Houthi Rebels Vow Revenge Against U.S. After Attacks This Weekend

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Headline News

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    Iran-backed Houthi rebels have vowed to take revenge on the United States after retaliatory strikes took place in Yemen over the weekend. These attacks were in collaboration with the United Kingdom and came around the same time as retaliatory strikes on Iraq and Syria.

    The wave of joint U.S.-British retaliatory airstrikes “will not pass without response and punishment” Houthi rebels promised, as the Israeli-Hamas war teeters on the brink of a far broader and more deadly regional conflict

    “These attacks will not deter us from our moral, religious, and humanitarian stance in support of the steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip,” Houthis spokesman Ameen Hayyan said in a statement on X, formerly Twitter.

    U.S. and British forces struck 36 rebel targets in Yemen on Saturday, one day after targeting 85 sites linked to other Iran-backed militant groups in Syria and Iraq. The airstrikes Friday were in response to months of attacks on U.S. bases, including a drone strike on a U.S. base in Jordan near the Syrian border that killed three Americans. -USA Today

    The U.S. has escalated the war in recent days claiming it’s all in retaliation for the deaths of three soldiers in Jordan. The Houthis, however, were targeted in response to scores of strikes on commercial ships in the Red Sea area since November. It was the third time that British and American forces have jointly targeted the Houthis, who say their attacks are in solidarity with Palestinians in war-battered Gaza, which has been bombarded since the Oct. 7 Hamas assault on Israeli border communities.

    An Iranian Warship Has Entered The Red Sea As Proxies Continue Attacks

    Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the latest U.S.-British response was “intended to degrade Houthi capabilities used to continue their reckless and unlawful attacks.”

    Retaliation Begins As U.S Strikes 85 Targets in Iraq and Syria

    Iran jas also warned the U.S. not to target two cargo ships suspected of serving as an operating base for Iranian commandos. The Behshad and Saviz are registered as commercial ships with a Tehran-based company that the U.S. Treasury has sanctioned for aiding Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard.


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