Highly Vaccinated Israel Is “On The Verge Of An Emergency” As COVID Cases Spike

by | Nov 27, 2021 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    Israel, where almost 90% of the population has been fully vaccinated, is “on the verge of an emergency” as COVID-19 cases spike. The vaccines have done little to stop the totalitarian rollout, and in fact, the Israeli government said it will act “fast and strong” in its fight against the new Covid variant.

    It did not take the mainstream media and the ruling class long to ramp up the fear over this new variant. News of new restrictions and lockdowns came while most of the United States enjoyed time with family on Thanksgiving day. But there appears to be a rush with this particular mutation, rather than the slow drawn-out drip associated with the Delta variant.

    Futures Tumble Amid Sudden Fears Over “Dramatically” New Covid Strain With “Extremely High Number” Of Mutations

    Prime Minister Naftali Bennett held an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss the required new measures (shorter chains for all of the slaves), after a case of the B.1.1.529 variant, which is currently concentrated in southern Africa, was discovered in Israel the day prior. Quoted by the Jerusalem Post, the prime minister said Israel was “on the verge of an emergency,” and asked citizens “to be fully prepared and harnessed for work around the clock.”

    Israel has administered at least 16,129,729 doses of COVID vaccines so far. Assuming every person needs 2 doses, that’s enough to have vaccinated about 89.1% of the country’s population. Yet the push to get the shots that haven’t helped is ongoing:

    Earlier on Friday, Bennett posted a series of tweets saying “the new variant [was] highly contagious at a much faster rate than Delta” while noting that full information was not yet available.

    Claiming that taking “fast and strong” actions remained the government’s policy, he called on all unvaccinated people, both adults and children, to get inoculated. -RT

    But wait, there’s more. Does anyone remember event 201 where they practiced the very coronavirus scamdemic we are all living through now? Well, they aren’t even trying to hide that they did this again with the “Omega exercise” where the ruling classes simulated a new variant that was more contagious than the original scam. The prime minister also noted that, though a few weeks ago the national Omega exercise for a new deadly variant scenario may have “seemed a little detached,” it had prepared the country for the current situation, with the first registered case of a new variant having been brought to Israel from Malawi and two other cases under review.

    This variant is “likely more vaccine-resistant” and yet we all need to line up for the vaccines they have admitted won’t stop infection or transmission.

    We should all have been aware that this was coming.  Be prepared for anything at this point, including massive civil unrest over new restrictions, further enslavement, and more destruction of the fiat currency we are forced to use. They are going to tighten the chains of oppression and we need to be ready for it. We also need to be prepared for a potential real illness that could impact the health of people beyond getting a cold as well. Stay alert and aware. They are ramping this all the way up.


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      1. The more highly vaccinated a place is, the greater the risk it faces.

        No medical sources will confirm that, but it should be obvious to anyone with average observational abilities that this is so.

      2. Poor Israel, always the supreme victim. Even Covid singles them out for special persecution!
        ITS ALL B>S>
        They created and orchestrated the entire COVID scheme, and are its prime beneficiary. It is a crucial step to depopulation and their ability to take over the world as the top NWO superpower. Stop peddling this nonsense. No Israelis are suffering- they MADE the vaxines.

        • Got anything other than someone else’s opinions to back up your claims?

          Like verifiable facts?

      3. Off with their heads!

        Round up the purveyors of this medical scam and

        Off with their heads.

        • Yes!!!!!!

      4. RUPSUP

        Round’m up – string’m up.

        • Rolling rolling rolling.

      5. I guess they have forgotten the name MENGELE.

      6. Stupid is as stupid does

      7. “We the People” wrote the parameters of government across local to federal as we imposed an oath to the “supreme Law of the Land”.
        In order to maintain the structure of the people holding sovereignty over the state, we placed in the Constitution Article I, § 8, Cl. 15 as the only recognized authority “to execute the Laws of the Union”. 230 years after the ratification of the Constitution and we live in a world that doesn’t understand that a few bureaucrats hold no sovereignty over the people of the world.

      8. The most valuable websites have memberships with a monthly fee rather than trying to survive by selling a few products.

      9. Sick! When will People Wake the Pfuck up?…

      10. And they skipped the Greek Alphabet designation “Nu” name for Omicron…

        Omega, as the name of the exercise might imply they are going to cycle through the whole Greek alphabet, as it is the last letter…there are thousands of Covid Mutations, most don’t even get names….

        Pulling some serious Shtick here…

      11. Just like the animal studies that were done and shelved quickly. All the nice animals were immune to the current carona virus as they say, but when a mutation came along there immune systems were trashed from the MRNA pathogenic spike proteins and they All died.
        I encourage all to prepare now and have an emergency planned out to ride the storm out. When it finally comes out that these shots are indeed poison, hell on earth will be unleashed around the world! God bless us all and your family members that took these worthless experimental Poison shots!

      12. Why is no one calling out the ChiComms for this whole catastrophe? Now they are moving around all kinds of military forces in preparation of something. Get ready for something yourself on a personal & familial basis.

      13. Even though the vaxxes don’t work, you gotta wonder how many Israelis are really vaxxed with anything more than salt water.

        Slovenia recently made the alternative news with QR-coded vax doses marked ‘Placebo’ (saline), ‘Vax’ (mRNA) and ‘Kill Shot’ (adenovirus cancer). The leadership elites, often filmed getting their shot to reassure the public, naturally got the placebo jabs.

        The whistleblower was a well-placed head nurse, who seems a very credible university-affiliated witness.

        Assuming placebo shots exist, it would explain a lot of strange things, like why some people have no problem at all with the vax and others crash hard.

        Also, why the uniformed Pentagon was under the gun to vax and had to publicly fight back, but the Alphabet Agency praetorians were silent, even though technically covered by the Executive vax mandate.

        It would also explain the push for booster shots; if White Hats were able to spike the U.S. distribution system with Placebos, many people would have been saved from the Vax or worse a Kill Shot.

        They would have likely been followup rounds needed anyway to take care of survivors had the vaccine rollout stayed as evil as intended.

        • I can say with certainty that hospitals around the entire US are caring for the vaccine injured. An on-duty hospital emergency employee told me face-to-face that most every hospital in America is full along with ours. NPR had a print story on it but didn’t tell the details. At our regional hospital there’s lots of blood clots and embolisms and heart problems along with many other serious ailments. They have never seen anything like it. Very sick people. I know personally people vax injured. Was told by a newspaper reporter that doctors are afraid to speak up about the vax policy or what’s going on. There’s a strange tone to all of this.

      14. … Of course there are far less dramatic reasons for Placebo shots; the massive demand for vaxxes might tempt manufacturers to put anything in a vial, as Japan found out with their contaminated doses.

        Or, those doses were sabotaged mRNA and Kill Shots…

      15. Burn the globalist witches I will not comply! When this reaches a climax of death and destruction they can run to there bunkers but they can’t hide! Drone Davos for all of humanity please!
        The elites can never control my free will and allegiance to the all mighty! Good wins in the end! Resist and do not comply. There is strength in numbers and that is why they lie!

      16. Don’t worry, the Indian supreme court this week accepted a lawsuit against Bill Gates and an Indian billionaire for vaccine murder and the plaintiff is sicking Death Penalty!

        I hope the world will soon be in peace if these bio-terrorists are at least silenced by the courts.

      17. Israels covid cases are very low now. 340 average daily cases compared to 11,000 cases last September.

        So where is this spike that doesn’t exist on the daily data?

      18. Like Muslims, Jews have high genetic incidence of disorders. These disorders (all resulting from inter marriage and matting with small gene ? pools) means they do not have strong immune systems.

        One of the solutions is to encourage greater intermixing with highly genetically mixed groups. The most genetically mixed population is white Europeans (just look at the eye colours, hair colours etc). The alternative, to let Muslims and Jews stay within their narrow population groups, is to endure a crazy barrage of vaccines forever and more.

      19. So folks – Whats the end Game?
        All this BS and Drama is for designed specific reasons.
        The jabs and the virus are not killing large numbers of people – yet. Is it to bring down the worlds economy/? Is it to start mass civil chaos – ergo-marshal law?
        Do the world leader Know that something catastrophic is in store for humanity soon and they are prepping the masses?

        • The end game is the great reset. You know “The New World Order”. Been in the planning for a looong time. Agenda 21 in play. You think this is bad wait till agenda 30! Order out of Chaos. I guess they figure people are so stupid and divided now that it’s ripe for the shearing and culling. I’m all for culling except I would have done it by sterilization not murder. The vax does both. People have overpopulated so bad than human life is the cheapest commodity there is! Look at China, Imagine 3x the population here, India too. Something needs to be done because people are too self entitled and irresponsible to do it themselves. That’s the truth like it or not. If you can’t get your whiskey I will share with you! 😀

      20. The elite could care less about the poor jews in Israhell.

        The rich jews all know better than to get vaxecuted, since they are the ones behind the global genocide to begin with.

        Evil f*cks!!!

      21. If you keep listening to lies you might just start believing!

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