HOSED DOWN: America’s Back – I DON’T BUY IT!

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    This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    Fiat currencies are a STRANGE INVENTION. Sometimes, they fail miserably. At other times, they fail slowly, but NEVER have they been able to STAY ALIVE for long. Even the British Pound, the oldest fiat currency of them all, doesn’t have MUCH GOING FOR IT.

    Fiat currencies are INHERENTLY diminishing in value since the money supply will ALWAYS INCREASE. The world is getting richer, so even if we were under a gold standard, the currency supply would enlarge constantly.

    The BIG DIFFERENCE would be that it would have grown in accordance with debt and productivity levels. Politicians couldn’t JUST CREATE new units on a whim, nor could central bankers LEND currency to the entire RUSSELL 2000 index.

    Simply put, when a central bank creates MORE CURRENCY than is needed for an economy, which it ERRONEOUSLY DOES, the excess currency floats to the rich and to assets, which inflate in price.

    It’s easy to DETECT this flow of currency and it is what fuels our public debt.

    Courtesy: Incrementum AG

    The public learns TO DEPEND on this ballooning deficit (as shown above), instead of on itself for solutions. They don’t develop skills, but they develop dependence, which is just what politicians want – TRAPPED VOTERS.

    Finally, what happens is that there’s STRESS between those who can’t figure out how the game of life works and those who have got the knowledge and the strategies.

    Debt is a disaster, and if you think that just because there’s LOW INFLATION that debt doesn’t come with a price tag, YOU’RE WRONG.

    Debt allows bad actors to get rich at your expense. It allows deep state to operate and PERPETUATES POVERTY.

    Courtesy: Incrementum AG

    This is the reason that in EVERY COUNTRY, the best option is to STORE WEALTH in gold, as you can see above!

    I believe in American enterprise and I believe in this country and its people, but I’m NOT NAÏVE. Most have LITTLE TO NO financial education and can’t understand basic economic terms.

    I don’t see this changing anytime soon and though it saddens me, I know the part I have to play in this and that is to publish this letter and inspire anyone that listens that the door to wealth is open, but it’s NOT EASY.

    Through this platform, my objective is to allow everyone to COME INTO the world of finance.

    Think about the fact that if every American adult would go out and buy 6 ounces of silver (worth around $100 today), more than one billion ounces of silver would be needed. This would bring forth the national debt debate TO THE FRONT AND CENTER and would FORCE AUTHORITIES to figure out new ways to conduct themselves.

    Wealth creates destinies, not handouts.

    Courtesy: Incrementum AG

    It is DEEPLY DISTURBING that they don’t show this chart in schools and mainstream media outlets. EVERYONE should know that they’re saving wealth in a ticking TIME BOMB unless they own precious metals.

    America’s future will be great, but the problem is that it’s not inclusive; the GDP grows, but so do the polarities between classes. The rich are FINDING OUT that unless they learn profitable ways TO ELEVATE others out of poverty, by inspiring them to get trained in new skills, and unless the government LEAVES STUDENT TUITION alone so that its price can fall by 90% and be realistic, the income gap will continue to WIDEN and they’ll be scrutinized much more and won’t be cherished for creating jobs, but vilified for exploiting workers.

    America’s back, but its problems remain BLATANTLY VISIBLE.

    Don’t be fooled.

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      1. America can no longer afford to have a stock market. It must be shut down and outlawed. America proved that we can no longer afford to have a stock market after the inside job controlled demolition 9/11 attacks, with the various government agencies failing to hold the actual terrorists accountable, with knowingly and wrongly blamiling Muslim terrorist actors that did not have anything to do with the 9/11 attacks, with knowingly and wrongly blaming seven countries for terrorism related to 9/11 that had nothing to do with it, which was really just from the dotcoms having a fraudulent business model, with the 2008 Wall Street looting, and with the coronavirus hoax, locking down the entire world for the sake of letting Wall Street save face, and then the Wall Street looting that followed, and now the George Floyd protests, with protests of a black man being murdered for two weeks, with police adding insult to injury during the protests by acting as violent, subversive, black block, anti-fa, agents provacateurs, with an economy that has been left in shambles, and with a government that refuses to hold the world’s most violent terrorists accountable for their crimes, and also gives everything away to Wall Street as a financial reward for being evil terrorists that have also destroyed our liberty with the Patriot Act, the American Freedom Act, and the Heroes Act which were all directly a result of the acts of terrorism committed by the psychopaths that work for Wall Street, or are financed through Wall Street. 

        This country is in many ways the worst country on earth, because of the people that live here and do things like this to America, which has all been aided by a psychopathic, pathological lying media, that has proven to be at least a thousand times worse than Donald Trump when measured in terms of collateral damage done to our country, as a result of the policies that they have pushed for, propagandized, as well as the policies and crimes that they have deliberately covered up and concealed from the public!

        At least everyone can now see that the federal, state, and local governments including the courts, the financial sector, technology sector, other corporations, healthcare sector, law enforcement sector, education sector, media sector, military, and global institutions are all throughly corrupt and totally rotten. It can no longer be denied by anyone expecting to maintain any degree of credibility. 

        Wealthy Americans were willing to sell their souls, and everyone else’s as well against their will, and destroy countries around the world, and the liberty of future Americans for short term gains in the stock market.

        -Andrea Iravani

      2. Maybe life is just a game to you, but it is more than that to me. It is not a game. You do not get to write the rules. Most would call your way cheating, by the way, since it involves fraud, or knowingly selling fraudulent investments to “greater fools”, which is extremely unappealing and unimaginable to non-cheaters and people with things called hearts, souls, and consciences. Your way destroyed the world. It is interest which causes inflation, and the deregulation that occured on Wall Street is the reason that so many banks and hedge funds are holding so many toxic investements that they have been dumping onto the Fed, that dumps them on to the Federal
        government through the Treasury department.
        -Andrea Iravani

      3. The only way to play the PM market is to sell into the highs and wait for it to crash, then begin buying again. Even Mike Maloney, the old PM sage, says he will sell his at the top and buy REAL assets…property and income producing business.

        Precious will never be regarded as money anytime soon. If and when it is, you will have much bigger problems than what your PMs are valued at. You will be scratching in the dirt for bugs to eat. It will be a Mad Max world with no surplus anywhere. No one will want your pretty rocks.

        PMs require a functioning monetary system to figure their value. Why do you think this author is determining their value in his chart against various fiats? That’s the only way to value it.

        Only 1 or 2 % of the public consider precious as money. What do you think they will value it at if the FRN crashes and you want to buy some…say…potatoes from the farmer down the road? You offer him a Mercury dime and tell him it’s worth a dollar. The farmer raises his shootin’ iron and sez “Sonny, that’s a dime…ten cents. Now git offen my property afore I feed ya to the hogs.”

      4. Michelle Gross from Minneapolis runs an organization called Communities Against Police Brutality that aims to require the police to be carry liability insurance similar to the way that the medical community is insured against mal-practice law suits as a solution to end police brutality.

        Michelle Gross stated on Loud and Clear Sputnik radio show that when police would be sued, their insurance premiums would rise, and if the police keep getting sued, that they would eventually just quit on their own because their premiums would be too expensive.

        In the context of having the stated goal of ending police brutality, one has to question how it is that allowing police that have engaged in police brutality being able to not only not be prosecuted for police brutality, but to remain in the police force with increasing insurance premiums with each act of police brutality would end police brutality.

        Additionally, those that are insured in the medical community against mal-practice, continue committing mal-practice.

        It is a well known fact that insurance providers do not seek to pay those seeking damages, but aim to prevent damages being awarded in court.

        This appears to be a non-solution for ending police brutality.
        -Andrea Iravani

      5. Don’t worry about it, just vote for Trump this November.

        • I am no longer willing to select bad choices presented to me. I will not vote for anyone in 2020. I am impatiently waiting for an end to corruption in America. I refuse to participate in this horrendously corrupt swirling blob of chaos, also on the grounds of self-preservation, since psychopathy is now the prevailing ideology in this country. The DNC is insanely wreckless for knowingly electing a clearly senile candidate that is by all accounts mentally incompetent. The fact that Jill Biden is a physician, and is not preventing this from taking place is proof to the world that she is a wicked and evil bitch that has been directly and actively committing elder abuse, along with the entire DNC.

          -Andrea Iravani

      6. I think that scrip is a version of govt permissions, never particularly intended to have any tangible value, whatsoever. It would make no difference, to me, if had showed Pharaoh’s signet ring, to a merchant.

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