Homeschooling Expands As Parents Seethe Over Liberal Social Engineering And Violence

by | Jun 7, 2018 | Headline News | 52 comments

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    Homeschooling rates are skyrocketing as parents are continually getting more and more upset at the leftist social engineering taking place in public schools.  The indoctrination is getting so bad, that some parents are even concerned about liberal violence against those who reject the brainwashing.

    According to The Washington Times, the recent school shooting at Parkland, Florida, was the last straw for scores of parents. The paper noted that “the phones started ringing at the Texas Home School Coalition, and they haven’t stopped yet.”

    “When the Parkland shooting happened, our phone calls and emails exploded,” said coalition president Tim Lambert. “In the last couple of months, our numbers have doubled. We’re dealing with probably between 1,200 and 1,400 calls and emails per month, and prior to that it was 600 to 700.” But according to Natural News, it isn’t just the rampant violence worrying some parents.  That’s just the tip of the collectivist agenda iceberg.

    Christopher Chin, head of Homeschool Louisiana, told The Times that parents are fed up with “the violence, the bullying, the unsafe environments.” Many parents are also disturbed by the social engineering, which amounts to brainwashing and indoctrination that goes on in a public school.  For example, a Minnesota public school is forcing Kindergarten students to study ‘white privilege’. 

    The left-wing curriculum and common core are also driving parents to remove their children from public schools.  Brian D. Ray, who heads up the National Home Education Research Institute, in Salem, Oregon, who’s conducted homeschooling research for 33 years, told The Times that concern over school curriculum has reached the top of the charts for most parents. Ray said the top three reasons that parents choose homeschooling are a desire to provide religious instruction or different values than those offered in public schools; dissatisfaction with the academic curriculum, and worries about the school environment.

    Since teachers are not allowed to arm themselves to defend their students against the violence often perpetrated at schools simply because they are gun free zones, homeschooling takes care of that problem.  “Most parents homeschool for more than one reason,” Ray told the paper. “But when we ask families why do they homeschool, near the top nowadays is concern about the environment of schools, and that includes safety, pressure to get into drugs, pressure to get into sexual activity. It includes all of that.”

    Indoctrination means to teach a person to accept a belief uncritically.  It’s the very reason the governments of the world still exist.  People cannot logically and critically understand that hurting people and taking their things is wrong – even if people who declare themselves government is the one doing it. Governments are nothing more than a handful of people and have no right to aggress against others.  But humans are taught at a young age to never question this and that belief has kept most of humanity enslaved for centuries.

    It isn’t a surprise that so many have decided to educate their children themselves.  And as schools continue to fail, and authoritarian policies continue to wreak havoc on our society, more will wake up to the absolute horror of what allowing the state to educate our children has done to the moral fabric of humanity.



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      1. All the home school kids I know attend a church based home school. They actually go to school at the church and are taught by teachers, but under a home school program.

        • They’ll attempt to outlaw homeschooling at some point. We will not comply. I’ll see the corpses of many, many people that i will violently kill and be dead myself before one of mine see the inside of a government indoctrination center.

          • John Dewey, who created the current public school system, was a socialist with marxist leanings. His goal was not so much to educate, but indoctrinate.

            The Frankfort School cretins, after being kicked out of Europe in the early 1930’s, settled into the American university system, and began what they called “The long march through the institutions”. Their progeny now control American universities, and the public education system.

            Charlotte Iserbyt has been documenting American education’s slide into communist idiocracy for a long time. She wrote a book called: “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”. Her site is deliberatedumbingdon . com.

            The agenda will continue because Merkans won’t stop it…

              • Great curriculum! I was a delegate for Paul and watched Montana Republican Party rob him of all delegate votes.

            • Dewey was later. The schools were from Harvard University and the Unitarian movement- led by H. Mann. Modeled after the Prussian model. . .Pledge of Allegiance written by a national socialist- Francis Bellamy [1892].

              • I stand corrected. TY.

          • It’s happening here in Nevada. They are trying to limit home and private schooling. They have shut down 70% of all private schools here and have limited the home school choices to 3, while trying to eliminate 2 of those.

            • I wish you well there. The worst thing the “authorities” could do would be to tell me the kids must go to public school. I’d go off and the consequences be damned. I’d put on my body armor and go where I needed to go and exactly when. I wouldn’t kill innocent people either. Each and every one of them would richly deserve it. In the end, I’d be dead, but not before I did incredible damage.

        • John, here in Montana virtually all of our young families homeschool their children. Not one family sends their children to a church-based school. To me a ‘church-based home school’ is an oxymoron.

          Also most families home-church their children.

      2. My kids attended a private Christian school. We would have the home school kids come and play on the sports teams with us. I was impressed that every single one of those kids was so very well read, articulate and polite. If the home school population continues to expand, there just may be hope for America yet.

        • Yes it takes Robbing a village to raise somebody elses kids.

          I have NO children by choice. But 52% of my Property Taxes when I lived in Tampa FL, went to the Commie public school system. Can you believe that crap. I protested. Its flat out commie socialism.

          Oh and free bus rides to school that starts at 9:30AM. They get Free Breakfast and Free Lunch and free after school baby sitting service and free Limo bus rides home.

          ALL PAID FOR WITH MY PROPERTY TAX DOLLARS AND I dont even have any kids. WTF??? Parents are AWOL and their kids are Wards of the State, raised on my dime. I moved out of the Commie City to the Country.

          Public schools are nothing more than an over glorified baby sitting service. Brain washing one under developed brain at a time. Of course the drinking fountains at schools are grid tied and flush with flouride.

          Got to keep the next generation of debt slaves dumbed down and ripe to go into the Military.

          • Same here. I sick and tired of paying for kids to be brainwashed. It wouldn’t be that bad if it was only US kids. But no. Show up here from any country and your brat is allowed to attend. Why? Your offspring, and an illegal entry to boot, are not my problem and I shouldn’t have to pay for criminal behavior.

            • Here is What Italy’s New Government is going to do:

              Pack Your Bags: Italy Threatens to Deport 500,000 Immigrants
              06-07-2018 • ht tps://, Mike Mish Shedlock
              Italy’s new leaders tell 500,000 immigrants: Pack Your Bags.

              The right-wing Lega party, which formed a coalition government with Five-Star Movement (M5S) last week, is the driving force behind anti-immigration rhetoric and it is looking to fulfill a pledge to deport as many as 500,000 illegal migrants.

              Lega leader Matteo Salvini — who is now Italy’s deputy prime minister and interior minister — reiterated the government’s aim to deport illegal migrants on a visit to Sicily last weekend.

              On Saturday, speaking at a rally in northern Italy, Salvini had told illegal migrants “get ready to pack your bags.”

              On Sunday, Salvini said the only way to avoid more deaths was to stop people getting on boats in the first place. He caused a diplomatic row by accusing Tunisia of sending “convicts” over to Italy in migrant boats.

            • Of course the Liberal Commies want to keep as many class rooms filled to the brim even if they are illegal aliens, just like the US Prison system for 100% Occupancy Rates, because the more attendees the bigger the budgets, the more School Contractors make in money for Free school lunches, and grounds contracts.

              I knew a guy who lived in a mansion because he has the maintenance contracts for the floors at all the local schools. He was making a killing with over bloated money contracts.

              Its not about education, its all about all the money dumped into the schools that really goes to the contractors who maintain the buildings and food services etc. Just like keeping the Prisons full with 100% Occupancy for Private Profits.

              Of course the Commies claim its all about the Children… Which is BS, it’s all about the financial contracts that go with it. Always follow the money folks.

        • I agree. The “dumbing down” of this society has been happening for at least 100 years. But gotten much worse in the last 50 or so.

      3. Like me or hate me, heed my words —

        If the school is run by one of those joke ‘prosperity’ churches, they’re going to get the rejects, who were expelled from everywhere else in the district, because what i$ the only thing they value mo$t in life? Tried and true.

        I exercised, over the summer, without any faggy, chickenhawk, PE teacher, staring down my neck, so did not lose my gains in strength training, had strong genes and access to good food, thankfully. I was not on the receiving end of this, but the public schools are run in much the same respect as prisons are run by the inmates. Literal bastards were getting literal tips, from their elder siblings in prison. Teachers gave me unlikable people to beat, with their tacit permission, and the football team wanted me to haze someone, sexually, who went to Sunday school with me.

        If you have any kind of (social) class, this is like an orphanage or workhouse, for people who can’t afford to raise their own kids. If they’re not like Shrek at 12y/o, and with eyes on the back of their head, they *will be sorry. Unless you’re in some serious, financial or health emergency, beyond your control, never choose that for your poor kids, please.

        • Beaumont let me correct you,literal bastards have nothing to do with prisons or school, bastards are what makes up probably half of the children born today, children that are born out of wedlock. America is now a Bastard Society.

          • What TharSheBlows said. ^above.

            All Communist charity is a grant, fake makework, and lots of color-of-authority chickenshit, used for cover.

            In any one of these state institutions, it’s like the story about the ship of fools (there are several versions) where everyone has some life mistake, sob story, hypochondria, or a vice.

            There is always some moral or social handicap, which is the cause of you being there.

            It feeds on stigma and illegitimacy.

      4. You can leave your children in school. You only need to pull them out if the Government/Local Authorities want to run a Drill in your school. They call them: “False Flag’s”

      5. My wife and I were kids raising a kid.
        We could not afford a private school.
        My wife never finished High school.
        We could not home school.
        I was working full time while I earned a BS
        degree. The only thing I could do was
        make my kid do her homework while I did mine
        after dinner. She probably still hates that
        We did all we could to cover the bases that
        the public schools were missing.
        Her education suc ked.
        Certainly she had our full time attention for
        morals and values.
        Today she is a working, productive, happily married
        (20 years now), and mother of a 15 year old son.
        As a Dad, that is about the best you can hope for
        your daughter. Despite what the public school
        system screws up.

        • Relic:
          I miss read your post. I thought you said your daughter was productive and the mother of 15.

          Hope you are well. I follow your posts. Especially what with the volcanos.


          • B from CA,
            That is scary!
            Just one grand child getting
            sick on Juicy Juice
            caused me to rip out carpet
            and put in Bamboo floors.
            I don’t think I could afford
            15 grandchildren. I’d figure out a way
            to do it, but I’d prefer not have
            to do that!

            Volcano doesn’t affect me as I live in a zone 8
            but the Democrat Pols are going to raise taxes.
            I help out the people that have been
            displaced as I can.

      6. good article, Mac.
        When I see (or hear) “white privilege”, I counter with “white work ethic”.

        Sure, there are lazy white people, like all others, but “white privilege” is similar to the derogatory term, “denier”, as in global warming deniers, likening those to holocaust deniers. Just another hate phrase from the left.

      7. There have been various forms of authority for ever, be it a Monarchy, an Empire, or a tribal chief. But public education is a new experiment. It has gone from being socially and individually beneficial to being more and more a social and personal liability.

        This article like most here probably exaggerated just how widespread homeschooling has become.

        But I don’t doubt, given the current level of incompetence in the schools, the drugging and vaccination enforcement, the pedo-grooming homo-sick indoctrination, the race based bs being pushed, and the fact that the Ivy League no longer is where the Best are educated; I don’t doubt more people choose to homeschool.


      8. Like Colin Flaherty says, sending a white child to a negro-majority school is child abuse.

        I think that all public schools are child abuse. Nothing but indoctrination centers for the criminal and the retarded.

        If you love your children, there are plenty of K-12 certified homeschool programs online. I don’t care if you are religious or not. Take your kid out of public school. The only reason the poor schools in Baltimore and NYC exist are because they rob the local property tax base for funding. Every kid in a chair is $$$ for them. Take away the funding, starve the beast, and watch it wither on the vine and rot.

      9. I went to a country school first…then to a city school.
        Big difference.
        Small school…smaller classrooms, less behavior problems.
        Big schools ….big problems. Now when mischevious little
        boys lack disipline….the schools decide they need to drug them
        with AD medication. Add to that the poisoned water (fluoride)…
        plus all the other poison pills in our water from human waste
        like oxycodones, hydracodones, viagra, birth controls, cancers,
        hormones, and thousands of various human….and animal ailment
        meds……then add all the processing of foods, nitrates, herbacides
        pesticides, animanl waste, floods, run-off, ….and water cleanup….
        clorine, ammonia, antifreeze, oil, cloride salt, plus……
        all naturally occurring soil based chemicals…..
        We eat and drink toxic poisons every day!!

        Is it any wonder the kids have minds of mush???
        Is it any wonder we die with cancer….Arthritis….heart
        attacks…alzheimers…strokes….80% obesity….
        and lung disease at 60-70 years old these days???

        They don’t want our kids old enough to protest this stuff
        let alone be smart enough to challenge them in a courtroom.

        Smaller communities are better… ‘cuz when the SHTF…
        you will be better off in so many ways..

      10. Do an article on the police state. Those thin blue liners who are upholding, defending and forcing communism and the one world government on the Republic.

        All the sociopathic cocksuckers in blue who are just following orders.

        Anyone see those cocksuckers beat the shit out of that 20 year old woman in NJ the other day

        • PDs will not hire officers with IQ over 112 as this kind asks too many questions. . .

      11. Public education is nothing but a brainwashing program to acclimate children to be subservient to Authority… dumb down, indoctrinate, and to worship the state as the highest authority…. to pervert them with homosexuality as well as transgenderism, but especially to accept and to be passive to unconstitutional usurpations of authority, their rights, and sovereignty for one world government and communism

        • Anonymous, yours is one of the best descriptions of public education today.

        • and to suppress the identity of the men behind the curtain. . .

          and to block understanding of how the money is made up from nothing, and who is doing this. . .

          the purpose is to cram the establishment down the throats of the kids- to suppress how the nwo was already in place by 1937 [roosevelt and emergency orders which are still on the books!]

          FCC: CBS given to (((Paley))), ABC to (((Goldenson))), and NBC to (((Sarnoff))). . .

          • it could be argued that the nwo had usurped America and authority as early as 1913 under Woodrow “the redheaded peckerhead communist” wilson with the federal reserve act

      12. the people who run most of the PE the unions nea aft and especially the doe are communist nutjobs

      13. I have two kids – both are daughters, the youngest one is going into 10th grade at private school (they only attended private schools). The school has a rigorous academic program and is far ahead of the national average. The school, as other private schools, require the parents be actively involved in the child’s education. The students also must attend chapel at the school, adhere to a dress code, and must always be courteous and respectful. The vast majority of graduates receive some type of scholarships.
        Thanks to my completely successful guidance they thoroughly identify as Southern Christian libertarians (or as they call themselves – Confederates). I have taught them to see gov’t as an entity that does not exist on their behalf and must always be held in suspicion.
        The public schools, especially in liberal states and urban areas, see education not necessarily a scholastic endeavor but inculcation to be “good citizens”. Generally, most learn only enough to function in society and hold a job, to think and behave collectively, no critical thinking skills, no sense of individualism or desire to higher achievement.
        More than a few states have tried or are still trying to compel all children to attend public school, no private schools, no Christian schools, no home schooling. Some states are even saying parents should have no rights how their children should be educated. The state wants unchallenged access and control of children’s minds. One of the goals is to create new generations of obedient and unquestioning citizens. Another is to eradicate tradition and heritage.

        • Of course. The communists want to get their hands on your child’s mind and the end goal is always control.

        • Tradition and heritage…right you are Bill!

      14. Mac,
        Big story brewing. Top congressional head of classified security for the congressional house intelligence committee was arrested, taken away in cuffs for leaking classified data to the NY Times. He is now in custody.

        This man was a creep working for the globalists and the New World Order crowd, he is in custody. This is huge, though I don’t expect CNN to ever cover it.

      15. Where is Betsy DeVos and the school choice programs spoken of during the campaign?

      16. First off, home schooling is not free. It is going a cost of a few thousand a year to do it. Quality curriculum is expensive. Its probably going to cost about 1/3 the cost of private school. We personally like Abeka, it allows to your stream your lessons, and answer the child’s question after the presentation.

        Most church programs are tutoring classes to get around the licensing requirements of the states and accreditation. Most people teaching are retired teachers, or professionals with children. They are setup like a college classes. In the end, you give your children their grades.

        Typically, you are under the wing of a small private school for legal protection, and you join the local area home school association. If not you may have register with local superintendent of schools, and post what you are curriculum you are using, and qualifications.

        Some private schools participant in state testing, and some do not. In the end you are teaching your children they own their education. The rewarding part is they the know the 95 pts of the Martin Luther’s Reformation, know what what Ramadan is, differences in Sunni and Shite. In 6th grade in Abeka, they memorize the Declaration of Independence.
        After study history of Feudalism, they know the why it was important.

        In the end, they are your children. Education is your responsibility. The only large draw back is some school districts don’t allow homeschooling children to participant in High School athletics.

      17. When I was in college, getting a real degree, CHEMISTRY, I noticed the “C” average students (and cutest chicks) all ended up in Sociology, Psychology and Education. These are the people who are now teaching our kids. The lowest of the IQ group.

        The solution is to offer $100,000 a year salary for those with IQ above 115 to become teachers. Anyone under that can become a Psychologist or other useless job. Restrict teaching to ONLY those with a decent IQ and deny teaching to those who are really suited for moving lawns.

        Other than that, get your kids into a PRIVATE school,like those based on the “1950” Catholic system. Real education. Real school and not the “diversity” “we are all equal” BULLSHIT that is force fed on us by the Democrat-Liberal-Communist losers of today.

        Over the last 50 years we have been forced to totally dumb down our schools to deal with the negro and mexican populations, which both have low IQ. Rather than face the fact the average negro has an IQ of 85, the mexican at 90, we force our White children (IQ 100) to sit in a room with retarded monkeys.

        This will not last.

        • the dumbing down is actually aimed primarily at Whites. . .

      18. Public Schools NOW HAVE GUARDS, METAL DETECTORS etc.

        Just getting them ready for Prison or FEMA CAMPS ????

      19. US educational system is $500 billon a year joke. Just think, a decade of money spent on that nonsense could re-build most this country’s decaying, outmoded & obsolete infrastructure. That would also put millions of people to work & even help restore much of our long lost industrial/manufacturing base. It would also spur real economic growth. Instead, we have schools that aren’t worth a damn & where small but growing parts of the annual budget is directed toward security & rising liability insurance premiums. Also, figured into that cost is theft & vandalism caused by the students themselves, which in most of the large inner city districts, rather sizeable.

      20. I guess I was awake a long time ago and a pioneer

        we pulled our kid out of the public fool system over 6 years ago

        people learn slow , and act even slower ,the fear of the unknown stalls some people out but I’m here to tell you it was the best move we ever made when it came to the safety and better education for our kid

        and no more of the public fool systems bullshit to deal with

      21. The wife and I just attended a huge homeschooling convention last week in NC. We are homeschooling our youngest who is 4 and not even inviting the thought of the public commie system. The public school curriculum has been a joke, but has gotten so much worse in the past 8 years, couldn’t imagine why?@!!!…

      22. The communists think they own the children

        In many places they are eroding parental rights inching closer and closer to making everyone’s kids property of the state

      23. Smart companies and retailers ask for consumer feedback and then use it. The ultimate consumer feedback is to stop doing business with you. For public schools, that is home schooling. If you don’t ask for feedback, it is because you don’t give a damn. Has anyone who has chosen to home school, ever be questioned by the public school system about your reasons for choosing to home school?

      24. We homeschooled all of our children. They all excelled academically and received full scholarships to The University of Alabama. Our success rate was 50/50, half of them “survived” 4 years of college and the other half came out as SJW snowflakes. Homeschooling works but beware of college.

      25. You want to get your kids into the schools where the Asians go. Hear me out: I have noticed the main reason for people losing faith in public schools and it is because of disruptive races that have flooded into the country and the school system in the last two decades.

        I would have a conversation with friends with kids and it always goes the same way. They will express support for liberal politicians and liberal ideas but then things change when we talk about school. They will always express great concern about school and how violent it is and the bad influence of ‘some kids’. I probe more and usually you get the shrug and admission it is the immigrants and the blacks that they are talking about. They then say something like “I just wish there were more Jews and Asians at the school, know what I mean? Anyway, we are now looking at some private schools though we don’t know where we will get the money!”.

      26. When people pay their local property taxes, most of it goes to support the public school system. Parents who take on home schooling should get a break on their property taxes. I’m not saying they should be totally exempt but there should be a reduction.

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