Holder and Obama Selling Guns to Drug Dealers While Angling to Take Yours Away

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    About six months ago the Obama administration and a host of other concerned politicians were blasting mainstream airwaves with the view that lax US gun laws made it simple for Mexican drug cartels to obtain US made weapons, which were then used to commit crimes against Mexicans and Americans alike. The proposed solution to stop the flow of guns, because border security doesn’t make sense, was to restrict gun laws in the US to make it more difficult for the average American to enjoy their Second Amendment protections by, for example, closing gun show “loop holes” (we’re not exactly clear on what they meant by this – as there are no loop holes in purchasing firearms from registered dealers).

    It was reported by alternative media (of course, who else?) that the gun problems in Mexico were actually a result of the billions of dollars cartels make per year, with the help of our largest financial institutions who are more than happy to launder their drug money, and the fact that they will stop at nothing to acquire the weapons. As it turns out, most of the guns being smuggled into Mexico come from countries other than the United States, including Russia and China.

    It was clear to those of us who are willing to spend just a couple minutes reading past the headlines that this was nothing more than another attempt at fear-based motivation intent on changing the perceptions of the weak minded. Radio show host Alex Jones has dubbed this just another in a string of government sponsored  false flag terror attacks.

    And who could disagree in light of recent news that at the very moment the Obama administration campaigned for more restrictive gun policies here in the U.S., they were engaging in a covert operation to transfer guns into the hands of none other than Mexican drug cartels.

    The operations has since blown up in their face, and the fall out is now gaining steam – even in mainstream media.

    Keep in mind that Project Gunrunner (Officially Operation Fast & Furious) has, without a doubt, lead to the deaths of at least two US public servants (one ATF agent and a border security agent), plus countless others who ended up on the business end of those weapons.

    Senator Darrel Issa (R-CA) has been leading the charge in getting to the bottom of Project Gunrunner, and it’s looking more and more like top officials in the administration knew what was going on, and they are now struggling to cover up their direct roles. The top lawman in the US, Attorney General Eric Holder, reportedly had no idea about the operation, denying that he had any knowledge up until a couple weeks ago, though the story has been breaking for some time now with The Ulsterman Report doing some excellent investigative reporting on this since early May.

    Issa with Sean Hannity:

    If Eric Holder knew any significant time before he said he knew, which was just a couple weeks before he testified, before the Judiciary Committee then he’s in very serious trouble.

    But I think he’s in serious trouble in a different way. He should have known about this, not just this past February, but a year earlier. This was a program that let thousands of weapons go into a foreign country, and in some cases, stay in America, that were being deliberately allowed to be sold to straw purchasers who undoubtedly want to sell to criminals. That’s the opposite of what the Bush administration did. The Bush administration even fired U.S. attorneys for not enforcing gun laws. Here we have the opposite happening at all levels.

    It’s time for Eric Holder to resign. Either he 1) Perjured himself when he claimed no knowledge of the operation or 2) is completely incompetent at his job. Certainly when you have thousands of guns being smuggled by US intelligence and law enforcement agencies into the hands of drug runners the goal is to put people behind bars, which means the Department of Justice would be intimately involved. The reasons why Holder should have, and likely did, know about this operation is that he happens to be in charge of all of these agencies (for the exception of CIA).

    The unrestricted arrogance of President Obama, however, cannot be ignored. Yesterday the administration announced they would move forward with gun reform, but not through the traditional legislative process.

    The reforms, which are being crafted by the Department of Justice, come after a series of meetings with relevant stakeholders in the Second Amendment debate. But in a nod to the difficulties of getting legislation through a Republican-run House of Representatives, only executive orders or administrative actions — and not an actual bill — are expected to be handed to Congress.

    Administration officials were coy on the specifics, from the reforms the Department of Justice would recommend or when it would actually make those recommendations.

    “The president directed the Attorney General to form working groups with key stakeholders to identify common sense measures that would improve American safety and security while fully respecting Second Amendment rights,” Carney said at Thursday’s briefing. “That process is well underway at the Department of Justice with stakeholders on all sides working through these complex issues and we expect to have more specific announcements in the near future.”

    Source: Huff Post

    Here’s a common sense idea: Stop sending machine guns to Mexican drug cartels.

    The very criminals responsible for smuggling guns into the hands of Mexican Drug Cartels, as well as enabling those drug cartels to launder money through US banks without so much as a slap on the wrist, are now going to reform our gun laws to make us safer by using a common sense approach?

    Thank goodness that “key stakeholders” were involved in the discussion with President Obama and the DOJ. We’re confident that, in the interest of transparency, fairness and Constitutionality, the interests of American gun clingers are equally represented in the closed-door negotiations.

    The following picture sums up our thoughts on anything coming out of the Obama administration, the DOJ, and pretty much all other government entities:

    Hat tip Patriot One for the above image


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      1. The time is getting nearer…….

        • Holder, or any other man can “angle” for my guns all that they want.
          I do not care what any man, politician, judge or global tyrant wishes, I shall never relinquish my tools of defense from tyranny and slavery.
          Not under any circumstance, nor any legal threat, nor any potential punishment will I give my guns up.
          Those who do are fools who know nothing of 20th century history.

          • + 1

            • +2

            • The guns sold maybe used during the future chaos against the middle class and gun owners.

            • Sure, they can have my gun when I run out of bullets.

          • god bless you and god bless America!

          • +2


          • +3

            • You are wrong alpharetta, Trosky didn’t know English and you’re going to have to argue with Churchill. Speak loud…

          • “When you have to kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite” — Winston Churchill

            Just don’t hesitate.

            • Anonymous, you’re wrong. It’s a quote from Trosky.

              Mac, great article.

              Gibson, well said. So this has clearly been their intention from the start.

          • +3

      2. Obama and Holder, murderers both.

      3. Is that you in the reflection Patriot One?

        • No, I’m not skinny. The blower did sound better then BO this morning.

      4. I receive input from a wide variety of sources regarding Executive Orders issuing directly from Beloved Leader Obungle ordering further restrictions on our 2nd amendment rights all the way to UN treaties on small arms control negotiated by our gal Hillary on our behalf ….. of course.

        My circle of contacts range all the way from some very high friends existing in extremely low places, ranging on upwards to those who live better than just ‘very well’ at the opposite end of the spectrum. None of those to whom I have spoken to recently seemed very receptive to further gun control initiatives, irregardless of the source. All expressed a varying degree of concern with regard what they feared that their own government could and would in fact, do to them and their families in the absence of their guns.

        This is the one issue that I, for one, don’t believe that the average, ordinary, hard working citizen of the United States is willing to back up any further on. I could be wrong ….. but I really hope not.

        God Bless & good luck to you and your families.

        • MadMarkie,
          Yep you’re right about very few patriot americans are willing to budge one more inch on gun control. If the Dems want to lose all three branches of government then come after our guns one more time.

          • wow!!! Well said brother

      5. Shall not be infringed. Anything other than that is unconstitutional, therefore unlawful. Being a law abiding citizen and all it would be grievous indeed to follow any other “laws” which may attempt to supersede the second amendment.

      6. I find it difficult to believe “Gun Runner” was formulated and approved by some GS-13 somewhere in the bowels of the ATF. Approval had to come higher I’m thinking the White House, anybody else out side OZ would had one of those WTF moments when told of it. Only the White House would be so delusional to think they could get sway with something, this fantastic. Any other place on the planet something like “Gun Runner” would have lead to a demotion, a firing, or a sigh and a resigned shake of the head and a transfer.

      7. So selling guns to the contras who were fighting for freedom was bad, but letting drug lords buy them is some how ok with main stream media democrats?

        • Good point!!!

        • Friend ,you fail to understand obummer wants money.
          Drug dealers have money.
          Obummer has an antigun agenda but is smart enough to know we cling to our guns and religion.
          Obummer was worlds #1 gunsalesman and still going!
          He is a cowardly community organizer with no work history.
          Obummer is smart enough to not mention ‘guncontrol’ outright but will do all in his power to do it behind the scenes.
          In evidence ‘Gunrunner’ or ‘Fast and furious’.
          You can bet your last dollar,and it ain’t worth much that obummer and holder were slobbering over the proposed outcome of the above carnage in Mexico!
          But they got caught and will lie thru their teeth to the end!
          And again no one will be jailed or at least fired.

          Everyone here mentions our US Constitution like it means something to obummer or and power hungry elitists in charge these days.
          Look at the fiasco they got us into since 08.
          Have you seen anyone go to jail? NO!,Will you? NO!
          Is it going to get better? NO NO NO NO NO!
          Will they get richer? YES YES YES YES!
          WATCH YOUR 401k go bye bye here shortly!
          And please remember there is not a single soul in Washington who gives a damn about that piece of paper that reads US Constitution!

          • Now you know what Chicago politics is all about: political theft with no one going to jail. Just keep the circus moving in a circle to everyone is too dizzy from all the slight of hand and movement. They weren’t aware of any wrong doing but are aware of everyone elses.

          • “smart enough to know we cling to our guns and our religion”
            ExPres Clinton and Ex British Prime Minister Brown have joined forces and been tourning universities internationally, to promote “Face to Faith”. It is a program that teaches the college students that all religions are really just one and the same. It is now being used in High School and will be started in grade schools so that all the worlds children will “know” that the religion their family practices is not the one for them. The new One World Religion is what they are moving toward.

            • Sorry that should be Blair not Brown for the Rx PM.

        • Jim, you nailed it.

      8. Only one-fifth of Americans are unemployed. Thanks you sorry sac of oreo shit. Thank a liberal who has your back & voted. The pen is mightier until it’s not. Don’t cut the secret service’s benefits.

      9. When the new “rules and regs” are passed just follow them. The new “rules and regs” provided to us by our benevolent gov. are what is best for us and even the sheeple on this site will agree that they trump our God given rights.

        Seriously this is murder and nothing less. If one of us serfs did this we’d be facing murder charges. And we only hear of these elites as “resigning” or “stepping down.” This should really put you in your place, serfs.


        And here I sit bitching while nothing changes. Voting won’t change anything. What the hell do we do?!?! I honestly want to know.

        • Doubletap,
          The tree of liberty will soon be watered with the blood of tyrants. It’s coming. I don’t know how soon, but it’s coming.

      10. Zero the usurper says “my people” Holder wouldn’t know about gunrunning huh?

        Lying POS

        Attorney General Eric Holder at the Mexico/United States Arms Trafficking Conference
        CUERNAVACA, MEXICO ~ Thursday, April 2, 2009

        Holder: “My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner…”


      11. Not so long ago, this would be considered an Act of War against the sovereign state of Mexico (and it seems Honduras was likewise targetted).

        If this does not qualify as a high crime or misdemeanor, What does?

      12. Have had enough–hearing you republicans (U.S. Alquada) throw blame at liberals and democrats for the destruction of this country that began and was set in stone during the bush cheney years.You can lie loud and often,but it never will ring true for anyone with a brain and common sense.Why hasn’t Obama fixed the mess your party started–simple republican (american al-quada) congress has blocked every effort to make progress in this country. So keep talking it up. Many are just waiting to start crossing you off our lists and really take back the america I and my family have fought for for generations.

        • Mo, can I get some of whatever you are smoking?

        • Nice try, troll, but the people – that is those with common sense and real jobs – have stopped buying your liberal socialist/communist bull crap.

          Didn’t you get the memo – blaming Bush is worn out, just like the race card. Time to MOOOOveon. Lest you forget your DNC head’s comment, let me remind you: “We OWN this economy”.

          Try moving out of ur mom’s basement and getting a job – if you can. Your attitude says all anyone that might want to hire you needs to know. I suppose ACORN might be hiring your kind – they need people at the polls to intimidate those grannys that might vote Republican.

          What a luser…

        • Mo, Are you serious? Once some retarded Liberal grabs his gun and runs to the street it’s on like donkey kong. What are you going to do you brown shirt Socialist? Go back to your hole in the ground before the American population rises up and puts you in it. Go to China they need a few more brain washed morons there.

          • Tarded libs don’t own guns. They “borrow” them from their ex-step dad. But they sure make this place fun!!! Besides, I don’t stand in line. I use the paper towels.

            • While not “tarded” or otherwise mentally impeded,my gun safe would argue with you on that. Maybe my world is just upside down. My father-in-law who watches Fox news 12 hours a day and is “Smit with Mitt” doesn’t own any firearms. He also doesn’t think I should be able too.

        • Wow! You had (us) in the above normal gene pool amazed at “enough”. This unplanned Darwin strategy must be working! Save yourself, JUMP. We still have space on our lifeboat for half of an abby-normal brain (but you’ll have to row). We want to ski now…or you could just stand up. The water is not that deep.

        • Mo- I’m gonna have to correct a couple of errors in your post (and hopefully your thinking). The destruction of this country began long before bush/cheney. I won’t argue that they did plenty to further the damage, but it didn’t start with them.
          You’ve obviously just discovered the concept of current events/social studies and history, so I feel obligated to inform you: historical events, including corrupt political maneuvering by the bad guys, has been going on for a loooong time. Since way back before MTV even. Archeologists estimate that American history may have been occuring as far back as the 1960s. And some rock strata hint at the existence of a so-called ‘Roosevelt-man’ even prior to that, although we can’t be sure. The geologic formations from this era are encased in thick layers of beaurocratic red tape that is nearly impossible to remove. Scientists continue to study the red tape, but so far, haven’t been able to understand any of it. My own hypothesis is that it’s left over fron Noahs flood, possibly a coagulation of tree sap, dead fish and other stinky stuff.
          Now, as to why Obama hasn’t ‘fixed’ things: it could be that he only had his administration and BOTH houses of congress (by solid majorities) to work with for the first 2 years. Evidently, he’s not much of a poker player or he would have known that you can at least bluff your way to a win if you’ve got a full house. Or it could be that he was too busy writing the universal health care bill. At 2000 pages, that’s a lot of writing. After all, it took Tolstoy 6 yrs to finish ‘War and Peace’ and that little pamphlet was only half as long. Factor in a few cigarette breaks for Obama (Tolstoy didn’t smoke) and you can see where he’d have precious few hours left to fix other things.
          One last thing- as for ‘crossing you off our lists’ is that like a Things To Do list for liberals? Such as…
          Fold laundry
          Take cat to vet to get ‘fixed’
          End global warming by buying compact flourescent bulbs
          Call Mom
          Pick up kids at day care
          Kill all conservatives
          Send out birthday party invitations
          Pick up coat at dry cleaners
          Destroy last remnants of private enterprise
          Call plumber about sink drain
          Begin a real socialist utopia
          Take Kathy to orthodontist…..

          Is the list something like that? If so, please remember I’m a conservative, not a cat.

        • Mo,
          This will be my last visit to this site as well. What I’ve discovered is that most of the people here want to say that parties don’t matter and that everyone is to blame, but they don’t really mean it. What they really mean is that they gladly handed over their rights during the last last administration, giving full support for the Patriot Act, destruction of habeas corpus, indefinite detention, TSA, electronic surveillance, torture, signing statements, corporate welfare,illegal wars, etc, despite warnings from people like myself that these abuses would forever be in place for anyone to use, including presidents of a different party. These warnings were ignored and instead we were given “free-speech zones” to voice are complaints. And now, here we are and they want to conveniently forget the last decade and everything they supported under shrub and pretend that this all happened overnight. Now they’re suddenly libertarians who “want their country back” after handing over their rights in a gift-wrapped box to the last administration. They’ve suddenly become interested in the Constitution but want to assume not responsibility for being a lazy citizens when it mattered. Now, those fully supported wars have become endless wars that they’re not so sure about. Now the TSA is the enemy intruding on their civil liberties. Now the electronic surveillance makes them nervous, and the executive power elevated by the last administration is an abuse of power. Now, suddenly their worried. Why should I depend on them now when they were so silent before?

          • Charlie,
            You and many others seem to be stuck in the fake Democrat vs Republican argument..

            I don’t really see why people care about political party, unless maybe they are to stupid to be able to think for themselves…

            Democrat or Republican, makes no difference, they are the same, and they are controlled by the same puppet masters…

            It is 2011 and we still have, and celebrate, Kings and Queens… OMG !!

            Why on earth would Americans and the media make such a big deal of this high dollar clown show wedding in England, with a bunch of inbred, sex pervert monarchs, that the founding fathers would have shot on sight in order to defend our freedoms ??

            Does the average American love slavery to the crown? Americans already pay their federal taxes to the IRS Bank of England and its 12 federal reserve branches residing in the U.S.

            Isn’t that enough to try for your own freedoms and maybe release yourself from this false, right vs left paradigm ?

            End The Federal Reserve Bank and we can create “True” Freedom once again. Until then, nothing will change regardless of what political party the masses “Think” is in control, it will only get worse!

            • Did you actually read what I wrote? That was my whole goddman point! But when did you come to this conclusion? Was it after you had a “W, the president” sticker on your car for eight years and supported everything that you’re now against? A lot of the same pussy douchebags that complain about this shit now, were the same kind of people that slashed my tires by in 2001 when I was speaking up publically about the patriot act. My question is simple: where the fuck were you then? Now, you want to erase all guilt by conveniently saying the mantra “hey, they’re all the same. I don’t support either one of them.” Your silence during the breathtaking destructin of liberites during the last administration is unforgivable, so don’t act all angry and upset about it now. I fought it during Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama while most you of you pussies were talking big and spending your days listeing to talk radio when you should have been doing your job. “They” destroyed this contry with implicit consent from “you.”

            • Welcolm back charlie.

            • Charlie, so you say you where fighting it while me and others where flying bumper stickers ??…wt-hey you don’t even know me…

              you need to calm down and get off that high horse…
              I have not been feeding this machine…
              You have been by playing it !

              yes I read what you said starting with “”This will be my last visit to this site as well.”” and the words following it.

              You are deluded if that is what you think… I NEVER agreed to any loss of my liberties of freedom… that GROUP think mentality is the biggest downfall…

              to be “truly” free, you must first be free in your own mind.. defending either party or who was in charge in what ever time frame since 1913 shows someone is not…

              if you where “truly” free in your mind, then your words and language would not be so enraged.. why?.. because it wouldn’t “truly” matter as you would “already” be free.

              This country was hijacked in 1913 and not 2001 when your tires where slashed or even when Nixon, Ford or Reagan was in office.. This is reality..

              End The Fed and maybe we can have “true” freedom once again, everything else is a smokescreen filled with mirrors to hide that fact.

              I wish you the best Charlie, I truly do.

            • I seen it coming when you got here charlie brown. Hoped that you would have come over to the winning side, win one for the gipper and eat some jelly belly beans. Just a fly in the oinment. You really are a dim lib. Yes, I’m a label thrower. Ronald Reagan was the last president that looked at the American people straight in the eyes (unless your counting “I did not have sex with that woman”).

              This is fun!

          • It is damn near impossible to slander ALL of the folks in the Republican Party and come across as intelligent or thoughtful.

            You didn’t either. Epic fail.

            If your point was to have people acknowledge that Zero is not the ONLY moron hell bent on destruction of the country I would recommend that you try a different angle. For one thing, contrary to liberal ideology, Bush didn’t murder thousands on 9/11/01 nor did he cause Katrina. He WAS responsible for the Patriot act and Zero IS responsible for continuing it.

            If reality has any bearing in your thought processes then please try and remember that Bush’ approval numbers pretty much continued south the last five or six years of his administration as folks were waking up. Note that the citizens flipped a Republican Congress over to the Devil Party in ’06 because they were tired of the incompetence and wars for no reason. Please, also note that the communist, muslim usurper has pushed policies that are deliberately designed to weaken the economy, destroy individual liberty and started wars in Libya and apparently Yemen as well. All the while he and Moochelle have been partying up a storm and acting like arrogant punks fresh from the Southside Ghetto.

            You see, people that are responsible for themselves are really PO’d at the fedgov in general. That is why they have left the R party. When are the truly brainwashed masses of the lib party going to wake up and call Zero on his criminal behavior?

            • charlie not home POA. Well said.

        • Mo,
          I’ve got a newsflash for you, Mo! Your party, the DEms held both houses of Congress (Senate and House) since 2006, which was two years before Bush left office. Both wars, Afghanistan and Iraq, were started with a majority of both parties voting in favor of it. Don’t spew your crap that the Dems are innocent in this debacle. It’s the pot calling the kettle black.

        • Your kidding right? I’ve first seen post like this on Yahoo they’re a recent development. I used to see the occasional lefty but now I’m seeing a lot of them all spouting the same talking points. Its George W fault (Still) Barry is doing to best he can but the evil Republicans keep him from building paradise on Earth. Notice anybody who disagrees with this view is a slack jawed yokel, no critical thought, just venting and name-calling.
          Anybody else seeing a lot of these posts where they never used to be? This is the first I’ve seen on an American Nationalist/ Prepper web site. It would be interesting to see if this is a trend or maybe I’m going NOW.

          Signed a Proud American Nationalist.

        • I think, the democraps and the republcraps are ALL the same crap.
          the treason is equal.

          • Most of us (98%) think the way you think Joe. We just like having fun with the dim libs.

            • It’s even funnier watching you toy with the ones that don’t get it! They get so worked up over a label like dim libs. Keep ’em occupied while I go back to work. The Steering Wheel Holders Union requires it.
              Time to push some earth-warming carbon smoke out of the stacks and roll on. I 20 weigh stationa are all closed…yee haaa!

            • No scatter x-rays or DOT. Get along little doggie. I get 3 days off a month and my day doesn’t go write (right) without Mac’s world & a cup of wake up… or giving a cup STFU. Australia market is about to open. What is going on with the commodities on Bloomberg? Still waiting on $100 fiat days for Au and $1+ fiat days on Ag. Rawhide! I know what BULL SHIT smells like. Roll the window up and speed up with the tail wind in the plains. May you never have to pull the triangles or log.

        • They had a super majority for two years, dumbass, and congress was owned by the democrats even before that. Do some research before you spout crap out of your man-pleaser.

        • “Your honor I rest my case”…..”It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove ALL DOUBT”!

        • X-mas list? How did your family fight.

      13. Holter and Obama need to be up om murder charges
        we need justice on this issue …

        • The same way we got Justice on 9 11, Katrina or the Patriot act?? that kind of justice we got with bush, you need nothing

      14. MO,MO,MO.I feel so sorry for you. If you had a clue what is going on you wouldn’t sound as stupid as you do. Hell man this goes back to FDR, hell back to Wilson and futher. If Bush bothers you, that’s Obama’s excuse, I hope your smarter than that? If you think Osama bin Bomma can turn things around then why don’t you buy some of his birth-tickets he had made up. It’s going to take some nadds to start to change this mess. Obama got to many crooks,tax cheats, and people who want for themselves to fix squat. It’s now people like you why nothing will ever get fixed. The way you and millions of others think, you might as well put your head between your legs and kiss your ass good-by. The really sad deal is the kids of the world will never get to see our greatness as we have. I’m 50’s and seen greatest country-in-the-world(USA), an the down fall of same country. Thanks MO,OBAMA,and the likes.

      15. Mo is right…
        Both parties take turns growing government, usurping our rights, and leaving us open for the Bilderberg takeover!!!
        The Dems are more direct about the growing part, and lie about the probable result, while the Repubs talk about properly shrinking government, but lie and grow it just the same.
        They are all puppets of the off shore banks…
        Check their rectums for forearm diameter stretch marks!

        • You are getting there Dan but you still need a fist up your ass!

      16. It was also revealed that the Tampa office for B.A.T.F.E.C.E.S.(Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, Crossbows, and Everything Sharp) has a sister operation selling guns to gangs in Honduras called “Operation castaway.”

        The truth is becoming more clear. Our current administration has used the 90% of guns used by cartels come from the US bogus claim for the past 2 years. According to wikileaks, only 15% of guns that are traceable came from the US, but the rest came from Vietnam, Latin America, Russia and China through the black market (crimals bypassing the law and using the black market…what a concept). However our government have been throwing the 90% number in our faces for a couple years. Now the truth comes out, not only were a fraction of the guns that could be traced came from the US, but the US knew about it and allowed them to walk. The more guns they allowed to go through the border, the more the administration could claim came from the US to ask for another bogus assault weapons ban similar to 1994. You create the panic then exploit it. Bravo!

      17. Also according to SEDENA, in 2009 and 2010, 129,200 guns were seized in Mexico. According to B.A.T.F.E.C.E.S.(Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, Crossbows, and Everything Sharp) , in 2009 and 2010, 20,504 guns were traced “to the US”. That works out to a percentage of 15.87%.
        BUT, we have to factor out, roughly, 1,500 guns that were trafficked by the US Government­. That leaves us with 19,000 guns traced (potential­ly) to “lax US gun laws”, or a percentage of 14.7%.
        BUT, we still do not know (Because Mexico is not saying) how many of those 19,000 US guns were originally legally sold to the Mexican government or military.
        Bottom line? AT MOST 14.7% of crime guns (and 0.0% of crime grenades, RPGs and heavy machine guns) can be traced to civilian sales in the United States.

        B.A.T.F.E.C.E.S. really screwed up on this one. The scandal is growing by the day. This will be a fall scandal and it will take down Holder,B.A.T.F.E.C.E.S.,DOJ,maybe some agents in the FBI. However remember the left-collectivist gun confiscationist want

        • to make B.A.T.F.E.C.E.S. fuse with the FBI or DHS. We cannot allow that to happen.

      18. Just what the hell do Obama and Holder think their going to regulate?
        In 2010 alone, there was 14 million guns sold in this country (legally and nonmilitary) and 11 “billion” rounds of ammunition. Somebody, at some point has to tell himself, I hope they don’t figure this out. This country is armed to the teeth and that is what scares the living shit out of them. They can’t advance their unpopular liberal agenda with so many guns out and about. They’re afraid they just might piss somebody off. And they don’t have the balls to get in an old fashion down in the dirt gunfight. They might try to scooch the country into restricting/disarming but it will be a cold day in hell before it gets done.

      19. So, as the days go by, it is more and more apparent that Barack Obama and his gang of storm troopers are criminals. I knew this, didn’t you? Didn’t you guys know this? Did you guys not listen to his preacher? Did you not notice the folks who raised and influenced him?

        Obama hates America and all it stood for.

        For it to be revealed that he sells guns to Mexican drug lords is not a big surprise. Of COURSE he is!! The surprise would be if he wasn’t doing it. He is a criminal.

        And the sad thing? The dumb sheep of this land will re- elect him!!!

        I gave up on the political system a long time ago.

      20. Obumbles has made comments that tighter gun control is necessary in light of Congresswoman Gifford’s wounding. He never mentioned those that were killed in the shooting. Guess they weren’t that important. Later, Obumbles sends fighter bombers to Lybia where scores of innocent children have been killed. Can you tell me what the difference is between Gifford’s shooter and our president, because I cannot. Lets put obumbles in prison and force feed him drugs before he’s executed. The reason this BATF thing was started was to put guns in a bad light allowing sleepyeyed,dancingwiththestarswatching Americans the ability to swallow more gun regulations. This administration fears gun toting you and me. Its got nothing to do with the Gifford shooting and it never has. It has and always has been opportutnity and nothing less.

        • As bad as Obama is, The TSA ALone that bush brought in, is the Single worst act since the Nazis, they in essence are our new nazis here.

          • The single worst act is Bobo not repealing the TSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t BULL SHIT us…

            • Did you fall asleep on the ! key? The exclamation point police now have you on their list. But don’t worry, if it get’s too bad you can hide at my place:)

            • 2% more and this place will be cleaned out.

          • You don’t live here anyway.

      21. Dang it,”Libya”. Dyslexia and arthritis kicking my ass this morning.

        • Actually, PO’d, I’ve seen it spelled both ways. You’re forgiven.


      22. I invite the Obungled administration to do what they can. They are so greedy and dishonorable that as they go about doing their dirty deeds they keep tripping over their lying tongues! It is so pathetic. They are like adolescents! They remind me of a girlfriends cocker spaniel. Everytime someone would stop in, the pooch would get so excited it would pee all over everthing! Thats the way these Obungled administration people are. They start out doing this gunrunner things and they get so excited that they figuratively wet themselves thinking how they can use it politically. When you see the wet spots, you know. They’re sick, twisted view of the united States of America (uSA) is about to eat them.

        BTW, for those of you who don’t understand the “gun show loophole” its kind of like the “food tax loophole”. For those who want to tax you more, not paying taxes on food is CRIMINAL. 38 states in the USA allow for the private, undocumented sale of guns between owners. This is not a loophole, this is the law. You can go to a gun show, put your own guns out on a table and sell them as you can any other private property. Not corporate, private sale of your property is your right under so many different constitutional ideas that I won’t go into it.

        But, to the murdering gun grabbers of the Obungled administration, its a loophole. Funny how we find alternate, shady labels for things we don’t like. You know what I mean? Like “Project GunRunner”? I guess thats better than “Project Sell Guns To Mexican Drug Cartels So They Can Murder Americans And We Can Use The Murders To Justify Taking Guns From Americans”.

        Excuse me while I blurt this out directly to The Obama:


        There is more dishonor in this current failed administration than in the last 10 combined. I’d trust Richard Nixon way farther than I’d trust this president. He make Tricky Dick look like a choir boy!


          Absolutely! Obongo-Sotero, the Indonesian international exchange student whose best buddy was Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers, and his new pal Eric “My People” Holder are planning a South African-style future for the American majority — a future in which homes are invaded by the “o-ppressed” and the disarmed families within are fiendishly tortured for HOURS, and then killed. These crimes, as Holder has already indicated, will be tolerated and promoted by the DOJ, just as “his people” in the Marxist ANC similarly tolerate and promote the genocide of whites in South Africa. Google “South African Farm Murders” and you’ll see what I mean.

          While it runs guns to the Mexican gangs, the Obongo-Sotero Administration is simultaneously opening the immigration floodgates WIDE via executive order, the better to create MILITARY facts on the ground (i.e, armed ENEMY soldier-settlers) on the streets of AMERICA to fight and ultimately destroy us. Thirty-thousand full-auto small arms is enough to equip two or three DIVISIONS. Americans instinctively know this, and that’s why US gun sales are going through the roof.

        • What bush did in 8 years will live with us for Hundreds, Tsa and Patriot act alone, have tied our hands for good,

          • Hey, anon, you’re a dumbshit. Not just bush. The patriot act took a whole, misled government. Yes, bush was part of it, but there is at least the doubt that they could have thought it was for the safety of Americans. Its a thin excuse and I don’t really believe it but its possible that bush thought it was for the best.

            Project GunRunner? No FUCKING way, to put it simple.

            I won’t make too many excused for bush because, in the end, I think they are all against us. But, at least he had an excuse.

            I think 9/11 was a setup and I think many of those who were pushed into passing the patriot act were complicit, however, it was a whole lot less incriminating than Project Murder Americans So We Can Pass Gun Legislation.

            But, fear not. The public of the USA are done giving up their rights for bullshit like this. Since Barry and his dishonorable band of constitution stompers have been “elected”, we’ve pass zero anti-gun legislation and the states have much pro-gun legislation.

            Sorry Barry: Where guns are concerned – Constitution stompers: 0, the People: 100s.

            So, anon, stop your bush-excuses. You may have a few with blinders wide enough to hide the truth, however, for the rest of us, we see through this crap.

        • NetRanger,
          Well said, well said!!!

      23. I met obummer at Springfield,Il gun caucus when they were wanting to outlaw everything down to blackpowder guns.
        I had obummer cornered and explaining about “my guns” and “my family”…He said “you make great sense but my mind is made up”.
        It was an eye opener as to his antigun agenda and …
        The fact he actually told me I MADE SENSE but his mind was made up told volumes about his “sense”!!
        He had NONE at all!!
        This whole problem goes back to 1913 when FED allowed to start.
        That was the beginning of our first ‘bought and paid for president’ WILSON.
        If obummer places “executive orders” on guncontrol after orchestrating a messed up plan to make guns look bad in Mexico….well the gloves are off in my eyes.

      24. CHeck history. A government that steals guns (Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot) prefaces movement to government genocide. Beware.

        • See “Death by Gun Control” or “No Guns For Negroes” availbale from JPFO.

          (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership)

      25. And also anyone out there who thinks obummer thinks our Constitution is anything but toiletpaper,well the rabbithole is calling you!

        The Patriot Act was basically asked for by the public after 9/11 so “we could all be safe”.
        Are we forgetting the same people who let it happen are the same people who oversee the Patriot Act??
        Sorry if you see me as conspiracy theorist but 9/11 was contrived by our govt to make us ” want the patriot act”
        Just like they want us all to ask for help with this whole problem since 07/08.
        They cause the problem so they can get us to ask them to fix it!!
        Very little that happens with finances/banking is accidental.
        Ever since Fed alowed to print endless FRN(fed reserve notes) at will we have been doomed.
        For those who say that poor obummer is just a helpless pawn should remember he has printed more FRN’s in last 2 yrs than has been printed since USA founded upto then.
        So to say Bush or anyone else is to blame is a bit silly.
        All the US people must consider ALL polititions enemies until they are all evicted at once!
        But as we know they have fixed the system so it can not be cleansed in one fell swoop.
        So the only way to do this job is a repeat of the original rightwing extremists(Washington,Jefferson,Franklin etc….) feat over 235 yrs ago!
        Now talk about something that seems IMPOSSIBLE TO PULL OFF with some of the idiotic points of view seen here.
        You should also take note our wonderful govt uses the word “terrorist” for everything these days to get us lemmings “conditioned” and in line to get the koolaid at the bottom of the cliff!
        GOD HELP US!

        • Digger: The only problem I have with your positions are: “we could all be safe”. I don’t think that is correct. It was only the rationale for the PTB to tighten the screws to the average American.

          I do think that once 911 occurred with the assistance of the Mossad, safety was mistaken for security and security was mistaken for patriotism.

          Thus the Patriot Act was was born to abridge OUR freedoms. Read: SHTF America: Memorial Day and The Patriot Act, here:


      26. Holder, or any other man can “angle” for my guns all that they want.
        I do not care what any man, politician, judge or global tyrant wishes, I shall never relinquish my tools of defense from tyranny and slavery.
        Not under any circumstance, nor any legal threat, nor any potential punishment will I give my guns up.
        Those who do are fools who know nothing of 20th century history.

      27. Dave, I agree with you completely, but… I wonder what any of you would do when confronted at your front door by a horde of SWAT? Would you still fight to the death, alongside your wife, and kids? I don’t know. I am alone. I have made my amends and will die trying. I am ready to be torn to shreds by ten machine guns. I had a good life up till that time. Good luck to all of us.

        • If you are confronted with the 2AM no knock, you just have to have nothing they can find, not even a match, Now if you’ve been blowing off a few hundred rounds a week, they’re going to find a casing somewhere and if a casing is found, they will hound you till they have what ever fired it if it’s gun round up.
          I knew a guy up town yrs ago who for some reason had some 357 shells when the cops raided his house for selling pot, he said they would have left the place in good shape if it wasn’t for finding the shells, they tossed that place every way from Sunday hoping to find the 357Mag just to get him with a real charge(pistol with no permit in NYS). He said if he lived in the house another 50 yrs, he would never get things back like they were..

        • That fear is all that they have to get you to comply with their goals.
          Keep this in mind, if you add all police, SWAT, Marines (I was one 1983-87), Army, Navy, Air Force, CIA, FBI and Blackwater combined, they would only add to barely over one percent (1.1%) of the US population.

          I have had a very good life, travelled a lot and had much fun, We are all guaranteed to die of some loathsome cancer up our colon or a heart attack, so I would rather die fighting for liberty instead.

          It would only take a very small percentage of us to resist and their numbers would evaporate overnight!
          Any SWAT member who attempted to disarm the US public would himself have a life expectancy of about 2 nights.

          My desire to remain free is MUCH STRONGER than any bureaucrats desire to disarm me or enslave me.
          I assume that they love their lives & families as well.

          All of this theorizing doesn’t even include the oathkeepers who are dispersed within those state/local and federal agencies, so they can seriously compromise the effectiveness of any tyrannical attempt in that direction as well.

          Never forget,THEY fear a response of resistance by us.

          • Thanks Dave & NR.

          • “My desire to remain free is MUCH STRONGER than any bureaucrats desire to disarm me or enslave me”

            That was truly inspirational.

            I’ve had 3 surgeries and 4 angioplasties in the last year. For now it looks as though I am OK but I am very well aware of my mortality and since I will not live forever then…..

      28. I’ve given that a great deal of thouught, emptyhandkiller….. Honestly, with a gun at my wifes head I would stand down……I hate it but her life is her decision. She does love her .357 though…. If just me, on the other hand, it’s paradise time….. Truthfully though, my guns/ammo will not be in one place…..if I thought I would lose some from my safe here in the house, I would leave those I would prefer to lose, the others hidden elsewhere. Don’t keep all our eggs in one basket. If people got their acts together, these SWATS would be spotted…or intercepted…and sooner or later…they would get theirs. Pistol vests don’t do much good against a high powered rifle. Rifle vests stronger……but there are ways and targets. Or shotgun slugs, flechettes and ice picks. In this small town I call home we could raise hell with these people….a lot of vets, myself included…..oh yeah, it could prove troublesome for them….I can only pray none of this occurs…….but I will not live as a slave, I too, made that decision.

        • I have given this a lot of thought and if this ever happened in America-(with a gun at my wifes head)you may as well take few with you if your hands are free because if your wife is threatened, they’ll not leave you as a witness.

          • 50,000,000 homes own guns in America,
            If only 1/100 (1%) resist
            500,000 violent incidents….

            Won’t happen in our life time. They have to put in place 20 years of regulation first, then 20 years of overbearing taxation, and then 20 years of banning the new stuff…..then….maybe then they’ll try. I’ll be growing some daisies by then.

            • Don’t bet on it. They have their finger on the proverbial marshal law “button” as we speak.

        • If they put a gun to any of my family members heads..its game on!

          if they will step to me like that, than there is no coming out the other side..just start pulling till the smoke clears or you cant move any longer

          there is no negotiating with tyrants..isnt it funny how tyrant and terrorist sounds so close?
          the US military and all our forces are told, No negotiations with terrorists..I adopt the same thinking..no negotiating with any tyrant or government terrorists

          were dead anyways if they are going to move in to jack booted threats on a family members life..If you lay down for this type of scare treatment and you fold for them,, were all fucked

          • Patriots don’t respond well to threats because they’re not in this game for personal gain, they’re in it to water the tree of liberty.

            • Are you going to pull them pistols or whistle Dixie…

      29. Just to screw with them, Im going out and buying a few more guns, and a lot more ammo.

        Might as well add to thier billions of arms and ammo

        good luck finding them.

        when they make it us against them, they will find this countries resolve..they wont like it, there will be suffering on both sides.
        But when it gets lit off and rolling hard, they are going to be sorry.

        Dont start nothin’ wont be nothin’

        A lot of people are watching them very close.

        this gun running deal is nothing new..drugs, guns, people(slaves) and other riches are their chess pieces.
        Yes they were playing games with us on this one, as usual..that is always the case.
        Check mate might just be a clensing of sorts, but the righteous will prevail. The survivors and believers will show them their mis-steps.
        We will also see who believes in what when the chips are down.

      30. I’m happy that I’ll miss that movie as i have no guns on my property to give up. LOL, now if they want to waste their time looking to make sure, they’re welcome.

      31. Don’t worry, when the guns are outlawed, I am sure they will turn them in.

        • I’d gladly hand them over officer, but last summer while sailing in Lake Tahoe my boat capsized and they all went down. It was horrible and I couldn’t believe they were all gone so fast.

      32. Now google “Project Castaway” and you will see that the BATFE, Tampa office, has been shipping guns to Honduras. Fast and Furious and Castaway amount to no less than high treason, punishable by death. Holder implicated the administration and Janet Napolitano in a speech he gave in 2009. He specifically named fast and furious and Napolitano gave follow up comments, although I do not know what she said. Probably something like,” Blah blah blah. Guns bad. Blah blah. More restrictions for all the domestic terrorist christians, gun clingers, tax paying slaves and poor people. More guns for the criminals and elitists” (same people). We are headed toward impeachment and prosecutions or there is no justice left.

      33. We will never give up our arm’s… It would be anti-American.
        the day you give up your arms, you become true slaves.

        Treason is the thing I dislike most of all.

      34. Top 10 Reasons To Sell Guns To Mexican Cartels

        10-They pick them up in San Diego or Tucson, we save on shipping costs
        9–Customers love new full-auto feature, “press 1 to shoot gringos, press 2 to shoot Mexicans”
        8–Taking guns into Mexico voids warranty, we save on repair costs
        7–They pay in CASH(unless we prefer barter)
        6–Helps maintain the only healthy export industry in America: weapons
        5–Customers willing to trade a full kilo of primo quality coke for one gun, twice the barter price we get in Detroit
        4–Clears out room in evidence lockers for the guns we sieze from citizens
        3–Logistics are so much easier than previous undercover ‘illegal elephants to mexican circuses’ operation
        2–Better for the environment than selling them cars
        1–Each sale means that’s one less gun in America pointed at us when the shtf!

        • 10-Little Ross P. on a stick pony with red boots/spurs was a wake up call.
          09-Sweep the safty on the H&K w threaded barrel tip.
          06-God rest Mr. Jackolane. 1000 push ups please ontopofme.
          05-A kilo of Au cost $49.8K
          04-Gun by back for $50 fiat, any piece, today only 1100-1115.
          03-Ringling Bros. Circus in Detroit!
          02-Movie “Used Cars” You’re killing me…
          01-Lets go “sailing” with a brown passport!
          00-Carbon tax this Austrialia!

      35. Either way there is no way I plan on giving my firearms up without one helluva fight.

      36. This appears to be a play in furthering a false flag resulting in a diluted or abolished 2nd amendment. Good news is that like everything else the Obummer olgarchy touches, it turns to crap.

        Personaly, I believe Holder and Melson should be extradited to Mexico to stand trial on gun running and murder charges. In the good old U.S., Melson will suffer only resignation. However,the incompetent socialist, Mr. Holder, will continue on bumbling, stumbling, and crumbling. Criminal, simply criminal.

        Zemko out

      37. But guns are scawry!!!!!!

        And look at places like Chicago, they have banned guns and they don’t have violent crime!


      38. The second amendment is the lynchpin holding the rest of the Constitution above water….without it and with the disastrous consequences of an armed civil war destroying the commerce machine that IS our government’s only real “citizen” to protect…. America’s people have a chance to eventually steer democracy into the right direction.

        Without our guns and the threat of national fiscal ruin that they guarantee….we are nothing but Greeks or Palestinians throwing rocks in the streets against government-paid soldiers.

        • It only works as long as the fedgov believes that we are not afraid to die.

      39. SmokinOkie says:
        July 10, 2011 at 4:51 pm Top 10 Reasons To Sell Guns To Mexican Cartels

        10-They pick them up in San Diego or Tucson, we save on shipping costs
        9–Customers love new full-auto feature, “press 1 to shoot gringos, press 2 to shoot Mexicans”
        8–Taking guns into Mexico voids warranty, we save on repair costs
        7–They pay in CASH(unless we prefer barter)
        6–Helps maintain the only healthy export industry in America: weapons
        5–Customers willing to trade a full kilo of primo quality coke for one gun, twice the barter price we get in Detroit
        4–Clears out room in evidence lockers for the guns we sieze from citizens
        3–Logistics are so much easier than previous undercover ‘illegal elephants to mexican circuses’ operation
        2–Better for the environment than selling them cars
        1–Each sale means that’s one less gun in America pointed at us when the shtf!

        ~~~Great way to test new eqipment; cost effective?

      40. This is just another plot to try and take away our gun rights. I hope those that stated they will never come back here never do. The erosion of our rights as people started long before Bush/Cheney. Funny how this administration signed the patriot act as well but do not get any blame for it.

        The Patriot act should have been called let me take your rights away act.

        While the nuts continue to stick their head in the sand and the Fed keeps kicking the can down the road. Sometime in the future the same folks blaming everyone will be in there comfortable home in the big city and then realize the city only has 3 days of food. I wonder what they will do then. Blame the current administration for their problems. Still not going to feed them. Hillary is trying to get the international gun control treaty before Congress as we speak.

        Go take a look at that fircking treaty. As far as a knock in the middle of the night. Well it may of may not happen and I have more important things to worry about.

      41. And in other news..a stun gun is found in the back seat pocket of a Jet Blue flight..way to go TSA..too busy frsking an 80 year old lady in a wheel chair and a 6 year old with a nose full of snot , to worry about the ass wipe that smuggles in a Tazer..oh yeah..we really need TSA..wonder how many of them passed the 4th grade?

      42. Breaking News
        Gold settles at record high of $1,562.30 an ounce after Fed minutes show central bank open to further stimulus if economy slows.

      43. This is the biggest scandal in the past 30 years. The Obama administration has been funneling guns to Mexico as part of their war on the 2nd amendment.

        1. Send guns to Mexico
        2. Begin MSM propaganda campaign to point out that 70% or 90% of the guns used in Mexican crime are U.S. sourced
        3. Hope for increased border violence and cartel attacks on U.S. citizens
        4. Crack down on gun rights in the U.S. after the people are sufficiently propagandized via points 2 and 3

        This is nothing short of the government being caught in a false flag attack on the second amendment. And yet the sheeple care more about Casey Anthony…

      44. “All that a fella has to do, is ride into that Union Camp, raise his right hand and swear as such that you’ll be loyal to the United States, and he can take up his horse again, and go home.”

        Lay down your rifle and raise your right hand and swear to the union.

        But I’ll be needing my rifle for squirrels and such you scum belly.

        “They were decently treated. They were decently fed and then they were decently shot. ..

        Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

        • “All the Great Chiefs traveled to Washington to meet the Great White Father. They told us how civilized we were, and then they gave us medals for being so civilized and took our picture. We thought about all of this for a while, and then we declared war on the white man.”

          • Outlaw Josey Wales

      45. Conservative Idiot who always calls ChriShitstains Jesus Fuckers and who always complains About a Legal Procedure called Abortion says

        Get used to the USA becoming Like Nazi Germany, Hell it already is, look at the TSA sticking their hands down you pants and saying papers please, thank Raygun who started outsourcing jobs when he was Presiduce, Enjoy your Servitude Slaves of the United Slaves of America.

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