Hotel California: L.A. Officials To Send Homeless To Internment Camps: Will Be Implanted With RFID Chips

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Headline News | 279 comments

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    An anonymous source claiming to work inside of the Los Angeles Department of Health Services recently dropped a bombshell that could set a dangerous new precedent in how the government deals with those they find to be a burden or threat to a stable society.

    In a report penned by Paul Joseph Watson, the whistleblower says that Los Angeles County is preparing to round up and forcibly house homeless citizens in detention facilities referred to internally by department employees as “FEMA Camps,” though the source says that they have been instructed to refer to the detention areas as “low cost housing” facilities.

    According to the source, law enforcement teams will soon be rounding up homeless individuals on the streets, checking them into the facilities, and detaining them indefinitely for “their own health and safety.” What may be even more alarming, however, is that the government is reportedly planning on embedding these individuals with RFID chips presumably to track their whereabouts.

    The program is focused around removing or relocating homeless people from the streets of downtown L.A., starting with Skid Row.

    “We will approach them on the street asking if they need or want help usually offering food to get their direct attention, if they come into the office it makes our jobs twice as efficient,” said the supervisor.

    “In most cases the decision is already made for them unless they become combative or belligerent in which case we send them in for a 72 hour psych evaluation and then transfer them while under sedation or heavy medication to the “facility.”

    The supervisor stressed that the program would be “humane,” that it would help clean up the streets, and that the citizens being processed into the housing units would receive medical treatment, an RFID chip, room and board, but that “they cannot leave.”

    The supervisor elaborated that the facility was not a prison, but that its population would be kept there “for their own health and safety.”

    The whistleblower points to a page on the Department of Health Services official website which details how “roving teams” will help “provide short-term housing with health oversight to homeless DHS patients who are recovering from an acute illness or injury or have conditions that would be exacerbated by living on the street or in shelters.”

    Full Report at Infowars

    Many Americans will no doubt support these facilities because it’ll “clean up” their neighborhoods, making them safer and eliminating an eyesore. They won’t even blink about people being forcibly rounded up, drugged, detained and tracked like animals, so long as it happens out of view of their Utopia.

    The government will, no doubt, hail the successes of such a program and will likely look to expand it to other cities and perhaps even to larger segments of the population.

    One hypothetical scenario that could be imagined is that as more and more dangerous individuals are added to domestic terror watchlists, the government will look to intern suspected  terrorists and their associates in such facilities, for their own health and safety of course.

    The White House recently approved a substantial expansion of terrorist watchlists, which already boasts a threat list that includes hundreds of thousands of Americans. Under the recently declassified guidelines, being added to a watchlist requires no “concrete facts” or “irrefutable evidence.” The guidelines go so far as to grant broad powers to White House administration officials to unilaterally add not only individuals, but entire “categories of people” to the lists.

    One possible future envisions a scenario where specific “categories” of people are identified as dangerous to the public and, like the homeless, are rounded up for internment.

    The dangers of such facilities and the means by which they will be populated if this is the actual plan in Los Angeles are a blaring warning sign that should be heeded by all Americans.

    To paraphrase the poem by Martin Niemöller about the cowardice of Germans in the face of mass roundups – when they came for the homelesss, I did not speak out because I was not homeless...



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      1. This is INSANE.

        But not at all unbelievable given the total devolution to madness under our current leadership regime.

        • And so it begins ……

          • Would you like salsa with your chips???

            • So, are the recent crop of illegals being released into the country getting a chip? Might help in finding them come time for their immigration hearing in a year or so.

              • I think the fist people that should be chipped is Congress and the president so we can track where they are.

                • If they start at skid row where will they stop? If you receive “government services” are you on their future list? And what is it called when they forcibly put you somewhere and won’t let you leave? What is the legal term? I believe it is kidnapping and illegal detention so how are they getting away with this?!

                  Anybody hear about the mystery woman in black who is walking across America in a long flowing black garment and head covering?
                  Her name is Elizabeth Poles and she is a US Vet who has not been right in the head since she lost her husband and then father a year apart. She moved from Ga to Ala to be nearing her brother and family and was going to the Va but one day she went to her brothers home and was not behaving right. Then she started walking. There is a site tracking her (against her wishes) and they say she started walking 7/25/14 and today 7/29 she is in Romney West Va. I know she is a vet and looks to be slim but that is 686 miles in 5 days. Folks that is not possible. That is more than 137 miles per day! (Now if she started on 6/25 that would be about 20 miles a day and that is possible.)
                  Anyone have thoughts on this?
                  She is a vet and grieving, pray for her and leave her alone.

                  • Hi Cara. How they are doing it by the Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act and other various piece of legislation, executive order and judicial precedent that strips people of guaranteed rights merely by SUSPICION the person is an enemy of the state. That is how they do it. Hope this helps.

                    Ed S.

                  • Cara and Ed S., I agree and it appears to be a beta test with the RFID chips. somehow DHS thinks if the homeless put up little to no resistance to being chipped, then they can do it to the rest of us. NOT NECESSARLILY SO. SOMEONE WILL CHIP YOU ONLY IF YOU AGREE TO IT. Resist being chipped. It IS the mark of the beast. No chip for Braveheart, ever! MOLON LABE ASMS braveheart

                  • Umm… She could have been picked up after being offered rides. From your story you told, it’s not like she declared she would be only walking.

                    Also, leaving someone alone who is mentally ill, is how things get worse actually. But as you seem to be a doctor we will go with your medical advice. Seriously, if she is seen, refer police to her, she can be locked up on a 72 hour hold where actual doctors can try to determine what is going on. If she is mentally fine and just wants to walk, police will just notify surrounding areas of that and she will be mostly left alone. If you care about someone, actually do something, not pray, to help them. As my highly religious grandmother would say, “praying is the act of making yourself feel like you did something for someone else without actually having to take any real amount of time to actually do something for them.” Such a wise woman.

                • I would prefer the POLI TICS get the same piece of metallic substance the ILLEGAL ALIENS should get.

                • Ah; you do know what a cow chip is, don’t you? They got loads of them.

                  • I don’t exactly know how to say this; but IMHO anyone that lets the gov do this; I can easily do without.

              • At first I thought the article was about chips being put into the illegals. Then as I read it, realized that no, this is about chipping the homeless.

                Wonder how the libs and ACLU will wiggle out of this crime?

                • Out of all the terrible things forecasted for humankind, the mark of the beast (RFID chips) are definitely one of the most frightening of them all.

                  • This appears to be a precursor/practice for DHS before they try to chip and detain the rest of us. The homeless will put very little resistance. DHS will see what works and what doesn’t. Coming soon to a FEMA camp near you.

                  • The RFID chip is not a mark of the beast. This is what happens when religious fiction writers fool the gullible and ignorant!!

                  • I cannot agree more strongly BI. I hope and pray that this story is merely a scaremongering fiction, for if true the ramifications are terrifying for us all.

                    However let me make clear before God, that this action is NOT being taken in my name, & that I oppose it with everything I am & have.

                    If nothing else has yet persuaded you to exit the “system of the man” to whatever degree you can manage this should. Whether it be through working for yourself instead of the corp, homeschooling, using a community credit union instead of a big bank, gardening or supporting the remaining local Mom & Pop shop, paying off the mortgage, every small act of individual independence adds up to a rejection of the destructive path the parasites would have us all run down like lemmings. “lead us not into temptation……….”.

                  • be informed
                    I figure those chips will be forced to most who are wanting to receive obamacare. Mark of the beast from the belly of the beast.

                  • It starts with fhe Homeless then to the Inmates then anybody on government assistance
                    Then the rest of population when someone is in Surgery while sedated.Making sense so far? Then Publice School Children for ”Child Safety” any resistance from the.parents you will charged with Child Endangerment. And Finally thru triLs and Error the Genaral Population because of National Security aka Illegals in the country we will find.out who iz an American because Obama relaxed borders.I can go on for a long time on what is and what will be but gotta go.

                  • It starts with fhe Homeless then to the Inmates then anybody on government assistance
                    Then the rest of population when someone is in Surgery while sedated.Making sense so far? Then Publice School Children for ”Child Safety” any resistance from the.parents you will charged with Child Endangerment. And Finally thru triLs and Error the Genaral Population because of National Security aka Illegals in the country we will find.out who iz an American because Obama relaxed borders.I can go on for a long time on what is and what will be but gotta go.

                • All about control and domination– no democracy, but rather totalitarianism. Sucks!

                  On TV, they are making the case for bombing Russia with nukes. There’s a commercial with that guy who dropped the bomb at Hiroshima. He actually smiles about it, saying they saved lives because if they hadn’t dropped the nuclear bomb, the war would have gone on for years, killing many military people. I guess he figures the little children running desperately from the bomb, many with their clothes blown off, screaming desperately is no consequence! What a bastar…!

                  Anyhow, the commercial implies that dropping a nuclear bomb is acceptable.. everything leading up to WW3 with Russia. (Idiots for leaders!)

                  • Don’t EVER buy that story about how the bombs on Japan were about saving us from a protracted war on the Japanese mainland. There is more than ample historical evidence that almost the entire US high command was against it as being unnecessary–Japan was on the verge of collapse–inhuman–possible war crimes–and they wanted no part of it.

                    Who did? Just like now, the civilian “leadership” in Washington. Why would they want it? To show the Soviet Union who was going to be running the world shortly. Why pick Hiroshima and Nagasaki city centers which were not military targets? Because they were undamaged relative to the rest of Japan and Truman wanted someplace where the destruction would be unmistakeably awful.

                    My fellow Americans, get used to the idea. We have been killing civilians by the hundreds of thousands for decades…we are the world’s more prolific killer of innocent humanity.

                    This is what “OUR” government has unleashed on the world.

                    Guillotines are too good for them. Ritual disemboweling would be more appropriate for their infinite crimes.

              • I would prefer the ILLEGAL ALIENS get a different kind of foreign material inserted into their bodies. It is a metallic type substance and moves at over 2,000 FPS

                • Vincent, you can believe what you want, but don’t start doing any name-calling on my people here.

                  • mac slavo won’t allow you or ANYONE to rebut braveheart posts, he’ll just censor your comment Vincent, trust me, he does it religiously.

            • Personally, I’m pretty skeptical of this information. The whistleblower’s FIRST line of defense would be to forward this information on to the ACLU, who would love nothing more than to have such a nationally egregious event as this, to get them some more publicity. The fact that this doesn’t seem to have happened, makes me doubt the veracity.

              This is rather unlikely, even these days it would start an uprising. The legal implications are too many and too profound to even address here.

              Personally, until I see something more than another “anonymous” report, I’m not in the least convinced there is any truth to any part of this.

              I CALL BS at this time.

              • It aint gonna start an uprising. Look what the fuckwad is doing with his EOs now. In 6 months, half of Honduras will be in the US.

                Most cities now have laws against feeding homeless. There is a reason for that. Even those soup kitchens have been regulated more and told they cant be on the streets doing any deliveries.

                • There would be prisoner and homeless advocates all over it. I used to be one of those, nearly 30 years ago. I remember how it works.

                  “Most cities now have laws against feeding homeless. There is a reason for that.”

                  Who I choose to feed is none of the govt’s business. As for their “reasons” it’s all BS.

                  We don’t believe anything else the govt tells us, why would anyone believe them about their “reasons” for not feeding a homeless person.

                  If I paid for it, I’LL CHOOSE WHO I FEED IT TO, thank you very much.

                  • sixpack, there aint nothin the same as it was 30 yrs ago.

                    I think you need to smarten up on what the gov is up to w/ laws on feeding homeless. Plenty of charity groups and churches been complaining for more than a couple of years since new laws were passed.

                    You talk a good one all the time but all we see here is loads of your comments, nothing more.

                  • You know what calsnagglepuss? People who have compassion for the poor and helpless have not changed in 30 years.

                    Changing “laws” changes nothing but laws.

                    Advocates STILL DO feel just as vehement as we did three decades ago, and some bureaucrat pushing a pencil doesn’t stifle that.

                    You haven’t pulled your head out of it lately, or you’d see that those churches and other groups are DEFYING those so-called “laws”. The only difference is they now have to fight in court first…and they do. Nobody is deterred by those “laws”…not 30 years ago, and not now.

                    Here’s some light reading for you:

                    ht tp://

                    One thing that has not changed, is the apathy and lack of empathy shown by other people, towards those really in need. Maybe because there are more people in need today than there was 30 years ago.

                    “The Human Spirit” is the only thing important here, and that has not changed.

                    …and if you don’t like my comments, DON’T READ THEM. Just pass me the fuck on by.

                  • Sixpack, AMEN to your comments to Calgagus/moron. I feel the same as you do. On occasion, I help out some homeless people myself. I don’t give a f#$% what ANYONE’S ‘laws’ say about it either. the govt. cannot preach to any of us about anything. They show all of this favoritism to minority groups, especially foreigners coming in here illegally, but there’s white people out here who need help and can’t get squat. BTW, the homeless I help out ARE white and some of them have been vets, too. Minority people get all kinds of special treatment from the feds so they’re out. Nobody tells me who I can help, etc. F#$% them. sorry, I just had to rant. Had a lousy day at work.

                  • Love that name calling garbage, dont you sixpack? Yeah you spout compassion outta that keyboard then you get nasty and let the full bitch out again.
                    Should I start in w/ you now? Fairs fair. Youd be so damn easy. Others already loaded you up last week or so because you always have to have it your way. But its always your way or the highway. Life must suck in a wheelchair but maybe its time for some soul searching. If you werent such an angry old bitch maybe youd get some compassion back. Maybe its time to stay on topic too. Never did say people wont obey laws, never said people must obey the govt either but thats your diversion and way to grandstand, aint it? Yeah youre the hero and Im just heartless.

                    Cities are cracking down on homeless problems and they want govt involvement not individuals. Like it or not. Go ahead and disobey the laws, dont give a damn one way or the other but then dont bitch when you get fined.

                    Read it and scream out about how wrong you are:
                    Chicago Tribune on Sunday, July 20:

                    In March, police in Birmingham, Ala., approached a pastor who was handing out hot dogs and bottled water to homeless people living beneath a viaduct. He had to stop, police said, because he didn’t have a food truck permit.

                    Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Orlando, Dallas and dozens of other cities have cracked down on their homeless populations by regulating soup kitchens, ticketing panhandlers and imposing bans on sleeping in public areas. Pensacola, Fla., passed an ordinance prohibiting sleeping outdoors while “covered by materials such as a bedroll, cardboard, newspapers or inside some form of temporary shelter.” Public outrage prompted the Pensacola City Council to reverse the blanket ban.

                    “…and if you don’t like my comments, DON’T READ THEM. Just pass me the fuck on by.”
                    Well you see, every 5 or 10 comments is from you so it aint that easy to skip so many because you plaster yourself all over these posts. Maybe its time for you to get yourself a life.Got an idea though. Since the shtf dunce cowardheart came rushing to your side maybe its love. The two of you can hook up now Wouldnt that be something. You could spend your days bitching and threatening each other happily ever after. Makes me wonder whos temper would win.

                    So go pound yourself a sandbag. Me, Im heading back out to finish up cabin number 2 for my family.

                  • what a renegede.

                    Good puppy.
                    Roll over.
                    Aww you piddled on the floor again.

                • But they do it little by little, Calgus… that way, it doesn’t offend as much and they can get by with it. Like the war with Russia– if they talked of WW3 with Russia, there would be thousands in the streets protesting. No, they’re doing it little by little.

              • its infowars so take it for what its worth ,,, alex jones will lie about Anything to to sell another bottle of his snake oil

                • Dave- you will make snide comments like that until the Gestapo (FEMA) comes for your sorry corpse. Then, your eyes will no longer be wide shut.

                • Yes and no. You can’t completely trust ANY news source and so you need to do your due diligence to corroborate some of the more outlandish stories you read. Yes, Alex Jones posts a lot of things that seem to strain credulity, but he also aggregates a lot of stories from more respected sources as well. The bad thing is that some times Infowars posts credible articles under inflammatory headlines that are not well supported in the actual articles in order to get page hits. Don’t just dismiss all of his more outlandish claims out of hand before you do further research. Sometimes it’s the kooks that break the big stories first because no one in the regular media wants to touch them.

              • Sixpack I agree with you. When I first read this I was thinking it was a parody, then I realized that a parody would use a real name instead of an anonymous source. That leaves this as theater or an amateur attempt at propaganda.

                The homeless have advocacy organizations that make it a cause to look out for the homeless. Any rounding up would be brought to light rather quickly.

                Before something like this would happen there would be months or years of sway being applied to public opinion. The homeless or any other target group would first have to be demonized. I have not heard any leading news stories about a homeless person committing a heinous crime. Let alone it being such a trend that “something has to be done”.

                The number one reason why this can’t be real, the homeless are a great resource for democrat votes.

              • I can’t find anything on Cali and Fema for the homeless although many are concerned about the wild fires and cooking fires by homeless in outlying areas and rightly so.

                However Columbia SC has already put in place a 240 bed facility outside their city and the homeless are offered “shelter” of jail. The city removed benches downtown and they say the homeless may leave the shelter buy only by their shuttles.

                There are other cities who have talked of this by this is the only one I could find that is actually doing it.

                • That’s a little different than the no-checkout and micro-chipping scenario. Many cities have enacted similar laws, some have already had them shot down in the courts as unconstitutional…but that hasn’t stopped some cities from trying to keep their homeless out of sight.

              • Sixpack, I’d LOVE to believe the story is false, but the way things are going these days, don’t be surprised if it’s true. And I have to question if going to the ACLU would do any good. Sometimes the ACLU does good things but other times they don’t. We’ll just have to wait and see on this one.

                • I wouldn’t doubt it if the story is true! Obama is determined to do everything he can to bring about change— He’s a Leo and Leo’s like to dominate and control. (My ex-husband was one; I know!)

                  Also, I had this dream a few years ago, that I was hiding in this ditch– seemed to be homeless. And there were military people– black helicopter over head, and I knew they were after me and other citizens. I was hiding from them!!

            • Interesting vidoes on the mark of the beast by Arnold Murray, not saying he is right or wrong, but it sure makes more sense than others…
              h ttp://

            • Any brainless takers for this, yet another story from an “Anonymous” source. Total B.S. If this story is true then so is Roller Derby and Midget Wrestling. I’ve got two friends in L.A., one at a T.V. station and another in City Hall and they both say this another bogus story. What’s happening is that big cities like L.A., and even medium size ones like Ft. Lauderdale, are buying one-way bus tickets for people if they can prove they have someone waiting for them at their destination. Another program like this happened in the 80’s and made it on 60 Minutes. This so-called story from Watson is so busted.

            • Also, I had this dream a few years ago, that I was hiding in this ditch– seemed to be homeless. And there were military people– black helicopter over head, and I knew they were after me and other citizens. I was hiding from them!!

          • “And so it begins ……”

            Actually…it began along time ago.
            And so it continues…is more like it!

            • I think it is getting closer to the end.

            • Anybody who carries a Cell Phone is basically Chipped. TPTB can find you any time the wish using triangulation of cell phone towers and the Stingray system. My cell phone keeps sending me notification for software updates. Oh yeah I really want to add new tracking software to my phone. F* em. Never use WiFi and never do any banking on your phone and turn off the GPS feature and WiFi feature functions.

              • As a follow up as long as you carry yoilu cell phone you are being tracked today. And you even pay a hefty monthly bill to get tracked. I leapfrogged this cell phone tracking scam and now leave my phone on and at home when I run errands. TPTB must think I am always home. It is psychological warfare against them. And if I do go some where I take the battery out and leave it out unless I need to use it. It must really mess with ther heads as I pop up all over on their radar then disappear again. Really you too can leave your house with out your cell tracking device. It is a very liberating experience. You will be just fine without it. Trust me.

                • Actually, they can track you without your battery in so not much you can do except throw out your phone! The have a back up battery installed in all phones that is strong enough to send a signal to the towers without the main battery. Sorry for the bad news but they have thought of almost everything already. But, they do make RF protection cases for phones that will block the signal, but most are unaware.

                  • Make a Faraday cage from a 7.62 NATO ammo can to keep in your rig.

                    Consider using two-way, sideband radios for local commo.

                  • They can also turn your phone on without you knowing it and listen to anything going on in the room. So yes the best bet is metal case that will act as RF protection or in other words a mini Faraday cage.

                  • Or you can wrap some aluminum foil around your phone. It works, I’ve tried it- calling my prepaid Verizon cell with another phone. I am assuming that since it doesn’t ring while wrapped in the foil that my whereabouts were “off the grid.” It didn’t show the “missed calls” to indicate that I had even called it either. Foil blocks signals to iphones too, but DOES show missed calls. The downside, of course, is that you never know if you’re going to miss an important call or text.

              • Or… don’t even have a cell phone. Use a land line and internet at home.

                • Amen, MOmma. Hubby insists I carry trac phone ($10/mo) in case of car accident or emergency. When either of us calls friends or relatives, we use land line at home. Same with internet.

              • Take the battery out and ditch the darn mobile phone in a river as a FIRST step if you ever need to get out of dodge. Leave in an old motor, not one that offers a discount on your insurance in return for using a black box, that contains a Tom, Tom or has computerised controls. Abandon Fido too if your pet is chipped.

          • Soylent green chips anyone???

            • 🙂

            • Was thinking the same thing….

            • As long as there’s salsa.

          • Ref: OutWest…..

            Agreed … the agenda takes another twist, though not shocking and somewhat expected….10……I just wonder how long it will be before we all …..9 …become designated….8… some sort of …….7……segment of society …..6……or group….5…..that would be deemed…..4….as needing to be looked out for …..3…..our ” Safety & Well Being “……2…….and hauled off in the middle of the night ….1…….to get our RFID implanted ….of course for our on ” Safety & Well Being “……….


            And ” Yes ” I will have Salsa with my chips…And thanks for asking !!!

          • That’ is exactly my first thought !

          • I have to call bullshit on this one. First and foremost the late great state of California has no money to do such a thing. Secondly the majority of “homeless or street people” have mental problems and before Reagan closed down all the looney bins back in the 80’s the majority of these peop;e were in them.

            I deak with these “people” om a dailey basis. They are not crooks or dishonest people. They have problems that seperate them from main street society and DO!! meed help. If there was a plan to give these people help then I am all for it.

            There are of course families out there who are homeless but in almost every case the parents have drug problems and this is why they cannot or are not alloed to stay with friends or families because they have already burnt these resources out. The kids should have been taken from the long ago but the same state mechanism this article touts that can afford to do what is purported is the same agency for the very same reasons cannot afford to take these kids into the the system.


            • Sorry Mac, I was not calling BS on you just the facts. As always appreciate all that you do.


            • “””There are of course families out there who are homeless but in almost every case the parents have drug problems and this is why they cannot or are not alloed to stay with friends or families because they have already burnt these resources out. “””

              So I take it you know almost every homeless family in the country? I call BS on you. Families are homeless because a part time job can’t pay even the lowest rent and the full time jobs have shipped away.

              The only help most homeless families need is an honest opportunity, and that can only come from an economy based on sound money and individually owned companies, rather than FRNs from criminal corporations.

              “””The kids should have been taken from the long ago but the same state mechanism this article touts that can afford to do what is purported is the same agency for the very same reasons cannot afford to take these kids into the the system.”””

              You have no right to suggest that anyone’s kids should be kidnapped by the state, especially for not having a “home”. I THROW shit at you. Poverty is not a crime committed by families, it is the result of the crimes being perpetrated AGAINST families.

              One day you will suffer your personal collapse and find yourself in the category of people you now criticize. Happened to my brother in law, and his views changed dramatically, and overnight.

              • Good money is on you being a wanna be good samaritan but just never had the time Gods Creation. Until you have lived the life you tell me I know nothing of eat shit die. It is a fact that most homeless familes are a result of a parents drug problem. Plain and simple you ignoramus.


              • @ Gods creation,

                Please accept my apology for the things I said in a hurtfull manner. Not my place to judge other peoples thoughts. I will only say that I have spent a great deal of time working with the homeless and what I sated is very true.


                • Simply stating something as fact does not make it one. There are many tent cities around the country, and I highly doubt the inhabitants got there because they do drugs.

                  I suspect that the homeless you have dealt with is most likely through some state agency, or an urban shelter. Of course the state will see many drug addicts looking for the free ride. Surely a high percentage like you claim.

                  But that is a SMALL portion of the CURRENTLY homeless. Especially with all the newly added ones that just can’t find a job. There are millions of foreclosure victims, and many are now homeless while their house sits vacant due to their own ignorance of the law and money.

                  You don’t see them on TV, but they are there. They have to go somewhere. And there are millions of more people, most of whom have likely dropped from unemployment roles and the counted workforce.

                  However, my biggest issue with your comment is more with your belief the state, a corporation of disinterested and corrupt people, not only has a right, but should come and take someone kids.

                  The state CPS and DCS agencies are nothing more than kidnappers in a child trafficking for profit ring. Those agencies are far more likely to remove 100 kids that don’t need it than it is to remove one that truly needs protection.

                  Anyone supporting the states right to intervene in family affairs, even with nothing more than an “anonymous tip”, is a sleeping idiot. And anyone who thinks the state will try to help in any other way than force and intimidation against the innocent to extract the victims money is also an idiot.

                  Not saying that YOU are an idiot. You and I probably both hold a few idiotic beliefs. I am glad to change them when proven wrong.

            • It wasn’t Reagan, and it wasn’t in the ’80s.

              One of the saddest things I’ve seen in my 70 years was the street people in Middletown, NY. All, or near as dammit, thrown out when the big institution there was shut down about 4-5 years before I took a job there. I commuted past the ruins every day. They’d even had a working farm which provided something for some of the inmates to do, and incidentally helped feed them, too. Grace Episcopal Church, which I was a member, fed a couple dozen of them at least something every day, all on its’ own dime and 100% volunteer labor.

              I moved there in 1977. Reagan was elected…..when?

              • @ Old Coach, whenever, it was when he was govenor here in California. When he became Presiden he did it nationwide. When he did it here I felt so bad for these people as they were just kicked into the streets with no experiences in how to deal with it all. I think people get homless people mixed up with bums. Big difference. Bums or hobo’s, whatever you want to call them have always and will always live off the land. Homeless people are the ones who are for one reason or another are thrust into life n the streets with again no life experences to help them out.


              • We lived in the SW part of our state in the late 1970s when the Huntington State Hospital was shut down. One of the former patients found his way to the store where I worked. He’d take a “bath” at the sink in the men’s room every morning, leaving water all over the walls and floor. Owner tried to find his family or friends or SOMEONE who could help, but no luck. Many of these poor people who were mentally ill were turned out into the street with just the clothes on their backs. Horrible…

            • BigB, I sincerely hope you’re right, but I suspect the City of LA COULD be doing it finanaced by a DHS grant, since this is purportedly a DHS-run project. time will tell.

          • Where are all the Patriots with their militas, big mouths and declarations to protect our freedoms?

            MIA like for the past 2 decades? What are the Patriots on THIS site doing about this? Besides typing and grumbling?

            • Lead by example. Show us how to “protect our freedoms” and lead a militia.

              Maybe you are just an agent provacateur?

        • These unfortunate homeless are the initial guinea pigs for the betterment of the elite oligarchy.

          What a world we’ve created for ourselves.

          • Leave it here to the golden state of California to cook up something like this. If you want to rid society of a sect of undesirables, just pass a law under the guise of compassion.
            To some, maybe most, this will be a victory.
            Just wait for the day they pass a law that effects you. If you’re unemployed, if you’re overweight, if you’re undereducated, if you’re home doesn’t meet a set of suitable standards, if you’re clothes are tattered, if you smoke, if you’re a drug addict, if you’re auto isn’t new.
            I’m sure the Jews, gypsies, the non Arians, homosexuals, the mentally deficient, the crippled, thought the very same thing in the early thirties in the beginning.
            But we all know how that worked out, …….don’t we?
            I’ve lived in California since 1975 and what has been happening in this state since 1991has been embarrassing. If I could dump my real assets I’d love to move to the Midwest. What a disappointment.
            Maybe we will be answering to the George Bernard Shaw board soon.
            GOOGLE that!

            • Cali has a lot of homeless living in their RVs. Are they next on the list?

              • Our Military service vets will be next. They will be told that it is to expedite their medical attention.
                — Miss Dee Dee

                • The rogue government has already successfully disarmed returning vets, all under the guise of mental health (PSTD, depression, etc). Psychiatry was used in old Soviet Union to incarcerate dissidents…

                  • Vincent,
                    Right you are, there are so many little tell tale signs that are now in full implementation to designate any and or all individuals with some disorder. When I interview a patient there are questions I am required to ask in a non threatening manner to supposidedly record with all information to be held in confidence within the HIPPA guidelines.Yet , fed into a National database. What a joke. The A.C.A. allows known criminals to work for the companies signing up people for the Insurance Program. Our Alphabet labeled gov. departments can’t keep your Social Security number in confidence. Such questions as how much alcohol do you consume, same for recreational narcotics. Do you have any violence concerns at your dwelling , workplace or leisure environment. Any firearms or weapons you might be concerned about. Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and think about suicide or taking your emotions out upon others. It scares the BeJesus out of my staff, myself and my peers. A veterinarian friend of mine tells me of the infections and tumors around the chips implanted within his pet patients. The facts are there but seldom brought to the public attention.
                    — Miss Dee Dee

                • They are already chipping children, also. It was the “solution” offered by the establishment to counter the irrational fear in parents created by the amber alert system. MSM has us all terrified that someone is going to kidnap our kids, so parents are tricked into voluntarily implanting rfid chips into their young as a precaution. Don’t get me wrong, parents should do everything in their power to protect their kids, and there is an authentic epidemic in this country. But the reality is, that it’s the establishment luciferians who are the ones snatching most of our kids (politicians and the elite) and offering this solution (rfid).

            • Hammerun, I moved from California 5 years ago & have never regretted it. I now live in Central Florida outside of the Orlando Metro & it is very nice – however my criteria for staying here is simple: once I see signs of Californication here I will leave & possibly exit this once Fine Nation we called America. There are other places to live where life is relatively free & enjoyable. Get out while you still can & NEVER LOOK BACK!

            • Hammerun, George Bernard Shaw was a devout believer in Hitler and the Nazis.

          • Calfornia Resident….

            Oh Yes…..this is a/the ” Trail Run “……

            It seems lately that I am having more days where I feel like I am either in an Episode of the ” Twilight Zone “…..or in the Movie ” Truman “….

            Someone jump in here and tell me that I am not the only one getting these feelings….and they are becoming more intense/bizarre day by day…I oft time wonder how many Bafoons are sitting inside the DC loop thinking this shit up !!!

            What say ye….

            • Sometimes as I sit and read the daily articles and sites I usually go to, I have to stop and consciously unclench my fist and my teeth, so I can type a comment.

              It’s getting really bad around here.

              • At work they have TV’s in all the break areas, the cafeteria and in some office / cubicle areas. At most of the companies plant facilities is is set at a central location to Faux Entertainment News channel (there is a reason for that too….they want the sheeple to be continually fed the BS day in and day out) and some to CNN or MSNBC, but mostly to Faux News.

                I cannot sit in those areas for break or to eat….I find my self almost immediately pissed off beyond what I can control.

                • I understand completely. That’s why I don’t have a TV, for anything but playing my favorite DVDs.

            • How about Logans Run…that was based on age…oh crap…

            • @3rdDown – You can count in almost every law, every policy, every move Washington DC does or makes, evolves around some lobby donor who will profit off of these moves. Say $3 Billion to house illegals, some builder,KBR or contractor makes a killing. Every new spy law some contractor is selling the Government some techy product. It is all a transfer of wealth to the well connected. There is no Democrats, No Republicans, all there is is the Haves and Have nots. and the Government gives enough food stamps or obama phones to keep these people voting to keep them in office. It is all one big Fascist sham. Its the (MICM)-Big Military Industrial Complex Mafia controlling the politicians to make laws and policies to sell their BS Fascist spyware. If return the Politician gets a stock tip or trip or campaign contribution and support. Its all a sham. And the Oppression continues on the masses.

          • First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Socialist.
            Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
            Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Jew.
            Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. –Martin Niemöller–

            • “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist.”

              …sounds to me like they should’ve gotten a whole lot MORE socialists, then maybe we wouldn’t be having to deal with our current socialism crisis…

              • Well, don’t forget that Nazi was a contraction of “National SOCIALIST German Worker’s Party”. And the “socialists” that they rounded up were active Communists who were hoping to overthrow the German government and establish a Soviet state just like Russia had done ten years earlier. To eliminate all socialists from Germany, the Nazis would have had to round up themselves.

            • Walt ,
              My fear is this all going to a place , a nightmare of my parents era , a classic study in intolerance and power of mans inhumanity to man .
              It is a scene replayed from the past to the sound of jackboots on cobble stones with the soundtrack of Horst Wessel playing as the background music .

              The only way out of the nightmare of rail tracks, boxcars and barbed wire is not to participate .
              It is no longer a question of perceived fears of the mind, it is coming , history’s raw edge , lessons unlearned .

              A study in pure evil .

              All leads to a place called Auschwitz .

              NEVER AGAIN


              Semper Fi 8541

          • OPSEC Preppers: Look up this headline: New York DHS will pay you $500 to Rat Out Prepper Neighbors buying legal goods. Time to Stock up on RAT TRAPS!!

          • “What a state, man has made of man.”

            Someone Smarter Than I

        • Perhaps not insane – just not right.

          Imagine an air born virus released in any city – the first to get it will be those on the streets. As many of them will the unhealthiest they will be the most vulnerable. They will spread it faster among themselves then those who have homes.

          The logic in removing them from harms way, actually is not insane, just wrong.

        • It’s not INSANE at all. It’s evil. It’s just the beginning of the roundup of US citizens.

        • @Anonymous, I would not call it INSANE. Sir, I believe that the more accurate and correct word is EVIL. This is a small scale trial run on a group of people that are at the margins of society; a group that are a minority, defenseless and to many, expendable. This is also a means to condition the general public to accept this and make it the new normal. I predict that it will be a matter of time when these FEMA camps become our (The FUSA) own version of the Nazi extermination camps.

        • I believe the Gestapo used the same ‘for your welfare’ tactics when asking the Jews getting off of the trains at the death camps to ‘go shower to delouse yourselves’. Poison gas awaited them, then the victims were shoveled into the ovens.

      2. Nothing in this world..

        and I mean nothing!..

        would surprise me anymore

        I worry now only for my 3 young adult kids and my 3 grandchildren..

        There’s over 315 million of us controlled by 535 absolutely vile and corrupt psychopaths..and all their extended bureaucracies (both public and private) and we all just sit still and complain every damned day..and we all do nothing about it..ever..myself included..

        Next step?


        • last time I said kill all 535, I was printed red to the max…

          • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can talk an talk the only thing most people understand is physical pain. We’ll know more about what needs to happen after november. Were dealing with Mentally disturbed/psychopaths with anti American tendencies=Communism..

            • And the mental gymnastics that keep them in power…

            • You are dealing with something far worse than psycopaths. They are completely addicted to evil

            • there isnt going to be a November. Ebola will stop all that

        • …the knock on the door

      3. Where else but California. Hope it happens to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.

        “We’re just a shot away”.

        Rolling Stones

        • Why would you hope it happens to more of your fellow countrymen? Do you feel superior about your own state because evil hasn’t reached your doorstep yet?

          There is a recent building resistance in Northern California known as the State of Jefferson. Please support them in their battle against tyranny.

      4. Point One:

        Almost a year ago I was informed by several people the following:

        “The reason we are all seeing fewer and fewer homeless people is because the government is rounding them up in vans and bringing them to FEMA camps where they are being exterminated.”

        This sent a chill up my spine.

        Point Two:

        Being taken against their will and given an RFID Chip (the Mark of the Beast) is UNconstitutional AND UNGODLY!

        Point Three:

        This is all about control and control is a weapon of Satan.

        If TODAY they can take/round up the HOMELESS and chip THEM, then TOMORROW will they be coming FOR YOU???

        – the Lone Ranger

        – “Evil results when good people do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

        • Ref: Lone Ranger….

          Your post just jolted my memory of a talk I had with a lady a few days ago….And your post and my thoughts made a chill run through me…

          I had been noticing …first 1 or 2 of the shopping carts that the Homeless use just sitting off the side of the road….I would see them there for weeks on end…then I would see 6 or 8 of them scattered around town….and now I seem to see them all over the place….just shopping carts with everything that homeless person had in their life…..just sort of pushed off on the side of roads and streets….still full….and I ask the lady ” What happened to all these people ? ” ….” Where did they go…to just leave everything they had just sitting there on the side of the road ? “…And we both just sort of stared at each other.
          She said
          ” Somebody must have taken them away somewhere !!! ”

          As ” Drinking with Bob ” on youtube always closes his videos with…..
          ” WHAT’S NEXT !!!…WHAT’S NEXT !!!….WHAT’S NEXT !!! “

          • There is a New Business. Rounding up abandoned shopping carts and returning them back to the stores. These carts cost like $200 ea. Hose them down good many have HIV or Eboli stuck on them. Charge the store like $5 to $10 Ea for the Returns.

        • I don’t think it is the actual mark of the beast as that requires submission of the individual and would be voluntary. Remember that it has a spiritual significance, sealing the individual to the beast in much the same way a believer is sealed to Christ at the moment of faith and submission. (The antichrist will be a combined spiritual and political leader.) However, I do think it’s a dry run for the beast system that is being worked on behind the scenes to be rolled out after the current system of social capitalism is brought down. (Similar to how a gigantic bill like the USA Patriot Act was rolled out so quick that you would think it was just sitting in a desk somewhere, ready to be used when the timing was right.)

          Oh, but you are right about it’s lack of constitutionality. However, that no longer matters anymore as the government no longer follows it and refuses to be bound by it. Most people no longer seem to care either. So long as they have their bread and circuses they are content to live under whatever the government decided to do. That is all that matters as governments retain power because the overwhelming majority people in a society follow their diktats. If they didn’t, then the government would fail as government employees are always a minority of the population and could not contain a large enough mass uprising. However, that never happens until: life becomes extremely uncomfortable for most people, they decide to rise up, and can communicate effectively enough outside government knowledge to organize. This is why governments are increasingly monitoring social media and trolling it, to make people think the consensus is not there and to stop it from forming.

      5. The smell of REVOLUTION is in the air my friends.
        How many lines in the sand that are crossed will it take!

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LARE!!

        • That’s the problem. There is no Revolutionary smell in the air. And there won’t be either.

          They’ve been rounding up homeless for quite some time. Probably a million plus American’s are already dead. Absorbed detained and exterminated already in the FEMA camps. And we let them do it.

          • I tend to agree with you. It would be nice if Americans would get upset en mass about this sort of thing, but they won’t. The mainstream media will cover it up and keep most of the proles from ever knowing about it or questioning it if they do. It’s sad but, in this age of easy access to information, most people choose not to seek knowledge and instead use these new technologies for trivial, personal matters. I tend to think it is partially because of a lack of intellectual capital on their part. They lack that extra measure of intelligence that makes certain people curious enough to seek greater truth and detail.

            • Winston Smith, it seems like TPTB take matters into their own hands in promoting the dumbing down of America: mindless TV shows, clearly biased network news, fluoridated water, junk food, a medical system that seems focused on keeping people sick and dependent, and an education system that doesn’t exactly promote critical thinking. While I’m not disagreeing about the low intellectual capital, there does seem to be a grand design at work.

      6. To paraphrase Rev. Niemöller, it might just go something like this:

        First they came for the migrants ->
        homeless ->
        ordinary citizens, who have not accepted the Mark.

        BO-care refuseniks may fall somewhere in there.

        Any of the above people technically count as undocumented.

        Should my own sanity ever be questioned, I would go on the record as saying that I recognize the difference between bias and objectivity. I do have biases, but have been grateful for what little solace I have been able to enjoy. I have no intention of harming myself or other people.

      7. Are there no real honest investigative reporters left.

        Come to think of it, I don’t see many homeless begging around the interstate exits anymore.

        • It’s too hot, they’ll come back after Labor Day.

        • The college education for Investigative Journalism today has been reduced to one class period. Titled: How to Cut n Paste for Dummy Journalists.

      8. Those that exist in California as I’ve said many times are nothing but Canaries in a coal mine of modern society, it’s a test bed of what TPTB can get away with.

        Looking at California, and what’s going on does provide us with a very good model of what to prepare for at least in the short term.

        • All my years I have said that shit comes from California and moves East. Will California supply the first extermination camp?

          We still need proof!

          • Just noticed in article.

            Full report at, “You guessed it”, InfoWars.

          • I think it’s already called San Francisco.

        • And Kalifornia is run by a Democrat Governor and a Democrat majority in the legislature. And the info gathering of all cell phone traffic was approved by those freedom loving progressives. And don’t forget the most draconian gun laws in the nation! One of the biggest gun grabbers is indicted for gun smuggling to Muslim terrorists in the Philippines!! Yayy, Leland Yeh, out favorite California Chi-Com.

          • Something to think about. The very same “liberals” who insisted that 90% of the mental patients be turned loose from institutions back in the ’60s and ’70s, (yes, I remember, dammit – I was there.) are the ones who now want to “chip” these poor people.

      9. First, ‘free trade’ to ship most of the jobs overseas (making Americans homeless), then open borders to flood the country with cheap illegal alien labor (making more Americas homeless), next internment and liquidation camps for the homeless Americas the government created.

        Maybe getting rid of the politicians, corporate executives, and plutocrats is a better option?

        • I couldn’t agree with you more.


        • Most Middle class Americans who are educated are over qualified for most of the jobs available today. Thats why the Fascists want cheaper labor and support Illegals. The Middle class needs to rise up and declare war on the Fascists and pay a living wage. Many people slam Labor Unions, but they are the last bastion willing to fight for a living wage anwell ad a safe working environment. All Americans need to have a good old fashion organized weeklong sitdown strike an bring the Fascist to a grinding halt.

          • Labor Unions are a part of the problem. Just look at what happened to Auto industry in Detriot. The Auto Workers Unions priced and benifited themselves out of the market. All the extra costs were passed onto the the car buyer, making the car from Japan a better deal that one from GM. Labor Unions are just as corrupt and any government agency. Does the name Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters Union ring a bell with you?

            “living Wage”, nice feel good phrase, that really means nothing. Exactly what is a living wage, and who gets to make the determination of what that is? The Fascists you are railing against are not ever going to be brought to a grinding halt, since they are the very ones you believe will solve the problem and bring in your version of the workers utopia. Stop and think about it; are so foolish as to believe that any politican who holds a $10,000 a plate fund raiser actually gives a damn for all those they claim to care about?

            • Having served a 15 year sentence working for a Tier One capital equipment supplier to the auto industry, I cannot find words to agree as forcefully as I would like. An old, old joke in Detroit was that UAW stood for United Against Work, and I saw the truth of it first hand. Man, the stories I can tell.

              Many Americans THINK they are overqualified for jobs, but just you try to hire engineers, electronics technicians, millwrights, welders, or even decent admin assistants today. Another whole batch of war stories, if you ever have the time. It came to me after a few years that I’d read 100 resumes, interview fifteen, hire three, and after a year I’d have just one of those three doing anything like a decent job. I quit even looking at U of Mich grads – they wanted starting salaries higher than mine, and couldn’t plan an efficient route from their desk to the men’s room. Ironically, (well, maybe not) out of about thirty tech people in my office, the top five didn’t have any college degrees at all.

      10. Welcome to the Hotel California
        Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place)
        Such a lovely face
        Plenty of room at the Hotel California

        You can check-out any time you like,
        But you can never leave!

      11. WalMart is having a sale on propane. 2 x 16.4oz cans for $5. I bought enough to fill up several large bins. The clerk asked if I was getting ready for WW3. I nodded “uh-huh”.

        • Stick to the subject Eisen

        • @Acid Eissen,

          Were you purchasing these items with Bit Coins?


        • At half that price they’d still be a ripoff.

        • Eisenturd, I don’t even go to wallyworld for anything.


        After reading “On Killing” by Dave Grossman, I learned that most killing in ancient battles occurred when the enemy turned to flee, as it is much easier to kill when someone is not looking at you in the eyes.

        If your kids at school are being instructed to duck and cover in an active shooter situation, this is wrong. If cornered. they have a much better chance at survival if they look into the eyes of the gunman and do not flee.

        • Does anyone have statistics on wounds from mass shootings? I would wager a large majority of the victims had back or side injuries.

          • Maybe so, But if someone is going to kill me, I’d prefer they look me in the eye and it. That way, the person I’m going to come back to haunt, will be the last face I see…

            • Yes, stare the Active Shooter right in their eyes, and personalize, it, then empathize and say, “I feel your Pain” Then praise them by saying, “I sure give you credit! You got Balls man!!,” “I wish I had the balls like you!!” Make them feel good about themselves and they may not shoot you. Then ask them, “Hey you got another gun on you?? let me help.” Then when they are fumbling, you pull your concealed weapon out and blast them till they stop crawling!!

              • I don’t know about the “empathy” part, but if given just a minute chance, I would try to salvage the situation at HIS expense…”I feel your pain” might come in handy, as the attacker slips into a puddle of blood on the floor.

                “This will NOT be over quickly.
                You will NOT enjoy this.
                And I AM NOT YOUR QUEEN.
                From the Movie “300”

                Some people may think I’m kidding here, but I’m not. It’s not over, until it’s over. Anything less is giving up — and I want to live.

      13. Some of you old people are confused by modern sportsman’s jackets. They are grouped into “hardshell” and “softshell”. Hardshells are waterproof but muggy and they don’t stretch when you move. Softshells are mildly water resistant but they wick the sweat off you and they breathe. Also, a softshell will stretch when you move, if you were running, say.

        • AE,
          You should check out those new. Clima shield soft shell jackets with the nan tech coatings ,
          Really neat stuff they adjust to the climate automatically to cool you or contain heat .
          tripple ot gear , vertex two company’s that come to mind .
          Really neat stuff .

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Every piece of gear you buy should be breathable material, which lets the human sweat out, but not the rain moisture in. In the winter, moisture on your body kills. Many times snow skiing I would stop and unzip my jacket to let the steam out and to dry out. And unzip the vents in my ski pants. In hot climates you will sweat, so breathable is needed too.

        • Stick to the subject Eisen

        • Eisenturd, don’t call us old people again, or else.

          • Or exactly WHAT will you do to him braveheart?

      14. I’m sick of seeing the SKS used on these prepper shows. This arm is total garbage. The Red Army gives it to noobies on guard duty.

        • Stick to the subject Eisen,your wasting space.

        • Eisenturd, you are garbage so go away.

      15. There is one other place I know of where the “undesirables” are whisked away from the cities and into the sticks or internment camps. All in the name of keeping their cities beautiful.

        And that is North Korea.

        This new policy is disgusting on every possible level.

        • CV not on every level. Acid Etch would be a good candidate. Trekker Out.

          • Old man,

            You’re just playing hard to get. You know you wanna wrasle with me.

      16. Although we all should have a big propane stash, don’t forget to have some kerosene. Kerosene will light when propane won’t and has a much higher heating value.

        A have multi-fuel stoves. I also stash wood, butane, and heating alcohol (you can’t drink this, idiot!). I have a stove that runs off gasoline, but you better have ventilation haha. An open window might not cut it. You have to try this shit out NOW before SHTF. Don’t fucking guess.

      17. Drop off all the illegal aliens at their Embassy. Let them pay for sending them home. No more problem for us. BIG problem for all the countries that are sending their people here.

      18. If you haven’t already, you need to start killing, butchering, and cooking your own game. It’s skilled labor and the school of nature is unforgiving.

      19. you can tell when Sybil E. is on board, everyone gets painted red…

        • Assn’wretch will be the first one to drop to his knees and play the “slobber blues” for his masters.

          • He’ll be face down, butt up.

        • I have given a lot of good advice to you today.

          • Turn the basement light off and sulk.

          • Here’s some advice Eisen…take your meds and go back to sleep

          • Eisenturd, just dry up and blow away.

      20. Hot damn ‘merikans! I just know im gonna gone git down voted fer this,BUT havent y’all noticed all this bullshit comes from ‘meriKa?!?!?!?!?!?!
        All these screwed up,messed up things happening around the world,directly or indirectly stem from the USA and this whole totalitarian crap seems to be coming from inside the USA.
        Go ahead and down vote but as time goes by,its becoming more and more understandable as to why the whole world hates America and what it stands for.
        Oh,not that I care about your crappy country or anything like that,im just on here to get the earliest possible heads up on things when shit really does hit the fan,and chances are that its all gonna start in America. 🙂

        • I see. Looking to us Americans for know how and leadership. How ironic.

          • All of these electronic devices like RFID microchips that send signals, work on a frequency band. There are many frequency Jammers out there you can purchase to block these frequency spying electronics. Get smart, study up, and get these frequencies dialed in, and get the best Jammer to block all of this BS. There are jammers that block VHF, UHF Cell Phone signals, GPS, Radar, radio, RC Amateur / Drone & plane signals, etc..

        • Another US, Troll hating retard. We may be many things, BUT we are the only country left in the world that has a huge population of people that still know right from wrong, are god fearing Christians, and will fight to prevent ANYONE from invading. We may not be doing much now in this onslaught from our government, but don’t take that as a sign of weakness. Also, calling America a “crappy country”, coming from a Greek, well that’s just priceless pal……..

          • @GulfVet. Why do you Fear your God? And,….All of you people on here bickering, nice to see your enthusiasm, but you all better save your energy and keep your Powder dry for what really matters, Fighting the NWO, Banksters, UN and TPTB. In the end most of us will all be on the same side.

        • Actually, the “merican” people come from “everywhere” including that financially decimated country called “Greece”. The “merican” people are always willing to help, that being said, our Government, like most governments “SUCK” and every time we think we found someone trustworthy they stab everyone in the back. Now, given all that, the only thing that stands in the way of total collapse of the entire globe, is the “merican” people keeping control of the government and the government trying to help keep the bad guys at bay. Unfortunately, now that the government is sitting on it’s hands, the leadership in other countries are starting to beat their chests a make moves. Let’s see “Greece” try to control that much evil.

        • dirty greek, f#$% you!

      21. TIA

        Why would you hope it happens to more of your fellow countrymen? Do you feel superior about your own state because evil hasn’t reached your doorstep yet?
        Because of the bullshit that these people bring from those states. Evil is already in my state!
        I will tell you that here in the south that they do enjoy destroying Southern Culture. They don’t need to retire here and I do wish they would move back North because they can not leave well enough alone. As for California with all the electorial votes. This country is never going to be the same. You do not know the Gun Grabbing Senators from that state that are always Bitching.

        • In 1860 -1865 we had the War of Northern Aggression. Now we have the Invasion of Northern Arrogance. Not sure which is worse.

          • Old people move south because they are cold. My grandparents did the same thing. The only problem is Florida sucks, grew up there. smelly, humid, hot, ignorant foreigners, sad attempts at southern folks abound. Me personally? southern hospitality is ok, southern accent is butchered English, but hunting, gun and other skills are very acceptable. My point? I’m an American, and dang proud of it and I don’t really care where you come from as long as you are proud to be an American, everyone else can go the crap home. 🙂

            • Not mention having to check under your car for alligators before you get close enough to open the door.

      22. O_O

        … oh dear Lord Jesus this isn’t happening, man… this ain’t happening man this isn’t happening!


        Do you know how much a house costs here? Let me put it to you this way. Most people in the Midwest would not earn the purchase price in their lifetimes.

        And rental prices are to the moon, Alice. Yes, they have rent control. I’ve seen what happens when you become dependent on rent control prices and you become a boat anchor to your landlord. They have very creative means of getting you out. Often these involve shit like coming in with their key whenever they feel like it, or camping on your porch and knocking on the door all night…

        And there you are, all rent-controlled, knowing full well that if you get booted out, you should have absolutely no problem affording a nice… parking space at the local Wal-Mart…

        In simpler language, the possibility of you becoming at least temporarily homeless in this godforsaken place is AS-TRO-NOMICALLY high…

        And now they’re going to stick you in a camp. For how long? Well, shit son, you can’t get a damn job when you’re locked in a camp so Catch 22, eh? Looks like you’re homeless forever. Which pretty much means you’re camp fodder… forever…

        So. Very. Out. Of. Here.

        Fuck this place. With the Titanic. Sideways.

        It was already bad. This has taken it from horrendous to life-threateningly hideous. So very. Very. Done with it.

      23. Get your minute man bag put together. Loaded mags for primary and secondary, web gear, hydration system, med kit, communication, clothing, boots, assault pack etc… and have it ready to roll.

        Encourage other like minded folks to do the same.

      24. Hey,Burt Gummer Giver,the shit is gonna go down in the USSA,im here to get the heads up and NOT here for your nonexistent leadership or know how. Read my post again and dont put words in my mouth you arrogant Gummer Giver.

        • dirtygreek, back off my people here or else.

          • Once again exactly WHAT do you intend to do when you say ” or else”? He’s probably replied to you but mac slavo censors EVERYBODY who doesn’t give you a slobbering love fest reply.

      25. I carry a doorstop to work in my briefcase. In an active shooter situation, it might buy me some time.

        • No guns at the office, so I took two axes out of the truck and parked them under my desk, for the same reason.

          Another guy had a Bowie knife tucked away in his desk drawer.

          We made sure there were lots of heavy tape holders and staplers around, took them out of the supplies locker and set ’em out, they make good missiles.

          If you fight back, you may live.

          • Smokey: In case of power failure think 4-cell (D battery) Mag-light (hint hint).

            River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

          • there’s only one angry liberal feminist where I work..( we keep “It” here for something to laugh at, and learn how they think)

            the rest of us are normal , and packing

            we dont let the cry baby know this, who knows when “It” might act up

            I allow firearms at my work place, …never had an incident in over 30 years

            If i cant be armed where im going..I wont go, guess it helps being part owner.
            the other partner loves his S&W686


          • The heavy blade of a paper cutter makes a good machete type weapon.

          • hey don’t forget wasp/hornet spray sprays 25 feet and will absolutely cook your eyeballs out

        • Why do you take a briefcase to work at Micky D’s?

          • Tums?

          • Leftovers for the chirren’s at home.

            • LMAO.

      26. Because of this story, I shall be driving down to Skid Row in the late September / early October time frame… to see if this has really happened, or if this is Alex Jones being… Alex Jones.

        It should be pretty obvious one way or the other. The place is never empty of homeless people.

      27. The ONLY categories to fill for the FEMA camps are:
        1)-The corrupt POLITICIAN EMPLOYEES.
        2)-The corrupt police EMPLOYEES.
        3)-The corrupt BANKSTERS.
        4)-All NEOCON ZIONIST for the New World Order.
        5)-ANYONE against, LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE and ABUNDANCE for ALL.


      28. Newly-arrived illegals (existing foreign homeless) receive the red-carpet treatment as soon as their feet hit American soil, but homeless American citizens get FEMA camps. Even dogs and cats at the humane society usually end up in a good home via adoption at some point. American homeless treated like feral cattle is what I see. Despicable.

        • “American homeless treated like feral cattle”

          They are worthless parisites, feral cattle might still have some value.

          • “They are worthless parisites, feral cattle might still have some value.”

            Wall Street bankers and many federal bureaucrats/politicians are also worthless parasites, Tim. Maybe we should round their asses up and escort them to the FEMA camps as well. The entire lot of them, however, would never be worth one feral cow or steer.

      29. This is off topic, non the less important.

        The use of words of defecation,etc., in ALL forms of media is, PANDEMIC!


        Evidently your INTELLECT is still stuck in the STONE AGE.

        In order to EDUCATE and INSPIRE people to live, speak and cooperate in a symbiotic Peaceful society, we MUST clean up the language in our social circles, news media and within ourselves.

        Remember, we are easily influenced by mass media, our peers, associates and friends in our lives.


        And by the way, those of you that indulge in foul language, you sound like, IGNORANT CHILDREN TRYING TO SOUND LIKE ADULTS WITH NO COMMON SENSE.

        Don’t worry, the 100th Monkey Effect that will soon be here, will slap your consciousness back to SANITY.


        • Aw, shit. Loosen up. Aint the end of the world yet. If you let foul language bug you so much, your probably a metrosexual. And squeemish.

          And what the fucks up w/ namaste? You foreign born too?

          • TJR;
            LoL, I thought you were joking! But your serious, so its even funnier.

            I love when I see namaste on car bumper stickers, makes me want to drive my F350 over the hood of their prius. I get that same feeling when I see the coexist stickers.


        • Ahhh, no ones forcing you to read it.

          Maybe you just arnt awake enough yet to be plum mad dog mean yet, wait until its at your door and see if you dont feel like saying something of four letter caliber

          plus , We dont need you to correct us, or tell us how to express our feelings , this is a free country ( sort of)

          doubt your An American , so you probably dont get it anyways

          see , i was nice .. i could have said F You ! 🙂

        • The whole world is a blaze 🙁

        • TJR fuck that don’t get all butt hurt over words life is to short

      30. I could be wrong but I think they have been doing this for a while. I knew 3 or 4 guys in New Orleans. Always in the same spot. They disappeared around 9 or 10 months ago.

      31. I live in Southern California and still seeing many homeless and beggars on the street. Honestly, I want the cops to round up all the homeless and beggars and house them somewhere. They are disturbing my business. Loitering and begging in front of my business cause the customers to leave.

        • wait until the day you are one of patient … its coming

          • Really people..
            no one wants to be homeless,, no more compassion for your fellow man?
            when was the last time you did something nice for the person who got fucked over by their government before you did?

            were all in their crosshairs..some just got there sooner

            think about it

            • ht tp://

              the wolf will be at every ones door.. thats the plan



      34. I quest people will just disappear because no one can afford to take care of them ?

      35. and so it begins…

        “THE PURGE!”

        and zio-neocon designed genocidal eugenic control of zog amerikan society. these homeless people will be deliberately poisoned to sterilize them , shorten their life cycles and quicken their deaths. similar to what has been done to zog amerikan military veterans.


      36. if W.W.III does kick off , what will you do ???

        “Will you fight for Zog Amerika’s Zio-Neocons?”


        “Become a Independent Sovereign Citizen and Refuse to fight for the zio-neocons illegal wars!”

        “If Zog AmeriKa was invaded by foreign B.R.I.C.G.S. troops would you fight for the amerikan zio-neocons zionist fascist homeland security gestapo defense forces?”


        “Fight only as a independent Sovereign Citizen protecting only your own neighborhoods and homes?”

        * personally: “I refuse to fight for or support the Zog Amerikan zio-jews and their Amerikan zio-christian goyim whores, now controlling once free America!”

        “I will become Sovereign and fight to the death for the Sovereign Constitutionalists American cause.”


        • Zog Police Officers kicked off SWAT after Bundy Ranch Sniper comment

          “I just wish you could see how big that guy prone with the rifles head was in the scope of the (police) Snipers .308 …. don’t worry, he wouldn’t have have felt a thing!”

          ~ las vegas metro swat team sniper: Police Officer Laws posted.

          las vegas metro police department motto:

          “To Punish and Enslave!”


          … more

        • War Is Coming
          Driving the world to war that no one can win

          The extraordinary propaganda being conducted against Russia by the US and UK governments and Ministries of Propaganda, a.k.a., the “Western media,” have the purpose of driving the world to war that no one can win. European governments need to rouse themselves from insouciance, because Europe will be the first to be vaporized due to the US missile bases that Europe hosts to guarantee its “security.”

      37. Off Topic but somewhat related…Braveheart, Cowdoc, TN Andy and other fellow TN folks did you see where we were sent 760, and probably more if the truth be told, of these illegal immigrants to TN?Haslam has sent a letter but it won’t change anything. So we “round up” the homeless, kill our veterans and provide homes for illegals! My blood is boiling this morning.

      38. The government finds them to be a burden? Come on, this is what the government wants us all to become, financially, physically, mentally, and religiously dependent upon it.

        • The Gov. draws the line when it realizes you are not a dependable source of a positive vote.
          — Miss Dee Dee

      39. In a resource-stressed world, chipping and population control is, I am afraid, the only option. The days of when you could just let people roam and be indifferent to their fate, is over. Just look at Ebola or HIV – these things run wild if you do not get on top of the population.

        As for the homeless population, due to their insecure living conditions and poor hygiene and health, they are high-risk diseases incubation groups. Petri dishes for epidemics.

        I have always found the US puzzling for tolerating such widespread human degradation in its urban areas and not see how it would blowback in all sorts of diseases (antibiotic-resistant TB, HIV/AIDS, strep, MRSA, etc.).

        • “I have always found the US puzzling for tolerating such widespread human degradation in its urban areas and not see how it would blowback in all sorts of diseases (antibiotic-resistant TB, HIV/AIDS, strep, MRSA, etc.).”

          We have up until now evidently, tolerated it because this country was not a totalitarian worker’s utopia and people are not to be herded, penned and inoculated against their will like cattle.

          Many of these people are homeless because they CHOOSE to live that way. It’s their choice. Leave them alone.

          The world is “resource stressed” because of the stupid, or sometimes intentional, mismanagement by governments.

          “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” ”
          –C.S. Lewis–

          • Sorry Walt, but maybe your experience is vastly different then mine when dealing with homeless people, but the majority of homeless people I have dealt with do NOT want to be homeless.

            The only ones I have seen that prefer to be homeless have significant mental issues, etc.

            The ones who are addicted to drugs are homeless because of the drugs. The can’t keep any job because of drug use, therefore can’t pay rent.

            The ones who do not fall in to one of those two groups desperately want a place to live. They are humiliated to be homeless, but have no other option.

      40. My BS detector is going off on this one…. The whistleblower would have gone to an NGO or something. Where’s the evidence?!?

      41. We got at least 1200 here in NC. I suspect this is only the minimum “reported” ones.

      42. Another anonymous source. Makes it very hard to verify.

      43. Ha!
        Hotel California

        Where have i seen that said before and by whom? 😉

        you can check out ..but you can never leave

        • I know those roach motel buggie thing
          roaches check in but they don’t check out

      44. ht tp://

      45. if W.W.III does kick off , what will you do ???


        Depends on what WW3 looks like. Cyber, Financial or Nuclear Exchange, ground warfare/invasion.

        Maybe I will fight for no more bullshit and no more lies and secrets. Fight for the things that once made us good people and a great nation, but now forgotten.
        Fight to bring those to justice that have harmed this nation in so many ways.

        • I got a sinking feeling that WW3 already started

        • Bust a cap on a cold one (12 0z pork chop)…..or two.

      46. ht tp://

        speaking of CaliFornia

        Guns in America: Why I Think It’s Time for California to Stop Fighting Peruta vs. San Diego

      47. As in the movie Logan’s Run
        Logan – “No! Don’t go in there! You don’t have to die! No one has to die at 30!”

      48. Mostly likely the govt is making roon for the new crop of illegals in the local shelters…..

        If you were born here, you are now a 3rd class citizen in the eyes of this govt…

      49. It has indeed started. The herding of “those that are in their way” has begun. It will only get worse from here.

        Can you imagine someone coming along, taking you by the scruff of the neck and taking you to a place where you CANNOT LEAVE, putting a chip in you (like you would do your pet cat or dog) and lock you away for the rest of your life.

        Get wise out there people. (That’s a tall order from where I sit, too.) Because most people have NO idea what is going on around them.

        • With due process, yes, I can. What else do you do with guys like Charlie Manson?

      50. Be careful of Paul Joseph Watson.

        • Amen brother! That CS’r has an agenda.

      51. ht tp://

        sorry O/T
        this hit me hard this morning
        I read the original story yesterday
        As a pilot and a father.
        I feel for this situation
        the father died on impact, the daughter lasted a day in intensive care .

        My prayers go out to them and their family , and to the pilot .. he’s going to need prayers too

      52. King of O/T today .. my apologies

        “There is no longer any basis on which this court can conclude that the District of Columbia’s total ban on the public carrying of ready-to-use handguns outside the home is constitutional under any level of scrutiny,” federal Judge Frederick J. Scullin ruled in a decision made public over the weekend. “Therefore, the court finds that the District of Columbia’s complete ban on the carrying of handguns in public is unconstitutional.”

        ht tp://

      53. I am already in survival mode here. When I tear off two paper towels if one will do or think of throwing away the last bit of food in a container, I stop and think about how I will need that later and stop myself. We have been conserving water for years here, but I am even more stingy with it now. Not exactly the way I hoped to spend my Golden Years. Something evil this way comes…

        • You are not alone my friend….

      54. See the most raw and uncut documentary on the homeless people in Los Angeles, Skid Row. Documentary is titled “Los Scandalous – Skid Row.” See the crazy trailer here:

      55. You would think that all the illegals would be housed there. And Vets and Homeless would be afforded the opportunity to relocate and given bennies. Just saying

        Pretty screwed up I think!

      56. yes, yes.. as if nobody will say.. mark of the beast.. their numbers will start with 666

      57. Russians say there is going to be a war. Not maybe. The Globalists have surrounded Russia and now they must fight or surrender. This is not business as usual. Don’t watch the boob tube. Do your final preps, now. The MSM is ramping up the propaganda. This is what they do before a war.

      58. This is wrong. Homeless first then who is next?
        I’m hoping that someone will fight this. This is as Unconstitutional As not being an American citizen to become Prez. That was a wrong analogy! But you know where I’m coming from. If we don’t get rid of these turds in DC we are all looking at the SING OF THE BEAST!

      59. The surprise in the coming war will be when Germany stays neutral. They ain’t stupid. That’s their plan.

        • ummm yeah … kinda how japan tried to stay neutral and close the amerikan military base in okinawa.

          And israehell zio-jews mossad and the zog amerikan cia nuked the japanese fukushima nuclear reactor and at the same time set-off nuclear daisy-chain bombs along the ocean floor on the fukushima coast line causing a tsunami 3/11.

          if the germans try to change sides go to the brics , or stay neutral israehell and amerika will punish them as they did japan on 3/11.


          • Is there a prize for the most asinine post on the Web today? If so I’m sure you’ll get at least a dishonorable mention.

        • P.T.
          Germany can’t stay neutral.
          They will have to side with one or the other.
          They need fuel to run their country. The will get it from Russia or the US.
          They are a member of NATO. They just put the country back together in 1990. The eastern side of Germany remembers how bad it was under the USSR. It would be hard to believe that they would wont that again.

          Last but not least is if there is a war there won’t be a nation that is no effected. It will go nuclear!

          I don’t believe that there will be a war. It is all a scare tactic so the military can build things to get the economies jump started.

          My opinion!


          • Almost twenty years ago I was in Germany for a time, and one night I listened to a pretty serious Ratskellar discussion of how it was Germany’s duty to take over Russia and manage it properly.

      60. This story makes the rounds every few years with the super paranoid ultra-right. It always has an unnamed “leaker” from some “ultra-super-secret-agency” and there is NEVER- EVER any proof. I have yet to see any micro-chipped bums ,refugees, or train loads of Jesus Bambies on there way to the FEMA death camps. Most of you are FAR more likely to fall for an ultra right con man, and wind up in a “Jonestown” than you are to land in a FEMA death camp.

        • As someone has already pointed out, if you have a modern cellphone you already are “chipped”. So why bother with implantation?.

      61. I remember a time where seeing the homeless rove the streets where I live. Over night it seems they have disappeared.

        Also, The State of North Carolina has/is developing transitional housing for homeless probationers/parolees.

        No word on how they will track them.

      62. “According to the source, law enforcement teams will soon be rounding up homeless individuals on the streets, checking them into the facilities, and detaining them indefinitely for “their own health and safety.” What may be even more alarming, however, is that the government is reportedly planning on embedding these individuals with RFID chips presumably to track their whereabouts.”

        First, they go after the unborn.
        Then, they go after the homeless.
        Then, they go after the elederly
        After attaining multiple past precedents, they dictate population’s behavior, reproduction, and euthanasia.

        “the whistleblower says that Los Angeles County is preparing to round up and forcibly house homeless citizens in detention facilities referred to internally by department employees as “FEMA Camps,” though the source says that they have been instructed to refer to the detention areas as “low cost housing” facilities.”

        I am compelled to highlight the largely misleading and public relations use of the slogan ‘low cost housing’.
        1. Low cost housing is a major component of Agenda 21’s sustainable development mechanism that ties into land-use and environmental accounting that determines land-use.
        2. I have actually seen some article written as a humanitarian and compassionate plea to provide homeless and those in extreme poverty to be given low cost housing and low cost housing facility access.
        3. I also read not long ago that low housing facilities would be needed for the homeless in Ohio especially during a slight conflict with a Ohio Police Department in which a wife has been missing and last seen by a tent city in Ohio where the tent city residents assert the PD had destroyed tents and other property, and the ‘railroad’ company where the tent city is located has pressured the police to remove them for ‘their own health and safety’. The article went on at some length about how the tent city residents don’t really have anywhere else to go, so they are in need of low cost housing facilities.

        In other words, the homeless are deemed a blight, and it is a contrary evidence towards their so-called tauted recovery.

      63. While I am reasonably paranoid(with reason!),will say the highlight that led to la services did not mention forced camps but talked about a 38 bed recuperation home for folks coming from hospital,another highlight pointed to alex site with basically same article.I will need to see more but always will keep my eyes open for “forced homes”for the homeless,keep prepping folks!

      64. Welcome to the Hotel California.

      65. They tried to put the low income and homeless in the projects here in detroit, they burned it down . Now they roam the suburbs in gangs

      66. “they can’t leave” and I find it difficult to believe even with everything that’s happening before our eyes that the homeless will get a life sentence for being in poverty.

      67. I read some of the first comments (don’t have time for them all) and here’s my reply.

        1. It’s true. They’ve already been putting them in camps in at least one state. Local governments try all kinds of things to get rid of their homeless…taking them to other jurisdictions and dropping them off, arresting them, putting spikes beside a building door so that homeless people won’t sleep there, making it illegal to feed the homeless all over the country, making it illegal for the homeless to have blankets in one Florida city. So there is no reason to think they wouldn’t put them in a camp to get them out of the way. They give them a “choice,” arrest or camp.

        2. Alex Jones was mentioned as being a kook and a liar. I have been listening to him for around 15 years and have seen time and time again where outrageous things he said, things that I have thought surely there’s no way that could happen, have happened. Time and time again. Truth is stranger than fiction and he sounds crazy because he is ahead of his time. He knew the government was going to allow planes to fly into buildings in NY and blame it on terrorists, and even asked people to call their congressmen about stopping Bin Laden, the summer before it happened. He’s careful about the info he puts out, making sure it’s reliable first. He reads white papers and books written by policymakers where they tell of their plans, and these plans are so evil and incredible that people tend to disbelieve it until it happens. Sometimes he puts out alerts based on hearsay, only if it’s an imminent danger where he would be negligent if he said nothing. That’s very rare though.

        3. The RFID chip isn’t necessarily the mark of the beast. It could be what’s used eventually, or it may be something entirely different. That said, I wouldn’t take one, personally, just to be sure. If you need it to get by, then, well, maybe it IS the MotB. If you don’t need it, then there’s no reason to get it.

      68. THIS is Just a Test!!! Our Government just wants
        to see if American Citizens will Tolerate this

      69. This sounds somewhat plausible, however having to rely on an “anonymous whistleblower” as the only source for this information is problematic.

        I wouldn’t disregard it entirely, rather wait for an independent confirmation from another source before believing it fully.

      70. At least this is a little more fair than what L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaragosa had been doing – giving them one-way bus tickets to Lancaster and Bakersfield.

      71. This should scare normal citizens as well, this is how the american government plans to slowly roll out and implant a chip in every person. You Americans are that stupid and subservient that you are blindly walking into a police state. 1984 George Orwell. 9/11 was your new pearl harbour. Whether it was deliberate I cannot speculate on. The american government is using 9/11 to slowly errode every right you have. Wake the fuck up before its too late. Like the article says , I come for the Jews and I did nothing cause this did not affect me, then I come for the homeless, and again, I said nothing cause it did not affect me, then they came for me and I had no one.

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