Home Depot Co-Founder To Democrats: ‘You Don’t Have Any Brains’

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Headline News | 59 comments

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    Home Depot’s co-founder Bernie Marcus took a shot at Democrats during an interview with Fox News on Saturday. Marcus attacked Democrats for their lack of understanding the basic fundamentals of economics.

    But let’s be real first.  If socialists understood even a microscopic amount of economics, they wouldn’t be socialists and ridiculous things like Oregon voters literally voting themselves a tax increase (on healthcare insurance policies and hospitals, nonetheless) would never happen.  Democrats bank on emotions without any regards to facts or evidence. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s easy to see why Marcus said Democrats “don’t have any brains.”

    Democrats, use your stupid brains. You don’t have any brains and don’t understand what happens,” Marcus said on Fox News on Saturday. “This is not going to turn overnight. Corporations are not going to open 14 buildings overnight. Come on, give me a break, you’ve got to use your brains,” he said, referring to improvements in the economy.  According to The Hill, Republicans have said the recently passed GOP tax plan is helping the middle class, pointing to bonus announcements from companies such as Home Depot.

    The home improvement retailer announced last week it would be doling out $1,000 bonuses for employees who have worked at Home Depot at least 20 years. Hourly employees who have worked for the retailer less than two years can expect a $200 bonus. Workers who have been at the company for 10 years to 14 years will get $400. Meanwhile, Democrats keep arguing that tax breaks only help the wealthy and corporations.

    Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, a Democrat from Florida, came under fire after she downplayed the $1,000 bonuses a number of companies have announced.  “I’m not sure that $1,000 — which is taxed, taxable — goes very far for almost anyone,” she said. So what she’s saying is taxation is theft? The government is stealing part of their rightly earned bonuses? That’s what we heard…

    Hopefully, the left will get it together.  They look like toddlers throwing a tantrum because they don’t understand the simplest of economic math.  How on earth did a group of elitists convince their followers that the government stealing from people is a good thing?  It just goes to show how powerful propaganda can be.



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      1. I’m from Oregon, 19 of our counties voted against 101. Its the Damn metro area.

        • OFF TOPIC–FoxNews ht tp://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/01/29/swine-flu-bird-flu-hit-north-korea-and-south-korea-days-before-winter-olympics-kick-off.html

          Super flu outbreaks are ravaging the Korean Peninsula less than two weeks BEFORE THE WINTER OLYMPICS.

          North Korea scrambling to treat more than 81,000 people infected with swine flu as the South kills off nearly 1 million chickens to contain the bird flu on its side of the border.

          Nearly 127,000 North Koreans were reported to have flu-like illness between Dec. 1 and Jan. 16, with 81,640 cases testing positive for Influenza A/H1N1, also commonly known as swine flu…

          • thanks for that very timely report, granny.

        • It’s time to split the state into two. Let the blue half crash and burn, and prohibit demoturds from entry into the normal half.

      2. Home Depot gave their associates $1,000 bonuses because of the new tax bill.
        Lowe’s gave their people, uh, nothing.
        Don’t feel bad Lowe’s people. I didn’t get anything, either.
        Some companies give a shit about their people. Some don’t.

        • If you would have invested $1000 in HD Home Depot in 1981 IPO offering and never sold any stock it would be worth about $860,000 today. I was sitting on an airplane from San Fran to LA and was reading a Wallstreet Journal and advertised was the HD IPO. I said to the lady sitting next to me, invest in Home Depot you will be rich some day. I bought some stock here and there over the years but never held it. I ignored my own advice.

        • That’s okay though. Lowes announce a new stock buy back program to make up for it.

          • That’s a bad sign. Companies have a habit of buying back their stock at the top of the market. It’s uncanny how their timing is universally bad.

        • Lowes consistently respects and honors veterans. Home Depot says they do but after new policy last year they refuse to give their veteran’s discount. So I usually shop at Lowes now.

          • I can’t speak to your experience, but I received the veteran’s discount just this last weekend and every other time I shopped there. I don’t have a Lowe’s local to me.

          • I get a 10% Veteran discount at Homme Depot…not sure where you live, but Knoxville TN offers this discount.

          • Thank you for your military caste worship you monkey. It’s a$$hat$ like you that allowed the Military Industrial Complex to spread their tentacles and choke out criticisms, destroy lives, liberty and generally make a mess of everything they touch.

            Ex-Sailor here, so I thank myself for my service so I can complain about how much of an out of control, brain washing organ for fascism the US military is. F You very much.

        • People need to just be grateful they have jobs!

        • Some are not profitable.

        • I didn’t get anything either Anon. But, the CEO of my company makes $24 mil per year. I’m guessing he will get a big, fat bonus.

        • Daughter works For Home Depot. Came in the door looking for a minimum wage opportunity as a “lot associate” (ie bagboy) and the chance to work up. The immediately said she was better than that and put her on a register for $11.50/hr with benefits. I was amazed they offered part time hourly employees the ability to buy into benefits, get sick leave etc.
          I had been reading their employee handbook. They take excellent care of their employees. May of them have been there better than 10-15 years due to the good treatment. I’m not suprised they are passing along their tax break.
          Used to be a Lowes guy, now I give all my busness to H-D

      3. To Bernie Marcus, THANK YOU SIR! He’s only said what we all know to be true. Libturds have never been known for having any intelligence.

        • DB, he kind of made me want to hop on over to HD for a couple of 2×4’s or something.

      4. The democrats I know are driven by their emotions and cannot seem to process information correctly. Hit them with facts and their emotional state deteriorates even further. There is no hope for them.

        • Menzo, you know braveheart agrees with you all the way. Libturds never have two brain cells to put together.

      5. If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain–Unknown

        • The guy who said that was quite well known as was the quote. That was Winston Chuchill.

          • No, wrong.
            The first trace of the quote goes back to Anselme Polycarpe Batbie (an obscure french guy).

            The first version with “Liberal” was atributed to Benjamin Disraeli

        • rednek, without internet checking, I believe it was Winston Churchill that said it.

          Braveheart, I know just what you mean when you say libturds.
          I prefer to call them liberal pukes.
          But, channeling Test here…this is a battle of hearts and minds and no doubt liberals read this site.
          If we just called them liberals they might read what is written here and some of it might sink in.
          The name calling will certainly cause them to tune out and there goes their chance at learning something, no?

          • adding, Menzo, well said about the emotion driven thinking of liberals. I have 2 friends that are so like that I cannot and will not engage politics with them.
            Besides emotional about issues, they are highly reactive.
            They do not “hear” facts.

            Conservatives think, liberals “feel”.

            • Liberals get their info from fake MSM news outlets. Thats how their brains are molded without any independent Fact checking. They memorize talking points and that is the depth of their shallow mentality.
              Chucky phedophile Schumer is a Zi-oni-st planted owned shill same with Lindsay Graham, John McCain and Polosi. They deserve rope and a tree. Or a chain attached to a trailer hitch and a long bumpy gravel country road.

          • Ketchup, I understand where you’re coming from but I’m not convinced they would really read what’s here if I stopped using my favorite name for them. I guess I could give it a try but I’m not holding my breath on it.

      6. As I said in a previous post, “They’re Children”.

      7. how can he possibly say that after seeing the ”economic powerhouse” that Obammy & Company created over his 8 years reign of terror?

        Can you just image the same screwed up economics and toss on the thieving & crooked & conniving ways of the Clintons …

        good chance the USA would be closer to bankruptcy than Venezuela ….

        • Make no mistake, the Neo-Cons aren’t saints in all of this.

      8. Hey all of you!!! Want to make any bets on the percentage of liberals vs. conservatives who frequent Home Depot or any hardware store? My money is 10 to 1 on the latter – conservative working stiffs. Think about it a sec. All those snowflakes with power tools? Or the demographically-challenged shopping for home improvement items? Yeah, right. I work, have to constantly buy hardware, tools… some larger ticket items. 95% of the guys I know and work the same sites with are like me in terms of political and social viewpoints. The HD co-founder is dead on. Problem is, those folks don’t shop his stores. (or wait…. maybe that isn’t a problem after all!!)

        • +1 bud,
          Same thing here, most of the independent tradesman are conservative, the union guys are mostly dems, government contracts are their bread and butter, right up until they finally figure out the dems are screwing them, most wont though, buncha dummies,

      9. Debbie Wasserman Schultz should blow all the loaders at homedepot in the bonus room

        • That’s all she’s fit for.

          • I wouldn’t even let that ugly bitch touch me. I’m not desperate.

      10. We’re really not getting what we’re really asking for ..,?

        Ever really see an impartial tally of a real voting slips?
        Along with their new electronic machines .. well I really shouldn’t have to sit here and paint that picture to anyone

        Plus , who vets this garbage we get to choose from ?

        You can only be lied to if your willing to be

        • Nobody worth a shit would run because nobody worth a shit wants to have their family and lives trotted out like the latest whores at the mustang ranch,,,

      11. We should have daily articles on gardening , orchard maintaince and animal husbandry !!!!

      12. Or get hcks back will at least be entertaining if not informative

      13. I think the dummies that shop his HD stores and pay 20% to 200% more for items don’t have any brains. We use Home Depot online just to compare prices and then we close the browser window and click the buy button for some other store.

        • Hey Bert,
          I shop the Internet all the time.
          Home depot is at least 45 miles away
          from me.
          What stores do you suggest?
          I get a 10% discount from Home depot.
          I prefer Lowes, they also give 10%.
          There is a local place called
          HPM that also gives 10% discounts.
          But I have to be there in person
          and produce a Veteran ID.
          Although once Car quest gave me a discount
          over the phone when my wife was picking up
          a part for our truck. But they could see
          the Vet plates on my truck she was driving.
          Hawaii gives you Vet plates based on your
          DD 214 if you ask for them.

          Walmart, Sears, Kmart, Amazon,
          and Ace hardware give no discounts.

          Who has your back?

          • ???

      14. The term Domestic Enemy. Is there for a reason? Domestic means citizens? And enemy means enemy? We might have to come to the realization that we like all civilizations have traitors? And they are the most difficult to eradicate? However deep and entrenched. Sometimes seems hopeless? And how to spot a American traitor? However deep and entrenched? Seems hopeless? But it seems they would not obey malitia rules and be armed.? For general defense.?

      15. what is$1000 nothing people. It won’t pay the sales tax on a new car. It won’t cover a family vacation. it won’t get you 1oz of gold. Broke ass people living week to week are all moist over a g big deal. minimum wage slaves

      16. Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, probably not too many liberal pukes go in any of those stores.
        But it isn’t just the socialists (who call themselves progressive) who screw things up. It’s also the crony-capitalists.
        Socialism is obviously a stupid way to direct an economy. No need to elaborate here.
        But let’s not overlook the influence-buying, market-manipulating, competition-crushing “Crony Capitalists.” Not your regular folks who run a lemonade stand or own a local dry cleaners, but the big boys who use their money to buy political influence.
        Such as specially crafted tax laws that leave them virtually no tax burden while crippling the little guys. Or special safety codes, health codes, environmental codes, written by their politician friends, that double or triple the cost of opening a new factory or business location. That’s quite handy to keep the upstarts from competing with them.
        In some instances, such as environmental regs requiring you to purchase an additional 1000 acres of land and set it aside as untouchable ‘green space’, just so you can build a new 7-11 on the corner, these crazy laws actually bring the socialists and cronies together. Strange bedfellows indeed.
        What’s the answer to this madness in the dying American Empire? I don’t really know. I just know I miss the good old days.
        Back when life was simpler and, in many ways better. When the hot debate at high school wasn’t gay or straight. It was Barracuda or GTO. Ginger or Maryanne. That kind of stuff.
        When life didn’t have so many confusing options. Choosing was easy. AM or FM. The Beatles or the Stones. Merle or the Man in Black. Oreos or Chips Ahoy. 4 speed or automatic.
        Nowadays, the options are so overwhelming I dare not even go to a retail outlet without one of the grandkids there to guide me.
        Once, last summer, I went to the grocery store and wandered down the cereal aisle alone. 4 hours later Mrs Okie, led by one of the young uns, found me still there. Standing, eyes glazed, mesmerized into a stupor. Drooling and mumbling to myself…’Cap’n Crunch with crunchberries… new honey glazed Toasty Ohs… Frosted Flakes… Frosted Flakes with nuts… Cocoa Puffs… Cocoa Puffs with marshmallows… Lucky Charms… Sparkling Lucky Charms with glitter… “

        • Mary Ann! Ginger was a sleaze.

          • Mary Ann for sure, Fritz. She was cute as could be and had that wholesome, girl-next-door look. Ginger was beautiful too but she sort of seemed like she’s been around the block a few too many times. Taking her home might be like buying a used car and finding out the odometer was rolled back… way back!

            • go online and take a gander at Mary Ann’s Mug shot. I will give Ginger the vote.

            • SmokinOkie, good to see you back. You’ve got me laughing again as always.

        • Ginger for the win !! trained, capable and willing

      17. The great delusions ,of the endtimes?

      18. Wherever I shop, I look for products that are made in America. The sales people at our Home Depot are knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to assist.

        If you want a comfortable pair of shoes that will last for years (just replace the insoles for hygiene); SAS is the way to go. They are made in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The SAS acronym stands for San Antonio Shoemakers.

      19. Bernie, neither do the R’s. End the Fed and dirty fiat currency.

      20. The main causes are the deregulation of the financial system making what was felony illegal under Glass Steagall merely laughably unethical, Free Trade forcing labor to globally compete with the lowest third world competition and the Federal Reserve divorcing interest rates from mathematical reality.

      21. I thought Home Depot was owned by Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons.

      22. The Demon-crats know exactly what they are doing- they want to destroy America and it’s heritage and culture.
        THEY are the evil you hear about.

      23. I keep coming across the word DEM. What’s that? Is it a misspell word for DAMN?

      24. A single question from a ‘thinker’ (I know it hurts for most people to do this, it take practice, a lost art)….

        Can you tell me how giving the people (including artificial constructs called corporations) at the top of the pile MORE MONEY THEY WILL NOT SPEND through tax cuts works for you a person that lives from hand to mouth?

        I apologize in advance for asking for you think.

      25. Is this the guy and the store that backed increasing Immigration into the United States Company 1871, formerly, the United States of America 1776?

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