His Plan Was Never Good: “Obama…Can’t Tell the Difference Between Showbiz and Strategy”

by | Sep 10, 2013 | Headline News | 350 comments

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    The President, as expected, has back-peddled on his threats to attack Syria. After immense pressure from thousands of calls by concerned Americans to their Congressional representatives, threats of retaliation from Russia, and a total lack of credible evidence having been presented for the case to go to war in another middle eastern country, President Obama buckled.

    For now, the world has been spared another conflagration and one that could have spread very quickly and involved the globe’s most power nations in conflict.

    Once the American people realized that the pretext for war in Syria was eerily similar to that of the weapons of mass destruction claims which led to a decade’s long war in Iraq, Obama was left without any real support on the domestic front or the international community.

    His policy in the middle east has been a laughing stock, and it has left the world wondering if the President of the United States has any clue as to what’s really going on around him.

    Peggy Noonan explains:

    His plan was never good.

    The choices were never good. In any case he was going to lose either in terms of domestic prestige, the foreign result or both. Likely both.

    He got himself into it and now Vladimir Putin, who opposes U.S. policy in Syria and repeatedly opposed a strike, is getting him out. This would be coldly satisfying for Putin and no doubt personally galling for Obama—another reason he can’t look as if he’s lunging.

    A serious foreign-policy intellectual said recently that Putin’s problem is that he’s a Russian leader in search of a Nixon, a U.S. president he can really negotiate with, a stone player who can talk grand strategy and the needs of his nation, someone with whom he can thrash it through and work it out.

    Instead he has Obama, a self-besotted charismatic who can’t tell the difference between showbiz and strategy, and who enjoys unburdening himself of moral insights to his peers.

    This may well be one of the most embarrassing foreign policy gaffes in American Presidential history.

    Moreover, it almost threw the entire planet into a World War.

    And why? Because as Obama noted in his speech this evening, “we know the Assad regime was responsible.”

    “That’s my judgment as Commander-in-Chief,” he said, even though the U.S. government presented no irrefutable evidence that proved Assad had anything to do with it. However,  hundreds of pages and videos of Syrian rebels being responsible for the attack surfaced over the last couple of weeks, including an extensive report directly sanctioned by Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

    It’s not over yet, however, and we may well see this situation come to a head in the future. Iran is still in the process of manufacturing nuclear weapons and that bridge will be crossed soon enough.

    We’ll refrain from quoting any more of the President’s speech (which can be read here in its entirety), because, as most of our readers know, he is full of it.

    The late George Carlin broke it down succinctly.

    I have certain rules I live by.

    My first rule – I don’t believe anything the government tells me.

    The media and the press… are nothing more than unpaid employees of the Department of Defense, and who most of the time function as kind of an unofficial public relations agency for the United States government.

    (*Explicit Language – But Necessary to Get the Point Across*)

    The worst thing about all this is that President Obama probably thinks he saved the world and deserves another Nobel Peace Prize.


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      1. first

        • Congratulations! You just won a Nobel Peace Prize!

          • Don’t know about another Nobel Peace Prize, Mac.
            Maybe his portrait on the three dollar bill?

            • If anyone in showbiz ever told THE TRUTH, it was George Carlin. If you’re anything like me, when listening to George, I find myself nodding in knowing approval most of the time.

              If I had my way, they’d be stripping that peace prize from obummer and handing it over to George.

              • Mac, great lead-in sentence. Obama may and does look foolish but who is really pulling the strings? Maybe it is time for him to go on another fund raising trip, he’ll need the money for his retirement.
                No evidence Syria used chemicals, no evidence Obama is American. Lies upon lies.

                • DRD,

                  Whoever is pulling the strings still KNOWS that the approval of the American people means something. And it will continue to matter as long as we are armed. NEVER forget that.

                  The string pullers want war with Syria and Iran because they are the LAST two countries that do not have a bankster owned central bank, thus war is the only way they can get one established and take control over those peoples assets and the lands resources. Just like Saddam and Gadhafi, those governments MUST be toppled.

                  The banksters problem is they installed an impotent asswipe to get the job done for them, hoping because he was “black” he could sway people by claiming all against his as racist. That card no longer works because it is demonstrated constantly that the vast majority of racist in America are, in fact, black and uneducated with little power of persuasion.

                  Obama is only good for one group of people. Those with bulimia. His face and voice save them the trouble of sticking their finger down their mouth. The banksters were mistaken about him, the people are not.

                  The saddest thing is, the Muslims are strong enough religiously to resist the usury, while the Americans and Christians everywhere don’t seem to mind the violations of Gods Law against them, and by them through their support and/or silence.

                  When the Christians are ready to go back to God and kick the money changers out, there will again be hope. And help from God to accomplish the task.

                  Sadly, the American people are far from ready to do that. God will have to come back and do it on his own, and we will be punished our failure to do it.

                  • I don’t believe in religion but but God’s creation is dead on lol Hmmmmm

              • Carlin was the “ultimate”. His slick way of getting people’s attention on the aspects of truth was quite amazing. Some of his stuff was just plain funny with no underlying message, but nobody can dispute his intelligence.

                Agreed, the nobel should have went to him instead. Odrama should get the award for the best “puppet” for the decade. That is all he is, a puppet, on a string.

                • “Iran is still in the process of manufacturing nuclear weapons and that bridge will be crossed soon enough.”

                  Oh, really, Mac? You have evidence of this? Perhaps the same irrefutable evidence Obama has for Syrian chemical weapons?

                  • chumba,
                    آرام، بادیه نشین. برو یک ساندویچ گوشت خوک خود را و به شما احساس بهتر خواهد شد

                  • In case your Farsi is a little rusty,
                    “calm down mohammed. have yourself a pork sandwich and you’ll feel better.”

                  • Off subject but here is your EBT update.

                    My Mr EBT POS customer was just in and his new balance on the card is at, are you ready, $4169.69!!!!

                    Thought you all would like to know.

                  • AZ Ready: How is that possible? Does anyone know?

                  • LOL. You guys are funny, if not typical nigtards.

                    Enjoy the bliss.

                • They’re all “Puppets on a string”. Obama has been accustomed throughout his political career of speaking to the at a minimum the ill informed and at a maximum the completely ignorant. The least plausible concepts were (and are) taken as holy writ when uttered by him. I’ll bet he is shocked that people decided to think a little bit.

                  His masters thought they had the ultimate BS artist. He is really not that good but just had a very favorable audience until now.

                  Its that Lincoln thing again, “You can fool some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

                • DK, we have contacted USDA and DES about this. After sitting on hold for more than 30 minutes, you get an idiot trying to explain why or how this could possibly happen. Of course its all a BS response because we know who the guy is and his particular situation and it sure as hell does not jive with the status quoe response from the establishment. What it comes down to is they just don’t give a crap.

              • It’s a big club…and you ain’t in it.

                Kinda says it all, doesn’t it?

              • Carlin was great at what he did; artful entertainment.

                However, life shouldn’t imitate art. Life has consequences for being wrong, or careless, or obtuse, or arrogant.

                Carlin never had some Musloid trying to decapitate him because he wasn’t a Musloid. Carlin also wasn’t forced to pay for someone else’s shit because some punk-ass, half-breed, bastard, poverty-pimp community organizer enacted a fascist law that demanded compliance, either.

                I would have loved to hear Carlin (a liberal) make fun of Obama. That would have been epic. The only other comedian that could have topped it would have been Sam Kinison.

                Carlin was a master at complaining and whining as a schtick. Kinison, on the other hand, would have mocked and eviscerated Obama and he would have done it with a Biblical schtick just like he did to Jim Bakker (remember that stuff)?



            • Like that ultimate foul speaking Cockatoo on youtube says and the way we all feel, SHUT THE FU$@ UP, BO. Just shut the fu$@ up.

                • This is right on!

                  I’ve thought for years that if you dont possess the right under the law to vote for someone, you shouldn’t be able to give them campaign money. I think I’ve actually said that before on this site.

                  That automatically elimiates corporations and it would certainly eliminate a lot of the left-wing progressives that get most of their money from out of state.

                  • and stops the flood of illegals voting as well.

            • @OutWest. Better to have his portait on some economy size toilet paper.

              • You know why animal control departments don’t use artillery or small arms to put cats and dogs down?

                Because gassing them is more humane.

                Not agreeing or disagreeing, I’m Just saying.


                • …… or as Archie Bunker said;

                  ” would you rather me throw you out the window?”

                  Dead is dead. Is dying one way preferable over another?

                  • Be informed

                    I figure after Obama dies the Navy
                    will christen a ship in his honor.

                    I’ll leave it to your imagination as
                    to what type of ship. HA!

                  • @ OutWest. The SS BO ship, christen in BO’s “legacy”, will be the grandest of the best garbage scows the navy ever had. A true STINK boat filled high each day with the navy’s refuse bound for the land fill. Yes the SS BO will do something that BO could not do as a president, serve an useful purpose. 🙂

                  • Outwest: They could name it the SS Bullship in his honor

                  • @BI

                    “navy’s refuse bound for the land fill.”

                    The navy tosses it’s garbage over the side or in cases where the ship is too close to land, they burn it on the deck of the ship.

              • Or on a target at the range.

                • SADDAM HUSSEIN, BARACK HUSSEIN, OSAMA, OBAMA, I don’t believe in coincidence, this script was written by the devil himself. Some things you can not overlook or underestimate. In the end, evil always loses but leaves a path of destruction.

                  While I am writing this, a bird flew at and hit my window. The bird did fly away but this is only the second time I have witnessed this occurrence in my life. Odd and perhaps a dark and depressing foreboding of things to come.

                  • Yeah, I’m still stunned that America would elect a dark-skinned man named “Barack Hussein Obama” to any public office after 9-11…

                  • What happened the first time you saw this? Do you take this as a real omen?

                  • It happens fifteen times a day at my house.

                    I have two huge open paned windows, one at the front, one at the back, for the essential purpose of seeing the sunrise, and the sunsets.

                    All we hear is “thunk”, and my daughter says,”There goes another one”. Some of them hit so loudly its a wonder that they don’t break the panes.

                  • Not an omen, they do that often, seen it several times.

                    A bird in the house, however, is symbolic of an upcoming death.

                • someone should send him a case of it.

                • I don’t want him anywhere NEAR my butt!

              • Obama is like that smartass kid we all knew who thought he could do everything, you know the one I’m talking about. Well this time he thought he could just jump into the deep end of the pool without taking swim lessons because , ‘hey I’m the smart kid’ and found out he couldn’t and was way over his head, literally. Obama’s now got to be the most embarrassed man-child on the planet because the scruffy kid (Putin) had to reach in and pull his dumbass out of the water before he drown. It’s about time this joke of a President got his ‘come-uppence’. Not even congress is backing him on this one.

                • Gregory8,

                  Yes Putin did reach in and pull his dumbass out of the water but now that he has control, he will shove him back under and drown not only the dumb ass but the whole USA.

                  • I disagree. I think that’s propaganda and stereotype talking.

                    Obummer isn’t standing in the breach between us and Russia, my friend. He’s just NOT that important to anybody.

                  • sixpack,

                    You are right, he is not that important but the USA is and do not think for one minute that Putin doesn’t have something up his sleeve. Putin is an x KGB spy, he is clever and manipulative. Propaganda is what the American people are buying, they listen to crap like; Putin is not that bad of a guy, Putin is right, Putin saved the day, this is the same guy who makes people who disagree with him mysteriously end up dead or simply disappear.

                    Do you really think Putin is going to turn over anything without weakening America? Payback is what Putin wants and he is finally in a position to get it.

                  • “”” Putin saved the day, this is the same guy who makes people who disagree with him mysteriously end up dead or simply disappear. “””

                    Putin is just like Obama in some ways…

                  • Americans play poker, Russians play chess.

                    There won’t be a world war over Syria, none of the big powers want that to happen, even if Obama tried his best to stumble us all into one.

            • For the longest time I thought jimmy Carter was about as bad as it could get.
              But by comparison carter is looking like a presidential Titan. America is the butt end of a cleverly executed PR campaign. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. I hope in the end those that are on the outside looking in don’t see americans as they see Obama.
              We watched his fifteens of bovinescatcho tonight with despise. While coming off as godlike and we need go and punish Assad. First off what right do we have to go punish anybody? He didn’t do anything to us. If you can make the case that Assad indeed ordered the gas, so what, it’s his country and he’s the president of it. That’s the way Obama thinks!
              Secondly, where the fuck does he get off being so critical of Assad when this fuck went to bed as four Americans were abandoned by the President and Hillary Clinton then murdered in Benghazi.
              Where’s that punishment BUD?
              Lying piece of shit!

              • I don’t know Hammerun….me thinks its a toss up. I’d like to kick in both of their front teeth with the ‘ol Redwings.

                • @swinging on a star

                  “Propaganda is what the American people are buying, they listen to crap like; Putin is not that bad of a guy, Putin is right, Putin saved the day, this is the same guy who makes people who disagree with him mysteriously end up dead or simply disappear.”

                  You mean like they listened to obummer’s “hope and change” propaganda calling him “The Messiah”, and then there’s the people who have died because they spoke out against THIS regime, like Michael Hastings, Aaron Swartz, etc…?

                  2 peas in a pod my friend…and if there’s anybody who knows anything about the NWO, it’s an ex-KGB.

                  Again, it’s the old cold war propaganda and stereotyping talking…FEAR, plain and simple.

                  • Right… both are evil… but its fun though to watch a loser punk get his head handed to him by a pro….kinda like having to root for Al Capone in a fight with one of these new breed of thugs….if that makes sense… 🙂

                • ….Id love to spit some Beechnut in that dudes eyes and shoot em with my ole .45…just because…(and I don’t even chew)

              • Have not had TV since 1990. One of the benefits of this situation is I do not have to look at him or hear his voice nearly as much as most people do. Folks, when I hear his voice on the radio I immediately shut it off. If I see his face on a magazine it gets turned over or thrown in the trash if it is mine. My response to this EVIL man is visceral. If he were sitting across from me and telling me in his most persuasive and effective manner that I was the most beautiful woman on the planet I would puke! It is like living a bad dream having him as president. Thanks for letting me rant!

            • You can’t be on the 3 dollar bill and the bridge card!

            • And now for your prep tip of the day… wanna scare the hell out of intruders? You can also make your own similar system with assorted nasties 😉 http://burglarbomb.com/ Use a 12 volt motion detector switch and an electric car door lock solenoid as a trigger. Many uses and ideas for modifications here that can’t be posted due to opsec.

          • CHILD KING WHO WAS UPSTAGED BY PUTIN DUE TO KERRY’S BLUNDER. Obumer will destroy America if he is alowed to stay in office…..

            • I’m having a hard time believing that Obama is just a puppet. Could the people with the master plan pulling the strings be that stupid???? That was the plan ???

          • Mac can I be removed from the mod list. Hard to carry a conversation.

            • Should be good to go now. Please let me know If you run into any issues.

          • When I received my Nobel Peace Prize, I ate the Cracker Jacks first. I now use the Nobel Peace Prize as a door stop.

            • Yes it does! This is going to happen more with that new housing law that passed. Recently I went riding through a really nice subdivision, those homes put mine to shame. Lo and behold, the empty ones I found were owned by HUD! Sweet vehicles in the driveways too.

              So, when the general consensus seems to be that when SHTF the cities will be the hot spots, I guess that will change, and we will have it all around us! My quiet street in the county has changed this year, with 2 pedophiles moved in. Oddly enough, there’s also loud thumping banging noises traveling down the street late at night, too.

              Welcome to a brave new world.

              • you know where the pedophiles live, and refugees will need a place.

          • hey- he accomplished more to earn it than Barackalypse did!

        • If anyone thinks that Syria handing over their chemical WMD will be the end of a much wider conflict in the Middle East, they would be seriously mistaken.

          The purpose of this “civil war” in Syria has been from the start, to neutralize Assad and Hezbollah. Eliminating the chemical weapons is just a step in that direction; but a big one.

          The Saudi’s approve and fund this venture because a successful civil war in Syria would diminish Iranian power at their back and spread their form of Islam throughout the Arab world.

          Hezbollah must be eliminated before Israel attacks Iran. This is just the first quarter folks, lots of game time on the clock and lots of fireworks will go off with each score.

          Duck and cover if you live in the Middle East. 🙂

          • DK…I think that you are correct in your assessment and definitely lots of game time left. George Carlin was so frigging right about everything!

            • jp: I have a one word response for you: “plastic!” 🙂

              • DK…I thought it was “plastique”?

                • Just remember….”wars and rumors of wars”…all of this has been written.

              • jp: You need to follow George carlin a little bit closer! 🙂

                • DK…I haven’t seen all of his performances and now, I’ll have to find it.

                  • The link I had is dead, but basically, Carlin hypothesized that the earth produced people so that we could produce plastic; which is what the earth REALLY wanted.

                    He should have been awarded a Nobel Prize in science. 🙂

          • DK you again are correct…. except don’t duck and cover….. get the hell out while you can (and have a head still attached…)

          • Well no kidding. The Middle East has… to be kind and give the benefit of the doubt… been in conflict since the decline of the Ottoman Empire.

            Less charitably… since the dawn of man.

            It will end about the same time our sun goes supernova. What else is new?

          • The insiders I’m read believe that it’s a war over whether Syria will allow a pipeline to the Mediterranean for central Asian gas and oil. Saudis and particularly the Qataris want it, Putin doesn’t, since the alternative is sending the energy to Europe via Russian pipelines, which means they get the chance to extract a middleman profit. The political factions are just actors in a play, and Israel’s existence has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

            • Isreal just found a whole pile of gas and oil that they want to provide to Europe as well.

            • Coach: That economic “justification” is just smoke and mirrors. Iraq wasn’t about oil either. Iraq was about Saddam offering $25k to the family of any suicide bomber willing to martyr himself in Israel.

              With 3.5 million Jews in Israel and 60 million Jihadists in Iraq, it was a numbers game that Israel could not win.

              Everything else is a symptom. 🙂

            • They can route a pipeline without having to go through Syria. It’s the ideal route, flat, good ports, but they don’t absolutely have to put it there.

              This is about putting fundamentalist Islam in charge of another muslim country. Libya and Egypt were the last two, Egypt is tottering on the edge of civil war, and Syria is next. Then Jordan, then comes the big prizes, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the Central Asian nations.

          • Good assessment, dk.

            For the UN/USA/NATO to allow Russia to supervise anything having to do with Syria and compliance is the equivilant of having the “foxes guarding the hen house”.

            • We dont ‘allow’ Russia to do anything.

              We have a government to ‘negotiate’ these things.

              Unforntunately – We have a complete moron in charge and the moron has underlings that cater to the ‘head moron’.

              Because the MORON in charge has absolutely NO IDEA what he’s doing. — Putin rolls him like the moron he is !!

          • The Durango Kidd says:

            “This is just the first quarter folks, lots of game time on the clock and lots of fireworks will go off with each score.”

            So, what’s going on in the Middle East, a la the United States Government, is a game?

            What would you say if that “game” was brought home to you in North Scottsdale?

            Would it still be a game DK?

            • Yo Mama: It’s all part of the Great Game for World Domination. 🙂

          • I’d wager they are also goading Iran to attack, 2 birds with 1 stone, as it were…

        • Great Job Herp!

        • The stupidity of the Man is beyond imagination…this would have been a perfect time for it to give credence to the VAST NSA spying by just saying “here is the evidence we collected for your safety………..” i.e. THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE & IT nearly plunged the PLANET into NUKLEAR CHOAS…..LIAR in Charge of the LARGEST most INVASIVE SPYING APPARATUS since the GESTAPO…with troops, informants, spies, agent provocateurs, BLACKWATER, mercenaries, guns for hire, embassies, workers, attaches, trolls, shrill, mossad….With DRONES that can take out 200 Children in the blink of an eye….able to record & LISTEN to EVERYTHING that goes on this Planet…he could not produce ONE soundbite, a piece of paper, a WITNESS, evidence…. SERIOUSLY ~ all that SPYING and NOTHING….telling people to watch YOU TUBE VIDEOS as proof….IS HE RETARDED!!!!!!
          The American people have some REALLY SERIOUS problem on their hands……

        • This “FRAUD” in the W.H. is doing everything he’s supposed to be doing, and he’s doing a good job too! That’s if you hate America, the constitution, Christianity, jobs, oil/coal, our military, heterosexual marriage, race relations, guns, etc…. Why do you think he put so much effort into hiding/sealing his records. Wake up people! He is the greatest threat to our freedoms and national security! Live free or die my friends! Oh yeah, and prep your asses off 🙂

        • “Syria is a threat to American security” – Mr. Obummer

          Obummer’s speech could only be loved by hardline dimtards, rino lackies, and his owners. People with brains did’nt buy it.

          When they finally do start the next round, and they will somehow, I really hope the rest of the world takes note that Americans do not have any say in what this government does. Maybe when the entire world tires of the parasites and thier lackies, they will have mercy on REAL Americans, and not try to kill us all.

          The Founding Fathers have been rebranded as “terrorists”, and “extremists”. One has to wonder how George Washington would now view the city that bears his name. He would likely be sickened by what he would see.

      2. There are few, if any of us, who have not placed ourselves in an embarrassing position. Typically we try and mitigate the embarrassment with as much tact and grace as the circumstances allow. Tonight the President followed this human process most of us have at one time or another. Maybe he deserves some credit for that. Don’t we all? We elect presidents, not Popes. Rather than rag on him for fallibility perhaps we should be grateful that, for the moment at least, what could have been an escalating very bad scenario has been avoided.

        • He was had less than 50 votes in the Senate and the House was even less likely to favor attacking Syria. The phone calls were 2000 to 1 against attacking. He backed off to save his ass, as the masses would have rioted in DC like never seen before. Dont be surprised if something else happens though.

          • The PTB has not finished razing the Middle East so it is not over. Prepare for a huge false flag. Has to be something really awful to get that 2,000 to 1 turned around.

            The big PRIZE is Iran. They will never rest until that country ceases to exist.

            Something smells about Putin. He is not the wondra boy we are being led to believe. Dont know what it is but we probably will know before the end of 2013.

            • oops!! an open mike: obama to medlev “wait till im relected and ill have more flexabilty” medlev to obama ” ok ill let putin know” something smells in denmark

            • Putin is the furthest thing from a wonder boy. Rose through the ranks of the KGB, doesn’t hide and isn’t ashamed of his connections to rich and powerful people and completely ruthless.

              In fact, I would go so far as saying that in direct negotiation, he would have a massive personal advantage over most I not all Western heads of government.

              • Say what you want about Putin but what other president of a major power vowed to protect Christians throughout the world. All people in power have skeletons in the closet. I would take Putin all day and twice on Sunday over our leaders.

                • Agreed. It seems like some people may just be JEALOUS that some other countries aren’t stuck with a clown for president, like we are. The entire point of electing a president is to put a powerful leader into power, who will aggressively defend the interests of his country.

                  Putin seems to fulfill that measure—too bad ours doesn’t. Perhaps, rather than try to tear one strong leader down, we need to get rid of the clown…OUR clown, that is.

              • Lets not heap too much praise on Putin.

                Remember, he likes to kill his opponents with radioactive Polonium.

            • Agreed, Granny.

              Satan and his Master Race are not so easily stopped in their depopulation/enslavement/damnation agenda.

              I am certain that God answered the prayers of many decent people to give this setback to the devils, but they are already hard at work again against us.

          • You’d have prefered perhaps a delusional maniac like McCain at the wheel?

            That guy wouldn’t back off if threatened by the Death Star.

            We could be in the middle of some serious shit right now. Instead he backed off, which is correct given the horrendous odds. Obviously he’s still going to be looking for advantage long term, or he wouldn’t be doing his job.

            I would however suggest that “advantage” in the 21st century looks probably a lot different than it did in 1955. It probably looks more like making other nations dependent on you than it does pointing guns at them. Although of course there’s a long transition where you have to do both.

            Time to start getting some folks to think a bit more “outside the box” in terms of long term strategy.

            • I would have preferred any monkey over this POS POTUS !

              He made this mess starting years ago and doesnt have the sense to play the game.

              He needs to go quick before he makes more mess.

              Gave lybia rebels weapons (some say chemical), realised it was a mistake, tried to get them back to hide the stupidity, PISSED off the rebels who torched the Embassy. DID NOTHING ABOUT IT.

              NOW trying to do the same shit

              THEY LEARN NOTHING FROM THEIR MISTAKES – What a group of morons.

              ANYONE WITH A BRAIN could do better than these morons.

              • ON TOP OF THAT —

                He always sides with Muslims because he is a muslim. It is his duty to lie to infidels. That’s why he is so good at it.

                All you have to do to see the truth is read about this MORON

                • Whatever man.

                  I’m talking about the present situation at this moment. I can debate his policies going back to the beginning of his first term and in that sense, correct, not thrilled.

                  All I know is, were it McCain, we’d have our 15 minutes to get to our bomb shelters something like about week ago.

                • He killed lots of Muslims during his first term. How can he side with the people he is killing and droning?

                  Sadly, most Americans still think the war on terror is real.

                  Muslims never hated the u.s. up until the u.s. started establishing permanent military bases and put its nose into their business.

                  George Bush sided with Saudi Arabia a lot and he is not a Muslim.

                  Ronald Reagan armed and sided with the Taliban during the war with the Soviet Union and he is not a Muslim.

                  You can’t just assume he’s a Muslim just because he sides with them.

                  All u.s. presidents sided with israel unconditionally even though they are not jewish.

                  • Follow the money….

                  • Like I said – read about this Moron.

                    Bush never said he was a muslim. – Barry O did

                    Ronald Reagan never said he would
                    side with muslims if things turned
                    against them – Barry O did

                    I dont just ASSUME – Read it from his own words

        • No. The ONLY reason obummer seems to be relenting is because there is a possibility that he could be arrested for war crimes if he continued. This was never about his being “fallible”. He has been acting like a brat throwing a very deadly temper tantrum and deserves no credit for that.

          The only reason I’d be grateful, is if they hauled his ass out of the white house in hand cuffs. Enough is enough.

          NO MORE APOLOGIZING FOR THAT IDIOT. The situation he is in IS his fault.

          • @ sixpack

            Don’t kid yourself. Obummer would never be arrested for anything. The zombies love him and hang on his everyword. All he would have to do is sent out some additional EBT cards with a note asking for help to keep him in office. This guy knows he’s untouchable because the NWO put him in power. Hell, he might get a third term if he plays his cards right; cause the zombies are just that dumbed down.

            • I know that, Indy. But the fact still remains, he can’t get world support if it happens. He is feeling a little of that now. The “EBT zombies” don’t rule the rest of the world, they just think they do.

              At first, no one thought Hitler could be touched either…that didn’t work out so well for him in the long run. Obummer CAN go too far, and he’s finding that out right now….NWO or not.

              I think the NWO is in a panic because the world isn’t rolling over as easily as they had planned.

              Besides—NO ONE IS ABOVE ASSASSINATION. Just look how the NWO has turned on it’s own puppets in the recent past.

              • When has the US ever cared what the rest of the world thinks. NWO isn’t worried at all. They know this is just the first act of a play they wrote. US and NATO will invade Syria; just not this week.

        • Lets try to wake up please. The presidents handlers and puppet masters must be absolutely furious with him and the bumbling fool, John Kerry. They’re war plans have been nixed by fumbling greenhorns. Hahaha. What a pathetic joke !! Maybe they will need to be more careful in they’re selection / election process next time. Hahahahaha please don’t tell me you believe these carnival clowns are really running the country. Just watch, now in order to salvage the AGENDA they will have to arrange a false flag op . please turn you’re tv off ! that is step 1 to begin to discover truth .:) Take care.

          • IF you’re right… that would be a COLLOSSAL mistake on their part.

            Just collossal.

            On the other hand… well yeah they do have better odds with that. You push Russia hard enough, they aren’t going to care if anything’s left of this country… they don’t have any of our resources NOW so if they have none of them AFTER a conflict with us it’s no loss to them.

            By contrast… an internal false flag would get people really… put diplomatically… upset. THOSE people DO care if the country remains intact so they have much much worse odds in a scenario like that.

            That said… that would be a COLLOSSAL mistake on the “handlers” part.

          • Question is, how badly did he pass them off? Enough to get him JFK’d or something along these lines or just enough to have him dethroned and replaced by another mouthpiece in the Oval Office?

            Make no mistake, the office of the President is bought and paid for by the power brokers. But whether the empty suit in the big chair is being compensated for his performance or performs under duress, though, that remains to be seen.

          • We give these ” Masters of the Universe” so much credit. As if these plans are so wel thought out.

            Learned an interesting lesson running an auto repair for 20 years. What is perceived by the public as a willfull ripoff can 99 percent of the time be attributed to incompetence. An operator bungles the job because he doesn’t possess the proper skillset or tools, and the has to cover his ass to get paid for the parts and labor invested AT YOUR EXPENSE! Think about that.

            It’s the same with these bozos. I have no doubt Obama is on the high IQ side of the bell curve. But his life experience is limited to bullshit. He is a professional talker, his skills honed by years of speaking in front of church congregations. Look it up. He knows what you want to hear. That’s it folks. He is not stupid, obviously….he got the highest office in the world. And I really don’t think he wanted the job. Or thought people would be stupid enough to vote him in. But…. Right place , right time.

            Now it’s like the proverbial dog who caught the car…… Now what?

            I prefer him to take vacations. Long ones. And play lots of golf.

            No skills, and surrounded by sycophants. And the treasury being bled dry by the Military Industrial Complex and Private Spy Networks. This can’t end well.

            • @Rick
              Gotta admit I found myself nodding my head reading your comment .
              As I watched this speech and read my notes this morning, I felt much the same .

              Paid actors are little more than that .
              And somehow I get the feeling this one is on his way off the stage .

              Anybody remember the last few winters in Europe?
              Intense cold and heavy snows .
              And an underlying continuing problem .
              Natural gas delivery and pipe line disruption .
              And look into Gazprom .
              Every bit connected to Putin and the previous Russian leaders .
              Ukraine and Georgia was involved .
              Russia wants to supply Europe’s heat supply .
              And seems the closest Mediterranean port is in Syria .

              And our American military seems at the beck and call of these military /industrialist corporations .

              Nope, this will not end well .


              • The new “Petro Ruble”


            • Rick, presidents are SELECTED not ELECTED. He is the perfect puppet and was groomed to be installed as president. He has the racial shield and blacks defend him tooth and nail. How else could a stupid community organizer get all that money for his campaign? He fits the bill perfectly to be the frontman in the globalist’s scheme of things. As far as high IQ, I’d estimate him at 120 tops not that high. But in contrast to the 80 IQ moronic public hes a genius. Just like most politicians I’m sure they have videos of him bumjugging little boys and using it for blackmail. None of our problems can be solved through politics. He is a true psycopath and a communist so he works well for the ptb. No matter who they install as president, the end result will be the same. GAME OVER

            • @ Rick,

              Agreed. The country would have been served better if chimpy was limited to running a traveling minstrel show and Maxine waters was confined to scrubbing toilets.

            • I’ve personally WORKED on cars and while I lack ALL the computer diagnostic equipment, so do most shops.

              Often times the same symptom can be due to half a dozen causes.

              What you gonna do if you’re unable to diagnose?

              Start with the cheapest and work your way through in order of increasing expense, that’s what.

              It CAN be incompetence but it often isn’t.

            • “Now it’s like the proverbial dog who caught the car…… Now what?”

              LOL, reminds me of when my pitbull caught a volkswagon. He bit into, and punctured a tire, and then ran like hell when he heard the ‘pop’.

            • I pretty much agree with your post. However, I do think “Obama is on the high IQ side” is a relative statement. Harvard Law School students average in the 115 to 120 range, above “average” – but not what I would call high. Of course, IQ is a pretty vague concept at best – Richard Feynman’s self admitted IQ was 125, not high, but the man was truly brilliant – other examples abound.

              Off topic – It surely has occurred to most folks that any political office in the United States, from City Council to President, has virtually no qualifications or experience required for the position, merely an age requirement and born/naturalized citizenship. I have never held any job in the last 50 years (including $1.65/hour pumping gas) that had such minimal requirements. Just sayin’ – what can you expect from any of these sociopaths? Not to go against the Constitution, but You’d think we’d at least have a requirement to be able to spout off large amounts of BS – Oh wait…

            • Iridium I agree with all of your comment except “high IQ” I think he has liberal “high ideals” even though they aren’t the same ideals we hold onto. He knows only just enough to bullsh!t John Q. Public, and I’m not referring to the poster on this forum.

              • Freaking autocorrect. That was supposed to say at Rick! Damn apples are rotten. Especially now that they will have fingerprint scanners……back door apps to NSA anyone?

          • @Up country, you’re right, I think that’s precisely why they’ll install Hillary Clinton next time — to be sure the job gets done no matter the cost.

            • Oh dear God.

              Mizzz “like a fish needs a bicycle” her very self.

              “I am strong, I am invincible, I have a chip on my shoulder the size of effing Texas!”

              Yeah we’d all be dead.

              • LOL

        • Bernard I hear your point however when I embarass myself the safety of the planet is usually not a factor nor is my blunder at the expense of the taxpayer. How many voices have screamed at this man to stop what he is doing? How many Americans does it take yelling at the top of their lungs STOP before his ego is put in check. Thankfully Kerry is as much a bafoon and made a flippant comment that the Russians picked up and ran with. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be gratefull for Vlad Putin. Right now there are Syrian kids that get to live another day and that alone is well worth the embarassment of the community organiser in chief.

          • ABSOLUTELY.

          • Amen Boss Hog.

        • @Bernard,

          Don’t worry. Whatever he may have salvaged of his pride it will be destroyed again within the next week with the ass clowns he has working for him. Hell he might even do himself in and we all know Putin, if given a chance, will take him down again.

          You know the bitch of it is? It is not just himself and his administration that looks so bad. Nope he has to make the rest of the nation look just as bad or worse if he can find a way to shift the blame off himself.

          What a horrible President. I didn’t think we could get worse than Carter but heh, we managed. But in all honesty what were people thinking when they voted a black man as President. Did they really think the other leaders of the world, who are racist, would ever have any respect for him? If you think that is bad on my part, name one black European leader in any capacity above dog catcher.


          P.S. Hey D in ID, the gate is locked onto Ponderosa and no one has responded to the card I left on the gate 2 weeks ago. My email is [email protected]

          • I mentioned that in my post. There is another way in from the other end of Ponderosa road off of Michel road. (spelling of Michel is correct) Follow Mountain Ranch Road to michel to ponderosa all the way to the creek/ bridge. Very rough terrain (jeep, maybe feet).

            • I sent you a shitty map but you can transfer it onto google earth and save it.

              • Thanks Dave.


        • It ain’t over ’til the Fat Lady sings; so its time to indict Obama and put Hillary on the stand to squeal on him. 🙂

          • Shrillary will just tell her own pack of lies.

            • Or suffer another fainting spell.

          • I, I, I, I, I, don’t remember, don’t recall, why does that matter.

        • He deserves impeachment and imprisonment. There is not enough space on this blog or data storage at Google (AKA NSA) to hold a list of his frack-ups. PAY, PREP, PLAN FORM TEAMS….

          • I don’t understand all the skepticism about Putin slapping Obummer down—WE THE PEOPLE haven’t been able to do it and, not for a lack of desire. At this point, HE’S FIGHTING OUR FIGHT, because most of americans are too scared, lazy or medicated to fight for ourselves.

            If that isn’t a cue for the people of this country to GET OFF THEIR ASSES, I don’t know what would be.

            • A missile strike would have created mass protests and marches on DC…..without permits like the Mooselimbs got.

        • Bernard, Bernard, Bernard-I get it, you probably voted for him and want to give him the benefit of the doubt…that’s nice!
          However, when he’s told to close down this country, he’s gonna do it and he’s not going to think twice about it and if that means that you, me, our families and everybody else dies, he’ll still do it. This is not a game of “Sorry”, it’s about power and control and his team is playing for the whole 9 yards! OK…

        • Bernard. Ninety-nine percent of a war happening was prevented by the grace of God. The other one percent was that it was proven world wide that Odrama is not even fit for the task of pickin’ fly shit out of black pepper.

        • “what could have been an escalating very bad scenario has been avoided.”

          But only for the moment Bernard…
          DK is right… this is just a little bend in that road to war…
          “They” need it and will have it…at our expense as always.

        • Problem is he thinks he is God and what he says goes! He has never taken responsibility for anything only credit for everything.

          • Problem is God doesn’t think he is Obutthead!

        • Does it seem to anyone else that this whole Syria thing, going back and forth, is the US going to strike or not, means there is conflict among the powers that be? Perhaps Obama/Kerry have been getting mixed messages or perhaps in this case Obama did not really want to strike but was under pressure to do so and had to appear compliant. I am not supporting or defending Obama, it just seems strange the way this game is being played.

        • Were you not listening? Putin let him off the hook. If he hadn’t we might be at war now. He is an empty suit in a powerful position. Always a dangerous combination.

        • did you somehow mistype MotherJones.com and wind up here by mistake?! that was worse than walking into the womens room by mistake!!

        • Obummer was INSTALLED, as every “President” before him for the last 100 years. He is a puppet, nothing more, nothing less.

          Give him credit?! Excuse me while I barf…

      3. I can say one thing for him, his teeth are whiter than mine. But then I’m 63.

        • these days, we’re lucky to have any teeth left by old age.

          • I’m 79 and still have 4.. How do I rate for my age???? lol

            • I have an 87 yr old friend who has all but ONE. I know many people who have lost most or all in their 30’s.

              I guess we’re running about the middle. We are all nutrient-starved, radiated and putrefied with chemicals… it’s a wonder we still breathe.

              Besides, I’m not an aspiring colgate model either.

        • If You had his Tan your teeth be lookin whiter too.

      4. ahh George Carlin..now there’s a man who spoke the truth that’s hard pressed to find any where these days..


        Forget the rest..


      5. I praise God with joy and thanksgiving. No war today.
        He truly works in mysterious ways (not sarcasm) Thank you Lord. We can in peace, prepare for another day.

        • Until next month or the one after……

          sorry just felling a bit cynical today……

          • Sort of like our agency’s budgets for the last 5 years.
            I hear you man nothing suprises me anymore.
            Wonder what’s going to happen today with the million Muslim march?

            Semper Fi 8541

            • I think it’s good the Muslims are marching. I was reading comments on yahoo and people were pissed off. I was thinking that people complain if Muslims aren’t standing against terror. But when Muslims do stand up, and they are, people are getting mad and are like pissed off.

              Sheeple just don’t understand. It’s sad this is the norm in this country. It’s like them saying that they want to look left and right at the same time.

              • Not that they don’t understand, just as we’re war weary, we’re Muslim weary.

      6. That’s so surprising, because he had so much experience and accomplishments before he was elected acting president. Now what were those? I’m having a hard time recalling them. Help?

        • No kidding. The junior senator from Illinois who managed to miss a majority of the votes in the Senate but did find the time to write not one, but two autobiographies that have gone on to fill the shelves in thrift shops and Goodwill stores across the country.

          Not one used bookstore I frequent here, in a blue state, will buy a copy. They can’t sell them.

          • And that fucked up attitude and work ethic is proven time and again with every golf swing.

            • and apparently he sucks at golf too! it’s probably just too manly of a sport for him. i’m sure he’s FABULOUS(!) at Chutes and Ladders!

        • He is very experienced at saying one thing and doing the opposite.
          He is experienced at saying he is Christian and avoiding all Christian functions, words and pastors while quoting the Quran and holding private Islamic get-togethers at the White House.
          He is experienced in forgetting his birthday. At least the birthday that is on his documents.
          He is experienced at not showing any id or proofs for his ability to qualify to run for president.
          He is experienced at apologizing to the world for America.
          He is experienced at being an “organizer” which means pitting one groups of citizens he is saposed to represent against another groups he is saposed to represent so that he can run behind the door and pass some legislation that none of his constituents would ever want, while they are busy fighting each other.
          He is very experienced at ignoring the constitution and the laws of this nation and telling the people which laws he will deign to enforce and which he will ignore.
          He is experienced at being a self serving horses back side.
          Lots of experience in the White House right now.
          Is this any help U. Southron?

          • Yeah, thanks, C. That pert near sums it up.

      7. What a pathetic joke. His handlers must be furious with they’re little puppets for fumbling they’re war plan. Time for a big false flag now to salvage this carnival
        Show and proceed with the agenda.

        • “Their”. Sorry, it’s just driving me crazy….

        • Or perhaps a ride through Dallas in a convertible.

          • why do you think he picked Biden as his V.P? It’s called “Life Insurance Policy” cuz not even obamabots would be OK with that whacked dumbass!

        • I think His handlers are furious with Putin also. And I agree with you the handlers will find another way to get their war.

        • Just my humble opinion, but I think the reason he looked and sounded so bad last night is because his handlers ARE very angry over this delay, and they very likely let him know in no uncertain terms just how very expendable he could be if he doesn’t start handling things better – ie, make happen what THEY want to have happen! And a delay for diplomacy isn’t it!!!

          Obungle has been believing his press, thinking he could walk on water. Oops – just took a bath!!! And he looked like death warmed over – imho.

          • Have y’all noticed how one half of his scalp is whiter than the other half? Bi-polar any?

      8. Yes, Obummer probably and very sincerely believes he deserves another Peace Prize.

        Away from Syria, I wonder how Taiwan feels about all this.

        A child drew a red line in the sand, which he had no right to do, then when it was crossed, Obummer blinked.

      9. Yawn, sure another noble peace prize, why not zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        • since a nobel peace prize obviously doesn’t mean anything anyway, why not open another box of crackerjacks and see what you get this time…

      10. I tuned out and did not watch Obamas speech.
        I turned out and did not watch Anderson Blooper,
        Pierce Idiot, or, any of the ‘news’ media channels,
        including fox for the past couple of days.
        (me, who likes to stay up on current events)
        I am sick and tired of this Syrian debacle.
        I know that those that signed up for the
        armed forces knew the risk of deployment and fighting
        on foreign soil. I hope that there will not be boots
        on the ground in Syria. Obama is a liar to me, and,
        even though he promises there will be ‘no boots on
        the ground,’ I don’t believe him, nor do I trust him.
        I hope there will not be ground troops entering Syria.
        I am sorry Syrian people allegedly got gassed.
        However, I don’t believe the U.S. should go over there and intervene. Just my 2 cents.

        • @ Emily. Your 2 cents are exactly 2 pennies worth more than anything that Atlantic Ocean wetback piersless morgan has to say. I have always believed from long ago that the start of WW3 would be more of a surprise that something telegraphed and that everyone would expect. This out of the blue start could be Israel one day very soon between about 4-9PM your time on the east coast. Again, very likely within 5 days of the new moon. I think Israel would consider the possibility of attacking Iran, Syria, and Lebanon where Hezbollah is with just about all of its air force, and with cruise missiles from its submarines. Small nukes to crack the rock domes over the Iranian nuclear sites is very likely. Conventional explosives, even the super bunker busters just cannot penetrate that much rock.

          Israel would then say to the world we just got rid of the Iranian threat, the Syrian chemical weapons, and put a big dent in terrorism with hitting Hezbollah, now you the world deal with the aftermath. The U.S. would come to the aid of Israel, this is almost certain. Then the other players get full blasted into it, namely China and Russia, but also Pakistan and others, even India.

          Israel is more than capable of this. Any country with the Project Sampson option would have no problem with attacking their enemies before they attack them, even if it means WW3. This might be the most dangerous ignition point right now that the world public will be unaware of until Israel acts quietly one dark night.

          • A couple of Nukes from whoever would cure the worlds number one threat to peace in this world. I’m waiting….

            • And who is the number one threat to peace in this world?

      11. Let me be perfectly clear… I stink. Just got 500 bales of hay into barn.

        • Thumbs up.

          • Two thums up …. now take a shower…. I can smell ya from all the way up here in the cascades….LOL

        • Soak them blisters in peroxide. Put calamine lotion on the sunburned neck. And, for goodness sake, take tomorrow off. My back hurts just Hearing about 500 bales. Mrs okie and I put up 200 a while back and, except for the 180 she did, I had to lift ’em ALL myself!

          • Okie, he may not need any of that, those were the big round wrapped bales the rest of us need a fork lift to move!

          • We just finished the last cutting. barn is packed and my back is cracked. had to stuff the last 70 in the neighbors unused barn stall, not cutting anymore this fall. Stick a fork in the 2013 hayin’ season. fuel for the equine transporters is a done deal.

            Workin on the second(late) garden season. Canning green beans as of this posting, with about six cases more to go over the next two to three weeks and it’s done for 2013 season as well.

            Then back to the firewood operations. Whew, this retirement thing ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Thank God for the neighbor’s boy that had to move back home cause he lost his driver’s license and needs some work/$$, within walking distance.

            • We got 3 ton in. Waiting on farmers last cutting for next ton. That should feed goats till spring. Such a good feeling, knowing you won’t have to scramble for hay throughout the winter. Price from feed store is too much then. Had three babies born this summer. Twins were both boys. Banded them and they will be butchered when grown.

              • I hate goats. I have 5. They eat the tree bark killing the trees with thier alfalfa hay on the ground nest to them.

                • My sis has goats as well. I’m not sure exactly why, she wont eat the damn things. Do you eat yours?

                  • They look like dogs when you cook them. They still taste like goats, though.

                  • I keep mine for when TSHTF my dogs will have fresh goat meat.

            • Just got our preasure caner in the mail… a 930…. it is a beautifull thing….

        • and on top of that Ted….you’re um…DEAD! So yeah…we’d expect a guys who’s been dead fer awhile AND loaded 500 bales to be just a wee bit ripe! (good job btw!)

      12. “I have the authority to order military action, but I decided to let Congress decide” (paraphrased)

        At least he has a sense of humor.

        Either way, I am glad we have a bit more time before we do go to war. Might be a day, might be a month, but it isn’t today. That’s good news if you ask me.

        • Oh JiD, he was serious (in his little finite mind). Trouble for him is nobody believes in him or anything he says. This Syrian goat breeding exhibition has turned the tide against this goon.

      13. He’s a stupid arrogant jackass! Has America been fundamentally transformed yet? I quit keeping score.

      14. Off topic, but it looks like the 2 gun grabbers in Colorado will both be recalled Morse for sure, and with 44% reporting Giron recall yes 57% no 43%

        • That is good news. Maybe the left will begin to get the message one of these days.

          When you despise people for ‘bitterly clinging to their Bibles and guns’, don’t be surprised when they do exactly that.

        • Hurrah for Colorado, great move!

      15. I still have a hard time believing this is over.

        • Oh, it aint over NP. You can bet on that.

        • I agree guys… I would not be one bit surprised if Kerry’s comments resulting in this current ‘deal’ were made on purpose…. Kerry didn’t just come up with that on his own I don’t think… Slip of the tongue, or planned exit strategy?

          Was it FDR who said there are no accidents in politics?

          This isn’t over. Too much money, resources and power at stake..

          • @ Mac. FDR hadn’t seen BO yet. 😉 BO is probably the closest thing to an accident of nature ever to “lead” any country. Even his loyalists are shaking their heads to figure out where he is coming from. That picture above reminds me of a smiling puppet on a string, or the ventriloquist with the grining dummy that everyone laughs at. We could all laugh at the smirking fool dancing on the puppet strings if the seriousness of this was not so life and death of the world that hangs in the balance.

            • Yeah, the empty chair metaphor is looking good right now.

              • A man’s got to know his limitations.

        • Norse Prepper

          This was just Chapter 3,scene 2 in an epic production ..

          The road to Syria(Damascus) has been on the books for a long time now..as the Persian Empire( Iran) is the last nation standing (target)in the middle east..at least for now.
          RT reported yesterday that they received intel that a ” false flag” will be initiated ,by someone in the Syrian opposition ,within Israel to “pin” the source as Assad to initiate the attack as Obama and handlers are so desperately playing and waiting out…

          Here’s the RT report..

          Published on Sep 9, 2013

          A chemical attack may be launched on Israel by Syrian rebels from government-controlled territories as a “major provocation,” multiple sources told RT –

          http: / /www. youtube. com/watch?v=WS8CthsUcxU#t=129

          just tighten the link without spaces..


      16. The American people, with the help of massive voter fraud in the inner cities, elected a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER to be President. This country deserves everything coming to it.

        Maybe Putin should get the Nobel Peace Prize for keeping Obama from starting another worthless, stupid war in the Middle East?

        Buying my first .45 ACP for my birthday this weekend.


        • Oh I do love the 45, what kind are ya gettin? And happy birthday

          • Springfield Armory Mil Spec in Stainless Steel. Good pistol. Reliable and not too $$$.

            Have a great day,

        • Happy BD Mal. I too am a big fan of the 1911. Watcha buy?

      17. all boise gun shows cancelled…ada county board of supervisors are requiring 5 million in liability insurance,,,anyone know how many supervisors are from california….so much for Idaho being a pro second amendment state..

        • Take a look at what Colorado just did today, that’s the way to get rid of them, soundly recall them!!

        • That is just one county. I would set up shop one step over the county line. Then orchestrate a Recall Colorado style.

        • Recall them.

        • It is very important to get involved NOW. Get those libs to back down, then replace them.

        • They did that in our county for the same reason. So now all the money that would have been spent here is going to the next counties over.

          Vote them out.

      18. I’ll wait and see what happens, I dont think this will be it. Specially if the chemical attack was a false flag to begin with….it may turn into something that wraps Russia into the mix…There is no love between Barry and Putin.

      19. All I have to say about Obama was said by M. Scott Peck.

        According to M. Scott Peck an evil person:
        Is consistently self-deceiving, with the intent of avoiding guilt and maintaining a self-image of perfection
        Deceives others as a consequence of their own self-deception
        Projects his or her evils and sins onto very specific targets (scapegoats) while being apparently normal with everyone else.
        Commonly hates with the pretense of love, for the purposes of self-deception as much as deception of others
        Abuses political (emotional) power (“the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion”
        Maintains a high level of respectability, and lies incessantly in order to do so
        Is consistent in his or her sins. Evil persons are characterized not so much by the magnitude of their sins, but by their consistency (of destructiveness)
        Is unable to think from the viewpoint of their victim (scapegoat)
        Has a covert intolerance to criticism and other forms of narcissistic injury
        Most evil people realize the evil deep within themselves but are unable to tolerate the pain of introspection, or admit to themselves that they are evil. Thus, they constantly run away from their evil by putting themselves in a position of moral superiority and putting the focus of evil on others. Evil is an extreme form of what Scott Peck, in The Road Less Traveled, calls a character disorder

        • M. Scott Peck’s. “People of the Lie” is an “instruction” book for today.

          talks about what most Dr’s. won’t. How evil is a true force to be dealt with.

          your post is spot on

      20. I’ve decided to try and be more rude. To be gruff, opinionated and, generally speaking, to let my inner redneck out. So far, it’s working great.
        Went in to a Mickey D’s in Olympia WA this evening and they had Anderson Cooper playing on TV. Looked around at the lesbians holding hands in the corner, the 2 squirrely looking guys both sitting on the same side of a booth, and the rest of the (somewhat) normal customers.
        I glanced at the television and said, to no one in particular, “Damn! They still got that white-haired little faggot on tv?! I figured they’d have bounced his ass back to San Francisco by now…”
        The place got a bit quieter and the queers in the booth stared at me. (The lesbo’s didn’t seem to notice. I think one of ’em was busy licking the other’s ear)
        A minute later, I stepped to the counter to get my order and the manager leaned over and said, quietly, “Sir, around here it’s considered impolite to say words like that.”
        I looked surprised and said, louder than necessary, “What? You mean faggot? It’s a very descriptive word. What’s the matter with it?”
        He got flustered and said, “It’s just not how we talk around here. Some people might be offended by it.”
        I did my best to looked shocked. Putting on my okiest accent, I said, “Well, pardon me. Last thing I’d ever want to do is offend a queer, a faggot, or a homo…. By the way, I wanted to order some fries and I forgot. How much is that?”
        He GAVE me the fries!!
        As I was leaving, I walked by the two guys in the booth. They’d never stopped staring. Both had a plastic plate of salad in front of them. I tipped my Stetson and said, “You boys ought to try eating your meat cooked sometime…”
        One almost fainted and the other spit orange soda through his nostrils!

        McDonald’s Quarter Pounder——- $3.69
        Apple Pie———————— $1
        Fries—————————- Free
        Entertainment for the evening—- Priceless!

        • SmokinOkie:

          How did you get a MacDonald’s quarter pounder at Mickey D’s?

        • Now that’s an instant classic!! ( if true)

          Uncle Okie wouldn’t be pulling our leg now would he? ‘)

          • Me? Pull your leg? Perish the thought! (insert fake look of surprise) 🙂
            Just remember- half the lies they tell about me aren’t true…

            • Smokin:

              I was just funnin with you like you were funnin with us. Didn’t mean any harm; loved the story.

              • Isnt “mickey D’s” ebonics for Mac Donalds?

            • hahaha! As always…you’re the best!

              warming…and one of the beauties of life, which is what it’s supposed to be about anyway…
              This young lady does for jazz what Jackie does for classics.

              http://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=Re30WvQbS04

        • How fun! Take me with you. I wanna play, too! 🙂

        • Good one Smokin’…

          Ah, to take just one ride with you, would probably build up a lifetime of funny stories…

          Political Correctness… Just Say No.
          Offend someone… then Stand your ground.
          Like ‘2 million’ bikers are doing today… by riding through DC without a permit… while the Moooslimes got a permit.
          How far we have sunk.

        • YOU are priceless! LMAO!

      21. O boo boo got a Nobel PEACE prize? “Reporting for duty” Kerry got Medals. A friend of mine is still messed up from Vietnam. I give cloths to him that he donates to vet hospital. Tears should come from your eyes to see those who gave up the best part of their teenage years and beyond. Few have the medals as Kerry. My friend and those who donate time and what they can don’t have Nobel prizes. Remember when Jesus said the widows mite had more value than all the gold …. Don’t let the mouth pieces bother you as they mean nothing in the larger sense.

      22. Here’s a plausible scenario – Obama we all know is merely a puppet, he got a job as the CEO of a monstrous corporation that has a group of very very wealthy shareholders who pull the strings. They stay hidden so if anything goes wrong the CEO takes the fall, the firm always goes on. Many CEO’s don’t learn he highest secrets until they are vetted and placed into their jobs – only after they are hired to they get the full intel on how the firm continues to generate return on investment. Occasionally, a CEO gets a conscience – realizes he may be in over his head and this firm doesn’t play games! So he massages the agenda, says what he needs to say, but unbeknownst to the shareholders, he is playing them, they never quite get what they want but he escapes blame. This is surely a high wire act, pitfalls abound, it’s a high stakes game, and Obama has once again slithered out of invading Syria! Perhaps many events are outside of his control, perhaps the False Flags are being done to him, and he has to play along – he is not he top of the pyramid, just a TelePrompTer reader who has just enough power to put cogs in the wheel and sabotage the firm from within! If true, the man is a hero!

        • OK… it’s time to up your meds. Seriously.

        • Hang On A Sec….I don’t know what drug you’re smoking, but it must be a real hefty one!
          Look, Bams was chosen a long time ago for this job and I’m sure that the puppet masters told him that he would have to improvise at times AND there are also many roads that lead to the same NWO destination.
          BTW, he’s not a hero-I almost spit out my drink on that one!!

          • The puppet masters are, by the way, Qataris who bought him through Columbia and Harvard. The same puppet masters who want Assad out of the way so they can profit from using Syria as a trans-shipment corridor for central Asian oil and nat-gas. The “little o” has screwed the pooch on this one, and I’d bet real money (if I had any) that they will have him in the woodshed for a little talk pretty soon.

            Hold and squeeze

        • Nuh uhh……Nuttin plausible there…..

        • Why so many red thumbs down? This forum should respond to anything they disagree with reasons why , not just thumbs down. A thumbs down should only be used if the comment has absolutely no constructive input.

          That being said , IMHO, of course Obama is a puppet. Of course he can’t think critically. That is why he’s in office. He may not be evil, he may simply be getting bullied or jerked around by his puppet masters who themselves don’t know exactly how to go about getting what they want. What they want is control and power and wealth, they just don’t know the best way to proceed from this point.

          • Exactly. Dont thumbs down someone you disagree with. Thumb them down when they insult someone they disagree with.

        • Hang On, that is one explanation for the strangeness surrounding this whole Syria thing and all the scandals coming out and threats of impeachment. I have heard that Moslems have even threatened to rape and kill one of his daughters if he attacks.

      23. Obama leads the people to the water to baptise them and he who plays god will deceive them like leading them to the slaughter house.This is far from over folks,because coming up in October he will have to do something then.We will be out of money and he will have to create a war to save the Obama administrations asses.It is ashame this dictator is a pile of shit that has no heart for this world…………

      24. There’s always the nuke weps shipped to S.C., and Lady Lindsey Graham threatening a nuke attack on Charleston. And tomorrow is the 9/11 anniversary. My kids are staying home tomorrow, and the kids won’t be sent to school. JUST in case…

        I put absolutely NOTHING past these rat-b@St@rds in .gov. Not any more…

      25. And yet it worked.

        I don’t care if Putin up and offered something up. I’m of the camp “nobody really cares HOW it works as long as it WORKS”.

        Real life is often messy and embarrasing. Meh so? If I gave a crap what other people thought I’d never get anything done.

        I just hope it keeps going in this general direction is all…

      26. Any and all U.S. credibility was lost with the Iraq war. The people are sick and tired of being lied to by the neocon warmongers and empire-builders.

        What’s worrisome now is what kind of false-flag attack on U.S. soil is going to be orchestrated to push us into another war.

        • I believe the Dematards are the ones war mongering now. Or is all this still Bush’s fault?

          • JimB….We are way pass the two sided Dem Vs Rep. It really is one body with two heads.

      27. And to think Clinton almost got impeached over a blowjob

        • I said exactly the same thing after the speech last night.


        • Yeah, am concerned about what’s going. Especially in the Caribbean……

      29. A moment of silence for those we lost on this day , this very historical, and eye opening day. 2001

        yes US government we(some of us) know who the Enemy is.

          • Figure of speech, and yes, I agree they were Murdered, and those responsible are not being held accountable for it

            • No insult intended, VRF.

              Just trying to use a figure of speech with full impact.


              • Completely understand and agree, I should have used the word Murdered, because that is fact.

      30. None of “his plans” are whats right for this country

      31. I’m surprised that the democratic process from a grassroots perspective with so many calls and letters to Congress and Senate opposing US military action actually had an effect. In the end the campaign contributions from MIC was not as effective as the body politic. How refreshing.

        • Yes, Kevin it is encouraging. But have 90% of Americans ever agreed on anything else? If we could all pull together and tell Congress we mean business, maybe we could at least delay if not prevail against the NWO takeover of our country.

      32. Obama is the typical black punk thug, tough when beating up the defenseless, but a whiner about injustice when he is confronted by a responsible adult for his juvenile actions. Obama is truly the lowest form of life on the planet. Pathetic in all his ways.

        • Maybe trayvon really was his son……

      33. Ever since we invaded Iraq, Iran has been sending fighters and IED’s across the border to kill our guys there. They even sent their own snipers to get experience against ours.

        Since Bush tried to lure The Ukraine into NATO Russia/Putin has been showing muscle towards The West. They invaded Georgia in 2008, helped put together the Benghazi attack, and have sent weapons and support to both Syria and Iran. Putin is one tough ballbuster.

        “Sides” are being put together for ONE HELL OF A WORLD WAR, make no mistake about it.

        Russia sees The U.S. and Europe as bankrupt, worn down by 10+ years of war, and with poor leadership in BHO.

        Iran needs a war to keep the lid on It’s people from throwing the Mullahs out of power.

        Israel and Saudi Arabia want to stop the Iran from getting nukes.

        The U.S. have made pledges to curb Russia’s monopoly on the sale of natural gas to Europe by forcing Assad/Syria to allow a pipeline across their land.

        Last night’s speech was just intermission, the “show” will be back on soon!

        • I believe Russia’s intention through Putin is to bankrupt the US (payback for Reagan’s bankrupting the Soviet Union). A proxy war b/w US and Russia is in place in Syria. Best it not escalate to WWIII before Russia has accomplished its goal.

        • Ghost: Indeed correct analysis.

        • Putin Defended Russian folks IN Georgia AFTER 50,000 russian were attacked and killed by Georgian troops etc.

          It is Backwards from what usa msm was telling you occured there. Georgia’s prez was a zionist isralie exported to georgia to do zios bidding. He messed up Bad by killing innocent russians living there. Putin did what hes supposed to do. Rescue Russian folks before zionists can kill off any more. Thats main reason for Gerigian and russian war. Exact Oppostie of what usa MSM told us all.

          RT tv news did a hour long documentary video a month ago, outlined the entire facts we were never told of by msm here. RT showed and interviewed many russian family survivors whos family members got killed by Georgian troops without any warning, just attacked due to being russians and christians. Putin was the Good guy that time.

      34. The best thing that can come out of this is the world can now see what a joke Obama is…..something most of us have know for years.

      35. Fuck Obama and the horse he rode in on!

      36. Take Obama’s Peace Prize away and give him a collective noogie! Make him change his drawers too, I’m sure they need changing from the last few days.

      37. “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
        David Rockefeller

        there you have it..and still some people don’t believe its true..he put it in your face and some still cant seem to buy it

      38. “If the American people knew what we had done to this country, we would be chased down the streets and lynched”. George Bush to Sarah McClendon, 1992 ( and yet it has not happened)

        This isn’t a “conspiracy theory”…..but it sure as hell is a Conspiracy and its using us as the game pieces…..been planned for centuries. Britain/Zionists/European bankers couldn’t defeat the US militarily in 1812…..so they did it financially, and still are….when they got the Federal Reserve Act passed…..and have controlled our financial foundation since 1913. Why does the US go to war? Why does our financial structure wobble/fail/recover. It’s ALL controlled by the Fed…..controlled by The Crown, Rothschild dynasty, Zionists..this is historical fact.
        If we don’t do what they want,or our puppets don’t tow the line, they screw up our economy etc.
        We need to support bills in house and senate to reinstate Banking Act of 1913 WE the people need to set up our own banking system, ridding us of the Fed , thus ending European banking control of the US.

        AND….we’re after Syria because Cheney/the Rothschilds with Genie Oil and Gas want a pipeline across Syria. just like the one wanted built in Afghanistan…..and Israel has already granted rights to this company on land they don’t even own…..this has been planned by the Zionists for years.

        also on another thought..this world will run out of Oil..it is finite ..think about the chaos that is coming to this world when that happens ..and don’t fool yourself thinking they don’t know this.

        Again , nothing in politics is an accident
        its been planned for a long time out

        the average joe mostly doesn’t have a clue, and just wants to live his life , good job, family etc.. the puppet masters are greedy bored, and have to fuck with shit, because they are narcissistic jack asses, all the presidents leaders etc.. are just their pawns on the chess board.

        Do what you have to be as distant, from them, although not blind to their agenda..and do whats right for your loved ones and prep to survive the life of wars and political games. Yes, “His plan was never good”, ..it wasn’t ment to be

        • excellent VRF…

          and running out of oil “flow” is really what most will not believe or accept.

        • VRF:

          What a great article. It doesn’t take much time, having the internet, to research everything you posted if anyone should doubt what you have written.

          There are quotes after quotes from the smug PTB about their destructive plans.

          Thanks for your post.

        • VRF:

          What a great article. It doesn’t take much time, having the internet, to research everything you posted if anyone should doubt what you have written.

          There are quotes after quotes from the smug PTB about their destructive plans.

          Thanks for your post.

          • A real good read that captures it all in a nutshell is at tuks dot nl/docs/eir

            The coming fall of the house of windsor

            • thanks, I’ll check it out

        • Well, JFK got whacked for saying that shit.

          • yep, so we know its dead on.
            .um , no pun intended

        • EXCELLENT VRF. I just pray for the truth to be known to all REAL AMERICANS. Opposite of what we hear on a daily basis the barbaric terrorists under various names: Al Quada, or what ever they are being called, are simply hired parasites. The highest CEO’s at the heart of NWO organization are the BRITISH GOVERNMENT and ZIONISTSs. I know the thumbs down will hit this comment so let me clarify one important factor. I didn’t say BRITISH PEOPLE or ALL JEWS. Why? Because many of them are also being sacrificed by their satanic powers in charge. Israel via AIPAC and the House of Windsor Via the Royal Family and their masters AKA Global Bankers / Rothchilds are the real enemy of the USA. Still on’t believe it?

      39. “a serious foreign-policy intellectual…”

        lol. Sounds like another oxymoron. Or maybe just another think tank moron.

        Anyone who thinks Nixon (or any president since WWII) was any different than Obama is seriously drinking kool aid history.

        Today is Patriots Day (lol) in the US. 9/11/01 was a turning point in US tyranny.

        There are other 9-11s, however.

        9-11-1973 Nixon had the CIA overthrow the democratically elected Allende government in Chile and installed the dictator Pinochet. The presidential palace was bombed and Allende was “suicided”.

        It’s all there in the Nixon tapes. The puppets here install the puppets elsewhere.

        All in the name of international banking.

        Hang some bankers.

        • Somewhere I saw that at some point in time there is going to be a “shortage of ropes in the hardware stores”.

      40. 4 year prepper says:

        I noticed that my carbon monoxide detector kept chirping so I replaced the batteries only to have it to continue to chirp.
        I then checked the papers I had filed for when it was purchased. It had reached the time to be replaced.
        I then checked the smoke alarm. Same replacement story.
        I just found one on Amazon that is a combination for fire, smoke and carbon monoxide. It will speak to say fire, smoke or carbon monoxide. It runs on 3 “AA” batteries and sells for $38.00, and a 10 year life time expectancy
        I am posting this in case someone has forgotten to check these life saving techniques as I had and to replace them and stock up on the batteries for operation.
        Battery operation is my choice in case of grid down situations.

        Happy prepping.

        4 year prepper

      41. Two Colorado Democratic state senators, Angela Giron and Senate President John Morse, were voted out of office in a special election Tuesday, in Colorado’s first-ever recall vote. Both were replaced by Republicans.

        were on a roll people, don’t quit now..

        Cristy, Bloomingidiot,Hillary,Holder, etc.. and any other home town government against our second amendment RIGHTS need to get the message that they will soon be unemployed and unemployable ..Im not saying the Repubs were the right choice, but its at least a step in sending the right message..

        next we need to push the gun grabber politicians out with Constitutionalist mind set individuals..and if they once falter on the rules set forth for them to govern..at that instant they need to be jobless forever too

        • don’t let this go to waste..sink your teeth deep!

          • VRF:

            One of the newspapers, I think the NY Times, said the recall would not change the law that these critters passed. So now after the recall what do the citizens of Colorado have to do to get the law recinded?

            • civil disobedience ..we should all practice it every day so we perfect it!

            • Here is a perfect example of how the red thumbers work. I ask a perfectly benign question with no controversy connected to it and here comes the red thumbs.

              The only answer to the red thumbs is they either don’t like what you have posted (and that is fine) or they have decided what side of the political spectrum you must be on so they just run down and red thumb anything you post.

              I see them do it to Braveheart; dont matter what he has to say; whether his comments are even controversial.

              If the subject has no controversy to it and it is red thumbed I think you are a chicken shit. Come out from in front of your computer you creeps; so we can see what your problem was with this particular post.

              I also think that most people on shtf has already figured out their bs game.

              • Um, I (sheepishly hiding face) have fat fingered the thumbs down before, and you can’t fix it…

              • Pissed off Granny: Once you post ANY Factual Truth on Israel-Zionists or Jews, you automatically get blacklisted by the red thumb brigade.

                That Red brigade is made up of a combo of jewdeo christians, christian zionists, and self chozen-self worshipping jewish folks. I think many come here from Other sites such as glen beck’s pro zionist jew worshiping fools.

                The Vast Majority are from the Two “christian” types, jew firsters and pro zios. Their phony flasehood preaching ministers and pastors have spent the last 100 yrs memorizing the Scofield bible’s version of Mis-interpretations, especially from Old testement verses.

                These fools think Every biblical verse that has the words “jew” “Jewish” “Israel” “Israelites” “Judah” etc are ALL interchangable and All mean the same thing. That all such words no matter where located in the bible refer to Jews.

                Their preachermen,are all sold out to jews/zios, or simply too Ignorant to learn real truths.

                Both class’s of pastors, the sold out’s and ignorant of truth, Both are Vastly Unqualified to be teachers of bible truth.

                Yet due to their Own lack of bible knowledge, or a lack of even Reading their own bibles without such falsehood teaching preachers pre taught pro jew biases, has caused america to be the home base of the worlds largest jewdeo-zio-christian’s which number aprox 50 Million total!

                They have been brainwashed to believe that jews are gods “chozens” and by totally Ignoring every bible verse from Both Old and New testement’s books, that clearly show those people are Not any special or chozen of god since centuries before Christ was even yet born.

                Such refusal to accept the countless biblical verses and Chapters that would teach how wrong headed their jew-worship is, they have adopted a false mentality of a belief that is “No Matter What wrongs are done, no matter how often, how severe, how Deadly to tens, humndreds of Millions of christians already exterminated by zionist jewish communisim, those “self chozen” jews simply can Not do any wrongs”

                It is akin to how a mass portion, 95% of african blacks think when the issue is african black behaviours. No matter how bad or evil or wrong and deadly to whites. Most blacks believe other blacks can do No wrongs.

                Or at least that “Maybe its kinda sorta sometimes a “little bit” wrong..But We Must always Overlook that as insignificant and a fault of whiteys anyways”

                That exact same attitude has been fomented and taught relentlessly by most usa pastors, only taught about “jews” and “state of Israel”.

                You can post a list of bible verses, yutube videos, Actual quoted proven documented statements spoken BY jews or rabbis, or israeli jew leaders, and present a vast array of evidence galore. And like typical Liberal fools those 50 million pro jew pro zionists brainwashed idiots will everytime act like typical liberals who say.

                “Our minds already made up so do not bother with any Facts or Truths”….There is zero difference between such dem libs, and those jewdeo christians. How they may vote for a repub has nothing to do with that either.

                When it centers on Facts and Truths contrary to what their Misguided and falshood teachers and preachers has brainwashed them with, nothing will change their minds.

                You-Me-several others here always will get many red thumbs due to the facts I outlined here.

                And those delusional falsehood believers who number so huge of a group in the usa IS the main reason america continues to head down the path to destruction.

                While they are deluded to believe in “If we bless jews, then gods gonna bless america” and most think that is actually a biblical verse! Yet a quick Glance at the past 50 yrs within americas heartland and all points besides, would fast show these delusional foolish worshippers of zionists and jews, that instead of being God blessed as america Used to be since its foundings, the past 50 yrs every since the fools began that false bless jews BS, it appears much closer to reality that God has been Cursing america, Not blessing it.

                As long as 50 Million such falsely taught fools continue to reject solid biblical truth, and keep electing war hawk neocon’s who themselves have sold their Souls to Satan, and their political favors and services to Satans main Chrildren, the jewish “Tares” and Zionist Khazars.

                America will never be placed Back on the correct God centered path to prosperity-safty-well being-and be again a God Blessed nation.

                None has so Ruined this america worse than False Preachers so sold out to jewish zionists khazar kommies.

                Even MSM-and Polititions must take a place in line Behind the many such phony pastors nationwide. If we ever do get to “Fix” it all, those falsehood teaching preachers should get their Rightfull place to stand aganist the Wall where all traitors Must stand. In the very First group against that Wall. Then all thats required is a Fireing Squad of Patriots.

                • Guess we have a lot of killing to do.

            • Massive non-compliance, for a start. Besiege your representatives with demands for repeal. Oppose every liberal judicial appointment, and donate money to opponents.

          • VRF, do you or anyone on this site knows if the CO’s anti gun laws will remain intact even though these commies were recalled?

            • Yes, the bills were passed and signed into law. Now you need to work on getting them repealed.

      42. New earthquake on the Central E. Pacific Rise a hour ago adds new danger spots to future major earthquakes. Philippines, Black Sea regions, Alaska, and Central South America. Just as an interesting note: on June 3, 1992 this exact spot was hit on the Pacific Rise, and then on June 28, 1992, Southern California had that 7.3 earthquake. 25 days out back then, but still other new plate boundary earthquakes could occur to indicate California is in danger. Will be watching for this.

        • I live is So-Cal and have been keeping an eye on the uptick in earthquakes lately. Crazy thing is, last night my dog started acting really odd, very odd. I know that animals have been known to sense something coming. Here’s hoping my dog was just being dumb.

      43. History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.
        – Mark Twain

        US Income Gap Soars To Widest Since “Roaring 20s”

        “The last time the top 10% of the US income distribution had such a large proportion of the entire nation’s income was the 1920s – a period that culminated in the Great Depression and a collapse in that exuberance.

        As AP reports, the very wealthiest Americans earned more than 19% of the country’s household income last year — their biggest share since 1928, the year before the stock market crash. And the top 10% captured a record 48.2% of total earnings last year.

        Analysis by Emanuael Saez shows that, based on IRS data, in 2012, the incomes of the top 1% rose nearly 20% compared with a 1% increase for the remaining 99%.

        Economists point to several reasons for widening income inequality including globalization and technology. However, as John Taylor explains in his recent WSJ Op-Ed, using this as a lever for Obama’s “middle-out” policies – higher tax rates, more intrusive regulations, more targeted fiscal policies – will not revive the economy.

        More likely they will perpetuate the weak economy we have and cause real incomes—including for those in the middle—to continue to stagnate.”


      44. You may not like him, but the world is a safer place with Pres.Obama…He and Kerry played Putin and everyone else exactly as they had drawn it up…He never intended to attack, he did not have to, the mere threat was all that was needed.

        • This was pure luck for the fucktard Obama. Rumblin, stumblin, and fumblin his way thru the Whitehouse. No skill in his game. If the media wasn’t pulling him along every step, he would have never set foot in the Whitehouse. He would love to go to war with his little pinprick assualt. And..he still may make it happen. This chapter is far from over.

        • Kerry pulled a Biden and tried to retract it. When he couldn’t they salvaged it.

          The “Establishment” want Assad out of power. They will be back with another excuse to use Military force.

          In the meantime North Korea sees the US occupied and is saber rattling to shake us (IMF) down for some more foreign aid. This stuff is getting so predictable.

      45. Once again BHO saw a Parade coming down the street, jumped in front of the parade and proclaimed himself the leaded. Does he even realize no a single country is behind him??

        Well maybe the French, but I think the only reason the French are involved is for the honor of the French State. Wasn’t Syria a French Colony??

        More Bull Shit and the dip shit that is still walking around with his finger on the trigger, in most cases this will result in a accidental discharge sooner or later. Not good when your pointing your gun in an unsafe direction; like the Russian’s direction.

        So as the US and Russia move more assets to the area, don’t worry!! I can assure you this will flare up just in time for the budget, funding obamacare, increasing the debt ceiling and not shutting down the government.

        All our leaders are looking for an excuse to increase the debt ceiling, which in my opinion they have already exceeded since the National debt clock has all but stopped for the last 130 day.

        Under the Clinton’s we had wag the dog; today we have wag the world. Its global folks!!

      46. This is a pause for the cause. It is just simmering.
        Today is 09.11.13 and today perhaps was the day W.W.III was to start with a strike on Syria.
        I believe that this country is is the most danger since that day with this president in office.
        I believe Putin feels empowered and might even attempt to seize Alaska. There is a report on the Internet that three Military Bases in Alaska are off-line
        Most people may be unaware that there is a developing shift in the power of oil reserves and production in the Middle East. There has been another major oil discovery in Israel, near the Southern City of Ashdod, near The Gaza Strip. That is at least five major discoveries in recent years. That is going to be a reason for Russia to invade, to attempt to seize resources in the future.

        Consider this, if Russia takes control of Syria’s Chemical Weapons, are they going to demand Israel surrender their
        stockpile of nuclear weapons? With that it would take a direct intervention from Heaven to rescue them.
        keep the faith, keep your guard up, big trouble ahead……

      47. Remember, the Globalists still want Syria and Iran. This isn’t going away. The Globalists realized they made a mistake. They under estimated public opinion. They won’t make that mistake next time. They will simply create a larger false flag than the phony chemical attack. We can only cringe at what the target might be. Today is 9-11. Get the picture?

        • Very true maudy cricket. I do live in hurricane zone..when people don’t get a storm for a year or more, they suddenly become very comfortable and drop their guards. What we witnessed regarding Syria was only a short amateur movie made by professional NWO pigs. More to come and it’ll be even worser. Again innocents worldwide will be scarified to benefit the criminal NWO PIGS.

      48. President O Dangerfield “it’s racism I tell you, I get no respect.

        I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous – everyone hasn’t met me yet.
        Rodney Dangerfield

        This morning when I put on my underwear I could hear the fruit-of-the-loom guys laughing at me.
        Rodney Dangerfield

        • I went to my Dentist and told him that I had yellow teeth, he said, “Wear a brown tie”, I get no respect…no respect al all.

      49. Impeach this God-hating/America-hating/evil/incompetent/amateurish/traitorous/illegal-alien/muslim/socialist/Marxist/abortion-loving/marriage-hating/liberal/leftist/communist DEMOCRAT now!

      50. We should expect nothing else from this president who has unbelievably been elected/reelected president with absolutely no history of accomplishment or merit, but instead has been advanced to his position through corporate/banking elite commandeering of the entire political process, mainly through entitlement and free lunch enticements for a large percent of voters, an open door policy to illegal immigrants for votes, an undermining of our currency through a fractional reserve system enabled by a private Central Bank Cartel to pay for these freebees, with the ultimate destruction of our currency- now nearly 97%b devalued.

        The politicians have given away our country so that they can stay in office. They have borrowed against our birthright so that they have jobs for themselves, even though they produce nothing. That’s the problem with a democracy: Once a majority of non productive useless eaters emerges with effective political critical mass, the end of the productive middle class is irreversible. Obama has accelerated our demise.

        • As long as Saudis are spreading the MERS to their neighbors and allies in MiddleEast, I wish them the best.

      51. The doctor gave me six monthes to live. I told him I couldn’t pay the bill. He gave me a year.

      52. Once upon a time in the United States of America….

        There was movie star who served as his states governor for two full terms, then president, acted like a president, interacted with world dignitaries successfully, loved his God and his country and governed like a president.

        Fast forward to 2008….There is a community organizer, who does a short stint as a senator, becomes president, acts like he wants to be a movie star, entertains and interacts with rap stars and terrorists on white house turf, embraces Muslims, hates his country and governs like a traitor.

        ….all of this in less than 20 years.

        • You drank the kool aid if you believe that Reagan was any better than any of the others. Eddie Bernays would love that.

          Reagan was an ACTOR.

          • JRS, I was never a Reagan supporter, but he was an honest man. You could tell he was lying about the contra affair and it bothered him. He wasn’t acting. He was lying. It is a lot harder to tell where Obama is coming from. He is the actor.

            • ENFB…youre correct…I don’t go for the old R vs D thing myself but theres no comparision betwixt barry and Reagan….at least with RR I knew he wasn’t trying to kill America…this moron goes out of his way totrash liberty…Id take Reagan over this kenyan piece of trash in a heartbeat!

              • REB, Me too.

        • He is killing Muslims. Where did you get embracing Muslims. You see how many wars he wants to make in the Middle East. Is that someone who embraces that region?

          Have you forgotten George Bush and how he was buddies with Osama Bin Laden? I hope not.

          • Ah Moe…that’s what muzzys do…they kill people…preferably infidels but other muzzys will do if there no infidels close by….

            • Says who? The mainstream media. They want you to focus on isolated incidents. That’s pretty much all. Just like gun owners don’t want to be grouped together with murderers. Same thing with Muslims, they don’t want to be grouped with radicals.

      53. New Mexico education system = bottom dwellers, worst in the country in almost everything, a real sh!thole for sure.

      54. This whole war in Syria, no war in Syria BS has a smell of planned psyop to me. Let the people think their opinion matters. On this 12th anniversary of the inside job mass murder that leads further into the insanity that prevails and drags our republic into a loss of constitutional freedoms, the truth is still vehemently suppressed about 9-11 and it’s perpetrators inside our u.s. government.

      55. Interesting day 9/11/2013

        Hillary Clinton (the Benghazi Bitch) has been given the Liberty Medal by the National Constitutional Center. Bill Clinton and George Bush received medals in 2006.

        Jeb Bush, chairman officiated the ceremony.

        Hillary joked that Bush/B.Clinton was the classic odd couple and they had just had their ANNUAL play dates at Kennebunkport, the Bush family compound in Maine. She said they were keeping up an American tradition of bi-partisanship as well as FAMILY?(political mafia family) traditions.

        Makes one feel warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it. As soon as 2016 rolls around one more of this cozy family, BHB will be joining the annual fun.

        Former medal award winners: George H.W.Bush, B. Clinton, Tony Blair, Gorbachev, Mandela, Robert Gates.
        Most on this list are either tri-laterals, bildebergers, or the committee of 300. The international FAMILIES of the NWO.

        Makes you wonder where they came up with the name of “national constitutional center”. Smoke and mirrors…their skulduggery never ends.

        Be interesting to see how these two FAMILIES handle the 2016 election if Hillary and J. Bush end up on the two tickets. You see, it really won’t matter. Either one is a head of a two headed snake.

        Onward, and upward!! Gotta keep fooling them sheep.

        Hillary’s medal. Due for the scrap heap!!

        • Granny — If Hillary and Jeb were locked
          in the same room together, there would be
          a helluva ruckus.
          Since both of them love screwing everyone,
          can you imagine the squabble about who was
          going to be on top……

          • Now I am going to have nightmares.

        • Here is a quote from 1985 that fits right in with this post:

          Gorbachevs’ prime minister in Russia said the moral state of their society in 1985 was its most terrifying feature. “We stole from ourselves, took and gave bribes, lied in reports, lied in newspapers, wallowed in our own lies, hung medals on one another – and all of this from top to bottom and bottom to top”.

          Nikolai Rhyzhkov, Russian Prime Minister 1985

          Now that, folks, is terrifying. That is this Obama administration 2013!!

      56. Another Reagan worshipper still drinking the koolaid. This man used astrology to govern. Put an R after his name and the deceived bow down. George Bush, as his VP, was in charge. Many government officials under foggy Reagan were still there under George W. Still there under Obama. Reagan was a flake up to his neck in the same crimes of the present commander and thief. Ditch those rose colored glasses and realize reality.

      57. You are all just being Mean!!! Of course He saved the world. He scared all the bad guys into backing down and even Russia has reformed and become a co-savior of the human race and, like, the WHOLE WORLD!Of COURSE He deserves another Pullitzer Peace Prize, just as much as the other time, look at all He has to overcome from everything that is Bush’s fault anyway!!! He is the Iron President!!!He is my B.F.F. and I have done 8 years of college and KNOW what-of I speak and if you don’t agree you are just a filthy old independent and conservative and librarian and are against everything good and special and progressive in the whole universe and EVERYONE hates you! And all the evil in world is your fault and Bush’s too! I bet you even go to church AND have the arrogance to pray for people, TOO! Who do you think you are anyway!?!?!?!

        (punctuation and spelling corrected for readability by home-schooled second grade student.

        (irony off)
        p.s.- I would have said “sarcasm off” but sarcasm presumes the intent to wound or be hurtful and as we all have seen a narcissist does not care what anyone else thinks about them.
        Although; since the Chem. symbol for iron is Fe I think there may be some validity to calling him the F(###)e(veryone and everything American) president.

      58. Where would we be if we impeach BO? We would then have ole Joe Biden; the buffoon.

        Naw, just portrayed as a buffoon. Joe learned a long time ago to play the game. Remember his comment to BO when he didn’t know the mike was open “the passage of obamacare is a “big f@!#$%@g deal”. He knew that Obamacare will bring America to her knees.

        Ole Joe Biden, seen and heard on Israeli TV “I used to say when I was a kid if I were a jew I would be a zionist…I am a zionist”.

        Check it out www dot utube/watchzv=uo-uxz-1ups
        or just type in joebideniamazionist.

        Can’t escape them, can we.

        • Granny — Joe gets a little tongue tied

          he meant to say, if I were a jew I would
          Be a pianist……

          • Outwest:

            I don’t think he has ever been accused of being tongue tied.

            I do see where they would have liked to have tied his tongue!

        • …except that Catholic theology is completely incompatible with Zionism… and you can see Biden on Sunday at the Novus Ordo fake “Mass.”

      59. Wow what a robust readership. Wish there was more time to read through.

        Today on the news: World Economic Forum opens in China where government promises new reforms to turn its currency into fully fledged alternatives to the dollar and the Euro.

        That would be what I would call a “key point objective.”

      60. The papers are all saying this weakens our position in Iran.

        I don’t see it.

        Everyone’s saying that “Obama backed down”. I also don’t see it because I’ve personally been in very small scale situations that sort of “rhymed” with this.

        He can still lay the smack down on them. I think all the bloody hardware he’s got in the Gulf makes that crystal clear. I’ve been known to reverse myself if someone offers me an out and then starts BS-ing around with me.

        Dear Putin: you’re as vulnerable as I think we are. Don’t push it moron. Everyone can come out of this a winner. Well except for Al-Quaida, and frankly who cares about them?

        The Saudis also lose. To them I say tough beans. This was more a wish list on your part than it was a dire threat to you.

        We REALLY need to concentrate on thorium reactors and internal energy sources RIGHT THIS MINUTE NOW. I am not even kidding. No joke. We are having our feet held to the fire of a paradigm that just can’t be sustained anymore. I mean in terms of foreign policy.

        Someone answer me what good all your battleships and missiles and nukes are when one dirty bomb smuggled into your country via container ship can completely wipe your economy off the face of the Earth? This is like amateur hour. And yet due to how toxic and persistent this stuff is, all it really takes IS amateur hour and some patsy to pin it on.

        The old method of warfare is… not DEAD dead but it’s something you pull out only when you’re completely out of options, and we aren’t.

        We need out of these comitments. We need out of them. Thorium reactors GET us out of them. ALL OF US. Then maybe we can form some kind of international military task force so the amateurs can’t pick on any one given target anymore.

        Poor Al-Quaida… boo hoo. We won’t fight their little war for them so they can blow us up later. I’m crying.

        We will however sadly have to be watching for them now, I’m sure they’re PO’ed. Better port wecurity to start I think.

      61. Organizers of the “Bikers Rally” to honor the victims of 9/11 TRIED to get a permit, but were DENIED. However, organizers of the “Million Muslim March” held today in Washington D.C. were given approval for their rally.

        9/11 Muslim rally vastly outnumbered by bikers, counterprotesters

        “A few dozen demonstrators attending a rally on the Mall once billed as the Million Muslim March were vastly outnumbered Wednesday by a Christian group objecting to their event and a counterprotest consisting of motorcycle riders honoring Sept. 11 victims.”

        “Two Million Bikers” Rally Roars into D.C. Area for 9/11

        Thousands of bikers with the group “Two Million Bikers to D.C.” are snarling traffic on the Beltway with a ride honoring the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and the members of the military called to serve after the attacks.

        On their Facebook page, in all caps, the group said they will stand by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, adding that they’re “against any fundamental transformation of America.”

        • I didn’t get it the second time I went back to that page. My concern is that NEW people visiting that article might be turned away by the warning, and perhaps the admin can stop it early if they know about it.

          Me, I’m a little more hard-headed than to turn around when the air gets a little thick.

      62. Wall Street Journal war monger


        WSJ op-ed writer Elizabeth O’Bagy fired for resume lie


        not only did she lie about her academic credentials

        but there is this

        “later adding a clarification that disclosed her connection to a Syrian rebel advocacy group.”

        what’s next?
        babies being thrown out of incubators ?

        oh wait

        that was the Kuwaiti thing


      63. I have to change my mind a little. I’m not sure about Obabma but the people that control Obama aren’t fools. I’m not sure why they’re stalling. Maybe they want a stock market crash before they have World War III. Obama is a tool of the globalists. He got his Harvard tuition paid for by the Saudis as part of their propaganda campaign aimed at black Americans. His parents were communist revolutionaries. His mentors were terrorists. A lot of evil people have a lot riding on Obama.

      64. Mac – Did you receive my email?

      65. Couldn’t agree more. We are a llloooonnngggg way off from having a Washington; Jefferson; or Lincoln as POTUS. Richard Nixon; despite his personal flaws was INFINITELY better than the unflushed toilet we have as POTUS. The article was spot on. Putin is a leader in search of an American Statesman he can converse; and hash issues out with. Instead; he’s got O’Buttman.

      66. Just a litttle off topic because story is dated for yesterday 9/10/13 today is 9/11/13.

        There was a “Million Muslum march today with permits in hand but was meet with a two million mortorcycle ride through D.C without permits because “they” would not issue permits for the ride through. The ride went ahead anyway uninhibited!

        The next 9/11 is in 2014 of course, and I feel that a Million MUZZLE MARCH maybe in order. Just take the barrels of your personal weapons and display them as high and loudly as possible. This will also be ahead of the 2014 Mid Term elections. I think this would be a REEL Attention Getter!!!!!! What do you think? I will follow comments on posts for 9/11/13. (Today if Mac catches up with events). Sarcasome

        • 25 mooselimbs…twenty five showed up. They had a permit granted to them. A million Bikers showed up without a permit.

      67. The leader of the free world couldn’t lead flies
        to shit!

      68. @ Pissed off granny

        I feel like you do.

        Same views based on research, Bilderburg, Rothschild, etc.


        Check out this history,long read but you control what you read.

        • Thanks REEL:

          That is a new one to me. Will be reading it tonight.

      69. This could be one big set-up, to have Israel defend its self and have to fire the first shot and get blamed as the aggressor again. All this looks like it is coming right out of the BOOK.

      70. Russian strategic bombers patrol Norwegian Sea

        Two Russian Tupolev-95MS strategic bombers have completed a patrolling mission over the Norwegian Sea according to Defense Ministry Spokesperson Igor Klimov.
        0“Their flight route passed across neutral waters in the Norwegian Sea. The Tu-95MS crews practiced their skills at flying over featureless terrain and refueled in mid-air from an Ilyushin-78 tanker aircraft. The mission lasted about 18 hours,” Klimov said on Wednesday, September 11.
        0He noted that during their mission the planes were escorted by a pair of MiG-31 interceptor jets and, at some point, by British and Norwegian Air Force aircraft.
        0Voice of Russia, TASS
        Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2013_09_12/Russian-strategic-bombers-patrol-Norwegian-Sea-2257/

      71. 17:45 11/09/2013 Top News
        Missile cruiser to join Russian warships in Mediterranean
        MOSCOW, September 11 (Itar-Tass) – Three warships will join the Russian Navy’s permanent operational group in the Mediterranean in the next few days.
        One is the Black Sea Fleet’s Project 1164 Atlant class missile cruiser Moskva, which has passed through the Strait of Gibraltar and is heading for the eastern Mediterranean, the Russian Defence Ministry’s press service told Itar-Tass on Wednesday.
        The missile cruiser Moskva, the large landing ship Nikolai Filchenkov and the guard ship Smetlivy will join the naval group at sea from September 15 to 17.
        The Moskva passed Gibraltar on September 10 and is on its way to the eastern part of the Mediterranean to join the warships. The cruiser is expected to arrive at the area on September 17, the press service said.
        Nikolai Filchenkov and Smetlivy will pass the Bosphorus-Dardanelles strait zone from September 12 to 14 and head for the eastern Mediterranean.
        In the permanent operational group of the Russian Navy now at sea are the large landing ships Peresvet, Admiral Nevelsky, Minsk, Novocherkassk, Alexander Shabalin, the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleyev and the guard ship Neustrashimy. They are undertaking tasks based on plans of the operational command in the zone. Command staff are aboard the Admiral Panteleyev.
        Earlier Wednesday, landing ship Nikolai Filchenkov of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet left the port of Novorossiisk and headed for the Bosporus-Dardanelles strait. After passing through the zone, the ship will head for the Syrian port of Tartus, where a Russian naval technical support facility is located, a source at the Novorossiisk naval base told Itar-Tass on Wednesday.

      72. Mother,should I trust the government? NO FUCKING WAY!!! So comrade saves the commie king. Hmmm I wonder what was exchanged(given) for Putin to jump on the landmine for him? Maybe the-king gave him koolaid at the G-20? I bet we never hear about the Snowden thing ever again. BE SAFE OUT THERE

      73. ack sorry don’t include in normal channels or conversation just in case moderation missed it im just curious and don’t wanna freak any one out im white hat : )

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