Hidden in Plain Sight: How To Make a Tactical Hideaway

by | May 1, 2019 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tess Pennington at Ready Nutrition.

    Home defense is a concern for many. And who wouldn’t be? 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported each year in the United States. More interesting, is that the average burglary takes 10 minutes and the stolen property amounts to over $2,000 in stolen property.

    According to one home security website, “most people don’t hide their valuable items carefully, and burglars know it. Once they break in, burglars head straight for the master bedroom, where they scavenge through dresser drawers and nightstands, look under mattresses, and search closets. Cash, jewelry, and weapons are some of the things a burglar wants most from your home.”

    Safety concealment systems are an easy way to remedy this. Not only can you hide firearms in easy-to-access locations in the home, but you can also hide valuables and make it more difficult for burglars to steal your property.

    What is a concealment system or a tactical hideaway? Essentially, it is a floating shelf with a secret compartment to conceal hidden items. These are especially helpful from a home security standpoint because valuables and/or self-protection items are hidden in the open and would not attract attention. Some other items that you could hide away are:

    • spare keys
    • valuables
    • jewelry
    • cash
    • passports/documentation

    While pre-assembled concealment shelves like this one run anywhere from $100-$400, you can easily make one for a fraction of the cost and add a more decorative look.

    What You Will Need For This Project:

    • 4 ft. length of 1″x2″ common board
    • 1/4″ x 1″ hardwood emboss rope
    • 4″ ft. length of 4-1/2″ hardwood emboss crown molding
    • 12″ chop saw


    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint book.

    Across the ages, in every survival story, a disaster of some sort plays a prominent role. Sometimes the part is played by the government, sometimes it is played by Mother Nature, and other times, the role is taken on by a random mishap. If we have learned one thing studying the history of disasters, it is this: those who are prepared have a better chance at survival than those who are not. –The Prepper’s Blueprint, description


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      1. In urban areas, burglars are seldom charged as burglars. And not likely to do any real jail or prison time. Wonderful court system, ain’t it? They usually reduce the charge to misdemeanor trespass so the defendant pleads guilty and gets no jail time. It’s about the money. The county and state save money by not locking people up. Sucks to be the victim.

        • Him,

          At some point the public will wake up and begin to get justice for themselves. Our government is not our friend – There are two sets of justice. We the people will need to let our government know we have had enough.

          ‘The MSM is the enemy of the people”

          • If I’m home the burglar dies as I feared for my family’s lives.

            • Menzo, it’s the same here for me and the rest of the family. Anyone who comes into our homes without our permission gets their stupid asses shot, period.

      2. They also make fake Pledge cans, fake WD40 cans, and even fake soda cans to hide small items in.

        • Yes those are great. Another thing that will send them running is a burglar bomm. They can be set off by motion, tripwire, etc. Basically a pepper gas grenade that fills the room with gas. Check them out at … burglarbomb dot com. Also the fake outlets for small items. Another place is in a dishwasher (that you don’t use). Nobody is going to look there lol.

      3. I have some of these, but in the end they are not fireproof; PM’s, documents need to be safe from fire. I have a hidden panel in my bedroom for defensive items, but I put a floor safe in my shop, stacked a pile of wood over it. That’s where I keep PM’s, cash, & other papers I don’t have to access all the time. The safe has a 60 min fire rating, but in the floor it will stay much cooler.

      4. If I’m home the burglar dies as I feared for my family’s lives.

        • You said that already 😉

          • does it not bear repeating?

          • Double post but meant it both times!

      5. Why do you live in such a shitty neighborhood?

      6. I’ve got a couple of alert systems but then again I’ve also got plenty of pine woods near me to hide the refuse. Along with a 120 lb. Chesapeake Bay retriever to fight off.

        • “Is that yer buddy there in the woodchipper?”

          From the movie Fargo

          • I liked the one where a guy picked up a hitch hiker and the hitch hiker said, how would you feel if you picked up a serial killer, and the driver said, what would be the odds of there being two serial killers in the same car. Trekker Out

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