Hillary Clinton Suffers “Medical Episode”, Faints While Rushed Away From Ground Zero

by | Sep 11, 2016 | Headline News | 38 comments

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    This report was originally published at Zero Hedge

    Editor’s Note: There is an update to this report: Video Confirms: Hillary Faints, Wobbles, Falls Forward, Loses Shoe, And Is Escorted From Event By Secret Service



    While we have yet to receive any confirmation from a second source – so take this report with a big grain of salt – moments ago Fox News senior correspondent Rick Leventhal, citing an anonymous law enforcement official as a source, reported that Hillary Clinton who was present at the Sept 11 ceremony in downtown Manhattan, suffered a “medical episode” when she stumbled and nearly fell after her knees buckled, and was then ushered into a van, in the process losing a shoe, as she was rushed away from ground zero in an early departure.

    As Fox News reports, the Democratic presidential nominee appeared to faint on her way into her van and had to be helped by her security, the source said. She was “clearly having some type of medical episode.” Clinton’s stumbled off the curb, her “knees buckled” and she lost a shoe as she was helped into a van during her “unexpected early departure,” a witness told Fox News. A separate law enforcement source told Fox News that Clinton left the event because she wasn’t feeling well


    There has been no official statement from the Clinton campaign yet.

    Thanks to ABC and NBC we do know that Clinton left the Sept 11 ceremony about 45 minutes ago when the “medical incident”is said to have happened, however the press has not been told where, while aides are not responding to questions about her whereabouts.

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      1. My dad recently fell and broke a hip….. perhaps I should reassure him that this simply indicates that he has Presidential potential…

      2. Wahoo Yippie Hooraw. Its pitiful to see them Parading (draggin) that half dead corpse around. But please lord keep her alive until after the election. Don’t give them a excuse to postpone or cancel the election.

        • Weekend at hillerys place

          • BERNIE, Hitlery both dead men walking and enjoying life at Bernie’s Place

      3. And those morons are still allowing her to run for Pres? This woman is an evil, pathetic lying mentally deranged person. I guess those lying DemocRATS could care less knowing how sick this woman is, that she is making a fool of herself to the entire world. No wonder the world is laughing at America. We have a criminal too sick to walk by herself without help, wearing a defibrillator, lies not only to Congress but the FBI and the American people. Was responsible for the deaths of those brave seals and Ambassador Stephens, who begged for help but were told “Sorry, you’re on your own.” And when they could have been rescued, the orders came “Stand down!” This woman has no morals or conscience. How disgusting can one human being be? Just this past week, she had one her terrible coughing spells and almost choked. Then she spit up green stuff and spit into her glass. How sick is that? It’s not only sick and disgusting but we have no idea if she may have something that is contagious. Stop this fiasco NOW! She has shown she is not capable of becoming Pres. She looks more and more like a drug addict. She is so sick she has to have an ambulance following close behind her SUV? I guess when she drops dead on stage, then maybe those Hillary lovers will finally get the message. I truly believe Biden was threatened. That was the only reason he backed away from running. Everyone who has ever crossed Hillary has ended up dead and the M.E. has always ruled as suicide.

        • HBA
          Well said. Keep up the good work!!!!

        • Perfectly said! Nothing to add except a compliment for your writing. ;

        • HBA, welcome, and an excellent post that I can’t dispute.

          • Helen:

            Would you want this woman to babysit your children or grandchildren?? ?


        • HBA,
          DARN good writing!!! now if only the rest of America could see what you do, then maybe we would have MORE of a chance!!

        • HBA, excellent post and welcome.

      4. Put that habitual lying corrupt warhag out of her and our misery.

      5. Votes for Trump are largely centered around votes against Hillary. Hillary has too much baggage and its getting heavier every day. TPTB I believe will use the excuse of Hillary’s health to have her step down before the month is out. Her VP fills the void unfettered by The Clinton Foundation, NAFTA, China Free Trade vote and Glass-Steagall. Look for a very personable VP pick to accompany the ticket.

        This is political chess and as FDR said, “Nothing in politics happens by accident”.

        • K2
          Just and example of a Rigged election. Her VP nominee was never voted for by the public, and neither will his V.P. pick. Talk about a FIX!!!!

          Worse part about it the sheeple won’t see it, and they will get the sympathy vote.


          • Sgt Dale

            TPTB using the CIA and MI5 honed the skills of controlling governments that maintained the illusion of democracy and self rule throughout the cold war and beyond. The USSR were thuggish amateurs by comparison.

            “Worse part about it the sheeple won’t see it”
            This is their brilliance. Ross Perot getting Clinton into the WH and having Slick Willie doing what GH Bush proposed. These aren’t elections their Broadway Stage Shows.

            TPTB are very very good at being very very bad. They play chess and the body politic can barely play checkers. They think ahead generations and for the most part, “We The People”, react to events right now unable to look at the dominos cascading.

      6. The WRFS site has a awesome video link of the fall,she really doesn’t look well at all!Considering all the death that bitch is responsible for I really enjoyed it,or,as they say,”That’s entertainment!”

      7. From someone that has had HEAT Stoke, and Heat Exhaustion. It take more than 90 minutes to get so sick you faint. I also know that it takes at least a day to get better not minutes. Heat exhaustion my ass. It is only in the middle to upper 70’s during the event. There is no possible way the cool weather could have made her sick. Keep lying

        The Beotch is sick, I’ve seen indication that she has COPD. This collapsing might be caused by COPD. I know that my mother who has COPD can’t be in the heat for long periods of time, an hour or hour and half MAX. When I say heat I mean 90 degrees and up.

        In the future start looking around her nose and cheeks for hose mark, or nose and chin for mask marks for O2. Or watch the people around her for small bottles that will hold O2.


        • Sarge, a video of her croaking is one I would watch over and over.

      8. infowars.com/breaking-hillary-suffers-medical-emergency-cover-up-begins/

        Third video down shows her legs give away completely and she doesn’t hit earth because she’s suspended at each arm…

        I think only her passing at this point saves the Dems… add “conspiracy theory” here. Maybe not so conspiratorial.

        Stay safe.

      9. Beautiful !

        9-11 is depressing for me now because the country gave up all of its gains and killed a lot of us soldiers doing it, but if hillary is going to have more questions on her health so much that she’s probably not fit to serve; then something great came out of this 9-11.

        you know trump may not even wait until 9-12 to start commenting on it.

        • Let the media get ahold of it for a while, or they’ll just claim it’s Trump again.

      10. The gig is up for her and she knows it that she is desitin to fall for the lies and shit she has pulled so why not be too sick to go to prison. …a girls gotta save her ass somehow just something to consider hell look at bill he be looking like death warmed up now is that makeup artist work .for show kinda like a plan b when the cards fall

      11. If she is truly sick it saddens me greatly and we should pray for her to get better just so that we the people can hang her ass for treason and not the hanging that is short and merciful that breaks your neck but the slow strangulation kind…

      12. How are we gonna ever find a replacement for hillary in such a short time before the election. .i guess obama will just have to post pone the elections ..any thing close or like this scenario ever happened in the past???

        • I believe the Democrat party chooses a replacement to run. It is not the VP candidate automatically.

        • Godsoldier,
          I have been wondering that myself and so far i have NOT been able to get a answer! maybe somebody else on this site has insight to that question as it pertains to law.

          • The dates for putting a candidate on the ballot in the states have passed. The Dems could pick whomever they want, he’s not going to be on the ballot as a choice for President.

            All they can do is hope the faithful WRITE IN their new candidate on the ballots on election day. Good luck with that. Or, they could try and sue all 50 states to get the ballots changed, again, good luck with that.

            The law is, once the ballot filing dates have passed, if your candidate drops dead or withdraws, you’re out of luck. It’s happened before, and the country does just fine with that, although it hasn’t occurred in a presidential race, just congressional races. The idea is that the people get to choose their candidate, if he drops dead, well, the people chose the opposing candidate, too, using the primary system. Shoulda picked a better candidate, the country is moving along.

            Obama can’t postpone the election. Election day is fixed by law as the first Tuesday after the first Thursday of November. There is no emergency clause, absent a vote of Congress. Let Obama try it.

      13. Hellery should know better – the Devil and all his Disciples are forbidden to enter Holy Ground …

        • That would certainly explain it!

      14. I hope they took the “long way” to the hospital….
        Her aides will come out and say she bent down to pickup a dollar she dropped and she broke the heal on her shoe….

      15. They will spin the story to make it appear like she is so hearty and hale that she went out and about with pneumonia, and she broke down from emotion at hearing about the loss of life on September 11. “Her doctor told her to stay in bed and recuperate, but gosh golly, that Hillary is just so driven to help the country that she put the country before herself.”

        • Yep, the story now is she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, but neglected to inform the public about it until she passed out Sunday from ‘dehydration’. Then, instead of going to a doctor, she goes to her daughter’s apartment for the remainder of the morning. Then this afternoon she sees a physician who hydrates her and says all is fine.

          I’m not buying the story. There was clearly a medical episode quite beyond not drinking two glasses of water in the morning and the need for some antibiotics, which apparently she was not taking on Friday, the day of her diagnosis.

          This woman not only does not have the stamina to endure standing up for 90 minutes in a temporate environment on a nice late summer day, but also lacks the honesty to tell the American people about her true state of health.

      16. Time for the press to do their damned job! She needs to be checked out. all other problems and scandals aside,a candidate’s health should be up front. some of these people want power so bad they will do anything to get it health be damned!

      17. Hillary’s symptoms are most likely due to brain cancer!!

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