Hillary Is Back: Intends To Start TV Show And Position For Another Run: “She’s Convinced She’d Get Fabulous Ratings”

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Headline News | 136 comments

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    As the election of 2016 came to a close and Donald Trump won an electroal landslide against Hillary Clinton, Matt Drudge posted a picture of the losing candidate and asked, “Is this the last photo of Hillary you will ever see on Drudge?”

    Millions had hoped the answer was “yes.”

    As it turns out, our dreams of a Hillary-free America may have just been shattered.

    In a recent meeting with friends at her Whitehaven, D.C. home Clinton reportedly raised a glass and said, “I’ll be back” in her best Terminator voice.

    Edward Klein, the author of Clinton exposé Guilty As Sin, reports that the losing candidate hasn’t given up on the White House just yet.

    She’s been talking very seriously about the idea of having her own television show,” said the source. “As a TV host, she’d discuss the issues of the day from a progressive point of view, have top guests, interview world leaders and progressive thinkers.

    It would have to be a show that she and her people completely controlled,” the source continued. “She’s convinced she’d get fabulous ratings in a political climate where there’s so much anger in Democratic circles over Donald Trump’s election.

    “She’s utterly determined not to fade into the background. She intends to stay in the limelight and keep fighting the good fight. She knows Obama is going to be out there fighting too. But frankly, she doesn’t think he’s a great leader or a great fighter, which leaves an opening for her to be the acknowledged leader-in-exile of her party.

    She thinks being the host of a popular TV show would energize the Democratic Party base and her tens of millions of fans. It’s a way to make a comeback and position herself for another run at the White House starting in a year or so.

    Clinton has now lost a chance at the White house twice – once against Barrack Obama in 2008 and most recently against Donald Trump.

    She, apparently, has an inability to understand that America simply doesn’t want her as the leader of the free world.

    While we applaud her persistence (likely driven by the fact that the Clinton Foundation just lost billions in future donations), we suspect that after the initial buzz has worn out, her “completely controlled” TV show will go down in history as yet another failure, much like other liberal-targeted shows that have been hemorrhaging viewers for years.


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      1. Awww c’mon! I can’t listen to another minute of her voice. She is so annoying. Her new “show” is DOA.

        • They should call it the Dick Hating Dyke show.

          • Excelllent! Lol

          • Her first guests will be Rosie O’Donnell and whooped goldberg

          • Yep Trump had the apprentice.

            Hillary will have the “Intern show.” Where all contestants wear blue dresses and kneepads.
            And run it all from her reality show set from Cellblock D. D for dyke. Its the Death Row Reality Show.

            • TD, Hillary’s show could be called VIRUS VIEWS WHILE HILLARY SPEWS. LOL.

        • Old hag needs to be in prison for her many crimes. Not on TV.

          • That is what the show will be.

            Reality TV live from Folsom Prison with Hillary “the Deleter” Clinton…

            What her as she shanks bitches, punches hos, and bribes the prison guards.

            Bill Clinton will be on with special segments live from the conjugal visit trailers.

            • Except Bill won’t be with Hillary.

              • Hillarys only TV Show will be her reality Trial for Treason and only be a one season play. She can watch the one season reruns from her Cell in D Block during her death sentence appeals which will be denied.

        • DOA!! took the words out of my mouth…lol

          • Topics of her doomed show could include the big MSN story of the scum muslim being assaulted at the airport in NYC. The islamic trash kill thousands per month around the world yet this news gets a headline. I have news for the scum muslims. Better leave this country.

          • the witch was DOA long ago they must be using a clone now to finish the plan

        • I did not know they allowed TV’s in prison!! let alone camera equipment!! LOL

          • Hillary’s first special guest could be Keith Ellison. Next guest could be Bernie Sanders. It’ll be a ratings hit watching them duke it out.

          • It could be a first. She could do a cooking show and show everyone how her GREED got her FRIED!

        • So THAT’S what “delusional” means!!!
          LOCK HER UP!!!

        • I’m reminded of an old Limbaugh routine of “The Tom Daschle Show”.

        • I don’t think we need to worry about her. I believe that she is too sick to be around much longer. I don’t think she is going to make it another four yrs. What do you all think?

        • I got hear after looking some info about something else abiut Syrian´s “errors of the West”. Errr… could YOUu define this website for me? I read things like thesaker, moonofalambama, voltairenet and the like. geopolitics i Love. Are you from USAof America?. Thanks in advance.

      2. Sure, give her her own show. Put it between all the soccer games Americans watch and CNN. She’ll get, maybe, 3 viewers.

        Of course, most daytime women are pretty dumbed up so if get all the ‘View’ watchers maybe she’ll get 10 viewers.

        Trump(ed) that bitch!

      3. Who does she think will watch her? I can’t stand her voice or to look at her.

        • The 63 million people that voted for her, of course.

          The tv show will have to be on Univision, because only the Mexicans voted for her.

          • Mac can’t you just let her die! Trekker Out

      4. This is a B.S. Right!!!!!

        Hitlery would only get dyke, men hating women, zombie, leach, give me shit crowd, child molesters, left wing commies, NWO scum, gun grabbing, Anti-Christian, Radical muslime lovers to watch..

        The show would be based on the above. It would be trying to sell to the American public that all of the above is the way the world should be, and would be if she was the prez.


        I was going to use the “B” word and not Cunt, but I didn’t want to get moderated!.

        • Shit got moderated any way.

          • Sarge, damn good points. It would be GRATIFYING to see her laying in a casket.

            • don’t want to see her in a casket! would like to see the dirt mound AFTER she been buried !!much better

              • She would rise from the grave and we would have a “Night of the Living Dead”.

                Slap a little makeup on her face and she would be good as new. Aarrrggggggg!

            • ooooooohhhhhh!!!!!

              The Secrete Service will be on your ass now!!!

              • NAH!!
                they did like her either, she is a real female dog (B—H) to be around!!

                • did “not” like her, darn writer

            • With a stake through her heart, and cloves of garlic strewn in the coffin.

          • LOL, I can see why that was moderated! Still chuckling.

            If Hillary’s show is live, I might watch so I can see her have seizures and fall down a lot. We can call the show “Flipper” or “Flopper”.

        • too bad theres no shortage of that kind around.

        • I un-banned myself, I couldn’t help it.

          Just some thoughts

          She can make the rounds on the daytime judge shows as the defendant, with the plaintiff being Bernie Sanders accusing her of stealing the election. Then for the commercial break she can push reverse mortgages since she lost her source of income.

          Then she could be on Dr. Phil with her husband for a week long series of the ongoing psychological manifestations between them, with the commercial breaks being done by the both of them for adult diapers.

          Then they can go on Maury Povich to see who the father really is. With the commercial break done by him for Cialis.

          Then a segment on PBS (political bull-shit) about truth in government. With the commercial break about life alerts in case you have a fall.

          Then she can be on Sunday Morning being put out to pasture. With the commercial break being the importance of signing up for Obamacare.

        • Oh that is so funny !!!

      5. Mac, I know you mean the best in the world, but can we PLEASE do without any pictures of the hildebeast? I’m afraid I’ll end up shooting my laptop one day. LOL! It’s obvious she’s living in the biggest fantasy world. The Clinton Foundation has already LOST whatever future donations they ever had a chance of receiving. The people spoke on Nov. 8 and said they wanted Trump, NOT the hildebitch for President, but the libturds still don’t ‘get it’. the Clintons need something to happen to them.

        • It was a funny one this time, though! hehe

          • Mac, a picture of her laying in a casket would really be GRATIFYING.

            • LOL

              • Mac, I’m not convinced ‘our dreams of a Hillary-free America may have been shattered.’ Just the fact that she had some kind of serious health issues became all too clear during the campaign. Not sure what those issues are but I still think she should hang it up. Not sure she’ll even LIVE long enough. a lot of things can and will happen between now and 2020.

            • DB

              Give than man a cigar!

              • I always wondered why no one came out with a line of vibrators that look like cigars, they could have called them WhoreMonicas?

                • OK, better name for those Cigar shaped sex toys, how about BillDoe’s

            • Hey, could someone photo shop the casket picture? It would make us all feel better.

      6. So Killery is planning to become dRATS Tokyo Rose.
        What an idiot.
        Lock her up.

      7. Do it hilldawg. Do it. It will be so fun to troll

      8. I hope she does do this show and I hope she runs again. She’ll lose worse than she just did.

        • No, the one thing the Clintons have learned is how to commit fraud.

          She will learn from this election and will have the fraud waiting and ready to go.

      9. Fingernails on a chalkboard never sounded better.

      10. Maybe millions will watch just to see if (when?) she starts coughing or fainting!

      11. Hillary’s show will be placed between Oprah and Woopie so they can become the proverbial, “OREO”.

        Obama will have a show where he is a janitor in the projects of Chicago.

        Oh, there is already a cartoon on that. P.J’s

      12. Hillary having her own show.

        Will go over like her election win….

        • fake news will report that she has the highest ratings of any show ever in world history

      13. Hillary could audition for Celebrity Apprentice … I just don’t think she’d make it past the first round.

      14. Given the choice of being forced to watch a Hillary show or voluntary Ptomaine and Salmonella poisoning, Ill take the latter.

        • …the end results will probably be the same. the latter without her visual effects.

      15. The name of the show will be called.

        “The Fugitive”

        • Anon, LOL! Good one! Seeing her on my TV set would make me shoot it. And I won’t even get pissed off over losing a TV.

      16. The show will be a big hit as the 90 million unemployable working aged adults love her. Hillary can rip-off The Jerry Springer Show and have an endless supply of Bill Clinton voting incest-rial white trailer trash entitlement liberals to air their soiled laundry on-air. Hollywad will proclaim it as the greatest original programming of all time.

      17. Yep. I can see her with that condescending smile which accents her demented BOBBLE HEAD movement as she agrees with her guests. And the Fake audience audio will clap like hell.

        • Every time this bitch opens her mouth she breaks our culture worse. That “village” shit was an all time gem. Want worse from her?

          Fuck’s sake lock her up.

          And that Soros bastard too.

      18. Depending on the format, I might watch. Maybe she can borrow the Barnie the purple dinosaur getup, waddle around, chasing the kids, (kind of like Benny Hill use to get chased by half naked britsh women with bad teeth) She can slip on a piece of pizza and the police can pick her up and throw her in the patty wagon. that would be the first and last episode. She doesn’t need to say anything, because we have heard enough. The ratings would be great, but not much to see after that.

        • MWK

          I think she has a purple pants suit.

          • Also she has a Big Head and Little Arms.

            h ttps://youtu.be/93B072j-E3I

            • Anon, she might look just right in a Bozo The Clown outfit.

              • even better in an orange jumpsuit. lockherup!

      19. The Democratic Party is devoid of any figure of national prominence who can win the presidency. Now that a woman has run it will probably be a woman again. How about Caitlyn jenner?

        • Jenner? I think i just threw up on my sneakers.

      20. The show will only be viewed in the North Eastern and Pacific Coast Time Zones.

        • And in North Korea and Venezuela

      21. I would not watch that bitch … if she striped “nicked” and set herself on fire .

        • its traumatizing just to think about it. the nicked part that is.

      22. Ugh.

        Go the fuck away already.

      23. Sigh.


        There’s only one way to get rid of this thing…

      24. I feel certain Pres. Trump would have charges brought against her, and undermine the witch!!

      25. is it just me or is there a vague and eerie resemblance to martha stewart?

      26. Thank God I no longer watch television (been 3 years now).

        • I have not watched network TV since April 19, 1993 — that horrific Day 51.

      27. I’d be interested in what sponsors would put ads on there.

      28. I for one am not concerned about that stupid vulgar lesbian. She is the least of my worries. Donald is sitting in the chair at the White House. At least she Listened when the White Hats told her and her idotic people to step the fuck aside or get forcibly removed. Notice the American flag and the ones with the first 13 colonies at the Inauguration.


      29. Please just ignore her like I will and also the Oscars. Nobody in their right mind would want to look at her or the so called “STARS”.

      30. Last we’ll see of her?

        I was thinking she might be in a Miss America pageant, but then thought again, and feel she might be better in a Miss Alcatraz, Miss Leavenworth, or Miss San Quentin pageant.

        No bathing suits, of course. Competition would consist of:
        – Who can prevaricate the best with a straight face
        – Who is the best shakedown artist
        – Who can dance the best jig to “U Wanna Play, U Gotta Pay”
        – Who can delete the most email files in 1 hour

        …. please add other aspects of the competition here!

        • Body count competition…

          How many kids one can steal from parents and still look like they have the moral high ground…

          You find her mildly annoying and comical. I find her extremely dangerous.

          Soros is of course worse but she gets the prize as runner up…

      31. C’mon Mac! She’d be great as a show host! Think of that winning personality! The infectious smile (ok, ok, it’s actually a menacing grin… but the radical left has no clue, so they won’t know the difference). Think of how enthralled people will be to hear someone curse faster than the worst sailor when someone even dares spill a drop of coffee on her floor! Maybe she could have that guy she jailed for that fake Benghazi video scam on…. y’know, a “Where are they now… (after I ruined their life for my political gain) show”; And we all know she is funnier than Carson or Leno ever was… heck, I guffaw just thinking about Filegate, Travelgate, Whitewater, those miraculous cattle future trades, Vince Foster, ad nauseam.

        And hey! How about having on as guests those FOURTEEN women whose lives she destroyed as Slick’s “Bimbogate eruptions” lead manager.

        And I’ll BET she could get Soros and Goldman Sucks to fund the whole thing. (OK, now that she has no power, maybe not. Scratch that). If not, how about getting all the rich Hollywierd Learjet leftist hypocrites to fund it?

        You guys need to have an open mind. She would be PURRFECT for the leftist side of Amerika that is ignorant, gullible and leftist/fascist.

      32. Her and half of the population are denialist. Thay actually believe in the liberal social engineering , anti counstitioun NWO agenda. She stated she attended the inaguaration to show support for the Democracy. She either doesn’t know or fails to acknowledge that we are a Republic. Let her have her show. The overexposure will soon let everyone see her true colors. She will soon alienate everyone with her remarks like the Deplorable one. I think the bitch is dying anyhow.

        • I believe that she is too sick. I don’t think she will be around much longer. So don’t worry.

      33. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!All I keep hearing is ELton John’s Song “Bitch is Back”

      34. Aaaannnnddd I got time out for typing Biatch.

      35. Thanks, Hilary, but no thanks. Think I’ll just turn on the Kartrashians (or maybe Miley Cysleaze, Mahdoona “BJ for a Hilary vote” or Lady Kaka).

        Wait. Forget that. Think I’ll just spend an hour scraping my fingernails over a blackboards. Will derive MUCH more pleasure from that than either of the above.


        This ploy by the demonic bitch is nothing more than a PR strategy to elicit public celebrity support over the impending period of her indictment and trial process.

        You have to give the shameless, psychopathic cunt credit. She never gives up!

      37. What’s the name of the show, Whats My Lie?

        • For those too young there was a 1950s / 60s TV show named, “Whats My Line”

      38. Gave up most TV, especially the daytime junk yrs ago.

        Hubby still watches and I get called in to watch an oldie but goodie once in a while.

        Otherwise, got stuff needs doin’. Like canning carrots. And sewing clothes.

      39. Joking! Right!!

        Great picture. Very, very funny.

        Hillary can make a fortune going on other people’s shows. Why put herself in such a precarious position by attempting her own. She is no Oprah Winfrey. She isn’t Donald either. She lacks sparkle. Her husband had it back in the day. But, Hillary is dry, and speaks in a slow boring monotone that is ok for short appearances, not a 30 to 60 minute show.

        __ as a regular guest on the view, she could find some admirers and make a few bucks


      40. Nobody gives a crap what the old hag has to say, that ship sailed a long time ago. A rerun not worth watching. Now an audience stocked with rotten tomatoes heaved towards the liar would be must watch TV.

      41. Dear Hillary Clinton:

        “I can’t help about the shape I’m in

        I can’t sing, I ain’t purty, and my legs are thin

        But don’t ask me what I think of you

        I might not give the answer that you want me to.”


      42. hillary is just plain delusional to think her show would be a hit. The show might be a good thing as more exposure of her would make people get out and vote against her…. She might make it as a carnival clown though….


      44. There is no cure for cancer.

      45. Birds of a feather flock together so another version of “THE VIEW”. Loud mouth crazies. She should be charged for putting this country in danger plus more. She should not get away with that and I am waiting for it to happen.

        • Too bad Hackworth never got to sentence Johnny Canary for his acts of treason in Vietnam.

      46. The Libtards must be pissed that we are saying all this shit about Hillary

        Site is acting up. Can’t post or print at times

      47. “You Bet Your Life”

        Say the magic word and get out of jail free.

      48. Show won’t last 3 months. Democrats voted for her because…they’re democrats. None were excited for her. None what to hear her talk. Trump and Bernie killed her on crowds and excitement. She is a has-been/never-been.
        Let them blow big money on this. It will go nowhere.

      49. Elvis Had the right idea when it came to bad news on the TV

      50. (wipes eyes) All of the above posts were classic – too funny.

        I sure as heck won’t be watching.

        It will take some time, but HC will fade fast into the
        sunset. Her election stumping crowds were very small.
        Nothing compared to The Donald.

        How about a T.V. show about ‘Count the dead bodies of the Clinton trail.?’

        Or, perhaps her female sex slave can come on and tell the world what HC did to her. Oh, I forgot, it’s already all over the you-tube internet. Keep putting it out there.

        It’s hard to let go of power, corruption, the inner circle ‘yes’ men/women. HC and BC should move to Hollyweird and move in with Madonna, or one of those

      51. Until our public school system is no longer a socialist/ progressive social engineering center, we will always have sheeple who would tune in and watch a left wing demagogue like Hillary Clinton on TV.

        • Can you imagine the DVD sales for the next 50 years? It would be like “I Love Lucy” episodes for the old folks. The loser left would be buying re-runs forever just to relive the moment of glory they never had in 2016.

      52. I wish she would live stream her own suicide…it all the new raging new trend, LIBERALS scum suiciding live streamed on Facebook and Instagram

        • Id pay to watch but only AFTER successful completion.

      53. Is the CIA still protecting the Clintons? They were tied at the hip since the cocaine/weapons smuggling days at Mena.

        I can’t imagine any other way this trash could escape prosecution and real jail time. Watching her breathing free air is like rubbing salt in a wound. Watching her on a TV show would require suicide.

      54. I do not think my reception is good enough for The Hill and Bill Show.

      55. Better idea for a TV show: Hillary, Chelsea, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, and Victoria Nuland all getting bikini waxed with Catchmaster Rat Mats.

        • The video seems to be coming from the Left? Am i right or just imagining it? He puts down Trump and is against Isreal.

        • Yep….sounds like it’s coming from the liberal left. The speaker is against the pipeline too, and accuses Trump of pushing it forward. Sounds like an environmentalist. I’m watching to see what the left has to say., and i don’t agree with most of it. He says the CIA is bad and Trump should get rid of them., Well, i do believe the cia is crooked., but i don’t agree with most of what this speaker says. He is continually putting down Trump.

          • For sure he’s from the Left!! Just talked about Trump “attacking womens rights” and “banning abortion”.!!! How did this video get slipped in here? Maybe you should watch it to know what the left thinks. He points out a few good things, but most is Liberal stuff….in my opinion.

            • Now he’s talking about how bad Trump is becuz he “wants to wipe out the muslim world”…..Because they read a different book than the christians do.” WOW !!!

              • Now he’s saying that the muslims do NOT mutilate female genitalia….he’s saying it’s not true. Wow !!!

                • Wow. He just called Trump “a snake in the grass.” “Trump is not going to save us…he is trying to buy us off with gifts.” …”Blockade to Gaza needs to end.” He said Trump is building the Wall not to keep the mexicans out, but to keep Americans IN….He just said that if Trump supports ethnic cleansing (Palistine) then Trump is a scumbag….he’s calling people surrounding Trump…Zionists…..it keeps getting worse the more he says….he said Alex Jones is bad becuz he is vilifying muslims…..you’ve been trained to think by Isreal that the Islam world is evil, but it’s not true….Isreal is the one who is carrying out all the terriorism and funding Isis he says….wow, now he’s complaining that outlawing sanctuary cities is wrong….he is now saying that he does not believe in borders or nations….he does not believe in patriotism, does not believe in flags…oh, this guy is from Austrailia….saying that the muslim world is not creating all these problem…that we people are brainwashed cuz we drank the kool aid….he just said that Trump is drinking the kool aid too….maybe Trump is just a bought and paid for Zionist he says….its ended now the video.

      56. How about a Saturday morning puppet show along the lines of Howdy Doody. The entire Clinton family, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, George Soros, etc. would be puppets on strings. Naturally, we’d never see the people pulling the strings. Forget it, we’ve had this for the last eight years! Enough!

      57. Since the muslims are pulling their money from clinton enterprises and the clintons will be faced with a monstrous legal bill to keep them out of prison, they are back to prostituting themselves as the talking heads they are. Soros and China are providing the financing so the bewildered liberals have a media mantra outlet to continue to guide their vacated minds through listening to the discordant mantra called Hillary the earpiece marionette.

      58. “She’s convinced she’d get fabulous ratings…”

        Yeah, if she broadcast her show in Spanish, and set up special call-in lines for the dead.

      59. Fat old communist women really aren’t that popular anymore.

      60. I haven’t watched the Oscars in years! BORING

      61. Word of mouth,biggest political weapon,she can’t fight it even on tv,to many know her,she’s beating a dead horse and just doesn’t know it,look at all of you out there talking even now,keep on keeping on , fight the good political fight,just TALK……..:-)

      62. I guess she actually believed that those phoney crowds she drew were genuine. Between her raspy voice and magnetic personality, her ratings will be through the roof.

      63. And I thought I could never have a better day than the double whammy day recently, Janet Reno died and Hitlery lost. Only could her freams being squashed like a bug again could I have a better day, pinch me! Let her get a show, run for prez and lose to a 35 year old mute priest could only make my day. That woman is so delusional and out of touch, she forgets shes the elite white woman she so complains about trying to lie and get votes. Leave already!

      64. Just as delusional as the !DARKY!!

      65. Here’s proof that Hillary really HAS lost her mind.

      66. I think the idea is great. Hillary interviewing world leaders in her own show. This would be big that Donald would freak out!!! Why not let her have her own TV show, after all, this is America!

      67. I would love to see Hillary Clinton in her own TV show and interviewing world leaders. Oh well! this is America and the woman can do a television show. Donald Trump is going to freak out!

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