Houston PD Preparing to Deploy Unmanned Surveillance Drones

by | Feb 12, 2010 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    1. 20smoney

      I believe I read recently how Houston is one of the cities in terrible financial shape… I’m sure unmanned drones help that problem

    2. Anonymous

      I say if you see them shoot them out of the sky!

    3. Chris C.

      I saw a bit about unmanned drones on a PBS show 3 years ago. This was just a couple of science geeks who had made a small (10 lb or less)  unmanned drone that could fly for up to 20 minutes and return safely. If they’ve had this for at least 3 years in private hands it’s no surprise they have something much more elaborate and functional in government’s possession.

    4. Paul

      I can just see these drones come under a barrage of civilian gunfire from the ground.  Texans are armed to the teeth with all kinds of long range rifles and advanced scope technology.   My guess is that they would use these drones for target practice as entertainment.   It’s unfortunate for our freedoms to see that our government is using Afghanistan war technology against U.S. citizens.  The United States is becoming a true police state thanks to Washington D.C.’s continuing disregard and disrepect for the U.S. Constitution.      

    5. admin

      Why can’t I get my kid’s Air Hog to fly with that kind of stability!

      I’ve broken two Air Hogs helicopters in the last three months — and had no luck with the planes earlier in the year either. Is it me, or are those things virtually impossible to fly?

    6. Rick Blaine

      Mac – my nieces and nephews are getting old enough for that stuff now.  One of them has an Air Hogs “plane” that looks pretty much like a F-22.  It’s actually pretty cool – well, for $30 it’s pretty cool…but any more than a light breeze makes it impossible to keep in one area…it just gets pushed downwind…

    7. Anonymous

      The police say that they’ll deal with privacy and illegal search issues later…..doesn’t that mean they’ll try and get away with it first and worry about the legality/rightness of it later?   is my bureacrat-ese translator working properly? 

    8. Steve

      Good thing they have all of that excess cash to buy junk.

    9. NetRanger

      Someone needs to oppose this Orwellian bullshit head on. We don’t need spying. We need honest cops.

      Government needs to understand that it cannot control the US population. They tried it for years until 1776. Now, 230 some years later, they’re trying it again. Do we need a Second American Revolution? Do these power hungry bastard-thieves really think they have the right to spy on us? I don’t know. What I do know is that I don’t like this stuff. I am a law abiding citizen, however, I’m beginning to think that there are some laws that are not constitutional and not only are they easily broken, it is our duty to break them.

      The video depicting that test was neat, however, I wonder how long this stuff can go on before the honorable people in the country retaliate? Right now, I don’t retaliate because I have a family to support and a career. Millions are like me. If our government continues to attack that, lookout! As Gerald Celente says, “When people have nothing to lose, they lose it!” Events like this will be attacked. I wonder how many people were wishing they had the nerve to do just that?

    10. Houston Resident

      Given the size of Houston geographically,, not necessarily a bad thing to have a small UAV flying by if it can help in reducing crime.   HPD has 2000 officers eligible for retirement and budget restrictions only have 240 cadets in the police academy this year.

      For people concerned about privacy, come on, they already fly over in helicopters around the clock.

    11. zukadu

      Texans would be better served if those drones were sent to the border where the real problems are located.

    12. admin

      Zuk, that is such a great point. Those things have thermal on them, from what I understand. From 30,000 feet in the air they’ll have a pretty good view of illegal aliens trying to cross in to the US. It would be very easy to lock-down the border using these in the air and National Guard on the ground.

      If this was really about security and safety, they would have deployed these along the Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Cali borders years ago.

    13. christin

      Really are economy is down jobs are almost gone and were spending money on a piece of machinery that houston cant afford anyway what a waste of our hard earned tax dollars

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