Hidden Video: Cops Nationwide Say: “You’re On Your Own”

by | Mar 7, 2013 | Headline News | 451 comments

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    The investigative journalists at Project Veritas are at it again, and this time they visited local police departments across the nation and asked law enforcement officials what residents should do if they are threatened by a break-in, armed robbery or other violent crime.

    Most of the localities visited, like New York and New Jersey, have restrictive gun laws, so you can imagine that the answers were… quite creative (and not very encouraging).

    What happens between the time I call 9-1-1 and the time you get there?

    Law Enforcement Officer – Bronxville, NY: “It takes a couple minutes to get there.”

    Project Veritas: “OK, in the two minutes, though, what do i do?”

    LEO: “In the two minutes what do you do?”

    PV: “Yeah:

    (awkward pause)

    LEO: “That’s a good question.”

    PV: “Basically, in just that two minutes I’m on my own?”

    LEO: “Yeah.”

    LEO: “Look on the internet about how to get a gun permit.”

    PV: “How long does that take to get?”

    LEO: “In New York? About a year.”

    Via Lew Rockwell:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Here are some other suggested self defense techniques you can apply in the event your life is threatened and police are minutes away:

    “It’s 2013. It’s the United Stated of America. You lock your doors and hope nothing happens.”

    “That’s why we have call boxes. That’s why we have safe zones. That’s why we have the whistles.”

    “Lock yourself in a room and call us.”

    “Just make noise. I would just make noise. It generally scares people off.”

    “I would scream. Let somebody know I was there.”

    “Lock yourself in a bedroom. Start yelling and screaming, so maybe the guy breaking hears that somebody’s home and runs out the door.”

    “If you pick up a bat and start hitting somebody if he comes in your home. You’re allowed to do that.”

    “If you just take your cell phone out, put it up to your ear, and call 9-1-1, a lot of times that makes people think twice before they do something.”

    “You could leave the home if you can get to an exit. You know, you could leave the home.”

    “Put some kind of two-by-four stick or something in the window so you can jam it up.”

    “In case of emergency, I’m gonna do what I have to do. Go get some bleach. Go get some ammonia.”

    … “[you’re on your own] unless you have a dog”

    “If a man enters your home, all bets are off.”

    “You’re just asking questions that I can’t answer for you.”

    According to a recent city-by-city response time report at American Police Beat, it takes police in major metropolitan areas about 10 minutes to respond to an emergency 9-1-1 call. And in some areas, police response times are so slow that neighbors have been forced to organize themselves into patrols.

    If you live in a state where it’s still legal to carry a personal self defense firearm, you can feel comfortable being “on your own.”

    If not, you may want to head down to your local hardware store and pick up a two-by-four, some bleach, and a whistle.


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      1. No problem being on my own. That way I know how it’s going to go down before we “get it on”.

        • I think the right to arms belongs to every American, but there are people who will bide by even unjust laws. My advice to those people is to seek alternatives. How about a silent but deadly crossbow?

          • Alternatives, or back-up? You can’t switch-out a firearm with a crossbow. A crossbow is only ‘silent but deadly’ at close range and only if that one shot is completely on-target.

            • Bows of all sorts take room to maneuver, also. They take longer to prepare to get off a shot. They’re not at all practical for a home-invasion crime. Of course, I’d rather have a bow than nothing.

              • Daisy, I’ve been thinking on a few spring-mechanisms just inside a home’s doors that, when tripped, will spring impaling rods welded to grill bars.

                • That sounds very “welcoming”, Z. 😆

                  • Only for the chosen ones who decide to ‘pop on by’ for a visit and forget to knock first, Ms. Daisy.

                  • I have a very simple solution, especially to this:

                    “Just make noise. I would just make noise. It generally scares people off.”

                    The sound of a .45 ACP can get pretty loud. A 12ga. hunting load full of 0 shot is way louder.

                    All that said, you don’t have to make too much noise… the simple ‘click-click’ of a round jacking into the magazine is sufficient to scare most criminals off.

                    (Now if I really wanted to make noise, a .338 Win Mag. coming out of a ported barrel just cannot be beat for ear-popping ‘oomph. Bit hard to be too accurate with it in a cramped room though. )

                • Most states have laws prohibiting booby-traps on entries into private residences due to the danger posed to first responders…it’s you’re house, do what you want…I’m just saying.

                  • Simplejack and Kevin, isn’t everything against the law now? 🙁

                  • No. Things are only against corp policy. That’s not Law.

                  • No more obedience to stupid laws. You authority ends at my doorstep.

                  • That’s “Your” not “You”, Eisen.

                • That is a booby trap and against the law.

                  • The booby trap has been against the law for as long as I remember. I recall it being discussed 40 years ago. Fireman have a rightful issue with it. If your going to use lethal force have complete control over it’s employment.

                  • She might be charged with a crime but the criminal will still be impaled and not able to kill her family.

                  • Kevin et al, Seriously, think WROL — the only premeditation at that point is survival and there wouldn’t be any 911 or firemen rushing to save a home on fire then.

                • That could be considered premeditated murder.

                  • I consider booby-traps to be useful to deter or slow someone or something down, reduce a numbered threat and/or give me time to react…If I’m going to have to take A life, I’d better have the guts to face them when I do it.

                    Killing should be a LAST resort and setting a trap to kill somebody from a distance doesn’t satisfy that requirement.*

                    (* certain restrictions apply)

                  • Or premeditated self defence.

                  • All the rambos on here just itching to kill or maim someone. I wonder how most of you work up the courage to leave the house. Booby traps are what punks use. Most likely you will injure a family member or friend.

                • Booby traps can and do result in lawsuits that you will lose. YOU must be in imminent danger.

                  Just saying.

                  • Exactly, DK. That’s why I advocate not involving 911 and negotiating. Don’t bother the 911 dispacher, they are really busy. Take care of such a problem on your own.

                • You’ll be in jail for doing that, think of something else.

                • Highly illegal and guaranteed Felony Jail time for setting “Man Traps”. That is ss long as we have an organized/disorganized Judicial system. No legal system ? All bets are off.

                • i think a beefy pitbull is just the ticket

                • In a court of law, traps are pre-meditation with intent. You’ll be the one to fry, as stupid as that sounds.

              • A crossbow pistol is the perfect home invasion weapon if you don’t want to advertise.

                • Do you load it the same way you do a regular crossbow?

                  • Yes except it’s easier. You can get all kinds some for only $20

                  • Daisy, think he’ll use the word “effect” this time? 🙂

                  • @Paranoid, I was just looking at a few of those, just before I bought my crossbow. The pistol type, for the most (cheaper) part are only good for shooting cardboard and such. I decided against the ones I saw, because frankly, I could do better than that with a wrist-rocket.

                    Of course I’d still love to get something small AND powerful enough to have some real stopping power (and I don’t mean for squirrels), but as yet I haven’t personally handled anything like that…yet.

                    I figure this crossbow might come in handy for launching “other things”, like creative “attachments”, so I think it will prove to be a useful addition to my preps.

                    I’ll find out tomorrow how much better this crank-style cocker on my new Barrett is. I CAN set it the old fashioned way, but I’m told this is easier, but not necessarily faster. I’m kinda excited about this!

                    Because I put it together myself, I went from never having touched one, to being able to field-strip it in a couple of minutes…adaptations and adjustments will soon follow.

                • Ill hang on to my 45 just in case.

                  • yeah buddy!

            • Zoltanne,
              As we have somehow swerved off the road as a common sence nation.
              Might I suggest one of my personal favorite alternative close to medium range
              The speargun.
              It was remarkably effective for Dr. Evil, in the 2nd Austin Powers.
              Although he misses Austin, he does hit someone.
              As an evil genius, we must acknowledge his choice of weapon as probably well
              thought out. As an evil genius, I am sure he has remarkable resources and
              could easily procure a fine gun for the job, but what would be the fun in that?

              • Slick, never thought of that one but I will read up on them. I wonder if they require some type of cocking device like the crossbow does? Do you know? (Never saw the second Austin Powers)

                Interesting that the bow subject came up today since I’m looking. Made the decision to go w/ a compound, not crossbow, for better distance and easier pullback.

                • Just ordered my first crossbow today. A real deal at the Sportsman’s Guide. I went with standard recurve limbs with 175 lb. pull. Comes with a 3-dot adjustable light scope and four bolts with a shoulder strap for only, a big buck + 35. Got a rope pull cocking device so the little woman can use it, for 18 $$.

                  I’ve shot compound bows ever since they first came out with the Fred Bear model. In a situation where stealth is of utmost importance, I think it will work a lot better than my throwing knives. They will be a next to last resort.

                  • Dont tread, did you get the Horton 175 Ultralite? I was looking at that one.

                  • I got the Jaguar.

                  • Shaguar!
                    Oh, I was just kidding about the speargun.
                    Effective distance is only 1 to 2 times the length of the shaft.
                    Honestly, look at premative weapons. My personal favorite (for real)
                    is the rapier and dagger at close range.
                    You can cover 12 feet in less than 1 second.
                    You don’t have to run them thru, just 1 to 1 1/2 inches in the chest cavity,
                    Or abdomen.
                    If I was a criminal, and a woman walked out of her room with a mace in one
                    hand and a whip in the other, I would just give up then.
                    But honestly, for a zombie weapon for a fit male, I would consider an impact
                    weapon like a mace or large hammer, as they smash bones when they hit.

              • So from the time you call 911 to the time the cops arrive you are on your own. Only 3 words, No Shit Sherlock.

                I like the idea of a shield and a thrusting spear. It was the most effective weapon system for the foot solider for hundreds of years. Ask the Spartans. It wont help you if you go up against an armed intruder but you will get your story in the paper, ” Home invader has to defend himself from the crazed Spartan dressed occupant, Home invader suing for mental damage, Leonidas dead from multiple gun shot wounds”.

                • Think of the hallway as Thermopolae, should work.

                • I guess that depends on what you use for a shield.

            • Be careful with a crossbow. With the proper tip they can penetrate a armor proof vest even with a trama plate at 15 yards have seen it and shown it to Police Officers who said Hollysh*t.

          • Pump Slingshot Crossbow! This thing is incredible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOlw8RW8YGI

            If I had one as a kid I would still be paying for windows.

            I have not been able to find a blue print or instructions, but plan on trying to build one.

            • Hey I resemble that remark!!

              As a kid, Shootit, we shot out the windows of every outbuilding on our place — just using our long bows. The sound of glass shattering is much more appealing than the “pop” from the target on straw bales, you know?

              • I bet the smack of your dads hand on your ass sounded even better.

            • Thanks for that link. This guy is quite the inventor. As one of the top comments said, “If you were born during 600 AD you could’ve probably conquered the entire world.”, indeed. His slingshots rival Leonardo da Vinci’s weapon systems. Have you checked out his slingshot Gatling Gun?

              • One thing at a time. Look at his shotgun slingshot busting beer cans. He has solved a problem. He must live in Sweden where it is difficult to own a gun.

                Did you notice all the cats in the background? The second he pulls the bands the cats scatter. Surprised to see any cats.

              • He is quite the inventor. I have bought tubing and just started playing with making slingshots. 40 years ago I used to play with them. In my mind they could become handy. I would like to see the corp. ban rocks.

              • That Gatling Gun was quite the machine! And you’re right — he is some kind of inventor!

          • A nail gun.

            Hilary Swank…’The Resident’

            • Nail guns do not Work !!! first off they must be pressed against the subject
              IE wood etc
              second they take compressors to work so imagine a compressor running 24 7 365
              third try getting a crook to hold still

              more proof that Hollyweird movie makers don’t know there ass from a hole in the ground Gee lets just make some total bull sheet and put it in a movie and see how many sheeple buy into this crap !!!

              and NO the elec nail guns don’t work either for basically the same reason with the exception of Air

              what the hell is wrong with a good old fashion gun ??
              or baseball bat with nails
              wrap it with barbed wire for more damage

              or is that too simple for Hollyweird

              skittle shitting unicorn

            • I’ve heard wasp spray works well. Shoots up to like 30′ and is as powerful as the cops pepper spray. Never tried it, but it’s an option.

              • It’s better. Works on Wasps…. WASP does not like me… 🙂

              • wasp spray does work if you aim for the face. I got a little over-spray once, it sucked.

          • I just got a Barrett wildcat C5, with a red dot scope and crank cocker. The assembly was pretty simple and I’ll have it all dialed in tomorrow. I only got 40 arrows though, but I figure if I need more than a couple, I’m probably toast anyway. My alternate means isn’t so quiet.

        • Shoot, shovel, shut up

          • Title of Michele Obama’s next exercise video!

          • Hell, why not bean soup, 8 hours and a lighter.

          • If ya do it right, you could probably just use the non-emergency phone number.

          • Fucking pissed: Nationwide only about 65% of homicides of all kinds get solved and that’s because over 90% of the folks involved had some sort of relationship prior to the incident. That’s around 58%+/- success rate; in your town YMMV. If you shoot someone who’s entered your home w/o authorization and they get shot/killed-oh well. You have the right under the 5th amendment not to incriminate yourself-this means don’t call the cops. If the intruder is a stranger, all the better because there’s no connection the cops can find, so you’re not going to be a suspect even if a body does show up. If your place is big enough for planting-good. Then, get a great attorney and have him/her do all the talking should any police ever show up. The cops are not our friends and they are not around to help any of us, so NO Talking w/o an attorney present-period!

            • I would NEVER advocate such a barberic response.

              • “Safety Zones”? Do you still have to yell ‘olly-olly oxen free’? Good grief, what a bunch of shit.

              • Bob: Wow, I got a couple of thumbs down. I guess my attempt at humor/sarcasm didn’t work. These things I ‘heard’ were actually some things I read from a book by a fellow that goes by the pen name of Boston T. Party. Jeez everyone, go buy yourself a sense of humor and maybe a book or two on individualism.

          • what about lime?

        • This is off the subject, but a little 14 month old boy was killed by 2 pit bulls. The pit bulls attacked the little boy and the baby sitter (it was her dogs!) They both suffered multiple attack wounds but the little boy died. He was so cute!

          • Dont start on Pitbulls…..just dont do it. Ive been bitten by one and there is ALWAYS a reason a dog chooses to bite. No just because its a pitbull. I work in animal welfare and can tell you first hand that smaller dogs are more prone to biting. You are pointing this out simply because the dogs were pit bulls. Would you have posted this if it were a Lab or Pug?

            • How many kids are killed by chihuahaus?

              • Temple Gradin has some interesting things to say about aggression in dogs.

                If you start from the idea that dogs originated from wolves, then as humans have bred different species of dogs, they have been creating less mature forms of the wolf. The puppy like features make the dog more cute and appealing.

                But what happens when an animal is bred to be immature, it’s emotional development stops maturing too. Different breeds retain different levels of emotional maturity compared to the wolf.

                The more wolf-like the dog, the more emotional skills it retains. The dogs like chihuahuas are essentially like infant wolves and have very little of the full wolf emotional capabilities.

                The first emotions to mature in wolves is to attack and defend their food/property from others. This is essential when the young wolves have to compete for food. So the least mature dogs still retain a sense of aggression.

                The last emotion to develop in wolves is the ability to submit to a more dominant animal and know when to back down from aggression. It involves the most complex understanding of the body language of other wolves. Only the most wolf-like dogs mature enough to develop this capability. So dogs like huskies are more capable when it comes to behaviors with other dogs.

                This is only an attempt at a quick summary of what Temple Gradin has written. It certainly fits with what I have observed with dog behavior. Her books are fascinating and very informative about animal behavior.

              • In fact the tiny dogs kill more people than the big ones. Years ago it was the Pekingese that killed the most. Little old ladies got bit by their own dog and died from it.

        • Couldn’t agree more PO’d Patriot!! Police would just get in the way of my family’s safety anyway. In 2 or 3 minutes the party would be over.

          • As my old friend “B” says “when I stop having fun, EVERYBODY stops having fun”.

        • Don’t bother the 911 dispacher. He/she is really busy, and if you do injure a home invader, the justus system is going to try to hang you anyway. Always try to reason with an intruder. They are really not bad people. They may just need a place to stay, same as the undocumented immigrants.

          • “They may just need a place to stay…”

            I’ve got a good spot in my back 40. Nice location, but the view will suck due to it’s proximity to the surface…

      2. Hornet spray

        • And a lighter.

          • Hornet spray, bleach, ammonia, etc.., in liberal states you’ll get sued for using these items. The perp will live to sue. Agree the items mentioned are ok for defense but the courts don’t. The best weapon will always have lead output. Dead men tell no lies.


              • Not necessarily. If your state is a “castle doctrine” state, you are fine from criminal prosecution as long as you “felt scared.” Act right for the cops….cry, shaken up, whatever, even if you aren’t. Not likely to be arrested. Do not use excessive force (such as emptying a 30 round mag into the bastard.) Just enough to eliminate the threat.

                Civil suits are a different matter, however, if you are not criminally convicted, it’s going to be very hard for a plaintiff to get a judgement against you.

                Please do not consider this legal advice and do consult an attorney for clarification for your state if you are worried about it.

                I’m not, and I will shot to kill. Dead men tell no tales.

                • Tell that to OJ Simpson…

              • That ain’t gonna happen because these laws are designed
                to put you through the money making meat grinder of a
                justice system. Wether you are justified in using a
                firearm in self defense or not, the system is crafted
                in such a way as to extract as much money out of you,
                the defendant, as possible, while making you out to
                be an example to others who dare fight back.

                • The fact is if you are in the meat grinder
                  1. You are still alive
                  2. The state of society still has not broken down to anarchy
                  My two cents are deadly force should be a conscious action you are willing to pay the consequences for.


              • My repeal will be in the form of a .308 165gr JHPBT.



              • Not in Tennessee.

                Castle Doctrine, and a Stand Your Ground Law, baby.

                • :D. It’s why we moved here!

              • Eisenkreuz: Depends where you live. While I was living in Miami, a retired UCMJ helo pilot was in a Burger King when two thugs, both had prior felonies, came in to rob the place. So much for gun laws preventing felons from getting firearms. The thugs starting to move everyone into the cooler. The former Marine figured they are all going to be shot so he pulled his pistol (CCW) and shot both of them, killing one. The Miami PD called it a good shoot, the State Attoreny agreed, no charges were ever filed against this hero. The only thing that stands out is when the crack-whore grandma of the dead thug asked the news folks at the scene why the hero wasn’t arrested for shooting her room-temp grandson. It would be funny it wasn’t so pathetic. Now in some liberal city, the outcome may have been different. But here in Florida, a good shoot is still a good shoot.

            • I’m getting ready to go to D.C. for a conference and cannot legally take my gun, or my tactical baton, or even unregistered pepper spray. I’ve heard good things about Aquanet hairspray. Does anyone have experience with this? Looks like I will be carrying a travel size Aquanet and a folding lock back knife. Spray, Stick, Style.

              • PPastor: Don’t forget yer lighter

              • @ Prepared P. That’s what we used on our ‘Potato Guns’,years ago !! Very explosive Stuff !! NOMI !!

              • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H13lnOGTOKE

                Got this tactical pen on the plane in the wife’s purse. Ha..we forgot about it.

                I keep these in the car.

                I was in a meeting and someone commented on my pen… I just said…yeah, it writes very good. ha

                DC…hmmmm… land of bilge rats.

              • @Pastor….when you arrive, go to a drugstore and get some capsaicin cream and a travel size spray bottle…mix large amount of capsaicin with warm water and shake…this product is extremely painful when it comes into contact with the eyes…but, it’s purpose is to ease muscle pain….so you are covered as far as your own usage is concerned….make sure you retain the original tube of cream thus you only need to explain that it is far easier to apply in a spray form to places on your back, for example.

                • additional thought….you only have to state you have it on your person in case of “muscle spasms” that you have upon sitting/walking for a length of time…

            • had a cop tell me one time “make sure there’s only one side of the story when I get there”….Lead works best!

              • SBI agent friend from the 80s said the same thing. Make sure he is half way thru the door when the cops arrive. You can leave the bloody part sticking out on the porch with a weapon near him.

            • elephant traps work good a little lime few shovels of dirt and the perp becomes a missing person,,,


            • Judged by 12, carried by 6. Thank-you, I’ll take the 12.

              • If you have enough money you can even buy the 12 just like certain celebrities.

          • Sweeeet!!!!

        • A can in every vehicle, one by every door. Feel threatened shopping at Wally World just put one in the cart. Happen to have a wasp problem you are covered.

        • Hey! Watch that.WASP

          • Just taking care of yellow jackets? Is that better?

            • You betcha, thanks Merree. On the wing.WASP> Not to be confused with a drone!

      3. I am along way from 911 help.

        Most likely will dial 1100…follow it up we 45.

        We don’t even entertain calling for help.

        Wow…working at home and checked in…1st! (sorry!)

        • sorry eppe…

        • VRF,
          a very well written and informative article. thanks for the link.

      4. This aint nothin new, we’ve basically always “been on our own”

        • …..I don’t call 911 for a skunk—man nor beast……

      5. At least the officer is being truthful. If you call the police, it will take them time to get to your house. You are on your own between the 2 minutes or a year it takes them to get to your house. What you do in that time is up to each person. Do you flee, do you shoot, do you curl up and play dead? I know most people reading this post realize the police don’t live at your house and you may need to defend yourself.


          • Your a fucking moron……..

            • You’re …. Moron!

            • “You’re”

          • I disagree..it’s the laws that stop them from being great cops.
            Come on…you now these great guys always wanted to fubar up the gang banger just for kicks. I miss the good old days where men lived like men.

            I do wonder what a financial collapse will really look like…the old folks next door will be scared shitless. The bangers will think they have a license to party….but they will find the burbs are heavily armed and once they enter burb land…they won’t be going back to the inner city.

            There’s plenty of pent up anger from the working class.

          • Greetings Folks!
            Too young to know what the shift key is used for????
            It’s O.K. E,we ALL hit the age of infinite wisdom before becoming grown-ups.I’m sure you will mature at some stage as well,young grasshopper…
            The sad part is that your thoughts are not too far from what’s coming.

        • Cops are just glorified janitors and report writers. They are only there to document and compile statistics of the crime after the fact. They may actually arrest someone for the crime, but the victim will never be made whole or compensated for being victimized.

          It is naive to expect a cop to prevent you from becoming a victim.

          • Would those that thumbed-down, please explain how you un-murder a murder victim? or how to un-rape a rape victim?

            Police don’t even make robbery victims whole… The victim needs a police report to file the insurance claim and then the victim still has to bear the costs of the insurance premiums and the deductible.

            • Logic is what got you a thumbs down. Some people can’t understand it, they’ve never had the experience in being a victim. Great logic Anon.

      6. Welcome to Canada, Australia and the UK (if they have their way!)

        • Congrats on the “Bloom” article, everyone should hit her site and read.

          • Thank you, Eppe. 🙂

        • Daisy, you’re so awesome.

        • One question. Where is the Shitty Kitty? Google it dumb ass.

      7. laws and mercy only apply to those who respect me and what I believe.

        If you come in my dwelling uninvited. I dont have to respect any law and from me you will get no mercy.

      8. Never turn your safety over to someone else, someone you do not know. Ever.

        YOU are responsible for yourself. Most of the sensible posters here know this. Maybe some of those half-witted responses will wake someone else up today.

        • Yeah, but didn’t you know that it is your civic duty to take your supposedly deserved beating at the hands of home invaders,etc., for the good of society? After all, they are ‘victims’, you know! They ‘fell through’ the cracks so to speak, and therfore your life is not nearly worth as much as their’s. Police officers are only permitted to carry, as their lives are worth more than yours, as well, because of the cost of raining/equipping
          them at taxpayers expense. At least this is how it is in Canada, Austrailia, and U.K.

          (Sarcasm off)




          • Thank you.. for the correction.. I will be more careful loading my bullets..oh..sorry..my words!!

          • Eisen- either laying or lying would be fine in this case. The verb articulates the condition of the noun, and in this case, the noun being a corpse rather than a living person, it can properly be said to lay or lie.
            In accepted general usage, a living person would be lying. An inanimate object may lay OR lie, depending on the presence, or absence, of a subjuntive contributing article. In this case there is none. The definite article is ‘the one’ who is now a thing (corpse. So…lay or lie is fine.

            “The only exception to this rule would be in the case of a modifying, present-tense participle, or a past-tense conjunctive participle which would have to be referred to in the statement, thereby making the adjective a past-tense perfect possesive participle.”

            *Qouted from Okie’s Big Book Of Gardening Tips, Tractor Repair, and Lang-widge Usage” copyright 2009 all rights reserved

            • Could you please substantiate that perorational segment of your oration, Mr. Smokin?

              • Huh? I don’t even know what I said! If it wasn’t written down I couldn’t remember a bit of it! Must be the exhaust fumes leaking into the truck. 🙂

              • Where does the dangling participle go?

            • S.O.

              You went nuclear!

              I think?

        • Trayvon Martin’s Girlfriend LIED in her Police Statement.

          Still going to have riots!

          • God I hope so any excuse to thin that herd

      10. This is the ‘normal’ response time. If there is a SHTF situation (such as severe weather like a tornado, blizzard, etc.,), the emergency help lines will be overwhelmed or unavailable.

        It is best to be prepared to defend yourself and your family.

      11. I quite well recall what happened while on my ‘OWN’ back in 1980. A loaded gun stood between my back door and two men who had just kicked in the screen door on the back porch . Back then, average responce time was over 45mins. Ipulled back the hammers in both barrels of that 12guage . When the fellows on the other side heard it, they left much faster than when they came, jumped back in the car in my driveway and left .
        I never fired . But as a 24 yr old woman alone in a rural area, I sure was a proud gun owner that day .

        Not One More Inch
        We must Stand as One

        • I’ve got to copy that one, 22Mission! Show it to my daughter!

          • Feel free Grasshopper . I had no close neighbors either . I knew what to do and was grateful for it .

        • Good girl!

        • 22, sounds like you followed Ole Joe’s advice. See he’s smarter than we thought! WASP

        • @ 22…..This reminds me of ,years ago, Richard Pryor was interviewing (?)a black man in prison and he ask him “BRO, WHY did you have to KILL everyone in the HOUSE!?? The man said “Well, They was HOME!!!” I think convict’s are in prison for a reason!! NOMI…..

        • Hope and change Satori! Believe!

        • Thats if they come at all

        • 9mm + 1 good shot = 1 dead intruder…hence, the true meaning of 911!

          • sixpack, take a bow, hope you can hear the applause!


        • Eisen,your improving your comments!
          Now about that shift key….

      13. @lastmanstanding:

        Have to agree with you, sir. I have two other numbers to dial up before calling 911: 12 (model 320), followed by .40, if required.

        LEO can take up to 15 minutes to respond in this town, and it’s not even that big of a town. I’ll call ’em after, and they can clean up the mess.


        KySSG . . . out.

        • You only want one side of the story.

          • That is a fact. A state trooper told my dad that over 40 years ago.

            • If you have time drag them back in the house.

              • lol! he said that also!

      14. “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe.” Luke 11:21

        • But when someone stronger attacks and overpowers him, he takes away the armor in which the man trusted and divides up his plunder.
          Luke 11:22

      15. Had an attempted break in once. First though, they ransacked my vehicle. This is what alerted me to their presence. Wife called 911 and told the dispatcher the situation. Also told her I was armed with my 12 gauge. Then they came to my front door. Big mistake. Kicked it open like in the movies, racked the first round and screamed “down on the ground”. They complied, smart move on their part. Cops showed up 7 minutes later. Hell, I could have buried them in that amount of time!

        • How did you get a thumbs down? Stay vigilant AZ.

      16. Calling “9/11” living in a heavily armed, Militarized Fascist Police State?

        • Stalinist commies will kill you if you are unarmed. This country is full of stalinist commies.

      17. Reading the responses from police officers it is evident they are not ever going to say what they really think. I don’t know if I would advise a person on deadly force issues. The ability to use deadly force is based on fluid facts. If I were a police officer, I would question the callers reasoning. If he needs to ask what to do in a deadly force incident, perhaps his judgement or intelligence would not give me a lot of confidence when advising someone. I think these police agencies would respond “shoot him” but they don’t want the liability of advising a stranger about killing people. A private attorney would be best to advise you. I just don’t think you will get an honest answer from the police or district attorney due to the unknowns.

        • ROY,

          You are the voice of reason, I respect your opinion.

          • Thank you live free. Articles like this make me think about different scenarios and how a variety of people could take reasonable yet very different action. When I picture my reaction to a burglar, I automatically think of an adult with nefarious intentions to harm or kill me. I don’t know statistics concerning children breaking into houses but I’m sure it happens in large numbers. What if you found a 12 year old stealing your booze out of your kitchen? What if you caught a 14 year old going thru your dressers? I have no problem using deadly force against an adult. A dumbass kid would give me pause. I just don’t have the stomach for killing a kid. That’s me but I can understand the opposite opinion. I want the option (ie: a gun) to protect myself. I can make the decision at the time. It just isn’t as clear cut and automatic for me. Again that’s me. My point is, think about different scenarios and what you would do. Going over incidents in your mind is a form of training. Be safe everyone and be sure of your decisions.

            • Listen to Roy and chowthen! Most of the opinions are totally clueless. The fact that those writers can vote explains the mess we are in. Be prepared to take care of yourself and those you love which will require firepower equal or greater than your opponent. The survivor is almost always the winner.

      18. Lil’ piggy stickers …

        Stabbing is bettter than striking for self defense …

        if you can get a .38 or 9mm and above handgun “pistol” or a shorty cutdown shotgun for close quater gun combat self protection GREAT … IF NOT THEN make a short shaft 4ft heavy oak spear with 8 INCH sharpened secured stabbing spike on the end , its better than having a blunt object like a baseball bat in home defense .

        a heavy short spear allows you to strike stun and stab a attacker .

        is easier to use in a confined space hallways etc etc to defend yourself and keeps attackers at bay at arms length .

        i use 4ft oak shovel handles and landscaping retaining wall 12′ spikes . works like a charm .

        i keep one by the front door , one by the back door , one in my bathroom (my secure room) and one in my truck .

        i call em’ my lil’ piggy stickers .


      19. I once overheard a fireman tell a very attractive woman this. If time is of the essence and help is required. Report a fire. Better to beg forgiveness than push daisies.

        • Great point Grandpa. Another way to get quicker response, tell them shots fired.

        • Grandpa, don’t ever push Daisy….

          • No way, that’s THE Daisy.

      20. Those anti-firearm, anti-self defense parasites want you to depend totally on the police, even if they are a hour away or more. Some of these anti-gun nuts cannot help themselves as their brains are disconnected like a blown out transformer. There is no talking to those that want to disarm you, there is only continuous and extreme resistance to not give these terminal cancers one single micrometer. You cannot compromise with some monster that wants you to be defenseless, mangled, raped, or murdered.

        • “HOPLOPHOBIA”

          • E, that’s an awesome new word that I had to look up!

            According to the Urban Dictionary:


            An irrational fear of weapons, generally guns, usually occuring as a result of a liberal upbringing or the fact that the person is just a wimp in general. Rather than deal with the fear said hoplophobe will assign human characteristics to a weapon ie “guns are evil” or “guns kill” to justify the fear rather than deal with the core problem of being a sissy.

            • Who gets to make up this sh**?

              • someone with no life…

          • Hoplophobia? I thought that was a fear of beer!

            • WoW! That was a close one. I thought it was fear of having no more Cold Beer.

            • Smokin,
              God invented beer. Its one of those inalienable rights… isn’t it… huh? isn’t it?

              • Yep, it’s in the Bill of Rights. 6th pak amendment.

                “A boisterious, boot-scootin’ good time being necessary to a free people on weekends, holidays, and any other day they deem appropriate; The right of the people to quench a nagging thirst with the malt beverage of their choice, SHALL NOT be infringed. And insomuch as it it necessary and convenient to transport said beverages in quantity, the use of carrying devices of a half-dozen capacity or larger, shall likewise, not be infringed.”

                • Whew…. thought so…
                  That’s so… authoritative…

              • Beer…proof that God loves us. Ben Franklin

                • @ lastman …. Helpin us UGLY people have SEX with who-ever!!???

            • I thought it might mean a psychotic person who tries to hope all their problems away.

              • damn i love this place

      21. The only problem of “YOYO” (a famous Naval Aviation abbreviation of “You’re on Your Own”) is it MUCH harder to drag the dead summabitch to wherever you want the police to find his lifeless body. Other than that, I see no problems and have never worried about their response time – or lack thereof.

        • @ goldnguns– And if the cops ask why the sorry bastard is lying at at the bottom of you’re porch steps ,tell them I BLEW him back there with a 12gauge pump with a 3″magnum punkin-ball SLUG!!! NOMI….

          • I noticed the initials NOMI…what does that stand for? And CATI? I’m still learnin’ here. I am enjoying learning from you guys. Next month I hope to take a carry/ conceal class….

            • NOMI = Not One More Inch

              CATI = I have no clue unless it stands for Computer Aided Technical Instruction or Come And Take It 😉

        • I have a salt water canal in my back yard.
          I’d just let the tide do its magic.

      22. It depends on where you live. Democratic states and cities are the worst off. So that would obviously include cities in California, New York, and Illinois. And you to have to include cities like Detroit, Philadelphia, and Camden, NJ which have been Democratically controlled for 40 or 50 years.

        I live in small town Wisconsin. We still have all the police services that we had in 1980.


        • RAPIST!

        • Eisen, “give your woman a humping…whether she likes it or not” and you could end up with a bullet to YOUR head! Watch closely the Arias woman (whatever her name is) trial, who killed her boyfriend. Women don’t like being raped. It’s just not a very bright thing to do.

          • Arias is a murdering bitch. Seems there is no record of abuse other than the one coming from her mouth. The dykes will love her, literally.

        • Kraut, speak for yourself, on the low T. WASP. Semper Paratus!

        • Eisen- I like you, you young whippersnapper! That’s why I’m willing to take you under my wing and teach you some of the vital things of life that you, heretofore, have had no clue of.
          I kind of liked the part about birkenstock wearing, manicured, etc, etc in your expression of disgust with modern males. Too true. However…..
          Low T? I don’t think so! Don’t buy into the crap you hear on tv! American men are doing just fine! Most of them, anyway. You need to remember that the 98% of us in the real world bear almost NO resemblance to Hollywood males.
          Without going into too much detail, let me just say: In the okie household nothing is ever faked in the boudoir, I’ve never seen a viagra or similar pill in my life, and there’s no lack of friskiness whenever I’m at home. But romance goes way beyond the physical. In fact, if this wasn’t a PG rated family site, I could give you some pointers that might amaze you!
          Instead, I’ll just say this- A woman’s heart is reached through her ears and eyes. Great love-making starts several HOURS before you reach the bedroom. A form of ‘verbal foreplay’ can be initiated almost anywhere; the mall, a scenic drive through the park, the back porch, the kitchen, you name it. Saying the little things, and expressing your desire in gentle touches can pay big dividends later.
          Now, I realize the topic of your comment wasn’t sex. It was the wussification of modern men. It just seems to me that you coould make use of such information. It might even calm your tone here in the comments section.
          Now, as to the modern man- Again, I refer to yours truly and the okie homestead: There’s a 26ft sloop in my back yard, an electric concrete mixer in the barn, and a Honda 650 Shadow touring bike in the garage (belongs to my son, but mrs okie and I ride it whenever we want). Oh, and there’s a guitar 4 feet behind me in the truck, right now!
          You see? It’s all there! And the point is, I’m about as average as any man could be! Nothing special in the way of looks or money or personality. Mr Average American, that’s me! So, stop believing the lies you hear on tv! Not all American men are pansies (DC and San Francisco excepted, of course).
          In the post-shtf world it is you and your generation that will rebuild everything. Stay focused on the truth. Don’t worry about the crap coming from Hollywood. They want you to believe that men have all been emasculated, but the fact is, many, many of them have not. And it’s those manly men who’ll still be here when the rebuilding begins.
          That concludes our lesson for today, young whippersnapper. Tomorrow I’ll teach you how to sharpen a straight razor and a lawnmower blade…with the same tool! You’ll find it very useful during the collapse. Don’t miss it!

          Oh, I also liked the part about the nambi pambi granola eaters. Nicely stated!

          • I got a grinder for my blades.

        • Eisen. Wow. If I read your comment right, you think it’s a good idea to hold your girlfriend or wife down and rape her? Your stupidity knows no bounds. If you do this to the wrong guys daughter or sister, you may also be held down and sodomized. Of course that might not be a punishment in your world.

      24. Persuant to the coming internal hostilities between the citizens and Govt forces, Cops, UN thugs and US GI are my first target priorities. Done fucking around .

        • They will kill you unless you resist with equal or better weapons. They are Stalinist commies.

      25. “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.” told to me by a police officer here in Alaska, he recommends everyone have a gun in their home.

      26. My cop friends tell me, when the crap hits the fan…get ready…you’re on your own because we’re all going to the house.

        • My Deputy friend, said, just take care of business and give me a call when your done.WASP.I Love My Law Enforcement!

      27. These silly ineffectual solutions offered by the police officers remind me of that video that the DHS released recently to instruct people what to do if faced with an active shooter.

        The suggestions from the DHS were to cower behind a piece of furniture or grab a pair of scissors off the desk.

        This really ticks me off.

        Screw that. Screw locking yourself in the bathroom and screaming. Screw running, screw hiding and screw giving up hope.

        With the current “training” and “helpful suggestions” offered by the Feds and law enforcement, the last thing an intruder is going to expect is finding someone who will fight back.


        • That is great, Daisy

          Reminds me of what an elderly lady once told me, about
          her being a young girl long ago tending a home-birthing
          in the family. It was summer time and the windows were
          open, and the kettle of hot water was on the wood-stove
          in the kitchen.

          When she returned for hot-towels, a black bear had stuck
          it’s head in the window, smelling the scent of blood
          from the birth. With out a thought, she grabbed the pot
          of boiling water and threw it in the bears face.
          She said that bear let out wtth a mighty howl, and took
          off running through the woods “hellacrackin”!


        • If the DHS is telling everyone to arm themselves with scissors, why in the hell did they buy 2 billion rounds of hollowpoint ammunition. Why didn’t they just equip their goons with scissors. Probably would have saved the taxpayers a whole lot of money and there would not be such a shortage of ammo.

        • Where I work, they buy blunt-end kintergarden scissors. These fart smellers will get you killed.

        • With the current “training” and “helpful suggestions” offered by the Feds and law enforcement, I wonder if they’ll be taking their own advice when the purge comes…

        • Daisy, you’re so awesome.


        IS NORTH KOREA being set up as a Patsy ScapeGoat to kick off WORLD WAR 3 ???

        *Something to think about considering ZOG AmeriKa’s ISRAEL’S history of starting global war’s with False-Fags … is North Korea may be used as another patsy scapegoat for a False-Fag terror attack on the USSA to kick off WORLD WAR 3 .




      29. Off topic:


        Just an example of what our country has become, I’ve tried talking to people about prepping and getting the word out but so many people would rather eat McDonalds, play video games and they just HAVE to see who’s on dancing with the stars.

        • what a slob. Yeah, i suppose the other slobs think he’s funny.

      30. Friend once called the police and Papa John’s at the same time.

        The only pigs that got there first was the ham on the pizza.

      31. Get a gun and learn how to use it you pussies. I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Dead men tell no tale.

      32. Stop and Recognize:


        The SHTF already. It has just been a very slow process and most people have not caught on. What more has to be done by the powers to be to the citizens to make it any more clear?

        What basic rights or feedoms do any of us have anymore? The government has regulations regarding every aspect of your life. We have no control of our lives anymore as far as they are concerned. They claim to know better. We must make them see us as a force within ourselves that demands the right to govern ourselves.

        We say here on this site “not one more inch”. The truth is that inch is a foot behind us. A rewind of what has happened to us as free Americans must be put into effect now. We must all do what we can to throw these people out and replace them with people of good morals and ethics. People who will preserve the constitution and our American way of life.

        Be Strong. Stay the course.


          • “affect” not “effect”. Sheesh. You’re making us look bad.

            • +50 and a bonus prize!

            • @Daisy:




            • Wrong.

              Affect = verb
              Effect = noun

              Two exceptions:
              “He effected a change”
              “The patient has a flattened affect”

              sic id experitus

              • Neither of those exceptions applies in this sentence.

                • Yes it does. You are so HOT when you argue with me, Daisy.

              • Sorry, young whippersnapper. You get a D- on this one.

                In your example, ‘effected a change’ the word ‘effected’ is present tense, and correct since it is the verb, even if referring to a past event.
                However, in your comment above you said “Changing the people isn’t going to effect anything.” In that statement, the action is denoted by the word ‘isn’t.’ Your use of ‘effect’ in that instance is therefore in the past tense, which denotes secondary action and makes ‘effect’ submissive to the verb ‘isn’t.’
                Hence, the use of ‘effect’ rather than ‘affect’ is outside the bounds of generally accepted usage.
                Nice try, but no cigar!

                • Bullshit.

                  You don’t know what you’re doing.

                  • Well, of course not! I just make it up as I go. I thought you had that part figured out. Evidently, your training must begin at a more elementary level.
                    Tomorrow we shall start with deep breathing exercises and the soothing effects (or is it affects?) of yoga. Only when your mind is cleared can the new paradigm of consciousness begin to take shape.
                    Meanwhile, I gotta go drive a truck. (that part is real)

          • No It does not! Only one more line which says: “This document means what it says; Screw with it and you get shot.”




              • If we close the border like we should there are no anchor babies. If we cut welfare down to rice and beans there won’t be a problem. If we get a Supreme Court that can read there are few other problems. If we don’t no writing will help. As far as Congress it won’t even be a problem if we get the commerce clause interpreted as it was meant to be.

                • ok

      33. Everyone that tells us we should lock ourselves in a room….should be locked in a room….the same room…a very small…very hot…very smelly room.

        • Time for a stick up.

      34. I’m just glad I bought a gun before this shit started getting worse.


        • Go watch, the original version of “The Manchurian Candidate”, and whenever you see Raymond Shaw (Laurence Harvey) think John McCain…except he doesn’t figure it out.

        • “It’s”, “That’s”

        • We (drones) have already killed one of our own. Premeditated murder of a US citizen in a foreign country. They say he was colluding with the enemy, but we will never know as there will be know trial…

        • Viet Cong
          Sorry, whippersnapper, I couldn’t resist!
          You know how it is. When one gets to the point of being an ancient, old, decrepit geezer such as I, there isn’t much else to do. We take our fun where we find it!

          • It’s “Leaders”.

            The period is only inside when a complete sentence
            is inside the quotation marks.

            • Aaahhh…you are learning! All is not as it appears. Not every correction is a corrrection. Some are further tests.
              You see? The new paradigm of consciousness begins to form. There’s hope for you yet!

        • “Viet Cong”
          But we just called ’em ‘Charlie’.

      36. As a cop in Cleveland said to me a long time ago: Shoot the bastard at least twice and then say: “Stop or I’ll shoot”.



        • It would be worth it if they shoved the first nuke right up your sorry ass.

        • shithole Eisenkreuz,

          Give it a rest, your rants are stupid and disgusting. Did I spell shithole right?

          • Eisen thinks he is a Libertarian?
            Give it up Eisen…
            and the all caps hurts my eyes.

        • Eisen. Your moma didn’t love you enough. Perhaps she loved you too much. Regardless, your need for attention reminds me of a little boy.

      38. Real simple. We can’t give legal advise. I get asked this question almost every other day, and I tell the public, “Do what you gotta do to protect you and your family, you are your own first line of defense”….. I have been saying this here on this site for 3 years. We can only react to what we get called for.
        In 20 years of being a cop, I can only recall ONE time that we actually prevented a double homicide from a couple of dirtbags. We didn’t prevent the rape of the mother and daughter, but they are alive, and we killed the suspects.
        You must rely on yourself, first and foremost.

        • Kudo 11B.
          You guys are all my heros, except for the pricks… what we call the ‘badge heavy’.
          It would be best, if you cleaned up your own messes, because otherwise, you all get tarred with the same brush.
          Know what I mean?

          God bless

        • That being the case by your own admission, ALL of the stupid-ass gun laws have to go. And there should be NO police supporting gun control. Ever.

          The police should simply state that they can’t give legal advice. Blathering on with remarks like those issued in this video is the reason people think that cops are absolute morons.

          • Actually I think the cops are MOSTLY morons because of their actions. Their words only reinforce that opinion. I have family members that were cops and as soon as the badge went on the stupid infused their being. The badge came off and they returned to normal mortal status.

            Just doing their job has been the excuse for to long. They all need a reality check and soon.

            As to gun laws … there is a subset of gun laws that should stay in place and the rest are absolutely unconstitutional and need to be removed. YMMV.

          • E: “Blathering on” is why WE think YOU are a fucking moron. Just saying what WE are all thinking. 🙂

      39. Since I’m a police officer some of the comments make sense. I can tell you about a lot more break ins where the suspects avoided confrontation at all cost and the moment an alarm went off or they realized someone was home they unassed the place. There are a few where none of that matters. What you have to understand is that there are typically in my area that I work probably 1 officer per 10,000-15,000 citizens depending on manning for that night. Our inner zones keep us busy and away from the outer zones. I can tell you that if a break in that is in progress comes in while we are all tied up in the inner zone, even running code 3 brains on fire it is going to take me at least 8 minutes to get to the farthest spot in our outer zone. I would like to punch the guy in the teeth who coined the motto, “To Protect and Serve.” It is impossible for us to protect you all if we are eight or even two minutes away. Actually, unless an officer was to tell you outright, Don’t worry, I will protect you,” the courts have ruled that he has no obligation to help you. Morally and ethically he does but by the courts he could be outside your house while you get shot and he doesn’t have to act…..even though you might find a few of those in police departments, most of us are chomping at the bit to get the bad guy and save you. However, all this being said, you still have to take responsibility for your own safety and if that means blasting some a-hole and giving him a ticket for a dirt nap…..then by all means blast away. If that means you gotta cave some guys dome in with a ball bat then go for it. The only thing I would advise is to advance on the threat as long as it is active….if the bad guy retreats DO NOT FOLLOW, that will get you in trouble. As along as you are in your own home, you can articulate that anyone in there without your permission ie: midnight break in, walking in on a burglar, caused you to fear for your life and thats why you used deadly force. Of course, this all relies and you excercising your 2nd amendment right and actively carrying a weapon.

        • Thanks FF24,
          You guys are all heroes in my book…with one exception.
          Read what I wrote to 11B above.

          God bless

        • “champing at the bit”, not “chomping at the bit”

          • They called it “chomping at the bit” long before you could even speak English.WASP

            • NO ITS NOT

        • I think the police were outside the Dr’s house in CT and watched his daughters being burned alive.

        • FF24: We are easily mislead and assume that “To Protect and Serve” means Protecting/Serving the People/Community. However, it is politically correct to say that it is “To Protect and Serve” the CORP. Because the US Supreme Court says the police are not responsible for the citizen’s protection.

      40. A gun is the best protection bar none. “Wasp” spray. Really!
        A crack head sprayed with mace won’t even flinch.
        First of all I would rather my skin be stripped off slowly,than live in a concrete jungle, but if I had to live in a city that has no guns, I’d still have guns! Who cares what the fine or penalty will be getting caught with a gun if your dead…….

        Wake up

        2 nd amendment. Shall not be infringed……. By anyone!


      41. Some days I wouldn’t mind going back 2 million years where all you did was swing in trees and scratch your knuts. At least today, I do the latter.

        • I’m much to highly evolved for that. I throw poop.

        • You must have been mucking fonkeys. I was in a warm tepee with a beautiful dark skinned squaw under a buff hide. We drank dandelion wine and ate jerky until our neighbors started throwing clay pots at each other.

      42. heres the thing,

        does a robber rapper home invader tell his wife..” hey honey if I dont come back from my night of raping and pillaiging call the cops and have them come lookin for me”

        No sir, no they dont..sooooo on that note, fill em full of lead clean up the mess yourself, and leave the corpse on side of the road,, if you use the proper tool for home protection , there will be no ballistics, and no trace of where he came from.

        911 is a false sense of security, and you cant trust the cops, the prosecutor or the crooked Judges these days to show you were innocent, and who has the money now a days to prove your innocent..Zimmermen is a perfect example of how you will be treated and how broke you will be..fuck thier game, make your own rules for the criminals..they dont follow the written law, make your own law.

        Shoot , Shovel, Shut up

        • lol..i ment to spell raper, or rapist…not rapper as in horrible poet/singer

          • Generally, they’re one and the same.

        • The Zimmerman case has made me rethink self defense entirely. First person that messes with me and I am going to shoot myself in the head so fast they won’t know what hit me.

        • @VRF,
          Already got the hole dug…
          Its where I bury my dead animals. An old ditch on the other side of the property. All I half to do is pull some dirt on top of the latest occupant. He will be in good company…

          Around here, the QUICKEST the sheriff’s deputy could get here, has never taken less than 30 minutes in a ‘shots fired’ situation…

          But, we don’t expect anybody to come looking for them.
          SSS indeed.

          • they stop digging after 6′..go 10 to be sure

            • Whew….
              Too much for me, not too worried though.

          • @Eisen

            correcting ‘half’ to have.

            Just to show impartiality.

      43. Shoot to KILL. BANG, BANG, then put one in the floor or ground in front of you and that was your warning shoot. Enough said.


        • You are welcome to consider my first shot to be my warning shot but my intention is for all my shots to stop the attacker as quickly as possible.

          The first shot may end his life but while he his falling, I will still consider him to be “moving” (and in need of being “stopped”)

          • But Anon, how do you splain that bullet hole in the top of his head. WASP. Come And Take It!

      44. I’m feeling the love VRF…..but you’re right in a sense….

        As far as Zimmerman, he should be exonerated, especially after Trayvon’s girlfriend was caught in another lie this week. It’ll hit the fan if the charges are dropped.

        • letherrip!!!!!!!


        • The monkeys will riot no matter what. No surprise she lied. It was obvious from the start that the official narrative was 180 degrees out of phase from the truth.

        • Yeah I get a feeling there will be hell to pay no matter how it goes down

      45. Okay, everyone, I’ve said this many times before and I have to say it again. According to certain federal and state supreme court rulings of years past, law enforcement has no obligation to protect any citizens ever. That’s not even part of their job description. If anyone tries to break into your home, you have to handle the situation yourself. You are on your own and you do have to fend for yourself. That is the way it is. I don’t care what anyone else does for themselves. As for me, I use my own discretion. I totally disregard any restrictions on self-defense. Following those restrictions will definitely get a victim killed. I intend to survive any encounter with anyone who forces their way into my home. whoever does that will lose their life; it’s that simple. Everyone has a natural, God-given right to self-defense. Anyone, especially cops, who tell you anything different, is misleading you. Self-defense is even justified in the Bible. Go to http://www.biblicalselfdefense.com and that site says it all. You and only you are responsible for your own well-being, your own personal safety. I even carry certain self-defense items in my truck everywhere I go. I don ‘t care about any unconstitutional laws regarding self-defense. Daisy, I saw that DHS video and had to make the biggest effort not to laugh since they were dealing with some serious subject matter. That video was worse than anything i ever heard from local cops; it was pure propaganda.

        • The goal of that video is to create a “victim” mentality. Victims react to threats by hiding. Victors react to threats with aggression.

          • “Aggression”! Such “foul language” from a Daisy. You may need to change your “name” to “Venus perp-trap”. Your resident clone could probably top the suggestion, but your are 100% correct. The “victor” still has a heartbeat and the “perp” is “pushing-up-daisies”. How perfectly appropriate. LOL. 🙂

        • Exodus 22:2
          “If a thief is caught breaking in and is struck so that he dies, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed;

          • That’s beutiful…………….. Freedom of religion defense. Genius

        • NO, only the criminals. Which includes the wealthy criminals…

          When I am made a criminal, I intend to be a good one.

      46. anyone catch that one “officer” lady who said having a shotgun or rifle was a “luxery”? I say she doesn’t know that’s a right then she shouldn’t be in law enforcment.

        • Yes but when the jackboots come for our guns , we can all tell them…we didnt have the luxury of owning any, and turn them on their way

        • “luxury”

      47. Why aren’t there Sheriff David A Clarkes everywhere?!

      48. Meh, I’ve been used to this for years. Our local sheriff’s department is corrupt to the core, and yet the locals think the sun shines out of his ass.

      49. Why is this even debatable? The Constitution say right to bear arms, it does not say muskets, asst.weapons , pistol, hammer, baseball bat, sacks of shit to throw, no it does not. I have better things to do with my time than entertain a bunch of idiots ( not posters here) they know who they are)with their unknowledgeable knowledge of the Constitution. Live free or just die.

      50. I grew up next door to a guy who had been a Vietnam vet. His family had lived next door to mine as long as I could remember.

        When I started high school, he started teaching me martial arts. By my senior year of high school I had a second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.

        Just before I left for college, he taught me several self defense moves that he said would help me out of many a bad situation.

        I have kept up my martial arts training, and I practice the moves he taught me every day. This man kept me from getting raped one night in college, and gave me the ability to break a man’s nose that was trying to steal my purse outside of a shopping center.

        He also taught me how to disarm someone holding a weapon, and go for the throat, taking them out, but I haven’t had to use that yet (thank goodness).

        Every woman needs to have self defense training…period. I honestly believe that you carry yourself differently when you know that if a situation comes up that you can handle it, and people that might mess with you see it and decide to leave you alone.

        I’ll get off my soapbox now. As always, love the site!!

        • I also have a black belt in Tang Soo Do.

        • working on Krav Maga

          • That a great MA, one of the best.

            • Its better to have a degree In “Click Boom” or Ka Pow Ker Chunk”

              Thanks Much

              Semper Fi

            • Kraut it’s “That’s” not “That” .WASP

      51. Buy an Illegal “throw away” hand gun first!. Load it and keep hidden in plain view! Then Shoot the criminal several times! Make it appear that there was a struggle, and put the criminals fingerprints on the hand gun! Tell an accurate heroic,outrageous story, of how you got the gun away from the now Dead criminal! Get a good attorney!

        • Stinky, thanks for the laugh. But, keep the gun in his hand, fire it at the wall (leaving GSR on his hand) and either add to the story or shoot him with another gun. By the way, the hole in the wall shows how swift you are and adds to your urban ledgend!

          • Exactly! That’s what our politicians would do!

      52. Old Biden; “why a shot gun?” Why the hell not??! That lady who was harassed by those 2 guys who eventually broke into her trailer.. SHE had a shot gun! She killed the creeps! Hate to think what would have happened if she HADN’T had a shot gun!

        Also, that “2 minutes” crap? That’s more bull sh. My daughter was alone one night, up studying, and some guy broke through her window. She ran out in the hallway, screaming. (could hardly get her front door opened, she was so scared.) She called the cops. They didn’t arrive until 2 hours later! They said they had more urgent matters to take care of. Thankfully, the burglar only stole her purse! Imagine what would have happened if she hadn’t been awake studying! they give us NO protection and want to steal our guns!

      53. I’ve had police tell people to use hair spray because then the other person has to close his eyes. A policeman has a gun to protect himself, not you. He shows up after the fact to clean up the mess. Just make sure to let them know that you were in fear of your life and all you did was to stop the threat. Sorry the intruder died.

        • I hate to use hair spray, it makes my hair stiff. WASP.

      54. The ‘Recovery’…

        Average of 348,750 Americans a WEEK file jobless claims — fewest since Obama took office…

        (We won’t mention those added to the the disability rolls in the past few years or those who now are not even counted as unemployed.)

        – Drudge Report

      55. Also, that lady in India who was killed by a bunch of guys who raped her to death with a steel pipe or whatever… IF SHE HAD A GUN THAT NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!! These communist jerks want to take our guns while they’re surrounded by security guards. Tell them to send their kids to school with no protection and then maybe say something to us… all a bunch of hypocrites!

      56. (Why don’t I trust them?)

        Attorney General Eric Holder wrote Sen. Rand Paul,R-Ky., to confirm that President Obama does not have the authority to kill an American on U.S. soil in a non-combat situation, Obama’s spokesman announced today.

        White House Press Secretary Jay Carney quoted from the letter that Holder sent to Paul today. “Does the president have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on an American soil?” Holder wrote, per Carney. “The answer is no.”

        Story at Washington Examiner, link via Drudge

        • I fully take Holder at his word, having demonstrated himself to be trustworthiness personified.

          • Eisen. Ya know what Holder needs? I think he needs the eisen treatment. Hold Holder down and pork him. You are a moron and immature.

        • Zol
          (Why don’t I trust them?)

          As no one should…this is all jive…
          They have every intention of using armed drones against us…
          But only in a combat environment … do as you’re told, no worries… errrrr

          • That’s right Jerry — a learned response.

            Trust is earned.

            • Agreed!!

      57. Imagine a model rocket. You push a button, it creates a circuit that heats the igniter. Whoosh!

        Imagine a 12 gauge in a 3/4th inch pipe. Run wires to some black powder taped to primer. Push button, Boom!!!

        Totally illegal. More a without Rule of Law idea….

        • Dude.
          You can’t just run wires to black powder….
          you need an igniter/initiator.

          take a 12v lightbulb, very carefully using a file break glass, then remove remaining glass shards w/needle nose pliers. Insert/glue base w/filament (be careful, the filament must remain intact!) into a retainer, fill w/black powder) If you’re very careful, you can remove a small portion of the glass, and fill the bulb w/ BP.
          The trick is, to contain the BP ignition, so that you get a compression of the blast directed at target.
          Then tape assembly to the end of the cartridge.

          You can also order a model rocket or fire works electrical igniter.

          75 parts Potassium Nitrate (Salt peter)
          15 parts charcoal (fine, soft wood)
          10 parts sulfur
          grind and grind and grind until black.
          (parts by WEIGHT!)
          (test ignition speed. If you don’t get a ‘flash’ burn, then keep grinding…)

            • Good link to some old fashioned nichrome wire igniters… you may have to have a 12v car battery to get it to work however…

              My way is for when the UPS trucks don’t run ‘no mo’.
              And yes, BP is FUN to play with…

              • When the gas stops flowing, there will be plenty of car batteries around for free.

      58. Delaware is very good in two regards; the first being.

        In the prosecution of an occupant of a dwelling charged with killing or injuring an intruder who was unlawfully in said dwelling, it shall be a defense that the occupant was in the occupant’s own dwelling at the time of the offense, and:

        (1) The encounter between the occupant and intruder was sudden and unexpected, compelling the occupant to act instantly; or

        (2) The occupant reasonably believed that the intruder would inflict personal injury upon the occupant or others in the dwelling; or

        (3) The occupant demanded that the intruder disarm or surrender, and the intruder refused to do so.

        The “disarm OR surrender” is the clincher. They need not be armed only refuse to surrender. Fleeing is an act that is refusing to surrender.

        The second is that if your not criminally convicted they cannot charge you in civil court. No wrong doing no law suit.

        Great State but too cold in the winter.

        • Delaware is not cold! I’ve lived there most of my life. It used to be REAL cold in the winter but now all that’s changed… people go out jogging in the winter time nowdays wearing shorts. The climate has totally changed!

          About guns–no. My neighbor who attended all sorts of community meetings with police was always complaining that if someone broke into your home and you shot him, you’d go to jail.

          One good thing about Delaware- there was this guy who worked at hardware store years ago who always had gun on hip. I asked him why? He said all the stores around there had been robbed at least twice except their store. All the employees wore guns at his store and it had never been robbed.

          Another bad point about Delaware-It’s the home of BIDEN and they have been trying to ban guns there!

          • Grasshopper

            I guess it’s just my opinion regarding the temperature now that were in Florida.

            Regardless what the police told your friend what I wrote is the law in Delaware. I put it as one of the best of possibly the best in the north east and possibly in the nation on the use of lethal force against someone unlawfully in your dwelling.

            Regarding the above in Bear Delaware in the mid 1990s a unarmed teen broke into a condo with the family home. The woman with child ran upstairs and yelled out for help. Her neighbor came over with a shotgun and caught the teen criminal leaving the home. He told the person to stop. That criminal teen came forward (not running away). When just before arms reach of the weapon the neighbor fired killing him. Result no charges, justified. You can use lethal force to maintain control of a lethal weapon if you are otherwise doing everything else legal. The police/court asked the person being robbed if they implied permission for their neighbor to come on their property armed. It was said they did.

            No charges either criminal or civil.

            Many cops have little clue how the law applies and will give the text book answer.

          • Actually Delaware is not too bad regarding firearms. At the State level any law with criminal penalties requires 2/3 (66%) vote not 50% + 1. The State Legislature has few Lawyers and the legislators are small businessmen and farmers down state (called Lower/slower Delaware). Only the anti gun politicians get the party nod to go from State to Federal, hence Biden.

            Delaware addressed the private sale of firearms two decades ago in a great way. You can sell a gun privately however the burden of proof regarding the buyer being clean is on you. All licensed Firearm Dealers must make the back ground check available if both parties enter and show ID. The charge is $25 max. No guns go through the dealers books. actually the sale may or may not go through, that is up to the buyer and seller. Therefore no registration. Sell to a felon and it’s a felony.

            Delaware is small and it therefore runs reasonably well.

          • grasshopper, you sound joyful about the big climate change in delaware. Why do you think delaware is so wonderful? personally i wouldnt live anywhere near there for all of the tea in china.

        • Kevin, you’re saying when they refuse the handcuffs, shoot ’em??

          • The above is the law regarding someone unlawfully in their domain. Law enforcement has a different standard.

            I don’t write the law. But as it has been applied it appears to work giving a significant latitude to the law abiding and inhibiting the criminal. If you want to stay alive don’t unlawfully enter a dwelling and if caught surrender. It’s not too much to ask for.

      59. Be Informed,

        I don’t remember the number of years ago that I came here. The time is not as important as the information gained.

        Thanks Mac and all others that I have gotten to know.

        There are those that used to piss me off with their comments and unbeknown to them raise my blood pressure.

        I learned how to lower it by going outside, taking my compound bow and ripping up targets of my choice. After a while, practice was part of my routine and I actually had a couple of Robin Hoods. Made me feel good!

        So, what am I blabbering about? I’d rather spend my time on things that are constructive that destructive.

        So here is what I found interesting and it is about earthquakes!

        I took the average of the size if the earthquakes 2.5 and higher on day 3/1/13 compared to day 3/6/13 and here is what I found.

        Average quake size for the day of 3/1/13, was 3.7, compared to the average of yesterday on 3/6/13 was 4.07.
        My ability to copy the info and place it into a spreadsheet was a bitch, so I did it manually. The number of quakes on the 1st was less than that of the 6th.

        So – something’s cooking and if y’all want to do something constructive – extrapolate from the beginning of the year.

        Y’all Beware! Be informed!

        • @ Y’all Beware. You are absolutely correct, something big is brewing. A real swarm is going on around the Prince Edward Islands and this means the African plate is on the move. The African plate affects 3 plates: the North American, Australian and the Pacific plate. In the past as I mentioned yesterday this very specific region down to about a 50 mile wide radius, when this area gets a 5+ earthquake 8 out of 9 times there is a big earthquake, 6.5+. The Seattle earhtquake on Feb. 28, 2001 was 2 days after this area south of Africa had a 5.6.

          Alaska is also prone. On Oct.22, 2002 there was 5.2 here, and the next day Alaska, west of Mt. McKinley there was a 6.7 which was a foreshock to the 7.9 that hit on Nov.3, 2002. North of Vancouver Island was also hit back in 2009 eight days later after with a 6.6, and Fiji area had a very deep earthquake of 7.3 the same day the African plate moved. 2 years ago Indonesia had a 7.6. Not to forget about Hawaii back in 1989 that had a 6.5 on the big island.

          These earthquakes in this area almost 90% of the time means a big earthquake within 15 days, and the swarm began on March 6 yesterday, so until March 21, these areas and others remain in danger. Before a big earthquake that number of earthquakes under 5.5 increase, sometimes dramatically. The size usually also increases, but not always. The number almost always increases.

          What I would be thinking would be that the Cascadia fault could go. I would look to the south as being a catalyst, namely the area around Eureka, California. Of course the Cascadia could break anyway without this to the sooth. The New Madrid I am pretty sure will have some activity on the Mid Atlantic Ridge at around 17 degrees (14-20 degrees), and/or at around 57 degrees (54-60 degrees). If you have a large earthquake here, the New Madrid will be on alert. Same goes true when the Caribbean plate goes.

          That is really interesting what you did, and sure enough points to something coming quite large. The bullpen is warming up yet again.

          • BI, what can you tell me about the “South American Roll” with respect to hypothetical activity on the Nazca plate. There are some potentially interesting/disturbing “rumors” floating around connected to “rapid, yet unannounced” activity in this region.

            Just curious, and possibly concerned about affects further North, aka San Andreas fault.

            • @ yental. I have not read much about the South American Roll, as I have been watching this process for many years now and why I have warned about the Caribbean plate over and over again. The Pacific Ocean is shrinking and the Atlantic Ocean is becoming larger, yet this process is a very long time coming. The geologic evidence of something like this occurring even recently in geo-years, like millions of years is not there as a sudden rapid movement. Not saying it can’t happen now, but probably not like what they are talking about poleshift web site.

              The material under the crust would require something to start a cascade effect of this level, a true catalyst of enormous energy. Those plates are very locked together and the tension itself is what helps prevent a chain reaction like this. That of course doesn’t mean that the plate cannot move suddenly and other plates follow suit like back in 1812 when the Caribbean plate, the San Andreas, and the New Madrid all had 8+ earthquakes, or like around 1700 when the Cascadia and the Southern San Andreas broke.

              A pole shift, at least I feel, would be far more likely originating much, much deeper than the deepest intrusion of crustal plates into the mantle, which would be maximum of 800 kilometers deep, or 500 miles deep. More like towards the core region. Think of it this way like a very heavy ball spinning and rotating around a heavier much larger ball. For that ball to literally flip over it would be far more likely to be from the denser areas, namly the center. The crust rapidly moving from one point to another would mean loss of cohension of the crust to the mantle, a sudden sliding in which like the movie 2012 the north pole shift to a southern axis and the south to north.

              This has happened over the course of many thousands of years as iron ore discovered that has become magnetized points in the opposite direction. A magnetic polar shift is nothing to worry about as polar wandering occurs every year. Pilots have to adjust to this and common compasses compensate for true magnetic north. This slow process is gentle and means little to the survival of the human civilization. What they are talking about is something occurs within a few hours or days.

              Many theories abound what can cause this, but without some sort of ignition strong enough to bring it about, it probably won’t happen. What can start it within the realm of possibilities? Even with the 250 mile wide gap they talk about, they are looking at this on a flat 2 dimensional map. When you talk a 3 dimensional look, those figures change a lot. When you take a 250 mile wide gap on a flat surface it is enormous. When you take the 250 mile wide gap on a rounded planet, it is far less of a chasm that they talk about. A very crude example would be to take a comparison size of this on a very large round pumpkin and see how this is much less dramatic than a flat surface.

              It is very unfortunate that people with theroies don’t take into account the 3 dimensions of spacial relations with regards to all physical manners from earthquakes, volcanoes to tsunamis to manmade explosives. My teacher in college worked for military intelligence and was taught to always see everything in 3 dimensions and desperately tried to teach the students this, to see and think in 3 dimensions. This is why I stress more of something that would affect the core would cause the poles to shift. From this I would look more to the Sun and space itself to cause a polar shift rather than the crust itself initiating this.

              When JustOneGuy gives this reports of magnetic anomalies from the Sun and even space there is a reason beyond this, that can and does cause earthquakes and lead to volcanic activity. The core is very dense and subject to those magnetic changes in its field. Destablizing the Earth’s magnetic field would be catastrophic as doing this would lead to a sharp increased in cosmic radiation for one thing like other planets and moons get bombarded with lethal doses of gamma rays every minute. It has been thought that even a strong enough disturbance from the Sun or from a distance exploding supernovae could be enough to cause the core to fail and lead to a sudden polar shift.

              Sorry to ramble on like this, but this could not be explained without much detail. Anyway look to space for a polar shift more than down here. A type of “bumper car” plate shift is far more likely which could lead to 8 to-high 9 pointers around the world over the course of days would likely be the worst case scenario of the crust failing like what they are talking about. Whole land masses sinking? Not likely, but some like sinkholes could happen on a limited scale, again wortst case.

              • BI, thanks for the detailed response. “Some sites” thrive on hype with little or no factual analysis. 3D vs. 2D provides a better “visual”.

      60. 11Bravo and FF24, welcome aboard and I appreciate you revealing your true thoughts on this matter. not too many people in LE these days will do so. with the judicial system like it is and too many laws showing favoritism to criminal elements, the deck is always stacked against good people. Once the balloon goes up, it will be a different story. There will be a total breakdown of law and order, most likely the majority of police will go home to protect their families, courts won’t be in session, so it will be NO HOLDS BARRED AND ANYTHING GOES! I truly dread what’s coming as much as anyone else, but I refuse to become a victim regardless of what anyone’s policy says. If I can keep a POS out of my home, I WILL let the POS go away alive; I WOULD PREFER THAT. On the other hand….

        • This is the virus that I wrote about a few weeks ago. It has only infected a few people (14 so far identified) but the CDC has been concerned enough to send a team to Saudi Arabia to investigate.

          Another concerning infection is Rift Valley Fever. It spreads by mosquitos. It is currently seen throughout subSahara of Africa. In humans, it causes a flu-like syndrome that has a very low mortality. But it can infect the brain in some people and this encephalitis has a 50% mortality rate.

          There are a couple of interesting things about Rift Valley Fever. The organism infects the ovaries of the mosquito so every egg it lays is already infected and its daughters can pass the infection on to their offspring. So one female mosquito making it to North America could cause it to spread across the continent like West Nile did a few years ago.

          The other thing is- it is possible for a human to be infected with Rift Valley Fever and have very few symptoms but have a large enough viral load that the infection could spread if that person is bitten by a mosquito. One infected traveler visiting a beach, getting a bug bite, would be enough to start the infection rolling across the continent.

          In livestock, the mortality rate can be over 70%. In humans, the death rate is closer to 1% except for the unfortunate people who develop a hemorrhagic form or encephalitis. There is no treatment except supportive care and no vaccine for humans. I would rate this illness as high on the potential disaster list, either through accidental spread or bioterrorism. It would be devastating to agriculture.

      61. I’m surprised James is still alive…
        tptb hate this guy…I mean really really hate this guy…

      62. Everybody needs three essentials for home defense: 1. .45acp pistol, 2. 18″ machete, 3. police grade L.E.D. strobe capable flash light. Thats my actual arrangment. These items should be obtainable even in a “Ban State” These items are outstanding and will strike terror in those on the wrong end not to mention they have been proven effective for years. My choice is Kahr Arms TP45, Ontario Knife Works 18″ mil-spec with sawback and, Streamlight Strion.

        • The good ol’ 1911 will still do its job.

      63. You have two full minutes people!!

        Well… ok where I live… you have 20 minutes…

        That should be totally adequate time to lay really still and assume room temperature. You know… after… that… um hole thing. In your head. From the robber guy.

        Come on get with the program! Sheesh. Soylent Green is made of you and me!

        This has been sarcasm.

        • Wait, so that’s it? The guy just says “no”?

          I’m supposed to take his word for that I assume, right?

          Don’t wash. Terrorist != American citizen. You stop BEING a citizen when you start being a terrorist.




          So then… woo. He doesn’t have the right to order a weaponized drone strike on an American citizen. Huzzah.

          Operator 1: That look like an American Citizen to you?

          Operator 2: Hmm… he’s got a copy of Guns And Ammo magazine and a baseball cap kinda a little low on his head… nope! That there’s a TERRORIST, son! Weapons free…

      64. For me Senator Rand Paul made a fantastic move, he showed that when a true PATRIOT makes a stand (IN THEIR FACE), they fold like a house of cards. He truly called their buff and they gave in.

        We PATRIOTS should take a lesson learned here, stand in their face and say enough, tell TSA get out of my way, gun Grabbers sit down and shut up, U N go on and party like its 1999, RINO’S we know who you are go home and take two aspirin’s and don’t call me, you all know what I mean here.

        If only one man, in 12 hrs. Caused them come clean on DRONES, just think what 30 million + PATRIOTS could do in a week or maybe a month by following his lead. JUST GET IN THEIR FACES! Force their hand in everything they are doing, oh it will be ruff to start, but I believe they will folded if we keep up the pressure. We need to start now not a week or a month from now, do it now while the iron is still hot.

        Make them truly know what is coming their way if they do not step back, and STEP BACK NOW!


        PS: If it needs to be, you can find me in Cell Block – P (for PATRIOTS) — Inmate Pale Rider # U812, (as for me they can all eat sh-t and die).

      65. My prep.
        I converted my house to a double.
        I get 10k a year in rent.
        Also, the gent upstairs is an armed cop.

        After prepping…
        The rent bought a sweet mustang too.

        My latest prep… Moving into informatica software at work…increase skills.
        Let the next guy get fired.. not me.

        RE: Obama… To quote Chavezze… “OUR BOY”.
        Obama is a commie.

      66. Eisenkreuz, I appreciate the fact that you support the concept of self-defense and we’re all worked up on this issue. But you need to stop insulting everyone here and stop the capslock also. You’re making JoeinNC and Finx look good.

      67. http://www.fdic.gov/bank/individual/failed/banklist.html

        I miss mushroom… something about #10 cans of crisp federal reserve notes.
        I think he was always eluding that they were great for starting a camp fire.

        Here’s the failed bank list. A banking war has been going on…the commie goal…to centralize things.

        It will be interesting watching society dry up at the same time we start burying all the boomers and silent generation.

        In my own life.. a guy I used to know died…the fuck smoked around me my entire life and my lungs are shot. When asked if I was going to the funeral.. I said NO…. I did not like him in life and would not go to see him…why would I see him in death.

        But I would like to put a cigar in his mouth before they close the casket.

        Good bye boomers… I won’t miss you and rejoice in your parting.
        More air for me to breath.

        Spare me your thumbs down boomer scum.

        • To bad that you weren’t smart enough to just stay away from him…you had a choice and made the wrong one.


      68. RIGHT to Rebellion

        “when a long train of abuses and usurpation’s, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” – Declaration of Independence

      69. U.S. State Department has a fleet of 412 aircraft which are used in drug interdiction, reconnaissance operations, tactical support for foreign governments, and other operations? What about the fact that the State Department entered a bid on November 30, 2012 looking for private contractors (aka, mercenaries) for a $10 billion bid to operate this quasi-government air force outside the scope of Constitutional oversight and outside of civilian oversight via the Department of Defense for any military operations that this entity engages in?

        been pointing at / to the private mercenary forces employed by .gov as they grow in numbers, embedded within the populace for policing, etc. – this trend will only continue, of course. . .

        keep asking for definitions, because they matter, and they CHANGE over time, just as .gov does. . . incremental creepage of force, stealthily applied, militarised state is what amrkns live within. boiling point breached for that pot that’s been on the back burner all your lives.

        “combat”? that would be defined as any thoughtcrime against the State. the State is Them vs. You.

      70. THE MILITARIZATION OF POLICING IN AMERICA– at collapsenet.com (with pictures)

        at alex jones website– March 6 and 7: GUN CONFISCATION HAS BEGUN; and DHS drones designed to identify citizens carrying guns… and DHS built domestic surveillance tech. into predator drones

      71. In my country of AmeriKa …



      72. If I had access to nothing else but a black powder weapon I would choose a modern replica muzzle loading percussion double barrel shotgun. NFA rules do not apply so cut down to about 20″ overall with about 12″ barrels would be fine. Load it with the smokeless black powder equivalent to inhibit corrosion inherent in the black powder sulfur component and use BB shot .177 or #2 birdshot. It’s like a baby Claymore.

        Fire one blast center mass when you fear for you life. When the smoke clears look for any danger and use the second shot only if necessary. If need be you have one hell of a club after that.

        Similar worked for Doc Holliday in 1881 against real nasty boys.

        • I stand corrected. Do not cut down a “sporting” black powder shotgun to make a defensive weapon. Damn one needs to be a lawyer

          • To clarify the above apparently cutting down a sporting muzzle loading black powder shotgun into something more handy falls under a “Destructive Device” regardless if it is black powder. However one can buy a factory or kit manufactured smoothbore percussion black powder double barrel 20 gauge “handgun” (less than 27″ & less than 18″ bbl) that is made in that configuration and it’s legal because it’s “sporting”.

            One needs a Lawyer to not break the law because of their confusing and overlapping nature. Sorry for the inaccurate information in post the 8:37 PM post.

            • Breaking the law as it applys now. When they come after us, all bets are off.



        Jet/cruise missile– Crossing– Two Football Fields in Front of aerial platform Nose

        Jet/cruise missile– Overhead– Two Football Fields in Front of Aerial platform Nose

        Jet/cruise missile– Directly at You– Slightly Above Aerial platform Nose

        Helicopter– Hovering –Slightly Above Helicopter Body

        Helicopter/uav– Directly at You– Slightly Above Helicopter Body

        Helicopter/uav– Crossing– One half Football Field in Front of Nose

        U. S. Army FM-44-8: Chapter; 5

        (Rember your effective range of your weapon
        being used)

      74. Is $1800 a good deal for a DPMS AR-15 (no accessories), might buy my first one…

        • It wasn’t a good deal last fall, but it seems to be the going rate for an AR-15 now. They’ve been coming down in cost a little bit lately, but the days of $750 ARs is gone. If you need it, get it. Don’t forget to buy about 15-25 magazines. They’re still $20 each up here. Get a case of ammo as soon as you can and store it away.

        • NO, If you found that on gunbroker, keep looking! I think the market is getting flooded. AR prices are dropping.WASP

        • Rlntin, there is a DPMS AR15 on gunbroker right now 1:15am MT. has a buy now for $1139 with 7 hours to go.WASP

          • Yeah. Looks like prices are coming down slightly. I want a good .308 myself… =)

        • First time gun owners don’t realize that the price of a gun without accessories is only about 1/3 of the true cost. The decent optics will cost you just as much and probably a lot more. You then need to spend about what you spent on the gun again on ammunition just to learn how to become proficient with that gun.

          First time gun owners should also get some professional training if they expect to use that gun to defend their lives. At about $150/day (excluding ammunition) that training can be very expensive if you want to get some serious skill.

      75. Take a break from the police-state/martial law mania folks, step back for a minute, and think. “They” are hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, and they know it. Their days are numbered and deep down inside they know it. No amount of drones, smart weapons, technology, or .40S&W hollowpoint ammunition is going to save them from a small minority of determined Americans inside and outside of the military. The end will come even quicker for them if a few pilots and military men take matters into their own hands and put some ordnance where it really belongs.

        • And then what?


        • yes 22winmag, that has been my point exactly.




      77. AP, Americans WILL be engaged in combat on american soil after TSHTF. That’s when NWO forces will make their move and we’ll have no other choice if we want to survive. I know I will be.

        • Relax guy, move to Wyo, Here even the cute gals have a 7MM. We don’t even argue about ;can you shoot a burglar?’. We argue: “Can I keep the Pelt?”.

      78. @ Everybody. You know I have been reading the really good advice on different types of weapons to protect yourself and legal advice. This is true wisdom. What is bothering me is what the hell are we as a people talking about this in the firstplace? I mean what has become of the United States?

        Someone breaks into your home they have absolutely no reason to be there, and you should ALWAYS be allowed to use whatever force necessary to neutralize the threat. The hesitation that so many people have to worry from the legal crap is what has cost people their lives. Every single place in this country needs to have a Castle Doctrine in which there is doubt, you are immune to any criminal or civil legal worries if you defend yourself in your own home. NO one can ever sue you for protecting yourself.

        I had one idiot say that no matter where, even a criminal, is it is your responsibility that they are kept safe. This lobotomized zombie would not be saying that while being gang raped by a bunch of disease ridden thugs. This was of course one of those anti-gun grabbers that belongs in a cage at the zoo with the other baboons. This is a growing number of brain dead radicals that feel so sorry for the criminal, that the equation of the innocent victim goes right out the window. The criminal has made the choice of being a criminal. The victim has not made the choice of being a victim, of course masochists are an exception.

        It just stokes the fire in me to hear all these poor people having to use alternative means of protection when everyone should have the right to use a firearm to protect themselves. Not attack anyone innocent, to protect themselves. Every house should have at least one “Old Betsy” shotgun. From the monster 10 gauge to the smaller bird shot varieties, when the criminal breaks in they should know that they might get a chest full of triple ought buckshot or a face full of number 4 or 5 birdshot. Deterrents work, and it has been proven from captured criminals that they AVOIDED homes where they knew that the owner was armed.

        God, what has become of the nation that any of us are talking about using wasp spray or bleach or some other clever means of defending ourselves in our own homes? We should be talking about what is the best caliber to put the criminal down the fastest. Know of us should have to worry about unloading a 30 round magazine into some AIDS ridden pervert that is going to give your wife, daughter, sister, or other member of the family a potential death sentence. What has happened to America? I would say feed the lawyers to the turkey vultures, but this would be animal cruelty.

        • BI: No wiser words ever said, my friend…..

        • X100!

        • BI,
          Right on target, and indicative of my theory of Systemic Irrationality. This thread is a perfect example of what people do under an irrational system, they must make irrational choices… which leads to the codification and normalization of irrationality. Normalcy bias becomes cognitive dissonance, which if left unattended becomes systemic.

          IOW, “everybody is doing it”. Is no excuse for stupid. As my mama used to say when I was a kid and presented that pathetic excuse for doing something stupid, “If everybody jumped off a bridge would you do it?”

          The problem is, there are few mamas left that teach rational thinking in an increasingly deranged world.

          I believe I predicted this would become the norm, and would ramp up into the ‘Madness of Crowds’ phenomena as our dark energy quotient became more enhanced over the coming years. We are not even 1 year into the Dark Rift, and it is already increasing to intolerable levels… I predict, again, it will ramp up with the level of earthquakes and volcanoes…

        • @BI: You are so right. The way I look at pop’n a cap on someone breaking into your home is; I did not kill them I performed a late term abortion.


      79. Greetings Everyone!
        It’s sad to watch our Republic slagging down,but down is the direction it’s heading.As the RoL recedes,we must all get real.I don’t love needing a home defense “item”.But I don’t want the “local color” kicking down my door for a night fun and frolics either.Mr.Mossberg may be invited for a long visit along with one of his smaller friends.I don’t need any problems,so quietly is the word.Some religious people may not approve,but I doubt they’ll offer to make a “six to carry” if something awful happened w/o my little friends around anyway.
        All the Best

      80. failure to act is death to someone no matter how you look at it .You are the first responder ,dont stand and scratch your balls for 5 min like they will looking at your house , if someone calls after you accomplished your good deed ,Great , if not ,youre building a responsible neighborhood.

      81. Poppycock.

        • Please allow me to expand. On page 270 of Liberty Defined Dr. Paul writes, “The more authoritarian the society, the greater is the incentive to participate in the black market.” He continues on the same page,”This is not unique and it’s virtually impossible to stop, though many will be severly punished. The effort to survive provides a strong incentive for individuals to escape the heavy hand of government.” I hope this clarifies “Poppycock”.

      82. Vets ,Im thinkin she needs a lesson in PTSD

        Feinstein: Veterans Have PTSD, Shouldn’t Own “Assault” Rifles

        link to story, and her words to follow

      83. “buy guns for your neighbor”…

        revolvers, lever actions,DBB shot guns, basic simple arms..

        read story in the truth about guns dot com

      84. just wanna throw this out there, those that are looking to buy an AR..
        .223/5.56, should secure ammo first,, sal im sayin.

      85. FBI expresses confidence extremists can obtain Tannerite to make IEDs

        Preppers and Constitutionalists are named in the report

        “The term extremists,” the bulletin explains in a footnote, “includes international terrorists, homegrown violent extremists, domestic terrorists, and lone wolf offenders operating in the United States or abroad.” Previous Gun Rights Examiner reports have demonstrated the federal government applies those terms liberally to include groups as innocuous as “preppers” and “Constitutionalists,” among others.

        examiner dot com, search by copy paste top sentance

        • VRF, thanks for the info. Your state rep. is no different than Obama’s cabinet, crooks and criminals.

          • got that right

        • Gander Mountain has a big floor display of Tannerite in the middle of the main aisle by the hunting department. I was in there yesterday and it was on sale.

          It was kinda funny that they had just got their truck in and people were waiting around to see what ammo they got. They put the boxes on a pallet in the middle of the department and people dived in. No 223, 22, 9…did have some 45lc.

          Kinda fun watching people.

      86. According to a Colorado Bureau of Investigations report obtained by Media Trackers, State Representative Rhonda Fields (D-Aurora) was arrested in 1976 on a charge of larceny and again in 1991 on a charge of shoplifting. Despite her own criminal record, Rep. Fields has sought to limit the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

        An apparent mugshot of Fields was posted to the Magpul Industries Facebook page by a private user after legislation to limit gun magazine capacity, which was cosponsored by Fields, drove the company to announce that it was closing its doors in Colorado and moving out of state.

        Despite her criminal history, Rep. Fields has previously received campaign donations from the Aurora Police Association.

        interesting…isnt it?

      87. hypocrites!

        One of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s top gun-control lobbyists in Colorado appears to enjoy firing the very guns he is working to restrict.

        Denver-based Headwaters Strategies lobbyist Adam Eichberg participated at a “watermelon shoot” in September 2012 at the farm of Colorado state Sen. Greg Brophy (R.) where he fired a semi-automatic rifle with a high-capacity magazine.

        A picture obtained by the Washington Free Beacon shows Eichberg smiling broadly as he shoulders a DPMS .308 rifle with a 20-round magazine

        “I really hate watermelons,” Eichberg said via email when asked for comment.

      88. Bumble Bee Foods Issues Voluntary Recall On Specific Codes Of 5-Ounce Chunk White Albacore And Chunk Light Tuna Products Due To Loose Seals

        to those stock pileing BB foods,, heads up!

      89. I would like to encourage everyone who agreed with the filibuster of the Senate to contact Rand paul and the senators who helped him. I have just about given up on politicians and government, and the actions of these men gave me a faint glimmer of hope.

        I know it’s a lot…but in the rare event that someone in Washington actually gets off their butt to do something, I believe that an atta-boy is merited.

        Contact info is on my blog…I made it easy for everyone and linked to each senators individual contact page/

        Link is here: http://wearescrewn.blogspot.com/2013/03/rand-paul-and-his-band-of-merry-men.html

        Mac, if I have broken any rule by linking to my page, please feel free to disregard. I am new, and not quite sure of the rules. I just feel like I have to do…something…

      90. I am so glad my grandfather (a WWII Veteran) does not watch tv from his nursing home. How sickening it must be to the older generation watching what Obama and his minions are doing to our country. Tolerance has bitten us in our butts. We’ve let so much slide over the years….these Veterans must be thinking why did I even bother?

        • I hear ya, if my Gandfather were still alive he’d be pissed.. He survived Utah beach in WW2 and if he had to see this it woulda made him sick..sadly we lost him three years ago, the military send off was a sight to see and hear,,21 gun salute to a very once proud member of our armed forces,…and to see how they are treated today is sickning


        Domestic drones to hunt CONCEALED gun carrier AMERICAN CITIZENS in Amerika for ZOG DHS Homeland Security

        note: the technology used by these drones to detect dense objects carried on a person DIRECTLY CAUSE CANCER and literally COOK the HUMAN SUSPECT / TARGETS FLESH like a microwave oven if scanned for too long a period .

        It’s time to “De-Fang” the NJO ZOG FEDGOV DHS .




        ARM UP STOCK UP PREPARE for Revolutionary Civil War in once free now RED COMMIE MARXIST AmeriKa .

        PREDATOR or PREY of the NWO NJO ZOG COMMIES the choice is yours .


      92. 60,000 Border and Customs Agents Told to Take Furloughs

        WTF ???






        • What’s the deal? 60,000 border agents to take furlough, and some will still be working! Just how many border agents do we have, and tell me again, how long is that border with Mexico? And why do we even have border guards with Canada? Let the Canadians, provide all the border guards with the U.S. if they’re worried we’ll sneak in with guns. That’s the least they could do, since we provide all of the Military protection against foreign enemies. WASP

      93. Well, well, well. A little escalation in preps in the warfare category. Aerial engagement of targets and Ignition sources. Booby Traps? You better know your stuff. You all be careful of static discharge and metal to metal sparking.

      94. Get yourself a nail gun.

      95. http://www.theburningplatform.com/?p=50618


        “If weapons of war don’t belong on the street, Mr. President, explain these purchases.“

      96. http://www.theburningplatform.com/?p=50638

        FRANK SHARPE: We need not justify the exercise of our rights to would-be tyrants

        “Joe Biden and Diane Feinstein may pretend that they don’t understand such things, but they do. They understand perfectly what AR15’s are for, and that’s exactly why their bodyguards have them. You see, like most criminals, they aren’t interested in a fight. They came about their power the old fashioned way, they lied, cheated and stole their way to the point where they are protected by men with guns at taxpayer expense. The notion of armed peasants in “their kingdom” scares the living hell out of them. It interferes with their plan.”

      97. Shot them then get the back hoe… (well if your like me and have a bit of property). Or feed em to your hogs. Why bug the police…. thier busy …

      98. TSA Allowed at Least 11 Airport Employees With Criminal Backgrounds To Receive Security Badges

        • VRF, the eleven couldn’t get elected, so what better way to reflect DC, just like Holder.

      99. TSA screeners allow fed agent with fake bomb to pass through security at Newark Airport

      100. Why are we even discussing alternative for self defense? I don’t care what these tyrants says. Get a gun, it is our God given right. We don’t have to ask permission from any living soul even if he’s Pontius Pilate himself.

      101. Why are we even discussing alternative for self defense? I don’t care what these tyrants says. Get a gun, it is our God given right. We don’t have to ask permission from any living soul even if he’s Pontius Pilate himself.

        • WOW! Anon and chowthen, Y’all had exactly the same thoughts at the same time. Must be long lost twins! That’s really cool.WASP

      102. How about get off your ass and take MMA or another fighting discipline? And have a gun.

      103. Far Northern Idaho, no phone no neighbors, shoot, shovel, and shutup

      104. Don’t call the cops. Just handle it yourself and dump the body on the street to be picked up whenever- and say nothing. All the neighbors can get together and agree.
        The cops just cause problems. LOL.


      106. Martial Law – you’re on your own!

      107. Turn in your guns or they will be confiscated by force!

      108. Dear Mac,
        Might it be possible to have a “flame section” apart from the general topics discussed?
        I think that some here(i don’t rule myself out on this!)
        might be better served by such a subsection?Since you ARE the moderator of this site,you would be able to decide what might fall into a “flame warz” category.
        It might keep “secondary discussions” where they belong…
        Just my thoughts…
        THE CHANGE is coming folks,Noah saw his a’coming and we have already seen much of the run up of the one coming in our time…
        All the best to all here

        • GFG, thanks for the recommendation! we are in the final stages of development on the forums, which should give people the ability to create their own threads, hopefully allowing for more on topic discussion based on the thread topic. coming soon!

      109. We live 20 minutes away from the Sheriff when called. I know this because we have called them in the past. If you are the target of a home invasion with multiple assailants, You Will Need Back Up.

        Call 911 first. That way you’re covered. Just make sure that they know who you are when they get there. Practice and shoot straight.

        Defend yourself and loved ones at all costs.

        It’s very simple. No talking, tactics, identify your target, shoot straight to immobilize and disarm when the good guys show up.

        Check out “In The Gravest Extreme”. I review it from time to time.

        Ferfal has also touched on the topic of home invasions. Mostly about the outcome if you loose. Argentina 2001


      110. What will you do if it a bombs were to drop? Stay in your home, move to another country, stay under total chaos, run in the wild, live off of stealing? I know what I’ll do, just want to hear other thoughts and ideas..

      111. What will you do if the bombs were to drop? Stay at home, move to another country, run in the wild, live off of sealing? I know what I’m doing, just want to hear other thoughts and ideas..

      112. What will you do if the bombs were to drop? Stay at home, move to another country, run in the wild, live off of sealing? I know what I’m doing, just want to hear other thoughts and ideas..

      113. This should not surprise anyone . In a collapse , the thin blue line will be of little use because of the magnitude of the situation . They have their own families to worry about and many will no longer show up for work ………the only good news is , all those leftist commie pussies that dont own a gun will be the first victims ………..their lives and gear buying time for the rest of us that ARE armed .

      114. I believe in a bucket of Liquid Fire drain opener available at Lowe’s Home Improvement Center as a burglar/home invader solution. A gallon of that stuff sloshed liberally about the head and shoulders of said invader/burglar will most assuredly result in said individual seeking another place to be in extremely short order, all the while wondering exactly what the allegedly helpless victim has tossed on him that is now setting about the task of removing copious amounts of flesh and muscle tissue, not to mention the severity of the irreparable damage this really nasty stuff does to mucus membrane and eye balls. Much less when it manages to seep downward, coming to rest on the genitals. This is certain to create a scene worthy of YouTube complete with much screeching wildly and wiggling about on the floor.

      115. Another self defense tool is a can of wasp spray. It shoots a jet around 8 ft, maybe more.

        Every animal on the planet has eyes whether it’s human, bear, dog, snake etc. A dose of wasp spray in the eyes should immobilize in a life threatening situation.

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