Hillary Clinton Threatens To Enter Presidential Race: “Don’t Tempt Me!”

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    Hillary Clinton has threatened to enter the 2020 presidential race for president. After President Donald Trump suggested on Twitter that Clinton toss her hat in the ring in an effort to “steal it away” from Elizabeth Warren, the defeated former first lady said: “Don’t tempt me!”

    On Tuesday, Trump tweeted that Crooked Hillary” should run for president again to deprive the Uber Left Warren of a shot at the White House, but only on “one condition to be subpoenaed to “explain all of her high crimes and misdemeanors.”


    According to RT, a mere 5 hours later, Clinton replied: Don’t tempt me. Do your job.” The reactions to Clinton’s warning were mixed, to say the least. While mainstream media outlets seemed to love the idea, many social media users recoiled in horror at the thought of a 2016 re-run.   “I don’t think my heart could take it” if Hillary really runs again, one fan proclaimed on Twitter.

    Clinton’s allies often point out that she won 3 million votes more than Trump in 2016, calling him an illegitimate president even though he won 304 electoral college votes to her 227.

    According to the FEC (Federal Election Commission), Hillary’s campaign is still raising money, adding more speculation that she could be running.

    Could it be possible that Hillary Clinton is preparing to jump into the presidential race?  According to the FEC, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is still active, and it actually raised $165,902.73 during the first six months of 2019.

    During that same period of time, the campaign spent $131,112.68, and that left her with a war chest of $650,264.43.  That isn’t enough to win the Democratic nomination, but it would certainly be enough to get another run for the White House off the ground rather quickly.  “Hillary For America” is the name of her official campaign committee, and during 2015 and 2016 it raised a total of $585,669,598.83, but that still wasn’t enough to beat Donald Trump.  However, with impeachment mania reaching a fever pitch in Washington and with the Biden campaign fading, Hillary may sense an opening.  She had a full slate of media appearances scheduled for this week, and so far she has done nothing to dispel the rumors that she may be getting into the race. –End of the American Dream

    The Clinton’s are like a bad cold.  Just when you think you’re rid of them for good, they come back with a vengeance.


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      1. Really, really good video at Judicial Watch entitled “N3W Docs Show St@te D3pt KNEW about hc’s S3cr3t Ema!l Acc0unt”

        A TinyURL preview for those who don’t like clicking on urls w/out knowing what you are clicking on!


        Forget about a swamp – it is a hell on earth with these creatures in government.

      2. Somebody please do the world a favor with this… thing…

      3. I don’t believe Biden has any people support or Clinton for that matter. These are the same criminal toads put forth by the establishment con artists. An honest candidate has no chance of being elected. There are no honest candidates. Honesty is not part of the job description.

      4. Had to happen, what with all the lunatic fringe Dem candidates tanking and shooting themselves in the arse. It’s enough to make you wonder if this wasn’t the Dems’ plan all along.

      5. Don’t tempt her with frazzled.rip or Arkancide.

      6. Are you phasing out comments?
        Wut up dog?

      7. The Clinton’s are like a bad cold. Just when you think you’re rid of them for good, they come back with a vengeance.

        They are like Stage 4 Cancer…..

        She could win…. Ban guns….. and CWII starts….

      8. Out of millions of qualified women in America we get this slag. How come she isn’t on her knees in prison serving someone for her soup?

      9. If running for president is a get out of jail free card for Joe Biden, then if I was Hillary, I’d run too, even if just for an insurance policy. Hillary’s freinds Umma and Anthony were big on that idea.

        Buuuuut, I thought only being President protects a person from prosecution! Now you only need to run for president? Can I run for president and speed, park where ever I want, and pee on the sidewalk?

        Hah, you folks thought Hillary was having a medical crisis when she stumbled getting into her low rider campaign mobile unit in 2015, to bad, she just stopped to relieve herself like everyone in SF does…. Psssssssssssssssssss.

        • Ok, every one of my posts is going to Moderation these days Mac.

          I feel like I’m going through TSA, though always I’m pre approved, I always get strip searched.

          I am becoming affectionate with agent 332,,,,,,,,, but I digress.

          What gives.

      10. LOLOLOLOL Hey Hill, thanks for that morning laugh………

      11. Go ahead Hillary, we’d love DT to have another 4 years

      12. INSIDE SCOOP: If Donald Trump is reelected his plan is to kick Pence aside (if he hasn’t already dumped him by then) and install Ivanka as his VP. Then about midway into his 2nd term he will step down claiming health issues or whatever and Ivanka will be our new President with Jared as her VP — not the First Gentleman.

        Of course Jared will not technically / officially be the VP, but he will still brazeningly assume that role anyway and undermine the real VP. Jared and Ivanka are both democrats. They are not republicans. And they are both pro-choice / pro-abortion, so there’s that too.

        In other words, whether we vote republican or not, we will end up with a democrat president.

        Ivanka 2022. Mark my words. That is, if he doesn’t get impeached (hope not) and manages to get re-elected. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

      13. I said that she will enter the race by Thanksgiving.

      14. I said that she would get in by Thanksgiving

      15. I heard some crazy news about the billionaire Michael Bloomberg. I guess he’s trying to get the Democratic nomination? How many nominees are there now??

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