Hillary Is Smoking Trump In The Funding War: “She Has A Virtually Unlimited Amount Of Cash”

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Headline News | 56 comments

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    It is literally amazing how an individual so crooked, so duplicitous, and with so many chargeable offenses can actually stay in the running for the presidency of the United States.

    Mac Slavo recently penned a piece on the $32-million-dollar donation from the Prince of Bahrain to Hillary Clinton (indirectly), via the Clinton Foundation.  The battle for the presidency is won with the bank account, and Clinton is leaving Trump behind in the starting gates.  Just in the month of July, Clinton raised $90 million for her campaign.

    $90 million.

    Now her new television ad campaign, coincidentally, is running her a cool $80 million.  She has a virtually unlimited amount of cash to throw into this election, and remember the beauty of it all…anything she takes in at this point, she keeps, whether she wins the election or not, and it’s not taxable income.  She’s operating in the green, and it’s all going to be profit at this point.

    There is a list of donors to Hillary Clinton that is circulating on the internet.  Among these (and these are ones that are known, mind you) are such notables as Chelsea Handler, the comedienne, donating $100,000.  There’s nothing funny about that.  Peter Angelos, owner of the Baltimore Orioles, giving Clinton $500,000.  The Tulalip [Indian] Tribe of Washington, $125,000.  The list has individuals, unions, PAC’s…a “smattering” of virtually every demographic.

    There’s a Muslim fanatic by the name of Kase Lukman Lawal of Nigeria, an oil billionaire with known operations and ties to known and well-established terrorist individuals and organizations, such as Bosco Ntaganda and Al Shabaab respectively.  This Lawal bundled more than $100,000 for Clinton for her 2008 run.  She returned the favor when she was Secretary of State by blocking any charges of association with known terrorists from reaching him, charges that could have meant 20 years on a conviction.  Ready for the punch-line?

    This guy is living in Houston and is a Commissioner for the Port Authority of Houston.

    You can read more about it in an article dated July 28, 2016 by IWB entitled HIGH TREASON: Hillary Sells Arms to Qatar, Transfers 20% of US Uranium Production To Russia, Sides With BLM Over Land Grab, Receives TONS of Money from Nigerian Terrorist Billionaire.

    You can also read about the $2.35 million given in four donations from a Russian Uranium mining concern to the Clinton Foundation, signed off and shifted by Clinton when she was Secretary of State and headed the State Department.  These donations came between 2009 to 2013.

    Trump is a “penny ante” operator in comparison to Clinton.  He backed a deal to keep the Ukrainian administration intact prior to the U.S. Victoria Nuland-led coup, and allowed his campaign manager to get “sucked” into public view, necessitating his resignation.

    Clinton?  She practically orchestrated the whole “Arab Spring,” and threw all of Egypt into turmoil, was one of the “jeering” principals involved in killing Kaddafi in Libya, and managed to allow the “removal” of the American ambassador in Libya and his staff…no real questions asked.

    If Clinton’s leaked classified e-mails pertaining to the defense and national security of the United States were ignored, then how many e-mails listing her donations from foreigners and foreign entities were swept under the rug?

    We haven’t even touched on some of her more well-known “big” backers, such as Soros, Warren Buffet, and (recently announced) CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Meg Whitman.  How much are they donating under the table in addition to what they’re giving that is visible?

    Even more: how much of an effect unable to be measured in dollars are their influences having to generate both opportunities and support for her?

    The media is firmly in her pocket.  The polls (not much different from polling regarding the removal of horns from cattle) are manipulated and skewed, and all of the printed drivel, the blathering over the airwaves, and the scripted circus of the television stations are all in her corner.  She has the funds to “recreate” herself in the “mom and apple-pie” image…an image that appeals to women, minorities, and liberals…an image they are gobbling up in the manner of the “TV parlor-watchers” of Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451.”

    She generates more and more money every day, and spends more of it every day.  One thing about the Clintons: they know how to spend money to make more of it.  As the Secretary of State, she sold this country down the river.  Now she’s buying it back, but for her own possession.  The ironic thing is she’s buying it back on the backs of the American taxpayer with her tax-free campaign funds.

    Trump may have his Trump Towers and his casinos, but the true tower is the “towering inferno” that Clinton created with her destabilization of the Middle East and the former Soviet republics that she profited from greatly.  And the casino she’s vying for is the United States, where the cards are all marked and the deck is stacked in her favor.  The gamble she’s betting on is whether the American people are dumb enough to make her the “pit boss.”  She’s winning that gamble…by buying their votes long before the ballots are cast.  In the battle of funds, she’s riding into the sunset (of the U.S., that is) and leaving Trump in the dust.  In the end, only the American people lose the whole shooting match.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

        • Think about it. Hillary has spent many, many tens of millions of dollars on advertising airtime and she is, at best, SLIGHTLY ahead of Trump; if not in a dead heat, with the LSM tilting the table on her behalf, and with their thumb on the scales.

          The TRUMP TEAM is smart and will save their media purchases for an October biltz.

          TRUMP will also blitz her in the debates. Hillary will NOT be able to hide behind false advertising. She will have to face the public and answer for her criminal activity as SOS based upon those missing emails. The most criminal and damaging emails evidencing her crimes are yet to be released.

          BY November 1st, TRUMP will be the clear winner in all of the polls and will win by a LANDSLIDE.

          Remember, only 129 million registered voters cast their ballot in 2012. White America stayed home. Gun owners stayed home. 100 million American gun owners, financially contributing the equivalent of a few of boxes of shells, can provide TRUMP with all of the cash he needs for mass advertising,


          If not now, when ??? If not US, who ??? 🙂

          • Donated a case of .308 to the cause.

            • Roll up your sleeves, boys, it’s going to be a steep uphill climb. It’s not like we didn’t know that this bitch was going to be a hard target to drop.

              I’M NOT FOR SALE.

          • Re: the polls,

            Trump’s popularity is sky rocketing because his message resonates with Americans, but the polls run by the leftists/communists will never reflect the Truth. We will only hear PSYOPS propaganda from the left wing state media in their attempt to smear and/or deceive anyone who opposes their agenda.

            The diabolical scheme of the globalist one world order cabal is to level every nation to a third world country and cause all to submit to their tyrannical rule. Oh excuse me, the Kenyan has decreed that it is not pc to use the term “third world country.” Therefore we will need to revert to their properly given name of “third world hell hole”.

            The wicked witch of the left, HRC, is a threat not just to America, but to all humanity. She is another peace-loving islamist, who will kill you to prove it.

            Repeating from durangokidd’s post above(Thanks, durangokidd, spot on!!!):


            And as we oppose HRC, we might all want to put ourselves on voluntary suicide watch.

            Be safe, stay prepared, and fight the good fight!

            • When your outspending your opponent a gazillion to nothing and can’t pull ahead, to paraphrase Carville,
              maybe it’s the candidate stupid.

              • It’s true- but I had to listen and watch that moron Carville all day I’d shoot my TV!

                • Jimbo, Carville looks like Gollum.

                • He’s called Serpent Head for a reason !

          • DK, all the money in the world won’t do that commie bitch any good. Her health issues have forced her to cut back to campaigning only 2 days a week. Nobody can campaign only 2 days a week and expect to win. trump attends rallies almost every day going full speed ahead. He has the right kind of message. All the hildebeast promises is tax increases, unlimited immigration, restricting white people’s speech, wants to take away our guns, etc. she needs to have an ‘accident’.

            • Braveheart: I want her to live long enough to share a prison cell with slick willie. That would be poetic justice. 🙂

              • I wanna see hillary and soros perp-walked out together.

          • All Good Points DK, and Hillary has not given an open press conference in 250 days plus. Like you are trying to run for President and you hide even from her own Owned media press? Hillary has so many skeletons in her Closet, from her commie college term paper, White Water fraud case, Rose Law firm, Represented and got a Child rapist off, Vince Foster death and dozens more, Monica Lewinski and the other dozens of Women Bill assaulted and raped, then she calls them liars. Hillary’s failed healthcare. Bill Clinton’s NAFTA policy she supports, then clams she’s gonna bring jobs back to America. Its laughable. She accomplished nothing in the Senate but renamed a post office, then anointed Sec of State which was a total disaster leaving half the world in ruin, all while collecting foreign bribes from other dictators, and laundering $2 Billion through her fake family foundation, then Bengazi, abandoning Americans then lying to their families it was all due to a video tape. Then her personal health problems from low energy and attention spans to spazzes, and illusions, always leaning on a stool and needing help up stairs. Nothing but lies, and more lies.

            I want to see Trump shread her on stage during the debates. She is a criminal, liar and thief, and a sell out to America by selling off 20% of US Uranium to Russia for bribes while she claims Russia is our enemy and greatest threat. She is a hypocrite, biotch, pant suit wearing ho.

            Did I leave out, Chelsea is not even Bill’s daughter, as well as she being a dyke.

            And get this BOMBSHELL: Trump University Lawsuits were brought by Clinton connected law firms and the judges were also tied to the Clintons, all to Trash Trump

            After the judge on Trump University lawsuit released some court documents it was revealed everyone connected to this lawsuit has some MAJOR political issues with Trump.

            Even as a federal judge rules against Donald Trump and today unsealed hundreds of documents related to the lawsuit against Trump University, a new bombshell in the case has just been revealed.

            Turns out, one of the two law firms representing plaintiffs in this case against Trump — coincidentally, appointed by the judge overseeing the case whom Trump has (it appears rightly) accused of being “hater” and “very hostile” — have some ties to Hillary and Bill Clinton.

            As in half a million dollars worth of ties.

            As The American Spectator reports:

            It comes to light from LawNewz that the law firm Robbins Geller appointed by Judge Gonzalo Curiel to represent a plaintiff in the Trump University class action suits has another connection to Hillary Clinton beyond a $2700 campaign contribution from firm chairman Darren Robbins. LawNewz did not mention the firm’s connection to the Trump University case. The information was apparently retrieved from a Washington Post data base with the Clinton financial filings on file. (The Post itself has not reported on this connection.)

            It seems that Robbins Geller “paid the Clintons nearly half a million dollars in less than a year.” Why? Speeches of course.

            That’s right. One of the law firms picked by the Judge in the Trump University case — the very Judge Donald Trump accuses by name of anti-Trump bias — awarded this firm the case after — say again after — Hillary and Bill Clinton had been paid a cool $450,000 for two speeches by the firm.
            link: ht tp://girlsjustwannahaveguns.com/trump-university-bombshell-plaintiffs-law-firm-connected-to-clintons-but-wait-there-is-more/

            ~WWTI… Know thy liars..

            • Thanks. I am aware of these items. Many may not be. 🙂

      2. hate repeat, but the Clintons are scum and those with them should all be HUNG for treason!! and ALL there money distributed to somewhere here in the US for a good cause, and NOT the FEDS!!

        • Apache54

          Build the southern border wall. That will piss her off.

          • good thought!!

        • Well the criminal Mob that wants her elected runs the momey printing machines. And those faclscist corporations and dictator mobsters are donating blood money to her campaign. Id like to see how much money comes from black people she is pimping out. Empty promises for votes.


      3. Tons of money- ZERO credibility and trust.

        • The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

      4. Greed is the mother of all corruption and Zionism is the father. She is the queen of the tribe.

      5. Geez, this makes being a gangster look like being a Priest. I’m In the wrong racquet.!!


      6. The Republic is long dead. They are just feeding on the corpse until it completely rots.

      7. When you have the old Nazi pimp backing you he have BLM 65 million.

      8. No worries. Trump spends a dollar on his election, hillary spends over a $100 to counter act that dollar.

        • Trump appears to be spending his campaign funds much more wisely.

      9. We patriots had 4 1/2 years to revolt since the Obama/McCain NDAA destroyed the Bill of Rights. At least the Confederates had the conviction to fight an evil federal government.

        • OK, I’ll say it… we need a hero to come along and take her out. Period.

          • We are all members of SEAL TEAM AMERICA responsible for the US Constitution where we live. Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice, in YOUR neck of the woods.

            If push comes to shove, the New World Order can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. Its totally Constitutional. 🙂

      10. Hillary is a known Jew hater with her arms around the Muslim Brother Hood. Amazing how you cretins always throw out the Zionist card. Simple minded fools. I guess Obama is a Zionist also. Can you tie your own s hoes? Lucky for you they invented Velcro.

        • John W. Hillary is OWNED by the Rothschild families. Her puppet masters are George Soros and David Rockefeller. The (((Juden))) are using the muslims to foment their war on white people… Christians… She used the Muslim brotherhood to destabilize the middle east. Partial success, the Egyptian people rebelled and restored their government. Make no mistake about the agenda of the (((Juden))). They hate us white Christian people. (((THEY))) will do whatever it takes to eliminate all of us. Then (((THEY))) will finish reducing the number of people on the planet to just 10%, to serve (((them))).

          • The Chauffeur…. Excellent points. The main issue is John W is one of them.

      11. Off Topic:

        If you haven’t tried Pea Protein by Bob’s Red Mill.com, give it a try. It’s tasteless. I guess most people put it in smoothies. I put it in pancakes. I put coconut oil in the batter, and lots of butter in the frying pan. I load up the Cinnimon, pumpkin pie spice, ginger, nutmeg, lemon extract, vanilla extract, brown sugar, an egg, some milk, sometimes fruit. I don’t need syrup. They tast just fine without it. I used Arrowhead organic buckwheat pancakes; but, by the time I got done adding all the spices, they tast quite different than the original.

        Now, go ahead and bitch about the former lady.


        • Anything from Bob’s Red mill is good in my book, The company I work for hauls in the raw oats etc… to the plant in Milwaukee WI. Their program for quality control is very very strict. First off if the seal on the trailer is broken they reject the entire load. Only staff can break the seal. It is an amazingly clean facility. Drivers cannot go past the entrance. Second they test for and only purchase non glyphosate sprayed grains. If the oats or what ever have glyphosate residue they reject the whole load and another truck will have to haul it away. The people are great too. (Hey Brad!)
          They give free samples to the drivers too.

      12. Look when you own the printing press that prints money for nothing like the jewish bankers have control over then you can buy anything and just about any body so Bill Clintons old sex slave gets to be the best woman in the whole of the USA thats fit for the job as the new president.

        You didn’t did you Bill 🙂

      13. Of course she has more money. Her and her loser husband have promised everyone the sky so they donate to the Foundation. Plus she has the freaking Biderberg Group supporting her.

      14. All the money in the world will not make Shrillery electable. She should be in prison.

      15. Hilary: 100% approval rating from Goldmun Suchs, Geo. Soreazz, and the National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party (Nazis)

      16. Now, I would never advocate anything illegal, but I can tell you I have started to see 5, 10, 20 dollar bills with a handwritten message in the top margin, “Hilary is a fraud.” Looks like the grass roots rebellion has begun.

        • I like it

        • I had a $5 that said “hillary is technically brain-damaged”

      17. Those who count the votes have decided who will win already.
        I don’t think Trump has a snowball’s chance for that reason.

      18. B from Ca, thanks for the recipe ideas, (Heloise!).

      19. There are still dummies that don’t vote, anyone can vote you need to register, myths like I’m a felon, my vote doesn’t count,have to work, or plan don’t care. Those are the ones that allow the country to take a dive.

      20. Might be time for some folk to unplug the TV. As, many news outlets are giving the listeners distorted facts.
        It’s in the newspapers, magazines, radio & smartphones too.
        Perhaps in the near future All the reporting will be toxic. It’s nearly there now.

      21. JEB! smoked Trump on fund raising,too…and JEB! won going away didn’t he?…oh,wait

        • Low energy JEBborah, ran from the debates when Trump looked right at him in the eyes, and said “The American People will know the Truth about 9-11.” Jeb broke out is a dripping sweat. That pretty much gave GH Bush the signal to pull the plug, and bail JEBborah, if they wanted to say out of Jail. As well know the Bush family clan was in on the 9-11 attacks. Hell Marvin Bush was on the board of the security firm that ran security at the twin towers in the years leading up to the 9-11 attacks, then had his stock holdings erased off the public records, so nobody would see the connection there. I posted that info a few articles back.


      22. Pretty bad when our presidency is bought and paid for
        Rather than truly voted for

      23. I do not care how much Hillary raises, I will not vote for her. She is bought and paid for by the wrong people.


      25. Still waiting moderation

      26. Good idea about defacing the fiat notes with Hillary for Prison or worse. Everybody do it and nationwide coverage before the election.

        • Great idea. 🙂

      27. And, a good portion of it will end up in her own pocket.

      28. Yeah, & for ME, it’s huge part of her downfall!!
        All the people giving her money, are what I
        perceive to be this Countries ENEMIES!!!

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