Homeland Security Pre-Staging A Domestic Military Force

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    The report has been contributed by Ken Jorgustin of Modern Survival Blog

    During the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, the U.S. Army built 28,000 MRAPs (Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected Trucks). Now the U.S. Army has announced that it is giving 13,000 of them away, for free. Who’s receiving the trucks? Homeland Security and U.S. Law Enforcement.

    Instead of mothballing these MRAPs, Homeland Security is evidently pre-staging a domestic army of militarized agencies, police and law enforcement.

    While Police and agencies say that all this military equipment from DHS grants will only be used against crime, the trust in many American alphabet agencies has been broken – now that we know some of the extent at which they are using technology to monitor and probe its own citizenry. DHS and many others, they’re stockpiling.

    What we have here is a paranoid government, and one which is apparently and evidently ramping up for something…

    The U.S. Army is giving away 13,000 armored trucks, worth about $500,000 each.

    The 20-ton MRAPs, or Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected trucks, were built specifically to save U.S. soldiers from roadside bombs in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    Now the trucks are patrolling U.S. city streets. U.S. law enforcement agencies have received the lion’s share of this high-powered military surplus.


    Recently, retired Marine Colonel Pete Martino spoke plainly during a Concord (NH) city council public hearing over the cities intent to procure a armored attack truck (the manufacturer’s description, although the police prefer “rescue vehicle”).

    He said:

    What’s happening here is we’re building a domestic military, because its unlawful or unconstitutional to use American troops on American soil.

    My best friend who’s a SWAT officer in Nashua (NH) who came to Iraq with me to train the Iraqi police, sent me an email with a picture of him on the streets of Watertown Mass (Massachusetts) wearing the exact same combat gear that we had in Iraq – only it was a different color.

    The way we do things in the military, it’s called task organization. You take a command and then you attach units to it in order to accomplish the mission.

    What’s happening is Homeland Security is pre-staging their equipment – it’s consistent. What they’re trying to do is use standardized vehicles, standardized equipment.

    I saw a picture in the Boston Globe after the Marathon bombing where there was a state police officer – actually there were two officers – both had identical helmets, flak jackets, weapons, everything I wore in Iraq – only it was all blue.

    The officer on one side had a big patch on his back that said Massachusetts State Police. Another officer next to him, his patch said Boston Police.

    So what we’re doing here, and let’s not kid ourselves about it, we’re building a domestic army and we’re shrinking the military because the government is afraid of its own citizens.

    The last time more than 10 terrorists were in the same place at one time was September 11, and all these vehicles in the world wouldn’t have prevented it, and it wouldn’t have helped anybody. So I don’t know where we’re going to use this many vehicles and this many troops. Concord is just one little cog in the wheel.

    We’re building an army over here and I can’t believe people aren’t seeing it. Is everybody blind?

    (Watch at Youtube)

    “Peter Martino is a citizen of the State of New Hampshire. Mr. Martino is a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve who has been mobilized three times. During his military career, he commanded an infantry platoon, company, and battalion. He was also the senior U.S. adviser to an Iraqi Army brigade. Mr. Martino has had a successful civilian career providing training, consulting, and program management services to private companies and to state and federal agency contractors. Mr. Martino presently holds a top secret security clearance.”

    We now have desensitization – desensitizing the people getting used to seeing military hardware on local roadways.

    DHS procuring-reserving nearly 2-billion rounds of ammo.
    Check points to travel within our own country.
    Paramilitary civilian police forces.
    Mass surveillance of all citizens.
    Political elite above the law.
    Intimidation of press.

    Something’s afoot…

    “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    -Barack Obama



    The report has been contributed by Ken Jorgustin of Modern Survival Blog


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      1. This is it…..The Apocalypse

        • Maybe instead of a rifle behind ever blade of grass.

          We are going to be a country of a mrap in every garage. Who would ever invade us then. We even wwould be NBC ready.

          Just a thought

          • Actually, it’s quite empowering to think
            that ‘We The People’ should be held in such
            high esteem as a worthy adversary to be
            addressed by the militaries best hardware.

            • Can I have one? I have a place to keep it and can afford to put fuel in it. It sure would be nice to take to wallyworld every week and not get a new ding in my 20 year old truck. Plus if it has a plow attachment I could go and clear snow from the global warming crowds driveways.

              • These things will be in the junk pile in two years. Why?
                Parts, maintenance and trained mechanics. These aren’t like wrenching on a pickup.
                They won’t patrol with these. They will be called out on a situation, that’s it.
                A friend of mine works for a contractor that maintains 800 HUMVEEs. Constantly breaking down and they have to rob off other hummers to keep the others up. There’s wheel and track contractors there as well and it the same thing, constant wrenching.
                Just the tires, you aren’t going to go to the local tire dealer and get one worked on. They don’t even break down the hummer tires when they have a problem, they just order in a new tire and wheel, at $1400 and throw the bad one out in the scrap heap.
                Agencies will use these things a few times and have a bad experience one time and then they will sit in a vehicle lot rusting away.
                Do you remember that battering ram LAPD had? What ever happened to that thing?

                • hammer- I was thinkin the same thing.
                  There is no way municipalities can afford the maintanance on these monsters , i hope they dont expect the county tax base to support this crap.
                  Cause i assure you that the conversation at the town hall will get lively !

                  Obama needs his ass kicked for trying to build this unconstitutional army .
                  But its for our own protection , RIGHT ?

                  • No way. These military vehicles will be used to..1-shuttle senior citizens to water parks in the summertime. 2-replace the ‘county ride’ for those less fortunate to Walmart. 3-Shuttle congress to and from the capitol to enable them to make it to work safely. So you see there is no hidden agenda. Stand down please……..

                  • Why are the faces blurred out in the first two pics? These unamerican bastards should have their identities and where abouts blasted all over the internet.

                  • Hammerhead

                    what will most likely happen is they will start seizing folks property and such ( guns ammo PMS etc ) and it will all be sold at auction. what doesn’t go into there pockets. its my belief that most local pds keep the ammo for range use and any good quality guns.

                    look for the next gun collector that runs afoul of the law in one of the cities that gets a mrap to be on the receiving end of one of these rigs
                    then everything he owns will be auctioned off in the name of public safety.

                    just like they do with drug dealers

                    they did it where i live and we don’t even have something like this ( yet!!)

                    some old fart pulled a gun on a local LEO was killed ( he deserved it ) and two months later all his property was sold at public auction
                    including a 4,000 piece porn collection dating back to the 40s and 50 s LOL

                    Not one red cent went to his family it was all seized and sent to county bank account.

                    but then again i guess the dead have no use for money

                    skittle shittin unicorn

                  • with a name like skittle shittin unicorn, you must be familiar with Jimmie Johnson #48 in Nascar Sprint Cup series.

                • Fromm wrenching on 6X6’s I can vouch for the need for maintenance , especially if it gets used , the more its used the more it will need attention

                  also, if it has tires or t^ts it will give you trouble

                  • Good to know that ythey’ll probably be used to ferry seniors to waterparks. I wuz getting worried for no reezun.

                  • I like that one,, gotta remember it,
                    Will file it with the one ” if it flys, floats, or f0(kz, rent it!”

                  • I the operators handbook, it is tires, tracks or tits.

                  • And cost you a lot of cash.

                • “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

                  -Barack Obama

                  See the last line above the person quoted? They will be able to afford it.

                  • I doubt HerrObamafuerher will be in office LONG enough (he’s limited to two terms), to insure his dream of seeing the American citizenry subjugated to HIS will. Of course he will try to do just that.
                    The Obamanazis can’t afford the programs and mandates they want NOW, much less in the future, unless our pals the PRC(Chinese for the Progs) kick in to fund it. However, given their penchant for building so many ghost cities, their economy is very nearly in the tank already-which is why they are trying to amass as much gold as possible.

                  • Nice — he did manage to keep ONE campaign promise.

                  • Actually, just what ARE the “national security objectives that we’ve set” because as much as I’ve heard this phrase, nobody has ever said, have they?

                  • his famous brown shirt army of ghetto trash

                    thank god it never happened

                • Why aren’t they like “wrenching on a pickup”?

                  They have an internal combustion engine like that pickup, a drive train, an electrical and exhaust system and a transmission. The only difference is it is all wrapped in an extra heavy covering and frame. It rolls on four wheels with a braking system (probably drum brakes).

                  I’ll tell you what… I wouldn’t turn one down if it was given to me. I’d figure out how to work on it just like any other vehicle I’ve ever owned.

                  • Be careful what you wish for. The fuel milage sucks. A Navistar DT is not known for fuel efficiency. Hell, I wouldn’t turn one down myself. It’d make a nice piece of yard art! A 30,000 lb vehicle IS going to break a butttload of parts. Hell, the doors are like 300lbs.

                • h ttp://chasvoice.blogspot.com/2014/03/connecticut-says-no-to-hitler-video.html

                  This is so good!

                • how many yards per gallon?

                • Don’t worry then will use them this year

              • get a conquest knight XV theyre better!

            • They just want the situation over quickly when the SHTF.

              • Not likely. Once they declare war on America, they will find out just how many gun owners there really are and how well trained many people are! It will not be quick or clean or easy for them. It will be long, bloody and drawn out. I know most people have their heads in the sand right now and apathy is always the enemy. But when people start seeing friends and neighbors and family rounded up and/or shot, it will be the beginning of the end of the US Government.

                • Plus, anyone driving these monsters has to come out and take a piss or have a smoke sooner or later. What do you suppose will happen to them then?

                  I really REALLY hope that anyone, any regular front line grunt thinks really long about getting involved with this. Those dudes will be taking all the risks because some pompous windbags wanna flex their muscles at We, The People

                  • Can you imagine being in one of these when hit with a Molotov cocktail? I don’t know what would be worse, to cook to death inside or come outside and face the music….

                  • Don’t fool yourself. They have so many foreigners in our military right now that are beholdin to none except Uncle Sugar there won’t be a shortage of thugs to throw at us. Especially now the Barry has quit the deportation of any illegal family members of current military members. gotta keep his SS happy ‘ya know!

                • @ survivor727 –

                  Tit for tat & this for that.

                  Try reading some of the actual history of the first American Civil War for a clear understanding of what your fellow Americans are capable of. Some of the atrocities committed against the civilian populace of both sides will make you want to vomit.

                  One of the great Robber Barons of the late 1800s, Jay Gould, once stated that he could; “hire one half of the American population to kill the other half”. He was probably right.

                  What we have headed our way won’t be friendly or very much fun for anyone. Everybody will have a seat at the table for this one; best get yourself physically and spiritually ready for it.

            • Once the military hardware/ammo/comouter programs and systems have been dispersed to all Law Enforcement agencies….the mulatto in the white house will then issue an executive order nationalizing all Law Enforcement agencies into one, under control of DHS.
              The presidential primate and his advisors need to go.

              • He doesn’t even quality as a primate. Maybe the BallSack of said primate!

                • Ballsack? Nah. Maybe the taint. maybe.

              • “Homeland Security is evidently pre-staging a domestic army of militarized agencies, police and law enforcement.”

                I said that over a year ago. Thank you.

            • How to kill an MRAP.

              1. Get a couple of large vehicles: City or school bus, tractor, UPS/FED EX truck, Top Kick, whatever.

              2. Lure said MRAP to area of YOUR choosing.

              3. Block front and rear of said MRAP with your two vehicles.

              4. If the “brown shirts” are on the outside…. Bricks, fire bombs, .308, 7mm, just use your imagination.

              5. Fire: Tires, 5 gallon pales with a mix of used oil and gas, palates soaked with diesel fuel.

              6. Slide fire under MRAP. As the brown shirts exit their “TV Dinner” … see number 4.

              7 Repeat.

              This has worked very well in Egypt, Libia, Iran, …..

              Remember we have more vehicles, five gallon pales, used oil, palates than they do MRAPS.

              • palates?

                • He ment Pallets. cops work night shift and spell as bad as me.

                • Pales?

                  • I dind’t know he was another one of them 🙁

                    I didn’t think he was talking about the inseide of ones mouth so I had to ask, but was afraid the lovely and talented Mr Average would berate me again as a retard for not knowing what the cop was talking about with palates.

                    So pales or pallets, either one works….thanks guys.

                  • pilates?

                • I think he means pallets that tow motors use to pick up merchandise. They are made of wood.

              • A couple of hits with a 50 cal. or get one of their tires on fire and gig is over. You will have a bunch of brown shorts waving the white flag.

                • Mix up some iron oxcide, aluminum oxcide and sulfure for a moltov cocktail that will burn at 5000F. When they come running out, shoot for the face and nuts.

                • What I wanna know is if AP rifle rounds will bust the front glass. If they do then the first shot is gonna take out the driver. Anybody know anything bout these glorified paddywagons?

                  • Yo rebsinwoods –

                    You can always borrow Uncle Bubba’s 20mm Finnish WWII vintage antitank gun if you need to. Seriously, they sold stuff like this way back in the late 50’s. The PTB have absolutely NO idea of some of the stuff that is stashed in attics and basements all over this country.

                    The goobermint’s hired goons and thugs are mercenaries; basically in it for the money, power, authority and a really excellent retirement plan. They usually quickly fade into woodwork when things start to head south for them. When patrol units start to fail to return from their missions; folks have a natural tendency to ‘pucker-up’ and begin to wonder whether they will be next.

                    Nobody is going to like this ‘party’ very much.

              • Paintball guns coat windows and sensors.

                • Water balloons filled with paint.

                • fill said paint balls with axle grease!

              • Chlorine cleanser and bleach tossed/poured on the air intake.

              • 1. Dig out the dirt from underneath the blacktop road, lure into the dead drop.

                2. Go by the local greenie wienie recycle location, take all the wine bottles and Styrofoam you can find. Mix the Styrofoam with gasoline and fill the wine bottle. Top off with scrap rags. Light the rag, toss about 20 of these onto the MRAP. Burns for 3 minutes each. No one will remain inside alive, no one will exit without being shot.

                3. Use a large vehicle and ram from the side, these things tip over like a Betsy Beetle.

              • Just mix up some thermite, pack into old soda can add some cannon fuse and there you go.

                • Thermite will not reliably ignite by cannon fuse. I’ve done extensive testing w/ thermite. You need an intermediate that creates much higher temps, like magnesium.

              • Flip them over with bulldozers and backhoes then do what you will to burn the rats out

              • Saw the Russian version of a Marine Stryker vehicle get firebombed in Ukrane,
                A few got out….the rest were toasted.
                Molotov created one helluva weapon.
                What’s needed is a Molotov launcher….the fuse must remain lit while flying fast and it has to be stable during launch so as not to fry the launcher.

                • PVC and surgical tubing. Potato gun. CO2 mortar. Imagination.

              • They have much more oil than we do in those places…. Im surprised S hasn’t HTF yet we are so unprepared and they are completely prepared more than most of you realize. Their weakness is that they are privileged and cannot imagine the will of the people. They will lose but man is it going to be a lot of dead bodies.

            • Because when we finally get fed up with the tyranny being forced on us they will need all that and more to keep from being hung on lamp posts and left to rot as a lesson to any future tyrants!

            • Nah, they are just scared s–tless. They know that what they (TPTB) are doing is flat out wrong/evil. What is empowering is knowning that some that militaries best hardware is going to be in the hands of the good guys. And by good guys I don’t mean the .gov tyrannts. Viewing and treating the average citizen as the enemy is never a good plan.
              “Tommy ain’t no blooming fool, You bet the Tommy sees.”

            • What do we do with all the prisoners we will take?

              • What prisoners?

                • Wrong, I’m with you on the prisoners. braveheart won’t take any prisoners either, but he will take whatever weapons, ammo, and any other goodies they have.

              • Id like to be in charge of interogations of said prisoners..I have done much research on methods used to loosen unwilling tongues. Valueable information could wrung from such prisoners shrieking if necessary.:)

              • Eat one… let the others go… the word will spread……

            • Time to make history.

              http //www.nationallibertyalliance.org/

              If we build a “Common Law” Grand Jury, the people will come.

              http //www.nationallibertyalliance.org/what-happend-constitution


              Florida looks like it will be second in the nation to be fully constituted.

              All of the original 13 colonies will be fully contituted.

              Then on to the rest of the 3142 counties nationwide.

              Connecticut is scheduled for next Saturday 3/15 at 10am in Hartford.
              Rhode Island is scheduled for next Saturday 3/15 at 2pm in East Providence

              Join us!

            • Just cause you got 114 green thumbs, don’t go gettin all fancy pants on us. 🙂

              Good post though. Makes me proud to be one of you guys…

            • Of course their thought could be “Let’s spread around some of these carriers, maybe the best of the rebels will acquire a few, then we can justify bringing in the artillery and heavy tanks.”

          • You cant be serious, every empire turns to raping their subjects when in the death knell.

            • So true !

          • You ever wonder who makes these things, the MRAPS that is? Are they even American made?

            Looking at the picture above it looks like guys in t-shirts and vests hanging off the sides of the vehicle that could have at least the drivers window down. One Molotov cocktail and the entire thing with personnel is history. So maybe these guys have the equipment but maybe not the training?


            • Yes, they are American made. General Dynamics, I think.

              • Lenco Armored Vehicles Pittsfield, MA they even have a facebook page… how nice…..

                Lenco Armored Vehicles is the leading designer and manufacturer of armored police vehicles for Law Enforcement Agencies and State Police and Sheriff’s Department SWAT teams. Lenco also manufactures armored military vehicles for International Police Forces, the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force and US Marines. We are also a supplier to the US Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Energy, FBI and other high-profile government agencies.

                Since 1981 Lenco has produced nearly 5,000 vehicles in over 40 countries around the world. Our tactical, armored response and rescue vehicles have driven into the Kill Zone and have defeated high caliber assault weapons, mortar frag, grenades and IED attack. Lenco’s line of tactical SWAT, M-ATV and MRAP vehicles are used for National Defense, Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security, as well as Private Security Details in Iraq and Afghanistan.

                Lenco developed its core line of tactical armored vehicles in response to customer-driven requirements for commercial alternatives to military surplus armored vehicles, up-armored Humvees and underperforming armored SUVs. Our product line includes the BEAR® and BearCat®, with variants of each vehicle for MRAP and M-ATV applications, VIP protection, TEMS response and rescue, Bomb / EOD and Anti-Riot.

                Lenco armored vehicles are built on heavy-duty commercial truck chassis platforms. This allows for warranty covered repairs, maintenance service, and parts replacements on the vehicle chassis at any number of OEM dealers, truck centers and retail parts stores. Over a five-year period, the savings in maintenance costs alone often pays for the cost of a Lenco armored vehicle over other non-commercial, specialized military vehicles.

                Lenco armored trucks are built with Mil-Spec steel armor plate certified to defeat multi-hit attacks from 7.62 AP / .50 Cal BMG, while ceilings and floors provide enhanced blast and fragmentation protection. Our ballistic glass windows offer the same multi-hit defeat as well as providing superior clarity. Lenco armored vehicles are supplied with a long list of standard equipment and available options designed to meet mission specific requirements.

                We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our vehicles. Qualified individuals will receive access to our specifications, product reviews and reference pages. We look forward to working with your agency and answering any questions you may have.

                Contact Lenco for additional information :
                Phone: (800) 444-5362
                E-Mail: [email protected]

                • Now we show all like their facebook page and then let them know how we feel. Also look at some of their posts…. very telling….

                  • The drivers have to get out sometime.On a side note,make sure they no longer have homes to go to,they ruin citizens homes seems just fair turnabout.

                • I’ll leave everyone with a thought on the MRAPS

                  Diesels and any other combustion engine has to breath ..you cut that off it goes no where
                  also diesels if overheated can melt down and be useless hunks of go no where
                  maintenance as spoken about, if not done is a huge go no where
                  fuel ups, have to take place or these 4 to 5mpg trucks go no where
                  rubber burns with a little help, canned ham <— easy bake oven

                  • Ok, I give up, help me understand the canned ham and easy bake oven please

                • I’m sure Dick Cheney owns the Company he owns Haliburton, or maybe it’s frankenstein’s husband. For sure some politician owns, that is the ones that get govt contracts.

                • 1st rule of combat…Know your enemy…so they stop .50 eh? good to know…well 5 gallons of ignited petroleum products poured over said vehicle and it may as well be a rolling coffin for all occupants…fire is our friend in this war…

              • BAE Systems, a British based defense contractor. It has been allowed to gobble up many American defense contractors .
                During research, trying to identify pallets of metal plates being sold by Gov Liquidation ( which turned out to be armor panels for MRAPS) , I came upon pages of contracts awarded for these vehicles. I was flabbergasted. Multiple (10+) contracts for these turds, in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Re – read that last line. It’s not a typo. Plus contracts in the tens of millions for support and maintenance. Billions and billions spent. War is a fucking racket.
                Then they bring these things back, and give them to to local police departments, every last one who are seem to be a private army. Every agency has a SWAT team now. Natural Resources Police have a SWAT team. Fish cops. Really?
                They won’t be able to maintain these. Not without .gov funny munny. But in the meantime, they’ll break them out, and put on the cool gear, and intimidate the little people. You know, the sorry asses who can’t travel to work at 80 mph, drive drunk with impunity, and are to stupid to handle a full auto weapon. USA, where a career choice gets you Special Citizen Status. I’m too stupid to drive and talk on a cell phone, but a 25 yo, because of a career choice , has the skill to type on and use a computer, operate a radio or cell phone, while driving 80 mph and eating a donut. Oh, and operate full auto weapons, bless them. Maybe they really are supermen.

            • Keep in mind that the picture above are not MRAPs. They are Bearcats. MRAPS are much larger and more expensive all around. They are also sealed off better.

              • Right! MRAPS are a whole lot bigger and have what is essentially a tank hull with a deep vee bottom to deflect blast to the sides. I’ve been closer to them than you would credit, having worked with Lima Tank Plant to specify manufacturing equipment to build them. Had to spend a few hours going over the drawings, even. (Lima got screwed out of the contract, BTW. all that work for nothing, except for a close-up a personal view of Abrams tanks being overhauled. Man, I have the greatest respect for the guys who will get inside those things! Claustrophobia-inducing doesn’t begin to describe it.

            • BigB-

              A company in Charleston SC is a major sub-contractor, per the armored chassis/body..I’ve personally observed the assembly & welding of such..suspect the frame-rails originate in/from a supplier in Sumter SC(but cannot confirm at present time).

          • I suspect that these MRAPs are going to become White Elephants pretty quick when the new owners find out the price and availability of spare parts. By comparison to ordinary cars and trucks, those things are practically hand-made.

        • Don’t forget to visit [redacted] at I can hate better than all. Ninobigot.com. go where all hate grows. See the list of fellow bigots. We will see the true of many thoughts by their comments there.

        • Might be a bit off topic but again maybe not, but over on the hedge they have a story about the retail apoc, and it is NOT pretty. The collapse is gaining speed and this might be the reason for the ramp in “security.”

          • Yes. I agree. Anybody noticed that parts of walmart have empty shelves? Usually ALL of the shelves in walmart are stocked. Not recently.

          • 10 Warnings Signs of Stock Market Exuberance

            “As the Federal Reserve extracts liquidity from the markets, the “Bernanke Put” is being removed which leaves the markets vulnerable to a “mean reverting event” at some point in the future.

            The mistake that many investors are currently making is believing that since it hasn’t happened yet, it won’t.

            This time is only “different” from the perspective of the “why” and “when” the next major event occurs.

            Of course, despite the repeated warning signs, the next correction will leave investors devastated looking to point blame at everyone other than themselves.”

            The question will simply be “why no one saw it coming?”


        • Dump Odumbo!

        • but remember americans voted for everything they now have, lets see if they can vote their way out of the train wreck that is coming down the tracks now.

          • How could they avoid what they can’t see coming?

          • Billy, where you been? Machines vote for Amerikans now.

          • If you still believe that the treasonous bastards in Washington were voted in then I pity you, you are a success story of the MSM brainwashing. We didn’t vote for these fuckers.

        • I get sick of the same old crap again and again about how well armed cops have become. For all their ‘fancy’ gear (MRAP, etc.), training, and posturing for the media, these federal, state, and local Ass-Clowns couldn’t find one severely injured teenager after a day of door-to-door searches. Only a fool would be scared by this farce. It was ALL ‘show’ and no ‘blow’. With all of vaunted intelligence, they didn’t see these two dummies coming. If you’re still worried, then you’re just no paying attention.

          • But Gregory that was a litmus test to see if they could lock down a city, and they did not only that they tested their kill switch on all cellular devices, broke the fourth Ammendment, and Posse Commitatus and the dumb asses cheated them on………USA, USA, USA what a joke 12,000 police & Feds for one 19 yr. old kid.

            All a test, Boston Bombing a hoax or false flag just like Sandy Hoax

        • none of the towns around here could afford fuel for one of those things

          • If the mulatto deploys them, he’ll fill them up too.

          • Guess if all the Diesel pumps hoses were yanked off every pump at every gas station they wouldn’t go far.

            • A lot of the old deuce and a half’s had what they called a multi-fuel engine that would run on diesel, crankcase oil,hydraulic oil, gear oil or transmission fluid, so they could scavenge enough fuel one way or another in an emergency.
              Pretty cool..

        • In an urban area, put a 2/3 full 20 gallon drum of gas down in the storm sewer. Trick the armored vehicle into coming that way. Detonate drum. Street collapses into sewer with armored vehicle. Vehicle and occupants cook. Weeee!

        • People have to know that by supporting oathkeepers.org they’re actively supporting military and law enforcement who have taken an oath not to use confiscate guns nor take illegal action against US citizens.

          And if martial law is attempted there will be mass defections from federal forces, and the 1102 militias in this country will EXPLODE into 10,000 and amount to an overwhelming force over an area 3000 miles wide and 1500 miles deep.

          The economy will tank, and there will be food shortages and rioting in all the urban centers with much armed conflict.

          There’s no way such chaos could be held in check by a government that will break along lines of race and politics, since the economy will tank and the government will be severely weakened.

          • Which reminds me, ROBERT– when the dollar collapses and we have hyperinflation, money will become basically worthless… so why TF should some policeman/military men do the bidding of the elite? The government will become powerless and collapse.

        • Did you’ll see the aricle (AOL news) about the Feinstein/Frankenstein woman who said the CIA MAY have broken the law by spying on the Senate? Note, the MF didn’t say its against the law to spy on us citizens… they are just not to spy on other elites (Senate).

        • Guess protesting is out…they would simply blow away the whole crowd…

          Which reminds me– this lady was peacefully protesting outside this lab, where they experiment on animals. (I saw the video– they often use beagles for experimentations because little beagles seldom bite. Anyhow, the little dog was whimpering to get down and the attendent shook the dog violently and bammed him in the head several times… this is what this country does… this is what this MF society is all about… they have forgotten/suppressed the feminine energy of Love/compassion. Everyhting is about who has the most money –lobbyists/ and authoritarian government.) anyhow, she was peacefully protesting and was sent to federal prison for doing so. Its against the law nowdays to protest in certain areas… Ye, WE DO have a police state. And it REALLY SUCKS!!!

      2. Seems like the same article as from approximately six (6) months ago.

        Have we really digressed that far?

        What a complete waste of time to reexamine this issue.

        Much more serious things to worry and plan for going on everyday.

        • One of many things to think about and plan for cm,would be glad if the planning/thinking are a waste of time,have roll of foil,will happily make a new hat.

          • Good luck with that. A couple years ago there was national outrage because Aberzombie & Filth was selling a shirt that read “It’s All Relative in West Virginia.” Truth is most here are related and they’re not going to turn on their own kinfolk. They’re going to warn them.

            See Hatfield & McCoy or the film series Wrong Turn for more information. “Mountaineers Are Always Free.”

            • Yep, PP. “They’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

            • I am telling you people that Nibiru/Planet X does exist and it is coming this way. This is the “game changer” that the PTB expect, and they expect to use those changes to impose their will, and their Agenda, upon US.

              Today an article appeared in LSM that said that the NEW Infrared Telescope surveyed the skies and that survey showed that there was NO Planet X/ Nibiru in the “outer solar system” (meaning past Mars to the edge or boundary of the solar system). Some of you may have seen it.

              That statement is TRUE, even though the PTB have passed laws legalizing their ability to lie to US and spread propaganda to US.

              Planet X / Nibiru is OUTSIDE of the solar system but coming this way, as I reported to you here a few weeks ago. When it will arrive I do not know, but I am pressing my source for that information.

              At this time it could be a couple of years or it could be twenty. Again, I don’t have a time frame for you. But it is coming and this is what the PTB are preparing and planning for: you should too.

              Keep Prepping. 🙂

              • Dk planet x has been hashed over for 7 years! Last time I heard it really really really REALLY was going to be visible 12/21/2012. WTF dude? How do you hide an incoming Jupiter?

                • .02: I know. I was very skeptical at first and for a very long time there after, especially since those who were giving that warning are on the Lunatic Fringe.

                  It was first scientifically identified in 1983 and estimated to be 50 billion miles away at that time. Since then the PTB have blocked all information about that particular object.

                  Even in this latest infrared “survey” it was not mentioned, but the astronomers were very excited to discover many new brown dwarfs that were light years away.

                  Go figure.

                  How do you spot brown dwarfs light years away yet make no mention of an object that was 50 billion MILES out, 30 years ago? At 100,000 mph it is half way here. At 150,000 mph it is three quarters of the way here, and still only visible in the infrared spectrum.

                  Nibiru is real. Connect all of the dots and you will generate a “synthesis” that cannot be denied, and will manifest in the due course of time. 🙁

                  • @durango kidd

                    “I was very skeptical at first and for a very long time there after, especially since those who were giving that warning are on the Lunatic Fringe.”

                    Key words right there.

                    One of my good friends, a noted astrophysicist, asked me to go along with him one weekend to help setup his telescope equipment. It pulls along behind his SUV in a big covered Haulmark trailer and it took us hours to get it, the counterweights and power supplies all setup. The deep galaxy image pictures he takes (exposed over hours mind you) are nothing short of breathtaking and awe inspiring.

                    After some time (and several coffees) had passed, I asked him what he thought abut the ‘Niburu stories’. He stopped and looked at me and said, “Really?” He proceeded to tell me that the universe is nothing more than a giant pinball, star seed factory game. Stars are created and they are destroyed. He said that if Niburu IS real…just what are YOU going to do about it? The effects on our planets (and even our Sun) would be catastrophic to all life on Earth, with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Even if we got off this rock, the chances of mankind surviving in deep space are slim to none, since we cannot even keep from killing each other here. He said we should not be allowed to spread through the universe, until we grow up.

                    I nodded in agreement and said what is,is and what will be will be. So… I’m not EVEN going to worry about some supposed threat that has the potential to wipe out all life as we know it. I’m going to live everyday to the best of my potential and know that when the end finally comes…I will pray- “God, if you hear my prayer, please don’t let other civilizations ever wear clothes…because then they will have to have pockets and that’s where money goes”. We all know how THAT turned out. 😉

                  • In 30 more years, ill most likely be dead anyway, so who cares!

                  • Socrates: I agree with your friend that the universe IS a giant pinball machine with trillions of pin balls moving constantly, colliding with each other, exploding, being destroyed, and being re-created in astronomical time in infinity.

                    Yes, if Nibiru exists, there is nothing WE can do, but life is not extinguished by it; only transformed by it, based upon the fact that WE are still here: even if main stream science will not accept the reality of lost civilizations whose technology may have been more advanced than OUR own, in some respects. They may not have had infrared telescopes.

                    Based upon your experience with your friend, I noticed that he did not deny the existence of Nibiru; only expressed his resignation about it, if it does exist.

                    And this is the justification that the PTB use among themselves to deny OUR common knowledge of its existence. There is nothing that government can do about it based upon OUR technology, so there is no reason to explain it to the useless eaters and get them into a tizzy about it.

                    Consider the Chaos that would erupt if people understood that within a few years or a few decades, life as WE know it will be challenged beyond OUR wildest imagination.

                    In that DAY men’s heart’s will fail them. 🙂

                  • Am I the only one who finds it ironic that you believe that Nibiru is real, yet you can’t grasp the concept that our fiat dollar is going crash?

                    Tell you what….I’m not going to say that Nibiru is NOT real. But I would lay you odds that the chances of the dollar being hyper-inflated to oblivion are far greater.

                  • When you started talking about Nibiru I thought WOW!, that guy is drawing deep on some gooood hash. Now I think maybe I need some to make a squid between my cheek and gum.

                  • Walt Kowalski says:

                    “Am I the only one who finds it ironic that you believe that Nibiru is real, yet you can’t grasp the concept that our fiat dollar is going crash?”


                    But what else would you expect from an apologist for the status quo?

                    The truth?

                    Out of one side of his mouth, DK says “Death to the NWO,” then out of the other side, he heaps praise upon Central Banking and it’s fiat money.

                    Surely he understands that Central Banking and the NWO go hand and hand. Without Central Banking, the construction of the NWO would not be possible.

                    One can only wonder why he rants on the NWO while singing the virtues of Central Banking.

                    He is either obtuse, or a troll. Personally, I think it’s the later.

                  • To use the line from Zerohedge: On a long enough time line, the survival rate of every one drops to zero

                • I posted info about this back in 2011 on Mac’s site here. Look at it like this….there is NOTHING, not ONE THING that man can do to make some of the prophecies in Revelation come about. But an incoming planet/brown dwarf star sure as heck could.

                  • @WALT K.,
                    ” But I would lay you odds that the chances of the dollar being hyper-inflated to oblivion are far greater.”

                    It doesn’t always have to be one or the other….you can have both.

                  • In regards to Nibiru / Planet X, you want to get someone really smart on this who has studied a lot on this starting way back when Elenin was a percieved threat (we now know that Elenin was a spiritual sign in the heavens) get ‘YourDaddy’ in on this topic.

              • DK: It’s really just a giant space ship with Elvis at the helm who’s coming to take us all to the real “Graceland”. But some of you, (DK, John Q., and a few others) will be going to “Heartbreak Hotel”. By the way, Elvis calls his ship “A Hunk of Burin’ Love”, not PlanetX/Nibiru.

                • DK has never “heaped praise” on central banking. He tells facts. If we do not like these facts, he has said that we have the power to change them if we so desired. But it will not happen. That is essentially what he has said. THe fact that you people do not understand Nibiru will be your own problem. And as rightly pointed out, there is nothing we can do to stop it, but one could prepare. I have argued many times myself with DK and really I have to admit, he is mostly correct. Some of you people are astonishingly stubborn and wrong.

                  • Thanks eeder, but I am not daunted by the naysayers or the critics. Its water on a duck’s back. I am confident in my understanding of things financial and economics based upon my education, experience, and special expertise; that was gained by much study, sacrifice and diligence over 40 years.

                    I don’t need any thumbs up and I am not selling subscriptions to a monthly newsletter. I do not need to profit from the Alt Media Sheeple. 🙂

                    Walt: Thanks for the link. I listened for over 26 minutes and the guy never explained the 13 things that HAD to happen for a “downturn” (crash) supposedly scheduled for April 11th.

                    Not gonna happen, on 4/11 Walt.

                    Eventually the Second Leg Down will manifest in full force, the markets will break, and a lot of pigs that stayed at the trough too long will get slaughtered. That’s the way it works. 🙁

                    He is in serious ERROR about the BIS.

                    It does not “own” the FED. The FED owns part of it. The FED is the perfect Ponzi scheme because it can create money from thin air and can buy ALL of the US Debt it needs to buy. It does not need the permission of the BIS to do so. Major mistake by this guy. When your premise is wrong, your conclusions will be in error.

                    The guy is well meaning I am sure, but he is misinformed like so many, and I doubt that he has the Economic or Financial education to truly understand what he is talking about to begin with, because he doesn’t understand the most basic principles; IE like the FED owning a part of the BIS; not the other way around as he believes.

                    Honestly Walt, he is just another non-financial idiot that doesn’t know what he is talking about when it comes to money and banking and gets way too much media time. He too is profiting from the FEAR he is selling. Unfortunately the folks that listen to this guy will become more disillusioned when his prediction does not manifest.

                    Get back to me on 4/12 Walt and give me an “I told you so, DK”, and I will eat crow. 🙂

                    Be sure to go to his website and by his CD, because his forecasts have been “100% accurate” since the mid 90’s. 🙂

                  • eeder&DK: Surely you must be joking, either that, or you’re both the unhappy results of interbreeding. Nibiru is something out of Babylonian mythology, not to be taken any more seriously than the WWF and Roller Derby. The modern reincarnation of the Nibiru myth came from Nancy Lieder who calls herself a “contactee” of the gray extraterrestrials of Zeta Reticuli. Anyone that believes that sort of nonsense has the IQ of a cold rat turd. I think Gregory8 is closer to the truth (jokingly) when he says it’s really a giant spaceship with Elvis as the captain to take us all to “Greaceland”. If ever there was a need for a sterilization program, you two are it.

        • 97% of the people are screwed.

          3% of the people (preppers) are preparing…… to be screwed by the 97%.

          • Ghost, you need to look at this from another angle. IT’S A NEW SUPPLY OF GOOD JUNK. The Gov cannot shrink the ARMY, to get more loyal people for the Gov. It’s bringing good stuff right to my home town. I don’t know about where you live but the Cops where I live aren’t my enemy. They don’t like what the Gov is doing either. BOshithead is giving stuff to us, not the idiots in DC.

            • @ Paranoid

              I live in a small town (no signal light even) almost dead center of the USA. 2 years ago the US Govt. gives our police chief a military hummer with a canvas top. Last winter we got 14″ snow overnight and the crazy sonofabitch was driving it around with canvas top sagging wayyyy down inside with all snow on it. Funnier than shit. AND no the local cops here don’t like the Govt and neither do the hillbilly rednecks. They still drive around here with rifles in the back window of their pickups. And the farmers here don’t even bother getting license plates for their pickups, as long as they don’t go more than 50 miles from home it’s legal. Gotta love the ozarks. I live in the very north part.

              • Ghostrighter, what part of the Ozarks? My Dad is retired in the Twin Lakes area.

              • I hear that!

              • The very north part of the Ozarks are in Missouri. You may not need a beyond local plate on your truck if you don’t go past 50 miles, but never heard of not needing plates. Trekker Out.

                  • I found out it is a hoax! Trekker Out.

                  • I’m from Wyo and Chipping Us isn’t going to work well for anyone that likes breathing. That said, Hanna Wyo? Good Lord; That’s 2 steps Below Devils Island. Town needs a fence to keep people in.

                  • Para that’s the reason they want to chip them. Shoshone was there second choice. Trekker Out.

                • “The very north part of the Ozarks are in Missouri.”

                  YEP, I live on what they call the West Side of Lake of the Ozarks.
                  And if you get pulled over by a cop, all you have to tell them is that you are going from your farm to another area that you farm ( up to 50 miles away )and no license plate is required. You wouldn’t believe the pickups around here with no plates. BUT you still better have insurance.

          • Before they bend me over Ghost there will be quite a few who wish they hadn’t tried!


            • Howdy, Aussie, NOBODY will bend me over as long as I can put up resistance. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • Damn Ghostrighter , way to harsh my prepper mellow

        • Yes C M and worth repeating over and over until everyone gets it…

          • Its time everybody starts open carrying. Its still legal and it will send a message loud and clear that We the People created government, not the other way around.

          • Motherland, Fatherland, Homeland, Commieland…

            • ZOMBIELAND ,would be more likely .

        • Your kidding right Christian Man. Exactly what is more serious than a police state to remove any remaining freedoms. It seems to me this is the main thing we should be preparing for. Will you tell me one fucking criminal example that requires this amount of firepower. This is being put in place to install total control of the sheeple and insure compliance through absolute tyranny.

          • Engage your employees or be enslaved by them one euphemism at a time. 🙁

        • @ Christian Man,

          I do so enjoy your refreshing articles and ideas, please keep them coming.


        • Yes this is the 6 moth old stolen article.

          Yes, we have digressed that far back here at shtf.

          Yes, the comments are being censored.

          We have achieved our purpose! Ha!

      3. Really not much for news for readers here and for that matter anyone who is actually having any situational awareness.Little towns with armored vehicles/military style raids on homes and business,many at fed and state levels trying to disarm folks.All one can do is be ready for any national breakdown be it man made or natural.Those armored vehicles while formidable are by no means invulnerable.I laugh at all the gun control nuts,as I said,a few 100 and a big box store and guns are mere toys.I know many parts of the world have had to live with the rise and then iron fist of totalitarians,shame it seems we will have the rise,hell of a fight for this country already in gear,just going to speed up it seems,tis a shame.

        • Cell phones make a great trigger. Use the vibrate function, a few bottles of bleach and ammonia with an explosive element. One call that’s all.

          • Careful .02 careful.

            • Yeah dont get any on you! Be careful lol.

              • Maddog says careful?!This coming from the man who plans to cut all money related entertainment expenses for him and wife and thinks all will be fine?!

                • I mentioned that to her. I’ve now changed my mind.

                  • the maddog flees from the madhen?

          • Read that in Soldier of Fortune, did you ?

            • Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites. You lock the kingdom of heaven before human beings. You do not enter yourselves, nor do you allow entrance to those trying to enter.

              Pay attention OC.

              • Hitlary Clitwoman comparing Putin to Hitler – this is pandering to the jewish lobby to be demoncratic nominee. We all know where power comes from in this country. Don’t believe a word you are told.
                It is well known that jews do not like Putin as he did not like the jewish oligarchs in russia who stole a lot of the state assets. If you care to look. USA is controlled by jewish oligarchs.

                • Speaking of jews, Anyone else read anything about the Malaysian jetliner that just disappeared in flight? I found an interesting link, apparently, Isra-hell has just been found guilty of genocide against the Palestinians…


                  Wonder if they know where the plane went?

                • I read Putin is an alleged pediophile.
                  There is a picture of Putin Kissing a Little Boys

                  • I used to blow all over my daughter’s stomach to make her laugh and smile—I must be a gay pedophile too…dumb ass.

            • They prefer to turn young girls into harlots or lesbians, young men into punks or gays. Their pornography spreads pedophilia like a cancer among children. Hollywood leaves them empty, filling minds with only sewage. An emptiness they try to fill with drugs, sex, music or the occult. “It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin.” Yet sin they promote here with billions of dollars.

              • On your Knees OC and bow to your MASTERS and learn to love your chains.

                • Never. I’ll take the stone.

                  • His biggest problem is he cant face being fooled as it is easier to fool someone then to convince them they have been fooled. So, OC HAS to believe those who say they are jews and are not are some kind of God sent mouth pieces, when in reality they are sent by that other guy and all their actions prove it. Oc has self induced blindness and the number one sin of Pride, wont allow it. Now when I say things about the jews, it is really all about those who say they are jews and are not. They are liars from the beginning and have taken the power to create money away from the people and used usury to enslave humanity. They are evil incarnate and those like OC enable them, so the Old Coaches of the world will get their seat at hells table come judgement day.

              • to the sixpack – No sweetheart, you are the dumb ass, go google it and read.

                • Oh I always believe EVERYTHING I read on the internet—especially about people the LSM has been directed to smear…

          • Now this is the kind of stuff that bwould be cool to know, real guy stuff. But I am afraid to research it on any computer tied to me.

            • BJ,throw away laptop 100,hell,you want linux it,go full blown encyrption but really,never tie to you on line with e-mail/orders ect./work home isp and hit crowded wifi spots,there is a lot of good information out there.

              • I don’t know anything about that stuff 🙁

                • OK,BJ,buy a used laptop with cash linux installed,forget the rest excepting no hitting home/work wifi or your e-mails/bank accounts/this site with same handle ect.Wireless wifi hot zones and get all the info you want.I will say the harder core encryption will get you to spots on web not at head level but really just having a font of information not directly tied to you is all that is needed.

                  • where would I use it if I can’t at home? We have wifi here where I currently rent

                  • and don’t make the same mistakes as Paula Broadwell…

      4. Could be a concern. Also, could be corruption as usual. They ordered way too many from a politically connected corporation, so they give them away. Also, Israel is claiming, on Debka.com, that Ukraine sold Iran six suitcase nukes and six nuclear cruise missiles. You have to read almost to the end of the story to realize there was no nuclear material included. They bought some old missiles and empty suitcase containers. Always verify.

        • there is more mis-information than real credible information,,
          I can see police departments taking advantage of cheap military armored hardware, prudent in my opinion,, who the hell wants their guys to go and get shot up if it can be avoided,
          Thes ILLEGAL IMIGRANT gangs and baboon thugs and white knights are a problem in the big cities and I can see DHS and other agencies being aware and prepared to deal with them,,, extremism is never a good thing.
          personally I am not worried that the government is going to crack down on everyone, sure it could happen, I can see a genuine concern for the safety of personell more often as the case than some conspiracy to “take over and hold down the population” yes there are some areas where we are seeing politicians overstepping their bounds and some police who are all too willing to do their bidding, but far and wide more than not the LEO are a good bunch of folks, imagine for a minute that you had a job that put you in contact dayly with the lowest of the lowlifes and where people where willing to shoot at you,, wouldnt you be a little on the paranoid or shoot first ask questions later train of thought???
          prepare for the worst hope for the best, words to live by.

          • Kulafarmer

            “wouldnt you be a little on the paranoid or shoot first ask questions later train of thought”

            Police safety is the number one concern. If on occasion a civilian is mistakenly shot and killed its just the price we must pay for our safety and security.

            Remember “Freedom Is Not Free” and “We Had To Destroy The Village To Save It”.

            • wasnt it we had to destroy the village to save the idiot!
              or those who would trade freedom for security, deserves neither,,,

              • I’m assuming everyone gets my humor.

          • Kulafarmer:
            Good point, but it’s much easier for many to Monday morning quarterback and nit pick LEOs actions after reading the newspaper, or watching the latest youtube idiot cop.

            I compare those people to Jane Fonda and how she treated Vietnam Vets. She took the very few atrocities committed by a vast minority of soldiers in the war, and, with the help of the media, pounded it into the ground until all vets were labeled by many as murderers, rapists, and babykillers. When in reality, the vast majority of soldiers (like cops) are a good bunch of guys and gals serving their country.

            (Red thumbs welcomed)

            • Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see—and believe absolutely NOTHING from the MSM.

              • Then why are you believing that a plane just vanished (read from a post in the E-weapon article here on SHTFplan)
                You gave your theory when really there isn’t a missing plane

        • Israel lied? I am shocked.. SHOCKED I tell you.

        • Maudy, do you mean as in the suitcase nukes that went missing from the USSR after it went out of existence? If I remember correctly, there were 100 of those under KGB control that went missing and were never located or accounted for.

          • Brave, according to the article, they were Ukraines missiles and suitcase weapons, but empty.

            • so, now they’re gearing up to go into Ukraine under the false pretenses of the existence of leftover “WMDs” from the old USSR?

      5. I don’t know. I have mixed feelings about all this.
        I do believe that this has been in the works for years and all the pieces are just about in place for the main event.
        The folks who are asleep now are the ones that will snap when the banks fail and stores cant process sales….that’s what they are preparing for.

      6. It’s unfortunate, but we are seeing more incidents of law enforcement violating their oath to the constitution. Five years ago I still had faith in our military and law enforcement, today I believe they will fire on unarmed citizens if ordered to do so. With that said they “must” take our guns and the confiscation has begun in Connecticut.

        • California was way ahead of CN, Illinois before Kommiefornia.

          • I haven’t seen any letters to law biding citizens, the new criminals, to turn in their guns in California. Have you?

            • California was the first state to ban ar15s and they didn’t come for them but if you get caught with one you will get your nuts cut off.

              • Unless you have the paperwork. Then you are fine. Still stupid since with the exception of the one numb nuts in Stockton no one has used a so called assault rifle to go on a school shooting spree. Good old Fineswine.

                • Getting the paperwork is almost next to impossible is my bet.

                  • but trying to get the paperwork, sure lets them know where another one is located.

                  • You have to fill out more paperwork than Obama did to run for President

                • You believe all the govt. hoaxes & lies, or you are a gatekeeper

                • Paperwork ?? no such thing its all just a F*&%ing road map to your house

                  try to grandfather in an AR and you’ve basically signed up for the next test of there new mrap

                  NO 30 rd mags no drum mags no suppressors no nothing

                  try going to a gun range in Hitler land and you have range personal watching your every move and no kidding COUNTING every damn shot stick one in the chamber and 10 in a mag and you’ve got three of them counting brass and writing your name on there damn list.

                  Not kidding it happened to me while visiting a friend

                  cali is the most stupid place on the planet yet they allow everyone to smoke all the weed they want


            • Ca has a swat squad that collects guns from vets that have been treated for PTSD, people who have seeked mental health counseling, non violent felons, etc. Last time I checked, they collected over 10000 guns and was seeking more funding to go after the estimated 30000 more. The ar15 wasnt banned, just the ones with a detachable mag release button. The CA compliant ones have a pin you push with the bullet tip to drop the mag out. Lead Hunting ammo has been banned beginning 2015 or 2017.

              • I saw an article saying the California swat squad had ‘mistakenly’ taken arms from innocent people. Do you think the swat squad gives a crap?

                • Chances are, the cops devide up the valuable guns between themselves (using the Union seniority protocol). They dont return guns there.

                • Look folks they are confiscating guns legally, illegally, by mistake, what ever. Now you must prove you have the right to own a gun in order to get your own gun back.

                  The confiscation has begun on both coast and once complete they will move inland and squeeze the rest of the country to give up the guns…

                  Just look at the history of how every despot in history has done it. Your a fool if you think this will never happen in America. Its happening and most are cheering it on!!!!

              • The ar15 wasnt banned, just the ones with a detachable mag release button.

                That is ALL of them except for the ones special made AFTER that stupid law was passed.

                • or retrofitted

        • @patriot one
          Connecticut hasnt even begun, when it does all hell will break loose.
          If they think they will get away with confiscation unscathed they got an education coming to them, im as far away as you can get and hear stuff wayyy out here so dont kid yourself, confiscation will be a turning point.

          • I’m not as optimistic and history says only 1 to 3% will take a stand.

            • There are at least 50 million gun owners in america. 2% of that is 1 ‘illion pissed off americans with guns. My guess is that of the 2% that are armed and ready and willing to fight for the constitution, many will be doing so because a large number of them (us) are already oath-sworn military veterans. What will the actual numbers be? Who knows? But my best guess is over 1 million patriots with about 20% of that number (200k) military veterans. Just the “core” 2% of gun owners makes us one of the largest best equipped and most veteran armies in the world.

        • I don’t know any LEO’s that DON’T violate their oath. If they give you a ticket for speeding, no seat belt, rolling stop, or any other “violation” that doesn’t have a victim, they have violated their oath.

        • You had faith 5 years ago,patriot,when did you wake up?!I mean the lies and massacres/target murder by our govt. either directly or at least knowledge of should have by a reasonable thinking age past raging teen hormones woken up anyone,I will say you must be young(at least in my book!).

      7. Makes one wonder…

      8. My father and I discussed this long ago. Ex-Marine, and in his old age,(I miss him) told me all this would happen. Those leo’s should bury their shields. When it really it’s the fan, There will be a unbelievable number of ex cons that will come to get pay back. Once it starts, keep a low profile and let the cannon fodder go out in front. Old school military will show these leo’s what courage and patriotism is all about. They’ll have some hurt, that ajax can’t wash off. Have patients and pray for Jesus to come quick. Band with your brothers to be strong. Have fun at the range and get physically fit. I think we have a tough road ahead.

        • Maybe they should get the jump on it, and put a bin next to the cop shop door, where any cop who refuses to participate can toss his badge in it, on their way out the door.

        • My father was saying the same thing in the early 70’s. By the late 70’s he was talking about buying a big compound deep in the Appalachian mountains. We even took a trip to the Greenbriar to scout that area after I got off active duty in 79. Back then the Greenbriar was old school and only took cash or a letter of credit from your bank. They didn’t want a lot of people snooping around.

          We are gonna need young men to train though. While I can still handle myself fairly well anyone who has been in combat knows war is a young mans game.

      9. A curious story, and one which should be taken with a mine of salt, has surfaced out of the pro-Russian newspaper Iskra, which reports – so far on an entirely unsubstantiated basis – that last Friday, in a mysterious operation under the cover of night, Ukraine’s gold reserves were promptly loaded on board an unmarked plane, which subsequently took the gold to the US.

        • Had to be less than 50 tons. I think BS. Iread it too at the sames site.

        • Perhaps, under cover of darkness, they loaded up their CIA infiltrators and shipped THEM back to their Blackwater units…

      10. I’m a mite PO’s about all the MRAP’s they are detsroying over in Afghanistan. They pretend it’s too expensive to ship them home, and take them apart with torches for scrap metal.

        We’re not going to lose a future war for the want of a penny. We’re at risk for losing because we wasted a trillion dollars.

        But hey.

        • could they be destroying them because they are too contaminated with D.U. to keep? just thought fodder

          • I’d say that’s a good guess, flyboy.

      11. ;0p pssszzt

        • Advertising I see.

      12. I wonder if “Militias”, comprised of armed, law abiding Constitutionalists, might be able to get in on some of these “freebies”?… since they were paid for by hard working tax payers in the first place.

        • …only if we take delivery by tossing the drivers out into the street…

        • Americas: National Militia…”Goyims In Da Hood”!

      13. Mac. Your back. You must of gotten tired of the daily needs of the she épée. Of there.

        • Fbp, coming from you, that is a true compliment…

        • Fbp, English is a unique language, try to get a grasp of it, when drunk typing…

          • FBP writes in english, but it often doesn’t make SENSE…like TWITTER!

          • “Write drunk, edit sober”- Hemmingway

            • True…

              “but many times the flavor is lost”.

              Paraphrase quote… 🙂

        • FBP, your mind is fried from those FDA-approved poisons you take.

      14. it’s just a financial vehicle to make the globalist 1% even more money , EXTEND THE COLLAPSE DEATH OF THE FIAT DOLLAR … help them maintain control through fear and intimidation of “WE THE PEOPLE” of the ZOG AMERIKA FEDGOV STATEGOV zog dhs gestapo forces .

        the whole idea of this nation wide ‘martial law – homeland security build up’ is to create support a false domestic war economy in zog amerika .

        once again it’s just about the $$$ fiat money .

        only this time the globalist industrial war machine target isn’t a brown skinned foreigner , living in a grass hut , existing on a bowl of rice a day , on the other side of the world .

        it is “WE THE PEOPLE” of once free zog amerika .

        And this will end only one way … very badly .



        • Sees like Facebook page has a hard on for you… Be careful, he is a id10t…
          But I agree with you….

          • Imagining Facebook page with a “hard on” ruined my morning…

        • @NinaO:

          My Brother.

          When the balloon goes up, I start counting coup. The list is long. A true warrior’s journey. No scalps this time, I’m taking heads.

          100 heads.

          Be safe and make it count.

          ….A warrior knows the true path leads to the light, and is always marked in tears….BA.

          • The list is real long,,,

          • You start at one end and I the other. We’ll work toward the middle with the coup sticks and long knives.

            • @PO’d:


              …time to shake the tree….BA.

        • NinaO…..RESPECT. I’ve been visiting your website lately and I’m impressed. I even commented on 2 of your articles. will return for more. Take care. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • @All … my Respect !

          thank you for your support and comments .

          “fools rush in!” ;0p

          many good men and patriots will die needlessly in the first few days of zog amerika dhs gestapo martial law hostilities .

          i encourage you all to make a plan to “hole up” “bug in” for a few weeks at a safe off the beaten path location when the shtf and stay flexible to “bug out” to a 2 or even a 3rd “bug out” pre-stocked with buried caches of food water weapons locations .

          when it does kick off , cool your heels , wait and watch , take your time and properly identify the traitorous turn-coat domestic enemy of the once free Republic of AmeriCa .

          then take action once your targets are properly scouted investigated confirmed qualified as zog dhs gestapo domestic enemy terrorist traitors .


      15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uuj1BRLI5Tg

        Sheriffs duel Obama over anti-gun laws….

        More than a dozen Colorado sheriffs spoke out Wednesday against additional gun control measures as Psychobama visits Denver to tout Colorado’s newest gun laws

      16. I know I’m not alone in the fact that I’ve often thought about the position of the military during a SHTF moment, and whose side they will ultimately fall on, I can only say that I’m less worried about the military then I am LEO’s who seem far more power hungry and egotistical.

        Most Soldiers deep down feel their duty is to the Constitution and the people, Cops/LEO’s see the people as a different species, I for one have lost faith in Americas LEO’s sorry to say.

        • Y99, good to hear from you. I still have faith in most LEOs at local, county, and state levels, but not feds. I suspect it will be a combination of Obama’s army and “UN peacekeepers” we’ll be facing off against out here. When I see any of those scum, it will be game on. The gangbangers and foreigners won’t have any problem kicking in our doors and I won’t have any problem wasting their sorry asses in self-defense. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • My concern is how long it will take local LEO’s to figure out they’re being used as pawns to arrest/raid innocent people.

            • Y99, I hope for THEIR sakes as well as ours that they’ll wake up and smell the coffee and get on the RIGHT side before doing anything. I don’t want to shoot any cops if it can be avoided, but if they force their way into my home, they die, period! You just don’t go and let ANYONE with bad intentions toward you have their own way with you! MOLON LABE braveheart

            • We’re all guilty until proven innocent now. Don’t for get that.

        • Hmm, aren’t most coppers, former military, these days? 90%?

          What was that you were saying about, power hungry and egotistical?

          I didn’t see anything I’d say was “patriot” in the photos, did you?

          I certainly wouldn’t say I knew how most Soldiers deep down feel. I wouldn’t say a flashing blue and red light in the rear-view mirror is a comforting sight, either.

          Yup, things might be getting a bit more clear for some.

          • I served in the Army for 23 years, many of the young men I trained and lead are now leaders, so for what it’s worth that’s my window into the heart and mind of a soldier.

            Many of my former Soldiers that got out and became LEO’s also cut ties, only hung out with other Cops and became A-holes.

            • Ya. Your observations are worth a bit, y99. But they tend to get canceled out by an avalanche of stuff similar to this:

              Sexual Predators Lurk


              And that’s just the surface.

              I’ve had a number of friends go the military route. When they got back, they fit this mold too well:

              “Many of my former Soldiers that got out and became LEO’s also cut ties, only hung out with other Cops and became A-holes.”

              “War Is a Racket” – Major General Smedley Butler, USMC

              It seems like some soldiers found an angle of their own,… empire at home is a racket as well, and they found an in.

              • Then there’s those who went totally afoul and joined “blackwater” or whatever it calls itself now, when they got out.

            • y99: To answer your question; they’ll (cops) know it when some of them go to raid a place that is really an ambush. They’ll get all shot up and have their equipment taken, only then will they finally realize that millions of us haven’t forgotten ‘our’ military training either and that we greatly outnumber them and will often choose the time and place of our ‘meetings’ with them.

              • “Never let the prey control the hunt…”

              • Gregory8, that is what needs to happen to put a stop to all of these SWAT raids. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s high time a SWAT raid backfired on the people who carry it out. Other SWAT teams will take notice and hopefully have 2nd thoughts about what they do. If not, then…..

      17. Hello All.

        Just planted three fruit trees [peach, plum,and nectarine] along with goji berries, raspberries, and alpine strawberries. Started tending the soil and will get all garden starters in the ground this week. Can’t tell if the compost has more dirt or worms.

        Neighbor and I took his new S&W AR variant [M&P15} out to stretch its legs at the range. SWEET. Shoots like a dream and I actually got used to shooting with a red dot sight. Still like laser to paint my targets though. Sent a few 444 marlin downrange to knock the dust off and tried out a few wax slug cut shells through the shotty[coach gun] for effect.

        The way I see all of this surplus stuff going to the local yokels, is……….wait for it……..more toys for me, if they decide to play naughty, or………more stuff for us if they honor their oath. I personally would not want to ride around in one of those MRAP sweat boxes.
        It’s just a coffin waiting to be buried.

        Remember to trust in your training.
        Remember to trust in your team.
        Remember that you are the weapon.
        Remember that you won’t be outdone, you will be out doin’.



        ….I fight so my Brothers may sing of my valor, should I fall……….BA.

        • Those S#W MP15s are priced right as well! They are 599 here. That is a hellova deal considering the great reviews they been getting.

          • @02:

            Good Day.

            It is truly a nice shoot.

            Take down is no sweat either.

            I do not own an AR, more of a lever action guy, but I do see the attraction. Very effective platform to deliver whup-ass.

            Best to you and yours.

            ….it might be the WHISKEY talkin’, but it’s the MEAN proppin’ me up…..BA.

      18. Please correct me if I’m wrong – dosn’t a US soldier take an oath to protect the motherland from all enemies foreign and domestic?

        Seems then that if OBumblers or Billary’s tyrannical ideas start getting traction some wise heads in the Military will stand firm and refuse to comply. The average foot slogger will follow orders so the patriotism will have to come from higher up. Must be another Pershing, Paton or Schwarzkopf in the ranks there somewhere?


        • Howdy, Aussie, and yes, American military personnel all swear an oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. the only question for us is how many will keep that oath? Anyone who forces their way into my home I will have to kill in self-defense regardless of whose uniform he/she is wearing. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • Hi to you too Brave, been following your comments. If the Military are sworn to defend the Constitution I’m kinda wondering why they haven’t locked up OBungler yet?

            Someone told me today the debt ceiling had been abolished – no more Congressional approval to borrow money. Is that right? If so, isn’t that kinda like giving a junkie the keys to the drug cabinet? Will also bring about the financial crunch a lot sooner too I’m guessing!


      19. I wish I could remember it correctly; but it goes: All must die, What better way to go than facing heroic odds, defending the ashes of our fathers and the temples of our Gods. NOMI

        • @Paranoid:

          Good call +1+

          Then out spake brave Horatius,
          The Captain of the Gate:
          “To every man upon this earth
          Death cometh soon or late.
          And how can man die better
          Than facing fearful odds,
          For the ashes of his fathers,
          And the temples of his gods?”

          by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859)


          …be safe….stay the course….BA.

          • Got nowhere I need to go, or much to do, So Today is a good day to die, if need be.

      20. Bout had enough of this shit. Someone tell me why they have to send one of those tanks up north to an itty bitty town in the middle of nowheresville? My husband I saw it go through last summer. There was a short article in the paper about the town getting one of those. I don’t want to say where I’m at, but I’m scratching my head as to why they need one up here in such a rural area and who they are going to use it on. Nothing up here but farmers, buffalo, and wide open spaces. Makes you wonder.

        • Patriot Mom asked, “Someone tell me why they have to send one of those tanks up north to an itty bitty town in the middle of nowheresville?… who they are going to use it on. Nothing up here but farmers,”…

          Nothing to wonder about, really.

          “Government has always been about profiting at the expense of others, using violence to achieve those ends. Obamacare makes this explicit. You – and I – are to be held up at gunpoint and made to hand over money for the profit of a private enterprise. To line the pockets – and bloat the salaries – of insurance executives under the pretense of providing “health care.” The fact is, all you’ll be getting in return is an insurance policy – quite a different thing.

          If, that is, we play along.

          For the first time in a very long time (perhaps not since the 1850s) there is widespread rejection in principle of the government’s actions. People – hundreds of thousands of them in CT and probably at least that many in CO – have already “gone limp” by refusing to play along. They have not turned in their banned firearms and illegal “high capacity” magazines. They have thereby placed the government in a very awkward – perhaps politically untenable position. It will either have to tacitly accept what amounts to a vox populi nullification of the edict.V picture

          Or it will attempt to enforce it.” …

          • Here’s the link for that quote, if you’re not Rambo or well-off enough to ‘Go Gault’ you might want to, Go Limp:


            “There’s a valuable lesson here: Don’t cooperate.

            Even better, don’t participate.” …

      21. @ BI…6.4 quake East of S. Sandwich Islands.

        I would appreciate your thoughts on what this means when considering the proximity in time to the California quake?

        Thanks and God Bless,

        • @ Norse Prepper. Drake Passage to the west is what gets active before California does. I warned everybody about this 2 weeks ago and Northern California gets hit with a 6.9. This is like Atka, Alaska that gets moving, so does Yellowstone, connecting volcanoes.

          From what I can see with this area that had a 6.4 is a transform fault like the San Andreas. This has had a near 100% indication of a major earthquake occurring in the past in the following areas:

          Northern Philippines
          Kuril Islands and North Korea area
          Kermadec Islands
          Paupa New Guinea
          Columbia to Chile
          8.5 in Sumatra in 2005

          This area shows much tension building on the South American plate like the indication of the very rare quake in the Atlantic east of Argentina about 3 weeks ago. This will affect the Cocos, Caribbean, and Nazca Plates that in turn affect the North American plate and the Pacific plate. The African plate has a huge role on the Australian plate.

          These are areas mentioned in comment 2955960 as areas to watch out for. Still do. I can seee much pressure building in South America to Mexico right now. Alaska is due for a 7.5+ and is also pointing here.

          The area off the Marion Islands region today hit has less than a 70% hit ratio when there is an earthquake here that a major quake follows. The ONLY areas that get it after this in the past are the northern Australian plate, China to Burma and from east Indonesia to Samoa, and the Arabian/African plate area which is Greece, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan area.

          At least until about March 22 or 23 watch the areas in the previous comment for more activity. A 6.9 does not fill the energy that is coming from these precursor quakes. The activity of the last 9 precursor quakes indicated a good chance of a bigger quake, at least low 7 or a swarm of mid level major quakes, 6.5 to 7. Another 7 to mid 7 at least is most likely.

      22. “the global security system”

        This is the first I’ve read of that term.
        How about you?

        The term seems new, the idea is not, of course.

        The quote was in an article at reuters titled, ‘Confrontation in Ukraine as diplomacy stalls’.

        In the unitedstate, maybe it’s not so much a, ‘Domestic Military Force’ being formed, rather, it’s the ‘global security system’ being rolled out?

        • yep , UN takeover of our civilian police force.

        • Average guy
          Ill further that idea. Look at the issues brought to light w/ the Malasian plane. The passport problems w/ the lack of security is just ripe for international laws to magically appear. When the articles started cropping up on the passports I thought this was a manufactured event to prove to the world that we need a global TSA. Could be part of that global security system.

          There is no such thing as coincidence.

          • There’s a pic of some official holding up two pictures of the supposed illegal boarders. The pic on the left is a composite of a second guy, with the bottom half of the first guy. From the waist down, both pics are exactly the same. You can even see the white line (boarder) at the waist of the pic on the left. In short, it was fabricated, and poorly so.

            Makes me wonder what else about the disappeared airliner is a lie.

            Also, see this link about the struggle between Malaysia and Israel…


            Maybe they know where that plane went?

      23. About this OATH thing, who will honor it? It says Enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. Patriots, Preppers and all that talk about how bad the Government is, have been Brain Wash into the minds of LE, Government personal, and the Military, HELL even in our public schools as DOMESTIC ENEMIES, for years now by the very TYRANY Government that is the ones that are the DOMESTIC ENEMY. I think us as PATRIOTS and LOVERS of FREEDOM will have more to fight than we think and hope. Yes we are all alone in this struggle to maintain FREEDOM. Just remember we MUST be DISARMED before the hammer will drop, as for a time who knows, just keep the FAITH always. Watch your back everyday!

      24. Boston Marathon 2014 is fast approaching …
        Backpacks and strollers are banned from the start and finish lines

        3500 police to be deployed along the route in full regalia

        The entire event will resemble more of a North Korean military parade than a marathon

        Of course the proper Bostonian suburbanites flocking the streets will surely feel much safer surrounded by all the para military around them..

        Wonder how many dhs etc will be mingled amongst the throngs to protect the proles from their contrived terrorists lurking in the shadows..


        • How long before we have this at football, baseball and other events that have large crowds.

          How about other cities that run marathons? Are they doing the same as Boston?

          • How Long you ask?

            right after a staged Psy-ops or FF, right after that

        • …and no one will be any wiser.

          They always say, “you get what you deserve.”

          Hang in there brother.

      25. …..Those plans include plainclothes officers, private security contractors, numerous security checkpoints with metal detectors, bomb-sniffing dogs and hundreds of surveillance cameras.

        Spectators are being encouraged to carry their belongings in clear plastic bags to speed up security screening and not to carry backpacks or coolers, wear vests with pockets, or bring baby strollers.

        Despite the intense security upgrades, officials said they did not want Boston to appear to be a “police state”..



        • Boston is famous for two things

          freedom was born there


          freedom died there

          after seeing them “cower in place”
          I’l NEVER look at Boston the same

          the so called terrorists
          won a MAJOR victory there
          they’ve got us wetting ourselves with fear

      26. Understand what I am trying to convey here as to how I keyboard this.

        Some police units ARE at times too militant,too militarized.
        Watched too much Rambo, too much TV that portrays too many renegade street police officers. Not all are this way.

        Police officers do go into very dangerous areas and risk their lives. You have to consider the threat of homegrown and imported terrorists that are here, that are awaiting orders to strike.

        Consider gang warfare. A vehicle of this nature would enable the police/sheriff to get into that area. To think these gangs only have pistols and light long rifles is naive. You must consider the the fire power they might face in a raid or in any situation. Some of these gang members have been in the military and have served in combat zones.

        Since Obama has been president, it is being reported that the ranks of racial subversive groups have increased.

        The world is being modeled into 10 zones and it will be these ten zones that will exist for the forth coming world government, the rise of the government of the anti-christ.

        Yes, it is a global thing. There is no turning back.
        I am not saying I agree but, the nation and all of you who come here know, is on the edge of imploding into senseless violence.

        It seems that loyalty to nation states is going out the window and the idea of a central global world government is taking hold.

        Yes, they need the proper equipment. It is a matter of their heart. I think some officers, at all levels, look at the public as fresh meat as a threat and not as fellow citizens. They are in the wrong occupation.

        Everybody be safe……Some angry people out here, for no reason……. Don’t be afraid, be aware……

        • Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it!

        • Welcome to: The ZOG Run JewnitedSnakes.

          • Wow that rayciss! You must be some kinda bigot. Stone this man for he has spoken out against the gods who walk amongst us.

            Psstt.. want to know who really rules you? They are the ones you cant criticize.

            • .02: Problem & Solution.

              Problem: Khazars Wreck the Nation with Inflation.

              Solution: Goyims in Da Hood Burn down the synagouges of Satan.

              Did you notice them cops six pointed Star? You will, soon as they begin to dispay the ZOG sixpoint Stars!

              Now that so many top neocons like Palin & McStain proudly display their jewerly ZOG six point stars and earings, ZOG’s Cops and ZogSwat be next to follow suit.

              Then FOX TV will Renew that Old Texaco Gas station song.

              You can trust yer car to the MAN who wears that Star!..That six pointed ZOGjew star!

      27. All these vehicles look bad ass but they don’t have a 120mm cannon and a 50 cal. on the turret.

        They move people from point A to point B.

        When you break it down they might do better with a pickup truck. They are all exposed!

        All armor needs support. Either from the air (Helos), infantry or accompanied by other armored vehicles.

        So lets say a city has two SWAT vehicles. Thirty two SWAT members. My question is how many Blue Shirts can they put in the field at any given time. Three hundred, four hundred? Air support with two helos.

        What is the total force they (City/Town) can muster against us and that is what you prepare against. Like that is going to happen any time soon.

        Fly in the ointment is the National Guard.

      28. Off topic here I walked in to a local gun store yesterday looking for 762×39 ammo the shelves filled,tula,brown bear silver bear,cheap,six dollars a box. Picked up sixteen boxes think Ill go shoot my AK and my chink SKS.

        • AR Bob, better buy all you want, Putin has said, FU I ain’t sending any more to you until you get ride of that brown Marxist that you call president.

        • Bob,great deals on the net you want case pricing even with shipping and with coupons have got that at times to 4.95 shipping on cases,less then gas going to local stores!As your handle has AR included,do you have a upper in that caliber?I always thought would be interesting but seems that combo has feed issues and thus folks just head to .308.

      29. The tires on these babies cost about $1,400. each, not including shipping.
        It would be terrible if some crazy patriot, poured a can of gasoline on each tire and set them on fire. Oh MY!
        Over $5,600. for a set of new tires, what city can afford that?

        • Eh,homemade thermite burning the engine more effective.What is really going to limit/shutdown these toys is lack of local funding when folks find out how much they cost to maintain/run.

      30. For starters “SWAT” is LA, not Nashua. Secondly the police have had tactical units for years. What kind of equipment did you think they used? There’s nothing new here.

      31. USA GESTOPO SS ?????????????????????????????????????

      32. The government is preparing for the civil unrest that will come with the collapse of the dollar.

        It amazes me to see all the Facebook comments about Obama but absolutely nothing about what the Federal Reserve is doing. So many people are absolutely ignorant about economics. They don’t realize that the Fed is creating trillions of new dollars out of thin air and what that means for the dollar.

        • Barn,believe many do and have known/wondered for decades WTF!I believe the best the average citizen can do is opt out of the govt. economy and trade/barter/cash ect. in the growing and soon to be THE economy.

        • They will have a better clue once the $5 dollar bills picture of Abe Lincoln gets a new Face lift and hes replaced with Abe Foxman of ADL Fame eh!

          With NuttyYahoo’s face on the $10 dollar bills.

          Wonder how many shoes we can sell fast if we place pictures of Finestien and Hillery on the bottom of shoe Soles?…..Many non dems would likley love a pair shoes like that no?

          Maybe even place them two womens pics on the ass sides of Jeans made for very Large Fat women to wear!

          When them fat ass girls walk and their two ass cheeks bang into each other like an earthquake, if placed properly pics of hillery and finestien will appear to be Kissing each other’s cheeks.

      33. Armored assault vehicles. BFD. A D9 Cat dozer would easily up-end one of these.

        But hey, let’s get real about a collapse situation. I guarantee that if we had a major economic collapse, these police forces would very quickly disperse as members flock home to look after their families while trying to save their own hides. The situation will very quickly collapse into “everyman for himself” chaos.

        Same would likely happen with military, National Guard et al. All the best laid plans by the PTB are just that, best laid plans. Plans do not mean crap when it hits the fan.

        So am I worried about FEMA camps – an insanely stupid idea dreamed up by worthless, D.C. bureaucrats? Really? Can’t wait to see how a handful of remaining police are going to round up millions of us, especially given the fact that 48% of us are very are well armed, not to mention the fact that a lot of us are vets and combat experienced. Hey, good luck trying :).

        • Ever think that the FEMA camps may be for law enforcement and military? They and their families are too exposed otherwise.

          • Not defensible.

      34. Off Topic…

        GMO-Science Takes a Blow as Studies Are Retracted

        “The pesticide producers are one of the most powerful industries on the planet, the influence they possess is enormous.”

        “…the scientific ground on which the genetic engineering of plants is built may now be shakier than ever, thanks to GMO promoting scientists like Dr. Pamela Ronald. A recent article in Independent Science News1 questions whether she’ll be able to salvage her career, as two of her scientific papers (published in 2009 and 2011 respectively) were recently retracted.”

        Public Face of GMOs Loses Scientific Credibility
        “the numbers of scientific retractions have climbed more than 15-fold since 2001. What many don’t realize is that even a small number of retracted studies can wreak absolute havoc with the science-based paradigm. Other scientists who have based their research on the results from studies that, for whatever reason, end up being retracted, are now perpetuating flawed science as well.”

        The Problem with GMO Plant Science
        “Genetically engineered plants and animals are created using horizontal gene transfer (also called horizontal inheritance).”

        “Horizontal gene transfer, on the other hand, involves injecting a gene from one species into a completely different species, which yields unexpected and often unpredictable results.

        Proponents of genetically engineered crops assume they can apply the principles of vertical inheritance to horizontal inheritance, but according to Dr. David Suzuki, this assumption is flawed in just about every possible way and is “just lousy science.”

        Genes don’t function in a vacuum — they act in the context of the entire genome. Whole sets of genes are turned on and off in order to arrive at a particular organism, and the entire orchestration is an activated genome.

        It’s a dangerous mistake to assume a gene’s traits are expressed properly, regardless of where they’re inserted. The safety of genetically modified food is based only on a hypothesis, and this hypothesis is already being proven wrong.

        The kind of horizontal gene transfer that is currently used to create new crop seeds tends to produce highly inflammatory foreign proteins. As one would expect, were there a connection, inflammation-based chronic diseases have indeed increased right alongside with the proliferation of GMO foods in the US.

        Clearly, Dr. Ronald never bothered to look at such data, and her declaration that “GE crops have not caused a single instance of harm to human health or the environment” is as lacking in scientific support as her retracted research.”

        Results from Animal-Feeding Studies Correlate with Human Disease Patterns

        View the chart toward the bottom of the article…
        “the food companies on the left of this graphic spent tens of millions of dollars in the last two labeling campaigns—in California and Washington State—to PREVENT you from knowing what’s in your food.”

        -Mercola dot com

      35. Malay Air Force reports that radar showed a very large object was following the missing Malaysian plane. The Malaysian planes’ transponder quit working. Then, according to military radar, the plane and the large object turned and traveled for almost 350 miles. The two objects then appeared to merge as one. and then all military radar contact was lost. This was near the coast. The people on the ground reported a “purple haze” in the sky. No further info available.

        • Maudy;Check out naturanews for his latest take on Flight 370. Most of the passenger cell phones are still activated! and the picture of the two “unlikely terrorist” are cropped from the waste down?


          • Sorry for the misspelling its Natural News.com

          • And if the a**holes can find us through cells, why not these?

        • ET tried to call home but his Obama phone ain’t workin’.

        • Maudy got bored and made this up. My bad.

          • Bad Maudy…bad,bad,bad! LMAO.

        • … it was global warming that caused it,twas fer sure…just ask Al… 🙁

      36. Update on the Obama ‘recovery’…

        Wholesale Sales Collapse Most In 5 Years As Autos Lead Inventory Surge


      37. FM 23-3 will help with this problem. Also the THUG that will be in the turret will be easy pickin’s as will the 1st THUG out the Back Door

      38. Off Topic: Heres a website to track politicians voting records. (govtrack.us) I have mine set up to get weekly emails. Just came across this I wasn’t sure if you guys already use

      39. I am getting so good at head shots, up to 600 meters away!

      40. Man On the Inside: I like your thinking. Biggest problem will be the psychological affect of ordinary citizens when they actually see one coming their way. This will be the biggest hurdle to overcome. However, when they see one burning,that it COULD be done…..GAME OVER!!!! BTW: The LAPD battering ram was “retired” to the scrap yard awhile back.I was living there when it was done. At an enormous cost to the LAPD and city. The intimadation lasted only for a short time,it was the subject of much derision from people living in South Central.

      41. Okay–people, reality check.
        We have GPS that can find a stolen car, turn the engine off, but we lost a fricking ship??

        I don’t think so.

      42. @ Thinker. Flight 370. Logical scenarioes:

        1. If it crashed it very probable that it was over land. There is no debris yet founf in the ocean. Those jungles around there are very dense. This could still be possible and why the cell phones may still be operating. Why they could not home in on the signal gives doubt on the cell phones.

        2. If it was hijacked and taken somewhere, then somehow something cloaked the radar signal of the plane.

        3. Mega conspiracy in which people are covering up the whole thing for whatever reason.

        4. Plane literally was annihilated by some weapon like Natural News was saying was possible. I admit that even HAARP or other test device could play in this.

        5. Hadron Collider is doing something to space and time around the planet. The scientist admitted they could possibly open a mini black hole with this device. Perhaps this went off base, as someone turned up the device and accidentally caused this.

        6. There are more things in heaven and Earth. Just like the Bermuda Triangle region there are unexplained phenomenon that have a scientific reason behind it. Remember this region of the world is extremely tectonic and some magnetic field disturbance could have somehow torn the plane completely apart not leaving anything. Piezoelectric effect can cause all sorts of earthquake lights, forms of ball lightning, etc. The Northern Australian plate has been showing signs of a large earthquake coming. Could this “zap” a plane?????

        7. Universe tears in fabric of matter. This is not too far-fetched as the world we live in is of course not as stable as people think it is. Astronomers have observed very strange laws of physics around quasars for example. JustOneGuy would be the expert on this one.

        8. The out of the ballpark bizarre reason. This is left to the imagination of everyone. IF no evidence comes up and the plane DID vanish, you have to explore the OTHER scenarioes. NOTHING is that impossible with this. Sometimes the reason defies logic.

        9. I left this one for last as many people are considering this. The pilot was a muslim and drove the plane for allah into the ocean and the radar records are faulty. Perhaps the plane is sunk, did not somehow break up and is sitting hundreds of feet down below in some canyon or something. The debris that would float is still left intact inside the plane.

        I sure can’t think of anything else at this time that could be the cause of this.

        • B.I. Thanks for your response! I guess none of us know what happened as of yet ? But i for one has always questioned everything.I just wished i would have stuck to my gut feeling when i was younger as it would have (maybe )saved me from a lot of pain! We have all been lied to, and indoctrinated for so long that unless you have recently awaken to it,most are still sheep. My question is why do we continue to allow the “evil empire” to manipulate us,and why do we allow the military to continue to build the military to destroy the Human existence instead of letting us in on all the discoveries that could progress mankind? We are a slow decent to the bottom ,where we end up is the same question we have about Flight 370. When it is within our own personal power to stop the dark side!!


        • Tesla’s inventions work. The philadelphia experiment as an example. And all these earthquakes are because they are testing/perfecting his perpetual motion device that had the unique quality of triggering earthquakes. He figured out how to make alternating current work on a regional scale for electric power distribution. Guy was a genius. We are supposed to believe that the phila. Experiment and the earthquake machine were flukes or failures, but i dont buy it.

      43. If you re-read the quote by antichrist Obama, the subject “we” and “our” is not identified. Nor is it stated exactly what are the “national security objectives”. Why do we need a “civilian national security force”, and exactly what threat and from whom are they protecting us from? We have state, county and city LEOs and agencies. Is there a short coming with them? Are we in greater danger now than we were, let’s say during WW II? Who are we supposed to be afraid of? Am I supposed to believe the BS that things are soooo bad or about to be that LEO now “need” military grade weapons? What’s next for them? Helicopter gunships? M-1 Abrams tanks? B-1 Bombers?
        Question: Have we won the war on poverty yet?
        Have we won the war on drugs yet?
        Have we won the war on crime yet?
        How goes the current global war on terror?
        We did not need for cops to look like
        soldiers in the past, so why is it needed now?

        • Because it looks cool.

        • To make sure that you’re herded into the cattle car when the time is right. Your shower will be ready for you when you get to where they need you to be.

          • Patriot,don’t forget to mention to guests to not worry about the hermetically sealed doors!It is for their comfort!

      44. The problem with all this is that the powers that be can not shut us in a short amount of time. Too many of us. And if we are going to prevail, our war has to quick. We are not anywhere capable of doing it in a few days. So our war is long and draws down our supplies.

        • One shot….one kill

      45. Could it be that the missing airliner was hacked?


        It is being reported that passenger phones are still active? If that is true, I don’t see how it would be possible that the plane went down. Plus it is being reported that oil slicks and life raft reports were false.

        Could Night Breakers fictional scenario the other day be close to reality?

        • Hacked, Sacked, and Racked.

      46. We did not need for cops to look like
        soldiers in the past, so why is it needed now

        Because of the other questions? 🙁

        **Have we won the war on drugs yet?
        Have we won the war on crime yet?
        How goes the current global war on terror?***

        • Violent crime has dropped by half in the last two decades.

          This stuff is not for criminals.

          • A man who feels he has nothing to lose and even modest resources can be a formidable and dangerous enemy,i.e.,don’t fuck with the people.

      47. Please keep giving us all this equipment. This way we can use it against TPTB when the time comes.

      48. Don’t law enforcement people have to live somewhere? Don’t they have family? While they are out going door to door confiscating whatever is illegal this week, who is keeping their family safe and their homes from burning?

        I don’t think they have thought this through.

        Just Wondering

        • I do not think the rank and file jackboots are thinking it through. Like that asshole kwap up in CT who has been in the news lately, after he spouted off that he couldn’t wait to be ordered to kick down the doors of gun owners.

          But, I do think that the sleaze balls in blue suits who will be issuing those orders – at least those at the top of the dung heap that America has become – have made some plans to insulate themselves and their families.

          Heck, they probably have buried tax payer funding for their preparations inside some big piece of legislation that had to pass – so, it’ll be our money they’ll be using to protect their evil asses from us!

        • Information and thinking/using it,the best weapons in the world.

        • At the bottom of this link, there is a pdf about Drones that might be interesting to read.

          I saw yesterday that 35 states are now working on legislation that would restrict or prohibit the use of drones over their territory. That could be a smokescreen, just to snooker the voters who are alarmed about these evil things into thinking the politicians are responding to their concerns, though.

      49. Cops in my area now have cargo pockets 🙁 I think they are up to something . 50 years ago they didn’t have cargo pockets. What would our forefathers think .

        • Come on dog,think would you.You need someplace to put the donuts and bribes till you get home!

        • Maybe the little chickenshits were issued cyanide tablets, so if they think they are about to be captured by one of the resistance groups, they can euthanize themselves before we have a chance to apply a pair of bolt cutters to their puny, little 2 inch jackboot peckers.

          • What do militia keep in theirs Diet Coke and candy bars I bet.

      50. Personally, I believe the aircraft was hit by a meteor. A baseball size rock, traveling 30,000 miles per hour would be instantaneously catastrophic.

      51. These things are really just pieces of sh!t. Yes, they are armored, yes they burn lots of fuel. They also break down and require parts. The military got rid of them as they are almost useless. Only good for improved roads in places like LA and Chicago. They don’t have tracks, so their cross country mobility is trash. Even tanks get stuck in the mud. Your best defense against these things is to be on a road that is a combination of steep and or very muddy. Also, if they get rolled, people not buckled down will almost certainly die. Those inside must also have NBC gear ready to don. I am so tired of hearing about these damn things. Build an abatis and keep them at bay. Rivers and fast moving water are also helpful. These things are NOT LAVs and or AAVs.

        • The best way to address this problem in a guerrilla style resistance scenario will be to place a big emphasis on reconnaissance. Find out where these toys go to get their maintenance and servicing, and then concentrate on euthanizing the maintenance and repair crews.

          Toy gets broke, nobody left alive to fix it.

          Also, locate their source of fuel and eliminate it.

      52. any military personal who takes an order to murder his own citizens will be labeled a traitor and shot on site as well as his superiors, take that to the bank you fools who take and give treasonous orders bad orders.

      53. the armored battle wagons are the israeli golan design.
        israeli hunter and huron drones are being fabricated and flown with faa permission in columbus miss. Starke Aerospace.
        israeli eurocopteris there also making the 348 replacements for the kiowa.
        the new fed vice prez is israeli.
        the new wonder woman is too.
        so their equipt is pre positioned .
        even their pin up girl
        for the jew coup.

      54. For crying out loud, people.

        Why is it considered a shock or a surprise when we sit on our lazy asses, with our eyeballs glued to the electronic hebrew brainwashing and anesthetizing device, refusing to study history and in particular the history of what happened in Russia in 1917 and learn who the #1 perpetrators of that horrible Bolshevik Communist takeover of a White Christian nation were – and then, due to our stubborn refusal to pull our heads out of our asses and rip our eyeballs off that electronic toilet and the IQ of 80 savages who’re on it, playing children’s games – the ethnic descendants of the 1917 gang of Bolshevik Communist rats manage to seize another historic White Christian nation by the hair of its head and are now putting the finishing touches on their totalitarian, police state infrastructure that they are soon going to unleash upon the traditional White European founding stock of this nation and start slaughtering us the same way they slaughtered over 66 million White Russians and Ukrainians?

        Look, I’ve seen this whole scheme unfolding for at least the last 25 years of my life, and I am not a guy with an IQ in the stratosphere.

        Listen to me. This tribe of Semitic monsters are genetically hardwired to establish ruthless, murderous, totalitarian police states whenever and wherever they manage to seize absolute, unchecked power over any historic White nation. Tyranny is in their DNA code, nitwits. That’s what all this militarization of the DHS and of these police departments is all about.

        They’ve been working very hard to disarm Americans first, but thus far, have not succeeded. So, they are working on Plan B – gearing up to start a full scale war of extermination against American gun owners.

      55. The reason there being given away is because they couldn’t even sell most of them, they went to drmo auctions for as cheap as 1,000 and still didn’t sell. You’re wondering then why don’t they mothball them like the Cold War days of war ready reserves? Because they already have, they just want them off the books. Obama couldn’t lead his way out of a paperbag, if there was some plot to kick off martial law, don’t you think it would have happened by now? And stop listening to people who haven’t served in over a decade about what a standard response is, how would they know anymore? If you’re getting ready to serve a warrant on someone whose made threats and has weapons are you going to walk up in a bright dress uniform? Don’t be stupid. You might as well ask why are police officers carry semi-automatics instead of revolvers, and wearing vest?

        • Amen

      56. This whole thing has been going on since the stone age when some chimpman came up with a bigger club and had it all painted up in bright colors with symbols of fearsome gods plastered all over them and he succeded in”WOWING” all the other cave monkeys with his big colored stick with the threat that he’d whack all of them if they didnt bow down…so they were intimidated…for a moment until big ugly one eyed toad eater…the village voodoo hillbilly line dancer up and smashed chimpman over the head with his old school, dull colored but very dependable “rock on a stick”…our tools may not be all awe inspiring but theyre dependable and we shouldnt take our very own chimpmans expensive toys or threats too seriously…just a thought… REB

      57. On Sunday March 9th in Shirley, Long Island at 1:14 PM, the US was conduction military maneuvers on our streets.

        They had more than a dozen armored vehicles driving up and down our streets.

        What’s more is they would have the lead vehicle block off the street as the rest would pass by. An obvious show of force to get the masses ready!

      58. If you are an Oathkeeper, find likeminded folks near you and prepare a plan.
        Look up the IIIpers in your AO.
        Locate the opposition storage and fuel depots.
        As we learned in the sandbox, power, water and communications….cut them off.
        Your best source of supply is your enemy.

      59. The militarized police forces and swat teams in these MRAPS are actually the dumb cops. All it takes to make them feel important is to give them uniforms and automatic weapons and they think they are invincible. The dumb cops deal with street crimes and violence. The smart cops deal with white collar crime. My city had an exhibition of cops wearing fatigues with their machine guns and threir armored vehicle. I was looking at them and asked “are you guys in the army?”,they said “no, we are the police.” I told them “you look bufoonish struting around in those uniforms and bragging about your armored vehicle and on top of that, you guys are the dumb cops because the smarter ones are needed to investigate crimes by the smart criminals that in the course of your duties would never encounter on the street.” The look on their faces was pure hate and I could see they not only wanted to arrest me for something but I could see they also likely wished they could hurt me. I then went on to ask them what are they going to do when their precious vehicle breaks down because the cost of maintaining those vehicles is prohibitive for local government. Besides, a smart auto mechanic can probably disable the vehicle in a few minutes. I had a good laugh on them.

      60. Friends…the time has come. As did Spartacus, John Brown, Paul Revere, George Washington so we now have to act…regrettably so, but war has come to our homeland once more in 200 years. We will run off the oppressors that rain havoc and terror upon the citizens. I will lead you all thru it. You will know me when I come out in public and soon so be ready to fight, kill and-DIE.

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