Hillary Is Still Not Ruling Out Running For President

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    Could we still end up with another Hillary Clinton presidential nomination? Perhaps. The embattled politician is mincing a lot of words, but what she isn’t doing is ruling out going head to head with Donald Trump once again, in a war for the White House.

    Even though Hillary has already missed the filing deadline for the New Hampshire primary, she says she will have to make up her mind about running for president quickly. During an appearance on Britain’s Graham Norton Show, Clinton was again asked about her presidential aspirations while being quizzed as to why she included a story about a U.S. women’s soccer star who retired on the tagline “forget me.”

    Hillary said the intention of the words were to “make way for new people” and “get off the stage.” Those words of advice are for everyone else except Hillary Clinton it would appear. When asked by Norton, “Are you saying ‘Forget me’ now?” – Hillary responded, “Not yet.” She then said she was aware of the presidential rumor mill and had been “deluged” with questions about running again.


    “Right now, I’m not, at all, uh, you know, planning that I’d have to make up my mind really quickly,” she said, “because it’s moving very fast.” Back in October, Clinton’s adviser Dick Morris insisted that Hillary will become the Democratic nominee because she believes “she was put on Earth to be President.”

    “Make no mistake. She wants it,” said Morris. “She’s planning on it. She’ll do everything she can to achieve it.”

    Earlier that month, Clinton teased another presidential run, despite having already failed twice, telling PBS Newshour, “Obviously I can beat him again,” according to Summit News. 

    Hillary Clinton Threatens To Enter Presidential Race: “Don’t Tempt Me!”

    Clinton has also “felt pressure” to run for president and raised funds to do so.  That doesn’t mean she’ll join the race, but being so late to the game also doesn’t mean she intends to sit this one out.

    Hillary Clinton Is Facing “Enormous Pressure” To Run For President

    According To The FEC, Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Is Raising Money – Is One Last Run For The White House Coming?

    H/T [Summit News]


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      1. No doubt she wants to be president, she even said she deserved it, she saw the election only as a formality. I hope she runs again for no other reason than to see her defeated once more. Only this time she would lose by a large popular margin in addition to electorally. The reality is she is not likely to run because she could not bear to lose again. If for some irrational reason should she does run it will be because her ego demands it or she still owes favors she couldn’t fulfill due to not get elected in 2016. She craves power and wealth and worship, pathologically so. The fact her relevance has diminished dramatically is intolerable for her.
        It is obvious she is so compromised morally and devoid of rectitude that she is totally indifferent (or even unaware) to/of her gross hypocrisy. She is a phony through and through, it is on record she has lied and lied and lied again. Personally I find her repulsive, her very image fills me with a revulsion. Decent and honorable people cannot but help naturally and innately see her as utterly loathsome.

      2. Now matter how much you want to route for your own color team, she is just slightly more leftist than your average Republican.

        • You mean root for your own color team, as in Ass Clown World roots for Pelosi and Schiff!

      3. Yeah hurry up and murder all those Epstein witnesses. Time’s a wasting speedy.

      4. So she claims people are begging her to run again? Did I just see a pig flying? Nope, didn’t think so. And with her health issues? We’ll see.

      5. I don’t believe Hillary will run against Trump unless he’s convicted and removed or his presidency is irreparably damaged. Don’t forget she’s twice failed, she doesn’t have what it takes to compete, liberals can’t and don’t compete, they cheat and steal.

      6. The plan: The leading democratic nominee for POTUS (likely Biden) will take on Clinton as his running mate when his selected running mate suddenly drops out due to “personal reasons”, just before the election. In which Clinton will become the VP. Then, when the Biden Ukraine scandal finally becomes a key issue for the GOP (impeachment hearings of their own in retaliation for what the dems did to Trump), Biden will resign for the “betterment of the nation”….and woollah..!!!! Clinton becomes POTUS by default. Don’t think for a minute that these traitorous scumbags aren’t planning this, or something even more dastardly..!!!!

      7. You mean root for your own color team, as in Ass Clown World roots for Pelosi and Schiff!

      8. You mean root for your own color team, as in “Ass Clown World roots for Pelosi and Schiff!”

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