Homeland Security Warns Central America: “The United States Will Use EVERY Available Measure To Prevent Your Illegal Entry”

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Headline News | 93 comments

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    The migrant caravan heading towards the U.S. border appears to be growing in number by the day.

    Despite warnings from President Trump to leaders of Central  American countries that he would cut financial aid if they failed to act, the caravan’s numbers are growing, having reportedly reached 4,000 or more people on Wednesday.

    Following criticism from open border proponents who say stopping the caravan is a human rights issue that will inevitably lead to child separations, Trump took a hard line, suggesting he may utilize the United States military to secure the border from the large wave of migrants.

    On Wednesday U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen echoed the President’s warnings and issued a direct message to her counterparts, namely those in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.

    I have been calling my foreign counterparts again today to notify them that we expect decisive action regarding irregular migrant “caravans,” that inaction will not be tolerated, and to warn that illegal entry into the US is a crime.

    For those attempting to illegally enter as part of any ‘caravan’, please know we will enforce our border security laws and that the United States will use every available measure to prevent your illegal entry.

    Ultimately, the solution is in the hands of Congress. If they don’t act to close loopholes and fully fund the wall, our hands will remain tied, smugglers and traffickers will continue to exploit people for profit, and our homeland will be less secure.

    With the 2018 mid-term elections just three weeks away, it appears that Democrats are positioning the migrant caravan as the key issue in an attempt to sway voters.

    Emotionally charged statements suggesting children will be ripped from their parents’ arms by the Trump administration are making there way across the leftist echo chambers on social media.

    What they fail to mention is that the migrants, as noted by Secretary Nielsen, would clearly violate Federal laws by entering the United States without authorization. Under the Constitution, according to Karl Denninger, the President would be compelled to act.

    Donald Trump has long argued for strong borders. He has made it clear to Central American leaders that if they do not act, he will.

    Mexico has already begun mobilizing riot troops, but whether they’ll turn the migrants back to their home country of Honduras remains to be seen.

    If they fail to do so, and this migrant caravan continues to increase its numbers, there is a strong chance President Trump will use this as an opportunity to show his strength on border security and illegal immigration.

    This is the reality of it:

    The President of the United States has clearly indicated his intention to shut down the southern border using whatever means the United States deems appropriate, including the use of force. He’s not playing around. You’d think the left would have figured that out by now.


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        • DK, shoot just half of that caravan and the rest will take off running. That also sends a message to anyone else considering trying to get in illegally.

          • AMEN!!!

          • The Deplorable Renegade , we could easily stop all of this by using Chu Hoi leaflets all long the border as well as published in every newspaper and radio broadcast in Mexico and Guatamala of the new specific rules that illegal entry will be dealt with harshly and all laws strictly enforced. Then shoot a few of the drug runners and coyotes, maybe 3 or so and it will all stop like magic ! Shooting half of these caravan fools would only make it all far worse and give the DEM/DSA fuel for their fires.

            Our own congress has caused all that we see on the border so prosecute a few of them or hang a few as well or whatever it takes so they realize this shit will not be tolerated a day longer ! Does Israel shoot people crossing their borders illegally and does their fence actually work? Yes and yes !

            Until the American people have the political will to stop this shit it will not stop ! All of the supposed border agencies and law enforcement on the borders treat these illegals like babies and actually direct them and transport them to shelters and all the freebies !

            Until we see actual laws enforced and strengthened nothing can or will change at all ! Without this supposed new caravan almost a thousand a day cross illegally ! That is far more than the caravan in a week. So why not find the people that are funding this, arrest and prosecute them and actually enforce our border laws and strengthen them as well ? This is not new, it is ongoing and has been for a very long time, caravan or no caravan ? And this was a deliberately created event to try to overwhelm the system. Soros should be hung along with Brennan and several at the DNC as well as Obama and Holder.

        • I agree with sealing the border HOWEVER this is a manufactured crisis timed to coincide with the election for the sole purpose of generating shocking news and poor optics in hopes of flipping votes to Dems who will invariably paint themselves as saviors of humankind.
          Firing on these people plays into that and the Dems dont care how many have to be shot to get what they want.

          Politics of the worst kind.

          • None need to be shot, but an armed display and demonstration AT the border that they WILL be fired upon will change their minds about risking it. Shoot just a couple of them if they insist on trying anyway to cross, and the rest of the invading hordes will get the message REAL QUICK. Shoot a few more by actual border agents and small arms, and the rest will go home and fix their own socialist utopian hellholes.

            • I really don’t think the invaders think Trump is serious. Let’s show the he is. If the invaders make it to the Mexican/US border, shoot anyone, and I mean ANYONE who comes across, no matter the age. Then they should get a nice dose of reality and head home. My question- who is giving them the money to travel such distances if they are in poverty already?

          • Believe this nothing but a Demon Crat plan to give Trump more problems.
            My concern is Bill H.R. 1111 which would allow U. N. troops on U S soil if they believed
            It would be in the best interest of U. S. to help maintain law & order.
            Hope Trump has some aces up His sleeve. I don’t trust the U. N.

            God bless the U S A .

            • Chuck, if the UN comes in they will be invaders and will be treated as such. I won’t have any trouble ‘ventilating’ those blue helmets.

                • marlene, this is an ongoing invasion and nothing new at all ! Hang Soros and it will all stop !

                  I see somebody tried to kill him with a bomb attempt, so maybe we are getting thru ? I saw that tonite on Shannon Bream who I watch only to see how stupid she is occasionally as a reference point. Just a very quick bleap on it and gone ! No other reports any where ? I think it was a very important event of things to come and changing dynamics in play ! And I certainly hope so as well. Or just arrest him and indict him on RICO charges and prosecute his sorry ass and break up his empire completely and seize all his assets as spoils and damages to pay us back for his many crimes. That would send the perfect message to the control freaks we call democrats in our government !

          • The patriots type. Liberals/communists act. Where is the militia? hmm…

          • These CARAVAN must be paid for by Globalists or George Soros,to embarrass and demonize our President in line with their corrupt propaganda of inhumanity by our Pres. Demoncrats will do anything to win votes from the uninformed people. The size of this caravan is a clear evidence of a well coordinated and planned illegal migration. Mixed in are Middle Eastern terrorists who might even be the ones paying these people. We agree with Pres. Trump. Our security as a nation is his utmost concern and the inept Congress and Senate are acting like office lizards, not acting for our protection at all. We need to get rid of traitors in our government. RED WAVE in every election for now until all corrupt politicians are gone.

        • Who will shoot? U.S. govt? The patriots hiding behind keyboards? nah… America is gone …

        • Watching television this morning, and a member of the MSM was in South America videoing this “caravan” on the move. The caravan has not reached Mexico yet. Of course the MSM guy was touting how these people were leaving their abhorrent conditions in their home countries. I will admit these people looked steadfast in their march. I just don’t believe anyone is going to stop them at the Mexican border or the US border. They will be taken in at the US border, and be housed, clothed, given medical care and then slowly released into the US to become more welfare dependents of the US government agencies. Our country, the USA, is definitely going to become a third world country soon; and this is being allowed by our own government to break this country financially and force us to beg for government relief to survive. Of course all the illegal aliens will not mind this free government entitlement and a lot of American citizens will welcome it also. Then we all will truly be slaves. We will be murdered as were the people of Auschwitz and Majdanek. Most people will not wake up until it’s too late. Ask yourself how and when and where did all this invasion start to take place on a worldwide scale, and do you actually believe it “just happened”, or was it planned??? Wake up and wake up now!

          • You are correct. Here we have our own citizens who are poor and homeless, dying in the bushes and the left want us to take care of illegal migrants? Charity begins at home and our security is the priority of our President, and we support him. Closing the borders is the right thing to do until our Congress and Senate wakes up and start doing their job, most especially in securing our borders. Time to wake up America.

      2. A-10…Done and done.

        • Personally, I am torn between deciding whether we should use napalm or White phosphorous to resolve this national security threatening situation.

          And, then, I also remember reading a story a few years ago about something really nasty that those always lovable, self-chosen, always innocent, kosher certified apples of Gawd’s eye over in Israel liked to use on pesky Palestinian crumb crunching rock throwers. Can’t remember what the weapon was called, perhaps along the lines of a ‘cluster’ bomb – but, as I recall, the thing was filled with thousands of those razor sharp, tiny flechettes (a pointed steel projectile) and the cluster bomb was designed to explode a few hundred feet or so before it hit the ground, so those flechettes would be blasted out in all directions and be able to shred the tender flesh of anyone unfortunate enough to be lingering in the vicinity.

          Gee whiz! What a dilemma of a choice to make. Napalm, Sneaky Pete or cluster bombs? Makes me wish a coin had three sides so I could decide with a coin toss!

          • Tucker, good to see you back. We oughta use a weapon like that on groups like Antifa, Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter, etc. That should stop their BS.

            • yes, by all means, lets mobilize the military on american soil to crush political dissidents

              works for china, right?

              • I disagree. DHS should ruthlessly CRUSH the Political Terrorists. Using military to do so would be excessive, but DHS, that is their mission. it would the FBI’s to take them down too except the FBI is a worthless political corrupt agency that simply cannot find its LEGAL compass at all, and should be disbanded, as with the NSA and CIA. All corrupt, all needed to be put in the dustbin of history and its corrupt fully prosecuted.

                • Thats positively fascinating. You’re actually advocating to use the umbrella agency to “CRUSH” (your words) political dissidents, and evidently only because the military would be “excessive”

                  Not “unconstitutional” (which it would be..) but “excessive”.

                  You do understand once that die is cast, anyone deemed to be a dissident, a “political terrorist”, inakomysliachii or Rassenschande, “right-wing nut” or “liberal crazy” gets the same treatment??

                  If Antifa is rioting, assaulting people, they should be arrested, tried, and locked up. If Antifa assaults someone and are killed while that person is defending themselves, GOOD. If Antifa is plotting some sort of terrorist act, law enforcement (yes including DHS) should act to end it. But what you posted sounds suspiciously like you wish them to be physically crushed and the survivors dragged off to reeducation camps by the federal government.

                  If I’m wrong, I’d like to hear your clarification.

                  as a side note, I’ve been here a looong time and find its interesting some of these folks going on about A10’s and WP and sending the military are the same ones claiming 5 years ago the previous president was going to declare “marital law” and complained about the unconstitutionality of putting armed troops to use within the conus. Come full circle it seems.

                  • Its not about politics per se, it is about WHO they are and what they are DOING and ADVOCATING for. As individuals both in person and electronically advocating and supporting or engaging in violence towards their political opponents, sedition against the lawful government, they should be crushed, prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law, erased from society. Is it extreme, yes, but they should be made the examples of why their crimes are not LEGAL or to be tolerated. AS far as the libertarian shade to your comments, it is a myth. Society MUST have a common basis and universal all inclusive single tier justice of what is acceptable conduct and what is criminal and how it is enforced or else you have chaos that is capitalized upon by LIBERALISM and MARXISM. You don’t prove seriousness or enforcement of sovereignty through mouthed threats but no nonsense actions and enforcement that has real teeth and consequences. THANK GOD Hillary didn’t make it in, because we would be living under the COMMUNIST FORMS of “enforcement” through her criminal sychophants.

                  • A deep state psyop to gain public support for “the Wall”? (No. I’m not a liberal commie).
                    Maybe we should apply some critical thinking here. How about a historical reference?
                    Berlin Wall: “The Eastern Bloc portrayed the Wall as protecting its population from fascist elements conspiring to prevent the “will of the people” in building a socialist state in East Germany. GDR authorities officially referred to the Berlin Wall as the Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart” – Wikipedia.
                    So, a wall built to keep fascists out, was really meant to keep dissidents in. A prison built by prisoners. I think I smell a resemblance.

                • DHS means Department of (((Homeland))) Security

                • DHS do not have enough man power to subdue this MASSIVE INVASION. The active military is needed now because it is getting into our soil which is more dangerous than fighting wars overseas. Just shooting up in the air for warning signs must be enough to discourage them and if they really cross the borders after many warnings, then it is up to them to meet real bullets. Illegal invasion whether armed or not is a crime and the left must understand that. We do not have enough TAX PAYERS to sustain the GOVERNMENT DOLE OUTS to these people if they succeed in coming in. Wake up America.

          • Solution: Use all of them!

      3. If immigration ceases, growth in the national debt will cease and the stuck markets will fall.

        Get yourself the DJIA graph 1950-2018, remove the numbers, funny how you can use the same graph to show increases for: US population 1950-2018; US Welfare entitlements 1950-2018; US national debt 1950-2018; cost of living 1950-2018; college debt 1950-2018; Debt of all kinds 1950-2018; US Crime rate 1950-2018; US Prison population 1950-2018….

        and invert that same graph to show: 1950-2018 US worker participation rate; total savings interest collected 1950-2018.

        The growth in everything in the US depends on population growth and its dirty rotten partner… THE NEWLY CREATED DEBT–ENTITLEMENT MONEY that goes along with it!!

        • Funny how long it took to convince people that exponential growth on a finite planet was impossible.

          Yet, leave it to the Progressive Socialist Democrats and their “open borders” to inflict infinite population growth on a finite country(s).

        • Bert, Excellent comment and is unending growth a good perspective and solution to anything except more problems ?

      4. Yea, yea….same old story. How many years have
        we heard this rhetoric word for word.
        They know he won’t do anything…..just like so
        many times before.

        That is an invasion of our borders promoted by the globalists.
        Trump can’t ..won’t stop them….. they aren’t stupid.

      5. If US population would of halted in 1957, the economy today would by the same as 1957, the national debt would be less than a billion, and Leave it to Beaver would be starting its 62nd season.

        And we would have 200 million less entitlement assholes to feed and mollycoddle.

        • And tens of millions of American jobs would still be here — in America. And tens of thousands of American manufacturing facilities would still be here — in America. And the corporate oligarchs we have now would be what they once were — responsible corporate citizens. I’ll take 1957 any day over 2018.

        • right, without those pesky immigrants, everything would still be one big episode of Mad Men!

          your claim the economy would be stagnant completely ignores any technological advancement. wars and geopolitical events, etc.

          • right the canard argument about “immigrants” and not LEGAL immigrants using the establish laws and methods to legally come here…But of course you asswipe traitors don’t care about THOSE LAWS in effect..oh no. You have your insane liberal talking points to toss around, never mind fact logic and laws, and then of course your red herring argument about Libertarian angles that are nonstarters that scoff at establish laws as well (because muh “principles”)…

            LEGAL IMMIGRATION…not the tripe of ‘undocumented workers” …these are criminal INVADERS, criminal aliens, ILLEGAL ALIENS that come across borders as THIEVES stealing from Taxpayers by soaking up social program dollars and liberal giveaways for votes.

            • Yes, Pres. Trump will do everything to protect our country and it’s people. It is the DEMONCRATS who only cares for their goal of loading us with more illegal voters. I concur, ILLEGAL MIGRANTS should not be welcome because of the bad elements they bring in, diseases, terrorists, criminals, etc. LEGAL IMMIGRATION IS OPEN SO THEY SHOULD GO AND APPLY THERE. ILLEGAL MIGRANTS IS COMPARED TO PEOPLE INVADING YOUR HOME, UNINVITED ….would you like that?

      6. This caravan of immigrants is such a fraud.

        Word is it is costing 20 million a month to maintain with the collision date set for just before the midterm election.

        The MSM already have the heart breaking interviews in the can.

        This isn’t about poor immigrants, it’s just politics and Democrats don’t care how many die along the way, as long as they win in the midterms. Dear lord, dear GOD judge the guilty, and save the innocent for once before they die as we all know they will. Just stop these Marxist creeps.

        History will likely record these as the trail of tears, with thousands sacrificed just to try to make Trump and Conservative Americans look bad.

      7. They’re headed for the party at Peter Fonda’s House. Alec Baldwin will be there. Bring the kids and BYOB!

        btw, byob means bring your own booze (just in case those kids have any questions)


        • When they come to my home, it is “BYOBB” – “Bring your own body bag”.

      8. Look at the pictures. This caravan (another George Soros production), is coming with its own flag this time — the flag of Argentina. These you men and boys are not migrants, they are waging a war, an invasion.

        Call out the military. It’s their job to defend the borders. Surely our worthless, piece of crap, dysfunctional government can spar a few soldiers from their crusade to make the world safe for democracy (something that does not even exist).

        I have had enough. A belly full. These un-elected rogue billionaires need to be declared enemies of the state; their assets confiscated, their passport and visas pulled; and they need to be dismembered while they are still alive.

        • Where is your rage toward our ELECTED rogue billionaire who promised a wall?

          Re: “Call out the military. It’s their job to defend the borders”?

          What military? All of our soldiers are fighting wars in the Middle East to protect Israel’s border.

          • Because President Donald Trump is the only elected billionaire we’ve got.

            The need for a wall would be moot if the unelected rogue billionaires were gotten rid, or at the very minimum, put in their place. Their power is based upon worthless money.

            The need for a wall would be moot if these illegals were denied any and all support usually reserved for American citizens in times of crisis — like old age.

            The need for a wall would be moot if sanctuary cities were declared illegal and the mayors of these cities and the governors of these states were arrested for defying the Rule of Law.

            I could go on.

        • “and they need to be dismembered while they are still alive.”

          you may start by pulling their legs. . .

        • Trump and many of us have the sobriquet right, “Enemy of the People”, which include:
          .Deep State bureaucrats
          .PBS workers
          .NEA members
          .Leftist Billionaires

          This current 4,000 strong and climbing Invasion is actually kind of a canard. It takes away from the real problem, all of the leftist foreigners who daily shout that they want to destroy White founded civilization int his country. I’m not being racist, they are for coveting what we have and wanting to redistribute our “wealth” and property to them via the state socialists.

          Millions need to depart, with convincing persuasion, from Christian held areas, Christians please consider supporting Christian Dominionism. “They” will never stop until our Christian faith is destroyed, and we are laid waste, that’s what they really want, it’s the basis of our strength.

          • You don’t think the Progressive Socialist Democrats are not racist? They are calling for the destruction of white males. You don’t think “white privilege is racist? We are German Jews and the Progressive Socialist Democrats are Nazis. And this is Germany of in 1938. Plain and simple.

      9. What kind of parents would bring their children to such jeopardy and flagrantly violate our sovereignty? The kind we do not want. Whatever force is necessary, when they cross our border illegally they become invaders.

      10. no need for high-tech…. just get the Royal Engineers over to the border: ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDjDL-tIc_Y

        Rorke’s drift…. Rio Grande…. about the same numbers. 153 soldiers vs. 4000 Zulu warriors.

      11. Arkansized…..

      12. Holy Batman! 4,000 foreign invaders are headed for our southern border!

        Send the US military to our border! Chop-Chop! Stop these invaders!

        Oh that’s right…. All of our soldiers are fighting wars in the Middle East to protect Israel’s border. Thanks Republicans. MAGA!

        • wouldn’t need them if democrats would stop handing out free stuff to every non-working person, thus drawing these folks here.
          Thanks Democrats! MAGA!

      13. A-10s did wonders in Desert Storm. They were made more just this kind of thing. Now lets use them to repel invaders like they should as well.

        • A couple A-10 runs as a show of power and resolve to get the point across and then the FRAUDS and criminal invaders can go the f* back to their own home and fix their OWN sh*t holes into the utopias they seek.

          • Amen!

      14. I hope trump sends the military to man the borders and there is just a stand off at the border for weeks heading into the mid terms.

        its time for the voters to show who they want the country to be, if its a red wave with that you know what show going on, then you know America wants to swing back from the progressive shithole it was becoming; if its a blue wave; then the usa might as well pack it in as it was founded. if the voters are not going to stand with trump now; they’re not going to do anything as the country is washed away like England and rome were as previous great empires

        • Leana you are correct. The mid terms are one way to determine which way the country is headed.

      15. The problem is not the illegals entering for free $het or not having a wall. The one and only problem is in DC,over 535 ELECTED ” representatives” refuse to cut off the welfare and jobs that draw them here.They only represent themselves. Go after them the way you want to go after the illegals and problem solved!

      16. Section 4. The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.

      17. It has nothing to do with red vs blue, that’s the psyop you have been sucked into like good little braindead managed warmongering supporters. The divide is strategically manipulated to achieve the desired split to further the nefarious agenda. Right wingers are the major contributors to the stagnation of all citizens rights.

      18. Aljamo, uh, are you OK? You’re sounding like a libturd.

        • No DR, he’s not sounding like a libturd. He’s making sense. It’s the truth hidden in plain sight. Citizens divided are easier to control than citizens united… divide and conquer.

      19. What they’re not telling us. A little over 3 million migrants enter the US every year. Over ten years that’s 30 million poor people added to our population! Plus they will have more children. How much is too much? 1965 population was 190 million. Today it’s 340 million. Demographers estimate the US population will be almost 1 billion in 2100!

        • +assuming we will all still be here…

        • +cant we make diesel fuel out of them for my truck? +put them in camps and fatten them up then render it?

      20. +doesnt matter now..the cat is already out of the bag–there are already 10’s of millions here now…and if we get tough, they will burn this place down–rest assured-

      21. Jesus said what you do to the Children and the poor. You do unto Me.

        • Brave, how about we take your pension, social security, medicare and use it for the illegals? Hey, someone has to pay.

        • Im not a gullible stupid Christian. I don’t care What Jesus said. Im not my brothers Keeper. I will take care of Me and Mine. And will not be anyones enabler. Other folks need to take care of them and theirs.

        • I say spray ’em with sleeping gas and put ’em to sleep. Then, tie them all up and load them into a cargo plane and fly them back home. Yes, such an operation will cost $$, but not as costly as allowing these militant manipulators who intend to harm the USA. Fly them back home and drop them off. Good bye, good luck and don’t come back.

      22. DAN from Texas, you are 110% correct. The solution is in D.C. Lots of good/bad here. Good: the Dems want to use this as a campaign issue. Yes indeed. The majority of Americans want what amounts to an invasion of our borders. Americans DO NOT see this as a humanitarian issue. Bad: Trump has to square using the military w/the Posse Comitus Act. Bad: Americans aren’t the only ones w/a sense of entitlement.People seem to think they are entitled to come here,legally or not. Time to disabuse them of this

      23. The problem isn’t a lack of a “wall”, the problem is the availability of free stuff.

        No more free money, no more free food, no more free housing, no more anchor babies…………..

        No more illegal immigrants.


        • You make a decent point. The USA’s social support system, intended for citizens, has been exploited by and for invaders. Same has happened in every country in which socialist “solutions” such as this have been implemented.

          Shame on our politicians for being duped into thinking that leaving the food out on the picnic table will repel bears.

      24. You gave this same grade of people social promotions, for the last 30yrs, until the color of the town changed, now begging them not to be so radicalized because of their high jobs numbers. They can’t keep a business office and are scary, in medicine. Unfit for labor.

      25. There was another caravan of invaders not too long ago. All of them were allowed in. This will be the same. The deliberate end of the West. Hey, what’s on the boob tube tonight?

      26. Time for the US to get Hot and Heavy with Mexico.
        Completely close the border for a month or so
        People and Goods can go to enter Mexico.
        But nothing comes into the US..
        No flights from Mexico to clear customs and immigration anywhere in the US..either.

      27. Somehow it nearly seems that we the American citizens are the losers & illegal immigrants the winners.
        For unknown decades we needed a south border wall.
        That’s one way to destroy a nation. Over run it with illegal criminals & punish the citizen who crys out against it.

      28. If someone is invited to your home. They are a invited guest.

        If a stranger knocks on your door. You willingly let them in. The stranger is uninvited, but because they knocked, you let them in willingy. They are now a welcomed guest.

        If a stranger crawls through a window. If a person comes through your unlocked back door. Or if they kick in a locked door. It is all the same. They are criminal tresspassers. Criminal tresspassers with unknown intentions and unknown motives. They are not only uninvited, not welcomed, they are NOT guests. They are NOT “dreamers”.

        Those persons with unknown intentions are potentially extremely dangerous to your property, person and most importantly a DANGER to your Family. Why is this concept so difficult for people to understand? Please explain?

        Tresspassers are not treated as guests. They are taken away in Handcuffs by Law Enforcement. Or in Texas they have the Castle Law. Look it up on the non tracking DuckDuckGo.c o m search engine. Texans have a Legal right to defend not only Life and Liberty, but Property. (But consult your lawyer first. I’m no lawyer just a yahoo buckaroo with a keyboard.)

        If I can protect my home. Why can’t a Nation protect their Border with deadly force? Please explain?
        Thank you.

      29. From what I understand this mob hasn’t even entered Mexico yet. And Mexico has sent agents to their southern border to prevent them from entering Mexico. They did this because Trump stated if Mexico let them in the USA military would be used to close the border tight. No one would be allowed to cross in either direction. He threatned to cut them and all those other places like honduras off from USA Federal Aid. And he just in all probability would do just that. Mexico realizes this mob with absolute certainly will never be allowed in the USA. And if they don’t stop them at their southern border that mob will be their problem. Its just 15 days until the election. That mob even if the manage to cross the southern Mexico border is walking. They still will not arrive at the USA & Mexico border before the elections. And don’t think for a minute that Trump cant legally use the Military to secure the border. All he has to do is declare Martial Law in that part of the nation. Martial law was declared in a area before. Remember the marathon bombing?

      30. Like Dane says, no free stuff, no invasion.

      31. To all complaining about Trump not keeping his promise. He has,it’s Congress who controls the purse to fund it. And no,he cannot take from defense or any other agency to fund it. Anything having to do with funding anything has to be approved by Congress.People on this website need to be educated in civics.

      32. Shoot the human traffickers, the air rafts, when they try to cross….
        wiith paintballs.
        Shoot them with orange dye bombs with long range sniper fire. They
        might run but they can’t hide.

        Maybe add some itchy stuff to make sure they know they are not wanted.
        But of course, they wear dark coats so nothing would penetrate.

        Militiamen at the border? They can’t say they weren’t warned.

      33. Shoot the human traffickers, the air rafts, when they try to cross….
        wiith paintballs.
        Shoot them with orange dye bombs with long range sniper fire. They
        might run but they can’t hide.

        Maybe add some itchy stuff to make sure they know they are not wanted.
        But of course, they wear dark coats so nothing would penetrate.

        Militiamen at the border? They can’t say they weren’t warned.

      34. I hate to say it but a massive show of force with (initially) less than lethal push back (tear gas, flash bangs…) to forcefully ‘push back’ the mob and its probing of response might be enough. If not, you break into a house in this country, expect to get shot. The border is no different and on a closing note, if this ‘caravan’ gets through then expect another with 10k then 100k and more, our country will become a shitehole like my former homeland the UK. I’m a legal immigrant that went through the system, these turds are MIGRANT TRASH!

      35. yes congress controls the purse strings. and when you have Rinos like MC Cain and Paul Ryan it makes it all that more difficult. Trump is actually trying to keep his campaign promises. I had serious doubts about Trump. But so far he is the Best President since Harry Truman.

      36. This is an invasion NOT migration!

      37. Invaders, not illegal aliens!!! Shoot a few and South America the Middle Easterns might get the hint!!!

      38. Why these degenerate, low-IQ, racist morons would think we want them in our country is just astounding.

        It just shows how incredibly stupid they really are.

        They will stand at the border screaming, “Let us in you racist Nazis”…….

        If we’re such Nazis, why the f**k would they want to come here ?

        To get free money, food and housing and to kill as many Americans, oh that’s right – Nazis, as they can.

        These people are the lowest of the low.

        They need to get more lead in their diets.

        They’re lucky I’m not the president !

        • If we were NAZI’s these sub humans would be exterminated,used in delightful medical experiments…cheap soap,lamp shades… But no like retards we let them in VB and provide free housing,medical care,food…

      39. All President Trump has to do is stop all monetary transactions to and from Mexico and South America immediately. No dollars for the family back home sent via Wester Union… and other names.. Hit them in the pocket book first. Raise tariffs 100% on anything coming across border to us. Until they stop and send back the hoard coming to America.

      40. I stand behind my president! Stop funding the UN, shut down the UN building in NYC, pull us out completely from the UN, call all military to the border, including civilians & able-body volunteer vets, jail Soros, Steyer, all Demos & RINOs who support Open Borders imprisoned for treason, & don’t vote not a one of them into office ever again, because they will sell us out to the highest bidder!

      41. Our military needs to start out at the border, using Israeli Skunk Spray. That is what Israel uses over there to quell mobs and the Palestinens when they try to breach the border. It is horrible-smelling stuff that works. I don’t know why we don’t use it anyway to quell Antifa mobs in Portland.

      42. I feel that napalm and men with flame throwers should be at the border to give these third world invaders a warm welcome. If we roast a few thousand of them it would get the point across.

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