Homeland Security to Stockpile 200 Million Rounds of Pistol Ammo

by | Dec 27, 2009 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    According to a Winchester press release dated August 20, 2009, the Department of Homeland Security, specifically Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE), is to stockpile up to 200 million rounds over the next five years:

    Winchester® Ammunition was recently awarded a contract by the Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security to supply a maximum of 200 million, 40 cal. rounds over the next five years.

    “Winchester has a proud tradition of providing high quality ammunition to our nation’s law enforcement agencies,” said Dick Hammett, president, Winchester Ammunition. “No matter if they’re protecting our block, our city or our borders, each special agent is an invaluable resource and we are committed to giving them the best products available.”

    The load selected for this contract is a 135-grain, hollow point designed for the office of Field Operations of Customs and Border Protection. It will fall under the Winchester® Ranger® line of products.

    Don’t get us wrong. Here at SHTF Plan we strongly support emergency and disaster preparation, as well as TEOTWAWKI scenario planning, but 200 million rounds of pistol ammo? Either someone has a spare $100 million in stimulus lying around or they’re planning on doing some serious practice shooting at the range.

    Of course, we could also venture a guess in the conspiracy fact and theory realm, but we’d rather let your imagination run wild on this one.


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      1. Comments…..Hmmmm…maybe big brother ala ICE is planning on using all of that ammo on protecting our borders from all of them illegal drug dealing immigrants that want to keep crossing into our borders….yeah, right!  I stockpile ammo in case the SHTF, what about you?  

      2. Question: Exactly who is ICE planning to shoot with these 200 million rounds? Or perhaps I should say it like this, exactly who do they think they might have to shoot with 200 million rounds of ammo? American citizens?

      3. >> … to supply a maximum of … over the next five years.

        With around 15,000 employees (give or take, using Wikipedia as a source for that, so …) that’s “only”, what, about 220 rounds per person per month?  If someone else was paying for my ammo, I doubt I’d have much of a problem going through that 🙂

      4. These are not for range practice… FMJ / ball ammo is used for range practice.  Hollow points are used for ventilating people.

      5. SOME people use hollow points at the range…I don’t because they cost more.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Uncle Same DOES choose hollow points for range time…because they cost more.

        There is nothing better for the economy than wasting money.

        Though, in my opinion, there are much more ridiculous ways to spend money than this.

      6. Comments…..I recall earlier this year Obama calling for a civilian defense force as large and well armed as our military.  No mention of how many guns will be purchased to consume 200 million bullets.  Guns do wear out.  Will ACORN be trolling for recruits to staff a new SS or Hitler Brown Shirts?

      7. With Mexican economy imploding due to irreversible declining oil production that the national government relies on 50% of their budget and 30 families controlling 90% of the wealth, there will be many more refugees running to the USA border. Likely it will get violent..

      8. This has been circulating for a while and appears to be true, however, it does not necessarily they’re gearing up for something. I don’t know how many agents there are out there, but, say there are 10,000 and each of them expends 100 rounds per week at the range, thats a million rounds a week! So, 200 million would only last about 4 years. (…and 100 rounds a week is not really all that much. I don’t shoot all that much and I probably average half of that.)

        You know the old saying:

        Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after me!

        So, just because it can be justified doesn’t mean there is not a nefarious intent behind this. I think we should all consider nefarious conspiracies but we should realize they are theories until incontrovertible evidence is available.


      9. FYI “we” use duty issue ammo (ie hollow point) for all actions in ICE.  We carry it 24/7, w practice with it and we qualify with it.

      10. Most police only have to go qualify twice a year. Most cops Ive met dont take shooting seriously and dont shoot on their own time.  So for the most part I imagine the ICE boys are the same.  Only going to shoot a few times a year for a few hundred rounds.

        This seems like a lot of ammo to order at one time.  Nothing changes though.  Keep stocking up and keep your eyes open.

      11. 200,000,000 rounds and 2 extra firing pins… planning at it’s best!

      12. No no no this is all its rather elementary. You must see the big picture here. Small arm ammo is less expensive than long arm ammo. Therefore, the reason for the large stockpile is it will be less expensive to put one of these 40 caliber slugs in the mellons of, oh lets say 100 to 200 million peolpe, then it will be to use a 223 or 308 round. Cheers!

      13. Since when has the Fed gives an rats ass about how much something costs?

      14. load up on Glock stock.

      15. greatscott:

        “Since when has the Fed gives an rats ass about how much something costs?”

        Hehehe. Yeah, no kidding! $30,000 hammers and $20,000 toilet seats are a testament to that.


        Hmmm. A good theory. I guess they’ll use the more expensive stuff if the situation gets rough but use the cheap stuff of the sheeple.

        But, why would they try to kill 100 to 200 million people again? I was a little fuzzy on that.

        • Just a few years ago the state of Indiana was asked about places along I-65 where tens of thousands of
          bodies could be buried…prefering 20,000 to a location.

          The founding fathers told us exactly why we SHOULD fear our government.

          I along with others in my comunity have seen this comming for a long time, before the first President
          Bush. Get your BOB(s) ready…and your BOL(Bug Out Location) ready. Bone up on your survival skills, and
          stock pile years worth of survial tool and trade-goods.

          If (IF) it never happens…Thank God.
          If it dose, and you have planned well..
          Thank God for the wisdom he gave you.

          Song Ben Hai Ma
          ( River Ben Hai Ghost -vietnamese0

      16. greatscott:

        “Since when has the Fed gives an rats ass about how much something costs?”

        Hehehe. Yeah, no kidding! $30,000 hammers and $20,000 toilet seats are a testament to that.


        Hmmm. A good theory. I guess they’ll use the more expensive stuff if the situation gets rough but use the cheap stuff on the sheeple.

        But, why would they try to kill 100 to 200 million people again? I was a little fuzzy on that.

      17. Comments…..Has anyone ever heard of George Washington’s vision, dated 1777, in Valley Forge, Pennsylavania. Please GOOGLE it and draw it up for your edification. The first two parts have come true. The third part has not. Read the third part and tell me if the scenario that is gearing up in America today does not sound strangely like what is described in his vision. George Washington was shown the future of the United States. Please DO THIS, and give a copy to friends and neighbors.It might help them (and all of us) to come out of denial and to face the grave circumstances we find ourselves in today.

      18. Try 40,000 armed CBP agents.
        200 million/5 years = 40 million /year
        40 million / 40,000  = 1,000 rounds per armed officer per year – MAXIMUM

        Now keep in mind that a federal contract is normally written to a “not to exceed” standard so they can ensure enough supply without having to renegotiate (and find more funding) – typically, the feds do NOT buy the full contract.

        Not an unreasonable amount of ammo, when you include training and such. Back when I was doing counter-terrorist training, it wasn’t unusual to shoot 400 rounds a DAY at times.

      19. I just left a Senior staff position of an Army Marksmanship school….
        Our Pistol Marksmanship course requires the Soldier student to fire approximately 3000 rounds to complete the 18 day course. Of the 15,000 mentioned above, that would mean 3,000 rounds a year per individual for five years.
        Frankly, I have not heard anything concerning Marksmanship courses designed for TSA or the Border Patrol…. so I too wonder why the inflated number of rounds.

        However; If the above poster is correct in the assumption TSA is going to expand their employee roster to 40,000 agents, then it does make sense – as he also mentions the way the contract is written – the Government always writes contracts basically forcing the provider to stockpile so the Government can draw at-will without delays from manufacturing.

        Don’t get me wrong…. I too am extremely concerned (a lot more than you are) about everything going on as are most in all Military branches…. the difference between you and I is; by regulation – we can’t do or say much about it.
        You can.

        In this instance however I believe this is not an issue where folks need to be overtly concerned about purchased ammo – other than the fact it decreases Winchester’s ability to provide ammunition to the civilian sector.

      20. Hmmm. Lessee…

        US population: approximately 300,000,000

        Approximate political leanings of US Population:
        1/3 Progressive/statist (100,000,000)

         2/3 Conservative/Libertarian/Independent (200,000,000)

        Gee! What a coinkydink considering who’s in charge!

      21. Realize Sortero [thats obamo for the ill informed] got his civilian  security force, it was in the “Health Care ” Bill, and have no doubt, it will be expanded. “Patriot ” Act, how in your face is that, its the Tyranny Act and nothing less.
        ____________inform yourself, then TALK TO STRANGERS________________

        __________BUILDING 7___________





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