How A Collapse In South America Could Trigger Martial Law In The U.S.

by | May 5, 2016 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    If an economic system collapses in the woods and no one is paying attention, are there any consequences outside the woods? Well, yes, of course. As with most situations financial and global, however, consequences are not usually taken very seriously until they have spawned a vast bog of sewage we all have to then swim through.

    The issue is and always will be “interdependency,” and the dissolution of sovereign borders. Take a close look at the European Union, for example.

    You have a large network of fiscally interdependent nations struggling to maintain a sense of principled identity and heritage while participating in the delusion of multiculturalism. You have a system in which these nations are admonished or even punished for attempting to become self-reliant. You have a system which encourages a Cloward-Piven-style forced integration of incompatible cultures. You have unmanageable debt. You have a welfare addicted socialist population plagued by naive assumptions of entitlement. And on top of it all, you have a political structure dominated by cultural Marxists who would like nothing better than to see the whole of the old world go down in a blazing inferno.

    This EU dynamic can only end in one of two ways — the complete dismantling of the supranational body and a return to sovereignty, or, a socio-economic crisis followed by even more centralization and the end of all remnants of sovereignty. Either way, the consequences will not be pretty.

    In the EU there are particular nations that are being exploited by globalists to initiate greater disaster in the overall region. As Wikileaks exposed in transcripts of IMF discussions on Greece, the plan has always been to create enough chaos to drive fear into the general populace. Fear that can be used to manipulate the masses towards handing even more administrative power over to those same globalists. They know that a fiscally-tiny nation like Greece can still do kinetic damage to its neighbors because its neighbors have weak foundations. One domino sets off the chain.

    The same strategy may also be used in the Western hemisphere; more specifically, the collapse in South America that almost no one in the mainstream seems to be paying much attention to. While mainstream coverage sometimes looks at each South American nation as an isolated case, none of the coverage examines these crises as an interconnected breakdown, and they certainly do not suggest any future ill effects to the U.S.

    First, lets take a look at some of South Americas most important economies and why they are on the verge of an epic catastrophe.


    The crash of oil prices from more than $100 per barrel down to around $40 per barrel or less has annihilated oil-dependent Venezuela, a country already in financial turmoil. Overprinting of currency has been the only “solution” offered so far. Hyperinflation is now taking hold with theIMF warning of a 720 percent increase this year.

    Currently, necessities are being rationed while a growing number of citizens are left empty handed.

    Many food purchases in Venezuela require an electronic ration card. Shoppers are forced to wait in long lines for hours just for a chance to purchase staple items that may be sold out by the time they get their turn.

    The government under Socialist President Nicolas Maduro has nationalized all food and medicine distribution, and is currently instituting rationing of electricity, and even time! A two-day work week for public sector workers is now in force. Private companies are being asked to use their own generators to continue operations rather than relying on the grid.

    Finally, Venezuela is so close to implosion that they no longer have the money to pay for the work of currency printers they rely on outside the country. Meaning, they no longer have the money to pay for printing more money.

    Disaster in the nation is inevitable and a general collapse is likely to occur this year.


    Brazil is simply a mess, and a perfect example of why the recently-established BRICS “bank” has always been a farce and will never be competition to the IMF (Not that this was ever the intention, as I have proven in numerous articles on the false East/West paradigm. The BRICS bank works WITH the IMF, not against it).

    Brazil’s national debt has doubled in the past five years and officially the economy is set to shrink by 3.5 percent in 2016. In the meantime, Brazil’s currency has recently hit record lowsagainst the U.S. dollar as devaluation begins to sting.  At the same time, currency devaluation has done nothing to help Brazil’s ailing exports.  The country can barely keep its own economy stable, let alone participate in a global banking venture in “competition” with the IMF.

    As often happens during economic crisis, political chaos is taking hold. A whole host of criminal misconduct and corruption charges are being fielded against president Dilma Rousseff as impeachment proceedings gain momentum.

    Perhaps not surprisingly, at least three of the politicians in line to take over Rousseff’s position are ALSO under investigation for criminal activity.

    Brazil is set to host the Summer Olympics in Rio this year, but all indicators suggest that they will be fiscally incapable of adequately paying for the infrastructure improvements required for the games to proceed.


    Argentina has been in and out of economic crisis consistently since 2002, and beholden to the IMF for almost as long. Argentina’s original collapse in 2001/2002 is a commonly-used example of a modernized and westernized economic system suffering from a high speed financial disaster that was mostly hidden from the public until it was too late.

    Today, Argentina’s new government has yet again chosen to do what most establishment controlled governments do when the economy is in decline — they hide the numbers. Though government officials have claimed a reduction in Argentina’s poverty rate, other sources indicate it has actually soared this year to more than 32 percent of the population.

    This poverty is compounded by heavy price inflation. Most goods and services in Argentina currently inflate in price by approximately 35 percent annually.

    Though Argentina has recently restructured its debts and is now able to issue treasury bonds for sale again, essentially all of the capital gained through bond sales is used to pay back creditors from past economic crises. Under these conditions, it is only a matter of time before the country suffers yet another breakdown.

    A Chain Reaction Leading To Martial Law

    Much of South America is on the verge of financial chaos, but I have focused on the three countries above because they are the most influential on the continent as a whole. As goes Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina, so goes South America. That said, what does any of this have to do with the U.S.? Why should we care?

    Various nations within South America are always experiencing intermittent crisis, and one might argue that this mattered little to the U.S. in the past. But what we are witnessing now is not an isolated collapse in a single country, but collapse conditions in all of South America’s major economies with weakness prevalent in most other nations. Like the EU, South America seems to be a powder keg waiting for a spark.

    The U.S. itself is not far behind in terms of an economic breakdown and this could be exacerbated by fiscal chaos in the south. As for how this effects the U.S. in other ways, here’s where things get a little weird…

    In the wake of the Iran/Contra hearings, the exposure of documents pertaining to a program called “Rex 84”, part of “Operation Garden Plot”, hit the mainstream news. Rex 84 stood for “Readiness Exercise 1984,” and was a continuity of government program designed to lock down the U.S. under martial law during “civil disturbances.” This included the power of government to forcefully relocate large populations from their homes or even detain large populations at will. You can read the original Rex 84/Operation Garden Plot documents in PDF form here.

    Though Rex 84 was launched decades ago, the program never actually went away. All responsibilities pertaining to Rex 84 are now under the oversight of the Department of Homeland Security and Northcom.

    One of the primary “disturbances” mentioned as a rationale for Rex 84 was a “mass exodus” of immigrants from Central or South America across the U.S.-Mexico border.

    The exposure of Rex 84 was probably the primary catalyst for the growing concern over “FEMA camps,” as the program demanded mass internment of “dissidents” and immigrants. As we know well after the events in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, FEMA “camps” are not necessarily places that are pre-established. Rather, an internment camp or detention facility can be erected in mere days by federal agencies anytime, anywhere. For those that think the idea of internment camps is a thing of the past, watch as Gen. Wesley Clark offers this very idea as a response to those he considers “disloyal to the U.S.”

    I would suggest that the provisions of Rex 84 are an integral part of the establishment apparatus, and that they fully plan to utilize them in the near future. For Europe, Rex 84-style measures may very well be used in response to the continuing flood of millions of Muslim immigrants with no intentions of integrating with the existing European population. And certainly, many people might cheer those measures. A few more terrorist attacks and watch how quickly the socialist majority rescinds their welcome. Keep in mind, though, history shows us that the destruction of freedom for one broad group invariably leads to the destruction of freedom for all.

    In the West, a South American collapse will likely lead to our own mass flood of illegal immigrants in addition to the millions already crossing our borders.  One must also consider the probability of ISIS fighters mingling with these immigrants. This would be a crisis in direct proportion to that of Europe. Take note that in the U.S. and Europe the respective governments have ENCOURAGED mass migrations from cultures with little to no respect for the values and principles of the host nations. An economic crisis would only expedite the disasters they have already started.

    Again, many Americans might cheer for mass detentions in the wake of an immigration threat, but in the end, the “defense” of U.S. borders would be used by the establishment to rationalize unconstitutional actions against everyone. I have outlined the threat of a South American exodus to our borders in the hopes that if and when it occurs, people are not so stupid as to turn to the government for help, the same government that aided in creating the calamity in the first place.

    Expanded government power solves nothing in the long run, regardless of who is in office at the time (this includes Trump). Independent and sovereign action is the only answer. Individuals, counties and states securing their own borders. Whether it be in the face of a collapse in South America, or any other Black Swan event. Keep the feds out no matter the supposed threat. Never invite the vampire into your house.

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      1. Build the Wall and stop them from coming into the USA from the south. If need be put the US Military there to stop anything that tries to cross into the USA.

        If the south American Nation fall you bet there will be trouble here. Where else will they go. We have to put on our big boy pants and stop them from coming here and tearing down what we have built.

        This just might start the reboot of the world. Will we get into Martial Law? All TPTB needs is an excuse!

        LOCK AND LOAD!!!!!


        • Let’s have, then we can start over.

          Same shit, new day.


        • A few articles back there were some folks talkin that this collapse or whatever you wanna call it is takin too long. Just be patient, it’s coming. I mentioned that with all the looming problems, which are almost countless, when it gets here, you’ll wish it didn’t. Observe S.America because it’s coming here. System overload is being created and when it does finally collapse, you’ll have either wished that, or be thankful that, you prepared for it. All the tough talk and the boasting about what you’ll do and what you have are wasted words and time. Everyday is an opportunity, I say again, Everyday is an opportunity so please take advantage of it. I spend so much time working, at the gym or in the woods that I don’t do much else. So last Sunday AM the wife and I stopped at Starbucks for a coffee. I honestly felt a great deal of sadness for all those ignorant, self absorbed people. For they haven’t a clue.
          Stay quiet Be smart.

          • You said a mouth full brother!!! So many people don’t have clue? God have mercy!!!

        • Sarge, there’s no question we’re going into martial law, just not sure under which scenario. let them pass whatever they want. Doesn’t mean I’ll follow it. BTW, in conversation with a co-worker who’s also a gun owner, yesterday I was told that the feds are quietly buying up ammo factories. Can anyone verify this?

          • I really don’t think there can be martial law.

            Remember how TOTALLY inept martial law was after Hurricane Katrina?

            That was just one town. How can they possibly do it across the entire country?

      2. While I hope it does not happen(I’m on vacation for fucks sake!)a declaration of martial law means game on in earnest,good times.This will be a total backfire on the powers that try to be as you will have open warfare within many countries military ect.The elite think they can hide in their luxury bunkers ect. but will soon be killed by their own security when they see what these fuckers have wrought!

        Again,hope it doesn’t happen ,but,am ready as the average prepper can be,no more slow pot boils,any lines crossed fuck it.

      3. Not sure I’m getting the connection linking a collapse with those countries and a collapse in the US. As far as Venezuela’s oil, they’re so broke they can’t even pump it out of the ground. Yet the loss of their oil doesn’t seem to be affecting prices.

        • Because of fracking America now exports oil.

          Venezuela doesn’t have the electricity to keep the pumps on.

          • Venezuela’s oil is less desirable extra-heavy crude. They seem to have very little refining capability as well.

      4. With Venezuela and Brazil in dire straight,,,it will spread to surrounding countries and then head north. time to tighten the border or things will go haywire here. Better be paying attention Obama..this could ruin you!

        • North Korea is in dire straits with a dictatorial government and South Korea is doing great.

          Why should we expect it to be different with countries south of the border?

      5. Bullshit. The collapse of any other Country should NEVER lead to martial law in the US. Any “invasion” can be stopped at the border, with the “right” person in the Whitehouse. This article is a “red herring” for an excuse to enact martial law. Nothing more, nothing less. As for what is happening in Europe, THE EU POLITICIANS ALLOWED IT.

        • best comment yet…

      6. Rex84 is very real. So are other Gov-ment gamed scenarios that you have no idea about. FACT: Guillotines are distributed throughout USSA since late 1970’s.
        First hand eyewitness account of that Guillotine distribution.

        This CORRUPT CRIMINAL government will attempt to round you up, confiscate ALL of your assets, and send you to a camp. Look what happened during Katrina to the people that allowed themselves to be disarmed and herded into a “manageable” location. Children died of dehydration in that “relocation center”.

        NEVER allow yourselves to be “relocated”.

        Just Read:
        The Criminal Gov-ment are turning off peoples water in Detroit.
        Water is necessary for Life and Human Health.
        Ever heard of Cholera, Typhoid or Typhus. You will shortly after they turn poor peoples water off.

        The same Gov-ment would Fine, Arrest, an individual for leaving a dog without water. But they allow human beings water to be turned off.
        Genocide on the poor and their children

        • Relocation equals ethnic cleansing, the terms are interchangeable. I agree with your evaluation. The hard part for people, is their inability to believe that people are really capable of placing zero value on their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Stormfront is a movie on U-tube showing the crimes against humanity perpetrated against the German people. These crimes have been hidden. The murders, rapes, and genocide of German, white Christians is the greatest crime against humanity in the history of all mankind. The fact that no one knows speaks volumns. Second to the crimes against the German people is the mass murder of the Russian White Christians. White Christians wake up. You are the enemy. They want to kill you. They have done it before. And they have hidden their crimes from you. They care even less about black and brown people whom they only want to keep as slaves once they kill off enough whites. Wake up people. There are murdering psychos who truly believe that you are soulless animals to be butchered, raped, tortured and that they remain guiltless because you are an animal insect undeserving of mercy. Confronting evil is hard. Not confronting the fact that such evil exists allows it to gain and maintain power. They have the power because our fathers were tricked and deceived. Do not be deceived. The powers that be look upon you as a disease, a Cancer. Wake up America. Wake up.

        • In Detroit They say “water is a right” Last I checked when I lived in town if you did not pay your water and sewer bill it was shut off without delay.

          Sorry these folks are having difficult financial times but the bills still must be paid.

          Move into the country and use your well, still have to pay your electric bill so the pump works.

          No FREE Rides forever……

          • Reverse slavery. They expect free shit and you have to work to pay for it.

          • Well, when i lived in the city 15 yrs ago i couldn’t pay my water bill. They turned off my water in the heat of the summer. I only owed $400. I got jugs of water from my sons house to use for cooking and drinking. I peed in the bathtub and rinsed it away with a small amount of bottled water. I pooped on newspaper, rolled it up, threw in trash. What else could i do? I survived. Water was off for two months. I finally moved to the country with my own well so they could NEVER again turn off my water. It was horrible not having water, but i survived it. Now i have a hand pump for my well in case we lose power. A make shift one. Gonna get a better one soon.

        • I don’t worry about being “rounded up” so much as i worry the government telling me I have to let 3 more “poor” families move into my house because I am too wealthy and my house is too big for just one family.

          Think that is not possible? That is why we have a 3rd Amendment. Americans were required to house and feed British soldiers.

          What is to keep the new socialist government from telling us we have to house and feed indigent poor black families?

          It’s coming……

          • Shit, I’m gonna have to make an extra run to Popeye’s.

          • js,
            It worked out really well for the fools who took in “Katrina refugees”. One of my neighbors advocated taking in these “refugees”, but oddly enough, she never did, just wanted others to take them.

        • The “poor” in Detroit are having their water shutoff for nonpayment. They have no “human right” to having water made drinkable and piped to their faucet. This type of infrastructure costs money to build, maintain, and operate. They can go to the Detroit river and get all they want for free.

      7. So what you are saying is that South America has an unstable economy and uncontrolled immigration from the southern border might destabilize the US. Wow. No kidding.

        • A number of years ago I went on a cruise that stopped in Argentina. That was at the height of their money crisis. All the venders and street peddlers wanted American money, not thier peso. The captain of the cruise ship got on the speaker the night before and told everybody to take small denominations of money. As we were getting off the ship the persers were making change. Give them a $100 bill and they gave 100 one dollar bills in change.

          None of the street venders could make change. They were that broke. I found a hat I wanted. It was 7 dollars, but the lady could not make change for a $10 bill. She offered it for $5 but I just gave her the $10 anyway. She almost cried.

          It was sad to see so many people trying to eek out a living.

      8. Hope the “wall” gets underway soon we cannot afford any more border crosiers. This would be all that would be needed for a martial law situation here, and to stop the elections in Nov., the TPTB are looking for anything no matter how small it is to stay in charge.

        Don’t get on here much lately as so much to do with getting new garden up and running and starting to get the wood piles up to speed. Since the DUI accident in March and all the paperwork involved with that my days are to short, DH is finally getting back to normal and starting to be able to do something each day he will still need back surgery down the road. The guy who caused the accident not only was DUI but on the revoked list with no insurance. Court date in 2 weeks.

        Everyone have a great day spring is here at last.

        • I hope you had uninsured motorist clause on your insurance.

          I had a friend with a similar incident, she got a $50,000.00 settlement and used the money to get a boob job.

      9. Seems some of the same problems exist here with both Clinton and Trump.

        Clinton could be indicted for the illegal server and Trump could be indicted for fraud pertaining to Trump University.

        Ahh, WTF…all these politicians seem to be crooks.

        • That Trump University is a TOTAL scam. He should be arrested just for that alone.

          I really don’t like Trump, but at least he is better than Clinton.

          Funny how “Moral Character” hasn’t been mentioned once in this entire election.

          Remember how the media beat up Ronald Regan because he was divorced?

          Trump is on his third wife and she recently posed nude in a magazine. WTF is happening to this country?

      10. I assume taking General Clark’s example of German sympathizers in WWII being incarcerated for the duration of the war, coupled with terrorism having neither border, religion, ideology or end, the Bill Of Rights is due for a permanent and codified suspension. Its going to get increasingly difficult to sell the language while avoiding the substance and intent within the Bill Of Rights. How does a Civics teacher recite the dogma with a straight face? How does a law school professor explain the legal difference between the written word and its application?

        • In the end it’s quite similar to the phrase used in poker; “A Smith & Wesson beats four aces”, as force always wins. In the political arena the words, “National Security” supersede the Constitution and Bill Of Rights. Its therefore a logical deduction to say that rules government lives by are no longer valid when truly needed as popular speech needs no codified protection.

          • That is why ISIS has been so successful. They are willing to kill anybody and everybody to achieve their goals. The US Army is afraid to do anything for fear of offending someone.

            This is also why the Russians will always win. They don’t give a shit who dies as long as they achieve their goals.

            Remember that 15% of the ENTIRE Russian population died during WWII. So they are not afraid to kill off their own people to achieve their goals.

      11. Wesley Clark is one of the neocon POS.

      12. I think it is safe to say you could pull off martial law in Democrat run cities where the whites are mostly un-armed.
        Boston is a good example, when they were searching for a
        bomber/cop killer, no body opposed the illegal house to house searches. One guy with a rifle could have shut the whole police force down. Shoot the ducks at the rear of the line, lower back in the spine, if you don’t kill them you disable them.
        I don’t think you could pull off martial law outside the major cities.
        It will be a Red Dawn situation, except once people figure out they are going house to house to disarm, people will start shooting and it will slow them down. If every Jew had killed/disabled one German cop, they would have run out of cops long before they ran out of Jews. I’d rather die trying to kill a cop, than be starved, raped, and then gassed, by a cop.
        Personally the people that would voluntarily go to a camp deserve their fate. Fight while you have the tools to do so.

      13. Argentina has had an economic collapse several times and no martial law in U S

        • When the credit card machines turn off then there will be chaos. Remember when the food stamp machines stopped working for 6 hours across 17 states and there was a riot at Walmart in Louisiana? Walmart had to issue paper vouchers and make sales just to keep the looting down.

          You want to cripple America, take out Mastercard and Visa processing centers.

      14. I’ll ‘go for it’ one more time and state that “now WOULD be a very good time” for everyone on the right side of the fence to initiate “whatever they wish to do” to let TPTB know, beyond a doubt, that “we the people” are in collusion and our intentions is to hang them by their sick necks until dead. Constitutionally we have every right in the world to do it …and yet there aren’t ‘any takers’ eh?

        See, that there is a facet of this (extremely) complex situation we find ourselves in, or is it really all that complex? I don’t think so, and neither did our Founding Fathers (all of whom you’d prolly consider to be ‘outlandish outlaws’ by today’s standards …but dammit they hated not being free and did something about it.
        But now, after (literally) millions of deaths (military wars and what-have-you) nobody is willing nor going to stand up first …as in “first strike”?

        Is this because it would be unwise to do such a thing? Or are you convinced it would be unwise to do such a thing, or just plan scared shitless to do such a thing (meaning: to take a stand against the government “en-masse” …IN GREAT NUMBERS ….and as for our actions, they do not need be “illegal” or “extreme” in the least of ways.
        Again, The Constitution holds the answers. I am not aware of where “the guts” have gone off to “invoke the answers”…

        In closing, I am not intentional seeking to piss anyone off or anything remotely like that. I’m just disappointed to see that so many would like to see this OVER WITH and yet are NOT willing to a thing about it unless they see people coming at them from “some direction.” Well hell, by then YOU ARE GOING TO DIE, more than likely if not positively (ask ANY combat vet what your chances would be even if you had all the advantages).

        Combat vets may fare a bit better in certain cases but one man JUST CAN NOT TAKE OUT 200, or even 50 (if they have encroached upon you without your knowledge, and of course that would be EXACTLY what ANYONE would do with half a brain, you may find you won’t “take out” a single one of them) …so, there go 90% of the “planned actions” of many a prepper (the ones who never were in a war, and so are not as aware of ‘limitations’ and ‘real-life’ scenarios or “when it’s too late”.

        I look at a crowd of people headed at my abode as akin to an ambush …not much of a chance of making it out alive. And if just 10 or so ‘eased on in’ without your knowledge, you and our family are toast. If you think differently, that’s fine with me …just saying what I know to be truths is all. Fair enough?

        Like everyone who knows has been saying, WE DO NOT WANT THIS KIND OF SHIT HAPPENING. So why don’t we ensure that it doesn’t?

        • Good comment.

      15. the global elite bankers are like parasites that have known for years that the theft and destruction of the economy is going to kill the host and their is nothing they can do to stop it. Their main goal as it has been since electing obama president is to have a patsy for when the economy crashes, of course it is better to crash the economy on your time than wait for it to happen. My source states that a plan is in place and has been for years to have Obama declare martial law in august after 2 dirty bombs have been exploded. One at the naval base in south Carolina and the other on the northeast side of Indianapolis. Within hours after the bombing Obama will come on t.v. to announce that a brave marine had captured 2 of the bombers and they have been identified as Isis who came in with the Syrian refugees as per the new world order plan. Of course all of this is a false flag and remember Obama does not know he is the patsy that they are setting up for the slaughter but we have a ways to go before that happens. Obama declares on t.v. that 4 more trucks are on the highways with dirty bombs heading to cities throughout the U.S. and he declares martial law to activate the Guard and army reserve to help the state troopers and DHS find those trucks on highways that have been shut down until the trucks are found which was only supposed to take 3 days. After 7 days of no trucks bringing in gas or groceries to the cities and we have what obama or the elites have wanted the whole time and that is rioting and looting so that he can now bring in the troops to do their real job and that is disarming the American people. Obama also puts the presidential elections on hold indefinitely to the dismay of Trump who blames the entire bombing On Obama for letting the Syrians in and claims obamas actions were treasonous . Under the war powers act obama sends troops to arrest Trump for seditious activities. Trump flees to Austin Texas where the state legislature votes to succeed from the U.S. along with many other states. The civil war will last 6 months and claim upwards to a hundred million lives in the U.S. alone. The elites who hoped to destroy the paper trail indicating their blame for the theft with a civil war and then come back into power after the war with a white knight of their choosing from among the republican nominees were thrown off balance by Trumps win but are still pot committed and need to proceed with the plan as laid out. They are still going to use the black president as the greatest race divider this country has seen in a long time to get a race war started by the minority blacks and have their white knight who they are positioning as the Trump successor at this time ride in and save the nation or what appears to be saving the nation. That is why obama has stoked the black lives matter crowd and opened the boarders unbeknownst to him that he will be directly held accountable for all these problems. It is always good to have a patsy that is to stupid to know when he is being used as a patsy. Of course they plan on killing him towards the end of the war but before he can testify that he was only taking orders from the elites his entire 8 years in office. Their plans for the rest of the world are easily recognized by any one with half a brain and a world war will be started on their behalf but it will be a limited nuclear war. they will instigate a war with the Russians and the Chinese to help kill off as many American troops so their consolidation of power is easier after the civil war is over. With the largest nuclear arsenal on the planet they will threaten Russia with complete nuclear war if the Russians do not keep the war conventional. Putin will agree because they know he is not a madman. Of course the elites have sacrificed half the U.S. navy to destroy the entire Russian and Chinese navies but this was done so that when the U.S. sends its remaining navy and troops to South American to control it militarily and politically they will be uncontested by the rest of the world. These are the plans of the the real elites and how they think it is going to play out. I hope we prove them wrong.

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