Here’s How You’ll Die When the SHTF (and How to Prevent Your Untimely Demise)

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Headline News | 85 comments

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    This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

    When it hits the fan…I mean REALLY hits the fan in a permanent kind of way, the most likely outcome is death.

    That’s not pretty, and I’m well aware of it. I always try to be positive and optimistic, because for me, preparedness is the ultimate act of optimism, but sometimes we have to look at the numbers and face some things that are pretty terrifying. The first reality check is that some research says that only 3 million Americans are preppers.  That means that 315 million Americans are not preppers. Some experts predict that within 30 days of the power going out, 50% of Americans will be dead. Within a year, an astounding 90% of the population will be dead.

    Do you want to survive such a scenario? Do you want your children to survive? When you read this information, you have to realize that it’s very unlikely that you and your family would live through a grid failure of a year or more unless you are proactive and develop a preparedness plan that takes all of these causes of death into consideration.

    The Top 10 Ways to Die in a Long-term Disaster

    So here are the cold hard facts. One of these is the way that you are most likely to die when the SHTF, particularly in the event of a long-term grid failure. The good news is, now that you know this, you can take steps to prevent your untimely demise.

    1. You die of thirst or waterborne illness.  Most people have a case of water bottles kicking around, and perhaps a 5 gallon jug for the water cooler. What they don’t have is a gallon a day per person for a long-term emergency. Most people also don’t own a gravity fed, no-power necessary water filtration device with spare parts and extra filters. Most people do not have the skills and knowledge necessary to purify their water without these devices either.  Waterborne illness is the number one cause of death after a natural disaster. If just one person handles water and waste incorrectly, this can cause an epidemic of such deadly illnesses as Hepatitis A, viral gastroenteritis, cholera, Shigellosis, typhoid, Diphtheria and polio.  The other worry is dehydration. It only takes 3 days for a person to die of thirst.  Learn more about the importance of water preparedness HERE. If you’d like information on water preparedness in a print version, check out my book on the subject.
    2. You die from fantasy-world planning. So many preppers have poorly thought out plans for survival. They think they’ll “live off the land” and hunt, forage, and farm their way through the apocalypse, but they’ve never milked a goat or planted the contents of their seed banks. They don’t understand that gardens and crops can fail for innumerable reasons. They think they’re still in the same physical condition that they were 25 years ago and overestimate their ability to perform physical labor, like chopping wood for the fire. There are hundreds of bad strategies that will get preppers killed (in fact, here are 12 of them), and mostly it boils down to one crucial fact: it’s all a fantasy. They’ve never done ANY of the things that they think they will do for survival, or if they have done them, it was decades ago, when they were younger, fitter, and more resilient. I can tell you right now, if we had to live off of the contents of this year’s drought-stricken, deer-and-gopher-raided garden, we’d last about a week, enjoying salsa by the jarful, but little else.
    3. You freeze to deathDepending on where you live, you may freeze to death when the power goes out.  When temperatures plummet, people will become desperate to get warm, and this will lead to other modes of death such as carbon monoxide poison from improperly vented heat sources and house fires when people use fireplaces or wood stoves that have not been maintained for years. Learn about staying warm during a winter power outage HERE and begin to develop a plan that will keep your family cozy during a long-term scenario.
    4. You starve to death. Most people only have enough food to see them through until the next grocery trip.  Most people go to the grocery store more than once per week. In urban centers, it’s customary to buy your food fresh from the market each day.  If disaster strikes and you only have a few days’ worth of food, you are going to be one of those people standing in line for hours, begging FEMA for a bottle of water and an MRE to split amongst your family.  Even worse, in an extremely widespread disaster, FEMA won’t be coming at all, and you’ll be on your own, left with only what you have in your home…before it spoils and if you can figure out a way to cook it with no power.  Food poisoning, starvation, and malnutrition will be common causes of death. Learn about building a pantry on a budget HERE. To start yourself out with a speedy supply, go HERE for a variety of high quality, non-GMO kits.
    5. You have an accident involving major trauma. This is something that is difficult to prevent – that’s why they call it an accident. To up your chances of survival, always where the proper protective gear, such as safety goggles and gloves. Secondly, spend some time learning to deal with medical situations. Many communities offer free First Aid courses to get you started. Stock up on books that provide information for times when medical care is not available (this one is the very best in my opinion), and have advanced supplies on hand to deal with injuries.
    6. You get murdered when raiders or looters come to steal your stuff.  Remember the 315 million unprepared Americans? They’re going to be hungry. And the hungrier and more desperate people become, the more dangerous the world is going to be. It’s imperative that you be prepared to defend your home and family from them. If you’re one of those people who says, “I don’t want to live in a world where I have to shoot someone because they’re hungry” you just might get your wish. Because they won’t have a problem shooting you. This is one of the major reasons that preppers must be armed. The danger isn’t just from mobs of strangers.  If you tend to talk too much, your friends, extended family, and neighbors just might be the ones to kill you for your supplies.
    7. You get sick. Without our normal standards of cleanliness and the access to medical care, the likelihood of getting sick increases. Without the access to medical care, the likelihood of that sickness spiraling out of control is exponentially greater. Learn how to treat and manage sickness naturally so that you can get a handle on an illness before it kills you. This book is a fantastic reference, written with the prepper in mind.
    8. You get an infection. A silly little cut or splinter that we take for granted now could be a death sentence after the SHTF. With the possibility that your hygiene standards may drop and that you’ll be getting a lot dirtier doing physical labor, infection is fairly likely. It’s vital to immediately treat even the most trivial-seeming wound. For treating a wound, I can’t recommend this spray enough. I have used it on all sorts of animal infections that I thought would prove fatal, with 100% positive results. Because of this, we use it on our own wounds as soon as possible, too. That may not always be enough to prevent an infection however, so having the right antibiotics on hand could mean the difference between life and death. (Check out this antibiotic primer by Joe Alton of Dr. Bones fame) Many veterinary antibiotics are identical to those made for humans. You can find them on Amazon and add them to your stockpile.
    9. You die because you are fat and/or out of shape. If the Zombies approached and you found yourself outnumbered, are you fit enough to run away?  What if you had to bug out across the mountains? Would your heart hold up to the steep climb? Would your knees hold up to the descent? What if you add a 50 pound backpack? Now is the time to get yourself in shape. Most Americans lead fairly sedentary lives, sitting down to a desk all day for work. It’s not something you can fix overnight, so now is the time to increase your fitness. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the family members who will have to wait for you while you huff and puff. They’ll be killed when you slow them down. The road to fitness can start easily. If you can walk, you can improve your fitness level dramatically. This article discusses how to start out slowly and then build up your endurance and this PDF book will help you to reach a healthy body weight.
    10. You die when you daily medication runs out. This one is tougher to prevent. You can extend life expectancy by stockpiling medication but if the crisis outlasts your supply, there is a limit to what you can do. Who can forget the heartbreaking story of the diabetic girl in the book One Second After?  Don’t underestimate the difficulty for some of going without psychiatric drugs. Depending on the drug, withdrawal can be horrific, particularly if they have not been able to slowly wean themselves off. Some conditions,when untreated, can cause the sufferer to lose touch with reality and suffer a psychotic break, making them dangerous to themselves and others. Depending on the medication you require, there are sometimes natural alternatives and dietary tweaks that can help. Some existing conditions can be managed better now through lifestyle changes, which will increase your chances for survival later. For example, if you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes and are significantly overweight, improving your diet and losing weight now can reduce your dependence on daily medication in many cases. Keep in mind that some medications are okay after the expiration dates, while others can be deadly. (Learn more about pharmaceutical expiration dates HERE.) Learn everything you can about your medical condition and figure out a plan ahead of time.

    Good news: nearly all of these deaths will be preventable

    Now that you know how you’ll die, you can take the necessary steps to prevent it. Almost every cause of death mentioned here is entirely preventable.

    What will save you when an epic disaster strikes is what you do now to prepare for it. Make education and good health your mission now and you’ll not only survive the SHTF, you’ll thrive against the odds.

    What do you think are the most likely ways people will die? What are the best preventative steps we can take ahead of time?

    Note: This article was written with the unprepared or the beginner in mind.

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter,.


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      1. Didn’t read shit jumped on first comment

        • I have had more brushes with death than anyone on this site.

          Going mountaineering again in a few months.

          Going to Antarctica a few months after that.

          I love being an adrenaline junkie.

          • Have had more brushes with death than anyone on this site? Doubtful.

            • Ditto that Brother.

          • The animal spray product Daisy links to for infections is a $30 bottle of Hypochlorous acid solution. Its pool sanitizer. If you get the ratio of HOCI to water, you can make it yourself. And pool sanitizer stores pretty much indefinitely in its dry form.

            Just fyi.

          • One time you will not have time to brush.

          • Good for you…..yawn

          • You are in fantasy-world again?? take your med’s and go back to sleep.

          • Eisenkreutz
            “I have had more brushes with death than anyone on this site” I doubt you are even in the running for realsies. But I do not doubt you are way ahead of many here in some ways. But that is not saying a whole lot. Most here are couch potatoes and talkers with very little experience in much of anything that matters. Been in many real firefights in your life numerous times or had numerous near death experiences ? Mortar attacks, rocket attacks, and ambushes. 2000K of them and 200 of you ? Or been crippled for 10 years and healed yourself with pure gut effort ?

            I have. And well past good to go today and beyond thankful for all of it as a giant life lesson ! These so-called prepper expert articles are more or less total repetitive junk. Self proclaimed experts in an echo chamber, preaching to their choir of clones. Nothing new at all. There is a far better way to live and think and enjoy it all daily !

            I was a pure adrenaline junky for many years and now use my brain and Inner Powers in conjunction with all those experiences. That is precisely what a warrior monk is all about and it is a very good mindset. Very few people on this planet have survived what I have survived and still intact and cognitive and realize it all for what it is as well appreciate it all and understand it all.

            • Oh yea nothing better than hearing those bumble bees going by your head at 2300fps oh yea nothing better!

        • I hope you went back and read it because it was a DOOZY OF AN ARTICLE BY DAISY.

          • Justice, that article was Daisy’s best one in a LONG time. I’ve got all my bases covered and still stacking.

            • Like we used to say,

              stack em to the fucking rafters

              and don’t breathe a word to anyone

              • Exactly!

                OPSEC (Operations Security). If people don’t know it, they can’t tell it.

            • Good to hear from you. Me too, I keep stacking. Every month I am more prepared than the last.

          • yes, daisy, best article in a while! spot-on, the whole thing, along with great links. thank you. thank you. thank you!

        • “Trudeau MUST go! Trudeau MUST go! Trudeau MUST go!”

          What color are those Goretex vests you Canucks wear?

        • Lol yes I read it. Had drive to town today my stove came in early I ordered the chimney pipe as well whole thing weighs in at a little over 90 lbs.
          Will make comments when I get home and settled in.

          • AB, only 90 pounds? I hope it’s a good one. The stove at the BOL is 300 pounds. It’s an old one but still does the job. Going back in April provided that conditions remain ‘normal’.

            • In a pinch, one can make a servicable ammo can stove with a vent pipe that would work, but it will never hold up over time. There are tent camp stoves that are a bit more rugged and that is what was used in history.

              You get what you pay for.

              The colder the winter and the higher the BTUs produced makes proper engineering of the hearth construction of vital importance.

              Some people are flat broke and have to make due.

              • 4LgArTl_BSU
                This is what some folks build who lack the money but have a few skills. It would work but I am not recommending it.

                It is light to pack.

                It would be smarter to build a rocket mass stove to have much higher fuel efficiency.

                • NYJyxptclos
                  Here is a rocket mass stove (or heater). It uses cob construction from clay on site. It would create hot water, forms a warm sleeping area, and burns very efficiently. It has low emissions with some water vapor as steam.

                  There are step by step plans showing every aspect of the construction.

                  • Already bought one From the US stove co.
                    An Outfitters model 30x24x21 90 lbs with the stovepipe. Easily pulled on a sled.
                    Snowshoes are ready to go sat morning.
                    Total cost 180 Canadian.

                    • AB- can you direct me to that stove? I cannot seem to find it on their website and would be interested in seeing it.

                  • h9V1ytVPmVk
                    If you lack skills, you can make do with a tent camp stove that is premade but might need some minor assembly. The issue is duty cycle as these stoves are not designed for continuous use over many months.

                    This would be light to pack in.

                    • Got it covered thanks.
                      That includes the “ancestral skills”
                      Lol for the last time M I grew in places doing things and surviving situations that you’ve only seen in movies or read about.
                      And I’ve listed be interested to here about your ancestral skills.
                      Have you forged iron?
                      Have you Knapped Flynt weapons and tools?
                      Have you set traps in deep snow?
                      Have you riden a horse?
                      Have you hunted?
                      Are you physically fit and healthy?
                      Have you make native medicines?
                      Have you set bones?
                      Have you defended yourself against timber wolves?
                      Have you walked behind a draft horse and plow?
                      Have you cleared elm trees with axe and saw and draft?
                      Have you spent at least 3 consecutive winters trapping furs?
                      Have you been north of the Arctic circle?
                      Have you driven a dog team 150 km in -46c

                      I can answer yes I have to every one and many many more.
                      Can you ??
                      Go on ; I dare ya. Let’s hear all about your skill sets don’t hold a fuckin candle to mine. You’d be lucky to learn from me.

                    • AB,
                      When I post, it isn’t directly to you. There are thousands of hits on articles, and usually when someone asks a question, there are fifty who want to know the answer, but never get up the nerve to ask.

                      Don’t be weird. I could make the same kind of list but then it be obvious who I am. I have done many unusual things regarding ancestral skills. The second you make such a list or include private details, all you are doing is making a checklist history.

        • Great article.
          1.) Water born illnesses.
          Where I live more then enough water springs. If in doubt filter and boil.
          2.) Delusions of grandeur.
          Doubt this one would get me either.
          The bush will teach you reality real quick
          I may not survive but I’d put good money in my chances. In truth if I set out with what I could carry in id feel comfortable saying I’d last a solid year on my own.
          I know the bush it’s ebbs and flows smells sounds even the taste in the air.
          3/4.frezzing and starving to death.
          Ok these two can happen to even the most experienced woodsman.
          Game can leave the area fish won’t bite
          Snares and traps can be empty. However you take every precaution your probably going to eat something that day.
          Freezing to death. Sudden temp drop yes I agree this one can get you quick.
          5/6.) Accident or violence.
          Accidents only happen from someone’s stupidity or not thinking. 99% of the time
          It’s that one percent you can’t see coming.
          Violence agreed always someone better.
          Personally I’d avoid any and all conflict short of self defense.
          7/8 sick or infection
          My knowledge of plants for food and medicine is pretty extensive. I often still use home remedies medicines tinictures teas ect.
          But in reality natural medicines can only help just so far.
          Infections I’d say the same.
          9. Your too fat too old to weak or infirm.
          Definitely agree on this one. As tough as homesteaders are our life expectancy was only about 45-50 years. (I’m 47)
          10.) Your meds run out.
          Only way around this one is if you can manage to stock up on meds.
          If a natural medicine won’t work your basically screwed.
          Put all that together and I can see 50-60% death rate in the first year.
          Mostly from stupidity. Drinking bad water freezing starving. We will loose the very old and very young within 6 months.
          Eventually I could see smaller communities forming from survivors. The disposition of each community would vary.
          This is a scenerio where there would be a compete global breakdown.
          Full-scale nuclear war.
          Comet or asteroid impact
          Super volcano.
          I think if you could make it a full year your chances of making through the following year would be pretty good.

          • Move south, don’t set traps in the snow, don’t freeze to death. Gardening, fishing and hunting are way more fun if don’t have to break through ice and snow.

            I’m living on my doomstead. My last stand is here, closet town is 30 miles. Creek, old wood cook stove that works and enough skills to use em.

            I’m getting older but plan on surviving…just not in the freezing cold.

        • I should have been dead numerous times, but I am a fighter, and I will be the last man standing over their pitty souls face down in the dirt dead from their own self inflicted mental mistakes. And leave a copy of the No Trespassing Warning papers right on top of the SOB’s dead corpse for the sheriff to identify, then scoop up and haul away. Then pat you on the back. Never enough ammo. You have every right to defend your life and property from trespassing intruders who wish to do you or your family or your property harm. “Don’t Tread on Me”

          • TharSheBlows, no question we all have the absolute right to defend ourselves and family ro anybody else at all times from any threat !

            The only way you can lose that right is to give it away and that ain’t happening in my life time.

      2. Most of that will kill me. I am old, diabetic, and an outcast in my family. Looking forward to the end result …. Just not the journey. As a Christian, I know where I will be.

      3. I’m pretty sure I’m going to die from cardiac arrest.

        • rellik, I’m pretty sure the CHUDS are gonna get me. Otherwise it’s the bus you don’t see that gets you.

          • Justice,
            My comment was tongue and cheek.
            Some may disagree, but everybody
            dies from cardiac arrest, regardless
            of what caused the arrest.

            • rellik, I know your post was meant to be tongue and cheek. That’s why I added to the humor by stating that C.H.U.D’s (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers) would get me. A reference from a really cheesy 1980’s movie.

              It can be difficult to be funny on the internet, especially after I had a humorectomy.

              • I got it, I remember that movie.

      4. #3 & #6 might not get me but facing facts the other 8 are likely a some point. Therefore I run an 80% chance of not making it.

        • Kevin2, it’s the same for me. On 1-4 I’ve got those bases covered and still stacking. 9 and 10 I’m not worried about since my health is good and my weight is moderate. 5-8 are more likely to get me. Whatever happens will happen. We all gotta die from something as the old saying goes.

      5. Enough, I’ll buy your book and stuff from Amazon. That way my survival and eternal salvation are assured.

        • HAHAHAHAH!

          yeah that pretty well sums it up.

          Its understood alot of the links are clickbait, but the underlying message remains. the IS something to be learned here.

      6. Most people are not successful in terms of health or intelligence, and the better ones are targeted for spite.

        Wind, water, earth, fire… I have nearly died in several ways, so am capable of being mortified about it.

        All of the things, which strong and smart people are called upon, to do, represent a mortal risk.

        The other ones are at risk, just to sit there.

        To be contrite is a form of preparedness.

      7. Being dead is easy…it’s the dying part that sucks. When things go south for good, I’ll probably die of a bad case of lead poisoning.

      8. Hi Daisy.
        Hi Mac.
        Hi ya’ll.

        Best to you and yours.

        As preppers, all we are really doing is minimizing the effect and shock of a personal disaster in the effort to come out the other side in good enough shape to carry on. We might be a casualty of an event, but with planning, we will not be the victim.

        Hundreds of ways to die, only one way to live.

        Hugs and ear scratches….you know who you are.

        Be safe……stay the course……BA.

      9. The #6 zombies won’t be able to find me. I bought a bunch of that stuff that seals everything…Flex Seal it’s called. I got a bunch of screen doors, too. I’m gonna build myself a submarine.

        • That works with mud brick right???

      10. That’s the thing about life, it’s terminal. Ain’t nobody gettin out alive.

      11. My biggest mistake will be refusal to leave my house since it is loaded with preps like food, water, solar power, propane, etc. A smart person would grab a few things and leave if the circumstances warranted. But not me. I will probably sit there and shoot it out with 50 raiders rather than leave my solar panels behind. Dead is what I will get for being hard headed. But at least I can take a few scumbags with me.

        • BPM,
          I have the same plan.

        • Bilge Pump McCoy, I’m in the same situation. The irony will be great. My survival preps will be my undoing?!?!

        • well at least youre realistic about it.

          personally, I have multiple locations with like minded family and friends, some well out of state. I know thats not an option for some folks, but if it is, consider splitting your preps (or at least caching some)

          • Tell me you guys are not flying solo? No family members?
            I too, plan on riding out the “Age of the Douchebag” at home as well to defend and stay close to our preps.
            In terms of defending the homestead, there are 5 of us, and all are proficient shooters. Geographically, this place is sound and a defending crew’s wet dream!
            Think Marye’s Heights here… Up on a hill with almost 200 yards of open ground for attackers to climb up with NO cover or concealment.
            In front of that there is marshy creek running the full length with one tiny bridge for vehicles to cross with. Destroy the bridge, and no vehicle crossings.
            With proper planning, placement and crossfire, i’m hoping the pragmatic ones will just decide to stay away.
            Also have methods to purify 140 gallons of water every 24 hours. Reason… As water will be the most crucial component in keeping neighbors from migrating away, a guaranteed few gallons of water per family on a daily will keep em in place defending our area.
            Plenty of woods surrounding us with dead trees i left standing to harvest when we need wood for cooking and winter warmth. Solar showers, medical supplies, 1 year’s worth of food for us and pets, etc.
            Not a perfect plan, but i hope it’s a decent start anyways.
            Personal opinion only? I think the SHTF scenario will be triggered by an electric grid hack and failure.

      12. Is anybody else thinking about getting the spray Daisy mentions in no. 8? Any thoughts?

        • I normally use “Spray cote”,
          but it scares the animal.
          Mine weigh up to #1500 pounds, so
          you don’t want to upset them too much.
          Most you guys haven’t dealt with a
          scared steer, heifer, mule, or donkey.
          Anything quieter is something
          I’ll try. I get some from Amazon
          and post a comment.

        • up to you. It does work but, as I posed above there is another option:

          The animal spray product Daisy links to for infections is a $30 bottle of Hypochlorous acid solution. Its pool sanitizer. If you get the ratio of HOCI to water, you can make it yourself. And pool sanitizer stores pretty much indefinitely in its dry form.

          Just fyi.

      13. When there are mass deaths due to system breakdown, then rule of law ends, and then inevitably accidents and contagion. In history, just as many soldiers died of infection, contagion, and bad water as did those of their injuries.

        You think miracles are rare, when in fact YAHWEH is constantly protecting humanity. What happens when YAHWEH stops protecting as the Antichrist comes to power?

        • Mara,
          We’ll probably never meet, but it would be fun to
          take a Bethel class with you.

          • I’d be honored to meet you. I admire what you accomplished. I worked with a bunch of guys like you when I was young. They were superior craftsmen and devout Christians who practiced what they preached.

            I imagine your homestead is impressive.

            • You flatter me,
              I’d bet money I’m older than you are.
              Your comments belie a sublime wit,
              that informs and entertains.
              keep it up!

      14. Justice,I got the spray for both myself and cats. Got it from my vet who looked at me funny when I told her I plan to use it for myself —–and cats Works well for both of us !

        • southside, thanks for the info.

      15. Build yourself a good first aid kit. I’m not talking about a boo-boo kit but something more advanced like a trauma kit. Tourniquet as well as things that will require pressure to stem bleeding. Get a good first aid staple gun for stapling large cuts it will do a better job than trying to suture some one up with a nasty wound and is less painful.

        • Thanks for the input.
          I have Israeli wound packs,
          but for years have held off
          on suture kits, I can sew a sail
          but I don’t think a person would
          like my stitches.
          I will order some practice stuff
          and some real staple kits.

          • I read somewhere to practice sutures on a banana. Along one of the seams.

            Then you can eat it afterwards.

          • Rellik has pigs. The standard for suturing is to practice on a pig’s foot. It ain’t perfect and not identical to humans but it’s fairly standard practice. There are plenty of videos. Better to mess up on a pig’s foot than a human being.

            • Don’t underestimate superglue either.

              htt ps://

              Most guys proudly wear their scars. I have several.

              But ladies and children fret over them. So the benefit of superglue is far less scarring.

              You can’t work with tools and rockclimb and so forth without getting scars.

              In the eighties, it was not uncommon to use staples on a Caesarian section especially if it was a repeat due to weakening of the lower abdominal/upper groin tissue region. Early seventies surgery with C-sections sometimes made scars instead of using the linea alba as a marker.

              • Correct, Cyanoacrylate glues of varying types are routinely used in surgical procedures these days.

      16. I plan to stay in my rural home; you can buy a 1/4 mile of barbed wire for about $60, got a couple. Wire up the doors & windows & shoot back. Side note, here in Washington state, we just passed a poorly written law that defines a semi auto rifle as an assault weapon. My Ruger 10-22 will become illegal eventually, & a ban on high capacity mags is in the works. Needless to say, I can’t carry all the 22 ammo I have.

        • Anonymous: That would be a law never to be honored by me.Only cowards would comply.

      17. If you stop drinking MOUNTAIN DEW you will increase your chances of avoiding death. DEW is the worst beverage ever made.

        Try drinking plain water. If you crave sugar make your own drinks with a little sugar. Hand squeeze some oranges, add honey or sugar. Then just drink plain fruit smoothies with or without added sugar. Eventually you will be able to give up the juices and just eat fruit while. To be truly healthy, you will need to limit even fresh whole fruit. Berries are low in sugar. They can help you to get in a little sweetness. Add berries to a salad. You can remain healthy into your eighties and nineties. Most of us should live to around 99. Just take care of yourselves.


        • HP you are correct. That soft drink is nasty and you’d have to be able to lick your armpit to get the bad taste outta your mouth. I’ve read from some hospital reports that they recommend you’d drink an eight ounce glass of water right after you wake up in the morning. It helps to start your liver and kidneys. I do that also as I’m a heavy coffee drinker and it can dehydrate you.

        • Mt Dew is the absolute worst thing for your teeth. Any dentist will tell ya.

          • A lot of athletes and especially runners either buy sports drinks or make their own. The latter is far cheaper. However since table salt and potassium chloride are in these, they liberate in water to create an ionic reaction. This liberates Calcium from phosphate thus causes microabrasions in your teeth.

            Similarly any soft drink will have phosphoric acid as an ingredient so honestly it will ruin the enamel of your teeth. This is particularly bad for women who might have osteoporosis and that is fairly common at 50+.

            That calcium then can interfere with the cardiac cycle so if you have heart issues then the intensity of contraction and pulse can be adversely affected. Plus the caffeine will raise blood pressure.

            Runners World in the late nineties did some research and were rating sports drinks and a common caffeinated soft drink was superior in terms of performance. Not too surprising given it’s a massive dose of corn syrup plus electrolytes plus caffeine.

      18. You have an inordinately high estimation of yourself. The most important quality that I find admirable is someone’s fervor regarding Christianity and level of service. Therefore, you would not be someone I would be interested from learning from.

        Have you accomplished a lot? If what you say is true, then you have learned some remarkable skills, but then like everyone else, you move on to the next phase and meet your Maker. It sounds like there is room for improvement on very basic things like reading the Bible.

        I don’t think Jesus will be very impressed with what we can do but in who we have helped following Matthew 25 and how much fruit was borne.

        Pride is the beginning of sin and sin is error. Pride causes you to neither be precise nor accurate amd shoot wildly outside the target that YAHWEH has for us.

        • As a Christian, cite Bible verses that promote pride and selfishness as virtues. Where is it in the Bible that acknowledges the value of personal accomplishments?

          I think the opposite is true. The genuine value in the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 is found in those who yield to YAHWEH and do YAHWEH’s will.

          There is one verse in the Bible about each pulling his own load, but the vast majority are about being stewards for the creatures of YAHWEH and in loving our neighbor as ourselves, and in aiding the suffering.

          This means one needs to have ancestral skills to pull our load, but much more importantly, live a life of Christian duty and responsibility.

        • Your JEWISH YAHWEH’s gonna be as much use as tits on an armadillo

      19. “When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil ’cause I’m the meanest bad-ass in the valley!”. If this is your attitude, you might be okay until you encounter a meaner bad-ass. The bad-ass that I’m the most concerned with is the government. In particular, it is some bureaucrat in FEMA or some agency like it, who thinks its perfectly okay to take badly-needed resources (like solar equipment) to carry out its functions. Handling the neighbors is one thing;handling a military unit is another. What is especially disturbing is the accusation of “hoarding”;the term is completely bogus!

      20. Unless someone kills me, I have a feeling that I and my wife will be among the remaining millions left! Looking at the ways to die and rating them on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being really good, I come up with an aggregate score of 95+………….I know other people that would score 30 or even less! Being a prepper and living a very rural lifestyle for over 40 years has benefits……..

      21. I’m focused on preventing my untimely demise whether SHTF occurs of not. The best prep is to improve your health starting now. There is nothing so valuable than good health when SHTF occurs and that does not just mean being stocked up on medications or having animal antibiotics. Take care of health issues before prepping.

      22. “The Living will envy The Dead”

        Perhaps all you recliner-Rambos out there might want to reflect on that.

      23. One way that I didn’t see covered in the article is radiation exposure. If what I’ve read is correct there are 204 nuclear power plants in the US.
        Supposedly they have back up generators with a 2 week supply of fuel. In a major grid down scenario, EMP, terrost attack on sub-stations, or a major fuel disruption and we could be seeing multiple meltdowns.

      24. Ridiculous. Power down for a year = all nuclear plants melt down = no one survives no matter how prepared you are – just get real

        • Duh, now why didn’t I think of that? Everyone know that those rods and all the spent fuel cools themselves. And surely those that manage the plants will stay on no matter what. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
          Why don’t you do some research instead of making off handed remarks.

      25. You will die. The questions are when, where and from what? None of us know the answers to those questions, only our survivors will.

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