Hollywood Elite Strike Back: Arrest Warrant Issued For Rose McGowan: “Are They Trying To Silence Me?”

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    Members of the Hollywood elite have been hammered in recent weeks over sexual abuse claims launched by both, males and females in the industry. It all started when actress Rose McGowan claimed that she was sexually harassed by movie producer and political power broker Harvey Weinstein.

    Now, it appears that the elite have had enough and may be sending a message to those who may have information that could expose their sexually abusive transgressions. According to reports, a suitcase belonging to Rose McGowan was found to have tiny traces of narcotics. After further inspection Washington Dulles International Airport officials reportedly determined that there were drugs in the bag, prompting police to issue an arrest warrant:

    Police launched an investigation after they allegedly found traces of narcotics in personal belongings left behind on a United flight arriving at the Washington Dulles International Airport on Jan. 20, the AP reports.

    A spokesman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department, Rob Yingling, told Deadline investigators believe the personal belongings were McGowan’s.

    “Our police have attempted to contact Ms. McGowan so that she can appear in a Loudoun County Virginia court to respond to the charge,” Yingling said.


    In a response to the warrant McGowan took to twitter:

    “Are they trying to silence me? There is a warrant out for my arrest in Virginia. What a load of HORSESHIT.”

    One can’t help but consider the real possibility that the pedophiles and abusers in Hollywood are starting to fight back through whatever means necessary.

    Curiously, the incident took place at Washington Dulles airport, a hotbed of sexual abuse and corruption to which big money players in Hollywood have direct connections.

    Actor Corey Feldman recently claimed that he is prepared to name names, but says his life is under threat do to the enormity of the scandal.


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      1. Why do you assume she is being set up? Just look at her work. She plays deviants and drops her pants in almost every work. She needs to shut up and go into hiding.

        Why didn’t she call the police when she was “raped?” Why are all these women coming forward now instead of pursuing charges when the incidents allegedly occurred?

        The victim culture victimizes sleazy Hollywood. Oh the irony.

        • Agreed. Hollyweird whore-for-hire what she is. If it walks and talks like a duck……………

          • The wrinkles around her mouth would certainly suggest what she is.

        • This Rose gal is just another actress who knew full good and well the game she got into. As it is not ‘fashionable’ to be thought of as ‘one of the victims’, she’s onboard once more with any and all she can do to stay in the public eye. If she’d come out immediately when allegedly assaulted, that’d’ve been one brave act. But now? She’s just another face and pair of legs in the can-can showgirl dance number.

        • Victims of sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment experience TRAUMA, and that explains why most do not come forward immediately.

          If you look up the DSM-5 definition of trauma (if you can find it online, it’s quite paralyzing/overwhelming, to say the least, but in different ways), you will understand. The fact that whistleblowers of harassers get blackballed (even in Corporate America) is another layer on top of that.

          Given your logic (illogic), why haven’t you equally disparaged or convicted Clint Eastwood of murder, given all his murderous scenes as Dirty Harry? Are you misogynist? Maybe not. But your logic is anything but rational.

          In short, please don’t confuse the victim here (McGowan) with the villain(s).

          • The essence of Hollywood is immorality. It always was and always will be. Those who enter do so at their own risk.

      2. Wow,,, what in your face bullshit, the establishment assholes are really starting to flop around,,, i cant wait for everything to come unglued, sick? Sure, sick and tired of the bullshit

      3. It’s just getting started,first Hollywood and then every other venue(politics,sports,schools,finance)

        • It has started at the venerable British Houses of Parliament (a den of paedophiles for centuries). It will sweep through the EU and the UN, two places where human trafficking is the norm and how people make money.

      4. When you throw rocks at a glass house, make sure you are outside of it.

        • R
          You summed it up perfectly.

      5. Rose is another Hollywood trash bag who manipulates to get what she wants. Let me tell you (and I have hung with the film set), they party hard and, yes, drugs are taken and orgies partaken. Weinstein knows this and he can unleash garbage on any Hollywood actress at any time. Paltrow’s love of orgies, others who snort mountains of coke – none of them are safe for work and would shock the flyover state mommies.

        By opening up this pandora’s box it will blow back on them many times worse than Weinstein. Spacey has just been the first Hollywood liberal loudmouth to get stung and have his career flushed. Others will join him.

        • Goop has stated her relationship with Weinstein was complicated. HaHaHaHaHa.

      6. how come Weinstein is still walking around ?

      7. My issue with Rose McGowan is she took a payout to stay silent about being repeatedly raped.
        Many of these actresses that were raped stayed silent too and made their millions leaving other unsuspecting actresses to be future victims.
        I commend those women who had enough strength and dignity to speak out about what happened to them and make it clear that no means no.
        Hollywood was created by the elite and these actresses and actors are so out of touch with reality.
        While these Hollywood celebrities are making millions living like kings most Americans are living in poverty.

      8. Finding narcotics in your luggage is too easy to set up. Regardless of her past and reputations, I tend to believe her. You would have to be perfect idiot to try to smuggle drugs in her situation and she appears far from perfect!

      9. The tribe always looks out for their own. Weinstein is fighting back and his fellow tribe members are helping him.

        • The no life deplorable bravefart at it again. Threatening the world from his basement. Too scared to come out in the sunlight.

      10. Frank Thoughts

        The advances in technology have made it increasingly difficult to hide behavior for commoner and elite. Its a two edge sword.

      11. All the scum and deviants in HollyWeird can drop fucking DEAD as hell as far as I am concerned. FUCK those mutts out there. They have no idea what daily struggle is like to pay rent and to put food on the damn table for average Americans working their asses off week after week and that is just to pay the bills. Forget having any “Extra” money leftover when all of the outrageous bullshit bills are paid. WTF has happened to America people?

      12. The public has spent too much time worshiping Hollywood and caring too much to what these idiots think or say. A pox on that town!

      13. She wore chain link dress with floss in the back to an awards ceremony. SLUT.

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