Hillary Clinton “Thinks She Is a God”

by | May 1, 2015 | Headline News | 119 comments

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    In a government and corporate sphere dominated by and filled with psychopaths and sociopaths, arrogant and ruthless ladder climbers and ultra wealthy manipulators, Hillary still stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Not just in 2016, throughout her entire quest for power.

    The Washington Free Beacon reports:

    Emmanuel Badejo, the bishop of Oyo in southwestern Nigeria, told the Rome correspondent of Aleteia, an online Roman Catholic newspaper, in an interview published Wednesday that Hillary Clinton “thinks she is a god.”

    “I believe there are three groups of people in this world: those who believe in God, those who do not believe in God, and those who think they are gods,” Bishop Badejo said when asked to respond to the former secretary of state’s recent claim that “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed” in order to reconcile support for abortion rights with Christianity. “Hillary Clinton I think is one of those who thinks she is a god,” Badejo said.


    He continued: “From the way she spoke, people like herself very clearly don’t want to hear anything about God. Even if they say they believe in God, they really don’t.

    Hillary Clinton believes she is a god, or at least that she should be treated like one.

    Barack Obama shamelessly let himself be marketed, in the beginning, as a messiah figure, as “The One” and certainly has his fill of hubris and megalomania. Both Bushes and Bill Clinton acted above the law with impunity, narcissistic grandeur and entitlement…

    But Hillary actually walks about the earth as if she were a god.

    And such a delusion is potentially quite dangerous. Wikipedia notes:

    A god complex is an unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility. A person with a god complex may refuse to admit the possibility of their error or failure, even in the face of irrefutable evidence, complex, or intractable problems or difficult or impossible tasks, or may regard their personal opinions as unquestionably correct. The individual may disregard the rules of society and require special consideration or privileges.

    A just, merciful god she does not make. She falls short of omnipotence, and instead seeks power at any cost, by any means.

    Her unsettling celebratory laughter at the death of Gaddafi is enough to demonstrate her disconnection the value of individual life.

    Her dismissal (What difference does it make?) of the events that cost the lives of Ambassador Chris Stevens and several others in Benghazi reveal her priorities and refusals to accept anything suggesting her mistakes.

    Since her early days when she was fired from a Watergate legal team for “unethical and dishonest” behavior and through the long trail of mysterious deaths that follow her family clan’s past, and the accompanying denial of any and all wrongdoing, hint at something far darker and disturbing.

    And she is looking for a kingdom over which to rule:

    “She is seeking election in America so you can expect that, like most politicians, she will say just about anything to pander to the thoughts of whatever audience she is speaking to,” he said.

    “It is my desire that the American people open their ears and their eyes and know exactly what kind of people are running to be the next President of the United States,” he added.

    With prevalent concerns about the perceived entitlement of the White House by either a Bush or a Clinton, and the seeming inevitability of a Hillary campaign in 2016 (despite repeated denials that she had not yet decided whether or not to run), there is every reason to be concerned about a candidate who sees themselves not just as ascending to the highest office in the land, but into the heavens.

    Even with the over-reaches of government, the country cannot endure an absolute ruler with belief in total power. Even in the cynical race of 2016, nobody is seeking someone with a literal god complex seizing the highest government powers.

    Hillary will attempt to keep her follows under her spell, and mask her ambitions to convince enough others to put her back in the White House once again.

    Can she be stopped? Clearly she thinks otherwise…


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      1. Obama might thwart Hilary’s dreams of POTUS once again. Formula: False Flag event. Martial Law across the country. Suspend elections. Obama reigns until he decides otherwise.

        So sorry, Hilary.

        • I agree with you there my good sir, besides even if she did get elected she would just be a 3rd term Obama. Oh well, ill stick to prepping and my trucks. putting a ford duallie rear end on an s10 with an international cab.its an Obamanation hehehe

          • You got it backwards Mac, you mean Dog, don’tcha?

            Each vote for her comes with a complimentary barf bag.

            • LOYALTY REWARDS? Clinton donors on African ‘safari’ with Bill, Chelsea

              “Former President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea left earlier this week on a nine-day tour through Africa with a plane-full of family foundation donors and Hillary Clinton supporters in tow, adding jet fuel to accusations that contributors are getting rewarded — and courted for even more money.”


            • Some one hand her a mirror. That ought to clear things up pretty fast.

              • she dont reFlect in No mirrOr.

            • “IT” is neither GOD nor a dog, IT is a hideous, vile, noxious Creature that leaves any sane human to wonder how IT has been on the loose, all these years, without being captured and caged and put on Ripleys Believe it or Not. Scary sheet.

              • Well if there can be only one, ts obvious she; isn’t the one. Because I’m not sharing

            • Love it, Outwest. Dog, indeed!

              She is a demon who thinks she is a god.

            • God is going to throw hitlery in the lake of fire.

              • Let us pay, then, that she gets tossed BEFORE these stupid sheep select her for the white house.

                • I MEANT: Let us PRAY, then, that she gets tossed BEFORE these stupid sheep select her for the white house.

            • OutWest!!! I salute you! That’s the greatest observation ever made about that putrid bitch.

        • Hillary Clinton is a distraction. You are exactly correct. I have repeated said from the first day Oshithead took office we are looking at the last president of the United States. Look around, does it really look as if anything is being done to advance America? Everytthing Ocommie and his cohorts have done has destroyed every pillar of our society. It is the exact reason most of us are prepping.

          • The only reason I’m not so sure obama will
            get his sleazy third term is, I and many
            others thought that dirtbag W was certain
            to get a three banger after the way his
            policies gutted our country.

            I think too many people get wise to these
            shitbirds toward the end of their second
            terms and new blood has to be brought in
            as the next savior of the people.
            It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if
            ‘ol hatchet face clinkon isn’t already
            preseated and ready to finish us off.

          • well folks don’t forget Obutthead and hillary and many like them are just puppets for the real organization which is pulling the strings to destroy us, getting rid of them is only a start still need to cut the snakes heads off ( more than one ) before we can start to save our country! probably to late so just keep on prepping and hope we can salvage America

            • Apache54 and everyone else, Hillary is just another commie POS with no leg to stand on. She would take up where the african virus leaves off and finish off this land. Time for the ‘reset’.

          • Excellent comment. If you literally wanted to destroy this country from within – would you do anything differently than what the current occupant of the White House is doing?

        • Obola’s greatest desire is to destroy the America WE grew up in; by “Hope and Change” if possible; by lending Hillary his support if necessary.

          They both belong in jail. 🙂

          • durangokidd says:

            “Obola’s greatest desire is to destroy the America WE grew up in…”</b

            Lets edit that statement to reflect the truth!

            The Federal Governments “greatest desire is to destroy the America WE grew up in.”

            They ALL belong in jail!!

            Check your partisan claptrap at the door… it’s tedious!!!

            • Agreed. And “tedious” is precisely correct.

            • YMWW: Fuck you asswipe!!! Find someone else to TROLL. 🙂

              • A very eloquent reply DK. Thumbs up!

        • Free Slave,you are absolutely right,OBoozo will do a third term,I’ve seen it,BUT heres a good laugh for you guys,I also watched as THIS STUPID BITCH was thrown into HELL,and ALL the way down she was screaming “SATAN YOU PROMISED ME I WOULD BE PRESIDENT”,even when she was being cast into hell,the stupid bitch hadn’t figured out SATAN LIED TO her..and look at all the morons in this country who wanted SATANS braindead minion for president….

      2. If violence is not the answer, why did the riots result in fucking pigs finally being charged?

        Wouldn’t this result seem to countermand DeBlasio’s admonition that if crowds “really want a change then they should stay peaceful”?

        The only time governments condemn violence is when they’re not committing it.

        • Quite right Acid. Take care bud.

        • Damn, I’d actually like to give Flaccid Wretch a thumbs up (never thought I’d see THAT day) ….. and we don’t have them anymore!!!


        • Acid: The only time that the PTB get the message is when there is blood on the streets: particularly if it is theirs.

          That’s the feedback they are looking for to know that they are tightening the screws to the American people as far as they can … for now.

          American history shows that until violence erupts, there is no hope for change. Pun intended. 🙁

        • “The only time governments condemn violence is when they’re not committing it.”


      3. There is a part of me that would be quietly satisfied if she won, in the knowledge that she will accelerate the collapse, AND that her head will end up on a pike, as a result.

        OTOH, I could never bring myself to actually. *vote* for her, because she’s just another despicable political whore, just like every flunky put up by the GOP.

        I guess I’ll have to write in Ron Paul a fourth time…

      4. Megalomaniac, kills without remorse, doesn’t admit failure…sounds like god to me.

      5. A legend in her own mind…

        Will we ever get someone in charge worth a crap?
        Probably not…

        • EPPE:
          Here all this time I thought she was a god not a goddess???
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Makes one wonder???

        • If we do, the NWO will just assassinate them…

      6. The Clinton Foundation scam, the 32,000 emails missing, the disgusting, vile Benghazi caper, the faux sniper fire in Sarajevo, those miraculously appearing Rose law firm records, Whitewater, more miraculous cattle futures trades, a half dozen bimbo eruptions (and WHERE were the feminazis for all of them, BTW???), Vince Foster flying into Ft. Marcy Park after he was dead with no dirt on his shoes, etc. etc. etc.

        None of this disgusts me a much as the vile leftists who think this is all ok and will still vote for her. It is truly hard to look these people in the eye and know they are EXACTLY the same types that voted Hitler and his Nat’l SOCIALISTS into power.

        No one is perfect. However, there needs to be a baseline of ethics – Hitlery ain’t even close – and those who support her are even more disgusting.

        • Sixty million commies voted for the present dick – dickless. The same sixty million commies will vote for clit and bill.

        • Most of those who announce support for this evil have betrayed people, are thieves, and physically and emotionally hurt innocent people by degrading them. In other words, the criminal element who think they are semi-gods themselves.

      7. … and if she gets in, that will make it TWO narcissists in a row.

      8. You mean Billery?

      9. a VERY good read over on SurvivalBlog today

        The Frog In A Slowly Heating Pot, by N.H.

        ht tp://survivalblog.com/the-frog-in-a-slowly-heating-pot-by-n-h/

        all it takes for “civilization” to start breaking down
        is a little ice and snow

        • Caught that first thing this morning. They had some close calls. Thing is they were found pretty easily but they used their heads. Another thing was that they only had a shotgun for protection. That’s why it is imperative that we fully exercise out second amendment. We should always be allowed to have firearms comparative to the military.

        • Yeah, took a look. Well written. Check out The Twilight Zone episode called The Shelter on YOuTube for something similar.

      10. She is DANGEROUS! Ask Vince Foster

      11. She is a “god” alright, a false “god”. The true God doesn’t take kindly too worshiping false idols. She will get her’s in the end.

        • She is one horrid wretch, both physically and mentally. I hope I’m around to see her get her just deserts.

        She does control life and DEATH just ask Gedafiie.
        She has as much money as any god.
        She does make commandments.
        She is an adopted Isralie
        She MIGHT just sell her status and the NEW FEMA JESUS!
        What the HELL the lesbos think she is a GOD>

      13. Here we go with the DIVIDE AND CONQUER insanity which plays right in the hands of the Corporatist Fascist filth controlling the evil vile GENOCIDAL shithole of collapsing Murica. All filthy disgusting evil shit stain Republican trash and Democrat filth ARE THE SAME SHIT STAINS OF CORPORATIST FASCIST FILTH. Please Mac stop the ignorant DIVIDE AND CONQUER insanity and focus on ALL the shit stains of Corporatist Fascist filth, including the main globalist Corporatist Fascist evil scum of the earth Bush Family of treasonous evil corrupt criminal trash. If there ever was a more evil filth in the world it would be the Bush family of Corporatist Fascist Globalist scum, followed of course by the Clinton Clan of treasonous Corporatist Fascist filth.

      14. The stupid sheeple think she is wonderful, most likely be the next POSOTUSS

      15. You are going to do what I say or I am going to punish you so bad that you will wish you would die. After all, who are you to defy me.

        Now that is Hillary in a nutshell.

        I am voting for Hillary even if I know what she is. I want her followers to choke on her shit and get things rolling. They will not be prepared for it.

      16. Somehow, I get the feeling that at some point in the way past, she REALLY pissed off somebody big in charge. I think they’re going to let her get close enough to get a sniff, then slam the door in her face again. She got beat by Lurch in 2004 of all people, then, when it looked like it was going to be smooth sailing all the way home in 2008, up pops barrack the magic negro seemingly out of nowhere to snatch certain victory from her not once, but twice! Of course there’s no way I could ever prove this, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if a Republican wins the next election or even two. By that time, even if she was still alive, she’ll be relegated to the scrap heap of history.

      17. We are like sheep without a shepherd
        We don’t know how to be alone
        So we wander ’round this desert
        And wind up following the wrong gods home
        But the flock cries out for another
        And they keep answering that bell
        And one more starry-eyed messiah
        Meets a violent farewell-
        Learn to be still

        –Learn To Be Still– Don Henley/Stanley Lynch

        • a lot of very true words in that song..and Ive been hearing it over and over in my head for many years now

      18. Bird Flu Update

        Bird flu dooms a quarter of Iowa’s laying hens

        ht tp://www.kcrg.com/subject/news/bird-flu-dooms-a-quarter-of-iowas-laying-hens-20150430

        this thing is spreading like wildfire

        • This has concerned me for some time now, I don’t recall an outbreak of this size and speed in the US before.

          Turkey would have helped offset the cost of beef, but now that seems a less likely substitute.

          At least dog and cat food are still relatively affordable.

          • Just make sure you can identify where your dog food comes from. Might be affordable, but as my vet keeps telling me, we’re actually killing our animals, especially with imported foods, that get lit up and radiated at the Port of Entry when it arrives in the country.

            If your vet tells you different and doesn’t have a clue what your on about, you should find a new vet.

          • It lends credence ti the idea that our food supply is under attack…and the hits keep rolling in.

      19. ht tp://www.truthandaction.org/operation-jade-helm-massive-military-drill-across-7-states-unconventional-warfare/7/

      20. She is a God. Just ask any mindless drone liberal, and they will confirm that for you.

      21. Let’s call this bitch by her real name SHITLERY ! ! ! !

      22. Clearly I also think otherwise.

        Nope, we’re getting the broom handle this time, as applied by the witch herself. Bend over.

      23. What right does a slime ball, child rapist (they all are), rccc Bi-his-back-orifice think it has to pick on a civilian American woman, by claiming “she thinks she’s god”?!?! as if the criminal catholic clergy is any better. For the known criminal activities they are always engaged in against the very people that finance them, their children, and the wide world at large? That slime ball should be ashamed of himself and go back to his child rape and money stealing activities, because he is not in a position to open, its muzzle to bad mouth others. Having a reporter from a site such as this one, make his slimy comment the base of one of their articles, as if this sac of shit is an authority to be taken seriously in any way, shape or form, is laughably tragic. I can take someone like Alex Jones comment seriously, and give it some thought even if I disgree with it, but such bag of worms?!?!?!give me a break! you can do 1000 times better than that.

        As far as Hillary thinking or not thinking she is god. I wanna ask “and among all American politicians out there, whether they be rebloodlicans or democripts, Just who doesn’t”?!?!?!
        Or are we all too stupid or too corrupt to see it? 9/11 for example was mastered under the bush Hut, and we know by whom. Yet no one has the balls to think that bush thinks it is god.
        Now I now what Isaiah 64:6 meant and how it meant it:

        “All of us have become like one who is unclean,
        and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags;
        we all shrivel up like a leaf,
        and like the wind our sins sweep us away.”

        • DaisyD

          You need to vote for Hillary.

          • Daisy is a moron.

            • CE, Daisy is NOT a moron.

              • Braveheart,
                Thank you so much, though else where, I definitely have the potential to act like a moron, just like any other human being out there to the exception of the few.

                If I were given a choice between believing what comes out of this Bi-something, or what Hillary says. I’d believe her any day, and anywhere and any time, so help me Jesus!
                It’s embarrassing to still even consider conversing with these thugs that call themselves “men of god”, yet behind closed doors, they intoxicate children with alcohol, proceed to rape them and completely deny it if exposed and confronted!!! I don’t have any children but I WOULD WANT justice for anybody’s kid out there, hands down. And yes, once one takes a quote coming from such criminals and make it the base to a journalistic article. For one, they deny those kids their justice and they also damage their credibility.


                I don’t need to vote for Hillary. Though I lean toward voting democrat because of minorities & women’s right’s issues, There are many topics I disagree with them on and would move to the republican side in a heart beat. And when I vote, I do my conscience. I don’t vote to kiss anybody’s rear as neither one of them gives me anything.

              • Braveheart:

                Is there a Daisy and a Daisy D posting on here?

                Be careful who you think you are defending.

                • And you are CLEARLY defending a bunch of pedophile scumbags who rape little boys and little girls and FURTHER terrorize them by telling them that if they tell anybody that their entire families are going to go to hell. I could not think of any scum as low as that and anybody who put themselves behind them in support.

                  Apparently according to creatures like you, I am supposed to heed such scum and believe them when they tell me that “Hillary thinks she is God”, knowing that THEY THEMSELVES want the masses to think they are Gods as they call themselves CHRISTS ON EARTH, when we know that if they are anything, they are the scum of the earth, because only such filth would do that to an innocent child and going claiming to be “holy”!!!!

                  ….as holy as the excrement that comes out of their behinds.

                  • Furthermore, defending a corporation that claim to be the church of the world and one that promotes peace yet owns the majority of Beretta, a company that makes weapons that kill human beings. SO MUCH OF A “PROLIFER”! MY ASS. IF that’s not enough, invests in pharmaceuticals that make birth control pills yet turns around and tell people that they have to continue making kids regardless of their ability to properly raise and support them. One can see how that only serves to stock their ‘reservoir’ for ready-to-rape-children. Because apparently according to this low life scumbag, birth control pills are prohibited by God.
                    and the list goes on and on.

                    continue supporting these criminals. Somebody is going to bet figuratively buried, but it’s not going to be me as my mental list is right before my mind’s eyes.

          • SS.. She will vote for soggy bottom Hillary.

            • As you probably voted for a “Texan” who could correctly articulate an English sentence!!!!At least Hillary can speak English correctly. One deals with such dopes as the bush and its dumb cattle, and their IQ automatically drops by 40 points. Now those are some of the reasons this country is heading south. In comparison, Hillary is A STAR!!!!

        • daisy d is ‘real proof’ that “ignorance is bliss!”

          “it was the clintons who robbed NOW EMPTY fort knox GOLD DEPOSITORY piggy bank of the last REAL 85,000 tons of u.s. gold bullion AND looted the u.s. social security fund of it’s last dime as well!”

          plus they killed arkansas state troopers, murdered whistle-blower vince foster, smuggled cocaine, defrauded real-estate investors, blew up federal buildings, murdered american babies and children, further enslaved once free amerika, beat, bit , raped women and young pre-teen girls, etc etc etc

          there’s just to much to list…

          the clintons should both be hanging dead by their necks from the liberty tree for treason, not running for re-election!

          • WORTH A LISTEN HAS INSIDE WASH DC JUICY DIRTY DETAILS AND TEAM CLINTON EXPOSURE – joe rogan is clueless on the nwo zog, abby martin though is right on the money AND NAILS NWO ZOG TEAM CLINTONS IN THIS INTERVIEW.

            ‘foul language warning’ = ‘a fun interview!’


            • lol.

          • Solus,
            I agree and why they are NOT in jail is just more proof of how many are in the govies!! just need to clean out the WHOLE damn mess!!

          • SL, everything you say about the clintons is true but DaisyD is spot on with her comments.

            • Thank you again, Braveheart. Any public figure is fair game including her, I have no problem with that part of the deal. But Mac was wrong in elevating that thug to such position as basing one of his articles upon his stupid foul quote. The RCC has no credibility whatsoever.

              That slim ball himself thinks he is god as they teach Catholics that “priests” are CHRISTS on earth!!!!!

              Even the title [“vicar” of Christ] mean, in Greek I think, and I quote “instead of”. And here are these scumbags accusing an innocent woman of doing the very thing they are doing (at least she is not raping anyone). One of the victims who was mute, said in a documentary, he was at this Catholic school for the mutes, this criminal used to come to him when he takes shower and rape him, the boy resisted with all he’s got at first, and the satanic criminal beat him and continued to beat him til he stopped resiting!!!!! To just give a “visual” of how such criminal acts usually take place. Many of the mutes the reporters interviewed said that they usually go after the mutes whose parents don’t know the sign language, that way if the child wants to report, he cannot as the priest who knows the sign has to be present to do the translating!!!!!These are the guys some around here are supporting and think they are worthy of being quoted.

          • Apparently you are the one who is the proof that ignorance is a bliss. The FR did not own gold since 1934!!!Looooooong before the Clintons came along. That means trouble has been brought upon this country by people such as Busch’s granpa and likes.

            And you, the proof of worse if you support child rapists who call themselves “men of god”. More like MEN OF SATAN. The bible was right when it said the devil is a LIAR!(John 8:44)

            As you seem to be a bible thumber, I’d remind you that the bible also said “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”(Mark 3:25). And if that’s not enough, You being the knower and Hillary is not, since she is NOT
            a bible fan, I’d also bring to your attention another vese that you need to heed:

            “And that slave who knew his master’s will and did not get ready or act in accord with his will, will receive many lashes, but the one who did not know it, and committed deeds worthy of a flogging, will receive but few. From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.” Luke 12: 47,48

            So do not judge (I let you get the corresponding verse for that one), instead show the way IN DEEDS as you are not above her, as far as God is concerned.

            There’s more, but I let you go undust that bible that you sooooo ooooo sssoooo believe in, read and learn to ACT UPON IT’S TEACHINGS, if you have any courage to do so.

      24. There have been health issues mentioned that may disqualify her.

        • YUP she is a mental retard and a deviant!!!

          • Apache, that’s an understatement for Hillary.

          • Apparently, you MUST BE A DEVIANT to get into higher office in this stupid country.

      25. We are going to have the choice of Hillary or one of Sheldon Adelson’s stable of Israeli puppets. The Sands money laundering case will go nowhere, since Sheldon has been buying pro-Israeli bias from a good part (if not all) of the GOP. Of course, there is always the Koch brother’s money, and their choices may overlap with Sheldon’s. The Kochs have listed Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio as acceptable. If Jeb broker’s a deal where he is VP, there might be a sudden flight of candidates. Hint: does John Hinckley Jr. have any brothers? If Hillary squared off with Bush, one thing is for certain they would both tour the nation via armored train. Too many planes have gone down around both families.

      26. Will it be the first and last Black President.


        The first and last Women President.

        The way things are going in this country why would either of them want to be President. Even the Republicans know it will be hard as hell to hold off what is in the cards. Insider information?

        • Red throat, white teeth, surrounded by red lips in a white face—looks too much like a bulls eye to me…

      27. All of these narcissistic, power-hungry, sociopathic, psychotic,cognitively impaired, lucifer-worshipping,
        wanna-be “gods” are in for a REALLY big surprise when
        they reach the “other side” and instantly realize they
        were only pawns at the hands of PURE EVIL who promised
        them eternal life, luxury, wealth, carnal everything,
        power, status, etc., and they end up literally in a
        hellish place where they get to spend FOREVER thinking
        about the lies they believed and the destruction they
        helped cause and create just be “god” someday … NOT!!!

        • True post, Nobody. Their souls will not survive the second death at judgment day.

      28. I am not going to even respond on her.. not even worth my time. That’s why Jade helm is here. It’s not what they have said, it’s now what they have done via JADE HELM 15. With the recent murder of Freddie Gray, no more cabal selected puppets will be accepted in the upcoming elections BY THE PEOPLE, so the cabal is going to o try to start the civil war, , which will trigger a revolutionary war, the perfect excuse to declare martial law and suspend the elections.

        I don’t advocate this stuff but:

        I Can tell and I don’t think it’s just me, but it looks like we are just literally days weeks, months before the first Lexington Concord incident hits. I may be wrong but it’s looking like this could possibly happen. This is not something that I would like to see happen but it may happen, just saying..

        This i believe is what they is really cooking..its over for them and they know it. Blacks are monitoring the abuse against them and they don’t feel so entitled anymore.. I find it impossible for another president to be sworn in by January of 2017. A Lot and really serious things will happen before that date and the people are not going to listen to the selected crappy lying that presidential candidates talk the crap that they keep feeding us about when I get in office I will do this, or I will do that. Yea right, it’s over so their solution is to mass troops “Jade helm 15, and heavy artillery into Texas to take us down, period. If another Freddie gray incident takes place again, this time it’s going to be the end game..it won’t the THE SHTF EVENT HORIZON,It’s going to be SHTF COMMENSES. This is the scary part..guess only time will tell.

        • HCKS, I also have the same feeling and I’m prepared to go to the BOL early if circumstances dictate. It will be long, hot summer.

        • If those police officers from Baltimore are not convicted or the punishment is not considered enough by the public. All hell will break loose.

          Gage your time you have left to prepare on the verdicts of the trials.

      29. By now everyone should know you vote does not matter. The DC Corporation masquerading as a gov.

        will select who ever they want and tell the ignorant masses that they elected her to keep the fraud and scam going for another four years.

        When will people finally get it? Never is my guess.

      30. Brave, you ain’t lying. The things I have seen been through, experiences I have had, as in m own shtf..the scientist, the shtfplan.com, etc..a lot people who are preppers read this site alot, they have prepared ready for the worst.

      31. Sling, that same thing crossed my mind. The people will ask for possibly the death sentence for the officers and if they don’t get that all hell will break loose. I am writing and talking stuff about the so called SHTF EVENT HORIZON My azz, I thing it’s passing the horizon. Its almost seems like us preppers azzes are literally in the Horizon.

        • HcKs

          A few years back, our city stated it did not have a gang problem. Today our Mayor has asked for Federal Funds to combat Gang Crime. So much for City Image.
          You see, where they live they do not hear the shots in the night or the ambulances that sound their warnings. All they had to do was look at the graffiti around town, the stupid fuckers. Now we pay for past mistakes. Should I be fired upon, I will stand my ground and return fire till the threat is eliminated if needed.

      32. I just don’t understand how you all think U.S will be still functioning to HAVE an election in 2016?

      33. I know of many gods No survivors !

      34. There isn’t a viable political or ballot box solution. Who are the repubs gonna run that will be any good? Lets elect the bitch and get this show on the road. Im tired of waiting. Im getting old I would like to be able to see how it turns out before I take the dirt nap!

      35. Would Nancy Pelosi or Diane Feinstein be any better for a Democratic Party, Woman President Candidate?


        Sharpton calls for nationalization of cops in wake of Baltimore riots

        “Back in 2008, Barack Obama, then a presidential candidate, called for a “civilian national security force.” And he wanted it wanted it as big as all of the nation’s military branches…Combined.

        Now black activist Al Sharpton is suggesting a path that probably would accomplish that: nationalize America’s police forces.”

        WND dot com

      37. Yep, Brave, it’s these useless idoetic people running things in our city that is fueling that crap and ad course they think that the gang problem would be the leverage needed to convince the concered citizens to give up their guns, so that they can role in the Nato, chi-com, Ms 13, and the other rogue ISIS jihadist punks then come into town and do worst than gangs have ever done..

        I have to agree with you Buttcrackofdoom . I can’t see it happening, and election followed by a January 2017 inauguration. Its is just not possible in this environment, since we are literally facing the buttcrackofdoom, in the literal sense.?.calapse, Jade Helm 15, environmental engineered Haaarp, Chemtrials, bio weapons, elitist bastards draining out all the lakes and under ground water natural aquifers, GMO, etc and all the other BS that they are throwing at American people. The question is, what the hell on earth is rely going to go down? 2016 election then and inauguration. I just can’t see it happening, it and impossibility. I agree with you based on the information we are getting on shtfplan.com, Quayle, hodges, hagmannandhagmann.com, Hawk, and other sources I don’t have to mention, we are royally frickin screwed. Then when you go on deagle.com the rat bastards are so confident in their ELE plans they show a total population of 35 million by 2025, literally back up I was ton by the scientist, this crap is serious.

        And I keep seeing these women at the local grocery store pregnant and walking with a 6 and 10 year old, talk abut confidence in the system?..not to mention the idoetic men who continue to propagate at that level are really a bunch of lunatic idiots, that really think that his kids will each 20 yrs, old while the cabal scum is planing to mass genocide the people. And all I keep hearing customers and people I do business with keep asking me crap about why a are you not married. As I’d something is wrong with me and crap about how can a good looking guy like you with a body like that does not have a girlfriend..thinking I must be gay or something, maybe I should look at them and tell that I am busy hanging out with old fat super intelligent skilled well informed preppers that are teaching me to survive the pending shtf calamity on the Horizon. As if I work out to attract women, as if this is some type of life goal, they have a lot to learn. Or is it the fact that I have to stay in shape so that I can fight off the starving desperate hungry gangs and thugs incase I am unable to pump lead in those thugs, post shtf.

      38. She is possessed by Satan’s demons that make her think she is special.

      39. How did Bill and Hillary meet?

        They were having an affair with the same woman! 😀

      40. Im gonna lmao when Hitler gets revenge on Billy for the Lewinsky affair. Anyone volunteer to be the male version of Monica? She played hail to the chief on his flute made of beef and Stole front page from Kazinsky. LMAO

      41. Yeah she’s a god alright. God of the sea hags!

      42. She may think she is god, but all the repubs think they speak for god, so what’s the difference except that you people are a bunch of ignorant and biased morons.

      43. Hillary… what a disgrace! She is as big a liar as Obama. Both Clinton’s left a trail of dead people from Arkansas to D.C., all covered up and ignored. America has some dumbed down voters, going gaga over the liar Obama and now apeshit crazy over this lying old withered murderous hag.

      44. If people are that stupid to put her as President to fill her pockets and lie to us, we will have nothing left.

      45. Hillary is NOT God!
        …She is GODESS! 🙂

        • No she is not and she knows it very well. Dumb sexist pigs are the ones who think they are gods and they cover that up by accusing a woman (any woman actually and not just Hillary) of that so to discredit her in the eyes of anyone who’d be prompted to vote for her.

          Some pigs need to move to Afghanistan or a country like Ethiopia, as simple as that, as this is the wrong country for them to live. One day there will be a Woman US President who will lead this country, It’s only a matter of time. And then, they can go and eat their own shit!

      46. @DaisyD:

        I completely agree with you about the Catholic church and its treachery against the masses. Don’t get me started on those hypocrites.

        But Killary (I usually tweet about her via the #Killary hashtag on Twitter!) is NOT a role model for ANY woman. I take great offence as a woman that I should give Killary my vote – just so we can get the first woman in the White House. Fuck that!!

        We need better women with INTEGRITY running for POTUS. Although I don’t trust any Dems right now (let alone RINOs), at least Elizabeth Warren doesn’t have Hillary Clinton’s dirty laundry. Hence, I would prefer to see her become POTUS instead of that wretched Darth Hag.

        I wish Ron Paul would run again. I think he’d be surprised this time around. But elections are a big scam today because NO ONE FOLLOW THE FOUNDING FATHERS’ CONSTITUTION!!

      47. Well, some of you here were right and I was WRONG about this bitch. Yesterday, I read that if elected, she plans to give the illegals CITIZENSHIP!!!!!!she calls that “being compassionate”, MY ASS. I call that “cheapish-ly attempting to weasel the Latino votes in her direction”. I was legal from day one when I applied to be naturalized, and those criminals dragged me in the mud for no less than 6 years before they got scared of law suit that I mentioned in one of my last phone calls and finally set me up for the one and only appointment I needed. BTW, the application fee check?!?!?! Oh, that one, they cashed sooner than Yesterday once they got it LOL.
        They seem to reserve the same treatment to all Caucasians in general as my ex’s friend was dating a gorgeous German girl, I remember he’d fly to Germany and she come to the States several times a year. One time we were at common friend’s house, I asked why can’t they just get married, that way, they save the flights money. She said the INS told her that if they get married, she still would have to leave and apply for green card or whatever from Germany!!!!
        And the vermin that just hop over the wall like the coyotes that they are, can just lay down in US cities back alleys with their own brutes, pump babies out like tennis balls, and be able to claim Citizenship through their litter. Apparently the foul INS seems to be fond of that method.
        I sent her a nasty email yesterday and closed it with the sentence: You will lose the elections. I know she reads her emails as I got an answer twice in the past.

      48. The ‘system’ that allegedly allows Illegals to stay without any hassle is rotten to the core – a big slap in the face for Immigrants who play by the rules.

        I would suggest that foreign caucasians who are getting screwed by INS for following the rules should learn Spanish really well, head to the border, and slip thru. 😉 They should look poor and sound uneducated. 😉

        Glad you saw Killary for the fraud she is. Soccer moms who look up to that SELFISH bitch give all women a BAD name.

        I don’t know if it’s the hormones. But seriously, women have POOR JUDGEMENT when it comes to sleazeball men and women alike. They always get SCREWED (literally) by bad boys and their female kin.

        Women, truly, are easy to divide.
        And I say this as an observant female who wonders how we can be so powerless in politics even though we nuture kids and are a bigger voting block than men.

        Actually, I’m really fucking ANNOYED with the general COLLECTIVE IGNORANCE of most women.

        “Oh, Science is too hard for me. I’m going to do Social Studies instead…I’m not good with computers and mechanical things.”

        A defeatist mentality that gives men an upper hand every time with regards to career planning or business opportunities.

        It’s the hormones and misguided emmotions that continue to make women do stupid things as a collective thanks to (catty) jealously and petty insecurities.

        I wonder if most women would be more confident if they had cocks & balls.

        • “”””Actually, I’m really fucking ANNOYED with the general COLLECTIVE IGNORANCE of most women.

          “Oh, Science is too hard for me. I’m going to do Social Studies instead…I’m not good with computers and mechanical things.””””

          What you are talking about has more to do with their upbringing and conditioning than with their natural ability. The typical family when they give a birth to a boy, they get him something like an electronic kit as Christmas present on his 5th birthday, and if it’s a girl, she gets a lame platic baby and plastic kitchen. And this is only the beginning. I let you finish up “the painting”.

          When I was little my brothers bit the crap out of me as I was the youngest and the only female!! Eventually I learned to hit back and guess what? when I was growing up, you look for me and you’ll find in the local stadium, with the cycling club, which was an all men team by the way, or at the gymnasium, etc. So I did not suffer from what you mentioned though I was treated like shit by my mother. At the military I sailed when others were weeping and many of them were guys, yes.
          Any woman that’s given an equal chance can do as good as a guy. This is a fundamental truth.

          That bitch needs to be humiliated. And I pray she will be. I came from a pro-America family. So from Day one, I had the right attitude and to this day, I am still on the Q with everything as far as the law and what not. But Brown, made it into law for the illegals to get a Freaking Driver’s licence in CA!!!!When I had to renew mine, they’d ask me for a document showing that I am legal and I handed over my US passport. But these criminals are clearly above the law in those scumbags eyes. It’s simply outrageous!

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