroom half wild, half permaculture thing at BOL in upper Skagit Valley. Would love to communicate permaculture ideas one-on-one. Please send card snail mail with email info to this location.
          Po box 854
          Woodinville wa 98072

          • Dude, if you think you are bugging out on I-5 and north of Seattle you are clueless. That isn’t a BOL. That is within one hour of the communist city of Seattle. But let me guess: you are flaming liberal retard just like Reb so you two will get along just fine.

            When the starving hoards from Seattle run out of food your place is close enough for them to get to, and trample, within a day or two. Good luck with that BS disaster plan moron. And if the ravening hoards don’t ruin your place good luck dealing with the ravening mob in the city that views the entire world as communal property and your labor as something to tax.

            One of the reasons that Ancient Rome fell apart was because farmers were taxed so heavily that it was cheaper to walk away from their land rather than to continue farming that land and be forced to the point of starvation while all of their produce and labor were stolen and sent to Rome. Wait until that happens to you, you hippie idiot.

            • Philodough, thanks for all your good Christian advice. Love hearing you spread the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Just LOVE the way you exemplify the Good News of Christian well wishes and compassion.

              • F: here is a gumdrop. Go suck on it. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn whether you think I am a “good” Christian or not.

                • Philodough……set the hook, reel him in….

                  • F: Nice to see you admit to trolling! LOL! Another fake that is slumming here. Wow. What a surprise.

                    I just called you out on your BS. There is an excellent book out there on bug out locations, Joel Skousen’s book, “Strategic Relocation”.” Obviously you haven’t read it. Given your attitude oh well. When the commies tell you that you can’t farm your own land and to move to a shoe box in order to save the planet, get back to me. It will be too late by that point in time, but what the hell, I tried. Can’t educate those who want to remain ignorant.

                    So, again, here’s a gumdrop. Go suck on it.

            • Phil. I would rather be amongst communist hippies when shtf. They don’t have the balls to rip you off or kill you.

              • Anon, hippies will also band together to protect what is theirs. If you work with them they also share.

                • And they tend to be peace loving,,, that is good

                • F: I doubt any of those morons would share anything with me. Then again, I am not part of the free shit army either. The problem with giving away a free stuff is eventully you run out of other people’s money and then you are mobbed by a lot of angry assholes that expect everything will remain free and when the free shit army rises up and thinks that your stuff belongs to them?

                  Good luck defending yourself or your stuff against a mob. Send me a postcard and let me know how it works out.

              • I can’t stand fricken commies or hippies. They think they know the best way for me, and everyone else to live our lives.

                The commies and hippies can take their totalitarian point of view and shove it.

        • Rebecca, I ‘ve worked as an outdoor educator and I have maybe 20 red maple trees on my property, and a few big birches as well. I produce my own maple syrup most years. I only make a pint or two but if I got serious, and had the right weather, I could probably get a gallon a year.
          I’ve been lucky enough to one year pick morel mushrooms in my yard, under the old apple trees that were at the proper stage of dying to provide the conditions for morels to grow. I also stay aware of where all the stands of cat tails are in my area. Those have food value all year, though I will personally have to experiment more with using them as food. I can recommend to you and all the other gardeners on here to try Jerusalem artichokes. They’re extremely productive of nourishing tubers, if you can keep them protected from the deer and the voles.
          Good luck with all your projects!

          • Anonymous,
            I had Jerusalem Artichokes in Texas. I put in an order for Hardy Red Fuseau JERUSALEM for my garden here. I should have them next week. Deer and voles are everywhere! Thanks, good luck on your projects, too… Maple syrup!

          • Oops, forgot to plug in my name; this “anonymous” is me, Carol Mar.

      11. You know when the states goons start murdering everyone

        Well oops that’s been going on for quite some time with impunity
        Their efforts have been ramping up lately too

        Will the future traffic stops or any encounter start turning into gun fights
        It really wasn’t that long ago people
        Guess it just depends on how much more abuse we are willing to put up with
        Folks back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s didn’t take no shit ..WTF happened?

        • Turned into a buncha pussys,,,,
          Its that go along to get along crap, people dont want to buck the system and cant be bothered to actually be proactive, now if you are proactive the system eats you,
          Hence my direction of self destruction, cant win, either a slave or ashes, im going for ashes, just dont care

          • This is a long term battle for the culture, Kula. LONG term. That is why, while I 100% support the 2nd Amendment and am a gun owner myself, the battle is non-violent, and one of the pen, not the sword.

            The vile fascist left had the guts to do the Frankfurt School, Saul Alinsky, Antonio Gramsci etc. stuff for decades. Heck, even leftist mass murderer Mao had his long march and took decades.

            Do we have the guts to engage the culture with our pen, our wit, our intelligence? Can we, as Reagan said, vote for someone as long as he meets 80% of our criteria? Or are we too caught up in not voting for someone unless they are perfect (and no, I’m not talking about RINOS here). We need to be creative, consistence, aggressive, winsome and persuasive, and engage in the non-violent battle of the pen, education and information dissemination.

            Look, Kula, all these junior fascists came from *somewhere*. We need to get to them and educate them about liberty before the fascists turn them all into little leftist Mussolinis. And yes, fascism was SOCIALIST, as in the National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party of Hitler, aka the Nazis.

            I was non-political and slightly left until I was in my late 20s. Some people and events woke me up. I intend to wake others up with my words and pen wherever possible.

            We also need – at least in my case – to learn to type better and take a Proof-reading 101 course!

            • Your about 150 years too late dude. Nothing created by politicts will EVER be solved by politics!

          • I know the feeling

        • Enemy

          The hippies, and the radicals of the 60s are now in charge.

          • That is true. Witness the vile Hilary and rapist Bill. Witness the Hollywierd Learjet leftists.

            But tomorrow is another day. Let’s impact the next generation.

          • Peace maaan!

            • Its groovy,,,,
              I like groovy,, use it a lot,

          • People like he Clintons, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner, etc were not “radical hippies” in the 1960s. They methodically followed traditional, socially-approved careers in business and politics as they developed their Orwellian dream of Big Government control as the answer to all of life’s dilemmas.

            Such people are far more dangerous and destructive than 1960s gadflies like Abbie Hoffman and Timothy Leary. The gadflies served an important role in highlighting atrocities and abuses by politicians, the police, and the military leadership. The fact that they were condemned and reviled by TPTB as “dangerous agitators” indicates that they must have been doing something right…!

            When was the last time that you saw Hilary Clinton or Charles Schumer break open a story on lobbyist payoffs or the pesticide levels in our food supply or corrupt police? I’ve seen a lot of muckraking over the years by those “radical hippies” that you decry. While I certainly don’t agree with much of their political viewpoint, I am very glad that they have been here to spread word of misbehavior by Big Business and Big Government.

            The well-dressed, well-educated, smooth-talking, highly-respected leftists who have BECOME Big Business and Big Government concern me far more than “hippies”.

        • For good or bad I feel a deep sympathy for the Finnicum family. My respect goes out to them at this sad, sad time.
          Just heard… ON THE ROAD AGAIN by CANNED HEAT… on the radio.
          Brought “LaVoy’s” last moments to mind.
          Rest in peace fella.

      12. http

      13. Excellent article and some excellent posts.

      14. Peck, peck, peck away coward drunken bum boot lickers huddled in fear in your homes, trailers, and cramped metro cesspool cells for the slaves just waiting for the Globalist Corporatist Fascist Police State and their paid soulless mercenary goon squads to come to your door to force vaccines, Common Core Fascism, poisonous toxic chemical and GMO filled fake food, and of course the coming RFID Chipping of the children you drunken bum fascist boot licking cowards should of never had. Epic times to be alive watching the boot licking drunken bums turning their children’s health and future over to psychopathic genocidal Globalist Fascist Luciferian monsters. What will be even more awesome to watch will be when the drunken bum boot licking cowards line up in mass to turn in their protection to their Globalist Corporatist Fascist Police State slavemasters they worship like gods.

        • Ron Ahrens,

          May I suggest you go back and read the replies you’ve received from others in the last few articles you’ve posted on. It’s noticeable that you’re ignoring them and moving on to new articles. I’ll spell it out for you seeing that you’re pretty dense. You’ve lost what little credibility you once had, people are through with your childish ranting and raving on and on, you’re no longer welcomed by people who once welcomed you, in short, you’ve worn your welcome{ as well as your stupid schtick}. You’re as moronic as your buddies in Oregon were, have you noticed they all surrendered like little girls except one brain dead fool who had a death wish. In summary, you and your act are old, stale, and ready for the trash heap.

          • Junebug, STFU you are a newbie and Ron has good points. Ya he’s harshe but evidently thats what it takes to make people like you pay attention. If you think the movement in Oregon was for nothing then maybe you stand for nothing. Because you are a worthless nothing junebug lol.

            • If the truth bothers you, then you shouldn’t be spending time reading my posts to your friend Ron because everything I said in that post was true and verifiable. As for your opinion of me, I don’t care what you think as you’re opinions mean nothing as far as what I’ve read here.

          • A drunken bum and fascist boot licking soulless piece of garbage like you telling me I am losing credibility is to be expected in the Corporatist Fascist Globalist Police State hell you love so much. Of course a cowardly piece of fascist boot licking filth like you has to say that, you have to “kill the messenger”, it is the only way you can get drunk, watch football, go about your life as a coward boot licker, and feel good about the soulless cowardly boot licking scum you have become, who could care less about our children’s health and future under Globalist Fascist Police State tyranny.

            • Your idiotic keyboard drool is becoming a semblance of a bratty little child’s temper tantrums. You sound like a damn fool, GROW UP!

        • Would you like a toot on my spliff Ron. You need to chill bro. Yeahhhhhh. Real mellow man, good shit.

        • Ron- with the most sincere regard because I think you are passionate about freedom… insulting people into action just never is an effective strategy. There are many people who listen for a voice that exemplifies leadership. If we run into the streets, guns ablazing, with no leadership- it is all for naught. If you are angry, you need to deal with that inside yourself and not project it onto others. Then, if you think you need to lead, you need to find those qualities inside yourself as a nonbeliever, or come to prayer as a believer for God to give you those qualities miraculously. I don’t believe you are here to insult people who could actually coalesce into an effective force against evil, given the right catalyst. Change starts inside us. Best to you Ron. I know your heart is towards good. Stay centered on your ideals and not your anger and people will listen.

        • Four “boot lickings” and only three periods. And does “monsters” really need five adjectives?

        • Ron, with all the angst and hate you’re spewing, you are going to stroke out before the revolution comes. Chill out, dude……

          • Of course a coward boot licker like you will just want to “chill out”

      15. If a war starts somewhere in the world I bet the pace of collapse will increase. There does come a point when the bottom falls out from the slow decline.

      16. How do I know?

        What a utter fraud like Hilary actually has a chance at being president. When Nancy Pelosi was actually third in line to run the country.

        When the porn industry is probably north of $15bn ($13.33 bn in 2oo6)

        When the nation has aborted around 55 million.

        When the country countenances race pimps like Al and Jesse, and the disgusting Southern Poverty Law Center leader is has a zillion room home featured in House Beautiful .

        When people are actually dumbed down enough to believe Al Gore BIG GREEN MONEY scam (hint: there has been ZERO global warming since 1998, it was WARMER in the Medieval Warm Period than today, and Goldman Sachs and all the big banksters are HEAVILY involved in the scam)

        When you are a racist to oppose Obungler, but it’s just fine to be a racist against Ben Carson, and Hispanics Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (I understand you may not support them. The issue is the freaking hypocrisy here)

        When Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama takes gazillion dollar uber luxe, carbon spewing vacation and there’s nary a peep fro the fascist left.

        When God is removed from society, or where left, co-opted by Fabian socialists funded by George Soros.

        When children killing others is blamed on guns rather than on personal responsibility, bad parenting and SSRIs.

        Where the fascist, vile, disgusting arrogant leftist media runs the country. Or as former CBS News president Richard Salant once said “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”

        That’s how

        • TEST,
          YOU nailed it !!!

      17. Ive stated this before. there hasn’t been and isn’t any political or ballot box solution. the current situation of too many taking parasites and too few making producers is not long term sustainable. In a short time we will look back and wish we had todays good times back. Its a mental process of folks accepting a new normal that is actually a slow regressive fall in everything from morals, freedoms and prosperity ect. So where does that leave us? My answer we need to learn to Know How to be Self Relaint. That’s the prep that cannot be taken away and redistributed. Learn to be to where if you where dropped anyplace stark naked with absolutely nothing you could not only survive but thrive.

        • The biggest problem im seeing is that the system just wont leave people alone,,,
          These assholes in government, (and i mean all of you government assholes from bottom to top) think we need to be handled from cradle to grave and we need to be paying for their intervention in our liberty,,,

          • Or as Mencken wrote,

            The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.'”

          • Kula,
            Those govies have been brainwashed into think that they HAVE to help us because we are to stupid to take care of ourselves, Ihave met many of them and LOTS of them REALLY think they have to do this! it is pathetic!!

        • You are partially correct. Yes, there is no final solution; the problem is that man is *fallen*. On the other hand, if you were fully correct, that means there is no difference between the political solutions of the USSR vs. Washington, Jeffersons and Adams’ America. Clearly there is.

          As Plato once observed to those who won’t vote for anyone here because they aren’t “pure” enough, those that refuse to engage in the political process are doomed to be ruled by their inferiors.

          Don’t like the current situation? Sounds like you have time. Become a precinct committeeman. Rather than whine, get involved and at least try to change things.

        • Old Guy,
          I agree that self reliance is the way. Self sufficiency is a cornerstone of freedom.

          • Skirt, go back to smoking pot. Or shitting skittles.

            • Philodough, what great Christian love and good fortune you pass around. As I travel along on my spiritual quest to become the best Christian I can be, I REALLY look at your witness to guide my path. Such a fine Christian. We can surely learn from your example……

              • Whatever. I am not in a pissing contest to be your ideal version of a Christian. Whatever that means. I have no fricken idea what your version of being a “good” Christian means. But you seem to be way too excited about shoving your version of Christainity down my throat.

                I can shoot. I can grow stuff. I have other skills as well. When you need someone to watch your six, who do you want watching it? Me? The “bad” Christian or a muslim? Choose carefully. This could cost you your life.

                • Philodough, won’t cost me a dime as I don’t play reindeer games….. Have a great life!

                  • Oh you are playing right into my hand little troll. Perfect. I want everyone to know who you are and how you think. Thank you for the perfect clarification!

                    • OH: and F? FU.

      18. Freddie Mac Prepares to Enter the Trailer Home Loan Market

        Just the perfect example of Obama’s America! With average peasants…. err… citizens (wait! Make that “comrades”), now priced out of the domestic housing market (Zillow recently showed 1 in 3 homes are unaffordable) due to billionaire financiers and foreign oligarchs buying up all real estate in cash purchases, American serfs (yes, that means **you**, you “Yes we can” chanters and university grads who cumulatively owe one trillion in debt, that can never be written off) will now will find out where the “elites” think they belong. In trailer homes, naturally. And if that doesn’t turn your crank, google “micro homes” (homes of 100 to 200 sq ft or so) – one link here:

        Ain’t socialism just dandy, folks!! Welcome to Obama’s Amerika! Full, sad story at

        • Test, Warren Buffet has invested heavily in mobile homes for us unwashed.

          • Just my opinion, but I would not be surprised to see the next trend in “affordable housing” to resemble university dormitories. You live in one room; everyone uses a common bathroom and a common kitchen area down at the end of the hall. The buildings to be made of concrete and steel for maximum wear resistance. Laminated, shatter-resistant windows (with small panes to lower cost and decrease heat loss). Basically, the same warehousing concept that exists in nursing homes will be expanded to the general population.

        • It’s trendy living in a cracker jack box.

      19. Anti-immigration demos going on in Europe 1.30.2016
        Dover, England.
        Stockholm, Sweden.
        The leftists are losing their strangle hold on many.

      20. I am not a Catholic, but this captures it well:

        “The horrifying truth is this: we live now in a culture that not only does not respect life, but discards it like trash — not only at the beginning of life, but also at the end, and every place in between. What has happened to us?”

        – Catholic Deacon Greg Kandra

        (I’ll tell you what has happened. Saul Alinsky. The Fabian socialists. The vile feminazis. The Frankfurt School. Antonio Gramsci. Hollywierd. The gay Brownshirt Nazis. The takeover of the educational system. The takeover the medial )

        • Add in the Republicans kicking the Constitution to the curb and I’m with you.

          • Rebecca. You wrote some great posts today. Thanks. And yes, some Republicans are turncoats. But not all. Find the ones who aren’t and support them. And please don’t become a cynic. If the Founding Fathers had been cynics, we’d all still serfs, not citizens.

            You don’t like RINOs? (Think the disgusting Lisa Murkowski in Alaska, as one example) Neither do I. So get involved. ***Become a precinct committeeman and get involved in local politics, your school board, whatever. But cynicism is a creed of despair, and a luxury of the comfortable. It also condemns the innocent and the future generations to evil. Heck, if Ronald Reagan, or even George Washington was running today, neither would be pure enough for some here. I don’t buy it.

          • The only ones kicking the US Constitution to the curb are libs like you, skirt.

      21. Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions… is urging Americans to choose their next president carefully because 2016 “is the last chance for the American people to take back control of their government.” In a sober interview with Secrets, the Republican warned that liberal special interests, Wall Street moguls, and international media conglomerates are fast turning the United States into just another member of the European Union and that the effort is being led by a Democratic president eager to go his own way with executive orders.
        Cited from

        And from “no duh” or the quod erat demonstrandum files (that which was to be demonstrated) White House spokesman Josh Earnest said it does not look like Hillary Clinton will be indicted. Earnest made the remarks the White House podium.

        • And who is running for President in 2016 that represents the Constitution instead of big money or socialism?

          • Rand Paul

            • Bullshit! Rand Paulstien supported the ndaa act!

              • @ Genius

                Bullshit yourself. Rand Paul filibustered AGAINST the NDAA. For a dozen hours.
                If memory serves, the only one to put any effort into opposing it.

                Cite a source showing he supported it.

                • Once again…the non-genius is speaking out his ass and has not come back to show his source.
                  You called him out JA, and still looking for his reply.

                  • My mistake, He did not support it it was something else I just can’t remember what it was. I was wrong on that one if I think of what it was I will post it.

          • Nobody

            • Kulafarmer, I would tear up and cry from relief and happiness if we had a name for our vote.

              • Reb, you and me both. This pool on all sides is the absolute worst tribe of crap I have ever beheld. There is literally no one to vote for….smh

            • Kula if there was ever an election where we had a choice this would be the one. I Sure wanted to stay out of all the in-fighting that is going on with todays comments, but just couldn’t hold out. As for the people running for office, they cover the whole spectrum. From the Socialist Bernie or Communist/Progressive Hillary for Rebecca, to the Conservative Cruz for ME, to the Totalitarian Trump for YOU. Throw in the Libertarian Paul, who ain’t to bad, to the Parties Favorite Bush, and what more could you ask for. If you don’t vote, it don’t matter anyway, but you will be ruled by someone. I prefer the ballot box to the bullet box as long as I’m given a choice. And for those that don’t vote, do you have the answer to our problems, or do you just like to bitch. Trekker Out.

              • Not an American BUT
                Trump will either break or fix the current system.
                More of the same will only beget more of the same.
                And thats just not sane.

              • Mountain Trekker,
                I admit I don’t go off the wall bad mouthing Hillary Clinton like most do on this site while completely ignoring the evils perpetrated by Republicans. Cruz is owned by the banksters just like Clinton and Obama. Clinton and Obama reported their money connection, horrible enough, but Cruz lied about it… until he got caught. In personality he is much like Nixon. But he is owned lock stock and barrel with an in house handler.
                I like Bernie Sanders because he believes what he says. The rest just mouth the scam. I will never vote for him because he is a socialist and we have enough trouble.
                The hard part for some on this site is that I don’t hate or want to annihilate over 300 million Americans. I doubt even 20 million meet your standards of purity. I don’t even want to annihilate Acid the gay boy or Philosopher the mental case. Philosopher thinks it makes me Satan incarnate. You boys have gotten way off track in your lives if you think you can kill back to racial purity. Day late and a dollar short. You were asleep at the wheel when that was done by the D/R corporate machine.
                If I voted for any of these goons it would likely be Rand Paul. I am closer to Libertarian in my outlook than socialist. I believe in the Constitution, not corporatism. Cruz is 100 percent corporatist as is Clinton. I don’t hate either one, I don’t want their sold souls in my government.
                Vote for Cruz, it is your right to say. I will not vote for him. I will not vote for Hillary. If those are the two choices, there is no difference between them.
                Trump? He has Stalin written all over him… purges writ large. He cannot stand an opinion different than his own and this country has 320 million opinions.

                • Please cite your sources for your comments about Cruz. Thank you.

                  But you like Sanders because he really believes what he says? Really??? So did Lenin. So did Pol Pot. So did Mao

                • Rebecca, Thanks for your civil and well thought out response. But I would like to make one correction to your comment. Instead of 20 million, there are “0” that meet my standard of purity, including me. Trekker Out. To Each His Own!

          • And who is running? Yes, Rand Paul is one. My own research leads me to feel Cruz would be acceptable. No, he is not perfect. But I guarantee you Pres. Hitlery will leave you with a boot print on stamped on your face.

            I know exactly what you are going to say about Cruz, so don’t worry – I’ve already heard it. What I”m asking you to do is face the reality of where we are: a horrible choice, or a passable one.

            And yes, I know the other response: “Let is all collapse.” That’s nice to hear from the prepper fortress – which you may well not survive. It is also the EXACT same creed that the PC types are operating out of, such as Cloward-Pivin, interestingly. “Let it all collapse” crew also condemns the innocent and unborn to decades, or this time perhaps centuries, of crypto-communist oppression, and – as Churchill so perspicaciously stated – “aided and abetted by perverted science.”

            The reality is that, unless the Lord comes back, the vacating of the political stage by the good people here (such as you!) could well leave us facing a new Dark Age.

            No, your choices politically are not clean or easy. I’m not sure they ever are. But choose carefully, for if we have a new Hitler – or think Caesar changing the Roman republic as another example – history will blame all of us. I’m not talking about expediency. I **am** talking about taking reality as it is, and doing the best we can with it. Again, I get it. And I’ll even help the cynics and obscurantists here: Ted Cruz (or Rand Paul, Ben Carson) stinks because _____________________________ (I can already fill in the blanks for you, as I already know what you will say). The blanks you can’t fill in are what will happen because you vacated a chance to choose something reasonable because they weren’t perfect.

            As Plato said, those who vacate the political arena are doomed to be ruled by their inferiors. And the people above STILL aren’t politically pure enough? Then, are you involved running for your local school board???? Local politics??? A precinct committeeman??? If not, then, as noted, the people are write here are really just obscurantists and solipsisters, in which case I have no comment, because none is logically possible.

            • Test,
              of who WE have to pick from there is NOT one of them who is pure! so you can eat a elephant with ONE bite at a time, SOOOO which one is the first BITE is the real question ? or does it matter anymore? If it gets much worse nation wide, I think lots of us will go dark until it passes

              • apache54 I once heard a preacher say, he was talking to somebody once and they was telling him about all bad things people do that go to church, and the preacher told him if he ever found a perfect church, then please don’t go there. Just remember, if we find one that is PURE he won’t be running for President, HE’S already KING. Trekker Out.

            • I like the Donald because he is a big middle finger to the establishment,,,
              Do i think it matters who gets elected?? Not even a little!
              Im glad your so confident in some of these guys running but i got serious doubts, about ALL of them

              • Kula,
                Spot on. I like the way you think. Trump has done more than anyone i know in American history to shake up the establishment politicians. It has become obvious to all that there does not seem to be any difference between the establishment Republicans and the Democrats. Trump has done alot by not becoming beholden to the donors and not getting trapped with the facade of politically correct thinking. Thumb or middle finger, he has it down to a science! I can’t help but admire the guy. I really like Fiorina as well!

            • TEST,
              I guess you know Cruz is owned by banksters just like Obama. It isn’t a secret. have always been pretty active politically and worked on a few campaigns part time. I am retired now and am on a county email list for jobs and local politics but have only worked on the fight to get rid of civil asset forfeiture so far. I have been to a couple Republican breakfasts in Albuquerque. Really, I can’t even see a least poison option at the moment. In the past I liked voting because I at least had a say. Now I see no difference between Cruz and Hillary… both bankster owned.

              I have considered running for local office. Haven’t made any move in that direction.

            • I believe Cruz is just another lower Bush in disguise. Obumner made a lot of good sounding speeches before he got in power, and look at us now.

        • “Equal Protection Under The Law” implies equal enforcement, prosecution and punishment. If, “Shall Not Be Infringed” is misunderstood the concept of “implies”, is far too abstract to be recognized.

          How in the hell do they teach civics with a straight face today?

      22. We’ll know when our society is in the midst of a collapse when hyperinflation kicks in and the federal government runs out of money.

        • Berightnotwrong, you nailed it. The D/R corporate machine has failed us. They are different like a man and woman ballroom dancing… each has different moves… but it is the same dance.

          • Superb simile! “…like dancing …different moves …same dance.” So perfect.

        • It may be “merely” mass inflation. Remember the rule of 72, and how long it takes to halve your debt. They won’t be precipitous, but rather try to nibble around the edges. Everything will be accompanied by Huxley’s “soma” – in this case, probably Dancing with the Stars and the expansion of the NFL to 862 teams, with games every day of the year.

      23. You could also add that when OPEC stops accepting dollars as payment for oil the end of America is very close.

      24. They don’t teach civics at all. Ask the college crowd any question on government and they have no idea. History…no clue.

        • Jim in Va,
          I went back to school in Texas and took a required government class. Out of a couple hundred in the auditorium, 10 had voter registration cards. I was the only one who had a primary vote stamp. We had to take them down for inspection. She gave an automatic A for the primary vote even though she was a Democrat. I still earned my A the hard way, but I appreciated that she thought the only desired outcome was voting.

      25. How Do You Know When Your Society Is In The Midst Of Collapse?

        That’s easy to answer: When We Stop Caring for Each Other…

      26. Do You Remember when the F.B.I. Hunted John Dillenger,Machinegun Kelly Bonny&Clide Ma Barker Al Capone Madd Dog Killers one in all. Times Past. NOW The F.B.I. ARE MaddDog KILLERS America is No more.

        • Play your part in history… Sam the Man!

      27. How? When people stop predicting it.

      28. How do you know when your society is in the midst of collapse?

        When you yourself don’t give a damn no more.


      29. The smell of shit in the air is getting stronger each and every day. Soon the turds will start falling anytime now. Protect yours and to hell with anyone else. Be very wise in your decisions, they just may save your life. Remember weak side practice.

        We The Few!!

      30. Ever wonder why the elite call us useless eater’s.
        That is the way we behave.

        Take a look around you. People always doing stupid shit, causing trouble and them blame their problems on others.

        In the reset we don’t have to put up with it all.
        I believe in the Tripe “S”.

        Gear up and get ready.

        • I meant triple. Life is beginning to suck.

          • Tripe stew!

            • Kulafarmer

              I have had it before. Pretty good.

              • Kind of like eating chittlins.

                You gotta boil the poo out of them.

                Be well rounded…

      31. What I like are those who were at Davos Switzerland saying Hillary is going to be President. Looking ahead how bad can society get then.

        Vote for Hillary and Really get things going!

        • Vote Hillary and get mass immigration.

        • Why not vote for her? Voting for a perceived lesser evil isn’t working. Heck Im getting old. Tired of waiting lets get the show on the road. Hillary will bring it to a head. Time to pop the festering carbuncle.

          • That is about the stupidest comment I have ever seen on this forum. If you can’t wait for something to trigger your little dystopian societal collapse, then you are one sick puppy.

            The rest of us will try and keep things together, thank you. When it does hit the fan, and it will, it’s going to take more than your sorry fruitcake dreams to put it back together.

            Now you tell us all how your working to collapse the system is acceptable, while all the other stuff we see happening isn’t.

            You want to see something collapse and go to hell, just set fire to your own house, and leave the rest of us alone.

            • I think they will keep kicking the can of debt down the road until all the baby boomers die off. Hillery is the evil we know. Trump is the evil we don’t know. Trump will be worse than Obama. Imagine a wishy washy Obama and you Will get a idea of what Trump for president would be like.

            • smokey.

              Well I am tired of trying to keep things together. Or do we want to bitch on into the next century. Again we are divided. Just as much as those who were not in the same line as the Oregon standoff. Although we are all fighting for Liberty we have too many different thoughts as to how to go about it. So we can argue some more in the coming years. If the Republicans are NO Good and the Democrats are No Good then voting for Hillary doesn’t matter. Waiting for others to get on board is becoming a waste of time. Too much Normal Bias and Denial. What better way if you are already prepared to bring it out using the Give Me Dats to start it all.

              You can hear it now.

              Did you hear what the government is doing to us?

              (Me) Yes, that is really bad.

              We need to get together and protest and fight back for our rights.

              (Me) When we going to do it?

              “I don’t know but we need to.

              One thing for sure and that is you need a strong sustainable PUBLIC OPINION against the Government to have a chance of any protest succeeding. Amazing we might need the help of the Give Me Dats and Useless Eaters.

              • Slingshot,

                It will take a broad movement. Occupy Wall Street was huge, it tapped into everyone’s frustration with corporate-owned government. Too bad the right wing spit on those millions of frustrated citizens, cuz they sure needed a little grown up guidance. If the 85 percent aimless are out on the street protestingwithout leaders, that tells me that they know how bad it is. Just saying. I think that was the time everyone seems to be waiting for but missed out on because it didn’t look the way the grown ups wanted it to look. When it comes by again, and it will, the grownups who do well to step up to the plate and lead. Saying you want to exterminate them all ain’t getting the job done.

                No more than 15 percent do the work in this world, anywhere. Not fair, right? The only thing worse is to be one of the aimless 85 percent. They provide the bulk. Extermination is neither practical nor a solution. The workers produce aimless children as often as not, so it is obviously part of the plan.

      32. The end is when they force a switch over to a cashless society.
        I used to design databases, and electronics. Give me enough I/O, FPGA’s, CPU’s, and interconnectivity, we have the technology to watch everyone. This will mainly affect Urban areas, as Rural areas have too little return on investment to bother with.
        If you destroy the cash based society, or isolate it, you can control billions of people.
        The question is why? only perhaps 40% of those billions are productive and useful. Factor in the next industrial revelation, automation and robotics, maybe only 20% of the population will be productive and useful.
        At least the collapse is slow and I am old.

        • I think the cashless will come sooner rather than later,
          Governments and banks love it, its called control,

          • I fear you are right.
            But we you and I, have the
            luxury of locally produced
            year round food, Catchment,
            warm weather, gravity fed
            Ag water, Solar, and
            We have Ohana. Most bad guys
            won’t last long.

            • Yup,,,
              Thats what im hoping is that if things come unglued, our island comunity pulls together, i know most of my neighborhood will, lots of old families, lots of real good people, lots of resources, our biggest problem is newcomers, druggies and government (yes all of it) at lesst in its current form.
              Who knows, could just be a nightmare,,,, but i doubt it, my bet is the troublemakers disappear real fast, lots of cliffs and gulches to toss trash off of after feeding them some lead.

      33. Rellik

        There is an advantage to being old. In fact several advantages.;0)

        • “Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he’s too old to fight, he’ll just shoot you”
          John Steinbeck.
          Good author, I’ve only read one or two of his books.

      34. How Do You Know When Your Society is In The Midst Of Collapse?
        When the fuckers in charge strike a deal with the fuckin’ scum ass muslims under the name of Sukuk (ISLAMIC BONDS)structured in such a way as to not to generate returns to investors without infringing Islamic law (that prohibits riba or intrest) the introduction of Fuckin’ sharia fuckin’ law!
        Just how shitty does it have to get before we make it stop?

        • Agent Skinhead

          “Just how shitty does it have to get before we make it stop?”
          Pretty Damn shitty.

          How does one combat Sharia Law.

          A serial Killer or hit man. One that can kill without remorse or emotion. Walk up place the gun against the head and pull the trigger. Walk away. A perfect soldier? Hmmmm.

          “Gang Soldiers” do it now so it’s not as shocking as one would make it out to be.

        • Black lives matter

      35. Test, to paraphrase a comment on ZH once, say Rand Paul gets elected, and he meets with TPTB, and they attempt to “guide” him in the right(their) direction.

        He says, “no way”.
        Then, they show him the Zapruder tapes (JFK assassination)from a different angle. He sees it, and they say to him, “any questions?”
        Whereupon he says, “How can I help?”

        See how it works?
        You have an honorable effort going to get people to vote.
        Somehow, it’s pointless.

        Off topic, Kulafarmer, feeling lazy tonight about research. Do you know of any nut trees that will grow in tropical climates? Besides coconuts. Already have 30 of them..I make damn good coconut milk for breakfast cereal and have plenty of young cocos for the water..Buy a coco drill if you have them. We have the Filipino cocos that produce a coconut at shoulder high.

        • Macadamia nut, date palms should do good in PR as well, theres a few others, bamboo, not a nut but the shoots are good eating,

        • Picans do good too,

      36. When your under a Phucking bridge and have no food and water you start to see it..I have been quiet lately and ma just watching and waiting in the hell to strike..if they can kill a Patriot who is protecting th else of the land then we know what comes next. War will be up in my face and I have accepted the his fact if life it’s like the skin on my plucking body. It’s not going away. And its real.



        • HCKS

          And what have we learned from the Oregon standoff?
          Fits right in with our society and how they handle events.

          There are many pro’s and con’s that would have enough subject matter for a few articles.

          Then proceed into the “What If’s”.

          Have I change any of my thoughts about Government and the Patriot movement? Yes, and will prepare accordingly.

          You can add immigration and how that will play out into the equation also.

      37. Guess who i meet with tomorrow, the scientist friend.. cant wait see my girls reaction since she thinks that I may be preparing too heavily.. typical women’s way of thinking…I have been told that all I spend my money on is my physique, food and bullets..after seen what they did to Finicum, I know for certain hat I invested in the right assets..and what will we expect Chinese soldiers to do to us and our women?.. rape massacre and murder, period. Any questions? Girl in a Euro country pepper sprays rapist and gets sentenced for not allowing the watch and see what I will do to phuckers like that when they come to my city.




      38. Old guy is right too many useless eaters and not enough producers. They want to let a bunch of vagrants in to the us. There is no jobs for them here. Our cultures are vastly different and they will never integrate. Self reliance is the key to everything if you don’t wanna be a hostage of the gov and corporations. We are the change we want. But if everybody takes the easy free shit road instead of the the self reliant hard work route it will get worst. the eugenics experts say that 80 percent of the population is useless eaters. I’d agree with that assesment. But yet they wanna let more in. These giveaway programs need to be ended. All they do is attract useless eaters. They need to exterminate these bums. I’m tired of supporting losers.

      39. With a slow motion economic collapse expect to see a lot of infrastructure go to the dogs. The wholesale poisoning of the City of Flint MI is a wakeup call. Plan on severely degraded services for anything the government is involved in regulating, funding or supplying.

        On a brighter note, I just picked up a three year supply of 1/2 micron whole house water filters, they will catch most contaminants and bacteria including cryptosporidium. I have an even higher quality silver impregnated filter for my drinking water tap, but I want to also add a heavy metals filter in that line. They say that the majority of America’s public water systems fail water safety for at least one criteria. Five to seven years into an economic crisis and city water may become downright toxic and high quality water filters unavailable.

        I’ll be evaluating my new water filters I found, and if they are as good as they seem on first blush, I’ll buy another couple years worth.

        • Hook up one of those cheap pressure washers to any hydrant and you could pump any thing you wanted into the public water supply. We never drink public water.

          • The same filters I’m using will also work well on chlorinated rain or lake water, both of which are available where I live. Figure on several alternate sources for water in your plans.

            If you live in an area with municipal water and sewer, they will force you to close and seal your well. Competition is not allowed.

          • Old guy,don’t those hydrants have back flow protectors/valves?On a well meself but thought that was pretty much standard.I actually believe would not be hard to contaminate large water sources at their source/open air storage area.

      40. @ slingshot

        How does one combat Sharia Law?

        Political Islam has murdered 270 million people in 1400 years. Polytheists, Jews, Christians, Africans, Zoroastrians, Buddhists and Hindus. They have annihilated scores of civilizations and intend to annihilate ours.

        Paris twice, Cologne, and Sweden should be a wake up call to anyone who wants to preserve their liberty.

        CSPI doesn’t deal in opinions. They quote Mohammed. Who remains Islam’s highest authority.

        http;// ……….

        What Mohammed said and did is the model for every Muslim everywhere. If you understand him, you understand Islam.

        CSPI has several dozen videos online. If you want more detail there are 15 or 20 books.

      41. The article is wonderful and worth saving. A few great posts and a fair bit of arguing. Old guy nailed it with the diminishing numbers of producers supporting an increasing number of takers. Such a system can exist for a short while, but history shows it always collapses and gets re-set. The author’s points on culture are exceptional – it seems as if the ‘takers’ have established their own ‘culture’ and want to replace the culture of the ‘producers’. History has many examples of people fleeing for a chance to practice their religion. It almost seems as if today we will have people fleeing in order to practice their ‘culture’ (which can include religion but much more). Ultimately this is the only ‘peaceful’ choice – only now, there are so few places to flee to.

      42. Gosh I have finally reached the end of the posts lol. Learn from the responses I have left or improve on them. Good night 😛

      43. As time goes by, many of the things I have told others have come to pass. It is a slow process, and orchestrated to some degree. Many distractions to throw off attention to the real issues. Yet it follows the path intended as the general public goes through their daily patterns. I have given up warning folks of what comes, and still prepare for the eventual chaos that will happen when the population realizes a collapse has taken place. It’s gonna get crazy real soon, god bless…

      44. I only go to restaurants where the servers are ‘preppy’ or European. I avoid those places with staff who look like low-lifes. Most of the time I eat at home because few restaurants can match my standards for hygiene and food quality.

        Another sign of social collapse is when they announce your area has gone majority Muslim (they just did for many parts of London, England). It is not necessarily the people themselves, but the faith: it is stultifying and off-putting to new business growth. Majority Muslim areas have the highest use of welfare programmes, business growth that is very low-end (dirty shops etc.), whereas other areas attract high-tech businesses, clean and modern shops and restaurants, fashion boutiques. It is just a fact no modern business is going to want to open up in a place where most of the women are covered up or afraid to walk the streets because they will be molested.

        • FT: I started reading Tommy Robinson’s book, “Enemy of the State.” It is hard to believe the guy is only 32 / 33 years old. I read up to the 9th chapter in one sitting last night. I have been on sites like Breitbart and Gates of Vienna and The Saker in order to find real news about what is going on in Europe. There is little to no news here in the USSA.

          In his book Tommy talks about growing up in Luton, a working-class neighborhood that slowly changed over time. The way he writes about the place is excellent, he takes you back to his childhood and what it was like.

          Tommy mentions a meeting at a restaruant where there are curtains so the Muslim women can remove the bags from their heads to eat. That sounds insane to me. He also mentions the young women that are groomed into supporting Muslims and / or hooked on heroin and then turned into prostitutes or those that leave their family and end up a Muslim concubine. Not legally married but good enough to bang on demand. He talks about how offensive advertising is painted over.

          The sickest part of the book, so far, is how he talks about the politicians (and almost everyone else) bending over to throw money at the Muslims who take the money and laugh at the weakness and stupidity of the British.

          The totalitarian state is currently extant in the UK. It is no longer a thought experiment or an old book like “1984” or “Brave New World” it is in place, right now. Tommy Robinson is lucky to be alive. It sounds like he has a lot of enemies.

          I found his book interesting because I have been confused as to why the English call Muslims “Asians.” It is weird but he explained that fairly well, it is a way to be politically correct in the UK. That is a stunner! The dark age Muslim religion is revolting. It still makes my head spin trying to figure out how the Muslims and the communists use each other to achieve their goals. Maybe it is the mob mentality. Tommy talks about how fights with one kid, at school, resulted in a mob of adults at the school yard gate.

          The best article I have read on the commies, the Muslims and patriots is in Matt Bracken’s article from November, where he compares the Muslim invasion to the Tet Offensive. (The article is on both Western Rifle Shooters and Gates Of Vienna dot net). Do a search for the article, it is long, but clearly written and understandable.

          People may not realize this yet but this is a war and it is going to get a helluva lot worse before it gets better.

          • Phil, Most working class Brits use a collective term for Asians… Paki Bastards.
            The pub is the last bastion of free speech.
            You wont find any Fuckin’ Paki Bastards in a traditional working class pub…I’ll drink to that, cheers!

        • FT: I usually cook at home for the same reason. There were videos a few years ago that showed some employees at Taco Bell taking a bath in the sink. Hygiene is a big issue for me as well. Basic hand washing, proper food prep, making sure to not cross-contaminate surfaces is not something you can force on people. Either you understand and practice those habits as a matter of course or you do not. I expect many young people are clueless about such habits (which is probably why so many people have been getting sick at places like Chipotle). I like to know the origin of the food I eat and I avoid buying produce from Mexico and other places because the standards in those countries are low. Defecation in the fields in Mexico is accepted and in too many South Amercian countries the pesticides and herbicides that are illegal in the US are still commonly used on crops in those countries.

          Food quality is another big issue for me. I tend to cook at home because then I know where the ingredients are from and I can avoid all of the fillers like salt, sugar, cheap oils and the like. I don’t just warm up prepackaged garbage, I actually cook using basic, high quality ingredients. It isn’t rocket science.

      45. I was with a bunch of women yesterday for a yearly meeting. Smart women, retired women, shy women, powerhouse women… all types were represented. Even gorgeous women (Frank:)
        I don’t doubt that if they saw the train coming down the track, they would be a huge asset to their family and community, but they just don’t recognize it. The normalcy bias is too ingrained.
        I asked several about what they noticed regarding the price of food. They seemed a bit stunned and went on to say that they had noticed prices going up. One woman bought food for her 20 something son to feed his friends at his home, because the price of groceries was out of reach for him. Little incidents like these. My daughter calling me to thank me for giving her a restaurant card for Christmas… she’d used it all up and reflected on what a blessing it had been to her. Gave my SIL a $100 Kroger card… and bought them an emergency food kit for their camper. I will only be buying food presents from now on. Ate roast last night, with the knowledge that not too many people around here are eating succulent beef anymore, as the meat department at a huge store carried just a few cuts. What was $9 2 years ago is now $14. We are tipping right now… free falling if you will. Everything “feels” normal, but we all sense something is terribly wrong. But most people do not want to put a name to it. Collapse. Slow and insidious like a tiny hole in a balloon… the air is leaking out as liquidity dries up all around us. And people’s mindsets are NOT anywhere near prepared for a sudden shock.
        A few weeks back, we had a sudden hailstorm. You could see the bad weather forecast on TV but when the rocks fell out of the sky, there were many ungaraged cars that got pummeled. Livestock died. People are still in shock that something out of the ordinary happened. Will they start to garage their cars from now on? A few might. Will they replace their asphalt with metal? 1 in a hundred might. I know I’ve seen a few garage sale signs around here as of late, and I am hoping people are clearing junk out of their garage in order to make room for their cars in there.

        • I love women and find them to be tough, smart and resilient and often much better than most men. But… women tend to be the last ones to grasp what is wrong and then do something about it. Women are hard-wired to get along and to try and find ways to make something work. This can be great but when the system is so screwed up (as it is now) then this make-do-and-mend mentality only plays into the hands of the corrupt politicians, who are laughing in their hot tubs surrounded by under-age prostitutes doing coke while you are trying to mend the moth-eaten last dress you have.

      46. Where ever the blacks live is dirty. I’ve never seen a nice black area sorry. Don’t think one exists. If blacks moved into my area I’d move away. I’ve seen what they do to neighborhoods. This goes for brown people too. Only white areas are any good that I’ve seen. Nobody can convince me otherwise.

        • Why is this? I agree: I have lived long and never seen a good area come about from these residence. Is it because there is no cultural memory of civilization? The Romans had flush toilets and running water yet many countries in the third world have yet to master this basic element for civilization. Why?

          Why is it so many just spend their days being idle or doing something negative like selling drugs and getting high? It is the same with Islam: those areas are always the worst, look at France. People always flee these places when the tipping point is reached. But why is that the case? And why, when all the white people have left, do things not get better? Questions, questions…

          • Haiti is a prime example of just what black folks can achieve without oppression from whitey. Those Haitians are only good at one thing. That’s spreading their legs and producing more Haitians. they only invented one thing The Haitian Necktie. White flight happens for very good logical reasons. The county where I live (Newton) has less than 1/2 of one percent population that is a race other than white. That one guy claims to be Cherokee. If someone here provided a job or in some manner enabled a no white to reside here. they would be burnt out. the term is they would be fired. Its terrorism however it is very effective. That is one reason why I relocated here.the abundance of caves and low population are just icing on the cake.

      47. How Do You Know When Your Society Is In The Midst Of Collapse?Easy,when I can no longer buy Goldfish crackers!

        • Now that serious,,,,

      48. What we are seeing is a text book example of the Cloward–Piven strategy at work.

      49. How do I know: I just look around my little chunk of dirt here on the third rock from the sun and, that’s all I need to know to tell.

        We The Few!!

      50. On LaVoy’s website there is a 3 part interview with him. Once listened to it becomes very clear why the feds could not allow him to continue.
        The bullshit has to stop and people need to go around waking all the sheeple up
        The evil in this country’s government needs to be exposed and eliminated
        The future for your offspring depends on you not being a coward thinking someone else will do your job for you
        Or fine ,kiss what’s even left of what we have goodbye
        Because it’s coming if not enough of us stand in its way

        • “FUCKME!”

      51. Collapses can happen “overnight,” but the overlords have learned the dangers of that…rioting with them being the ones targeted. I’ve said for a long time that the “collapse” has already been happening, and the powers that be were doing their best to slow it down so the “shock” wouldn’t hit the masses too hard. Things get worse and worse, and they spin why it’s happening so people have other things to direct their anger towards while they acclimate to the “new normal.”

      52. This is Brandon Smith, an internet kook who constantly throws out random accusations and conspiracy theories in the Alex Jones school of toss-enough-claims-out-and-something-will-eventually-stick. After all his past claims of false flag-this and operation gladio-that, I’m over it. I’ll go with someone who actually know something about economic collapse, liker FerFal.

      53. As always Brandon, you deliver. One of the best and the brightest on the ‘net.

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