Horrific Consequences: “People Don’t Understand the Scale of the Emergency That’s Going On Right Now”

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Back in the mid-2000’s, when jobs were plentiful and everyone was concerned with buying zero-interest homes, new cars and taking luxury vacations, Mike Maloney from the Hidden Secrets of Money was warning of the financial and economic destruction to come. In his assessment, a crisis was imminent:

First the threat of deflation (1), followed by a helicopter drop (2), followed by big reflation (3), followed by a real deflation (4), and then followed by hyperinflation (5),

We now know that Maloney was right.

In 2008 we saw asset valuations from stocks to commodities lose significant value. It was a deflationary impact so threatening that the U.S. government was on the brink of a collapse which subsequently led to members of Congress being warned that if nothing was done there would be tanks on the streets of America. This was followed by an unprecedented bailout package, which included an astronomical infusion of cash by the Federal Reserve under the direction of Chairman Ben Bernanke. Since then we’ve seen a massive reflation in a system where the economic fundamentals have only gotten worse – stock markets have hit all time highs, home prices have seemingly re-stabilized and personal debt is approaching 2007 levels.

Mike’s first three stages have, without a doubt, now come to pass.

If his forecast is correct – and it sure seems like it – then we will soon enter the next stage of this crisis and it will involve yet another deflationary hit to global asset prices. We know how destabilizing such an event can be from our country’s experience during the Great Depression. But as Mike notes in a follow-up to his original forecast, the next event will be nothing like what we saw during the 1930’s:

I think it’s going to be a whole lot worse than the 30’s…

People don’t understand the scale of the emergency that’s going on right now. 

They think that Ben Bernanke fixed things and that the economy is back on track, but the Fed is still doing emergency measures. They’re printing $85 billion a month – that’s over a trillion dollars a year… and people do not grasp the scale of the emergency measures that they’re doing right now.

There was just a little over $800 billion of base money in existence before the crisis in 2008… that’s 200 years worth of currency creation… So that’s 0.8 trillion… now we create a trillion every year… that means we’re creating more than 200 years of currency every single year

…For him [Bernanke] to say that they’re not going to taper is an admission that they can never, ever taper… If they do the whole thing comes crashing down.

I think the crash of 2008 was just a speed bump on the way to the main event… the consequences are gonna be horrific… the rest of the decade will bring us the greatest financial calamity in history.

If Maloney is right, then the next crash is going to be followed by something so severe that many have suggested our civilization may not survive in its current form.

Hyperinflation on this scale, originating in the United States, will lead to immediate global consequences. First, our systems of commerce break down. Next, the government will be left with no choice but to implement a state of martial law, something they have been war-gaming for years in anticipation of this very event. And finally, as noted by many contrarian experts, the world could very rapidly descend into widespread global conflict.

We are, by all measures, on the very precipice of what is potentially the most enormous financial, economic, and social collapse in the history of the world.

Both scenarios – deflation and inflation – are going to impoverish this nation and make it nearly impossible for people to acquire the basic necessities for life. One hundred million people are already struggling right now and are only capable of paying their rent and putting food on the table because of direct government assistance.

When the system collapses that assistance will not be enough and those who failed to prepare by stocking long-term food stores, gold and silver, and barter supplies are going to be living in horrific conditions.

This is big – and most people are completely ignorant to the possibility.

Inflation is Running at 40-Year Highs!

Negative interest rates are taxing savers, creating food shortages, and making life miserable in the United States!

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    1. jim in Va.

      Spend it while you got it….wisely!

      • Rodster

        One thing that has slipped below the radar and i’ve been harping on this which is …China!

        While The Fed has been pumping 4T into it’s banking system since 2009, China has gone ballistic outdoing The Fed by pumping $15 Trillion into it’s Banks !

        To top it off they have a secret shadow banking system of their own that some of the experts on King World News have said are massively over leveraged.

        The bottom line is that while some think China might escape a total meltdown there are some experts who are beginning to say, not so fast.

        Gerald Celente has been on record many times by saying “the entire global financial system is RIGGED” There is the possibility that if a meltdown starts it could cause a domino effect and everything COLLAPSES, China included.

        Also David Stockman said in a recent KWN interview that he believes The Fed is engineering a GLOBAL COLLAPSE !

        Why? My guess is that they may feel if they can’t win then no one else will be left standing.

        • Kulafarmer

          The economies of almost all developed countries are so incredibly interconnected that if one goes they will definitely all feel the pain,, that is the problem with all these free trade agreements.
          That constant search for more more more
          Stupid if you ask me,
          What i have found in my little farm business is it is a destructive cycle
          More and bigger is not better.
          Unless you are greedy, then sure, on the surface more is bigger better, higher gross sales,
          You will then need more inputs,
          If your organic you need twice the labor as most herbicides are not approved
          So more equals more out of your pocket, and then if you get a few weeks of crappy weather?
          You still gotta pay your labor,
          So you make even less on the crops you can sell
          Its crazy, i can just sit back and chill, no overhead!
          Its like all this free trade,
          We sell them way less than they sell us, guess what that is a huge negative because more money is constantly leaving never to be seen again…
          How is that good for us?
          Im not a financial guy and even i can see that,
          It is part of that 4th turning

          • Rodster

            Yes it’s greed but it’s much more than that. It’s also Control and Power. As a sovereign nation you get the top mantle on the world’s stage, economically and militarily. The US enjoyed that status for many decades. Now with the abuse of that power by the US other nations want to cede that control and power from the US.

            So its more than greed at play which I agree with. My feeling is that the US will not go without a fight and what thise who have run our Govt into the ground, I wouldn’t put anything past them. They are cpable of doing anything to hold onto their control and power.

            • OutWest

              Everyone holds the key in their hand,

              but it seems like only the prepper/survivalists

              are aware of which door it opens.

              • Be informed

                You know what is so pathetic about this is that the same destructive course towardcs war and the upheavel of civilization is going on that has happened since people started to build cities. It does not have to be financial and that helicopter ben that needs a bath of tar and barrel of turkey feathers dropped on him. It is the demise of society we are all witnessing here.

                It is not just money, it is people and the evil that is warping them around to do their bidding for them. Money is just one tool of what is happening. You look at the way people use to have morals and decency. Now instead of children learning to be fair and good to others, we have these parasites that jiggle their wares on stage drinking blood giving alliance to Satan and others promoting being sluts at age 8. Then you have these pedophiles that are trying to brainwash young kids that being around weirdos is okay because they have rights also. This is the land of insanity.

                The whole scheme of the money and the demantling of human beings is pure wickedness at work. I NEVER thought in my lifetime I would see such a rapid decay of humans unless there was some Mad Max situation or some global nuclear war. I mean I see people, especially parents even encouraging their children to go down the path of Sodom and Gomarrah. Satire has been made about this that is becoming no longer funny.

                Look at the censorship that is plauging so many other web sites that ban free speech, even on many of these sites that preach free speech and are “suppose to be” against the destruction of the Constitution. Look at what happens when someone talks about not allowing their children around these deviants becaquse they are dangerous. Those people trying to protect their sons, daughters, or other relatives from being raped are labled as anti-homosexuals, anti-transgender, anti-free choice. This is beyond wrong, it is evil getting a total foothold on everything. Some parents might even get sited for discrimination for trying to save their kids from soon to be criminals that belong in prison.

                Yes, we are seeing the last days before the apocalypse. Money is simply a part of a huge picture in which each of us is being somehow given a choice. Follow evil and the beast, or follow what is right and good. There seems to be no sitting on the fence anymore, it is one or the other. I for one choice the good side, and if stating what is obvious about the demented perverts gets me into political correctness hot water, good. People need to stand up to these new sets of control and acceptance of utter sickness and what is wrong. Thankfully there is still a number of people that know what is right and wrong. The more light of truth you can shine on the darkness of evil the weaker it becomes.

                It may be hell for awhile, but good should win over what is wrong. This is why it is so important to be ready for the nightmare coming. Not just with preps, but be ready for the massive ugliness and pure weirdness that is coming mentally and spiritually. Getting tough mentally and spiritually is another valuable asset in preparedness that every prepper/survivialist should consider part of the survival stockpile.

                • SilverSax

                  Amen, brother. Well said.

                • .02

                  Comon BI, it has always been this way. Humans are a flawed specie. Remember Ghangis Chan? Attilla The Hun, Alexander The Great etc etc etc? Go forth and conquer is what humans do and you cant get a good army to kill, rape, slaughter and maim if they have morals. Face it, we are no different than we have ever been.

                • Be informed

                  @ .02. There is a difference now because people a generation or two had an upswing of getting on the right track towards becoming better people. Now the decline is like most people have fallen off the cliff. It is scary to see how fast most individuals have rotted away on all levels. Look at 1980, people were nothing like they are now. Just look at their physical apprearances thanks to the crap they are eating.

                  The difference now in comparisons to barbaric times is mankind now has thre tools to wipe and civilization and the planet’s surface. People now are actually trained like they were on what is wrong and unlike before 1960 or so they have an inundation of this at some many levels. At least in prior technology days kids and adults alike had a safe haven to go to.

                  Another huge difference is something not seen since people begun writing on animal skins and then paper, is the drifting away from books. How many people now don’t even know what a book is anymore. Look at how newspapers and book stores are going out of business in favor of a soon to be filtered internet. Knowledge is being screened more and more each day thanks to BO and these others that aim to destroy the truth and wisdom.

                  To me what is most frightening and a whopper of a difference between hundreds of years ago and now is the evil can get into people’s lives far easier, it is thousands of times more organized. My friend, I would take barbaric days like what you see in these terrible recreations like the TV series that are on the cable services than the living nightmares that evil has planned in the future like controlling your brain with implants like a BORG in Star Trek. This is like living in a body that can’t move and even think on its own. I can’t imagine a living hell worse than this. That is the difference between then and now and later. This is what BO and other elitists have planned for humans, to turn them into androids in which your very thoughts are not even your own. That is pure evil at work, far worse than anything the past as ever tormented people with. The 2nd Amendment is basically the ONLY safegaurd to this not easily happening.

                • .02

                  @ BI Naw. I don’t agree. I don’t think there ever was a time that humans could or would “get on the right track.” Simply because that is not who we are as a specie. Look at what we have done to the planet itself. Even if we don’t destroy ourselves with war or become some kind of cyborg as you envision, there is probably less than 3 generations before we all are cooked by Fukushima IF they can get the rods out of the SPF 4 without explosion and collapse and IF they somehow can find and contain the 3 missing cores, and IF there are no more Nuke meltdowns all of which I highly doubt. Look at Chernobyl and Fukushima and Vietnam, Korea, Hitler, 60 million dead in Russia last century etc etc etc and realize THIS IS WHO WE REALLY ARE! The floating plastic Island the size of Texas in the Pacific, the dead zones across the planet’s oceans, the gusher and toxic corexit in the gulf, and simply… Africa. Do I have to continue?

                • Be informed

                  @ .02. I saw some hope years ago, but now we are so F’ed. To me the acceleration has the pedal now floored. Just look at what has happened in the past few years. I really think that God or some higher force of some sort is going to have to give the people some serious help. I remember that one line in the second Terminator movie that Arnie said, you’re destine to destroy yourselves. I try to hold on to that hope, be it false or not that someway something good will come through after the doomsday finally hits. i so much enjoy the movie “The Postman” as from the ruins came freedom like a Phoenix coming from the burning ashes.

                  I though am somewhat realisitic and understand that humans could become extinct through their own savage nature and a bad gene or two or three or four….. I just know that someone that wishes to see the light at the end of the tunnel, if there is one, that we must be prepared. This comes in preps, knowing how to live off of nature, be able to scrounge around and forage, live by one’s wits, be very inventive, have really good mental toughness, and so much more.

                  I do know about the rotteness that humans have done to the planet, their homes, where they have to live. It is called that most people are lacking a conscience or a brain that function to see that they are killing off their own meal ticket. What a choice we have, either go through the beast governments gaining more and more power until most everyone is hooked up to a central brain like a hive, or a world that looks like the movies, The Road, The Day After, Threads. I don’t see a third time line unless something comes to the rescue.

                  Still I personally would take my chances in a post nuclear war world than some horror sci-fact scenario in which you are not even a person anymore. Lots of imbeciles today actually think it would be wonderful to linked to a central point, the government and have automatic access to everything you need. I have just depressed myself the rest of the night. I still say that preppers/survivlaists are the future of what is left after whatever happens.

                • .02

                  @BI Sorry about the depression but remember these things must come to pass before the 1000 years with Christ. Worry not because this is how it MUST be. It is no different than a parent telling the child “don’t touch that it is hot” and what does the child do? He touches it. Humans never grow up and become enlightened. We are forever in day care fighting over the coveted toy of the other. This is our flaw. This is our ruin. The number one sin of pride is the planet wrecker, civilization destroyer. Show me anyone who doesn’t take pride in something. Pride is preached as a good thing from the bottom to the top of this festering cesspool yet it is the gateway to all the other nasty human traits. From pride comes greed, gluttony,lust, murder- humans growing cold towards others, lovers of selves over doing the right thing. Most people will tell you that it is greed destroying things, but this is wrong. It is pride.

                  Look up friend, our redemption draws nigh. Without Christ, there is no hope. I pity atheists because this shithole and all things in it is all they have to look forward to.
                  Cast off the chains, reject the world and all things in it, for we are destined for much greater things. The blood at the foot of the throne will not be silenced much longer.

                  Even so.. come Lord Jesus

                • Anonymous

                  Agreed and well said.

                • Just_Sayin

                  BI… your frustration with mankind is becoming unhealthy. You should put down the remote and stop watching so many movies about the very thing you despise. It’s not all cyborgs and zombies with chips running around outside your door… right?

                • Anonymous

                  Its because of TV, Be-Infomed. My Grandma used to say that TV is of the devil. Now, I see how right she was! Because of TV, people sit on their hunches a great part of the day, getting fat. Because of TV, people eat junk food they see advertised on TV. Because of TV, people have no idea what is going in their government. Because of TV, people have forgotten God. Because of TV, people have lost their connection to the land (which GOD made). People have become drunk with arrogance and they are bound to fall.

                • Mr. Jonz

                  Look at our leaders and institutions. Political, corporate, financial and religious, all corrupt to the core. Wealth does not trickle down, but greed, corruption, criminality and degeneracy most certainly do.

                • Nimrod Hunter

                  The comments below are nested too far in, so I’m replying here. I actually agree with both BI and .02. I think BI was originally pointing out that the quality of the “average guy” has degraded since the ’50s, and with that I have to agree. Just look at newscasts, documentaries, movies, books, and manner of speech that people possessed in the 50s and early 60s, before the “counter-culture” ventured out naively and foolishly to change everything on principle, whether change was needed or not. Later, the “hippies” became disillusioned and even later their proteges became frankly Satanic; witness Nordic “death metal”, bestiality support groups, and suicide pacts a la Marshall Applewhite, Jim Jones, and others. Even later, the masses (in America, at least) seemed to have become thoughtless, inarticulate, inured to violence, and entire communities became willing seek the lowest possible common denominator for humanity.
                  On the other hand, I agree with .02 that there is a universal problem with human nature that transcends geography, race, historical epoch, and culture. I also agree with .02 that there burst into the world of material phenomena Christ the Logos and it is only through that eternal Word that we can be saved from our determined evil, blindness, and erratic staggering into oblivion.

                • maddog

                  Perfect analogy bi. As always I say bring on the reset and culling, and more culling and then some more culling of the parasites of our society. With some luck and a lot of help from the good lord maybe our children will not suffer to much and the country can be saved.

                • americantruth

                  Agree and applaud and join you on the soap box of encouragement.
                  Consider a deeper layer, a face of the puppet master if you will…
                  Consider a methodical undertaking of centuries….
                  Consider a complicity of 2 merging sides of the same “evil” puppetmaster….
                  Consider the most unbelievable lies ever told…

                  Remember to compare (test) ALL thIngs against the Word.

                  Read about history American and world that you were never taughtIn the government run funded controlled schools. (I highly recommend deanna spignola’s books The Ruling Elite (2011 and 2012), Solzhenitsyn ^ s 200 years together (a partially translated English version Is finally available after 11 yrs of volunteer global cooperation–its been published in russian french and german since 2002 & 2003). And many others for those that might be interested
                  Yes it will seem that we must “choose” sides as the sides appear as polar opposites in many respects.
                  Remember nothing happens in God’s world without his consent. He allows kings to posess the kingdoms He wills.
                  Please do not misunderstand me. I have loved America and being an American. But things are not what I was “lead to believe” about this country and many other institutions and concepts. All I can say is this is bigger than most are even imagining–cuz we cant imagine this big.
                  Knowing “church” history and the Bible is imperative as is the true history knowledge.
                  By rushing to fight or take up arms people react just as hoped and orchestrated. We have manipulated our entire lives by the influence of information and interpretation of information that has been fed to us.. .truly the boiling frog analogy is truth.
                  Know each man his Creator….personally….not as told…but individually and with a Bible translation as close to the original Hebrew Aramaic (and for some epistles Greek)…not the “sanitized” group think propagandized translations.
                  I have benefitted greatly from yashanet.com snd cogwriter.com for biblical perspectives.

                • Anonymous


                  excellent point. thank you.

                • Captain Ron

                  “Stand up… the more ya do it, the less ya fall down”

                • Josh

                  Hell Yes brother- The past few years I have experienced more disappointment and discouragement than I have the rest of the other 32 years in my life. I was pissed, bitter, and cold. But now I see- it’s God working in me and my inner voice speaking to me. Readying me for what is to come. Thank God

                • john becker


              • Yankee Doodle

                Well said.

            • Billy Idol

              In sumary, The Powers That Be will stop at nothing to keep from becoming The Powers That Were.

              • sixpack

                It’s our jobs and maybe life mission to help them make that transition to ‘has-beens’…

                • americantruth

                  Tenth amendment center online if u want to get active stopping them with constitutional authority.

            • dave

              Quote: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”- Rahm Emanuel
              Barak O’Bunghole’s handlers have a job just waiting for you: You can be paid to kill your own civilians who object to this- or- we can fustle up a little job for you in Iran?

            • Reynaldo

              Wrt to the US, I don’t think you can put it in the perspective of nations. It’s really the central banks, and for all we know the central banks might all work for the same master. Keep in mind that all these big bankers and corporate fat cats do not think in terms of patriotism and borders like we’re taught to. Their allegiance is to money and power only, and when they’re finished picking over the carcass of what’s left of our country they’ll just pack up and go someplace else. Even our elected representatives, I don’t think they care a rat hair about America. When the collapse comes they’ll be fleeing like cockroaches on their private jets.

          • Dabbobean

            Yes… What do they cal it?
            Mutually assured financial destruction.

        • Paranoid

          As long as they save “Gilligan’s Island” films it’s going to be OK. I stopped worrying about stuff I have no control over. I explained the whole thing to my dog and she agreed.

          • king krazy

            The expression “I stopped worrying about stuff I have no control over” seems antithetical to prepping. Worrying makes me prep for things I can’t control. i.e. weather, economy, disasters etc.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Alot of these articles have the similar SHTF theme and they preech to us the Prepper Choir. But honesty, you all know full well all the many Naysayers out there, both friends and family who just have Zero Coping skills to accept what REAL SHTF is coming? I have a woken a few, but It reminds me of the couple in the Titantic movie, all the while the ship is sinking, and the alarm bells ring, they are still going about their business, cleaning and straitening up their cabin room, either in denial, ignorant or just have no coping skills, or are neither able nor capable, nor willing to accept reality that the ship is sinking fast and they must leave. For these people ignorance will be bliss up to the last seconds of their lives, or suddenly wake up to the facts, after the water is up to their necks, and or the shelves are bare of toilet paper. I do not want nor choose to die a failure, or even worse, not even take any steps, knowing full well the demise of the future, to give it my best shot to improve my standard and quality of life, beyond “Real SHTF.” I relish the challenge of helping rebuild our great country “Post SHTF,” and restoring Democracy, Liberty, respect for the Constitution and Bill of Rights. And also caging, then hanging the scoundrels and tyrants who destroyed it. So who’s with me, sisters and brethran?

            • dave

              “This is your captain speaking- There is no cause for alarm- we are only stopping to take on a little ice”.

            • bill rogers

              To Whowuddathunkit……You need to remove “democracy” from your vocabulary. That political word was derived from communism. AMERICA IS NOT A DEMOCRACY, WE ARE A DAMN REPUBLIC, with respect to the individual not the collective. As for the rest of you, I personally hold God in my heart but I’m a grown man with my own mind, able to make my own decisions. I understand full well that something nasty and horrific is waiting out there. To say just put it in God’s hands or let him or Jesus sort it out is nonsense. We have so much power as human beings but yet most Americans choose to hand over their manhood to the NFL, MLB, NBA and other meaningless distractions. When you see fifteen or twenty of these clowns at your door, on your property ordering you to come out, I hope your faith alone will send them to the next door! Good luck with that!

        • Joe B

          China pumping $15 trillion into its banks- first of all, how in the hell would YOU know? China does not release such information
          secret shadow banking system-again, how do you know?
          Seems they are really lousy at keeping it a secret
          However, Chinas bank ASSETS have GROWN $15 trillion just by the fact their money is not collapsing in relation to the dollar. They do not have to pump money into their system, WE do that for them. And they do not need some mysterious shadow banking system, what nonsense
          When you read something, at least understand what you read before posting ridiculous statements

        • BigB

          @Rodster,You and Kula Farmer are both right in your summation of the situation. China printing 15 trillion and us printing 1 trillion dollars per year though have no correlation of the two nations currency value. What that means is that the U.S. prints 1 trillion with a population of 350 million and China prints 15 trillion with a population of 1 billion people.

          The point I am alluding to is that the value of any currency when not based on anything but credit is that of a nations gross domestic product being that of which is where the currency has a true value. (I am trying to make this as simple as I can)

          So it all comes down to a nations GDP in the end. That is where we have a big problem. To be healthy financially a nation has to have an annual growth in GDP of at least 3.5 %. Since 08 we have had about an average I believe last time I looked about a 2.3-4 % annual GDP. China on the other hand has done even worse and the true Chinese GDP is about 1.9%. So there in lies the difference in the 1 trillion printed by us and 15 trillion printed by China.

          So to get to my main point which is that this can go on till one or the others GDP match up or one of their GDP’s exceeds the other by so far that one nation gives up like what happened with the USSR years ago. They didn’t run out of money, they were printing bucket loads, their GDP sank and caused a massive devaluation of their currency.

          The bad part about this is that when the dam breaks you and I will not see it happen. We will wake up one morning and find that gas is $25.00 a gallon, milk is $30.00 a gallon and so on. Any monies you have on hand or in the pipeline to you will be almost worthless. AT THAT POINT THE S*** HAS ALREADY HIT THE FAN. If you are not prepared, well … see you on the other side.


          • Reynaldo

            Our real GDP is actually negative. Shadowstats has it at -6%. Our govt computes GDP like if you put $5K on a credit card and then quoted your annual slary as increasing by $5K. It’s fake, just like all their other nonsense numbers. Unemployment at 7.2%? LOL! It’s more like 20%.

        • Not so Much

          All that may be true, but when everything collapses, it takes resources to rebuild.

          The difference between the US and China is, we’re paying off useless eaters and globalist bankers, they’re cornering the world markets on natural resources.

          • BigB

            And China is investing in their military while at the same time we divest in ours. Of course their claims today of a Navy that is or is starting to be superior to the U.S. is bogus. They have a long way to go to get there. But they are working on it.


            • Not so Much

              Agreed, and they are stealing their asses off thru corporate espionage and the like to get what they need to do it too.

              Anyone remember our communications/surveillance plane they forced down about 10 years back ….

          • truthalways

            We are the resources. That is why the oligarchy hate us. We have the last word. On a side note Fukishuma is affecting everyone planet wide, even them. There is nowher to hide. We drop, they drop.

        • The Old Coach

          They aren’t engineering a total collapse. They are engineering the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, (figuratively speaking). It worked fine until the wind came up. Then….(well, you can find the video on Utoob.)

          • Not so Much

            You ever seen this one?


            The inventor said he got the idea from the Tacoma Narrows Bridge incident.

        • Genius

          One thing Rod, China has and is aquiring more gold everyday. They can back all that currency they are printing. When the shit settles they will have trillions in currency backed by thousands of tons of gold. I don’t know if this is theyre plan but it makes sense…

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Dennis Rodman is heading back to N.Korea soon. He says world peace can be achieved with International Topless Womans Basketball. Now theres a strategy, “distract the corrupt.”

            • The Old Coach

              LOL! I can just imagine the FLOTUS topless in a G-string now, playing left guard. (That team will not have a right guard. Not Politically Correct) The Big Oprah playing center (she refused to play of she couldn’t be center). The possibilities are endless! Add your picks to the Dream Team !

              • Not so Much

                I just threw up in my mouth a little.

                • Nimrod Hunter

                  I just blew chunks through my nose.

        • moses

          stop looking at the symptoms. look behind them and under them.
          a people who refuse to fight for their rights, and for Right vs pleasure, narcissism, greed, comfort, convenience and ego/status can have their country taken away from them at any time by those in power who seduce them into apathy with these things. “detroit” is only one test place, happening all across this football-celebrity idol-worshipping land.
          its not just about the powerful “Them” but the very questionable “Us”. Not a popular idea and rarely allowed to be addressed- so the problem continues

        • Anonymous

          Of course China will go down too. I have friends from China and their friends who returned to China said, “whatever you do, don’t come back home because its almost impossible to find a job– even with a college degree!” the only people who can afford apartments are those with a doctorate degree, who happen to have jobs. the rent is enormous and the jobs scarcer than here in the U.S.

          The Chinese government lies about statistics. Things are really bad there!

        • RC

          The brics are buying gold hand over fist for a reason. They can see the dollar fading. They are preparing with their fiat right now but soon enough they will back their currency with gold.

      • JustMe

        Well, we might as well spend it, China does’nt want any more…

          • .02

            Another dumb ass gun grabbing dream queen. I Bet you 100 bux this puke is a butt bandit fagot.

            • Gonetoolong

              Hot debate. Is he or is he not a butt bandit fagot? That comes up interesting on the page. I like it.

              • The Old Coach

                Whether he butt-&$%#@* enlisted men or not, he’s got the power (if not the authority) to kill people. At his whim.

                • SWFL

                  So do I. I drive a car in public.

            • Nimrod Hunter

              I believe the correct technical term here is “butt bandit faggot” with two “Gs”.

              And the consensus on Sipsey Street seems to be that he is, indeed, a booty bandit.

              I heard that Bateman wears an edible thong when he dances in gay bars. And he likes it when his “friend” beats him with a leather paddle.

          • VRF


          • Gregory8

            JustMe: Yeah, but he only made Lt.Col. not Full-Bird. He’s of absolutely no consequence as are other ‘wannabes’ trying to get some exposure in the hopes of landing a position with some government office or public interest group. He’s a small turd in a big cesspool.

            • The Old Coach

              But with diatribes like that, the Halfrican Dictator will be delighted to MAKE him a full colonel. And more, which is what he’s after. Much better pensions for general officers.



        So lets get real here.
        You’re not going to stock canned foods…why?
        They could drag this shit out for years. Then they go bad.
        What you need to stock is long-term dry goods.

        Get some dry goods shipped in…in bulk…or find a local dry goods store.

        You’ll need a few types of beans and white rice. Don’t store brown.the oils make it go rancid. If you store pasta…don’t store whole wheat…again..the oils make it go bad.

        You can also store whole grains..but buy a grain grinder to make bread.

        Here’s a link to a food vac I have… nice.


        Here’s the secret weapon.. OXYGEN ABSORBERS. You’ve seen this in packages of pepperoni. They deplete the oxygen and your dried goods will store for 30 years.


        Go hunt the internet for mylar bags.

        Label and date them. Then seal them in drywall buckets. Tarp them in the basement..off the floor..as the concrete can have flucuations…in temp.

        Don’t brag about it…
        Remember…this is your family’s life blood WHEN the currency craps out.
        The public will go into PANIC BUYING. and then the news will be looking to have FOOD HOARDERS blown in. You don’t want a knock on your door.

        If that goes down… move your food to safe locations.

        What to store…
        White rice
        Beans of all types

        There you go.

        Hey…better to have the shit then not.
        If things are that bad…don’t think you’ll just grow your own food.

        I’ve always thought if we had a war with China or Russia..they will just spray global defoliant and that will kill billions from lack of food.

        Let’s see 8 billion souls on the planet soon.
        Hmmmm.. you know some fucks are behind closed doors engineering the next culling of humanity. COUNT ON IT.

        Good luck.

        Somewhere in Middle America and WIDE FUCKING AWAKE!!!

        ps. Don’t try and sell prepping to anyone. You want all these fucks asleep.
        It makes it cheaper for you to prep up. You only have about 3 years left I feel.


        Fema camps.
        Govt. stocking hollow point… WTF?
        Feds printing like made
        Ghost malls
        No factories…all gone
        Credit enslavement

        Bizinga… welcome to the SHTF American collapse…it’s coming at you like a freight train.

        Better prepared than wrong!!!! If you are wrong… you’re dead.

    2. Rider 39

      We the Sheeple.

    3. NC joe

      More encouraging people to buy gold and silver. You have to be getting a kickback from precious metal dealers.

      • SilverSax

        Unlike you, some people have higher motives than money.

        I wouldn’t expect you to understand.

      • Be informed

        @ NC Joker. I say encouraging people to buy more supplies and be that much more ready is extremely positive for the person SHTF like what Daisy wrote about in the previous article and for what major SHTF event that is certain to come to a person’s area or a nearby area that will affect them. Being ready for a mass blackout with a back up electric source, having enough water and food and other supplies.

        I have not once seen you personally talk about even keeping your pantry full. Each day you say something the irritates everyone and you get your comment collapsed. Why not just once in awhile talk about preparing in the form of supplies for that hurricane absolutely that will hit North Carolina one day or that super snow storm, ice storm, and cold blast that will paralyze your state. Why not talk about being prepared for what has in the past shutdown your area? Why not try to NOT be someone that everyone else considers an itch that you can’t reach or a mosquito that you can’t smash during the night?

        • old guy

          right at this very moment we are having a great ice storm in the Arkansas Ozarks. It is very likely the power will go out very soon. We went through one of these before. We had extra groceries a generator & firewood. All the helpless relatives came to my home and used my stuff and where mad & jealous ingrates. man was I glad when the finally left. If I never see or hear from them for the rest of my days that will be great. since then Ive relocated and they cant come here and mooch from us this go round. I live away from the highway and have a locked gate at the main road.

          • Be informed

            @ old guy. I heard that they are talking from 1/2 to 1 inch of ice on everything. That will destroy electric lines, make road travel without chains totally unsafe, destruction to trees. I guess SHTF events like this don’t happen in NC joker’s minds. The magical elves will bring groceries and other needs to your home and the good fairies will keep you from sliding off the road in so many non-preppers’ thoughts. There is so much to admire in someone that prepares, and yet asinine shows like national Geographic and others makes preppers into freak shows for their own dollar. In bizarro land those that depend on the government are the heroes and those that prepare are the crazies.

            In any case I hope you are safe, ice and real thickness to it is so awful. Thankfully you have prepared for it. Everytime I hear of someone like yourself that readies themselves before the manure comes down it is like a beckon of light of commone sense in an ocean of darkness and ignorance.

            • snake eater

              damn you gave away our secret just when its time for those magical elves to bring me resupply,,,,,,,


            • sixpack

              I would shoot elves coming up to my house—they creep me out like clowns do…

              • Not so Much


                You’re gonna shoot Bilbo!?

                • The Old Coach

                  Bilbo was a hobbit, not an elf.

                • Not so Much

                  I know, Legolas was the Elf, but in the context, the tiny hobbit was funnier.

                • Nimrod Hunter

                  My wife liked Legolas. She called him “Leg o’ lamb”.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Santa’s Elves are imprisoned in his North Pole FEMA Sweat Shop Camp, work for nothing and crumbs for food, thats why they are so small. They forgot to mention that part in the Santa’s Work(Sweat)Shop Story book. But we know..and now you do too.

              • 10% Off

                It’s the Leprechauns that creep me out! Elves I could handle.

            • old guy

              We received a 1/2 inch of ice and another 1/2 inch of sleet. then 8 inches of snow on top of that. And Thanks in part to out local electric coop doing a lot of tree trimming the electric at my place is still working. Our goats never ventured from their barn today. I brought them hay & water. I never let the chickens loose from their coop today. A little banty hen just hatched 5 chicks a few days ago. My wife has them & the mother in a box in the laundry room. we had another bantam hatch chicks a month or so ago. and their is another hen sitting on a clutch of eggs . Weird & unusual to have hens setting this late in the fall? I fed the wood stove and mostly loafed and watched it snow all day. there where some of the biggest snowflakes that I ever recall seeing. I called my children to make shure they where doing Ok. their just fine they prep too. haven’t heard from my moocher relatives in a few years and that is very good.

              • lonelonmum

                old guy

                Do you keep banties for egg production? if so which breed? Do you find them to be as productive as large fowl?

                We are intending to get our first ever chooks in the spring and I am so stuck on choosing between breeds it’s getting silly. Yet if shtf eggs will be a key source nutrients for the kids so I’m nervous of getting it wrong.

                • old guy

                  Yes we eat the eggs. they are 1/2 the size of regular chicken eggs. I have four eggs for breakfast every day. Ours are mixed breeds all different colors and some have feather top nots and feathers on their legs. I like bantams because they are hardy and forage for a large part of their food. We also eat the roosters. If you want to eat them avoid the ones that have blue legs and greenish blue skin. their meat is black and looks unappetizing to me. Egg production isn’t a prolific as the commercial egg laying breeds. In the winter we turn on a bright light in the chicken coop. about 18 hours of light per day that fools them into thinking the days are longer. that way we get fresh eggs year round. in the spring we get more than we can eat. so we take then out of the shell and freeze them. eggs can be canned or pickled to preserve them also. The bantam hens will hide nest and go to sitting. Ours commonly come up with a newly hatched clutch of chicks. We never have to buy replacement birds. I would suggest you purchase one of the straight run mixed breed specials from the hatchery. and try to get a few bantams locally. Around here there are auction sales that commonly have a caged animal sale. Also you could look on craigslist ect. if you raised some hatchery purchased hens their eggs could be brooded & hatched by bantams. Ive used incubators in the past and had some success. however I prefer a sitting hen.

          • JRS

            Whadda ya gonna do, old guy? It’s family.

            I find myself dreading certain vehicles pulling up the drive, or when certain numbers pop up on caller ID.

            “Wonder what they want to borrow now?”

            From tools to money, I tell my wife after they leave…
            “You’ll never see that again.”

            Whadda ya gonna do? IT’S FAMILY.

            Stay safe. Watch you don’t fall on the ice, ya old grump, no one will want to visit you in the hospital.

            • Gonetoolong

              I know I am in the wrong to most, but the saying that blood is thicker than water is nothing but an abused, overused saying probably invented by someone’s ungrateful, lazy, fatass, mooching uncle that was waking up on someone else’s couch. I prefer the merit system and judge a person individually. Most of my family is not very high on the scale and I know plenty of good, quality people I call friends.

            • Shootit

              You want to borrow what? For what? How long?

              How about I just swing by and help you with that project?

              That usually ends the deception.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                I had some friends that would call me up, and invite me to their party, then after I accepted they would tell me to stop and pick up some more beer and wine, cause they were about out. FYI- The Mrs. was Jewish. lol I soon figured out every time they called there was some hidden agenda behind the call. I haven’t seen them in years now, since I caught on.

            • Just Me

              What we’ve done in the past is exchange labor for loan, basically give them a PT job to earn the amount they are requesting. Don’t have to do it, depends on the situation.

              On money, we’ve NEVER expected it back, that’s why we do a trade for labor. Didn’t do this originally, but we learned fast after continually getting burned on small amounts.

              Now, we’re just upfront about it. Well, yeah, I’ll GIVE you $200 if you help us to “x” “y” “z” this next weekend.

              Saves everyone’s dignity.

              What we’ve found works out w/the abusers of your generosity is: Confront them with the honest facts (especially if they are blowing money foolishly and then want a loan from you or they borrow stuff that doesn’t come back) and let the fights begin. Then they never call again, they are mad at you, problem solved. I told my older son once, if you don’t pay this back, you don’t get another loan, unless you want to work it off…he worked it off. He was blowing money foolishly on his girlfriend and ending up short before payday (he was younger, but he got the message). Not my job to support your girlfriend.

              Or, if they are genuinely good people, just need some help, and you know they will never be in the position to pay you back, what we’ve done is just traded for labor (see above). A good person that is really desperate, is willing to work it off/earn it. A selfish person won’t be so willing, you’ve just figured out what you’re up against and can proceed to say yah or nay. When they decline, you say, can’t spare it. If they can’t spare their time, you can’t spare your dime.

              When we lend out a tool, piece of equipment, we communicate a timeframe, set boundaries on when we need it back. If they don’t bring it back, we call them and either have them bring it back or, once, we were getting the bum’s rush, we just showed up when they knew they were at home, and took it back, nicely, how yeah doing, oh just came by to pick up the air compressor, etc.

              Same in a SHTF scenario, if family/relatives are willing to work, contribute in a positive manner, skills/resources that may be helpful, sure, but if they are just going to drag everyone else done with an entitlement attitude (lie/steal/addiction/abuser) not welcome, point ’em to the nearest homeless shelter or homeless camp. Can’t afford to take on anyone that is going to risk the entire group’s survival, can’t do it.

              In the meantime, if our adult children or family members need our help (time) we help when we can, when it comes to finances, depends on what it is for, and what they are willing to do to earn it. We just become another “employer”. We don’t loan, they earn it.

              Some family members are really good on the favor-for-a favor, some aren’t, we know which ones to apply which tactics too, and we do. And we aren’t shy about it.

            • The Old Coach

              Cut ’em off. When I retired I moved and did not let anyone in the family know my new address or phone number. That finally got rid of my self-absorbed leech of a sister. It’s been a wonderful four years with no phone calls begging for money to maintain her expansive lifestyle.

              • old guy

                that’s pretty much what we have done. only my children know my address, phone number or internet email ap.

        • BigB

          He won’t BI. Have you seen any other troll stop when asked? This is how they get off. That old saying about don’t feed the trolls is probably the best defense I have seen. If no one retorts then they have lost. I don’t even bother down thumbing. That in my opinion gives them validation as well. So says the guy who went off a couple of days ago. lol I didn’t say it was easy.


          • The Old Coach

            Oh, but it’s so satisfying to flame a troll !

        • newbee

          Bi I think NC Joe must not get much attention in his everyday life so he comes to sites like this to get it. I think if we all didn’t respond to him and didn’t hit the thumb button he would disappear…

      • Smokey

        So what’s your ulterior motive, Joe? Since everyone else seems to have one, you must have one, too.

    4. Mal Reynolds

      And if you can afford it, buy some gold and silver during this unbelievable pullback. You might not see prices this low for a long, long time.


      • PO'd Patriot

        ^This +1

        • Anonymous

          You guys said that last year, 5 years ago, 10 years ago, in 1980….you also say the same thing at every peak, in fact I don’t recall a time when you haven’t said the same thing over & over.

    5. Jonny V

      Anyone can see it. Problem is that most everyone doesn’t WANT to. Much easier to check out the new episode of the Bachelorette….

      Learn to load your own ammo, grow your own food, and do your own gunsmithing as well as your own construction and you stand a chance…..

      • Peterson

        Ya got it right! Skills are where it’s at.

      • TimTheCrusader

        I know on this site we talk about hyperinflation a lot, but the article got me wondering….what about massive deflation? Is it likely – why or why not? And if it happened, what would the effects be?

        • Smokey

          Deflation does happen, I don’t think it is likely, but it happened in 2008 to home values. If it’s across the board, your wages will be ahead until your employer cuts them to match the new economy.

          Those with savings will come out ahead. Those without will lose, big time. Those who pay a mortgage will be underwater. Those who rent will win. The self-employed will lose. Wage earners will lose after the cuts. Those who buy will win. Those who sell will lose.

          • Just Me

            Sounds like a good argument for deflation. Employers win, banks win…they will be the ones buying…they aren’t hoarding their pixels for nothing…just speculating. Hard to say, everyone said housing would never come down too because it had never happened before. Now everyone says deflation will never happen. Who really knows.

        • SilverSax

          First will come hyperinflation, when there’s a mad scramble for supplies by those that didn’t prep. Gold/metals and petroleum products will rocket into the stratosphere. Retail goods like food, ammo, clothing and tools will follow. These will be the days of a $200 gallon of gasoline (probably much higher). However, real estate and other investment properties will drop like a stone as the desperate hordes seek liquidity.

          Then will follow the inevitable period of chaos – looting, rioting and hungry mobs roaming the streets, martial law, curfews. Millions will pour out of the cities into the suburbs in search of food.

          Then will come the Reset. Government will declare the Dollar a non-currency and issue a new form of money. I personally believe that this will be a worldwide currency for the NWO.

          • Gregory8

            SilverSax: Martial law will be joke because it will be an empty threat. Even if every cop and every military person where here and showed up during the chaos that’s still under 4 million personnel to try and ‘lock-down’ the third largest country in both size and population. At best they could cover a few of the larger cities but the rest would be un manned. And one thing most folks forget is that married cops and GIs that live off-base are going to be home protecting their families, not showing up for work. What most people also fail to comprehend is that most in the military are NOT combat arms, but support personnel from doctors to mechanics. That’s the same for all militaries around the world, yeah they’re soldiers but they’re not hard-core forces, more like gun carrying clerks and drivers. TPTB just want you to think they have these massive elite force at the ready so you’ll comply, but it’s like the Wizard of Oz, it’s all bluff and bluster.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              You are right Gregory8, and to add to that during SHTF, the National Guard/Military and LEO’s will be busy and assigned to critical infrastructure, like Federal buildings, water and power plants and most likely include, gas stations & Grocery stores that supply critical essentials just to maintain public civility. I also Predict, they will cut off EBT & Food Stamps, and the Marshal Law folks will absorb those groceries with their own government Credit debit cards as they patrol the streets locally. The populace will fight it out amongst themselves ovr the remaining scraps and crumbs, and once a week they will send out garbage trucks to neighborhoods, to pick up the dead corpses. Nothing like curbside service eh? So you know what that means, stock up now on lots and lots of ammo, besides your food and other preps.

    6. Gambler

      Time to buy Gold and Silver

      • tuesdayissoylentgreenday

        correct on the pm buying, you do not need a huge investment. Just buy some… You can always melt it down for ammo.

    7. Tactical

      Try to fill in the blanks if you love God.

      Did you think the creators of Communism wanted to fight it? Or it was about the money from the ————- that literally owns, prints and controls all the money?

      The last major President to oppose the ———— bankers was President Kennedy.

      On June 4 1963 President Kennedy signs Executive Order 11110 which returns the American government the ability to print it’s own currency again, without having to deal with the Federal Reserve.”

      • snake eater

        why do you think JFK is no longer with us???????


        • Tactical

          snake eater….And I was worried about Ron Paul as well. Let’s see if Ran pushes his dad’s vision without fear.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          I’m guessing, Thats why Obama folded like a cheap house of cards once in office, and abandoned his hopey/changey campaign rhetoric, just to survive living through his entire presidency from the NWO Bankster Cartel.. Just going along to get along, with the WNO to survive retirement. And ripping out $85 Billion a month year after year to keep the Bankster Wallstreet piggys happy. Pretty sickening eh? so what did you and I get out of all of that? Besides their Drunken Bar Tab.

    8. WIprepped

      Here’s a good question for everyone if the economic system goes into hyperinflation. Do you think everything is manipulated enough that if the fed sees hyperinflation starting. Say in a couple weeks after commodities go up 1000% that they could shut it down and dump a new currency into our laps and call it good!! Martial law and executive orders at their finest..

      Or wouldn’t it matter because deflation or inflation will all end up in the same way. With no-one being able to afford anything and the world grinds to a halt either way.
      molon labe

      • durango kidd

        Deflation is more likely if consumers stop spending money. put ten dollar bills into number ten cans. 🙂

        • Dick

          The problem with saving currency is it will be like Confederate money when/if this goes down. I imagine you could use it towards any debt you have collected but who will take it for commodities after collapse? I know I wouldn’t for any items I am trying to trade. Once again the answer to ALL of these inflammatory articles is PREP. Once you have 30 days gor for 60. Learn how to protect yourself, get in shape and make plans for as many contingencies you can. Find people you trust. Enjoy your life while it is still easy.


          • durango kidd

            Dick: I don’t agree. A collapse would be a deflationary event like the 30’s and there was limited cash in circulation then that exacerbated the problem. There may be a consumer spending binge over the holidays and with the post holiday sales.

            Then what?

            Deflation is the danger now and will be for quite some time. Eventually there will be a reckoning and it may be bigger and deeper than previous events, but WE don’t know that for sure. As long as the Sheeple keep killing each other over big screen TV’s and x-boxes there may not be much to worry about.

            Helicopter Ben was right about the 30’s and he has avoided that mistake; but he has also limited cash to the consuming public now to avoid hyper-inflation.

            Double digit inflation is not hyper-inflation. All the printed money is going to the banks and from the banks to the market to prop them both up. Even so, everyone should own what gold and silver they can afford, in reasonable quantities, and stack their preps.

            ENGAGE!!! 🙂

            • BigB

              Man DK, this about the only thing you and I disagree on and have for? Long – Long time. I ask you once again. If the dollar is next to worthless then how are you going to place a value on what your pm’s are worth in relationship to your needs. Another way of asking you. If the dollar is close to being worthless then how much in gold or silver is a loaf of bread worth?


              • Genius

                It’s worth whatever the two parties agree on. Whats so hard about that?

                • BigB

                  Well Genius I can say for sure that I am not going to pay $1,500.00 for an ounce of gold today and turn around when the SHTF and trade that ounce of gold for a loaf of bread when I can be fairly confident today that a $4.00 box of 22 LR shells bought today would do the trick.


                • Genius

                  That is true B but can you use that ammo to bribe your way out of a jam? Some kind of currency will be in effect and metals will buy that currency. If I was trading supplies I would accept metals all day long. No one can possibly have everything they need and metals will be the underground currency. All through history people with gold came out ahead. Like I said, it’s value is what you agree on. What if you got run out of your BOL? can you pack everything you need to survive for an extended period? I would never trade an oz. of gold for some bread, think it over some more…

              • BigSkyJim

                DK is right about the deflation. A period of deflation usually comes before a hyperinflation. Thanks to fractional reserve banking, most of the numbers in our bank accounts are fake. When people fall on hard times and discretionary income dries up, they usually only pay the necessities, which for many is food, shelter and debt service. That causes the velocity of money to slow down. Currency gets used to pay back the imaginary numbers thus causing a decrease in the currency supply.

                Inflation is an increase in the currency supply. Prices rise to soak up the excess liquidity. If the money supply decreases because people are servicing debt (of fake numbers) with currency, deflation kicks in. That’s why the FED had/has to print so much money. The currency was running out, and they had to create enough new currency to cover the currency being used to pay back the fake numbers. They had to get it a little closer to parity.

                Too bad that about 2.2 Trillion of that magically created liquidity is sitting on the books at banks because no one is borrowing it, thus velocity of money is at some of the lowest levels seen in a LONG time.

                China is holding a ton of cash that we’ve paid them for their cheap garbage. (not including our debt that they own) If the dollar deflates, that will be bad for China’s currency controls. They’ll have to dump all of that excess currency they’ve stockpiled to bring their currency exchange rates back to where they want them. That dumping of currency back onto our shores by foreign holders of our currency is what will cause the hyperinflation. That can’t/won’t happen without the deflationary period that causes countries holding our currency to dump it back on us, and with it, the inflation that they’ve been eating for us.

                Corn prices are near a 52 week low right now in dollars. This might be the start of the deflationary period. There isn’t much road left to kick the can down. That’s why you’re seeing so many displays of “national pride” with European countries and sabre rattling going on. We’ve seen the trade wars. The currency wars are going on as we speak. One thing remains according to history. Germany owns Europe financially, and the clowns are starting to resent it.

                • durango kidd

                  BSJ: Just saw your post and I like it, except that inflation is more than just an increase in the supply of money. You stopped short. Inflation is the increase in the supply of money in the hands of the consumer, who is spending it.

                  Uncle Ben has been printing money faster than Rumpelstiltskin can spin straw into gold, but that money is not reaching consumers and was never intended to reach them.

                  The Chinese will dump their excess dollars into the USA, Europe, and other parts of the world through asset purchases by state companies.

                  The NWO Plan is to integrate the Chinese into every corner of the Globe to avoid the destruction of the human race. That’s the Plan anyway. 🙂

              • durango kidd

                Big B: You assume that the dollar will be worthless. Why?
                Bad assumption. Rethink that. A worthless dollar is the wet dream of the Fear Mongers who want you to buy their gold and silver; and prop up their balance sheets, which are enumerated in ….. DOLLARS! LMAO!

                In a deflationary collapse like the 30’s dollars will be worth more or hold their value because there won’t be as many in circulation per capita. Why? because the velocity of money will slow drastically and those that have dollars will hoard them except for essentials. That will put fewer dollars into the hands of consumers, or users of dollars.

                The table is tilted toward the Corporations. The corps are awash with cash. They are the backbone of civilization. They are the tool of the New World Order. Everyone should have at least one, or one for every personality if you can afford it.

                The dollar is NOT going to collapse. The collapse of the economy is NOT the collapse of the dollar. In October 81% of all commercial transactions in the WORLD were settled in dollars. That is up from the norm, which is 55 to 65%.

                Don’t buy the hype. Changes ARE coming and all Americans need to be as self sufficient and self reliant as possible. ENGAGE!!!! 🙂

                • Just Me

                  I also believe deflation is in the cards, we’ve had continual inflation, erosion of purchasing power for how long?

                  Some say since the 70’s (delink from Gold) others go back to 1913; whatever the truth is, it is truthful that citizens (consumers by the MSM) are reaching their limits in disposable income. Housing is still way overpriced, just like the SM.

                  What if the banks are patiently waiting to use these pixels in a deflationary environment? Then when the inflation comes, they are “whole” again.

                  And yeah, corps. are screaming “cash is King” it’s crazy isn’t it, because you have the other side screaming get out of cash.

                  It’s crazy trying to figure it all out, connect the dots, and not be mislead by propaganda, fear.

                  My DH and I are just diversifying, we’re covering a little bit of everything. We aren’t going all in on any one thing, too much, IMO, deliberate (and in some cases not deliberate just different opinions) disinfo. out there for the common folks. Too many competing agendas for what little resources the working folk still have.

              • Archivist


                A loaf of bread back in the 1960s was 10 cents or one silver dime. That same silver dime today is worth $1.40, so you can still buy a loaf of bread with it. Therefore a loaf of bread should cost 1/10 ounce of silver. Everything else would be relative to that. Historically, that same amount of silver used to be a day’s wages. I guess in third world countries, $1.40 might be about right.

                An ounce of gold for the past 100 years has always been able to purchase a very nice suit.

                After a while, the relative prices will work themselves out.

            • The Old Coach

              The difference between the historical hyperinflation events and today is that in the past they actually printed paper money, which can’t easily be called back. Today the “paper money” is just entries in a computer database, and it can be wiped out with a few keystrokes. The Fed, the EUB, BoJ, China, Bank of England, etc., can stop inflation literally in minutes. What they can’t stop is a deflationary spiral, because today that would also propagate in minutes. So they choose to stay way out in the fast lane (inflationary policy) to avoid hitting a deflationary event parked in the granny lane. Screwing all savers, pensioners, and workers is just an “unfortunate side effect”.

              • Just Me

                Scary huh.

                And another what if. What if FR allows deflation to proceed and the banks do a bail in. So yeah, grampa/gramma just lost a large chunk of their savings, as others…and the banks turn around and buy up RE/Land, etc. during the deflationary period, then the fun really begins, and the prices start rising again, the little people just lost a lot, the banks got it for pennies on the dollar and we start over.
                So I don’t see the banks losing in a deflationary environment. I don’t even see WS traders losing if they know it’s coming, they make it up/down, doesn’t matter.
                I don’t know, there are so many pros/cons either way.

            • Kevin2


              All the money is not going to the banks. $40 million of the $85 million / month is buying Treasury’s thus financing government which is feeding the economy. The banks are using some portion of the remaining $45 billion / month to buy equities hence fueling the stock market. That finds its way into the economy too.

              We can easily see 25% inflation which would double prices in 2.8 years thereby reducing the standard of living by half. That is destabilizing. Hitler types ride into power on a wave like that.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Hey Durango kid- They did not give any stimulas money to the us the populace, because they know sure and well, that we would go out and buy up massive Guns and Ammo with it, to use against them. They are stupid, but not that stupid. They like us Broke, Bankrupt and too weak to put up any resistance to their tyrany. They are all using the US Government as a Shell Corporation right now to fleece to pay themselves first before its files bankruptcy like Detroit. You can hear the sucking wind of money flowing out of the D.C. Treasury.

              • durango kidd

                Agreed WWTI. 🙂

                K2: my understanding is that 80% of QE is going to reserves. Those reserves are held in Treasuries. The other 20% IS propping up the equities markets. 🙂

                • The Old Coach

                  I don’t think it’s going directly to equity markets.

                  There is the Large Scale Asset Purchase program, but that’s buying up the bad loans that the banks hold. Which improves their P&L statements, so it indirectly boosts bank stock prices.

                  I know of no case where they’re actually buying equities.

                  If you understand a scheme whereby the Fed is directly propping up the equities markets, I’m all ears.

                • durango kidd

                  Coach: I am not SURE what they are doing with the 20% of funds from the bad asset buyback program, but I am not sure whether they are lending it either.

                  Of course, those 16 million new car sales were probably not for cash. 🙂

        • Hunter


          Good ole’ Mushroom(RIP) economic advice.


        • Anonymous

          All hail the MUSHROOM.

        • Anonymous

          All hail MUSHROOM. Where ever he be.

        • Facebook Page

          All hail MUSHROOM. Where ever he be.

      • Just Me

        If I were a betting person, with the government we have now, I’d think that’s exactly something they might consider, and/or price controls…I don’t believe it would last long, hyperinflation that is. Still, would be best to be prepped on basics, diversify all basics to get you through those hard months. If we get knocked back into the dark ages, all bets are off. Total different scenario.

    9. y99

      As a Military retiree of 23+ years I don’t often find reason to go on to Fort Lewis WA even though it’s only 15 miles away, but today I went to register my wife’s new car.

      The post was conducting a force protection exercise with armed troops at every entry point, and force protection at every building entrance, 29 years off and on I’ve been around this Post and I’ve never seen anything like it.

      The changes made on this instillation alone over the past five years along with the large amount of temporary billeting that is far beyond stationed personnel seems worrisome on many levels.

      What’s coming I don’t know but something is definitely off.

      • Peterson

        Thanks for sharing

      • sixpack

        I wonder what they’re doing up on NAS Whidbey.

        • The Old Coach

          Prepping for a hot war with China? Not looking good over there……

    10. durango kidd

      Jonny V: If the zombies get past the Gatling guns … I’m dead!!! 🙁

    11. Tactical

      Try to fill in the blanks if you love your country:

      “In this New World Order the children of ———–will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the ———. It will then be possible for the ——–rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the ———be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the ——–will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

      • Tactical

        Them Guys…… Your last comment : ” AMERICANS: Do YOU Get It YET?!!!” ,

        Is simply heart of the matter and just priceless.

      • sixpack

        I had to thumb you up, them guys

      • Not so Much

        Teacher says, every time Them Guys mention Jews, a one trick pony gets it wings.

        Ya we get it, You’re a Nazi and damned proud of it.

        • Tactical

          Not so Much ( btw well deserved name): Nazi? Actually let’s call it the educator and the truth teller. Isn’t that the reason you folks like to control the media and educational centers to prevent people to find the truth? Well, sorry since more Americans are waking up and desperately seeking the truth and resenting to be betrayed any longer. Just read some of the comments.

          btw, What Them Guys published is not written by Them Guys. It is even in the archives of the Library of the Congress.

          • Not so Much

            ‘you folks’

            who the fuck do you think you’re talking to half-wit?

        • John Q. Public

          Tactical, Granny, ThemGuys, and several others here are wise to the tribe’s neurolinguistic weapons. “Nazi” is one of those weaponized words.

          Through talmudvision, H✡llyw✡✡d, their textbook empire, and weaponized words, the tribe has re-routed both thought and emotion. They have re-routed the natural revulsion to sodomy using “gay.” They have disabled rational thought and critical analysis with their “STOP THINKING” words, “hate speech,” “Nazi,”and “anti-Semite.”

          Good people have made some good calls against “Justice,” “Kevinaugh,” “NotSoMuch” and the other aliases of the sayanim assigned here.

          The goyim are awakening from their coma. Increasing awareness is making the tribe lose their neurolinguistic mojo. Soon the accomplices of Satan will have to do their own dirty work. They don’t like any of that and there just aren’t enough devils to do their own global dirty work.

          “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

          • Not so Much

            No seems to answer this question. You hate Jews, and yet you quote a book written by Jews ….

            How’s that working out in your Nazi head?

          • Thinker

            JQP;Ya know i have frequented this sight probably since its inception and observed everyones opinion on there philosophy of life. As well as all the older posters who have been here to help us all in preparation for what is to come.
            In my life,” i have been there done that” and as you all have.
            As i continue to learn on a continual basis.IMHO here is where I am at.
            I have had ups and downs,been at war and at peace,been married and divorced ,been religious been atheist,been rich and poor,etc.
            i have always tried to raise my children the way i thought was best,while trying to let them think and make decisions for themselves.No Indoctrination,no inoculations and so on,which lead to my first devorce that lead me to the corrupt legal system and spent everything trying to get my children and became the weekend entertainer but i never stopped being a part of their life or stopped their support.
            Started over against the bottom, realizing the game was fixed I remained single for years only to end up being lied to again of her intentions and she ended up with child,as she new my love of my kids,and slowly tried to give everything to hers and ours and nothing to my first two.(not whining just my own bad decisions)
            After ten years of hell and back to the legal system i was able to get soul custody of my son and raised him with being both Father and Mother. While staring over again! i have remained single for almost 15 years but along this life i have realized that for my life anyway I have always been most happy when i have nothing but myself my kids, and my G.C. and music,the extension my soul,all that money has done is made me greedy,lustful,and vane, along with the rest of the seven deadly sins.
            Maybe this where Manos has arrived through his Art?
            In retrospect i lost track of what was important and failed @ raising my kids the way i started because of the evil that has taking over,and when it came time a few years ago when the bankers took it all,my son at 18 wanted to get my advice on what he should do with his life? I told him to follow your desire and what makes you happy first! You know what he said? Well if i have to work i may as well be making a lot of money!! He now works for big Pharma! While i supported him i also have slowly tied to wake him up to what and where, it is taking him as i have alway tried to “teach by example” al my kids are slowly becoming aware of my health and the natural organic lifestyle and being responsible for yourself has done for me, and are coming around.I just hope it is not to late!
            To all the great people of shtf and the compassion to help others awaken,BI,JOG,Smokin, Daisy,KY, Burt,Manos,Nina,Possee, Slingshot,Kula,Braveheart,Mushroom(RIP) as well as Them guys,POG,Tactical and of course Mac, and so many others here @ shtf Thank you for ALL your help!!
            A final thought we all keep talking about a reboot and starting over,and have different thoughts on that but maybe you can help me understand why would we want to start over with Money based economical system which has always ushered in the Seven Deadly Sins? For me Mother earthed has always given me life,Air Earth Fire and Water everything we need to live is on the the earth! But it is slowly being raped off by the greedy corporate interest and will slowly be at our own demise!!
            See You on the other side??


            • Genius

              Yes thinker the corps are raping the planet and killing it but… if you think about it they are doing it to satisfy the demands and needs of the billions of CONSUMERS! Peoples consumtion is directly linked to theyre own demise. Without the enormous appetite for crap the earth would not be in such a death spiral. Read my post below and see if it makes sense to you. The standard of living we have now is in no way able to continue with such a huge population. I know I must sound like an a-hole but it’s true. The herd will be culled either by the death of the planet or war or whatever but it will happen. I just hope it won’t be the total destruction of earth. People in turd world countries have a high mortality rate because thats the law of nature for overpopulation. The only reason it isn’t as high in developed countries is because of the corporate raping of the land and resources to sustain it. Idiocracy is a good documentary of the future at the current pace. Food for thought…

              • Thinker

                Genius! Yes this is true consumerism is a problem,However if we wasn’t so brainwashed into the lifestyle of the rich and famous that the MSM and hollywierd has gave us as well the lies of history to control us, and step away for just a little while you will come to realize that true wealth is not based in things,and you don’t need only the basics to survive and to be truly happy! Wealth is a personal thing and i have become to realize that!! And i won’t buy in to that matrix anymore, I have always been a producer and now i will limit who i produce for and how much i consume.


              • Genius

                Good to see a fellow “thinker”! I have a theory.. people buy crap thinking it will fill the void in theyre happiness (retail therapy I call it). Carl Jung has some outstanding observations, one of my favs is (something like this) People will do anything no matter how insane to keep from facing theyre own soul…

      • Not so Much

        Teacher says, every time Them Guys mentions Jews, a one trick pony gets it wings.

        Ya we get it, You’re a Nazi and damned proud of it.

      • The Old Coach

        “Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life. Thus people haunted by the purposelessness of their lives try to find new content by not only dedicating themselves to a …. cause but also by nursing a fanatical grievance.” Eric Hoffer.

        That is what John Q. and Them Guys see in their mirrors. I’d feel sorry for them, but it’s dangerous to take pity on a rabid animal that can kill you with one drop of their infected drool.

        • Pissed Off Granny

          Thanks for “outing” yourself Old Coach.

          Anyone on this site interested in approving of ANYTHING Eric Holder has to say should be viewed with skepticism, at the very least.

          You seem to be “in camp” with the progressive sob’s, what a pity.

          • Pissed Off Granny

            I thought the Old Coach had quoted Eric Holder. Don’t know who Eric Hoffer was but my comment still stands.

            • Not so Much

              LMAO! So you’re post was wrong but it still stands. Yikes, that’s …um….LOL never mind. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

            • The Old Coach

              Eric Hoffer, the longshoreman philosopher. The book is “The True Believer”. Written in 1950, when Hitler was a fresh and bleeding memory, and Stalin was frantically cranking up the Cold War. Korea was just moments away.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Hey Them Guys… So Hitler was right after all eh…

    12. Ralphieboy

      Well, that’s why we gather together at this site. A few of us woke up to this somewhere along the way, and what gets me is that so few people even have a clue. My epiphany came a few years ago when I started studying up on the Federal Reserve. Just kept following the string only to come to the same conclusion as Celente, Stockman, et al. What thinking person wouldn’t? The system has been rigged by the banksters for a very long time – and this global debt bomb has definitely been purposefully planned. We also see where the globalists have pulled every string to weaken the USA – degrading our educational system, undermining our sense of morality visa vi our entertainment industry, buying off our politicians, right and left. Yet there are still millions of us who cling to our God and guns, and who value our personal freedoms. That’s why we prep. That’s why defend our Second Amendment rights. We have thousands of communities across this country full of people just like us, and millions upon millions of us own and know how to use firearms, my wife and kids included. Yeh, it may come crashing down for a while, but never underestimate true Americans. We won’t go quietly, if we go at all, and we will rebuild! Nothing stronger than the fire of liberty that burns in our hearts.

      • Kulafarmer

        It doesnt help us that our idiot federal government that produces NOTHING is so incredibly adept at blowing wads of cash and expanding like the money will just keep coming.
        In my mind one of the biggest unsustainable piles of crap of all time!
        Yet people just keep going along with it all, everythings good i gots my new xbox and laptop and 50″ tv, and new caddy what could possibly go wrong?
        Numbnuts fuckers!

        • SilverSax

          Kulafarmer, I’ve been frustrated like you at the thought of the millions of people who absolutely refuse to see what’s right under their noses. In their minds, Hussein Obama only has the good of Americs in mind.

          I calm myself by thinking about their horror and dismay on That Day.

          • Kulafarmer

            There are a lot of people in for a rude awakening

            • .02

              I believe that is referenced as the “wailing and gnashing of teeth?”

        • Just Me

          Yeah, our government keeps the credit card handy at all times, problem is, there is nothing backing those pixels except the slave’s labor and our natural resources.

          IMO: There’s enough idle untapped labor in this country to balance the books, but what are we producing with that labor?

          This country could be so productive with all its surplus labor and real resources…instead the government is paying the citizens to breed, the illegals to invade, and the Fed/Banking Cartel to pillage the village.

          • Just Me

            Correction: Enough to balance the books after they write off all the derivative bets.

      • durango kidd

        I agree Ralphieboy, but the 10% have most of the money now, so I don’t see any motive to “crash” the system, unless it is to “cull the herd”.

        Personally, I believe the government is aware of Nibiru and is preparing for the consequences of its passing. One report I read quoted an amateur astronomer who has been following that story as predicting its “visibility” in March 2016.

        If Nibiru is real, and my sources say its is, then more dramatic Earth Changes should manifest in frequency and intensity. 35 major volcanoes are currently erupting around the world. This would also explain the police state preparations of government.

        Just saying. Keep prepping. 🙂

        • Kulafarmer

          I dont think these people have as much control as you think they do,
          Unsustainable spending and debt are just that, UNSUSTAINABLE!
          Doesmtatter what kinda voodoo economics they try it all will end not good!

        • old guy

          Durango I don’t know about Nibiru? however I do know the poles are shifting and every sort of clatyclismic & weather event,s are increasing in both magnitude and frequency. Im of the opinion we are undergoing a end of an age earth change. its a cyclic event that would still be happening even if man had never walked the planet,

          • durango kidd

            Old Guy: Yes, the Poles are shifting. It is in process now, and when the Change passes about 35% the reversal flips, based upon experiments which I have witnessed.

            Its all good. 🙂

        • Anon7

          Durango kidd: That must some good sh*t you’re smoking. The only so-called evidence of this Nibiru is from Nancy Leider of Wisconsin who says she receives messages via a brain implant (which is invisible of course) from ETs from Zeta Reticuli, a binary star system 39.5 light years from Earth. Dude, are you one of those 30-40 year old dorks who’s still living at home with mom listening to kooks like George Noory? Sad, very sad!

          • durango kidd

            ANON7: Forget Nancy Leider, but keep digging. The evidence is available. Even the Russians know its coming, but the NWO is trying to keep it under wraps.

            This is the reason for the Police State and the effort for “continuity of government”. This is the opportunity the NWO is waiting for, and working toward, so that they can implement One World Government during the ensuing chaos.

            Engage your employees or suffer the consequences of One World Government. 🙂

      • HD

        I’m probably going to get some flack for this, but I’ve never been a great believer of a grand global conspiracy. I tend to ascribe the current mess and the coming economic chaos much more to problems of unbridled greed and sheer stupidity than to the skilful conniving of a happy few during the past decades.

        That being said, the impossibility to get the message of impending doom through to people around me not only frustrates, but also almost facinates me.

        I sometimes refer to the beginning of the second world war to highlight this problem when I talk to people about preparing for what is to come. You see, in 1939, very few people in Holland, Belgium and France believed that nazi Germany would actually invade their countries. Hell, Germany had suffered a crushing defeat only 20 years earlier and everybody remembered all too well how utterly cruel and inhumane the warfare in the trenches had been. Surely Hitler wouldn’t be foolish enough to risk that same fate for his country once again? And taking up arms against the combined forces of the allied armies, how stupid would that be? Another, and I believe very important reason to reject the mere possibility of war, was that people simply did not want hear of it. They did not want war, so it was simply not supposed to happen. They almost literally tried to wish it away, by not acknowledging the possibility and dismissing all the obvious signs, like an impressive German rearmament effort, pointing in the direction of an impending armed conflict.

        This same “la, la, la, I can’t hear you”-attitude is now blocking our message to the majority of the people around us. They do not want to hear of it, simply because it does not suit them. And you become the court jester of doom or the mad tin foil hatter because they are too afraid to go through some basic facts and figures.

        Unfortunately, ready or not, it will come to pass.

        • Genius

          People believe what they want to believe facts be damned. If the truth doesn’t fit in theyre little comfort box it is discarded. No matter how much evidence and in theyre face facts they will defend theyre ignorance to the death. Knowing truth requires you take action and change the way you view things, put simply it’s too much for them to face and deal with..

          • Thinker

            Genius;Maybe i “Think” Too much? I was having lunch with my son the other day and he was telling me about one of the Pharmacist that was going on about the economy and how smart and educated he was !!My son looked up at him and ask him “What are you personally going to do about it? He stopped and said leave it up to God! My son said well maybe you should go to your church and wait!,because if your not going to do anything about it STFU I don’t want to worry about things i have no control over!!
            That seems to be the sentiment of most ? But he is right it can just make you cynical and depressed, It got me thinking about it and what i can do besides preparing for the thing i can and not so much about the things i can’t.If things get to that point of no return I can only hope that The nuke hits me right between the eyes, as I won’t hunker down in some hole only to come out and watch my love ones die from the radiation and its affects!
            All i can say is get to where you can,”Mentally and Physically ” to do your best to survive BOL and live it now or you won’t get there once this SHTF takes place. There won.t be any dress rehearsals!!

            Best Regards to you and yours;.


        • Pissed Off Granny

          “I’ve never been a believer if a grand global conspiracy”. We see that from some posters on shtf.

          I think I will believe what an INSIDER has to say about that “grand global conspiracy”.

          FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover:

          “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a CONSPIRACY so monstrous he CANNOT BELIEVE IT EXISTS.”

      • Tactical

        Ralphieboy…..Amen. I just pray to God a “few of us” to become “all of us” as you have stated. God Bless.

        • Not so Much

          Are you referring to the Jewish Messiah or another?

          Again, how’s that work in your anti-Semitic mind?

          • Pissed Off Granny


            The jews do not believe that Jesus was the Messiah. They are still waiting for “theirs”.

            If you are a jew you would know that. If you aren’t a jew then you have been listening to a false “teacher/preacher that the true Messiah warned us about in the Bible.

            • Not so Much

              None the less, THE MESSIAH WAS A JEW you moron!

              • Pissed Off Granny

                So NotSoMuch:

                Don’t give me your “none the less”.

                You are the moron. The jews believe in g-d; they do not believe in Jesus and they do not believe he is the Messiah.

                Do yourself a favor, google g-d the jews god. You are in for a real surprise if you are not a jew.

                There was NO PC from Jesus. You have to believe in HIM or you will not be saved. Period.

                • Them Guys

                  Not So Much(great name choice!) This answers Your Bull CRAP! Read & Let it SINK IN FOOL! Jesus was NOT a “jew”!

                  Under the heading of “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following: “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an Ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”

                  — 1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3 (the writer is obliquely referring to the true history of the Eastern European Ashkenazim, or Khazars).

                  So as Their OWN Jew Almanac Proves! If todays “jews” are NOT decendant from Israelites, NOR are they “hebrews”, that it just moreso proves Recent DNA-Proof that at least 98% of todays “jews” are actualy KHAZARS, which is a racial Mixture of TURK(esau edomite) HUNN(as in atilla the hunn) Mongrel(as in Asiatics aka Gingis Khan) and Caucasian(white) Add it Up and you get a KHAZAR “Imposter Jew” same as those Imposter jews in Jesus’s days he Railed against so often!

                  Jesus Christ was a Nazerene of the tribe of Judah. He was Not a ‘jew” per se, Christ Never preached from any Talmudic teachings, Rather He Condemned those jews who follow Talmudic Pharisee Rabinical teachings.

                  Before You go off Half cocked with wild unsubstantiated claims against good folks here, You need do some Vital Research on these issues First!

                  To do any less will only assure that You Remain a dumbed down foolish asshole and likly sayanim or hasbara clown.

                  America Has plenty of clowns already as well as more traitorous hasbara and sayanim than one nation can possibly ever need. Why do you choose to remain as such.

              • mqg25

                Christ was from the Tribe of Judah but was called a Nazarene who was a Galilean. All the word “Jew” (which was bastardized) means is that you dwelt at that time in the Province of Judah. The word used for “jew” in Strong’s Concordance is #2453, as a country “Ioudaios” meaning from Prime #2448 (a part of or place in), judean, i.e belonging jehuda, a jew(ess) of judaea. Meaning if you dwelt there you were called a Judean. In other words if I was from Ethopia and dwelt in the province of Judea at that time I would be called a (Jew, which was only scribed in later translations)) or Judean. The woman Christ met at the well was a Samaritan because she resided in Samaria. Just because you dwelt in the province of Judea did not mean you were from the tribe of Judah. Judeans were made up of various races non-Israelite and those from the tribe of Judah, Benjamin and Levi that returned from the Babylonian captivity.

                At the time of Christ crucifixtion the sign Pilate placed above the Cross mocked those Jews which said he was thier KIng. But you see they had another Messiah coming because the majority (not all) of priests and scribes were not even of the Israelite bloodline. They were imposters! (the big dirty secret your 5013c churches lie to you about)So whose bloodline were they from? Matt 23:23, Talking to the Scribes and Pharisees..”Ye serpents, ye “generation” (Strongs # 1081 means “offspring) of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” Even today alot of those misguided Christians call them the “chosen People.” (Satan’s got to be laughing at that one)

                If you would read the Minor Prophets you would know that after the Babylonian captivity there were no Levite priests but only the temple servants presiding who were from the bloodline of Cain through Esau. Why do you think they wanted to kill Christ? Why did they tell Christ that they “were never in Bondage?” Hmmm? Because they were not his sheep (Israelites) and were not levitical priests.
                John 8:33-44,John 10:24-27 …There is much more but it sounds like you don’t want the scales lifted from your eyes…so you can call me names but I am never ashamed of seeking the truth.

    13. Anonymous

      IF we were close to a full collapse, we would start seeing more gold and silver buying but the rich. Last year or early in year we saw China buy a huge amouts of gold, but if the rich knew they would lose so much money and how greedy they are with it, why have they not invested that money into commodities or other things that the markets. After Christmas it will be very flat the markets and the continued lies from our lying bastard idiot in charge who is not even legal to be president.

      I hope most of you had bought ammo. I know .22 shells have really gone up. I’m glad I stocked up on those and some. Make sure you guys have gas when pumps go down or find a parked semi for diesel and get what you can if things go south. Don’t trust anyone to much because people will turn on you or turn you in. Always have doubt of something that is too much of a “good thing”.

      • .02

        The real needed gold on this planet is black, aka oil. Oil is the the most important element on the planet if you are controlling and empire of war machines. Gold? Pffft.. no oil and the game totally stops. Need gold to make the combines cut wheat? Nope that takes oil. All things take a back seat to oil. So what if China has the gold, you cant eat it but oil feeds the world. The good news. The US is close to or is the worlds largest oil producer again and we are just getting warmed up. We have huge strikes in Texas and North Dakota, Montana, Penn, and other states plus fracking is getting cleaner and new breakthroughs are extending well life. Let China have the gold. WE have the oil.

        • Timothy

          You might want to do some more research on shale oil, tight oil, tar sands and fracked gas. It is not as abundant as you think.

          The whole fracking boom is little more than an investor scam.

          • .02

            That all depends on where one wants to look. You can find websites that says Hillary Clitwoman is a shape shifting reptilian too. Maybe you should look at the numbers of what is recovered and what is yet to be recovered and also realize fracking is an infant technology that is going to keep getting better as we go forward. I worked in the Bakken and believe me, the oil and gas are literately pouring out of that place and the 2 strikes in Texas are even better. I think it is hell on the planet, but at this stage in the game the planet is damn near uninhabitable anyway.


          • Them Guys

            Same “Peak Oil” spew we all heard back when the anti oil treehuggers and whale petters kept repeating that “The Alaska Pipeline is a Huge waste of billions of dollars since the Oil to flow thru it will ONLY LAST 6 Months, to maybe a year at most before it ALL Runs DRY!”

            45 yrs Later and Alaskas Oil Pipeline is STILL Flowing Oil NON stop!…And Many good pay Jobs that it created to Build it are still good pay Jobs as well as Many More jobs it created to maintain it all these yrs.

            Same for Todays Naysayers on Fracking..Right, oil companies are spending Tons of Cash to set it all up just to see it all collapse in a year?…Get Real already.

            Since at least the 1960’s Litterally EVERY scare tactic, every wild claim made, by many various tree huggers, PETA fool clowns, and all types anti energy anti Oil fools. That made claims of Population bomb exposion by year 2000. Failed to be truth…Over POP-New Ice Age all shall Freeze to death by 2000, Starve to death by 2000, right Up to and Including, Global Warming, then changed when exposed as Lies, to “Climate change”…

            Every wild anti-everything, Claims they all ever made have Proven False! ALl False!…And these whacko huggers and Peak every item in existence has Two major MO’s.

            Either they create a NEW wild claim to cover over their last Failure claims, or they RE Invent themselves by changeing the Name of the “issue” at hand. Like done for global warming Hoax changed to climate “change”.

            Of Course climate changes…Its why we have 4 seperate seasons…Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall..Changes all the time always Has…Get a Grip and reject all these clowns who have a common sameness..They all are Persistently WRONG everytime on every issue. The entire world is Floating on huge seas of Oil everywheres..And its NOT too costly to extract it. Thats just another “Change” since “Peak Oil” also was proven a huge Hoax…So they “Change” issue to “Plenty Oil Yes…BUT! to Costly to get from ground!”

            What will their next word change semantics game be? One things for Certain…it too Will be Lies-Propagandas-Hoaxes.

            I will Predict a “Near Future” event claim: I, Them Guys, predict somebody very soon will provide an article that claims americans have seemed to have Lost All sense of intelligence, all forms of common sense, and are Now ready to believe ANYTHING they are told!”

            • JRS

              US peak oil happened in 1970.

              • Not so Much

                No. Us govt control of resources peaked in 1970, which is about when we stopped building refineries in this country and started saying no to domestic oil, gas and coal.

                • The Old Coach

                  Exactly. “Peak Oil” was a scam to con investors into buying whatever the Peak Oilers were selling.

                  Green Energy is a scam. Responsible engineers in the power industry are scared witless of the instability of windmill power output. They say that it’s a good bet that Green Energy schemes will in fact lead to more grid-shutdown events. Turning us into Venezuela. Of course, that would be a good thing if we can cut off Washington metro area. In fact, why stop there?

            • CrabbeNebulae

              @Them guys… Your “prediction” is a little late. It’s like predicting an earthquake 3 years after it happened. A number of studies have already been conducted which point to Americans becoming stupider. Just do a search on “Americans are getting stupider” and similar search parameters. You might not like what you find. Just saying.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              We need to HALT and STOP Exporting ALL US Domestic produced energy out of the country. That’s our Natural Resources Energy Co’ are looting for profit. Where’s my cut? Wake up Sheeple!! The theft continues.

      • Genius

        The rich ARE buying gold. China is getting all it can lay it’s hands on because they know whats coming. A lot of billionares are fleeing the US and China with theyre wealth. This is the writing on the wall for a US/China conflict (all planned). China has also been buying up mines and commodities for years now, dumping all theyre soon to be worthless dollars. My biggest fear is after a global currency collapse they will roll out a new global currency backed by each nations resources. This will give them absolute control over the planet…

        • ohboy

          Genuis you won’t be waiting much longer. Flip the sequence of events around and you have it. Word has it that this event may happen as early as three months from now.

    14. BadAmerican

      Buckle up !!!

      ….you too rich99……

      …..STAY the course…….BA.

    15. georgio

      Wake up fools–the sh!tty economy is purposely done. Too many useless eaters on the planet. Prior to WWI and WWII,samething happened major depressions and hardships–high unemployment. Like forest fires– fires are actually good–regrowth. If you want your family to ride the financial storm–head for the mountians and hide your sons. Uncle Scam wants a clean out :^(

      • Genius

        Indeed georgio they want to cull the herd. During the industrial revolution they needed the herd to mine and produce and build infrastructure etc. Now with technology and automation all these cattle are no longer needed. Basically just a bunch of resource consuming zombies that are of no value to them. I often wonder just how much an average human consumes and how much waste one produces during the average lifetime. If you think about all the landfill space for trash, mined commodities, oil and gas consumed, etc. I’m sure its a pretty big number per person. Times this by 7 billion people then times that by 1000 years and you get an idea of the future. I do believe the population is way too big to be sustainable (now I’m sounding like one of them) but if you really look at it it’s true. The laws of nature will cull the herd one way or another I just wish it wasn’t at the hands of these psyco freaks.

    16. Brian Hughes

      I hope in a good way the wrong people do the wrong things and they keep the police and national guard busy and they leave us alone. I think they will drive around if martial law was put into place and have us turn in our weapons to keep everyone safe and that will cause a few problems as well or many problems. Remember never fire a bullet from your house because if you draw attention to your area they will come in force and take all your stuff including your preps and all your guns and ammo will be gone unless you take them out.

      Try running rebar in the entryway staggered so somebody could not rush in quickly. They would have to duck and lift a leg up and a great place to make a choke hold on the bastards. Just a thought or a thousand marbles in the entryway. And remember to wear earplugs, that will help you relax more when you are shooting with all the gun noise. The slightest twitch in you can make the difference that you are faster or on target quicker and be the winner and not the loser. We all don’t agree on here but we do share and try to help each other.
      Dont trust someone too quickly if stuff collapses and don’t tell them you have any preps or anything if this would get serious. Act like you have nothing and don’t trust your neighbors or new people because they are the ones that could turn you in. People get jealous and love to see drama.

      • slingshot

        Brian Hughes.

        Interesting you mention hearing protection. Ear plugs save your hearing but you need to hear things happening around you. Then you fire from an enclosed position without them and that make your ears ring. Then you can’t hear as good.
        One other point is spent brass. Some may want to consider which way the brass is ejected from your weapon in your home enclosure.

        • The Old Coach

          For as long as you can get batteries, the electronic muffs work great! It’s a little weird not hearing the shot but hearing all the echoes, though. Mine are Walker Power Muffs.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        When you discuss Home Defense, you need to think back to Midevil times, with long nails in plywood upside down on your door step as a welcome mat or in front of windows. Then pile all the heavy furnature up against the front door, so when they try to break it down it slows them down and the Hot pans of grease fall on them and they slip and fall. Rebar with the ends sharpened like punji sticks and randomly staggarded and pounded in the ground in the front yard or choke pointstothe back, and between them, they are wrapped with barb wire as tangle feet, which should slow down the intruders as they fall. Build a hatch on your roof for your machine gun turret and lookout watch tower. Yes the ear plugs are for the flashbangs, but you have have enough time to put those on, as they work their way up the street to your house. Yes you can use marbles or chards of broken glass you have saved over time to throw out there on the walk way that works too.. lol Play “Defend the Castle,” as creativity will rule the day. LOL

        • lonelonmum

          You also need to consider fire protection.

          Doesn’t matter how many guns you have if you are burnt out. (Remember Waco?).

          Here in the UK the humble molotov appears in every riot (we have no guns).

    17. Socrates

      Hear that? The ALARM bells chiming? Started as a low ding, ding, ding but is now a CLANG,CLANG,CLANG!

      People that think that *their* country will get out of this mess unscathed are delusional or just plain ignorant.

      The U.S. IS the worlds largest consumer nation in the world. What happens when the worlds largest consumer of everything can no longer run a tab? You lose your biggest customer and your GDP falls like a rock. China as big as they are, is very vulnerable in that sense since so much of their output goes to the U.S. Wal-Mart alone would dry up and blow away if it were not for cheap Chinese imports.

      When the U.S. falls they ALL fall. That is probably the Feds (and others)policy all along…go out with a bang and let the pieces fall where they may. Truth is stranger than fiction and it would not surprise me in the least.

    18. Ugly

      I think when the Bible has ‘a quart of wheat for a days wage’. I think it meant it.

      • Kulafarmer

        Wonder how much kale and how many potatoes or taro that translates to?
        Just curious so ill know what to pay my new helpers when it all comes unglued! At least whoever hooks up with me will be fed healthy and well!

        • SilverSax

          It’s referring to “subsistence living”. In other words, a day’s work will be rewarded with a day’s food.

          “I dig the hole
          To earn the money
          To buy the bread
          To gain the strength
          To dig the hole. “

          • .02

            On Monday we have bread and gravy.
            On Tuesday it’s gravy on bread,
            On Wednesday and Thursday it’s gravy on toast, but that’s only gravy on bread.
            On Friday it’s dry bread and gravy.
            On Saturday whole wheat instead.
            But Sundays a treat, we cant wait to eat, we get gravy without any bread.

            • Them Guys

              This Tribe plans to Eat Well always! at YOUR Expense too!

              “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap; and we will sit like an effendi [Turkish bossman] and eat.” That is why gentiles were created.”

              Rabbi Ovadia Yosef,spiritual mentor of the religious fundamentalist party, Shas, and a former Chief Rabbi of Israel. Yosef is considered a major religious leader and chief coalition partner in the current Israeli government who enjoys the allegiance of hundreds of thousands of followers. [10/18/10]

              “If Gentiles [any non-Jew] refuse to live a life of inferiority, then this signals their rebellion and the unavoidable necessity of Jewish warfare against their very presence.” (The Real Samson option! Nuke Us all if we reject jewish master race ideology!)

              – Cf. Mordechai Nisan, Kivunim (official publication of the World Zionist Organization), August, 1984, pp. 151-156

              Message from Their “Dear Leader”…

              “What is the basis of Judaism? A practical passion and greed for profit. To what can we reduce his (the Jew’s) religious worship? To extortion. What is his real God? Cash!”

              — Karl Marx, founder of Communism, quoted in the British Guardian, July-August, 1924.

              Boy! Does This describe todays eliets or what!

              “I hardly exaggerate. Jewish life consists of two elements: Extracting money and protesting.”

              — Nahum Goldmann “The Jewish Paradox” 1978

              NOTE: the word Protesting can also be written as,”Whine” and no other group can whine like they can eh!

              • Not so Much

                Sig Heil.

                A one trick pony is thanking you at this very moment.

                • Tactical

                  Not so Much … Sig Heil won’t do it. Can you come up with real facts to dismiss and discredit what is being posted. Name calling is a typical tool of the liars and Godless souls.

                • Not so Much


                  Real fact: Blaming every ill in the world on Jews, with the absolute scantest/stupidest evidence ever, puts you squarely in the company of the worlds biggest Nazis.

                  Real fact: Blaming every ill in the world on Jews makes you a half-wit.

                  Real Fact: Posting over and over and over again through all the posts that Jews are responsible for every ill in the world ‘is a typical tool of liars and Godless souls’ on the HARD LEFT. The same people you accuse of being solely Jews. See almost all Occutard videos.

                  Real Fact: You keep talking about God out of one side of your mouth but yet you keep saying Jews are the devil. How’s that work in your lying ass, Godless little mind?

                • Not so Much

                  Oh yea, Sig heil, Bitch.

        • Ugly


          It is probably about the same as one potato and one small salad, or cup of soup, for the day. Basically, a daily wage for about 600-1000 calories. Thus, a slow starvation. Very skinny.

          The Four Horseman in Revelation starts with a Peace-Maker, but peace is not his goal. This is followed quickly by wars and famines.

          It says in paraphrase, ‘a quart of wheat for a days wage, but save the oil and wine’.

          Basically, the rich population will get much richer and do good, while the rest of population will suffer.

          The Fortunate Son v The Unfortunate One….

    19. Buzzfix

      Happy New Year.

    20. .02

      A Post On Zerohedge pretty well sums it up. And I Quote “what a colossal mess when the only way out is WAR. mankind will never fix this world without God in charge. right now satan runs the show, and the results are quite evident. but still people insist on the cleverness of man and how we are destined to be superman, but we can’t even take care of our world or each other. this is why we are eventually headed to our biblical fate. God is just giving us a chance to see for ourselves. He offered us a chance at redemption long ago and till this day through the sacrifice of His beloved son, Jesus. and all people can do is laugh at the notion of a savior from sin.

      party on, unbelievers.”

      • The Old Coach

        Careful what you wish for. That God may turn out to be the God of the Muslims. You won’t like it.

      • Anonymous

        God is ALWAYS in charge, .02. It only APPEARS differently.

      • dave

        Jesus loves you- go to the church of your choice, and wait.

    21. incognito

      kudos author. easy to lose track when dealing with work, life and kids on a daily basis.

      thank god for the guides through the rough waters.


    22. Logicrazy

      Never confuse money with currency, what we use is a fiat currency. It is not money because it does not retain its value. It has been corrupted, paper fiat currency always fails. Gold and silver has worked for 2600+ years. Its value today is manipulated to keep the fiat game going. When this dors unwind, and it will, metals will be in high demand…

      • Timothy

        After a collapse, nothing will be in demand accept clean water and food. No valid currency means no way to do business.

        Think it through, all the way. Yes, maybe in another 50 or a hundred years, gold and silver will begin to retake their place as currency, but it will be a long time away.

        Societies will need to relocalize their economies and migrate to productive areas, etc. This takes time and energy that will only be compensated for with food or productive hardware(knives, containers, etc)

        This is not like the collapse of the 30’s where we still had a continent of resources and ‘never ending’ oil resources. Most of it is gone now. There is nothing to fall back on.

        • Texas Tea

          You make some interesting points…But just like today, people will always find value in different things even after a collapse. Ofcourse, food and water will always be the top priority, but previous reports have suggested that millions of Americans will die within the first year due to disease, dependency on legal and ill-legal drugs, hunger,etc…Rebuilding any kind of way of life will then take place and that will include gold/silver, and any items for bartering. I get what you are saying about how this will be different than in the 1930’s, but actually we have a lot of resources, just not people who have the skill set. Back then most folks had property and lived off the land- My grandparents were “prepper’s” and didn’t even know it. Personally, I strive to save a wide array of goods, including silver, ammo, etc. I only hope it’s enough to sustain my family long enough. Good luck and happy prepping:)

        • Old Vet

          Tim: You nailed it in my estimation, WATER so many have taken WATER for granted. Three days without it you’re dead, but look at the sickness from drinking bad water. Sickness from drinking the bad water will be the major cause of death. So 30 to 45 days most will be dead or too sick to function. Continue to prepared, but you must find a source for CLEAN WATER!

    23. watchman

      educate ur selv.
      look up the meaning of a banana republic. i’m afraid we have become one. finally.

    24. HiddenTruth

      This guy explains it all, folks…


      It’s time to wake up people of the United States because we as a nation are being high jacked subtlety!!!

    25. Sgt. Dale

      99.999% here know that the collapse is coming. So folks keep preaching and prepping. With any luck you will get some one to start prpepping. This way we won’t have to feed them or use them as a targets because they become ZOMBIES.
      Inflation – deflation dosen’t matter it just means things are going to get a lot worse.
      Gold and silver will help, extra food and ammo for barter will also help.

      I read a remark up top that stated the the US put 4T into the banks, and China put 15T into thier banks. If that dosen’t tell you something you must have your head in the sand.

      Things have been so good for so long (After WW11) that people don’t think it will ever get bad again. Or they don’t want to believe that its going to get bad. They think the Feds are going to take care of them. The Feds have been doing it for 60 years and they think they will help them too. Boy are they in for a rude awakening! Welcome to FEMA CAMPS.

      Keep prepping and putting Sivler and Gold away.

      • Nopittypartyhere

        And Japan is printing nonstop to devalue the yen for favorable export/import conditions….

    26. Golfer

      Me & my family are off to Africa because N.M. was black.

      • vicky

        Gulfer,coming to Africa may not do D trick.I’m from & in Africa.There’s a kind of dread being sensed here.The political elite here are stealing Billions in Dollars into foreign banks.They seem to B prepping 4 something.Suicide Bombing Terrorism are becoming normal today.All These,i believe,are a prelude to something bigger!If I may add.About 5yrs ago,i had a dream where I saw a gigantic Red Moon with our moon just there in D night Sky!I was scared.I was more scared when I noticed people were going about their normal business as if nothing happened.This was when I thought a friend & I are D only 1’s aware that there’s a conscious,very selfish,intelligent yet sinister force controlling the world.It was just recently I stumbled on a You-tube video on David Icke.Imagine my surprise to see a “westerner” talking about waking up from a control matrix?! My soul leaped for Joy!!Now,i see it everywhere on D Net.If USA crashes, many in my Country will crash emotionally 4 their “God Country”has Falling.

    27. Ronald

      Speaking of corruption they have had a revolution in Iceland Monday, tptb that were in control have been thrown out the people have rewritten the constitution so that corporate greed is illegal. Why are they not talking about this on our news.

      • Them Guys

        Ronald: Iceland did alot more than that even! RT Tv News, yesterday had another Update report on Iceland events. Besides that prior, aprox 6 months ago, Icelandic folks Booted out some Banksters, and some were Jailed, and they changed their banks into STATE banks.

        Yesterdays RT news updates said over 55% of all Iceland folks had mortgages and or car loans…Now the state govnt has declared ALL prior banksters usury/intrest Loans null and Void and icelandic citizens former loans are Paid in full done with entirely!

        In answer to your asking Why “Our News” aint telling about these events in Iceland?…Easy answer!

        Because litterally all major newspapers here in usa as well as EVERY-TV News channel/show is owned and staffed and controlled and profited By and for jewish intrests mainly.

        Same as icelands now Jailed banksters which also were mainly jewish. Their Talmudic religion teaches that they are Never allowed to Rat out, nor testify against, nor avow any claims or charges or crimes of any members of their tribe. Instead they are to lie or pretend it never happened. But they are never to speak out against their own, unless like Madoff did…He, madoff swindled fellow jews…Thats the Only time they are allowed to speak out or testify against their own tribe…If he or she screwed fellow tribe members.

        Being Icelandic folk are not jewish but are goyim gentiles, they do not “count” and whatever was done to harm them or their nation by jewish banksters…So what, its fine and A-OK to swidnle goyims. In Fact their talmud says it is a Virtue for their tribe to do so!

        So we will Never see truth like iceland events reported on ANY usa msm. Unless of course its reported in ways to make iceland and its people appear as nazis or haters and racists etc…But CNN or FOX et al will Never admit icelands folks got screwed royally by jewish bankster cabals and nothing will ever be said regards to “Usury/Intrest” is what Created the Many problems and scams!

        Just like you/we shall never see any Hollywood movie or major documentary that shows what Really happened in 1918 russia or that bolshevik jews are the kommies who Led and ruled the entire Soviet after mass killing off 150 million white and christian folks. All we will keep seeing is More WWII anti germany movies same as the 800 hollywood so far has produced…Yet not one single movie on russias revolution that shows facts etc…No MSM tv or Print is going to Out their own synagougue of satan members Period.

        • Not so Much

          Sig Heil.

          Another one trick pony says, Thanks!

        • The Old Coach

          This is worth repeating:

          “Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life. Thus people haunted by the purposelessness of their lives try to find new content by not only dedicating themselves to a …. cause but also by nursing a fanatical grievance.” Eric Hoffer.

          That is what John Q. and Them Guys see in their mirrors. I’d feel sorry for them, but it’s dangerous to take pity on a rabid animal that can kill you with one drop of their infected drool.

          • Pissed Off Granny

            Old Coach:

            I would like to suggest that you start proving what themguys and johnqpublic post is not the TRUTH.

            You are joining in with the kommies that teach kill (OR BELITTLE THEM AS MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN) the truthful messenger if you can’t prove their messages are wrong.

            So belittle them, call them names, cast your stones, but don’t come up with proof they are wrong. Why not? Because you cant!

            Jesus got the same treatment. When they couldn’t prove his messages were wrong the only thing left for his opposition was to CRUCIFY HIM.

            You, and several others on this post, are trying to CRUCIFY truthtellers by belittlement. Why not try finding proof that they are not telling the truth?

            We know why not, BECAUSE YOU CANT!

            • Not so Much

              Look stupid, are there some Jews responsible for evil? Sure.

              Are they responsible for all evils like you half-wits claim? HELL NO.

              Is someone from every race responsible for evil? Yup.
              Are YOU responsible for evil! Yup

              But seriously, shut the fuck up with the KKK shit. You want to make a hate site, go buy your own domain.

              There’s no reason to rebut you morons. You’re proof is straight out of the Idiots Guide to Stupidity.

              • BLIND LIBERALS

                A long time ago I was in a history class.
                We were studying world war 2.

                I asked why an entire nation was convinced to kill the jews.
                The liberal teacher’s reply….was Hitler was evil.

                The real answer…the Jews enslaved the Germans with debt.
                It was basically a debt slave revolt that went industrial.

                There’s your answer.

                No kkk shit or racism.
                Just economic facts.
                Enslave me, take my land, farm and make my family poor and starve and
                the masses rose up and dealt with their oppressors.

                Liberals… just deal with this fact.

                All the “Goym” and “Gentile slave” dealt with the Jews.

                For ever action…there is a response.

            • sixpack

              It seems like instead of presenting an argument with facts, it’s easier to sling “nazi” references and engage in name-calling. I’d just like to point out that there were groups of people who hated jews, long before the nazis ever came along.

              Does one sling “Sig Heil” to them as well, even though it hadn’t been invented yet?

              This is called “operant conditioning”. Look it up, study it and learn not to burn.

          • Not so Much


      • robert paulson

        what percentage of profit puts a company in the greed catigory?

      • Not so Much

        “the people have rewritten the constitution so that corporate greed is illegal”

        BWAAAAHAHAHAHAA. Is that all it took?

    28. Lake Monster

      “When the system collapses that assistance will not be enough”

      It’s not enough now, and SNAP is heading for another cut. There will be no net at all for the poor, and people will die of starvation. I keep begging my family to listen to me and start getting food put aside. I have struggled greatly just to get 7 months worth of food and water aside just for me, my husband and two children. If my family comes knocking for food, I won’t be able to help much. I have linked them to this blog. Maybe it will open their eyes up. Self sufficiency is a must, and it must happen now.

    29. Golfer

      You are paying for our vacation. Had the kustom carpet changed on the 747. Pooch shat on it.

      • Kulafarmer

        Cant wait for it to get taken out by a SAM
        have a nice day

    30. RealAdvice

      One major problem with humanity is that through our rapidly expanding intelligence we saw the largest opportunity in developing new entertainment, war, and control technologies instead of for the common good of humanity. I don’t mean hippy recycling crap either. I mean exploring the cosmos and educating ourselves on where we came from. Science is fragmented at best and used against us at worst. I believe that had the coin landed heads up, we would be in a different boat now. Base on Mars, fusion energy, on our way to Andromeda, REAL advanced technology. Not “so many pixels that your eye can’t make out any individual one!” F@ck CPU speed!

    31. possee


      “People don’t understand the scale of the emergency that’s going on right now.”

      Judging from all the above comments…yes we do.!!

      I joined this community a few years ago and have developed some wonderful rapport (off site)with several original posters and commentators..namely Manos, Burt the Brit, and Daisy..to watch Daisy and Burt have their articles published worldwide is amazing..as they were originally here if I am not mistaken..

      For those who remember, manos is doing fine..painting like a Rembrandt and enjoying his life where the shtf has already been implemented for years now…Greece.

      And for the rest of you…kudos on your advice,opinions and experiences…

      It’s comforting to realize we are not alone in this fight..

      thank you Mac!


      • OutWest

        Nice comment, possee

        When things are at the very worst,

        humans are at their very best.

        This I believe.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Many thanks for the update possee, especially regarding Manos. I do enjoy reading Burt’s articles (like her wit)and yes Daisy has come a long way and has a lot of well written articles under her belt.
        I can’t say for sure what will be coming down the road for us. It’s a difficult one to call what event (planned or natural) would put us in a hellova tailspin. I try to get here to read daily but some times I can’t (busy) and have to catch up on weekends. I don’t think we need anymore predictions of when. Just look up at the wall…the handwriting is plain to see.

      • Kulafarmer

        What is burt the brit s website?

    32. Simplicity's Homestead

      Looking back at the Great Depression through the eyes of my elderly relatives and friends, those who lived outside the big cities, had their wealth in hand (though it were small), kept a few chickens, had a garden, and didn’t have debt, struggled, but faired better than those in the big cities. Back then most people lived in rural areas anyway, and we’re not much removed from 19th century life skills and morals. We all know that’s no longer true..

    33. De Oppresso Liber

      The Mayan’s, suffering hard times sacrificed folks and evidently threw the bodies in to their water supply . . . Even so they may still turn out wiser than our leaders.

      We are the oppressed

    34. watching and waiting

      Very accurate article…….

      I believe that our most concern will be the hyper inflation
      in that it could cost a day’s pay to buy bread and milk. Those two items will not be the ones affected but overall it will be bad.

      Keep prepping and keep the faith with all your heart……

    35. Realist

      OK..we are heading for an economic crisis. I get it. Really I do. 5 of the last 7 articles are about financial armageddon. I get it.
      How about some articles and constructive comments on what to do after the collapse? Radios, commsec, tactics,opsec, building neighborhood groups, barricades, long term food storage, reloading tips, hell anything but another article trying to scare me into buying gold and silver. There is some real depth of knowledge out there in the usual commenters….I enjoy reading their comments.

      • skeptic

        Absolutly Agree!!!

    36. getaclue

      Has anyone notices a change in the sheeple? It seems that all of the GMO, partially hydrogenated, high fructose shit is finally starting to have an effect. I’m finding that the people who consume this crap seem to becoming a different species from those who eat local organic healthy food. The zombies are having trouble concentrating and thinking straight. They are hooked on tv and video and unable to read or put sentences together coherently.
      They are rapidly evolving into an actual zombies.
      This may get pretty ugly for a while…

    37. armed citizen

      Life is too short to let the worry of all this make it shorter. Prep, prepare but most important give your loved ones a hug today! The shit storm is coming and we can’t stop it, so lets all take a deep breath and enjoy today.

      On a different note my missus who 2 years ago wouldn’t touch a firearm. picked up a rifle and dropped a coyote trying to get the chickens this afternoon. I’m so proud.
      Forced her to learn how to use it and made her practice.
      Now she finally gets it. And with 1 shot too!

    38. mikeincanada

      It is all going to happen. The powers that be need to crash the current system. It is all going to be a global reset to create the cashless society. I know all who visit here may not share my Christian beliefs but the bible has 100% accuracy with prophecies. This is going to happen and my guess is relatively soon. Many have predicted dates and years, I won’t do that but I will say with confidence if this whole rigged house of cards doesn’t crash in the next couple of years I will be very surprised. Just keep on using God given wisdom. By the way I was just informed that all ammo imported to Canada from the USA will double in price here as the new year comes in. God Bless ya’ll and trust in God

    39. Barn Cat

      There are multiple sources saying that the Comex is about to default. And when that happens, metals price manipulation will be over and prices will go vertical.

    40. VRF

      Remember make a list of all the laws that your individual representatives – both state and federal – (by name) that they have broken and send that list explaining that you are working towards their arrest and prosecution. They are fired for acting against their sworn constitutional duties.
      List their crimes in the open, inform them that a “vote” is being worked for their removal, the more likely they are to start taking any of us seriously.

    41. wildman

      ! thing i learned a long time ago is that i only can control the distance from my nose to the end of my finger so as time goes on this has been my so called creed. we have taken all the basic steps needed to ensure our survival. other than that its been a hell of a ride. ammo has beed cached, food has been canned, frozen, or just plain ate with grace to god and all of his teachings. so if it all goes to hell in a handbag tomorrow, i hope we make it thru,if not we did the best we could so on a lighter note we have sold the ranch ( i couldnt go as fast as i needed to anymore as cancer took most of my energy away so as things evolved we downsized. NOW we have an indoor shootin range plus a whole lot more time to take care of a smaller ranch. Peace be with you , God loves you Wildman out

    42. Old Vet

      Miraculous technology eh? YA, that’s what Cell Phones were 25 years ago but LOOK at what they have done to the people’s mentality & education in just the last 15 years! The worse electronic invention ever made and the Governments “dream machine” for tracking & controlling people.

    43. JRS

      I like Mike Maloney’s message.

      A good documentary to watch about the Ponzi monetary system is “End of the Road. How money became worthless.”

      Maloney, Schiff, G. Edward Griffith, Rickards, Turk and others also appear in it.

      As for gold, I’m not sure if Maloney thinks it is actual wealth. Here’s what he says about it:

      “It is when stocks and real estate are bottoming that I intend to sell my gold and silver and buy up as much true wealth as I can.”

      Seems he is trying to time the market and not hold PMs forever. Probably a good strategy if you can still find a buyer for it. I have my doubts.

      He should sell them and invest in a stripper well.

    44. Calgacus

      Drudge just posted new unemployment numbers. Funny numbers.
      This is a good recovery and we are down to just 7% unemployment.

      Time to get out the party hats if youre a dumbass and believe all that propaganda shit.
      Time to add to preps if you know whats coming.

    45. Warchild

      All I can do is continue to have more smalls add up,they do and actually fairly quickly if you work at it.I had to take a break from the site,was just getting a overwhelmed feeling and starting to get depressed.I will do what I can to be ready and try and enjoy today.
      On a side note,thanks to sarge and lord in regards to optic advice,figure you ask enuff people you know and lay out the goals you start getting the same answers,a good place to start.Will try and dig up some good/funny news,enjoy the weekend all.

      • sixpack

        Speaking of “smalls”, I’ve invested in a lot of dollar tree items. They are small, cheap and will make good barter items later, when a bottle of shampoo is worth way more than the dollar I paid for it.

        • john becker


    46. VRF

      you smart phone is following you
      and can tell on you , where you been and for how long, without you telling it to or asking it too

      heres how to shut that down

      So if you want to check out your information and turn it off (or leave it on), head to your iPhone’s Settings.
      ◾Once there, go to Privacy.
      ◾Tap Location Services at the top.
      ◾Then scroll down to System Services at the bottom.
      ◾Once you do that, find Frequent Locations and select that. (Some people don’t have this option, we don’t know why yet.)

      From there, you should see everything your phone has on you. Clear your history and turn off Frequent Locations to disable the tracking feature.

      • sixpack

        Unfortunately, the NSA can track you with or without your GPS service turned on. It makes no difference, except that YOU THINK THE TRACKING ID IS TURNED OFF. It would be nice if that was all it took to restore a little bit of privacy, but the govt has a way around that, and it’s built into the phone and can’t be turned off.

    47. VRF

      The creator of one of the most popular apps for Android mobile devices has agreed to settleFederal Trade Commission charges that the free app, which allows a device to be used as a flashlight, deceived consumers about how their geolocation information would be shared with advertising networks and other third parties.

      Goldenshores Technologies, LLC, managed by Erik M. Geidl, is the company behind the “Brightest Flashlight Free” app, which has been downloaded tens of millions of times by users of the Android operating system. The FTC’s complaint alleges that the company’s privacy policy deceptively failed to disclose that the app transmitted users’ precise location and unique device identifier to third parties, including advertising networks. In addition, the complaint alleges that the company deceived consumers by presenting them with an option to not share their information, even though it was shared automatically rendering the option meaningless.

      • The Old Coach

        I don’t have one of those things, and somehow I manage to live quite happily. SOMA for the masses, IMHO. My two grandsons spend all their time on one. They get out of bed and attach it to their hands even before they get dressed. If they were reading Milton or Shakespeare I might make allowances, but they’re not. Faceplant, World of Warcrack, Tweeter, and Do-do-Toob are all they do, all day long, unless the little gadget is surgically removed. And all the while they are tracked, folded, spindled, and mentally mutilated.

        Did I mention I hate smartphones?

        • old guy

          We also don’t have a cell phone or a credit card. I cant imagine why someone would want or need to use a phone 24×7?

    48. maudy fricket

      The MSM propaganda machine has been working overtime to keep the sheep in the dark about the nightmare that is pulling in to the station as we speak. Yesterday one of the talking heads on tv said, “since the recession is now behind us” blah, blah, blah. It never ends.

    49. maudy fricket

      Also, there is no such thing as “cheap labor”. Just because an employer pays his workers very little doesn’t mean there is no cost per employee. The real cost of low paid labor is merely passed on to the taxpayers. In Illinois, the cost of education per student is $16,000 per year. Cheap labor is not paying for that. Some taxpayer is. The medical costs and emergency services and EBT card to supplement the income is paid by taxpayers. So, you say you don’t pay taxes, eh? Well, you do, even if you think you don’t. If you use the US currency, it gets devalued every year, because the government has to print so much excessive money to finance what they can’t get directly out of your pay. That is a hidden tax on everyone. We all pay it.

      • The Old Coach

        Very good post. Green thumbs all around !

    50. JayJay

      Maudy, you sure do make us think! 😉
      And that’s a good thing.

    51. Charlotte D.

      “When the system collapses that assistance will not be enough and those who failed to prepare by stocking long-term food stores, gold and silver, and barter supplies are going to be living in horrific conditions.”

      All of those who prepare by stocking long term food stores and bartering supplies will mean nothing if you don’t have a safe place to stock those goods. Even if you have Fort Knox, it wont matter if you cant keep it covert…
      In America, 53% do not have 3 days worth of supplies. Those 53% of people will be pretty desperate for the supplies you have. If people know where your supplies are, they are not safe. I have found the best solution to this issue is to invest (while your dollar is still worth something) in a safe room, storm shelter or better yet a bunker. There is a company that knows the importance of confidentiality. The bunker company does not use third party contractors to deliver or install the bunker / shelter / safe room; they work completely in house. The foremost company in the industry is known as Rising S Bunkers which can be found here: http://www.risingsbunkers.com/pricing-and-floor-plans/

    52. Gonetoolong

      Everyting is better now. UE rate at 7% even today. How damn convienent is that for the remainder of the shopping season? Why don’t they go ahead and taper QE if it so damn good? We all know the shit is rigged, part-time seasonal work, people stopped looking for work, actual data made up. Whatever. BO will toy with taper and float the rumor, maybe even try a little to show how great everything is for the upcoming elections. You guys watch closely. Once the spigot of cash starts to close and interest rates start to climb, the FED’s but will pucker something quick. More of the same shit, different day. Play with the figures just a little longer to try to get a House, Senate, Presidency and loaded Supreme Court. Good day.

      • Anonymous

        Great post, Gonetoolong! Unfortunately, a lot of people get their “news” from TV and actually believe the shit put out by MSM!! That’s the problem: only half the public is awake! They know in their gut that something is wrong but can’t put their finger on it because they hear all that crap on Tv and don’t bother researching alternative news websites– (which are not owned by 6 Oligarth Corporations).

    53. Anonymous

      When Detroit announced they’re cutting workers’ pensions–80%, that really got to me and unfortunately, other cities in U.S. are in similar situation. When the courts sided with the state, that was an omen…we really are on the verge of becoming like the Greeks. Our government has sunk to the same level.

      At Truthdig website, there was an article on this and he stated that when the courts agreed it was ok to steal the peoples’ money because of the economic situation, the author stated, “no, its not OK!” and went on to explain. Great article. We are on the verge something really bad.

    54. Stew Pedaso

      Many things have been forgotten by most people…poop burns

    55. Justin Walker

      Why does any government need to borrow its money from the private banksters – money simply created out of thin air using Fractional Reserve Lending? Any sovereign nation has the absolute right to issue its own debt-free and interest-free money based on the credit and wealth of that nation. In August of 1914, the British Government (through HM Treasury) did just that and it was called the Bradbury Pound. Join us next year, the centenary year, to bring back the Bradbury Pound and so nullify the criminality of the global elite and their network centred around The City of London. Go to http://www.ukcolumn.org and click on the Bradbury campaign logo and please get involved. And for the USA, why is there no proper national campaign to restore the debt-free Greenback Dollar? National Credit is the answer, along with the use of Common Law and the Jury System to nullify the effects of the criminal bankers, including writing off the so-called National Debt. Come on people, wake up and get organised!

    56. SWFL

      Them Guys says:
      Comment ID: 2868146
      December 6, 2013 at 4:15 am

      This Tribe plans to Eat Well always! at YOUR Expense too!

      I am not trying to support or refute either position in this argument but what difference does it make who the “Tribe” is?
      Most of us seem to agree there is, among other factors, one or more organized groups actively pursuing the advantage of their own group at the expense of the society as a whole.
      Arguing over what name to put to them distracts us from the effort we need to make to learn to recognize them individually by their actions and prepare against their effects.

      I want accurate identification on a local level, not a general label.

    57. lonelonmum

      Lack of food amongst the poor has now been declared a public health emergency here in the UK.


      This is utterly disgusting as anyone on an above subsistence salary pays 40% income tax on it here. Even those on benefits pay 20% VAT on most products they purchase(sales tax and exempt products include paper books, but not sanitary towels).

      I’m posting this in the hope that some reading this and sitting on the fence will start to sit up and see that shtf isn’t one grand Hollywood style “event”, but rather the scenario Daisy discussed in her last article impacting family after family across the globe like dominoes. Use the time you have left before it arrives on your own doorstep to prep.

      Back to this article. Are we to assume that the deflationary period the author refers to is like the wave (deflation) that goes back from the beach a mile further than normal before the life destroying tsunami of hyper inflation hits?

      If so can anyone give me pointers as to how an average joe like me can spot the first signs of that deflationary wave. Early warning equals more time to get to safe ground. I’m no fancy economist so need day to day examples that I can relate to such as grocery store prices etc to look out for not high falutin waffle about derivatives etc.

      One example I thought of was a sudden, prolonged shortage of imported staples such as kenyan green beans, or batteries in stores. Is this accurate?

      I gave up studying the stock market & gubberment stats years ago as an ecomomic indicator, but I have found the baltic shipping index acts as a fairly good thermometer for the layman to assess the true situation. Will this continue to be the case?

    58. Emily

      @lonelonmum ~ Thank you for your informative posts.
      I really appreciate them. It is good to be informed of what takes place in other countries.

    59. yourmotherwaswrong

      This is a test.

    60. John Aaron

      An overwhelming surprise is coming. This is all leading up to a theocratic tyranny. The Religious Right has been waiting for this. Read Chris Hedges’ book on Christian Fascism. In a misguided attempt to turn the world back to God, they will propose a national Sunday law, and things will be so desperate that this will seem like a wonderful answer to our national despair and hopelessness – then, through the world wide debate that will ensue, the world will wake up to the reality that Sunday is the papal sabbath, not the Bible Sabbath. Yet, to procure public favor, Congress will pass this law, and at that point Sunday will become the mark of the beast, the test of loyalty for every human being, either to man-made traditions or to the Most High and His law. Through this crisis the inhabitants of the earth will individually be brought to make their choice just before Christ returns in great power and glory. The entire world will be stirred with enmity against the minority who refuse to honor Sunday and who choose to obey God instead. It will finally be decided that it is better for them to perish that for entire nations to be thrown into chaos and lawlessness. A death decree will follow, and at that point, religious liberty ended and the United States having made void the law of God, having chosen the path of national apostasy, and thereby fully disconnecting herself from righteousness, national ruin will follow, and the entire world will be involved in a destruction more terrible than that which befell Jerusalem 2,000 years a go.

      In the midst of this time of trouble –trouble such as has not been since there was a nation– the true followers of Christ will stand unmoved. Satan with all the hosts of evil cannot destroy the weakest of them. Angels that excel in strength will protect them, and in their behalf the Most High will reveal Himself as a “God of gods,” able to save to the uttermost those who have put their trust in Him.

      “The Sunday…is purely a creation of the Catholic Church.” American Catholic Quarterly Review, January 1883

      “Sunday…It is the law of the Catholic Church alone…” American Sentinel (Catholic) June 1893

      “Sunday is a Catholic institution and its claim to observance can be defended only on Catholic principles …. From beginning to end of Scripture there is not a single passage that warrants the transfer of weekly public worship from the last day of the week to the first.” Catholic Press, Sydney, Australia, August, 1990

      “Of course the Catholic Church claims that the change (Saturday Sabbath to Sunday) was her act… And the act is a MARK of her ecclesiastical authority in religious things.” H.F. Thomas, Chancellor of Cardinal Gibbons. Nov. 11, 1895.

      “Sunday is our MARK of authority…the church is above the Bible, and this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact.” – Catholic Record of London, Ontario Sept. 1, 1923.

    61. olden

      I haven’t been on these sites for a long time. The last time I was on here it was something similar about the end of the world something scenario, that was about 2 years ago I guess. Well in two years my net worth has risen by at least 50%. I am richer now than I was 2 years ago. I have so much money, I spend about 500 on miscellaneous things throughout the day and I still end up with more at the end of the day. I just cannot fathom how anybody can be so poor and miserable to sit and read these editorials. You people need to get to work at a real job and make some money. Instead of wasting precious time on this kind of crap. You will really bring about these things in your own personal life If you believe this Maloney guy, he sounds like baloney if you ask me. Get off this site, it should be called B.S.H.T.F. That’s all it is. Bullshit! It will still be proclaiming some end to something 10 years from now if it’s creator and owner is making $$$ from it. There is and end to all of us, it’ called death. That’s the only end of the world that is real, you should be enjoying life now.

    62. M

      The bobbing turd in the golden punch bowl . That all and sundry are diligently ignoring. Is when/if gold is revalued into honest money . Every single mining company can be nationalized , if you can’t put substantial boots on the ground at the mine. You ain’t getting nothing , no matter where it is , no matter how much stock you own. All politics is local ? Well all greed and corruption is local too )

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