High Schools Drop “Valedictorian” Distinction Fearing Lower-Ranked Kids May Feel ‘Triggered’

by | Jun 16, 2017 | Headline News | 120 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.com


    We’ve spent a fair amount of time over the past several years writing about the ‘participation trophy generation’ (a.k.a. “millennials) and, more specifically, how their inflated sense of entitlement and self-worth, irrespective of work effort and/or innate talent, would not serve them well in the real world.

    You see millennials, despite what your enabling handlers (a.k.a. “educators”) have told you your whole life, people here in the real world couldn’t care any less about your feelings, think your ‘Gender Studies’ degree was a complete waste of your parents’ money, will not promote you just because anything less would be a ‘triggering’ event and do not recognize your standing to demand ‘safe spaces’.

    In fact, taking a moment to truly internalize the following quote from our favorite movie would serve you well.

    “Listen up maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else. We are the all singing, all dancing crap of the world.  We are all part of the same compost heap.

    And, while we’ve been forced to write post after post detailing the lunacy of your behavior as you frolic aimlessly on the campuses of liberal bastions of higher indoctrination across this great country, growing more and more sickened with each new display of entitlement, we have to say that your efforts to eliminate high school rankings is a new low, even for you.

    Unfortunately, as the AP points out today, that is exactly what seems to be happening at high schools all around the country as the title of “valedictorian” is being eliminated and/or bestowed upon so many kids in each graduating class that it’s rendered meaningless.

    “More and more schools are moving toward a more holistic process. They look deeper into the transcript,” Gottlieb said.

    Wisconsin’s Elmbrook School District has for several years ranked only the valedictorian and salutatorian, and only then because the state awards scholarships to schools’ top two graduates, according to Assistant Superintendent Dana Monogue. The change has been accepted by colleges and community alike, Monogue said.

    “We are encouraged by any movement that helps students understand that they’re more than a score, that they’re more than a rank,” she said.

    One school in Tennessee awarded the “valedictorian” title to 48 kids, or roughly 25% of the entire graduating class.

    Tennessee’s Rutherford County schools give the valedictorian title to every student who meets requirements that include a 4.0 grade-point average and at least 12 honors courses. Its highly ranked Central Magnet School had 48 valedictorians this year, about a quarter of its graduating class.

    At another school in Maryland, the AP highlights the woes of a concerned mother who wonders how ranking might affect her teenager’s confidence.

    The day rankings came out at Hammond High School in Columbia, Maryland, students were privately told their number — but things didn’t stay private for long.

    “That was the only thing everyone was talking about,” said Mikey Peterson, 18, who shrugged off his bottom-third finish and will attend West Virginia University in the fall.

    A spokesman for the Howard County, Maryland, district said schools recognize their top 5 percent so students can include it on college applications and hasn’t considered changing.

    “There was a big emphasis on where you landed,” said Peterson’s classmate Vicki Howard, 18. “It made everything 10 times more competitive.”

    Peterson’s mother, Elizabeth Goshorn, said she can’t walk into his school without hearing good things about her affable son, but worries about how rankings can affect a teenager’s confidence.

    “It has such an impact on them as to how they perceive themselves if you’re putting rankings on them,” she said.

    Try as you might, ignoring the principles of basic mathematics does not mean that they cease to exist.  And while your enabling parents, high schools and colleges may share your view that ranking people on the basis achievement is racist, sexist and/or any other number of adjectives you may wish to throw out there….again, we assure you that the real world does not care.

    Life is competitive and your relative performance versus your peers will ultimately determine your success in life irrespective of how “triggering” that fact may be.  The sooner you realize that fact, the sooner you’ll be able to move out of mom’s basement.

    Via ZeroHedge.com


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      1. We always need folks who can fight better then us/shoot better/study harder/play guitar better ect.,gives us new new heights to climb for,keeps us inspired,that is the trigger!

        • Kid who won first place: “Well, if everyone gets the same trophy, I guess there is no need for me to try so hard next time.”

          • I WAS Valedictorian and I DO resent this crap!!

            • Who’s ass did you kiss L?

            • Mac, Heads up. I keep getting these Warning flags while on your site, that says: The Name on the Security Certificate is Invalid, or does not match the name of the site. Do I want to proceed? Yes or NO.

              Maybe your certificate Name is invalid or you have been hacked.

              • I got those for months–and then, nothing!!

              • That is the Russians interfering.

            • You were valedictorian? Were you home schooled with a graduating class of one?

              • “If one kid does better than another the school failed,” said socialist.

            • I skipped high school and went from 8th grade straight into college… and I reset this BS. It’s a systematic degradation of our education system so that more and more people will be to stupid to use critical thinking skills, and thus vote for the gov give them more hand outs.

              Watch the movie Idiocracy.

              FYI: Thailand is a great country to move to. Safe, cheap, and very friendly.

        • Well….I’ve said this before, and this article just confirms my opinion…that our educational system is one of the main contributing factors to the destruction of our country.

          Our schools, colleges and universities no longer educate. In fact, they have no desire to educate. Their purpose is INDOCTRINATION. Their goal is to produce obedient, meek, non-thinking robots.

          Doing away with any kind of ranking is just one more brick in the wall of their objectives.


            ITS FUCKING WORKING GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Yep, by the time you figure it out you are too old to do anything.

          • Anonymous5, spot on. I was going to ask, what is education? I don’t see anything that even resembles education anymore.

            • Want to Create a smarter Generation of educated people? #1 Get the Government out of Funding Public education and College. And get back to survival of the smartest. If Dumb schools get as much Federal money as Smart schools. Smart schools will soon learn they don’t have to put as much effort into teaching cause they are paid the same. That’s what we got to day in Public schools. Its all one Big Race to the Bottom.

              If you want an education, go to the library and Internet and start doing your own research into the career or field as much as you can and become that expert. Sure if you need a degree to get a License, then pick up that Trade School Degree and get it done as quick as you can to get out there making money and an income to be self sufficient. Man UP!! Get er Done.

              Kids today (Many LAZY) make a career being full time students, because its,… well,, just more fun living in Momma’s basement playing video games and taking a few college credits here and there to make yourself feel important and doing that until the age of 40 thinking you will just inherit her house when she dies. How many kids waiting for their inheritance than working and being a leader. I bought my first house when I was 26 Yrs Old. Life is different today, kids just don’t get it. They spend all their money on cell phones, dying their hair blue, and littering their bodies with tattoos and eyebrow, nose and tongue piercings. Like WTF happened to this Generation of frigging Losers? Then they wonder why nobody will hire them for a job. Your trashed yourself, before you even get started in life.

            • Education went to sh!t when spell check was invented.

            • Education teaches you how to think. Indoctrination teaches you what to think.

          • Bullshit.

        • In our school the valedictorian was always some rich kid minority that didn’t have to work. I had to work every night at a restaurant to pay my car loan and insurance so homework was put on the back burner for study hall. I still got B’s though. And I was MVP on my high school 22lr rifle team. I never got to screw the prom queen either. Now days queen means a “hole” different thing.?

          • diplomas nowadays say “participant” rather than graduate.

        • Back in the day… Before all this MMA shit came about, we called it bar fighting… I’ve been nailed twice… The one time I had to take a knee… The second, knocked out cold… ALLWAYS someone better, bigger, faster…. Fact of life… At least in the good ol days… Fuk these snowflakes… Feed em to the fishes…

          • Oregon the first state to add a 3rd Gender choice. Yep choose one of the following under SEX:
            * Male,
            * Female, or
            * Confused Lefty Freak.

            You decide and pick one when applying.

            Here in Florida when I renewed my Drivers License, under the Section of “Sex” I wrote in “Yes Definitely!!” ha.

          • What do you have against the fishes?

        • I earned many honors in school.




          • Many parents can’t home school their kids. They are dumber than their children and probably as some blue collar kiss the bosses ass all day kind of job and too the mother is out slutting herself out for a paycheck also.

          • Eisenkreutz…a little harsh there about cannabis users. Reefer madness ish BS. I thought you were pretty cool but that statement is one of a fool, imo. Who in hell can afford a college education anyway!

          • You are missing the point.

            It is not about hurting kids feelings or having a safe space.

            It is Communism.

            In America we believe in equal opportunity, not equal outcomes.

            The commie leftist want equal outcomes regardless of opportunity.

          • Your snowflake mentality exposes the truth about you.





      2. I graduated High school with honors, nobody gave a shit, I just wanted out of there. I graduate 6 months early, I was working, making money and High school was wasting my time. There are too many helicopter parents out there. Give the kids their Diploma pat them on the head and set them out to deal with what they want to do when they grow up.

        • Give the kids their diploma, pat them on the head and set them out to deal with what they want to do when they THROW up. I’ve been a teacher for years. Just keeps getting worse.

          • Remember the teacher in Atlanta that got caught helping her kids cheat on the state exam?

            The news went nuts suspecting bribes, corruption and collusion?

            And the teacher said, “no, these kids are just really, really, stupid.”

        • High school was more like a social club, than a learning institution. It was a place to improve my athletic ability with competition against other High school kids.

          Pretty much anybody who showed up got a diploma. College was about the same. After a few semesters, I figured it was a big waste of time, and was just a big party place, and I left to go work and make money because hey, that’s what life was all about anyway. Making a living and having fun. Later on in life in my late 20’s, I went back to college and received a Bachelors of Business Admin. 3.75 of 4.0 rating. Then after working for a few national companies, I’ve been self employed for about 25 years.

          All High school does is teaches you how to read and add, street smarts teaches you how to think and win. College is overrated, and you are required to take meaningless classes. I mean I took Photography, that was cool.

          Most everything I learned in life, was self taught with my own curiosity to find and figure out the answers.

          • I went to community college to learn IT stuff. Took a Cisco class where the course work was done online….including testing. When we would take the test, the instructor would let people re-take the test if they failed it the first time…..or simply wanted to improve their score. I found the course pretty easy and would typically ace the test. One time I missed a couple and the instructor asked if I wanted to take the test over. I refused. I told him that in the real world, you don’t always get opportunities for “do overs”. Another thing I found amazing was just how many people in the class would cheat. Frankly…..I don’t understand that. You are there of your own free will, taking a subject that you are hoping will enable you to work in an occupation. You are not going to be able to “cheat” and keep your job once you are in the real world. So why would you simply be satisfied with just passing the course and not learning the material?

            I guess I’m just old school.

            • Holy Crap!!! Did you see this Video going Viral. Do you live anywhere near a Cell Phone Tower? Many of these Cell Phone Towers are placed on Public School Grounds. Some are disguised at Big Flag Poles.

              Cell Phone Carriers Do NOT Want You To See This! – Cell Towers Exposed!

              • CrackSumSkulls..I’m surprised no replies from that video. If true and I don’t doubt it, forget nukes as the in our faces threat, these towers are a sinister attempt to sicken the people and worse. This is disgusting info and should be near the top of concerns to our health. Obviously we are marked for extermination.

              • Holy shit. I need to invest in copper wire stock immediately.

                Obviously money to be made with these death traps.

                Good thing these cell phone towers are only in the ghettos in the towns.

      3. Warchild, spot on. Just another example of leftist lunacy. No cure for stupidity. They day seems to be faster approaching when we have to fight the snowflakes. There’s a storm coming…..I can hear the thunder.

      4. Rellik, I graduated but not with honors. Hell, I was just glad to get of there alive after all the fights I had.

        • I was from a solid middle class, virtually no minority town that wasn’t populated enough for its own HS. We were sent to a 40% minority HS that also had 1/3 of the remaining 60% (thats 20% for the math challenged) of low income whites. About 2/3 of the minorities were bad news. Figure on about 50% of the kids were rough to prison bound. This town of 10,000 had 15 bars. The good news is the worst of them dropped out so a freshman class had 300 students while only 110 got to graduation. The standards were LOW. My yearbook had a graduate sign and write a note, “Have a nice sumunour”. Interestingly every once in a while, very rarely but it happened, a kid became a Physician or got an appointment to Annapolis or West Point.

          These millennials will be paying our Social Security. Sleep well.

          • That generation is the kiss of death for this country. Not all of them, mind you.
            The urban, socialistic, hipster millennials will bury us all.
            How they vote en masse will seal our fate in the near future.
            We are most likely seeing the last Republican controlled Congress in history.
            Younger city-dwelling folks want massive government and more government control.
            The money has to come from somewhere but they can’t seem to grasp that.
            They hate the suburbs and they think country folks are all dumb Fox News watching rubes.
            The Constitution is some old archaic document to them. They don’t think it should still apply in these times. A socialist came really close to getting the Democrat nomination for
            President. That is our future reference indicator. Hate to admit it but old Bernie would most
            likely have beaten Trump in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. When 12 million folks from
            Illinois spill out of that bankrupt state, they will be relocating to your friendly state. Most of
            them vote Democrat. When you see U-Hauls with Land Of Lincoln license plates heading
            your way, look out Bubba.

          • 68% of the blacks in our local high school are classified as “special needs” so they do not have to pass the state exams.

            You got to know how to play the system.

            • Ever think they might be?

      5. We had a South Korean born and raised through high school mechanical engineer in the refinery. He graduated from Drexel University in the US. I asked him how it was. He replied relatively easy as the majority of the math courses he had in high school in South Korea, a public high school. He explained that they went to school 12 months/yr and after school they went to the library to study. Their parents brought them dinner to the library.

      6. My first 35 years of a 40 career I fired exactly 2 people for cause. I was always a bit happy with that record, everyone else shaped up and worked, or went elsewhere.

        The last 5 years, I fired 9 people. All millennials, all entitled, and all for cause, such as gross insubordination, putting their hands on another employee to intimidate them, failure to perform their duties, etc.

        They begged for it. When given the chance to shape up, they lipped off. Goodbye.

        • People nowadays do not care if they have a job or not.

          • That’s a tad of a generalization. My son started his electricians apprenticeship with about 30 people in the class, four years later there were 6 graduating of which he was one of. He has always worked never scoffing at OT.

      7. For my first post here let me leave this thought. The Mrs. is a middle school teacher here in Central Jersey in a very good school district. The student population consists of White, Asian, & Indian, a few Spanish speaking students, & very few Black students. After grading all the tests that were given, grades posted, the Mrs was told that no student was allowed to fail. Everyone must be graded with a ‘C’ or better or their feelings would be hurt.

        • Since this is your first post, please let me be the first to respond to your comment by berating you with a racial epitaph.

          After all, it is the internet!


      8. Back in 1972 when I graduated, without any honors!!, I just wanted out,

        All the honors kids were stuck up anyway. YUCK.

        • Grandee, I agree wholeheartedly about snobs. I couldn’t stand them back then and still have no use for them even today.

          • The best class I remember from High School was metal shop. I learned to weld and use the cutting torch.

            My parents bought me a Lincoln electric stick welder and oxy acc torch for my graduation gift.

            My kid’s high school does not have a wood shop or metal shop.

            That is sad, but at least I can teach them.

            • My best class was lunch

        • Class of 73. I worked in a Boat yard in a bad part of town on weekends, and was stockboy at a liquor store in the Barrio during the week. The snobs hated me even as I tutored them in Chemistry and Biology( I was weak in math but I got better). But, my girl friends had very rich Dads.
          My present and only wife of 40 years really disappointed me because I thought she was rich when I married her, turns out she came from a poorer family than I did. Can’t win them all.

          • Rellik, you were better off with a more down-to-earth woman. Happy 40 years. I only had mine for 7 years before losing her to a drunk driver. Class of 75 for me. I moved straight down to Miami and went to work for a courier service. I met my future wife at a beach party on 4th of July, 1975. I popped the question to her in October and we tied the knot on Valentine’s Day, 1976. although she came from an educated family, she was just as down-to-earth as could be. Her surviving family members were also down-to-earth. the rest of her family she lost to Fidel Castro’s thugs when he first took over Cuba. After I lost my beloved, there was nothing left for me in Miami so I went back to TN. the last time I set foot in FL was in 97. It’s just that hard for me to back down there. I can’t think of FL without thinking of my baby.

            • Sorry for your loss.

              • Braveheart,

                I too am sorry for your loss. One of my aunts never married after her fiancé was killed in Europe during WWII. I respect your feelings. One of the great Christian writers CS Lewis has written on the subject of suffering. He too was briefly married to a woman, who succumbed to the ravages of untreatable cancer. You might find some insight and comfort in his writings. Sometimes it is hard to fill a void that is created with the desth of a loved one. May The God of all comfort and hope surround you with His presence and encouragement. You are in my prayers.

                Louisiana Eagle

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              I read a lot here that is upsetting. Your story is at the top. Very sorry for your loss that is forever painful.

              • Rellik, Laeagle, and Kevin2, thank you all for those kind words. not a day goes by that I don’t think of her.

            • Never marry a girl from a rich family. My first marriage, the good looking Chick’s Dad was an MIT grad, Plenty of Inventions patents, had Millions, and 4 airplanes. But the family was Boring ad F*ck. On Saturdays her dad sat around the house in a necktie, like leave it to beaver. The chick worked for her dad 4 companies, and did nothing basically, and made a great paycheck and drived a Porsche for a company car and a company credit card. She had no ambition or curiosity to achieve anything. Daddy had plenty of money to throw around. So When we planed to move to FL, she changed her mind and choose to stay working for Daddy. She just couldn’t dare leave the umbilical cord of her daddy’s wealth. I divorced her, left moved to FL and made plenty of my own money. I would rather go make it on my own and feel my own success than be a lazy do nothing hanger on’er, sucking up to daddy all the time. F*ck,.. get a life people!!

              • CSS, damn good advice. I’ve ALWAYS had a life.

        • Yep, after I graduated in 77 I joined the military then I took care of sick dying parents for several years, I had no time to be stuck on myself.

          • After reading the last several posts I have come to realize, there are a bunch of old farts on this board.

            • ?!

              Old is a relative term! Farts can be stinky! I will not accept those discriptions of me! I may be a deplorable, a Bible and gun holding Deplorable, but I will not wear the title of ‘old fart’ yet, although there is a lot of that too! I remember when I use to think turning 30 years old was ‘over-the-hill’! Not anymore!

              You are only as old as you think you are! When I was young I enjoyed hanging out with the ‘old people. Now that I have a grey mustache I enjoy hanging out with the young people! I spend a large part of my time with them.

              Louisiana Eagle ?

      9. Who created the word “trigger”. It rhymes with the “N” word. You know which “N” word, not “not”, not “nada”, not “NO”; which is the really important word these kids need to get used to hearing. Personally, I think “trigger” is preprogrammed to trigger suicide and/or murder when in the adult world their feelings get really hurt. When they see their daughter gang raped by a bunch of black muslim savages. When their son realizes he isn’t really gay and he feels so ashamed of himself that he gets drunk and drives into oncoming traffic, survives as a drooling cripple, kills a nice family, and gets sued: leaving you holding the bag financially, not to mention societally with the details of your failure as a father or mother discussed for months on the news by reporters who have zero respect for your feelings.

        __ then of course, it could just trigger fantasies of riding horseback while wearing a black mask and cavorting with Native Americans (aka “Indians”).


        • BofA
          When I think of “trigger” I think of part of a gun or a horse, both are Nouns. Your particularly dark,but probably real descriptions of someone’s life tragedies are better described by the word “failure”.

          And just to be very correct no race is “native” to the Americas. They all traveled here from some place else. Funny that all that evolution stuff started in one particular area, nowhere close to the Americas.


          • Rellic:

            Exactly. A trigger is on a gun. And “Trigger” was the name of a horse.

            The dark story was meant to be dark humor.

            Btw off topic.

            I heard something today about DNA. 250 human genes are not found anywhere in Nature. This gives credence to the theory that some of us, particularly Aryan people, and descendants of Royalty, and people with RH Negative blood had ancestors from somewhere besides earth. I believe that place is Mars. Mars is icy and once had running water. Mars lost it’s protective shield, it’s electro-magnetic shield. That would explain why Aryans or white people tend to be so much more advanced intellectually, and occasionally produce super genius.

            The “elites” withhold this information. I believe the elites are competing with the Aryan sons of gods from Mars. They bred with the royalty and wealthy and geniuses. So now because they have some of this in their DNA they campaign to convince Aryans who are true children of God, that they are animals/donkeys to trick and deceive the true descendants of the space traveling ancestor who left his genes in us.

            That is why there is a struggle between the present rulers of planet earth (impostors) and the rightful rulers, the son of god. It may not be supernatural. Racial, yes.


            Don’t know but possible.


            • Yeah, well…

              If our ancestors are really from someplace else, sure would be nice if they’d evacuate us, before we are killed by “cultural enrichment”…

      10. Okay, I may have goofed up that one.

        Q. What do you call the guy that GRADUATES last in his class in medical school?
        A. Doctor

        • What do you call the President of the United States?


      11. Just hand out trophys and see how many colleges take your application. See how many and what kind of job you get and how much you make. If you don’t have to try many students won’t. There has to be incentive. Many of today’s kids feel entitled and are mad when nothing is given to them. They will be fighting for survival! No help from me.

        • They have been conditioned and primed to accept communism, and they will embrace it with raging alacrity. Look back through the history of the last century, at who has been controlling the dialog, who made it quite clear what their ultimate goals are.

          While the White people of Western Civilization ignored the slow takeover from within, two generations of our people have been destroyed. It is this generation coming up now, that will be used to finish off what took took thousands of generations to build.

        • Yeah, when applying for a Job just have your resume filled with Photos of your participation trophies. See how many jobs you get. You just may be hired by the public schools system to teach, so there still is hope and loose change out there. Why are people hired right out of college to teach? What they gonna teach? Some book of nonsense. Go get you some real work experience and then you have experience to teach real life to kids.

          Its kind of like a sales office, the Sales Manager is usually the Guy who can’t sell and takes the Hourly pay over commission. Seen this situation so many times I run out of fingers to count. Good sales people are out there selling making a fortune not stuck in some office for low pay teaching people how to sell. And why would a good sales person teach you their craft? Its more competition against them.

          Where you can make the most money in life is in “SALES” You start out selling someone else’s product an find your niche’ and get busy. Then learn the entire company from bottom to Top, then spin off and get your own company running. Done that many times.

          Go sell yachts or airplanes to rich people. Or hang out with Bubba in a bar selling beer discussing how unfair life is. Life is full of choices, what do you choose every day, what got you to where you are today? Are you a success or a loser?

      12. Jim, nobody in my company gets a trophy for anything, unless they, for example, save someone’s life. Today’s young people are a lost cause.

        • The company I work for hires ugly peoples to do the manual labor and pretty young girls for bosses that know nothing but are hotties.

          • PSTY, I never cared for affirmative action.

            • You mean the government-mandated hire black people or else program?

              • Crappenstix, yep, that’s the one that shows favoritism to minority groups.

          • I used to save lives and ever got any trophy. In fact I saved lives and rarely ever got even a thank you. Probably why I left that low paying job thankless and went to go work for myself in an entirely other carrier, something for me. F- em!!

            • I save lives everyday by not drinking and driving and staying in my own lane on the freeways.

      13. Hillary Clinton was valedictorian. From what I hear, she is still a dick torian.



        • B, LOL! Good one!

        • God I hate that woman.

          Would she please just f^uck off already.

      14. Guess we’ll continue to see snowflakes year ’round now.

        • Snow removal year round…..

      15. The presence of valedictorian, honors, salutatorian on a college application definitely helps. In the prestigious schools, it is expected along with a lot of participation in extracurricular activities. When I went to high school, the valedictorian really had to work to get it. He had all A’s for four years. He had more A’s than two other students who were also straight A students. I had a life so I wasn’t one of them. Lately, it seems students of Asian extraction seem to win particularly at spelling, science, and math. Their parents really pressure them to do well. Ultimately, American graduates will be competing with students from other countries so lowering the standards is not doing them a favor.

      16. I know of a high school that plans to stop school suspensions. The school administration believes external events outside the student’s control may be the culprit. The students will not be sent home. They will be allowed to talk and explore their feelings. Parents need to wake up. They are promoting external locus of control.

      17. The coming global brain will do the thinking for them.

      18. Everyone gets a trophy! This is why the crybabies can’t accept the fact their corrupt granny lost the election.

      19. I’m number 1 at everything – the rest of you are number 1 at sucker bait.

      20. What a bunch a losers here. Morons at best..

      21. US Navy ship gets creamed by huge freighter. 7 sailors missing and several injured. USS Fitzgerald.

      22. As soon as you view the world of man in terms of dealers and addicts, you’ll never really understand it.

        Priests, Politicians, Generals, Bankers, Entertainers and even internet truthers, are no different.

        Those whom see it must categorically deny buying into their various offerings, or can climb aboard and become dealers themselves.

        Therefore, “entitlement” is no different. Especially when it’s programmed at an early age. Even Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s and Mother’s Days, et all lend to a sense of expectation to receive something for simply being. As subtle as these may seem, they all add up. I have witnessed adults becoming discouraged or feeling left out for not receiving something, for doing nothing to deserve it. That your “ignorance” or refusal to participate is the problem.

        The verse has rules that if not followed will incur consequences. Obviously things like gravity, bad weather and starvation does not forgive nor require further explanation. Why then, as sentient and intelligent beings, do we ignore the more complex rules of various man made addictions and programming that will also exact bad consequences?

        Therein we find a real truth: That one mans desire to control another, is also an addiction.

        Perhaps we’re not that intelligent after all?

        • FL,

          Interesting line of thought! Almost Cartesian! I am going to have to chew on that one, like chewing tough game. I have seen the ‘growers’ or producers, who are definitely different from the dealers and the addicts, who all know they must circumspectly avoid using the stuff they produce at all costs if they are to survive (few actually prosper) and not become the addict. It is a very thin edge upon which they walk and balance themselves. One wrong step and it is a rapid descent into the pits of hell!

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Once you see these entrappings, then you can move on to consider the problems with self responsibility for being entrapped in the first place.

            We are quick to accept things such as “The Devil made me do it”, or “only through Jesus can I do no wrong.” It’s never about free will or whom is really in charge of our thoughts, ideas and the actions we take upon them.

      23. As far as movie quotes, I think that the snowflakes should be subjected to the opening monologue by Senior Drill Instructor Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket.

        • 85% of soldiers on the front lines refuse to kill.

          Its mostly bullshit.

          Posturing, it’s called.

        • Unorganized, grabasstic pieces of amphibian shit. Yeah. That’s them.

      24. My daughter was an Honors Student in High School, now 20 yrs. later, Cashier at WalMart.
        My son, C student in High School, nothing special, now 20 yrs. later, owns and runs a multi-million $ construction business that he started himself.
        Go figure.

      25. Hillary called Trump supporters “deplorable” and I call many of the millennials “unemployables”. I’m especially impressed with the young men (and too often ladies) who appear to have attached a stencil over themselves and then liberally apply paint. The over the neck, down the shoulder and torso tattoo is very impressive and an outstanding statement for a future employer to run away from. Adding some metal studs on their face and rings enlarging their ear lobes are very becoming in the tribal third world.

        They are a walking bill board sign “Loser”.

        • C’mon Kev. You don’t think facial hardware is cool? You’re just an old guy. lol

        • So sad, isn’t it, Kev! Imagine if you were had PERMANENTLY attached bell bottoms, platform shoes, gold chains and only shirts down to your hairy chest (today that would apply to women, too!) Imagine you had one tat, “Bary Manilow is Groovy” where everyone could see it. These sad people that permanently tat themselves will look like fools in 10 years. Very sad.

      26. I am certified to teach on the high school level in the US and Canada, and taught for five years on the post-secondary level in Canada. Of course, I spent eight years at university as a student as well (it CERTAINLY was NOT for my typing or proof-reading skills, as you see in my other posts!!!) The whole educational system is utterly infested with feckless, amoral, ignorant leftists. I learned this back in the early 1980s when I watched the vile NEA vote their support for the Sandinistas (what was THAT about???? I understand voting for no running in the halls, chewing gum in class, or maybe even don’t dunk kids head in the toilet… but the freaking Communist Sandinistas???).

        If you value your children, ***get them out of the public schools***. There are still a LOT of educators out there that are good, conservative/libertarian, etc. But they are an increasing minority.

      27. What a tired storyline being perpetrated… That all millennials are lazy, useless, good for nothings who are entitled. Such an easy target, but what of the parents who raised this generation? What example are they following? The Bible says let no man despise thy youth, but to be an example. The youth always take their place as rebels d in every generation

      28. Kevin2, truer words were never spoken, especially about the tattoos. I’m deplorable and irredeemable according to Hillary because I can never be ‘re-educated’ into a POS socialist. I offer no apologies for that.

        • Don’t forget the metal studs and elongated ear lobes. They add a certain distinction and flair to the overall image presented. Its kinda like a boldface type LOSER as opposed to a mere loser.

          • Stereotyping is easy. We all do it. But, there are those individuals who are gifted by nature in a particular area or a particular skill set and do not fit in the ‘loser’ mold just painted (tattooed). We have a lot of hard working and successful folks down my way who fit your physical descriptions. Just saying,

            Louisiana Eagle

          • Kevin2, a loser is still a loser regardless of what they look like.

            • Some go out of their way to advertise it. Rarely, but it happens, a winner advertises themselves as a loser as many in the computer field have done being extremely individualistic. Most often however that is not the case.

              You can’t necessarily judge a book by its cover but few have time to read the preface in every book. Like it or not packaging sells and tattoos from head to toe are counterproductive.

      29. In Finland, they have done away with homework; the time you spend in the classroom is your entire day. For most people that went to school, that was already true unless there was some report that had to be turned in. There are no private schools (illegal) so rich and poor kids go to the same schools. The idea is that the wealthier families will support the public school system better. Effectively, the children of the wealthy families are being held hostage. The Finnish school system is considered the best in the world but there is no way to verify this. They don’t use standardized testing that would compare Finnish graduates with graduates from elsewhere.

        • Finland hahaha what a bunch of A-Holes.

      30. Steven Furst passed away, Flounder from Animal House. This line from that classic movie explains why, “We The People”, are in the position we’re in.

        h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOXtWxhlsUg

        • Kevin2, I saw that movie at the theater when it first came out. I remember laughing so hard it hurt.

      31. Education was not a priority for me growing up. Graduated from a vocational school in 69, failed one year in junior high after missing half a year sick. A girl chased me around in 9th grade because she thought I looked like George Harrison. So I went out and bought a pair of Beatles boots. That was fun.

      32. The bar had to be lowered so the dumbing down wouldn’t be so evident.

      33. Hey, as if any of this matters. If you’re the best in class in public screwel, it isn’t as if it matters. Either way, you got a sub-par education from the govt. You might as well be the smartest kid with Downs Syndrome. There’s a reason why the power elite don’t send their kids to the public schools they run and regulate. Look up John Taylor Gatto for the truth about public education.

      34. Yes, we don’t want to offend the students who don’t study.

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