Here’s How You’ll Die When the SHTF (and How to Prevent Your Untimely Demise)

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    This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper.



    When it hits the fan…I mean REALLY hits the fan in a permanent kind of way, the most likely outcome is death.

    That’s not pretty, and I’m well aware of it. I always try to be positive and optimistic, because for me, preparedness is the ultimate act of optimism, but sometimes we have to look at the numbers and face some things that are pretty terrifying. The first reality check is that some research says that only 3 million Americans are preppers.  That means that 315 million Americans are notpreppers. Some experts predict that within 30 days of the power going out, 50% of Americans will be dead. Within a year, an astounding 90% of the population will be dead.

    Do you want to survive such a scenario? Do you want your children to survive? When you read this information, you have to realize that it’s very unlikely that you and your family would live through a grid failure of a year or more unless you are proactive and develop a preparedness plan that takes all of these causes of death into consideration.

    The Top 10 Ways to Die in a Long-term Disaster

    So here are the cold hard facts. One of these is the way that you are most likely to die when the SHTF, particularly in the event of a long-term grid failure. The good news is, now that you know this, you can take steps to prevent your untimely demise.

    1. You die of thirst or waterborne illness.  Most people have a case of water bottles kicking around, and perhaps a 5 gallon jug for the water cooler. What they don’t have is a gallon a day per person for a long-term emergency. Most people also don’t own a gravity fed, no-power necessary water filtration device with spare parts and extra filters. Most people do not have the skills and knowledge necessary to purify their water without these devices either.  Waterborne illness is the number one cause of death after a natural disaster. If just one person handles water and waste incorrectly, this can cause an epidemic of such deadly illnesses as Hepatitis A, viral gastroenteritis, cholera, Shigellosis, typhoid, Diphtheria and polio.  The other worry is dehydration. It only takes 3 days for a person to die of thirst.  Learn more about the importance of water preparedness HERE. If you’d like information on water preparedness in a print version, check out my book on the subject.
    2. You die from fantasy-world planning. So many preppers have poorly thought out plans for survival. They think they’ll “live off the land” and hunt, forage, and farm their way through the apocalypse, but they’ve never milked a goat or planted the contents of their seed banks. They don’t understand thatgardens and crops can fail for innumerable reasons. They think they’re still in the same physical condition that they were 25 years ago and overestimate their ability to perform physical labor, like chopping wood for the fire. There are hundreds of bad strategies that will get preppers killed (in fact, here are 12 of them), and mostly it boils down to one crucial fact: it’s all a fantasy. They’ve never done ANY of the things that they think they will do for survival, or if they have done them, it was decades ago, when they were younger, fitter, and more resilient. I can tell you right now, if we had to live off of the contents of this year’s drought-stricken, deer-and-gopher-raided garden, we’d last about a week, enjoying salsa by the jarful, but little else.
    3. You freeze to death. Depending on where you live, you may freeze to death when the power goes out.  When temperatures plummet, people will become desperate to get warm, and this will lead to other modes of death such as carbon monoxide poison from improperly vented heat sources and house fires when people use fireplaces or wood stoves that have not been maintained for years. Learn about staying warm during a winter power outage HERE and begin to develop a plan that will keep your family cozy during a long-term scenario.
    4. You starve to death. Most people only have enough food to see them through until the next grocery trip.  Most people go to the grocery store more than once per week. In urban centers, it’s customary to buy your food fresh from the market each day.  If disaster strikes and you only have a few days’ worth of food, you are going to be one of those people standing in line for hours, begging FEMA for a bottle of water and an MRE to split amongst your family.  Even worse, in an extremely widespread disaster, FEMA won’t be coming at all, and you’ll be on your own, left with only what you have in your home…before it spoils and if you can figure out a way to cook it with no power.  Food poisoning, starvation, and malnutrition will be common causes of death. Learn about building a pantry on a budget HERE and HERE. To start yourself out with a speedy supply, go HERE for a variety of high quality, non-GMO kits.
    5. You have an accident involving major trauma. This is something that is difficult to prevent – that’s why they call it an accident. To up your chances of survival, always where the proper protective gear, such as safety goggles and gloves. Secondly, spend some time learning to deal with medical situations. Many communities offer free First Aid courses to get you started. Stock up on books that provide information for times when medical care is not available (this one is the very best in my opinion), and have advanced supplies on hand to deal with injuries.
    6. You get murdered when raiders or looters come to steal your stuff.  Remember the 315 million unprepared Americans? They’re going to be hungry. And the hungrier and more desperate people become, the more dangerous the world is going to be. It’s imperative that you be prepared to defend your home and family from them. If you’re one of those people who says, “I don’t want to live in a world where I have to shoot someone because they’re hungry” you just might get your wish. Because they won’t have a problem shooting you. This is one of the major reasons that preppers must be armed. The danger isn’t just from mobs of strangers.  If you tend to talk too much, your friends, extended family, and neighbors just might be the ones to kill you for your supplies.
    7. You get sick. Without our normal standards of cleanliness and the access to medical care, the likelihood of getting sick increases. Without the access to medical care, the likelihood of that sickness spiraling out of control is exponentially greater. Learn how to treat and manage sickness naturally so that you can get a handle on an illness before it kills you. This book is a fantastic reference, written with the prepper in mind.
    8. You get an infection. A silly little cut or splinter that we take for granted now could be a death sentence after the SHTF. With the possibility that your hygiene standards may drop and that you’ll be getting a lot dirtier doing physical labor, infection is fairly likely. It’s vital to immediately treat even the most trivial-seeming wound. For treating a wound, I can’t recommend this spray enough. I have used it on all sorts of animal infections that I thought would prove fatal, with 100% positive results. Because of this, we use it on our own wounds as soon as possible, too. That may not always be enough to prevent an infection however, so having the right antibiotics on hand could mean the difference between life and death. (Check out this online antibiotic primer.) Many veterinary antibiotics are identical to those made for humans.You can find them on Amazon and add them to your stockpile.
    9. You die because you are fat and/or out of shape. If the Zombies approached and you found yourself outnumbered, are you fit enough to run away?  What if you had to bug out across the mountains? Would your heart hold up to the steep climb? Would your knees hold up to the descent? What if you add a 50 pound backpack? Now is the time to get yourself in shape. Most Americans lead fairly sedentary lives, sitting down to a desk all day for work. It’s not something you can fix overnight, so now is the time to increase your fitness. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the family members who will have to wait for you while you huff and puff. They’ll be killed when you slow them down. The road to fitness can start easily. If you can walk, you can improve your fitness level dramatically. This article discusses how to start out slowly and then build up your endurance.
    10. You die when you daily medication runs out. This one is tougher to prevent. You can extend life expectancy by stockpiling medication but if the crisis outlasts your supply, there is a limit to what you can do. Who can forget the heartbreaking story of the diabetic girl in the book One Second After?  Don’t underestimate the difficulty for some of going without psychiatric drugs. Depending on the drug, withdrawal can be horrific, particularly if they have not been able to slowly wean themselves off. Some conditions,when untreated, can cause the sufferer to lose touch with reality and suffer a psychotic break, making them dangerous to themselves and others. Depending on the medication you require, there are sometimes natural alternatives and dietary tweaks that can help. Some existing conditions can be managed better now through lifestyle changes, which will increase your chances for survival later. For example, if you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes and are significantly overweight, improving your diet and losing weight now can reduce your dependence on daily medication in many cases. Keep in mind that some medications are okay after the expiration dates, while others can be deadly. (Learn more about pharmaceutical expiration dates HERE.) Learn everything you can about your medical condition and figure out a plan ahead of time.

    Good news: nearly all of these deaths will be preventable

    Now that you know how you’ll die, you can take the necessary steps to prevent it. Almost every cause of death mentioned here is entirely preventable.

    What will save you when an epic disaster strikes is what you do now to prepare for it. Make education and good health your mission now and you’ll not only survive the SHTF, you’ll thrive against the odds.

    What do you think are the most likely ways people will die? What are the best preventative steps we can take ahead of time?

    Note: This article was written with the unprepared or the beginner in mind.

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is the author of The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide To Whole Food on a Half Price Budget.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]

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      1. Sorry to break it to y’all…

        No one gets out alive, or gets to take their toys with them 🙁

        Y’all behave.

        • I already know; I die from the over work of moving all my preps. Either that, or my wife kills me for getting more.

          • I go to the gym every day. 5 miles or more on a bike and 500 crunches every day in addition to the weight machines.

            Still a studmuffin after all these years. 🙂

            • Hahahahahaha… So you plan goin to yer grave in good shape?

              Question…. For everyone… If the “Shit” really gets that bad… Why would you want to live? I mean really… I think the fortunate ones would be the ones who go quick.

              • Orion: Yes, and live a healthy and active life until I do. 🙂

              • Orion, I look at the coming battle as God vs Satan….tptb are run by satan. As a Christian (even tho a horrible example as I fail Him everyday), I believe its our obligation to him to resist that evil for as long as possible and at all costs. No matter how bad it gets, as long as you’re eyes are on Him you will win in the end. It’s our job to be persecuted in His name. This won’t be easy, but it is possible.

                • You are so right. With God all things are possible. God created us, but our life in this world has been our choice and if we haven’t served Him then we need to repent and ask for forgiveness and God is just to forgive us . Then get with other believers and you will be a force for His kingdom which isn’t on this earth but in heaven God loves us all . Mary

              • Because nobody “wants” to die. It’s ingrained in our dna to survive.

                • Not really. I was a Red cross worker and went to many natural and man made disasters and the number of middle class people who off themselves and children is amazing. It dosent seem to be a problem with poor people tho. Another thing that will kill you is cavities. Keep up on your dental work or if it is already bad, get them all pulled.

                • disagree. I’ve personally seen people give it up right in front of me who would have made it otherwise. You must stay alive in your heart first, otherwise the body has no reason to.

              • I know exactly how most idiots will die. By my battle rifle stiffed with greentips. Cause I aint putting up with anybodys BS, today or post SHTF.


              • Orion is a moron.

                • So is WhoKnowsAnymore and all the other buffoons that think this is Iwo Jima.

            • God bless Daisy for information useful for prepping. Thank you!

            • Good for you! After shtf, somebody will put a dog chain and a leash around you and sell you to some slimy, homosexual, obese guy who will have amassed a lot of resources and brains and will lord over your territory. Go watch the Mad Max series to get an idea of your fate. There is a big plus and big down side to being pretty in a shtf. If you are a young woman – a breeder and pleaser – then somebody will expand lots of resources to keep you on. For guys, unless you are lucky to come across some rare Amazon woman with some resources who likes some studs around to bonk, you are just going to be prayed upon by bigger and gayer men. Please also see Islam for some examples of that.

              • quote: >>

                “…you are just going to be prayed upon by bigger and gayer men. Please also see Islam for some examples of that.”

                ..actually Frank, its more of a judeo-inspired thing.
                See the child rapes & homosexual-ownings, per the I.D.F….in Gaza!!!

            • Whatthefuckever

          • first they will quarenteen the cities off with ppl in them . then they will eradicate the “infected” . thirdly…the command will come to terminate the remaining ones UNinfected. this will lull many into thinking theyre on our side at first until the final command is given to finish off the rest . after this….NEW ppl will come in and fill the towns moving into the nice homes you’ve built and paid for or morgaged only there will be no financing needed for the NEW ppl moving into your home they will be given free of charge for walking all that way here from their homeland to reclaim old territories lost from their fathers in the 1800’s . yes it has been fortold to us on national television with the last episode of fear the walking dead. They always tell the public whats theyre about to de before they do it. only in a subtle way.

        • The important thing is to die well, without cowardice in the face of certain fearful odds.

        • True that! You never see a hearse towing a u-haul. Fact is that we survive each day is amazing. Danger surround us all the time. Not even including sudden heart failure, stroke or aneurysm.

          Just prepare the best you can and hope things unfold the best they can. There is no downside to being ready. No one knows how they will fall, might be from infections or a shot to the head. Pretty much like today. Prepare and keep your eyes open.

          Life is like a waterbed, if you don’t roll with it, you’ll never get up!

          • Simon,

            New day, new challenges. 🙂

            That’s all any of us can do, is too try.
            We are better off each day when the world does not change for the worst. It gives us another day to enjoy our loved ones and what we make of our lives.

            As my momma taught me, “count your blessings, one by one.”

            Y’all enjoy the evening. 🙂

            • Well said! We must enjoy our family and good times. Nothing is guaranteed!
              Enjoy your night.

          • You never see a hearse towing a U-Haul…. Gotta remember that one. Excellent




          FUCK THE POPE.

          • I love cats! People who don’t love cats are assholes. Don’t be an asshole. Nuff said.

            • hey tickTock, i love cats too….do you have any recipes to share?

              • I’ve heard they taste a lot like chicken.

            • Cats are good for one thing. A Conibear 330 if you let them roam onto my property..

              Amazing how curiosity kills the cats. Cats murder millions of innocent song birds, squirrels and many other types of wildlife yearly for the thrill of it.



              • i love my 2 kitties, but today the little bitches brought in my baby lizard i been protecting from them in my cactus garden…, for today, F them dam kitties!

          • Someone has been reading Jack Chick comic books again.

            Pope Gregory IX promulgated a papal bull, Vox in Rama (c. 1232 A.D.), that condemned a contemporary surge in devil worship (rituals often accompanied by disgusting homosexual acts). He mentioned that satanists used black cats as familiars. He neither condemned cats of any color nor proposed their extermination.

            • Never heard of Jack Chick.

              I’m sure there was a surge in devil worship that had nothing to do with the church wanting to expand its power.

              A pope labeling cats as satanic familiars wouldn’t at all be tantamount to condemning them or insinuating that they be liquidated.




              • The Popes have condemned usury and money-lenders, but there has never been an epidemic of Catholics exterminating banksters.

                Your logic is defective, perverted. You are only “a legend in your own mind.”

                • An epidemic of Banster elimination? Now that sounds interesting, any idea how we can start one?

                  • Glad my son left banking.

              • Acid Wretch>>>

                In truth, I suspect your disdain for boomers lies in the fact that most of them reject your ‘sexual depravity’ and gutter-level ‘inclinations’…per your fascination w/ male/male (abomination) sex!!!

                ..and per your fence-post thingy/reference..betcha some buck$…you’re an expert @ sizing…’knot-holes’ in said posts..!!!

                LORD!!! ..I sincerely hope you get ‘ceder-splinters’ in your faggot inclined dick…………………

                • You tell him.

          • You complaining about the Pope today for medieval stupidity is like me hating on your granddaddy for eventually siring you.

            • Not really, The Church is the most egotistical orginization on earth. When it takes them 400 years to almost admit they were possibly, maybe wrong about the Earth being the center of the Universe, but no, they really didn’t persiicute antone, and not even come close to admitting their influance in burning 10S of thousands of innocent people over a period of 800 years or so, yes it’s not unreal to hold them responsible, because they haven’t changed much. And what they have, they’ed go back in a minute.

          • Like I give a shit about IRAN.
            Islam is Islam is Islam.
            Crush it underfoot as you would a cockroach.
            STAMP & KERRRUNCH the fooker.
            WARNING!… ALARM!… CAUTION!
            Leave NO room for Islam to settle and sow it’s duplitous roots.
            Stay free Americian people.#
            Reject the Muslim octopus.

        • Think of the Egyptian Pharoahs, wealthy, the finest medical care they could command, protected by private armies, fed from filled granaries.

          Dead, all of them. Not one survived.

          If they couldn’t make it, you won’t either.

          • 100% correct! TEOTWAWKI should just be shortened to TEOTW, period.

        • How about i die from boredom from reading this crappy article?

          • Fuck you Lucifer. Stay the fuck in hell where you belong.

        • This is the best fear porn article today!! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!! AAAGGGGGHHH!

          • Hey, why concentrate on living when there’s so much good death around to worry about!

        • This is a great article; thank you, Daisy! I liked it because it shows where your weak point are and how to fix it.

          One thing though, if we go to war with Russia and China (a most likely scenario unless some miracle occurs), then our goose is cooked…no matter what we do.

          Anyhow, I run up the mountain most every day, since I saw this bear awhile back… at first, I thought I had lung problems because when I reached the top of the mountain, I was wheezing so much. However, now that I’ve gotten used to it, I’m not hardly out of breath when I reach the top and I don’t even have to stop along the way, most days, to rest a second.
          Basically, if you are not in shape, don’t worry. Just keep practicing every day and your body will do wonders! 🙂 — an old gray haired woman

      2. Good article, Daisy.

      3. 1. When the Virus hit the Fatties where the first to go………..

        2. That Survival Seed Pack Should be called the “Suicide Seed Pack”
        Because odds are the first/second year Garden will fail miserably

        Garden now.
        Plan for your needs then Multiply by 4 and that might get you thru the you have to figure all the hangers on that will show up.
        Only help them if they are useful.

        Otherwise hang them on your fence like a dead Coyote.

        Have a Nice Day.


        • If anyone thinks they will magicly grow a garden and survive they deserve to die from starvation.
          Im a comercial grower and still have issues in the garden. Let alone saving seeds, one lady bought one of those emergency seed kits from MPS, she had no idea you had to let the plants go to seed and couldnt eat the veggies in order to get viable seed,,,, no idea that most all brassicas and chard/beet family stuff took 2 years to seed, or that you needed to let the plant completely dry to have seed….
          Is going to be interesting.

          • Kula,beyond very basics I also am a slack jawed/drooling Neanderthal when it comes to gardening.That said do not expect to survive long for other reasons but have stored food if I do and also study/see what grows naturally in me region for consumption.

            • Try to figure out a way to survive off of idiots, they are every where.

              • Also stay away from Canibalism. Many are loaded with Monsanto’s frankenstein GMO’s.


              • Noid;
                Thumbs up!

            • Potatoes are really the only plant option that is able to keep you alive. When I was a kid we had a small farm and were very poor. But we managed to survive. However Our diet was mainly potatoes, chickens, rabbits and deer. The garden was always a hit and miss proposition between the animals and bugs. It did however always attract the deer. Everyone should have a couple of rabbits around in a cage. They are the ultimate survival item. You can eat them, they provide excellent fertilizer, food preservative, gunpowder and their pelts make excellent cold weather clothes or trade goods. The typical meat rabbit, The Californian rabbit will have 4 kits every month if you let it. We would generally can 100 rabbits every fall and cull down to 2 males and 3 females every winter and always had food for a family of 10

              • Joe;
                With your family around the zombies better worry.

              • Potataos were the survival item at my house too.
                Mashed , fried , baked and everywhere inbetween , on sunday scalloped maybe with ham on a good week.

                Your right should be everyones number one garden fixture and you cant screw em up growing either.

              • Joe, did your family ever do a sweet potato hill?

          • Pro 30:25
            The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer;….

            Just sayin’

          • It takes over an acre, 210 foot x 210 foot square of land, or about 5 normal city lots, to produce enough green plants to feed ONE person during a year. That person is going to be working in that ‘garden’, a minimum of SIX HOURS a day, to prepare, sow, tend, water, thin, protect, harvest, clean, and properly store the produce.

            You’re going to do all the labor for six months before you get so much as an Early Girl tomato out of it. Better have some calories stocked away.

            It’s not gardening, folks, it’s farming.

            You can dream all you want about intensive gardening, hydroponics, greenhouses, etc., etc., but you can’t replace the two requirements of LABOR and SPACE. You can trim it down by maybe 15%, but only through a lot of prior expense and labor done before the need to plant arises.

            • Since we have virtually no Winter here in San Diego many things can be grown all year especially the cole and other leaf crops. Peppers and tomatoes also do well most all year with some cover. We normally have to buy store bought veggies with the exception of grain crops. This is done on a twenty by twenty area plus some containers. This year was a disaster for many things because of a nematode infestation. Nasty little bastards and hard to get rid of.

              • Peaceful valley farm in grass valley sells a sesame seed based soil amendment that is pretty good for nematodes
                Adding peat also helps

            • Not to mention learning curve.

            • I don’t know where you get your information from. Would love to see a reference or two on where it takes an acre to feed one person. I grew enough tomatoes in a 6’X8′ raised bed to feed my family all year. We don’t buy vegetables from the store, at all. I have 6 raised beds totaling around 400 square feet all together. A 1500 square foot garden, another area that I rotate wheat and corn in that is 5000 square feet. In all I have about 7000 square feet to plant every year. That’s a 1/6 of the area you say is required to feed one person for a year. I feed my whole family for a year, and give some of it away. Quit reading books on how to do it, and get out there and do it for real. 1 acre to feed one person, you have to be kidding me? I could feed a small army on one acre. SMDH!!

              • I think I once figured you could feed a family of 4 on 2 acres and that included rabbit meat, eggs and goat milk.

            • Anybody growing a garden will have to post security 24/7 from the hungry hord free shit army of locusts. Gardening is a fantasy since most people will be displaced refugees. Take Syria as an example today. Yeah ty to carry 50 #LB rucksack around tje block and you will quickly rethink yoir bug out plan. Smart Preppers are already bugged out to their hidy holes. The rest will die trying after its too late. Just saying… Try putting all your preps in your BOV vehicle for shits and giggles. Thats a joke as well. Unless you own your own 30 ft U-haul, most of your posessions and preps will be abandoned
              Cause you need to flee at a moments notice, or die.

            • Not to mention weeding. Fuck, I think I want to die.

          • Kulafarmer:

            Teach. Teach.

            If you make your posts like this one, if you like, keep a copy and you’ll have a pamphlet or small book. You could publish for pocket change. Never know. Might help yourself and us too. In any case, I appreciate this type of post and I agree. It ain’t easy to grow stuff when you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m not good at it. It took me a while before I learned the importance of FULL SUN, PARTIAL SUN, and SHADE. You can write about my dilemma and how everything I planted died before I learned about the importance of placing plants in the right place according to how much sun they should get. Take that lady. I bet she would like some help. If not there are plenty of people who would.

            • May I make the first contribution?

              Lime does not cost, it pays.
              Epsom salt, magnesium sulphate, great for the soil.
              Compost, black gold.
              Earthworms, makes any soil produce.
              Soil tests, great to see what you are starting with.
              Manure crops, like winter rye, adds nitrogen when turned under.
              Legumes, a nitrogen builder when turned under.
              Used aged coffee grounds, bring earthworms.
              Three sisters mentality, corn, bean squash in the same mound, cohabitabily.
              Going off memory, so be nice…

              • Earthworms, the next red meat…
                Grasshoppers, quick fried with chiles, like eating chips watching the game.
                Meal worms in a wok…
                Ever watch ‘Bazzare Foods’ on the Travel channel?

                One could live on them, some thing to think about…

                Mulch, mulch, mulch…

                • Food from the wilds…

                  ht tp://

                  • May I tell a nasty gardening joke???

                    Being a gardener I turned up at a house to do some work. When the door opened a beautiful young woman smiled, said hello and explained that her bush needed a little trim, she said I could take my tools round the back and to give it a good fork too. But first she wanted me to take a look at her little flower she had upstairs. As I followed her up the stairs I could see she was wearing no knickers and she had a lovely little pussy with a tight ass. She pulled me into the bedroom and bent over the bed and said “Can you repot my flower, it’s needed doing for a long time?”
                    So I picked up her orchid (which was bone dry!!) and took it downstairs to give it a good watering before I repotted it. Some people can’t even look after a simple orchid, fucking retards.

                    • Geez, people was that not funny????

                      Can anyone tell me where humanity started, and why, who, what when it started, with the true truth???

                      May all be well…

                    • i dont know if it was funny or not Eppe

                      i couldnt get past the little pussy and tight ass ,i just stayed there and read that part over and over

          • Amen Kula

            when i decided that i was going to learn how to grow my own food it took me a good five years to even get it down to the point that i was confident that i could keep myself alive ,and another five years to ajust to the curve balls ,now even though i plant several crops ,ive perfected 3 crops that thrive the best in my climate ,and always make sure i plant them knowing that i at least have them to fall back on ,i live in a hot tropical climate ,i can just about grow ,okra ,black eye peas ,and collard greens ,just by tossing the seeds in the air (exageration) but they dont require alot of attention ,i suggest that people do that in there climate ,the tendency is to plant the thing you most like ,and thats fine ,but also have those certain crops that you know you can depend on

          • Seed saving is an incredibly easy prep to learn. Years ago I made several stackable drying racks out of wood and screen material. Bought heirloom seeds and plant more than I can preserve. The excess dries completely and each year i have more seed. I havent bought green bean, pea, corn or potatoes in years. Bought 4 bags of set potatoes a few years ago. This year I pulled 600 pounds of potatoes all grown with last years left overs. My grandfather had a little city lot and turned his whole backyard to garden. We always had homemade jellies, corn, stuffed cabbage etc.

            • How do you store potatoes so they last to next planting? I am experimenting with using insulation in a plastic garbage can and putting two varieties each in their own feed bag in the can. The can is lowered about 6 feet below ground level. I hope they won’t freeze or get wet this way.

              • All we do is put them in the basement. I live in Maine so the basement is pretty cool through the winter. I heat with wood so the basement doesn’t get too warm but never freezes. I store the potatoes we eat int the mudroom in wire bins I made and in the spring we just plant what we don’t eat. By about February most are too soft too eat but I haven’t had any problems planting them in the spring.

      4. wow
        great article !!!

        and it brings up one thing I’ve always harped on


      5. Daisy, another good article. There is a way to avoid dying by any of those causes and it is called PREPPING FOR ANY KIND OF NATURAL DISASTER OR ANY ADVERSE SITUATION. I am a prepper. I have always taken responsibility for my own well-being. Every adverse situation I have ever been in, I have rolled up my sleeves and went straight to work on the problem myself. I’ve never asked any govt. agency or anyone else for help. I HANDLED ALL THE SITUATIONS MYSELF AND SURVIVED THEM. I’ve invested over the years in storable food, water and water filtration equipment, heavy-duty clothing for all seasons, camping equipment, medical supplies, etc. Also invested in guns, ammunition, and other means for protecting such supplies. I can handle any curveball that life throws at me. I PREP, SO I’M NOT INEPT. I’ve seen more people wake up and get on board with us since Katrina, but there’s still way too many SHEEPLE WHO DON’T WANT TO GIVE UP THEIR NORMALCY BIAS. Those are the people who will be toast in post-SHTF.

        • Yes , I agree with you Brave ! I have prepared and hopefully I did good. Article was great . All I can say is I can do the best I can do and if I don’t make it , it won’t be from starving or freezing or in need of medicine. Most likely it will be from a weapon if I run out of ammo ! Which will be for a long time , Prepper1 out

          • Prepper1, welcome aboard.

      6. Good article Daisy….prep up people.

        • The world didn’t explode into a fiery end today. Do you preppers still believe in this crap lol. How lame and to spend money on this crap. What wierdos

      7. Here’s what drives me nuts about these types of articles, and I only ask my fellow readers to contemplate this long and hard:

        1). Sustainable development is determined by environmental accounting and land-use. Environmental accounting determines if the land-use is acceptable to the local environment or otherwise limits human activity within that region. Land-use is determined that effectively controls what and where land can be used as from access to water, food, shelter, types of energy to heat or cool said shelter, and perhaps most insidious of all jobs aka employment.
        Now take a good long look at the methodology of optimal sustainable population, if the region is too limited in access to food, water, shelter, energy of said shelter, and jobs access for otherwise a specifically determined lifestyle or otherwise ‘quality of life’ it is deemed any population above that estimate is deemed overpopulation. Or as China boosts, it’s one child policies prevent over 300 million CO2 emitters. Under any other name, this is DEMOCIDE.

        2). Guilty Until Proven Innocent. This is the same as ‘if you got nothing to hide’. Guilty Until Proven Innocent utilizes the basis of demographic profiling using statistics garnered by age, ethnicity or otherwise race, gender, sexual background, and class.
        And that is just the catalyst and small taste of the procedural enforcement of Guilty Until Proven Innocent.
        Does anyone stop to consider the link among many of these effectively increasing justifications for utilizing lethal force by Absolute Authority enforcers is the lack of a warrant signed by a Judge under due process of the Fourth Amendment? Very unlikely

        3). Property rights fall under the philosophy that your body is owned by you, and this mandates you be compensated by wage or agreed upon compensation in exchange for labor or production-service rendered that enables you to invest or mal-invest and accumulate capital. If you can be mandated to provide a service or associate, you can be mandated to purchase a service or product. Why does this matter?

        Because public-private partnerships are being encourage, this is the main advocacy by catalyst mechanism for socialism to exist to begin with. This is also how you create a Kleptocracy. Bismark knew this, and he utilized it through his Bismarkian policies.
        Why does it matter? Because someday it will be mandatory for you to purchase food, water, energy, and etc, your purchase will be a private partner of government hence the public-private partnership or worse National Socialist advocacy for public-private mergers.
        Take a second look at sustainable development, environmental accounting, land-use, and optimal sustainable population, if you can’t borrow or produce enough to consume the mandates or otherwise consume more than produced you fall under the category of excess population under overpopulation.
        Then, you get to freeze, heat stroke, starve, murdered by some form of criminals and etc largely preventable catalysts of death.

        4). Contrary to popular belief:
        A). The destruction of the US Dollar does not mean the destruction of the central bank or any national central bank. It simply means those not tied to it under shareholders are DOA.
        B). Economic Collapse does not mean the end of that government. The government will simply enhance its authority and compel compliance and obedience largely by any means necessary.

        ‘Only the dead have seen the end of war’

        To paraphrase it another way, ‘neither can live while the other survives’.

        • Seen2013, very interesting post. “Public-Private Parnership” is just another name for fascism. “Sustainable Development” is that Agenda 21 crap.

          • Hi Bh,
            You hit the nail on the head.
            Most people are too young and uneducated in history to see that fascism is socialism by ‘partnership’.
            Folks, its never been about the Ideologies, ie left or right, that is The Illusion.
            Its always been about The Haves vs. The HaveNots.

            Its all about Kings and bankers=war and competition for power and control over you.
            The most stable form of government, has always been the Family, or Tribe, using Private Law. The Natives used this form of government for thousands of years, totally stable, without widespread wars, only what we would consider minor tiffs of warrior clans.
            But we demanded a “king to rule over us”, and such has it been for the status of the Ten Toes ever since.

            • Piper Michael, welcome back and spot on comments. Hopefully one day we can return to private law.

      8. Self inflicted gunshot wound

        • Kula,easily avoidable!Just practice firearm basics in regards to safe handling of firearm,new to firearms learn safe handling practices even if you don’t have/want one,you may pick one up in aftermath and even basics of safety/hitting what you aim at could save your life.

          You talking purposeful shooting of ones self,well,think it thru carefully before you act,put it off a day,can always do it tomorrow!And remember,”Black Sheep Matter!”.

          • You seem to have misunderstood… Too many of the older people I have spoken with, have no intention of trying to survive when things get really bad, Their master plan is to purposefully administer the self-inflicted gunshot wound. Their justification is that they have lived a good life and are older than most people lived during the earlier 1800’s.

            • Very true, I prep for others: However, I figure to have an escort of idiots on my way to hell. Lots of ways to help people who need it.

            • Agree: most old people I talk to have already made their peace. They know they do not have the strength to fight it out with 20-year-olds, especially kneegrow or hispanic 20-year-olds. They will just commit suicide if things get bad. On the plus side, the elderly could be good suicide bombers.

              • True. Heck anything past 40-50 of those suckers I’m likely to need someone to help load ammo belts. As far as commiting suicide, yup they come here they sure are.

        • Really, really against my religion! As long as people walk the face of the earth I will not starve. /sarc

          • Long pig,,,,,
            Wonder how it is in da imu with a little lau

            • Cook long enough to kill AIDs virius. Make sure meat is at 165 in the center.

              • Lots of BBQ sauce, onions, garlic and a pressure cooker.

        • LMAO! Or a self induced whiskey coma.

          • I think that could be easier to do, pull the jeep in the shop, shut the door crank the tunes and drain the bottle o Jack

        • Kulafarmer, good point on self inflicted gun shot wound.

          Unless someone is experienced with concealed carry they likely have little clue. Number one goody is a couple holsters that work with your expected lifestyle. In my opinion concealed is best. I am a proponent of the element of surprise.

          I have weapons close, but there was an incident once near me with some over the top very violent home invasions, I had a loaded firearm on me or within hands reach 24/7, for three months. Yes, even when I gardened, power washed the house, changed the water pump in the car, mowed the lawns, cleaned the gutters. It was an interesting lesson. Experienced police will understand since during training they do down and dirty hand to hand while carrying.

          When you are rolling around on a creeper under a car, you’ll find many fine holsters fall short. If you are unsure, you might want to test carry with a blank in the chamber. Doing hard physical work while packing is a whole different world than just doing a concealed carry to the grocery store or a walk in the park.

          I have an “inside the waistband, tuckable kydex on a leather slab, it’s pretty awesome. I also really like Remora sticky holsters. They can be tucked in between pillows on a sofa, between mattress and box springs, or tucked in your pants at any angle or clock position. A pair of boxer shorts would hold a full size weapon in place using a Remora. The smallest holsters work with pocket pistols to make pocket carry safe or you can even tuck it in a sock. When I bough my first Remora I thought it might feel creepy against my skin, it wasn’t, and sweat didn’t bother it. A cheaper knockoff wasn’t as good.

          My point, have one or even two holsters and magazine carriers for every handgun you expect might be carried by yourself or family in the worst possible disaster. Having the handgun, ammo, and some extra mags is not the full picture.

          Be aware the most likely moment for shooting ones self, is while re-holstering a loaded gun. Get that booger hook off the trigger.

          • For mobility i find a drop leg best, however, open carry is sorta illegal in our AO

            • If possible bug out trips may take you through 2nd amendment unfriendly states, make sure you have locking containers that allow you to comply 100% with federal safe passage firearms laws.

              Unloaded guns in one locked container and another locking container for ammunition and magazines, both go in the trunk or the very back of an SUV. If police ask to search your vehicle say not without a warrant. My philosophy is the containers should not have any markings or qualities that say they contain a firearm. If I get a flat tire and an officer stops and looks in my trunk he will see a locked hard sided briefcase, a hard sided locked samples case like salesmen carry. I picked up a hard sided locking telescope case at a garage sale, that now holds rifles. Yes, I may need to pass through unfriendly states, thus the plan.

              Safe passage law says:
              Notwithstanding any other provision of any law or any rule or regulation of a State or any political subdivision thereof, any person who is not otherwise prohibited by this chapter from transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm shall be entitled to transport a firearm for any lawful purpose from any place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm to any other place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm if, during such transportation the firearm is unloaded, and neither the firearm nor any ammunition being transported is readily accessible or is directly accessible from the passenger compartment of such transporting vehicle:

              , That in the case of a vehicle without a compartment separate from the driver’s compartment the firearm or ammunition shall be contained in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console.

              • If possible bug out trips may take you through 2nd amendment unfriendly states, the best option is to get through there without anyone ever knowing you were armed in the first place.

                They can’t take what they don’t know you have. We all know LE doesn’t always follow “the law.”

              • If you’re worried about complying with the enemy’s laws, your guns are of no use to you anyway.

                • Sounds nice but by having my cases prepacked I have the right stuff ready to go in childproof/ idiot resistant containers. And yes I’m thinking a little more firepower than one concealed handgun and two mags.

                  Bugging out in a timely manner means not standing in front of your gun cabinet picking and choosing, getting matching holsters, looking for magazines, selecting ammo and then loading the car. I’m thinking enough to arm myself and all family members that will meet up in a designated location. No loss if they bring some and we have extra

                  Grab three cases, my bag, water, extra fuel, and I’m off to see the lizard in the desert! Flat out I could do it in five minutes, and I don’t draw attention to myself. Are you going to the Alamo, or trying to survive?

                • Anonymous said; “If you’re worried about complying with the enemy’s laws, your guns are of no use to you anyway.”

                  This is so disturbing, I can only imagine this is the kind of crap that was said to Randy Weaver by the FBI informant.

                  There are already too many preppers in prison or dead, because someone suggested they break a stupid law, and they did.

            • Per Hrs 134.
              Home, place of business,or sojourn.
              any kind of carry is legal. The
              hard part is getting
              from home to the camp tent.

            • Looks good.

              One instance I recall was rolling around under my car while changing the oil and hearing a click….. I rolled slightly and the magazine fell out. How embarrassing if you needed the weapon at that instant! I wondered what a cop would do if he was wrestling a suspect and heard that click?

              A couple solutions: One spin the wheel and buy another holster. Two buy the aftermarket low profile mag release. Three file and re-stipple the existing mag release. Four cut an ever so slight notch in the holsters 1/8 inch thick leather base to accommodate the mag release which is what I did. I already had two months on this holster and the leather part was nicely molded to fit me and was very comfortable.

              I suspect few holster makers would ever test as rigorously as I effectively did.

              When I’m done working outside and am ready to relax for the evening, I have no desire to wear this kind of rig. I take it off and switch to my full size .45 with attached flashlight in a Remora. I tuck it in the sofa or whatever chair I’m in, and if I’m going to say take the trash out, or answer the door, I can stick it in my waistband and go. After dark is often the primetime for home invasions or ambushes while taking the trash out.

              I also hear having and using a proper holster is interpreted by courts in self defense shootings as indicating a higher degree of thought, preparedness, and concern for safety. I agree.

          • Plan twice, prep once: Thanks for the info on Remora inside waistband holsters. That’s just what I need since I don’t wear belts. I just ordered one. If DH likes it we’ll get more.

            • Talking to the guy at a gun show that was selling Remora’s he said I’d be a good salesman. Not really my intention. I think they really have a good product that has a place in around the house safe carry. I could put a gun in the nightstand and grab it while groggy, or one safety in a holster that doesn’t let me touch the trigger until intentionally removed from the holster.

              When I was a kid I’d walk the dog for a wealthy neighbor, the oldest son was a cop. I’d often see his off hours handgun, a nickel plated .380 pearl handled Walther PPK compact, sweet, it was often lying on the kitchen table. I know he just carried it in a pocket! And it creeped him out when I was around, and his gun was on the counter with his keys. Today we would see that as lunacy. I see the Remora as a solution to many problems.

              I do want to check out the Remora ankle holster at the next gun show for my Beretta PPK sub compact. I already have a a good (not a Remora holster) for it but this widens possibilities.

              I’m of the conclusion that holsters are safety devices of great value. There are states that effectively still don’t allow concealed carry on the street, or block reciprocity with other states, but there is no state that bans open or concealed carry in your own home.

              Regardless of state law, if you have self defense weapons, you should have holsters. It’s only prudent. If the legal system collapses, you have the tools you need to step out.

      9. Daisy,

        Great article! This is filled with lots of solid and useful advice!

      10. Grab some of those pills Nazis used before trial. Nighty night.

      11. Sanitation and medicine will be very important when the SHTF. Many useful plants grow wild in fields and forests. Many other useful plants can be grow in gardens.

        Many diseases and infections are becoming resistant to antibiotics. We need to learn to grow and use herbs and medicinal plants to heal and keep our families healthy.

        Learn how to grow and use medicinal plants and herbs.
        Survival Food Series: Medicinal Plants for the Survival Garden
        -Cayenne Pepper – (Capsicum minimum)
        -Chamomile – (Anthemis nobilis )
        -Dandelion – (Taraxacum officinale)
        -Echinacea – (Echinacea Paradoxa, Echinacea angustifolia)
        -Marigold- (Calendula officinalis)
        -Peppermint – (Mentha piperita)
        -Sage – (Salvia officinalis)
        -St. John’s Wort – (hypericum perforatum)
        -Tea Tree- (Melaleuca alternifolia)
        -Thyme – (Thymus
        -Garlic – (Allium sativum)

        Wooly Lamb’s Ear – How To Grow Your Own Antibacterial Bandages
        Medicinal and edible, it can also be used as toilet paper or menstrual pads.

        Type in “medicinal uses” in the search bar at
        A number of common plants and their uses will come up.

        30 Most Popular Herbs for Natural Medicine by Tess Pennington

        Plantain – Medicinal Properties and Herbal Use
        It is a common weed that can be used to treat snake bites, bee stings, spider bites, pain relief (earache, toothache) and even severe blood poisoning.

        • That’s why I have a yard, not a lawn. My yard is full, from front to back, with useful plants. All I have to do is quit mowing for a while. Everyone else will see my front yard turn into a seemingly useless meadow. But I’ll know better. Plus I have other useful plants I planted years ago that are now living wild and free at the back of my yard.

          • Archivist,

            You have made wise choices.

            I wish I had been aware years ago. Working to learn more.

            Wish we had neighbors like you to ask questions about growing and using plants like these.

            I have had to rely (mostly) on books and the internet to learn.

            Thankfully, we do have an elderly neighbor who has been a godsend on gardening using natural methods to deter insects, enrich the soil, etc.

            • KYMom. …do you have any first hand experience using Goldenseal?

              • I do, I’ve been using Goldenseal for over 30 years. I wouldn’t be caught without it. Taken in capsule form, it boosts your immune system. Put the powder on a wound and it helps the blood clot, seals the wound with a dang good scab and fights infection. I could tell you stories all day long about how Goldenseal saved the day for me.

                Goldenseal mainly seeks out infection wherever it may be, and stops it. I’ve had painful tooth abscesses that went away after taking Goldenseal for 24 hours. It worked faster than antibiotics the doctor gives out, at least for me it does.

                It works for animals too. I highly recommend having it in your preps. Research it. You won’t be sorry.

                • THE BEST PART IS, you don’t build up an immunity/tolerance to Goldenseal, like you do with mainstream antibiotics. No superbug factory with Goldenseal.

                  • Thanks! I have one small bottle but I’m planning on getting more. It’s rather expensive but seems like it is probably one of the strongest antibiotic type herbs .

                    • Get the fine, green powder, or you can do like I do and just open the capsules. I use what I need, then reseal the capsule and swallow it.

                      I promise you guys, once you pour some on a minor scrape, cut or whatever and see how fast and well it heals, you’ll be sold. Just only get the pure GOLDENSEAL ROOT, without echinacea, or whatever else in it…unless you want that kind too, it’s supposed to be good for your memory.

                  • Sixpack, I’ll also look into that goldenseal. thank you for the info.

                    • Here’s a true story for me and goldenseal root:

                      I was 8.75 months pregnant in the early 80’s. We had a huge dog that liked to lie on the kitchen linoleum, in one of those small, base housing units. I had a tea pot on and it started whistling. When I ran into the kitchen to get the tea pot, I tripped over that dog. I fell on the stove, shoving my forearm across an electric burner red-hot on high.

                      It burned the top layer of skin off, leaving balls of burnt flesh at the elbow. I threw a wet towel on it for a few minutes. Then pulled the burnt flesh off, cleaned it and poured goldenseal root powder over the entire burn while it was still fresh…yes it stings a little bit, but not like iodine or alcohol does.

                      The next day a hard scab formed that you wouldn’t believe. My then husband wanted me to go to the doctor because it covered most of my forearm, but I waited 10 days for my next prenatal checkup.

                      At that time, the doc looked at it. There was no sign of infection and it was well on the way to healing perfectly. He said he couldn’t have done any better himself. I did absolutely nothing to it not mentioned here. I didn’t even bother to cover it after the scab formed.

                      The scar is almost invisible. You have to know what happened, to see it now.

                      True story.

              • The Cookin’ Mom,

                I have never used Goldenseal.

            • The Daily Advance in Elizabeth City has a good columnist, Ted Manzer. He teaches high school and writes a weekly column on plants. Sometimes the articles describe uses for local wild plants.

              An example is an article he wrote on plant dyes that you can make in the winter:

              ht tps://

              He also writes one once in a while about medicinal plants. Not all of his articles are free, but many are.

              You might also want to check out local high school teachers of biology or agriculture. They can help you identify many local plants. I learned many plants during class walks with my 10th grade biology teacher. We would occasionally leave the classroom and walk a few blocks to a small patch of woods. He would identify trees and plants. I would quiz him on ones that he hadn’t chosen.

              Also check with older people in your area. They can help you positively identify many plants, and they will know a number of uses for them. I learned a lot from my parents, as they both were raised on farms. They had also asked a lot of questions when they were younger.

        • BONUS!
          more useful info, all in one day, thanks KY Mom.

          • sixpack,

            You are welcome!

      12. Agreed…Good Article lots of info.
        Thank you.

      13. Even as prepared as i thought i was, the loss of the sealing ring on my canner brought my canning to a sudden stop–no replacement.

        how could have not thought of that? says i.

        i expect there are other holes in my prepping that have not surfaced yet, some may even be the death of me.

        • Buy an All American canner….it does not need a gasket and will last past your great grandchildren are canners. The 930 30 quart canner will do 14 qrts or 19 pints at a time. We have 3 of them best canner made PERIOD.

          • Indeed – top notch product by All American.

            • Mac, thank you for this place to glean info…

              All be well…

          • thank you for the info. i will check it out pronto !

            • I’ve got my grandma’s old All American.
              Works like day one. Just apply a thin coat
              Of olive oil on the edge to create a natural seal.

          • Everyone should have one. The All American is the Cadillac of canners.

        • Death is not the worst thing that can happen.

          • Very true and profound! Think of the Hanoi Hilton…..

            • I was not expecting that response.
              I thank you for being a thinker.

          • Death is to be avoided
            at all possible instances.
            But I’m not afraid.
            My God will judge me.

        • The metal on metal canners are great. Expensive but they really work.

        • Got 3 canners. A really old National (heavy cast AL), uses gasket, but we keep spares. A new Presto, uses gasket, no spare, but we rarely use this one. An All American 941, metal to metal seal, no gasket, use this one and the old one the most. The AA will do 20 quarts at a time.

      14. I’ve been saying for a long time that the one thing everyone will need…that you can’t buy, plan for, train for acquire more of is…….luck. Or Divine Providence….or whatever you want to call it.

        Yes…there are things you can do that make luck less necessary…but bottom line….if there’s a bullet with your name on it, the party is over.

        This doesn’t mean you don’t prep. It just means that at the end of the day, the odds of survival are influenced as much by not being in the wrong place at the wrong time, as anything else.

        Good article…..and absolutely the truth.

      15. Here are some useful reference books and websites.

        “The Encyclopedia of Country Living” by Carla Emery is an excellent reference. It is the ‘original manual for living off the land & doing it yourself.’ has volumes of free information on many topics.

        “LDS Preparedness Manual” – free download. This has lots of information about food storage and preparedness.

        How to Survive Hard Times – website with lots of useful information

        Free medical reference book downloads at:
        “Where There is No Doctor” and “Where There is No Dentist” are both excellent references.

        These are written in plain language with lots of pictures. They cover first aide, common illnesses, nutrition and a number of medical problems – treatment and prevention.

        • You can archive entire useful websites. The software I use is “HTTrack Website Copier.” It is a free download from your favorite open-source software website.

          • I download them and save then on a CD…CDs and DVDs are EMP proof, unlike HDDs. Eventually, somebody will get a DVD player working again, or build a new one.

      16. Its time to get back into the game and cut my time in half. I have been noticing that the agency ass clown trolls, have been attacking Brave and others. Hey guys, its all real, everything i have posted back in the past from my scientist buddy. The govenment survivor formula for people on the surface is as simply as this. Buy plenty of cat litter while your at it, incase you have to stay tucked in for awhile and you will need to prepare for the exit. Remember, you cant stay in the city, the air will be unbreathable froom the stench of dead carcases all over the place. So you will get sick from the bacteria. Figure out while your at it, to make you know where to bury the dred lock, once the fire fights end in your area.

        340,000,000/48 states/3-5,000,000 preppers=50-100,000 preppers for the first year.

        Then preppers kill each other off leaving only 3-5,000 per state of region. Why, because the climate enviornmental change from the 12th planet changes the environmental level on the planet, futher diminishing oxygen levels, thining the planets atmosphere, reducing life, forcing us to deal with high altitude on the surface, except that its the lower oxygen levels, that push the remainding animlas inland. we have to go where they go. We are as dead as f….k. Like Brave said, been there, it happened. I have almost starved to death, and died of thirst. Water is more important than food, if you have fire and tools, you can eat the dead around you, and basically cook thier meat. Canibalism is what the end result will become of this. Not to forget to mention that “mass extinction of women” over the planet, litreally turning them into a commodity, sought after.

        If your prepped, then you will be able to band with others of like mind and move together. My scientist tells us, that most of the survivors on the surface will be nomadic and will have to keep moving to survive.



        Looks like the trolls want you to get caught off guard, so that you can die faster.

        • Well, it’s the ” long awaited” return of the doom porn kid, ready to dispense more priceless insider info live from the basement of mommies house to the regular few idiots who crave all things doom porn and still think he’s somehow anything but laughing at them, PT Barnum was right.

        • HCKS, if you’ve noticed, I’ve been holding my own against those scum. No problem there. I’ll outlive any troll around.

          • Tough guy security guard holding his own! Come on, you will be crying down Beale St when SHTF! All this while cuz is eating your preps. Two comments so far on this article post and all you have added is pats to your own back. Just a dumbass who will be Bubbas bitch when the lights go out.

            • Aw fuckit,I tried!You spoke last night of wanting to discuss alt energy/food production on limited land,and I offered some good starting points/sites but still,ya’s just fuck with posters.

              I realize it hasn’t happened but if Jesus spoke to ya’s he would tell you to “Shut The Fuck Up”,and yes,that was a “Disparaging Comment”!

              • I have no problem with you and respect you on your insights. Your boy over here is a self promoting moron and will put it out there when he posts his odes to himself. This is a lonely security guard whose only “friends” reside on this post boards of this site.

                • What the hell is he promoting?!He is just sick of being trolled/attacked,you don’t agree with his plans move on.

                  So,food,have not tried this system but looks cool as hell,a vertical PVC pipe hydroponics garden,again,12 volt pump on solar would be easy,make it on wheels and could roll in during cold nights and out day extending your crop yields,a lot of ones on utube and other sites.What I also like is the fact plants can be moved from bottom to top without harm,allow changes for light/some getting too big ect.As I said before,have not used but seems well liked and even with apt. with balcony could be done.As you have small land parcel a few of these might be the ticket.I have a link on feeding 4 for 300 a year if interested,need water/cooking way and boring and bland as hell but will do in a pinch.

                  • What food are you talking about . Rice ?

                  • Thank you. Seen the system before and should look into building and trying for a season. From the NE so we have a growing season which I use for a garden. Make my own compost which gives me fresh soil every year. Have chickens but no rooster so can’t reproduce, area I live in doesn’t permit roosters. Keep a wood buring and 3 cords of wood to subsidize oil. Thinking of building a small solar system for battery back up if grid goes down.

                    • JSTM.
                      He also speaks to me and says…
                      Beware of false profits.
                      Not everyone who calls me Lord will be welcome into the
                      Kingdome of Heaven.
                      You are close to the truth friend.
                      Start by taking HIS words for real.
                      You’ll be ever so glad you did.

                  • Link please. Thank you thank you very much

                    • Long,here you go: ht tp:// ,space between http to avoid moderation wait game.Yes,based on a lot of rice with beans/lentils ect,read as a fair amount spent on storage containers,I looked into the food,can be done my area(N.H.)for about 220 when I looked a year ago.I obviously would add other things but strict bug in survival with water can be done,also a good primer on how to eat inexpensively while adding garden foods/perhaps eggs ect.

                      I like to push things like this to get folks to see can be ready food wise without breaking the bank unless broke/homeless,you are broke/homeless and still alive have a good jump on the surviving tough times scenerio. You interested in after it hits medical care try hogwartsschoolofmedicine/for making items that give one a tactical advantage visit USCrow,have all sorrts of links/personal thoughts/experiance when valid on alt living so any ?’s just ask,if don’t know probably have a good source as am a avid reader.

                • Troll, go ESAD [eat shit and die].

                • Maybe Jesus should try the other ear,you didn’t get the message in the other one.

              • @Warchild Dammit…

                Exactly. JSTM is nothing but a troll. Some punk-ass bitch probably.

            • You seem to have a problem with security guards. I’ve been an armed security guard for over 25 years. Pulled alot of guard duty when I was a soldier, so transitioning to private security when I got out seemed natural, in addition to other considerations that make this type of work a good fit for me. Public relations and staying alert are primarily what make up a typical shift. No, there’s not a shit load of money in it, but I knew that going in. Not hating my job and dreading going to work every night makes up for that. So what do you do that makes you so indispensable to society and how much do you make? What’s your mission in life?

              • My very first on-the-clock-8-hr-per-day job was as a security guard. It was a step up from cleaning motel rooms. From there I went into the trades…stayed there for the rest of my working career, except for some very odd side jobs here and there.

                • Six, sounds like you made a very smart move all those years ago. You can install/repair your own stuff and barter your skill set. Pays for itself many times over. Think I’ll try and do likewise.

                  • I have no regrets and many fond memories from wearing a hard hat and swinging a hammer.

              • TickTock, jstm is just another useless troll. Sounds like you and I have some things in common. I’ve been in the business since 1982. I’ve already done my time ‘standing post’ and even being in ‘field supervision’. I became a senior manager back in the mid-90s and really started moving up from there. I do pretty good today. I’ll never get rich from it but that’s OK. It is a tough business to try to survive in, but I’m one of the fortunate handful who worked his way up and is doing better than ever. I’ve known some tough times in the past and that’s all behind me now. I’ve got one of the most stable work histories of anyone around and I can pass both a background check and a drug test. I see people every day who can’t pass either one. Most people just don’t seem to care how they survive anymore. Those are the ones who will perish in post-SHTF.

                • Brave,
                  Don’t listen to that a-hole–you are my favorite of all who post on this site. I was an armed security officer for 17 years at the nation’s largest nuclear power plant. That career bought me a lot of groceries, guns, and ammo. I don’t regret a minute of the time I spent there, and I am still one of the best shots with an AR-15 or Glock that I know. Nothing better than getting paid for firearms training and practice, AND burning up the company’s ammo!

                  • SSS, welcome aboard.

            • Your posts are divisive and useless when you attack, name-call, and issue putdowns.

              The Jesus of the Gospels did none of the that, as you well know.

              If you were victimized by a bully or bullies while growing up, Sir, learn to heal that, because your posts show your inner woundedness when you externalize it by judging Braveheart and others on what you presume he and others do for a living.

              For example, the Governor may or may not have a more important job than you or I, but that does not make him or her a more important person.

              Life is too darn short, and right now there is too much evil going on to quibble about personalities, vocations, salaries, and the like.

              Thank you.

              – the Lone Ranger

              • Well said, brother!

              • Thank you Ranger….”Who was that masked man”… 🙂

            • Actually, I don’t care if ‘Braveheart’ is a security-guard..or if he were a janitor in a juke-joint, for that matter!

              ..the deal is, ya gotta give ’em some respect..’cuz he gets up 5-6 days a week, gets his shit together & clocks in, pulls his shift & likely puts up w/ too much company/customer/visitor bullshit..and then some!!!!

              ..whilst in the back of his mind, lingers the realization…that millions on welfare, are depending on guys like him!!!

              ..payday is always a bitter-sweet event, especially when he’s budgeting for long-term survival / SHTF and a bug-out location some distance from his locale…’cuz he is currently residing in a city, rife w/ chimpazoids, barely removed from the African cannibalism / barely outta the trees…sub-culture!!!

              Dunno ’bout you, …you who professes to hear a whispering Jesus..

              ..but you might want to cut the guy some slack…as most posters here, embrace “Brave”…as one of our own!

              • Couldn’t have said it better, man. Thanks.

                • Lone,agree except you forgot to mention the posts also”disparaging”!Damn,am obsessed with that word!

              • My folks taught me not to think the less of anyone for their name, because his parents gave it to him, or what he did for a living, because that’s how he feeds his family.

                Only ill-bred cretins like Speaks will insult people for no reason, BH certainly never piled on you until you begged for it.

                • Amen smokey, what could this site be like if we just acted and talked to each other like we were talking to our grandparents?
                  My mom’s parents had a farm, with a acre garden. It is a lot of work, but the produce is well worth it.
                  Always wear long sleeves and gloves when cutting okra…
                  That is an itch that Ajax will not take off…
                  And never have a rotten tomato fight with your cousin, Mawmaw stripped us to our underwear and took the hose to us…
                  Ah, the 60’s revisited…

                  • Eppe, Smokey, Lone Ranger, Warchild, Ticktock, and Hunter, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! that troll’s mommy ought to take a 2×4 to his bare ass. Nothing better to do but make unjustifiable attacks on people. Once again many thanks.

                    • Don’t bring my mommy into this, I don’t care what you say about me, just don’t bring my mommy into it.


                    • Brave
                      Jut read this this morning. j.s. is a troll and don’t waist your time with the piece of shit!!!

                    • jstm, I said ‘family’ in that particular post, NOT ‘mommy’, so you shut your stupid trap now!

              • Hunter,

                Count me in. Brave Heart has got my vote and appreciate all that he is trying to do and say.

                Louisiana Eagle

                • Laeagle>>>

                  Salute and respect to you!

                  …by the way, where have you been hiding?

                  Soaring maybe?

                  …surfing thermals is awesome, huh!!??!!

                  • >>addendum to above<<..

                    …hang-gliders & ultralight / sail-plane pilots…will understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    (…BIG F**KING GRIN…!!!!!) ..'tis a kick-in-the-ass, no???

            • JSTM troll is back and thinks he can take me on? I doubt seriously he would be willing to come to Memphis to find out the hard way. Fact is that I know my own strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else. NOBODY knows braveheart like braveheart does. Once the balloon goes up, I won’t even be in the city. I’ll be in the mountains of GA by then and Bubba will be looking for someone else for a bitch. Where will YOU be, troll?

              • Here we go again with the talking in the third person. Narcissism at its finest. You are in need of some serious mental help. Not over some major life event that effects your mental state.

                • jstm, you’re the one with serious issues so go f#$% yourself.

              • Brave heart I have 2 sons that live in Memphis. One is a teacher and the other works at an oil refinery. I tell them over and over at the first hint of trouble get out of that city,FAST. SHTF and Memphis will get mid- evil real quick. I hope you get to Georgia in time!

          • There will be some that are breathing today that will live to see the Messiah come in the clouds on His white stead, I truly believe.

            at that moment, in the twinkling of an eye, they will supernaturally change into spirit bodies. The flesh will fall to the earth. They will have escaped the carnal death of the flesh and slipped into a spirit body.

            Their soul may or may not, be incorruptible at that time.
            Corruptible means, liable to die.

            • I wish to Christ he’d come and take you right NOW and spare us your sanctimonious holy joe bullshit. And why the fuck your comments always go right through while others have to wait up to 24 fucking hours is a fucking mystery too, how about it mac, you want to turn this place into a revival meeting every day just say so or let people have lively debate, you can’t have it both ways. And please, don’t insult everybody’s intelligence by telling us he ” adds” something to the discussion by preaching religious doom porn 3/4 times on EVERY article. Thank You.

              • @Anonymous….

                What makes you think ANY of us want to listen to YOU?

                Are you the ultimate arbiter of what is worthwhile to post and what isn’t?

                Here’s a hint….if you don’t like what he posts…ignore it. It’s kind of like changing the channel on your TV or radio. You don’t like something…move on to something else.

                You don’t like Christians or God. We get it. Now move on little boy and stop throwing a temper tantrum like a three-year old.

              • Anonymous troll, this is Mac’s site and he can run it any way he sees fit. If anyone needs to go, it’s YOU and your troll buddies. Don’t like what you see here, you’re free to go somewhere else anytime you like. Why not try Obama-supporting trolls are always welcome there. You’d be a perfect fit.

                • Uh oh, I’ve drawn the ire of a 58 year old door knob shaker , God help me now!

                  • Anonymous troll, God help you IF you’re staring down the BUSINESS END of my weapon.

                    • OOOOOOOOO grandpa, you’re SOOOOOOOO scary! Now go and put your life on the line by fearlessly shaking those doorknob handles, and watch out that bedbugs don’t get you while you’re sleeping the other 90 per cent of your ” job”.

                    • Troll, careful what you wish for. I could be the ‘bedbug’ that gets YOU.

            • Eh,god comes in on a horse gonna be too busy trying to help others to really be bothered,really don’t want body gone and spirit as will be too busy,so,gonna pass on that.

              I actually will probably be dead before hand as I will probably get killed trying to help others,and,am cool with that though would be happy to help others and survive,odds just not that likely!

              • If you really help others you will live forever. We are judged by our works. Very simple

                • Eh,gonna do me best,that said,rather not live forever,could use the rest!

                  • Don’t get tired in heaven my man.

        • “””Water is more important than food”””

          How many sheeple/idiots have actually searched their immediate neigborhood/area for ponds??
          Dirty? Filthy? Nasty?? Contaminated??

          Oh, hell, yeah. Don’t depend on bleach with a 6 month shelf life:
          1) coffee filters, first
          2) then boil
          3) then iodine
          4) then pool shock(calcium hypochlorite, not sodium)
          5) then Berkey System
          For starters! 🙂

          • Ready,though agree water a vital survival item really do not need that many layers of protection short of contaminated water supplies done purposefully by say govt.,then,doubt any/all of the above would help!

          • Just filter than boiler not good enough ?

            • I will say in the areas affected by winter in US pool shock will be cheap at cheap stores,stock up and make your own bleach as needed/don’t forget the high strength ammonia if you want to make party favours for the uninvited!

              • Warchild…

                Go easy on the excess stocking. 🙁

                I put some extra calcium hypochlorite away for the raining days. I vacuum sealed a couple of 1 pound bags and a 5 pound canister.
                Checked them about a year later… talk about a mess. The CH eats thru everything, it turned the vac. bags into goo and the canister went brittle.

                5 gallon bucket that they were in was a total loss.
                Stuff will KILL you if you breath to much in. (Warning!!! repackage this stuff OUTSIDE!!!) 🙁

                I’m now using glass jars. I will be using a teflon seal on top of the jar, then the lid. If the CH can get to the metal ring, it will destroy that too. That is why it needs a teflon seal.

                Live and learn… 🙂 few more dollars down the drain while practicing for the rainy days.

                Y’all play nice.

                • Mine went bad too. Ate right through the plastic container. ……out it went !

              • Have a roll of polyethylene plastic from a hardware store. Very useful Among its uses is the construction of large solar stills that can make drinking water for a whole family. Certain contaminates like fallout can’t be reliably removed by common filters or sterilization. Drinking Distilled water will deplete your body of minerals. Adding trace quantities of Gatorade or Pedialyte to distilled water can correct that.

                Powdered Pedialyte should be in your preps anyway along with that roll of plastic and several clean food grade buckets for water.

                Look up “DIY solar water still” and print it out for your preps library.

                • IMO someone with a well on their property is the only real solution to the water problem long term. I dug one at my BOL, with a hand pump, best 5 thousand dollars I ever spent.

                • IMO someone with a well on their property is the only real solution to the water problem long term. I dug one at my BOL, with a hand pump, best 5 thousand dollars I ever spent.

                  • Private wells are banned wherever city water is available. Your situation is awesome, but is becoming the exception.

                    Alternatives must be planned, including pool shock chlorination or solar stills. I do have enough pool shock for tens of thousands of gallons of water. It can also sterilize kitchen utensils and water storage containers. The directions for water sterilization have been printed out and put in with each pack of pool shock.

                    Step-by-Step: How to Purify Water Using Pool Shock

                    You can use granular calcium hypochlorite (Pool Shock) to disinfect water.

                    Add and dissolve one measured teaspoon of Pool Shock to one gallon of water. (Don’t drink this)

                    The goal is to produce a stock chlorine solution of 500 milligrams Calcium Hypochlorite per liter of water. This for anyone that wants to put on their high school science hat and look at the exact percent on the package, use a scale and make it super accurate can.

                    To disinfect water, add the chlorine solution previously made in the ratio of one part of chlorine solution to each 100 parts of water to be treated. To make one gallon drinkable water mix 2/3 ounces of stock chlorine solution to one gallon of water………. Wait at least 30 minutes before drinking or using.

                    To remove any objectionable chlorine odor, aerate the disinfected water by pouring it back and forth from one clean container to another. As well the chlorine needs time to kill pathogens and make the water safe. Many buckets and patience pays off.

                • One more thought on Pedialyte or equivalents, my daughter was deathly ill as an infant with something like a really nasty Norwalk virus, but this one lasted several days and killed. It was going around and there was no pedialyte left in any stores, because so many babies were sick. Yes I did have a couple cans on the shelf, so my daughter was fine!

                  Food born illness also carries similar risk to Norwalk. Preppers make sure you have a good electrolyte powder in your preps.

                  Tip number two, if you are vomiting and you can’t hold down fluid to save your life, hospitals would just put you on an IV. Google some articles about the military using enemas on Gitmo prisoners on hunger strikes to keep them alive. This was the old tech solution Grandma used when someone couldn’t hold down fluids. It saved lives. There is also an under culture thing where some people are using wine enemas to get stoned. Not a practice I would encourage, but the knowledge could be useful. Again it can be Googled. Build your prepper library on old tech life saving medical practices.

            • Strain, filter, and boil all water, regardless of source.

              Never drink water that has not been boiled. I don’t care how much pool shock or bleach you dumped in it, only boiling will reliably kill living organisms. Chemicals are not reliable, and dosage is a variable depending on what is in the water and how much is in it. Unless you know how to test your water for bacteria, you don’t know what chemicals to use or how much.

              Last time I checked, swimming pool disinfectants were not developed or even proofed against things like choleric and dysenteric bacteria.

              Just boil it, you’ll live a lot longer.

              • @smokey….

                Well now…I’m wondering. Do the public water utilities boil water before it’s provided to the public?

                Boiling everything seems a bit extreme to me.

                • All the chemicals they add to the river water boils the piss out of it. So, yes they boil it and the trace chemicals left in the water will boil your innards, eventually.

                  Distill, distill, distill.

                • Your normalcy bias is showing. Think SHTF.

                  Your public water supply is not treated by some knuckleheaded prepper with pool shock, nor pumped out of a well sited right next to the neighbor’s outhouse. Nor is it untested daily for pathogens and contaminants. Nor are there thousands of refugees leaving body wastes all over the landscape, nor is access to the watershed still controlled to prevent contamination, nor are there lots and lots of dead people laying around on the surface, nor are there lots of people now disposing of their household waste without regard for the water supply, nor is there a lack of waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery, to consider.

                  We don’t need to boil the water today. Tomorrow, we need to boil the water.

            • Not the water I see in ponds around here.
              Sludge is NOT going through my Berkey. Coffee filters are a must.

              I will drink from ponds before I die of thirst.

              Use 1 or all of the above for filtering. Your choice.

          • skip the Berkey water filter after you read the reviews on amazon.
            Go with Aqua Rain, American made, ceramic filters. The best.

            • I’ve recommended the following water filters before and will bring that up again. Sawyer Mini and Sawyer All-In-One are very good. Last year they came out with a Water Filter Bottle with a built-in which can be cleaned and never needs replacing. Ready Made which advertises here carries the Water Filter Bottle for $39.95 each. Free shipping on orders over $50. I bought 2 of them last year and only a week after receiving them made a supply run to the BOL. I tested them in the year-round creek that runs behind the cabin and they gave me some of the best-tasting water I ever had in my life. They also work on tap water and well water. I prefer to get my water from running sources. There’s not a filter made anywhere that will get everything out of pond water. If you go for pond water, I say nothing less than boiling it for at least 15 minutes will purify it. I don’t really trust pond water, but that’s just me. Can’t go wrong with Sawyer filters.

            • Those reviews are during the mass defect of the glue that held the filter together. The filters are prorated and can be returned. The glue vendor was at fault and replaced eons ago. The issues has been corrected. I have used the Berkey daily for over 5 years now and my family swears by it. I have personally drank water that smelled like an animal died in it and was perfect once it went thru Berkey. I don’t work for Berkey. I’m Laid off and UNEMPLOYED!

          • Filter thru a t shirt (if needed) into the Berkey and you are all set. I’ve tested the nastiest waters (brown and smelly) in my area and the Berkey make it look and taste amazing. Pool shock is a nice back up. But, is not needed to clean Berkey water.

        • You fuckin little rat bastard your and idiot were you crushing up mommies birth control pills again. Really where do you come up with this shit

      17. No. 11 Somebody you trust will whack you when you least expect it.

        Invest in bacon grease. In a 50-90 percent die off, plenty of maggots to keep you going. Just imagine popcorn shrimp and your good to go.

        George Thorogood tonight in Monterey Ca. See ya there.

        ..pssst. Hi Daisy.

        Be safe….stay the course…..BA.

        • “I want Bourbon, one Scotch and one Beer….. George and the Delaware Destroyers.

          • Monterey,Thorogood,what place,you live in Monterey?What club/theatre he playing at?

            • @Warchild:

              George is playing at the Golden State Theater in downtown Monterey, Ca. I live near Monterey.

              I saw Pat Benetar back in August, and Darlene Love last year. It is a small venue and every seat is good.

              …hand jive….BA.

              • Sounds good,have fun,have hung out a lot in PG so know the area,used to drink at Ocean Thunder.

          • One thing about Delaware is people knew people as the State is small. George Thorogood base player married my then neighbors daughter. Ryan Phleppe grew up a block away.

          • PO’d Patriot, on the last thread I noticed hcks made an attack on you and I just had to respond to him. I gave it to him both barrels. Now I’m sold on the idea he’s a fruitcake.

            • Braveheart.
              You ain’t no fruitcake to me.
              As a matter of fact I know you’re a knowledgeable knife collector and would appreciate your wisdom on the purchase of a full tong knife.
              My budget is limited to $200 max.
              I would very much appreciate your guidance.
              Thanks in advance.
              A proper ISLAMAPHOBE.
              GOD BLESS AMERICA.

              • Islamaphobe, welcome aboard and I’m also opposed to islam. On knives, it all depends on what you’re looking for. For anything heavy-duty a fixed blade is the way to go. I’m very partial to Gerber products, both fixed-blade and folding type. Go to Gerber’s website. they have a lot to choose from. I’m not sure what you mean by full tong?

                • Thanks Brave.
                  Full tong my ass!
                  It’s full tang I think?
                  I’m a proper dumbass, cringe.
                  I’m interested in a fixed blade knife.
                  One that’ll be strong enough to split small sized logs around three inches wide.
                  A good all rounder I guess.
                  One with a high carbon blade for sparking.

                • Brave.
                  Every time I go to the Gerber site it says
                  “oops, can’t find that page”
                  And shows a guy rustling around under a shack.
                  Piss poor.

                • Braveheart

                  I think he means full tang.

                  • No, brave is talking about baby food, it’s his favorite prep item! Even better than goldfish he says…..

                  • Islamophobe, any major and well-known name brand like Case, Buck, Uncle Henry, Old Timer, SOG, etc. will be good quality. I’m VERY selective about my knives. Get a knife with a good SOLID handle. Avoid the HOLLOW-handled knives as they’ve been known to break. Get one with some of the best steel available. The longer it can hold a sharp edge, the better the quality. Also, interesting article and videos on knife sharpening at:

                • I’ve had a few Gerber knives….still do…but…I don’t think I’d stake my life on one of them.

                  For one thing, the steel they use is not horrible…but it’s definitely not top of the line stuff. For one thing, it’s hard as heck to get an edge on them that will stand up to routine, let alone hard use.

                  You’re much better off with something from ESEE or Kabar…or if you are willing to spend a little more money, go with a Swamp Rat or Scrapyard Knives blade. And if you’re willing to spend some more…go with Busse. Any of these are practically indestructible…but Busse knives are over the top when it comes to toughness.

                  On the lower end, Condor Knives make some excellent budget blades that are easy to maintain, take a fine edge and will not fail you.

                  In a SHTF situation a knife that fails you could be your death warrant.

                  • anon5

                    Ha ha, just read your post after I sent mine. Sounds like good advice 🙂 🙂

              • Islamaphobe

                200 bucks will give you a lot of options. I myself am very partial to ESEE products. Made in America, lifetime warranty (no questions asked), they are very well made, tough, no frills, hard working, and comfortable knives. If you want big go with the esee 6. But really the esee 4 does everything you would probably need it to do. Ontario makes a lot of nice knives in your price range. And my VERY CLOSE 2nd favorite knife is probably my Ka Bar, USMC with the leather handle, that knife just always feels PERFECT in your hand, and can do about anything. Although with some tasks the guard can get in the way on the back side, but I believe they are making a model now with the guard only on the edge side. Check smokey mountain knife works .com they have everything. Anyways, just some of my preferences, hope it helps.

                P.S. Buy AMERICAN

      18. Glad your back hcks

        • Of course you are, he wouldn’t last long without his 3 favorite idiots to lap up all of his crap now would he?

          • No need to be a dick

          • I find his writing style to be extremely entertaining ,

          • Hcks’ posts are more entertaining than any posts made by any damn troll.

            • Another of the three ” wise men” chimes in, brave, you are stupider than a 12 year old kid, and have a worse emotional makeup also, you have the mind of a small child and yet you’re not embarrassed in the least bit by demonstrating it on a daily basis.

              • Anonymous troll, you just described yourself. You’ve got me confused with someone else. Plus, I’m wise enough NOT to be some Obama-supporting troll.

      19. Nothing like a good dose of reality!

      20. The only one you do not have control over is number 6. Also Bad American’s No. 11. Stress can bring about disagreements which end up with a person in your group dying.
        You also have to determine what exactly is REALLY BAD. Each person is different. I don’t like the idea of suicide. Could accept a person not eating his food because he is badly injured and no medical help available.

        So how do we break it all down.

        Three minutes without air.
        Three days without water.
        Tree weeks without food. Can be longer.

        Cholera, Disentary, Typhoid. Can kill overnight
        Flu. Hepetitus, Meningitus.

        Debilatating injuries. Broken Hips, collarbone Legs, back. Gangrene, Tetnous, blood poisioning, food poisoniong

        If you take into consideration the severity of the medical problem and available resources. The death rate goes up as time progresses.

        As I have said before 30, 60, 90, 120 day intervals. Oh it will be bad but imagine what the poor bastards that did not prepare and I am sure that the above items mentioned and even more that I have not mentioned will be in the arena. Much will be self inflicted and that is important to remember. Don’t do stupid things. The really dumb bastards are going to die off. Exceptions to the rule? Sure. Keep your head about you. You are all prepared. Now execute your plans and you will do fine.

      21. I will probably die by gunshot since I am planning to take as many bad guys with me as possible. Leave some of your food supply poisoned and you will get more of them even after you die.

      22. I wish they still had the meters on this site because I sure would like the feedback on this.

        SOOOOOO everyone who is not afraid of the BIG BAD GOVERNMENT

        Check this out.

        Go to youtube

        punch in



        ALSO after you finish with this

        punch in


        I hope to here what you think ?


        • BAM
          I give it a listen and a ride.
          Thanks for the link friend.
          Be seeing ya at shtf posts some other time in the…?

        • Very nice shop.

        • Goodness grashiouse me.
          Iam many glads you didnot be burning alive in your homs so I Am.
          May you be well in your life.

      23. Being properly prepared is important and I do have my preps also. But lately I’ve been thinking that focusing to much on preps is also not a good thing.

        In other words, imagine when Paul Revere made his ride. Imagine if the people when hearing the warning grabbed their preps and ran off into the woods to their bug-out locations, instead of standing their ground and going off to meet the enemy.

        Do you get my point?

        • I wonder why so many preppers are stockpiling guns and ammo to protect themselves against hordes of Free Shit Army troopers, then want to cut and run at the first sign of trouble.

          Think neighborhood and area defense, forget about holing up in your home, it’s not going to work. Forward deployment in front of your safe area works.

          • smokey

            Doesn’t work so well when 50% of your neighborhood IS The Free Shit Army. Hahahahaha!

            • @slingshot…

              Boy you hit that nail on the head.

              Every day I see these yayhoos walking through my neighborhood and I think, “That’s just one more that I’m gonna have to deal with when SHTF.”

            • Yeah, I’m not living in a place like that, so I’m not planning on bugging out. Question, what is keeping you from moving now? Just a move of a few miles could reduce that 50% FSA level down to 10% or something.

              • Smokey.

                Why don’t I move? Good Question.

                Because it is the right place for me.

                Although not 100% fool proof. I have done so much RECON on my area over the years, that even with the free shit army around me, I can make a better stand staying put.
                I know the lay of the land for over 30 years. The choke points. The houses with yards with fences. You get to know the dogs that bark in the night. The sounds of the neighborhood. You pay attention to the vandalism like painted gang signs and other property damage. I have used google map with the little yellow man to look around and use the aerial to see over fences. Who has pools and sheds.
                Everyone talks about the FSA but you may only have families with small children. Older teens and young adults pose more of a danger. You have to get out and look for yourself too. School bus stops can indicate the general age of children. Watched parents walk their children to school. That’s good. The Police just whacked a bunch of drug sellers and users so things are better.
                Many would leave their homes to join family for support in another area in a reset.

          • Speaking of the FreeShit Army, the USDA has announced to states that there may be a delay in EBT payments for October.
            Is this a flag up, or just another false flag for a political showdown?

            • Just a two-day delay would create havoc, wouldn’t it?

            • Just announced, there are now 50 Mil Americans on food stamps. The collapse ia gaining momentium.


        • The world didn’t end lol.

      24. TY Daisy.

        I am hoping for a post SHTF scenario that includes like minded citizens banding together to make the best of whatever is left after the initial die off/kill off.

        Trading posts, bartering, etc.

        My ancestors settled in my area way before electricity.
        They built homes with local trees. They managed to feed themselves.
        If they got sick, they usually died.
        Most did not live beyond 55.

        I turn 56 next month, and I got preps and a plan.
        I think I am way ahead.

        If I fail, oh well, we all gotta die sometime.

        In the meantime, I will spend what time I have left loving my wife and dog, and my low keyed lifestyle.

        Always Be Armed.

        • I am hopeful that our little island will take that route as well Ben, will try and have faith in the people here, figure the undesireables will get eaten by their family and neighbors, then the rest of the people will come together, but who knows

          • Aye, Kula.

            I figure you have a better chance than if you were on Oahu.

      25. If you want to live, you will have to avoid people, period. Stay secluded, stay radio silent. Monitor but do not speak. Live off your preps and medical supplies, take it easy, relax and outlive them all. Of course you will have to eliminate anyone you do come into contact with. Exceptions can be made if she is beautiful and is ok with poligamy, and wants to stay.

      26. Might be bugging out soon if this keeps up. Another trip to Georgia planned next week to drop off some preps, could stay this time.

        Sarge, can Braveheart use .223 instead of 5.56? Man sarge you know we gots to stop them currupt LEOS good thing you is good one. Bravehert knows the kids deserved to be stripped searched, you are the only LEO Braveheart can trust,right Eppe.

        Eppe, you tell the best jokes. Braveheart save them for my cuz when Braveheart go to Georgia to drop preps off. Braveheart going to be in Georgia in two weeks, you want to go see them guide stones?

        HCKS, those who don’t listen to you, them sheep going to die. You know them trolls who come in here, they going to die if Braveheart see them in Memphis.

        There you have it folks. 6 years of the morons posts all summed up in one. Talks about himself in the third person because he is a sad narcissist.

        • @JSTM…

          And you put up a totally useless post just to poke at those guys.

          I bet you think you’re so cool.

          Make you feel better to talk down other people? Make you feel more like a man keyboard commando?

          What a waste of space you are.

          Get a life.

          • anony5,

            The more you talk, the more it sounds like you are in need of a life, quit your pissing and moaning, if you don’t like his post, try ignoring it and moving on, you’re getting to be a tiresome bitch and nobody wants one of those around.

            • anonymous troll, I’ll take anonymous5 any day over you or your useless partner jstm. You two are the ones who need to move on. You’re the ones who don’t have any life.

        • Troll, where do you get 6 years from. My first time posting on here was only back in July 2012, only a little over 3 years ago. Now I know you’re really full of shit. You have me confused with someone else. If you want to take the time, go back into the archives of this site to July 17, 2012, and you’ll find my very first post on this site. You can verify it for yourself IF you want to.

          • Dumbass, that’s your retort on my post, you have been here for three instead of six years. No objections to the dribble you post just a year difference.

            Now you are against HCKS after you trolled them the last month with support.

            Now posting on water filters after I stated you add nothing to this site.

            Still kissing Eppes ass I see.

            You my friend are a creature of habit from all those days as a subservient security guard.

            • Jesus, no one kisses ass.

              I wish all would be nice.
              Can we not be civil to each other???

              I know, dreaming again…

              • this guy (or one just like him) hijacks every comment section here, and other web sites as well. They contribute nothing, but sling shit everywhere. This makes the comment sections long and tedious, and of little overall value when the most of it is shit.

                THIS IS NOT FREE SPEECH. It’s the intentional disruption of a functioning web site and IMO, Mac should remove those posts as he finds them. We don’t need this type of shit. It’s pretty bad when SHTF is worse than YAHOO! for trolls hijacking the threads.

                Mac, IT’S TIME YOU QUIT WORRYING ABOUT THE J WORD AND DO YOUR JOB. Just toss the trolls who do nothing but insult people out. As the last sentence in your own Commenting Policy says”

                “…including the disparagment of people in the comments section.”

                • Its what they call a troll

                  • Trolls ought to be banned.

                • They do however attract A LOT of viewers!
                  There are some people out there that just show up to see the latest fight or argument.

                  It’s part of “The Show”


                  Keep preppin

                  • That would be fine if Mac was running a jerry springer site.

            • Let me guess, you made a total ass of yourself at a club or some other venue and security had to escort you off the premises, so now you have a hard-on for security guards? I’ll help you out with some tips, but just this once, ok? You need to take your meds as prescribed, don’t just stop taking them because you’re feeling “normal” and decide you don’t need to be on them anymore, ok? When you’re going out for a night of drinking, be sure and get some food in your stomach first, and pace yourself by drinking a glass of water for every glass of booze. Don’t get schitfaced like you tend to do and behave like a loud, obnoxious buffoon that tells lame jokes and stumbles around burping in people’s faces and stepping on their toes. Maintain your composure and you shouldn’t have any problems with security.

            • JSTM, you say I’M a troll. THE POT JUST CALLED THE KETTLE BLACK. You need to lay down that crackpipe. You’re the one who dribbles.

        • JStm
          Please just tell me what I did to you to hate me so badly.

          You attack other here like Eppe, Braveheart, HCKS, Anon-5, 6-Pack, Kalu, and others. What gives. All I have ever seen those folks do is stand up for what they believe. There is nothing wrong in not believing the way you do. Two seasons #1 it is natural, and #2 It is our RIGHT!

          You don’t have to be such a TURD about it. You can respectfully disagree with people on this site and you would get a lot more people to read you post and try to understand where you are coming from.

          But for me and the other we get tired of having to read nasty stuff about us, and like me I know I made a mistake and paid for it, and have never repeated it. I’m not perfect and have never said I was. When we respond to you we waist time and talent on other things that just might help someone make it through the coming hell.

          So if you would please TELL ME WHAT I DID TO YOU TO MAKE YOU HATE ME SO BAD.

      27. Just fucking great,feel like a idiot for posting above with more USEFUL suggestions in regards to your property,fuck it,I am done.OH,and “Black Sheep Matter!”.

        • Warchild Dammit>>>>>

          Hey dude…chill to some auditory ‘ecstasy’..

          ..relax, don the headphones, quaff some good bourbon, burn the lizard in a white jacket..whatever…& remember***

          ***..illigitimi non carborundum(%)

          (%) (translation =) ..don’t let the bastards, get you down!


          see link:

          ht tps://

          ..(remove space & enjoy!!!!)..

        • W.C.
          Thanks for the info.
          I’m going to pick up some more hock. I have also built a water purifier using 12″ long 3″ PVC sand, Charcoal, shock tablet, and coffee filters.
          Put caps on the ends with a treaded fittings. drilled hole in one end (Treaded fitting not glued so I can take it apart and cleaned.) Brass pad in the bottom where the water comes out. Above that coffee filter, then a coffee filter with sand above that a coffee then a coffee filter with charcoal. I repeat this 3 times. Then I wrap up a Shock Tablet in two coffee filters on the very top. This leaves a space to pure in water. I let it run thru the device into a container with a coffee filter over it to trap any sand or charcoal that might come out of the home made filter. Then I put it in my Berkey.

          Again thanks for the INFO

      28. 1. You die of thirst or waterborne illness.

        Not likely. Been using a gravity fed spring with 3,000gal of storage for 30 years. Have a well as backup, with enough solar power to run pump.

        2. You die from fantasy-world planning.

        Again, not likely. We already grow and preserve most of our food….could go 100% with less variety. Also have years of long term foods stored.

        3. You freeze to death.

        Again, not likely. Burn wood, with propane/mini-split heat pumps for backup (almost never used). Got 18 cords of wood cut/split/in dry, use about 6/year. Use about 350-400gal of propane/yr for water heating/cooking, but have a wood fired water heater ready to go. Keep 1000-1500gal of propane on hand (3-4 years).

        4. You starve to death.

        See 2. above.

        5. You have an accident involving major trauma.

        Possible. Hasn’t happened in my life time, but possible. Keep trauma level first aid supplies, including sutures, lidocaine, high powered antibiotics. Trained in all.

        6. You get murdered when raiders or looters come to steal your stuff.

        Of the whole list, this is the most possible. Well armed, train, and have defensive measures that will be deployed, but face it….hard for a small number to defend against a large number, or even one, if they really want you dead. THIS is the one that keeps me up at night.

        7. You get sick.

        Possible. Hygiene won’t go down, but anything can happen. Keep a fair amount of antibiotics on hand, but that won’t fix every possibility.

        8. You get an infection.

        Seems like the same as 7.

        9. You die because you are fat and/or out of shape.

        Not fat, but not in the best of shape due to age. Parts wear out, for sure. Need a knee replacement right now.

        10. You die when you daily medication runs out.

        Easy one. Don’t take any.

        • Good plans – you have worked hard for where you are. The large group of raiders is a concern everywhere. The challenge for the first 90 days is to be low key. Burning wood will draw flies. A big garden will draw flies. After 90 days there will be many fewer to worry about, and less gasoline for them to move around.

        • TN Andy, No. 9 for me is out of the question since I’m still in good health. I’ve lost 40 pounds this year due to cutting out certain foods from my lifestyle. I’m not an athletic-type but I do stay as active as possible. Never been a couch potato. No. 10 is also out of the question for me since I’m not on any meds of any type whatsoever. No.6, well that can happen to any of us but if it’s my time I’ll take as many scum as I can with me.

        • #10 for me, asthma is a bitch,,,,

          • Keep that asthma in check with herbs!

            Pau D’ Arco
            Garlic oil
            Activated Quercetin 1000mg

            Get an air purifier and put beside the bed at night.
            Stay on the herbs long term. Careful with Hesperidin, may cause you to sunburn more easily.

            Asthma herbs for teas:
            Blessed Thistle
            Rose hips

            Brew it strong, with a lid on the pan. Don’t
            Boil it. Slow steep.

            I use all these in my home on a regular basis and know first hand IT WORKS!

      29. I think I should get an above ground swimming pool and fill it with fresh water fish. I need to become proficient in fish raising. And water distillation. I have a big pot. I could put a rag on top and collect that way (saw it on a video but never tried). Also saw a metal cup tied to sides to catch the water. Need to experiment. I’ll have to share with the neighbors. Or may be I should get me another water bed. Haven’t seen those since the seventies. Does anybody even sell those any more. Have some cherished memories but don’t think a water bed for self preservation in a SHTF senario would be quite so memorable.

        • I know a man who went the fish farming route, he bought some old boilers and upended them in the ground. An above ground pool needs to be deep enough for cool water, you’ll kill every fish you have if the water warms up. Filtered shade is needed, constant change of water, aeration, feeding, cleaning, and predator control (raccoons, herons, birds), are all considerations.

          Forget about waterbeds and such, waste of time to consider watersources that won’t work. You need to be near a supply of water.

          • It depends on the fish. A neighbor has an ancient cistern on his property. It’s full of fish, but no one feeds them, there is no circulation, and no aeration. The fish have been happy there for many years. They eat bugs, weeds, frogs, and perhaps stray cats. I think fish would be easy to farm. I’m thinking that a long, narrow cistern would be easiest to keep shaded enough, rather than a square pool.

            On second thought, I believe my neighbor’s cistern has a crack, so it has groundwater leaking into it from the high water table.

            There’s also water lilies in pots sitting around in the cistern. Years ago you could throw a piece of fish food onto a water lily leaf, and one of the fish would slide up onto the leaf to eat the food. Nowadays, I don’t think the current generation of fish in the cistern would even recognize fish food, they’ve been living off nature so long.

            If you have a large enough pool or pond full of fish around here, the eagles will start hitting it.

            • My BOL is on a lake so fish are going to be a staple of our diet long term. I hired best guide on lake for 5 days to teach me the best places and techniques to catch the fish. Especially important was learning the different baits and techniques needed as each season changes. Cost me 500 dollars but I think it was a good investment.

              • Neighbor killed a 10′-7″ Gator out of our adjoining lake a day ago. Pissed me off though, his .22 rounds were bouncing off the water and into the trees and woods 150 yards away and it hit above my cottage into the tree limbs 30 ft above. Jackass. Like WTF? I yelled “whoaaa, there’s people over here….”Going to have to go over there and slap the shit out of him. Old man.. Throw his rifle into the lake after I wrap it around his neck.


      30. Interesting reading the comments here sometimes…
        I hope some enjoy this, and if it makes one think what they might need, well mission accomplished…
        Be well all…
        I liked #6, insects the new white meat???
        Murphy’s Laws of TEOTWAWKI:
        Murphy’s Law is an adage that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.
        1. Food, you still don’t have enough
        2. People without back up shelters might be without shelter
        3. People with guns and no food are finding out that people with food have guns too
        4. Look hungry, they might leave you alone.
        5. Seed bank, the new source of wealth
        6. Insects, It’s what’s for dinner
        7. Gun shots, they attract unwanted attention
        8. Ask everyone if they have food or water, Jedi mind tricks might work on desperate people
        9. Wood burning stoves, they are like pots of gold
        10. The less people you know, the better off you are
        11. Mormons, suddenly they have a lot of new friends TEOTWAWKI Survival
        12. Friendly hungry people…..aren’t
        13. People who thought they could make it with just a survival knife are finding out they can’t
        14. Satellite Dishes, they make great family dinner tables
        15. If invited to a dinner party and you can’t figure out what’s on the menu, it’s you
        16. Houses full of food attract the unwanted envy of hungry people
        17. Friends who show up without food are not good friends
        18. Electricity, the good old days TEOTWAWKI
        19. Dog Food, who knew
        20. Cash, its a great way to start a fire
        21. Alternative energy, you’re kicking yourself now for not investing in it
        22. Watching your garden grow, the new Sunday afternoon sport
        23. The Government, it will feed itself first
        24. Large groups of people with guns make the rules
        25. Bad water & Montezuma’s Revenge, they have come to America
        26. People who thought the Government would save them, found out that it didn’t
        27. Hospitals, no longer a place of healing
        28. EMP, now everyone knows what it means
        29. Sandy dry soil, suddenly not such a cool place to live anymore
        30. If food is the new currency then fresh water is a hot commodity
        31. Gold coins, they don’t taste very good
        32. Toilet paper, should have bought more of that stuff 33. Ham radio operators, who are the nerds now?
        34. Burning Green Wood = Smoke / Smoke = Attention / Attention = Bad
        35. Trying to start a fire with two sticks? Should have stocked up on more matches

        Ya’ll behave…

        • 2 thumbs up.

        • Great post! Off topic, but that crock pot recipe you put up last week with the chicken broth, canned corn and beans and ground beef? Did you brown the ground beef first? You didn’t say so I wasn’t sure. And did you say to cook it on high for 2 hrs? Also, where did you get the idea for that recipe? Thanks.

          • Yes

          • My crockpot rule of thumb is to sear any large meats, cook ground meat and drain the fat, and trim the fat off the stew meat before putting it in the pot.

        • a bigger satellite dish could be adapted to make a great water collection still—or a giant wok…or snow sled. Temporary shade?

          • A six-person coolie hat, great for group chores in the sun or rain.

        • I like it,
          Its like wisdom or something,,,,,

        • Wow finally after 3 yrs, eppe actually contributes something about prepping. Keep up the good work Ace!!

          ~WWTI. Did you move yet since you blew your OPSEC?

          • WWTI, maybe if you had been here more than 2 years, you would have seen the mass of articles and info I have posted over the years.

            And I never blew OPSEC by posting what I did.

            Too bad one of those .22s did not hit ya, since they cannot hurt anyone, right WWTI???

            You must be one paranoid mofo…

            You are being tracked…

      31. I can see Frozen stiff people up here in NE.I do the garden thing use the rabbits manure and compost the garden got some sweet potatoes coming very soon. Some people live without heat because they can’t afford it. I was an oil man so I know. I wouldn’t suggest it if your elderly though. I work outside for 10 to 12 hours during the middle of the night while people are sleeping and I will tell you it sucks even if your wearing the right stuff. Hypothermia is no joke. It’s how most people will die around here when the facade is ripped away. people take a walk around where you live and see where the cleanest water sources are then treat from there do not tell anyone in your area where this source is. It could be a spring in a wooded area or a creek coming from the top of a hill where little or no people live. Or collect you own water.

        • My home has a suspended timber floor.
          I’ve lifted some boards and drilled down through the earth underneath with a homemade auger made from lengths of 40mm poly piping.
          Water started filling the hole after reaching a depth of around three feet.
          I’m slowly but surely enlarging the diameter of the borehole until I’ll be able to insert a four inch poly pipe that’s been drilled with holes along its length to enable the ground water to seep into it.
          The larger diameter will allow me to drop a purpose-made pail down to draw up the water.
          At a depth of six feet and with a diameter of around three inches at the moment I’m able to collect approximately five pints of water on a regular basis.
          I haven’t had the nerve to actually drink any of the water yet.
          It looks clear but hey ho you never know!
          Must get it tested by someone who knows their business.
          Anyone else done something similar?
          Would appreciate any tips.

          • That’s ground water, it’s leached down from the surface in your immediate area and is moving downslope to the creek.

            Do get it tested, but if you can drink the creek water it’s probably just fine, been filtered through six feet of dirt.

            Boil it first no matter what the tests say. Contamination can come from any point upslope at any time.

            • Thanks smokey.
              That’s what I’m concerned about…
              Getting it tested once, maybe twice and getting a pass but then some crud gets into the water table and contaminates it just when you’re thinking every things fine and dandy.
              Don’t wanna be drinking my neighbors piss!

              • You can test your well water every week for 30 years, then the plume of contaminants from the guy that dumped his waste oil on his gravel drive for the two years he rented the place back in 1996 finally moves into your well recharge area, or the dairy down the road has a lagoon failure, that’s when you’ve got a problem.

            • Anon,if you have not already look up driven well,attach a hand pump,will get you down say 15-20 feet,probably water ok there but while easy have tested,then,you lift up boards,pump some water and home free water wise,keep some in container to prime hand pump and buy some extra leather cups for pump,easy change with hand tools,happy dowsing!

              • Warchild Dammit!
                Thanks for your help.
                I hadn’t thought of a pump.
                I’ll have to move the position of the pipe to fit one but I think it’ll be worth it.
                I’m pleased that you mentioned the extra depth.
                I kinda thought in the back of my mind that it would be best to go down deeper.
                You’ve confirmed it for me.
                Many thanks all.

      32. Eppe, damn good post and everything you said is true.

        • Brave, it is hard to be nice on this board.
          Try to let the insults roll off like water on a duck’s back.
          Be well sir…

          • Eppe, same to you, friend. Good night, gotta get some sleep and go back to the old grind in the AM.

      33. I live near the largest fresh water source in the world, I was a medic for 10 years, I already have a wood burning stove, I have a degree in culinary arts and a 12 gauge (ever seen “Fried green tomatoes? I love me some ribs), I play music, even my 12 year old can shoot, we all hunt, trap, and fish. Most importantly we all know that movement is life. Did I forget anything? Think we might be OK.

      34. What is going on here. I am reporting real info and now you, Brave is calling me a nut. Really think about this. What is it about my information that is causing so much attacks. On the previous thread I got attacked 6 times in a row. The reason is that, the information that I am posting is real facts..i have put some real info on what I was told recently about the planets environment, the extra terrestrial contact, and the calapse that is planned. PO Patriot has been attacking me for over tow months, and so has her other trolls. Its seems that they are extremely concerned about my content. Any one who knows what I am posting, as in intelligence and other military and agency, guys they don’t believe me, they don’t want to here the truth..i have decided based on the response of Bravehart, that I an done friend Texas Hammer knows me and is one my best friends who was exposed to my meetings as I took him to meet serious people. I shows him this site he comes in her to back me, I get accused of using multiple handles. I am not going to post on this site anymore.. Braveheart heart is calling me a fake. Brave, I am not going to attack you, you may not and do not know how serious things really are. Good luck shtf, food luck to you preppers.. I told you the truth about the gold getting here on the 7 th. And that the signatures have been met. That it came in and was tested. This is a fact. Then I was told it didn’t happen. I had to get permission to post it and was told that I would be laughed at and attacked, then this happened.. OK let’s see what will be tokd to the public in the next few months.. this website saved my life by reading the article and comments when I was not a prepper. The people’s advice that I followed in water filtration, food, preps and other advice is now attacking me, calling bulls….t and my credibility. so it’s time to go.. I have to leave permanently this time. Brave, I am literally shocked at your comments toward me..i could not believe that I just read your previous post. I have been seeing these trolls attacking you constantly while I was not posting, now you attacking me, because I called out PO patriot,who is constantly attacking me, calling me a drug user, crack user, and says I am taking pills, and other drugs. This is not what I am about. I do not do drugs and I was attacked at a public meeting a few years ago when that scientist walked up to me in the parking lot, told me that what I said about the extra terrestrials was real, and decided trust in me, invited me to his house and showed me what had built. I was in shock as he began to tell me what was really going on. My friendS did not believe, so I brought them to meet him. They see the evidence of his ligitimacy., bitched slapped them in the face. I am not going to release anymore info on this site and let the trolls jump for joy.. Good by shtf.. Mac, good job with the website and keep it up. You website helped me become a self sufficient prepper.. I have the out most respect for what you have done and accomplished. Keep up the good work. Definitely to take my comments and the information on them literally. By the time the future events unfold a.d the grid goes down, you will remember what I posted.. Mac with the threats and constant attacks, the consensus is that the posters on this site feel that shtf is better off without me on here so I am leaving shtf. Mac keep and eye on what I mentioned about the Gold. Its going to come out that it’s in my City and is stored Houston, .the vault was built two years ago to protect it..



        Mac Salvo, internationally known, locally respected by HCKS.

        • Who allowed you to post mommy? Won’t be long before another article comes up you can’t stay out of. OK Hcks your scientist friend. What’s his/her area of expertise?
          Answer that simple question for us. You’ve threatened to leave us before and always come back so we all know your fulla shit. So make sence man.

          • Anyone know what was in that big, blurry block of print?

            • HCKS is just letting everyone know he is tired of the accusations.

              He does have an off the wall style of typing, but has offered some good info. I don’t see where all the negativity is, but then again i don’t read every post.

              If I find someone posts something interesting or entertaining, then I usually read them. I never pass up on one of eppe’s joke posts. A little humor helps with all the gloomy stuff.

              Sometimes when the duck backed rain gear can’t handle the shit slinging, I just take a break from all the beating of the dead horse here.

              HCKS just needs to take a sabbatical, and clean the turds off the ducks back, regroup, and not take it so seriously, next time. There are always gonna be smart asses and troublemakers, no matter where you go.

              Usually about a third of the population has nothing to add that is positive, to any discussion; so, they just try to be disruptive and rude, and argumentative. Some were born that way, and some just go out of their way to try and become the biggest horses ass that they can be. ie….jstm, a ‘damn’ yankee.

              Nothing against yankees/north easterners, in general, but having spent a lot of time traveling through the areas east of the Mississippi, and north of the Mason Dixon, I have seen a trend that isn’t present anywhere else in the country. Maybe it’s in the water, or just that, that is where most of the liberals are concentrated; but I know it exists. jstm just admitted he is from the NE..I rest my case.

              btw, why is Florida such a screwed up place, demographically?
              The majority of the population were originally northeasterners, that transplanted. I know because I have friends here that lived both places. Originally from yankee land, moved to FL for 15 years, and then ended up here about mid way.

              In the 80’s we had a big influx of yankees to our area. Most were nice enough people for neighbors, but being a leader in various positions in our local Ruritan Club and VFD, I witnessed what they can do. After they got to be members it wasn’t long before they had to make changes to suit their likes. When things were previously running smoothly, they would cause confrontations and disruptions that added no benefit other than to have their voice heard, which usually resulted in people, some good people, just quitting. After five years of their crap, i quit both organizations and haven’t looked back.
              Now, they are the majority, and the native locals are the minority that has to follow their whims, and demands.

              • When someone posts nonsense on a continual basis they should expect to be challenged to prove it, and in light of this one’s history, had better be able to do more than cry about being attacked and run off to the next article and go off on yet another goofball tangent. In this case this particular ” duck” is responsible for shitting on his own back, to suggest he’s been treated badly by being held to account for his nonsense is ridiculous, he’s being treated exactly how anybody should be treated for making ridiculous posts and never responding to legitimate questions put to him by other posters, his only response was to run from the questions and accuse those who asked them of ” attacking” him because they didn’t instantly swallow his crap. What he needs to do is called ” growing up”, and until he can manage to do that he’ll get reap what he sows, no more or no less.

              • Smart people moved to FL to get out of the endless northern winters. Ever look at a map of the US dumbass? See where Florida is? And where you are stuck and will die when the grid fails? That should sum it up pretty well.


        • Hcks, see ya next week.

          • I tell you what HCKS maybe I’ve been a little rough on you. If you want to spout off about Nibiru, Texas’ gold returning, and the Lizard people coming to take over, knock your socks off. I’ll keep my mouth shut. Frankly, I’ve got better things to do. POP.

            • The Lizard People are back?

              • Did they ever leave?

                • The greys are keeping them at bay.The greys,created by the reptillians as slaves have genetic issues and are dying out,hence why they are trying to cross breed/pollinate,combine dna with ours.They will help us in fight against reptillians but is for personal gain,I am actually cool with that as if we get wiped out the greys not far behind,they have incentive to win!

                • Actually, they’re increasing (slowly) in numbers…just monitor the traffic in/out of your local synagogue / yeshiva!

                  • Hunter!,

                    Good to see ya back man! You’ve been gone ay too long. You need to spend more time posting and less time with your mouth around Hitler’s cock.

                    • Awwwww…poor little chickenshit Anonymous (not creative enough to generate a real ‘Handle’ here), just had to dig-up the “boogeyman” of the joos!

                      …likewise, you’re probably too cowardly / unintelligent to research the truth, per your tribe. Go twirl a chicken, punk!


      35. Even very well prepped people are still going to die from the things listed in this article.

      36. Well lookee here. It’s 24 September and the world is still here. Guess that asteroid missed us.

      37. ht tp://

        Hillary Screams at Obama: ‘Call Off Your F-ing Dogs’

        Hillary Clinton — believing leaks by President Barack Obama staff’s triggered the federal probe of her private email account — ripped into the commander in chief, telling him, during a tense meeting, “What I want for you to do is call off your f–king dogs, Barack!”

        Shes Running Scared.. and knows her goose is cooked ..or at least one could hope

        if Oblaimy is going to do one thing good for this country, getting this bitch out of our hair would be a good place to start

        • She knows she is not going to be President, and is lashing out. Guess it hasn’t occurred to her the reason she is not going to be President is because of her own actions, she’s blaming it on everyone else.

          I’m waiting to hear about the vast right-wing conspiracy again, she hasn’t tried that one for a while, now.

      38. Amerricans.
        Get use to us Muslims living within you.
        We mean you know wrong and frank yoo for your hosbitelality.
        I asure Islam is for peace as you say and also agree.
        ALLAH is ALL merciful.
        May we live in peacefully with each other peacefully.i am smileing with joy.
        Alluah Akbar.
        Alluah Akbar.
        Alluah Akbar.

        • Muslim, any of us can help you find allah if you’re lost.


      39. DOW Jones opens down.

        continues dropping, now down over 200.

        currently at 16,064

      40. Okay. Day two.

        Wheew. Don’t know about that asteroid but the gunfire was real last night. About eights shots. Police and the Meat Wagon rolled out a few minutes later.
        I reading all the posts and I think you may agree that we are all getting a lesson on, “Who’s Who” by the comments.

      41. Im old and If I die that’s not a big deal. Its my grandchildren that I prep for. Their live is just beginning. And it will not be a 1800,s lifestyle. There was infrastructure and laws in the 1800,s. That will be gone pretty quick. It will revert to a stone age Root Hawg or die survival of the fittest. Those with good DNA and the counstition of Rasputen will survive. The most importiant prep will be self reliance and Know How.

      42. Fuck Me…
        I SO love this website and ALL it’s posters.
        My work is a masterpiece.

      43. An awful lot of bickerin’, bitchin’, and whinin’ going on in this thread. I cant tell if I want to laugh or choke somebody.

        Buncha children…….

        • @Richard Head..Agree with you on your statement..must be a full moon! We will not die from starvation in this house, as I had a friend leave the Country but left me with BUCKETS of beans, rice, wheatberries, etc. will take forever and a day to go through them…but of course I keep stacking as I cannot pass up a bargain! lol. Take care all! CC.

          • Wow!!!

            So (damn) glad to read/see you post again ma’am! Hope all is well w/ family…kept you/yours in prayers…best o’ luck to ya!

            • …per above:

              referencing the REAL Canadian here!

              • Well Hunter….so good to see you here! We are all well here…no complaints. I do not post often, but Daisy wrote such a good article….just could not resist. Good to see some of my favourite posters here again… many have left. Take care…from a real Canadian! p.s. and MANY thanx for your prayers! Can never have too many of them!

      44. Great article Daisy. The importance of proper sanitation will be key to disease prevention in case of mass die offs.

      45. Boy,would say that article’s title tells me a bit late for the party eh?!

      46. Stacks of green paper hidden in his RED RIGHT HAND.

      47. Stacks of green paper hidden in his RED RIGHT HAND.

      48. Just yesterday in our town we had two water main breaks. Now there’s a boil water order until further notice. No one was informed by the useless water department. I had to find out second-hand, and called city hall to verify.

        I just boiled some water and there is a gross skim on the top of it.

        Luckily, we have water stored up, but it didn’t do us any good, because we didn’t know about the boil order!

        My husband has a compromised immune system due to diabetes and heart disease. He drank the water before we knew about the boil. I am absolutely furious. Will be attending the next city council meeting.

        • We had a boil-water situation a few years back, the PUD had misapplied some chemicals. The public notice did not consist of mass emails, robocalls, or saturated airwaves, or even the meter readers getting out of their rigs and knocking on the door, but a recording posted on the PUD phone system and a newspaper article, complete with scripted quotes from a spokesperson, got published the next day.

          So a lot of folks who did not take the local paper, listen to the local AM radio station, or call the PUD for any reason, did not get the notice except by accident.

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