Shocking Hidden Video: America’s Voting System is a Complete Farce

by | Apr 9, 2012 | Headline News | 169 comments

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    James O’Keefe, who was single handedly  responsible for freezing millions of dollars of wasted government funds to the ACORN association of community organizations due to fraudulent and criminal practices, now demonstrates why it’s patently impossible for the United States to have a legitimate election.

    This time O’keefe’s  shocking hidden video records poll workers on Primary Day in Washington, DC offering US Attorney General Eric H. Holder’s voting ballot to a complete stranger, while other voting locations in the district offer to sign for ballots. Eric Holder has said multiple times there exists no evidence of Voter Fraud…until now.

    While the police state control grid tightens all around us, tracking every email, phone call, retail purchase, and our day-to-day movements, the one thing no one in government wants to track is who is actually casting the votes for elected representatives, even though these very people hold the future of 310 million Americans in their hands.

    As it stands now, and as evidenced by O’keefe’s latest video, the voting system in the United States is a complete farce. Without identification requirements, candidates looking to solidify their seats need only determine who has yet to cast a vote (even if that person is dead), and then provide a body with a heartbeat to assume that person’s identity.

    Furthermore, and perhaps even more alarming, is that in a previous video Project Veritas shows that election law actually allows voters to be created out of thin air as in the case of Timothy Tebow and Thomas Brady who were registered to vote in the state of Wisconsin. Once registered, ANYONE could then cast a vote as that registered voter.

    Several states have attempted to implement voter ID laws, but have been viciously attacked by Eric Holder’s Justice Department at every turn.

    This begs the question: What possible purpose, other than for the ease of executing election and voter fraud, would Attorney General Holder, federal legislators and election regulators have for not immediately addressing the issue of identification requirements in modern-day American elections?


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      1. Who would have thought????

        • Unless there is a solid win for another candidate, Obama will win. If the vote total is even close, votes will be “found.”

          What about the electronic voting machines? I read that SEIU “repairs” and “programs” the voting machines. If even a small percent of machines were “adjusted”, outcomes in close elections could be determined.

          In the 2008 election, I read there were some people in Nevada who complained that they had voted, but the machine registered their vote as straight Democrat. Of course, since Harry Reid’s son was in charge of investigating any voting irregularities, this was ignored.

          I have read that “dead people” have voted in recent elections. Add that to the mentally handicapped and those in nursing homes who might need to be “helped” in casting their votes.

          Nope, no need to show ID to vote who control our country. But, we must show ID to cash a check, pick up a prescription, etc.

          • I totally see this. In the last several elections I have not had to show an sort of ID to vote.

            In fact, you don’t even need the address as they read it off to you.


            • this is a propaganda piece produced by ALEC.

          • Ky Mom

            It’s always been rigged .. at least in the last 50 years or so..maybe since the inception..who the hell knows?

            Nothing changes after the elections..except more fraud and more destruction of the working class by the so called 535 elected representatives..

            What a farce it all is..
            Everything we’re taught and believed in has become a lie.

            What was right is now wrong

            What was wrong is now correct..

            I’m living in a Rod Serling life long episode of the Twilight Zone..


            • Not a Biblical scholar, or even religious, but this reference hits the nail right on the head: Isaiah 5:20

            • Ky mom, etc.: Which is why we quit voting decades ago. The vote fraud has been on going for a long time. The politicians are circus clowns/puppets of the elite fascists in every country in the world. Save your time and stay home or go shopping.
              Even the Constitution Party who holds a convention in Memphis in several weeks doesn’t stand a chance.

          • A wise man once said (and I paraphrase): “How people vote in an election is not important. It is enough that there is an election. What matters is who counts the votes.” That man was Josepf Stalin.

            I will vote in this election but I don’t think it will matter. If Obama gets back in then freedom will suffer. If Romney gets in then freedom will suffer. It matters not who you vote for. Both main party politicians have demonstrated their love for the police state. Third party candidates, like whoever runs on the Libertarian ticket, don’t matter as most people will not even know who they are, let alone consider voting for them. Even if they did, the votes wouldn’t count.

        • Great expose’ Mac! Imagine 30 million Illegals ALL going to the Polls! WE would become the North American Union overnight, OUR Constitution dissolved, and are liberties suspended.

          This is a prime example of why Americans must rise up and demand the expulsion of illegal aliens, fingerprint id checks for voting with a retina scan!

          Its time to get active my Peeps! ALL politics are LOCAL. ALL voting is LOCAL. What is LOCAL? Its where you live. Get involved, and get involved now!

          Engage your managers or be enslaved by them!

          • Are you fuckin serious, retinal scans to vote?

            • Its just a fingerprint of the iris.

            • Elcid: The cops can subpena ALL of your emails, photos, links, and IP address on the internet.

              They can download ALL the information on your cell phone after a traffic stop if you are arrested.

              If you give them your cell number they can search and read ALL of your telephone conversation for at least the past five years, and you are worried about your retina being scanned for voting?

              LMFAO! 🙂

              Engage my peeps.

            • Anal probes are more likely.

            • Voting should be taken seriously, why not retina scans?

          • I think a driver’s license would be adequate.

            • Driver’s license’s can be forged, or created for dead people. Fingerprints and retina scans cannot be copied except by Mission Impossible.

              Then there needs to be a link, like a receipt, between your vote and the computer records to guarantee that your vote is counted and counted correctly.

              Do you really care whether someone can discover whether you voted for O’Bummer, or Romney?

              Hell no! If they can track lottery numbers to eliminate fraud, WE can do it at the voting booth too!


          • You still believe voting can change things. How cute!

            • Point well made. People like durango are cute at this stage aren’t they? When they get the next stage and still beleive that voting chnges things then we need to look into reform school. Our hope is that they realize it doesn’t and then we can be proud of them!

        • I am an ultra extreme right wing conservive christian. I do not beleive much of anything the mainstream beleives. However, this election, since it has already been decided for me who the candidates will be, even before the primaries are over. I will vote for our present Fuehrer. We could have solved these problems we presently have peacefully. A peaceful revolution. But now, I will let the Fuehrer screw things up so badly that we will settle this with a different kind of revolution.

        • I just watched a youtube video by mhfm1 on the vote results in South Carolina January 2012. They show clips from various “news” shows that show them making winner projections from .4% of the returns. That means that 99.6% of the votes have NOT been counted yet. But the “news” shows know who WILL win. Of course SCarolina is completely electronic in their voteing. I have watched the media playing this game and from the beginning I could see that THEY whould put Romney against Obama no matter what the people vote. And that means that Obama, when the made his comment to Russian Medeveyev, KNEW that he would have a second term so that he could do whatever he wanted as per his comment.

        • In Mexico we just had a federal election,
          thousands protesting around the country,
          and we have voter ID’s since many years a go,
          if they want to make someone win they do it
          controlling the ballots counting system, and
          thatś how they did it this time and the last
          time and there is a lot of scientific proof of this, but
          the Election Federal Supreme Court will confirm
          firm the “elected” illegitame President chosen/
          approved by the Internation/Mexican corporatocracy
          and the US.

      2. I am of the opinion it is all rigged. On turning out to vote in a local electon last year I was told I already had….I definitely had not. I complained to government…I am waiting for a reply, a year come May.

        Good job I am not losing my breath, navy blue is not a good colour for me.

        Take care

        • Haha Burt you’re probably on their books as a good Muslim voter, and as having voted to your tribe’s advantage.

          • Nothing would surprise me anymore lol


            • I’m not surprised that you’re not surprised.

          • Chum,

            That’s a good book that everyone should read.

      3. Or holding my breath even lol

        • I have lost track of the number of postings I have made concerning this issue. CHOICE by vote in the remnants of this country…is an ILLUSION. The ENTIRE system is a sewer filled with bought/paid for sewer rats.

          Election is a “dead term”. Appointed, assigned, predetermined are the only relevant terms still applicable.

          Here is a real solution short of all-out revolution: Sell the “entire district of criminals”, Wall street, and the nonFederal Reserve to Larry “pull-it” Silverstein, let him insure it for a couple quadrillion dollars…and presto/changeo We can finally truely start over.

        • Wow. After seeing a manual computer entry to total the votes in one district in the introduction of that video I had to continue to watch. When an election official witnesses security flaws that alter election results its time to sit up and take notice. I just hope and pray their are more activists in our country like Bev Harris. She is a true American and a hero in my eyes.

          • I expect Mr. O’Keefe to fall off the face of the Earth.

        • Wow. I just watched this. This is horrible!
          They just change the votes anyway they want. And these are the people that you elect in your county to count the votes. Really, really horrible.

        • I just finished watching this movie. Thank you for sharing.

          Also, we are so screwed.

      4. Explains why Obummer thinks he’s getting reelected!!!

        • It’s obvious that the Obamessiah gets another term – with the garbage the Republicans are parading how could it turn out any other way? Even though Barack has shown no more ability to get the job done than his ignoramus predecessor, he will get re-elected because the choice is soooo weak.

          And none of it matters anyway – TPTB own both sides so it’s heads I win, tails you lose.

          Stay home on election day – the time and gas money you save is really the most you can hope for…

          • Sounds like a communist troll here, trying to discourage enough conservatives from voting to guarantee victory for the usurper-in-chief. Even if all this is true, I will still cast my vote against the fraud in the WH right now.

      5. As I keep harping on, we’re Yugoslavia. People are becoming not individuals, but their “uniform”, where the “uniform” is their skin color. It’s been this way for decades, but it’s becoming a bit more exaggerated now. There’s no longer any concern that a black person might be middle-class or upper-middle-class with tons of advantages, they still get to go to college for free vs. a white person who may have gone through epic struggles just to graduate high school and have an IQ of 150. The individual no matters, just their tribe.

        We’re seeing real, Yugoslavia-style sad stories. Like the two white guys who shot a few black people in Florida, the one guy, last name England, has his father killed by a black guy who was breaking into his daughter’s bedroom. With his father gone, England’s life became a shambles. I know the feeling. Finally, he snaps, and he and the other guy went around shooting *any* black guys, because when your life is falling apart and you’re ready to die anyway, it no longer matters. The black guys he shot may have been really good, decent, guys. But after a point it just doesn’t matter any more. Likewise, when blacks – generally urged on by black leaders, rap musicians, etc. – go around shooting just any white person they find, and the horrible stories we hear about that tribe attacking ours. People beaten to death, burned alive, raped, tortured for days then left for dead, etc. Few of those stories get out to the media because Tito, um, er, I mean, our wonderful free US media deems those stories “divasive” but there’s a ton of this tribal warfare going on.

        What can I say? Just prep, prep, prep. Read Selco’s stories then prep some more.

        • Not nitpicking,but are you referring to the Oklahoma shootings? Sounds like the same scenario. Just happened this weekend.One guy drove the truck other guy fired the rifle at random blacks.

        • Heh Charles Manson must be pissing himself with glee assuming you’re correct.

          Personally I see it, but it’s not as widespread or regular as all that. Its more like an occasional incident here and there.

        • Jacob England is American Indian, not White. But, your case is made.

      6. Dead people been voting in Camden County NJ in general and Camden NJ in specific for decades. There it’s the State Democrat Political Machine but I’m sure Republicans being equal opportunity crooks have their hands in the ballot box in places also.

        Politics is a dirty business.

      7. I would say that the only way to prevent this is for everyone to cast absentee ballots so you have a paper trail but they would probably throw out the ones they don’t like on technicalities like they do with a lot of military ballots.

      8. There are so many things like this that I try to tell most people about and they just kind of give me a blank glazed over stare. Then most just tell me they really are too busy to vote anyways. I really wonder if the american people, for the most part, really care. I will continue to try and tell whoever will listen so when it hits the fan I will be able to look at myself in the mirror and say I did all I could. However, I really fear that for most americans it may be pointless.

        • Agreed. I see it daily, even today. Most of the inhabitants of this country simply no longer deserve the freedom they have.

      9. I just hope somebody beats Holder to the voting booth in November. The real kicker would be them using his vote. That would be great! He could never get mad about it, that would be hypocritical. The last thing he could say is that we could actually use Verified ID’s to vote. It doesn’t fit the agenda.

        • Doesn’t matter if one DC socialist weasel uses the identity of another socialist weasel to vote for a third socialist weasel. Voting is a fraud perpetrated by those with power against those who lack power to give the latter the illusion that they have some measure of control over who will control them. The real world is not a civics class and never has been. Best thing we can do is kill a bunch of them every generation to remind them who they are and what the consequences are for trying to enslave a free people.

      10. What matters is that the choices are rigged. It doesn’t matter which of their candidates they cheat for, we lose.

        It’s just another corp game that should be avoided at all cost.

      11. That’s why in Minnesota they are trying to push Voter ID here. Currently by law a single valid voter can vouch for up to 15 other people without ID. Minnesota has been pushing hard in prosecuting voter fraud for years trying to clean it up. But unfortunately, once they vote it cannot be taken back.

        • Explains why Ron Paul didn’t do as well as those of us outside the US were expecting. It’s hardly “shocking” though, ever since Bush and his bro it’s been getting more and more blatent that the jig is rigged.

          I won’t believe the system is honest here in the UK until the day I see the following on the ballot paper for me to make my mark against:-

          “None of the above fit to govern”.

          I expect you guys in the US feel the same way as you look at the bribed lackeys supposedly “running the show”. I’ve said it before that I wouldn’t trust most of the leadership of the Western world to balance my grocery budget, much less a nation’s economy. I certainly wouldn’t allow them in my mother’s home without locking away her purse.

      12. It ois sooooo completely obvious why Eric Holder and Obama are suing states that have Voter I.D. laws pending! They LIE, CHEAT, and Steal votes every chance they get! Thats why Obama needs $1 billion to get re-elected: he has to pay-off all his minions, ACORN, Black Panthers, Occupiers, and every homeless person he can scrounge up to go vote for him! WHEN WILL THE GOP CALL OBAMA OUT ON THIS????? What a fine bunch of mamby-pamby milk-toast “leaders” we have in Congress representing us! Obama and Holder should have both been IMPEACHED already for obstruction of Justice!!

        • Did they impeach Bush for playing the same tricks?

          Its not a football game with two differing teams. When are people gonna suss it’s a single united corrupt cabal wearing different shirt colours from time to time, & the idea of choice is a mere illusion.

          These demorats and repudicans are laughing at the ordinary man who thinks it actually matters whether you choose Obama or Romney in November. Either way the “loser” retires with a fat payoff and the “winner” merely carries on with implementing the pre-agreed agenda to screw over the ordinary citizen!!!!

          The people at the top really don’t give a damn about race, or even party politics – they wanna keep EVERYONE who is not a member of their club down trodden.

          Jeez – it’s so obvious I sometimes wonder if the masses actually deserve what’s coming down the line cos they can’t step outside the box of their indoctrinated bigotry for long enough to wipe the sleep from their eyes!

          Both the Koran and the Bible forbid Usery – the ptb’s weapon of choice. Jesus only ever once got visibly angry when dealing with the money changers yet people would rather wallow in their hate than do summat constructive to change things.

          Get your salary paid into a local credit union or even a Sharia bank (depending on what’s available in your location), strive toward self-sufficiency and reducing your dependency on a system designed to obliterate you. Buy physical PM’s when you have a little left over instead of feeding the corruption of fiat “investment vehicles”

          The one thing they fear is a united populace, that can survive for their daily sustenance without “big government” or the “nanny state”. Freedom starts with taking some personal responsibility for the state we are in.

          I’d still like to know the TRUE figures for Ron Paul and other independant candidates over the last couple of decades – I suspect the results would suprise us all.

        • You assume the GOP wants things to be different. I think they are quite happy with the status quo.

      13. Its been complete BS for so long, they cant even remember when it was legit

      14. Anyone who is well versed in current events should not be ‘shocked’ by the recent Voter ID discovery. It’s hilarious that Holder’s identity was the example used. But as this article claims, the hypocrisy of the control-grid is apparent. It’s also criminal, yet nothing is being done to protect our election system or our identities.

        So what will be done before Election Day 2012? Or are we being too optimistic in believing there will even BE an election?

      15. In Washington state we no longer have polling places. We are required to vote by mail. We register by mail or online. You never show your face to anyone. It is a fact that has greatly bothered me but really the bigger issue is the electronic polling or counting of ballets. They have shown that a program can be inserted into the state computers that can flip any vote to what they want it to be by use of electronic counting or polling so the only secure voteing is to use id, be in person and have a team with cameras hand count the ballots.

      16. The election of Abe Lincoln was the event which started our first Civil War.

        Even knuckle-heads like Beck and Hannity are saying that a second term for Obama will end the United States.

        Given our current political situation I see no way that Barry will not re-take the White House, even without the fraud detailed in this piece.

        We are near the point in the Marxist playbook which calls for Civil War. This cements “The Party” into power.(Russia, China, Cuba, Viet Nam) They’ve had almost 100 years to perfect their methods. As Mao said,”Political Power comes from the barrel of a gun”.

        We have three choices as a Nation:
        1# Stay home, watch the game, have a cold one.
        2# Retreat to your “cave” and wait until the FEDs mop-up squads come to take whatever preps you have left away.
        #3. Don’t let the good light of Freedom and Liberty go out in this land.
        Pretty soon it will be time to choose.
        Prep for the worst/pray for the best.

        • I’ll take option number three…

        • Here’s what worries me about all this “Obama is sure to win” thing.

          Not that I don’t agree with you (which defies reason… NO incumbet has EVER won during a recession, but I tend to believe things are a bit different this time what with all the greased-up special interest groups).

          But I digress.

          If we take the attitude “Obama is sure to win” then the consequence is:

          We don’t vote for Ron Paul because that would be “splitting the vote” or “throwing your vote away”. We have to make sure Team Red gets in.

          Problem is, at the moment, its ALL TEAM PURPLE!

          All of it. All. All of them. There’s no Red, there’s no Blue, it’s all Purple.

          Any vote for anyone OTHER THAN Ron Paul is throwing your vote away.

          • Ron who?

            • I hate commies!

            • Me too Iowa.

          • TheGuy—-you…are…not…getting…it!!
            The machines are rigged, compromised, hacked.

            Your vote means NOTHiNG…unless it is for the fraud.

      17. Any idiot who doesn’t have an ID should not have a vote. For that matter, you should not have a vote if you accept ANY form of welfare.

        The groups fighting the voter ID laws are dangerous individuals who aim to cheat the system.

        I’m for as few laws as possible, but laws that keeps people from harming each other are a must (i.e. stealing someone’s vote).

        • Actually, anyone with an ID is not allowed to elect constitutional officers. They are domiciled in the District of Columbia, for legal purposes.

          The idiots are the ones who vote.

          What if they had an election and nobody came? The only reason for an election is so the PTB can keep tabs o how many people really think their vote matters. In other words, how many good sheep are left.

          If nobody voted for either party, the corp could hardly claim a mandate for it’s agenda.

          Get rid of your corp ID, stop telling the crooks what they are doing is OK with you by voting for it.

          • GC: The “party” faithful would vote and that would give the “party” the opportunity to declare a mandate based upon a “winning” percentage over 90%.

            Your solution is not realistic, would not change anything at all, but only exacerbate the problem.

            Patriots must organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote to take control of the political process in America again, then repeal all Executive Orders and illegal legislation that has been passed to restore this nation to the America OUR Fathers founded.

            Engage my peeps and you will never have to fire a shot. All politics are LOCAL. LOCAL is where you live. You do not have to march on Washington DC to effect change.

            Organize your community. That’s a strategy that has worked before! You can do it better. 🙂

            • You…are…not…getting…it!!
              The machines are rigged, compromised, hacked.

              Your vote means NOTHING…unless it is for the fraud

            • JayJay: You are the one not “getting it”. The machines are rigged because the American people are not engaged to properly oversee the mechanics of the process.

              Its time for the Goldwater Institute or another like-minded organization, or the ACLU, to demand changes via a lawsuit.

              Send an email to these kinds of organizations requesting their action. Lits of links at SHTF Patriots!

              This process can be corrected at the LOCAL level in every state. Do something about your state rather than whine! 🙂

            • ~DK~

              Wrong DK…JJ gets it…you do not!!!

              The only way you’re gonna quickly change the equation, is to heed the advice of “Moon-mistress”!!! Especially w/ regards to those who count the votes…& those who’ve rigged/hijacked/supported the corruption of…..the system!

              Thus, I hereby volunteer for continuous duty on the “all night firing-squad”….we/liberty & the Constitution, desperately requires!!!

          • Tell that to people in Wisconsin

            • When you say the people in Wisconsin, who exactly are you talking about and what specific issue are you identifying?

      18. I used to believe in the system. But after the whole hanging chad nightmare…..the “Masters” have fixed the system with electronic voting machines. I just can’t believe it. There is really no way to do a recount….or prove that the data is intact and accurate. So now it does not matter what the turn out is….or who votes for what…..because they can just change the data to fit the result they are looking for. In Texas we have had the radical Latino groups tie up our primary election for a couple of months….& now it will be after Memorial day. They are wanting to keep Texas from having any voice in who the candidate is. Add to that Holder’s Injustice Department trying to block the new Texas voter ID law….. It is just unbelievable. It seems that the entire world is upside down & backwards.
        I keep thinking that it can’t get any worse…..but then I watch the news or do a little reading….and find that I am wrong again ! But it is a beautiful day in Texas….so I’m going to get back to prepping. Bee safe Y’all .
        Montgomery County Texas

        • It’s called destabilization. Up is down, North is south, money worthless, can’t trust our Leaders, everyones an enemy. All Business evil, churches evil, Capitalism can’t work. Our History and Culture are lies.

          It is designed to bring a nation to a emotional breaking point, which is when the violence starts. Then The State, like an angle from God, steps in, and gives you back your felling of security. (After killing off all of the State’s enemies).

          re: Yuri Bezmenov ex-KGB agent.

      19. I was so sick and tired of personally the several heads that the common politician puts on just to get elected that I came up with what I call a voter contract between a potential candidate and the people with whom they are “suppose to serve”. Signing this will give the people something to throw back in the face of the elected official. By not signing it, the individual seeking office is telling the people to screw off that they are above anything that holds them accountable for their actions or lack of action to serve.

        In any case a voter contract like this is fun to present to these ego ridden lying politicians that have no intentions of serving us, watch them squirm. The sole purpose of having a leader is for them to lead and put the country and the people absolutely first and foremost. Check out this voter contract:

        Voter contract for anyone seeking any public office to sign.

        As a candidate I herby promise to adhere to the following 10 conditions of me serving the American people as an elected public official of the United States of America.

        1. I will always put the people’s well being in my community, county, state, and country always ahead of my political party or other affiliations that I have. I will always put the constitution of the United States of America first.

        2. I will ONLY make campaign promises that I fully intend to keep. Failure to keep my campaign promises will be viewed as, my failure to seek an additional term in office, and my possible resignation from office.

        3. I will be honest, upright, fully transparent to the people, everyone will truthfully know exactly the way I feel on issues, including honestly answering all questions relating to my position in office.

        4. I promise to immediately report to the proper authorities and make public any government corruptions that I become aware of.

        5. I will not support or vote for any further outsourcing of American jobs to ANY foreign country, either friend or foe of the United States of America.

        6. I will not accept ANY campaign contributions from any foreign country or source, and ONLY from United States of America companies that have at least 50% Americans employed for them.

        7. I will support and vote for action to reduce the national debt even if this means raising certain tax revenues and or involves curbing or even stopping certain government spending.

        8. I will NEVER be any part of a do nothing establishment. Even if those individuals around me fail and refuse to work and seek viable solutions, I will continue to work diligently for my boss, the people.

        9. I vow and promise to work to cut excessive government waste and I will not support or vote for excessive money wasting government projects. Government pork I will NEVER support or be part of.

        10. I promise to make the people of the United States of America my boss, not special interest groups, and I will NEVER take any special privileges at any financial costs to the American people.

        I (Name of person seeking public office)________________________________________ fully understand and fully agree to the terms of this contract.

        Signed________________________________________________ on this day of______________ 20___.

        • Thanks for writing the CONTRACT I suggested a couple of posts ago. Good stuff! However, office holders are already bound by their oath of office which has proven ineffective because there is no authority to adequately enforce that oath once in office and a member of the NWO Globalists.

          A Patriot Party, funded by 90 million gun owners in America using a contract similar to this, could take control of OUR government again.

          Candidates and office holders would be legally bound to the Patriot Party who funded their election and could face serious legal penalties for failure to keep faith with the contract.

          The Executive Board of the Party could put a vote before its members regarding the breach of any contract by a party Member in Office, as to whether an alleged breach was serious enough to generate a lawsuit.

          Such a contract could be worded to produce both criminal and civil penalties if found guilty.

          There are many more of US than there are of them. WE can win!

        • Are you really that naive?

          • Niave? No. Practical. Only initiative sparks change. Only NEW initiatives will change the direction of this country.

            To do nothing is to be sheeple. To voice your despair is to spread the propaganda of those you have allowed to oppress and manipulate you.

            The NWO wants YOU to be depressed, despondant, and defeated. They want you to believe that you are helpless.

            If you do believe that you are helpless in the face of adversity and unable to mount a resistance to the challenge, guess what?

            You are.

            Grow some balls. Get some spine. You have the power to change your life, your country, and your world.

            Get busy.

        • There’s already a contract–it’s called ‘I’ll lie like a dog to you for months, get in, and steal you blind’.
          Ya like it??

          • I understand JJ and no, I don’t like it; which is why I propose new, practical methods for changing it.

            Defeat is for losers. Surrender for cowards.

      20. LMAO!

        Okeefe should have written in Ron Paul!

        • Being from Minnesota, I hate Iowa and that Ronpaul fellow

          • You Commie you!

            • What for, Iowa or Paul?

          • I’m very proud to be an Iowan. I’m very proud of my oath to the Constitution and equally as proud to have a good man like Ron Paul by my side in this fight against tyrannical commies.

      21. Are you trying to tell me it took us 12 years to confirm the obvious?

        …nice reaction time there. That’s great. So if we’re about to go speeding off a cliff at 80 mph, we might get around to turning the wheel or applying the brakes by next Tuesday.

        Helpful. Really.

        • Once we clear the edge, it doesn’t matter whether we apply the brakes or the gas.

      22. anoter four years of Obama…sigh

        • Obama will not win.

          • I’ll bet you dollars to dish towels that he does. I’m not trying to be snarky, but give me a vision of how he does not win?
            The Republican vote is split between guys like me who won’t vote for Mitt, and Paul supporters who are planning to write his name in. Plus commies don’t lose election, neither do guys from Chicago.
            I plan to either write in Mickey Mantle, Roger Marris, or Earnie Banks, all hero’s of mine as a kid.

            • How about your Franklin vs my Franklin, straight up? O’bummer will not have the money Mitt will get from the GB’s.

              Obummer WAS born in Kenya and will likely be disqualified in some or all states before the election. He can’t win if he can’t run.

              Follow the legal process unfolding.

            • He may be re-installed, barring him being outed as DK says. But win? No. Re-installed? Yes…

        • @wally, 40 more years-40 more years-40 more years!


      24. The Democrats always oppose being required to produce an ID before someone can vote. They’re the kings of voter fraud.

      25. Holder is so dirty, corrupt and evil….he needs to be on the short list when the SHTF – his very speedy trial needs to be one of the first!

        • Screw the trial; his very speedy execution needs to be one of the first. Imagine the irony of the head of the Department of (in)Justice being summarily executed without the benefit of a trial for numerous crimes committed against two soverign nations while occupying a position of authority.

      26. Time to go back to paper votes with that backed by ID and ink on the finger they do in 3rd world countries.

      27. Locked and loaded, waiting for the race wars to start, or the “Dictator in Chief” to announce that he has won the election, and will be dictator till death, no more elections

        • Anyone got an inkling of what my family will go through when the race war goes full force?

          I’m white, wife is black, 3 beautiful children, Gadsden Flag + Ron Paul yard sign…


          • we’re all in trouble if a race war were to go full force… random acts of violence against blacks, whites, hispanics, asians… Let’s hope it doesn’t get that far, because of it does, we’re done… simple strategy, which most of you here suspect and understand: divide and conquer.

            • “divide and conquer” is already in play. The “media” and official gooberment narrative straight from the horses (ass) are feverishly trying to not only lite the fuse, but ensure nothing can extinguish it.

              Otherwise, Barry might have to attempt to run on his “record”, which is….???? Chances of even a standard rigged “appointment” in November are becoming less likely with each “news cycle”.

              450+ million rounds of truely nasty hollowpoint ammo…all for practice on PAPER TARGETS. “Paper target”, is that the new label for AMERICAN CITIZENS!?!

            • Mac, my dad gave me my 1st Gadsden flag 2 years ago. He believed in me, not the flag.

              He died a month ago.



              • I am sorry to hear of your father’s passing. He sounds like quite an enlightened individual, and obviously raised you with ethics, morals, and a true understanding of liberty. My very best to you and yours Iowa.

          • Ours is another family that would suffer Iowa. My Grandma used to say they needed to get rid of the United Nations and just let her sort things out round the Xmas dinner table lol!

        • There will still be “elections”. Stalin said: “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

      28. You know what would be a funny stunt is to actually bring in some of these dead people that are registered to vote and present them to some of these voter places. For even one vote to counted that should not have been, makes any election corrupt and not accurate. This is the United States, not Russia or some other country that puts on some elaborate side show that they are practicing fair democratic elections. On top of dead people, why not also have our pets’ votes count also?

        If people are stupid enough to put an idiot into office, as long as it was done fairly so be it. We have been living with the people’s bad mistakes since the country was founded. When someone unfaily gets elected because of fraud this destroys the country and people’s confidence in all forms of government. Guess we are at that point now, probably were many years ago. 🙁

        • I know, the idiot Baby Bush really fuck’ed up this country.

      29. Call me am anarchist if you will, but I do not believe I should have to show ANYONE a “permit” to vote. Voting is done locally in precincts where you are known by neighbors and friends and enemies.I should be able to go in, make my mark, and vote. My name is then scratched off the list of eligible voters. I truly believe substituting one person for another is rare. I think you would be called out by someone as an imposter.The voter fraud is more likely in the ballot counting or paid off electorate.Any “license” the DC corp makes you get is “privelege by coercion” and is meant to make you a debt slave.

        • Maybe your way in a benevolent altruistic world would work, but we are too evil now.

        • You are an anarchist, (you told us to call you one!)

      30. This is why I say…..”If voting could really change anything, it would be illegal.”

        Wake up people! The whole system is a scam and a fraud. This fix is in. We live under the illusion of freedom. The United States of America is NOT a free country anymore. We currently enjoy only the freedoms that TPTB allow us to have. And they are getting ready to pull the rug out from under us on that.

        The only question we need to concern ourselves with is this…..What will I do when the shoe finally drops? Will I meekly submit to tyranny? Or will I prove worthy of the sacrifice of the founders of this country and those who have died for the liberties that the Constitution recognized as rights given by God? Will I resist the tyranny that is coming?


          • ~Iowa~


            That’s why he allows us to form….”firing squads”!!!!!!!!

            Good post, sir.

            Sorry for your loss…but kudos to your Dad, for having faith in you.

        • Spoken like a true American Patriot! 1 million thumbs up Walt!!!

      31. It has been a while as I am busy running my life, but I do stop by and read even if I haven’t posted for a while. Now on to the topic at hand.

        Voters that are dead? Check.
        Voters who claim to be someone they are not? Check.
        People thinking their vote counts? Check.

        The system has been rigged for so long I wonder if my great great grandparents votes actually counted for something… I didn’t need a video to confirm what I have known for years, though it is nice to have a video to help wake more sheeple up. Just sayin’.

        • FedUp–I gave you 3 thumbs up…get it?

          Three thumbs up??–make Mac do a re-count.

          • Ha ha ha!!! 3 thumbs up! If this were actually a voting poll you could justify it by saying you have 3 arms!

      32. Check this out.. Canada based company with foreign programmers from Serbia. How do I know? I was a part of the system.

        Don’t fool yourself. Voting only confirms that you play the game not that you’ll necessarily win. Oboma will be reelected and there will be only one other option. You’ll have to decide at what point your willing to fight for what you believe in.

        • That’s right, WHAT THE “F” ARE WE GOING TO DO?

          • We will go to war.

      33. I can feel this country just slipping between our fingers. Totally out of control govt and Holder is a racist douche.

        • NJB: Feel the country slipping between your fingers? Close your hand.

          Make a fist.

      34. America has turned into a bastard country. We are so pathetic to allow ourselves into this and those who built this and perpetuate it can go straight to hell.

      35. Look long and hard at your LOCAL and STATE elections this time. It’s STATES that either prohibit or sanction this election fraud. Get people committed to cleaning up elections into local and state offices, hold them to their promises, follow their progress, even donate money, and the country will be on the way to better times.

      36. As we say in New Mexico, vote early and vote often.

        Why does this surprise anyone, how do you think ol’ Jack Kennedy won the 1960 election? Chicago and West Virginia voters.

        Why does this surprise anyone, when you have a guy in the White House of highly suspect birth, draft card, college loans documents?

        • yeah, and Baby Bush won in a LANDSLIDE in 2000. yeah, you do live in a fantacy world Silver.

      37. Hey i hear ..Stevie Ray Vaughan voted last year..said he couldnt stand the weather ..We all know he dint vote for this change.

      38. James and Ken Collier wrote a book called Votescam, in which they exposed major vote fraud. They caught the League of Women Voters changing the ballots while counting them.

        I’ve seen several times over the last couple decades where the people of various states passed initiatives that were in the best interest of the people, only to have a judge knock it down in court. There is no use in voting anymore.

      39. Someone sent me this video today as well, outlining the vote fraud in South Carolina. I claim no affiliation to the sponsor of the video.

        I see no hope in having honest elections again until we return to paper ballots. I don’t care if that is a step back technologically. I’m willing to wait a week if necessary before finding out who won an election.

      40. No sh*t. SERIOUSLY HOW LONG DID THIS TAKE YOU. this is a dumb article. THUMBS DOWN by THUMBIN UP.

      41. This is old news–I thought this was gonna be about Spain tallying the votes in November, 2012–which I will not be part of or any election farce UNTIL a return to paper ballots and a secured guard at the counting stations of only two maybe counting..

        If it takes a few weeks to get the count…like the guy on the ad not wanting a 15 minute quote for car insurance…I like to think I’m worth more time than that with something so vital—

        Do ya wonder how many elections were stolen??

      42. I exercise my right to vote, I vote here quite often.

        Sad part is my voting here might carry more weight than in November!

        So, let’s take a poll, all in favor of BO loosing the election – Thumbs Up!

        Y’all Beware! I like this process!!

      43. I think the system is somewhat corrupt. But this is off topic, I think the supreme court did vote to say obamacare is unconstitutional. He said something right after and then the 500,000 million to agents irs will be used for something else. It got turned down im betting. YOu damn well know that it was leaked to the president it has to be from someone inside you know this. 2nd if elections are rigged who is control of it? but the supreme court did turn it down. So we have people in this country who are for dems and for GOP. but who is in control of the fraud votes? anybody have any guesses?

        • A company based in Israel

        • “who is in control of the fraud votes”. Neither! The Name/s which remain unspoken by “polite, civil, and obedient society. AKA: debt slaves.

          Until the June “supremely dysfunctional revelation”…you won’t be able to answer the question of whether or not “obamascare” is constitutional. And even then…the answer will have been bought by the highest previously mentioned bidder. The “system” isn’t SIMPLY broke, it is the ENEMY.

        • “Somewhat”? LOL!

      44. Ignore the whole pisspot system. Be a producer, not a consumer, and politics will be of no consequence to you and yours. Learn how to shelter and feed yourself without “money” and you will not be a slave to the “powers” that be. I only bow to the one true God, not a political system or government.

        • Elcid: That is not true. Producers ARE consumers. You cannot “ignore” the system. The system, as presently configured, will not allow it.

          Resistance is the only alternative.

          To be passive in the face of oppression is to invite aggression. That is a psychological principle embedded in humanity.

          Domination cannot be ignored. It will not go away. Force must be met with force. Political domination can only be successfully overcome by political force.

          Political force is the collective will of the people organized into political units (states).

          If enough people will not participate politically, then they will be dominated by those few who will participate.

          Snooze you lose. Wake up my peeps. Engage.

          • Well said DK.

          • You never know what a person will do when backed into a corner. Put enough pressure on the American people and they will react, as you said. That’s what the people around Obama are counting on. Thumbs up

      45. We will be left with voting from the rooftops, that way we alone can select the true caliber of our choices.





        270 many ballot choices…so little time..

      46. Well, let’s look at some more statistics. Approximately 30 % of the(legal) voting public is made up of minorities; Blacks, Hispanics,Asians or a mix thereof. They have been shown to vote primarily, a democratic ticket. Not too hard to see how the votes can be manipulated. Heck, we can’t seem to get an illegal, pushed thru the backdoor, healthcare farce of an unconstitutional bill, repealed via the legal system; so why would anyone think the voting system is anywhere close to legal. Remember Florida and the hanging chads?

      47. “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the People who Count the Votes.” (Josef Stalin)

        sigh… IT’S ALL RIGGED!!! … GET IT!!! HAS BEEN FOR A VERY LONG TIME!!! WAKE THE PHRACK UP!!! How can so many people , 100’s of millions , be so IGNORANTLY blind BRAIN WASHED by a handful of smelly old with bad teeth zionist European Bankers is SIMPLY PHRAKIN AMAZIN!

        sigh… we are all Soooooooooooooooooooo Phucked!


      48. “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing.Those who count the ballots decide everything.” -Joseph Stalin

        “Presidents are not elected, they are selected”.-FDR

        When we went to “mail-in” ballots here in Oregon, it did’nt take long for fraud to be exposed; a camera crew caught ballot-counters changing ballots. And are not ballots supposed to be secret? Several years ago, after a ballot-measure vote, I was visited by a member of the people pushing the ballot measure, pressing me to vote her way in the next election.

        The fix has been in for a long time, if people don’t take a stand, it’s over.

      49. It is rigged.. OMG really? Ok now seriuosly we know it is it has been forever. No eye scan or Id is going to help because the ELECTORAL college casts the votes for us..another part of the corruption. This is a fine oiled machine. Very well mainteined. No stone to be left unturned, 50 plus years of planning this world we are really about to be living and dying in. A sad state of affairs for us and the future generations. We can vote till the stars fall from the sky but it does not matter. I mean look at it from day one Fox news has been calling Romney the wilnner before one debate, this man has been crammed down our throats. I do not even know what he stands for to be honest with ya. I watched every debate and could tel ya about Paul, Gingrich Santorum but Romney he is part of the machine that is for sure because he is the perfect no real answer, skate around it guy. Just what the machine needs. So go out cast your vote if it makes ya feel like you are making your difference. As for me I will go Gault have been Gault my whole life. Sorry for those of you that I upset with that but I knew this was rigged from when I was young no shock factor here. Just a shame for all those who gave their very life for freedom…what a shame

        • JIC: Yes elections are rigged. WE know that now. WE now know that the NWO corruption penetrates every aspect of American national life.

          WE now know that there are Globalists and Dual Citizens embedded in OUR government who are Criminals and Traitors; who have manipulated OUR systems to enrich themselves at OUR expense and direct OUR national assets to spread their evil empire.

          But you preach the propaganda of the NWO. The NWO wants US to believe that they are too many and too powerful for US. Not true.

          In truth, there are probably less than one million globalists of every rank and stripe who have embedded themselves into OUR institutions at every level of government, who plan and direct their Agenda upon US.

          Jeanne Dixon, the famous DC physic, revealed the infiltration of a “5th Column” into the US Government 50 years ago. This NWO corruption of OUR Founding Principles didn’t happen over night, and it won’t disappear over night.

          The globalists have moved under the radar for many administrations. They have been dedicated and resolved to impose their will upon US.

          Can WE not muster the same dedication, the same resolve? Can WE not muster more dedication? More resolve? I think so.

          If We The People engage OUR managers WE can change the system. WE have the numbers to make that change.

          That is what they fear: loss of the political power that they have over US; which controls the military power they have over US. Treason can have only one result:

          Success or death. OWTFH! 🙂

          • ~DK~

            You know, you’re pretty convincing when you post. We had this discussion several articles back & you stated…the NWO assholes have advanced their agenda too far, too fast, because they’ve not met any “political resistance”.

            That was/is a great & albeit entirely true observation!

            You then went on…advocating 90 million US gun owners…to get political!!! To form “political” opposition groups/parties so as to…….change the system by essentially working with/within that “SAME SAID CORRUPT SYSTEM”.

            ….Ummmmm….at this stage of the unfolding tyranny(very late in the game)…that advice has about as much utility as a screen door, in a submarine!!!

            You do NOT negotiate w/ tyranny! You do NOT negotiate w/ evil! You do NOT negotiate w/ a POLITICALLY CANCEROUS SYSTEM!!!

            You ELIMINATE THEM!!!!


            The only “THING” tyrants, thugs, predators, greedy bankers & corrupt politicians understand & indeed fear….is raw, brutal, righteous violence!!!!!!!!

      50. Oh wow, James O’Keefe exposes voter fraud. Big deal. Newsflash….. voter fraud happened just as much while king george and DICK cheney were in office as it does now. I wonder why he never exposed any of this while repugturds were in office? Both political parties in the USA are corrupt and worthless. Exposing one and not the other shows you to be a complete tool!

      51. So, what yer saying is, there’s 535 people in congress making the rules for 300 million people with a selected/not elected front man being told to tell congress what the rules are.

      52. A vote for any of them is vote for the system. Don’t blame me… I didn’t vote for any of them.

      53. Sheriff Joe Arpaio refuses to bow to fed’s overreach

        County Attorney Montgomery backs Sheriff: Tells feds to “put up or shut up”

        The page one banner headline in today’s issue of the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) screams out: “Arpaio defies feds’ order.” Directly below that is this accompanying screed: “Court battle looms as sheriff refuses to let Justice Dept. monitor office.”

        Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio‘s complete response to this federal overreach is contained in this press release.

        In this succinct comment, the duly elected, career law enforcement official responds to the ultimatum: “I am the constitutionally and legitimately elected Sheriff and I absolutely refuse to surrender my responsibility to the federal government,” he said in a letter the Justice Department. “And so to the Obama administration, who is attempting to strong arm me into submission only for its political gain, I say, ‘This will not happen, not on my watch!’”

      54. ;0) Bwaaahahaha………

        FALSE FLAG ALERT: The ZIONIST ISRAELI JEW mossad cia CONTROLLED U.S. Military Is Officially Preparing For An “Alien Invasion”!

        ;0) your All being played for “GOYIM SUCKERS” by da’ Zionist Banker Jews…

        Henry Kissinger said while speaking at the Bilderberg meeting in Evian, France, May 21, 1992:

        “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”

      55. stop playing the rigged game.

        i’ve never voted, have no ambition and probably never will vote. when i was 18 (1985) i knew it was a crock of shit.

        it still is, and i didn’t need a video to tell me so. look around you. that’s all it takes. stand quietly and observe:

        it’s all bullshit. all of it. illusion.

        don’t waste one more minute of your life talking about politics, politicians, government, etc….what a complete waste of your time. stop doing it.

        disconnect from the system. stop playing the rigged game. stop being slaves.


        New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, on his first trip to Israel, outlined his views on the Iranian nuclear threat in an interview with Israel Hayom.

        “First of all, my position is that Iran must not be permitted to acquire nuclear capability because then it would acquire nuclear weapons,” Christie said. “That would permit it to influence the entire region, and potentially, the entire world.

        Christie on Ahmadinejad (an British M16 cia agent): ‘Bring Down the Craziest Man in the World!’

        Translation BY MIKE RIVERO @ WHATREALLYHAPPENED DOT COM: “Can I be Vice President? Can I? Huh? Can I? Pretty please? Huh? Please let me be the Vice President!” “I’ll lick your … just like a crack head lookin for a fix ;0P

        It can’t be said any more blatantly than this… AMERIKAN POLITICIANS must lick many circumcised zionist jew hotdogs to assume any high post in AIPAC controlled fascist run ameriKan politics!!!

        Once Free AmeriKa, is now fully controlled by Fascist Zionist Jews of Israel!

        AmeriKa , The White House , Congress , Senate , State Governorships and the Pentagon , U.S. Military is nothing more than Israels Bwitch!!!


      57. eric holder is against people having official government picture id’s for something so important as voting in our national elections, but i bet you cant walk into eric holder’s justice department building without an official government picture id.

      58. oh nevermind delete my comment i wrote it before watching the video lol.

      59. Really,
        I’m not buying this Propaganda. Who really goes out, multiple times per day, gives a FAKE name and then votes. Who even has the time? A few…maybe. A lot of people…No way. This isn’t how elections are won. It’s like my boss asking if we mopped and we reply “Yes, We did”, then he over turns every single heavy piece of equipment to reveal a speck of dust on the floor then says; “See, you didn’t mop”. This article and video is BS. The same thing as you guys saying “See, there’s voter fraud”. Lame.

        • The average person probably doesn’t have time or inclination for more than a few votes. However, someone who does, who is making a living doing this, and is connected, could obviously control the election by himself.

      60. Voter ID laws is not about preventing fraud, or making sure the right person votes in the right district…

        Its about making sure Democrats cannot vote this fall.

        Case in Point: A former House of Representatives member was banned from voting in his home district in Tennessee (Where he lives and has lived for decades and has voted in as well, for decades. He has not ever changed where he voted.). They at first would not tell him why. Then he asked if it was his ID then they told him he was registered to vote in another county. This turned out to be false. The next day the Republican Controlled Election Commission told the Representatives that they had made a grave error… so sorry, too bad you didn’t get to vote, is what they told him.


        And that’s my opinion.

      61. I get ID’d every time I vote in FL, primary or general election.

      62. Believe it or not, our votes are tabulated and the winner determined by a corporation in Barcelona Spain. This corporation is to perform this function for all “democratic” countries in the world. Do a google for “corporation in Barcelona counts the us votes” and read about it yourself.

      63. The article’s intent was to rouse the sheeple against anonymous voting, and to support requiring government-issued identification as a prerequisite to vote. PLEASE think critically, people! A natural human being should NOT have to carry any paperwork issued by the government to prove his or her identity! HOWEVER, to prevent voter fraud, precincts should be small enough that those working on the election board (the people handing out ballots and counting them at the end of the day) should be able to recognize and validate their neighbors. Latitude should be given to election board volunteers to disallow ANY suspicious voters from voting, or at least classify their ballots as “provisional”. This from a person who has worked on every election board position for many year, and has seen that the cast majority are honest, while the suspicious voters-for-hire stand out like a sequoia above the tree line.

      64. this whole country is a joke. from top to bottom. when i go outside and take a walk, all i see is one big pussy waitin to get fucked.

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