Houston Mayor Orders Cops To PUNISH Those Who Won’t Wear A Face Mask

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    The mayor of Houston is demanding that the police use unjust force and extortion to punish those in the city who refuse to comply with the commands to wear a face mask. Fines will be $250 for those who will not comply with a warning.

    For months, we have been focusing on education and not citations, but now I am instructing the Houston Police Department to issue the necessary warnings and citations to anyone not wearing a mask in public if they do not meet the criteria for an exemption,” Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said Monday at a press briefing.

    Safety is every tyrant’s battle cry. Stay strong, folks, especially if you won’t wear their occultic muzzle.  Luckily, the majority of the public can see through this now.


    Finally, it seems like at least some people are standing up. The real way to keep this from happening is for cops to wake up to what they are doing to the public all on orders from tyrants and for the public to simply refuse to comply and pay the fine if they get one.

    Turner, who has been Houston’s mayor since 2015, announced the crackdown on those refusing to wear a mask after the city reported its fifth straight day with more than 1,000 new coronavirus cases.  According to a report by RT, police won’t respond to calls from residents reporting people violating the mask mandate, Turner said. Instead, they will issue citations when they encounter people on their regular patrols who aren’t wearing a mask in public and refuse to do so when given a warning.

    Turner also demanded that people not be mad at his hired enforcers who are blindly following these orders to subjugate their fellow human beings. “Please don’t get mad at police officers,” Turner said. “It’s all about public health and driving our numbers down.” 

    The mayor said it’s particularly important to reduce the spread of Covid-19 heading into schools reopening next month and the approaching flu season.  Obviously, that’s NOT what this is about. It’s about control and keeping the public in line. We know this because they continue to move the goalposts.

    They Moved The Goalposts…AGAIN!: “It’s Not Over When The Vaccine Arrives”



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      1. F$#k their commie muzzle ! I’m so sick of seeing these idiots and they’re face diapers. Masked driving in a car, masked jogging down the road, even saw a guy quadding in the middle of nowhere in the forest wearing a mask. It’s all about submission and control, they KNOW the mask doesn’t work to prevent you from inhaling airborne pathogens . It’s like trying to keep a mosquito out with a chain link fence. However, it is unhealthy to breath in your own carbon dioxide all day. Whats even more terrifying than a bunch of evil, criminal psychopaths taking over the world is all the dumb ass sheeple who make that possible.

      2. This is why the cops are absolutely on their own. They have everyone against them now after years of their petty bullshit, both the left and the right hate them and want them defunded or disbanded. Better to just protect yourself and family and not even get the government involved in any of your affairs. This is going to happen anyway because we have crossed the Rubicon and there is no turning back now so get ready to live and do some unconventional and unpleasant things.

      3. Police should recieve copies of this comprehensive article on face masks and governors, mayors, and legislators should also!

        This evaluation and compilation of over 20 studies world wide from private research institutions, as well as publicly funded government research participated in by multiple countries and all continents has fully demonstrated that cloth masks are almost totally ineffective and that they can result in health problems including rashes, and even death in extremely rare instances. Since most countries were using cloth masks more than high tech respirator masks, it is likely that that is why the focus was on cloth masks, but did note that high tech respirator masks could result in chlorine inhalation since chlorine is a chemical used in the sterile masks, which by the way does exacerbate respiratory illness symptoms.

        Also noteworthy is a German study featured on the psychological trauma of wearing face masks.

        The article also states that the WHO changed their earlier April 2020 recommendation of not wearing masks, to one of wearing masks in June 2020, not based on any evidence, but strictly in order to appease lobbyists, and WHO relies heavily on donations by countries and medical manufacturers, as well as others, like Bill Gates.

        As stated the high tech masks still result in psychological trauma and chlorine inhalation, and if someone were to sneeze while wearing it, it would obviously be far more of a contagious threat than if someone were to sneeze into their arm, a tissue, or even hands washed after sneezing. It is also just a waste of resources, and many people are suffering and could put the money to greater use than a few dollars for a single mask, perhaps with each family member using 2 or 3 a day. Most families would probably need the money to buy food with more than the masks, in case Lied and Clear starts demanding that the government start shipping masks to every home in America, while people are being evicted and going hungry. It really would be a typical government response though wouldn’t it?! No Job, No money, No food, no home, just masks. Maybe you can live in the box that the masks came in, and eat the glue.

        Andrea Iravani


      4. I don;t know why I even post here anymore. With the 24 hour moderation nobody can reply anyway…. Just so ya know, read the warning on the box those masks come in. It says in plain english, “does not stop any viruses or bacteria whatsoever.” Fooking idiots!

      5. I never wear a maaaaask for anyone. In fact there is only one place I shop at that requires them (the only place I ever have worn one). Nobody gives me any shit either, I bought a sheep face mask just to fook with them. I hope someone goes apeshit on me so I can bust their teeth out….

        • Genius, how you doing, bro? This is my first time here since May. I’ve been in Ga for a whole year now and lovin’ it. I don’t wear a mask either when I go out.

      6. The solution is simple.. STARVE THE BEAST! I work in Harris County & the surrounding area every day . I will no longer spend any money in the Houston Area… so no sales tax $$ from me. We can either stand up & oppose oppression, or get on your needs & be a gubberment slave.
        Standing by in Montgomery County TX & ready for the festivities to begin.

        • I agree: I have stopped going to shops where it is just unpleasant to spend any time masked up. It is just gross and I can get everything I need online and just make my own food.

          The mask edicts won’t stop until they have everyone on a leash with a butt plug. Total submission (doesn’t Islam mean submission?).

          To recap, just as with Islam we have no interest rates, submission with masks, closing of bars/pubs, no travel, and women now locked down in their homes. Did we really win the war against terror? I don’t think so. We just surrendered.

      7. First have the police do this BS duty. Meanwhile crime goes up and defunding follows. Logic lost in the chaos.

      8. First have the police do this BS duty. Meanwhile crime goes up and defunding follows. Logic lost in the chaos.

        • Jim;

          We are reaping the benefits of embracing the “pc culture” that has ruined society from the inside/out over the past 30 years.
          Common Sense went the way of the dinosaurs after the 80’s..

      9. Man out here in New Waverly area north of Houston, most of the cops laugh at the mask orders. Seems to be focused on the large cities where your “OK YES SIR MR GOVERNMENT” idiots are. But still cant help but laugh at peoples stupidity. I have never once put on a mask through this crap and I never will. These masks are a training exercise. And people are falling right into it. “Oh I can’t buy groceries without wearing that? Oh I’ll wear it!” Stupid..

      10. youtube.com/watch?v=A9YNy_v3_sQ

        You have plainly lost the Alamo, at least, since Hoo-lian Castro.

      11. everyone here has brain worms hahaha

      12. Another DEMONRAT minor tyrant comes out of hiding and displays what Demonrat governance will bring to your hometown. Demonrat mayors in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and we could go on-and-on; demonstrate this need to be TYRANTS.

      13. Nice to see some of the older commenters here. It’s been crazy. I refuse to wear a mask, it’s not mandatory here except for a few stores. I just carry an old puffer I used many years ago because of pollution, show it to ‘security’ and am good to go. 🙂

        Hey Genius, started playing again, in the garage just to unleash a bit, seems the neighbors like it and no Karen has called the cops and I play loud, not Marshall loud but ’75 Traynor YGM-3 loud. Use an Epi SG, Yammy Pacifica, and an old Hondo ‘lawsuit’ LP. All left-handed.

        Take care people!

      14. Mayors , governors ect do not have any authority to make law. They are not a legislature. Our Sheriff made a proclamation that they would not enforce Governor Asa Huchersons mask mandate. Because its not a law passed by the legislature and violates the bill of rights. Any officer who enforces a mask mandate is guilty of Treason. I don’t like police. Defund them I don’t care. They are mostly revenue generators for the Judges and court system. Better to have sheriffs and constables who are elected and can be held accountable by the voters.

      15. blm and the politically correct media and entertainment industry removing the so called offensive police action cops, live pd and others due to the vast majority of crimes shown on those programs are performed by blacks and latinos. many of the cities want to defund the law enforcement and will be the first crying for help when the shtf!

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