House Democrat: Donald Trump’s Words Are “Grave Threats To Democracy”

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff said President Donald Trump’s words and actions encourage “grave threats” to the 2020 election and democracy as a whole. Schiff, infamous for his demands to keep the Russian investigation alive, says Trump’s campaign definitely conspired with Russia to win the 2016 election even though it’s been proven to be a hoax. 

    Schiff still won’t give up on his rhetoric though and said his panel is exploring whether the president’s financial interests compromised his foreign policy, according to Bloomberg. Trump fired back in a tweet, typical of himself Wednesday. The president declared that Democrats who control the House are seeking a “Do Over” of the 2016 election through “rigged” hearings because they’re unhappy with Mueller’s report.

    Whether you love Trump or hate him, that’s probably one of his most accurate assessments. Schiff also said that when Trump accurately describes the Russian conspiracy as a hoax, he’s harming the country.  Using the term “hoax” sends a signal to President Vladimir Putin and other hostile nations that “they’re free to intervene in the next election as long as they intervene on the president’s side, and he will not have the guts to call them out on it. He may even be grateful,” said Schiff.

    Schiff said he’s also determined to get a more complete picture of Trump’s efforts during the 2016 presidential campaign to pursue plans for a Trump Tower in Moscow. But he isn’t looking into Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal with Moscow while the sore loser was secretary of state under the Obama Administration.

    Russia meddling is only offensive when Republicans almost do it, not when Democrats actually do. Schiff took to describing the Trump tower effort as part of a broader follow-up to the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference. Schiff alleges that Trump needed Russian president Vladimir Putin’s help to build his tower and “to make perhaps the most lucrative deal of his life” Schiff said in his comments at the National Press Club. “That may not be a crime,” Schiff said, but it’s “a counterintelligence problem of the first order of magnitude.”

    Schiff also said Mueller has two choices: obey his commands to testify on the Russian election interference hoax, or be forced to do so.  Such great choices from a guy who like democracy so much and fears words threaten it…



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      1. So, the chairman of the “Intelligence” committee is an utter moron. You just can’t make this shit up.

        • Adam Schiff and intelligence is an oxymoron.

          • Adam Schiff and intelligence are two separate entities.

        • “You just can’t make this shit up.”

          Yeah, they need a better story. Maybe they should read some of Clive Cussler’s (or others of similar ilk) books for some how-to help.

      2. Adam ‘Pencil-Neck’ Schiff is one of the many George Soros progressive globalist puppets currently in the Washington swamp.

      3. Regardless who acquired information, a disgruntled DNC employee or Russia the question goes begging; “Is it the truth”?

        • Plus 100 points, the truth is the truth.
          God protect us from the liers.

      4. Here’s a guy who has totally lost his grip on reality. I really think he is unable to understand the difference between facts and fantasy. He’s either a pathological liar or a complete lunatic. I will accept either one as an explanation for his behavior.

      5. Can I please slap the face of the next person who call the United States of America a democracy??????

        Come on!!! You’d be hard pressed to find anyone, let alone someone in gubbermint who knows their dang history and acknowledges the USA for what it is, a Constitutional Representative Republic.

      6. I certainly hope Trump is a danger to the “Democracy” A Democracy is mob rule. Two woulves and a sheep voting on who to eat for dinner. Haiti is a Democracy. We have a Republic. A woman asked Ben Franklin after the continental congress. What kind of Government have you wrought us Dr. Franklin? He replied a Republic madam if you can keep it!

        • OG,
          “A Democracy is mob rule. Two wolves and a sheep voting on who to eat for dinner”.
          I thought he also added,
          “In a Republic the sheep has a gun”

          • Samuel Colt said of his pistol, it makes a little old lady equal to a twenty year old criminal. Not his exact words, but his intent.

            Notice how democrats main thrust for gun control is the AR-15, the one weapon that makes us old ladies equal to a rouge Marxist government.

            • You’ll hate me for this, but you are a lady,
              so I hope you’ll forgive.
              Rogues are for killing( unless you like them).
              Rouge is for cosmetics or polishing metal.
              I, we, certainly get the set of your jib.
              I prefer AK and SKS over the AR platform.
              I think the piston is more reliable than direct
              gas to the bolt.
              It does make for a heavier gun.
              I’d hate to have to try to beat someone to death with
              an AR, but my stuff will do a really good job.

              • rellik:

                You will probably allow that:

                Rouge == Red == Marxist…



              • Rellik I agree with you concerning the reliability of the gas piston. That’s why all of my AR’s are piston guns. Sigs, LWRC’s, POF..308 and 556.

      7. Adam Shiftless, not worth two squirts of owl shit……walkin’ or runnin’.

        • Reper,
          He does represent one of the largest “Gay” communities in southern California.

          • Rellik, no doubt in my mind.

      8. “Democrat Congressional hearings are # rigged.”

        President Donald Trump


      9. It was a Republic, with limits. Everything should be a threat to democracy / mob rule of the treasury.

        Deek Jackson on Mad Face Disease (vulgar) —
        h ttps://
        ‘The disease causes the sufferer to become a lying, murdering scumbag and to undergo facial contortions…’

        • There is a reason I get repeatedly censored for using the phrase fudge. Plus the word Packers.

          It draws a mental image as to what these people do with do do. Eeeewwweeee.


          • Hah, got one in….

            • Perhaps, as a compound word… A casual bullshitter would not have suffered the same anxieties, even as measured by a lie detector.

              I am somewhat of a lip reader and see that his are nearly colorless. Have you ever been under such stress, in your entire life? A panic attack or adrenaline dump that makes your face go numb.

      10. Im sick of these democrats,
        Time for a good purge and reset

        • Nailbanger, agreed. Adam SHITHEAD wouldn’t know intelligence if it bit him in the ass.

      11. Adam is the poster boy for what I despise – Effeminate Liberal, Arrogant Moron.

      12. Trump is just the latest puppet of the US military dictatorship.

      13. Adam needs to go to his “safe space”. Pencil neck needs to be voted out.

      14. I felt that T has a lot of dirt and alot of assets and alot of promises, to leverage against his political opponents, but fair comeuppance has taken a backseat to showmanship and timing.

        When it pertains to practical matters, I favor a one track mind over 5d chess moves, short math over calculus. This works like a math problem. Count, and keep score.

      15. Adam Schiff is a useless eater. Should not be allowed to consume oxygen flapping his jaws. Go ahead Adam , impeach Trump. That will bring on Civil War 2, which will cull many of todays problems. The rule of 3.08 is a great problem solver ?

      16. The entire article has spelled Adam’s name incorrectly throughout. Proofreading, people!

        It’s “Schitt.”

      17. Just another dumb-schitt Demonrat. Ocasio-Cortez, Schumer, Maxine Waters, Wassermann-Schultz, Pelosi, etc., the list could go on all day. The scary thing is that the citiots have elected these folks in the first place. It takes plenty of dumb-schitts to elect one of these NON-PATRIOTS.

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